Past Newswire Headlines


CATHOLICS IN AFRICA WANT NIGERIA WITHDRAWN FROM ‘PRO-LGBT, PRO-ABORTION’ SAMOA AGREEMENT. Catholic activists under the umbrella organization CitizenGO Africa are calling on the Nigerian government to withdraw from the Samoa agreement, a contentious document they say seeks to promote abortion and LGBTQ ideologies in the West African nation, while undermining the fundamental cultural values of Nigerians. Read more here.


COLORADO BISHOPS TO VOTERS: OPPOSE ABORTION & LGBT RIGHTS; SUPPORT ANTI-TRANS INITIATIVES. Four Colorado bishops representing the Catholic Church have taken a stance on multiple upcoming ballot initiatives, vocally opposing measures promoting abortion, same-sex marriage and measures that would negatively impact parental rights. Read more here.


CALIFORNIA DEMOCRATS WATER DOWN BILL AGAINST CHILD PROSTITUTION AFTER PRESSURE FROM LGBT ACTIVISTS. LGBT activists testified before the legislature that a bill making prostitution activities with a minor a felony would be “overly punitive,” would “disproportionately impact marginalized communities,” and would criminalize members of the so-called “LGBTQ community.” Read more here.


ONE MILLION MOMS CONDEMN DISNEY+ ‘STAR WARS’ SERIES FEATURING COVEN OF LESBIAN SPACE WITCHES PROCREATING. Disney+’s new series, “Star Wars: The Acolyte” promotes LGBT themes and witchcraft, and it sparked controversy for its portrayal of lesbian characters using supernatural elements to conceive children. Read more here.


DISNEY CO-SPONSORED NAKED LGBTQ PRIDE PARADES FOR KIDS. A Disney whistleblower released internal documents to journalist James O’Keefe that revealed the Walt Disney Company promoted LGBTQ children’s events that featured naked adult males and polysexual virtual hangouts. Read more here.


CDC JOINS PFIZER AFFILIATE IN SPONSORING PRO-LGBT PUBLIC SCHOOL EVENT FOR FIFTH GRADERS. A pharmaceutical company linked to Pfizer spent thousands to sponsor an LGBT event through the Chicago Public Schools that taught kids how to present themselves as the opposite sex without their parents knowing. Read more here.


O’KEEFE DISNEY EXPOSÉ: EXEC SAYS ‘BOB IGER ISN’T AXING LGBTQ CONTENT AT ALL,’ DRAG QUEENS INEVITABLE AT PARKS. A new video from reporter James O’Keefe appears to show a Disney executive saying he wants more LGBTQ content for kids and would like to see drag queens at Disneyland one day. Read more here.


SAN FRANCISCO PRIDE PARADE FEATURES PUBLIC NUDITY AROUND KIDS. Corporations and civic organizations donated mega dollars to the recent San Francisco Pride Parade, where nude adults walked around in front of children and men performed sex acts in a “Fetish Zone.” Read more here.


POLAND’S FIRST QUEER MUSEUM TO OPEN IN WARSAW WITH SUPPORT OF CITY HALL. The queer museum will document the history of the LGBT+ community and will open later this year in Warsaw with the backing of the municipal authorities. Read more here.


MAJOR RURAL RETAILER TRACTOR SUPPLY DITCHES LGBT ACTIVISM AFTER BACKLASH. In what has been described as an “extraordinary about-face,” the massive rural supply merchant Tractor Supply Company has dropped its support of extreme left-wing causes, including the LGBTQ agenda. Read more here.


LGBTQ ACTIVISTS ERUPT IN FURY AFTER ‘HOMOPHOBIC’ CHRISTIAN KORBIN ALBERT MAKES U.S. OLYMPIC WOMEN’S SOCCER TEAM. The U.S. national women’s soccer team coach Emma Hayes announced the 18-player roster of players for the 2024 Olympics in Paris, and LGBT activists are erupting in anger about the openly Christian Korbin Albert making the team. Read more here.


CANADIAN UNIVERSITY OFFERS ‘DRAG’ CLASSES FOR KIDS AT ANTI-FAMILY SUMMER CAMP ON A REMOTE ISLAND. The University of British Columbia announced “UBC CampOUT!” which is being described as a “leadership and learning summer camp for queer, trans, two-Spirit, questioning and allied youth from across BC & the Yukon.” Read more here.


THESE 63 COMPANIES CELEBRATE ‘PRIDE’ IN LGBTQ CONSUMERS. This Pride Month, many companies continued to signal support for and seek the business of LGBTQ individuals by advertising Pride-themed merchandise on their websites. Others discreetly showed their support by not featuring Pride-related products on homepages but tucking away statements of support elsewhere on their websites. Read more here.


MANDATORY SOLIDARITY? EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT SET TO HOST LGBT ‘INCLUSIVITY’ INITIATIVES. Ahead of the planned first sitting of the newly elected European Parliament, moves are underway to ensure that it is a more ‘LGBT inclusive’ workplace, according to leaked internal emails seen by The European Conservative. Read more here.


LEGO CELEBRATES LGBTQIA PRIDE MONTH WITH DRAG QUEENS AND FURRIES. The children’s toy company is celebrating LGBTQ+ pride month with an animated video depicting a parade of minifigures that include drag queens, furries, a Village People-style cowboy and the rainbow-colored cast of LEGO’s “Everything is Awesome” pride set for kids. See more here.


JORDAN PETERSON CALLS OUT CANADIAN SCHOOLS FOR PUSHING ‘PRIDE’ MONTH PROPAGANDA, SAYS IT ‘HAS TO STOP.’ Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson said LGBT indoctrination in Canadian schools “has to stop” after a concerned citizen posted a photo of Grade 3 students being taught all about “Drag” “Kings” and “Queens.” Read more here.


NAMIBIAN COURT DECLARES LAWS BANNING HOMOSEXUAL SEX UNCONSTITUTIONAL. A high court in Namibia declared two colonial-era laws that criminalized same-sex acts between men unconstitutional. Read more here.


COUNTRY OF GEORGIA TO IMPOSE FINES FOR LGBT PROMOTION. The Georgian parliament will consider a package of bills imposing administrative penalties for promoting non-traditional gender identities and same-sex relationships, with fines reaching $870 and $1,000 for the targeting of minors. Read more here.


LGBT RESOURCE CENTER ANNOUNCES CLOSURE AMIDST DEI CHANGES. The University of Utah’s LGBT Resource Center announced its closure via an Instagram post in the wake of an anti-DEI bill that restricts Utah schools from incorporating diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives in their institutions. Read more here.


SRI LANKA COURT BLOCKS GENDER EQUALITY BILL. Sri Lanka’s highest court has shot down a government bill seeking gender equality, arguing it could set a legal precedent for the decriminalization of homosexuality and same-sex marriage. Read more here.


NYC COUNCIL PUSHES IVF COVERAGE FOR HOMOSEXUAL MEN. The New York City Council’s LGBTQIA+ Caucus is pushing Mayor Eric Adams to expand in vitro fertilization coverage to homosexual men who work for the city. Currently, the city’s health plan only covers IVF cycles for employees, females and males who have female partners, diagnosed with infertility. Read more here.


BIDEN’S TITLE IX RULE BLOCKED BY JUDGE IN SIX ADDITIONAL STATES. A federal judge temporarily blocked the Biden administration’s new Title IX rule expanding protections for LGBTQ+ students in six additional states, dealing another setback for a policy that has been under legal attack by Republican attorneys general. Read more here.


LA CITY COUNCIL: U-TURN SIGNS ARE ANTI-GAY. A U-turn sign was removed from a Los Angeles neighborhood because the LGBT community said the street sign was anti-homosexual and targeted the LGBT community. Read more here.


BIDEN’S INTEL COMMUNITY IS CELEBRATING PRIDE MONTH WITH FREE TRANS FLAG MANICURES, ‘FILIPINX’ LECTURES. The top intelligence agency in the United States is celebrating pride month by inviting agents to have the transgender flag painted on their nails, participate in a “Pride Ally Challenge,” and learn from a “non-binary,” “Filipinx” activist who has taught children about her non-binary identity. Read more here.


VICTORY: ONTARIO CATHOLIC SCHOOL BOARD UPHOLDS BAN ON FLYING LGBT ‘PRIDE’ FLAG. In a victory for the pro-family movement and church teaching, an Ontario Catholic school board voted down a motion to fly non-governmental flags for various secular initiatives such as the LGBT pride flag. Read more here.


WOMAN FIRED FOR ‘STRAIGHT PRIDE’ POST. An Ohio news station employee, Madonna Chism Pinkard, was fired for a social media post joking about “straight pride” in response to LGBTQ pride month in June, stating, “Celebrate straight pride. It’s natural, it has worked for thousands of years, and you can make babies!” Read more here.


BOOKSTORE SETS UP LGBT GROOMING TABLE FOR KIDS. Novel Bookstore, in Memphis, Tennessee, is facing outrage from families and conservatives over its table filled with LGBT materials and storybooks designed for children, including such titles as “Leo and the Pink Marker,” “It’s Pride, Baby!” and “The Hips on the Drag Queen Go Swish, Swish, Swish.” Read more here.


MONTGOMERY COUNTY PARENTS BRING BABIES, ELEMENTARY SCHOOLERS TO KIDS’ PRIDE PARADE. Hundreds of parents brought their children, as young as babies and toddlers, to wave rainbow flags, pose with a drag queen, and do LGBTQ-themed crafts at the “Kids’ Pride Parade and Street Fair” in Montgomery County, Maryland. Read more here.


ALBERTA TOWN STARTS PETITION TO REMOVE RAINBOW CROSSWALKS, ‘PRIDE’ FLAGS FROM MUNICIPAL PROPERTY. Residents of Barrhead, Alberta, have launched a petition to remove all LGBT rainbow crosswalks and pride flags from municipal property, similar to a motion passed in the nearby town of Westlock earlier this year. Read more here.


B.C. SCHOOL DISTRICT HOSTS PRIDE PARADE FOR CHILDREN WHILE KEEPING PARENTS IN THE DARK. Children as young as five years old marched in a Pride parade approved by Vancouver Island’s Sooke School District 62. Read more here.


IDAHO BAR CELEBRATES ‘HETEROSEXUAL AWESOMENESS MONTH,’ NOT PRIDE. Old State Saloon, a bar in Eagle, Idaho, announced on Facebook that “June will be OSS’s inaugural Heterosexual Awesomeness Month!” and urged the public to “come join us all month to celebrate heterosexuals, for without them, none of us would be here!” Read more here.


AS MISS MARYLAND, THIS MAN IN A DRESS WILL INTERACT WITH KIDS. The Miss Maryland USA pageant crowned a man who goes by the name of Bailey Anne Kennedy and who wears large prosthetic breasts. Read more here.


NAVY SEALS UNDER FIRE FOR PROMOTING PRIDE MONTH. The U.S. Navy SEALs marked the start of pride month by posting a rainbow-colored graphic reading: Dignity, Service, Respect, Equality, Pride, and the blowback was so severe that Naval Special Warfare Command limited comments on its social media pages. Read more here.


COLLEGE ‘GENDER-AFFIRMING’ PROGRAM WILL TEACH HOW TO SNEEZE LIKE OPPOSITE SEX. A private institution in Albany, New York, Russell Sage College, plans to offer a “gender-affirming” voice program starting next spring, in an effort to teach “gender-diverse individuals” how to sneeze, cough and modify their voices to “match their identities.” Read more here.


