Successes! Successes! Successes! But to continue we need your help!

In 2022, we at Family Watch International expanded our reach and influence in unprecedented ways to many corners of the world. 


From UN headquarters in New York, to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, to the African Union in Ethiopia, to the European Parliament, to several European countries, multiple African countries, multiple Caribbean countries, Latin America, the Middle Eastmany states in the U.S. and more, we have worked effectively to protect the family, life and children.


We have had many successes in all these places, and the grueling travel schedule and workload have not been easy.


We urgently need to raise $190,000 that we are short for our 2023 budget. 


Please donate now to enable us to continue this critical work to protect the institution of the family at the international, national and local level! 


For U.S. supporters, any donation received by Saturday, December 31 at midnight will be tax deductible.


I promise you that your donation will go far!


I volunteer my time to Family Watch without compensation, and we have many dedicated FWI volunteers who do the same.


We are careful with every dollar we receive, and we consider your donation to be a sacred trust.


Significantly, this year, I had the privilege of giving one of the most powerful presentations I have ever given in the African country of Malawi before the President and First Lady of Malawi and the Vice President of Liberia. This was at the opening plenary of the African Bar Association Conference.


The conference participants, which consisted of lawyers, judges, politicians, government officials and others from all across Africa, were truly shocked at the evidence I exposed regarding the insidious UN agenda to sexualize children in their countries. Afterwards, many flocked to our booth to learn more. Our marvelous Africa team was also there in full force giving presentations.


Of anything we’ve sent this year, you will want to watch the brief video of this speech and share it far and wide because many of the threats I revealed have global implications. 


This speech was quoted the next day on the front page of a Malawi newspaper, and subsequently, we were invited to meet with the president of Malawi to discuss these issues in depth.


This is just one of many significant things we have accomplished around the world this past year. 


We can’t report on a number of our successes because when we do, our opponents try to use it against us, distort our message, or will hound and attack the people with whom we are working to try to stop us. 


We can report, however, we have had many successes this year defeating CSE at the UN, in the U.S. and abroad. We have also helped UN diplomats successfully challenge abortion language and sexual “wrongs” provisions being promoted as sexual “rights.”


After watching my speech, we hope you can appreciate the seriousness and far-reaching implications of these issues we are fighting and you will want to make the most generous donation you can so we can continue to educate world leaders on threats like these and stop them.


Every donation small and large can help us accomplish this important work. The many widows’ mites of $10 or $20 or donations of $50, $100, $200 combined with the larger donations makes all our successes possible. 


Please know the compensation of our paid staff is already covered by major donors, and we don’t receive any government funding.


The rest of our budget we have to raise from good people like you from all around the world. 


Again, I don’t receive a dime, yet I work full time leading Family Watch to defend family, life and children all across the world.


This means all of your donation goes to the cause. 


We hope we have earned your trust by what you have already seen of our work throughout this year and that you will make the most generous donation you can.


We don’t think you can find any pro-family organization that accomplishes more across the world, at the UN, and in the U.S. than Family Watch International, especially considering the relatively small budget we have. 


Again, please watch the powerful video, and spread it far and wide as a warning to others of the harmful agendas it exposes.


Please also encourage others to donate too. We will need to continue to fundraise into 2023 so please help us by forwarding this message to others.


Family Watch only exists and is effective because of generous donors like you.


Thank you for your support!