Past Newswire Headlines


CALIFORNIA TO SPEND TENS OF MILLIONS BOOSTING NUMBER OF ABORTIONISTS. California is putting significant resources into abortion to both increase the state’s “reproductive healthcare workforce” and to train pharmacists to “provide comprehensive reproductive health services.” Read more here.


SINCE DOBBS, 100 PRO-LIFE GROUPS AND 218 CHURCHES HAVE BEEN ATTACKED. BIDEN HAS PROSECUTED ONLY FOUR PEOPLE. U.S. lawmakers confronted Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Kristen Clarke over her department’s allegedly discriminatory practices during a House Judiciary Committee hearing. Read more here.


TEXAS JUDGE GRANTS WOMAN WITH FATAL FETAL CONDITION PERMISSION TO HAVE ABORTION. A Texas judge granted a pregnant woman whose fetus has a lethal diagnosis permission to get an abortion despite Texas’s strict ban, but it’s unclear just how quickly Kate Cox, will be able to obtain an abortion. Read more here.


WILL MISSOURI VOTE ON ABORTION RIGHTS IN 2024? AS DEADLINE LOOMS, IT’S GETTING COMPLICATED. With the clock ticking to get a measure enshrining the right to an abortion on a statewide ballot in 2024, Missouri abortion rights supporters appear to be split on strategy and have not unified behind one version of the proposal. Read more here.


WEST VIRGINIA PRO-LIFE GROUP TO RUN MATERNAL SUPPORT PROGRAM. West Virginia has awarded a pro-life group management of a grant program to support families with infant children and pregnant women through pregnancy resource centers. Read more here.


UK ABORTION BILL TO RECEIVE FIRST READING IN THE HOUSE OF LORDS. As babies born before the abortion limit increasingly survive, a member of the House of Lords is launching a bill that intends to reduce the abortion limit from 24 to 22 weeks. Read more here.


3,900 BRITISH WOMEN WERE HOSPITALIZED AFTER BOTCHED ABORTIONS IN 2021. The rate of abortion complications in England for 2021 was 19.3 hospital admissions related to incomplete abortions per 1,000 abortions according to government data. Read more here.


TEXAS SUPREME COURT HEARS PRO-ABORTION ARGUMENTS TO EXPAND ‘HEALTH’ EXCEPTIONS IN PRO-LIFE LAWS. The Texas Supreme Court ushered in December by hearing oral arguments by the abortion lobby as to whether the exceptions in the Lone Star State’s strong pro-life laws should be loosened. Read more here.


ABORTION ADVOCATES INEXPLICABLY BLAME PRO-LIFE LAWS FOR POLAND’S PLUMMETING BIRTH RATE. Poland’s birth rate has decreased by 40 percent over the last 30 years, and abortion advocates are blaming the nation’s three-year-old pro-life law for the decline. Read more here.


ILLINOIS ABORTION CLINIC RUSHES THREE WOMEN TO HOSPITAL IN ONE WEEK AFTER BOTCHED ABORTIONS. In early November, an abortion facility in Granite City, Illinois called for emergency help for three women, and it used ambiguous language to downplay the seriousness of their suffering. Read more here.


UK PARLIAMENTARY MOTION LAUNCHED TO REINSTATE IN-PERSON ABORTION APPOINTMENTS. Carla Lockhart, a member of the UK Parliament from Upper Bann, introduced the Early Day Motion to reinstate in-person appointments before a medical abortion as an important safeguard for the safety of women and to help prevent abortion coercion. Read more here.


OHIO WINS INJUNCTION IN LAWSUIT CHALLENGING BIDEN ADMINISTRATION’S RULES ON TITLE X FUNDING. In a 2-1 opinion in Ohio et al. v. Becerra et al., the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals granted the state an injunction against a significant part of the HHS rules, concluding the rules run contrary to Title X law because they “impermissibly permit” taxpayer funding for family planning programming that provides abortion. Read more here.


NORTHERN IRELAND DEPARTMENT OF ED TO DECIDE IF PARENTS CAN KEEP CHILDREN FROM LESSONS PROMOTING ABORTION. The Department of Education has launched a consultation on the circumstances under which a parent or caregiver may excuse a child from being taught about abortion, after the introduction of government regulations that will force schools in Northern Ireland to teach secondary school pupils about abortion. Read more here.


FLORIDA PRO-LIFERS LAUNCH ‘DECLINE TO SIGN’ CAMPAIGN TO DERAIL PROPOSED ABORTION AMENDMENT. Pro-abortion activists are still more than a quarter million signatures short of the threshold they need to collect by February to get a proposed constitutional amendment that would embed abortion on demand into the Florida Constitution on the November 2024 ballot. Read more here.


NEW HAMPSHIRE COUNCIL REFUSES FOR FIFTH TIME TO FUND ABORTION BUSINESSES. The Concord Executive Council voted to reject a proposal that would have given Title X subsidies to abortion businesses. Read more here.


WA ATTORNEY GENERAL UNLAWFULLY TARGETS PRO-LIFE PREGNANCY CENTERS. Alliance Defending Freedom is representing two faith-based, pro-life nonprofits against the attorney general of Washington state for conducting an unconstitutional and unlawful investigation into the organizations’ privileged records and materials, singling out the nonprofits because of their life-affirming views. Read more here.


REPORT: UK ABORTIONISTS ARE GROSSLY UNDERREPORTING ABOTION COMPLICATIONS. Abortionists reported an average complication rate of 1.52 per 1,000 abortions for the years 2017-2021, but the English Hospital Episode Statistics reported a rate of nearly three times that amount. Read more here.


IRISH GOVERNMENT SPENDS TENS OF MILLIONS PROMOTING ABORTION … AND ZERO TOWARD ALTERNATIVES. The Irish Government has spent vast amounts of money on the provision of abortion since it was made legal in Ireland “and not a single cent on promoting alternatives to abortion,” according to research by the Pro-Life Campaign in Ireland. Read more here.


TWO UK MPS ATTEMPT TO HIJACK GOV. BILL WITH EXTREME ABORTION UP TO BIRTH AMENDMENTS. Pro-abortion MPs, Stella Creasy and Diana Johnson, have hijacked a government bill by tabling amendments that propose removing offences that make it illegal to perform a self-abortion at any point right through to birth. Read more here.


ARKANSAS ATTORNEY GENERAL BLOCKS EXTREME ABORTION BALLOT MEASURE PUSHED BY FAR-LEFT ACTIVISTS. Republican Attorney General Tim Griffin said he could not approve the popular name and ballot title for a proposed constitutional “Arkansas Reproductive Healthcare Amendment” because of internal contradictions and “ambiguities.” Read more here.


UNMARRIED WOMEN HAVE 87% OF ABORTIONS, 10X HIGHER ABORTION RATE THAN MARRIED WOMEN. Newly released U.S. government figures show that, in the year before the Dobbs decision by the U.S. Supreme Court, the number of abortions had climbed by thousands — including more than 1,200 abortions on girls under the age of 15. Read more here.


DOCTOR IN INDIA ARRESTED FOR 900 ILLEGAL SEX-SELECTIVE ABORTIONS. Dr. Chandan Ballal was arrested by Bengaluru, India police, along with a receptionist, and Ballal’s assistant Nisar, the manager of the hospital where they performed the abortions. Read more here.


TEXAS GOV. ABBOTT DEFENDS NEW ABORTION LAW, VOWS TO ‘ELIMINATE ALL RAPISTS.’ Texas Gov. Greg Abbott defended the state’s restrictive new abortion law by saying it doesn’t force victims of rape to give birth, and he vowed to “eliminate all rapists.” Read more here.


CHILDREN’S DEFENSE FUND AMONG ORGANIZATIONS RED-LIGHTED ON CHARITY WATCH LIST FOR ABORTION SUPPORT. American Life League’s Charity Watchlist is an online tool using stoplight green-yellow-red color coding to allow donors to know if they “go ahead” and donate to a nonprofit without reservations, “proceed with caution” after being fully informed of the potential risks, or “stop” any support of an organization that endorses abortion. Read more here.


49 U.S. ABORTION CENTERS CLOSED THIS YEAR, NOW 14 STATES ARE ABORTION FREE. Operation Rescue’s 2022 annual survey revealed 88 abortion clinic closures, along with 49 this year, bringing the two-year total to 137 clinic closures. Read more here.


GOOGLE MAPS REMOVED DC PREGNANCY CENTER. Google Maps removed directions to a Washington, D.C., pro-life pregnancy center and instead offered searchers options that included a local Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. Read more here.


NORTH DAKOTA CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY PROGRAM GIVES PREGNANT STUDENTS SUPPORT TO GET THEIR DEGREE … WITHOUT ABORTION. The St. Teresa of Calcutta Community for Mothers provides housing and support for pregnant and parenting students on campus, as well as room and board and assistance with arranging childcare. Read more here.


REVIEW OF 600 STUDIES CONFIRMS ABORTION CAUSES DEPRESSION, MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS FOR WOMEN. A team of Ethiopian medical researchers reported in BMC Psychiatry that their review of 600 studies from all over the world found that 34.5 percent of women reported post-abortion depression. Read more here.


FETAL SENTIENCE COMMITTEE BILL RECEIVES FIRST READING IN THE UK HOUSE OF LORDS. Lord Moylan introduced the Fetal Sentience Committee Bill in the House, and if it becomes law, it will create a committee that operates as a source of evidence-based, scientific expertise on the sentience of unborn babies in the light of developments in scientific and medical knowledge. Read more here.


LILA ROSE SLAMS ABORTION AT THE UN. American pro-life advocate Lila Rose slammed abortion at the United Nations, calling it a violation of human rights because it undermines the human rights of people before birth. Read more here.


SEVEN MORE WOMEN JOIN PRO-ABORTION LAWSUIT AGAINST TEXAS. Filed previously by The Center for Reproductive Rights, the lawsuit acknowledges that a Texas’ pro-life law provides exceptions for abortion in cases of medical emergency but also attacks what it calls “extreme abortion bans.” Read more here.


SEVENTH INFANT SURRENDERED TO A BABY BOX IN INDIANA THIS YEAR. Safe Haven Baby Boxes were created to deter parents from abandoning their newborns, potentially leaving them to die. The children are taken to a hospital for evaluation and then placed for adoption. Read more here.


ITALIAN PRO-LIFE OFFICES VANDALIZED, ATTACKED WITH MOLOTOV COCKTAIL. Tens of thousands of people rallied in Rome to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women — but the rally quickly turned violent toward the headquarters of an Italian pro-life office. Read more here.


CANADA SEES 31% INCREASE IN EUTHANASIA AND ASSISTED SUICIDE IN ONE YEAR. According to the latest report on assisted suicide and euthanasia from Health Canada, 13,241 people ended their lives by euthanasia or assisted suicide in 2022, an increase of 3,149 compared to 2021. Read more here.


U.S. LEFT-WING GROUPS SEEKING ABORTION BALLOT MEASURES IN 9 STATES FOR 2024. Pro-abortion organizations and activists backed by the affiliates of large left-wing organizations such as Planned Parenthood and the ACLU have stealthily turned to ballot measures in the hopes of shoring up and even growing the abortion complex in the shift from federal to state power. Read more here.


ARGENTINA ELECTS PRO-LIFE PRESIDENT WHO PLEDGED TO HOLD ABORTION REFERENDUM. The new president Javier Milei said his pro-life view is based on scientific justification, and he wants to determine if abortion will remain legal. Read more here.


ALLIANCE DEFENDING FREEDOM ASKS U.S. SUPREME COURT TO INTERVENE IN IDAHO ABORTION CASE. Attorneys for two national law firms have asked the U.S. Supreme Court to intervene in a federal case in Idaho regarding whether emergency room physicians can continue to be shielded from prosecution under the state’s abortion ban. Read more here.


STUDY CLAIMS PRO-LIFE STATE PROTECTIONS FOR PREBORN CHILDREN HAVE LED TO 32,000 MORE BIRTHS. In the first six months of 2023, births rose by an average of 2.3 percent in states enforcing complete protections for preborn children compared to a control group of states where the abortions of preborn children remained protected. Read more here.


UK GOVERNMENT REVIEWS SHOW ABORTION COMPLICATION RATES LIKELY MUCH HIGHER THAN BEING REPORTED BY ABORTION PROVIDERS. Data analysis in the United Kingdom demonstrates that the abortion complication rate is more than 11.9 times higher than abortion providers have claimed. Read more here.


ABORTIONS INCREASED 5% IN 2021 THANKS TO THE PANDEMIC AND JOE BIDEN’S PRO-ABORTION AGENDA. The abortion increase is not a surprise given how 2020 was an incredibly tumultuous year because of the pandemic, and the economic and overall uncertainty likely drove up abortion figures. Read more here.


SWING STATE JUDGE DISMISSES ‘MISLEADING’ BID TO MAKE ABORTION A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT. A Nevada judge ruled against a “misleading” petition to enshrine abortion rights into the state constitution claiming that it violates the “single subject rule.” Read more here.


MAN WHO FIREBOMBED PRO-LIFE ORGANIZATION PLEADS GUILTY. It is believed that at least two people participated in the attack, which took place May 8, 2022, but Hridindu Roychowdhury is the only culprit who will serve 20 years in prison for throwing a Molotov cocktail through an office window of a pro-life organization. Read more here.


ABORTION EXTREMISTS COMPLAIN TO ORGANIZATION OF AMERICAN STATES. Astrid Ackerman of the Center for Reproductive Rights told the OAS the U.S. Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision removed a so-called fundamental right to abortion, paving the way for a regime of forced birth. Read more here.


TEXAS CITIES AND COUNTIES PASS PRO-LIFE MEASURES TO STOP ABORTION TRAFFICKING. Since abortion is now illegal in Texas, clinics that were once located in the Lone Star State have crossed the border to perform abortions on Texas residents in New Mexico, raising concerns about abortion trafficking. Read more here.


OHIO LEGISLATURE CONSIDERS TAX CREDITS FOR DONATIONS TO CRISIS PREGNANCY CENTERS. State Sen. Sandra O’Brien proposed legislation to add donations to “qualifying pregnancy resource centers” to the list of eligible credits for taxpayers. Read more here.


SEVERAL STATES MAY HAVE MEASURES NEXT YEAR FOR ABORTIONS UP TO BIRTH. Ohio’s Issue 1 vote legalized abortion with no gestational limit, and now Maryland and New York have qualified pro-abortion initiatives for their respective ballots. The pro-abortion lobby is planning to put similar referendums on the ballots of many other states. Read more here.


UK: PLANS TO REMOVE 14-DAY LIMIT FOR EXPERIMENTING ON EMBRYOS REJECTED BY 97 PERCENT OF SUBMISSIONS FROM GENERAL PUBLIC TO HFEA CONSULTATION. The UK’s Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority plans to remove a 14-day limit for experimenting on human embryos, even though 97 percent of public commenters opposed the change. Read more here.


TOP OBGYN CONFIRMS ABORTION PILL IS DANGEROUS: THEY’RE LYING TO WOMEN. During a panel discussion sponsored by the Heritage Foundation, Dr. Christina Francis said the level of misinformation on chemical abortion coming from pro-abortion physicians is “astounding.” Read more here.


PRO-ABORTION EXTREMIST JOINS THE INTERNATIONAL COURT OF JUSTICE. Law professor and abortion absolutist Sarah Cleveland gained large support from the UN General Assembly and the Security Council to serve a nine-year term on the International Court of Justice, despite major opposition by pro-life advocates. Read more here.


100+ PRO-ABORTION GROUPS ENDORSE BLUEPRINT DEMANDING ABORTION AND TRANSGENDER ‘CARE’ FOR CHILDREN. The 2023 Blueprint for Sexual and Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice Policy Agenda has been endorsed by more than 100 pro-abortion organizations, such as Planned Parenthood and its former special affiliate, the Guttmacher Institute, and other organizations. Read more here.


12,000 LATE-TERM BABIES ARE ABORTED EVERY YEAR, MORE THAN ALL LIVES LOST BY GUNFIRE. Pro-abortion Democrats have long since slid right past President Clinton’s 1992 insincere, but effective, pronouncement that abortion should be “safe, legal, and rare.” Read more here.


IRELAND: SAFE ACCESS ABORTION ZONES BILL PASSES BY 117 VOTES TO 10. The Safe Access Zones Bill, which creates a buffer zone around abortion businesses, now goes to the Irish Senate. Read more here.


MARCH FOR LIFE 2024 THEME: ‘WITH EVERY WOMAN FOR EVERY CHILD.’ The U.S. March for Life 2024 will be held in Washington, D.C. in January and will focus on supporting both babies and their moms. Read more here.


RADICAL BRITISH MP WILL PUSH BILL FOR ABORTIONS UP TO BIRTH. Pro-abortion British MP Stella Creasy has signaled her intention to hijack government legislation and introduce abortion up to birth in the UK. Read more here.


REGIONS IN RUSSIA STARTED TO BAN ABORTION. IS A NATIONAL BAN REALISTIC? Patriarch Kirill, of Moscow, has called for a nationwide ban on abortion in the wake of abortion restrictions imposed at the nation’s regional level. Read more here.


PERU CONGRESS PASSES LAW AFFIRMING UNBORN BABIES HAVE A RIGHT TO LIFE. By a vote of 72-26 with six abstentions, Peru’s Congress passed a bill that expressly recognizes the rights granted in its constitution to unborn children. Read more here.


SENATE REPUBLICANS DEMAND BIDEN RESCIND POLICY FORCING AMERICANS TO FUND MILITARY ABORTIONS. Twenty-seven U.S. Senate Republicans sent a letter to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, demanding that he rescind an abortion travel policy that they claim violates U.S. law by circumventing Congress. Read more here.


OHIO ABORTION ADVOCATES ANNOUNCE PLANS TO REPEAL ALL ABORTION LAWS. The Ohio pro-abortion movement revealed it will use the recent passage of Issue 1 to focus on actively stripping all preborn protections in the state. Read more here.


POLAND’S EXPECTED NEW COALITION GOVERNMENT COULD STRIP PROTECTIONS FROM PREBORN CHILDREN. Three opposition Polish political parties  the Civic Platform, Third Way and The Left – all signed an agreement committing to reform certain aspects of current Polish law, including a pledge to overturn the nation’s near-total legal protections for preborn children. Read more here.


MARTIN: IRISH HOSPITALS REQUIRED TO OFFER ABORTION, NOT DOING SO IS ‘UNACCEPTABLE.’ Ireland’Tánaiste Micheál Martin said that the government is considering the ongoing review of the abortion legislation, published this year, which recommended that the three-day wait be made optional. Read more here.


JACKSON, WYOMING’S ONLY ABORTION PROVIDER SHUTTING ITS DOORS DUE TO HIGH COSTS. After 30 years of aborting babies, the Women’s Health and Family Care clinic in Jackson, Wyoming, is closing down next month due to rising costs. Read more here.


CATHOLIC TRUSTEES CONCERNED NEW LAW IMPOSES ABORTION IDEOLOGY ON SCHOOLS IN NORTHERN IRELAND. The Catholic Schools Trustee Service has called on parents in Northern Ireland to express their concerns by responding to the Department of Education’s Relationships and Sexuality Education Consultation, saying it seeks to impose an abortion ideology on schools. Read more here.


BOXER GETS TWO LIFE SENTENCES FOR MURDER OF GIRLFRIEND AND PREBORN CHILD. Félix Verdejo-Sánchez, a boxer who competed for the United States in the 2012 Olympics, has been sentenced to two life sentences after brutally murdering his pregnant girlfriend who had refused to have an abortion. Read more here.


WHY DENMARK’S COUNCIL OF ETHICS ADVISED AGAINST LEGALIZING EUTHANASIA. An overwhelming majority of the Danish Council of Ethics – 16 of 17 members – has advised against the legalization of euthanasia in Denmark, according to a recently released report. Read more here.


ABORTION ACTIVISTS OUT-SPENT PRO-LIFE MESSAGES BY 3-TO-1 MARGIN TO BUY OHIO VOTE. The incredible level of spending, with significant amounts of dark money coming into Ohio from out of state and out of the country raises questions about whether the Issue 1 vote accurately depicts the will of Ohio voters or merely reflects an inordinate amount of leftist spending to buy votes. Read more here.


STUDY FINDS THREEFOLD INCREASE IN NUMBER OF BABIES BORN AT 22 WEEKS WHO SURVIVE. In their study published in the journal BMJ Medicine, the researchers found a threefold increase in 2020-21 compared to 2018-19, in the number of babies born at 22 weeks who received “survival focused care,” as well as a tripling in the number of babies surviving to discharge from neonatal care. Read more here.


THREE IMPORTANT PRO-LIFE BILLS TO BE INTRODUCED TO THE HOUSE OF LORDS. No pro-abortion bills or pro-assisted suicide bills were introduced in the UK’s House of Lords this week, but three pro-life bills were announced. Read more here.


PRO-LIFE GROUPS RESPOND TO OHIO VOTE: WE WILL KEEP FIGHTING TO PROTECT BABIES. After suffering a defeat this week with the passage of Issue 1, Ohio pro-lifers vowed to keep fighting to protect babies from abortion and to work hard at changing hearts and minds in the pro-life direction. Read more here.


PHILADELPHIA CITY WEBSITE OMITS REFERENCES TO MOTHERS, CALLS ABORTION A ‘HUMAN RIGHT.’ This week, the official website for the city of Philadelphia published a pro-abortion page titled “Philadelphians have access to safe, legal abortion services,” that includes the use of gender-neutral language to suggest that men can get pregnant. Read more here.


FEDERAL JUDGE PUTS IDAHO’S ‘ABORTION TRAFFICKING’ LAW ON HOLD DURING LAWSUIT. U.S. District Magistrate Debora Grasham wrote in a ruling, “This lawsuit is not about the right to an abortion. It is about much more.” Read more here.


GENERIC ABORTION PILL MAKER GENBIOPRO DROPS REMAINING CHALLENGE TO WEST VIRGINIA LAW. After ending nearly 6 million lives since 2000, abortion pill sales will be restricted in West Virginia, where GenBioPro dropped its remaining challenge to state law. Read more here.


COURT STOPS NEW YORK STATE FROM TARGETING PRO-LIFE NUNS WHO HELP PREGNANT WOMEN. New York passed a law last year targeting life-affirming pregnancy centers for government investigation, but now a federal judge is forbidding the state from punishing the Sisters of Life, a community of Catholic women who have given their lives to serve pregnant women in need. Read more here.


GOP ATTORNEYS GENERAL SUE FDA OVER APPROVAL OF RISKY, UNTESTED MAIL-ORDER ABORTION PILLS. The attorneys general of Missouri, Idaho and Kansas announced they are suing the Food and Drug Administration and the U.S. Department of Health, alleging that they did not have the legal right to approve abortion pills more than 20 years ago, and did not have the right to authorize the delivery of the pills through the mail during the pandemic. Read more here.


ABORTIONS IN EUROPE ON THE RISE. Abortion rates in the Netherlands, Germany, France and other parts of Europe have increased, but experts disagree on the cause. Read more here.


FEDERAL JUDGE HANDS PARTIAL VICTORY TO PRO-LIFERS IN ALLOWING BUFFER ZONE LAWSUIT. In 2022, the city of Minneapolis enacted a “safety zone” policy, which creates a buffer zone prohibiting free speech activity in certain areas outside abortion facilities, but Pro-Life Action Ministries filed a lawsuit claiming it violates freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Read more here.


