Contact Info for Members of the Utah House Judiciary Committee



1. Please send each Representative a separate email and state who you are and what city you are from.


2. Put in the subject line: Please OPPOSE HB399 (you can add something after this if you’d like)





Rep. Karianne Lisonbee:  (Chairman – and our champion!)


Rep. Craig Hall (R):  (Vice Chair – sponsor of the bill – obviously opposite to our cause)


Rep Cheryl Acton (R):


Rep. Brady Brammer (R):


Rep. Jon Hawkins (R): 


Rep. Eric Hutchings (R): 


Rep. Brian King (D):


Rep. Stephanie Pitcher (D):


Rep. Travis Seegmiller (R): 


Rep. Lowry Snow(R):


Rep. Steve Waldrip (R):


Rep Mark Wheatley (D):