Past Newswire Headlines


SCOTLAND PAUSES ‘SEX-CHANGE’ AND PUBERTY-BLOCKER DRUGS FOR CHILDREN. Scotland’s only gender clinic for minors is formally pausing the prescription of puberty blockers and hormone medications that are designed to facilitate gender “transitions” for children after a review commissioned by the English government questioned the efficacy of those practices. Read more here.


U.S. CONGRESSIONAL PROGRESSIVE CAUCUS VOWS TO CODIFY ‘RIGHTS’ TO TRANS SURGERIES, HORMONES, PUBERTY BLOCKERS. Under the category “advancing justice” in their agenda, the caucus promises to “codify the rights of transgender, nonbinary and intersex people, including gender-affirming care and health care.” Read more here.


MOST WOMEN ATHLETES OPPOSE TRANS-IDENTIFIED MALE PLAYERS IN WOMEN’S COMPETITION. A report published in the Journal of Sports Sciences found that 77 percent of world-class female athletes felt it was unfair for transgender women to compete in their respective sports, while 15 percent said it was fair. Read more here.


MONTREAL UNIVERSITY SYMPOSIUM CALLS FOR ‘HUMAN RIGHTS’ FOR ‘MENSTRUATORS.’ Concordia University in Montreal is getting ready to host a one-day symposium focused on “menstrual equity” and “human rights” for “menstruators,” and a female scholar contends the event promotes the “erasure of women.” Read more here.


ONTARIO COURT OF JUSTICE SAYS PARTICIPANTS MUST STATE THEIR ‘PREFERRED PRONOUNS’ DURING INTRODUCTION. Sharon Nicklas, Chief Justice of the Ontario Court of Justice, announced that all lawyers, clients and witnesses in the courtroom must give their “preferred pronouns” at the beginning of each court case – a move that aligns itself with radical gender ideology by implying that man should be referred to as “she” and “her.” Read more here.


DEMS WILL MAKE STATE SANCTUARY FOR KIDS’ ‘GENDER TRANSITIONS,’ ABORTION OVER GOP PROTEST. Maine’s Democrat-dominated legislature passed a bill that would shield abortion and “gender transition” surgeons from facing lawsuits for providing services to minors, and it would protect anyone aiding or offering medical services that are unlawful in other states, like abortion and “gender transition” surgical procedures or hormones. Read more here.


BIOLOGICAL MALE QUIETLY JOINED WOMEN’S NCAA DIVISION I VOLLEYBALL AT SAN JOSE STATE UNIVERSITY. San Jose State University has very quietly added a transgender player – Brayden “Blaire” Fleming  to its women’s volleyball team without alerting opposing teams or the new player’s teammates that he was born a male. Read more here.


HARVARD CRIMSON CLAIMS IT’S ‘UNCLEAR’ WHETHER MEN HAVE AN ATHLETIC ADVANTAGE OVER WOMEN. In the college paper’s April 16 editorial, entitled, “There Are Many Obstacles Facing Women’s Sports. Trans Athletes Aren’t One,” writer Jonathan Yuan writes for The Crimson Editorial Board that the “science” is “less conclusive” that “transgender women hold a biological edge over their cisgender opponents.” Read more here.


U.S. SUPREME COURT UPHOLDS IDAHO’S BAN ON PUBERTY-BLOCKING DRUGS, SEX-CHANGE SURGERIES FOR MINORS. The Court, in a 6–3 decision, ruled that the 2023 law may go into effect, though the state cannot apply it to the two plaintiffs who challenged the legislation. Idaho is one of 24 states that has passed some kind of legislation against sex-change surgeries for minors. Read more here.


DUTCH PRO-PEDOPHILE ACADEMIC WORKED WITH LEADING TRANSGENDER MEDICAL AUTHORITY. Theodore Sandfort, a Dutch-American academic who believes adult-child relationships are “predominantly positive,” has had a working relationship with the World Professional Association for Transgender Health. Read more here.


TRANS-IDENTIFIED MALE NURSE GETS 20 YEARS FOR MURDERING PARALYZED PATIENT IN AUSTRIA. A transgender nurse identifying as “Paul” has been sentenced to 20 years in prison after admitting to murdering a paralyzed 82-year-old patient in Austria last year. Read more here.


KANSAS BAN ON CHILD TRANS PROCEDURES HITS THE VETO WALL. Kansas policymakers passed legislation aiming to ban genital mutilation surgery on minors along with other supposed “transgender care” procedures, and there may be enough votes to override the governor’s veto. Read more here.


TRANSGENDER ATHLETE’S PERFORMANCE STIRS CONTROVERSY IN OREGON HIGH SCHOOL TRACK COMPETITION. Aayden Gallagher, a grade 10 trans-identifying student from McDaniel High School in Portland, took first place and two runners-up places in three girls’ track and field events, with times that would have placed him way back in the pack of the boys’ competition. Read more here.


NAKED MAN CLAIMING TO BE TRANS AT PLANET FITNESS ARRESTED FOR INDECENT EXPOSURE. Christopher Allan Miller, 38, was reported to police as harassing women at the Gastonia Planet Fitness in North Carolina prior to entering the locker room, and he was arrested for indecent exposure. Read more here.


NHS DEMANDS DATA FROM ADULT GENDER CLINICS AFTER DAMNING REPORT. National Health Service England is demanding data from adult gender clinics in response to a landmark independent review which found there is “very limited evidence on the longer-term outcomes” associated with the medicalized “transition” of minors. Read more here.


UK CAMPAIGNERS DEMAND LABOR CLARIFY TRANSGENDER TREATMENT STANCE. In response to the Cass Report’s criticism of transgender treatment, senior Labor figure Wes Streeting said he has been wrong in the past to declare that “some people are trans, get over it—this is all blown out of proportion,” and added that he will “absolutely take the criticism on the chin” for having previously ignored “all sorts of complexities” surrounding the issue. Read more here.


PLANET FITNESS FOUNDER SLAMS TRANS LOCKER ROOM POLICIES: ‘NO COMMON SENSE.’ Co-founder Michael Grondahl has decried the gym franchise’s policy of allowing men into women’s locker rooms and alleged history of sexual abuse, saying in a recent interview that it’s “devastating” what the company has become. Read more here.


GERMAN LAWMAKERS VOTE ON MAKING CHANGING LEGAL GENDER FOR CHILDREN EASIER. German lawmakers are expected to vote on a government plan to make it easier for transgender, intersex and nonbinary people to “change” their gender in official documents. Read more here.


CANADIAN COURT APPROVES PUBLIC FUNDING OF ‘GENDER-AFFIRMING’ SURGERY. An Ontario, Canada resident has successfully secured public funding for a specialized, first-of-its-kind “gender-affirming” medical procedure. Read more here.


NHS REPORT FINDS ‘REMARKABLY WEAK EVIDENCE’ TO SUPPORT MEDICAL GENDER TRANSITION FOR MINORS. An independent review of gender-related medical care for minors and young adults submitted to the U.K.’s National Health Service found that previous studies on the topic are of “poor quality” and there is “very limited evidence on the longer-term outcomes” associated with medicalized transition. Read more here.


IDAHO GOV. BRAD LITTLE SIGNS BILL TO BAN COMPELLED PRONOUN USE. The legislation broadly enacts protections for public employees, including teachers, who are unwilling to use someone’s preferred name and pronouns. The bill bars teachers from referring to a student by a name or pronoun that doesn’t align with their birth sex, unless the teacher has parental consent. Read more here.


MAYO CLINIC STUDY ON DAMAGE FROM PUBERTY BLOCKERS INCLUDED ‘TRANSGENDER’ TWO-YEAR-OLD. A new study from the Mayo Clinic adds further evidence that puberty blockers are not reversible, shows that they can create long-lasting consequences and also demonstrates how gender ideology continues to infect children at a younger and younger age. Read more here.


WORLD NETBALL BARS MEN FROM WOMEN’S DIVISION TO ENSURE ‘FAIRNESS AND SAFETY.’ World Netball, the global governing body of netball, issued a new policy that bars men from competing in the women’s division at the international level because the sport is a “gender affected activity” in which “the average strength, stamina and physique” of females puts them at a disadvantage compared with males. Read more here.


‘NOT FAIR NOR SAFE’ — FORMER WNBA PLAYER SAYS TRANSGENDER ATHLETES HAVE NO PLACE IN WOMEN’S SPORTS. Former Women’s NBA basketball star Val Whiting condemned the growing push by transgender athletes to compete in women’s sports, after South Carolina women’s basketball coach Dawn Staley came out in support of men playing on women’s teams. Read more here.


RED STATE BILL TO KEEP MALES OUT OF WOMEN’S BATHROOMS, SPORTS TEAMS FAILS AFTER TWO REPUBLICANS ABSTAIN. The Nebraska bill, known as the “Sports and Spaces Act,” failed after it did not get enough votes to advance it past cloture for a vote on the actual legislation. Read more here.


DRAG QUEEN EXPOSES PRIVATE PARTS DURING HIGH SCHOOL SHOW. A man wearing white lace panties allegedly exposed his private parts to young students during a drag show performance and workshop at a Massachusetts high school, enraging parents. Read more here.


‘HE/HIM’: FINE GAEL TDS CRITICIZED FOR GENDER PRONOUNS IN BIO. Irish government ministers like Simon Harris are normalizing a harmful ideology by including gender pronouns in their social media accounts, including the newly elected Fine Gael leader and presumptive next Taoiseach, Minister Simon Harris. Read more here.


AUSTRALIAN COURTS MUST DECIDE ‘WHAT IS A WOMAN’ IN LANDMARK ‘TICKLE V. GIGGLE’ CASE, TUESDAY. The Federal Court of Australia will be asked if women should be forced to share female-only spaces with biological men, in the landmark case of Roxanne Tickle v. Giggle for Girls (“Tickle v. Giggle”). Read more here.


NAIA, SMALL COLLEGES ASSOCIATION, BANS TRANSGENDER ATHLETES FROM WOMEN’S SPORTS COMPETITIONS. The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics’ Council of Presidents voted 20-0 to disallow males from competing in women’s sports. Read more here.


DAWN STALEY WAS ASKED ABOUT TRANS ATHLETES IN WOMEN’S SPORTS, HER ANSWER SET SOCIAL MEDIA ON FIRE. Prior to her team playing for the women’s national basketball championship, South Carolina University coach Dawn Staley said she is in favor of transgender men playing on women’s sports teams. Read more here.


WYOMING BECOMES LATEST STATE TO BAN ‘GENDER-AFFIRMING’ CARE FOR MINORS. Gov. Mark Gordon signed the bill that would penalize pharmacists, doctors and other healthcare professionals for providing “gender-affirming” care to minors by revoking their licenses or outright banning them from practicing in the state, joining 23 other states that have passed laws restricting or banning the treatment. Read more here.


DOJ SUES UTAH, STATE CORRECTIONS DEPARTMENT FOR DISCRIMINATING AGAINST TRANSGENDER WOMAN. The Department of Justice claims the Utah Department of Corrections failed to grant the biological male equal access to health care services and imposed “unnecessary barriers” to treatment for gender dysphoria. The inmate attempted to remove his own testicles, resulting in hospitalization and additional surgery. Read more here.


BEARDED TRANS ATHLETE WHO INJURED RIVAL WAS SUSPENDED FROM ROWING TEAM FOR OGLING TOPLESS GIRL IN CHANGING ROOM. A six-foot-tall male student from KIPP Academy in Lynn, Massachusetts who was seen in a viral video knocking down a rival during a game was allegedly suspended from a female rowing team for staring at a topless girl in a changing room. The male student participated in six different female sports, including rowing, volleyball, and tae kwon do. Read more here.


WISCONSIN GOVERNOR VETOES TRANSGENDER HIGH SCHOOL ATHLETICS BAN. Gov. Tony Evers vetoed a bill banning high school transgender athletes from competing on teams that align with their gender identity claiming the legislation would harm LGBTQ Wisconsinites’ mental health. There are not enough votes to override the veto. Read more here.


J.K. ROWLING DARES SCOTTISH POLICE TO ARREST HER FOR BREAKING LAW THAT MAKES IT A ‘HATE CRIME’ TO CALL A MAN A MAN. The famed author of the Harry Potter series dared Scottish authorities to arrest her after a new vague “hate crime” law went into effect. “In passing the Scottish Hate Crime Act, Scottish lawmakers seem to have placed higher value on the feelings of men performing their idea of femaleness … than on the rights and freedoms of actual women and girls,” Rowling wrote. Read more here.


WOMEN GENDER IDEOLOGY CRITICS PROTEST SCOTLAND’S HATE CRIME ACT. Women who are critical of gender ideology are slamming Scotland’s new hate speech law, the Hate Crime and Public Order, saying it restricts them from voicing their views on biological sex. Read more here.


U.S. IMMIGRATION ANNOUNCES ‘THIRD GENDER OPTION’ ON CITIZENSHIP FORM. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services released a news alert that revealed that it had revised Form N-400, the Application for Naturalization, to provide “Another Gender Identity,” the first USCIS form to do so. Read more here.


IDAHO LEGISLATURE BANS PUBLIC FUNDING FOR GENDER TRANSITION PROCEDURES. A new Idaho law protects taxpayers from paying for gender transition procedures in a variety of ways, including the prohibition of gender transition procedures from qualifying as tax-deductible medical expenses for the state’s Medicaid program. Read more here.


24 WOMEN DROP OUT OF AUSTRALIAN FOOTBALL DIVISION AFTER FIVE TRANS-IDENTIFIED MALES DOMINATE WOMEN’S LEAGUE, LEAVE FEMALE PLAYERS INJURED. Recent landslide victories secured by a women’s football team with five trans-identified male players have sparked controversy, leading one club manager to reveal that at least 20 female players have excluded themselves from the sport in recent weeks in order to avoid competing against the men. Read more here.


AUSTRALIA’S LEFT-WING GOVT. CELEBRATES EASTER SUNDAY AS ‘TRANSGENDER DAY OF VISIBILITY.’ Australia’s Labor government has joined U.S. President Joe Biden and issued gushing praise on Easter Sunday for the “Transgender Day of Visibility.” Read more here.


TENNESSEE VENUE CANCELS ‘TRANS DAY OF VENGEANCE’ AFTER DAILY WIRE ARTICLE. The event was to raise money for sex-change operations and to mail chest binders to people who “could not access them.” Read more here.


SCOTLAND: TRANS-IDENTIFIED MALE SUSPENDED FROM SCOUTS POSITION AFTER SHARING PORNOGRAPHY ON PUBLIC SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILES. Gabby Smith, a trans-identified male has been suspended from his position with the Scouts after it was learned that he was sharing hardcore pornography and drug promotions on his public social media profiles. Read more here.


TOP PSYCHOLOGIST BLAMES SMARTPHONES, SOCIAL MEDIA FOR DECAY OF GEN Z, RISE OF TRANSGENDERISM. Jonathan Haidt, a social psychologist at NYU-Stern, said in an interview this week that smartphones and social media have led to numerous problems for Gen Z – including mental illness and transgenderism. Read more here.


