Past Newswire Headlines


DISNEY REPORT SUGGESTS WADING INTO CULTURE WAR PRESENTS ‘RISKS TO OUR REPUTATION.’ Walt Disney Company suggested during a recent Securities and Exchange Commission report that its controversial stances on social issues could endanger its bottom line by causing “risks relating to misalignment with public and consumer tastes.” Read more here.


MIT PRESSES STUDENTS AND FACULTY TO TAKE RADICAL ‘LGBTQ+ 101’ TRAINING. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is forcing students and faculty to take a training course titled “LGBTQ+ 101” that pushes radical claims like it’s an “act of violence” to use the birth name of an individual who identifies as transgender. Read more here.


CHRISTIAN SCHOOL BATTLES ‘GENDER IDENTITY’ LAW THAT FORCES HIRING OF LGBT TEACHERS, OTHER FAITHS OFFER CRITICAL SUPPORT. Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish of Grand Rapids, Michigan is gaining support from Alliance Defending Freedom, as well as groups representing Jews and Muslims in its effort to avoid being forced to hire employees who do not live out the beliefs of the Catholic church. Read more here.


GHANA BISHOPS THANK THEIR PARLIAMENT FOR ADVANCING PRO-FAMILY BILL AGAINST LGBT AGENDA. The Ghana Catholic Bishops Conference (GCBC) has issued a statement praising politicians for advancing the Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill 2021 from the preliminary stage to “consideration,” pushing it one step closer to becoming law. Read more here.


‘GAY IS SLAY’: SEATTLE MIDDLE SCHOOLERS FORCED TO SEND HATE MAIL TO MOMS FOR LIBERTY. Parental rights group Moms for Liberty received a package that contained cards and letters that students from a Seattle Middle school allegedly made in class, claiming that the organization was “bullying” LGBTQ youth. Read more here.


RUSSIAN MINISTRY SEEKS TO BAN ‘INTERNATIONAL LGBT MOVEMENT’ AS EXTREMIST. Russia’s justice ministry has filed a motion with the country’s Supreme Court to label what it called the “international LGBT public movement” as extremist and to ban its operation within Russia. Read more here.


TRADITIONAL COUNTRIES REJECT BIDEN PUSH FOR LGBT AT UN. Egypt, Indonesia and Uganda are among the nations opposing a U.S. attempt to impose homosexual and transgender policies in a UN resolution, accusing the Biden administration of being “divisive” and “confrontational” while ignoring their views. Read more here.


TARGET STORES PROMOTES GAYCRUELLA TO LGBTQIA SEGMENTATION STRATEGIST AMID ABYSMAL SALES FROM PRIDE BACKLASH. Target is doubling down on its promotion of radical gender theory, as the company reportedly selected a man named Erik “Gaycruella” Thompson to lead the effort. Read more here.


UGANDA KICKED OUT OF AFRICA GROWTH AND OPPORTUNITIES ACT OVER LGBT LAW. The Biden Administration has suspended Uganda, Niger, Gabon and the Central African Republic from trading with it under the terms of the AGOA. Read more here.


BOWDOIN COLLEGE HOSTS PRIDE PROM TO COMBAT ‘GENDERED, HETERONORMATIVE’ HIGH SCHOOL TRADITION. Bowdoin College hosted its first Pride Prom, welcoming students to dance with a drag queen and dress in “whatever makes your queer (and ally) selves happy.” Read more here.


19 DEMOCRAT STATE ATTYS. GENERAL OPPOSE OPT-OUT FROM LGBT BOOKS. In a brief submitted to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, 19 Democrat attorneys general urged the federal court to uphold a decision from the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland rejecting the request of religious parents who reside in the Montgomery County School District to have the ability to opt out of lessons using LGBT-related books. Read more here.


GEN Z’S SUPPORT FOR SAME-SEX MARRIAGE IN U.S. HAS DROPPED DRAMATICALLY: POLL. Support for same-sex marriage among Generation Z has fallen 11 percent since 2021, from 80 to 69 percent, according to a poll from the Survey Center on American Life. Read more here.




Diocese of Basel if the bishop does not meet their demand to move away from the “anti-life and homophobic sexual morals” of the Church. Read more here.


CONTROVERSIAL EU PROPOSAL ON PARENTHOOD COMES CLOSER. By 14 votes to 4, the European Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee agreed to recognize same-sex parenthood acknowledged by one member state everywhere in the European Union. Read more here.


HUNGARY SACKS MUSEUM CHIEF FOR NOT ENFORCING LGBT BAN ON UNDER-18’S AT EXHIBITION. Hungary’s government dismissed the director of the National Museum after it allowed children under the age of 18 to visit a World Press Photo exhibition featuring LGBT content that it is hosting despite a legal ban. Read more here.


LGBT ISSUES GALVANIZE DEMOCRATS’ PUSH FOR SCHOOL BOARD CONTROL. Sexually explicit pamphlets, mysterious lawn signs with barbed slogans and accusations of lying have punctuated a partisan school board race in the Philadelphia suburb of Plumstead Township. Read more here.


OPPOSITION TO SODOMY IS COLONIALISM, SAYS UN EXPERT. Traditional man-woman marriage, sodomy laws and social norms about gender are Western colonial impositions according to a UN human rights report. Read more here.


TAOISEACH DISCUSSES LGBT RIGHTS WITH SOUTH KOREA PRESIDENT. Ireland’s Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and South Korea President Yoon Suk Yeol discussed gender equality and LGBT rights during a meeting in Seoul, where Korea’s constitutional court recently upheld a law banning same-sex relations in the military. Read more here.


NAMIBIA: HIGH COURT HEARS BID TO OVERTURN HOMOSEXUAL SEX BAN. In a landmark case, the High Court of Namibia has heard arguments of Friedel Dausab, a homosexual man seeking the overturn of the law criminalizing same-sex behavior. Read more here.


LOS ANGELES COUNTY TELLS SOCIAL WORKERS THERE IS ‘NO RIGHT OR WRONG AGE TO ASK A CHILD ABOUT THEIR SEXUAL ORIENTATION.’ A spokesperson for the county Department of Children and Family Services confirmed the policy, which requires social workers to engage in “conversations about sexual orientation, gender identity and expression” without adherence to any specific age limit. Read more here.


CALIFORNIA TAXPAYERS PAYING TO FUND LGBTQ GROUP FIGHTING PARENTAL NOTIFICATION. A judge temporarily sided with the state and granted a preliminary injunction against the parent-notification policy of Temecula Valley Unified School District until he makes a final decision. Read more here.


SWITZERLAND LIFTS EXTRA RESTRICTIONS AGAINST GAY MEN GIVING BLOOD. Switzerland amended blood donation criteria for men who have sexual relations with other men, making ineligibility criteria the same for homosexuals and heterosexuals. Read more here.


HUNGARY BANS TEENAGERS FROM WORLD PRESS PHOTO EXHIBIT, CITING LGBT CONTENT. Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s nationalist government in 2021 banned the “display and promotion of homosexuality” in books and films accessible by under-18s and is now banning teens from visiting the World Press Photo exhibition featuring LBGT images. Read more here.


SOUTH KOREA COURT UPHOLDS BAN ON HOMOSEXUAL SEX IN THE MILITARY. The court said same-sex relationships could harm troops’ combat-readiness and undermine discipline. Read more here.


LGBT-IDENTIFIED SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS BUSTED IN TENNESSEE PROSTITUTION STING. Two substitute elementary school teachers in a Tennessee school district who openly identify as LGBT activists were cited by Chattanooga police for prostitution earlier this year. Read more here.


DESANTIS WANTS SUPREME COURT TO UNDO FEDERAL COURT’S PAUSE ON PUBLIC DRAG BAN. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis wants the Supreme Court to unfreeze a law that penalizes businesses and venues if they permit minors to witness “lewd” events such as adult drag shows. Read more here.


UK: GIRL SUSPENDED FROM SCHOOL AFTER REFUSING TO USE UNISEX FACILITIES, CALLING PARENTS FOR HELP. A teen girl was suspended from her school in Gosport, United Kingdom, following her refusal to use a gender-neutral bathroom, and she was given the option of either using the unisex facility or not being allowed to go to the bathroom at all. Read more here.


VICTORIAN COUNCILLOR SUSAN BISSINGER FORCED TO UNDERGO ‘PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT TRAINING’ FOLLOWING DISPUTE OVER PRIDE FLAG. The Mornington Peninsula councillor claimed she was forced to undertake a personal development course after expressing opposition to a permanent pride flag outside the council offices. Read more here.


LGBT, FEMALE VETS REPORT MORE MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES THAN OTHER GROUPS, STUDY FINDS. The study found that 6.9 percent of veterans met criteria for serious psychological distress in the past year, which was significantly higher among female, gay/lesbian, bisexual, and post-9/11 veterans. Read more here.


HONG KONG COURT UPHOLDS A RULING IN FAVOR OF EQUAL INHERITANCE RIGHTS FOR SAME-SEX COUPLES. The decision by the Court of Appeal rejected the government’s motion against the ruling that said the differential treatment facing same-sex married couples under two inheritance laws in the city constitutes unlawful discrimination. Read more here.


COLORADO CAN’T BAR CHRISTIAN SCHOOL FROM PRESCHOOL PROGRAM OVER LGBTQ STANCE, JUDGE SAYS. A federal judge has blocked Colorado from excluding a Christian private school from its taxpayer-funded universal preschool program due to the school’s requirements that employees share its faith and that students use bathrooms and pronouns corresponding to their biological sex. Read more here.


NIGERIAN REPS ADVOCATE OUTRIGHT BAN OF EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS ON LGBT NATIONWIDE. The House of Representatives called on Federal and Subnational Governments to ensure a complete ban of all educational materials relating to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender ideology across the country. Read more here.


BIDEN ADMIN’S TOBACCO SURVEY ASKS KIDS ABOUT THEIR GENDER IDENTITY, SEXUAL ORIENTATION. Using the Centers for Disease Control’s Prevention Office survey on smoking and health, the Biden Administration is asking middle and high school students to disclose their sexual orientation and whether or not they are questioning their gender identity. Read more here.


GROWING NUMBER OF JAPANESE MUNICIPALTIES BAN OUTING LGBT INDIVIDUALS. More and more Japanese municipalities have introduced ordinances banning the outing, or revealing, of a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity without their consent, researchers and officials said. Read more here.


STAPLES BANS CONSERVATIVE ACTIVIST WHO WARNED PARENTS OF GRAPHIC LGBT BOOKS IN SCHOOL LIBRARIES. Bob Salera, founder of Stop Bucks Extremism in Bucks County, Pennsylvania said his online mailbox was deactivated by Staples after the office supply retailer claimed he violated company policy by sending registered voters two political mailings inside sealed envelopes with an “explicit content” disclaimer that contained graphic images from books he says Democrats are pushing in local school libraries. Read more here.


MORE AND MORE CANADIAN CITIES ARE PASSING LAWS TO CENSOR PROTESTS AGAINST LGBT INDOCTRINATION. Over the past two years, three different Canadian cities have passed pro-LGBT municipal censorship by-laws, with eerily similar wording, and others have made moves to do the same. Read more here.


MALAYSIAN GOVT WON’T DENY LGBT COMMUNITY’S RIGHTS UNDER THE CONSTITUTION, SAYS MINISTER. The government will not deny the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community specific rights stipulated under the Federal Constitution although it is against such lifestyle, the religious affairs minister said. Read more here.


NHL BANS USE OF PRIDE TAPE ON ICE IN UPDATED GUIDANCE FOR THEME NIGHTS. The National Hockey League announced in June that teams would no longer be permitted to wear pride jerseys, and now the league has informed teams that they will also no longer be permitted to use rainbow stick tape. Read more here.


KIDS AS YOUNG AS 5 WILL HAVE WEEK-LONG LGBT INDOCTRINATION, CELEBRATE NATIONAL COMING OUT DAY. Young Children will be subjected to a week of LGBTQ+ propaganda when they are forced to participate in a Los Angeles school district’s celebration of “National Coming Out Day.” Read more here.


TEACHER SACKED BY BRITISH SCHOOL AFTER REFUSING TO TEACH ‘EXTREME’ LGBT LESSONS. Glawdys Leger, a modern foreign languages teacher at a Church of England secondary school, says she was “treated like a dangerous criminal” for refusing to teach “extreme and politically partisan” LGBT lessons which had been incorporated into religious education lessons given to Year 7 and 8 students. Read more here.


MAURITIUS SUPREME COURT DECRIMINALIZES SAME-SEX RELATIONS. The highest court has decriminalized homosexual behavior, saying the ban reflected colonial-era, rather than indigenous values. Read more here.


MARTINA NAVRATILOVA SLAMS LGBT HISTORY MONTH POST FOR FEATURING DRAG QUEEN. Former tennis player Martina Navratilova criticized U.S. Interior Secretary Deb Haaland for including a drag queen in a video celebrating LGBTQ+ Americans’ place in the nation’s history, calling the performer a “pathetic parody of women.” Read more here.


BLOOMINGDALES PARTNERS WITH THE HAWAII LBGT LEGACY FOUNDATION. Bloomingdales is hosting its Beauty Week make-up event and partnering up with the Hawaii LGBT Legacy Foundation to kick off the 2023 Honolulu Pride Week. Read more here.


DISNEY LEADS STUDIOS FOR MOST LGBT CONTENT CREATED IN 2022. Over the last decade, the percentage of LGBTQ-inclusive films grew by 50 percent, and Disney ranked at the top of such “entertainment” in 2022. Read more here.


AS SYPHILIS RISES, LOS ANGELES LGBT CENTER PROMOTES NEW TREATMENTS. In Los Angeles County, syphilis cases have shot up among men and men who identify as women who have sex with men, and medicine to treat it is in short supply. Read more here.


NEW ‘DRAG UNIVERSITY’ PROGRAM AT PRINCETON TO FUND STUDENTS’ BUDDING DRAG CAREERS. A new “Drag University” program launched at Princeton University is being offered through the school’s Gender + Sexuality Resource Center and is open to all undergraduate and graduate students interested in the world of drag. Read more here.


ANTHROPOLOGICAL SOCIETIES BAN DISCUSSION OF BIOLOGICAL SEX TO PROTECT TRANS AND LGBTQI COMMUNITIES. The American Anthropological Association and the Canadian Anthropology Society have canceled the upcoming conference panel, “Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby: Why biological sex remains a necessary analytic category in anthropology,” which they had previously accepted. Read more here.


PROFESSOR MATCHES LGBT ADULTS WITH TEENS FOR ONLINE ‘MENTORING’ WITHOUT PARENTAL CONSENT. University of Nebraska-Lincoln Professor Katie Edwards created a pilot program that secretly matches teens struggling with gender confusion with online mentors, without informing parents. Read more here.


