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Many thanks to all of you who joined us today for our webinar “UN Human Rights: A Blatant Abuse of Power!” We hope you learned more about the UN Human Rights system and how fabricated human rights are being put forth as the real thing.


It is disturbing indeed, but knowledge is power, and the more you know, the better you can fight the battles in your country.


It takes us a few days to process everything, but we will let you know when we post the webinar, PowerPoint slides and additional helpful resources on our website.


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NEXT WEBINAR TOPIC: “Abortion Myths Debunked: Understanding the
Negative Impact of Abortion on Women”


DATE: Tuesday, September 15, 2020


TIME: 9:00 – 10:00 AM Arizona time (Mountain Standard Time)
11:00 AM (Eastern Daylight Time), 4:00 PM (Greenwich Mean Time) 7:00 PM (East Africa Time)
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You can register for the webinar here.


Abortion not only ends a human life but also carries serious risks and can have lasting, devastating impacts for the mother. You will learn about the numerous negative physical, psychological, emotional, and social impacts associated with abortion that can negatively affect women for a lifetime.


We look forward to you joining us on Tuesday!