MUSLIM SOCCER PLAYER SUSPENDED BY FRENCH LEAGUE FOR COVERING UP PRO-LGBT MESSAGE ON JERSEY. The French Ligue de Football Professional suspended midfielder Mohamed Camara of AS Monaco for four games for covering up an LGBT message on his jersey during a game. Read more here.


UNITED METHODIST CHURCH LOSES 1 MILLION MEMBERS IN A SINGLE DAY OVER LGBT AFFIRMATION. The United Methodist Church lost more than a million members in one fell swoop last week, with a large West African conference voting to leave the organization due to its acceptance of LGBT clergy and marriages. Read more here.


KIDS’ YOUTUBER ‘MS. RACHEL’ FACES BACKLASH FOR PRIDE MONTH VIDEO. Ms. Rachel, whose real identity is 41-year-old Rachel Accurso, has a huge YouTube following on her “toddler learning” YouTube channel and nearly five million on TikTok, where the controversial video has been viewed more than three million times. Read more here.


FBI AGENTS MARCH, WAVE LGBTQ FLAGS AT CALIFORNIA ‘PRIDE’ PARADE. At least a dozen uniformed FBI agents, some carrying handguns, marched in West Hollywood’s annual Pride parade. Read more here.


SAME-SEX JAPAN DATING REALITY SHOW ‘THE BOYFRIEND’ LAUNCHED. The first Japanese same-sex dating reality TV series, “The Boyfriend”, will feature men living together for a month at a beach house, despite Japan’s socially conservative culture. Read more here.


VA HOSPITAL REPLACES AMERICAN FLAG WITH LGBT FLAG. The American flag was reportedly removed and replaced with a pride flag inside the VA medical center in Orlando, Florida, and a sign was posted asking veterans to provide their preferred pronouns. Read more here.


COMPANIES TO SCALE BACK LGBT CAMPAIGNS FOR PRIDE AFTER BUD LIGHT, TARGET BOYCOTTS LAST YEAR: REPORT. As Pride Month begins this year, many companies will reportedly be scaling back their LGBTQ+ advocacy campaigns because of the notable market declines and loss of value from last year’s nationwide boycotts. Read more here.


SCHOLASTIC ENCOURAGES TEACHERS TO ‘DISRUPT THE STATUS QUO’ WITH LGBT BOOKS FOR PRIDE MONTH. In its recently released 2024 guide for the annual “Read With Pride” initiative, Scholastic asserts that educators and caregivers “absolutely know queer children” in their classrooms, libraries, and communities, regardless of whether these children are out to themselves or others. Read more here.


BIDEN STATE DEPARTMENT SPENDING MILLIONS ON FOREIGN LGBTQ EVENTS AS ‘PRIDE MONTH’ APPROACHES. President Joe Biden’s State Department bankrolled a homosexual film festival, an LGBTQ community conference and other pride events in Australia, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria in the lead-up to June, according to grant records. Read more here.


CONSERVATIVE INSTITUTE HOSTS ‘EX-GAY VISIBILITY DAY’: ‘STORIES THAT DESERVE TO BE HEARD.’ The Ruth Institute hosted an “Ex-Gay Visibility Day” to counter pride month festivities and acknowledge the many people who have left the LGBT identity behind. Read more here.


WALMART DOUBLES DOWN ON PRIDE MONTH; WILL SELL HOMOSEXUAL-THEMED PRODUCTS. The nation’s largest retailer posted a pride month message on its Instagram account and launched a new collection with products like a notebook that says “beyond gender” and a tote bag that says “tote gay.” Read more here.


CATHOLIC GROUP LAUNCHES PARENT-LED EFFORT TO ROOT OUT CHILDREN’S LGBT BOOKS FROM LIBRARIES AHEAD OF PRIDE MONTH. CatholicVote, a nonprofit focused on promoting Catholic values in public life, will debut its third annual “Hide the Pride” campaign on June 1, and it will urge parents to rid their local taxpayer-funded library’s children’s section of sexualized and gender-related books. Read more here.


DEI INC. EXPOSED: CANADIAN LIBERALS SPENT TENS OF MILLIONS ENRICHING DIVERSITY CONSULTANTS. Canadian taxpayers have been billed millions to enrich the LGBT agenda, according to a True North analysis released to Conservative MP Kerry-Lynne Findlay detailing diversity, equity and inclusion contracts across dozens of federal ministries going back to Jan. 1, 2019. Read more here. Read more here.


19 DEMOCRAT STATE ATTYS. GEN. OPPOSE GIVING KIDS OPT-OUT OPTION FROM LGBT BOOKS. More than a dozen Democrat state attorneys general have sided with a major school district as it continues to face litigation for requiring students beginning in preschool to read books promoting LGBT ideology without allowing parents to opt their children out of such instruction. read more here.


PARIS 2024 INAUGURATES GAMES’ PRIDE HOUSE. Officials of the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics have designated a “Pride House” at a barge on the River Seine, to promote “inclusion for and through sport.” The concept was banned at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, when spaces were opened outside Russia. Read more here.


COLORADO MIDDLE SCHOOL REQUIRES TEACHERS TO SHOW LGBTQ+ ‘DAY OF SILENCE’ VIDEO TO STUDENTS. Campus Middle School in the municipality of Greenwood Village required staff to show a video and distribute worksheets and a list of activities encouraging students to participate in the LGBTQ+ “Day of Silence.” Read more here.


NBC MARKS PRIDE MONTH WITH DOCUMENTARY ON ‘QUEER’ ANIMALS. The LGBTQ animal series “Queer Planet” will premiere on June 6 on the media company’s streaming service Peacock, with a new nature documentary celebrating “queer” animals. Read more here.


CANADA’S INTELLIGENCE AGENCY CLASSIFIES OPPONENTS OF LGBT GENDER IDEOLOGY AS A ‘VIOLENT THREAT.’ Canada’s intelligence agency in a recent report claimed that Canadians who are opposed to extreme forms of LGBT gender ideology, which includes those who simply believe that one can be only a man or a woman, form the “anti-gender movement” that it claims could pose an ongoing “violent threat” during the coming year. Read more here.


SCHOOL HIRES DRAG QUEEN FOR ‘PRIDE PROM.’ Howard County High School, Maryland is holding a prom – but only for homosexual students and their allies – which will be emceed by a drag queen. Read more here.


NYC SUED FOR DENYING IVF COVERAGE TO HOMOSEXUAL MALE COUPLES. The same-sex couple’s lawsuit argues that the city’s exclusion of homosexual men from being eligible for IVF benefits violates Title VII, the equal protection and due process clauses of the 14th Amendment and New York state and New York City human rights laws. Read more here.


TARGET LIMITING LGBTQ-THEMED MERCHANDISE FOR ‘PRIDE MONTH’ AFTER MASSIVE BLOWBACK. Target said it will only offer Pride-themed items in select stores after having sold the merchandise in every one of its locations across America for the past ten years. Items that received backlash included “swimsuits designed for use by some trans women and designs from a company that makes Satanic-themed LGBTQ+ merchandise.” Read more here.


THE UK COUNCIL FOR PSYCHOTHERAPY (UKCP) HAS ENDED ITS SUPPORT FOR THE COALITION AGAINST CONVERSION THERAPY, CITING CONCERNS ABOUT CHILDREN. Explaining the decision, UKCP Chairman Dr. Christian Buckland admitted the pro-trans group’s call for a universal ban on so-called conversion therapy risked compromising the safety of under-18s. Read more here.


PRO-LGBT VATICAN AMBASSADOR TO KEYNOTE CATHOLIC COLLEGE GRADUATION. Ambassador Joe Donnelly, who as a former U.S. senator voted to protect taxpayer funding of abortion giant Planned Parenthood and supported the LGBT agenda, will reportedly keynote Calumet College of St. Joseph’s graduation ceremony. Read more here.


TWO RUSSIAN ONLINE FILM DISTRIBUTORS CHARGED UNDER ‘LGBT PROPAGANDA’ LAW. Two Russian online film distributors, including a company owned by Nasdaq-listed internet giant Yandex, have been charged with offenses under the country’s “LGBT propaganda” law. Read more here.


THE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH HELD A HISTORIC VOTE IN FAVOR OF LGBT INCLUSION. At the United Methodist General Conference, the church’s global legislative body voted to overturn every ban on LGBTQ people, including a new definition of marriage as a lifelong covenant between “two people of faith,” rather than solely between a man and a woman, and a repeal of its ban on LGBTQ clergy. Read more here.


UK: LGBT LOBBY GROUP FALLS FURTHER FROM GRACE FOLLOWING TRANS REPORT. Sport England has concluded that membership of Stonewall, Britain’s most high-profile LGBT charity and lobby group, is no longer ‘‘value for money,” especially since it imposed a diversity of champions scheme with emphasis on pronouns and gender-neutral spaces. Read more here.


CONSTRUCTION BEGINS ON NATIONAL CANADIAN MONUMENT TO HONOR 2SLGBTQ+ COMMUNITY. Construction is underway for a national monument in downtown Ottawa recognizing the discrimination faced by 2SLGBTQ+ people across the country. Read more here.


71 PERCENT WANT DISNEY TO END LGBTQ AGENDA, BRAND IN FREEFALL. According to a poll taken in early 2021 — when Disney was a company dedicated to protecting the innocence of small children and not attempting to “queer” them using drag queens, gay sex, transvestites, and transsexuals — Disney enjoyed a +56 favorability rating. But now, Rasmussen Reports discovered that 71 percent of those polled want Disney to cease grooming small children. Read more here.


RECRUIT MORE QUEER, TRANS SCHOLARS TO HELP ENVIRONMENT: UMINN REPORT. A new University of Minnesota report advocates for more “2SLGBTQIA+” individuals in environmental work, arguing their communities are disproportionately harmed by pollution and natural disasters. Read more here.


UNITED METHODISTS IN US REPEAL LONGSTANDING BAN ON LGBT CLERGY. United Methodist delegates in the U.S. repealed their church’s longstanding ban on LGBT clergy with no debate, removing a rule forbidding “self-avowed practicing homosexuals” from being ordained or appointed as ministers. Read more here.


GLAAD COMPLAINS ABOUT ‘CONCERNING’ DROP IN LGBTQ CHARACTERS ON TV, DEMANDS HOLLYWOOD CREATE MORE ‘INCLUSIVE’ CONTENT. The number of LGBTQ characters in Hollywood TV shows fell more than 20 percent during the 2023-24 season. GLAAD (formerly the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) chastised Hollywood studios for failing to create more gay and transgender characters. Read more here.


CALIF. GROUP LAUNCHES BALLOT INITIATIVE TO PROTECT CHILDREN FROM LGBT IDEOLOGY. A group of concerned parents has begun a program called Protect Kids California, seeking to protect children from extreme LGBT ideology. Read more here.


BILL THAT WOULD BAN PRIDE FLAGS IN SCHOOLS FAILS IN GOP-CONTROLLED TN SENATE. The Republican-led Tennessee state Senate failed to pass a bill that would ban the display of ideological and political flags, including pride flags, in public schools across the state. Read more here.


LGBT TRUMPS RELIGION IN U.S. HUMAN RIGHTS REPORT. The U.S. State Department has released its annual Human Rights Report criticizing other countries for their conservative stances on human sexuality and sexual and reproductive rights (SRH). Read more here.