UK: MALE ‘TRANS-AMBASSADOR’ PRESENTED WITH ‘OUTSTANDING FEMALE’ PRIZE AT WOMEN’S AWARDS GALA. Katie Neeves, who formerly identified as the male Martin and who now works for a UK-based charity to provide “diversity training” has been honored with the Outstanding Female LGBTQIA+ Champion 2023 award. Read more here.


NEWSOM SIGNS BILL ALLOWING STATE TO FINE SCHOOLS THAT ‘BAN’ TEXTBOOKS IN CALIFORNIA. California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill into law that prevents school boards from banning books and requires them to provide access to materials “that teach about California’s diverse communities.” Read more here.


COLORS PROMOTING UN GOALS OR LGBTQ RIGHTS? Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan complained that he was uncomfortable with the use of what he described as “LGBT colors” at the United Nations, which was decorated with bright colors in promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals. Read more here.


EXEMPTION TO ANTI-BIAS LAW FOR ‘MINISTERS’ MAY APPLY TO HOMOSEXUAL TEACHER. A three-judge 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel in Richmond, Virginia, heard oral arguments in Charlotte Catholic High School’s bid to dismiss a lawsuit by Lonnie Billard, a former drama teacher and substitute who was terminated in 2014 after announcing that he was marrying his male partner. Read more here.


A STATE-FUNDED IRISH NGO HAS BEEN TRAINING TEACHERS TO LIE TO PARENTS ABOUT THEIR CHILDREN. The state-funded non-governmental organization BeLongTo has produced the handbook “Universal LGBT+” for training teachers and youth workers to lie to parents/guardians about their children. Read more here.


TEXAS LIBERALS PRAY FOR DRAG QUEENS AND ‘DIVINE DIVERSITY.’ A bizarre video reportedly from inside the Cathedral of Hope Protestant Church in Dallas, Texas, showed scores of drag queens watching while the congregation prayed for “divine diversity.” Read more here.


TWO CALIFORNIA SCHOOL DISTRICTS VOTE TO BAN LGBT ‘PRIDE’ FLAGS. The American and California flags are the only flags permitted for display at Sunol Glen and the Temecula Valley school districts where the rainbow “pride” symbol of the LGBT movement will no longer be allowed. Read more here.


4 STATES SEVER TIES WITH THE AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION. From LGBT-themed books on the shelf to the promotion of Marxism, various concerns have arisen at public libraries throughout the country, prompting Montana, Texas, Wyoming and Missouri to sever ties with the American Library Association. Read more here.


FRENCH LGBTI ORGANIZATION CALLS FOR GYNECOLOGIST TO BE CONDEMNED AFTER HE STATED HE ONLY SERVES ‘REAL WOMEN.’ A gynecologist in France turned away a man who claimed he’s a woman, prompting the LGBTI rights organization SOS Homophobie to call on the nation’s minister of equality to intervene in what they call a case of “transphobia.” Read more here.


TURKEY INTRODUCES ‘FAMILY’ COURSE IN SCHOOLS TO ‘FIGHT’ HOMOSEXUALITY. Calling the family a “priority topic,” Turkey’s National Education Minister Yusuf Tekin said in a TV interview that authorities have a responsibility to “fight” homosexuality and that a new optional course called “The Family in Turkish Society” has been added to the school curriculum. Read more here.


BEST BUY FIRES WHISTLEBLOWER AFTER AUDIO LEAKS OF MANAGER SAYING CHRISTIAN DISPLAYS NOT OK, BUT LGBT TRAINING IS. Enis Sujak, a Serbian immigrant who now lives in Florida, says he was terminated from his job working as a member of Best Buy’s Geek Squad repairs unit in Jacksonville after speaking out against a mandatory training video on LGBT history. Read more here.


LGBTQ MURAL MUST BE REMOVED FROM SCHOOL HEALTH CLINIC, WEST MICHIGAN BOARD SAYS. A health care provider that operates a school-based health clinic in a West Michigan school district has been ordered by the school board to take down a mural containing LGBTQ imagery. Read more here.


KENYA’S SUPREME COURT REAFFIRMS LGBTQ RIGHT TO ASSOCIATE. The court upheld the right for the National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission to be officially registered in the country. Read more here.


STATE SUPERINTENDENT KICKED OUT OF CALIFORNIA SCHOOL BOARD MEETING FOR NOT AGREEING WITH PROPOSED POLICY. California State Superintendent of Education Tony Thurmond claimed he was asked to represent LGBT interests at a meeting of the Chino Valley Unified School District board, but he was ejected for disrespectfully refusing to end his argument against its policy requiring educators to notify parents on transgender issues involving their children. Read more here.


DHS AWARDS ANTI-TERROR GRANT TO LGBTQ GROUP TO INDOCTRINATE 6-YEAR-OLDS. The Biden Administration awarded a significant anti-terrorism grant to an LGBTQ activist group that distributes condoms and “sex education” materials, to expand its “in-school support for LGBTQ+ youth” as young as age 6. Read more here.


LOS ANGELES SCHOOLS HOST LGBT ‘RAINBOW CLUB’ FOR KIDS AS YOUNG AS 5. The Los Angeles Unified School District is hosting a “Rainbow Club,” to teach kids as young as five about LGBT-related topics. Read more here.


BAN ON CONVERSION THERAPY WON’T HELP LGBT PEOPLE IN SWEDEN, STUDY SAYS. Sweden’s government investigation concluded that criminalizing conversion therapy is not a good idea, even though the study acknowledges that conversion attempts can be “harmful.” Read more here.


SCHOOL DISTRICT CLAIMS GENDER IDENTITY IS ‘MEDICAL’ TO HIDE LGBTQ CLUB ADVISORS’ IDENTITIES. Rhode Island’s largest school district is refusing to name the adult advisors to its LGBTQ student clubs, claiming the parent activist seeking their identities posted “medical information” about the primary subject of the public records request. Read more here.


NORWEGIAN BAPTISTS AGAINST SAME-SEX RELATIONSHIPS. The National Assembly of the Norwegian Baptists met recently, and the executive board stated that the church should not accept pastors who live in homosexual cohabitation. Read more here.


TENNESSEE DISTRICT ATTORNEY BLOCKED FROM ENFORCING STATE LAW SHIELDING KIDS FROM EXPLICIT PERFORMANCES. A federal judge blocked a Tennessee district attorney from enforcing the state’s law shielding children from sexually explicit performances ahead of a “pride” event after he was sued by the American Civil Liberties Union. Read more here.


NEW HAMPSHIRE YMCA HOSTING ‘LGBTQ+ TEEN NIGHT OUT!’ FOR MINORS. The YMCA in Keene, New Hampshire, is hosting an “LGBTQ+ Teen Night Out” for middle school and high school students, willfully ignoring the Christian principles the organization was founded upon. Read more here.


BRITISH CLERGY SUPPORTS ACCEPTING PREMARITAL AND HOMOSEXUAL SEX. Over 60 percent of British priests polled by The Times said the Church of England should drop its opposition to premarital sex and end its ban on homosexual priests entering into civil marriages. Read more here.


LONDON MAYOR FUNDS HOUSING ‘FREE FROM LGBT OPPRESSION.’ The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. has allocated funds to a city-based, nonprofit project geared towards providing homes specifically for “LGBTQ+ people [so they] can live safely, joyfully, free from oppression.” Read more here.


PARENTS PLAN APPEAL AS JUDGE RULES AGAINST OPT-OUT RIGHT FOR LGBT CURRICULUM IN MARYLAND. A district court judge will allow a Maryland school district to begin the school year with a new policy that prevents parents from opting their children out of LGBTQ+ coursework, but parents intend to appeal the decision. Read more here.


‘LEAVE OUR KIDS ALONE’: CA PARENTS PUSH BACK AGAINST STATE’S AGGRESSIVE LGBT IDEOLOGY. Parents in California are standing up for their rights and pushing back against state policies that target young children with LGBTQ ideology, as nearly 150 demonstrators in Los Angeles wore t-shirts reading “Leave Our Kids Alone.” Read more here.


SCOTTISH PRIMARY SCHOOL FULLY EMBEDS LGBT INCLUSIVE EDUCATION. A Glasgow school, Castleton Primary School, has become the first in Scotland to fully embrace LGBT inclusive education across its curriculum. Read more here.


STREAMING PLATFORM PROMOTES TRANSGENDERISM, HOMOSEXUALITY WITH WOKE ANIMINATED MOVIE EVEN DISNEY REJECTED. The movie Nimona is an animated fantasy movie that’s garnered attention for pushing LGBT themes, including a biological female character who identifies as “nonbinary” who has had her breasts removed to appear more masculine. Read more here.


CROWD PROTESTS LGBTQ+ EDUCATION IN LOS ANGELES; TWO ARRESTED AT LAUSD OFFICES. Demonstrators demanded that discussion about the LGBTQ+ community and sex-related education be kept out of schools, and they wanted school districts to notify parents if their child asks to identify in school in a manner different than their biological sex. Read more here.


ANOTHER LIBRARIAN PENS OPPOSITION TO SEXUALLY EXPLICIT BOOKS IN TEENS SECTION. An Irish librarian endorsed the view that sexually explicit books should not be included in the section of the library for over-12s, saying the media has “lazily” branded parents who object as “far right” while “ignoring the content of the books.” Read more here.


U.S. COURT RULES IN FAVOR OF CATHOLIC CHARITY IN LGBT RIGHTS DISCRIMINATION CASE. Maryland’s state Supreme Court ruled in favor of Catholic Relief Services (CRS), which had been sued by a homosexual data analyst because CRS denied health care benefits to his same-sex husband. Read more here.


TARGET BEING SUED BY SHAREHOLDER AFTER HEMORRHAGING BILLIONS. Target is being sued by investor Brian Craig for leading “shareholders to unknowingly support Target’s board and management in their misuse of investor funds to serve its divisive political and social goals — and ultimately lose billions” through its LGBT pride campaign. Read more here.


BRAZIL HIGH COURT RULES “HOMOPHOBIA” PUNISHABLE BY PRISON. In a 9-1 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that “homophobic slurs” are now punishable by prison, and hate speech is punishable by prison terms of two to five years in Brazil. Read more here.


CHRISTIAN COFFEE SHOP TARGETED BY COMMUNISTS, LGBTQ ACTIVISTS: ‘THEY WANT … OUR DOORS SHUT.’ The Christian owner of the Drip Cafe coffee shop in Colorado, which opposes homosexual behavior, says his business has been under intense heat from LGBTQ and communist protestors purportedly aiming to shut down the establishment. Read more here.


‘CLOSE IT DOWN’: SMALL WASHINGTON LIBRARY COULD BE FIRST TO SHUTTER AMID BATTLE OVER TEENS’ BOOKS. The battle over transgender and nonbinary books in Dayton, Washington Memorial Library will go to the voters for a decision in a November ballot proposition. Read more here.


RUSSIA’S VIMPELCOM FINED FOR BROADCASTING ‘LGBT MOVIE’ WITHOUT 18+ RATING. The Russian mobile and streaming service operator Vimpelcom was heavily fined for distributing the film Little Italy, which contains LGBT scenes without an 18+ label. Read more here.


TEXAS LGBT GROUP CANCELS DRAG SHOW AFTER FUNDRAISING WOES: ‘KIND OF EMBARRASSING.’ Dallas Pride failed to raise enough funding to host a “Night of a Thousand Drag Queens” to protest a new law set to take effect next month that prohibits sexualized performances from taking place in the presence of children. Read more here.


SKITTLES STIRS CONTROVERSY ONLINE WITH NEW PRIDE PACKAGING. The Mars candy company’s new pride packaging for Skittles was intended to pay homage to the LGBT community, but instead has drawn a wave of public opposition. Read more here.


UGANDA PIVOTS TO RUSSIA AMID WORLD BANK LGBT BOYCOTT. After the World Bank halted funding for the African nation over its criminalization of homosexuality, President Museveni said its law is essential to protecting the place of the family in Ugandan life, as well as affirming his country’s cultural independence against the West. Read more here.


AUSTIN SCHOOL DISTRICT SHUTTLES STUDENTS TO RAUNCHY PRIDE PARADE. The Texas Family Project, a group that aims to protect and advocate for family units, questioned Austin Independent School District’s troubling decision to bus students to a pride event aiming to keep Austin queer. Read more here.


LEBANON MOVES TO BAN ‘BARBIE’ FILM FOR ‘PROMOTING HOMOSEXUALITY.’ Lebanon’s culture minister Mohammed Mortaga moved to ban the film “Barbie” from cinemas because, he claimed, it “promotes homosexuality” and contradicts religious values. Read more here.


UGANDA PRESIDENT DEFIANT AFTER WORLD BANK SUSPENDS FUNDING OVER LGBT LAW. President Yoweri Museveni denounced the World Bank’s decision to suspend new funding in response to an anti-LGBTQ law and vowed to find alternative sources of credit. Read more here.


MUSLIM MOTHER FIGHTING LGBT INDOCTRINATION IN SCHOOLS RECEIVES THREATENING MESSAGES. Bahira Abdulsalam, an educator and Toronto mother, revealed that she has been subjected to abusive messages online as LGBT activists try to “silence” her work to safeguard children from LGBT indoctrination in schools. Read more here.


CHARLOTTE PRIDE LISTS CHILD SEX OFFENDER AS ‘LGBTQ’ AWARD RECIPIENT. Chad Sevearance-Turner, a former music minister who served years in prison for sexually abusing a minor boy, will receive the 2023 Harvey Milk Award for exceptional LGBT+ advocacy. Read more here.


TRUDEAU GOV’T DONATED TAXPAYER DOLLARS TO LGBT ORGANIZATION THAT HOSTED FETISH SEMINAR. The Liberal Minister for Women and Gender Equality in Canada has promised to fund Maritime LGBT organizations, one of which hosts sexually grotesque seminars. Read more here.


SEE YOU IN COURT: PARENTS CHALLENGE LGBTQ BOOK POLICY THAT REQUIRES TEACHERS ‘TO SHAME CHILDREN’ FOR RELIGIOUS FAITH. Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, Latter-day Saint, Protestant, Ethiopian Orthodox, atheist and agnostic parents took a Maryland school board to court for denying them the right to opt out of the school’s LGBTQ book curriculum. Read more here.


FINNISH CHRISTIAN OFFICIALS FACE CHARGES FOR LGBT CRITICISMS AS BIDEN ADMIN ASKED TO STEP IN. Congressman Chip Roy (Rep-Texas) and 11 of his GOP colleagues issued a scathing letter calling for action against a “rogue prosecutor” who has “unjustly targeted” Finnish Parliament member Päivi Räsänen and Bishop Juhana Pohjola over a tweeted Bible verse critical of homosexuality and a 20-year-old booklet touting traditional marriage. Read more here.


