Past Newswire Headlines


LAWMAKERS SEEK TO FORCE TECH COMPANIES TO REMOVE DEEPFAKE PORNOGRAPHY. A new bill was introduced in Congress by a bipartisan group of senators led by Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, to mandate that technology and social media platforms remove any deepfake pornography within 48 hours of its detection. Read more here.


BIRTH RATE COLLAPSE: SOUTH KOREA DECLARES ‘DEMOGRAPHIC NATIONAL EMERGENCY.’ South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol promised his government would take all possible measures to reverse the population decline including “balancing work and life, improving child care and providing better housing to address the complex issues.” Read more here.


WASHINGTON HEALTH DEPT’S ‘TEEN HEALTH HUB’ OFFERS ACCESS TO ABORTION, CHILD ‘SEX CHANGE’ SERVICES WITHOUT PARENTAL CONSENT. The hub provides resources for minors to find providers for “gender-affirming care,” abortion, and sex-related health content. Read more here.


PORN ADVOCATES SUE INDIANA AG OVER LAW SHIELDING MINORS. Free Speech Coalition, Inc. and several pornography website operators filed a lawsuit against Todd Rokita, the Indiana attorney general, seeking to block a recent law that prevents minors from accessing pornography websites from going into effect. Read more here.


‘VIRTUAL STRIP CLUB’: UTAH SUES CHINA’S TIKTOK OVER PLATFORM SEXUALIZING CHILDREN. The state of Utah is suing China’s TikTok, alleging the popular app’s “Live” feature is “a virtual strip club” for minors that lets adults pay children “to strip, pose, and dance provocatively” in exchange for money. Read more here.


NEW BRUNSWICK JOINS SASKATCHEWAN TO INTERVENE IN PARENTAL RIGHTS BILL CASE. New Brunswick has joined Alberta in seeking intervener status as Saskatchewan defends its Parents’ Bill of Rights in court. The Parents’ Bill of Rights, passed last October, requires parental consent before a child under 16 can use a different gender-related name or pronoun at school. Read more here.


STATES PASS BILLS SAYING WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION HAS ‘NO AUTHORITY’ OVER U.S. HEALTH CARE. Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed a bill declaring, “The World Health Organization, the United Nations, and the World Economic Forum have no jurisdiction in this state,” and Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry signed a bill that his office “[r]ejects the World Health Organization’s authority over healthcare and protects state sovereignty.” Read more here.


LGBT ACTIVISTS ATTACK ITALIAN PRO-FAMILY GROUP’S HEADQUARTERS FOR SECOND TIME IN 10 DAYS. The Rome headquarters of Pro Vita e Famiglia reported that “LGBTQAI+ activists” vandalized the group’s headquarters with threats like “you will pay,” “We’ll not give you peace,” and “trans riot.” Read more here.


KENYAN DOCTOR CONDEMNS WHO FOR STERILIZING AFRICAN WOMEN WITH VACCINES. A Kenyan doctor denounced the World Health Organization (WHO) before Uganda’s president for being untrustworthy as shown by its African vaccination campaigns, including a Tetanus shot push that caused infertility in women. Read more here.


FAMILIES’ RIGHTS AND RESPONSIBILITIES ACT PROTECTS PARENTAL RIGHTS IN TENNESSEE. Governor Bill Lee signed into law the Families’ Rights and Responsibilities Act, which states, “The liberty of a parent to the care, custody, and control of the parent’s child, including the right to direct the upbringing, education, health care, and mental health of the child, is a fundamental right.” Read more here.


META, GOOGLE LEADING LOBBYING FIGHT TO KILL NY ONLINE CHILD SAFETY BILLS. A group of Big Tech firms and advocacy groups are lobbying against two New York bills aimed at protecting children online and increasing parental controls. Read more here.


STATE ATTORNEYS GENERAL WARN BIDEN ABOUT WHO PANDEMIC AGREEMENTS. Twenty-two attorney generals have told President Joe Biden they oppose the World Health Organization (WHO) pandemic treaty and international health regulations because it gives the WHO “unprecedented and unconstitutional powers over the United States and her people.” Read more here.


BIRTH RATES WILL DROP BELOW REPLACEMENT RATE FOR FIRST TIME AS UNDERPOPULATION CRISIS CONTINUES. The United Nations’ most recent statistics revealed that the global fertility rate was down to 2.3 in 2021, 0.2 points lower than experts estimated that it was in 2017. The UN has not yet released data for 2022 and 2023. Read more here.


FLEMISH LEFT MELTDOWN OVER VLAAMS BELANG’S PRO-FAMILY POLICIES. The Left in Flanders is in a tizzy after the Flemish nationalist Vlaams Belang party, inspired by Hungary’s demographic approach to public spending, proposed incentivizing couples to have children. Read more here.


TOP KENYAN ATTORNEY URGES AFRICAN NATIONS TO REJECT EU TREATY PUSHING ABORTION, LGBT AGENDA, SEX ED. Charles Kanjama warned during the Second African Inter-Parliamentary Conference on Family Values and Sovereignty that the newest iteration of a 20-year trade agreement between 79 African Caribbean Pacific countries and the European Union, known as the Samoa Agreement, threatens the values of African nations. Read more here.


BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA CHANGES NAME TO ‘SCOUTING AMERICA’ TO BE ‘MORE INCLUSIVE.’ The rebranding comes as the troubled organization emerges from bankruptcy after a tsunami of allegations of sexual abuse rocked the once-beloved, venerable institution geared to forming boys into men. Read more here.


AI CHILD PORNOGRAPHY IS ALREADY HERE AND IT’S DEVASTATING. Sexual exploitation of children over the internet is a major problem that’s getting worse, courtesy of artificial intelligence, which can aid production of child sexual abuse material, while the tools to deal with an AI influx of child pornography are inadequate. Read more here.


MATERNAL MORTALITY IN U.S. DROPPED IN 2022, CDC REPORTS. According to the U.S. CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics report, there were 3,667,758 live births in 2022 and 817 maternal deaths. The maternal mortality rate was 22.3 per 100,000 live births, down from 32.9 in 2021. Read more here.


JAPAN’S FUTURE IN JEOPARDY AS ABORTION PILL HASTENS SEVERE DEMOGRAPHIC CRISIS. Recent national data show that Japan’s population fell by 595,000, or 0.48 percent, in one year, resulting in a marking the 13th consecutive year of population decrease for Japan, a country already plagued with a graying population and a sharp fall in births. Read more here.


U.S. FERTILITY RATE HITS RECORD LOW. The total fertility rate dropped to 1.62 births per woman last year, a 2 percent decline from the year before, according to newly released data from the Centers for Disease Control. Read more here.


KANSAS GOV. VETOES BILL TO HELP PREGNANT WOMEN CHOOSE ADOPTION. Gov. Laura Kelly line-item vetoed the proposed “Pregnancy Compassion Awareness Program,” which would have renewed grant funding to provide and enhance resources for women who want to make the choice to parent or place their child for adoption. Read more here.


SCOTLAND: LESS THAN ONE PER CENT OF HATE SPEECH REPORTS DEEMED LEGITIMATE. A little over one-half of one per cent of all hate crime reports made since the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act 2021 came into force are legitimate. The new law criminalizes “stirring up hatred” against several protected classes of people such as the elderly, disabled, LGBT people and racial minorities with penalties up to seven years in prison. Read more here.


INDIAN SUPREME COURT CONSIDERS RULING THAT WATCHING CHILD PORNOGRAPHY IS NOT A CRIME. India’s Supreme Court has chosen to reserve judgment on the appeal to a lower court ruling that said downloading and watching child pornography is not a crime, although creating it remains illegal. Read more here.


PARLIAMENTARY ASSEMBLY OF THE COUNCIL OF EUROPE PASSES CHILD PROTECTION RESOLUTION. The Assembly unanimously adopted a Resolution and a Recommendation on “The protection of children against online violence,” calling on States to “take specific measures to protect young children from premature exposure to the digital environment given their vulnerability to, inter alia, violent, sexual or pornographic content” Read more here.


BID TO OVERTURN SCOTLAND’S CONTROVERSIAL NEW HATE CRIME LAWS FAILS. A motion to overturn the bill was lodged by the Scottish Conservatives but was defeated. The laws criminalize language deemed to ‘stir up hatred’ on the grounds of age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, transgender identity or certain sex characteristics and carries stiff penalties of up to seven years in prison and the possibility of an unlimited fine. Read more here.