DOMINICA HIGH COURT OVERTURNS BAN ON SAME-SEX RELATIONS. Dominica’s High Court has overturned a ban on consensual same-sex relations in the Caribbean island nation, ruling parts of the law that criminalized same-sex activity went against the country’s constitution. Read more here.


MEGAN RAPINOE TO PRODUCE TV SERIES ON LESBIAN SOCCER PLAYERS. Retired lesbian soccer star Megan Rapinoe and partner Sue Bird’s production company, A Touch More, will create a series based on the novel Cleat Cute by Meryl Wilsner. Read more here.


QUINNIPIAC LAW SCHOLARSHIP EXCLUDES HETEROSEXUAL MALES, FACES TITLE IX COMPLAINT. Quinnipiac University School of Law is facing a federal civil rights complaint for a scholarship only open to women and LGBTQ+ students. Read more here.


UK: SUNAK AS COMMITTED TO BANNING ‘CONVERSION THERAPY’ AS EVER. Britain’s Conservative government continues to view “conversion therapy” to overcome homosexual attraction or to preserve someone’s biological gender identity as “abhorrent” and will bring forward legislation to ban it “shortly.” Read more here.


‘WE’RE NOT PUPPETS OF THE WEST’: GHANA MP DEFENDS LAW BANNING SODOMY, LGBTQ PROMOTION. Ghana Member of Parliament Sam George defended a bill that would criminalize homosexual behavior and its promotion against pressure from the West to quash the legislation. Read more here.


VATICAN SAYS ‘NO’ TO ‘SEX CHANGES’ AND GENDER THEORY IN NEW DOCUMENT. The Vatican reaffirmed its opposition to sex changes, gender theory and surrogate parenthood, as well as abortion and euthanasia, four months after supporting blessings for same-sex couples. Read more here.


ONTARIO TOWN CENSURES COUNCILOR FOR OPPOSING LGBT ‘PRIDE’ FLAGS FLOWN ON MUNICIPAL BUILDINGS. Chatham-Kent councilor Rhonda Jubenville was suspended for three months without pay by her colleagues for introducing a neutrality motion to ban the flying of all flags on public buildings, except for the flags of Canada, Ontario, and the municipality. Read more here.


PRINCETON ALUMNI LGBT ACTIVIST ARRESTED ON CHILD PORNOGRAPHY CHARGES. Roy “Trey” Farmer, an activist associated with Princeton University, has been charged with one felony count of possession of child sexual abuse material, according to the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office. Read more here.


RUSSIA ADDS ‘LGBT MOVEMENT’ TO LIST OF TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS AFTER SUPREME COURT RULING. Russia has designated the “LGBT movement” on its list of 511 extremist and terror organizations, and could freeze the bank accounts of over 14,000 entities and individuals designated as “extremists.” Read more here.


HERE’S HOW BIDEN AGENCY MANDATES PRO-LGBTQ LANGUAGE ON MARRIAGE, GENDER. Employees of the U.S. Interior Department’s Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement are directed to go through all agency messaging and remove language that presumes traditional views on gender or marriage, according to documents obtained by The Heritage Foundation. Read more here.


BIDEN TO ASK CONGRESS TO REVERSE BAN ON PRIDE FLAGS BEING FLOWN AT US EMBASSIES AFTER SIGNING $1.2 TRILLION SPENDING PLAN. The U.S. Congress has prohibited LGBTQ pride flags from being flown at US Embassies via a provision included in the controversial $1.2 trillion spending package that President Biden signed on Saturday. The White House has since declared its intention to challenge the ban. Read more here.


ISRAEL HIGH COURT ORDERS GOVERNMENT TO REDO BIRTH CERTIFICATES FOR SAME-SEX COUPLE MOMS. The High Court of Justice ordered the Population and Immigration Authority to issue birth certificates for lesbian couples with the names of both parents listed as mothers of their children in a landmark ruling. Read more here.


WASHINGTON’S DEMOCRAT GOVERNOR SIGNS LAW MANDATING LGBT HISTORY LESSONS IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Governor Jay Inslee signed a law mandating that by 2025, the state’s public schools “adopt inclusive curricula and select diverse, equitable, inclusive, age-appropriate instructional materials” that teach about “the histories, contributions, and perspectives” of “LGBTQ people.” Read more here.


PRO-TRANSGENDER GROUP GLAAD TRIES TO ERASE GAY, LESBIAN IDENTITY. Same-sex gay and lesbian people are just subtypes of transgenderism, according to GLAAD, a pro-transgender group that formerly pushed for civic acceptance of homosexuality. Read more here.


FLORIDA TEACHERS CAN INFORMALLY DISCUSS LGBT ISSUES IN SCHOOL UNDER NEW SETTLEMENT. The settlement comes after a legal battle regarding Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act, which passed in 2022 and prohibits teachers from discussing such issues through formal instruction for kindergarten through third-grade classes. Read more here.


WYOMING BANS LGBT INDOCTRINATION, ‘SOCIAL TRANSITIONING’ IN SCHOOLS WITHOUT PARENTS’ CONSENT. Educators in Wyoming may no longer teach children about sexual orientation or gender identity without parental consent or withhold from parents signs that their child is struggling with gender confusion, thanks to a new law Republican Gov. Mark Gordon objected to yet ultimately declined to veto. Read more here.


UGANDAN COURT BACKS GOVERNMENT’S REFUSAL TO REGISTER LGBT ORGANIZATION. A Ugandan court dismissed a petition by an LGBT advocacy group seeking to compel the government to register it, a lawyer for the petitioner said. Read more here.


CALIFORNIA CITY BANS NON-GOVERNMENT FLAGS, ANGERING LGBTQ GROUPS. Voters in California’s conservative Huntington Beach approved a measure that would restrict all non-government flags from being flown on city property, prompting backlash from LGBTQ advocates. Read more here.


MEMPHIS PUBLIC LIBRARY TO ISSUE ‘GAY’ LIBRARY CARDS. The taxpayer-funded library system recently held a contest to design new homosexual pride library cards, and the two winners each received a $500 prize. Read more here.


STUDY SHOWS THREEFOLD RISE IN BISEXUAL BEHAVIOR AMONG AMERICANS. The study published in The Journal of Sex Research and using data from the General Social Survey, uncovered a significant rise in the number of Americans identifying as bisexual or reporting bisexual behaviors, especially in recent years. Read more here.


COURT IN ITALY’S PADUA RULES IN FAVOR OF SAME-SEX PARENTS. The judges ruled that children could have two mothers listed on their birth certificates. The court rebutted an order for city authorities to retroactively remove non-biological mothers from the birth certificates of 37 children dating back to 2017. Read more here.


FEDS SHELL OUT THOUSANDS ON COMPUTER LESSONS FOR LGBTQ REFUGEES, FOSTERING ‘ECONOMIC INCLUSION’ IN LATIN AMERICA. The State Department and the Inter-American Foundation, an independent federal agency, funded a trio of grants between August 2021 and October 2023 aimed at bolstering Costa Rica’s status as a haven for LGBTQ asylum-seekers, funding a project to help LGBTQ refugee entrepreneurs as well as teaching homosexual and transgender refugees how to use computers. Read more here.


MASSACHUSETTS SENATE APPROVES CHANGING STATE’S SEX EDUCATION GUIDELINES TO BE MORE INCLUSIVE. The Massachusetts State Senate approved a bill to update the state’s sex education curriculum in schools and make it more inclusive by teaching students about gender identity as well as LGBTQ+ health. Read more here.


NEW TENNESSEE BILL WOULD LARGELY BAN LGBTQ FLAGS IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS. The Tennessee House passed a bill to ban displaying LGBTQ flags in public school classrooms. The legislation allows certain flags like the U.S. flag but restricts others, with exceptions for approved curriculum or historical items. Read more here.


CHRISTIAN SCHOOL DENIED EXEMPTION FROM MAINE’S LGBT DISCRIMINATION REQUIREMENTS FOR TUITION PROGRAM. Bangor Christian Schools, in Maine, must adhere to the state’s LGBT antidiscrimination policy to qualify for a state tuition assistance program while the lawsuit against the state continues, a federal judge has ruled. Read more here.


10 TIMES AS MANY TEACHERS SAY TRANS, CRT LESSONS HURT RATHER THAN HELP SCHOOLS. A new survey reveals a cavernous gap between teachers’ unions and the views of most parents, teenagers and teachers on whether public schools should teach LGBT ideology to students and whether parents should have the right to opt their children out of those classes. Read more here.


HOMOSEXUAL KICKED OFF LGBT TALK SHOW, THREATENED AFTER SUPPORTING ALBERTA ‘SEX CHANGE’ BAN. An LGBT talk show host has been kicked off his show and received an onslaught of vitriol from fellow homosexuals and members of the LGBTQ community for supporting Alberta Premier Danielle Smith’s forthcoming legislation that will ban surgically or chemically “transitioning” children. Read more here.


NEIMAN-MARCUS ACCUSED OF ONLY HIRING HOMOSEXUAL OR EUROPEAN MEN. Straight, white guys need not apply at Neiman Marcus because the high-end department store is facing internal investigations after its chief executive officer was accused of discriminatory hiring policies. Read more here.


FIRST LGBTQ MATADOR COMPETES IN SPAIN, ENCOURAGES OTHERS TO COME OUT. Spain’s first matador to be openly LGBTQ+ is encouraging others who compete in bullfighting to come out as well, insisting that “there have always been gay people in bullfighting.” Read more here.


KANSAS UNIVERSITY TURNS ASH WEDNESDAY INTO GAY PRIDE CELBRATION. Fort Hays State University turned Ash Wednesday, a day of fasting and prayer, into an LGBT pride celebration. Read more here.


IRELAND AMONG MOST LGBTQ+ INCLUSIVE COUNTRIES IN EUROPE. Ireland has ranked seventh on the top 10 list, right between Belgium (sixth) and the Netherlands (eighth) in the ranking that saw the UK come out on top. Read more here.


‘TOTAL DISGRACE’: LGBTQ NURSING COURSE CALLED OUT FOR PRIORITIZING ACTIVISM OVER HEALTHCARE. A Missouri lawmaker recently criticized a new LGBTQ nursing class at the University of Missouri, Saint Louis, where students wrote songs and books to raise awareness about the “disparities and injustices facing the LGBTQ community.” Read more here.


CHURCH OF ENGLAND: ‘PROFOUND DISAGREEMENT’ ON HOMOSEXUALITY. The Church of England’s governing body will debate adopting fresh commitments on homosexuality and same-sex couples when it meets later this month, it said while acknowledging that there remained “profound disagreement” on the matter. Read more here.


WATCH: OREO’S PARTNERSHIP WITH ‘MILITANT’ LGBT ORG CHALLENGED BY GROUP’S AD, SHAREHOLDER PROPOSAL. The National Legal and Policy Center released an ad criticizing Oreo for supporting PFLAG (formerly known as Parents & Friends of Lesbians and Gays). Read more here.


NEW POLISH MINISTER FOR EQUALITY OFFICIALLY SPONSORS NATIONAL RANKING OF SCHOOLS BY LGBTQ ACCEPTANCE. Katarzyna Kotula officially endorsed the country’s first-ever government-backed ranking of schools based on how “friendly” they are toward the LGBTQ+ community. Read more here.


RUSSIA MAKES FIRST CONVICTIONS FOR ‘LGBT EXTREMISM’ FOLLOWING BAN. Two Russian courts have meted out the first convictions in connection with what the government calls the “international LGBT social movement” and which was designated as extremist last year. Read more here.


SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED SYPHILIS CASES SOAR TO HIGHEST LEVELS IN 70 YEARS, CDC DATA SHOW. The celebration of promiscuity and homosexuality are being cited as the causes of Syphilis cases reaching their highest level in seven decades, according to new data released by the Centers for Disease Control. Read more here.


WEST VIRGINIA GOP MAJORITY PUSHES BILLS ARMING TEACHERS, RESTRICTING BATHROOMS, BOOKS. The state legislature advanced bills that would allow people to sue libraries over books that offend them and restrict where transgender kids can use the bathroom at school. Read more here.


NFL ADDS WOKENESS TO SUPER BOWL WEEK, ANNOUNCES LGBT-THEMED ‘NIGHT OF PRIDE.’ The NFL announced it will host an event with the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation during Super Bowl week next month in Las Vegas. Read more here.


WOKE U.S. HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER SAYS IDENTIFYING AS ‘STRAIGHT’ IS ‘OFFENSIVE’ TO LBGT PEOPLE. Seattle teacher Ian Golash is under fire for allegedly criticizing a student who identifies himself as “straight,” and who was told to use a less “offensive” term. Read more here.


WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION DOUBLES DOWN ON ‘SEXUAL HEALTH’, TRANGENDERISM. The Director-General of the World Health Organization called on world leaders to “counteract conservative opposition” to sexual rights and to “enact progressive legislation” as a “human rights imperative,” including repealing laws that criminalize homosexuality, sex work and HIV transmission. Read more here.


WELCOME TO HARVARD, WHERE YOU CAN SPEND YOUR MONEY TO LEARN ABOUT ‘QUEERING THE WORLD’, THREESOME DATING APPS. Harvard University, which accepts vast amounts of federal funding, is offering courses that teach its students topics including “Queering Education,” “Black Radicalism,” and sexual fetishes. Read more here.


POPE FRANCIS BACKS DOWN, PERMITS AFRICAN BISHOPS TO BAN BLESSINGS OF HOMOSEXUAL ‘COUPLES.’ The president of the episcopal conferences of Africa and Madagascar has declared that the Catholic bishops in the continent will not be implementing Fiducia Supplicans’ blessing of same-sex “couples” after striking an agreement with Pope Francis, saying to do so would contradict African culture which is “deeply rooted in the values of the natural law regarding marriage and family.” Read more here.


EX-PRESIDENT OF LGBTQ ORGANIZATION ARRESTED FOR CHILD SEX CRIMES. A former president of an LGBTQ organization in Canada, Sean Gravells, was arrested for committing sex crimes with children under the age of 16 and for distributing child pornography. Read more here.


BIDEN’S USDA TIES INTERNATIONAL GRANTS TO LGBTQ COMPLIANCE. The U.S. Department of Agriculture intends to cultivate the transgender ideology on a global scale using international farm-aid programs, by attaching strings to international grants that the USDA doles out to support the Biden administration’s LGBTQ agenda. Read more here.


PROPOSALS TO BAN LGBT CONVERSION THERAPY IN SCOTLAND PUBLISHED BY GOVERNMENT. The Scottish Government aims to ban LGBT conversion therapy as part of a public consultation, raising concerns among those in the religious community, with the Catholic Church in Scotland saying there is a “worrying lack” of clarity about what the term “conversion practices” means. Read more here.


A CONNECTICUT TOWN IS THE LATEST TO BAN PRIDE FLAGS FROM GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS. Enfield, Connecticut town councilors voted 6-5 to pass a resolution banning pride flags on government buildings. Read more here.


MEDICAL JOURNAL PUBLISHES PAPER ON ‘GREYSEXUALITY.’ The Canadian Medical Association Journal recently carried an article on a supposedly lesser-known sexuality called “greysexuality” that includes people who rarely experience sexual attraction. Read more here.


MANCHESTER MOVES TO BUILD FIRST-EVER LGBTQ+ ONLY ASSISTED LIVING COMMUNITY IN UK. If approved, Manchester will build the “UK’s first purpose-built” LGBTQ+ only housing community for people over 55 years of age as the result of a proposal for the city. Read more here.


LGBT ACTIVISTS OUTRAGED BY FLORIDA BILL TO CRIMINALIZE ADULTS SEXUALLY GROOMING CHILDREN. Florida Republicans introduced new legislation that would make it a second-degree felony for a legal adult to engage in “lewd or lascivious grooming,” defined as “engag[ing] in the process of preparing or encouraging a child to engage in sexual activity…” Read more here.


LABOR COUNCIL WILL CHECK COMPANIES’ LGBT CREDENTIALS BEFORE HIRING THEM. A London council has demanded that companies in its supply chain prove their commitment to approved LGBT inclusion values. Read more here.


UN SLAMS RUSSIA’S LGBT BAN. United Nations experts have voiced serious concerns over a recent ruling by the Russian Supreme Court that designates the “international LGBT movement and its structural units” as “extremist.” Read more here.


STUDENT SENT HOME FOR ‘HOMOSEXUALITY IS A SIN’ SHIRT SETTLES SUIT. In a settlement agreement, the Overton County Board of Education in Tennessee agreed to pay $101 to Brielle Penkoski three years after she was sent home from the Livingston Academy public high school for wearing the shirt. Read more here.


ISRAELI HIGH COURT RULES SAME-SEX COUPLES ELIGIBLE TO ADOPT CHILDREN. Three presiding justices on Israel’s High Court of Justice unanimously ruled that same-sex couples are eligible to adopt children. Read more here.


HUNGARIAN CATHOLIC CHURCH OPPOSES SAME-SEX COUPLE BLESSINGS. The Hungarian Catholic Bishops’ Conference has issued a statement following the Vatican’s publication of a document titled Fiducia supplicans, stating that in the future clergy will be allowed to bless same-sex couples. Read more here.


UK TEACHER GUILTY OF ‘UNACCEPTABLE CONDUCT’ FOR OPPOSING LGBT TEACHINGS, REGULATORY BODY RULES. A British regulatory agency has stopped short of banning a Church of England modern languages teacher who refused to affirm pro-LGBT teachings on human sexuality but found the teacher guilty of displaying “unacceptable professional conduct” in the run-up to her firing last year. Read more here.


FIGHTING LGBTQI+ PROPAGANDA: COALITION EXTENDS ADVOCACY TO GHANA SENIOR HIGH SCHOOLS. Ghana’s National Coalition for Proper Human Sexual Rights and Family Values has extended its advocacy to all senior high schools in the country using dance, music, drama and poetry to educate students about the realities of the LGBTQI+ phenomenon. Read more here.


MUSLIM PARENTS PUSH SCHOOL TO EXEMPT THEIR KIDS FROM LGBT LESSONS. A national religious freedom advocacy group – the First Liberty Institute – has threatened legal action if the St. Louis Park, Minnesota Public School district doesn’t revise its policies to allow Somali Muslim parents to opt their children out of LGBT lessons in the elementary school curriculum. Read more here.


HALLMARK LEANS INTO LGBT CONTENT, VOWS MORE ‘INCLUSION’ IN 2024. With the debut of “Christmas on Cherry Lane,” Hallmark made it abundantly clear that the “heart of TV” will continue to push the LGBT envelope — despite America’s towering wave of pushback. Read more here.


SCOTUS DECLINES TO TAKE UP ‘CONVERSION THERAPY’ BAN. The U.S. Supreme Court decided not to take up a challenge to Washington State’s ban on “conversion therapy” for minors, allowing a lower court decision upholding the law to stand. Read more here.


1 MILLION MOMS TO TARGET: STOP SELLING ‘GAY SANTAS’ ON CHRISTMAS. The conservative group One Million Moms has launched a petition against retail giant Target over its decision to stock LGBT-themed Christmas merchandise, including “gay Santas” and “pride nutcrackers,” months after the retail giant faced backlash for selling products by a designer of satanic-themed apparel. Read more here.


PROTEST AT SCHOOL BOARD MEETING OVER LGBT-GRANT VOTE. Students with the E.C. Glass High School Gender and Sexuality Alliance, in Lynchburg, Va., received a grant from the It Gets Better Project to create a safe space or “quiet room” at the school, but the school voted 7-2 not to accept the grant. Read more here.


PARENTS ASK APPEALS COURT TO RESTORE OPT-OUTS FOR LGBTQ ‘PRIDE’ STORYBOOKS. A group of multi-faith religious parents were in a federal appeals court fighting for the right to opt their children out of reading LGBTQ storybooks that push what they consider extremist ideology, saying it’s “forced inculcation.” Read more here.


UNDERCOVER VIDEO SHOWS PORNHUB EMPLOYEES WANT PORN TO STEER YOUNG PEOPLE’S SEXUAL IDENTITIES. Employees of Pornhub’s parent company were caught on camera touting the alleged benefits of underage kids watching pornography, and even suggesting that making videos of transgender-identifying people engaging in sex could help young people figure out their sexuality. Read more here.


TEACHER HID LGBT CLUB FROM PARENTS, VIOLATED DISTRICT POLICIES. A teacher at Red Bud High School in Illinois reportedly stated in an email thread that she concealed an LGBT club from parents by calling it “Bubbles” with the kids, which the superintendent of the school district clarified is a violation of the district’s policies. Read more here.


UGANDA ACCUSES U.S. OF PUSHING ‘LGBT AGENDA’ AFTER NEW ROUND OF SANCTIONS. Uganda’s government denounced the United States’ expansion of visa restrictions against its officials, accusing Washington of pushing an “LGBT agenda” in Africa. Read more here.


DISNEY FAMILY CHRISTMAS MOVIE ‘THE NAUGHTY NINE’ FEATURES LGBT TEEN CHARACTER, SAME-SEX PARENTS. After producing 24 LGBT-themed movies in 2022, Disney has released more homosexual fare in The Naughty Nine, which appears on Disney + and the Disney Channel. Read more here.


FATHER SUES SCHOOL DISTRICT FOR REFUSING TO DISPLAY STRAIGHT PRIDE FLAG ALONGSIDE PROGRESS PRIDE FLAG. Colorado father Nathan Feldman wanted his children’s school to display a straight pride flag, but the school refused to allow it, and his attorney blamed equity policies for “the overt sexualization of content in elementary schools nationwide.” Read more here.


DISNEY REPORT SUGGESTS WADING INTO CULTURE WAR PRESENTS ‘RISKS TO OUR REPUTATION.’ Walt Disney Company suggested during a recent Securities and Exchange Commission report that its controversial stances on social issues could endanger its bottom line by causing “risks relating to misalignment with public and consumer tastes.” Read more here.


MIT PRESSES STUDENTS AND FACULTY TO TAKE RADICAL ‘LGBTQ+ 101’ TRAINING. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is forcing students and faculty to take a training course titled “LGBTQ+ 101” that pushes radical claims like it’s an “act of violence” to use the birth name of an individual who identifies as transgender. Read more here.


CHRISTIAN SCHOOL BATTLES ‘GENDER IDENTITY’ LAW THAT FORCES HIRING OF LGBT TEACHERS, OTHER FAITHS OFFER CRITICAL SUPPORT. Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish of Grand Rapids, Michigan is gaining support from Alliance Defending Freedom, as well as groups representing Jews and Muslims in its effort to avoid being forced to hire employees who do not live out the beliefs of the Catholic church. Read more here.