GAY, BISEXUAL MEN CAN DONATE BLOOD AS REVISED FDA RULES TAKE EFFECT. The American Red Cross is changing its donor screening policy to allow gay and bisexual men to donate blood under new FDA rules, removing a historic barrier in the donation process by not considering sexual orientation as a risk factor. Read more here.


CANADIAN MUSLIMS INVITE EVERYONE TO JOIN ‘MILLION PERSON MARCH’ AGAINST LGBT INDOCTRINATION IN SCHOOLS. On September 22, Ottawa businessman and Muslim activist Kamel El-Cheikh hopes to gather Canadians of all faiths to march against LGBT ideology being pushed on children in the nation’s schools. Read more here.


NBC JUST LOVES ‘SPARKLE’ OF ‘PRIDE CAMP’ FOR CHILDREN. NBC TV promoted and praised an LGBTQ pride summer camp for children in the state of New York for LGBTQ-identifying children or children of LGBTQ parents in the age range of 5 to 13. Read more here.


TENNESSEE SCHOOL TRAINS STAFF ON WHITE CHRISTIAN PRIVILEGE, SAYS PEOPLE OF COLOR, LGBT ARE OPPRESSED. The parental rights group Parents Defending Education obtained a presentation by the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System displaying “privilege” and “oppression” charts and associated with the labels “white,” “able-bodied,” “cisgender,” “heterosexual,” “Christian,” and “middle class.” Read more here.


TAX-FUNDED OHIO GROUP SPONSORS PROGRAM TO TEACH KIDS HOW TO BE DRAG QUEENS. The Fairview, Ohio, Colors+ Youth Center is offering monthly programs to teach children how to become drag queens, according to the group’s website. Read more here.


INVESTIGATION LAUNCHED IN SWEDEN AFTER CHRISTIAN REFUSES TO MAKE CAKE FOR SAME-SEX WEDDING. A Swedish bakery owned by a Christian, has been reported to the Discrimination Ombudsman for refusing to make a wedding cake for a homosexual couple. Read more here.


BOY SCOUT LEADERS INVITE LGBTQ ADVOCATES TO JAMBOREE CAMP. The current welcome for sexual diversity is being offered to teenagers as the scouting movement has shrunk from 400,000 members in 2013 to just 15,000 today. Read more here.


PARENTS FIGHT BACK AFTER FINDING DOZENS OF SEXUALLY EXPLICIT BOOKS IN MISSOURI SCHOOL LIBRARIES. A Missouri school district is stocking dozens of books containing sexually explicit and obscene content on the shelves of its school libraries, concerned parents have petitioned the school board to remove the materials. Read more here.


GOV. WHITMER SIGNS BILLS TO BAN CONVERSION THERAPY ON MINORS. The Michigan governor branded the therapy as hateful, but Republican Rep. Kathy Schmaltz said, “Threatening mental health professionals with punishment if they cross a vague and confusing line is wrong.” Read more here.


HAWAII HEALTH DEPARTMENT TRAINS FUTURE THERAPISTS TO CONCEAL CONVERSATIONS WITH LGBT YOUTH FROM PARENTS. A presentation offered by employees of the Hawaii Department of Health encouraged staff and graduate students at the University of Hawaii Center for Cognitive Behavior Therapy to be careful because parents can access information about their conversations with LGBTQ+ youth. Read more here.


‘QUEER’ MIDDLE SCHOOL OPENING IN ARIZONA ELIGIBLE FOR SCHOOL VOUCHERS. The Queer Blended Learning Center is a new “micro school” described as a “modern-day one-room schoolhouse” that will “aim to give young people who may feel uncomfortable in a larger school a safe space to be themselves and learn,” according to the Arizona Republic. Read more here.


SEN. BOB CASEY REQUESTED FEDERAL FUNDS FOR COMMUNIST-SUPPORTING, CHILD DRAG SHOW-HOSTING LGBT CENTER. The Pennsylvania Democrat sought funding for the Philadelphia-based William Way LGBT Community Center as part of the FY 2024 appropriations bill. Read more here.


NEW NORWEGIAN FOSTER PARENTS OBLIGED TO LEARN ABOUT GENDER AND SEXUALITY. According to the Norwegian Agency for Children, Youth and Families, there is a large demand for expertise on LGBT issues because LGBT people are overrepresented in foster homes. Read more here.


SCHOOL DISTRICT BANS OPT-OUT FROM LGBTQ LESSONS BECAUSE TOO MANY FAMILIES OPTED OUT. An affluent liberal Washington D.C. suburb won’t honor parents’ requests to exclude their children from inappropriate story reading and LGBT indoctrination because it was flooded with opt-out requests when the controversial subject matter was introduced. Read more here.


HUNGARY PRIME MINISTER SAYS EU ABANDONED CHRISTIAN HERITAGE FOR LGBT ‘HEDONISTIC PAGANISM.’ Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán criticized the European Union for giving up on its democratic ideals, engaging in population replacement and for trying to impose leftist ideology surrounding gender upon Christian countries. Read more here.


SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA SCHOOL BOARD OKS LGBT CURRICULUM AFTER GOV. GAVIN NEWSOM THREATENED HEFTY FINE. After threatening not to comply with state law requiring schools to teach students about the historical contributions of gay, bisexual and transgender Americans, the Temecula Valley Unified School District board voted to approve the curriculum and avoid the governor’s threat of an exorbitant fine. Read more here.


GAVIN NEWSOM FINES SCHOOL DISTRICT FOR REJECTING TEXTBOOK MENTIONING GAY RIGHTS. California’s Democratic governor announced that he will fine the Temecula Valley Unified School District for not adopting new state-recommended textbooks mentioning the late homosexual activist Harvey Milk. Read more here.


HUNGARIAN BOOKSTORE FINED FOR SELLING LGBT BOOK. The Consumer Protection Office of the Budapest Government concluded that books depicting homosexuality were categorized as children’s and young adult literature and were not sold in closed packaging. Read more here.


U.S. DEA HELD LGBTQ ‘IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE’ AT GAY BAR FOR HEADQUARTERS EMPLOYEES. The Drug Enforcement Administration recently sponsored an event for its Washington, D.C., headquarters employees at an LGBTQ+ bar to help the agency gain “an understanding and perception of gay social culture” that also included a drag show presentation. Read more here.


CALIFORNIA ADDS MISSOURI, NEBRASKA, WYOMING TO STATES BANNED FOR STATE-PAID TRAVEL, OVER LGBTQ+ BILLS. Attorney General Rob Bonta said these states contradict the values of inclusivity and diversity by preventing transgender individuals from participating in sports aligned with their gender identity, or by denying them access to critical healthcare. Read more here.


CHRISTIAN BOOKSTORE IN SWITZERLAND ACCUSED OF SELLING ‘HOMOPHOBIC’ BOOKS. Benoît Gaillard, a socialist municipal councilor in Lausanne, is outraged with the Christian bookstore “Madeleine” and accused it of allowing “homophobia” to “set up shop in the city center.” Read more here.


DISNEY CASTS ‘SEXUALLY FLUID’ ACTOR AS MALE LEAD IN LIVE-ACTION ‘SNOW WHITE.’ Disney’s remake of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” will not include Prince Charming or dwarves but will instead feature an unnamed character who is “sexually fluid.” Read more here.


FRANCE RESERVES FUNDS FOR LGBT PROTECTION. The French government has earmarked a huge outlay of funds to provide special training for law enforcement officers, teachers, volunteers, association employees, summer camp supervisors, students and health professionals, who will be taught how to “better deal with acts of anti-LGBT hatred.” Read more here.


Lesbians demanding constitution be changed in tropical paradise. A lesbian couple in the British Virgin Islands who were married in the United Kingdom is demanding that its constitution be rewritten to accommodate them. Read more here.


News reporters fired over “anti-pride” memo. Two news directors at WOOD TV in Grand Rapids, Michigan were fired after they wrote a memo to reporters stating that the station was focusing too much on LGBTQ events in its conservative region. Read more here.


Nearly 40 percent of Brown University students say they are LGBT, suggesting social contagion. New survey data from Brown University’s student newspaper revealed 38 percent of students identify as non-straight, and the drastic increase in LGBT identification is driven by social pressures. Read more here.


LGBTQ+ advocates sue over law banning drag queen story hour events. Owners of an independent bookstore, a transgender woman, an educator who teaches while wearing costumes, and several businesses are challenging Montana’s law banning drag queens from reading to children in public schools and libraries, during “Drag Queen Story Hour.” Read more here.


Millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars are going to fund foreign “pride” parades and drag shows. The Biden administration has given a staggering amount of money to help foreign groups promote LGBT projects like drag shows and “pride” parades, in addition to promoting puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for children with gender confusion. Read more here.


Hundreds of religious parents in Maryland protest against LGBT indoctrination of kids. Parents from a diverse range of traditional religious backgrounds joined forces to protest the mandatory indoctrination of their children into radical LGBT ideology. Read more here.


Canadian Army roasted for raising LGBT “pride” flags across the country. The Canadian Army has become the subject of conservative ire online after it posted a series of photographs showing its members “raising the pride flag” in honor of the “2SLGBTQI+ communities.” Read more here.


Muslim families protest LGBT indoctrination outside Justin Trudeau’s office: “Leave our kids alone!” Muslim parents and students have been increasingly standing up with Catholics and other Christians against LGBT indoctrination in schools. Read more here.


Canadian high school students questioned by RCMP for signing “straight and proud” poster. Students at Swift Current Comprehensive High School were summoned to the principal’s office by a Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officer for signing a poster saying they were “straight and proud.” Read more here.


Maryland district closes school board meeting to public amid backlash against LGBT curricula. Citing “safety reasons,” Maryland’s largest school district limited public access to a Board of Education meeting covering a policy that bans parents from opting their children out of “inappropriate” gender and sexuality curriculum. Read more here.


It’s no secret why Canadian parents have reached the boiling point with LGBT “Pride.” Grade 9 students in Saskatchewan were exposed to sex education that included a series of flashcards indoctrinating them on various sexual behaviors. Read more here.


Disney loses big at box office amid concerns about LGTBQ activism. The Walt Disney Company has lost hundreds of millions at the box office over the past 12 months, sparking debate about whether an intrusion of LGBTQ+ issues are to blame. Read more here.


Drag marchers spark outrage with “we’re coming for your children” chant at NYC “Pride” event. LGBTQ activists participating in New York City’s annual Drag March sparked outrage for chanting “we’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children” in a Manhattan park. Read more here.


Admiral Rachel Levine declares “Summer of Pride.” Admiral Rachel Levine, the Assistant Secretary for Health for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), has declared, as “Pride” month is coming to an end, that it should be a “Summer of Pride.” The admiral, who is transgender, posted the message on the official HHS Instagram account, and posted similar sentiments on Twitter. Read more here.


Biden administration admits LGBT lifestyle produces worse mental health, addiction. A new report from the Biden administration says that Americans who identify as “gay,” lesbian, or bisexual are far more likely to suffer from major depression and abuse illegal drugs and are up to six times as likely to attempt suicide. The report admits it cannot “explain the reasons” for these differences. Read more here.


School district won’t let students opt-out of LGBT “Pride.” The Olympia School District in Washington does not allow parents to opt their children out of LGBT “Pride” curriculum or activities. The superintendent said it’s offensive to even ask. Read more here.


Cameroon opposes French LGBT+ rights ambassador’s visit. Cameroon’s government is seeking to block France’s LGBT+ rights ambassador from travelling to the country to hold a conference on gender and sexual identity, saying the discussion topics breach anti-homosexuality legislation. Read more here.


Poll finds support for same-sex relationships plummets as less find them “morally acceptable.” Support for same-sex relationships in the U.S. declined this year, dropping from 71 percent to 64 percent, according to polling by Gallup. Read more here.


Russia charges online movie portal with distributing ‘’LGBT propaganda’’ to minors. The Russian government is pursuing the case against Kinopoisk, a film database owned by tech company Yandex, according to a report from the Moscow Times. Read more here.


Spanish town to ban LGBT flag after far-right Vox takes power. An eastern Spanish town of 6,000 residents will ban the rainbow-colored flag representing the LGBT community from public buildings. Read more here.


National Library Conference speaker advises librarians on how to hide LGBTQ books from parents. A speaker at a national library conference gave school and public librarians instructions on how to hide challenged books, specifically on gender identity, sexual orientation and race from parents and community members. Read more here.


Italian prosecutor demands cancellation of birth certificates for lesbian couples. A state prosecutor in northern Italy has demanded the cancellation of 33 birth certificates of children born to lesbian couples dating back to 2017, saying the name of the non-biological mother should be removed. Read more here.


Ambassador to Poland waves U.S. flag and joins Warsaw “Pride” parade. The United States ambassador to Poland, Mark Brzezinski, along with 30 other members of the U.S. Embassy, waved an outsized U.S. flag as he marched in the annual “Pride” parade Saturday that wound its way through Warsaw’s streets. Read more here.


Scottish council hosts drag queen event for babies and toddlers. A Scottish council has hosted a drag queen story time for young children, despite the local MP calling it “totally inappropriate.” Read more here.


Polish LGBTQ crowds march to demand equal rights as election looms. Tens of thousands marched through the streets of Warsaw demanding equality for LGBTQ people as the community eyes upcoming Polish elections in which homosexual rights could play a prominent role. Read more here.


Major League Baseball strikes all pride jerseys. In this Year of Consumer Backlash, Major League Baseball has decided to dodge the flak, quietly ordering teams to ditch their pride uniforms entirely. Read more here.


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau criticized New Brunswick’s premier for requiring schools to inform parents about trans-minded children. He claimed New Brunswick children are being denied the right to be their true selves in a hateful environment. Read more here.


Tennessee isn’t backing down from its trans surgery ban even if a judge imposes an injunction. The state is vowing to defend its law against child sex changes from a Biden administration attempt to stop it with an injunction. Read more here.


Cracker Barrel restaurant is now facing calls for a boycott after supporting diversity, equity and inclusion. The restaurant providing southern comfort food published a social media post celebrating “Pride Month” on its official Facebook page, prompting a backlash. Read more here.


Liberal mainline United Methodists see more than 5,000 congregations leave amid arguments over sex, gender. The second-largest Protestant denomination in the U.S. continues to fracture over theological disagreements, mostly pertaining to human sexuality. Read more here.


Girl Scouts reward kids with rainbow-striped patches for participating in LGBT-themed activities, activism. The Girl Scout LGBTQ+ “Pride” Month Celebration Fun Patch is designed for Girl Scouts of all levels and their leaders to honor LGBTQ+ history, to celebrate the diverse cultures and identities of LGBTQ+ people, and to acknowledge the many contributions of the LGBTQ+ community has made and continues to make across our nation. Read more here.


President Biden to host largest “Pride” celebration in White House history. U.S. President Joe Biden’s event will attract thousands of people and will also focus on the administration’s attempt to curb so-called “book bans” being implemented in parts of the United States. Read more here.