RESEARCHERS DISCOVER ‘PRONOUNCED REVERSAL OF BIOLOGICAL AGING’ AFTER WOMEN GIVE BIRTH. Researchers have replicated the results of a 2023 study showing that pregnancy increases women’s “biological age” but also discovered a “postpartum recovery effect… indicating a pronounced reversal of biological aging” after a woman has given birth. Read more here.


APPLE, ROBLOX, LINKEDIN: 12 MAINSTREAM CONTRIBUTORS TO SEXUAL EXPLOITATION. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation has released its Dirty Dozen List of “mainstream contributors to sexual exploitation” — ranging from Big Tech giants to pieces of federal legislation. Read more here.


SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES SURGE THROUGHOUT EUROPE. Syphilis, gonorrhoea, chlamydia, and lymphogranuloma venereum have been spreading across the EU, including Western and Central European states such as France, Norway, the Netherlands as well as Switzerland. Read more here.


TEXAS AG KEN PAXTON SUES PORN COMPANIES FOR VIOLATING STATE’S AGE-VERIFICATION LAW. The attorney general’s office filed the suits against Hammy Media and Multi Media, LLC, and asked the judge to issue an order finding the companies are actively violating state law and enjoining them from “online publication or distribution of sexual material harmful to minors without implementing reasonable age verification methods.” Read more here.


SCOTLAND’S NHS INVESTIGATING ALLEGATIONS OF HOMOSEXUAL PORN BEING FILMED IN CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL. The National Health Service launched an investigation into allegations that staff members filmed an adult video at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow Scottland and posted it to the OnlyFans porn site. Read more here.


SMITHSONIAN TO PAY BIG TIME FOR BOOTING PRO-LIFE STUDENTS FROM MUSEUM: ‘ABSOLUTELY OUTRAGEOUS.’ The National Air and Space Museum agreed to pay the settlement to cover attorney’s fees, expenses, costs and interest for forcing students wearing pro-life apparel to leave the building. Read more here.


UNIVERSITY’S ‘EJACULATE RESPONSIBLY’ CAMPAIGN BLAMES MEN FOR UNWANTED PREGNANCIES. Minnesota’s St. Cloud State University’s “male accountability campaign”, dubbed “Ejaculate Responsibly”, claims all unwanted pregnancies are the result of “cis men’s irresponsible ejaculation.” Read more here.


SCOTLAND TO LAUNCH NEW HATE SPEECH LAW ON APRIL FOOL’S DAY THAT WILL JAIL PEOPLE FOR UP TO 7 YEARS. Scotland’s new Hate Crime and Public Order Act will be activated on April 1, and people ranging from Catholic clergy to Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling have condemned it for restricting basic freedoms. Read more here.


IRISH PRIME MINISTER QUITS JUST TWO WEEKS AFTER DEFEAT IN PROGRESSIVE REFERENDUM TO REWRITE CONSTITUTION. Ireland’s progressive Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has announced he is resigning for “personal and political” reasons, stepping down less than two weeks after he was soundly defeated on a referendum to redefine marriage and the role of women in the nation’s constitution. Read more here.


‘TOTALITARIAN’ BILL WOULD ESTABLISH MAINE AS SANCTUARY STATE FOR ABORTIONS, TRANS SURGERIES. A Democrat-led bill seeks to establish a legal right to abortions, transgender surgeries and hormonal treatments in Maine, and protect those traveling from outside of the state to get such procedures there. Read more here.


FIFTH CIRCUIT COURT UPHOLDS TEXAS AGE-VERIFICATION LAW RESTRICTING PORN SITE ACCESS. The Fifth Circuit Court of appeals has ruled 2-1 in favor of a Texas law requiring pornography websites to use age verification on their websites and mandates that websites “use reasonable age verification methods” in order to “verify that an individual attempting to access the material is 18 years of age or older.” Read more here.


‘HISTORIC VICTORY FOR FAMILY VALUES’ — IRISH VOTERS REJECT ATTEMPTS TO REDEFINE FAMILY IN NATIONAL REFERENDUM. Irish voters have overwhelmingly assured a “historic victory for family values” as the neo-liberal government in Dublin has acknowledged that voters have rejected attempts to redefine marriage and the role of women in the constitution. Read more here.


BRITISH MEDICAL ASSOCIATION CONSULTANTS VOTE THROUGH MOTION TO ENSURE THEY DON’T HAVE TO BE INVOLVED WITH ASSISTED SUICIDE. Senior doctors have voted in favor of a motion calling for the British Medical Association “to ensure that consultants are not expected to be involved in provision of assisted suicide in any way” if it were to become law in the UK. Read more here.


REPORT: ‘TROUBLING’ SURGE IN SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES ACROSS EUROPE. The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control reports syphilis cases rose by 34 percent from the previous year, and chlamydia cases increased by 16 percent, mirroring a similar trend in the U.S. Read more here.


COMMENTERS REACT AFTER WOMAN LEARNS BIRTH CONTROL RISKS: ‘A BABY IS BETTER THAN A STROKE.’ According to The New York Post and other sources, young women are walking away from hormonal birth control as research shows it can cause a variety of health issues. Between 2002 and 2017, oral contraceptive use dropped by nine percent. Read more here.


IRELAND’S ABOUT TO TAKE WOMEN OUT OF ITS CONSTITUTION. Irish voters are heading to the polls on International Women’s Day to remove the words “woman” and “mother” from the Constitution. Also up for vote is a measure that would widely expand the definition of “family.” Read more here.


‘AVALANCHE OF FILTH’: KIRK CAMERON TAKES ON SCHOLASTIC BOOKS FOR PUSHING IMMORAL CONTENT TO KIDS. Actor Kirk Cameron, who is partnering with Sky Tree Book Fairs to equip children with books promoting positive values, said an “avalanche of filth” is “twisting the minds of children about the most basic things of reality and families, gender, faith.” Read more here.


BILLBOARD CAMPAIGN IN SPAIN PROMOTES HAVING MORE CHILDREN TO ‘SAVE THE PLANET.’ It doesn’t seem that many voices in society are encouraging families to “have more babies,” but Spain is standing out as one of those voices in a campaign featuring billboards in Madrid with the message, “Save the planet: have more children.” Read more here.


SCHOOL PARENTAL NOTIFICATION POLICY WINS IN CALIFORNIA COURT. The Temecula Valley School District’s parental notification policy won a preliminary victory in a California state court, when a Riverside County Superior Court judge declined to issue a preliminary injunction against it. Read more here.


JAPANESE GOVERNMENT URGES ACTION AS COUNTRY’S BIRTH RATE DROPS TO HISTORIC LOW. The number of babies born in Japan last year fell for an eighth straight year to a new low, government data show, and a top official said it was critical for the country to reverse the trend in the coming half-dozen years. Read more here.


UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO TO HOST ‘KINK AND CONSENT’ ROPE BONDAGE WORKSHOP. A flyer touting the event on campus states the workshop is designed to teach students “an introduction to exploring kink safely” and that a “kink-friendly student wellness therapist” will be on hand. Read more here.


WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION PANDEMIC TREATY NEGOTIATIONS RESUME WHILE CONCERNS MOUNT ABOUT CENSORSHIP THREATS. The draft text currently under consideration would commit states to “combat” such things as misleading information, misinformation, or disinformation, without offering a definition for these terms or specifying how this would be done. Read more here.


BOYS REPORTEDLY SENT HOME WITH CONDOMS, WOODEN PHALLUSES, AND GAY PORNOGRAPHY FROM CANADIAN SCHOOL. Janine Stephanie Penner reported on Facebook that her teenage son had been provided a number of inappropriate “sex education” aides from Virden Collegiate Institute. Read more here.


69 PERCENT OF MOTHERS IN IRELAND WANT TO STAY AT HOME WITH THEIR CHILDREN, AMARCH RESEARCH FINDS. A polling of 500 women over the age of 18 revealed that 76 percent of mothers said that women who work in the home are undervalued by society, compared with women who work outside the home and more than 70 percent of mothers said they do not feel valued by society for their work as mothers. Read more here.


FROZEN EMBRYOS ARE CHILDREN, ALABAMA SUPREME COURT SAYS IN UNPRECEDENTED RULING. The first-of-its-kind ruling comes as at least 11 states have broadly defined personhood as beginning at fertilization in their state laws. Read more here.