GHANA BISHOPS THANK THEIR PARLIAMENT FOR ADVANCING PRO-FAMILY BILL AGAINST LGBT AGENDA. The Ghana Catholic Bishops Conference (GCBC) has issued a statement praising politicians for advancing the Promotion of Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values Bill 2021 from the preliminary stage to “consideration,” pushing it one step closer to becoming law. Read more here.


‘GAY IS SLAY’: SEATTLE MIDDLE SCHOOLERS FORCED TO SEND HATE MAIL TO MOMS FOR LIBERTY. Parental rights group Moms for Liberty received a package that contained cards and letters that students from a Seattle Middle school allegedly made in class, claiming that the organization was “bullying” LGBTQ youth. Read more here.


RUSSIAN MINISTRY SEEKS TO BAN ‘INTERNATIONAL LGBT MOVEMENT’ AS EXTREMIST. Russia’s justice ministry has filed a motion with the country’s Supreme Court to label what it called the “international LGBT public movement” as extremist and to ban its operation within Russia. Read more here.


TRADITIONAL COUNTRIES REJECT BIDEN PUSH FOR LGBT AT UN. Egypt, Indonesia and Uganda are among the nations opposing a U.S. attempt to impose homosexual and transgender policies in a UN resolution, accusing the Biden administration of being “divisive” and “confrontational” while ignoring their views. Read more here.


TARGET STORES PROMOTES GAYCRUELLA TO LGBTQIA SEGMENTATION STRATEGIST AMID ABYSMAL SALES FROM PRIDE BACKLASH. Target is doubling down on its promotion of radical gender theory, as the company reportedly selected a man named Erik “Gaycruella” Thompson to lead the effort. Read more here.


UGANDA KICKED OUT OF AFRICA GROWTH AND OPPORTUNITIES ACT OVER LGBT LAW. The Biden Administration has suspended Uganda, Niger, Gabon and the Central African Republic from trading with it under the terms of the AGOA. Read more here.


BOWDOIN COLLEGE HOSTS PRIDE PROM TO COMBAT ‘GENDERED, HETERONORMATIVE’ HIGH SCHOOL TRADITION. Bowdoin College hosted its first Pride Prom, welcoming students to dance with a drag queen and dress in “whatever makes your queer (and ally) selves happy.” Read more here.


19 DEMOCRAT STATE ATTYS. GENERAL OPPOSE OPT-OUT FROM LGBT BOOKS. In a brief submitted to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, 19 Democrat attorneys general urged the federal court to uphold a decision from the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland rejecting the request of religious parents who reside in the Montgomery County School District to have the ability to opt out of lessons using LGBT-related books. Read more here.


GEN Z’S SUPPORT FOR SAME-SEX MARRIAGE IN U.S. HAS DROPPED DRAMATICALLY: POLL. Support for same-sex marriage among Generation Z has fallen 11 percent since 2021, from 80 to 69 percent, according to a poll from the Survey Center on American Life. Read more here.




Diocese of Basel if the bishop does not meet their demand to move away from the “anti-life and homophobic sexual morals” of the Church. Read more here.


CONTROVERSIAL EU PROPOSAL ON PARENTHOOD COMES CLOSER. By 14 votes to 4, the European Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee agreed to recognize same-sex parenthood acknowledged by one member state everywhere in the European Union. Read more here.


HUNGARY SACKS MUSEUM CHIEF FOR NOT ENFORCING LGBT BAN ON UNDER-18’S AT EXHIBITION. Hungary’s government dismissed the director of the National Museum after it allowed children under the age of 18 to visit a World Press Photo exhibition featuring LGBT content that it is hosting despite a legal ban. Read more here.


LGBT ISSUES GALVANIZE DEMOCRATS’ PUSH FOR SCHOOL BOARD CONTROL. Sexually explicit pamphlets, mysterious lawn signs with barbed slogans and accusations of lying have punctuated a partisan school board race in the Philadelphia suburb of Plumstead Township. Read more here.


OPPOSITION TO SODOMY IS COLONIALISM, SAYS UN EXPERT. Traditional man-woman marriage, sodomy laws and social norms about gender are Western colonial impositions according to a UN human rights report. Read more here.


TAOISEACH DISCUSSES LGBT RIGHTS WITH SOUTH KOREA PRESIDENT. Ireland’s Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and South Korea President Yoon Suk Yeol discussed gender equality and LGBT rights during a meeting in Seoul, where Korea’s constitutional court recently upheld a law banning same-sex relations in the military. Read more here.


NAMIBIA: HIGH COURT HEARS BID TO OVERTURN HOMOSEXUAL SEX BAN. In a landmark case, the High Court of Namibia has heard arguments of Friedel Dausab, a homosexual man seeking the overturn of the law criminalizing same-sex behavior. Read more here.


LOS ANGELES COUNTY TELLS SOCIAL WORKERS THERE IS ‘NO RIGHT OR WRONG AGE TO ASK A CHILD ABOUT THEIR SEXUAL ORIENTATION.’ A spokesperson for the county Department of Children and Family Services confirmed the policy, which requires social workers to engage in “conversations about sexual orientation, gender identity and expression” without adherence to any specific age limit. Read more here.


CALIFORNIA TAXPAYERS PAYING TO FUND LGBTQ GROUP FIGHTING PARENTAL NOTIFICATION. A judge temporarily sided with the state and granted a preliminary injunction against the parent-notification policy of Temecula Valley Unified School District until he makes a final decision. Read more here.


SWITZERLAND LIFTS EXTRA RESTRICTIONS AGAINST GAY MEN GIVING BLOOD. Switzerland amended blood donation criteria for men who have sexual relations with other men, making ineligibility criteria the same for homosexuals and heterosexuals. Read more here.


HUNGARY BANS TEENAGERS FROM WORLD PRESS PHOTO EXHIBIT, CITING LGBT CONTENT. Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s nationalist government in 2021 banned the “display and promotion of homosexuality” in books and films accessible by under-18s and is now banning teens from visiting the World Press Photo exhibition featuring LBGT images. Read more here.


SOUTH KOREA COURT UPHOLDS BAN ON HOMOSEXUAL SEX IN THE MILITARY. The court said same-sex relationships could harm troops’ combat-readiness and undermine discipline. Read more here.


LGBT-IDENTIFIED SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS BUSTED IN TENNESSEE PROSTITUTION STING. Two substitute elementary school teachers in a Tennessee school district who openly identify as LGBT activists were cited by Chattanooga police for prostitution earlier this year. Read more here.


DESANTIS WANTS SUPREME COURT TO UNDO FEDERAL COURT’S PAUSE ON PUBLIC DRAG BAN. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis wants the Supreme Court to unfreeze a law that penalizes businesses and venues if they permit minors to witness “lewd” events such as adult drag shows. Read more here.


UK: GIRL SUSPENDED FROM SCHOOL AFTER REFUSING TO USE UNISEX FACILITIES, CALLING PARENTS FOR HELP. A teen girl was suspended from her school in Gosport, United Kingdom, following her refusal to use a gender-neutral bathroom, and she was given the option of either using the unisex facility or not being allowed to go to the bathroom at all. Read more here.


VICTORIAN COUNCILLOR SUSAN BISSINGER FORCED TO UNDERGO ‘PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT TRAINING’ FOLLOWING DISPUTE OVER PRIDE FLAG. The Mornington Peninsula councillor claimed she was forced to undertake a personal development course after expressing opposition to a permanent pride flag outside the council offices. Read more here.


LGBT, FEMALE VETS REPORT MORE MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES THAN OTHER GROUPS, STUDY FINDS. The study found that 6.9 percent of veterans met criteria for serious psychological distress in the past year, which was significantly higher among female, gay/lesbian, bisexual, and post-9/11 veterans. Read more here.


HONG KONG COURT UPHOLDS A RULING IN FAVOR OF EQUAL INHERITANCE RIGHTS FOR SAME-SEX COUPLES. The decision by the Court of Appeal rejected the government’s motion against the ruling that said the differential treatment facing same-sex married couples under two inheritance laws in the city constitutes unlawful discrimination. Read more here.


COLORADO CAN’T BAR CHRISTIAN SCHOOL FROM PRESCHOOL PROGRAM OVER LGBTQ STANCE, JUDGE SAYS. A federal judge has blocked Colorado from excluding a Christian private school from its taxpayer-funded universal preschool program due to the school’s requirements that employees share its faith and that students use bathrooms and pronouns corresponding to their biological sex. Read more here.


NIGERIAN REPS ADVOCATE OUTRIGHT BAN OF EDUCATIONAL MATERIALS ON LGBT NATIONWIDE. The House of Representatives called on Federal and Subnational Governments to ensure a complete ban of all educational materials relating to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender ideology across the country. Read more here.


BIDEN ADMIN’S TOBACCO SURVEY ASKS KIDS ABOUT THEIR GENDER IDENTITY, SEXUAL ORIENTATION. Using the Centers for Disease Control’s Prevention Office survey on smoking and health, the Biden Administration is asking middle and high school students to disclose their sexual orientation and whether or not they are questioning their gender identity. Read more here.


GROWING NUMBER OF JAPANESE MUNICIPALTIES BAN OUTING LGBT INDIVIDUALS. More and more Japanese municipalities have introduced ordinances banning the outing, or revealing, of a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity without their consent, researchers and officials said. Read more here.


STAPLES BANS CONSERVATIVE ACTIVIST WHO WARNED PARENTS OF GRAPHIC LGBT BOOKS IN SCHOOL LIBRARIES. Bob Salera, founder of Stop Bucks Extremism in Bucks County, Pennsylvania said his online mailbox was deactivated by Staples after the office supply retailer claimed he violated company policy by sending registered voters two political mailings inside sealed envelopes with an “explicit content” disclaimer that contained graphic images from books he says Democrats are pushing in local school libraries. Read more here.


MORE AND MORE CANADIAN CITIES ARE PASSING LAWS TO CENSOR PROTESTS AGAINST LGBT INDOCTRINATION. Over the past two years, three different Canadian cities have passed pro-LGBT municipal censorship by-laws, with eerily similar wording, and others have made moves to do the same. Read more here.


MALAYSIAN GOVT WON’T DENY LGBT COMMUNITY’S RIGHTS UNDER THE CONSTITUTION, SAYS MINISTER. The government will not deny the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community specific rights stipulated under the Federal Constitution although it is against such lifestyle, the religious affairs minister said. Read more here.


NHL BANS USE OF PRIDE TAPE ON ICE IN UPDATED GUIDANCE FOR THEME NIGHTS. The National Hockey League announced in June that teams would no longer be permitted to wear pride jerseys, and now the league has informed teams that they will also no longer be permitted to use rainbow stick tape. Read more here.


KIDS AS YOUNG AS 5 WILL HAVE WEEK-LONG LGBT INDOCTRINATION, CELEBRATE NATIONAL COMING OUT DAY. Young Children will be subjected to a week of LGBTQ+ propaganda when they are forced to participate in a Los Angeles school district’s celebration of “National Coming Out Day.” Read more here.


TEACHER SACKED BY BRITISH SCHOOL AFTER REFUSING TO TEACH ‘EXTREME’ LGBT LESSONS. Glawdys Leger, a modern foreign languages teacher at a Church of England secondary school, says she was “treated like a dangerous criminal” for refusing to teach “extreme and politically partisan” LGBT lessons which had been incorporated into religious education lessons given to Year 7 and 8 students. Read more here.


