Celebrating the One-Year Anniversary of the Geneva Consensus Declaration!

We have even more good news this week!


Family Watch had the privilege yesterday of witnessing a historic one-year anniversary commemoration of the Geneva Consensus Declaration (GCD) in the U.S. Senate building on Capitol Hill!


Co-sponsored by U.S. Senators Steve Daines and James Lankford, and U.S. Congressmen Chris Smith and Jim Banks alongside the governments of Egypt, Hungary and Uganda, this was arguably the highest-level multilateral gathering of government leaders and diplomats from across the globe, coming together in solidarity to stand for life and family.


As a reminder, GCD signatories committed to support four policy pillars which include better health for women and girls, the preservation of human life, strengthening the family as the foundational unit of society, and protecting the sovereignty of all nations to make their own laws and policies.


Many heartfelt and passionate pro-life and pro-family statements were given by an impressive lineup of U.S. congressional and senate leaders, several ambassadors from embassies to the U.S., and a UN ambassador. Several parliamentarians and senators from Africa and a delegation from Guatemala also flew in just to show their solidarity with the GCD.


Also in attendance were a large number of NGO leaders and former members of the Trump Administration including officials and staff who were instrumental in launching the Declaration under President Trump.


One highlight of the event was when U.S. Representative Kat Cammack shared a powerful personal story about being saved from abortion. Kat’s mom suffered a debilitating stroke right before giving birth to her younger sister. So years later when she surprisingly became pregnant with Kat, her mom was told that both she and her baby would likely die unless she had an abortion. Her mom was pressured by her doctor and her family to abort Kat. But amid all that pressure, her mom insisted on giving birth to her, and Kat was born a healthy girl weighing just over eight pounds.


And now look where Kat isone of the youngest individuals to ever serve in Congress, a role model for women everywhere.


It should be noted that the original architect of the GCD and the main organizer of this amazing event was Valerie Huber, former Special Representative for Global Women’s Health under the Trump Administration and currently President and founder of the Institute for Women’s Health.


During the celebration, GCD signatory nations were shown appreciation and support, and it was made very clear that moving forward, no nation needs to stand alone now or ever when standing for life and family.


Together they are stronger. Together they are braver. Together they can defeat initiatives that undermine life and family.


In fact, the GCD coalition is growing.


At the signing of the GCD a year ago last October, 32 nations pledged their support. Then regrettably, in January 2021, President Biden directed the U.S. to withdraw from the GCD.


But five more nations courageously stood up and added their names to the list of signatories.


You may recall we announced just two weeks ago Family Watch reported that Guatemala joined the coalition, and we are optimistic that more countries will soon follow.


We are also excited to announce that two concurrent resolutions were introduced in the U.S. Congress commemorating the one-year anniversary of the GCD. U.S. senators Steve Daines (MT), James Lankford (OK) and 13 other senators co-sponsored the Senate resolution, and Representative Jim Banks (IN) and 29 others co-sponsored the House resolution. Click here to read the Senate version.


This historic action by U.S. lawmakers demonstrates that the GCD is not dead as the Biden Administration would like you to believe.


The GCD coalition is indeed a living, active and growing coalition that is getting stronger and creating a serious threat to Biden’s anti-life and anti-family agendas.


Yesterday was a pivotal step in our joint efforts to protect life and family. But these likeminded countries will need our continued and unwavering support and encouragement to stand for life and family in their own countries, at the United Nations and around the world.


If your country has not yet signed the GCD, please do everything within your power to urge your government to join this powerful coalition.


Click here to sign our letters—one encouraging nations who have not yet joined to join the Geneva Consensus Declaration and another thanking the countries that have already joined this critical coalition.