Southern California high school teacher placed on leave after discussing sexual pleasure in class. The high school teacher was placed on administrative leave amid backlash from parents after a clip of a sexually explicit lesson in her anatomy and physiology class was shared online. Read more here.


School cancels “full-blown drag” child event for LGBTQ “Pride” Day after backlash. An English secondary school has cancelled its LGBTQ+ “Pride” day in which children as young as 11 were reportedly encouraged to dress in “full-blown drag,” sparking widespread backlash. Read more here.


Move over American flag. Now U.S. troops salute “rainbow flag.” The Air Force published a tweet reading: “June is #PrideMonth! The Department of the Air Force proudly recognizes and celebrates generations of LGBTQI+ service members and their contributions to our #AirForce & #SpaceForce.” Read more here.


Largest LGBTQ Org Declares ‘National State of Emergency.’ The Human Rights Campaign has officially declared a state of emergency for LGBTQ+ people in the United States for the first time following an unprecedented and dangerous spike in “anti-LGBTQ+” legislative assaults sweeping state houses this year. Read more here.


U.S. Air Force Is Using Taxpayer Money To Fly Service Members To Branch ‘Pride’ Events. The U.S. Air Force has authorized Air and Space Force commanders to use taxpayer money to cover the travel costs for service members seeking to attend the branch’s upcoming “pride” events. Read more here.


Disney+ Streams New Special Pushing Radical LGBTQ Agenda. Disney+ premiered the National Geographic special “Pride from Above,” a 45-minute documentary taking children through the “joy” of queerness and to LGBTQ pride parades across the globe. Read more here.


Antifa Urged to Battle California Parents Over Elementary School’s LGBTQ+ ‘Pride Day.’ After parents in Glendale, California protested a scheduled “Pride Day” at their local elementary school, the Southern California chapter of the violent extremist group Antifa called for progressives to stand up to “hate groups” at a school board meeting Tuesday night. Read more here.


Rightwing Governor of Lazio Region Withdraws Backing for Pride Parade. The rightwing governor of Italy’s Lazio region has come under fire after withdrawing the administration’s support for Rome’s pride parade, saying its name could not be associated with events “aimed at promoting illegal conduct.” Read more here.


Catholic Group Launches ‘Hide the Pride,’ Encouraging Parents To Reclaim Libraries From ‘Radical Rainbow Cult.’ One of the largest Catholic advocacy groups in the nation is encouraging parents and concerned citizens to remove sexualized books for children at their local libraries, arguing taxpayer-funded institutions shouldn’t provide “pornography” to children. Read more here.


Professor Robert George Launches ‘Fidelity Month’ to Combat ‘Pride,’ Restore Traditional Values.  A leading Catholic intellectual is calling for June to be considered “Fidelity Month” in contrast to the LGBT celebration of “Pride Month.” Read more here.


Ted Cruz Shocks Conservative Supporters by Condemning Uganda’s Anti-Sodomy Law. Republican U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas has joined the Left in opposing Uganda’s latest anti-sodomy law, calling it “grotesque” and “an abomination.” Read more here.


Iowa Governor Signs Bill Restricting Lessons on Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation in Schools. Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds (R) signed a bill into law on Friday that restricts lessons on gender identity and sexual orientation in schools from kindergarten through sixth grade. Read more here.


Pride Month Feels Different as Threats, Fear of Violence Grows. There won’t be an official Pride Month celebration in St. Cloud, Florida this year because a festival scheduled for June 10 was canceled due to an alleged “climate of fear” and hostility toward LGBTQ people. Read more here.


Coca-Cola Funds LGBTQ Youth Event Showcasing ‘Indigiqueer’ Fashion. The Coca-Cola Foundation is funding an LGBTQ youth event at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian featuring “Indigiqueer” fashion designers. Read more here.


Virginia Dept of Health Promotes ‘Queer Kid Stuff.’ The Virginia Department of Health promoted an organization called “Queer Kid Stuff,” as well as an online chat service marketed to teenagers who identify as “LGBTQ+.” Read more here.


Target Marketing VP Holds Senior Position at GLSEN. A Target Corporation senior marketing executive maintains a position with a controversial LGBT advocacy organization called GLSEN – Target’s “Pride Month” partner – which is focused on integrating gender ideology at all levels of K-12 schools. Read more here.


U.S. NEA Stands Behind LGBT Org That Pushes to Hide Kids’ Gender Identities. The National Education Association, America’s largest teachers’ union, is backing the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, an LGBTQ+ organization that recently entered the spotlight for its collaboration with Target Corporation. Read more here.


Kohl’s Faces Shopper Uproar After Becoming Latest Retailer to Market LGBT Clothing to Children. Shoppers are criticizing Kohl’s after the department store became the latest major retailer to sell LGBTQ clothing for infants and young kids. Read more here.


CA Lawmakers to Honor Anti-Catholic ‘Queer, Trans Nuns.’ The California State Legislature’s LGBTQ Caucus is poised to honor a member of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the controversial group at the center of a backlash engulfing the Los Angeles Dodgers. Read more here.


Indiana LGBTQ+ ‘Youth Carnival’ to Bar Parents From Attending. A wave of criticism is greeting an LGBTQ+ “Youth Carnival” set to take place in Indianapolis, Indiana, largely because the event will bar parents from attending. Read more here.


Target Donates to Group That Promotes Secret Child ‘Transitions,’ LGBT Books in Schools. Target has repeatedly boasted about efforts to support the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network, an entity which helps teachers place LGBTQ books in school libraries and hide their students’ so-called “gender transitions” from parents. Read more here.


North Hollywood Parents Boycott District’s Planned ‘Pride’ Assembly. Parents in North Hollywood, California plan to boycott an assembly to discuss LGBTQ+ issues for “Pride” month at Saticoy Elementary School. Read more here.


Montana Bans Drag Queens Reading to Kids at Libraries, Schools. Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte signed a bill which bars minors from attending sexually oriented shows and prohibits Drag Queen Story Hour events at libraries and schools. Read more here.


LGBT Group Issues Travel Advisory to Florida. An LGBT advocacy group issued a travel advisory for those traveling to Florida, alleging that the state’s government has enacted laws that “are hostile to the LGBTQ community,” among other claims. Read more here.


Biden HHS Offers Grants to Groups Promoting Family ‘Acceptance’ of LGBT Youth. The Health and Human Services department is offering millions in grants to groups with programs that “reduce rejection” of LGBT youth by their families. Read more here.


Target CEO Defends LGBT-Friendly Kids’ Clothing Amid Boycott Calls. Target’s top executive dismissed the social media uproar over the retailer’s new line of LGBTQ-friendly kids clothing, saying that marketing the products are good for business and “the right thing for society.” Read more here.


Dodgers Re-Invite ‘Queer and Trans Nuns’ With an Apology. The Los Angeles Dodgers are back to welcoming a drag troupe of “queer and trans nuns” to their annual “Pride Night” celebration at a home game in June. Read more here.


Florida Bar Files Lawsuit Claiming Ban on Children at Drag Shows Infringes on Free Speech. An Orlando bar filed a federal lawsuit against the state of Florida over a law that restricts sexual performances in front of children, claiming that drag shows are a simple matter of free speech rights. Read more here.


Target Removes ‘Pride’ Items From Satanist Designer After Backlash. Target has removed “pride” themed items associated with the satanist designer Abprallen due to the backlash it has since received over the partnership. Read more here.


San Francisco Mayor Names First ‘Drag Laureate.’ San Francisco Mayor London Breed has named the city’s first “Drag Laureate,” a paid position to promote the city’s “queer culture and community.” Read more here.


Target Partnered With Satanist Brand to Create Items for ‘Pride’ Collection. Target has contracted with Abprallen – a clothing brand that sells Satanist merchandise, some of which glorifies violence – to create products for its “pride” collection. Read more here.


Washington State to Spend Tens of Thousands on Training Featuring DQSH Director. Washington state is preparing to spend an estimated $83,000 on an employee diversity training featuring the Director of Drag Queen Story Hour. Read more here.


Satanic Temple Collects Donations for LGBTQ Camp in Florida. The Satanic Temple is holding a collection drive for a Florida nonprofit that holds summer camps for “all genders, sexualities, allies, or children of queer families.” Read more here.


Texas House Advances Bill Banning Minors From Sexually Explicit Performances. The Texas House overwhelmingly voted 88 to 12 to advance a bill that would ban minors from drag shows and other sexually explicit performances. Read more here.


Tampa ‘Pride Festival’ Canceled After Changes to Florida Law. The Tampa Pride on the River event has been canceled due to the series of bills signed into law by Gov. Ron DeSantis, which in part impose penalties on establishments that expose children to sexually explicit drag shows and similar adult performances. Read more here.


NJ AG Sues School District Over Parental SOGI Notification Policy. New Jersey’s Attorney General filed a civil rights lawsuit against the Hanover Township School District over a policy that requires school staff to notify parents of the sexual orientation and gender identity of students. Read more here.


EU to Block Funding for Regions Fighting LGBT Ideology, MEP Says. A progressive MEP has claimed that the European Union will block funding for local regions that try to resist LGBT ideology. Read more here.


Parents File Police Report After MS Teacher Offers Explicit LGBT Book to Students. Parents in Illinois have filed a police report for child endangerment against a middle school teacher who offered a highly sexually explicit LBGT book for students to read in class. Read more here.


Taiwan Amends Law to Allow Same-Sex Couples to Adopt. Four years after Taiwan legalized same-sex marriage, the legislature has passed the third reading of an amendment to the law allowing same-sex couples to legally adopt children. Read more here.


Japan’s Governing Coalition Approves Reworded LGBT Bill. Japan’s ruling coalition parties have officially approved amendments to a bill aimed at preventing discrimination against members of the LGBTQ community that was drafted by a nonpartisan group of lawmakers. Read more here.


Target Releases Latest ‘Pride’ Collection With Items for Kids and Babies. Target unveiled a number of clothing items and accessories, including apparel and books meant for babies and young children, as part of the retail giant’s latest “Pride” collection. Read more here.


U.S. FDA Drops Blood Donation Restrictions for Homosexual and Bisexual Men. The Food and Drug Administration has dropped all restrictions specific to homosexual and bisexual men donating blood, moving instead toward an “individual risk-based” approach. Read more here.


Arkansas ‘Pride’ Event Changes Venue After Center Says No Drag Shows in Front of Minors. Organizers of northwest Arkansas’ “Pride” weekend said they won’t hold events at an arts center that has prohibited the group from having drag shows or drag story hours in front of minors. Read more here.


Swiss Canton Bans ‘Conversion Therapy.’ The canton of Neuchâtel in Switzerland passed a ban on so-called “conversion therapy,” outlawing any practice meant to change one’s sexual orientation or gender identity. Read more here.


PA Taxpayer-Funded LGBT Youth Club Promotes ‘National Masturbation Month.’ A state-funded Planned Parenthood LGBTQ youth group in Pennsylvania promoted May as “National Masturbation Month,” according to a social media post. Read more here.


Colorado Families Sue School District for Encouraging Children to Join ‘Secret’ LGBTQ Club. Two Colorado families are suing the Poudre School District over allegations that teachers and administrators encouraged their daughters to join an LGBTQ club and keep its activities “secret” from them. Read more here.


CDC: Number of U.S. Teens Who Identify as LGBT Skyrockets. One in four high school students in the United States identify as homosexual, bisexual or are questioning their sexuality, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Read more here.


Minnesota Lawmaker Introduces Bill Removing Anti-Pedophile Language From Human Rights Act. A state lawmaker in Minnesota introduced a measure that would remove language from the state’s Human Rights Act that currently declares pedophiles are not included in protections based on “sexual orientation.” Read more here.


Counselors Receive Large Settlement After Tampa Banned ‘Talk Therapy’ for Minors. The city of Tampa, Florida paid $950,000 in a settlement after a court ruled that an ordinance banning “talk therapy” for minors experiencing unwanted same-sex attraction was unconstitutional. Read more here.


Oklahoma Gov Cuts Off Taxpayer Funding to PBS Over ‘LGBT Propaganda.’ Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt vetoed a bill that would have continued to provide the statewide PBS stations with taxpayer funds, in large part because some of its programs promote LGBT propaganda that “overly sexualizes our kids.” Read more here.


U.S. Navy Appoints Active-Duty Drag Queen in Diversity Drive to Boost Recruitment. The U.S. Navy invited an active-duty soldier who performs as a drag queen to be a “Digital Ambassador” as part of a recent drive “to attract the most talented and diverse workforce” and combat plunging recruitment. Read more here.


‘Frog and Toad’ Creator Discusses ‘Queer Undertones’ in New Children’s Series. The classic children’s books “Frog and Toad” were adapted into a TV series for Apple TV+, which the creator says has been infused with “queer undertones.” Read more here.


White House Celebrates ‘Lesbian Visibility Week.’ President Biden’s administration celebrated Lesbian Visibility Week during a White House press briefing, with guests declaring Biden the “most pro-LGBTQI president in our history.” Read more here.


Florida ‘Pride Parade’ Canceled Over Bill Barring Kids’ Attendance at Lewd Adult Performances. A “pride parade” was canceled and attendance at an associated event was limited to patrons aged 21 and older over a Florida bill that would bar kids from sexual adult performances. Read more here.


New Russian ‘LGBTQ Propaganda’ Rules Unveiled. Russian media watchdog Roskomnadzor approved an expanded set of criteria for what is to be considered “LGBTQ propaganda” and grounds to block access to websites, including the promotion of pedophilia, non-traditional relationships, and “gender reassignment.” Read more here.


Disneyland to Host First Ever ‘Pride Nite.’ Disneyland announced that the California-based theme park will host its first-ever “Disneyland After Dark: Pride Nite” in June. Read more here.


Florida Bill Protecting Children From Businesses Hosting Drag Performances Heads to Gov’s Desk. A Florida bill designed to protect children from businesses hosting drag shows has passed both legislative chambers and is headed to Gov. Ron DeSantis’s desk. Read more here.


North Carolina Bill Would Criminalize Drag Shows After Viral Lap Dance Video. North Carolina legislators introduced a bill that would ban drag shows on public property or in the presence of a minor, just weeks after video showed a drag queen giving a lap dance to a young student at a public school in the state. Read more here.


Parents Protest Drag Queen Performance at MA Public High School. Newton North High School in Massachusetts plans to host a drag queen performance as part of Transgender Bisexual Gay and Lesbian Awareness Day, despite the objections of parents. Read more here.


Florida City, County Must Pay Damages to Therapists After ‘Conversion Therapy’ Ban Ruled Unconstitutional. A city and county in Florida have been ordered to pay damages to two therapists for passing bans on therapy for minors seeking help with unwanted same-sex attraction. Read more here.