MAURITIUS SUPREME COURT DECRIMINALIZES SAME-SEX RELATIONS. The highest court has decriminalized homosexual behavior, saying the ban reflected colonial-era, rather than indigenous values. Read more here.


MARTINA NAVRATILOVA SLAMS LGBT HISTORY MONTH POST FOR FEATURING DRAG QUEEN. Former tennis player Martina Navratilova criticized U.S. Interior Secretary Deb Haaland for including a drag queen in a video celebrating LGBTQ+ Americans’ place in the nation’s history, calling the performer a “pathetic parody of women.” Read more here.


BLOOMINGDALES PARTNERS WITH THE HAWAII LBGT LEGACY FOUNDATION. Bloomingdales is hosting its Beauty Week make-up event and partnering up with the Hawaii LGBT Legacy Foundation to kick off the 2023 Honolulu Pride Week. Read more here.


DISNEY LEADS STUDIOS FOR MOST LGBT CONTENT CREATED IN 2022. Over the last decade, the percentage of LGBTQ-inclusive films grew by 50 percent, and Disney ranked at the top of such “entertainment” in 2022. Read more here.


AS SYPHILIS RISES, LOS ANGELES LGBT CENTER PROMOTES NEW TREATMENTS. In Los Angeles County, syphilis cases have shot up among men and men who identify as women who have sex with men, and medicine to treat it is in short supply. Read more here.


NEW ‘DRAG UNIVERSITY’ PROGRAM AT PRINCETON TO FUND STUDENTS’ BUDDING DRAG CAREERS. A new “Drag University” program launched at Princeton University is being offered through the school’s Gender + Sexuality Resource Center and is open to all undergraduate and graduate students interested in the world of drag. Read more here.


ANTHROPOLOGICAL SOCIETIES BAN DISCUSSION OF BIOLOGICAL SEX TO PROTECT TRANS AND LGBTQI COMMUNITIES. The American Anthropological Association and the Canadian Anthropology Society have canceled the upcoming conference panel, “Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby: Why biological sex remains a necessary analytic category in anthropology,” which they had previously accepted. Read more here.


PROFESSOR MATCHES LGBT ADULTS WITH TEENS FOR ONLINE ‘MENTORING’ WITHOUT PARENTAL CONSENT. University of Nebraska-Lincoln Professor Katie Edwards created a pilot program that secretly matches teens struggling with gender confusion with online mentors, without informing parents. Read more here.


UK: MALE ‘TRANS-AMBASSADOR’ PRESENTED WITH ‘OUTSTANDING FEMALE’ PRIZE AT WOMEN’S AWARDS GALA. Katie Neeves, who formerly identified as the male Martin and who now works for a UK-based charity to provide “diversity training” has been honored with the Outstanding Female LGBTQIA+ Champion 2023 award. Read more here.


NEWSOM SIGNS BILL ALLOWING STATE TO FINE SCHOOLS THAT ‘BAN’ TEXTBOOKS IN CALIFORNIA. California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill into law that prevents school boards from banning books and requires them to provide access to materials “that teach about California’s diverse communities.” Read more here.


COLORS PROMOTING UN GOALS OR LGBTQ RIGHTS? Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan complained that he was uncomfortable with the use of what he described as “LGBT colors” at the United Nations, which was decorated with bright colors in promotion of the Sustainable Development Goals. Read more here.


EXEMPTION TO ANTI-BIAS LAW FOR ‘MINISTERS’ MAY APPLY TO HOMOSEXUAL TEACHER. A three-judge 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel in Richmond, Virginia, heard oral arguments in Charlotte Catholic High School’s bid to dismiss a lawsuit by Lonnie Billard, a former drama teacher and substitute who was terminated in 2014 after announcing that he was marrying his male partner. Read more here.


A STATE-FUNDED IRISH NGO HAS BEEN TRAINING TEACHERS TO LIE TO PARENTS ABOUT THEIR CHILDREN. The state-funded non-governmental organization BeLongTo has produced the handbook “Universal LGBT+” for training teachers and youth workers to lie to parents/guardians about their children. Read more here.


TEXAS LIBERALS PRAY FOR DRAG QUEENS AND ‘DIVINE DIVERSITY.’ A bizarre video reportedly from inside the Cathedral of Hope Protestant Church in Dallas, Texas, showed scores of drag queens watching while the congregation prayed for “divine diversity.” Read more here.


TWO CALIFORNIA SCHOOL DISTRICTS VOTE TO BAN LGBT ‘PRIDE’ FLAGS. The American and California flags are the only flags permitted for display at Sunol Glen and the Temecula Valley school districts where the rainbow “pride” symbol of the LGBT movement will no longer be allowed. Read more here.


4 STATES SEVER TIES WITH THE AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION. From LGBT-themed books on the shelf to the promotion of Marxism, various concerns have arisen at public libraries throughout the country, prompting Montana, Texas, Wyoming and Missouri to sever ties with the American Library Association. Read more here.


FRENCH LGBTI ORGANIZATION CALLS FOR GYNECOLOGIST TO BE CONDEMNED AFTER HE STATED HE ONLY SERVES ‘REAL WOMEN.’ A gynecologist in France turned away a man who claimed he’s a woman, prompting the LGBTI rights organization SOS Homophobie to call on the nation’s minister of equality to intervene in what they call a case of “transphobia.” Read more here.


TURKEY INTRODUCES ‘FAMILY’ COURSE IN SCHOOLS TO ‘FIGHT’ HOMOSEXUALITY. Calling the family a “priority topic,” Turkey’s National Education Minister Yusuf Tekin said in a TV interview that authorities have a responsibility to “fight” homosexuality and that a new optional course called “The Family in Turkish Society” has been added to the school curriculum. Read more here.


BEST BUY FIRES WHISTLEBLOWER AFTER AUDIO LEAKS OF MANAGER SAYING CHRISTIAN DISPLAYS NOT OK, BUT LGBT TRAINING IS. Enis Sujak, a Serbian immigrant who now lives in Florida, says he was terminated from his job working as a member of Best Buy’s Geek Squad repairs unit in Jacksonville after speaking out against a mandatory training video on LGBT history. Read more here.


LGBTQ MURAL MUST BE REMOVED FROM SCHOOL HEALTH CLINIC, WEST MICHIGAN BOARD SAYS. A health care provider that operates a school-based health clinic in a West Michigan school district has been ordered by the school board to take down a mural containing LGBTQ imagery. Read more here.


KENYA’S SUPREME COURT REAFFIRMS LGBTQ RIGHT TO ASSOCIATE. The court upheld the right for the National Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission to be officially registered in the country. Read more here.


STATE SUPERINTENDENT KICKED OUT OF CALIFORNIA SCHOOL BOARD MEETING FOR NOT AGREEING WITH PROPOSED POLICY. California State Superintendent of Education Tony Thurmond claimed he was asked to represent LGBT interests at a meeting of the Chino Valley Unified School District board, but he was ejected for disrespectfully refusing to end his argument against its policy requiring educators to notify parents on transgender issues involving their children. Read more here.


DHS AWARDS ANTI-TERROR GRANT TO LGBTQ GROUP TO INDOCTRINATE 6-YEAR-OLDS. The Biden Administration awarded a significant anti-terrorism grant to an LGBTQ activist group that distributes condoms and “sex education” materials, to expand its “in-school support for LGBTQ+ youth” as young as age 6. Read more here.


LOS ANGELES SCHOOLS HOST LGBT ‘RAINBOW CLUB’ FOR KIDS AS YOUNG AS 5. The Los Angeles Unified School District is hosting a “Rainbow Club,” to teach kids as young as five about LGBT-related topics. Read more here.


BAN ON CONVERSION THERAPY WON’T HELP LGBT PEOPLE IN SWEDEN, STUDY SAYS. Sweden’s government investigation concluded that criminalizing conversion therapy is not a good idea, even though the study acknowledges that conversion attempts can be “harmful.” Read more here.


SCHOOL DISTRICT CLAIMS GENDER IDENTITY IS ‘MEDICAL’ TO HIDE LGBTQ CLUB ADVISORS’ IDENTITIES. Rhode Island’s largest school district is refusing to name the adult advisors to its LGBTQ student clubs, claiming the parent activist seeking their identities posted “medical information” about the primary subject of the public records request. Read more here.


NORWEGIAN BAPTISTS AGAINST SAME-SEX RELATIONSHIPS. The National Assembly of the Norwegian Baptists met recently, and the executive board stated that the church should not accept pastors who live in homosexual cohabitation. Read more here.


TENNESSEE DISTRICT ATTORNEY BLOCKED FROM ENFORCING STATE LAW SHIELDING KIDS FROM EXPLICIT PERFORMANCES. A federal judge blocked a Tennessee district attorney from enforcing the state’s law shielding children from sexually explicit performances ahead of a “pride” event after he was sued by the American Civil Liberties Union. Read more here.


NEW HAMPSHIRE YMCA HOSTING ‘LGBTQ+ TEEN NIGHT OUT!’ FOR MINORS. The YMCA in Keene, New Hampshire, is hosting an “LGBTQ+ Teen Night Out” for middle school and high school students, willfully ignoring the Christian principles the organization was founded upon. Read more here.


BRITISH CLERGY SUPPORTS ACCEPTING PREMARITAL AND HOMOSEXUAL SEX. Over 60 percent of British priests polled by The Times said the Church of England should drop its opposition to premarital sex and end its ban on homosexual priests entering into civil marriages. Read more here.


LONDON MAYOR FUNDS HOUSING ‘FREE FROM LGBT OPPRESSION.’ The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan. has allocated funds to a city-based, nonprofit project geared towards providing homes specifically for “LGBTQ+ people [so they] can live safely, joyfully, free from oppression.” Read more here.


PARENTS PLAN APPEAL AS JUDGE RULES AGAINST OPT-OUT RIGHT FOR LGBT CURRICULUM IN MARYLAND. A district court judge will allow a Maryland school district to begin the school year with a new policy that prevents parents from opting their children out of LGBTQ+ coursework, but parents intend to appeal the decision. Read more here.


‘LEAVE OUR KIDS ALONE’: CA PARENTS PUSH BACK AGAINST STATE’S AGGRESSIVE LGBT IDEOLOGY. Parents in California are standing up for their rights and pushing back against state policies that target young children with LGBTQ ideology, as nearly 150 demonstrators in Los Angeles wore t-shirts reading “Leave Our Kids Alone.” Read more here.


SCOTTISH PRIMARY SCHOOL FULLY EMBEDS LGBT INCLUSIVE EDUCATION. A Glasgow school, Castleton Primary School, has become the first in Scotland to fully embrace LGBT inclusive education across its curriculum. Read more here.


STREAMING PLATFORM PROMOTES TRANSGENDERISM, HOMOSEXUALITY WITH WOKE ANIMINATED MOVIE EVEN DISNEY REJECTED. The movie Nimona is an animated fantasy movie that’s garnered attention for pushing LGBT themes, including a biological female character who identifies as “nonbinary” who has had her breasts removed to appear more masculine. Read more here.


CROWD PROTESTS LGBTQ+ EDUCATION IN LOS ANGELES; TWO ARRESTED AT LAUSD OFFICES. Demonstrators demanded that discussion about the LGBTQ+ community and sex-related education be kept out of schools, and they wanted school districts to notify parents if their child asks to identify in school in a manner different than their biological sex. Read more here.