IOWA ABORTIONS INCREASE AS HEARTBEAT LAW IS TIED UP IN COURT AND CAN’T SAVE BABIES. The Charlotte Lozier Institute estimates that Iowa’s abortion rate increased by 8 percent to 6.7 abortions per 1,000 women ages 15 to 44, a return to the 2020 rate after a decline in 2021. Read more here.


INFANT MORTALITY IS UP THE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 20 YEARS. IS INCENTIVIZING ABORTION TO BLAME? Following a 22-percent decline from 2002 to 2021, U.S. infant mortality rate rose three percent from 2021 to 2022. Read more here.


JOE BIDEN FIGHTS IN COURT TO TURN EMERGENCY ROOMS INTO ABORTION CENTERS. Texas and other plaintiffs argued the Biden administration’s mandate unlawfully requires abortions in situations where Texas outlaws them under its own law, the Texas Human Life Protection Act. Read more here.


MICHIGAN GOV. WHITMER POISED TO REMOVE PARTIAL-BIRTH ABORTION BAN, WOMEN’S HEALTH PROTECTIONS. A suite of pro-abortion bills will soon be on their way to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer following House approval votes to enact the radical promises established by the passage of Prop 3, including removal of the partial birth abortion ban, elimination of health and safety standards for abortion facilities, and the allowing of abortion facilities to conceal information from women about risks and complications. Read more here.


VERMONT ABORTIONS DROP TO HISTORIC LOW AS MORE BABIES ARE BEING SAVED. Vermont’s 2021 abortion statistics have been published online by the Vermont Department of Health, and abortions decreased by 16 percent from the prior year. Read more here.


RECORD NUMBERS OF CANADIANS DIED THROUGH EUTHANASIA IN 2022. Since euthanasia and assisted suicide were legalized in 2016, there have been 44,958 euthanasia deaths in Canada, and about one Canadian in 25 dies from lethal injection. Read more here.


FEDERAL COURT RULES ABORTIONISTS CAN SUE ARIZONA TO OVERTURN EUGENICS LAW. A federal appeals court has ruled that a group of abortionists can move forward with a lawsuit challenging a law that protects preborn children with disabilities from eugenics-based abortions. Read more here.


ABORTION RATE HAS ‘ALMOST DOUBLED’ IN NORTHERN IRELAND SINCE LAW CHANGE. The abortion rate in Northern Ireland has nearly doubled – to 5,648 abortions – in the last three years since the abortion law was changed in 2020. Read more here.


WOMEN EXPLAIN WHY THEY’RE VOTING NO ON OHIO’S ISSUE 1. Ohio voters will vote on Issue 1 on Nov. 7, when many human lives hang in the balance, and right to life groups are exposing the dangers of the ballot proposition that Planned Parenthood and the ACLU are pushing. Read more here.


MEDICAL STUDENTS FACE PRESSURE TO PARTICIPATE IN ELECTIVE ABORTIONS. Leftist politics are trumping the science of healing at medical schools throughout the U.S., and to remain accredited, osteopathic medical schools now must show they support “diversity, equity, and inclusion.” Read more here.


IDAHO MOTHER, SON CHARGED FOR TAKING 15-YEAR-OLD RAPE VICTIM TO OREGON FOR SECRET ABORTION. A mother and son in Idaho are being charged with kidnapping for taking the son’s 15-year-old statutory rape victim out of state for an abortion, in what is being considered in the media a test case for the state’s abortion trafficking law. Read more here.


FLORIDA SUPREME COURT ASKS TOUGH QUESTIONS DURING ORAL ARGUMENTS IN CASE ABOUT 15-WEEK ABORTION LAW. The state’s high court has heard oral arguments in Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida, et al., v. State of Florida, et al., regarding the 15-week abortion ban which prohibits all abortions after 15 weeks of gestation. Read more here.


TEXAS ABORTIONS DROP TO ALMOST 0, SAVING OVER 5,000 BABIES PER MONTH. Texas’ 2022 abortion report was released by Texas Health and Human Services and showed a significant drop in abortions from 2021. Read more here.


REPUBLICAN SENATOR BLASTS BIDN ADMIN: ‘NO JUSTIFICATION’ FOR MAKING AMERICANS FUND ABORTION TRAVEL. Republicans have opposed Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s measures to counteract state abortion restrictions implemented since the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Supreme Court decision in 2022, including the payments for women to travel for abortions. Read more here.


JUDGE RULES KANSAS CAN’T ENFORCE NEW LAW ON ABORTION PILLS. A Kansas judge put a new state law regulating medication abortions on hold and blocked older restrictions that for years have spelled out what providers must tell patients and required patients to wait 24 hours to end their pregnancies. Read more here.


‘ROOTED IN EUGENICS’: CANADA PLANS ASSISTED SUICIDE EXPANSION FOR DRUG-ADDICTED PERSONS. Akin to the brand of eugenics promulgated by Margaret Sanger and her contemporaries at the turn of the last century, Canada now plans to expand its medical aid in dying program in 2024 to include people afflicted with drug addiction. Read more here.


GEORGE WASHINGTON UUNIVERSITY DENIES REQUEST TO PROVIDE ABORTION DRUGS ON CAMPUS. Abortion drugs that intentionally end the life of a preborn human baby will not be available at George Washington University, despite a demand from campus feminists. Read more here.


56 YEARS OF ABORTION IN THE UK: 10,256,050 LIVES LOST SINCE 1967. Since the start of the Abortion Act in 1967, a staggering 10,256,050 unborn babies have lost their lives to abortion across England, Wales and Scotland — more than one baby every two and a half minutes. Read more here.


MACRON ANNOUNCES BILL TO ENSHRINE ‘FREEDOM OF ABORTION’ IN FRENCH CONSTITUTION. Vowing to introduce legislation with the hopes of presenting a bill to the Council of Ministers by the end of the year, French President Emmanuel Macron declared on social media, “In 2024, the freedom of women to have an abortion will be irreversible.” Read more here.


HARD-HITTING NEW COMMERCIAL EXPOSES HOW ABORTIONS TAKE WOMEN’S LIVES. Pro-abortion advocates are lying in their campaign ads telling voters that Ohio’s Issue 1 will protect “women’s lives,” but the ads are filled with propaganda that “doctors need to be able to make life-saving decisions that protect their patients.” Read more here.


PRO-LIFE GROUP TO PROMOTE PRO-LIFE LEGISLATIVE CANDIDATES PUSHING FOR 15-WEEK ABORTION BAN. The national pro-life organization Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America and its partner organization Women Speak Out Virginia launched a new campaign to support pro-life General Assembly candidates and expose those favoring unlimited abortions in Virginia. Read more here.


PRO-LIFE WIN: FEDERAL COURT LIFTS COLORADO BAN ON ABORTION PILL REVERSALS. A federal court in Colorado ruled in favor of a Catholic health care clinic, Bella Health and Wellness, to allow them to continue offering abortion pill reversal services. Read more here.


MOM FIGHTS FOR BABY WITH LIFE-LIMITING DIAGNOSIS, WHO IS NOW THRIVING: ‘I DIDN’T THINK TWICE.’ When Florida mom Andi Mahoney was 20 weeks pregnant, she was told her preborn daughter, Emmie, didn’t have kidneys and would not survive past birth, but the child is now alive and thriving. Read more here.


WARREN BUFFET FUNDS FAKE ‘CATHOLIC’ GROUP PROMOTING ABORTIONS UP TO BIRTH. “Catholics for Choice,” an anti-Catholic and pro-abortion organization aided by the funding of Warren Buffet, is sponsoring 30 billboards promoting abortion in Ohio ahead of the November 7 vote on a pro-abortion amendment. Read more here.


ACLU, GEORGE SOROS AND PLANNED PARENTHOOD POUR MILLIONS INTO OHIO FOR ISSUE 1. In the wake of Roe v. Wade’s defeat in the Supreme Court last year, leftist groups are clamoring to dramatically expand abortion up to the day of birth in red states, including Ohio, where the potential passage of the Issue 1 ballot proposition would establish a right to abort babies long past the point of “fetal viability,” the limit established under Roe. Read more here.


FILM FESTIVAL LAUNCHES FILM CONTEST IN PARTNERSHIP WITH ABORTION INDUSTRY POWER PLAYERS. The Athena Film Festival has launched the Abortion Pipeline Project, a new fund aiming to celebrate and support abortion stories, beginning at Barnard College in New York. Read more here.


ROE REVERSAL HASN’T CHANGED MED STUDENT POST-GRAD PLANS: STUDY. A recent study purported to “demonstrate reduced desire of residents in obstetrics and gynecology to practice or pursue fellowship in [abortion] restrictive states after residency,” but interviews with medical students in an abortion training program found that an overwhelming majority had not changed their plans. Read more here.


VA WON’T EXPLAIN WHAT IT MEANS TO SAVE THE ‘HEALTH’ OF THE MOTHER IN ABORTION. A year since it began performing abortions, the Department of Veterans Affairs reported to the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee that 64 of the 88 abortions it provided were said to have been performed under undefined circumstances of threats to the mother’s health. Read more here.


JOE BIDEN’S NIH NOMINEE MONICA BERTAGNOLLI SUPPORTS RESEARCH WITH ABORTED BABY PARTS. President Joe Biden’s pick to head the National Institutes of Health supports research using the body parts of aborted babies, and Monica Bertagnolli’s nomination is drawing substantial opposition from pro-lifers. Read more here.


GEORGIA SUPREME COURT UPHOLDS HEARTBEAT LAW THAT HAS SAVED THOUSANDS OF BABIES FROM ABORTION. In a major victory for life, the Georgia Supreme Court has upheld the Living Infants Fairness and Equality (LIFE) Act – heartbeat protections signed into law in 2019 by Governor Brian Kemp. Read more here.


PROPOSAL TO REGULATE PRO-LIFE PREGNANCY CENTERS FAILS IN MASSACHUSETTS CITY. After more than a year of debate, the Worcester, Massachusetts city council voted 7-4 to permanently drop a proposed ordinance that would regulate pro-life pregnancy resource centers in the city. Read more here.


CANADA SET TO ALLOW ASSISTED SUICIDE FOR PEOPLE WITH MENTAL ILLNESS AS MP WARNS OF ‘CULTURE OF DEATH.’ Conservative MP Ed Fast, who tried and failed to repeal “medical assistance in dying” for those suffering exclusively mental afflictions, lamented the increased acceptance of assisted suicide, asking: “Will we evolve into a culture of death as the preferred option for those who suffer from mental illness or will we choose life?” Read more here.


ABORTIONS DROP ALMOST 100% IN STATES THAT BAN ABORTIONS, THOUSANDS OF BABIES SAVED. The WeCount project obtains monthly abortion data from abortion facilities, and it found that states with the largest drop in abortions include Texas, Georgia, Tennessee and Louisiana. Read more here.


MEXICAN LAWMAKERS CONSIDER STRIPPING PARENTAL RIGHTS, ALLOWING ABORTION UNTIL BIRTH. A draft opinion would allow women to “freely request safe abortion services to terminate their pregnancy during the first full 12 weeks of the gestation process,” allow abortion “at any time” in cases such as “when it has been diagnosed that the product has genetic or congenital defects” and allow anyone age 13 or older to get an abortion without her parents’ permission. Read more here.


LUBBOCK, TEXAS BANS ABORTIONS, BECOMES ‘SANCTUARY COUNTY FOR THE UNBORN.’ The Lubbock, Texas County has passed an ordinance banning abortions and becoming a “Sanctuary County for the Unborn” that bans the sale of dangerous abortion drugs. Read more here.


JUDGE BLOCKS COLORADO LAW THAT STOPPED PREGNANCY CENTERS FROM SAVING BABIES FROM ABORTIONS. A federal court in Colorado has protected a Catholic healthcare clinic’s ability to help women reverse the effects of the first abortion pill in a court challenge to a new Colorado law that forbids doctors and nurses from giving progesterone to help women who took the first abortion pill, even if they were tricked or forced into taking it. Read more here.


OHIO CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT ON ABORTION GOES ‘WAY, WAY TOO FAR,’ EVEN FARTHER THAN ROE: GOV. DEWINE. Gov. Mike DeWine said that if passed, the Ohio Issue 1 ballot proposition “would allow abortion at any point in the pregnancy” and “would negate Ohio’s law that we’ve had on the books for many, many years that prohibits partial-birth abortion.” Read more here.


LOUISIANA ABORTIONS DROP 39% AS ABORTION BAN BEGINS SAVING BABIES. In 2022, there were 4,570 abortions reported in Louisiana, down 39 percent from the previous year, to an abortion rate of 5.0 abortions per 1,000 women ages 15 to 44. Read more here.


OREGON COUNTY FORCED TO PAY FOR EMPLOYEE ABORTIONS WITH TAXPAYER DOLLARS. Deschutes County commissioners voted 3-0 to approve changes to the county’s Employee Benefits Plan that will force taxpayers to fund the abortions of county workers and their dependents. Read more here.


MEXICAN HIGH COURT DECLARES ARTICLES THAT CRIMINALIZE ABORTION IN CHIHUAHUA UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Pro-life leaders called it a “great blow” against the “fundamental and inalienable right to life” when the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation declared three articles that criminalize abortion in the penal code of Chihuahua state to be unconstitutional. Read more here.


UN REPORT SAYS YOUNG GIRLS CANNOT SUCCEED WITHOUT ABORTION. To commemorate the International Day of the Girl Child, a UN treaty body has released a statement mentioning abortion 27 times as the most important factor for the well-being and development of young girls. Read more here.


NEBRASKA ABORTION BIZ IS STILL ABORTING 30 BABIES EVERY DAY AFTER ABORTIONIST DIED, BUT WHO’S RUNNING IT IS A MYSTERY. Though abortionist LeRoy Carhart has died, and his daughter is not a registered agent of the Bellevue Health Clinic in Nebraska, chemical abortions are still being administered there. Read more here.


ABORTIONIST WHO RAN OVER PRO-LIFER TWICE IS NOW BEING SUED. Michigan abortionist Theodore Roumell ran over an individual’s leg twice but the charges were dropped. He is now being sued by the victim. Read more here.


U.S. BLITZED WITH ABORTION QUESTIONS AT HUMAN RIGHTS COMMITTEE. Though abortion is not a part of the Human Rights Treaty, its guiding committee grilled the U.S. about the status of abortion in the wake of the overturning of Roe v. Wade, and it wanted to know how the U.S. is implementing a 2022 abortion guideline. Read more here.


RADICAL ABORTION ACTIVISTS HAVE SPENT LOADS OF MONEY PROMOTING ABORTIONS UP TO BIRTH IN OHIO. The Issue 1 ballot proposition in Ohio proposes to allow abortions throughout pregnancy, including late-term abortions, and has been described as one of the most radical abortion laws in the country. Read more here.


CHRISTIAN GROUP CHALLENGES UK LAW THAT COULD MAKE IT A CRIME TO HAVE A PRO-LIFE SIGN ON YOUR HOME. A local abortion buffer zone, implemented through the use of a Public Space Protection Order that criminalizes offers of help, as well as prayer outside an abortion clinic, may be found unlawful after it was challenged in the High Court on the grounds that it restricts otherwise lawful activity within private dwellings. Read more here.


WASTE COMPANY THAT GENERATES ELECTRICITY BY BURNING ABORTED BABIES PAYS HUGE FINE. Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services, a Baltimore-based company that works in 10 U.S. states along the east coast, pleaded guilty to more than 40 charges related to environmental violations. Read more here.


PRO-LIFE STUDENT GROUP WINS OFFICIAL STATUS AFTER TWO-YEAR BATTLE. The new Students for Life chapter at the New Jersey Institute of Technology has officially been recognized and approved. Read more here.


MICHIGAN DEMOCRATS PASS BILLS IMPLEMENTING ABORTIONS UP TO BIRTH. Pro-abortion Democrats in the Michigan State Senate attempted to push their counterparts in the House to pass the dangerous Reproductive Health Act. Read more here.


NEW POLL SHOWS WOMEN SUPPORT ENDING ‘DIY’ HOME ABORTION SCHEMES. According to the latest YouGov polling, when asked whether the two pills used in a medical abortion should be taken at home without medical supervision or in a clinic with medical supervision, 51 percent thought medical abortions should only happen in a clinic under medical supervision. Read more here.


CITY COUNCIL IN ILLINOIS TO ALLOW PRO-LIFE FLAG TO BE FLOWN AT CITY HALL. Galesburg City Councilman Brent Zorne said “Life is sacred — that is something precious and we need to protect it,” and the council agreed by a vote of 5-2. Read more here.


NEW TO NEW YORK CAMPUSES THIS FALL: ABORTION PILLS. Students at New York public universities have access to abortion pills on campus for the first time this fall, a change that pro-life leaders say puts lives at risk and lacks support for families. Read more here.


BOURNEMOUTH, UK LOCAL ABORTION BUFFER ZONE FACES LEGAL CHALLENGE. Livia Tossici-Bolt and Christian Concern sought to challenge the local Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) that creates the buffer zone, on the grounds that Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council did not have the power to enact a PSPO that restricts lawful activity conducted in private dwellings. Read more here.


PRO-LIFE GROUPS SUE SAN ANTONIO AFTER IT FORCES RESIDENTS TO FUND ABORTIONS. The San Antonio Family Association and Texas Right to Life have sued the City of San Antonio over its decision to allocate taxpayer money to abortion-trafficking organizations that violate Texas law. Read more here.


PRO-LIFERS CHALLENGE ABORTION HOSPITAL BOARD DURING FIRST PUBLIC MEETING IN FOUR YEARS. University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s Magee-Women’s Hospital Board of Directors were forced to meet in public for the first time after a University of Pittsburgh study revealed aborted baby body parts were used on mice and rats. Read more here.


NEW ZEALAND LABOR GOVERNMENT THAT INTRODUCED EXTREME ABORTION LAW LOSES ELECTION. New Zealand’s Labor Government, which in 2020 introduced an extreme abortion law allowing de-facto abortion on demand for any reason up to birth, has been voted out of power. Read more here.


AMERICANS OVERWHELMINGLY OPPOSE JOE BIDEN’S PROPOSED MANDATE TO FORCE EMPLOYERS TO FUND ABORTIONS. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reported receiving 63,330 comments on its regulation establishing a national mandate for employers to accommodate workers’ abortions under the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, with 75 percent of those remarks coming from Catholics and their allies. Read more here.


PRO-LIFE GROUPS ASK GENERAL ASSEMBLY TO BLOCK PRO-ABORTION NOMINEE TO INTERNATIONAL COURT. More than 360 pro-life groups have asked the UN General Assembly to block President Joe Biden’s nominee to the International Court of Justice, Sarah Cleveland, because of her support of abortion. Read more here.


BIDEN ADMINISTRATION CALLS UPON UN TO STOP PRO-LIFE CONSERVATIVES. With support from Belgium and Macedonia, the Biden administration has asked UN agencies and other governments to ramp up efforts against what they have called “anti-rights” and “anti-gender” movements. Read more here.


BILL PROPOSES EXTREME EUTHANASIA REGIME FOR ISLE OF MAN. An assisted suicide and euthanasia bill, more radical than any similar legislation in the U.S. or recently proposed in the UK, will be debated later this month in the Isle of Man. Read more here.


PRO-LIFE ATTORNEYS TELL SUPREME COURT TO LET RULING STAND THAT BANS DANGEROUS MAIL-ORDER ABORTIONS. The pro-life legal group Alliance Defending Freedom is asking the Supreme Court to let an appeals court ruling stand that bans dangerous mail-order abortions. Read more here.


LIBERAL NJ LAWMAKER SLAMS PRO-LIFE PREGNANCY CENTERS AS ‘BRAINWASHING CULT CLINICS,’ ATTEMPTS TO CLOSE THEM. Rep. Josh Gottheimer, D-N.J., a liberal New Jersey lawmaker, is labeling pro-life pregnancy centers as “brainwashing cult clinics” and attempting to shut them down. Read more here.


WOMAN WANTS TO ABORT HER 26-WEEK-OLD BABY, COURT TELLS HER TO ‘CONSIDER THE RIGHTS OF THE UNBORN CHILD.’ Abortion is legal in India but exceptions to the abortion law such as late-term abortions require legal justification. The Supreme Court of India ruled that the “rights of the unborn child” had to be considered. Read morhere.


ABORTIONS IN THE NETHERLANDS INCREASED BY NEARLY 15% IN 2022. The number of abortions increased to 35,606, the Dutch healthcare and youth care inspectorate reported in an annual report, with an increase of 13 percent among teenagers. Read more here.


PHARMACY DISPENSING OF ABORTION PILL HAS BEGUN, SAYS DRUG’S GENERIC MANUFACTURER. Large pharmacy chains confirmed they are selling the abortion pill mifepristone (Mifeprex), and they have not been deterred by the “threat of a future national rollback of the drugs.” Read more here.


PRO-LIFE LAWS IN NORTH CAROLINA REDUCED ABORTIONS BY 31 PERCENT. The Guttmacher Institute estimates the decline of abortion in North Carolina followed new laws taking effect protecting preborn children after 12 weeks’ gestation with a 72-hour waiting period. Read more here.


UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO SLAPS UNCONSTITUTIONAL FEE ON PRO-LIFE STUDENT GROUP. Alliance Defending Freedom informed the University of New Mexico that the security fee it charged to the university’s Students for Life chapter and Students for Life of America violated the student groups’ First Amendment rights. Read more here.


TAXPAYER-FUNDED NPR PROMOTES BILLBOARD: ‘GOD’S PLAN INCLUDES ABORTION.’ Taxpayer-funded National Public Radio enthusiastically advocates for abortion, and on a recent morning show, a hairdresser guest named “Queen” stated, “I will forever aid and abet abortions” and gushed over a billboard saying: “Yes! God’s plan includes abortion!” Read more here.


PROTESTANT CHURCH OF GERMANY IN FAVOR OF LIBERALIZING THE ABORTION LAW. The governing board of the Protestant church in Germany wants some abortions removed from the criminal code, and the church opposes the complete removal of abortion from the German penal code, running counter to the state’s duty to protect unborn life. Read more here.


‘PERSONALLY PRO-LIFE’ COUNCIL MEMBERS VOTE TO REJECT ‘SANCTUARY CITY FOR THE UNBORN’ ORDINANCE IN ILLINOIS. The city council of Quincy, Illinois voted 7-5 against an attempt to make the city a sanctuary for the unborn by defeating a motion requiring compliance with federal prohibition on the mailing and the receiving of abortion-inducing drugs and abortion paraphernalia. Read more here.


RUSSIA MAKES STARTLING CHANGE TO ITS ABORTION PILL DISTRIBUTION. Russia’s Ministry of Health announced that a doctor’s prescription will be required to obtain the abortion pill drugs mifepristone and misoprostol at a pharmacy that has a special license, and they must report how many pills they have sold. Read more here.


MICHIGAN GOV. WANTS TO IMPLEMENT ABORTIONS UP TO BIRTH: ‘ENSHRINE THAT IN OUR CONSTITUTION.’ Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is pushing for a package of bills that would remove every pro-life law from the books and implement abortions up to birth, a move drawing heavy criticism from pro-life advocates and one Democrat legislator who thinks it’s too extreme. Read more here.


ABORTION MAY BE A GAME CHANGER IN SLOVAKIAN COALITION FORMATION. Several media report that the Slovakian Christian Democrats are open to cooperation with the Social Democratic Party in exchange for restrictions on abortion access. Read more here.


