Family Watch University

Online Course: “International Family Law and Global Health Policies”


Family Watch is currently developing a free online learning course consisting of the 18 units listed below. The full course is expected to take about 40 hours to complete.


Each unit will be released one at a time and may include videos, policy briefs, webinars and other resources. Learners may choose to complete one, several or all of the units. Those who participate in the full course will receive a certificate of course completion.


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Unit 1: The Status of the Family in International Law


Overview of how 5 binding UN treaties and many other UN consensus documents call for the protection of the family


Unit 2: United Nations 101


Overview of how UN entities are undermining life, family and parental rights (WHO, UNFPA, UN Women, UNICEF, UNAIDS)


Unit 3: The UN Sustainable Development Goals: Hidden Threats to Life and Family


Unit 4: The Family as a Protective Factor in Preventing Violence Against Women & Girls: What the research shows


Unit 5: Global Youth Policies and Trends


Unit 6: Global Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Policies


Unit 7: Protecting Children in Sex Education Policies and Programs


Unit 8: Protecting Children in Sex Education Policies and Programs in the African Region


Unit 9: Population and Family Planning Policies and Impacts on Life and Family


Unit 10: UN Convention on the Rights of the Child: Children’s rights vs. parents’ rights


Unit 11: Human Sexuality and Gender Identity Policies


Unit 12: The Disparate Role of Super NGOs in Shaping International Children and Youth Policies and Programs (Exposés on IPPF, Marie Stopes, Rutgers, RFSU, etc.)


Unit 13: The Disparate Role of Super NGOs on the African Union


Unit 14: Cultural Imperialism: The sexual rights agenda


Unit 15: The Human Rights Agenda


(Treaty Body Monitoring Committees, UN Special Rapporteurs, Universal Periodic Reviews, National Human Rights Institutions, the OHCHR)


Unit 16: Family and Life Advocacy at the International, National, and Local Levels


Unit 17: Pro-life and Pro-family Coalition Building


Unit 18: The Art of Negotiation