Victory! Macedonians Unite to Resist Radical Gender Ideology

Two years ago, the Macedonian Ministry of Education announced a new law to “combat violence” and “promote equality” in education. Unbeknownst to the Macedonian people, the true purpose of the reforms was to undermine parents and implement radical gender ideology in government schools. Due to the limited understanding of its deceptive contents, the education law passed without a fight.


A small group of Macedonians became aware of these developments shortly after the passage of the law and mobilized to protect the right of parents to guide their children in sensitive matters and to shield them from gender ideology.


Unfortunately, the LGBTIQ+ agenda didn’t stop with the new education law. Last year, a bill to allow individuals to falsify the designation of their “sex” on documents such as birth certificates, driver’s licenses and passports was also proposed. Under this bill, any person, without precondition, could change their “sex” on government documents so that it corresponds with their preferred “gender identity.”


Although highly controversial, the new bill didn’t get any media coverage, and few Macedonians knew of its dangerous contents. However, a few weeks ago, several websites announced that members of parliament would soon be voting on the bill using an accelerated procedure to ensure swift passage.


This was the breaking point. The Macedonian people knew they needed to take more drastic steps to protect the culture and values they held so dear. They needed to combat the gender ideology being pushed upon them by outsiders that didn’t respect their sovereign rights to protect their families.


In a miraculous series of events, several likeminded organizations battling gender ideology in the country were connected and formed a coalition. This small group took off like wildfire. They quickly created a viral social media campaign opposing the bill and mobilized many parents. The coalition also sent a detailed letter signed by all the partners about the dangerous consequences of this law to members of parliament. In just a few days, members of parliament were flooded with messages opposing the bill.


After two full days of phone calls, contacts and meetings, it was announced that the bill was being withdrawn. The coalition experienced their first victory!


Family Watch was so encouraged to learn that unbeknownst to us, Macedonians had found our website and used many of our materials to create and support their campaign. We are thrilled that our materials were used to help protect the children of Macedonia. Certainly nothing can stop a group of concerned parents once they are mobilized to take a stand to protect their children and families.


While there is much good news, we are also disheartened to share that these brave men and women standing for the protection of their children and families were recently sued by a local Planned Parenthood affiliate for “defamation of character.” We will keep you apprised of further developments.


We must stand with the people of Macedonia and the members of the Macedonian Coalition for Protection of the Children who are putting their personal reputation and livelihood at stake to save their children and families.


We thank our great partners for their courage, and we commit to stand with the people of Macedonia as they engage in this most important stand for the family.