‘GENDER-AFFIRMING THERAPY’ IS NOT BENEFICIAL, PEDIATRICS GROUP CONCLUDES. The American College of Pediatricians reviewed literature and issued a policy statement on “gender identity” and “biological sex” saying it “cannot condone the social affirmation, medical intervention or surgical mutilation of children and adolescents identifying as transgender or gender nonconforming.” Read more here.


50-YEAR-OLD MALE, TRANS ‘GRANDMA’ BREASTFEEDS GRANDCHILD AFTER DRUG REGIMEN AT DUKE UNIVERSITY TO CREATE BOND, TOUTS ‘ADDED BONUS’ OF INCREASING BUST SIZE. Researchers with Duke University have aided a trans-identified male “grandmother” in being able to breastfeed a grandchild. The man was able to produce up to 30 ml of milk at a time following a four-week course of hormone treatment. Read more here.


SACRAMENTO DECLARES ITSELF SANCTUARY CITY FOR TRANS-IDENTIFYING PEOPLE. The resolution declares the city a “place of safety” for trans-identifying people and says Sacramento will not cooperate with states seeking to enforce laws relating to transgender medical services. Read more here.


FEMALE INMATE SEXUALLY ASSAULTED BY VIOLENT TRANS-IDENTIFIED MALE AT WASHINGTON WOMEN’S PRISON. The victim said the incident occurred in April of 2022 after a transgender inmate named Christopher Williams, who has a criminal history of sex offenses and assault, asked to be moved into her cell. Read more here.


‘POLITICAL DECISION’: BIDEN ADMIN LOOKS TO SAVE FACE BY DELAYING TRANS ATHLETE RULING TO AFTER ELECTION: REPORT. President Joe Biden’s administration is reportedly halting the release of a Title IX rule that would require biological men to be allowed to compete in women’s sports, until after the election due to the issue being unpopular with a majority of voters. Read more here.


AUSTRALIAN SOCCER TEAM WITH 5 TRANSGENDER PLAYERS GOES UNDEFEATED IN WOMEN’S TOURNAMENT: ‘HUGE DIFFERENCE IN ABILITY.’ The Sydney-based Flying Bats FC went undefeated during the four-week tournament, including one game in which one of the transgender women scored six goals en route to a 10-0 victory. Read more here.


ACLU SUES OHIO OVER LAW BANNING ‘SEX-CHANGE’ SURGERIES FOR MINORS, MEN IN WOMEN’S SPORTS. The ACLU claimed in a lawsuit filed in the Court of Common Pleas for Franklin County that House Bill 68 violates four sections of the Ohio Constitution, including the single-subject rule, the healthcare provision, the equal protection clause and the due course of law provision. Read more here.


WISCONSIN TRANS STUDENT SUES SCHOOL DISTRICT FOR NOT ALLOWING HIM INTO THE GIRLS’ BATHROOM. A male middle school student who identifies as a female filed a federal civil rights lawsuit accusing his school district of violating Title IX civil rights law, which prohibits discrimination based on sex, by not allowing him to use the girls’ bathroom. Read more here.


TRANSGENDER COMPETITOR WINS WOMEN’S NATIONAL WEIGHTLIFTING COMPETITION. A transgender weightlifter won the Masters National Weightlifting Championships in Reno, Nevada, coming in first in the women’s 76-kilogram weight category. Read more here.


‘CRUEL’: FRANKLIN & MARSHALL FACULTY DENOUNCE ‘TRANSPHOBIC’ LIA THOMAS TEAMMATE SPEECH. A speech by former William “Lia” Thomas teammate Paula Scanlan promotes “dehumanizing and cruel” views, according to a letter signed by 125 Franklin & Marshall College affiliates. Read more here.


MALE DARTS PLAYER DESTROYS WOMAN COMPETITOR IN WOMEN’S DARTS CHAMPIONSHIP 3 YEARS AFTER STARTING ‘GENDER TRANSITION’ IN UK. Noa-Lynn van Leuven, 27, who “transitioned” genders, defeated 20-year-old Katie Sheldon of Ireland in the finals and was declared winner of the women’s only event at the Robin Park Tennis Centre in Wigan. Read more here.


FAIRFAX COUNTY BOARD VOTES UNANIMOUSLY TO CELEBRATE ‘TRANSGENDER DAY OF VISIBILITY’ ON EASTER. In the same Virginia county whose board of supervisors once voted to restrict the size of American flags, the county board voted unanimously to observe its Transgender Day of Visibility on Easter this year. Read more here.


‘BRING IT ON’: SCHOOL BOARD PRESIDENT CHALLENGES PARENTS CONCERNED OVER GENDER POLICY CHANGES. Flagstaff, Arizona school board President Christine Fredericks told parents concerned about controversial pronoun and sex education policies that she would “never apologize for being inclusive” and to “bring it on.” Read more here.


EX-LEVI’S PRESIDENT JENNIFER SEY LAUNCHES XX-XY ATHLETICS FOR WOMEN’S SPORTS. Levi’s supports expanding genders, but former president and past gymnastics champion Jennifer Sey has launched her own brand of XX-XY Athletics to support the integrity of women’s sports. Read more here.


NHS ENGLAND TO STILL PROVIDE CROSS-SEX HORMONES TO TEENS DESPITE BANNING PUBERTY BLOCKERS. Under new guidance from NHS England, “gender-affirming” hormones will be made available to “young people with continuing gender incongruence [or] gender dysphoria from around their 16th birthday”. Read more here.


SPAIN: MEN CHARGED WITH VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN USING TRANSGENDER LAW TO CHANGE LEGAL SEX, ACCESS SHELTERS WHERE THEIR VICTIMS ARE HOUSED. Spain’s Councilor of Family, Youth, and Social Affairs in Madrid is raising alarm bells after locating multiple cases in which men convicted of domestic violence “changed” their legal gender identity. Read more here.


‘OUR VOICES AS WOMEN, WERE SILENCED’: U.S. SENATE COMMITTEE RELEASES REPORT ON ‘HELPLESSNESS’ FELT BY FEMALE ATHLETES DUE TO TRANS INCLUSION. After interviewing dozens of people, the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions reported the “helplessness” that female athletes face when forced to compete against men who identify as women or “transgender women.” Read more here.


‘GIRLS ACTUALLY GET HURT’: REP. VICTORIA SPARTZ SHOWS VIDEO OF DANGER TRANS ATHLETES POSE TO GIRLS IN HOUSE MEETING. Indiana Republican congresswoman Victoria Spartz showed video evidence of the dangers of allowing men to compete in women’s sports during a recent House Judiciary Committee hearing concerning transgender athletes. Read more here.


UK LAWYER SUED AFTER SAYING ONLY WOMEN MENSTRUATE. Elspeth Duemmer Wrigley, a lawyer linked to the Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs, said an unnamed person is suing her over her criticism of gender ideology at work. Read more here.


WELSH LABOR ‘FACILITATING’ CHILDREN ‘CHANGING GENDER’ WITHOUT TELLING PARENTS. Just days after Britain’s National Health Service banned puberty blocker prescriptions for under 18s, a report has revealed that schools in Wales are allowing children to “change gender” without telling their parents. Read more here.


HIGH SCHOOLERS WALK OUT AS ADULTS PUSH TRANSGENDERISM. Students at John Jay High School, in New York staged a walkout in protest of a policy allowing students to use restrooms of the sex they identify with rather than their actual biological sex. Read more here.


SUPREME COURT ALLOWS REMOVAL OF TRANS-IDENTIFIED CHILD FROM CATHOLIC PARENTS’ HOME TO STAND. The U.S. Supreme Court has declined to take up a case involving Catholic parents trapped in a custody battle after refusing to recognize their trans-identified son’s self-declared female identity. Read more here.


NYC COUNCIL’S TRANS SPORTS POLICY MAY BE ON THE CHOPPING BLOCK AFTER MAJOR VOTE BY MANHATTAN’S LARGEST SCHOOL DISTRICT. Manhattan’s largest neighborhood school board district passed a resolution that could prevent males from competing on female sports teams. Read more here.


PLANET FITNESS VALUE PLUMMETS BY MILLIONS AFTER TRANSGENDER TURMOIL. The chain saw a dive in valuation of hundreds of millions just days after revoking an Alaska woman’s membership for snapping photos of a transgender woman, who was biologically male, shaving in the women’s locker room. Read more here.


FRENCH SENATORS CALL FOR BAN ON GENDER TRANSITION FOR MINORS. The legislators have published a report that expresses alarm at the excesses of child gender transition and have proposed a bill to put an end to it. Read more here.


SPAIN: LEGAL SEX CHANGES INCREASE BY 400 PERCENT. A year after Spain passed a law that allows for changing legal gender through a simple administrative process at the request of the citizen, the number of Spaniards requesting the change has increased by almost 400 percent. Read more here.


MINNESOTA APPEALS COURT AFFIRMS STATE LAW PREVENTING BAN ON TRANS ATHLETES. The Minnesota Court of Appeals ruled that a ban on a transgender weightlifter implemented by USA Powerlifting would be illegal in the state. Read more here.


CAITLYN JENNER BACKS BAN ON TRANS ATHLETES COMPETING IN WOMEN’S SPORTS. Former U.S. Olympic decathlon champion, Bruce Jenner, now known as Caitlyn is backing a town in Long Island’s recent decision to ban men from competing in women’s sports. Read more here.


USA POWERLIFTING APPLAUDS APPEALS COURT DECISION AFTER TRANSGENDER WOMAN CLAIMED DISCRIMINATION. A Minnesota appeals court struck down a previous ruling that claimed the USA Powerlifting organization violated a biological male’s rights by prohibiting the individual from joining the women’s team. Read more here.


82-YEAR-OLD WOMAN THREATENS LAWSUIT AFTER TRANS INCIDENT AT YMCA POOL. Julie Jaman wants an apology from the city of Port Townsend and the YMCA after she was banned from the Mountain View Pool in July 2022 when she voiced her concerns. Read more here.


CONNECTICUT HIGH SCHOOL MALE PUSHES FEMALES OUT OF HIGH JUMP HONORS. Lizzy Cohen Bidwell, a male high school student won a regional competition and then took 10th place in the national girls’ high jump event in Boston, continuing a streak of males elbowing out female athletes in athletic competition. Read more here.


U.S. SUPREME COURT REJECTS APPEAL FROM PARENTS WHO LOST CUSTODY OF TRANS TEEN. The Supreme Court declined to decide whether an Indiana couple who believe children should be raised based on their sex at birth should have lost custody of their teenager, a transgender girl. Read more here.


WYOMING VOTES TO BAN MUTILATING TRANSGENDER SURGERIES, DRUGS FOR CHILDREN. The Wyoming state House and Senate approved legislation to prohibit transgender drugs and surgeries for minors. Read more here.


COLORADO COULD BECOME THE FIRST STATE TO BUILD SEPARATE PRISON UNITS FOR TRANSGENDER FELONS. After a class action lawsuit was filed by several transgender inmates in 2019 against the Colorado Department of Corrections alleging discrimination, harassment and assault, a judge is scheduled to rule on a consent decree that would bring further changes – including surgical “sex changes” and hormone treatment to the state’s penitentiary. Read more here.


MISSOURI DEMS READ TRANS BOOK TO CHILDREN FOR ‘NATIONAL READING DAY.’ REPUBLICANS RESPOND WITH MATT WALSH’S ‘JOHNNY THE WALRUS.’ Members of the Missouri Freedom Caucus read Daily Wire host Matt Walsh’s children’s book “Johnny the Walrus” after state Democratic officials read a book that promoted transgenderism to children for “National Reading Day.” Read more here.


SUPREME COURT DECLINES TO HEAR LAWSUIT AGAINST TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY OVER DRAG SHOW BAN. The case pits West Texas A&M students’ rights to freedom of expression against the university president’s claims of protecting dignity and disallowing drag shows, which he believes make a mockery of women. Read more here.


‘NO REQUIREMENT’ FOR IRELAND’S GENDER SERVICE TO ALIGN WITH NHS ENGLAND. The Clinical Lead at the National Gender Service in this country has said there is “no requirement” for the development of Ireland’s care on gender healthcare services “to be aligned with any particular organization,” after a TD said the NHS would no longer prescribe puberty blockers for children. Read more here.


FEMALE SWIMMERS SUE NCAA OVER MALE COMPETITION, DEMAND RETURN OF TROPHIES, MONETARY DAMAGES. Spearheaded by the Independent Council on Women’s Sports, a group of female athletes sued the National Collegiate Athletics Association for permitting male intrusion into their sex-specific sports and private spaces. Read more here.


TRANSGENDER RECOGNITION WOULD BE BLOCKED UNDER MISSISSIPPI BILL DEFINING SEX AS ‘MAN’ OR ‘WOMAN.’ Sex would be defined as binary under a bill passed by Mississippi House lawmakers following the lead of Republican-controlled legislatures around the country that are aiming to restrict the legal recognition of transgender identities. Read more here.


PRO-TRANS SURVEY ADMITS: FEWER THAN 2 PERCENT IDENTIFY AS TRANSGENDER. Only two percent of Americans claimed to be “transgender or nonbinary,” according to a survey conducted by the left-wing Public Religion Research Institute that was funded by wealthy donors aiming to replace heterosexual marriages and families with enforced autonomy. Read more here.


MAINE DEMOCRATS QUIETLY REINTRODUCE PRO-TRANSGENDER BILL TO ELIMINATE PARENTAL RIGHTS, SHIELD GROOMERS. The bill would in part prevent parents from being contacted or having any say in the “transing” of their children by school or medical officials and would serve as a groomer protection measure. Read more here.


CALIFORNIA PARENTS OUTRAGED AFTER SCHOOL CREATES UNDERCOVER LGBTQ CLUB. In the quiet suburb of Elk Grove, California, Pleasant Grove Elementary School has found itself at the center of a controversy after parents learned about a third-grade teacher’s initiative to start a “secret” LGBTQ club on campus. Read more here.


WISCONSIN GOV. TONY EVERS THREATENS TO VETO BAN ON TRANSGENDER ATHLETES IN K-12 SCHOOL SPORTS. Gov. Evers said he will proudly veto legislation keeping gender-confused males off athletic teams intended for girls in K-12 public schools. Read more here.


NEARLY 30% OF GEN Z WOMEN IDENTIFY AS LGBT: GALLUP POLL. About 22 percent of Generation Z adults who were aged 18 to 26 last year self-identify as LGBT, including 30 percent of Gen Z women, according to a poll by Gallup. Read more here.


NHS ENGLAND TO STOP PRESCRIBING PUBERTY BLOCKERS. Children will no longer routinely be prescribed puberty blockers at gender identity clinics, NHS England has confirmed after a review found there was “not enough evidence” to assume they are safe or effective. Read more here.


SUPERMAJORITIES OPPOSE ‘GENDER-AFFIRMING CARE’ FOR MINORS, AGAINST BIOLOGICAL MALES PLAYING FEMALE SPORTS, POLL FINDS. A new poll by Rasmussen found that by a margin of nearly 3 to 1, respondents don’t think that it should be legal to provide minors with puberty blockers, drugs and/or surgery to “transition” from one sex to the other, and by a 7 to 1 margin, respondents said that biological males who “identify” as female should not be permitted to compete in girls’ and women’s sports. Read more here.