TEXAS HIGH SCHOOL REFUSES TO REMOVE ‘ADULT’ LIBRARY BOOKS BEFORE 22 YEARS OF REVIEW. A high school principal in Llano, Texas slow-walked a review of nearly 200 books in the school library that parents flagged for sexually explicit material, setting a timetable of 22 years to reconsider themRead more here.


DEEPFAKE DANGER: CHILDREN WHO EXPLOIT OTHER KIDS ONLINE USING PORNOGRAPHIC IMAGERY. In a show of bipartisanship outrage at a recent Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Democrat Sen. Dick Durbin and Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham castigated the CEOs of Big Tech companies for their failure to protect children online. Read more here.


TEXAS TEEN TRAFFICKED FROM NBA GAME, FAMILY SUES HOTEL WHERE SHE WAS HELD HOSTAGE WITH ‘AK-47.’ The family of a Texas teenager who was kidnapped from a Mavericks game in Dallas in April 2022, only to be trafficked and found in an Oklahoma City hotel room 10 days later, has now filed a lawsuit against the hotel chain. Read more here.


BIDEN/EUROPEANS ARGUE PROTECTION OF VIRTUAL PEDOPHILE SMUT. The Biden administration, the European Union and other Western countries have asked the UN General Assembly to decriminalize some forms of teenage child pornography and virtual child pornography, but 30-plus traditional countries opposed the provision in the draft of a new binding treaty on cybercrime. Read more here.


HUNGARY’S PRESIDENT RESIGNS AFTER BACKLASH FOR PARDON IN CHILD SEX ABUSE CASE. President Katalin Novák announced that she will resign her office after a thousand people protested her pardon of a man convicted for helping cover up a sex abuse case in a children’s home. Read more here.


VIRGINIA’S LARGEST SCHOOL DISTRICT PUT A ‘KINK-AFFIRMING’ BONDAGE SPECIALIST IN CHARGE OF REVIEWING PARENT COMPLAINTS ABOUT BOOKS. The Fairfax County School District put a “sex therapist” who promotes “kinky” acts like BDSM — a form of physical abuse geared to those who are aroused by humiliation — in charge of deciding whether or not to heed parent complaints about books that may be inappropriate for children. Read more here.


BLUE STATE CONSIDERS ‘STRIPPERS’ BILL OF RIGHTS’ FOR ADULT DANCERS. Washington is considering a set of legislative proposals to provide adult dancers with compensation protections and mandatory security. Read more here.


EXPLORING THE CONTROVERSIAL SEXCON EVENT AT KALAMAZOO COLLEGE. The Student Development and Center for Civic Engagement at the Michigan college stated a week-long event called “SexCon” — an event “dedicated to creating space for exploring sexuality, learning about sexual and relationship health, and reflecting on social and legislative landscapes around sexual and reproductive freedom,” Read more here.


INDIANA AG LAUNCHES PORTAL FOR PARENTS TO MONITOR PUBLIC SCHOOLS’ DISCRIMINATORY POLICIES, CONTENT. Attorney General Todd Rokita outlined “constituent concerns” as the rationale behind his office’s new “Eyes on Education” online portal, which would allow parents to submit policies, lesson plans and other concerning matters to be reviewed by his office and placed on a public database for other parents to see. Read more here.


STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION MEMBER PUSHES BAN ON ‘SEXUALLY EXPLICIT CONTENT’ IN NEBRASKA SCHOOL LIBRARIES. Board member Kirk Penner proposed a revision to Rule 10, which prohibits “pornographic materials or sexually explicit content” in all Nebraska public school libraries. Read more here.


LAWMAKERS FEAR U.S. OVERSEAS LIFE-SAVING AIDS PROGRAM BEING HIJACKED TO SPREAD LIBERAL AGENDA. The President’s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief (PEPFAR) program has saved millions of lives, and now it’s up for renewal by Congress, but some lawmakers fear it is being hijacked to spread a liberal agenda abroad. Read more here.


GIRLS ARE BEING BULLIED AND TRAUMATIZED BY AI DEEP-FAKE PORNOGRAPHY. In some instances, boys have blackmailed girls with deepfake porn created on so-called “Nudify” apps, which digitally undress the girls, c


MARYLAND EDUCATION BOARD UNANIMOUSLY VOTES TO RESTRICT ACCESS TO ‘SEXUALLY EXPLICIT’ BOOKS. The policy states that “sexually explicit content is defined as unambiguously describing, depicting, showing, or writing about sex or sex acts in a detailed or graphic manner.” Read more here.


INDIANA UNIVERSITY WORK AROUND FOR KINSEY INSTITUTE BAN DRAWS CRITICISM. Legislators previously defunded Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute because of its reliance on pedophiles for information, but the board of trustees is considering the creation of a nonprofit to find alternative sources of funding. Read more here.


MEGYN KELLY TORCHES ‘IDIOT’ JOY REID OVER INTERVIEW DEFENDING PORNOGRAPHY IN SCHOOLS. Sirius XM radio host Megyn Kelly laid into MSNBC host Joy Reid over the MSNBC host’s insistence that pornographic materials in schools and in the hands of children are acceptable. Read more here


DEMOGRAPHIC DECLINE: FRANCE SEES LOWEST NUMBER OF BIRTHS SINCE WWII. The National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies reported that 678,000 babies were born in France last year, a decline of 48,000 over 2022 and the lowest of any year since 1946. Read more here.


FINNISH MP, BISHOP MAY BE DRAGGED BEFORE SUPREME COURT DESPITE ACQUITTALS OVER ‘HATE SPEECH’ AGAINST LGBT PRIDE. The state prosecutor in Finland is appealing the second unanimous acquittal of a Finnish parliamentarian and Lutheran bishop over “hate speech” charges related to their faith-based views on sexuality and gender. Read more here.


NUMBER OF CHILDREN LIVING WITH 2 PARENTS INCREASING, DATA SHOW. Newly published data from the U.S. Census Bureau indicate that the proportion of American children living in two-parent families increased to 71.1% in 2023, continuing a slight upward trajectory since 2015. Read more here.


IOWA APPEALS JUDGE’S DECISION TO BLOCK LAW KEEPING SEXUALLY EXPLICIT BOOKS OUT OF SCHOOL. Iowa appealed a federal judge’s ruling that blocks a statute intended to keep sexually explicit books out of schools and prevent elementary school students from being taught gender ideology in the classroom. Read more here.


LIBRARIANS QUIT OVER ‘NO PORN FOR KIDS’ POLICY. The public library in Campbell County, Wyoming was stocked with horrible, graphic, sexual, homosexual and transgender books for children, and county commissioners were shutting down opposition voices until persistent parents forced changes leading to a Library Board that now respects the wishes of concerned parents. Read more here.


PORNHUB ADMITS ‘GIRLS DO PORN’ VIDEOS AID SEX TRAFFICKINGS. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, Pornhub’s parent company admitted in federal court that it profits from sex trafficking and agreed to pay a major fine and submit to a three-year monitor as part of a deferred prosecution agreement. Read more here.


PORNHUB WOULD RATHER BLOCK ENTIRE STATES THAN COMPLY WITH MEASURES TO PROTECT CHILDREN. Over the past year, Pornhub has been fighting to halt a series of state-level age verification laws, stating publicly that it violates their rights and privately that it kills their traffic. Read more here.


FACEBOOK SUSPENDS LIBS OF TIK TOK ACCOUNT FOR VIOLATING ITS COMMUNITY STANDARDS. The popular right-wing social media account “Libs of TikTok”, which has amassed millions of followers across TikTok, X, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook for reposting videos of liberals sounding off about gender identity and controversial culture war issues, has been suspended by Facebook for violating the website’s community standards. Read more here.


JAPAN TO EXPAND SUBSIDIZED COLLEGE TUITION FOR LARGE FAMILIES. Free college tuition will be offered to at least one child in a family with three or more children, regardless of its income, it was decided by the Children’s Future Strategy Council, with all children being covered in some circumstances. Read more here.


ILLINOIS LAW MANDATING SEXUALLY INAPPROPRIATE MATERIAL IN LIBRARIES IS NOW IN EFFECT. An Illinois law requiring libraries to stock sexually inappropriate books went into effect on Monday. Read more here.