PRO-LIFERS ARRESTED IN NORTHERN IRELAND FOR VIOLATING NEW ANTI-FREE SPEECH BUFFER ZONE. Less than a week after the passage of an an anti-free speech bill, two pro-lifers have been arrested for standing outside Causeway Hospital near Coleraine, County Londonderry in Northern Ireland. Read more here.


FLORIDA ATTORNEY GENERAL TRIES TO BLOCK ABORTION RIGHTS AMENDMENT. Republican Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody asked the state Supreme Court to review the wording of a proposed amendment that would enshrine abortion into the Florida Constitution. Read more here.


CHILE MOVES CLOSER TO CONSTITUTION PROTECTING ALL PREBORN CHILDREN. The Chilean Constitutional Council approved language ensuring “the right to life of those who are about to be born.” Read more here.


RADICAL OHIO ABORTION AMENDMENT WOULD ALLOW PARTIAL-BIRTH, DISMEMBERMENT: ATTORNEY GENERAL. The proposed amendment to the Ohio Constitution enshrining a “right” to effectively unlimited abortion would go far beyond Roe v. Wade and block prohibitions on partial-birth and dismemberment abortions, allow abortionists to target disabled babies and end parental consent requirements. Read more here.


ABORTIONS DROP 43% IN KENTUCKY AS ABORTION BAN SAVES THOUSANDS OF BABIES. In 2022, the number of abortions in Kentucky fell almost 43%, according to the Cabinet for Health and Family Services’ Office of Vital Statistics report. Read more here.


AZ GOV KATIE HOBBS: ABORTING BABIES IS ‘FREEDOM.’ Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs has asked the state Supreme Court to keep abortions legal in the southwestern state, arguing that abortion is “freedom” for women, in the case Planned Parenthood Arizona v. MayesRead more here.


SCOTLAND: PRO-LIFE GROUPS RAISE CONCERNS OVER BILL CRIMINALIZING PRO-LIFE ADVOCACY. Concerns have been raised over new legislation – the Abortion Services Safe Access Zones  that aims to criminalize pro-life advocacy outside abortion clinics. Read more here.

WHO DIRECTOR GENERAL SAYS SUPPORTING ABORTION IS ‘SIDING WITH SCIENCE.’ When asked during a press conference about its credibility, the director general of the World Health Organization, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said his group is “siding with science” in supporting abortion. Read more here.


NORTHERN IRELAND LAW RESCTRICTING PRO-LIFE FREE SPEECH TAKES EFFECT. A new buffer zone law in Northern Ireland makes it a criminal offense to hold pro-life protests within 100-150 meters from entrances or exits of abortion facilities, punishable by a £500 fine. Read more here.


THOUSANDS MARCH IN OHIO AGAINST ISSUE 1, WHICH ALLOWS ABORTIONS UP TO BIRTH. Thousands of pro-life activists marched in downtown Columbus, Ohio calling for protection for the unborn and urging their fellow Ohioans to vote against an upcoming pro-abortion ballot measure. Read more here.


CVS PHARMACISTS ACCIDENTALLY ABORT TWINS BY GIVING MOM WRONG PRESCRIPTION. CVS pharmacists unintentionally gave Las Vegas mother Timika Thomas a drug that terminated the lives of her twins in utero instead of a medication that would help her pregnancy. Read more here.


ABORTIONS DECLINING IN OHIO – FOR NOW. Between 2022 and 2021, the number of abortions performed in the Buckeye State fell by more than 3,300, representing a decline of more than 15 percent. Read more here.


MACRON PUSHES ABORTION FURTHER INTO FRENCH CONSTITUTION. French President Emmanuel Macron aims to change his country’s Constitution by establishing abortion as a human right. Read more here.


IN ARGENTINA, ELECTION FIGHT BREWS OVER LIFE AND ABORTION. Argentina’s presidential election race is putting abortion access and women’s rights in the spotlight, sparking fierce debate. Read more here.


INDIANA ABORTIONS DECLINE, SAVING HUNDREDS OF BABIES. ABORTION BAN WILL SAVE THOUSANDS MORE. According to the state health department, abortions performed in the second quarter of 2022 dropped by 700, the lowest level since 2019. Read more here.


BINGHAMTON U. PROFESSOR TAKES ‘ACTIVISM’ CLASS TO ‘CONFRONT’ PRO-LIFE STUDENTS. Dara Silberstein, the professor of women, gender and sexuality studies at Binghamton University, took her Activism, Feminism and Social Justice class to confront a pro-life table manned by members of Students for Life of America and the College Republicans. Read more here.


NYC BECOMES FIRST U.S. CITY TO OFFER ‘ON DEMAND’ ABORTION KITS. Beginning this week, patients in New York City seeking abortions can schedule a Virtual ExpressCare appointment to speak with a state-licensed health care professional by video or phone, on-demand, for an assessment and counseling. Read more here.


OBGYN CONFIRMS: OVER 10,000 BABIES A YEAR ABORTED LATE IN TERM, MOST BABIES ARE HEALTHY. Over the past 10 years, the CDC reports that between 7.5 and 9.2 percent of abortions performed annually were after 13 weeks’ gestation, and approximately 1 percent were performed after 21 weeks of gestation, when the child can often survive if separated from his or her mother. Read more here.


POLISH MAN PROSECUTED FOR HELPING HIS PARTNER WITH AN ABORTION. Helping someone have an abortion is a criminal offence in Poland punishable by up to three years in prison. Read more here.


THE GLARING ISSUES WITH CALIFORNIA’S ATTACK AGAINST PREGNANCY RESOURCE CENTERS OVER ABORTION PILL REVERSAL. Announcing his lawsuit against pregnancy resource centers, California Attorney General Rob Bonta showed his disdain for offering women life-affirming choices by saying, “The horrifying reality is that right now there are more crisis pregnancy centers in California than abortion care clinics.” Read more here.


HOUSE PASSES 1-YEAR AFRICA AIDS RELIEF EXTENSION WITH SAFEGUARD GOP REP SAYS STOPS BIDEN ABORTION ‘HIJACKING.’ House Republicans passed a one-year extension of funding for the Bush era PEPFAR program providing AIDS relief to Africa but with guardrails to stop what one GOP congressman told Fox News Digital is a Biden administration push to fund abortions on the continent through the program. Read more here.


APPEALS COURT REVERSES PREVIOUS RULING THAT HALTED IDAHO ABORTION BANS. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals panel overruled a lower court decision to block Idaho’s abortion ban and determined that the ban is likely to succeed because it serves the “public interest.” Read more here.


MASSACHUSETTS ABORTION GROUP LOOKS TO MAKE NEW ENGLAND AN ABORTION HAVEN. Reproductive Equity Now is merging with Pro-Choice Connecticut and will cover Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire in an effort to make New England an abortion haven. Read more here.


IRISH LEGISLATORS DENIED CONSCIENCE VOTE ON ABORTION ZONES LAW. Fine Gael TDs Ciarán Cannon and John Paul Phelan were denied the right to vote according to their conscience on the abortion zones bill by Taoiseach and party leader Leo Varadkar. Read more here.


THIRD TEXAS COUNTY OUTLAWS ABORTION AND USE OF ROADS FOR ‘ABORTION TRAFFICKING.’ By a 4-0 vote of the commissioners, Cochran County became the third Texas county to prohibit abortion and abortion trafficking. Read more here.


STUDIES CONFIRM MANY WOMEN REGRET THEIR ABORTIONS, EXPERIENCE MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS. Recent studies have shown that each exposure to abortion increases the risk of mental disorders by 23 percent and that pressure to undergo an abortion is associated with poorer mental and emotional outcomes. Read more here.


FLORIDA STUDENT NEWSPAPER DRAWS IRE OF ABORTION SUPPORTERS AFTER REJECTING ONLINE ABORTION PILL AD. On the advice of attorneys, an independent University of Florida newspaper refused to run an ad from Mayday Health for abortion pills because it would violate state law. Read more here.


GAVIN NEWSOM SIGNS BILL PROMOTING ABORTION DRUGS DAYS AFTER ABORTION PILL KILLS WOMAN. California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed a bill promoting dangerous abortion drugs just days after news surfaced that a woman died after taking the abortion pill. Read more here.


IL LAW FORCES PRO-LIFE PREGNANCY CENTERS TO PROMOTE ABORTION, NOW THEIR CASE IS FINALLY IN COURT. An Illinois law mandating that pro-life doctors and pregnancy centers must refer patients for abortions and talk about alleged benefits of abortion has been challenged in court, and a decision is expected early in 2024. Read more here.


TEXAS SUES YELP OVER NOTICES ABOUT CRISIS PREGNANCY CENTERS. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton sued Yelp for allegedly misleading consumers by posting notices on its business review website stating that crisis pregnancy centers provide limited medical services. Read more here.


HIV GROUPS SUPPORT ABORTION WHILE PROMOTING PEPFAR. A debate over funding for PEPFAR— the President’s Emergency Program for Aids Relief—is underway in the U.S. House of Representatives with pro-life lawmakers supported by pro-life groups working to ensure that the funds are not used for abortion by international NGOs who perform or promote abortion. Read more here.


WESTERN AUSTRALIA DECRIMINALIZES AND EXPANDS ABORTION. The newly passed Abortion Legislation Reform Bill 2023 removes abortion from the criminal code and also eliminates a requirement that women undergo mandatory counseling prior to receiving an abortion. Read more here.


FINES OF UP TO £2,500 TO BEGIN FOR OFFERS OF HELP OUTSIDE ABORTION CLINICS IN NORTHERN IRELAND. The Abortion Services (Safe Access Zones) Bill establishes censorship zones where it will be illegal for members of staff and people using abortion services “to be impeded, recorded, influenced or to be caused harassment, alarm or distress.” Read more here.


U.S. CONGRESSMAN INTRODUCES PRO-LIFE BILL TO BAN DANGEROUS ABORTION PILL NATIONWIDE. Rep. Andy Ogles (Rep-Tenn.) is set to introduce a bill that would prohibit chemical abortions and penalize the selling or distribution of abortion pills. Read more here.


‘TREMENDOUS VICTORY’: HOBBS BABY BOX BECOMES FIRST IN NEW MEXICO TO SAVE NEWBORN’S LIFE. Hobbs, New Mexico’s Fire Station 1 received a notification indicating an object was placed in the town’s new baby box, leading firefighters to the scene where they found a baby boy safely tucked into the incubator. Read more here.


POLICE DROP INVESTIGATION INTO WOMAN PRAYING OUTSIDE UK ABORTION CENTER. Six months after her arrest for praying silently outside an abortion clinic, West Midlands Police confirmed that they will not file charges against Isabel Vaughan-Spruce. Read more here.


WOMAN SAYS ABORTION FACILITY LIED, WOULDN’T SHOW ULTRASOUND AND HELD HER DOWN DURING ABORTION. At the age of 16, Nichole Bryson changed her mind about having an abortion, but she was pinned down by four employees at an abortion clinic, told to be quiet, and threatened with violence until her child was aborted. Read more here.


LEAKED VETERANS AFFAIRS TRAINING VIDEO PROMOTES ABORTION, SUGGESTS MEN CAN GET PREGNANT. A leaked U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs training video promotes abortions and claims that not all pregnant persons are women. Read more here.


‘EUTHANASIA HOUSES’ TO BE SET UP ACROSS CANADA UNDER PLANS PROPOSED BY EUTHANASIA GROUP. A euthanasia group that set up Canada’s first “euthanasia house” is aiming to open similar facilities where people can go to end their life through euthanasia throughout Canada. Read more here.


TENNESSEE ABORTION BAN HAS SAVED OVER 10,000 BABIES FROM ABORTION. Tennessee has one of the nation’s strongest pro-life laws, which took effect after the overturning of Roe v. Wade in 2022, and it has resulted in an estimated 10,000 lives saved. Read more here.


BRAZIL’S TOP COURT OPENS VOTE ON DECRIMINALIZING ABORTION UP TO 12TH WEEK OF PREGNANCY. Brazil’s top court opened a session that will decide whether abortion up to the 12th week of pregnancy will be decriminalized nationwide. The South American nation currently allows abortions only in cases of rape, an evident risk to the mother’s health or if the fetus has no functioning brain. Read more here.


NEW JERSEY HEALTH INSURANCE ABORTION MANDATE FOR LARGER COMPANIES TAKES EFFECT. The law requires employer health insurance markets with 50 or more employees to provide comprehensive abortion coverage and was a was a result of the Freedom of Reproductive Choice Act passed last year. Read more here.


AMERICANS UNITED FOR LIFE URGES PRO-LIFE PROTECTIONS IN HUMANITARIAN PROGRAM. A dozen pro-life organizations are urging U.S. Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy and Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell to reauthorize the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) with pro-life protections. Read more here.


CALIFORNIA SUES ORGANIZATIONS FOR TOUTING ABORTION PILL REVERSAL. A complaint filed in Alameda County Superior Court accused Heartbeat International and RealOptions Obria of violating a state law against fraudulent business practices for claiming they can help reverse the effects of the abortion pill mifepristone. Read more here.


NEBRASKA MOTHER WHO GAVE ABORTION PILLS TO TEEN DAUGHTER GETS 2 YEARS IN PRISON. Jessica Burgess ordered the pills online and gave them to her daughter in the third trimester of the 17-year-old’s pregnancy. They later buried the fetal remains. Read more here.


PRO-LIFE MARCH CAUSES UNREST IN GERMANY. Some 7,000 Germans took to the streets in Cologne to show their support for the pro-life movement, drawing protests from queer feminists. Read more here.


FINNISH GYNECOLOGIST WRONGLY PRESCRIBES ABORTION PILLS: ‘TODAY I REGRET THAT I TRUSTED HIM.’ A gynecologist in Finland is under investigation for telling pregnant women that there was no life in their wombs, and he recommended they take abortion pills. Read more here. Read more here.


RADICAL PRO-ABORTION GROUP NARAL CHANGES ITS NAME, BUT STILL SUPPORTS ABORTIONS UP TO BIRTH. The National Abortion Rights Action League is changing its name to Reproductive Freedom for All, but the goal remains the same – keeping abortions legal across America up to birth. Read more here.


MICHIGAN LAWMAKERS SEEK TO END PARTIAL-BIRTH ABORTION BAN, PROTECTION FOR ABORTION SURVIVORS, AND MORE. Lawmakers in Michigan are aiming to expand the state’s pro-abortion policies even further with the introduction of a pro-abortion package that would repeal a number of informed consent measures and protections for women — including the removal of mandatory waiting periods, eliminating safety regulations for abortion facilities and requiring Medicaid to pay for abortions. Read more here.


AS DOJ TARGETS PRO-LIFERS, LEGISLATORS MOVE TO REPEAL FACE ACT. As pro-life activists face prison time brought on by Department of Justice charges, Republican members of Congress are introducing legislation targeting the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act. Read more here.


PRO-LIFE GROUP DESCRIBES TREMENDOUS GROWTH POST-ROE. When Roe v. Wade was finally overturned in 2022—a victory that pro-life advocates had been striving toward for decades—40 Days for Life President Shawn Carney expected that his organization would probably shrink considerably, but it has expanded into 681 cities worldwide. Read more here.


AI CHATBOT HELPS USERS GET ABORTION. A new AI chatbot developed by two former Planned Parenthood officials provides information to pregnant women and teens on where and how to obtain abortions while discouraging them from visiting “crisis pregnancy centers,” where they will be counseled to keep their babies. Read more here.


‘TIME TO THINK’: 2,623 WOMEN DID NOT RETURN FOR ABORTION AFTER 3-DAY WAIT IN 2022: The period of reflection has been described as “life-saving” and as giving women “time to think” before undergoing an abortion, leading abortionists to campaign for the wait period to be scrapped. Read more here.


NEVADA AMENDMENT WOULD MAKE ABORTIONS UP TO BIRTH A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT. A deep pockets conglomerate of abortion groups including Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice Nevada, and the ACLU of Nevada have filed a petition with the state of Nevada to allow abortion throughout all nine months of pregnancy. Read more here.


TEXAS DATA: AT LEAST FOUR BABIES SURVIVED ABORTIONS IN THE FIRST QUARTER OF 2023. The data reveal that in January of 2023, there were at least three infants who survived abortions performed on Texas residents, along with one more in April of this year, but it is not known if those abortions took place in Texas or outside of Texas on Texas residents. Read more here.


PREGNANT GOLF PRO ‘VERY SHOCKED’ AT CENSORSHIP OF HER PRO-LIFE VIEWS. American golf pro Amy Olson was shocked to learn that Global Golf Post did not post her interview by Steve Eubanks because of her pro-life remarks, leading the writer to resign. Read more here.


NEW ZEALAND IMPLEMENTS ‘SAFE AREAS’ TO SILENCE PRO-LIFE ACTIVITY NEAR ABORTION FACILITIES. In an effort to curtail free speech and stop pro-life activity, New Zealand implemented “safe area” buffer zones around six of the country’s abortion facilities. Read more here.


DOCTORS TOLD WOMAN TO ABORT HER BABY SO SHE COULD TREAT HER AGGRESSIVE BRAIN CANCER. SHE SAID NO. After doctors found an aggressive malignant tumor in Tasha Kann’s brain, the medical team advised her to abort her unborn child and immediately start cancer treatments, but she refused.” Read more here.


MAINE CHURCH VANDALIZED: ‘ABORTION IS OUR HUMAN RIGHT.’ The Second Baptist Church was vandalized with the words “Abortion Is Our Human Right” and “Queer Love 4 Eva.” The vandals also covered a sign in red paint that hangs on the side of church, which previously read, “Abortion is Murder.” Read more here.


EDUARDO VERÁSTEGUI: BECAUSE OF ABORTION, ‘MOST DANGEROUS PLACE ON THE PLANET’ IS A MOTHER’S WOMB. Producer, actor and pro-life advocate Eduardo Verástegui, who starred in the 2006 movie “Bella” and produced “The Sound of Freedom, launched his campaign for president of Mexico by announcing his fight is for life and for freedom. Read more here.


JOE BIDEN ASKS SUPREME COURT TO ALLOW DANGEROUS MAIL-ORDER ABORTION DRUGS TO ABORT MORE BABIES. The Biden Administration asked the Supreme Court to review a 5th District Court of Appeals opinion that kept the abortion pill mifepristone available but also placed significant restrictions on its distribution. Read more here.


ABORTIONISTS FIGHT TO ABORT BABIES IN ARIZONA JUST BECAUSE THEY HAVE DOWN SYNDROME. A three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments from lawyers representing two abortionists and three organizations who seek to block a state law that forbids aborting a child because he or she has a genetic abnormality. Read more here.


ABORTION BUSINESS AT ‘CRISIS POINT’ WITHOUT ABORTION REVENUE. With the loss of abortion income, an Austin, Texas abortion center is struggling financially and resorted to using a GoFundMe campaign. Read more here.


LATE-TERM ABORTIONS ARE NOT RARE, CDC SHOWS 5,582 BABIES ABORTED AFTER 21 WEEKS IN 2020. Planned Parenthood recently tweeted that “late-term abortion” is a completely “made-up phrase that has no basis in medicine,” but thousands of lives have been taken in the second and third trimesters, and it is not at all “rare.” Read more here.


ABORTION NUMBERS RISE SHARPLY IN COLORADO, DRIVEN BY OUT-OF-STATE PATIENTS. Colorado has recorded more than 3,100 out-of-state patients coming in for an abortion so far in 2023. The number was about 2,000 as of the same time last year. A third of all terminated pregnancies in 2023 so far have been for non-Colorado patients compared to nearly 28 percent for all of 2022. Read more here.

FLORIDA DEFENDS PRO-LIFE LAW SAVING BABIES FROM ABORTIONS. The Florida Supreme Court has heard oral arguments in Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida, et al., v. State of Florida, et al., regarding the 15-week abortion ban which prohibits all abortions after 15 weeks of gestation. Read more here.


ASSISTED SUICIDE RATES RISING IN AUSTRALIAN STATE OF VICTORIA – BUT ADVOCATES WANT MORE. Recent reporting shows that a growing number of people are dying by assisted suicide and euthanasia in the state of Victoria, but some officials say they’d like to see even more people die by these methods. Read more here.


LEAKED BIDEN ADMIN MEMO SHOWS VA PROMOTING ABORTION AS BIRTH CONTROL TO VETERANS. A leaked internal memo obtained by CatholicVote from the U.S. Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs has exposed the U.S. Department of Veterans’ Affairs for promoting extensive abortion propaganda to veterans and staff. Read more here.


ALABAMA AG FILES MOTION TO DISMISS LAWSUIT REGARDING PROSECUTION OF OUT-OF-STATE ABORTIONS. Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall has asked a court to dismiss a lawsuit against the state by the Yellowhammer Fund, an organization that funds abortions for women and which claims that prosecuting women for out-of-state abortions is unconstitutional. Read more here.


MOTHER OF TWO VOLUNTEERS TO SAVE ABANDONED PREMATURE BABIES. Mariam Mwakabunga, of Tanzania, discovered the plight of premature babies who had been abandoned, and now she provides care for them. Read more here.


KANSAS AWARDS MILLIONS IN CONTRACT TO LIFE-AFFIRMING PREGNANCY RESOURCE NETWORK. Kansas has begun the implementation of its state-funded Alternatives to Abortion program, which will serve as a way to increase resources that promote life-affirming options for women and their babies. Read more here.


DEMOCRAT STATES THAT ALLOW ABORTIONS UP TO BIRTH ABORT RECORD NUMBER OF BABIES. A new report from the Guttmacher Institute indicates blue states where abortions are legal up to birth are aborting more babies, but states protecting life are saving a greater number of children’s lives. Read more here.


MICHIGAN LEGISLATORS INTRODUCE BILLS REPEALING STATE’S PRO-LIFE LAWS. Newly introduced legislation in Michigan includes 11 bills that, if passed, would remove some of the current barriers to abortion, like removing the 24-hour waiting period to receive an abortion and allowing Medicaid to cover abortion. Read more here.


PRO-LIFE LEADERS SLAM FACE ACT CONVICTIONS: ‘EMBARRASSMENT TO OUR JUDICIAL SYSTEM.’ Three prominent American pro-life groups issued statements condemning the Biden Department of Justice’s prosecution and conviction of five activists who now face more than a decade in prison for blocking access to a late-term abortion facility. Read more here.


OHIO ISSUE 1 FOR ABORTIONS UP TO BIRTH ALSO ALLOWS TRANS SURGERIES ON KIDS WITHOUT PARENTAL CONSENT. An LGBT pressure group that advocates teaching transgender ideology to children in preschool has endorsed an abortion-related state constitutional amendment that could also create a constitutional “right” for minors to have transgender surgeries without their parents’ knowledge or approval. Read more here.


WOMAN SUFFERED FOR 25 YEARS AFTER ABORTION, ‘NOT KNOWING EXACTLY WHAT WAS WRONG’ WITH HER. In her book, From Trauma to Triumph: My Journey after Abortion, Noemi Morales describes her decades-long heartache after two abortions, stating, “With abortion comes lifelong trauma, whether you realize it or not.” Read more here.


ABORTION FACILITY WITH ‘PATTERN OF DEFICIENT PRACTICE’ DENIED LICENSE IN FLORIDA. The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration has denied a Pensacola abortion clinic its application for an abortion facility license in the state, after failing to monitor patients’ level of consciousness, respiratory status and cardiovascular status during abortion procedures, along with other failings. Read more here.


