Urge Utah Legislators to Override Veto of Bill Protecting Girls’ Sports. Sign the Petition Supporting H.B. 11 Today!

Dear Supporters of the Family,


The good news?


The Utah Legislature passed H.B. 11, a bill to ensure that only biological females can participate on school sports teams designated for girls.


It also defines “sex” as being determined by biology, not ideology.


The bad news?


Gov. Spencer Cox vetoed H.B. 11 on Tuesday.


However, the latest good news is that the Utah Legislature will convene in a special session this Friday, March 25 to consider a vote to override the Governor’s veto and make H.B. 11 the law in Utah.


The bad news is that this takes a two-thirds vote of each house of the Legislature (Senate and House of Representatives) to override a veto.


So your legislators need to hear from you today to let them know you support H.B. 11 and support the override of Gov. Cox’s veto. We need every vote we can get to make sure the override succeeds.


Believe it or not, one of the reasons Gov. Cox gave for his veto was a claim that there was not enough “constituent input” before the final bill was adopted. He said there was a need “to better allow the public an opportunity to weigh in.”


This is your chance to do just that. Family Watch has made it easy.


Just add your signature to the petition at this link, and we will make sure that it is delivered to every member of the Utah Legislature.


Please act quickly, the veto override session is this Friday, March 25, and we need as many signatures as possible!


Sign the petition today! And please also forward this alert to everyone you know and encourage them to sign the petition!


For the family,


Sharon Slater
President, Family Watch International