LAWMAKERS CALL FOR THE FIRING OF TRANSGENDER SPACE CAMP EMPLOYEE AFTER PARENTS EXPRESSED SAFETY CONCERNS. After a parent complained about the presence of a transgender employee at a space camp in Huntsville, Alabama, several of the state’s politicians have issued statements expressing concern about children’s safety. Read more here.


KANSAS JUDGE RULES KEEPING BIOLOGICAL SEX ON IDS DOES NOT HARM TRANSGENDER PEOPLE. A Kansas judge ruled in favor of the state’s conservative attorney general and determined that prohibiting the designation of “sex changes” on state IDs and driver’s licenses does not violate the rights of individuals who identify as transgender. Read more here.


EL SALVADOR BANS GENDER IDEOLOGY FROM BEING TAUGHT IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS. Minister of education José Mauricio Pineda issued a memorandum announcing that “gender ideology” has been removed from public schools, reversing the previous administration’s policies. Read more here.


PEDIATRICIANS RESPOND TO WPATH FILES EXPOSING THE UNDERBELLY OF THE GENDER INDUSTRY. The American College of Pediatricians released a statement about the World Professional Association for Transgender Health criticizing the organization’s blatantly irresponsible acts and failure to meet basic standards of evidence-based medicine. Read more here.


RADICAL TRANSGENDER ACTIVISTS HAVE SHAPED UK HEALTH POLICY FOR YEARS: REPORT. A new report shows that the U.K.’s National Health Service has been influenced by transgender activists from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) for over a decade. Read more here.


‘I HAVE BEEN REMOVED (BANNED)’: TRANS GOLFER HAILEY DAVIDSON RESPONDS TO WOMEN’S PRO TOUR. After biological male Hailey Davidson won the NXXT Pro Women’s event, the professional women’s golf tour changed its rule and declared that golfers must be female at birth in order to play. Read more here.


NEW YORK COUNTY EXECUTIVE SUES STATE AG OVER ORDER TO REPEAL TRANSGENDER ATHLETE BAN. The lawsuit was filed in the Eastern District of New York, on behalf of Nassau County and a 16-year-old female volleyball player and her parents. Read more here.


NEW MEXICO MOM MOVES TO MISSOURI AFTER SCHOOL INSTALLS ‘GENDER-INCLUSIVE CLOSETS’: ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.’ Rachael Hein plans to relocate her family from New Mexico to Missouri after learning about that Las Cruces Centennial High School will create a “transgender closet.” Read more here.


SPAIN: CONCERNS ABOUT ‘TRANS FRAUD’ EMERGE AFTER DOZENS OF MALE CIVIL SERVANTS IN ONE SMALL COMMUNITY CHANGE THEIR LEGAL GENDER BUT MAINTAIN MALE NAMES. Concerns about “trans fraud” have emerged after dozens of male civil servants in one small community changed their gender identity reportedly just to get benefits allocated for females. Read more here.


STUDENT FILES LAWSUIT OVER VIRGINIA COUNTY’S ‘DYSTOPIAN’ TRANS BATHROOM, PRONOUN POLICIES. America First Legal, a conservative nonprofit, filed a lawsuit against Fairfax County Public Schools on behalf of a high school senior who says the transgender bathroom and pronoun policies go against her Roman Catholic beliefs. Read more here.


TRANS YOUTH POLICIES MAKE MAJORITY OF CANADIANS ‘UNCOMFORTABLE’: SURVEY. A new survey from Nanos Research and CTV News shows a majority of Canadian adults express at least some discomfort around policies on transgender inclusion in sports, hormone treatments for youth and changes to students’ pronouns in schools. Read more here.


VERMONT SNOWBOARD COACH FAVORABLY SETTLES AFTER BEING FIRED FOR STATING BIOLOGICAL FACT. School officials agreed to pay $75,000—nearly 17 times the coach’s annual salary—for terminating Coach David Bloch’s job after he respectfully expressed his view that males are biologically different than females and that those differences generally give males an advantage in sports. Read more here.


QUEBEC EXPANDS GENDER OPTIONS FOR HEALTH CARDS AND DRIVER’S LICENSES. Quebec has approved the inclusion of gender markers reflecting the identities of transgender and non-binary individuals on provincial driver’s licenses and health insurance cards. Residents who don’t strictly identify as male or female will have the option to choose an ‘X’ gender marker on their health cards and driver’s licenses. Read more here.


BIDEN CAN’T FORCE CHRISTIAN DOCTORS TO PERFORM TRANS SURGERIES: COURT. The United States District Court of the District of North Dakota granted partial summary judgment in favor of the Christian Employers Alliance and other Christian healthcare workers who cannot be forced to perform elective, body-disfiguring surgeries for individuals who identify as trans despite a mandate from the Biden administration. Read more here.


ONTARIO DETRANSITIONER WHO HAD BREASTS AND WOMB REMOVED SUES DOCTORS. The woman is suing practitioners for failing to consider other treatments during her mental health crisis before ushering her on an irreversible journey she regrets. Read more here.


LIVER CANCER IN TEENS, REDUCED SEXUAL FUNCTION, LACK OF CONSENT: INTERNAL DOCS REVEAL EXPERIMENTAL NATURE OF ‘GENDER-AFFIRMING CARE.’ Doctors at the World Professional Association of Transgender Health repeatedly struggled with various side effects of what they call “gender-including cancer in teens, reduced sexual function and the lack of informed consent for procedures with lifelong impacts,” newly unearthed documents reveal. Read more here.


‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH’ — UNIVERSITY PRESIDENT TELLS BIOLOGICAL MALES TO LEAVE WOMEN’S SPORTS. Dr. Wayne D. Lewis Jr., president of Houghton University, in New York called for an end to transgender athletes participating in female sports, saying it defies nature and blurs the fundamental distinction between the sexes. Read more here.


DORITOS FIRES TRANS-IDENTIFYING INFLUENCER AFTER BACKLASH TO SEXUAL COMMENTS ABOUT CHILDREN. Doritos has fired trans-identifying male influencer Samantha Hudson, who reportedly posted comments about sexual fantasies with children in the past. Read more here.


PRES. MILEI ENDS ARGENTINE GOVERNMENT USE OF ‘INCLUSIVE LANGUAGE’ PROMOTED BY GENDER IDEOLOGY ADVOCATES. Argentine President Javier Milei has ordered the prohibition of inclusive language by the national government. In Spanish, all nouns have a gender. In order to make a generically masculine word to cover both sexes, inclusive-language proponents have invented gender-neutral endings. Read more here.


POLL FINDS MAJORITY OF SCIENTISTS AT BRITISH UNIVERSITIES AGREE SEX IS BINARY. Pollsters received feedback showing 58 percent of respondents believe sex is binary, with the caveat that excludes rare cases involving “intersex” individuals. Read more here.


NEW YORK AG DEMANDS REPEAL OF TRANSGENDER SPORTS BAN IN NASSAU COUNTY. Amidst growing tensions over transgender rights in sports, New York Attorney General Letitia James confronted Nassau County’s executive order banning transgender women and girls from participating in athletic events at county-run facilities. Read more here.


IRISH POOL CHAMPION REFUSES TO PLAY TRANSGENDER COMPETITOR IN EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS FINAL. Irish billiards champion Kim O’Brien made headlines after she forfeited her place in the European Pool Championships final, refusing to play against her male transgender competitor Harriet Haynes. Read more here.


GIRLS FOOTBALL LEAGUE ‘AT RISK OF SANCTIONS’ FOR REFUSING TO LET BOY PLAY. Yorkshire’s West Riding Girls Football League, one of England’s biggest girl’s football leagues, believes it is at risk of sanctions for refusing to allow a boy to play in its youth matches. Read more here.


UK PM SAYS TRANS WOMEN CRIMINALS MUST BE RECORDED AS MEN. The Prime Minister said transgender women who are convicted of a crime must be recorded as men if they have not legally changed their gender. A gender recognition certificate is obtained when someone legally changes their gender, meaning they are not simply self-identifying. Read more here.


U.S. STATE DEPARTMENT: GENDER-NEUTRAL LANGUAGE ONLY. In a recent statement, the U.S. State Department acknowledged sending a memo to its staff advising against the use of gendered language like “mother” and “father,” to encourage respectful communication, tailored to individuals’ comfort. Read more here.


U.S. AIR FORCE ACADEMY HIGHLIGHTS TRANSGENDER OFFICER AT LEADERSHIP SUMMIT. Speaking at the National Character and Leadership Symposium, Lieutenant Colonel Bree Fram, a biological male who identifies as a woman and an engineer with the United States Space Force, touted transgenderism in the military. Read more here.


TWO TRANS-IDENTIFIED MALES TO COMPETE IN THE FEMALE DIVISION OF THE 2024 NEW ENGLAND TRACK AND FIELD CHAMPIONSHIP. Lizzy Cohen Bidwell, born a male named Lucas, qualified for the championship in multiple events at the Connecticut girls’ state track and field championships. Read more here.


THREE QUARTERS OF TRANSGENDER PRISONERS ARE SEX OFFENDERS OR VIOLENT CRIMINALS IN BRITAIN. According to Ministry of Justice, 74 per cent of British transgender prisoners were convicted of sex offences including rape and child sexual assaults. The statistics demonstrate the dangers of housing biological males in female prisons. Read more here.


MAJOR MEDICAL SOCIETY RE-EXAMINES CLINICAL GUIDELINES FOR ‘GENDER-AFFIRMING’ CARE. The major global medical association for endocrinologists, the Endocrine Society, said despite recent moves by some U.S. states to restrict or ban such care, the society said it’s a routine update that was not prompted by politics Read more here.


CALIFORNIA JUDGE UPHOLDS TRANSGENDER NOTIFICATION, BAN ON CRITICAL RACE THEORY IN LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICT. The ruling marks a victory, though perhaps a temporary one, for conservative parents and school board members who implemented these policies against intense pressure from Governor Gavin Newsom, activist groups and the media. Read more here.


‘INSANE’: RON JOHNSON SLAMS WISCONSIN DOC FOR HOUSING TRANSGENDER PRISONERS WITH WOMEN. “Housing biological males in women’s prisons is insane,” U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (Rep.-Wisconsin) said, adding that “Forcing a woman to share a cell with a biological male is even worse.” Read more here.


IRISH ACADEMICS SAY ‘PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE’ TO GENDER IDEOLOGY THREATENS ACADEMIC FREEDOM. A group advocating for academic freedom said that to receive state funding for research, Irish Universities are required to support adherence to the Athena Swan principles and its pledge to promote gender ideology. Read more here. Read more here.


VERMONT SCHOOL BANNED FROM COMPETITION AFTER FORFEITING GAME AGAINST TRANS PLAYER. Banned from playing in future tournaments because it forfeited a game against a foe with a boy on the team, Mid-Vermont Christian School girls’ basketball coach Chris Goodwin says it would have been “irresponsible” to let his girls risk injury. Read more here.


7TH CIRCUIT ALLOWS INDIANA’S BAN ON CARE FOR TRANSGENDER YOUTH TO TAKE EFFECT. A three-judge panel upheld Senate Bill 480, which bans health care providers from administering “gender-affirming” medical care to transgender minors. Read more here.


UN OFFICIAL SAYS BIDEN’S TRANSGENDER PLAN THREATENS WOMEN. The U.N. special rapporteur on violence against women condemned the Biden administration’s proposal to amend equality legislation to boost the participation of transgender athletes in female sport at the school and college levels. Read more here.


FORMER DEPUTY PRIME MINISTER OF CANADA CLAIMS MALES WHO IDENTIFY AS ‘WOMEN’ DO NOT HAVE MALE ANATOMY. Sheila Copps, Canada’s former deputy prime minister, sparked backlash from Canadian women after she defended trans-identified males being able to access female-only spaces. Read more here.


‘CRIMINAL’: LEGAL, PARENTAL ADVOCATES SOUND ALARM ON BLUE STATE BILL ALLOWING MINORS TO CONSENT TO MEDICAL PROCEDURES. New York’s Democratic state Assemblywoman Karines Reyes and eight other Democrats introduced a bill that would allow homeless youth to “give effective consent to certain medical, dental, health and hospital services” including “sex change” procedures without parental consent. Read more here.


GEORGIA BOARD OF EDUCATION AFFIRMS FIRING OF TEACHER WHO READ GENDER BOOK TO FIFTH GRADERS. The Georgia Board of Education upheld a previous decision to fire Katie Rinderle, a former fifth-grade teacher, for reading a book about gender identity to her students. Read more here.


BLUE STATE COUNTY SINGLE-HANDEDLY BANS BOYS FROM COMPETING IN GIRLS’ SPORTS. Nassau County, New York has banned men from competing with women in competitive sports at county-run facilities. Read more here.


WOMEN’S SPORTS LEADERS CALL ON NEW YORK COLLEGIATE LEAGUE TO PROTECT FAIRNESS AS MALE SETS LEAGUE RECORDS. The Independent Council on Women’s Sports sent a letter to the Liberty League, an intercollegiate athletic conference in New York, demanding that the league adopt new rules to protect fairness for female athletes as a male set school records in women’s track. Read more here.


EVEN DEMOCRATS AREN’T SOLD ON PUSHING GENDER IDEOLOGY IN SCHOOLS, POLLS SHOW. A new PRC poll found that only 53 percent of Democratic teachers supported a student learning that “gender can be different from their sex at birth” in K-12 schools, and only 44 percent felt that schools should discuss “gender identity vs. biological sex” with elementary students, according to a survey from USC. Read more here.


ILLINOIS BILL CHANGES DEFINITION OF ‘ABUSED CHILD’ TO INCLUDE KIDS WHOSE PARENTS OBJECT TO ABORTION, TRANSGENDER HORMONES AND SURGERIES. A recently introduced bill in the state of Illinois would change the definition of “abused child” to include minors whose parents object to their children receiving puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, transgender surgeries and abortions. Read more here.


JK ROWLING DONATES TO LEGAL CHALLENGE SEEKING TO UPHOLD BIOLOGICAL DEFINITION OF SEX. With support from Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, the group For Women Scotland is raising funds for its efforts to convince the U.K.’s Supreme Court to rule that the definition of sex in the Equality Act only applies to biological sex and not gender identity. Read more here.


FORMER OFFICIAL WILLIAM BOCK ON NCAA’S TRANSGENDER ATHLETE POLICIES: ‘WHAT IS HAPPENING TO WOMEN IS UNETHICAL.’ William Bock III has resigned as a member of the NCAA Division I Committee on Infractions due to the organization’s current policy on transgender athletes, stating the current policies harm women and deprive them of “competitive opportunities” in their respective sports. Read more here.


PSYCHOLOGIST PUNISHED FOR QUESTIONING VA’S GENDER IDEOLOGY INITIATIVES: ‘WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO WOMEN’S SECURITY?’ Three psychologists working in the Department of Veterans Affairs penned an op-ed warning of the danger posed by allowing biological men to access women’s bathrooms and medical exam rooms, and primary care psychologist Dr. Nina Silander was placed on administrative leave following the article’s publication. Read more here.