AMERICAN COLLEGE OF OBSTETRICIANS AND GYNECOLOGISTS HEAD CALLS FOR ABORTION ‘WITHOUT LIMITATIONS.’ Christopher Zahn, interim chief executive of ACOG, and Jenni Villavicencio, the interim director of advocacy and public affairs for the Society of Family Planning, wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post which is tantamount to allowing abortion up until the point of birth. Read more here.


THOUSANDS MARCH IN DEFENSE OF UNBORN BABIES AT THE 2023 MARCH FOR LIFE UK IN LONDON. Police estimated that 7,000 pro-life attendees of all ages, including a large contingent of youth, filled Parliament Square in London to show their support for the 2023 theme of the event, “Freedom to Live.” Read more here.


CALIFORNIA TRIES TO SILENCE PRO-LIFERS, AND NOW HAS TO PAY MASSIVE AMOUNT. A state censorship scheme that targeted the pro-life message of the members of Right to Life of Central California has backfired, and now the state has agreed to pay significant lawyers’ fees for a court case that challenged the discriminatory law. Read more here.


PRO-LIFE GROUP SUES OREGON TO STOP MANDATE FORCING IT TO FUND ABORTION. Oregon Right to Life has sued for relief from Oregon’s mandate to provide coverage in its employee health insurance plan for abortion because it violates religious liberty protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Read more here.


UK: DOCTORS WARN ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA LINK TO ABORTION RISE. Social media misinformation about contraception may be contributing to Scotland’s record high abortion figures. Read more here.


THREE ‘SIGNIFICANT’ PRO-LIFE LAWS GO INTO EFFECT IN TEXAS. This month, the Lone Star State began enforcing a new law that forbids academic institutions from restricting the academic options of a student on the basis of being pregnant or parenting and requires them to make “reasonable accommodations” for a student to care for her child. Read more here.


SPECIALIZED INCUBATORS HAVE SAVED 1,500 UKRAINIAN PREEMIES. British inventor James Roberts is being hailed as a “hero” for creating a lightweight, battery-powered incubator to save the lives of babies born prematurely in Ukraine. Read more here.


SECOND TEXAS COUNTY OUTLAWS ABORTION AND USE OF ROADS FOR ‘ABORTION TRAFFICKING.’ Goliad County, Texas has outlawed abortion and abortion trafficking within the unincorporated area of the county, becoming the second Texas county to pass such an ordinance. Read more here.


EMERGENCY PETITION FILED TO GET PRO-LIFE ADVOCATE OUT OF PRISON FOR RESCUING BABIES. Thomas More Society attorneys filed an emergency motion with the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia to reconsider its order detaining pro-life advocate Lauren Handy while she awaits sentencing following her conviction of rescuing babies. Read more here.


MEXICAN STATE OF AGUASCALIENTES BECOMES 12TH TO DECRIMINALIZE ABORTION. Though Mexico’s Supreme Court unanimously ruled penalizing abortion unconstitutional in 2021, most of the country’s 32 states have yet to amend their local legislation. Read more here.


WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION SPENDS 11 PERCENT OF ITS BUDGET PROMOTING ABORTION. This money has been spent on lobbying governments around the world to introduce do-it-yourself home abortions. Read more here.


ARIZONA SUPREME COURT AGREES TO HEAR ABORTION CASE. A lower appellate court had ruled that abortion doctors can perform elective abortions up through 15 weeks of gestation, and a state Supreme Court reversal of that decision would save many lives. Read more here.


LEGAL BATTLE ERUPTS OVER THE TERM ‘UNBORN CHILD’ IN OHIO ABORTION AMENDMENT. Pro-life advocates in Ohio have condemned a lawsuit filed by abortion-rights proponents objecting to the inclusion of the phrase “unborn child” in a proposed abortion ballot proposition. Read more here.


POLICE INVESTIGATE ABORTIONIST CAUGHT SAYING HE WOULD LET BABIES DIE IF THEY SURVIVED ABORTIONS. District of Columbia police are investigating Cesare Santangelo and his Foggy Bottom abortion clinic, after telling a Live Action reporter he attempts to sever umbilical cords and prevent pre-born children from surviving abortions. Read more here.


AT LEAST 12 CANADIAN ‘SUICIDE KITS’ SENT TO BUYERS IN IRELAND. The news sparked concern in Ireland because UK investigators linked at least 88 deaths there to the kits, prompting an investigation by the National Crime Agency. Read more here.


FINLAND TO LOOSEN ABORTION LAWS. Beginning in September, getting an abortion in Finland will become easier and faster as a law reform approved last year comes into force. Read more here.


WARREN BUFFET HAS SPENT A HUGE FORTUNE PROMOTING ABORTIONS. Billionaire Warren Buffet deserves the title “secret patron of Abortion Inc., for having, since 2000, donated enough money to cover an estimated 10 million abortions. Read more here.


REPORT: TELEHEALTH ABORTIONS IN COLORADO ARE SKYROCKETING. The share of abortion pills provided via telehealth in Colorado increased to 20 percent in March 2023, which is three times the national average, according to the Society of Family Planning. Read more here.


U.S. PRO-LIFE ACTIVISTS FOUND GUILTY OF VIOLATING FACE ACT. A jury handed five pro-life activists guilty verdicts on charges of conspiracy against rights and violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act stemming from a 2020 “rescue action” at a D.C.-based abortion clinic. Read more here.


NORWAY ABORTION BOARD CONSIDERS RAISING 12-WEEK ABORTION LIMIT. The abortion limit is 12 weeks in Norway, but the government has set up a special committee to investigate the current limitation. Read more here.


KANSAS ABORTION FACILITY SERIOUSLY INJURES WOMAN IN BOTCHED ABORTION. Trust Women in Wichita called 911 to request an ambulance transfer just three weeks after causing another injury. Read more here.


TEXAS COUNTY PASSES LAW BANNING ABORTIONS, PROTECTING WOMEN AND UNBORN CHILDREN. In a unanimous vote, the County Commission of Goliad County, Texas voted in favor of adopting an ordinance “Outlawing Abortion Within the Unincorporated Area of Goliad County.” Read more here.

NATIONAL DAY OF REMEMBRANCE ON SEPTEMBER 9 WILL REMEMBER 65 MILLION BABIES KILLED IN ABORTION. Pro-life advocates will mark September 9 as a day of both celebration and mourning as they remember the 65 million unborn babies who were aborted under Roe v. Wade. Read more here.


YOUTUBE TO SILENCE ABORTION DISSENT IN NEW ‘MISINFORMATION’ POLICY. YouTube’s new medical misinformation policy will censor any video that runs against the guidelines of the World Health Organization on abortion. Read more here.


BIRTH RATES IN ENGLAND AND WALES PLUMMET AS ABORTIONS RISE. Abortions in England and Wales have been on the rise, and data recently released from the Office for National Statistics revealed that the birth rate in both countries has plummeted. Read more here.


UK ABORTION COMEDY PLAY LABELS EXPERIENCE OF MULTIPLE ABORTIONS ‘FUN.’ The abortion comedy play All Aboard! At Termination Station has been running at the Edinburgh Fringe festival this summer, and writer/performer Lilly Burton described the morbid show as “my campaign to normalize and destigmatize abortion” and laugh about aborting pre-born children. Read more here.


POST-ROE NORTH DAKOTA PUTS RESOURCES INTO ALTERNATIVES IN ABORTION. Although abortion-rights advocates haven’t given up the fight, abortion opponents are moving ahead with the restrictions and placing a heavier emphasis on supporting new mothers through legislation and services, such as maternity homes for pregnant women and teens. Read more here.


FEDERAL COURT BACKS PRO-LIFE LAWS IN WEST VIRGINIA, BUT WILL HEAR CASE AGAINST ABORTION TELEMED RESTRICTIONS. A federal district court partially sided with West Virginia’s attorney general in a lawsuit filed by an abortion pill manufacturer, permitting the state to restrict the sale of the abortion drug mifepristone. Read more here.


SOUTH CAROLINA SUPREME COURT BACKS SIX-WEEK ABORTION BAN. South Carolina’s Supreme Court ruled that the state’s ban on abortions after six weeks did not violate the state’s constitution, voting 4-1 to uphold the ban in the suit brought by Planned Parenthood South Atlantic. Read more here.


CHURCH FIGHTS BACK AFTER WASHINGTON STATE FORCES IT TO FUND ABORTIONS. Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys representing a Seattle-area church filed an appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit after a lower court ruled that the church must violate its constitutionally protected pro-life religious beliefs and abide by the state’s mandate that all Washington employers provide abortion coverage for employees. Read more here.


ABORTION CLINIC EMPLOYEE OFFERS UNDERCOVER REPORTER ILLEGAL ABORTION AT HER HOME. An employee for the Indianapolis-based Clinic for Women abortion facility offered to give an undercover reporter with REAL News Michiana an illegal abortion at her home for $500, just a day after the state’s total abortion ban took effect. Read more here.


UN DEMANDS COSTA RICA LEGALIZE ABORTION. The Costa Rican Evangelical Alliance Federation strongly rejects “globalist tendencies of the UN” and other international organizations’ attempts to “put an end to the sovereignty of the nation and go against the life of the most defenseless.” Read more here.


NEW U.S. CDC DIRECTOR MANDY COHEN: PRIORITY IS ABORTION. Dr. Mandy Cohen touted her experience as a mother while defending access to abortion and making it a high priority. Read more here.


NURSE WHO KILLED SEVEN PREMATURE BABIES SENTENCED TO LIFE IN PRISON. British nurse Lucy Letby was found guilty on 14 counts of murdering seven premature babies in a neonatal unit and will spend life in prison. Read more here.


IRELAND’S ABORTION FIGURES ‘OUT OF CONTROL’ AS NEW DATA SUGGEST UP TO 10,000 TERMINATIONS IN 2023. Abortion figures are now ‘out of control,’ according to the Life Institute, as new data released for the first six months of the year suggest that up to 10,000 terminations may take place in 2023 if the trend continues. Read more here.


UNIVERSITY EVENT CALLS ABORTING UNBORN BABIES ‘HAPPY ABORTIONS.’ An event at Ulster University in Belfast was staged by a pro-abortion activist group that promoted what they describe as “the happy abortion.” Read more here.


ABORTION INDUSTRY SUES AFTER HALTING OF BEVERLY HILLS ALL-TRIMESTER ABORTION BUSINESS. The DuPont Clinic was planning to open an abortion facility in the wealthy Beverly Hills neighborhood, but the property owner canceled that, and the Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust said their efforts helped get the lease dropped. Read more here.


C-FAM CALLS ON UN RACISM COMMITTEE TO AVOID ABORTION. The UN’s oldest core human rights treaty on ending racial discrimination is planning, for the first time, to use race in promoting access to abortion. Read more here.


MORE FROM AP/NORC POLL: 73% OPPOSE UNRESTRICTED ABORTION. A recent poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research further cements what previous data has already revealed: most Americans think there should be at least some limits on abortion. Read more here.


COLORADO MAY DISCIPLINE DOCTORS WHO SAVE BABIES FROM ABORTIONS. The Colorado medical boards want to prohibit the medically valid abortion pill reversal procedure that has saved thousands of babies from abortions and helps moms who have made the decision to keep their baby after taking the first part of the abortion pill. Read more here.


CALIFORNIA GOP SEEKS TO REVERSE PARTY PLATFORM ON ABORTION AND SAME-SEX MARRIAGE. The California Republican Party is set to make major changes to its statewide platform, including a reversal of its long-held opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage as a way to court voters in the Golden State. Read more here.


GROUP TRIES TO AWARD ABORTIONIST WHO EXPLOITED RAPE SURVIVOR, GETS SHUT DOWN. Approximately 60 women were nominated for Indiana’s Torchbearer awards, which recognizes women who are “true beacons of light,” and abortionist Dr. Caitlin Bernard was one of them. Read more here.


LOUISIANA COURT RULES ABORTION BAN CAN KEEP SAVING BABIES FROM ABORTIONS. A Louisiana court has permanently reversed a judge’s injunction that temporarily blocked the state’s abortion ban. Read more here.


LAWSUIT CLAIMS ‘ABORTION HELPERS’ ARE LIKE ‘CIVIL-RIGHTS ACTIVISTS.’ A lawsuit filed by the Yellowhammer Fund, an abortion funding group in Alabama, has compared individuals who help others abort their preborn children to civil rights activists of decades past — referring to those who assist women in obtaining an abortion as “unsung heroes.” Read more here.


FLORIDA ABORTION BUSINESS HEAVILY FINED FOR IGNORING 24-HOUR WAITING PERIOD. The Agency for Health Care Administration issued an order fining the Center for Orlando Women for 193 abortions performed by the facility without observing the legal waiting period. Read more here.


GIRLS UNDER 16 WILL GET ABORTIONS WITHOUT PARENTS KNOWING, IF WESTERN AUSTRALIA CHANGES LAW. Current law in Western Australia requires parents or guardians to discuss abortion with girls 16 and under living in the home, but the state parliament is considering a bill that will make extreme changes to abortion legislation, including removing these requirements from law. Read more here.


NEW STUDY INDICATES ABORTION PILL REVERSAL COULD BE SUCCESSFUL 81 PERCENT OF TIME. Doctors who provide abortion pill reversal say they began to offer the treatment in response to demand from women who had taken a first abortion pill and then regretted their decision. Read more here.


BIDEN ADMIN REFUSES TO SCRAP ABORTION TOURISM POLICY SO MILITARY NOMINEES CAN BE APPROVED. When President Joe Biden announced the new policy to make Americans fund abortion tourism, Senator Tommy Tuberville blocked all military nominations until the policy was reversed, but the president continues forcing Americans to fund abortion. Read more here.


PRO-LIFE MAN BANNED FROM SIDEWALK COUNSELING IN NEW YORK WINS IN COURT. Jim Havens of Rochester, N.Y. sued the city and the state for preventing his organization from sidewalk counseling women near a Planned Parenthood location. He challenged them in court and won. Read more here.


OREGON GOVERNOR HOLDS CEREMONIAL SIGNING TO CELEBRATE NEW BILL PROMOTING ABORTIONS. Oregon’s pro-abortion Gov. Tina Kotek celebrated her signing of an abortion bill that makes it easier for young girls to have abortions – or be coerced by an abuser – without their parents’ knowledge. Read more here.


COURT RULING STOPPING MAIL-ORDER ABORTIONS COULD CUT ABORTIONS 15 PERCENT, SAVE 140,000 BABIES. While the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals did not take the dangerous abortion pill off the market, one aspect of its decision could result in saving the lives of tens of thousands of unborn children. Read more here.


FEDERAL APPEALS COURT STOPS MAIL-ORDER ABORTIONS, BLOCKS JOE BIDEN’S ILLEGAL SCHEME. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit issued a ruling requiring the Food and Drug Administration to restore the safeguards it recently removed on the dangerous abortion pill that has killed dozens of women and injured thousands. Read more here.


ABORTION CLINIC FINED FOR VIOLATING LAW PROTECTING WOMEN’S HEALTH 193 TIMES. The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration ordered a clinic to pay penalty fees for violating a rule preventing women from receiving an abortion within 24 hours of requesting the procedure. Read more here.


REPORT: OUTSIDE GROUPS SEND ABORTION PILLS TO PRO-LIFE STATES. Despite abortion restrictions in states like Idaho and Texas, women are allegedly able to obtain abortion pills through the mail with the complicity of the U.S. Postal Service and the help of various pro-abortion organizations that benefit from shield laws in other states. Read more here.


ATTORNEYS DEFEND PRO-LIFE PHARMACIST SUED FOR REFUSING TO FILL PRESCRIPTION FOR ABORTION-CAUSING DRUG. Alliance Defending Freedom filed a brief with the Minnesota Court of Appeals in Anderson v. Thrifty White Pharmacy, in defense of pro-life pharmacist George Badeaux, who declined to fill a prescription for the morning after pill because it can occasionally cause an abortion. Read more here.


CHEMICAL ABORTION INCREASES AT STATE LEVEL WHILE UNREGULATED VIRTUAL CLINICS EXPAND. State abortion data confirm that chemical abortion use is on the rise as unregulated virtual abortion pill dispensaries also increased since the Food and Drug Administration’s decision to weaken safety regulations for the abortion pill mifepristone. Read more here.


D.C. ‘SELECTIVELY ENFORCED’ DEFACEMENT LAWS AGAINST BLM, PRO-LIFE GROUP, FEDERAL APPEALS COURT RULES. A federal appeals court ruled the city of Washington, D.C., unevenly enforced its “defacement” ordinances against pro-life groups, reversing a lower court’s dismissal of a complaint filed by the Frederick Douglass Foundation. Read more here.


NEW ABORTION CASE SPARKS RENEWED CALLS FOR GOVERNMENT TO REINSTATE IN-PERSON ABORTION APPOINTMENTS. Right To Life UK has called on the government to reinstate in-person appointments before all abortions take place to ensure that the gestation of babies can be accurately assessed, following a woman appearing in court after being charged with procuring an abortion. Read more here.


REPORT: NUMBER OF ABORTION FACILITIES CUT NEARLY IN HALF SINCE THE 1980S. Abortion-providing facilities—which include hospitals, specialized and nonspecialized abortion facilities, as well as physician offices—have reportedly declined nearly 45 percent after increasing by 212 percent following the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. Read more here.


NEW MEXICO GOVERNOR’S HOTLINE STILL REFERRING WOMEN TO SATANIC TEMPLE FOR ABORTIONS. Because of an overwhelming number of responses and concerns, pro-life groups followed up and have confirmed that Gov. Lujan-Grisham’s taxpayer-funded abortion hotline is still referring women to the Satanic Temple Health (TST Health) ritual abortion clinic. Read more here.


AFTER OHIO, PRO-ABORTION ACTIVISTS SET THEIR SIGHTS ON ARIZONA. A ballot initiative in Arizona is spearheaded by several major pro-abortion organizations, including the ACLU of Arizona, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona, NARAL Arizona, Affirm Sexual and Reproductive Health, Arizona List, and Healthcare Rising Arizona. Read more here.


ILLINOIS ABORTION BUSINESS INJURES 14TH WOMAN IN JUST OVER A YEAR. Operation Rescue reported another abortion injury at Hope Clinic for Women in Granite City, Illinois, where abortionist Erin King made the 911 call for a 35-year-old patient who was hemorrhaging after a second-trimester dilation and evacuation abortion. Read more here.


NEBRASKA JUDGE UPHOLDS 12-WEEK ABORTION BAN SAVING BABIES FROM ABORTIONS. The judge ruled against a request from the abortion industry to stop the 12-week abortion ban that can save thousands of babies from abortions, allowing the “Let Them Grow Act” to remain in effect. Read more here.


CHRISTIAN GROUP SUES QUEBEC GOV’T FOR CANCELING EVENT PRESUMED TO PROMOTE PRO-LIFE STANCE. Harvest Ministries International is suing the Ministry of Tourism and the Quebec City Convention Centre for suddenly canceling a contract for the Faith, Fire, Freedom Rally that had been scheduled to take place in Quebec City this summer. Read more here.


QUEBEC COMMISSION WARNS SOME EUTHANASIA DEATHS DON’T COMPLY WITH THE LAW. The Quebec Commission on End-of-Life Care has issued a warning that some of the province’s euthanasia deaths aren’t in compliance with the law, and it reminded people that gaining a confirming opinion from a second doctor is a requirement, not a suggestion. Read more here.


NEW YORK COUNTY VOTES TO REPEAL LAW BANNING PRO-LIFE FREE SPEECH OUTSIDE ABORTION CENTERS. Pro-life advocates are declaring a victory in Westchester County, New York after the County Board of Legislators voted to repeal an unconstitutional 8-foot “floating bubble zone” around persons entering or leaving abortion facilities to “protect” them from the “approaches” of pro-life sidewalk counselors. Read more here.


PRO-LIFE MAN CHARGED WITH ‘THOUGHT CRIME’ FOR PRAYING OUTSIDE ABORTION CLINIC PLEADS NOT GUILTY. Army veteran Adam Smith-Connor is facing criminal charges in the UK for a “thought crime” for praying outside an abortion business and has pleaded not guilty. Read more here.


OPPONENTS OF MAINE’S NEW ABORTION LAW WON’T SEEK TO NULLIFY IT THROUGH A REFERENDUM. Groups opposed to Maine’s new law expanding abortion access decided that rather than incur the costs of an opposition campaign, they will instead focus on electing candidates who are opposed to abortions. Read more here.


GERMAN DOCTOR CANNOT IMPORT SUICIDE DRUGS. The Higher Administrative Court of Cologne ruled that the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices in Germany does not have to give a doctor permission to import suicide drugs from Switzerland and give them to his patients who request them. Read more here.


ARIZONA GOV. WON’T CONDEMN ABORTION AFTER FETAL VIABILITY. Gov. Katie Hobbs said she supported a proposed measure that would raise Arizona’s current 15-week ban to the point of fetal viability. However, she did not rule out going further. Read more here.


CANADA WANTS TO ALLOW DOCTORS TO EUTHANIZE CHILDREN. A report by the Special Joint Committee on Medical Assistance in Dying called for a further expansion of euthanasia in Canada with the report recommending, among other things, that euthanasia be expanded to include “mature minors.” Read more here.


ABORTION TRAFFICKING: BIG ABORTION’S PREDATORY LURING OF TEENS OUT OF STATE AND AWAY FROM PARENTS. Abortion organizations, businesses and funding groups are taking part in what has been dubbed “abortion trafficking” by openly enticing minors to cross state lines to obtain an abortion. Read more here.


ABORTION ACTIVISTS TURN TO LEGISLATION TO TARGET PREGNANCY CARE CENTERS, PRO-LIFE ADVOCATE WARNS. Pro-abortion forces have moved from physically attacking pro-life pregnancy care centers to weaponizing legislation against them, according to the Rev. Jim Harden. Read more here.


UTAH WILL FIGHT IN COURT TO UPHOLD LAW PROTECTING BABIES FROM ABORTIONS. Utah officials are asking the state’s Supreme Court to end an injunction on Utah’s abortion trigger law, which was passed before the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade to protect babies from abortions. Read more here.


NARAL USES CLIP OF DISNEY’S BABY MOANA TO PROMOTE ABORTION. NARAL Pro-Choice America recently promoted abortion on its social media account using a scene from a Disney animated movie in which a cartoon toddler appears to scream at the thought of pro-life policies. Read more here.


WYOMING LAWMAKERS DEFEND ABORTION BAN IN COURT TO PROTECT BABIES. Right to Life of Wyoming and two state legislators notified a state trial court that they are appealing that court’s decision to block them from defending a state pro-life law that pro-abortion activists are challenging. Read more here.


BIDEN ISSUES MANDATE TRYING TO FORCE EVERY EMPLOYER IN AMERICA TO FUND ABORTIONS. The Biden administration announced implementation of the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, a mandate that would attempt to force every employer in America to fund abortions. Read more here.


JUDGE EXEMPTS COMPLICATED PREGNANCIES FROM TEXAS ABORTION BAN. Women in Texas with complicated pregnancies will be exempted from a state abortion ban under a temporary injunction issued by Travis County District Court Judge Jessica Mangrum. Read more here.


THE NY TIMES PUBLISHED A PRO-LIFE STORY. In India and China, it is common for rural people to prefer baby boys to baby girls, resulting in the abortion of females, and now The New York Times is presenting the case of a man who led a successful campaign against this practice. Read more here.


POPE FRANCIS TELLS WORLD YOUTH DAY PARTICIPANTS TO OPPOSE ABORTION, YOU MUST ‘DEFEND LIFE.’ The pope urged young Catholics to “defend life” from the threats of abortion and euthanasia during an appearance in Lisbon, Portugal with representatives from around the world present. Read more here.