QUEER ACTIVISTS ARE PUTTING PORNOGRAPHIC BOOKS IN LITTLE FREE LIBRARIES. The president of Northern Indiana Atheists raised money to build several Little Free Libraries (small wooden boxes planted in neighborhoods that serve as book exchanges) in 2024 specifically to “share banned and challenged diverse books,” including those with LGBT messaging and pornographic material. Read more here.


STUDY REVEALS AI IMAGE GENERATORS TRAINED ON CHILD PORNOGRAPHY. The Stanford Internet Observatory, in collaboration with the Canadian Centre for Child Protection and other anti-abuse charities, conducted a study that found more than 3,200 images of suspected child sexual abuse in the AI database LAION. Read more here.


ABSTINENCE WORKS: NEW REPORT SHOWS TEEN SEXUAL ACTIVITY CONTINUES TO DECLINE. Between 2002 and the period 2015–2019, the percentage of teen boys (15–19) who ever had sexual intercourse fell from 45.7 percent to 38.7 percent, while the figure for teen girls who ever had sexual intercourse fell from 45.5 percent to 40.5 percent. Read more here.


CANADIAN COURT DECIDES THAT REFERRING TO DRAG QUEENS AS ‘GROOMERS’ IS NOT PROTECTED SPEECH. A Canadian court ruled that calling a drag queen a “groomer” does not fall within a province’s current protected speech laws in a ruling that could potentially lead to a larger decision that possibly makes it illegal to call men who dress as women, or vice versa, any term deemed offensive. Read more here.


PORNOGRAPHY SITE EMPLOYEE ADMITS ITS USE IS ADDICTIVE, DAMAGES RELATIONSHIPS. Mike Farley, a senior product manager at Aylo, the parent company of Pornhub and other internet porn sites, admitted during an undercover interview that porn use is addictive, unhealthy and damages relationships. Read more here.


TEXAS ED BOARD VOTES TO RID SCHOOL LIBRARIES OF ‘SEXUALLY EXPLICIT’ BOOKS. The Texas Board of Education voted 13-1 to keep “sexually explicit” books out of school libraries, to require school libraries to implement policies prohibiting inappropriate books and to recognize parents as the “primary decision makers regarding their student’s access to library material.” Read more here.


JAMAICA SIGNS SAMOA AGREEMENT. The Jamaican Government has signed the Samoa Agreement at the headquarters of the Organization of African, Caribbean and Pacific States despite some fears that the nation’s sovereignty would be subject to the imposition of radical gender laws and sex education. Read more here.


AMERICANS DIVIDED ON LGBT EDUCATION IN SCHOOLS, MARRIAGE, PARENTAL RIGHTS: SURVEY. The 2023 American Family Survey reveals a wide partisan divide on the issues of marriage, LGBT education in schools, government support for families and parental rights as political polarization is increasingly affecting the public’s views on more aspects of American life. Read more here.


COUNTRIES PRAISE RUSSIA’S PRO-FAMILY POLICIES AT HUMAN RIGHTS FORUM. After recently facing pushback from the UN’s human rights office over its rejection of the LGBT movement, Russia received support from 16 nations at a session of the UN’s Universal Periodic Review. Read more here.


TENNESSEE LAWMAKER INTRODUCES AGE-VERIFICATION BILL TO PROTECT CHILDREN FROM PORNOGRAPHY. State Rep. Patsy Hazlewood has introduced The “Protect Tennessee Minors Act,” in an effort to implement age-verification requirements that will protect children from being exposed to pornography. Read more here.


MOMS SUE CA LIBRARY FOR CENSORING WOMEN’S SPORTS FORUM. Alliance Defending Freedom and the Institute for Free Speech filed a lawsuit against Yolo County, California Library officials for violating the First Amendment rights of several women and their groups who met in a local library to discuss the harms of allowing men to participate in women’s sports. Read more here.


UN PANEL EXPLORES CONNECTION BETWEEN PORNOGRAPHY AND SEX-TRAFFICKING. Anti-trafficking survivors and advocates told UN delegates and officials that sex-trafficking is the end stage of sexual abuse that starts with pornography and prostitution, and the only way to effectively end sex trafficking is to take on the phenomenon of the sale and purchase of sex as a whole. Read more here.


NEW MEXICO AG SUES META, CLAIMS PLATFORM EXPOSES CHILDREN TO SEX ABUSE. New Mexico has filed a lawsuit against Meta, the parent company of Instagram and Facebook, alleging the social media networks are a “breeding ground” for sexual predators targeting minors. Read more here.


OUT OF CONTROL AI: PORNOGRAPHY TARGETING WOMEN MAKES UP 98% OF ALL DEEPFAKE IMAGES. There is an explosion of AI sites and apps that allow users to put the faces of anyone onto images of naked bodies, creating very realistic fake pornography. Read more here.


EU MEMBERS CONSIDER KEEPING RULES ON DETECTING CHILD PORN. If current legal protection is not renewed in 2024, there will no longer be a judicial ground for hunting down child pornography, and this void would allow creators and viewers to get away with sharing images or seducing children online. Read more here.


SOUTH AFRICAN PARLIAMENT PASSES ‘HATE SPEECH’ BILL. The new legislation broadly criminalizes “hate speech” and imposes criminal penalties on broad categories of expression without clear definition of the subject matter, leading to potential prosecution and penalties for peaceful expression. Read more here.


DEVELOPING COUNTRIES IN REVOLT AGAINST EU GENDER AGENDA IN NEW TRADE AGREEMENT. A new 20-year agreement between the European Union and 79 African, Caribbean and Pacific countries is embroiled in controversy as developing world leaders worry the EU is attempting to impose controversial sexual rights. Read more here.


IRELAND: SEXUAL EXPLOITATION OF GIRLS IN CARE NOW AN ‘EMERGENCY’ SAYS CAROL NOLAN. Deputy Carol Nolan, a member of the Irish Parliament, said a report on the sexual exploitation of children in state care outlined in horrifying detail the predatory behavior used to force young girls into sexual activity. Read more here.


EXPANSIONS TO HUNGARY’S FAMILY SUPPORT SYSTEM ANNOUNCED IN BUDAPEST. The Cultural and Innovation Ministry’s State Secretary Responsible for Families revealed that the Hungarian family support system is soon to have another crucial pillar added, expanding to encompass physical, mental and spiritual health care as well. Read more here.


INDIANA BANNED PUBLIC FUNDING OF KINSEY INSTITUTE – IU CONSIDERS A WAY AROUND THE BAN. Trustees for Indiana University recently voted to table discussion on creating a legal separation between itself and the Kinsey Institute sex research think tank, after state law prohibited IU from using taxpayer dollars to support the Kinsey Institute for having allegedly engaged in sexual perversion. Read more here.


GLOBAL OUTCRY OVER VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN. The streets of the world’s most important cities were filled with demonstrations on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the most widespread human rights violation that, according to the United Nations, affects one in three women. Read more here.


NIGERIA NOT PRESENT AT EU-ACP SAMOA AGREEMENT SIGNING. A spokesperson for Nigeria said “Relevant Nigerian stakeholders are studying the instrument with a view to ensuring that its provisions do not contravene Nigeria’s domestic legislation…” The binding treaty between the European Union and 79 African, Caribbean and Pacific states is highly controversial. Read more here.


FRENCH COMMISSION CALLS FOR END OF STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS ON CHILD SEX ABUSE. France’s statute of limitations for sexual crimes against children is 30 years from the time the victim legally becomes an adult at age 18, but the commission now says that removing the time limit is necessary because it can take decades for victims to be able to speak out. Read more here.


U.S. GEN Z IS COMFORTABLE WITH MULTIPLE SEX PARTNERS, STUDY FINDS 57% ‘WILLING TO CONSIDER’ NON-MONOGAMY. Gen Z appears to be more comfortable with the concept of non-monogamy than previous generations, according to Ashley Madison, a controversial online service for people looking to cheat on their spouse. Read more here.


SOUTH CAROLINA EDUCATION BOARD DECIDING WHETHER TO LIMIT BOOKS AND OTHER ‘AGE-APPROPRIATE’ MAERIALS. The State Board of Education is considering a universal definition of “age appropriate” educational materials in South Carolina schools and libraries that would bar descriptions or visual depictions of what it deems sexual conduct and items that are “obscene” or “indecent.” Read more here.


THE DECLINE OF THE HUNGARIAN POPULATION IN THE CARPATHIAN BASIN CAN BE STOPPED, PRESIDENT STRESSES. President Katalin Novák noted that in the last 30 years, the population of Hungary has decreased by more than 700,000, but she is confident the trend can be reversed. Read more here.