‘RACISM’ TO WANT FEMALE-ONLY SPACES, GENDER STUDIES RESEARCHER SAYS. Oxford Brookes University researcher Helen Clarke’s recent paper for the Journal of Gender Studies claims that “racism” is subtly present in the opposition to biological males showering in the same locker room as females. Read more here.


BIPARTISAN MARYLAND BILL WOULD MAKE GENDER SURGERY ON A MINOR WITHOUT PARENTAL CONSENT ILLEGAL. Maryland’s House Bill 722 would forbid health care providers from performing any transgender medical procedures, commonly called “gender-affirming care,” to minors without parental knowledge and consent. Read more here.


UK ARMED FORCES ALLOWING TRANSGENDER PERSONNEL IN FEMALE ACCOMMODATIONS. A document outlining the official guidance from the UK military on transgender personnel stated that as soon as an individual claims to being going through a “gender transition” they should be provided “accommodation that is appropriate to their affirmed gender.” Read more here.


3 GIRLS BASKETBALL PLAYERS INJURED BY MALE ATHLETE. A girls basketball game was called at halftime after three Collegiate Charter female players were injured by a large male Kipp Academy player. Read more here.


SPAIN: TRANS-IDENTIFIED MALE SENTENCED TO SIX MONTHS IN PRISON AFTER MAKING ‘TRANSPHOBIC’ COMMENTS TOWARDS ANOTHER TRANS-IDENTIFIED MALE FOR NOT HAVING GENITAL SURGERY. The Barcelona High Court has sentenced a woman who identifies as a man to six months in prison after She was found guilty of committing a crime “against fundamental human rights and public freedoms” for posting “transphobic” comments on social media. Read more here.


IDAHO FILES EMERGENCY MOTION ASKING SUPREME COURT TO ALLOW BAN ON TRANSGENDER DRUGS, SURGERIES FOR MINORS. Idaho Attorney General Raúl Labrador asked the U.S. Supreme Court to enforce its transgender ban law and protect the roughly 2 million minors in the state from what they deemed “harmful and experimental drugs and procedures.” Read more here.


‘PARENTAL NIGHTMARE’: BLUE STATES ARE BECOMING MAGNETS FOR RUNAWAY KIDS SEEKING TRANS TREATMENTS. California, New York and Minnesota are among states that have passed laws allowing minors to receive “transgender procedures” and “sex changes” despite the operations being illegal in the child’s home state. Read more here.


‘DETRANSITIONERS’ SUE RHODE ISLAND MEDICAL PROVIDER AND PERSISTENT PUBLIC SCHOOL AGITATOR. Rhode Island “gender-affirming care” medical providers Dr. Jason Rafferty, Dr. Michelle Forcier and Thundermist Health Center became defendants in two medical malpractice lawsuits filed last October by former patients, Hannah (“Layton”) Ulery and Isabelle Ayala, one of them alleging she was pressured into “irreversible transgender medicalization.” Read more here.


NEW JERSEY: TRANS SWIMMER SMASHES ANOTHER WOMEN’S COLLEGIATE RECORD. Cortez-Fields, who was originally on the men’s swimming team for his first three years at Ramapo College, won the 200 IM race with a time of 2:08:20, smashing the previous New Jersey Athletic Conference girls’ championship record. Read more here.


COLLEGE REINSTATES BIOLOGY PROFESSOR WHO WAS FIRED AFTER TEACHING SEX IS DETERMINED BY X AND Y CHROMOSOMES. St. Philip’s College in San Antonio, Texas reinstated Dr. Johnson Varkey, a former adjunct professor, a year after he was terminated. Read more here.


MEXICAN POLITICIAN CONVICTED OF ‘GENDERED VIOLENCE’ AFTER CALLING TRANS LAWMAKER A ‘MAN.’ The Electoral Tribunal of the Judiciary of Mexico has convicted Congresswoman Teresa Castell of “gendered violence” toward a trans-identified male politician, Salma Luévano, for referring to him as a “man.” Read more here.


INDIANA REMOVES GENDER-CONFUSED TEEN FROM CHRISTIAN HOME, PARENTS ASK SUPREME COURT FOR HELP. Two Indiana parents are asking the U.S. Supreme Court to hold the state accountable for removing their gender-confused child from their home due to their Biblical beliefs about sex and gender. Read more here.


NEW SCHOOL BOARD OVERTURNS DISTRICT’S BIRTH-SEX BATHROOM POLICY. The school board of a Philadelphia-area district recently overturned a months-old birth-sex school bathroom policy, citing the “marginalization” of transgender and non-binary students. Read more here.


TRANS ‘WOMEN’S’ MILK AS GOOD AS BREAST MILK, SAYS UK NHS TRUST. An NHS trust has said that breast milk produced by trans “women” who were born as men is as good for babies as that produced by a mother who has given birth. Read more here.


MIDDLE SCHOOL BOY PUNISHED FOR WEARING ‘TWO GENDERS’ T-SHIRT TAKES CASE BEFORE APPEALS COURT. A Massachusetts 8th-grader has urged a federal appeals court to protect his First Amendment right to free speech after he was allegedly kicked out of school for wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the words, “There are only two genders.” Read more here.


TEACHERS SUE GOV. NEWSOM OVER POLICY FORCING THEM TO LIE ABOUT STUDENTS’ TRANSGENDER STATUS TO PARENTS. Two teachers have added the California governor and attorney general to a lawsuit claiming that state policies have forced educators to lie to parents by hiding the transgender status of their children from them. Read more here.


FEMALE MASS SHOOTERS ON THE RISE ‘IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE RISE TRANSGENDERISM’: EXPERT. Dr. Jennifer Bauwens, director of the Center for Family Studies at FRC, cited the “alarming trend” of young women who don’t fit a profile, but yet are committing “heinous” criminal acts. Read more here.


VIRGINIA SUED OVER GUIDANCE ON TRANSGENDER PUBLIC SCHOOL STUDENTS. Two transgender public school students in Virginia sued the state over recent guidance that prevents them from competing on sports teams consistent with their gender identity and allows teachers to refuse to use their preferred names and pronouns. Read more here.


SURGEON WHO PERFORMS TRANSGENDER VAGINOPLASTIES: COMPLICATIONS ‘CAN BE PRETTY BAD.’ Dr. Alex Laungani, a Canadian surgeon, who has expertise in “trans surgical care,” said complications from vaginoplasty surgery (which attempts to remove male genitals and create a “vagina”) “can be pretty bad,” and he cited poor training programs throughout the world of “gender affirmation.” Read more here.


NORTH CAROLINA GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATE VOWS TO ARREST BIOLOGICAL MEN USING WOMEN’S RESTROOMS. During a recent campaign event, North Carolina gubernatorial candidate Mark Robinson told voters that, if elected, he would arrest any biological men who choose to enter women’s restrooms. Read more here.


IOWANS SPEAK ON BILL TO DEFINE ‘MAN’ AND ‘WOMAN’ IN IOWA CODE. Iowa House lawmakers held a public hearing on Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds’s proposal to define “man” and “woman” based on the sex “assigned at birth” and require the birth certificates of transgender Iowans to denote their “pre- and post-transition sexes.” Read more here.


PARENT GROUP FILES FEDERAL COMPLAINT AGAINST PORTLAND SCHOOLS FOR DISCIPLINING BASED ON GENDER IDENTITY, RACE. A parental rights group has filed a federal complaint against public schools in Portland, Oregon, for taking gender identity and race into account when disciplining students. Read more here.


HAS DOVE CHANGED ITS STANCE ON TRANSGENDERISM IN SPORTS? Dove featured only biological girls in a new ad campaign and capped off its message with a floating body bar blimp in Las Vegas and a banner that read, “Let’s help keep girls in sports.” Read more here.


GEORGIA SENATE COMMITTEE APPROVES BILL TO LIMIT PRIVATE SCHOOLS’ LGBT PROSELYTIZING TO KIDS. The Georgia Senate’s Education & Youth Committee voted along party lines to advance legislation prohibiting private school teachers from discussing “gender identity” issues with students younger than 16 without parental consent. Read more here.


CHLOE COLE URGES ARIZONA TO MAKE INSURANCE PLANS COVER ‘DETRANSITIONING’ COSTS. The Arizona Senate’s Health & Human Services Committee voted 5-2 to advance legislation to require any health provider or insurance plan that covers “gender transition” procedures to also provide or insure “detransitioning” services for those who wish to return to living as their actual sex. Read more here.


COLORADO INTRODUCES BILL THAT WOULD FORCE SCHOOLS TO ‘TRANSITION’ STUDENTS QUESTIONING ‘GENDER IDENTITY.’ Colorado Democrats have introduced legislation that would mandate schools to socially “transition” students who question their “gender identity.” Read more here.


‘GENDER-BASED POLITICAL VIOLENCE’: FORMER LAWMAKER TARGETED FOR CALLING A MAN WHO IDENTIFIES AS A WOMAN A MAN. Mexican authorities convicted civil society leader and former Mexican Congressman Rodrigo Iván Cortés of “gender-based political violence” in Facebook and X posts. Read more here.


BEST GIRLS’ HIGH JUMPER IN NEW HAMPSHIRE IS A BOY. Maelle Jacques, a male student at Kearsarge Regional High School in New Hampshire, won the girls’ state championship in the high jump in state-record fashion. Read more here.


ORLANDO TRANSGENDER RIGHTS ADVOCATES STAGE DMV ‘DIE-IN.’ About a dozen people staged a “die-in” in Orlando, joining activists in five other Florida cities who laid down at DMV offices, pretending to be dead, in a coordinated protest against the state’s recent move to block “gender changes” on driver’s licenses. Read more here.


MAJOR ORG CELEBRATES FEMALE ATHLETES AT NATION’S CAPITOL WHILE PUSHING FOR MEN IN WOMEN’S SPORTS. The Women’s Sports Foundation will speak with U.S. lawmakers about the “ways sport participation is building the leaders of tomorrow, and legislation needed to advance gender equity on and off the field of play.” Read more here.


COSTAS: ALLOWING BIOLOGICAL MEN TO BOX BIOLOGICAL WOMEN IS LIKE HEAVYWEIGHTS FIGHTING WELTERWEIGHTS. On a broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” sportscaster and CNN Contributor Bob Costas stated that boxing federations allowing biological men to compete against biological women “seems crazy.” Read more here.


ILLINOIS LEGISLATOR PROPOSES BILL TO REDEFINE PARENTAL ABUSE AS REFUSAL TO GO ALONG WITH CHILD ‘SEX CHANGES.’ House Bill 4876 acts as an amendment to the state’s Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act and would classify parents who deny medical care such as primary care services, abortion services, or “gender-affirming” services as committing child abuse. Read more here.


HORROR AS SCOTTISH PARENTS COULD REPORTEDLY BE JAILED FOR REFUSING KIDS’ ‘GENDER TRANSITIONS.’ The proposed law in Scotland could intervene in what a parent or a pastor can advise a child. Parents who oppose a gender-confused child’s transition could potentially face a criminal trial and potential prison sentence of up to seven years. Read more here.


UK: TRANS-IDENTIFIED MALE CHARGED WITH SEXUAL ASSAULT OF TEEN BOY, REPORTED AS ‘WOMAN.’ A trans-identified male in Witney, England has been charged with child sexual offenses following the alleged assault of a teen boy. Read more here.


BRITISH COLUMBIA CITY DEFENDS ALLOWING GROWN MAN TO CHANGE IN FRONT OF GIRLS. Two teen-age girls were changing into their bathing suits at the Vernon, B.C., Aquatic Center when a 50-year-old man stripped in their presence, but the pool manager said transgender “rights” take precedence. Read more here.


GIRL GUIDES AND BROWNIES TO HAVE ‘INCLUSIVE’ UNIFORM AFTER TRANS ROWS. A consultation has been launched to make uniforms across the United Kingdom’s Girlguiding, Rainbows, Brownies and Rangers “more coherent” with a “look and feel that unifies all the sections across the organization.” Read more here.


IRISH DANCE ORGANIZATION REAFFIRMS INCLUSIVITY FOR TRANSGENDERS. An Coimisiún Le Rincí Gaelacha (CLRG), the oldest and largest competitive Irish dance organization in the world, will continue to allow competitors to compete under the gender they identify with. Read more here.


UNIV. LAW CLINIC: UN MUST INVESTIGATE TEXAS FOR BANNING MINORS FROM DRAG SHOWS, TRANS SURGERIES. The University of Texas Law Human Rights Clinic filed a formal complaint with the United Nations against the state for legislative bans on “gender-affirming” care for minors and restrictions on drag performances around children. Read more here.


DEFENSE FORCES IN IRELAND TO UNDERGO TRAINING IN GENDER AND DIVERSITY BIAS AFTER REPORT RAISED CONCERNS ABOUT ‘MASCULINE CULTURE.’ Every member of Ireland’s Defense Forces will undergo training in gender, diversity and unconscious bias under a new program, a year after a report raised concerns about a masculine culture within the military. Read more here.


TRANS-IDENTIFIED VOLLEYBALL PLAYERS TAKE OVER WOMEN’S COLLEGE GAME. A Canadian women’s volleyball match between the Seneca Sting and the Centennial Colts featured five men on the floor, raising safety concerns for female athletes. Read more here.


TRANSGENDER ACTIVISTS HARASS ‘SOUL SURFER’ BETHANY HAMILTON. A Riley Gaines-sponsored event at the Springfield Library Center in Missouri was marred by transgender disrupters who had failed to pressure the host site to cancel the event. Read more here.


CAITLYN JENNFER RIPS ‘NARCISSIST LIA THOMAS’ ATTEMPT TO OVERTURN POLICY ON TRANSGENDER ATHLETES. The former Olympian Caitlyn Jenner slammed former collegiate swimmer Lia Thomas’ attempt to challenge a ruling from the World Aquatics in his attempt to compete in Olympic women’s swimming. Read more here.


OHIO HEALTH DEPARTMENT BACKPEDALS ON PROPOSED ADULT ‘GENDER-AFFIRMING’ CARE RESTRICTIONS. The department plans to strike state provisions that would have limited access to “gender-affirming” medical care for transgender adults, citing public comments opposing the restrictions. Read more here.


AUSTRALIA’S NATIONAL BROADCASTER CANCELS DRAG QUEEN STORY TIME AFTER PUBLIC FUROR. The taxpayer-funded Australian Broadcasting Corporation has been forced to scrap a drag queen story time session for children as young as three after opponents forced a backdown. Read more here.


SCHOOL DISTRICT VIOLATED CODE WITH GENDER NOTIFICATION POLICY, CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION SAYS. The California Department of Education (CDE) found that the Rocklin Unified School District violated state education code when it passed a parental notification policy in September, according to a letter the CDE wrote to the district. Read more here.


MULTIPLE SCHOOL DISTRICTS IN UTAH ACTIVELY CONCEAL TRANSGENDER STATUS FROM PARENTS, ACCORDING TO POLICIES. Some school districts in Utah have policies for transgender students that allegedly conceal the transgender status of students from parents when notifying them about bullying or harassment incidents, but they had varying responses when asked about their policies. Read more here.