NEW YORK LIMITS AMMO THAT COULD KILL PEOPLE, MAILS ABORTION DRUGS THAT WILL KILL PEOPLE. New York Democrat leaders just banned mailing ammunition through the mail – supposedly in the name of protecting children’s lives – while at the same time allowing state medical professionals to mail deadly abortion drugs to women anywhere in the country. Read more here.


FEDERAL JUDGE BLOCKS INTERPRETATION OF IDAHO LAW THAT PROHIBITS OUT-OF-STATE ABORTION REFERRALS. A federal judge in Idaho has granted a preliminary injunction to block an opinion from the state’s attorney general prohibiting referrals from physicians for out-of-state abortions, even though the opinion had already been withdrawn. Read more here.


BILL GATES FUNDS A GROUP THAT SELLS CHEAP ABORTION DRUGS. A major new investigation by Bloomberg News exposes how Bill Gates and other wealthy Americans are spending massive amounts of money funding a group that sells low-quality abortion drugs to women across the world. Read more here.


DEMAND FOR ABORTION PILLS IN RUSSIA HITS RECORD HIGH. A total of 1.4 million drugs that induce abortions and 2.2 million emergency contraception drugs were sold in Russia last year, marking a 60-percent and 53-percent increase from 2021 respectively. Read more here.


UK £40 ONLINE TRAINING COURSE ON ‘FETICIDE’ SLAMMED AS ‘HORRIFIC.’ The pro-life group, the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, condemned the offering of an online training course on feticide by Britain’s Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. Read more here.


24 STATES HAVE PROTECTED OR TRIED TO PROTECT BABIES FROM ABORTION SINCE DOBBS. By determining there was no constitutional right to abortion, the U.S. Supreme Court shifted the issue from the federal level to the state level, giving states the freedom to determine laws surrounding unborn life. Read more here.


MINNESOTA WILL NO LONGER REPORT THE NUMBER OF ABORTION SURVIVORS OR THEIR FATE. Minnesota’s abortion law repeals the guarantee that infants born alive will no longer receive life-saving care. Read more here.


PRO-LIFE ADVOCATES DEFEAT MASSACHUSETTS MEASURE THAT TARGETED PRO-LIFE PREGNANCY CENTERS. Massachusetts pro-life advocates celebrated a victory for life after the Easthampton City Council rejected an ordinance targeting pregnancy resource centers. Read more here.


PENNSYLVANIA GOV. JOSH SHAPIRO KILLS PROGRAM TO HELP PREGNANT WOMEN, SAVE BABIES FROM ABORTIONS. A decades-long program created by a Pennsylvania Democrat to help pregnant mothers choose life for their unborn babies just got nixed by new pro-abortion Gov. Josh Shapiro. Read more here.


PRO-ABORTION MEMBERS OF U.S. CONGRESS WANT TO FUND THIS INSTEAD OF LIFE-AFFIRMING OPTIONS. The Reproductive Health Patient Navigator Act would amend an existing law for grants through the Health and Human Services Department and create a grant program for so-called abortion “navigators.” Read more here.


INDIANA ABORTION BAN WILL SAVE 9,000 BABIES EVERY YEAR. Senate Bill 1 was the first to pass after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and prohibits killing unborn babies in abortions. Read more here.


AUSTRALIA CONSIDERS BILL TO REQUIRE MEDICAL CARE FOR ABORTION SURVIVORS. Australia’s federal Parliament will soon vote on whether a baby who survives an abortion should be given proper medical care or should be left to die as the abortionist intended. Read more here.


U.S. APPEALS COURT REINSTATES GUAM IN-PERSON ABORTION COUNSELING LAW. A federal appeals court reinstated a law requiring that women in Guam meet with doctors in person before obtaining abortions, a restriction that has made terminating pregnancies in the U.S. territory difficult due to a lack of doctors. Read more here.


NIGERIAN MODEL: MY MOTHER IS ‘HAPPY I DIDN’T DIE’ AFTER MULTIPLE ABORTION ATTEMPTS. Mercy Eke is a 32-year-old model, actress and media personality from Imo State in Nigeria who is happy that her mother’s several attempts to abort her failed. Read more here.


KAMALA HARRIS: KILLING BABIES IN ABORTIONS IS HOW YOU MEASURE ‘PROGRESS.’ Contradicting the U.S. Constitution and the Supreme Court, the vice-president incorrectly asserted that killing unborn babies in abortions is a “right,” during a “reproductive rights” discussion in Iowa. Read more here.


IOWA SUPREME COURT TO RECONSIDER BLOCKED 6-WEEK ABORTION BAN AFTER LEGISLATURE PASSED IT AGAIN. The state’s highest court agreed to reconsider the constitutionality of banning abortion upon detection of a fetal heartbeat in light of state lawmakers recently re-passing the policy. Read more here.


TEEN MOM EARNS HER DOCTORATE FROM UCLA, SHOWS ABORTION IS UNNECESSARY. Having a child at age 15, Sonia Betancourt bypassed abortion and instead took on the important role of mothering her children first and then going on to earn a doctorate in nursing. Read more here.


INDIA’S PRO-LIFE MOVEMENT GAINS MOMENTUM AHEAD OF ITS SECOND MARCH FOR LIFE. Fear-mongering policymakers in India adopted stringent population control measures, including 15.6 million abortions in 2015 alone, but now pro-lifers are marching for the sanctity of human life. Read more here.


ONE STATE IN MAJOR WAR WITH PRO-LIFERS OVER WHAT THEY CAN VOICE. The National institute of Family and Life Associates and two pregnancy care centers are challenging Vermont state officials for unconstitutionally restricting their life-affirming services centers’ speech and provision of services. Read more here.


OB-GYN GROUP CONFIRMS ABORTION BANS DON’T CAUSE HIGHER MATERNAL MORTALITY. Refuting media misinformation, the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists report that early data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control show a decline in maternal deaths since the overturning of Roe v. Wade, and the highest maternal mortality rates in the U.S. are among groups that also have the highest abortion rates. Read more here.


LATE-TERM ABORTION BUISNESS WON’T OPEN IN BEVERLY HILLS AFTER BUILDING RESCINDS LEASE. The DuPont all-trimester abortion business was planning to open a business in Beverly Hills that would cater to the stars, but the building owners have rescinded the lease agreement. Read more here.


SUPREME COURT ASKED TO STEP IN ON BLUE STATE LAW THAT TARGETS ANTI-ABORTION ‘COUNSELORS.’ The U.S. Supreme Court this fall will decide whether to take up a case that challenges a New York law that says “sidewalk counselors” outside abortion clinics can be arrested if they approach women to discuss alternatives to abortion. Read more here.


SENATOR SLAMS BIDEN FOR WITHHOLDING HEALTH CARE FUNDS TO OKLAHOMA BECAUSE IT’S PRO-LIFE. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recently rescinded a large Title X grant to the Oklahoma State Department of Health to provide family planning services, drawing rebuke from U.S. Senator James Lankford (Rep-OK). Read more here.


EVERY MONTH IN AUSTRALIA, SEVEN BABIES ARE BORN ALIVE IN ABORTIONS AND LEFT TO DIE. The disturbing findings by Dr. Joanna Howe, a law professor at the University of Adelaide, have pro-life advocates renewing calls for legislation to protect infants who survive abortions in Australia. Read more here.


BALTIMORE ANNOUNCES ADDITIONAL GRANT FUNDING TO HELP ABORTION CARE SERVICES. Organizations located in Baltimore, Maryland and serving city residents are eligible for grant funding to help grantees hire more staff, increase the number of in-person and medication abortion telehealth visits, decrease the time to access abortion services and cover costs for travel and medical treatment. Read more here.


ENOUGH SIGNATURES COLLECTED FOR PRO-LIFE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT IN COLOMBIA. The goal of the promoters of the Referendum for Life is to amend Article 11 of the country’s Magna Carta, which currently states that “the right to life is inviolable” and “there shall be no death penalty.” Read more here.


BIDEN ADMIN PLANNING TO EXPAND FEDERAL LAW TO BYPASS STATE RESTRICTIONS ON ABORTION. The Biden administration is preparing to expand the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act in an attempt to protect abortion and infringe on laws passed in pro-life states. Read more here.


COMMERCIAL ABORTION CLINICS IN RUSSIA CRITICIZED. Deputy speaker Petr Tolstoy urged the Health Minister at a session of the Duma to consider banning abortion facilities and to tighten control on hormonal sex reassignment drugs and chemical abortions. Read more here.


REPUBLICAN BILL WOULD PROVIDE CHILD TAX CREDITS FOR UNBORN CHILDREN, HELP PREGNANT MOMS. The Providing for Life Act would earmark money for community-based mentoring programs for new mothers and ensure pregnancy resource centers’ eligibility for federal funds aimed at supporting women. Read more here.


PBS SHOW SLAMS PRO-LIFE ARGUMENTS AS ‘VERY EXTEMIST CHRISTIAN.’ Correspondent Sarah Varney has been providing a strong pro-abortion lean in her reporting for the tax-supported PBS NewsHour ever since the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade. Read more here.


ABORTION CLINIC CALLS 911 AGAIN AFTER INJURING ANOTHER WOMAN IN BOTCHED ABORTION. A phone call from The Hope Clinic for Women in Granite City, Illinois requested emergency transport of a 32-year-old female to Barnes-Jewish Hospital, a Level One Trauma Center in St. Louis, Missouri. Read more here.


NEW MEXICO GOVERNOR’S HOTLINE CAUGHT REFERRING WOMEN TO SATANIC TEMPLE FOR ABORTIONS. Public records reveal New Mexico’s pro-abortion Governor Michelle Lujan-Grisham’s taxpayer-funded abortion hotline is referring women to The Satanic Temple Health abortion clinic – billed as “the world’s first religious abortion clinic.” Read more here.


ABORTION INDUSTRY TRYING TO DRAW CLIENTS FOR ‘POST-ABORTION CARE’ AND ULTRASOUNDS IN PRO-LIFE STATES. Since the reversal of Roe v. Wade last year, the abortion industry is using a new tactic to keep women coming through their doors: offering “post-abortion care” as well as “follow-up care” (like ultrasound screenings). Read more here.


UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST ISSUES RESOLUTION DECLARING ABORTION IS ‘HEALTHCARE.’ The United Church of Christ passed a resolution earlier this month titled “Denouncing the Dobbs Decision and Proclaiming Abortion as Healthcare” as part of its 34th General Synod. Read more here.


ASSISTED SUICIDE MARKETED AS A WAY TO ‘PROMOTE A SENSE OF CONTROL’ IN SHOCKING SLIDESHOW SENT TO HEALTHY PATIENTS. One of the largest healthcare providers in the Canadian province of British Columbia, Fraser Health Care, emailed the shocking slideshow to a group of healthy patients as part of the information they were receiving about their pension packages. Read more here.


NEW YORK GROUP SENDS ABORTION SHIP TO GULF OF MEXICO TARGETING TEXAS UNBORN BABIES. AbortOffshore has a ship in the Gulf of Mexico, in international waters, that has performed nearly 1,200 abortions to women in life-protecting Gulf states. Read more here.


GERMAN PRO-LIFE ORGANIZATIONS MAY NOT SHOW ABORTED CHILD PHOTOS ON THE STREET. The city of Augsburg has banned the pro-life group “Sundays for Life” from publicly showing images of unborn children who were aborted. Read more here.


BABIES DIE EVERY WEEK SO IT’S OK TO DELIBERATELY END THE LIFE OF A BABY AT 32 WEEKS, DOCTORS FOR CHOICE PRESIDENT IMPLIES. Professor Wendy Savage, president of the pro-abortion group Doctors for Choice UK, indicated that because of sub-standard pregnancy care in the United Kingdom, it is justifiable to deliberately end the life of a viable baby. Read more here.


CONNECTICUT GOVERNOR SIGNS ALARMING PRO-ABORTION BILLS. Gov. Ned Lamont signed four bills into law, and now the only restriction on abortion in the state is that abortion is not allowed at or after so-called “viability,” unless the mother’s life or health is endangered. Read more here.


ABORTION BUISNESS SUED AFTER BABY SURVIVES BOTCHED ABORTION AND LEFT WITH ‘PROFOUND BIRTH DEFECTS.’ A New York teenager says the side effects of the abortion drug mifepristone left her permanently “sick, sore, lame and disabled” and caused her baby to be born with lifelong, “profound birth defects.” Read more here.


OREGON GOVERNOR SIGNS BILL ALLOWING SECRET ABORTIONS ON TEENAGERS WITHOUT PARENTAL CONSENT. The new law, House Bill 2002, makes it easier for young girls to have abortions – or to be coerced by an abuser – without their parents’ knowledge. Read more here.


NEW STUDY CONTRADICTS ABORTION INDUSTRY’S CLAIMS ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH AND ABORTION. A new peer-reviewed study written by scholars from the Charlotte Lozier Institute and the American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists suggests that women whose first pregnancy ends in abortion have worse mental health outcomes than those whose first pregnancy ends in birth. Read more here.


JUDGE TAKES UNDER ADVISEMENT A REQUEST TO BLOCK ENFORCEMENT OF NEW NEBRASKA ABORTION BAN. Nebraska’s new law that bans abortion at 12 weeks of gestational age remains in effect after a judge said she would take under advisement a request to block its enforcement. Read more here.


UK ABORTION LOBBY ‘SHOW THEIR TRUE COLORS,’ OPPOSING BILL BECAUSE IT DOESN’T DELIVER ABORTION UP TO BIRTH. Pro-abortion British MP Stella Creasy and the abortion lobby opposed a Ten Minute Rule bill and introduced a proposal that would prevent jail sentences for women who procure their own late-term abortions. Read more here.


SHIELD LAWS LET DOCTORS MAIL THOUSANDS OF ABORTION PILLS. A new method adopted by Europe-based Aid Access, one of the largest suppliers of abortion pills, is allowing medical professionals in states that have passed telemedicine shield laws to prescribe and mail out the pills to patients in states with anti-abortion laws. Read more here.


MAINE GOVERNOR JANET MILLS SIGNS BILL LEGALIZING ABORTIONS UP TO BIRTH. Maine will now allow abortions for any reason, even if the baby is viable and could live outside the womb. Read more here.


LOUISIANA AG JEFF LANDRY WANTS INFO ON OUT-OF-STATE ABORTIONS, GENDER-AFFIRMING CARE. The attorney general joined 17 other state attorneys general in signing a letter to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra opposing a proposed rule change that prohibits states from obtaining information which could be used for criminal, civil or administrative investigations. Read more here.


CHRISTIAN HEALTH CARE GROUPS FIGHT BIDEN MANDATE FORCING EMERGENCY ROOMS TO DO ABORTIONS. The state of Texas and seven national Catholic healthcare organizations filed an amicus curiae brief in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit arguing that requiring abortions in emergency rooms is contrary to law. Read more here.


REP. CORI BUSH (D-MO) COMPARES ABORTION PILLS TO TYLENOL AND ANTIBIOTICS. During a discussion of medication abortion access and Republican efforts to ban abortion nationwide, the congresswoman made light of abortion pills. Read more here.


UK WOMAN RELEASED FROM JAIL AFTER SUCCESSFUL APPEAL OF SENTENCE FOR ABORTING HER BABY AT 8 MONTHS. The 44-year-old woman admitted to lying to the abortion provider to procure abortion pills and was sentenced to 28 months in jail after using the medication when she was at least 32 weeks pregnant. Her sentence was reduced from 28 months to 14 months in prison and was suspended. Read more here.


WHITE HOUSE SPOKESMAN SAYS MILITARY HAS ‘SACRED OBLIGATION’ TO PROVIDE TROOPS ABORTION ACCESS. During a White House press briefing, spokesman John Kirby said it is a “foundational, sacred obligation” to provide members of the military and their family members with paid travel and time off to get abortions if they are based in states where it is restricted. Read more here.


IOWA’S NEW HEARTBEAT BILL TEMPORARILY BLOCKED BY COURT. Judge Joseph Seidlin issued a temporary injunction against the new law that prevents it from going into effect until the matter is fully litigated. Read more here.


LEFTIST WEBSITE CELEBRATES MARYLAND AS MOST PRO-ABORTION STATE IN AMERICA. Slate Magazine praised Maryland’s lax abortion regulations and urged readers to continue advocating for abortion. Read more here.


AMID CONCERN FOR COMPLICATIONS, ABORTION PILL NOW EASIER TO GET IN AUSTRALIA. A policy change taking effect August 1 will allow any healthcare provider, including nurse practitioners, to prescribe chemical abortion pills. Read more here.


DUTCH COURT CONVICTS MAN OF ASSISTING IN AT LEAST 10 SUICIDES BY SELLING DEADLY DRUG ONLINE. The man, identified only as Alex S., sold deadly “suicide drugs” with instructions to more than 1,600 people before police arrested him. Read more here.


JUDGE DECLINES TO BLOCK IOWA HEARTBEAT LAW PROTECTING BABIES FROM ABORTION. Judge Joseph Seidlin said he will soon render a decision on Planned Parenthood’s challenge to Iowa’s new heartbeat law. Read more here.


58 PERCENT OF AMERICANS DISAPPROVE OF JOE BIDEN’S RADICAL PRO-ABORTION RECORD. No president has done more to promote abortions and force Americans to fund and participate in abortions than Joe Biden, and a new Associated Press poll shows Americans have had enough. Read more here.


OHIO INCREASES ITS FUNDING FOR PRO-LIFE PREGNANCY RESOURCE CENTERS. The state’s new budget increased funding for pregnancy resource centers by more than double. Read more here.


PRO-ABORTION GROUPS CHALLENGE IDAHO LAW PROTECTING MINORS FROM ABORTION TRAFFICKING. Pro-abortion activists are challenging a new law protecting minors from abortion trafficking, claiming it violates constitutional rights. Read more here.


JOE BIDEN’S NIH NOMINEE TIED TO COMPANY MAKING PRENATAL TESTS LEADING TO ABORTIONS. Dr. Monica Bertagnolli has been selected to head the National Institutes of Health despite previously directing an organization that specialized in prenatal tests often used eugenically to abort children with supposed diagnoses of Down Syndrome. Read more here.


U.S. HOUSE REPUBLICANS PASS BILL LIMITING ABORTION ACCESS AND HALTING DIVERSITY EFFORTS. The House passed a sweeping defense bill that also blocks abortion coverage, as well as diversity initiatives at the Pentagon and transgender care. Read more here.


HOUSE REPUBLICANS VOTE TO BLOCK JOE BIDEN’S ILLEGAL POLICY FORCING AMERICANS TO FUND ABORTION TRAVEL. The policy would have required taxpayers to fund travel costs and paid time off for military service members and would have resulted in an estimated 4,100 more abortions annually. Read more here.


IOWA REPUBLICANS PASS HEARTBEAT BILL, ABORTIONISTS SUE BEFORE GOVERNOR SIGNS IT. Less than 12 hours after the Iowa legislature passed a bill to protect the unborn from abortion once a heartbeat can be detected, abortionists and the American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit challenging the abortion limit. Read more here.


CHICAGO MAYOR PLEDGES FREE ABORTION PILLS, PROSECUTION OF PRO-LIFE SIDEWALK COUNSELORS. New Mayor Brandon Johnson plans to provide free chemical abortions and restrict sidewalk counselors from standing within eight feet of a person within 50 feet of an abortion clinic if they seek to engage in counseling, education, leafleting, hand billing or protest. Read more here.


COURT RULES PRO-LIFE PHARMACIST CAN CHALLENGE BIDEN MANDATE FORCING PHARMACISTS TO DISPENSE ABORTION PILLS. A federal district court is allowing a North Dakota pharmacy’s lawsuit against the Biden administration to proceed, rejecting its attempt to dismiss the pharmacy’s case that challenges the efforts of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services to advance its radical abortion agenda. Read more here.


U.S. FDA APPROVES FIRST OVER-THE-COUNTER BIRTH CONTROL PILL. The Food and Drug Administration has given approval to over-the-counter sales of a birth control pill, for the first time in the U.S. Read more here.


CONGRESSMAN CALLS ON LIBERIAN SENATE TO REJECT PRO-ABORTION BILL. Rep. Chris Smith (Rep-NJ) has called on the Liberian Senate to live up to its obligation and defend life at all stages by rejecting a bill seeking “to expand abortion and promote population control.” Read more here.


Maine’s Democrat gov. expected to sign abortion expansion bill. Gov. Janet Mills is expected to sign a bill approved by the state legislature expanding late-term abortions beyond the 24-week “viability” threshold to any time a medical professional deems the procedure “necessary.” Read more here.


Massachusetts pro-lifers form alliance to advocate for the unborn in a highly pro-abortion state. Pro-lifers in Massachusetts have joined forces to form an alliance dedicated to encouraging and assisting men and women facing unplanned pregnancies to choose life. Read more here.


Satanic Temple loses lawsuit to overturn Texas abortion ban. The U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas rejected Satanic Temple’s lawsuit, noting its lack of basic facts about plaintiff “Ann Doe’s” standing to sue. Read more here.


Ohio amendment for abortions up to birth would protect child rapists. A man recently received a life sentence for raping a nine-year-old Ohio girl, and pro-life advocates are pointing out that a Democrat-backed ballot measure could help future attackers get away with such horrible crimes. Read more here.


In the year after Roe fell, out-of-state abortion patients did not flock to Vermont. Defying the predictions of abortion advocates, providers and state lawmakers, the number of out-of-state patients who traveled to Vermont to obtain abortions did not increase, but in fact dropped in the year after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade case precedent. Read more here.


Pro-life activist takes down commentator who likens unborn to corpses. Pro-abortion advocate Steven Bonnell erroneously argued in a podcast debate with pro-life advocates that human life begins at consciousness. Read more here.


World Health Organization releases “how-to” for abortion. WHO has published a handbook for performing surgical and telemedicine abortions via the abortion pill regimen, while downplaying any impact on mental health. Read more here.


Royal College of Surgeons becomes neutral on assisted suicide despite less than 10 percent of members supporting change in the law. The Royal College of Surgeons changed its stance on assisted suicide from opposed to neutral even though fewer than 1,700 of its 17,631 members indicated support for legalized assisted suicide. Read more here.


Dutch Parliament passes proposal for child euthanasia. Children as young as one year old should be able to undergo euthanasia if their suffering is unbearable and endless, the regulation of Health Minister Kuipers reads. Read more here.


Indiana Supreme Court OKs near-total abortion ban, opens door to other legal challenges. The Indiana Supreme Court ruled that the state’s near-total abortion ban does not violate the Indiana Constitution. Read more here.


Majority now approve SCOTUS abortion ruling. One year after the Supreme Court overturned the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling so that each state can now determine its own laws regarding abortion a 52-percent majority of voters approve the decision. Read more here.


Some Dutch people seeking euthanasia cite autism or intellectual disabilities, researchers say. Several people with autism and intellectual disabilities have been legally euthanized in the Netherlands in recent years because they said they could not lead normal lives, researchers have found. Read more here.


MPs vote to force all state schools in Northern Ireland to teach about abortion. State schools will teach 11- to 16-year-olds about abortion as the result of a 373-28 vote in the House of Commons. Read more here.


Sixty-six abortion businesses in 15 states have closed since DobbsHardest hit have been the independent abortion centers, many located in red states, where abortion has been totally or near totally ended. Read more here.


