We Made it! Thanks to All of You!

We made it! This year has been a challenging year for many of our friends, which makes us even more grateful for your incredible support.


As is our practice, instead of sending you many lengthy fundraising letters, on behalf of our Family Watch team, we are humbly coming to you with a direct request for financial help.


We want to spend our time developing resources to empower you to be more effective with our newslettersnewswirespolicy briefsvideoswebinars, and more.


But the situation is such that we have to fundraise if we want to effectively continue our vital work. So we are coming to you the last few days of December, for the first time this year, with a plea to give to our crucial work as you have done so generously in the past.


While we have had many wins this year, the situation at the UN and around the world is challenging. Our opponents are seeking new avenues to sexualize children and redefine right and wrong in an all-out assault on the family.


In this message, we highlight for you just our most recent success in getting multiple countries to disassociate or make strong statements on the reference to sexual orientation and gender identity in the recent elections resolution adopted in the General Assembly.


We will never stop fighting to defend life and the family. But we need your support! Will you continue to partner with us and make the most generous donation you can?


Anything you can contribute is much needed and greatly appreciated. Every donation counts!


We challenge you to find any pro-family organization in the world that is more fearless or that uses its resources more effectively to protect children, the family, and family values around the world than Family Watch.


Please click here to make an end-of-the-year donation. For U.S. citizens, donations are tax deductible.


We are so grateful for your partnership to defend life and the family.