HHS SAYS IT HAS ONLY TWO PAGES OF SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE BACKING ITS SUPPORT FOR ‘GENDER-AFFIRMING CARE.’ The Department of Health and Human Services said it has only two pages of literature supporting Assistant Secretary Rachel Levine’s assessment that “gender-affirming care” is “necessary” for transgender youth, prompting allegations that the transgender-identifying Biden administration official has violated the Department’s scientific integrity policies by baselessly claiming it’s settled science. Read more here.


CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR AND ATTORNEY GENERAL SUED BY TEACHERS FORCED TO LIE TO PARENTS ABOUT GENDER ISSUES. In a legal showdown over parental rights, children’s safety, and First Amendment rights, California Governor Gavin Newsom and Attorney General Rob Bonta are being sued by Christian teachers Elizabeth Mirabelli and Lori Ann West, who were forced to lie to parents about student gender dysphoria. Read more here.


THERAPIST BLOWS WHISTLE ON HOSPITAL PUSHING TEEN ‘GENDER TRANSITIONS.’ A therapist in Washington state said she quit her job because she could no longer go along with her employer’s insistence on helping young patients “change genders,” regardless of their diagnoses. Read more here.


DEAD PEOPLE SHOULD BE ABLE TO ‘CHANGE THEIR GENDER’, SAYS LABOUR MP. In a written question to Parliament, MP Charlotte Nichols, the representative for Warrington North, asked if the Gender Recognition Act 2004 could be changed “to allow transgender people who are deceased to be legally remembered by the gender they lived by.” Read more here.


FEMALE POOL PLAYER TURNS DOWN PRO CONTRACT DUE TO TRANS INCLUSION IN WOMEN’S LEAGUE. After being offered her first professional contract with the Ultimate Pool Tour, Lynne Pinches turned down the opportunity because of the World Eightball Pool Federation policy of allowing trans-identified males to compete with women. Read more here.


CANADIAN MILITARY BASE HOSTING ‘DRAG QUEEN BINGO’ NIGHTS FOR JUNIOR RANKS, SPOUSES. The Huron Club Jr. Rank Mess is hosting its second “drag queen bingo” for military personnel at the Canadian Forces Base in Borden, Ontario. Read more here.


SPAIN: ‘GENDER FLUID’ MALE RUNNER DECLARES HIMSELF A ‘WOMAN’ TO PARTICIPATE IN RACE AND WIN WOMEN’S PRIZE. A man claiming to be “gender fluid” has won the women’s category of a mountain race in Spain, signing up after there were no more spaces left in the men’s category. Read more here.


EXCLUSIVE: MISSOURI AG ORDERS SCHOOL DISTRICT TO CEASE TEACHING RADICAL GENDER IDEOLOGY WITHOUT PARENTS’ OK. Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey ordered a local school district to “cease and desist” teaching students about human sexuality, including gender ideology, without parental consent ahead of time. Read more here.


UK WOMEN’S RIGHTS GROUP PROTESTS ‘PRIDE PILLAR’ AT LONDON BRIDGE RAIL STATION. A group of women’s activists from Let Women Speak gathered around London’s Network Rail “Pride Pillar” at London Bridge to protest the display of a trans flag that left biological women “feeling unsafe and excluded.” Read more here.


IT TOOK 22 MINUTES FOR REVOLT AFTER HIGH SCHOOL PUT TAMPON DISPENSER IN BOYS’ RESTROOM. Principal Marc Balanda explained that the new dispenser had been torn down and basically destroyed, calling the incident “disgusting” and an “egregious instance of vandalism and destruction of property.” Read more here.


IOWA GOV. KIM REYNOLDS’ BILL DEFINING A ‘MAN’ AND ‘WOMAN’ EXPLAINED. Gov. Reynolds has introduced new legislation, House Study Bill 649, to define “sex,” “man” and woman” in state law and which also make sweeping changes in how government collects public health data, issues birth certificates and licenses, and offers anti-discrimination protections. Read more here.


DANIELLE SMITH UNVEILS SWEEPING CHANGES TO ALBERTA’S STUDENT GENDER IDENTITY, SPORTS AND SURGERY POLICIES. Alberta will prohibit hormonal treatment, puberty blockers and gender affirming surgery for children 15 years and younger, Premier Danielle Smith announced Wednesday in a video posted to social media. Read more here.


MAJORITY OF VOTERS SUPPORT STATE LAWS PROTECTING CHILDREN FROM TRANS PROCEDURES: POLL. CRC Research for the 85 Fund found that 67 percent of voters supported laws that prohibit minors from being put on cross-sex hormones and undergoing “sex change” surgeries. Read more here.


NEW JERSEY DAD SUES SCHOOL OVER DAUGHTER’S SECRET ‘GENDER TRANSITION.’ The father, who is remaining anonymous to protect his daughter’s identity, found that New Jersey’s Delaware Valley Regional High School had been calling his daughter by a male name and male pronouns for at least two months. Read more here.


MOM SUES SCHOOL DISTRICT FOR SOCIALLY ‘TRANSITIONING’ 12-YEAR-OLD GIRL WITHOUT PARENTAL CONSENT. A New York school district socially “transitioned” a girl without her mother’s consent, repeatedly lying to the mother about the child’s mental health and social struggles, according to a new Alliance Defending Freedom lawsuit. Read more here.


JUDICIAL WATCH: SAN FRANCISCO TAXPAYERS SUE OVER DISCRIMINATORY PAYMENTS TO ‘BLACK/LATINX’ MEN (‘TRANSGENDER WOMEN’). Judicial Watch filed a lawsuit on behalf of San Francisco taxpayers over a city program which discriminates in favor of biological black and Latino men who identify as “women” in the distribution of tax money. Read more here.


OREGON HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS TENNIS COACH RESIGNS, CITES TITLE IX’S TRANSGENDER-RELATED POLICY. Coach Dave Brown said he can no longer stand by and watch girls have their dreams shattered by policies that put the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health of women at risk. Read more here.


VA HOSPITAL PLANS TO RAMP UP ‘SEX-CHANGE’ SURGERIES, DOUBLE DOWN ON GENDER IDEOLOGY, DOCUMENTS SHOW. A Department of Veterans Affairs facility in Seattle requested funding for the building of a surgical facility for performing “gender transition” surgeries, although the VA has yet to approve such procedures, documents obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation show. Read more here.


RILEY GAINES RAISES FUNDS TO PAY FEMALE GOLFERS WHO BOYCOTT TOURNAMENTS WITH TRANS OPPONONETS. Gaines kicked off the idea with a post on X saying, “I will personally pay any expenses, sponsorships and/or prize money lost.” Read more here.


SURF LEGEND BETHANY HAMILTON MAKES STANCE ON TRANS INCLUSION IN WOMEN’S SPORTS CLEAR. Surfing star Bethany Hamilton doubled down on her assertions that trans inclusion in women’s sports should be barred amid controversy over Rip Curl’s new ambassador. Read more here.


UTAH BAN ON TRANSGENDER BATHROOM USE AWAITS GOVERNOR’S SIGNATURE. The new law prohibits trans-identifying people from using the bathrooms of the opposite sex in public buildings such as K-12 schools and government buildings. Read more here.


TEXAS DOCTOR BLASTS ‘CORRUPT’ DOJ PROBE AFTER BLOWING WHISTLE ON ‘CHILD ABUSE’ AT KIDS’ HOSPITAL. A whistleblower who exposed the largest pediatric hospital in the U.S. for allegedly prescribing puberty blockers to minors despite claiming otherwise said he remains unafraid despite what he described as a politically motivated federal investigation against him. Read more here.


FLORIDA BANS TRANSGENDER PEOPLE CHANGING THE SEX ON THEIR DRIVER’S LICENSE. Previously, residents of Florida could “change the sex” on their license by submitting either a court order for a name change or a doctor’s letter as proof of “gender transition” treatment. Read more here.


EU CALLS FOR ‘GENDERED LANGUAGE’ TO BE SCRAPPED. The EU has urged legislators and policymakers to abandon “gendered language,” including “no man’s land,” and should replace the phrase with “unclaimed territory,” while “Joe Public” should instead be “average citizen.” Read more here.


JUDGE REINSTATES CHRISTIAN TEACHERS PLACED ON LEAVE FOR REFUSING TO CONCEAL CHILD’S GENDER ISSUES FROM PARENTS. A federal judge ordered a California school to reinstate two teachers it had fired for resisting pressure to conceal students’ gender identities from parents. Read more here.


MONTANA FAMILY LOSES CUSTODY OF TEENAGE DAUGHTER AFTER EXPRESSING OPPOSITION TO HER ‘GENDER TRANSITION.’ A family in Glasgow, Montana is accusing the state’s child protective services of “kidnapping” their teenage daughter after the girl began to identify as a transgender “boy” after she was removed from their care and was now going to be sent to Canada. Read more here.


ICONIC AUSTRALIAN SURF BRAND BOOTS FEMALE SURFER FOR TRANS-IDENTIFIED MALE. An Australian brand that specializes in swimwear for surfers has come under fire after Rip Curl dropped transgender opponent Bethany Hamilton and selected a trans-identified male as one of their “female” brand ambassadors. Read more here.


TRANSGENDER SWIMMER MAKES MAJOR MOVE FOR OLYMPICS. Transgender swimmer William “Lia” Thomas, who broke several records racing on the women’s team at Penn University is currently prohibited from competing in the Olympics based on the current rules from World Aquatic, but he is challenging those rules in a Swiss sports court. Read more here.


CHURCH OF ENGLAND SCHOOL ALLOWS 4-YEAR-OLD TO IDENTIFY AS TRANS. A Church of England primary school in the southeast of England sparked controversy by allowing a 4-year-old boy to enroll as a girl, leading to distress among students and parents and prompting government scrutiny. Read more here.


SORORITY SISTERS APPEAL JUDGE’S RULING ALLOWING MAN TO JOIN KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA. The lawsuit, over the violation of women-only bylaws, involves the acceptance of Artemis Langford, a man who identifies as a woman and was accepted as a member of the all-female sorority at the University of Wyoming in 2022. Read more here.


TRANS MOM TO BE LISTED AS ‘FATHER’ ON BIRTH CERTIFICATE AFTER PREGNANCY DISCOVERED FOLLOWING A DOUBLE MASTECTOMY IN ITALY. A trans-identified female from Italy discovered she was five months pregnant as she was nearing the end of hormone therapy and preparing to have her uterus removed, but the registry office will list her as her baby’s “father.” Read more here.


UK: TRANSGENDER CHILD SEX OFFENDER SENTENCED TO 3.5 YEARS AFTER BREACHING COURT ORDER FOLLOWING RELEASE FROM PRISON. Trans-identified male predator Jamie Kevin Herold Waller is headed back to prison for 3.5 years shortly after completing a prison sentence for breaching the Sexual Harm Prevention Order. Read more here.


‘NON-BINARY TRANSMASCULINE’: PORTLAND STATE RELEASES LGBT DIRECTORY WITH 20+ GENDERS. As a project of its Queer Resource Center, Portland State University’s annual list of its LGBTQ community members and supporters includes more than 20 genders and sexual orientations, including one called “SaulChad.” Read more here.


OHIO SENATE OVERRIDES DEWINE VETO OF BILL PROTECTING KIDS FROM ‘GENDER-AFFIRMING CARE.’ The Ohio Senate voted 24-8 to override Gov. Mike DeWine’s veto of House Bill 68, which will protect minors from experimental transgender treatments euphemistically referred to as “gender-affirming care” and safeguard fairness in women’s sports. Read more here.


UK TRANS-IDENTIFIED PEDOPHILE WHO ABDUCTED, SEXUALLY ABUSED GIRL SEEKS REDUCTION OF ‘EXCESSIVE’ SENTENCE. The convicted man is seeking to have his 20-year prison sentence reduced on the basis that he was “living as a woman” before committing the crime and claiming that the prosecution placed “too much weight” on his transgender identity. Read more here.


TRANS-IDENTIFYING GOLFER ADMITS ‘MEN DO HAVE ADVANTAGES,’ BUT MAINTAINS HE’S COMPETING FAIRLY AFTER WINNING WOMEN’S TOURNAMENT. Hailey Davidson, a biological man, told ABC’s “Good Morning Britain” that men have advantages over women in sports, but because he had gender surgery, he no longer has that physical advantage over his female competitors. Read more here.


SCHOOLTEACHER WHO SLAMMED CRITICS OF GENDER IDEOLOGY, LGBT EDUCATION SENTENCED TO 17.5 YEARS IN FEDERAL PRISON FOR CREATING, DISTRIBUTING SEXUAL ABUSE MATERIAL. Alden Bunag, 35, raped a child in his classroom and filmed the crime before sending it to other pedophiles to view. Read more here.


PHD BIOLOGIST CHALLENGES SPLC TO DEBATE AFTER IT ACCUSED HIM OF PEDDLING ‘PSEUDO SCIENCE’ AGAINST TRANSGENDERISM ORTHODOXY. Colin Wright is publicly inviting the Southern Poverty Law Center to debate him on the subject of what the SPLC calls “anti-LGBTQ+ pseudoscience,” specifically on the transgender issue. Read more here.


MAINE BILL ALLOWS AUTHORITIES TO TAKE KIDS AWAY FROM PARENTS WHO RESIST TRANSGENDERING CHILDREN. A bill being debated in Maine’s state legislature would give authorities the power to take children away from parents who oppose allowing medical providers to impose “gender-affirming care” onto their children. Read more here.


TOP DOCTORS IN TRANSGENDER FIELD ADMIT PUBERTY BLOCKERS AREN’T SO ‘REVERSIBLE’: REPORT. The World Professional Association for Transgender Health’s Standards of Care have been regarded by activists as the gold standard for transgender medical treatment, but some of educational videos revealed doubts that puberty blockers are reversible. Read more here.


HOSPITAL OFFERING ABORTION TRAINING UNVEILS EXPERIMENTAL ‘GENITAL SWAP’ SURGERIES. The scheme of transplanting genitals removed from one person undergoing so-called “transgender surgery” and attaching them to another trans person is now a possibility, according to “genital swap” pioneer Dr. Miroslav Djordjevic, who works at New York City’s Mount Sinai Hospital. Read more here.


‘MY SIX-YEAR-OLD IS GENDER FLUID’: LGBT ACTIVISTS IRATE OVER FLORIDA FLAG BAN PROPOSAL. LGBT activists in Florida are outraged over a state legislative proposal to protect students from “partisan, radical ideologies” that would ban teachers and government employees from displaying rainbow flags while on the job. Read more here.


SURGEON WHISTLEBLOWER ALLEGES TEXAS CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL IGNORES LAW PROTECTING CHILDREN FROM TRANSGENDER PROCEDURES. Dr. Eithan Haim, a former Texas Children’s Hospital surgeon, said he has had to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to defend himself after he exposed a Texas hospital’s secret transgender procedures on kids. Read more here.