Nearly 9,800 more births occurred in Texas a year after the state’s 2021 abortion ban. The surge in births followed a strict abortion ban that took effect in 2021. Read more here.


Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen says he won’t stop on abortion, seeks total ban. The governor and conservative state lawmakers are “going to end” abortion in Nebraska, and their push will not stop with bans at 12 or six weeks, he said during a recent barnstorming stop. Read more here.


Maine Democrats stop amendment to ban trafficking of aborted baby remains. Liberal senators blocked a proposed amendment to a late-term abortion bill that would have placed a four-year moratorium on the trafficking of fetal remains left over from late-term abortions. Read more here.


Clinic nearly kills woman in botched abortion. Participants in a prayer campaign observed an 18-year-old female who suffered multiple seizures after an abortion being loaded onto an ambulance at the Hillcrest Clinic of Baltimore. Read more here.


Slovenian birth rate continues to drop. New data from the Slovenian Statistics Office show that the number of babies born last year declined by 7 percent, continuing a five-year decline in births. Read more here.


New data show large abortion reductions post-Dobbs. The #WeCount project of the Society of Family Planning found that since the June 2022 Dobbs decision, the number of abortions performed in the United States fell by approximately 24,000. Read more here.


Ireland abortions hit record high. The Department of Health statistics for 2022 revealed there had been 8,156 abortions, the highest number since abortion was legalized in Ireland in 2018. Read more here.


Minnesota Democrats cut funding for programs helping pregnant women. The legislature has defunded programs providing free aid to pregnant and parenting families in need. Read more here.


Pro-life leaders detail winning message on abortion ahead of 2024, one year after Roe v. Wade overturned. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Dobbs decision and overturned Roe v. Wade on June 24, 2022, giving states back the power to decide their laws on abortions, and one year after the monumental decision, activists reveal what a pro-life message looks like in order to “change the political landscape” for 2024. Read more here.


“Life won, Malta won,” says Bernard Grech in reaction to revised abortion bill. PN and Opposition Leader Bernard Grech said that the government’s decision to revise the so-called abortion bill so that pregnancies could only be terminated if the woman’s life is at risk, was a win for life and for Malta. Read more here.


In post-Roe era, U.S. House Republicans begin quiet push for new restrictions on abortion access. In a flurry of little-noticed legislative action, GOP lawmakers are pushing abortion policy changes, trying to build on the work of activists whose strategy successfully elevated their fight to the nation’s highest court. Read more here.


On Dobbs anniversary, pro-life advocates celebrate wins “no one thought” were “possible.” The country is becoming more pro-life since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade one year ago, activists say, but their fight to end abortion is far from over. Read more here.


“Rage giving” prompted by the end of Roe has dropped off, abortion access groups say. The windfall of donations that abortion access groups received following the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade one year ago hasn’t lasted. Read more here.


Former Planned Parenthood clinic director celebrates Roe v. Wade reversal one year later: “Day of remembrance.” One year after the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, pro-lifers nationwide are rejoicing the move that returned the abortion issue to the states. Read more here.


Danish doctors against euthanasia: The answer to suffering must always be care. The debate on euthanasia is in full swing in Denmark, where doctors have now written an open letter in protest against the government’s plans to introduce active euthanasia. Read more here.


Heritage Foundation sues Pentagon to learn how many abortions it has paid for. The Heritage Foundation is suing the Defense Department to gain access to records “written, recorded, or graphic” regarding the financial coverage of abortion including emails, memos, financial reports, and the like. Read more here.


Malta will continue protecting babies as government scraps bill to legalize abortion. The small European country protects unborn babies by banning elective abortions and has one of the lowest maternal mortality rates in the world. Read more here.


Thousands more lives lost to abortion in UK as campaigners call for abortion up to birth. Abortion statistics released by the Department of Health and Social Care show that 123,219 abortions for residents of England and Wales took place in the six months between 1 January and 30 June 2022. This was a 17% increase from the first half of 2021. Read more here.


Surge in the number of abortions carried out in Ireland. There was a significant increase in the number of abortions carried out in Ireland last year, the Department of Health’s latest annual report shows. Read more here.


Abortion organizations co-opt disability rights to promote their agenda. Progressive governments and their allies were pushing for legal and accessible abortion for persons with disabilities in the name of human rights at the annual conference held to discuss the implementation of the UN treaty on disabilities. Read more here.


Super majority of Americans favor limits on abortion. While much of the coverage on the issue of abortion in the year since the Dobbs decision portrays an America deeply divided, this survey shows that 77 percent support at least some prohibition to abortion, including a majority of Democrat voters. Read more here.


Joe Biden loses case to force Christian doctors to perform abortions. The Biden administration has declined to appeal a federal court ruling that stops the government from forcing doctors and hospitals to perform abortions and controversial “gender-transition” procedures against their conscience and professional medical judgment. Read more here.


Legislators push for increased abortion access ahead of Roe reversal anniversary. U.S. representatives, including the co-chairwomen of the Pro-Choice Caucus, filed a petition seeking to advance the Women’s Health Protection Act, which would codify abortion access before fetal viability across the country. Read more here.


Panda Express manager ‘‘assaulted’’ 18-year-old pregnant cook after she refused to get abortion, a lawsuit alleges. A former Panda Express cook accused the manager of a Jersey City, New Jersey, Panda Express of verbally berating and assaulting her after she refused to get an abortion at his request. Read more here.


Biden’s HHS canceled Oklahoma’s Title X grant because the money wasn’t going toward abortion. The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) awarded a large grant this year to the Oklahoma State Department of Health (OSDH) to spend on “family planning services,” a sum it quickly rescinded after OSDH chose not to spend the Title X grant on abortion. Read more here.


Polish court finds activist guilty of facilitating abortion. A court in Warsaw has found Justyna Wydrzyńska, a Polish abortion rights activist, guilty of facilitating abortion, sentencing her to eight months of community service at 30 hours a month. Read more here.


Pregnancy Center replaces long-time abortion facility in McAllen, Texas. The Whole Woman’s Health abortion facility was the only place abortions were performed in the four counties along the Rio Grande Valley, and Yolanda Chapa, founder of the McAllen Pregnancy Center, called it a miracle that the pregnancy center is now located there. Read more here.


Poll finds support for legal abortion is widespread in many countries, especially in Europe. Majorities in most of the 24 nations surveyed by Pew Research Center this spring say abortion should be legal in all or most cases. But attitudes differ widely across countries – and often within them. Read more here.


AG who won Dobbs case leads effort to stop Biden from pushing abortion nationwide. Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch is leading a multistate coalition of 19 Attorneys General in opposing the Biden Administration’s latest attempt to override the U.S. Supreme Court’s Dobbs ruling that protected the people’s right to make laws regulating abortion. Read more here.


Oregon lawmakers make deal to end Senate walkout. Here’s how key bills were changed. The Senate agreed to keep in place a legal requirement that parental permission is required for children under 15 to end a pregnancy, but it expanded gender-affirming care, which must be covered by insurance plans. Read more here.


European Court of Human Rights upholds Poland’s pro-life protection for unborn babies with disabilities. The Strasbourg Court held that the plaintiffs in the case had failed to produce any evidence that they were personally affected by the changes in Polish law to protect unborn children with disabilities. Read more here.


Thousands march for family values in Warsaw, Poland. People took to the streets of Warsaw and other Polish cities to voice support for family values and oppose abortion and euthanasia in the annual March for Life and Family. Read more here.


Harris to mark anniversary of abortion ruling with North Carolina speech. Vice-president Kamala Harris will travel to Charlotte, a White House official said, to deliver what is being billed as a “major speech” focused on the Biden administration’s efforts to protect abortion access and Republican efforts to push “extreme legislation” that would severely curtail access. Read more here.


Mississippi governor declares June ‘Sanctity of Life Month’ for second straight year. Commemorating the Dobbs decision that declared there is no constitutional “right” to abortion and returned the issue of abortion to the states and elected representatives, Gov. Tate Reeves wrote, “Standing on the shoulders of giants in the pro-life movement, we rejoice and press on knowing that our work is not yet done.” Read more here.


American Medical Association votes down resolution to protect babies who survive abortions. The liberal medical group voted down a resolution that would oppose the deliberate killing of babies who survive abortions put forward by a self-described “pro-choice” Virginia doctor. The group is currently meeting in Chicago. Read more here.


Assisted suicide deaths up 35 percent in Canada as more than 13,500 people killed in 2022. Alex Schadenberg, the director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, attributes Canada’s soaring assisted suicide rate to its “heavy promotion” by the Medical Assistance in Dying establishment, pushing death on Canadians to the point of euthanizing one woman simply because she lived in “abject poverty.” Read more here.


Bioethicist Peter Singer doubles down on controversial infanticide stance. Well-known pro-abortion bioethicist Peter Singer recently gave another interview in which he reiterated some of his most controversial beliefs: that it’s acceptable to kill infants and people with intellectual disabilities. Read more here.


President Joe Biden says aborting babies is good for “the soul of America.” During a press conference, the president promised that he will continue to fight against “extremists” who are “dictating what health care decisions women can make.” Read more here.


Outrage at jail sentence for woman who took abortion pills later than UK limit. Campaigners and MPs have reacted with outrage to a woman, who knowingly misled health officials, being sentenced to more than two years in prison for procuring drugs to induce an abortion after the legal limit of 10 weeks. The woman was believed to be 28 weeks pregnant. Read more here.


African leaders ask U.S. Congress to cease abortion funding in HIV/AIDS programs. Leading African political, religious and business leaders have asked members of Congress to stop promoting abortion in U.S. foreign assistance for HIV/AIDS, in a letter signed by 129 African leaders from 15 nations. Read more here.


Assisted suicide becomes 3rd leading cause of death in Quebec. Canada looks set to face another record-shattering year of euthanasia deaths in 2023 after a reported 35-percent rise to some 13,500 state-sponsored suicides in 2022, an analysis of official data shows. Read more here.


NFL kicker Harrison Butker stands for unborn during White House celebration of Super Bowl win. The devout Catholic member of the Kansas City Chiefs football team stood behind pro-abortion President Joe Biden at a White House ceremony wearing a tie with a Latin phrase meaning to protect the most vulnerable and a pro-life pin on his lapel. Read more here.


Karine Jean-Pierre Confirms Joe Biden Wants to ’Restore’ Abortions Up to Birth. U.S. White House spokesman Karine Jean-Pierre said he will continue to call on Congress to restore Roe v. Wade. Read more here.


Joe Biden Revokes Health Care Funds to States Because They’re Pro-Life. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services rescinded millions in grant money to Oklahoma to provide family planning services to low-income individuals, demonstrating that the Biden administration now requires states to promote abortions. Read more here.


National Pro-Life Rally Will Celebrate Supreme Court Overturning Roe v. Wade. Pro-life advocates are preparing for a historic event on June 24 to celebrate life for the 60,000 unborn babies who have been saved since Roe v. Wade was overturnedRead more here.


Planned Parenthood Celebrates ‘Pride Month’ With Video of ‘Transgender’ Woman Bragging About Her Abortion. “When it comes to your abortion, any reason is the right reason,” Planned Parenthood said in a Tweet. “Telling your abortion story is important, and the more we talk about this essential form of health care [sic], the more normalized it becomes.” Read more here.


Newborn Baby Saved From Infanticide Thanks to Safe Haven Baby Box. Knoxville, Tennessee had its first infant rescued in the city’s Safe Haven Baby Box last week, and the baby boy is now safely with the Department of Children’s Services in hopes of finding a loving adoptive family. Read more here.


Abortion Clinic Staffer Tries to Hide Botched Abortion on 911 Call, Calls Hemorrhaging ’Non-Emergency.’ An employee of Women’s Med in Dayton, Ohio called 911 to request a hemorrhaging woman with a “non-emergency” be transported to a hospital emergency room. Read more here.


New Jersey Aims To Be a Safe Haven for Abortion, but Crisis Pregnancy Centers Stand in the Way, Leaders Say. Gov. Phil Murphy (Dem-NJ) is trying to crack down on crisis pregnancy clinics working to create safe havens for women in the post-Roe era, but similar plans have had mixed results in other Democratic-controlled states such as California and Connecticut. Read more here.


Pro-Life Legal Group Will Fight for Justice for Pro-Life Advocates Who Were Brutally Assaulted. The American Center for Law and Justice is representing Dick Schafer and Mark Crosby, who were assaulted and seriously injured during an attack outside a Planned Parenthood clinic in Baltimore last weekend. Read more here.


Judge Temporarily Blocks South Carolina’s Heartbeat Abortion Ban One Day After Becoming Law. South Carolina Circuit Judge Clifton Newman has temporarily blocked a ban on abortion for babies with detectable heartbeats, just a day after it was signed into law. Read more here.


Wyoming Defends Abortion Bans in Latest Court Filings. As Wyoming defends its new ban on medication abortions, the state is arguing in court filings that abortions are not health care and the Legislature has the authority to decide which medical services are available in Wyoming. Read more here 


Biden Will Use Tax Dollars for Hotline to Promote Abortion. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services plans to launch a 24-hour hotline for abortion referrals and information, which will not include mention of pro-life organizations. Read more here.


Pope Francis Condemns Abortion: ‘Unborn Life Has the Right to Exist.’ In his preface for the book, Il miracolo della vita (The Miracle of Life), Pope Francis lauded “the qualified contribution of science which shows the beauty of looking at unborn life as the holder of the highest right that belongs to everyone: that of existing.” Read more here.


Almost One Year After Dobbs, 15 States are Protecting Babies From Abortions. Since the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization ruling nearly a year ago, 25 states now have laws restricting abortions after 15 weeks or sooner, with 15 of them banning abortion completely or with extremely limited exceptions. Read more here.


Oklahoma Supreme Court Overturns Two Abortion Bans. The Oklahoma Supreme Court struck down two state laws banning abortion, but the 1910 statute that criminalizes performing an abortion with the exception of saving the mother’s life remains in effect. Read more here.


Republican Nevada Gov Signs Bill Making State a Safe Haven for Abortion Tourism. Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo signed a bill into law that prohibits authorities in the state from pursuing or aiding in any criminal charges brought against out-of-state women who travel to Nevada for an abortion. Read more here.


ACLU Sues Nebraska Over Law Banning Abortion, ‘Sex Changes’ for Kids. The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit against Nebraska for its laws banning abortion at 12 weeks and “sex change” surgeries for minors. Read more here.


Abortions Up Nearly 20 Percent in Scotland Last Year. The number of abortions recorded in Scotland shot up by 19 percent last year, according to statistics from Public Health Scotland. Read more here.


South Carolina Judge Halts Enforcement of State’s Six-Week Abortion Ban. A South Carolina judge temporarily blocked the state’s new heartbeat abortion ban just one day after it was signed into law by Gov. Henry McMaster. Read more here.


Denmark Considers Lowering Age for Abortion Without Parental Consent. Denmark wants to lower the age at which a young women can receive an abortion without parental consent to 15 years old, according to the Minister for Gender Equality. Read more here.


Congress Queries Biden’s Problematic Global Women’s Office. Leading members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee have sent a letter to the U.S. Department of State questioning a shift of emphasis on women’s issues from economics to the promotion of abortion and LGBT rights. Read more here.


South Carolina Passes Heartbeat Abortion Ban. The South Carolina legislature passed a six-week “heartbeat” abortion restriction that is set to be signed into law by the governor. Read more here.


Group Behind Ohio Abortion Amendment Has Long History of Opposition to Parental Rights. An organization behind a push for an amendment establishing a “right” to abortion in the Ohio constitution has a history of anti-parent statements, including calling for an end to parental involvement in abortion decisions. Read more here.


Abortion Pill Maker Seeks to Keep Challenge to WV Abortion Ban Alive. Lawyers for abortion pill maker GenBioPro Inc. urged a West Virginia federal judge to allow them to proceed with their challenge to the state’s near-total abortion ban, claiming it is invalid because it interferes with the federal government’s approval of mifepristone. Read more here.


Nebraska Gov Signs Bill Limiting Abortion and ‘Gender Transition’ Treatment for Minors. Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen signed a bill banning abortion after 12 weeks of pregnancy and setting limits on “gender transition” treatments for minors. Read more here.


Minnesota Legislature Passes Bill Revoking Care for Babies Who Survive Abortion. The Minnesota legislature passed a bill which repeals the existing requirement that reasonable measures be taken to “preserve the life and health” of born-alive infants, meaning an infant could be denied lifesaving care and allowed to die. Read more here.


Montana District Court Temporarily Halts Ban on Dismemberment Abortions. A Montana district court issued a temporary restraining order over a new abortion law which bans dismemberment abortion procedures in the state unless it’s a medical emergency. Read more here.


Vermont Gov Signs Bills Making Abortion, Gender Surgeries for Kids a Legal Right. Vermont Gov. Phil Scott signed bills which establish abortion and so-called “gender-affirming health care services” for minors as “legally protected” health care activities. Read more here.


UK Pro-Life Activist to Take Case to ECHR. A disability rights campaigner who has Down’s syndrome has announced that she will take her case against the UK government over the country’s discriminatory disability abortion law to the European Court of Human Rights. Read more here.


North Carolina Legislature Overrides Veto of Abortion Ban. Republican North Carolina lawmakers overrode Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto of a bill that bans most abortions after 12 weeks. Read more here.


U.S. Abortion Pill Case Moves to Appeals Court. Three Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals judges are set to hear arguments in a case over access to the abortion drug mifepristone. Read more here.


Montana Gov Signs Bill Banning Dismemberment Abortions. Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte has signed a pro-life bill that will ban dismemberment abortions that occur after the first trimester. Read more here.


Pro-Abortion Report Alleges Women Suffering Health Complications in Pro-Life States. Pro-abortion researchers released a report detailing health “complications” in states that restricted abortion based on unverified and anonymous accounts from healthcare providers. Read more here.


North Carolina Gov Vetoes 12-Week Abortion Ban. North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed legislation that would ban most abortions in the state after 12 weeks, but the Republican supermajority in the legislature vowed to override the veto. Read more here.


Poll: Majority of American Women Say More Support Would Have Stopped Their Abortion. About 60 percent of women who have undergone abortions would not have had one if they received more emotional or financial support, according to a study from Charlotte Lozier Institute. Read more here.


South Carolina Gov Calls Back Legislature for Heartbeat Abortion Ban. South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster issued an executive order to create an additional legislative session to resolve several remaining pieces of legislation, including a heartbeat abortion bill. Read more here.


North Carolina Abortion Ban Sets Off Heated Veto Override Battle. North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper vowed to veto North Carolina’s new 12-week abortion ban, setting up a pressure campaign to flip one Republican state senator to stop a veto override. Read more here.


Poll: Majority of Americans Support Keeping Abortion Pill Available. A Washington Post-ABC News poll found that 66 percent of respondents want abortion drug mifepristone to remain on the market, compared to 24 percent who want it withdrawn. Read more here.


Vermont Gov Signs ‘Shield Bills’ to Protect Access to Abortion, ‘Gender-Affirming Care.’ Vermont Gov. Phil Scott signed abortion and “gender-affirming care” shield bills into law that protect providers from discipline for providing these services, including the distribution of abortion pills. Read more here.


Thousands Attend March for Life in Dublin. Crowds of thousands attended the March for Life in Dublin following a review that recommended doctors be immune from prosecution for performing abortions at any point up to birth. Read more here.


Nevada Advances Proposal to Enshrine Abortion Rights Into State Constitution. Nevada lawmakers passed a joint resolution that would codify legal abortion access in the state constitution, should the measure be passed by voters in the future. Read more here.


Connecticut College Says It Will Pay for Student Abortions. Wesleyan University in Connecticut will now cover procedure and travel costs for any student who wishes to get an abortion, regardless of their insurance status. Read more here.


Florida Group Launches Initiative to Get Pro-Abortion Constitutional Amendment on 2024 Ballot. A coalition in Florida launched an effort to get a question on the 2024 general election ballot that would codify abortion rights in the state constitution. Read more here.


Abortion Clinics in Three States Sue to Protect Pill Access. Abortion clinics in Virginia, Montana and Kansas sued the FDA in federal court to force the agency to drop several longstanding restrictions on how abortion pill mifepristone can be prescribed. Read more here.


Utah Judge Blocks Bill That Would Have Banned Abortion Clinics in the State. A Utah judge blocked a bill that would have banned abortion clinics in the state and allowed only hospitals to perform the procedure. Read more here.


Irish Abortion Review Recommends Doctors Be Immune From Prosecution for Abortion Up to Birth. A review into the abortion law in Ireland has recommended that doctors be able to perform abortions up to birth without the threat of prosecution and that the three-day waiting period before an abortion be removed. Read more here.


North Carolina Passes 12-Week Abortion Ban. The North Carolina Senate passed a 12-week abortion ban, tightening the current restriction on abortion at 20 weeks. Read more here.


Hundreds of Pro-Lifers Dominate Marathon All-Night Hearing on Maine’s No-Limits Abortion Law. Hundreds of pro-life Mainers testified against a bill that would remove most limitations on abortion in the state in an overnight, nearly 20-hour long hearing on the proposal. Read more here.


Montana Gov Signs Several Pro-Life Bills Into Law. Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte signed a slew of pro-life bills into law, creating protections for babies, mothers, and abortion survivors. Read more here.


Pro-Lifers Ask Congress to Block Abortion in HIV/AIDS Bill. Pro-life groups have asked Senate and House leaders to ensure that U.S. foreign assistance for HIV/AIDS does not include funding for abortion and transgenderism. Read more here.


Wisconsin Judge Set to Hear Arguments Challenging State’s Abortion Ban. A Wisconsin judge is set to hear arguments in a lawsuit challenging the state’s 174-year-old abortion ban, a statute held in abeyance for nearly five decades until the U.S. Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade last year. Read more here.


Experts Testify to U.S. Senate That Abortion Does Not Help Mothers. Pro-life experts testified during a U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee hearing that abortion is not a solution for maternal mortality. Read more here.


New York Gov Signs Bill Mandating Abortion Pills Be Available on College Campuses. New York Gov. Kathy Hochul signed a legislation package that will require public universities to provide abortion pills on campus, according to her press release. Read more here.


Montana Gov Signs Bill Requiring Medical Care for Babies Who Survive Abortions. Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte signed the Infant Care and Safety Act, a bill that provides legal protections to and ensures appropriate medical care for babies who survive abortions. Read more here.


Maryland Gov Signs Bills Protecting Access to Abortion, ‘Gender-Affirming Care.’ Maryland Gov. Wes Moore signed measures into law to protect access to abortion and expand Medicaid coverage for “gender-affirming care.” Read more here.


Judge Declines to Block Colorado From Banning Abortion Pill Reversal. A federal judge in Denver rejected a Catholic medical center’s bid to block Colorado from banning the abortion pill reversal method because Colorado had agreed to not enforce the ban. Read more here.


California Hotline to Provide Legal Help Related to Abortion. California has joined with law firms and advocacy groups to create a hotline that provides access to information and pro bono services for people who need legal help related to abortion. Read more here.


Michigan Lawmakers Act to Protect ‘Abortion Rights’ of Workers. Michigan lawmakers continued efforts to protect “abortion rights” as the state legislature advanced a bill that would prohibit employers from treating a worker differently for having an abortion. Read more here.


Tech Groups Weigh in Against Texas Bill to Limit Promotion of Abortion Pill. A coalition of advocacy groups wrote a letter to the chairs of the Texas House of Representatives requesting that the leadership oppose legislation restricting the sale of select abortion pills in Texas. Read more here.


