Coronavirus, Life and the Family: “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”

By Sharon Slater | April 2, 2020

Our Family Watch team hopes that you are keeping safe and healthy amidst all the coronavirus (COVID-19) sickness and chaos. It seems we are all witnessing the best and the worst of  humanity. Daily, we see and hear stories of regular, ordinary but heroic people endangering, and even in some cases, sacrificing their own lives to care for others who are infected, while some are exploiting the pandemic to advance political or financial gain or to advance sexual rights and abortion agendas.


With regard to the family and life issues that we deal with on a regular basis, this report will highlight eight good things and eight bad or ugly things that have all been brought about because of the current worldwide situation with COVID-19.


For example, believe it or not, the Soros-funded Open Democracy organization is actually claiming that to effectively fight the coronavirus, the institution of the family must be abolished. See more about this below.


And because so many children are continuing their schooling online, we have included some important parental advisories in the “Bad” and the “Ugly” section. We must be ever vigilant with regard to the Internet content our children are accessing in our homes.




Across the world families are bonding together, working to protect each other, and the world community is coming together in unprecedented ways. Along the way many bad things have also been stopped:


1. UN Secretary General António Guterres called for a global ceasefire in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, and some warring factions actually agreed!


2. Nations are working together and collaborating to stop the virus as COVID-19 proves to be no respecter of borders.


3. The major UN Beijing+25 “Generation Equality” women’s conference planned for Mexico City is likely to be postponed. Why is this good? Because it was patterned after the UN Nairobi ICPD+25 Summit and will be used to promote radical sexual “rights,” including abortion. Click here to see our Nairobi Summit report.


4. Many babies have been saved amidst the coronavirus pandemic as multiple Planned Parenthood clinics have been ordered to shut down.


5. The U.S. 5th Circuit Court upheld a Texas abortion ban reversing a previous judge’s decision declaring abortion an essential service amidst COVID-19 lock down.


6. Funding for Planned Parenthood and abortion was excluded the from multi-trillion-dollar U.S. relief package.


7. Fewer children are receiving harmful Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) as schools across the world shut down. (Note: We are not fans of school closings but simply acknowledge that affected children will also not be receiving harmful CSE.)


8. The hearts of the children are turning to their fathers and mothers as families across the world work to protect their elder members from COVID-19 and families across the globe are sheltering together and strengthening family bonds.




1. The George Soros-funded Open Democracy group called for the abolishment of the institution of the family as a response to the coronavirus pandemic. See their article “The Coronavirus Crisis Shows it’s Time to Abolish the Family.” Open Democracy’s article actually declares that “We deserve better than the family.”


2. UNFPA is seeking $187.5 million to help stop COVID-19. Why is this problematic? Because UNFPA promotes abortion, sex, transgenderism and more to youth across the world under the guise of sexual and reproductive health services, family planning, and comprehensive sexuality education. See Part II of our report on the UNFPA-sponsored Nairobi Summit for more evidence. The U.S. has appropriately withdrawn all donations to UNFPA.


3. Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics are claiming abortion is an “essential service.” They are demanding that they be allowed to provide elective abortions even though doing so requires utilizing scarce essential protective gear needed by health professionals treating coronavirus patients.


4. PARENTAL ADVISORY: International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) encourages children to have sex with themselves through masturbation to avoid the coronavirus.


5. PARENTAL ADVISORY: Pornhub is pushing porn as a way to spend time when sheltering at home.


6. PARENTAL ADVISORY: Teen Vogue is encouraging teens to engage in sexting. This is actually illegal in some states.


7. PARENTAL ADVISORY: AMAZE has announced “in light of COVID-19, we’re rolling out an at-home sex ed series” including videos, infographics and resources. These explicit AMAZE videos promote 1) pornography, 2) sex, 3) abortion to children across the globe and teach children about LGBT identities (see here and here). AMAZE partners include Advocates for Youth, IPPF, and UNFPA.


8. PARENTAL ADVISORY: Planned Parenthood’s youth partner organization, Advocates for Youth, is also working to recruit children and turn them into abortion rights and LGBT rights activists with their new online campaign “At-Home-Activism, Going the (social) distance for Sexual Health and Rights.” They will also be pushing children to take their notorious “3 Rs” CSE program online. Parents beware, it scored 15 out of 15 for harmful elements.


How Can You Protect Your Children from Online Predators?


Now is a great time to establish family technology guidelines that can keep everyone in your family safe. Please see our Family Watch recommended online family safety tools and other resources here.


During this difficult time, our Family Watch team would encourage you and your family to stay safe, avoid any nonessential social contact, and to use this valuable time to further strengthen family bonds.