ANOTHER LIBRARIAN PENS OPPOSITION TO SEXUALLY EXPLICIT BOOKS IN TEENS SECTION. An Irish librarian endorsed the view that sexually explicit books should not be included in the section of the library for over-12s, saying the media has “lazily” branded parents who object as “far right” while “ignoring the content of the books.” Read more here.


U.S. COURT RULES IN FAVOR OF CATHOLIC CHARITY IN LGBT RIGHTS DISCRIMINATION CASE. Maryland’s state Supreme Court ruled in favor of Catholic Relief Services (CRS), which had been sued by a homosexual data analyst because CRS denied health care benefits to his same-sex husband. Read more here.


TARGET BEING SUED BY SHAREHOLDER AFTER HEMORRHAGING BILLIONS. Target is being sued by investor Brian Craig for leading “shareholders to unknowingly support Target’s board and management in their misuse of investor funds to serve its divisive political and social goals — and ultimately lose billions” through its LGBT pride campaign. Read more here.


BRAZIL HIGH COURT RULES “HOMOPHOBIA” PUNISHABLE BY PRISON. In a 9-1 decision, the Supreme Court ruled that “homophobic slurs” are now punishable by prison, and hate speech is punishable by prison terms of two to five years in Brazil. Read more here.


CHRISTIAN COFFEE SHOP TARGETED BY COMMUNISTS, LGBTQ ACTIVISTS: ‘THEY WANT … OUR DOORS SHUT.’ The Christian owner of the Drip Cafe coffee shop in Colorado, which opposes homosexual behavior, says his business has been under intense heat from LGBTQ and communist protestors purportedly aiming to shut down the establishment. Read more here.


‘CLOSE IT DOWN’: SMALL WASHINGTON LIBRARY COULD BE FIRST TO SHUTTER AMID BATTLE OVER TEENS’ BOOKS. The battle over transgender and nonbinary books in Dayton, Washington Memorial Library will go to the voters for a decision in a November ballot proposition. Read more here.


RUSSIA’S VIMPELCOM FINED FOR BROADCASTING ‘LGBT MOVIE’ WITHOUT 18+ RATING. The Russian mobile and streaming service operator Vimpelcom was heavily fined for distributing the film Little Italy, which contains LGBT scenes without an 18+ label. Read more here.


TEXAS LGBT GROUP CANCELS DRAG SHOW AFTER FUNDRAISING WOES: ‘KIND OF EMBARRASSING.’ Dallas Pride failed to raise enough funding to host a “Night of a Thousand Drag Queens” to protest a new law set to take effect next month that prohibits sexualized performances from taking place in the presence of children. Read more here.


SKITTLES STIRS CONTROVERSY ONLINE WITH NEW PRIDE PACKAGING. The Mars candy company’s new pride packaging for Skittles was intended to pay homage to the LGBT community, but instead has drawn a wave of public opposition. Read more here.


UGANDA PIVOTS TO RUSSIA AMID WORLD BANK LGBT BOYCOTT. After the World Bank halted funding for the African nation over its criminalization of homosexuality, President Museveni said its law is essential to protecting the place of the family in Ugandan life, as well as affirming his country’s cultural independence against the West. Read more here.


AUSTIN SCHOOL DISTRICT SHUTTLES STUDENTS TO RAUNCHY PRIDE PARADE. The Texas Family Project, a group that aims to protect and advocate for family units, questioned Austin Independent School District’s troubling decision to bus students to a pride event aiming to keep Austin queer. Read more here.


LEBANON MOVES TO BAN ‘BARBIE’ FILM FOR ‘PROMOTING HOMOSEXUALITY.’ Lebanon’s culture minister Mohammed Mortaga moved to ban the film “Barbie” from cinemas because, he claimed, it “promotes homosexuality” and contradicts religious values. Read more here.


UGANDA PRESIDENT DEFIANT AFTER WORLD BANK SUSPENDS FUNDING OVER LGBT LAW. President Yoweri Museveni denounced the World Bank’s decision to suspend new funding in response to an anti-LGBTQ law and vowed to find alternative sources of credit. Read more here.


MUSLIM MOTHER FIGHTING LGBT INDOCTRINATION IN SCHOOLS RECEIVES THREATENING MESSAGES. Bahira Abdulsalam, an educator and Toronto mother, revealed that she has been subjected to abusive messages online as LGBT activists try to “silence” her work to safeguard children from LGBT indoctrination in schools. Read more here.


CHARLOTTE PRIDE LISTS CHILD SEX OFFENDER AS ‘LGBTQ’ AWARD RECIPIENT. Chad Sevearance-Turner, a former music minister who served years in prison for sexually abusing a minor boy, will receive the 2023 Harvey Milk Award for exceptional LGBT+ advocacy. Read more here.


TRUDEAU GOV’T DONATED TAXPAYER DOLLARS TO LGBT ORGANIZATION THAT HOSTED FETISH SEMINAR. The Liberal Minister for Women and Gender Equality in Canada has promised to fund Maritime LGBT organizations, one of which hosts sexually grotesque seminars. Read more here.


SEE YOU IN COURT: PARENTS CHALLENGE LGBTQ BOOK POLICY THAT REQUIRES TEACHERS ‘TO SHAME CHILDREN’ FOR RELIGIOUS FAITH. Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, Latter-day Saint, Protestant, Ethiopian Orthodox, atheist and agnostic parents took a Maryland school board to court for denying them the right to opt out of the school’s LGBTQ book curriculum. Read more here.


FINNISH CHRISTIAN OFFICIALS FACE CHARGES FOR LGBT CRITICISMS AS BIDEN ADMIN ASKED TO STEP IN. Congressman Chip Roy (Rep-Texas) and 11 of his GOP colleagues issued a scathing letter calling for action against a “rogue prosecutor” who has “unjustly targeted” Finnish Parliament member Päivi Räsänen and Bishop Juhana Pohjola over a tweeted Bible verse critical of homosexuality and a 20-year-old booklet touting traditional marriage. Read more here.


GAY, BISEXUAL MEN CAN DONATE BLOOD AS REVISED FDA RULES TAKE EFFECT. The American Red Cross is changing its donor screening policy to allow gay and bisexual men to donate blood under new FDA rules, removing a historic barrier in the donation process by not considering sexual orientation as a risk factor. Read more here.


CANADIAN MUSLIMS INVITE EVERYONE TO JOIN ‘MILLION PERSON MARCH’ AGAINST LGBT INDOCTRINATION IN SCHOOLS. On September 22, Ottawa businessman and Muslim activist Kamel El-Cheikh hopes to gather Canadians of all faiths to march against LGBT ideology being pushed on children in the nation’s schools. Read more here.


NBC JUST LOVES ‘SPARKLE’ OF ‘PRIDE CAMP’ FOR CHILDREN. NBC TV promoted and praised an LGBTQ pride summer camp for children in the state of New York for LGBTQ-identifying children or children of LGBTQ parents in the age range of 5 to 13. Read more here.


TENNESSEE SCHOOL TRAINS STAFF ON WHITE CHRISTIAN PRIVILEGE, SAYS PEOPLE OF COLOR, LGBT ARE OPPRESSED. The parental rights group Parents Defending Education obtained a presentation by the Clarksville-Montgomery County School System displaying “privilege” and “oppression” charts and associated with the labels “white,” “able-bodied,” “cisgender,” “heterosexual,” “Christian,” and “middle class.” Read more here.


TAX-FUNDED OHIO GROUP SPONSORS PROGRAM TO TEACH KIDS HOW TO BE DRAG QUEENS. The Fairview, Ohio, Colors+ Youth Center is offering monthly programs to teach children how to become drag queens, according to the group’s website. Read more here.


INVESTIGATION LAUNCHED IN SWEDEN AFTER CHRISTIAN REFUSES TO MAKE CAKE FOR SAME-SEX WEDDING. A Swedish bakery owned by a Christian, has been reported to the Discrimination Ombudsman for refusing to make a wedding cake for a homosexual couple. Read more here.


BOY SCOUT LEADERS INVITE LGBTQ ADVOCATES TO JAMBOREE CAMP. The current welcome for sexual diversity is being offered to teenagers as the scouting movement has shrunk from 400,000 members in 2013 to just 15,000 today. Read more here.


PARENTS FIGHT BACK AFTER FINDING DOZENS OF SEXUALLY EXPLICIT BOOKS IN MISSOURI SCHOOL LIBRARIES. A Missouri school district is stocking dozens of books containing sexually explicit and obscene content on the shelves of its school libraries, concerned parents have petitioned the school board to remove the materials. Read more here.


GOV. WHITMER SIGNS BILLS TO BAN CONVERSION THERAPY ON MINORS. The Michigan governor branded the therapy as hateful, but Republican Rep. Kathy Schmaltz said, “Threatening mental health professionals with punishment if they cross a vague and confusing line is wrong.” Read more here.


HAWAII HEALTH DEPARTMENT TRAINS FUTURE THERAPISTS TO CONCEAL CONVERSATIONS WITH LGBT YOUTH FROM PARENTS. A presentation offered by employees of the Hawaii Department of Health encouraged staff and graduate students at the University of Hawaii Center for Cognitive Behavior Therapy to be careful because parents can access information about their conversations with LGBTQ+ youth. Read more here.


‘QUEER’ MIDDLE SCHOOL OPENING IN ARIZONA ELIGIBLE FOR SCHOOL VOUCHERS. The Queer Blended Learning Center is a new “micro school” described as a “modern-day one-room schoolhouse” that will “aim to give young people who may feel uncomfortable in a larger school a safe space to be themselves and learn,” according to the Arizona Republic. Read more here.


SEN. BOB CASEY REQUESTED FEDERAL FUNDS FOR COMMUNIST-SUPPORTING, CHILD DRAG SHOW-HOSTING LGBT CENTER. The Pennsylvania Democrat sought funding for the Philadelphia-based William Way LGBT Community Center as part of the FY 2024 appropriations bill. Read more here.


NEW NORWEGIAN FOSTER PARENTS OBLIGED TO LEARN ABOUT GENDER AND SEXUALITY. According to the Norwegian Agency for Children, Youth and Families, there is a large demand for expertise on LGBT issues because LGBT people are overrepresented in foster homes. Read more here.


SCHOOL DISTRICT BANS OPT-OUT FROM LGBTQ LESSONS BECAUSE TOO MANY FAMILIES OPTED OUT. An affluent liberal Washington D.C. suburb won’t honor parents’ requests to exclude their children from inappropriate story reading and LGBT indoctrination because it was flooded with opt-out requests when the controversial subject matter was introduced. Read more here.


HUNGARY PRIME MINISTER SAYS EU ABANDONED CHRISTIAN HERITAGE FOR LGBT ‘HEDONISTIC PAGANISM.’ Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán criticized the European Union for giving up on its democratic ideals, engaging in population replacement and for trying to impose leftist ideology surrounding gender upon Christian countries. Read more here.


SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA SCHOOL BOARD OKS LGBT CURRICULUM AFTER GOV. GAVIN NEWSOM THREATENED HEFTY FINE. After threatening not to comply with state law requiring schools to teach students about the historical contributions of gay, bisexual and transgender Americans, the Temecula Valley Unified School District board voted to approve the curriculum and avoid the governor’s threat of an exorbitant fine. Read more here.


GAVIN NEWSOM FINES SCHOOL DISTRICT FOR REJECTING TEXTBOOK MENTIONING GAY RIGHTS. California’s Democratic governor announced that he will fine the Temecula Valley Unified School District for not adopting new state-recommended textbooks mentioning the late homosexual activist Harvey Milk. Read more here.