CHILD PORNOGRAPHY CHARGES LEVELED AGAINST FORMER EDITOR-IN-CHIEF OF LEFT-LEANING NEWS SITE. Slade Sohmer, the former editor-in-chief of the website The Recount, was charged in Massachusetts with possessing and disseminating “hundreds of child pornography images and videos.” Read more here.


TRANSATLANTIC SUMMIT: LIFE, FAMILY AND LIBERTIES. More than a hundred pro-life and pro-family politicians from three continents will gather in New York to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights next week. Read more here.


EUROPEAN LAWMAKERS TRY TO BALANCE PROTECTION AND PRIVACY WITH LAW ON EXPLICIT IMAGES OF CHILDREN. Seeking to strike the right balance between protecting children and protecting privacy rights, European Union lawmakers adopted a series of amendments to a draft law that is intended to keep sexually explicit photos and videos of minors from circulating online. Read more here.


KENOSHA, WISCONSIN MASS RESISTANCE CHAPTER GETS PORNOGRAPHIC BOOKS REMOVED FROM SCHOOL LIBRARY. Members of the Kenosha, Wis., Mass Resistance organization persuaded local school board members to remove several inappropriate books from the public school library. Read more here.


GERMAN PARLIAMENT ACCEPTS CONSTITUTIONAL ‘CHILDREN’S RIGHTS’ PETITION FROM PRO-PEDOPHILE ACTIVIST GROUP. The German Bundestag has accepted a petition outlining children’s rights drafted by men involved in the pro-pedophilia activist organization Krumme-13, a lobbying group which advocates for lowering the age of consent and legalizing child pornography. Read more here.


ENTIRE LOUDON CO. SCHOOL BOARD REPLACED IN ELECTIONS. Loudoun County, Virginia’s school board will be replaced in January following years of political dramatics and scandals in the school district, after voters ousted the only two incumbents who ran for reelection. Read more here.


MOTHER FEARS THAT QUEENSLAND MAN MAY HAVE FATHERED 1,000 CHILDREN. A lesbian mother in Queensland, Australia discovered that the anonymous sperm donor who is the biological father of her five children was a “super donor” who could have sired as many as 1,000 children, raising the risk that a son or daughter could potentially become romantically involved with a half-sibling. Read more here.


NEWBORN SYPHILIS CASES HAVE REACHED’ DIRE LEVELS,’ CDC SAYS. Newborn syphilis cases, which can be fatal, have risen more than tenfold in the last decade and almost 32 percent in a single year, according to a report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Read more here.


INDIANA UNIVERSITY BOARD OF TRUSTEES WILL VOTE TO SEPARATE FROM KINSEY INSTITUTE. The board will hear a proposal that would allow the university to spin off the Kinsey Institute into a nonprofit. The institute was founded by sexologist Alfred Kinsey who was known for performing horrific experiments on children. Read more here.


MILLENNIALS AREN’T HAVING CHILDREN AND IT’S NOT CLEAR WHY. The U.S. birthrate has hit an all-time low, and indications are that more and more millennials are not having children at all. Read more here.


LIBRARIES AND COUNTIES CUT TIES WITH AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION AFTER ‘MARXIST’ LESBIAN’S ELECTION. At least eight government entities have cut ties with the American Library Association since its new Marxist lesbian president, Emily Drabinski, took over. Read more here.


KIRK CAMERON HELPS LAUNCH NATIONWIDE SCHOOL PROGRAM TO PROVIDE CHILDREN’S BOOKS WITHOUT PORNOGRAPHY. Author and actor Kirk Cameron is helping to launch an ambitious new project to give parents and schools a “healthy, wholesome” alternative to book fairs flooded with what he and other parents feel is “pornography.” Read more here.


OKLAHOMA DECLARES NOVEMBER ‘FAMILY MONTH’: FOUNDATIONAL INSTITUTION OF SOCIETY. Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt has issued a proclamation making November Family Month as part of an effort to recognize “the foundational institution of society, ordained by God.” Read more here.


AMERICAN IVF DOCTORS ADOPT ‘INCLUSIVE’ DEFINITION OF FERTILITY. The World Health Organization claims that same-sex couples, single men or women, and couples seeking surrogate mothers are all deemed to be infertile and all are deserving of equal access to “reproductive medicine.” Read more here.


ITALY JOINS HUNGARY AS EUROPEAN LEADER IN PRO-LIFE, PRO-FAMILY POLICIES. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s government approved a new budget setting aside funds to support mothers and families in an effort to boost the national birthrate. Read more here.


PEDOPHILES DEBATE ‘BENEFITS’ OF PUBERTY-HALTING DRUGS ON ‘BOY LOVE’ FORUM. BoyChat, which has been in operation since 1995, was founded by a self-described “boy lover” and operates as a network for men to connect and discuss their pedophilic interest in boys as well as strategies for promoting the normalization of pedophilia. Read more here.


IOWA GOV. REBUTS ‘BOOK BAN’ CLAIM: ‘NASTY, PORNOGRAPHIC MATERIALS SHOULD NEVER BE IN A CLASSROOM.’ Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds is strongly pushing back against media claims of book banning, but Senate File 496 actually prohibits books containing written and visual depictions of sex acts from appearing in school libraries. Read more here.


UK ADOPTS LAW FORCING BIG TECH TO REIN IN CHILD PORNOGRAPHY AND DEEPFAKES. The UK’s Online Safety Bill has become law, requiring tech companies to meet new obligations involving how they design, operate and moderate content and access to pornography. Read more here.


WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOUNG PEOPLE GROW UP WITH PORN? A report published by the French Senate shows that 80 percent of minors under 18 have seen pornographic images, and porn has the potential to leave lasting negative marks on the lives of those who watch it. Read more here.


UNIVERSITY OF OKLAHOMA HOSTED TWO DRAG QUEEN PERFORMANCES. The state’s flagship educational institution used public funds collected from student fees to pay two drag queen performers, Kornbread and Yvie Oddly, who appeared in the annual “Crimson & Queens” drag show. Read more here.


BIDEN ADMIN WANTS EXPLICIT BOOKS TO STAY IN SCHOOL LIBRARIES. What’s been labeled an epidemic of “book banning” is actually an epidemic of sexually explicit materials getting into American school libraries, witnesses at a U.S. House of Representatives hearing said. Read more here.


RESTRICTIONS ON PORNOGRAPHY ARE PROGRESSING IN FRANCE. Two child protection associations demanding the blocking of pornographic websites that do not require age verification of their users have gained a favorable ruling in the Court of Cassation. Read more here.


X FINED BY AUSTRALIAN SAFETY WATCHDOG FOR LACK OF TRANSPARENCY OVER TACKLING CHILD ABUSE CONTENT. Australia’s eSafety Commission, whcih describes itself as the world’s first government agency dedicated to keeping people safe online, fined X — the social media platform formerly known as Twitter — for failing to fully explain how it tackled child sexual exploitation content. Read more here.


PROFESSOR ENCOURAGES ‘MASS MOVEMENT’ FOR KIDS’ RIGHT TO SEX WORK. Jules Gill-Peterson, a male associate professor at Johns Hopkins University and a scholar of “transgender history” who identifies as female, appeared to advise a self-described sex work activist to create a “mass movement” to promote the idea of children in the sex industry. Read more here.


‘OPEN SEX MARKETS 24 HOURS A DAY’: IN WAKE OF DEM-BACKED LAW, PROSTITUTION SPREADS IN CALIFORNIA. Californians are complaining about barely clothed prostitutes roaming the streets in broad daylight since an ACLU-backed state Senate bill decriminalized “loitering with intent to commit prostitution.” Read more here.


MEMBERS OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT: PROSTITUTION SHOULD NOT BE LEGAL. European Union lawmakers adopted a report that urges member states to reduce the demand for prostitution, but to decriminalize prostitutes themselves. Read more here.


HOLY SEE TO UN: PROTECTING CHILDRENS’ RIGHTS IMPLIES PROMOTING WELL-BEING OF FAMILIES. Addressing the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly on the topic of the promotion and protection of the rights of children, Monsignor Robert Murphy said a society that promotes the protection of the child promotes the well-being of the family, which is “the natural and fundamental group unit of society.” Read more here.