Nike to Sponsor ‘Queer Youth Field Day’ in Tennessee. Nike will sponsor a “Queer Youth Field Day” in Memphis, Tennessee intended for all LGBTQ-identifying “youth” and allies, according to its registration website. Read more here.


LGBTQ Group Warns Florida May Not Be Safe to Visit, Live in. Citing the “hostile” policies of Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Florida LGBTQ group issued a warning that the state may not be safe for LGBT individuals to live in or visit. Read more here.


Texas Venue to Stop Hosting ‘All Ages’ Drag Events After Performer Exposes Himself to Children. A Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas venue says it will no longer allow “all ages” drag queen shows at the establishment after undercover journalists published video showing a male exposing himself and children offering tips. Read more here.


NY Middle Schoolers Allegedly ‘Bullied’ Peers Into Participating in LGBT ‘Day of Silence.’ Students at Felix Festa Middle School in New York felt they were “bullied” into participating in an LGBTQ “Day of Silence,” according to an anonymous parent report. Read more here.


Ottawa School Board’s Gender Consultant Ripped for Tweet Calling Jesus a Drag Queen. A since-deleted tweet from an Ontario, Canada school board’s gender consultant garnered criticism on Good Friday when she posted a message stating that Jesus was a drag queen. Read more here.


NJ Middle School Announces It Will Fly ‘Inclusive Pride’ Flag Year-Round. Hackensack Middle School in New Jersey held a flag raising ceremony where it announced that it will fly the “inclusive LGBT pride” flag year-round. Read more here.


Tennessee City Decides Future of ‘Pride Fest’ That Featured Explicit Sexual Performances. In a vote of 5-4, the Franklin, Tennessee city board voted to allow a “Pride” festival to proceed after acknowledging that the event last year was not family friendly. Read more here.


CA Drag Queens to March on Easter to Protest Laws Protecting Children. Drag queens are set to march on Easter Sunday in West Hollywood, California to protest the growing number of state laws designed to protect children from “gender transitions” and sexually explicit drag shows. Read more here.


Think Tank Wants to Study ‘LGBT2SQ+’ Challenging ‘Heteronormativity’ in the Arctic. The Arctic Institute issued a call for researchers to submit papers for a series examining how “queer” people in the Arctic are “challenging well-established systems of heteronormativity.” Read more here.


Ontario Party Pushes Law Banning Protests Near Drag Shows. Legislation has been introduced in Ontario, Canada that would seek to enact “community safe zones” that would prohibit protests within 100 meters of a drag show or other 2SLGBTQI+ events with fines of up to $25,000. Read more here.


Arizona School District Encourages Students to Attend ‘Queer Activities’ During Spring Break. Chandler Unified School District in Arizona encouraged students to attend “queer” spring break activities put on by an organization aimed at serving LGBTQ youth. Read more here.


Texas Senate Advances Legislation Restricting Drag Performances. The Texas Senate gave initial approval to a pair of bills that would seek to limit the exposure children have to drag performances. Read more here.


Canadian Drag Queens to Lead Gov’t-Funded Junior Drag Camp for Kids as Young as Seven. The Carousel Theater for Young People in Vancouver, British Columbia will host a drag summer camp for kids as young as seven years old funded by various government agencies. Read more here.


Judge Blocks Tennessee Law Aimed at Protecting Children From Seeing Drag Shows. A Tennessee law criminalizing drag shows that occur in public or in the view of children has been temporarily blocked, preventing officials from enforcing the law over the next two weeks. Read more here.


Country Singer Performs With Drag Queens at CMT Awards Show. Singer Kelsea Ballerini performed on stage with drag queens from the reality TV series “RuPaul’s Drag Race” at the annual Country Music Television Awards show. Read more here.


North Carolina School Faces Fallout for Letting Drag Queen Straddle Student. A North Carolina community college is looking to “revise campus policies” after coming under fire for a video showing a drag queen straddling a female student during an LGBTQ+ “pride” event on campus. Read more here.


Theater Group Sues to Block Tennessee’s Law Prohibiting Adult Cabaret Performances for Minors. An LGBTQ+ theater company is suing to try to block Tennessee’s law that placed strict limits on drag shows, saying it violates the First Amendment. Read more here.


LGBTQ Summit Calls on Japan to Enact Anti-Discrimination Law. Japanese LGBTQ activists held an inaugural “Pride 7 Summit” in Tokyo where they urged Japan’s government to enact an anti-discrimination law before it hosts this year’s G-7 summit in May. Read more here.


Canadian News Story Introducing ‘Nervous’ Children to Drag Performers Receives Backlash. One of Canada’s leading news outlets is under fire after it broadcast a segment introducing young children to drag performers. Read more here.


LGBT Family Controversy in Italy Slowly Turning Into EU Dispute. A domestic Italian conflict could soon become a European problem, with mayors of Italian cities being prevented from registering foreign birth certificates when presented by same-sex couples. Read more here.


SCOTUS Asked to Rule on State Law Banning So-Called ‘Conversion Therapy.’ The U.S. Supreme Court has been asked to rule on a Washington state law that prohibits counselors from engaging in any “regime that seeks to change an individual’s sexual orientation or gender identity.” Read more here.


Drag Queen Straddles Girl at North Carolina School, Video Shows. A new video shows a drag queen straddling a girl during an “LGBTQ pride” event at a North Carolina technical college that enrolls students as young as 14 in on-campus high school programs. Read more here.


NHL Reportedly Considers Discontinuing ‘LGBTQ Pride’ Events at Games. In the wake of several NHL players refusing to wear pride-themed attire, the league is reportedly considering shelving “Pride night” events at its games. Read more here.


NJ Mom Sues After Military Flags Her as ‘Security Threat’ for Opposing School’s LGBT Posters. A New Jersey mother who was reported to local police by a military official after criticizing her child’s elementary school for displaying posters in the hallway about sexual preferences has filed a federal lawsuit claiming her civil rights were violated. Read more here.


Michigan Gov Signs SOGI Protections Into Anti-Discrimination Law. Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed legislation codifying LGBT protections into the state’s civil rights law, permanently outlawing discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. Read more here.


Italian Govt Tells Milan to Stop Registering Same-Sex Couples’ Children. Italy’s government has told Milan’s city council to stop registering the children of same-sex parents, since adoption by same-sex couples is not legal in the country. Read more here.


Students at Utah College Graded on Adherence to LGBT Ideology. A professor at Snow College in Utah gave students a test that reinforced the idea that the United States is traditionally “heteronormative” and that gender is a “social construct,” according to documents obtained by the College Fix. Read more here.


Italian Senate Rejects Proposal for Universal Parenthood Certificate. The European Policies Commission of the Senate in Italy has voted down a proposal for a European parenthood certificate that would ensure same-sex parenthood is recognized throughout the European Union. Read more here.


Canadian Pastor Arrested Again for Protesting Children’s Drag Queen Events. A Canadian pastor was arrested for the second time in weeks after protesting drag queen story time for children at public libraries in Calgary. Read more here.


New York AG to Host ‘Drag Story Hour’ for Children in Manhattan. New York Attorney General Letitia James will host a “Drag Story Hour” in Manhattan where “families with children” are invited to watch drag performers read books for four hours. Read more here.


Florida Gov Pulls Hotel’s Liquor License Following Drag Show With Children Present. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has pulled the liquor license of the Hyatt Regency Miami following news that the luxury hotel hosted a holiday-themed drag show in December with minors present. Read more here.


Kentucky Senate Passes Bill That Would Ban Drag Shows in Public Spaces. The Kentucky Senate passed a bill that would ban sexualized adult performances, including drag performances, on public property or in front of children. Read more here.


CA Parents Angered by ‘Mandatory’ High School Assembly Featuring Students in Drag. California parents are demanding transparency and accountability after high school students in the Elk Grove Unified School District were exposed to a mandatory drag show performed by their peers. Read more here.


Hungary Vows to Fight in EU Court to Defend LGBT Education Law. Hungary’s Justice Minister said Budapest would fight in the Court of Justice of the EU to defend an education law banning the use of materials seen as promoting homosexuality and gender “transitions” at schools. Read more here.


Texas District Promotes LGBT ‘Pride Week’ Events With Intersex Rainbow Flag, ‘Pronoun Buttons.’ Austin ISD is planning to hand out “pronoun buttons,” rainbow flags, LGBT stickers and other trinkets to students and staff for “Pride Week” and is advertising the event using the “Intersex-Inclusive Progress Pride Flag.” Read more here.


Little or No Evidence for ‘Conversion Therapy’ in ROI, Official Report Finds. Little or no evidence of so-called “conversion therapy” has been found in the Republic of Ireland, an official study has revealed. Read more here.


Alaska Rights Commission Limits LGBTQ Discrimination Cases. Alaska’s human rights commission has reversed an earlier policy and now is only investigating LGBTQ discrimination complaints related to workplace discrimination and not for other categories like housing and financing. Read more here.


Irish Govt Minister ‘Raided’ State Funds to Give Cash to LGBTQ+ Projects. Roderic O’Gorman, Ireland’s Minister for Children, Equality, Disability, Integration, and Youth, is alleged to have “raided” funding earmarked for various state-financed projects, handing the cash over to LGBTQ+ projects instead. Read more here.


Tennessee Enacts Law Restricting Drag Shows. Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee signed a bill into law that criminalizes drag show performances in certain public places or anywhere they could be viewed by children. Read more here.


Footage of Sexually Explicit Drag Show for Babies, Toddlers Goes Viral. Multiple Twitter users posted videos and photos from an event in the UK that shows drag performers in thongs performing sexually suggestive dances in front of toddlers and babies. Read more here.


Czech Republic to Issue New Birth Certificates for Children of Same-Sex Parents. Children of same-sex couples in Czechia are set to get new birth certificates that officially recognize their parents’ true gender according to a recently announced government decree. Read more here.


Michigan Adds SOGI as Protected Categories Against Discrimination. The Michigan Senate approved an amendment to the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Read more here. Read more here.


Wyoming LGBT Group Pays Protesters to Rally Against Bill Protecting Women’s Sports. A Wyoming LGBT advocacy group offered to pay supporters to travel to Cheyenne to attend a rally at the state Capitol on behalf of biological males being allowed to participate in girls’ and women’s sports. Read more here.


NYC Teacher Tells Kids That Nintendo Characters Have Sexual and Gender Identities. While hosting a meeting of the Gay Straight Alliance club, a teacher employed by the New York City Department of Education presented to middle-school students that Nintendo characters have different sexual and gender identities. Read more here.


Police Scotland Quits Stonewall’s ‘Diversity Champions’ Program. Police Scotland is the first high-profile Scottish public body to withdraw from Stonewall’s controversial “Diversity Champions” program which rewarded participants for promoting LGBT ideology. Read more here.


Arkansas Gov Signs Into Law Restrictions on ‘Adult’ Performances. Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee-Sanders signed a new law adding restrictions on performances that feature nudity or semi-nudity, real or simulated sexual activities, and are intended to appeal to the prurient interest. Read more here.


Tennessee Drag Queen Vows to Fight Back If Ban Passes. A Tennessee drag queen vowed to “fight for liberation” if the governor signs a bill into law restricting drag performances in public or in front of children. Read more here.


Kenya Wrong to Ban LGBT Rights Groups From Registering, Supreme Court Rules. Kenya’s Supreme Court ruled that the country’s NGO board was wrong to stop the National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission from registering in 2013. Read more here.


Tennessee House Passes Bill Prohibiting Drag Shows in Presence of Minors. The Tennessee General Assembly passed a bill that would prohibit the hosting of an “adult cabaret performance” in public venues or anywhere minors might be present. Read more here.


Gallup Poll Finds Over Seven Percent in U.S. Identify as LGBTQ. The percentage of adults in the U.S. who identify as LGBTQ increased to 7.2 percent last year, according to a Gallup Poll. Read more here.


South Korean Court Recognizes Same-Sex Couple’s Rights for Health Care Coverage. The Seoul High Court found a government health insurer did owe coverage to the same-sex spouse of a customer after the firm originally withdrew coverage when it found out the pair was homosexual. Read more here.


California Teachers Union Discriminates on Basis of Sexuality. The California Teachers Association is offering a scholarship limited to LGBT students, despite Biden administration rule changes which prohibit sexuality-based discrimination. Read more here.


Biden Official Says Some LGBT Children Need to Replace Parents With ‘One Supportive Adult.’ Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levine said some “LGBTQI+” children need to replace their parents with “one supportive adult” while criticizing a parental rights law as “a gag rule.” Read more here.


OK Judge Rules Baby Belongs With Biological Parents, Not Mom’s Lesbian Ex-Partner. An Oklahoma judge ruled that a baby created for a lesbian couple using purchased sperm belongs with his biological mother and father who are now together, and not with his mom’s female ex. Read more here.


EU Ends Legal Action Against Poland Over ‘Anti-LGBT Zones.’ The European Commission has ended its legal action against Poland over the adoption by local authorities of so-called “anti-LGBT zones,” though no reason was given for so doing. Read more here.


APA Distances Itself From Panel Studying ‘Marginalized’ Polyamory Community. The American Psychological Association has pushed back against an assertion that the organization endorses polyamorous relationships after an APA task force was created to research “consensual non-monogamy.” Read more here.


Connecticut Lawmakers Seek to Block Teacher-Student Sexuality Discussions From FOIA. Connecticut state lawmakers introduced a bill that would block Freedom of Information Act requests from acquiring teachers’ discussions with kids on “sensitive subjects,” including sexuality and gender identity. Read more here.


Major Standardized Testing Org Used by Catholic Schools Promotes Gender Ideology. The NWEA, which provides map-testing assessments to almost two thousand Catholic schools across the country, features articles on its website promoting gender ideology to children and encouraging educators to help students “come out.” Read more here.


Florida Court Upholds Overturning of Ban on ‘Conversion Therapy.’ A federal appeals court upheld a district judge’s ruling that struck down a Tampa, Florida city ordinance prohibiting so-called “conversion therapy.” Read more here.


Florida Gov Revokes Liquor License of Venue That Hosted Sexual Drag Show for Children. The administration of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is rescinding the liquor license of an Orlando venue that exposed minors to obscene sexual acts during a drag performance. Read more here.


YouTube Kids Defends Content With Sexuality Themes. An in-depth review of the YouTube Kids streaming site found a variety of content featuring drag queens and queer kids, as well as videos on sexual and gender identity, all of which YouTube has deemed appropriate for the platform. Read more here.


Michigan University Offers ‘Unconditional Love Fund’ Exclusively for ‘LGBTQIA2S+’ Students. Michigan State University announced that it now offers an “Unconditional Love Fund” for “LGBTQIA2S+” students who may encounter “unexpected financial hardships associated with their sexual and/or gender identity” during their time at the school. Read more here.


Florida ‘Pride Festival’ Features ‘Family-Friendly’ Drag Event. Two Florida communities sponsored a “family-friendly pride festival” that featured a drag queen event, a “kids’ zone,” and a “banned book nook,” according to the event website. Read more here.