HUNGARIAN BOOKSTORE FINED FOR SELLING LGBT BOOK. The Consumer Protection Office of the Budapest Government concluded that books depicting homosexuality were categorized as children’s and young adult literature and were not sold in closed packaging. Read more here.


U.S. DEA HELD LGBTQ ‘IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE’ AT GAY BAR FOR HEADQUARTERS EMPLOYEES. The Drug Enforcement Administration recently sponsored an event for its Washington, D.C., headquarters employees at an LGBTQ+ bar to help the agency gain “an understanding and perception of gay social culture” that also included a drag show presentation. Read more here.


CALIFORNIA ADDS MISSOURI, NEBRASKA, WYOMING TO STATES BANNED FOR STATE-PAID TRAVEL, OVER LGBTQ+ BILLS. Attorney General Rob Bonta said these states contradict the values of inclusivity and diversity by preventing transgender individuals from participating in sports aligned with their gender identity, or by denying them access to critical healthcare. Read more here.


CHRISTIAN BOOKSTORE IN SWITZERLAND ACCUSED OF SELLING ‘HOMOPHOBIC’ BOOKS. Benoît Gaillard, a socialist municipal councilor in Lausanne, is outraged with the Christian bookstore “Madeleine” and accused it of allowing “homophobia” to “set up shop in the city center.” Read more here.


DISNEY CASTS ‘SEXUALLY FLUID’ ACTOR AS MALE LEAD IN LIVE-ACTION ‘SNOW WHITE.’ Disney’s remake of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” will not include Prince Charming or dwarves but will instead feature an unnamed character who is “sexually fluid.” Read more here.


FRANCE RESERVES FUNDS FOR LGBT PROTECTION. The French government has earmarked a huge outlay of funds to provide special training for law enforcement officers, teachers, volunteers, association employees, summer camp supervisors, students and health professionals, who will be taught how to “better deal with acts of anti-LGBT hatred.” Read more here.


Lesbians demanding constitution be changed in tropical paradise. A lesbian couple in the British Virgin Islands who were married in the United Kingdom is demanding that its constitution be rewritten to accommodate them. Read more here.


News reporters fired over “anti-pride” memo. Two news directors at WOOD TV in Grand Rapids, Michigan were fired after they wrote a memo to reporters stating that the station was focusing too much on LGBTQ events in its conservative region. Read more here.


Nearly 40 percent of Brown University students say they are LGBT, suggesting social contagion. New survey data from Brown University’s student newspaper revealed 38 percent of students identify as non-straight, and the drastic increase in LGBT identification is driven by social pressures. Read more here.


LGBTQ+ advocates sue over law banning drag queen story hour events. Owners of an independent bookstore, a transgender woman, an educator who teaches while wearing costumes, and several businesses are challenging Montana’s law banning drag queens from reading to children in public schools and libraries, during “Drag Queen Story Hour.” Read more here.


Millions of U.S. taxpayer dollars are going to fund foreign “pride” parades and drag shows. The Biden administration has given a staggering amount of money to help foreign groups promote LGBT projects like drag shows and “pride” parades, in addition to promoting puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for children with gender confusion. Read more here.


Hundreds of religious parents in Maryland protest against LGBT indoctrination of kids. Parents from a diverse range of traditional religious backgrounds joined forces to protest the mandatory indoctrination of their children into radical LGBT ideology. Read more here.


Canadian Army roasted for raising LGBT “pride” flags across the country. The Canadian Army has become the subject of conservative ire online after it posted a series of photographs showing its members “raising the pride flag” in honor of the “2SLGBTQI+ communities.” Read more here.


Muslim families protest LGBT indoctrination outside Justin Trudeau’s office: “Leave our kids alone!” Muslim parents and students have been increasingly standing up with Catholics and other Christians against LGBT indoctrination in schools. Read more here.


Canadian high school students questioned by RCMP for signing “straight and proud” poster. Students at Swift Current Comprehensive High School were summoned to the principal’s office by a Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officer for signing a poster saying they were “straight and proud.” Read more here.


Maryland district closes school board meeting to public amid backlash against LGBT curricula. Citing “safety reasons,” Maryland’s largest school district limited public access to a Board of Education meeting covering a policy that bans parents from opting their children out of “inappropriate” gender and sexuality curriculum. Read more here.


It’s no secret why Canadian parents have reached the boiling point with LGBT “Pride.” Grade 9 students in Saskatchewan were exposed to sex education that included a series of flashcards indoctrinating them on various sexual behaviors. Read more here.


Disney loses big at box office amid concerns about LGTBQ activism. The Walt Disney Company has lost hundreds of millions at the box office over the past 12 months, sparking debate about whether an intrusion of LGBTQ+ issues are to blame. Read more here.


Drag marchers spark outrage with “we’re coming for your children” chant at NYC “Pride” event. LGBTQ activists participating in New York City’s annual Drag March sparked outrage for chanting “we’re here, we’re queer, we’re coming for your children” in a Manhattan park. Read more here.


Admiral Rachel Levine declares “Summer of Pride.” Admiral Rachel Levine, the Assistant Secretary for Health for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), has declared, as “Pride” month is coming to an end, that it should be a “Summer of Pride.” The admiral, who is transgender, posted the message on the official HHS Instagram account, and posted similar sentiments on Twitter. Read more here.


Biden administration admits LGBT lifestyle produces worse mental health, addiction. A new report from the Biden administration says that Americans who identify as “gay,” lesbian, or bisexual are far more likely to suffer from major depression and abuse illegal drugs and are up to six times as likely to attempt suicide. The report admits it cannot “explain the reasons” for these differences. Read more here.


School district won’t let students opt-out of LGBT “Pride.” The Olympia School District in Washington does not allow parents to opt their children out of LGBT “Pride” curriculum or activities. The superintendent said it’s offensive to even ask. Read more here.


Cameroon opposes French LGBT+ rights ambassador’s visit. Cameroon’s government is seeking to block France’s LGBT+ rights ambassador from travelling to the country to hold a conference on gender and sexual identity, saying the discussion topics breach anti-homosexuality legislation. Read more here.


Poll finds support for same-sex relationships plummets as less find them “morally acceptable.” Support for same-sex relationships in the U.S. declined this year, dropping from 71 percent to 64 percent, according to polling by Gallup. Read more here.


Russia charges online movie portal with distributing ‘’LGBT propaganda’’ to minors. The Russian government is pursuing the case against Kinopoisk, a film database owned by tech company Yandex, according to a report from the Moscow Times. Read more here.


Spanish town to ban LGBT flag after far-right Vox takes power. An eastern Spanish town of 6,000 residents will ban the rainbow-colored flag representing the LGBT community from public buildings. Read more here.


National Library Conference speaker advises librarians on how to hide LGBTQ books from parents. A speaker at a national library conference gave school and public librarians instructions on how to hide challenged books, specifically on gender identity, sexual orientation and race from parents and community members. Read more here.


Italian prosecutor demands cancellation of birth certificates for lesbian couples. A state prosecutor in northern Italy has demanded the cancellation of 33 birth certificates of children born to lesbian couples dating back to 2017, saying the name of the non-biological mother should be removed. Read more here.


Ambassador to Poland waves U.S. flag and joins Warsaw “Pride” parade. The United States ambassador to Poland, Mark Brzezinski, along with 30 other members of the U.S. Embassy, waved an outsized U.S. flag as he marched in the annual “Pride” parade Saturday that wound its way through Warsaw’s streets. Read more here.


Scottish council hosts drag queen event for babies and toddlers. A Scottish council has hosted a drag queen story time for young children, despite the local MP calling it “totally inappropriate.” Read more here.


Polish LGBTQ crowds march to demand equal rights as election looms. Tens of thousands marched through the streets of Warsaw demanding equality for LGBTQ people as the community eyes upcoming Polish elections in which homosexual rights could play a prominent role. Read more here.


Major League Baseball strikes all pride jerseys. In this Year of Consumer Backlash, Major League Baseball has decided to dodge the flak, quietly ordering teams to ditch their pride uniforms entirely. Read more here.


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau criticized New Brunswick’s premier for requiring schools to inform parents about trans-minded children. He claimed New Brunswick children are being denied the right to be their true selves in a hateful environment. Read more here.


Tennessee isn’t backing down from its trans surgery ban even if a judge imposes an injunction. The state is vowing to defend its law against child sex changes from a Biden administration attempt to stop it with an injunction. Read more here.


Cracker Barrel restaurant is now facing calls for a boycott after supporting diversity, equity and inclusion. The restaurant providing southern comfort food published a social media post celebrating “Pride Month” on its official Facebook page, prompting a backlash. Read more here.


Liberal mainline United Methodists see more than 5,000 congregations leave amid arguments over sex, gender. The second-largest Protestant denomination in the U.S. continues to fracture over theological disagreements, mostly pertaining to human sexuality. Read more here.


Girl Scouts reward kids with rainbow-striped patches for participating in LGBT-themed activities, activism. The Girl Scout LGBTQ+ “Pride” Month Celebration Fun Patch is designed for Girl Scouts of all levels and their leaders to honor LGBTQ+ history, to celebrate the diverse cultures and identities of LGBTQ+ people, and to acknowledge the many contributions of the LGBTQ+ community has made and continues to make across our nation. Read more here.


President Biden to host largest “Pride” celebration in White House history. U.S. President Joe Biden’s event will attract thousands of people and will also focus on the administration’s attempt to curb so-called “book bans” being implemented in parts of the United States. Read more here.


Southern California high school teacher placed on leave after discussing sexual pleasure in class. The high school teacher was placed on administrative leave amid backlash from parents after a clip of a sexually explicit lesson in her anatomy and physiology class was shared online. Read more here.


School cancels “full-blown drag” child event for LGBTQ “Pride” Day after backlash. An English secondary school has cancelled its LGBTQ+ “Pride” day in which children as young as 11 were reportedly encouraged to dress in “full-blown drag,” sparking widespread backlash. Read more here.


Move over American flag. Now U.S. troops salute “rainbow flag.” The Air Force published a tweet reading: “June is #PrideMonth! The Department of the Air Force proudly recognizes and celebrates generations of LGBTQI+ service members and their contributions to our #AirForce & #SpaceForce.” Read more here.


Largest LGBTQ Org Declares ‘National State of Emergency.’ The Human Rights Campaign has officially declared a state of emergency for LGBTQ+ people in the United States for the first time following an unprecedented and dangerous spike in “anti-LGBTQ+” legislative assaults sweeping state houses this year. Read more here.


U.S. Air Force Is Using Taxpayer Money To Fly Service Members To Branch ‘Pride’ Events. The U.S. Air Force has authorized Air and Space Force commanders to use taxpayer money to cover the travel costs for service members seeking to attend the branch’s upcoming “pride” events. Read more here.


Disney+ Streams New Special Pushing Radical LGBTQ Agenda. Disney+ premiered the National Geographic special “Pride from Above,” a 45-minute documentary taking children through the “joy” of queerness and to LGBTQ pride parades across the globe. Read more here.


Antifa Urged to Battle California Parents Over Elementary School’s LGBTQ+ ‘Pride Day.’ After parents in Glendale, California protested a scheduled “Pride Day” at their local elementary school, the Southern California chapter of the violent extremist group Antifa called for progressives to stand up to “hate groups” at a school board meeting Tuesday night. Read more here.