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FWI DOCUMENTARY: The War on Children: The Comprehensive Sexuality Education Agenda

Children who become sexualized are less likely to be able to form and maintain stable families as adults. This shocking documentary exposes the harmful and graphic nature of sexuality curriculum that is infiltrating schools and sexualizing children around the world. Translated into seven different languages, The War on Children has already stopped harmful Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) programs from being mandated to children in a number of countries and states. Available in both a 10- or a 35-minute version with subtitles in over ten languages including Spanish, French, Chinese, and more.


WARNING: This is not appropriate for children.


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FWI DOCUMENTARY:  The Porn Pandemic: The Devastating Effects on Children, Families and Society

Learn from experts—as well as the testimonies from individuals whose lives have been negatively impacted by pornography—about the addictive nature of porn, its impact on the brain, and how pornography viewing can lead to family breakdown, prostitution, sex trafficking and other crimes against women and children. While the film exposes pornography as a devastating and debilitating addiction, it concludes with a message of hope as it shares how former addicts and their families find healing through therapy and the support of family members.


30-Minute Video  |  12-Minute Version

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FWI DOCUMENTARY:  Understanding Same-sex Attraction

Learn about same-sex attraction from top experts in the field. Hear powerful testimonials from four men who speak honestly and openly about their experiences with same-sex attraction, living the homosexual lifestyle and how therapy helped them to experience healing.

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FWI DOCUMENTARY:  Cultural imperialism: The Sexual Rights Agenda

This hard-hitting documentary exposes how UN agencies and Western donor nations are exploiting the AIDS pandemic and using financial aid as a weapon to bully and blackmail smaller nations into accepting their radical sexual rights agenda. African and Caribbean representatives speak out against the imposition of sexual rights, which is eroding their religious and cultural values and destroying their families. AIDS orphan siblings speak out against the Western-based sexuality education that is sexualizing children throughout the world.


To sign the petition to stop these abuses click here.


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FWI DOCUMENTARY:  The Best Interest of the Child

Every child deserves a family and this film promotes family-based care and adoption for orphans and vulnerable children. Follow the experiences of several orphans and hear emotional and inspiring adoption stories. Produced by award-winning producer David Perry, the film features Dr. Jini L. Roby, internationally renowned expert on orphan issues, who describes the worldwide orphan crisis and challenges the world to come together to provide better solutions for the millions of vulnerable orphans in the world, growing up without a family.


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FWI SHORT FILM:  The Family & Sustainable Development:  Strong Families – Prosperous Nations

This short film provides an overview of how the family is essential to the development of nations, eradication of poverty, achieving universal primary education, promoting gender equality, and multiple other facets in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s).  Since governments can never adequately compensate for the irreplaceable role of the family, nations have a vested interest in protecting this natural and fundamental unit of society.

FWI PRESENTATION: Protecting Children from Pornographic Materials in the Schools/Comprehensive Sexuality/Sexualization Education Exposed

FWI President Sharon Slater at the 2018 Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Global Summit. This presentation addresses the global agenda to sexualize children through the schools and how it plays out in U.S. schools. Mrs. Slater explains that the use of pornographic materials touted as comprehensive sex education, obscenity exemption laws for science and education, library books, and cell phone apps under the guise of sex education groom children for early sexualization and sexual exploitation.