College Board Rolls Back Black History Course’s LGBT Elements. The College Board has rolled back its plans to launch a new African American history course containing extremist ideology on LGBT and racial issues, shortly after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis vowed to bar the curriculum from state schools. Read more here.


ND House Passes Bill That Would Make It a Crime to Have Drag Shows in Front of Children. The North Dakota House overwhelmingly approved a bill that would make it a crime to perform drag shows and cabaret performances in the presence of children or in public places. Read more here.


U.S. FDA Issues Draft Guidance on Blood Donations From Homosexual, Bisexual Men. The Food and Drug Administration announced draft guidelines for removing a restriction on homosexual and bisexual men donating blood, a segment of the population that faces a higher risk of HIV. Read more here.


Questions About Gender and Sexual Identity to Be Asked in New Zealand 2023 Census. Information on gender and sexual identity will be collected for the first time in this year’s New Zealand census. Read more here.


Wisconsin School Postpones ‘Family-Friendly’ Drag Show After Public Scrutiny. A high school in Wisconsin is postponing a planned drag show after a social media account raised awareness of the event, claiming that the public scrutiny had become a “safety” issue. Read more here.


Alaska Library Board Keeps LGBT Books in Youth Sections Despite Community Opposition. The advisory board for an Alaska public library has elected to keep a collection of books with reported LGBT themes in its youth sections despite a petition from the community asking for them to be removed. Read more here.


Washington ‘Conversion Therapy’ Ban Challenge Will Not Be Reheard by Appeals Court. A federal appeals court refused to reconsider an earlier order upholding Washington state’s ban on so-called “conversion therapy” seeking to change minor patients’ sexual orientation or gender identity. Read more here.


WEF Says ‘LGBTQ+ Inclusion Policies’ Are Key to Economic Success. The World Economic Forum has claimed that “LGBTQ+ inclusion policies” are the key to economic success and hosted a panel of speakers at this year’s meeting in Davos to make their point. Read more here.


Drag Queen Story Hour for Kids Cancelled by French Mayor After Backlash. The mayor of Toulouse, France cancelled a drag queen story time event for children and reorientated the event for adults only after a petition against the event garnered around 5,000 signatures. Read more here.


Book Showing Same-Sex Marriage Suitable for Children, ECHR Rules. Labeling a fiction book with references to same-sex marriage as harmful to children violates freedom of expression, the European Court of Human Rights stated. Read more here.


Arkansas Senate Passes Bill Classifying Drag Shows as Adult Entertainment. The Arkansas Senate passed a bill that classifies drag shows as an adult business and bans the performances from public property. Read more here.


Scottish Govt Flying ‘Pride’ Flag for LGBT Causes. Official flag flying days to promote “key LGBT events” feature prominently in a schedule recently issued by the Scottish government. Read more here.


Norwegian Care Unit Fears Ban on ‘Conversion Therapy’ Will Block Treatment for Pedophiles. Specialists from the Oslo University Hospital in Norway are warning that a bill banning “conversion therapy” may hinder treatment for pedophiles and those with other sexual addictions. Read more here.


UK ‘Conversion Therapy’ Ban to Include Transgender-Identifying People. A new law to ban all forms of “conversion therapy” in England and Wales will include practices aimed at transgender-identifying people, the government says. Read more here.


Dutch Senate Expands Constitutional Ban on Discrimination. The Dutch Senate approved an amendment to the country’s constitution, expanding its first article to specifically ban discrimination based on sexual orientation. Read more here.


U.S. NIH Spends Millions on Equity, LGBT Issues Instead of Researching Cures. As Congress continues to expand its budget, the National Institutes of Health is increasingly spending its time on equity and LGBT issues, devoting millions of taxpayer dollars to causes other than its primary mission to find medical cures and treatments. Read more here.


HBO Max Show ‘Velma’ Receives Negative Reviews for Pushing LGBT Agenda. The new Scooby-Doo reboot “Velma” is being slammed for promoting an LGBT agenda and has received a mature rating for sex, nudity, violence and profanity. Read more here.


Protestors Clash at Alberta Drag Show Promoted as ‘Mature Content’ for ‘All Ages.’ Protesters required police intervention outside a recent “drag queen brunch” in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, an event advertised for “all ages” with a “mature content warning.” Read more here.


Penn State Professor Tells Students to ‘Watch Gay Porn’ to Learn How to Be Bisexual. Penn State professor Sam Richards challenged straight students in his sociology class to “watch gay or lesbian porn” to discover a new side to their sexuality. Read more here.


Wisconsin Lawmakers Block So-Called ‘Conversion Therapy’ Ban. Wisconsin lawmakers voted to block a ban on so-called “conversion therapy,” again allowing therapists and social workers to counsel individuals on issues of unwanted gender identity or sexual orientation. Read more here.


Biden Officials Confront Ugandan President Over Opposition to LGBT Agenda. Representatives of the Biden administration confronted Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni regarding his and his nation’s positions on LGBT issues during a recent meeting ostensibly meant to discuss trade, hunger, and climate issues. Read more here.


Pennsylvania School Board Votes in Favor of Banning Classroom ‘Pride’ Flags. The Central Bucks School Board in Pennsylvania instituted a policy to prohibit teachers from displaying items such as “pride” flags which could be considered politically influenced. Read more here.


Proposed Nebraska Bill Would Make Bringing Children to Drag Shows a Misdemeanor. Nebraska state Sen. Dave Murman proposed a bill that would make it a misdemeanor to knowingly bring a child to a drag show. Read more here.


Drag Show Featuring People With Down Syndrome in UK Sparks Concerns. A new promotional video for a UK drag show company has sparked outrage over concerns that the performers, all of whom have Down syndrome, are being exploited. Read more here.


Irish Govt Minister Plans to Push Bill to Ban ‘Conversion Therapy.’ Ireland’s Equalities and Integration Minister has vowed to bring a bill before the Dail to ban so-called “conversion therapy.” Read more here.


U.S. State Dept Announces Millions in Funding to ‘Empower’ LGBTQI Communities. The State Department’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor announced the availability of $1.5 million in grant funding for LGBTQI+ communities through the Global Equity Fund. Read more here.


UK Census: Over One Million Identify With LGB+ Sexual Orientation. Some 1.5 million people in England and Wales identified with an LGB+ sexual orientation in the 2021 census – 3.2 percent of those aged 16 and over, figures show. Read more here.


UK Police Forces Spend Thousands on Rainbow Cars, Flags Supporting LGBT Community. Police forces across the UK have spent £66,000 on merchandise such as rainbow-themed cars and flags to support the LGBTQ community, a report found. Read more here.


Teletubbies and Crocs Sponsor Underage Fashion Show at RuPaul’s Drag Convention. Shoe company Crocs and children’s television show “Teletubbies” are among the sponsors of RuPaul’s DragCon, all events at which are advertised for “all ages.” Read more here.


Florida Gov’s Office to Investigate Drag Show Event for Exposing Children to Inappropriate Content. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration announced that it is investigating a Christmas drag show event that allegedly exposed children to sexualized acts. Read more here.


UK LGBT Charity Refers Itself to Police Over Historical Child Sexual Grooming. LGBT Youth Scotland has recommended itself for police investigation over historical accusations of grooming and the sexual exploitation of children. Read more here.


Scotland Police Blasted for Report Describing Pedophiles as ‘Minor-Attracted People.’ Police in Scotland have sparked outrage for describing pedophiles as “minor-attracted people” in a report, language they say was based on terminology used by the European Union. Read more here.


Idaho School District Proposes New SOGI Policy. The Caldwell School Board in Idaho has proposed a policy regarding sexual orientation and gender identity that will govern restroom and locker room use and instructs teachers to use a student’s name and pronoun “assigned at birth” when talking to parents. Read more here.


Disney’s ‘Willow’ Star Praises Lesbian Romance Scene. A star of the new Disney series “Willow” praised the show’s lesbian romance scene, saying “this normalized representation is just so important.” Read more here.


Children Being Recruited Into Homosexuality, Says Ugandan Archbishop. Church of Uganda Archbishop Kaziimba says church leaders have received reports of individuals recruiting school children into acts of homosexuality and has asked the government to set up a mechanism for students to report such efforts. Read more here.


Feds Launch Investigation Into Texas District’s Removal of LGBT Library Books. The federal government is launching an investigation into a Texas school district accused of discrimination after the superintendent lobbied for the removal of LGBT library books. Read more here.


U.S. Omnibus Spending Bill Earmarks Millions for LGBT-Related Projects. The 4,155-page, $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill unveiled by Democrats in the middle of the night reportedly includes more than $11 million for LGBT-themed projects. Read more here.


Drag Queen Starring in Christmas Play Wants to ‘Kick Down’ Traditional Family Values. A prominent drag queen starring in an “adult-only” show that follows the grown-up life of Dr. Seuss character Cindy Lou Who says that “any opportunity” to “kick down traditional family values is welcomed.” Read more here.


Largest Ever Drag Queen Story Time Planned for Florida in January. The world’s largest “drag queen story time” planned for January 21, 2023, in St. Petersburg, Florida, hopes to earn a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest gathering of its kind. Read more here.


First Annual Children’s Emmy Awards Dominated by LGBTQ Content. The first annual Children’s & Family Emmy Awards in Los Angeles ended up being dominated by LGBTQ messaging and talent. Read more here.


LGBT Advocacy Group Claims ‘Anti-Drag’ Threat of Danger Is on the Rise. LGBT advocacy group GLAAD claimed there is a “clear and present danger” from increased threats against the drag community. Read more here.


Congress Presses Biden Admin Over Grant to Colombian LGBT Group Supporting Prostitution. Republican members of Congress are pressing President Biden’s State Department for answers after a report revealed the agency handed taxpayer dollars to a Colombian LGBT group that engages in prostitution advocacy. Read more here.


Western Australia May Consider ‘Conversion Therapy’ Ban. A media statement indicates the government of Western Australia is set to introduce a bill criminalizing so-called LGBT “conversion therapy.” Read more here.


Barbados’ Top Court Repeals Laws That Criminalize Homosexual Sex. A top court in Barbados has struck down laws that criminalize homosexual sex, becoming the third nation in the Caribbean region to do so this year. Read more here.


Poland to Veto EU Recognition of Same-Sex Parents. Poland will block European Union proposals to ensure that the rights of same-sex parents and their children are legally recognized in all member states, says a deputy justice minister. Read more here.


Biden Invites Drag Queens to Attend Bill Signing at White House. President Joe Biden has invited multiple drag queens to attend the signing of the Respect for Marriage Act at the White House. Read more here.


European Commission Seeks to Enshrine Same-Sex Parents’ Rights. The European Commission issued a proposal seeking to ensure that the rights of same-sex parents are respected when people move within the European Union. Read more here.


Niger Parliamentary Group Backs Petition to Criminalize Same-Sex Relationships. A group of Nigerian parliamentarians has backed a petition to criminalize same-sex relationships, although it is not known at this stage whether the issue will be formally debated in Parliament. Read more here.


Experts Say FDA Needs Messaging Campaign to Ease Homosexual Men Into Blood Donation. The Food and Drug Administration needs to prioritize a health messaging campaign to ease homosexual and bisexual men into donating blood, medical experts say, after the organization announced its plan to lift restrictions. Read more here.


Disney CEO Pledges to Double Down on LGBT ‘Storytelling’ in Animated Kids’ Movies. Disney CEO Bob Iger pledged to double down on LGBT “storytelling” in the company’s animated children’s movies, according to The New York Times. Read more here.


Singapore Repeals Ban on Homosexual Sex but Limits Prospect of Legalizing Same-Sex Marriage. Singapore’s parliament decriminalized sex between men but also amended the constitution to prevent court challenges that in other countries have led to the legalization of same-sex marriage. Read more here.


U.S. FDA Plans to Allow More Homosexual, Bisexual Men to Donate Blood. Homosexual and bisexual men in monogamous relationships would be allowed to donate blood without abstaining from sex under guidelines being drafted by the Food and Drug Administration, people familiar with the plans said. Read more here.


Producer of Disney+ LGBTQ Fantasy Series for Teens Discusses ‘Paradigm Shift’ of Acceptance. The producer of the Disney+ fantasy series “Willow” did an interview about his decision to include a “queer” romance front and center, saying there was no pushback. Read more here.


Russia Advances Law Banning LGBT Propaganda. Lower-level Russian parliamentarians unanimously passed a law that would ban the distribution of materials promoting homosexuality, pedophilia, and “gender reassignment.” Read more here.


Italian Court Rules on Listing Same-Sex Parents on ID Documents. Same-sex parents have the right not to be called “father” and “mother” in the identification papers of their offspring, a court in Italy has ruled. Read more here.


GLAAD Threatens Advertiser Boycott of Channel Promoting Traditional Marriage. The president of GLAAD has condemned Candace Cameron Bure’s recent comment that the Great American Family channel where the actress serves as chief creative officer will focus on traditional marriage in its Christmas programming. Read more here.


Belgium Bans ‘Conversion Therapy’ for LGBT People. Belgium is banning so-called “conversion therapy,” the State Secretary for Gender Equality, Equal Opportunity and Diversity announced. Read more here.


Poll: Plurality of U.S. Democrats Say Drag Queen Story Hour Is Appropriate for Children. A Rasmussen Reports survey showed that a plurality of Democrats, 47 percent, believe “Drag Queen Story Hour” is at least somewhat appropriate for children. Read more here.


Maryland School District Unveils LGBT Book List That Teaches ‘Intersex,’ ‘Drag Queen’ to Pre-K Students. Maryland’s Montgomery County Public Schools has unveiled a new LGBTQ-inclusive book list for elementary schools that teaches words like “intersex” and “drag queen” to children as young as four. Read more here.


Photos Surface of Sex Toy Ring Toss Game at ‘Pride’ Festival Billed as ‘Family Friendly.’ Photos have surfaced of a sex toy ring toss game at a Florida “gay pride” festival over the weekend that was billed as “family friendly” and took place on public property. Read more here.


Outcry in Moldova About New LGBT Campaign in Schools. The Orthodox Church of Moldova and parents are speaking out against a new campaign to promote LGBT values in schools. Read more here.


Illinois Voters Reject Drag Shows at Libraries and Schools by 40-Point Margin. According to the Madison County clerk’s office, 69 percent of Glen Carbon, Illinois residents voted “no” on the ballot question: “Shall tax-supported libraries and schools promote drag queen events to minors?” Read more here.


Tennessee Bill Would Criminalize Drag Shows. A Tennessee state senator has introduced legislation to criminalize public “adult cabaret” performances that appeal to a sexual interest and can be seen by children. Read more here.


