Urge Arizona Governor Doug Ducey to Sign Three Bills Protecting Children!

The Arizona State Legislature has just passed three important bills—all designed to protect children and defend the family.


And now we need to urge Gov. Doug Ducey to sign them into law.


Senate Bill 1138 (SB 1138) would prohibit “irreversible gender reassignment surgery” (such as the surgical alteration of the genitals or removal of the breasts simply because of a psychological preference) for those under 18 years of age.


Senate Bill 1164 (SB 1164) would prohibit abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. (This bill is similar to one in Mississippi that has been challenged in the U.S. Supreme Court. Many observers expect the Court to uphold the 15-week ban—and possibly overturn Roe v. Wade—in a decision later this year.)


Senate Bill 1165 (SB 1165) would disallow a person who is biologically male from competing on a school sports team that is designated for females.


It is of the utmost importance that you contact Governor Ducey’s office immediately and urge him to sign all three of these child protection bills into law.


Please send Gov. Ducey a written message using the form on his website here(Check the box for “I am sending a comment,” and under “Subject,” select “Legislation/Bills”)


Below is suggested language you can use for your written message on Gov. Ducey’s website:


Dear Governor Ducey:


I urge you to protect Arizona’s children from serious harm by signing three important bills recently passed by the legislature:


SB 1138 will protect children from irreversible and harmful genital surgeries that deliberately mutilate and/or remove healthy body parts. There is no question that such surgeries render children permanently infertile. Therefore, no child has the maturity to give informed consent for such a procedure, and for a doctor to perform such should be considered medical malpractice.


SB 1164 will help prevent the barbaric methods that are often used to kill a child in the womb after 15 weeks. It will also protect mothers from the elevated risks associated with abortion in more advanced pregnancies.


SB 1165 will protect our girls’ sports, private spaces, safety and dignity.


Please stand for Arizona’s children and families by signing SB 1138, SB 1164 and SB 1165.


[End of suggested message.]


After sending your message to the governor, please also consider calling his office at this number 602-542-4331.


Thank you for contacting the governor. Together, we can protect Arizona’s children and families.