KENYA’S CABINET ADOPTS NATIONAL POLICY ON PROMOTION OF FAMILY VALUES. Seeking to empower families to participate in the socio-economic development of the country, Kenya’s government has approved the National Policy on Family Promotion and Protection that aims to promote inter-generational transfer of societal knowledge, norms and taboos. Read more here.


LEADER OF 5TH-LARGEST SCHOOL DISTRICT IN U.S. SIGNS PLEDGE FROM GROUP DEMONIZING MOMS FOR LIBERTY. Jesus Jara, superintendent for Clark County School District in Nevada, signed the left-leaning group Defense of Democracy’s pledge to put “education professionals” ahead of parents when it comes to class materials. Read more here.


ALA PUSHED ‘BANNED BOOKS’ DISPLAYS OFFERING SEXUAL MATERIAL TO STUDENTS. The American Library Association is encouraging public schools to intentionally entice students toward books with pornographic material as part of “banned books” displays. Read more here.


MISSISSIPPPI UNVEILS MAMA WEBSITE TO HELP MOTHERS AND FAMILIES: ‘YOU ARE NOT ALONE.’ Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch introduced the launch of a new website that will help connect pregnant women and families to resources available to them within the state – through the Mississippi Access to Maternal Assistance (MAMA) website. Read more here.


EXPERTS WARN ABOUT SEVERE DEMOGRAPHIC CRISIS IN SPAIN. Maria Menedez de Zubillaga, president of the Association of Large Families of Madrid, complained about Spain’s lack of commitment to battle the nation’s severe demographic crisis. Read more here.


FRENCH MOVE CHILDREN TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PRIORITY LIST. The birth rate in France has declined since 2011, reaching its lowest level this year, and the fertility rate is also falling across the country. Read more here.


UK: ACTIVIST MAYOR RESIGNS AFTER PHOTOS SURFACE SHOWING HIM SOCIALIZING WITH PEDOPHILE EX-COUNCILOR. The mayor of Hackney, London, was suspended by the Labour Party and subsequently resigned following the emergence of photos showing him socializing with a pedophile ex-town councilor, Philip Glanville, a strong proponent of gender ideology policies. Read more here.


ITALIAN MPS WANT STATE MEDIA TO PROMOTE TRADITIONAL FAMILY. A proposal to promote the natural family is being pushed by multiple Forza Italia MPs in changes to Radiotelevisione Italiana’s code of governance, with additional amendments to strengthen the “motherhood” of women. Read more here.


40,000+ CANADIANS SIGN PETITION SUPPORTING SASKATCHEWAN’S DEFENSE OF PARENTAL RIGHTS. Rebel News reporter Sheila Gunn Reid delivered a “Stop Classroom Grooming” petition signed by over 40,000 Canadians to Saskatchewan Education Minister Jeremy Cockrill to acknowledge the province’s work in combating LGBT propaganda in the classroom. Read more here.


JUDGE RULES TEXAS LAW SHIELDING MINORS FROM ‘SEXUALLY ORIENTED’ PERFORMANCES VIOLATES FIRST AMENDMENT. Judge David Hittner of the Southern District of Texas ruled a new state law violates the First Amendment and chills free speech. Read more here.


UN OFFICIAL CALLS FOR SILENCING OF SOCIAL CONSERVATIVES. The UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Expression has released a report recommending governments and social media companies silence those who express traditional views of marriage, abortion, sexuality and gender identity. Read more here.


UN BUREAUCRATS PICK FIGHT WITH EU PARLIAMENT ON PROSTITUTION. The UN human rights office called for the “full decriminalization of sex work” just days after the European Parliament surprised the sexual left with a scathing resolution against prostitution. Read more here.


DESIRE FOR LARGE FAMILIES HITS 50-YEAR HIGH IN AMERICA: GALLUP. A growing number of people in America prefer families of three or more children, hitting the highest desire for large families since 1971. Read more here.


BIDEN HEALTH DEPT MOVES TO ERASE ‘FATHER’ AND ‘MOTHER’ FROM CHILDCARE LAW. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is proposing a policy that would eliminate the words “mother,” “father,” “paternity,” “his” and “her” from childcare-related laws. Read more here.


PRO-PROSTITUTION PICTURE BOOK OFFERED TO CHILDREN BY GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS IN GERMANY. The city of Berlin has prompted outrage from residents after offering a graphic e-book, titled “Rosie Needs Money,” promoting prostitution to children ages 6-12, via its official website. Read more here.


EDUCATION SECRETARY SAYS HE DOESN’T ‘RESPECT’ PARENTS THINKING ‘THEY KNOW WHAT’S RIGHT FOR KIDS.’ Parents are increasingly expressing concerns regarding their children’s education and attending school board meetings to voice their opinions, but U.S. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona spoke out against parents “misbehaving in public and then acting as if they know what’s right for kids.” Read more here.


HANDS-ON FATHERING PRODUCES LONG-TERM BENEFITS, SAYS STUDY. A father’s active involvement in his children’s lives underpins their later ability to self-regulate and problem-solve, according to a vast new study, led by Tsuguhiko Kato and published in the journal Pediatric Research. Read more here.


SOROS-BACKED ORGANIZATION ENLISTS HOLLYWOOD CELEBRITIES TO ADVOCATE FOR SEXUALLY INAPPROPRIATE MATERIAL IN SCHOOLS. An organization backed by billionaire George Soros, has recruited Hollywood celebrities to make the case for keeping inappropriate books for children on library shelves. Read more here.


POLICE SCOTLAND SET UP NEW UNIT TO TACKLE ‘HATE CRIMES’ SUCH AS MISGENDERING AND DENYING MEN ACCESS TO LADIES’ TOILETS. Police Scotland is setting up a dedicated hate crime unit in preparation for the Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act being implemented in early 2024. The legislation extends protection for vulnerable groups with a new offence of “stirring up hatred.” Read more here.


BELGIANS PROTEST AGAINST SEXUAL EDUCATION PROGRAM. The introduction of mandatory sex education lessons for young students in schools has been met by protests by Islamic, Catholic and non-religious groups who claim the curriculum pushes “a sexuality that is incompatible with their personal development.” Read more here.


‘HITOPS’ NONPROFIT SNEAKS SEXUAL AND LGBTQ+ CURRICULUM INTO SCHOOLS, ADMITS GOAL TO STRIP PARENTS OF OPT-OUT RIGHTS. During conversations with an undercover Project Veritas journalist, employees of HiTOPS, a youth-focused LGBTQ+ and sexual education nonprofit, revealed covert tactics to introduce sexually oriented curriculum into schools through backdoor channels without parental consent. Read more here.


BUDAPEST DEMOGRAPHIC SUMMIT KICKS OFF WITH PRESIDENT NOVÁK, JORDAN B. PETERSON AND PM MERLONI. During the biannual Demographic Summit in Budapest, Hungary’s President Katalin Novák presented “the 12 points of the freedom fight of families,” and Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni stated that family matters and increasing low birth rates lie at the heart of the program of her government. Read more here.


NEW YORK TIMES COLUMNIST ADMITS ‘BREAKDOWN OF THE FAMILY’ IS LIBERALS’ MAJOR ‘BLIND SPOT.’ The New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof admitted in a column that some people on the left have ignored how the breakdown of the family has greatly contributed to the wealth inequality and child poverty they fight to fix. Read more here.


STUDY FINDS MANY COLLEGES ‘FAILING’ PREGNANT AND PARENTING STUDENTS. “Most college campuses aren’t getting a passing grade on support for pregnant and parenting students, according to the Demetree Institute for Pro-Life Advancement’s recent case study finding that the examined schools had only a 50-percent average for life-affirming accommodations, getting a clear ‘F’ in supporting families,” Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins said. Read more here.


WILL UN MEMBER STATES ALLOW ‘TRANSMISSION’ OF CHILD P*RN? While UN member states began negotiating an international convention to combat cybercrime, some Western countries are promoting a new standard for child pornography that may leave children unprotected from sexual exploitation. Read more here.


MOTHER TESTIFIES PARENTS ARE BEING FORCED TO FILE COSTLY PUBLIC RECORDS REQUESTS TO SEE THEIR CHILD’S CURRICULUM. Parents’ rights activist Nicole Neily testified to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee that school districts are forcing parents to file costly public records requests in order to examine their child’s curriculum. Read more here.


