Final Webinar in Our Planned Parenthood Series! A Strategic Plan to Stop Planned Parenthood: Three Things Everyone Can Do

Our series of webinars on International Planned Parenthood is almost over. We have presented a mountain of information on Planned Parenthood, their partners, and their agenda to destroy the rising generation.


In two weeks, we will conclude this series. This upcoming webinar may be the most important one in our IPPF Exposed series.


In our final webinar we will be unveiling three major tools to help stop Planned Parenthood from aborting babies and sexualizing and radicalizing children and youth worldwide. These tools include:


  1. A new Planned Parenthood Exposed Database designed to help you identify and expose the harmful activities of the Planned Parenthood entities nearest you.
  2. An international “Investigate IPPF” Campaign.
  3. A new and exciting global Empowered Youth Coalition (EYC) to unite and mobilize youth across the world to stand for life and family. Empowering our rising generation with the knowledge and tools to go toe to toe with the army of youth IPPF has mobilized is essential to defeating IPPF’s efforts. And we need everyone to to help! You will learn about the EYC’s exciting educational and organizing campaigns including:


  • “Fact Over Fiction” Educational Quizzes
  • “Listen and Learn”
  • “Standing for Life and Family”
  • “Meet Likeminded Youth”


You are not going to want to miss this webinar! Please invite others to join. Whether you have watched one of our IPPF webinars or all of them, watching this one is a must!


Register here.


NEXT WEBINAR TOPIC: A Strategic Plan to Stop Planned Parenthood:
Three Things Everyone Can Do


DATE: Tuesday, April 27, 2021


TIME: 9:00 a.m. Arizona Time
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Part I through Part V of this IPPF webinar series are posted on our website here.


We look forward to connecting with you on April 27!