Tasmania Looks to Outlaw ‘Conversion Therapy.’ A targeted campaign is being run in Tasmania against plans to ban so-called “conversion therapy” as Victoria, Queensland, and the ACT have already done. Read more here.


U.S. Men’s Soccer Changes Logo to LGBTQ Colors for Qatar World Cup. The United States Men’s National Team has redesigned its World Cup team logo to add rainbow LGBTQ color stripes in response to host nation Qatar’s stance against homosexuality. Read more here.


Nevada Passes Sweeping Version of Equal Rights Amendment. Nevada voters have adopted an amendment to the state constitution which adds sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression as protected classes under the law. Read more here.


Trudeau Celebrates Drag Queens on Television. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will appear on a television show devoted to contestants competing to be the “next global drag superstar.” Read more here.


Norwegian AG: Ban on ‘Conversion Therapy’ Is Legally Impossible. The Attorney General in Norway doubts whether a ban on so-called “conversion therapy” that applies to both minors and adults is legally possible. Read more here.


Slovak Court Rules Authorities Must Give Permanent Residence to Same-Sex Couple. The Regional Court in Zilina, Slovakia ruled that authorities must grant permanent residence to an Argentinian who entered into a homosexual marriage with a Slovak. Read more here.


French Publisher Changes ‘Family’ Definition Amidst LGBT Pressure. Le Robert publication house in France announced multiple changes to their dictionary definition of “family” after the current definition that emphasizes a mother and father was deemed “homophobic.” Read more here.


Poll: Most U.S. Hispanic Voters Oppose DQSH for Kids, Gender Ideology in Schools. A recent nationwide poll shows that most Hispanic voters across the U.S. are opposed to children being exposed to Drag Queen Story Hour and oppose gender ideology being taught in schools. Read more here.


CDC Spends $85M on Grant Program Requiring U.S. Schools to Allow LGBT Clubs. Eligibility requirements for a new grant program by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention require schools to “establish or enhance … student-led clubs that support LGBT youth.” Read more here.


UK Medical Schools Back LGBT Campaign for ‘Conversion Therapy’ Ban. Three-quarters of UK medical schools have endorsed an LGBT charter calling for a broad “conversion therapy” ban. Read more here.


Russian Lawmakers Vet New Bill Against ‘LGBTQ Propaganda.’ Russian lawmakers gave preliminary approval to a bill that imposes tough new restrictions on activities which promote “LGBTQ rights” in the country. Read more here.


Florida Father Sues School Over ‘Pride’ Flags and LGBT Activism. A Florida father is suing the Palm Beach County school district after a teacher displayed “pride” flags and allegedly advocated homosexual lifestyles to students. Read more here.


Ohio City Bans ‘Conversion Therapy’ for Minors. Akron, Ohio adopted an emergency measure banning so-called “conversion therapy” for minors, becoming the 11th city in the state to ban the practice. Read more here.


Kansas Dept of Commerce Sponsors All-Ages Halloween Drag Show. Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly’s Department of Commerce used tax dollars to sponsor an all-ages Halloween drag show where “scantily-clad” performers danced for adults and young children. Read more here.


U.S. State Dept Doubles Down on Grant for Drag Shows in Ecuador. The State Department is defending a $20,600 grant for a cultural center in Ecuador to host “drag theater performances,” saying it gives LGBTQ people an outlet “to express themselves freely and safely” in the South American country. Read more here.


U.S. State Dept Funds Drag Shows in Ecuador to Promote ‘Diversity and Inclusion.’ The U.S. Department of State has awarded more than $20,000 for a cultural center in Ecuador to host “drag theater performances” in the name of diversity and inclusion. Read more here.


U.S. and EU Hold Food Relief Hostage to LGBT Agenda. The UN body tasked with coordinating global efforts to help countries address food shortages had to postpone an agreement because the U.S. and the European Union insisted on the inclusion of homosexuality and transgender issues. Read more here.


Texas AG Seeks More Power to Criminalize Drag Shows Targeting Children. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is calling on the state legislature to give district attorneys and his own office more authority to go after drag queens and facilitators of sexualized drag shows that target children. Read more here.


Scottish Parents Quizzed on Their Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity by Private School. Fettes College, a private school in Scotland, sent an anonymous survey to parents to address “inclusion,” asking about their sexual orientation and gender identity. Read more here.


Oregon Bar to Have Child Drag Queen Perform. Old Nick’s Pub in Eugene, Oregon will host an all-ages event featuring an 11-year-old child drag performer called Vanellope. Read more here.


Texas AG Calls for Prosecution Over Drag Queen’s Sexually Explicit Performance in Front of Child. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton called for prosecution over an “all ages” drag show that featured multiple sexually explicit performances in front of at least one young child. Read more here.


Bill Banning Public Drag Queen Performances Expected in Idaho. A bill that would ban drag queen performances in public venues is expected to be introduced in the Idaho legislature during the 2023 session. Read more here.


Bosnia Unveils ‘LGBT Rights’ Strategy. Bosnia and Herzegovina unveiled a strategy to improve the rights of LGBT people, a step toward bringing human rights protections into line with European Union standards. Read more here.


VA State Lawmaker Wants Parents Criminally Charged for Refusing to Affirm Child’s Sexuality. A Virginia state lawmaker wants to pass legislation that would make parents face criminal charges if they refuse to affirm their child’s sexual orientation and gender identity. Read more here.


LGBT Daycare Centers to Open in Berlin. Two “LBGT daycare centers” for young children are set to open in Berlin in 2023, with the aim to make it easier for the children to “come out” later in life. Read more here.


Italy’s Outgoing Govt Adopts New LGBT Strategy. Italy’s outgoing government has adopted a plan to promote LGBT “rights” in schools, universities, hospitals, prisons, sport clubs, and the workplace in general. Read more here.


Disney’s ‘Black Panther 2’ Star Says It’s Important Her Character Is Queer. Screenwriter and actress Michaela Coel said she joined Disney-owned Marvel’s ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ because “my character is queer,” and she felt it was important to tell an LGBTQ story. Read more here.


Michigan Gov to Hire SOGIE Consultant for Children. Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s office issued a contract proposal for a “Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression Consultant” to assist with “awareness, education and opportunities” for LGBTQIA+ youth and their families. Read more here.


New ‘Scooby-Doo’ Movie Makes Velma Explicitly Homosexual. Velma, one of the key characters in the “Scooby-Doo” kids’ shows and movies, is clearly portrayed as a lesbian in the new movie “Trick or Treat Scooby-Doo!” Read more here.


Georgia Substitute Teacher Fired From Public School for Raising Concerns About LGBT Book. A substitute teacher is suing after she said a Georgia public school fired her for raising concerns about an LGBTQ book shown to elementary students during a library event. Read more here.


U.S. House Democrats Unanimously Vote Against Parental Rights Legislation. House Democrats unanimously voted to block legislation that would have required informed parental consent before a school provides mental health services related to sexual orientation or gender identity to students. Read more here.


Children Questioned About Their Sexuality in Canadian School Survey. The Upper Grand District School Board in Guelph, Ontario has rolled out an intrusive survey questioning young children about their sexual orientation and gender identity. Read more here.


Drag Queens Dressed as Disney Princesses Perform for Children at Tennessee Brewery. Shocking video from a “family-friendly” drag show marketed to children in Tennessee shows a young girl patting down the crotch area of an adult male dressed as Ariel from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid.” Read more here.


Director to Revamp ‘The Wizard of Oz’ With LGBT Representation. Writer and director Kenya Barris is switching out the Dust Bowl community traditionally found in “The Wizard of Oz” and opting for an LGBT theme in his adaptation of the classic film. Read more here.


Michigan AG Calls for ‘Drag Queen in Every School.’ Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel remarked on camera that she believes there should be “a drag queen in every school,” apparently disregarding parental concerns that their children may be exposed to drag queens at school. Read more here.


Ohio School Allows Teachers to Wear ‘LGBTQ Ally’ Badges Despite Parental Backlash. Hilliard City Schools in Columbus, Ohio will allow teachers to wear “LGBTQ ally” badges provided by the teacher’s union, despite backlash from parental groups. Read more here.


Nebraska Judge Rules Birth Certificates Can’t Name Two Mothers. A Nebraska judge has rejected a lawsuit filed by two Omaha women who sought to have both their names listed as parents on their children’s birth certificates, saying the request conflicts with state law. Read more here.


Biden Expansion of Title IX to Add SOGI Protections Sparks Debate. A federal rule scheduled to redefine Title IX’s ban on sex discrimination to include discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity has received over 200,000 public comments in the two months following its publication in the Federal Register. Read more here.


Michigan School District Removes LGBTQ-Themed Books From Public Schools After Parents Complain. A school district in Dearborn, Michigan has pulled seven books from its school libraries, including titles with LGBTQ themes, after parents complained about explicit content. Read more here.


Illinois ‘Pride’ Festival Invites Children to ‘Tip Performers’ at Drag Show. A “PrideFest” event in Joliet, Illinois advertised for children to bring dollar bills to “tip the performers” at an all ages drag show. Read more here.


Tennessee Tech Investigating ‘Disturbing’ Campus Drag Show. Tennessee Tech University is investigating a recent on-campus drag show that allegedly mocked Christianity and exposed kids to explicit activity. Read more here.


Texas Bar Cancels Disney-Themed ‘Drag Brunch.’ A Texas bar has canceled what was described as a “Disney-themed” drag brunch, citing backlash from critics. Read more here.


Boise ‘Pride Festival’ Drops Children’s Drag Show Amid Mounting Pressure. Boise, Idaho’s “Pride Festival” organizers announced they would drop their children’s drag show event amid intense public opposition and the loss of multiple sponsors. Read more here.


Florida School Board Rejects Proposal Requiring Observance of ‘LGBTQ History Month.’ Florida’s Miami-Dade School Board overwhelmingly rejected a proposal to recognize and observe October 2022 as LGBTQ History Month. Read more here.


Girl Dances at Drag Show in Utah, Collects Cash From Cheering Crowd. Videos showing a little girl dancing at an all-ages drag show in Salt Lake City, Utah and collecting cash from cheering audience members has drawn intense online backlash. Read more here.


Idaho Capital Hosts Festival Featuring Child Drag Queens. Boise, Idaho is hosting a “Pride” festival which features a children’s drag queen show and is sponsored by several major American corporations, according to the festival website. Read more here.


Appeals Court Upholds Washington State ‘Conversion Therapy’ Ban. A federal appeals court unanimously upheld Washington state’s ban on “conversion therapy” for children, rejecting a therapist’s claim that it undermined his free speech. Read more here.


‘Peppa Pig’ Adds Lesbian Couple to Children’s Show. The children’s show “Peppa Pig” is the latest to introduce an LGBT couple to preschoolers in an episode titled “Families,” where one character introduces Peppa to her two mommies. Read more here.


Illinois ‘Pride Fest’ to Feature ‘Youth Drag Show.’ A “Pride Fest” being held in Decatur, Illinois will feature a “Drag Queen Story Hour” followed by a “Youth Drag Show.” Read more here.


Kroger ‘Allyship Guide’ Tells Employees to Celebrate LGBT Holidays. The Kroger Company, an American supermarket giant, published an “allyship guide” that told employees to use “inclusive language” and celebrate LGBT holidays. Read more here.


Russia Considers Doubling Fines for ‘LGBT Propaganda’ in New Law. Russia is considering doubling fines for exposing children to what it calls “LGBT propaganda” and making any event or act seen as promoting homosexuality an administrative offence. Read more here.


New U.S. PAC Will Target Politicians Who Oppose the LGBT Agenda. In a bid to promote the LGBT movement, the Agenda Political Action Committee will seek to target political foes of the LGBT agenda while supporting the cause’s political allies. Read more here.


German Family Law Could Undergo Significant Change Regarding Parentage. The German government is discussing altering the definition of parentage so that custody of children would become easier for homosexual couples. Read more here.


LGBT Groups Petition Israeli High Court to Enforce Surrogacy Law. A petition has been filed with Israel’s High Court of Justice to compel the state to implement the court’s July 2021 ruling that was supposed to advance the surrogacy process for same-sex couples. Read more here.


NC ‘Pride Parade’ Condemned After Video Shows Boy Pole Dancing on Nearly Nude Woman. A video posted of a young boy straddling a nearly nude woman as they pole-danced during an LGBT Pride parade in North Carolina has prompted angry responses on social media. Read more here.


Nebraska School Officials Close Newspaper After LGBT Articles. Administrators at a Nebraska school shut down the student newspaper days after its last edition that included articles and editorials on LGBTQ issues. Read more here.


‘LGB, Drop the T’ Trends on Twitter as Many in Gay Community Reject Transgender Ideology. Twitter users who said they identify as lesbian, gay, or bisexual have criticized progressive gender ideology and are attempting to distance themselves from transgender activists. Read more here.


Singapore Will Continue to Restrict LGBTQ Content After Decriminalizing Same-Sex Relationships. The Singapore government announced it will continue to restrict and classify media content with LGBTQ themes, even after its planned decriminalization of same-sex relationships. Read more here.


Singapore to Decriminalize Sex Between Men. The Prime Minister of Singapore announced that the government will repeal a law that criminalizes sex between men but also vowed to “uphold and safeguard the institution of marriage” between a man and a woman. Read more here.


Utah Parents Protest Teacher Who Was Disciplined Over ‘Queer’ Kids TikTok Teaching Again at New School. A Utah elementary school teacher who was disciplined by her school after posting a TikTok saying she talked to her students about sexuality has been hired again and is teaching even younger children at a new school. Read more here.


Sacramento SD Has Been Pushing LGBT Indoctrination Since 2012, Documents Show. The Sacramento Unified School District has been pushing LGBT indoctrination in its classrooms for at least a decade, according to documents. Read more here.


Wisconsin School Board Votes in Favor of Pride Flag Ban. The Kettle Moraine School Board voted in favor of a policy that prohibits teachers and staff from displaying “gay pride” flags and other items that district officials consider political in nature. Read more here.


Pennsylvania Gov Signs Executive Order Banning LGBT ‘Conversion Therapy.’ Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf issued an executive order that bans so-called “conversion therapy” in the state. Read more here.


Study Finds U.S. Public School Teachers Told to Indoctrinate Kids in LGBT Theory. State universities indoctrinate future teachers in controversial gender and sexual identity theories and instruct them to teach these principles to children beginning in preschool, a new report has found. Read more here.


Cubans to Vote on Law Changing Definition of ‘Family.’ If approved by Cuban voters next month, the country’s new Family Code will establish the right of all people to form a family regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity and will recognize a variety of family forms. Read more here.


Tens of Thousands March in Protest Against ‘Pride Parade’ in Belgrade. Some fifty thousand protesters took to the streets of the Serbian capital of Belgrade, calling for the cancellation of an upcoming “EuroPride” event scheduled for September 12-18. Read more here.