SCOTUS Declines to Hear Challenge of Indiana Law Requiring Burial of Fetal Remains. The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear a challenge to the legality of an Indiana requirement that abortion providers bury or cremate fetal remains, allowing the law to be enforced. Read more here.


Florida Pro-Life Laws at Risk From Legal Challenge. Florida recently passed a law banning abortion after six weeks, but a challenge to the state’s previous 15-week abortion ban could determine the constitutionality of all abortion laws in the state. Read more here.


Maine Lawmakers Debate Bill to Expand Abortion Access to Fetal Viability. The Maine legislature is considering a bill that would allow women to get abortions all the way up to the point where a baby can survive outside the womb. Read more here.


Minnesota Gov Signs Bills Making State Into Abortion, ‘Gender Transition’ Sanctuary. Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz signed a trio of bills into law, effectively making the state a sanctuary for abortion and “gender transition” procedures. Read more here.


Pro-Life Bills Fail to Pass in Nebraska, South Carolina. Republican-controlled legislatures in South Carolina and Nebraska failed to pass pro-life bills to restrict abortion. Read more here.


Washington State Shields People Seeking Abortions, ‘Gender-Affirming Care.’ Washington state enacted legal protections for people who travel there seeking abortions and “gender-affirming” treatment. Read more here.


Vermont Legislature Passes Legal Protections for Abortion, Gender Procedures. The Vermont legislature passed bills aimed at protecting providers from discipline for providing legally protected abortion and “gender-affirming” medical services. Read more here.


Rhode Island House Votes to Let State Health Plans Cover Abortions. A Rhode Island bill that, if passed, would allow the state to fund abortions through Medicaid and employees’ health plans, cleared the state House in a 49-24 vote. Read more here.


UK Home Abortion Pills Spark Major Review Demand as Emergency Calls Double. Parliamentarians have demanded a review into the availability of home abortion pills after records revealed a dramatic increase in emergency calls from women who had taken them. Read more here.


Kansas House Overrides ‘Born Alive’ Veto, Sends to Senate. The Kansas House of Representatives has overridden Gov. Laura Kelly’s veto of a bill that requires emergency care for infants born alive after a failed abortion. Read more here.


Parents Argue Ohio Amendment Will Allow Minors’ Abortions, ‘Sex Change’ Without Parental Consent. Ohio parents are concerned that a proposed state constitutional amendment to guarantee access to abortion will upend parental rights and allow minors to receive abortions and undergo “gender transitions” without their consent or notification. Read more here.


Biden Admin Urges Appeals Court to Overrule Abortion Pill Restrictions. The Biden administration urged a U.S. appeals court to overrule a judge’s order that would essentially ban the abortion pill mifepristone by suspending the drug’s federal regulatory approval. Read more here.


North Dakota Gov Affirms State’s Near-Total Abortion Ban. North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum revised the state’s near-total abortion ban, affirming that the state prohibits abortion after six weeks. Read more here.


Peruvians Celebrate Life and Family in Massive Parade Drawing Over 100,000 Participants. Over 120,000 people took part in a massive pro-family parade in Peru to celebrate “the value of every person and every human life,” the group’s organizers said. Read more here.


USPS Says It Will Follow Laws Regarding Mailed Abortion Pills. The Biden Administration’s mail-order abortion regime is being challenged as part of a federal lawsuit, but no matter the outcome, the United States Postal Service plans to “follow the law,” Postmaster General Louis DeJoy said. Read more here.


Japanese Panel Approves Nation’s First Abortion Pill. A health ministry panel approved Japan’s first abortion pill. Final approval from the health minister is expected to follow, but the timing remains unclear. Read more here.


FDA Neglected Environmental Concerns With Abortion Pill Approval, Petition Claims. A new citizen’s petition contends that the FDA failed to assess the environmental impact of women using pills to end their pregnancies at home and flushing their unborn child’s remains down the toilet when it approved the abortion pill in 2000. Read more here.


Christian Democrats in Belgium Support Law Change to Increase Abortion Access. The Christian Democratic and Flemish party in Belgium said that it will support increasing the abortion time limit from 12 to 14 weeks and cutting the current six-day reflection period to 48 hours. Read more here.


SCOTUS Preserves Abortion Pill Access as Legal Challenges Continue. The U.S. Supreme Court preserved access to the abortion pill mifepristone, issuing a full stay in a legal case challenging the government’s approval of the drug more than 20 years ago. Read more here.


Oregon Secures Three-Year Supply of Abortion-Inducing Medication. Oregon Gov. Tina Kotek has directed the state to obtain a multi-year supply of the abortion pill mifepristone amid the possibility that a court ruling could restrict access to the drug. Read more here.


Minister Says Canada Will Offer Access to Abortion Pill If U.S. Ban Upheld. Canada’s families minister says the federal government is prepared to offer Americans access to a widely used abortion pill that could be restricted in the United States. Read more here.


Ireland’s Abortion Review to Recommend Sweeping Changes to Existing Law. A review into Ireland’s abortion law will reportedly recommend sweeping changes, including a change to the waiting period to access abortion medication. Read more here.


ACT Becomes First Australian Jurisdiction to Offer Free Access to Abortions. The ACT has become the first Australian jurisdiction to offer free universal access to abortion services, covering surgical and medical abortions up to 16 weeks’ gestation. Read more here.


Small New Mexico City Challenges State ‘Abortion Rights’ Law. The city of Eunice, New Mexico has filed a legal challenge against a new state law that guarantees access to abortion and overrode the city’s local pro-life ordinance. Read more here.


SCOTUS Further Delays Decision on Access to Chemical Abortion Pill. The U.S. Supreme Court extended the temporary pause placed on restrictions to abortion pill mifepristone until Friday, putting off a decision on its future for now. Read more here.


Generic Drug Company Sues to Keep Abortion Pill on Market in U.S. GenBioPro Inc, maker of the only U.S. generic version of the abortion pill mifepristone, filed a lawsuit seeking to ensure that it can continue selling its pill amid ongoing legal challenges. Read more here.


Abortion Providers Push Handheld Abortion Tech to PCPs Across U.S. A group of abortion providers are training primary care physicians in an abortion procedure known as “manual uterine aspiration” which uses a small, handheld device “to remove pregnancy tissue.” Read more here.


Senate Republicans’ Effort to Repeal VA Abortion Policy Fails. The Senate struck down a Republican resolution that would have repealed a rule from the Biden administration that forces the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide abortions. Read more here.


Mississippi Gov Signs Eight Pro-Life Bills to Support Adoption, Pregnant Moms. Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves has signed eight pro-life safety net measures that will support foster children, improve the adoption process, and provide aid to moms and babies. Read more here.


Online Abortion Pill Provider Advertises ‘Complete Solution for Unwanted Child.’ An online provider of “DIY” abortion pills has been advertising an “abortion pill kit,” which it markets as “a complete solution for an unneeded child.” Read more here.


Washington Bill Authorizing DOC to Sell Abortion Pills Clears Senate. A bill that would authorize the Department of Corrections to sell abortion pills in Washington state and distribute the pills to prison inmates has cleared the Senate. Read more here.


Judge Blocks Colorado From Enforcing New Abortion Law Against Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers. A federal court has narrowly blocked a Colorado law that censors pro-life pregnancy centers and prevents them from offering the abortion pill reversal method to women. Read more here.


Colorado Enshrines Access to Abortion, ‘Gender-Affirming Care.’ A trio of health care bills enshrining access in Colorado to abortion and “gender-affirming” procedures and medications became law as the state tries to make itself a “safe haven” for residents in neighboring states. Read more here.


SCOTUS Temporarily Stays Ruling That Suspended Abortion Pill Approval. The U.S. Supreme Court temporarily blocked a federal court’s ruling that suspended the FDA’s approval of mifepristone, one of two drugs involved in a chemical abortion. Read more here.


Biden DOJ to Appeal Abortion Pill Case to SCOTUS. The Biden administration announced that it will make an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court challenging a ruling that reinstituted limits on the access and delivery of abortion pills. Read more here.


Florida Gov Signs Heartbeat Abortion Ban Into Law. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law a bill that was passed overwhelmingly by the legislature banning abortions when a fetal heartbeat can be detected. Read more here.


Thousands Attend ‘Yes to Life’ March in Spain. Thousands of people have taken to the streets for the annual “Yes to Life” march in Madrid, Spain. Read more here.


U.S. States With Abortion Bans See Massive Drop Since Overturn of Roe. Abortions dropped by nearly 96 percent in the thirteen states with bans compared to the months before Roe v. Wade was overturned, a recent report shows. Read more here.


Washington Senate Passes ‘Shield’ Bill for Underage Abortions, Gender Surgery. The Washington Senate has passed a bill that would prohibit Washington law enforcement agencies or the courts from enforcing other states’ laws regarding abortion or gender surgeries for minors. Read more here.


Pending Abortion Ban Can’t Be Prevented, Montana Judge Rules. A judge has ruled that a bill to restrict dismemberment abortions in Montana will become law – at least temporarily – if the governor signs it, denying a request by abortion advocates to preemptively block the legislation. Read more here.


Nebraska Lawmakers Take Up Debate on Abortion Restrictions. Nebraska lawmakers began debate on a bill that would ban abortion once a fetal heartbeat can be detected, which is generally around the sixth week of pregnancy. Read more here.


Biden DOJ Asks Court to Keep Abortion Pill on the Market as Legal Battle Continues. The U.S. Department of Justice asked a federal appeals court to order the abortion pill mifepristone to remain on the market pending further litigation, days after a judge suspended FDA approval of the drug. Read more here.


California Stockpiles Abortion Medication After Texas Court Ruling. Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that California will stockpile an emergency supply of 2 million abortion pills known as misoprostol in response to a federal judge in Texas ruling against the authorization of another medication used in chemical abortions. Read more here.


Hundreds of U.S. Drugmakers Call for Reversal of Texas Abortion Pill Ruling. Over 300 biotech and pharmaceutical industry executives signed an open letter calling for reversal of a federal judge’s decision to suspend sales of the abortion pill mifepristone. Read more here.


Kansas Legislature Passes Abortion Pill Plan. Kansas lawmakers passed a bill requiring medical providers to tell patients that a chemical abortion can be reversed once it’s started, though the governor is expected to veto the measure. Read more here.


Montana Ban on Dismemberment Abortions Met With Preemptive Lawsuit. Planned Parenthood of Montana filed a preemptive lawsuit seeking to stop legislation that would ban second trimester dismemberment abortions, arguing the proposed law is unconstitutional. Read more here.


Lawsuit Targets Ohio Amendment That Would Enshrine Abortion in State Constitution. Cincinnati Right to Life filed a lawsuit with the state’s highest court to prevent a proposed constitutional amendment from appearing on the ballot in November, arguing that it should be split into multiple amendments because it covers more than one issue. Read more here.


Texas Judge Halts FDA Approval of Abortion Pill Mifepristone. A federal judge in Texas signed an injunction directing the FDA to stay mifepristone’s approval while a lawsuit challenging the safety and approval of the drug continues. Read more here.


Judge in Washington Orders Feds to Keep Abortion Pill Access. A federal judge in Washington state ordered U.S. authorities not to make any changes that would restrict access to the abortion medication mifepristone, countering a ruling by a judge in Texas that ordered a hold on federal approval of the drug. Read more here.


Arizona Gov Vetoes Bill Protecting Lives of Infants Who Survive Abortion Attempts. Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs vetoed legislation that would protect newborns from infanticide after surviving an abortion, regardless of whether the baby is likely to survive. Read more here.


Planned Parenthood Sues to Block Idaho Ban on Out-of-State Abortion Referrals. A Planned Parenthood affiliate and two doctors filed a lawsuit seeking to block Idaho authorities from punishing healthcare providers for referring patients to get abortions in other states. Read more here.


New Mexico Gov Signs Off on Protections for Abortions, ‘Gender-Affirming Care.’ New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham signed a bill into law guaranteeing protections for doctors who provide abortions and “gender-affirming care.” Read more here.


Lawsuit Filed Against Utah Law That Could Close Abortion Facilities. The ACLU and Planned Parenthood filed a lawsuit against a Utah law that may close the state’s abortion facilities, asking a judge to place a preliminary injunction on the law while their suit proceeds. Read more here.


Arkansas Legislature Passes Bill Funding Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers. The Arkansas legislature passed a measure authorizing a million dollars in funding for grants to pregnancy help organizations in the state, such as crisis pregnancy centers, maternity homes, and adoption agencies. Read more here.


More Than 8,500 Abortions Performed in Ireland in 2022. Ireland’s Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly said that over 8,500 preborn children were aborted in 2022. Read more here.


Idaho Gov Signs Abortion Trafficking Bill Into Law. Idaho Gov. Brad Little signed a bill into law making it a crime to help a minor get a surgical or chemical abortion without their parent’s consent. Read more here.


Kansas Lawmakers Pass Born Alive Protection Bill. Kansas lawmakers passed a bill requiring treatment for infants born alive, “regardless of the intent of delivery.” Read more here.


Washington State Stocks Up on Abortion Pills Ahead of Court Ruling. Washington state has purchased a three-year supply of a leading abortion medication in anticipation of a court ruling that could limit its availability, Gov. Jay Inslee said. Read more here.


Michigan Repeals 1931 Abortion Ban. Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed into law a measure repealing the state’s 1931 abortion ban that made no exceptions for rape or incest. Read more here.


Narrow Abortion Exemption Bill Passed by Tennessee Lawmakers. Tennessee lawmakers gave final approval to legislation that would add a narrow exemption to one of the strictest abortion bans in the United States, with it now heading to Gov. Bill Lee’s desk for his approval. Read more here.


Wisconsin Supreme Court Secures Liberal Majority Before Major Abortion Case. Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Janet Protasiewicz won a crucial seat on the Wisconsin Supreme Court, securing a 4-3 majority for the left before the court is expected to decide on a pending lawsuit challenging the state’s law banning abortion. Read more here.


Idaho Legislature Passes Bill Banning Abortion Trafficking. The Idaho Legislature passed a bill prohibiting adults from helping a minor obtain an abortion procedure or an abortion-inducing pill without their parent or guardian’s consent, stating that they would be committing “abortion trafficking.” Read more here.


Florida Senate Passes 6-Week Abortion Ban. The Florida Senate approved a bill to ban abortions after six weeks. The measure will now be considered by the House. Read more here.


New Mexico Supreme Court Blocks Local Abortion Ordinances. The New Mexico Supreme Court blocked local pro-life ordinances in response to a request by the state attorney general who wants to ensure New Mexico remains a “safe haven” for women seeking abortions. Read more here.


Florida Fines Abortionists for Violating Mandatory Waiting Period. The state of Florida, which previously passed a 15-week abortion restriction, has reportedly been handing out fines to abortionists who have violated a mandatory waiting period law. Read more here.


Over 87,000 Abortions Recorded in Canada in 2021. The Canadian Institute for Health Information recently released its latest statistics confirming 87,485 induced abortions in Canada in 2021. Read more here.


Georgia Supreme Court Reviews Appeal of State’s Heartbeat Abortion Ban. The Georgia Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a case against the state’s heartbeat abortion ban, with opponents saying the ban “forces” pregnancy and childbirth on women. Read more here.


Minnesota Bill Would Let Babies Die Who Survive Abortions. A newly introduced health omnibus bill in the Minnesota House would repeal a measure protecting babies who are already born, whether or not they were born after surviving an abortion. Read more here.


Pentagon Leaders Defend Using Taxpayer Money for Abortion Travel. U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin argued during a Senate committee hearing that the policy of using taxpayer funds to pay for troops’ travel when seeking abortions is “based on strong legal grounds.” Read more here.


Suspect Charged With 2022 Firebombing of Wisconsin Pro-Life Group’s Office. A Wisconsin man was arrested in connection with an attack on a pro-life organization’s office just days after the leak of the Supreme Court opinion overturning Roe v. Wade, the Department of Justice announced. Read more here.


Wyoming Gov Signs Law Banning Abortion Pills. Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon signed into law a ban of abortion pills. He also allowed another abortion bill to become law without his signature. Read more here.


Kansas House Passes Bill Requiring Care for Infants Born Alive After Abortion. Kansas lawmakers approved a bill that would require doctors to save infants born alive following an attempted abortion, despite pushback from opponents who dispute how often this occurs. Read more here.


IACHR to Hear First Abortion Rights Case. For the first time in its history, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights will hear a case about the legality of denying a woman access to abortion services. Read more here.


Oklahoma Court Finds Right to Abortion to Preserve Mother’s Life. Oklahoma’s highest court ruled the state’s constitution protects a right to an abortion to preserve the mother’s life and that a doctor does not need to wait until there is an immediate medical emergency to perform one. Read more here.


Utah Governor Signs Abortion Clinic Ban. Utah Gov. Spencer Cox signed legislation preventing abortion clinics from obtaining new licenses in the coming months. The law eliminates the procedure altogether at health clinics in 2024. Read more here.


North Dakota’s Top Court Will Not Reinstate State’s Abortion Ban. North Dakota’s Supreme Court refused to revive a strict abortion ban previously blocked by a lower court, finding that the ban violates a state constitutional right to abortion to preserve the mother’s life or health. Read more here.


Irish Health Minister Receives Final Report on Review of State’s Abortion Laws. A detailed review of Ireland’s abortion laws has been sent to Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly, which he will use to make a recommendation on future legislation. Read more here.


Norway Debates Proposal to Enshrine ‘Right’ to Abortion in Constitution. A proposal from the Venstre Party in Norway to make abortion part of the constitution has met heavy criticism from other religious and political groups. Read more here.


New Mexico Gov Signs Bill Overriding Local Abortion Bans. New Mexico’s governor signed an abortion rights bill that overrides local ordinances aimed at limiting access to abortion procedures and medications. The bill also protects access to “gender-affirming healthcare.” Read more here.


California Bill Would Protect Doctors Who Mail Abortion Pills. Doctors in California who mail abortion pills to people in other states would be protected from prosecution under a new bill announced in the state legislature. Read more here.


Colorado Lawmakers Introduce Bills to Expand Abortion, Trample Conscience Rights. Colorado legislators have introduced a package of three bills intended to protect so-called “abortion rights” in the state. Read more here.


Thousands Turn Out for Pro-Life March in Spain. Thousands turned out for the Yes to Life March in Madrid, Spain where the sponsoring organizations expressed their support for pro-life laws and practices in the country. Read more here.


U.S. Senator Introduces Legislation to Bar DOD From Paying Abortion Travel Costs. Senator Joni Ernst is leading the efforts on legislation aimed at amending the Department of Defense’s travel statute to prevent funding from being used to pay for service members and their families to travel to obtain an abortion. Read more here.


Texas Judge Sets Date for Abortion Pill Hearing. A federal judge in Texas is expected to hold the first hearing this week in a case that could lead to the Food and Drug Administration being forced to withdraw its approval for the two-pill regimen that is now used to carry out a majority of abortions in the United States. Read more here.


UK Govt to Spend Hundreds of Millions for Abortions in Africa. The UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office has launched a new initiative “to tackle gender inequality” with the use of over £200 million of taxpayers’ money for programs that provide abortions and fund “pro-choice campaigns” in Africa. Read more here.


Abortions in Norway on the Rise After Years of Decline. The number of abortions reached close to 12,000 last year in Norway, a rise of 10 percent after years of decline. Read more here.


Wyoming Legislature Approves Bill to Ban Abortions From Conception. The Wyoming legislature has approved a bill prohibiting all elective abortions in Wyoming and creating penalties for abortionists who violate the law. Read more here.


Florida Lawmakers Introduce ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Ban. Legislators in Florida introduced a bill that would ban doctors from knowingly performing or inducing a termination of pregnancy after the sixth week of gestation, or the time at which a heartbeat can be detected. Read more here.


New Hampshire Senate Defeats Bill Creating a Constitutional ‘Right’ to Abortion. The New Hampshire Senate rejected pro-abortion legislation that would have created a state constitutional right to abort unborn babies. Read more here.


NY Officials Ask Pharmacy Chains for Plans on Abortion Drug Access. New York government officials sent a letter to pharmacy operators CVS Health Corp, Walgreens Boot Alliance and Rite Aid Corp, asking about their plans to make the abortion pill mifepristone available in the state. Read more here.


Major UK Study Recommends Extending Abortion Powers to Nurses. Nurses and midwives in the UK should be allowed to authorize and perform abortions, according to a study funded by the government. Read more here.


Scottish Candidate Commits to Introducing Abortion Up to Birth. Humza Yousaf, who is running to be the next First Minister of Scotland, has committed to removing abortion from the criminal law, which would introduce abortion on demand up to birth in Scotland, along with legalizing sex-selective abortion. Read more here.


Idaho House Passes Bill to Stop Trafficking Teens to Other States for Secret Abortions. The Idaho House has approved a bill that would stop the trafficking of teenage girls to other states for secret abortions without their parents’ knowledge or consent. Read more here.


Montana Judge Blocks Parental Consent Law. A Montana judge has permanently blocked the state’s law requiring minors under 16 to obtain the consent of their parents at least 48 hours before getting an abortion, while noting that a trial is necessary to determine if the state’s parental notification law should remain in place. Read more here.


Women Sue Texas Over Abortion Ban, Say It Risked Their Lives. Five women who said they were denied abortions even when pregnancy allegedly endangered their lives are suing Texas over its abortion ban. Read more here.


U.S. Abortion Pill Campaign Targeted College Campuses. MayDay Health launched a campaign on March 1 to drive billboards through populated cities advertising where college students can access abortion pills in states that implemented abortion restrictions. Read more here.


Wyoming Legislature Passes Two Pro-Life Bills. Wyoming legislators approved two bills related to abortion, including a ban on medication abortion and a bill stating that abortion is not health care. Read more here.


U of Notre Dame Holds ‘Reproductive Justice’ Series. The University of Notre Dame is hosting a “Reproductive Justice” series of speaker events this semester pushing pro-abortion and transgender ideology to its Catholic students, according to the event page. Read more here.


Walgreens Refuses to Distribute Abortion Pills. Walgreens clarified that it is not distributing abortion pills anywhere, including in states where they remain legal, out of an abundance of caution during a changing legal landscape. Read more here.


Utah Lawmakers Advance Abortion Clinic Ban. The Utah Senate passed a measure to limit where people can get abortions in Utah, banning abortion clinics and effectively requiring they only be provided in hospitals. Read more here.


Ohio AG Approves Language in Abortion Protection Petition. The Ohio Attorney General’s Office approved summary language in a petition to enshrine abortion rights in Ohio’s state constitution, advancing the closely watched amendment to its next step. Read more here.


UN Urged to Intervene on ‘Destruction’ of U.S. ‘Abortion Rights.’ International human rights organizations are calling on the United Nations to intervene over the so-called “destruction” of “abortion rights” in the U.S. Read more here.


Whistleblower: FBI Threat Tag Created After SCOTUS Dobbs Decision Shifted to Focus on Pro-Lifers. The FBI created a threat tag following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, but it later “shifted” to focus on pro-life individuals, an agent-turned-whistleblower told a House subcommittee. Read more here.


U.S. Federal Court Says Pro-Life Maternal Care Centers Don’t Have to Hire Abortion Activists. A federal court in New York ruled that forcing pro-life maternal care centers to employ pro-abortion employees violates the organizations’ First Amendment rights to expressive association. Read more here.


Washington State Lawmakers Pass Shield Law for Abortion Procedures. Washington State lawmakers passed a shield law offering protection to anyone traveling from out-of-state for an abortion. Read more here.