BLOCKED BY GENDER IDEOLOGUES IN SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA LAWMAKER TAKES BATTLE FOR PARENTAL RIGHTS LOCAL. Blocked by united Democratic opposition in Sacramento, California, assemblyman Bill Essayli took his battle to protect parental rights to the local level where he hopes common sense will prevail over partisanship. Read more here.


CALIFORNIA ASSEMBLY PASSES CHILD TRAFFICKING BILL, NOW GOES BACK TO SENATE. California has a significant problem with human trafficking, and SB 14, which would classify it as a serious felony, barely made it out of the Assembly Public Safety Committee. Read more here.


VA GOV. PARDONS LOUDOUN COUNTY FATHER OF SEXUALLY ABUSED STUDENT. Virginia’s Gov. Glenn Youngkin pardoned Scott Smith, a parent arrested during a school board meeting, while complaining about his daughter’s rape in the girls’ restroom at school by a boy who identifies as a girl. Read more here.


ATTORNEYS GENERAL FROM ALL 50 STATES UNITE TO COMBAT AI-GENERATED CHILD PORNOGRAPHY. The letter emphasizes challenges posed by AI technologies, particularly open-source image synthesis tools, in creating child sexual abuse material. Read more here.


PARENTS UPSET AS NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS GET ‘SEX PACKETS’ ON MOVE-IN DAY. Students were given a welcome packet that included condoms, lubricant and information on things like group sex and one-night stands. Read more here.


SCHOOL DISTRICT OFFERS BOOKS PROMOTING PORN, GAY SEX APPS. The Kenosha, Wisconsin Unified Public School District library reportedly offers books that feature guides about how to view pornography online and engage in gay intercourse. Read more here.


PORNHUB EMAILS REVEAL HORRIFIC POLICIES ON REVIEWING VIDEOS FLAGGED FOR CRIMINAL CONTENT. Internal emails from internet porn giant Pornhub — and parent company MindGeek — revealed that its executive team discussed the company’s shockingly weak policy on reviewing questionable videos, which was to only review a video if it had more than 15 flags for criminal content. Read more here.


PORN SITE FACES SUIT FROM SEXUAL ASSAULT VICTIMS WHILE COURT HALTS AGE VERIFICATION LAW IN ANOTHER CASE. Pornhub, one of the world’s largest porn monopolies, is facing a class-action lawsuit by victims of sexual abuse whose assaults were featured on the site for the pleasure of viewers. Read more here.


DRAG QUEEN SCHOOL PRINCIPAL UNDER FIRE AFTER PARENTS LEARN OF HIS PAST CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE MATERIAL CHARGE. Parents are threatening to pull their children out of the Western Heights Public School District in Oklahoma after learning the principal was previously charged with the possession of child sexual abuse materials. Read more here.


CONVICTED MURDERER SUES, WANTS STATE TO PAY FOR GENDER ‘TRANSITION’ SURGERY. The man who is serving a 55-year prison term for murdering an infant is arguing that the government should cover “gender affirming” surgical and medical needs. Read more here.


IN JAPAN, A THIRD OF TODAY’S 18-YEAR-OLD WOMEN MAY NOT HAVE CHILDREN. About a third of 18-year-old women in Japan may never have children, a government institute said in the latest data spelling an uphill battle to reverse a dwindling population in the world’s third-largest economy. Read more here.


PORNHUB VICTORY: TEXAS JUDGE RULES LAW PROTECTING KIDS FROM ADULT SITES IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Judge David Alan Ezra granted a preliminary injunction temporarily blocking enforcement of the law that would have required age verification after the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) joined adult performers and sites like Pornhub in a lawsuit opposing the legislation. Read more here.


GERMAN DAYCARES PROMOTE ‘SEXUAL EXPLORATION ROOMS’ WHERE CHILDREN CAN ENGAGE IN SEXUAL GAMES. Several daycare centers in Germany are reportedly considering or have already implemented “sexual exploration rooms” where children can engage in sexual games and discover what they find pleasurable. Read more here.


CHINESE AUTHORITIES SEND MESSAGE TO RESIDENTS ENCOURAGING ‘SWEET LOVE’ AND ‘GOOD FERTILITY’ TO COMBAT LOW BIRTH RATE. Chinese authorities are increasingly concerned about the country’s low fertility rates and aging population, prompting leaders in the town of Xian to text a message to residents encouraging “sweet love, marriage and childbirth.” Read more here.


CHILD ABUSE IS OFTEN PRECEDED BY PORN CONSUMPTON. A study by the Dutch organization Stop it Now and the National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings and Sexual Violence against Children found that psychological problems and watching extreme pornography often precede actual child abuse. Read more here.


MISSOURI PARENTS RAISE CONCERNS ABOUT INAPPROPRIATE BOOKS IN SCHOOLS. A group of concerned citizens in the Kansas City, Missouri area is accusing a local school district of misleading them about the presence of what they say are sexually explicit books in school libraries and keeping them in the dark about the process it undertakes to review such materials. Read more here.


IN SAN FRANCISCO, TEACHERS ACCUSED OF GROPING AND GROOMING STUDENTS ARE ALLOWED TO RESIGN. Teachers who engaged in inappropriate behavior with students were allowed to resign rather than being terminated. Read more here.


FBI NATIONWIDE SEX TRAFFICKING ENFORCEMENT CAMPAIGN IDENTIFIES 200 VICTIMS, OVER 50 WERE MINORS. Operation Cross Country was a two-week campaign carried out by the FBI in partnership with law enforcement agencies and organizations like the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Read more here.


CALIFORNIA COLLEGES DEFEND DIVERSITY MANDATES, FAIRNESS OF INVESTIGATIONS AGAINST FACULTY LAWSUITS. The California Community Colleges system is facing a slew of summer litigation by tenured professors and a civil liberties group for allegedly eroding academic freedom through new diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility mandates. Read more here.


PROPOSAL TO LEGALIZE PORNOGRAPHY IN UKRAINE. Pornography is strictly forbidden and regulated in Ukraine, but the parliament is working on a legal draft to decriminalize it. Read more here.


MEDICAL FREEDOM GROUP WARNS SCHOOL-BASED HEALTH CENTERS ARE THREATENING PARENTAL RIGHTS. The Stand for Health Freedom nonprofit is warning the parents of school-age children that the scope of health services in schools goes well beyond its proper role by offering reproductive counseling, mental health counseling and behavioral services. Read more here.


‘SMEAR PARENTS’: ALARM SOUNDED AS CA BILL TARGETING MOMS AND DADS GAINS STEAM. Senate Bill 596 appears set to become law in California, and it will make it a misdemeanor for “any parent, guardian or other person” to disrupt classwork, extracurricular activities or cause any “substantial disorder” at any public or charter school board meeting or state board of education meeting. Read more here.


TX SCHOOL BOARD TARGETS CONSERVATIVE MEMBER FOR OPPOSING ‘SEXUALIZATION OF CHILDREN.’ McKinney Independent School District board members previously censured trustee Chad Green for siding with parents and participating in a rally calling for the removal of obscene books from McKinney ISD libraries. Read more here.


‘VILE’: SCHOOL BOARD PRESIDENT DEFENDS PARENTAL RIGHTS, DECRIES GOVT ‘BULLIES’ AFTER DEATH THREATS. Sonja Shaw, president of the Chino Valley Unified School District Board of Education, in California said she has received a slew of threats after she and other board members opted to defend parental notification rights. Read more here.


SECOND CALIFORNIA SCHOOL DISTRICT ADOPTS PARENTAL NOTIFICATION POLICY FOR ‘GENDERS.’ In a highly contested public meeting, the Murrieta Valley Unified School District board voted 3-2 to adopt a new parental notification policy that requires parents to be notified in writing within three days if a student is involved in violence, talks about suicide, or requests to participate in programs or use school facilities that are for a gender different from what is on their birth certificate. Read more here.


TIM TEBOW RAISING FUNDS TO COMBAT TRAFFICKING – HIS MINISTRY HAS ALREADY RESCUED 2,000 VICTIMS. Tebow’s nonprofit has brought more than 500 traffickers to justice in the last 10 years, and it is making plans to step up its efforts. Read more here.


RILEY GAINES LAUNCHES CENTER TO PROTECT WOMEN’S SPORTS. Former University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines has launched The Riley Gaines Center at the Leadership Institute in order to help facilitate free speech and defend female identity. Read more here.