Drag Queen Coming to Disney+ in New Marvel Teen Series. Disney+ has welcomed popular drag queen Shea Couleé to the streaming service for its upcoming Marvel series about a teen superhero, coming to the site in 2023. Read more here.


Australian Rugby League Players Refuse to Wear LGBT ‘Pride’ Jerseys. Citing religious and cultural convictions, seven Australian National Rugby League players have chosen to withdraw from a match rather than wear a jersey celebrating LGBT “pride.” Read more here.


France to Create LGBTQ Ambassador to Promote Rights Around the World. Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced the new envoy will “campaign for the decriminalization everywhere of homosexuality and trans-identity.” Read more here.


Church calls for Safeguarding Marriage, Family in Singapore. Singapore Catholic Archdiocese has re-emphasized safeguarding marriage and families as the Singapore government plans to repeal a law that criminalizes homosexuality in the country. Read more here.


Domestic Violence in LGBT Relationships Significantly Higher Than That of Heterosexuals: DOJ Report. According to the report, “Violent Victimization by Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, 2017-2020,” by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), bisexual relationships experienced “about eight times” more violence than in straight relationships, and domestic violence occurred at “more than twice” the rate in “lesbian or gay” relationships when contrasted with straight relationships. Read more here.


Christian Rugby Players Banned From Stadium After Boycotting Game Over Team Pride Jerseys. Australian rugby league team Manly has banned its seven boycotting players from their home stadium for the match against the Sydney Roosters. The seven decided to stand down from the National Rugby League match on religious grounds after being told to wear a jersey celebrating LGBTQ+ rights. Read more here.


Thailand House Panel Allows Same-Sex Foreign Couples to Register Civil Partnerships. The House committee vetting the Civil Partnership Bill decided to amend the bill to make it possible for same-sex couples who are both foreigners to register their partnership in Thailand, instead of one of them having to be a Thai national. Read more here.


Australian Rugby Players Revolt After Being Told to Wear Gay Pride Jersey. Up to seven players from the Manly rugby league club in Sydney, Australia, are threatening to boycott an upcoming match after a decision was made without consultation for them to wear a gay pride jersey in the fixture. Read more here.


Russian Parliament Mulls Expanding ‘Gay Propaganda’ Law. Russia’s parliament moved to tighten already stringent restrictions on the discussion of LGBTQ rights and relationships in a draft bill calling for the broadening of a 2013 ban on the “promotion of non-traditional sexual relations” to minors. Read more here.


Russia Proposes Extending Law Against Homosexual Propaganda to Adults. Russian lawmakers have proposed extending a ban on the promotion of “non-traditional” sexual relationships among minors to now include adults as well, a senior legislator has said. Read more here.


U.S. Children’s Library Association Issues Pro-LGBT Summer Reading List. The Association for Library Service to Children is pushing multiple LGBT recommendations in its 2022 Notable Children’s Books and Summer Reading Lists. Read more here.


Police, Soldiers, Healthcare Workers Join London ‘Pride Parade.’ Members of the National Health Service, the London Fire Brigade and servicemen in the armed forces all took part in the London “Pride Parade.” Read more here.


U of Nebraska to Host Drag Shows to Fundraise for ‘Queer Activism.’ The University of Nebraska at Lincoln is set to host multiple drag shows, with the proceeds going to fund student involvement at a conference centered around “queer activism.” Read more here.


Antigua’s Ban on Same-Sex Acts Ruled Unconstitutional. A law criminalizing same-sex acts between consenting adults in Antigua and Barbuda has been declared unconstitutional. Read more here.


‘San Diego Pride’ Sponsored by Children’s Hospital That Profits From Youth ‘Transitions.’ The San Diego “pride” parade was sponsored by the Rady Children’s Hospital, which profits from children’s attempts to “change” their sex. Read more here.


Vanderbilt Health Sponsors Children’s ‘Pride’ Event. Vanderbilt Health Services, which partners with a children’s hospital that profits from providing hormone therapy to children, sponsored the “Kids and Family” portion of the Nashville “pride” parade. Read more here.


Polish Court Rules That Four ‘LGBT-Free Zones’ Must Be Abolished. A top Polish appeals court ruled that so-called “LGBT-free zones” must be abolished in four municipalities. Read more here.


Children Watch Nude Cyclists at Seattle ‘Pride Parade.’ Young children watched fully nude cyclists at the Seattle “Pride Parade,” which was kicked off by the Boy Scouts of America. Read more here.


Arrests in Istanbul as LGBTQ Marchers Try to Defy ‘Pride’ Ban. Dozens of people were detained in central Istanbul, Turkey after city authorities banned an LGBTQ “Pride” march, organizers said. Read more here.


LEGO Launches LGBTQ ‘Pride Campaign.’ Danish toy giant LEGO launched a campaign to “celebrate inclusivity” by supporting “Drag Queen Story Time” at its offices and donating funds to its LGBTQIA+ charity partners. Read more here.


Disney’s ‘Strange World’ Animated Film to Include Openly Homosexual Teen Romance. Disney’s next animated feature film “Strange World” will include the first openly homosexual teen romance in a children’s movie from the entertainment company. Read more here.


Gen Z ‘Extremely Concerned’ About LGBTQ+ Rights, U.S. Survey Says. Nearly two-thirds of Generation Z between the ages of 18 and 25 say they are worried about the state of LGBTQ+ rights in the U.S., according to new survey data from Toluna. Read more here.


BBC Training Instructs Journalists to ‘Push LGBT Agenda.’ The BBC is under fire for advising journalists to use their influence to advance the LGBT agenda among politicians and other leaders. Read more here.


Feminists Join Social Conservatives to Denounce Biden LGBTQ Order. Women’s Liberation Front and Family Policy Alliance issued a joint public statement denouncing President Biden’s LGBTQI+ executive order. Read more here.


NYC Mayor Unveils Millions for LGBTQ Causes. New York City Mayor Eric Adams is allocating nearly seven million dollars for programs aimed at supporting LGBTQ causes. Read more here.


Rainbow-Colored Toys, Clothing Seized in Saudi Arabia. Rainbow-colored toys and clothing have been seized in Saudi Arabia for allegedly promoting homosexuality. Read more here.


Producer For Teen Homosexual Romance Says Series’ Move to Disney+ Expands Audience in ‘Exciting Way.’ The executive producer of the homosexual teen romance series ‘Love, Victor’ has expressed excitement that the show is now available to a much larger audience on Disney+. Read more here.


MA Archdiocese Revokes School’s Catholic Designation for Flying ‘Pride Flag.’ A Massachusetts city’s archdiocese announced that it is revoking a Jesuit school’s Catholic designation after administrators insisted on flying the “pride flag.” Read more here.


Biden Issues Executive Order Cracking Down on ‘Conversion Therapy.’ President Biden will sign an executive order cracking down on the “discredited and dangerous practice” of so-called “conversion therapy,” the White House announced. Read more here.


Burger King Issues Apology for ‘Pride Whopper’ Ad Campaign. Burger King Austria’s advertising agency issued an apology for a much-ridiculed marketing campaign announcing the “Pride Whopper,” a burger served with “two matching buns.” Read more here.


VP Harris Speaks at D.C. ‘Pride Parade.’ Vice President Kamala Harris made an appearance at the Washington D.C. Capital Pride Festival where children were exposed to various forms of sexually suggestive LGBTQ+ “kink.” Read more here.


L.A. ‘Pride Parade’ Features Sexual Displays in Front of Children. The Los Angeles “pride parade” featured whips cracking against bodies, bare breasts, and bulging crotches – all in full view of little children who were gathered in the crowd. Read more here.


NYC Shells Out $200K to Bring Drag Performers to Public Schools. New York City paid more than $200,000 in taxpayer funding over the past five years to have drag queens come into classrooms and interact with schoolchildren as young as age 3, according to a report. Read more here.


Disney Pixar’s ‘Lightyear’ Will Not Play in 14 Countries Over Same-Sex Kiss. Walt Disney Co. has been unable to obtain permission to show its new Pixar movie “Lightyear,” which contains a same-sex kiss, in 14 Middle Eastern and Asian countries. Read more here.


‘Family-Friendly’ LGBT ‘Pride’ Event in Texas Boasts Provocative Performances. Despite being marketed as a “family-friendly celebration,” a “pride month” event in Austin, Texas featured sexually provocative performances by multiple groups. Read more here.


Montana Zoo Faces Controversy Over Upcoming Drag Queen Story Hour. A Montana zoo is facing backlash after scheduling a Drag Queen Story Hour for “pride month.” Read more here.


San Francisco Mayor Announces Drag Laureate Position. San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced a Drag Laureate program to be funded through the city’s budget to “celebrate and support” the city’s drag community. Read more here.


Texas Lawmaker Plans Bill to Ban Children From Drag Shows. A Texas lawmaker announced he plans to introduce legislation in the next legislative session to ban children from being allowed to attend drag shows. Read more here.


Florida Gov Weighs CPS Investigations of Parents Who Take Kids to Drag Shows. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis suggested that he might urge the state’s child protective services to investigate parents who take their children to drag shows. Read more here.


Postmates Rolls Out ‘Bottom-Friendly Menu’ for ‘Pride Month.’ Food-delivery service company Postmates has introduced a “Bottom-Friendly Menu” for “Pride Month” in order to help destigmatize homosexual sex. Read more here.


Smithsonian Hosts ‘Age Appropriate’ Drag Queen Show for Kids. The Smithsonian American Art Museum hosted a “Pride Family Day” event featuring an “age appropriate” drag queen show and crafts for children inspired by the “pride flag.” Read more here.


‘Pride Flag’ Displayed at American Vatican Embassy in Rome. The U.S. Embassy to the Holy See in Rome is displaying a rainbow flag in honor of “Pride Month,” which the diplomatic mission displayed on social media. Read more here.


Maryland School District to Vote on Banning ‘Pride Flags’ in Classrooms. The Carroll County school board in Maryland is expected to approve a policy that would ban flying the “pride flag” after teachers reported being bullied for not displaying the flag. Read more here.


Texas Bar Hosts Drag Event for Kids. A Texas bar hosted a “Drag the Kids to Pride” event where drag queens danced provocatively while children handed them money. Read more here.


Burger King Debuts ‘Pride Whopper’ With Two Top or Two Bottom Buns. Burger King Austria is celebrating “Pride Month” by introducing the “Pride Whopper,” a hamburger that comes with either two top or two bottom buns. Read more here.


U.S. DHS Secretary Salutes ‘Progress Pride Flag.’ Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas posted an image of his hand-on-heart salute as the “Progress Pride Flag” was hoisted at the Department of Homeland Security headquarters. Read more here.


Pizza Hut Book Club Promotes Drag Queen Books to Pre-K Children. The Pizza Hut Book It program for young students is reportedly promoting books to pre-kindergarten children about little kids dressing up as drag queens. Read more here.


New York Library Hosts ‘Drag Camp’ for Kids. A publicly funded library in upstate New York is being assailed for hosting a “drag camp” for children as young as 11 years old to take on a drag persona and perform at a drag show. Read more here.


Oreo Touts ‘Pride Pack’ for June ‘Pride Month.’ Oreo Cookies is celebrating ‘Pride Month’ with limited edition packaging that includes “words of love and support from real allies of the LGBTQ+ community.” Read more here.


Indiana Town Cancels ‘Family Friendly’ Drag Show. A “family friendly” drag event scheduled to take place in Jasper, Indiana has been canceled after the Twitter account Libs of TikTok included it in the “mega thread” of drag events targeting kids. Read more here.


Global South Revolts Against Western Sexual Agenda at WHA. Over 120 countries rejected a U.S.-backed global strategy to address HIV/AIDS at the World Health Assembly because it promotes the homosexual/transgender agenda and sexual autonomy for children. Read more here.


First ‘Gay Days’ Event Since Pandemic Takes Place at Florida Theme Parks. An LGBT travel agency is sponsoring the first “Gay Days” event since 2019 in Walt Disney World and other theme parks across Orlando, Florida. Read more here.


U.S. Marine Corps Celebrates ‘Pride Month’ With Rainbow Bullets. The U.S. Marine Corps marked the first day of “Pride Month” with a celebratory image featuring rainbow bullets. Read more here.


Biden Adds ‘Intersex’ to Presidential Proclamation Recognizing ‘Pride Month.’ President Joe Biden has added “intersex” to the list of sexual identities his administration is recognizing as part of “pride month.” Read more here.


Kuwait Criticizes U.S. Embassy Over Pro-LGBT Tweets. Kuwait has summoned a top U.S. diplomat in protest over tweets from the American embassy supporting LGBT rights, its foreign ministry says. Read more here.


U.S. Air Base Cancels Drag Show at Library. A drag queen event at the library on Ramstein Air Base has been canceled after receiving criticism from service members and lawmakers. Read more here.


Indonesia Summons British Envoy Over Rainbow Flag. Indonesia summoned Britain’s ambassador to explain the raising of an LGBT “pride” flag at its embassy and urged foreign missions to respect local “sensitivities.” Read more here.


Florida Church Holds LGBTQ+ Conference for Youth. A church in Naples, Florida hosted an LGBTQ+ conference for children and young adults aged 12 to 18 with the goal of “empowering them to be confident in all their identities.” Read more here.


WA School Board Member to Host ‘Queer Youth’ Event at Sex Shop for ‘All Ages.’ A Washington state school board member is set to host a “Queer Youth Open Mic Night” for children aged “0-18” at the sex shop she owns. Read more here.


London Mayor Unveils New LGBTQ Flag. London Mayor Sadiq Khan has apparently unveiled a new version of the LGBTQ+ “pride” flag for International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. Read more here.


South Carolina Bans Biological Males From Women’s Sports. South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster signed legislation which requires that students participate in sports that align with the biological sex on their birth certificate. Read more here.


Philadelphia Schools Urged Teachers to Attend Sexually Explicit Transgender Conference. Philadelphia teachers were encouraged to attend a conference that featured X-rated workshops by LGBT activists. Read more here.


Federal Judge Strikes Down Tennessee Bathroom Signage Law. A federal judge struck down Tennessee’s law requiring businesses to post special signs if they allow transgender-identifying people to use the bathroom of their choice. Read more here.


Judge Orders Indiana School to Allow Female Student to Use Boys’ Bathroom. A federal judge who previously ruled that an Indiana middle school must allow a female student who identifies as transgender to use the boys’ restroom rejected a request from the school district to delay enforcement of her earlier ruling while the district appeals the decision. Read more here.


Biological Males Should Not Compete Against Women, World Swim Coach Group Declares. The World Swimming Coaches Association released a report which states that biological males cannot take part in competitive women’s swimming without ruining the sport. Read more here.


Poll: Most U.S. Voters Oppose ‘Sex-Change’ Surgeries for Children. A new poll shows that most Americans oppose “sex-change” operations for minors, but many are afraid to speak about the issue due to fear of retribution. Read more here.