USA BOXING’S NEW TRANSGENDER RULE COULD FATALLY INJURE A WOMAN, COACH WARNS. USA Boxing has changed its rules to allow men who identify as women to compete in the female category, a change that Coach Cary Williams warns could be deadly. Read more here.


SUPREME COURT REJECTS INDIANA SCHOOL’S APPEAL ON TRANS BATHROOM RULING. The Supreme Court declined to hear an Indiana school district’s appeal of a ruling that blocked the district from requiring students to use the bathroom that corresponds with their sex. Read more here.


MORE PARENTS CLAIM COLORADO SCHOOL DISTRICT FORCED CHILDREN INTO OVERNIGHT ROOMS WITH STUDENTS OF OPPOSITE SEX. Multiple parents claimed their school district forced girls into sharing overnight rooms, even showers, with students of the opposite sex. Read more here.


RUPAUL PUSHES DRAG QUEEN STORY HOUR DURING EMMY ACCEPTANCE SPEECH. Library drag queen story hours were strongly defended by RuPaul as he accepted the Emmy for Outstanding Reality Competition Program and used time in the spotlight to applaud the divisive LGBTQI+ practice. Read more here.


MAJORITY OF AMERICANS OPPOSE SCHOOLS USING PREFERRED PRONOUNS. The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty’s Freedom Index findings revealed a reversal in attitudes toward leftist school pronoun policies requiring that children and school employees address each other by their preferred pronouns. Read more here.


SCOTLAND: FEARS FOR PARENTS WHO OPPOSE CHILD’S GENDER TRANSITION. A consultation was launched by the Scottish government last week into detailed proposals for legislation aimed at ending “conversion practices” in Scotland, and concerns have been raised about the rights of parents in Scotland who oppose their child’s desire to change genders. Read more here.


SLOVAKIA: SURGERY ONCE AGAIN A CONDITION FOR GENDER ‘CHANGE.’ Health Minister Zuzana Dolinkova revoked guidelines on “gender transition” that allowed transgender people to “change” their gender in legal documents without undergoing “gender confirmation” surgery. Read more here.


UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA CRITICIZES OWN PROFESSOR FOR ‘POLICING PRONOUNS.’ The University of Florida has said it does not believe in “policing pronouns” in response to a report that one of its professors was offering extra credit to students who displayed them in their class profile. Read more here.


CALIFORNIA AG WARNS SCHOOL BOARDS THAT TRANS STUDENT OUTING MANDATES VIOLATE STATE CONSTITUTION. Attorney General Rob Bonta issued a legal alert that said the policies adopted by several Golden State school districts are unconstitutional and “detrimental” to the privacy, safety and well-being of transgender and gender-nonconforming students. Read more here.


JUDGE ORDERS BLUE STATE SCHOOL DISTRICT TO REINSTATE TEACHERS WHO REFUSED TO LIE TO PARENTS UNDER TRANS POLICY. A federal judge ruled that two California teachers who were placed on administrative leave for refusing to hide students’ “gender transitions” from parents should be reinstated. Read more here.


‘GENDER DYSPHORIA’ DIAGNOSES RISE IN EVERY U.S. STATE EXCEPT ONE. South Dakota was the only state in the U.S. that did not see a rise in gender dysphoria diagnoses between 2018 and 2022, according to new data from Definitive Healthcare. Read more here.


AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS ARTICLE CALLS BANNING TRANS ‘CARE’ FOR KIDS ‘MEDICAL NEGLECT,’ ‘EMOTIONAL ABUSE.’ The American Academy of Pediatrics, America’s largest pediatric association, published an article urging a “reframing” of the “discussion” surrounding laws prohibiting the destructive drugs and surgeries prescribed to children to affirm their misguided belief that they were born the wrong gender. Read more here.


CANADA: TRANSGENDER PEDOPHILE TO SERVE SENTENCE IN THE COMMUNITY AFTER BEING RE-ARRESTED DAYS AFTER RELEASE FROM PRISON. Laverne Waskahat, 47, violated the conditions of his release within 48 hours of being released from prison, accumulating child pornography almost immediately after being let out. Read more here.


FONTANA PARENTS DEMAND GENDER NOTIFICATION POLICY SIMILAR TO CHINO VALLEY. Parents and residents in Fontana, California protested in support of parents’ rights, demanding the local school board adopt a gender notification policy similar to one enacted in another nearby school district last summer. Read more here.


COURT LIFTS INJUNCTION ON ALABAMA’S BAN ON ‘SEX-CHANGE’ SURGERIES FOR MINORS. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit has issued a temporary order to lift an injunction preventing an Alabama law banning “sex-change” surgeries for minors from going into effect. Read more here.


CALIFORNIA FUNDS ORGANIZATION THAT OFFERS JOBS EXCLUSIVELY TO WOMEN AND ‘GENDER EXPANSIVE YOUTH.’ An agency of the California state government issued grants to an organization that hosts internships exclusively for women and “gender expansive” youth, an apparent violation of anti-discrimination laws. Read more here.


GERMANY: TRANS-IDENTIFIED MALE IN PSYCHIATRIC WARD WHO MURDERED WIFE SEEKING PLACEMENT IN WOMEN’S PRISON ‘FOREVER.’ Convicted wife murderer Thorsten Heinz P., who identifies as “Mona P.,” was recently released from a women’s prison after completing his sentence and appeared in court this week asking to be returned to a female-only facility “forever.” Read more here.


SOCIAL WORKER SUSPENDED FOR BELIEVING PEOPLE CAN’T ‘CHANGE SEX’ WINS TRIBUNAL CASE. An employment tribunal has heard the case of how Rachel Meade was placed under a Fitness to Practice investigation after she shared a petition to the International Olympic Committee calling on biological males to be prevented from participating in women’s sports. Read more here.


SEN. MARSHALL CHALLENGES PROPOSED HHS RULE THAT WOULD FORCE FOSTER PARENTS TO ACCEPT ‘EXTREME GENDER IDEOLOGY.’ Republican senators have sent a letter to U.S. Health & Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra expressing concern over a proposed placement rule dictating that minors who identify as LGBT are placed with providers who agree to affirm a child’s gender identity, pronouns and provide them with “services that are necessary to support their health and wellbeing.” Read more here.


INDIANA STATEHOUSE: BILL WOULD RECOGNIZE BIRTH SEX ONLY. A proposed bill in Indiana would replace the term “gender” with “biological sex” in a host of state statutes, recognizing only a person’s “biological sex.” Read more here.


OHIO HOUSE VOTES TO OVERRIDE DEWINE’S VETO OF BILL BANNING CHILD GENDER MEDICALIZATION. In a 65–28 vote, the Ohio House of Representatives voted to override Governor Mike DeWine’s veto of legislation that would ban child gender transition hormone therapy and surgeries as well as boys in girls’ sports. The bill now heads to the state senate. Read more here.


BRITISH NURSES AND MIDWIVES FACE POTENTIAL BAN FROM MEDICINE FOR ‘MISGENDERING’ PATIENTS. Guidelines from the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) regulator, which has the power to suspend or even remove nurses and midwives from its registry, effectively prohibiting them from working in the UK, has warned that “misgendering” a patient could lead to sanctions. Read more here.


MICHIGAN PARENTS SUE SCHOOL DISTRICT, CLAIM IT MODIFIED DOCUMENTS TO CONCEAL DAUGHTER’S ‘TRANSITION.’ Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys filed suit against the Rockford Public School District on behalf of Dan and Jennifer Mead in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Michigan’s Southern Division after they discovered district employees began treating the couple’s middle-school daughter as a “boy,” actively taking steps to conceal these actions from them. Read more here.


‘IF YOU WANT TO CONTINUE TO IGNORE FEMALE ATHLETES, THAT’S FINE – RILEY GAINES SLAMS NCAA PRESIDENT CHARLIE BAKER. Former collegiate swimmer Riley Gaines slammed Baker for being a weak leader, for evading questions and providing vague answers during a judicial hearing when asked about his stance on transgender issues. Read more here.


MUSLIM GIRLS’ BASKETBALL TEAM REPORTEDLY CANCELED GAME AFTER BEING MADE AWARE THAT THE COMPETING TEAM INCLUDED A TRANSGENDER PLAYER. Averroes High School was set to compete against San Francisco Waldorf in a girls’ varsity basketball game, but the event was abruptly canceled, reportedly because a male player was participating on the Waldorf girls’ team and the risk of its girls being injured by him. Read more here.


WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION APPOINTS TRANS ACTIVIST WITH ‘BE GAY, DO CRIMES’ TATTOO TO CREATE GUIDELINES ON CHILD ‘SEX CHANGES.’ The World Health Organization has just appointed Florence Ashley, a Canadian, trans, criminal law professor and author of a book about the pleasures and politics of living in a gendered body, to the group developing guidelines on “the health of trans and gender diverse people.” Read more here.


2024 OLYMPICS IN PARIS WILL HAVE MORE RESTRICTIONS ON TRANS ATHLETES. In response to public concerns surrounding the participation of biological males in women’s sports, the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics have implemented heightened restrictions on transgender-identifying athletes. Read more here.


OHIO’S TOP CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL COACHES DOCTORS TO CIRCUMVENT PARENTS WARY OF TRANS TREATMENT, TRAINING VIDEOS SHOW. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, which pressured Republican Gov. Mike DeWine to veto a ban on transgender procedures for minors, has grossly misrepresented its approach to parental involvement in decisions. Read more here.


OREGON SCHOOL UNDER FIRE FOR HOSTING DRAG QUEEN FESTIVAL. Parents were enraged and fired off letters and phone calls to school leaders demanding to know why taxpayer dollars were being used to host a drag show at Lakeridge High School. The school subsequently cancelled the Drag Fest program. Read more here.


NEW HAMPSHIRE HOUSE PASSES BILL TO BAN ‘GENDER-AFFIRMING’ CARE FOR MINORS, SENDING BILL TO SENATE. House Bill 619 would prohibit a doctor or other health care professional from carrying out “genital gender reassignment surgery” to anyone in New Hampshire under 18 and would also prohibit health care workers from referring minors to facilities out of state that offer those procedures. Read more here.


DOCTORS ASSOCIATION CONCERNED ABOUT WHO GENDER GUIDELINE PLANS. The international doctors’ association Society for Evidence Based Gender Medicine is “deeply concerned” about gender care guidelines announced by the World Health Organization (WHO) in December. The guidelines allegedly encourage access to “gender-inclusive care” promote legal self-identification. Read more here.


OHIO GOV. DEWINE SIGNS EMERGENCY EXECUTIVE ORDER BANNING TRANSGENDER SURGERIES AFTER VETOING SIMILAR BILL. Ohio’s Republican governor Mike DeWine has signed an “emergency” executive order banning transgender surgeries for minors, one week after he vetoed a bill that would have had a similar effect. Read more here.


U.S. HOME VISITING PROGRAM SAYS PARENTS DENYING CHILD’S ‘GENDER EXPRESSION’ MAY BE ABUSIVE. A federally funded “home visiting” program advises service providers to watch for signs of abuse against “gender-diverse children,” citing parents who deny their young child the “right” to cross-dress as an example. Read more here.


UN WOMEN’S GROUP CROWNS TRANSGENDER WOMAN TO BE THEIR CHAMPION, SPARKING OUTRAGE. Transgender Munroe Bergdorf was selected as the first UN Women UK Champion, sparking protest by 17 women’s groups. Read more here.


PARLIAMENTARY COMMITTEE APPROVES BILL THAT PAVES WAY FOR GENDER-NEUTRAL FIRST NAMES. The Committee on Constitutional Affairs, Rights, Freedoms and Guarantees of Portugal’s Parliament approved legislation that will allow people to choose a neutral name, eliminating the current obligation for first names to be identified as male or female. Read more here.


‘DETRANSITIONERS’ SAY THEY FACE VITRIOL FROM TRANS ACTIVISTS THEY PREVIOUSLY CONSIDERED A ‘SECOND FAMILY.’ After “detransitioning,” some individuals choose to speak out about their “transition” experience and in doing so, they often face vitriol from the transgender activist community. Read more here.


MUSEUM LABELS ROMAN EMPEROR ‘TRANSGENDER WOMAN.’ The teenage Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, nicknamed Elagabalus, who ruled only briefly between AD 218 and 222, is being labeled by North Hertfordshire Museum as Rome’s first (and presumably only) transgender woman emperor. Read more here.


CALIFORNIA SCHOOLS PUSH KIDS TO WATCH FILMS ON TRANSGENDERISM THAT SHOWCASE PUBERTY BLOCKERS. Hayward Unified School District, which is located in California’s Bay Area and serves over 19,000 students from preschool to high school, is directing students to watch films that promote transgenderism and highlight how treatments such as puberty blockers work. Read more here.


3,000 DOCTORS SUE BIDEN ADMIN FOR RIGHT NOT TO ‘TRANSITION’ GENDER-CONFUSED CHILDREN. Thousands of doctors are suing the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) over its efforts to force health care providers into participating in the surgical or chemical “gender transitioning” of minors under the guise of civil rights “nondiscrimination.” Read more here.


USA BOXING MAKES GROUNDBREAKING DECISION TO ALLOW TRANS-IDENTIFIED MALE ATHLETES TO COMPETE AGAINST FEMALE BOXERS. The national boxing regulatory body has decided that biological male boxers who identify as women can now compete against female boxers, if they undergo surgery and maintain certain hormone levels. Read more here.


BIDEN ADMINISTRATION’S TITLE IX PROPOSAL RECEIVES STARK WARNING FROM UN EXPERT: ‘DETRIMENTAL EFFECTS.’ Reem Alsalem, a U.N. special rapporteur on violence against women and girls, expressed concern about the proposal that would expand the meaning of sexual discrimination to include gender identity and prevent schools and colleges from banning transgender athletes. Read more here.


CANADA FORCING EMPLOYERS TO PROVIDE TAMPONS IN GOVERNMENT-CONTROLLED MEN’S RESTROOMS. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is forcing all federally regulated employers to provide feminine hygiene products to be placed in men’s bathrooms in an attempt to accommodate transgender employees. Read more here.


OHIO GOV. DEWINE VETOES BILL PROTECTING KIDS FROM TRANS TREATMENTS. Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine vetoed a bill to protect minors from experimental transgender medical interventions, framing his decision as providing consensus on a divisive issue and to avoid having the government decide what medical decisions are best for children. Read more here.


BELFAST UNIVERSITY REQUIRES EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON CAMPUS TO USE PREFERRED PRONOUNS, TRANS NAMES OR BE PUNISHED. A new policy at Queen’s University Belfast now commands all associates, whether student or staff to use the commanded name and pronouns of an individual or face strict disciplinary action for allegedly bullying people. Read more here.


JUDGE BLOCKS IDAHO LAW PROTECTING KIDS FROM TRANSGENDER PROCEDURES. Federal Judge B. Lynn Winmill temporarily blocked the enactment of an Idaho law passed earlier this year that bans procedures like double mastectomies on girls who identify as boys and giving children puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones. Read more here.


MOST CALIFORNIANS ARE AGAINST RADICAL GENDER IDEOLOGY. Despite the radical policies being implemented by California lawmakers, a recent study conducted by Spry Strategies indicates a majority of Californians do not agree with the gender ideology being pushed by the left. Read more here.