World’s Largest Pro-Life Group Asks Congress to Investigate Profits From Abortion Pills. 40 Days for Life, the world’s largest pro-life campaign, is demanding a congressional investigation into Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers for alleged “profiteering” from the sale of abortion pills. Read more here.


Irish Govt Spent Almost One Million Euro Promoting Abortion Referral Service. The state-run health service in the Republic of Ireland has been spending taxpayer money on advertising its abortion referral service and paying Google to ensure that its own abortion referral services outperform other pro-life pregnancy services. Read more here.


ACOG Bans Pro-Life Doctors From Conference. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists barred a group of pro-life doctors from setting up a booth at their annual conference, despite that same group having been permitted to host a booth at the conference for 15 years prior to the incident. Read more here.


Protestant Council of Rwanda Bans Abortions in Its Clinics. The Protestant Council of Rwanda has directed all health facilities run by its members to stop carrying out abortions. Read more here.


Texas Supreme Court Rejects Defamation Claims of Pro-Choice Group. The Texas Supreme Court handed down a major ruling in defense of free speech, rejecting an effort by pro-choice groups to use defamation lawsuits against pro-life advocates. Read more here.


Massachusetts Politician Faces Calls to Resign After Saying Babies With Disabilities Should Be Aborted. Michael Hugo, a local Democrat official in Massachusetts, is facing calls from irate parents to step down after complaining about the cost of special education for children with disabilities who are not aborted. Read more here.


Japan Considers Approving Abortion Pill. Japan is moving closer to approving an abortion pill for the first time, with a secondary panel at the health ministry expected to make a decision as early as March. Read more here.


Pro-Life Groups Sound Alarm on Ohio Abortion Proposal They Say Will ‘Cancel the Right of Parents.’ Pro-life organizations are alarmed by Ohio pro-choice groups’ “extreme” proposal to expand abortions across the state, claiming it would “endanger women and children.” Read more here.


Report: Underground Network Has Shipped 20,000 Abortion Pills Across U.S. In the six months following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, an “underground abortion pill network” has reportedly shipped at least 20,000 packs of abortion pills across the United States. Read more here.


U.S. DOJ Charges Eight Pro-Life Activists With Blocking Access to Abortion Clinic. The Department of Justice has charged eight people with violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act by allegedly interfering with access to an abortion clinic. Read more here.


U.S. ‘Abortion Rights’ Groups and Law Firms Launch Legal Defense Network. Major abortion rights organizations and private law firms have teamed up to provide legal counsel to patients and providers navigating the various abortion laws in the United States to find access to the procedure. Read more here.


Utah Advances Legislation to Ban Clinics That Offer Only Abortion. The Utah House of Representatives passed two bills which would effectively shut down abortion clinics that only offer abortion and would also help victims of rape and incest. Read more here.


New Mexico House Passes Bill to Increase Minors’ Access to Abortion and ‘Gender-Affirming Care.’ Legislation passed by the New Mexico House would prohibit cities and public schools in New Mexico from interfering with a person’s access to abortion or “gender-affirming care.” Read more here.


Ohio Groups Aim to Get ‘Abortion Rights’ on the Ballot in November. Two pro-abortion groups in Ohio announced a campaign to get an initiative on the ballot that aims to add the “right to reproductive freedom” to the state constitution. Read more here.


Walgreens Will Not Sell Abortion Pills in Kansas After Receiving Letter From AG. Walgreens announced it will not dispense mifepristone in Kansas after receiving a letter from the state attorney general warning that doing so would violate state and federal laws. Read more here.


NY Clinic Establishes Abortion Tourism Program. Choices Women’s Medical Center in New York is offering a new program to bring women from pro-life states to their clinic for an abortion. Read more here.


Kentucky Supreme Court Upholds Two Pro-Life Laws. The Kentucky Supreme Court refused to strike down two major pro-life laws in the state, leaving them in place but sending one back to lower courts for further consideration. Read more here.


South Carolina House Passes Near-Total Abortion Ban. The South Carolina House has passed a near-total abortion ban with exceptions for rape, incest, fatal fetal anomaly and the patient’s health and life. Read more here.


Virginia Senators Block Bill Requiring Medical Care for Living Infants Who Survive Abortion. Virginia Democrats voted down a bill in a Senate committee that would require medical care for infants born alive after a botched abortion. Read more here.


Spanish Parliament Passes Bill Allowing Teen Abortions Without Parental Consent. The Spanish parliament passed a law allowing 16- and 17-year-old girls to undergo an abortion without parental consent. Read more here.


Idaho AG Files Brief Asking Judge to Lift Block on State’s Pro-Life Law. The office of Idaho Attorney General Raúl Labrador has filed a brief in U.S. District Court with new arguments in the lawsuit brought on by the U.S. Department of Justice that sought an injunction against the state’s pro-life law. Read more here.


Pentagon to Pay for Out-of-State Travel for Abortions Following Roe Reversal. The U.S. Department of Defense announced new policies paying for travel for out-of-state abortions as some states move to restrict or ban the procedure. Read more here.


North Carolina AG Refuses to Defend State Restrictions on Abortion Pill. North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein is refusing to defend his state’s abortion pill restrictions, arguing that an abortionist’s legal challenge to them correctly asserts that they violate the constitution. Read more here.


Federal Judge Dismisses Challenge to Texas Abortion Ban. A federal judge has dismissed a challenge to Texas’ ban on abortions after a fetal heartbeat can be detected. Read more here.


U.S. Senator Calls on Biden Admin to Ignore Any Ruling Restricting Access to Abortion Pill. Sen. Ron Wyden said the Food and Drug Administration should ignore any decision that cuts off access to mifepristone, an abortion-inducing drug, and allow it to remain on the market. Read more here.


Utah Lawmakers Pave Way for Challenge to Hold on State’s Abortion Ban. Utah lawmakers passed a bill that could make it easier for opponents to challenge a court-ordered hold on the state’s proposed abortion ban. Read more here.


Court Rules Personhood Rights Apply to Fetuses Under Massachusetts Homicide Law. Justices on the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court found that even when someone does not directly injure a fetus when they kill a pregnant woman, the appropriate charges should amount to a double homicide. Read more here.


Education Conference in U.S. Requires ‘Abortion Access’ for Attendees. An education organization has moved a previously scheduled conference in Texas to Colorado, saying it wants to make sure abortion services are available for attendees. Read more here.


U.S. States, Others Weigh in on Court Battle Over Abortion Pill. Dozens of U.S. state attorneys general weighed in on a lawsuit seeking to block access nationwide to a drug used in medication abortions, with Republicans in support of the lawsuit and Democrats warning of “devastating consequences” if it succeeds. Read more here.


NI Court of Appeal Considers Challenge Against Abortion Services. A move to establish full abortion services in Northern Ireland allegedly undermines a protection against stereotyping people with disabilities, the Court of Appeal has heard. Read more here.


Spanish MP Calls for More Pro-Family Policies, Less Promoting of Abortion. A member of the Spanish populist party VOX in the region of Andalusia has called for more pro-family policies to assist mothers and for the government to promote abortion less. Read more here.


U.S. Medical Orgs Push Back on FDA’s Approval of Chemical Abortion Drugs. Four national medical associations and others filed a brief in federal court that pushes back on the Food and Drug Administration’s arguments against withdrawing or suspending its approval of chemical abortion drugs that harm women and girls. Read more here.


South Carolina Senate Passes Heartbeat Abortion Ban. The South Carolina Senate passed a bill to ban abortions on unborn babies whose heartbeats can be detected and feels this bill is drafted in a manner to conform with a state Supreme Court ruling that overturned the previous heartbeat abortion ban. Read more here.


Spain’s Constitutional Court Rules in Favor of 13-Year-Old Abortion Law. Spain’s Constitutional Court upheld a 13-year-old law that allows women to abort on demand within the first 14 weeks of pregnancy after the issue resurfaced following a regional party’s effort to limit abortion access. Read more here.


Maryland Gov, Officials Supporting Abortion Protections. Maryland Gov. Wes Moore and top state lawmakers announced support for a package of measures protecting “abortion rights,” including a state constitutional amendment. Read more here.


Texas AG Sues Biden Admin Over Rule Forcing Pharmacies to Carry Abortion Pills. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services over the agency’s guidance mandating pharmacies provide abortion pills regardless of state law. Read more here.


Pro-Abortion Group’s Study Concludes That Pro-Life Centers Offer Faster, Cheaper Service. A recent study published by the academic journal Contraception showed that wait times were longer and costs higher for abortion clinics than they were for crisis pregnancy centers, especially in states less friendly to pro-life centers. Read more here.


Most Women Who Had Abortions Say They Felt Pressure to Do So, Study Finds. A recent study found that 61 percent of women who have had an abortion reported that they had faced external pressure to have the procedure done, influencing their decisions. Read more here.


AZ Legislative Leadership Seeks to Defend Pro-Life Law Prohibiting Disability Discrimination. The Arizona State Senate president and the speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives filed a motion that asks a federal district court to allow the lawmakers to intervene in defense of a state law that prevents children from being aborted simply for having a disability. Read more here.


Biden Urges Congress to Codify Roe to Counteract States’ ‘Extreme Abortion Bans.’ President Biden urged Congress to codify Roe v. Wade to counteract Republican states’ “extreme abortion bans,” also vowing to veto any national abortion restrictions that arrive at his desk. Read more here.


Spanish Court to Rule on Abortion Law After 13 Years. Spain’s constitutional court has begun reviewing an appeal made more than a decade ago against a reform making it easier for women to get an abortion. Read more here.


U.S. State AGs Demand Yelp Stop Discriminating Against Crisis Pregnancy Centers. A coalition of 24 state attorneys general sent a letter to Yelp opposing the company’s alleged discrimination against crisis pregnancy centers in its search results. Read more here.


Tennessee Gov Proposes Millions for Pro-Life Centers. Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee unveiled plans to funnel tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to pro-life centers as he declared the state had a moral obligation to support families. Read more here.


AP Bans Term ‘Crisis Pregnancy Centers,’ Directs Journalists to Use Negative Term Instead. The Associated Press added an entry to its style guide directing journalists to put the term “crisis pregnancy center” in quotes, and to use “anti-abortion center” instead, to convey that “the centers’ general aim is to prevent abortions.” Read more here.


New Illinois Abortion Facility Will End Preborn Lives Up to Six Months. Equity Clinic, a new abortion facility in Champaign, Illinois, will perform surgical abortions up to 23 weeks and 6 days gestation, an age when many babies can survive outside the womb. Read more here.


Texas Lawsuit Could Upend U.S. Abortion Industry. A lawsuit out of Amarillo, Texas could potentially reverse the Food and Drug Administration’s approval of mifepristone and misoprostol for use in chemical abortions in the coming weeks. Read more here.


Massachusetts Launches Abortion Hotline to ‘Help Families.’ Massachusetts has launched an abortion hotline to “help people and families” access legal advice and other abortion resources. Read more here.


U.S. Senators Introduce Bill to Protect Babies Who Survive Abortions. Republican senators have introduced the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, legislation that protects infants who survive an attempted abortion to ensure they receive the same care as any other newborn. Read more here.


Indiana Justices Won’t Hear Second Abortion Case. The Indiana Supreme Court said it will not consider a challenge to the state’s abortion ban that is based on the argument that the law violates some people’s religious freedoms, leaving that decision to an appeals court, at least for now. Read more here.


U.S. Senate Democrats Want Taxpayer-Funded Abortions for Diplomats. Senate Democrats have called upon the State Department and USAID to guarantee abortion services for foreign service officers stationed overseas. Read more here.


U.S. Pressures Benin to Withdraw From Pro-Life Document. The Biden Administration has pressured the small country of Benin to remove its name from the Geneva Consensus Declaration, a document explaining that abortion is not an international right. Read more here.


Report: Biden Admin Evaluating Public Health Emergency Declaration on Abortion. The Biden administration is considering a public health emergency declaration regarding abortion, according to a recent report. Read more here.


Minnesota Gov Signs Broad Abortion Rights Bill Into Law. Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz signed a bill into law which guarantees a “right” to abortion throughout all stages of pregnancy. Read more here.


CVS and Walgreens May Be Held Liable for Abortion Pills, State AGs Say. Twenty Republican attorneys general are sending a message to CVS and Walgreens, saying the companies could be found liable if they proceed to use the mail to ship abortion medication. Read more here.


French Senate Rejects Initiative to Enshrine Abortion in Constitution. The French Senate Law Commission rejected a draft law aimed at enshrining abortion in the Constitution, questioning the practical impact of such a move. Read more here.


UK Abortion Provider Sees 50 Percent Increase in Abortions. Abortions have surged by almost 50 percent in the first two weeks of this year compared with the same time last year, according to abortion provider MSI Reproductive Choices, formerly Marie Stopes International. Read more here.


Satanic Temple Opens Clinic to Provide ‘Religious Abortion Care’ in New Mexico. The Satanic Temple is opening a health clinic in New Mexico which will offer telehealth screenings and appointments to provide abortion pills to patients free of charge. Read more here.


Minnesota Senate Passes Abortion Bill Opponents Call ‘Most Extreme’ in Nation. Following 14 hours of debate, the Minnesota Senate passed a bill which will enshrine the “right” to abortion without limits. Read more here.


U.S. Pro-Life Activist Arrested by FBI Acquitted on Federal Charges. A federal jury acquitted Catholic pro-life activist Mark Houck, who was charged with violating the FACE Act over a 2021 skirmish with a Planned Parenthood volunteer outside a Pennsylvania clinic. Read more here.


South Carolina Abortion Ruling Being Challenged by State AG. South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson filed a petition asking the state Supreme Court to reconsider its ruling that struck down the state’s fetal heartbeat abortion ban. Read more here.


Japan to Decide on Abortion Pill After Panel’s Agreement. Japan’s health ministry will soon decide whether to make abortion pills available for the first time after the proposal cleared a major hurdle with endorsement by a government panel. Read more here.


Virginia Lawmakers Kill Proposed ‘Pain-Capable’ 15-Week Abortion Ban. A Virginia Senate subcommittee has killed legislation banning abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy, or the time when a baby in the womb is capable of feeling pain. Read more here.


‘Satanic’ Abortion Statue Appears Outside NYC Courthouse. An eight-foot-tall golden statue was installed atop a New York City courthouse, with many claiming that it has allusions to “demonic” imagery. Read more here.


Thousands of Pro-Lifers March in Paris as French Parliament Considers Pro-Abortion Measure. Twenty-thousand pro-lifers marched for life in Paris, as France faces a legislative battle to add “equal access to the right to abortion” to the constitution. Read more here.


Maker of Abortion Pill Sues U.S. States Over Abortion Bans. GenBioPro, maker of the abortion pill mifepristone, filed a lawsuit challenging state abortion bans, claiming an impact on the company’s bottom line. Read more here.


South Dakota Gov Warns Pharmacists Against Dispensing Abortion Pills. South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem and Attorney General Marty Jackley sent a letter to pharmacists in their state warning that they will be subject to felony prosecution if they dispense abortion pills. Read more here.


Florida Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Abortion Ban Challenge. The Florida Supreme Court agreed to hear a challenge targeting the state’s 15-week abortion ban but declined to grant the plaintiffs’ request for an emergency injunction blocking the law. Read more here.


Pro-Abortion Extremists Indicted for Allegedly Defacing Florida Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers. Two Florida residents have been indicted on federal charges in connection with attacks on several pro-life pregnancy resource centers in the Sunshine State over a period of three months. Read more here.


U.S. Down Syndrome Abortions to Be Outlawed in Bill Aimed at Building Culture of Life. House and Senate Republicans proposed legislation that would make it a federal crime for doctors to knowingly perform an abortion that is sought to terminate the life of a fetus diagnosed with Down syndrome. Read more here.


New York Passes Bill to Codify Abortion Rights in State Constitution. The New York legislature passed an amendment to the state constitution that would enshrine abortion rights in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. Read more here.


Washington Lawmakers Hear Testimony on Seven Abortion Bills. Abortion rights proposals have been front and center in Olympia, Washington as state lawmakers heard hours of public testimony on seven proposals that would reinforce abortion access. Read more here.


Hundreds Take Part in Dueling Rallies at SCOTUS on Roe’s 50th Anniversary. Pro-life and pro-choice advocates held opposing demonstrations outside the U.S. Supreme Court Building on the 50th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade abortion ruling. Read more here.


Oregon Launches Abortion Hotline Offering Free Legal Advice. Oregon is launching a new abortion hotline offering free legal advice to callers, moving to further defend abortion access after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. Read more here.


U.S. DOJ to Monitor New Pro-Life Bills in State Legislatures. Upcoming state-level initiatives to restrict abortion access will be on the radar of the U.S. Justice Department, top DOJ officials announced. Read more here.


March for Life 2023 Speakers Celebrate Roe’s End. Though the 50th Annual March for Life took place in a post-Roe world, participants marched for the continuing goal of protecting human life in states where abortion remains legal. Read more here.


Lone Abortion Clinic in NW Florida Permanently Closes After Three Women Hospitalized. Northwest Florida’s only abortion clinic has permanently closed after a pro-life watchdog group uncovered three incidents in which patients had to be hospitalized with serious injuries over a nine month span. Read more here.


Biden to Sign Memorandum Ensuring Access to Abortion Pills. President Joe Biden will issue a presidential memorandum to protect access to abortion pills to mark 50 years since the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision. Read more here.


Bill to Expand Abortion in Ireland Passes First Step. A bill to expand access to abortion in Ireland has passed its first legislative step, just five years after voters were told that abortion would not be allowed in the country beyond 12 weeks. Read more here.


New Mexico AG Seeks to Nullify Local Abortion Bans. New Mexico Attorney General Raúl Torrez asked the state Supreme Court to nullify abortion ordinances that local elected officials have passed in recent months in conservative reaches of the Democratic-led state. Read more here.


Pro-Lifers Celebrate First March for Life Since SCOTUS Victory. Pro-life activists, students, and organizations will gather in Washington, D.C. for the annual March for Life for the first time since the Supreme Court’s historic decision to strike down Roe v. Wade. Read more here.


Minnesota House Passes Abortion Rights Bill. The Minnesota House passed a bill codify a “right” to abortion on-demand through all stages of pregnancy. The bill now heads to the Senate. Read more here.


Indiana’s Top Court Weighs Challenge to State Abortion Ban. A state lawyer urged the Indiana Supreme Court to uphold the state’s abortion ban as the justices weighed whether they should decide its constitutionality before lower courts have fully considered the case. Read more here.


FBI Offers Reward for Information About Pro-Life Pregnancy Center Attacks. The FBI is offering a $25,000 reward to sources who can provide information about the suspects responsible for a spate of attacks on pro-life pregnancy resource centers. Read more here.


Poll Shows 91 Percent of Americans Affirm Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers. A January 2023 Knights of Columbus-Marist Poll revealed that 91 percent of Americans support the existence of pregnancy resource centers, which offer resources to women during pregnancy and after their babies are born. Read more here.


Reversing Abortion Drug’s Approval Would Harm Public Interest, U.S. FDA Says. The Food and Drug Administration is urging a judge to reject a request by pro-life advocates for a court order withdrawing federal approval for the drug used in medication abortions, claiming such a move would “dramatically harm” the public interest. Read more here.


Maine Gov Unveils Bill to Protect ‘Abortion Care.’ Maine Gov. Janet Mills unveiled a bill which would eliminate language under the state’s current laws where medical providers performing abortions would be subject to criminal procedures under certain circumstances. Read more here.


France Set to Enshrine Abortion in Constitution. The French Senate will soon hear a bill previously passed by the National Assembly which would enshrine the right to abortion in the nation’s constitution. Read more here.


Poll Shows That 61 Percent of Americans Identify as Pro-Choice. A new poll found that 61 percent of Americans self-identify as pro-choice just ahead of the 50th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade. Read more here.


Montana Lawmaker Seeks to Overturn Pro-Abortion Ruling. The Montana legislature is considering a proposal that would interpret the state’s constitutional right to privacy to mean that it does not protect the right to an abortion. Read more here.


AGs Plead With FDA to Reverse Decision on Abortion-Inducing Drugs. Attorneys general from 22 states signed a letter to FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf, urging him to reverse the administration’s decision to make it easier for women to access abortion pills. Read more here.


NYC to Provide Free Abortion Drugs at Clinics. New York City health clinics will soon offer abortion medication to patients for free as the city positions itself as a safe haven for abortion access following the Supreme Court overturning of Roe v. Wade. Read more here.


Regional Abortion Rights Restrictions Spark Debate in Spain. A regional government’s move to restrict abortion rights in a large part of central Spain reignited debate on the issue in the southern European country, in the runup to this year’s local elections. Read more here.


Illinois Gov Signs Bill Expanding Access to Abortion and ‘Gender-Affirming Care.’ Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker signed into law a bill shielding abortion and “gender-affirming health care” patients and providers from legal action originating across state lines. Read more here.


Biden Admin Links Abortion to Global Economic Empowerment. The Biden administration released a new strategy to promote global women’s economic empowerment, which directs the U.S. government to expand access to “sexual and reproductive health care,” a term understood to include abortion. Read more here.


Most U.S. House Democrats Oppose Resolution Condemning Attacks on Pro-Life Facilities. Nearly all U.S. House Democrats voted against a resolution condemning attacks against pro-life facilities and churches. Read more here.


U.S. House Passes Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. The U.S. House passed a bill guaranteeing medical care to babies born alive after an attempted abortion, though 210 Democrats voted against the measure. Read more here.


Illinois Lawmakers Consider Allowing Nurses to Perform In-Clinic Abortions. Illinois state legislators are considering changes to licensing laws which would allow nurses to perform in-clinic abortions. Read more here.


Ohio AG Asks Justices to Lift Order Blocking Abortion Law. Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost has asked the state Supreme Court to weigh in on the constitutionality of Ohio’s heartbeat abortion ban after the law was blocked by a lower court. Read more here.


Alabama Could Prosecute Women Who Use Abortion Pills, Says AG. Alabama’s attorney general says that women who use abortion pills can be prosecuted, despite the recent FDA ruling allowing the pills to be sent by mail or obtained in pharmacies. Read more here.


New Jersey Allocates $15M to Make ‘Welcoming’ Upgrades to Abortion Businesses. New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy announced that the state will allocate $15 million to abortion businesses for upgrades and improvements to their facilities. Read more here.


Pope Francis Condemns Abortion as Evidence of ‘Throwaway Culture.’ Pope Francis once again condemned abortion, insisting that true peace can only be achieved when the unborn are protected. Read more here.


State Supreme Court Upholds Idaho’s Near-Total Abortion Ban. The Idaho Supreme Court upheld the state’s near-total abortion ban, marking the latest legal success for state trigger laws after a federal “right” to abortion was dismantled last year. Read more here.


Pro-Life Doctors Blast FDA’s Decision to Offer Abortion Pills at Pharmacies. A recent decision by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration allowing pharmacies to dispense abortion pills could lead to harmful and even lethal consequences for women, according to pro-life medical professionals. Read more here.


South Carolina Supreme Court Strikes Down State Abortion Ban. The South Carolina Supreme Court struck down a ban on abortion after a heartbeat is detected, ruling the restriction violates the state constitution’s right to privacy. Read more here.


WHO Calls for Removal of Any Law Limiting Abortion. The World Health Organization has recommended the removal of any legal or policy standard that might impede access to abortion, at any stage of pregnancy, and for any reason. Read more here.