Urging an override of the veto of HB 11

To: All Members of the Utah State Senate and the Utah State House of Representatives:


We, the undersigned citizens of the State of Utah, urge you to override the veto of House Bill 11 (regarding “Student Eligibility in Interscholastic Activities”), which was issued by Governor Spencer Cox on March 22, 2022.


The final version of HB 11 that was adopted by the Legislature did exactly what it was intended to do—protect the integrity of girls’ school sports in Utah by making sure that girls will never have to compete against biological males. Preventing such unfair competition is the only reason girls’ teams exist separately from those of boys. 


Gov. Cox said that ultimately, this “decision will be left to the courts.” That is wrong. You as legislators should not forfeit your unique power to write the laws, and you should not allow yourself to be blackmailed by threats of litigation.


Under HB 11, all students in Utah schools—including those who identify as transgender—will still have an opportunity to participate in school sports. They will simply be required to join the team that matches their biological sex at birth. That way, everyone can play on a level playing field.


Please protect girls’ sports in Utah and vote to override the veto of HB 11!



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