CATHOLIC WOMEN’S COLLEGE REVERSES COURSE, WON’T ADMIT MEN WHO ‘IDENTIFY AS WOMEN.’ Saint Mary’s College, Indiana changed its admissions policy for the 2024-25 semester and will not admit men who identify as women. Read more here.


HUNDREDS OF CHILDREN UNDER SIX SENT TO DISGRACED NHS TRANSGENDER GENDER CLINIC. Children as young as three years old have been referred to Britain’s socialized medicine’s ‘Gender Identity Development Service’ transgender clinic, with hundreds of young children referred in the past decade. Read more here.


‘SPORTS IS BIOLOGICAL’: FITNESS GURU JILLIAN MICHAELS SAYS TRANS ATHLETES WILL ‘DESTROY’ FEMALE SPORTS, HURT WOMEN. Michaels emphasized that sports are “biological,” and men can simply not compete against females due to those biological differences, safety and fairness. Read more here.


CANADA: TRANS-IDENTIFIED MALE WHO CAMPAIGNED TO DEFUND RAPE SHELTER AWARDED MEDAL BY GOVERNOR GENERAL. Canadian women are expressing outrage after the trans-identified male Morgane Oger, who urged the defunding of a rape crisis shelter, was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal from the Governor General of Canada. Read more here.


MICHIGAN SCHOOL DISTRICT TREATS GIRL AS BOY BEHIND PARENTS’ BACKS. Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys filed suit against a Michigan school district on behalf of a mother and father after district employees began treating the couple’s middle-school daughter as a boy without their knowledge or consent and taking steps to conceal these actions from the parents. Read more here.


MISSOURI SCHOOL DISTRICT OFFERS COLORING PAGES ON PREFERRED PRONOUNS, GENDER EXPRESSION TO KINDERGARTNERS. Webster Groves School District Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Shane Williamson emailed administrators a resource list of “Gender Identity and Expression Activities” for children as young as kindergarten in honor of LGBT History Awareness Month. Read more here.


WAR ON FAMILIES: FEDERAL ‘HOME VISITING’ PROGRAM CLASSIFIES PARENTS WHO DON’T LET YOUNG KIDS CROSS-DRESS AS POSSIBLY ABUSIVE. The federally funded “home visiting” Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program, a subagency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, advises service providers to watch for signs of abuse against “gender-diverse children,” citing parents who deny their young child the “right” to cross-dress as an example, a document shows. Read more here.


NETFLlX FACES BACKLASH OVER ‘COCOMELON LANE’ EPISODE WITH CROSS-DRESSING BOY DANCING FOR HIS TWO DADS: ‘THEY’RE JUST EVIL.’ NetfIix is facing a strident backlash for a scene in the latest episode of its children’s show CoComelon Lane showing a crossdressing boy dancing in a tutu, which critics called “just evil.” Read more here.


SAYING ‘GENDER IS BINARY AND CANNOT BE CHANGED’ GOT AN AWARD-WINNING CALIFORNIA TEACHER FIRED. HE’S FIGHTING BACK. A homosexual fifth grade teacher in Glendale, California, is suing the Glendale Unified School District after he was fired for condemning transgender ideology at a school board meeting in April. Read more here.


TRANSGENDER GUIDANCE: UK SCHOOLS TO KEEP PARENTS INFORMED. Schools in England should “take a very cautious approach” if pupils want to use a new name, pronouns or uniform, because Education Secretary Gillian Keegan said, “Parents’ views must also be at the heart of all decisions made about their children.” Read more here.


‘GENDER NONSENSE’: NEW JERSEY SCHOOL DISTRICTS SCRAP TRANSGENDER POLICIES. Two New Jersey school districts voted to get rid of their state-recommended transgender school policies that allow school staff to keep a student’s new gender identity hidden from their parents unless the student gives permission or if there is a risk to the student’s health and safety. Read more here.


PROMINENT BIOLOGICAL MALE TRANS ACTIVIST CHARGED WITH SEXUALLY ASSAULTING TWO MINORS, RECORDED AS ‘FEMALE’ BY COURT. Kendall Stephens, who had been working in a leadership position at a children’s home for vulnerable youth in Philadelphia, was arrested on charges of raping two minors. Read more here.


SCHOOL HELPED CHILD ‘TRANSITION’ WITH NEW PRONOUNS, MICHIGAN PARENTS SAY. THEY’RE SUING. Parents of a Michigan child are suing the Rockford Public School District after they say the school helped their child “socially transition” without their consent. Read more here.


‘TRANS SECRET SANTA’ CAMPAIGN LAUNCHED IN UK FOR TRANS ‘YOUNG PEOPLE’ UNDER 25. LGBTQ+ activism organization Think2Speak launched a Secret Santa campaign for trans “young people” in the UK in collaboration with trans model and speaker Jude Guaitamacchi, trans artist Mister Samo and Octavian Starr. Read more here.


CALIFORNIA BALLOT PETITION COULD REPEAL MAJOR TRANSGENDER LEGISLATION. A ballot petition in California aims to repeal transgender legislation, potentially requiring schools to notify parents of a child’s desire to “transition” and to limit girls’ athletic programs to female athletes. Read more here.


SISTERS AT UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING SORORITY DEMAND COURT CLEARLY DEFINE ‘WOMAN.’ The female complainants at the center of a lawsuit to have a trans-identified male removed from a sorority at the University of Wyoming have re-filed their appeal, demanding the court clearly define the word “woman.” Read more here.


APPEALS COURT REVIVES CONNECTICUT GIRLS’ CHALLENGE AGAINST COMPETING WITH TRANSGENDER ATHLETES. The Second Circuit Court of Appeals revived an Alliance Defending Freedom lawsuit filed by four female track and field athletes challenging Connecticut’s policy of permitting biological men to compete based on gender identity, arguing that it violates Title IX. Read more here.


CANADA: VIOLENT TRANSGENDER PEDOPHILE RE-ARRESTED WITHIN DAYS OF PRISON RELEASE. Transgender sex offender Laverne Travis Waskahat, who has a long history of sexually abusing young children, has been arrested once again. Read more here.


RUSSIAN FEMALE TENNIS PLAYER LOSES TO MAN IN FRANCE. Rising Russian tennis star Mirra Andreeva lost to a male player during what was supposed to a women’s exhibition event in France after Ukraine’s Marta Kostyuk refused to play against him. Read more here.


VIRGINIA SUPREME COURT BACKS TEACHER FIRED FOR NOT USING STUDENT’S PREFERRED PRONOUNS. The Virginia Supreme Court ruled that West Point high school French teacher Peter Vlaming, who was fired for refusing to use pronouns that didn’t match a student’s biological sex, could have his lawsuit against the local school board reinstated. Read more here.


TRANSGENDER COMPETITOR’S WOMEN’S TITLE WIN AT CROQUET WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS SPARKS OUTRAGE. Australian biological male transgender Jamie Gumbrell defeated a former women’s champion to win the World Croquet Federation earlier this year, and it’s been revealed that female competitors did not protest this due to fear of retribution. Read more here.


TRANS VOLLEYBALL PLAYER WINS WOMEN’S SCHOLARSHIP FOR UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON AFTER CONCEALING TRANS IDENTITY SINCE AGE 12. Tate Drageset will become the first transgender male to receive a full scholarship for women’s volleyball at the University of Washington—a first in Division I women’s sports. Read more here.


OHIO LEGISLATORS PASS BAN ON ‘GENDER-AFFIMING CARE’ FOR MINORS, SENDING BILL TO GOVERNOR. Ohio legislators passed a bill to ban “gender-affirming care” for minors, joining more than 20 states that have passed similar restrictions in the past two years. Read more here.


FLORIDA PUNISHES SCHOOL FOR ALLOWING BOY ON GIRLS’ SPORTS TEAM. Monarch High School has been fined and placed on administrative probation for violating the state’s bylaws by allowing a biological male student to participate on a female sports team. Read more here.


TRAINEE THERAPIST EXPELLED FOR VIEW ON TRANS THERAPY REACHES SETTLEMENT. James Esses, a trainee therapist who was expelled from his course for launching a public petition on safeguards in therapy for children with gender dysphoria, has reached a settlement with the UK Council for Psychotherapy in his claim against them – and the Council says that it recognizes gender dysphoria can be treated with explorative therapy, rather than being affirmed. Read more here.


MISSOURI SCHOOL DISTRICT WOULD ASSIGN BOYS TO BUNK WITH GIRLS ON FIELD TRIPS IF THEY IDENTIFY AS GIRLS. Webster Groves High School’s policy for overnight athletic team road trips stipulates that students will be assigned to room with others of the sex they identify with, meaning that biological males who identify as female will be assigned to sleep in the same room as girls. Read more here.


EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY-THEMED INSTITUTE WORKS TO DEBUNK GENDER SPECTRUM ‘NONSENSE.’ A team of self-styled science communicators is taking a stand against what they view as outright science denial through their new organization, The Paradox Institute, which works to inoculate young people against falling for gender spectra ideology myths and falsehoods. Read more here.


IRISH PSYCHOTHERAPIST CRITICIZES CDC’S ‘DANGEROUS’ REMOVAL OF WORD ‘WOMEN’ FROM HEALTH GUIDANCE. Prominent psychotherapist Stella O’Malley, the founder of Genspect and author of best-selling books on parenting and mental health, has criticized the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for removing the word “women” from health guidance, describing the move as “dangerous.” Read more here.


AUSTRALIA: COUNCILLOR FACING TRIBUNAL INQUIRY AND ‘INCITING HATRED’ CHARGES FOR STATING ‘TRANS WOMEN ARE MEN.’ Louise Elliot, a Hobart City Council member, is under investigation by the anti-discrimination commissioner for “inciting hatred” after declaring “trans women are men.” Read more here.


CANADIAN MILITARY TO PROVIDE TAMPONS FOR MALE SOLDIERS. All Canadian military bases will soon be required to have menstruation products in the men’s restroom to align with the federal government directive issued by Employment and Social Development Canada to promote “inclusivity.” Read more here.


UK: TRANS-IDENTIFIED MALE PEDOPHILE REPORTED AS ‘WOMAN’ BY MEDIA AND POLICE FOLLOWING SEXUAL ABUSE OF TODDLER. Naomi O’Brien, a trans-identified male and his partner, have been sentenced to a combined total of 16 years and 9 months in prison for their roles in the horrific sexual abuse of a 4-year-old boy. Read more here.


PRESIDENT OF LGBTQ ADVOCATE GROUP SAYS WOMEN SHOULD ‘LEARN TO LOSE GRACEFULLY’ TO TRANS COMPETITORS. Fatima Goss Graves, the president of the National Women’s Law Center, said during congressional testimony that women should “learn to lose gracefully” when forced to compete with biological males. Read more here.


SCOTTISH COURT UPHOLDS UK DECISION TO BLOCK SCOTLAND’S LANDMARK GENDER RECOGNITION LAW. Scotland’s highest civil court upheld the British government’s move to block a gender recognition law passed by the Scottish parliament, underscoring the growing divide over local control of legislation in the nations of the United Kingdom. Read more here.


CONSERVATIVE GERMAN BIOLOGIST WINS COURT CASE OVER GENDER VIEW. When news broke that biologist Marie-Luise Vollbrecht would deliver a speech on why there are two genders in biology at Germany’s Humboldt University, the school canceled her speech. Read more here.


U.S. FDA WEIGHS IN ON ‘GENDER-AFFIRMING’ CARE STUDY. The Research Institute for Gender Therapeutics said the Food and Drug Administration may possibly allow a late-stage clinical trial studying the use of estradiol, a form of the hormone estrogen, for some individuals receiving so-called “gender-affirming” care. Read more here.


‘DO NO HARM’: PEDIATRICIANS FIGHT IN COURT AS BIDEN HHS TRIES TO FORCE THEM TO DO TRANS PROCEDURES. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit heard oral arguments in a case challenging President Joe Biden’s executive order mandating that Health and Human Services force physicians to violate their sound medical judgment and/or their religious beliefs by redefining “sex” in federal law to include “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.” Read more here.


PARENTS OUTRAGED AFTER TRANS-IDENTIFYING BOY WINS GIRLS’ IRISH DANCING COMPETITION, HEADS TO WORLDS. A teenage boy who identifies as a girl is going to the Irish Dancing World Championships after placing first in the 2023 Southern Region Oireachtas competitions, angering parents and female competitors. Read more here.


WISCONSIN GOVERNOR VETOES BILL THAT WOULD HAVE BANNED TRANS SURGERIES ON CHILDREN. Democratic Governor Tony Evers vetoed a bill that would have protected children from irreversible transgender surgeries, including double mastectomies on girls who identify as boys, and giving children puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones. Read more here.


UNIVERSITY OF UTAH PROFS CANCEL CLASSES, HOST ‘HEALING CIRCLES’ OVER ‘DETRANSITIONER’S’ SPEECH ON CAMPUS. University staff canceled one day of classes while the LGBTQ Resource Center hosted a “Healing Circle” ahead of 19-year-old “detransitioner” Chloe Cole’s speech hosted by the Young Americans Foundation. Read more here.


UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO INVITES ‘NON-BINARY TRANS WOMAN’ TO GIVE KEYNOTE SPEECH ON ‘TRANSMISOGYNY’ DURING ANNIVERSARY OF MASS SUICIDE. The University of Toronto invited a trans-identified male to speak at a memorial ceremony dedicated to the women who lost their lives during the École Polytechnique massacre. Despite it being the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women in Canada, the speech instead focused on “addressing transmisogyny.” Read more here.


ED DEPT. FINALLY INVESTIGATES WISCONSIN SCHOOL OVER TRANSGENDER SHOWER INCIDENT. The Biden administration has opened a Title IX investigation into a Madison, Wisconsin-area school district months after four freshman girls told authorities that a transgender-identified 18-year-old male student showered in front of them, exposing his genitals, in a high school locker room.” Read more here.


‘GENDER-TRANSITION’ CRITIC SPEAKS AT SYRACUSE DESPITE CANCEL ATTEMPTS BY LGBTQ ‘EXPERTS.’ Despite attempts by LGBTQ “experts” and students to cancel her appearance at Syracuse University, Genspect gender therapist Sara Stockton spoke critically of social and medical “transition.” Read more here.


CALIFORNIA WILL SOON FINE STORES THAT DON’T HAVE A ‘GENDER-NEUTRAL’ KIDS TOY SECTION. A new California law slated to go into effect on January 1, 2024 will mandate stores that sell children’s items to have a gender-neutral section according to a state government website. Read more here.


PORTLAND PUBLIC SCHOOLS TO FACTOR IN GENDER IDENTITY, RACE INTO SCHOOL DISCIPLINE: ‘COMPLETELY BACKWARDS.’ School staff at Portland, Oregon Public Schools will now be required to consider a disruptive student’s race, gender identity and sexual orientation before disciplining them. Read more here.


NETHERLANDS: TRANS-IDENTIFIED MALE CHARGED WITH BRUTAL KNIFE MURDER TRANSFERRED TO WOMEN’S PRISON. A trans-identifying male, “Daniela D.,” charged with fatally stabbing a man 214 times, has been placed in a women’s prison ahead of his final hearings. Read more here.