VIRGINIA LIBRARY DIRECTOR RESIGNS AFTER PARENTS CALLED FOR DEFUNDING OVER ‘PORNOGRAPHIC’ CHILDREN’S BOOKS. Michelle Ross resigned as director of the Samuels Library in Front Royal after parents petitioned for her removal over pornographic books displayed on the library shelves. Read more here.


ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE OPENING DOOR FOR PREDATORS TO SEXUALLY ABUSE CHILDREN, EXPERTS WARN. The United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency warned that artificial intelligence has made it easier for predators to sexually abuse children and harder for law enforcement agencies to hold these bad actors accountable, according to a recent report. Read more here.


JUDGE ROASTS TEACHERS UNION HYSTERICS OVER FLORIDA CURRICULUM TRANSPARENCY. While Vice President Kamala Harris and teachers’ union boss Randi Weingarten unsuccessfully sought to smear the state’s new social studies standards, an administrative law judge ruled their criticism of an online curriculum transparency law is little more than hot air and hysteria. Read more here.


NEW BRUNSWICK PREMIER BLAINE HIGGS AVOIDS LEADERSHIP REVIEW FROM HIS PARTY OVER PARENTAL RIGHTS REFORM. New Brunswick Progressive Conservatives failed to trigger a leadership review of Premier Blaine Higgs over his decision to add parental protections to its gender Identity policy for public schools. Read more here.


CANADIAN PROFESSOR SAYS SHOWING ADULT GENITALIA TO ‘LITTLE CHILDREN’ IS AN ‘EXCELLENT PARENTING IDEA.’ An associate professor at the University of British Columbia has suggested that parents expose their children to male and female sex organs to prepare them for potential encounters with gender-confused men in female spaces and vice versa. Read more here.


CANADA CONSERVATIVE PARTY LEADER PIERRE POILIEVRE BLASTS DIVERSITY, EQUITY AND INCLUSION ‘GARBAGE.’ During a recent encounter with voters, the leader of Canada’s Conservative Party, Pierre Poilievre, declared he would reject all involvement with certain liberal ideologies, describing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) as “garbage.” Read more here.


ALBERTA’S DANIELLE SMITH MUST RECOGNIZE THE ABORTION INDUSTRY IS COMPLICITY IN SEX TRAFFICKING. Abortion providers have been left unaccountable in the trafficking, exploitation and abuse of Alberta’s women and girls, but Premier Danielle Smith announced a $4-million investment to tackle the scourge of human trafficking in the province. Read more here.


REPORT FINDS ONE IN THREE HUMAN TRAFFICKING VICTIMS IN ITALY ARE CHILDREN. A report from Save the Children found that one out of every three victims of human trafficking in Italy is a child, with many being forced into the fields for grueling farm work and others being sold into sexual slavery. Read more here.


GENDER, SEXUAL ORIENTATION AND ETHNIC IDENTITY: AUSTRALIANS COULD BE ASKED NEW QUESTIONS IN THE 2026 CENSUS. The Australian Bureau of Statistics is exploring whether and how to ask questions on gender, sexual orientation and variations of sex characteristics. Read more here.


STANFORD STUDY: LEFTIST TWITTER ALTERNATIVE MASTODON HAS A MAJOR CHILD PORNOGRAPHY PROBLEM. The study found the social network Mastodon has an alarmingly high frequency of child sexual abuse material and harbors a significant amount of child pornography, raising concerns about its moderation policies. Read more here.


EUROPE MUST PREPARE FOR A NEW DEMOGRAPHIC REALITY. National birth rates are shrinking, and aging populations will require more health care, putting more pressure on the working population. Read more here.


TEACHERS’ UNION BOSS JOINS ‘BANNED BOOK’ TOUR GIVING AWAY FREE GRAPHIC PORN TO KIDS. The president of the American Federation of Teachers, Randi Weingarten, delivered a fiery speech against book bans. Read more here.


GREAT AMERICAN FAMILY CHANNEL SOARS TO SUCCESS AS FASTEST-GROWING NETWORK. With a mission to make GAC Media the “leader in family television,” Great American Family finished the second quarter as TV’s fastest-growing network among women 25-54, households and total viewers. Read more here.


SHOCKING REPORT FROM JAPAN REVEALS INVOLUNTARY STERILIZATION OF TENS OF THOUSANDS. A new parliamentary report revealed that approximately 25,000 people were sterilized under the country’s former eugenics laws, the majority of whom did not consent. Some of the victims were children. Read more here.


UK STUDENTS REPORTEDLY ALLOWED TO ‘IDENTIFY AS HORSES, DINOSAURS AND CATS’ AND ‘COMMUNICATE WITH ANIMAL NOISES.’ An investigation by The Telegraph found evidence of neogender behaviors at schools, including students referring to themselves as “catself.” Read more here.


KATHY HOCHUL LAUNCHES NY HEALTH CARE PROGRAM FOR SEX WORKERS. The New York governor is supporting the “world’s oldest profession” by launching a free health care program for sex workers—a move slammed by critics as encouraging a campaign to decriminalize prostitution. Read more here.


SLOVAKIANS MARCH FOR THE FAMILY. As parents held a march against the cultural-sexual revolution, a spokesman named Anton Chromik stated, “The threats that we are experiencing and that are escalating are directed mainly at children.” Read more here.


TIM BALLARD, INSPIRATION BEHIND ‘SOUND OF FREEDOM,’ LAUNCHES NEW ANTI-CHILD TRAFFICKING INITIATIVE. Ballard is starting a new foundation called the Spear Fund, which has been described as coalition of anti-trafficking groups that will help coordinate efforts. Read more here.


CALIFORNIA ASSEMBLYMAN SPEAKS OUT AMID OUTRAGE OVER CHILD SEX TRAFFICKER LAW. Assemblyman Tom Lackey told CBN’s Faithwire how the Assembly Public Safety Committee initially refused to pass Senate Bill 14—a measure classifying child sex trafficking as a serious felony—before holding an emergency meeting and advancing the measure. Read more here.


ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE COULD HELP ‘NORMALIZE’ CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE AS GRAPHIC IMAGES ERUPT ONLINE. Artificial intelligence is opening the door to a disturbing trend of people creating realistic images of children in sexual settings, which could increase the number of cases of sex crimes against kids in real life, experts warn. Read more here.


BARACK OBAMA DEFENDS CHILDREN’S LGBTQ BOOKS, AS STATES BAN THEM FROM SCHOOLS. The former president wrote in opposition to states prohibiting books promoting gender ideology sexual orientation and preventing teachers from instructing grade-school children on those topics. Read more here.


CASTER SEMENYA WINS EUROPEAN COURT OF HUMAN RIGHTS APPEAL OVER ‘DISCRIMINATORY’ TESTOSTERONE LIMIT. Semenya, a female with naturally high levels of testosterone and a two-time Olympic champion in the 800-meter run, has been fighting for four years against rules regulating levels of the hormone in female athletes. Read more here.


TEACHERS UNION PRESIDENT RANTS ONSTAGE, CALLING STUDENTS ‘OUR BABIES.’ During the National Education Association’s annual assembly, the woke organization promoted “sex change procedures” for children, who keynote speaker Becky Pringle called “our babies.” Read more here.


ROMANIA TIGHTENS LAW ON SEXUAL CONSENT. The age at which minors can give sexual consent was changed from 14 to 16, and the rape of underage teens can draw 7-12 years of imprisonment. Read more here.


U.S. DOJ REMOVED ‘INTERNATIONAL SEX TRAFFICKING OF MINORS’ FROM WEBSITE. The U.S. Department of Justice erased content from its webpage on child sex trafficking that highlighted the plight of “international sex trafficking of minors,” amid scrutiny of President Joe Biden’s continued incitement of mass migration via America’s porous southern border – a prime avenue for child sex trafficking. Read more here.


ONTARIO UNIVERSITY TO RUN ‘HATE ACTIVITY IN SCHOOL BOARDS’ PROGRAM AMID RISE IN PARENTAL RIGHTS PROTESTS. Ontario school trustees, directors and senior school board leaders are being offered a program on “hate activity” as students and parents stand up against LGBT indoctrination in schools. Read more here.


NEW ‘PORN-IN-SCHOOLS TOOLKIT’ OFFERS HELP FOR PARENTS. California public schools are teaching children about high-risk sexual activities, transgender and non-conforming behavior, and the Capitol Resource Institute has created a BookCheck toolkit to help parents navigate the process of removing obscene, sexually graphic and pornographic materials from their children’s schools. Read more here.