Planned Parenthood: Sexualizing and Aborting Africa’s Children

Thanks to all who joined our webinar last week! We hope you learned more about International Planned Parenthood’s infiltration of the UN system and their sexual rights agenda for children throughout the world.


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(Important Note: Since we have recently uncovered even more disturbing information regarding Planned Parenthood’s worldwide sexualization agenda for children, we have revised the topics covered for Part III in our series and have added a Part IV and Part V as outlined below.)


NEXT WEBINAR TOPIC: Planned Parenthood:
Sexualizing and Aborting Africa’s Children


DATE: Tuesday, March 2, 2021


TIME: 9:00 a.m. Arizona Time

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In Part III of our Planned Parenthood webinar series we will cover:


  • Planned Parenthood’s sexual agenda for children in Africa
  • IPPF’s infiltration of the African Union
  • An inside look into radical and disturbing CSE programs in several African countries.


Planned Parenthood: Sexualizing and Aborting America’s Children (Part IV in the series) will cover the activities of IPPF’s U.S. affiliate, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, including their transgender and child sexualization agenda in the U.S.


IPPF’s Global Youth Activism and Radicalization Agenda (Part V in the series) will cover these topics and will conclude with a section on what you can do to help stop Planned Parenthood where you live.


Part I and Part II are posted on our website here.


We look forward to connecting with you on March 2!