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If you missed Part I of our most popular webinar to date, “International Planned Parenthood Federation Exposed: The Greatest Threat to Children and Families Worldwide,” you can watch it here! (Over 100 slides are also available.)


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NEXT WEBINAR TOPIC: The Indoctrination and Sexualization of Children:
Planned Parenthood at the Forefront Part II


DATE: Tuesday, February 16, 2021


TIME: 9:00 a.m. Arizona Time

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In Part I we covered:


  • IPPF’s controversial origins and history,
  • IPPF’s SRHR sexual rights/abortion rights agenda,
  • IPPF’s structure, global reach, goals, finances and funders.


In Part II we will cover:


  • How IPPF’s radical worldwide comprehensive sexuality education agenda sexualizes children and links them to their SRH services,
  • How IPPF infiltrates the UN system and drives much of the UN’s health agenda to the detriment of women and children worldwide.


In Part III we will cover:


  • Highlights of the controversial work of IPPF and partners in over 160 countries, especially in Africa and the U.S.,
  • IPPF’s global youth activism and radicalization agenda and what you can do to help stop Planned Parenthood.


With regard to Planned Parenthood and their worldwide agenda to sexualize children, what you don’t know can hurt your children.


Please register for and watch these informative webinars so you will be better prepared to protect children.


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We look forward to connecting with you on February 16th!