SCOTLAND TO BAN MALES WHO HAVE COMMITTED VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN FROM FEMALE PRISONS. The Scottish Prison Service has announced a new policy that will require males who have committed violence against females to be placed in men’s prisons, regardless of the gender with which they identify. Read more here.


ARE YOU DEMIBOY, GENDERFLUID OR QUESTIONING? PATIENTS ASKED TO CHOOSE GENDER IDENTITY BY NHS TRUST. An NHS trust in the United Kingdom is asking patients to choose what gender identity they are from a list including “Demiboy,” “Genderfluid” and “Questioning.” Read more here.


DUTCH LGBT POLITICIAN ATTEMPTING TO SILENCE CRITICS USING THE COURTS AND POLICE AFTER BEING ACCUSED OF SEXUALLY ABUSING MINORS. Sidney Smeets, LGBT activist and former member of the Dutch Parliament, has filed multiple defamation claims against his critics despite resigning amid accusations he sexually abused multiple young boys. Read more here.


SCHOOL ASSIGNED GIRL TO SLEEP WITH BOY WHO IDENTIFIES AS TRANS WITHOUT PARENTAL NOTIFICATION. An 11-year-old girl was assigned by the Jefferson County Public School District to share a bed with a male student who identifies as a transgender girl while on a cross-country school trip, and Alliance Defending Freedom is now representing her parents in the aftermath of this invasion of privacy. Read more here.


COURT VICTORY FOR CANADIAN TEACHER SILENCED FOR TRANSGENDER BOOK CRITICISM. An Ontario judge has declared that human rights legislation “does not prohibit public discussion of anything,” in a free-speech victory for a teacher who was shut down when she raised concerns at a school board meeting about transgender-themed books in elementary school libraries. Read more here.


FATHER SAYS HIS DAUGHTER SUFFERED A CONCUSSION WHILE PLAYING SCHOOL VOLLEYBALL AGAINST TRANS-IDENTIFIED MALE STUDENT. A concerned father in California has come forward to reveal that his daughter sustained a traumatic concussion after playing high school volleyball against an opposing team with a trans-identified male student. Read more here.


TRANSGENDER TEENAGER PLEADS GUILTY TO PLANNING SCHOOL, CHURCH SHOOTINGS IN COLORADO. William Whitworth, a trans-identifying male, pleaded guilty to second-degree assault for threatening to target three schools in Colorado Springs. Read more here.


TEXAS TOWN SIDES WITH DRAG QUEENS OVER CHURCHES IN CHRISTMAS PARADE FIGHT. For years, the Taylor Area Ministerial Alliance was responsible for organizing the annual Christmas parade, but controversy arose when LGBTQ activists demanded to be allowed to participate. Read more here.


IS THIS FRAUD? SENATOR URGES INQUIRY INTO AUSTRALIA’S TESTOSTERONE-FOR-FEMALES SCANDAL. Australia’s Senator Claire Chandler has called for an urgent investigation into the practice of transgender-identifying girls and young women being given taxpayer-funded testosterone as if they suffer from a “testicular disorder.” Read more here.


TENNESSEE AG PROMISES LEGAL ACTION IF BIDEN ADMIN FINALIZES TRANSGENDER FOSTER CARE RULE. Health and Human Services proposed a new rule on “Safe and Appropriate Foster Care Placement Requirements,” prompting responses from 17 attorneys general and a promised challenge by Tennessee. Read more here.


JUDGE HANDS MAJOR DEFEAT TO TRANSGENDER LAWMAKER SUING RED STATE OVER ‘UNCONSTITUTIONAL’ CENSURE. A Montana judge dismissed a lawsuit that state Rep. Zooey Zephyr, a Democrat who identifies as transgender, brought against the Montana House of Representatives after Zephyr’s censure in April. Read more here.


LONDON MIDWIVES FORCED TO RECORD NEWBORNS’ ‘GENDER IDENTITY’ INSTEAD OF BIOLOGICAL SEX. Midwives in two London, England hospitals are being forced to record newborn babies’ “gender identity” instead of their biological sex in what the National Health Service is calling a “system error” with its new IT technology. Read more here.


FLORIDA HIGH SCHOOL UNDER SCRUTINY OVER TRANS PARTICIPATION ON GIRLS’ VOLLEYBALL TEAM. The principal and a few staff members at Monarch High School in Coconut Creek were reassigned pending the outcome of an investigation into “improper student participation in sports,” the Broward County Public Schools said in a statement. Read more here.


UK COURT SIDES WITH TEEN WHO WANTS DOUBLE MASTECTOMY TO AFFIRM HER ‘NON-BINARY’ IDENTITY. The High Court of the United Kingdom has rejected a legal bid by the parents of a 17-year-old girl identifying as “non-binary” to prevent her from getting a double mastectomy. Read more here.


BOARD MEMBER SUES MESA, ARIZONA PUBLIC SCHOOLS OVER GENDER RULES. Mesa Public Schools Governing Board member Rachel Walden is suing the district and Superintendent Andi Fourlis over MPS transgender guidelines that allow boys who identify as “female” to use girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms. Read more here.


POOL PLAYER LYNNE PINCHES GETS AWARD AFTER REFUSING CHAMPIONSHIP AGAINST MALE COMPETITOR. Pinches recently walked away from her women’s pool championship game to show her rejection of the transsexual demand that men can pretend to be women, and she later received her deserved prize. Read more here.


NORWAY: TRANS-IDENTIFIED MALE MURDERS TRANS-IDENTIFIED FEMALE AND MEDIA REPORT THAT A ‘WOMAN’ MURDERED A ‘MAN.’ A trans-identified male is in custody after allegedly murdering his trans-identified female partner in Porsgrunn, Norway, where confused media reported that a “woman” murdered a “man.” Read more here.


CANADA: ONTARIO MUSEUM SCRUBS FEMALE POWERLIFTER FROM EXHIBIT FOLLOWING HER CALLS FOR FAIRNESS IN WOMEN’S SPORTS. A museum in London, Ontario has removed the female powerlifter April Hutchinson’s exhibit as an apparent retaliation for her vocal opposition to males participating in women’s sports. Read more here.


FL REP. RYAN CHAMBERLIN: PRONOUN LEGISLATION IS ABOUT ‘COMMON SENSE VS. NONSENSE.’ State Rep. Ryan Chamberlin introduced a bill stating that an employee or contractor for government institutions, businesses or nonprofit organizations that receive taxpayer funding cannot be required to use an individual’s “personal pronoun” if it does not correspond to that individual’s biological sex. Read more here.


BARBADOS DANCE GROUP CONSIDERS LEGAL ACTION OVER DISQUALIFICATION FOR CHALLENGING TRANS IDEOLOGY. Praise Academy of Dance Barbados has secured the legal help of the U.K.-based Christian Legal Centre after the National Independence Festival of Creative Arts disqualified the group in October for allegedly breaching “the bounds of good taste” and making “defamatory claims.” Read more here.


CATHOLIC ALL-GIRLS COLLEGE WILL ADMIT MEN IDENTIFYING AS ‘WOMEN.’ Saint Mary’s College President Katie Conboy told faculty in an email that “Saint Mary’s will consider undergraduate applicants whose sex assigned at birth is female or who consistently live and identify as women.” Read more here.


TRANSGENDER ATHLETE SHATTERS COLLEGE RECORD FOR WOMEN. A transgender swimmer at Ramapo College of New Jersey who identifies himself as Meghan Cortez-Fields broke a women’s school record in the 100-yard butterfly after competing for the men’s team for three years. Read more here.


DISNEY ‘PRONOUN PINS’ SLAMMED: ‘WALT IS ROLLING OVER IN HIS GRAVE.’ Pronoun name tags at Disney World will feature a range of different gender pronouns and will first be worn by workers in Epcot’s custodial department, before moving to every department at the Disney theme park. Read more here.


TEXAS SCHOOL BOARD SUCCUMBS TO TRANS PROTESTS, ALLOWS GENDER-CONFUSED GIRL TO PLAY MALE ROLE IN MUSICAL. The Sherman, Texas Independent School District voted 7-0 to allow a gender-confused girl to take a male role in an upcoming high school musical performance. Read more here.


GERMANY: PEDOPHILE ADVOCATE LEADING ‘QUEER’ GROUP PROMOTING ‘TRANSITIONING’ GENDER-CONFUSED CHILDREN. Some critics of gender identity ideology have questioned the Berlin chapter of SPDqueer’s decision to work with a sexologist who has a disturbing history of advocating favorably for pedophilia as a sexual orientation. Read more here.


ILLINOIS SCHOOL ‘DIVERSITY’ CLUB SPONSOR SOUGHT TO EXCLUDE STUDENTS UPSET OVER TRANS BATHROOM POLICY. A Waterloo high school teacher and advisor to the school’s “Diversity,” (Gay-Straight Alliance) Club complained about critics of the school’s bathroom policy and sought to exclude them from the group. Read more here.


‘MENSTRUATION’ TAMPONS LAUNCHED BY FINNISH COMPANY FOR WOMEN WHO THINK THEY ARE MEN. Vuokkoset, which has long manufactured menstrual products, lamented the fact that “periods and period products are viewed in our culture: as a ‘women’s thing,’” and billed the latest addition to its lineup as something “for men who have periods too.” Read more here.


AUSTRALIAN HEALTH DEPARTMENT TO CONSIDER FUNDING GENDER-AFFIRMING SURGERY UNDER MEDICARE. Gender-affirming procedures such as chest surgery and genital reconfiguration would be subsidized by Medicare under a push to improve mental health and quality of life for transgender people. Read more here.


‘GENDER AFFIRMING’ SURGERIES ARE ‘ESSENTIAL’ FOR SCHOOL STUDENTS, HARVARD SAYS. A four-week elective course called “Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery” subjects students to participation in procedures that include hand surgery, breast reconstruction, microsurgery, craniofacial surgery, lymphatic surgery, orthoplastic surgery, “gender affirming” surgery and cosmetic surgery. Read more here.


NORTH DAKOTA JUDGE ALLOWS BAN ON TRANS SURGERIES FOR MINORS TO REMAIN IN EFFECT. The judge dismissed a request to halt a ban on “sex change” surgeries for minors, which had been signed into law last spring by Gov. Doug Burgum. Read more here.


2 TRANSGENDERS TO COMPETE FOR MISS UNIVERSE TITLE FOLLOWING PAGEANT’S BANKRUPTCY FILING. Transgender males from Portugal and the Netherlands will be among the qualifiers in Saturday’s Miss Universe pageant in San Salvador. Read more here.


‘NON-BINARY AND TRANSGENDER EXTRAVAGANZA’ FEATURED IN MACY’S THANKSGIVING DAY PARADE. This year’s parade is causing controversy with the inclusion of “non-binary” and transgender performers. Read more here.


CONGRESSMEN SEEK TO BLOCK FORCED USE OF ‘PREFERRED PRONOUNS’ ACROSS FEDERAL AGENCIES. Rep. Andy Ogles (Rep-TN) and Sen. Ted Cruz (Rep-TX) are leading a bill that would block federal agencies from requiring employees and contractors to use the “preferred pronouns” of their employees. Read more here.


UK: TRANS-IDENTIFIED MALE APPOINTED NEW ENDOMETRIOSIS CHARITY CEO. A transgender male has been appointed as the new chief executive officer for a prominent women’s health charity in England, prompting outrage from women’s rights advocates. Read more here.


NATIONAL COUNSELING ORGANIZATIONS PUSH TRANSGENDER IDEOLOGY ON PROFESSIONALS, IN SCHOOLS. The American School Counselor Association, with a membership of 43,000 counselors and certified trainers across the country, is demanding that school counselors “promote affirmation” for those who identify as transgender. Read more here.


VATICAN SAYS TRANSSEXUALS CAN BE BAPTIZED, SERVE AS GODPARENTS. The Vatican’s doctrinal office declared that transsexuals and “homoaffective” persons can be baptized and serve as godparents provided certain conditions are met. Read more here.


WOMEN EXPELLED FROM UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING SORORITY AFTER OPPOSING ADMISSION OF TRANS-IDENTIFIED MALES. Two veteran members of a sorority at the University of Wyoming have been expelled after expressing disapproval toward the admission of a trans-identified male to the sisterhood. Read more here.


FEMALE POOL PLAYER FORFEITS FINAL DUE TO FACING TRANS MALE OPPONENT. Lynne Pinches stepped away from the table to applause from spectators who appeared to approve of her decision not to compete against transgender male Harriet Haynes – a World Masters Champion and World Scotch Doubles Champion  in the women’s category. Read more here.


VICTIMS OF ERASING SEX DISTINCTIONS LEAD GROWING COALITION AGAINST TRANS MUTILATION. From “detransitioners” to parental rights activists, last week’s Genspect conference in Denver featured a who’s who of those fighting gender ideology. Read more here.


FRENCH CRITICS OF HASTY MEDICALIZATION WIN A PRESTIGIOUS AWARD. Two of France’s most prominent critics of youth gender medicine, clinical psychologist Céline Masson and child psychiatrist Caroline Eliacheff, have been honored with a prize for their work carried out in the face of activist attacks. Read more here.


‘TRANS MAN’S’ CHILDREN’S BOOK FEATURED ON GLAMOUR UK COVER HIT WITH SCATHING REVIEWS. Transgender-identifying LGBT activist and biological woman Logan Brown, who was featured on the cover of Glamour UK earlier this year, released a children’s book titled In My Daddy’s Belly, and the book already has multiple negative reviews. Read more here.


DUTCH HUMAN RIGHTS INSTITUTE DEFENDS TRANS-IDENTIFIED MALE’S ACCESS TO FEMALE LOCKER ROOMS DESPITE EXHIBITIONISM. The government-backed Dutch Human Rights Institute has come to the defense of a trans-identified male who reported a woman to police for requesting he stay out of women’s spaces. Read more here.


‘TRANSGENDER’ ALABAMA MAYOR MOURNED BY TRANS ACTIVISTS SHARED PHOTOS OF LOCAL WOMEN TO PORN SITES. Smiths Station Mayor F.L. “Bubba” Copeland committed suicide after it was discovered that he had shared the names and photos of women he had victimized to pornography sites, after a damning expose was released by the 1819 Project revealing he had written erotic fantasies of murdering a local woman. Read more here.


 ‘ORWELLIAN’ HHS PRONOUN MANDATE FORCES EMPLOYEES TO ‘DENY REALITY,’ VIOLATE LAW: LEGAL EXPERT. The Department of Health and Human Services has rolled out a new gender pronoun policy that one Heritage Foundation expert and former HHS official says violates employee rights and will result in firings for “misgendering.” Read more here.


FEDERAL JUDGE UPHOLDS FLORIDA BAN ON TRANSGENDER ATHLETES PLAYING ON FEMALE TEAMS. A Miami federal judge dismissed a Broward County, Florida student’s claims of discrimination and upheld a 2021 state law that bans transgender athletes in public schools and colleges from playing on female sports teams. Read more here.


FAILING TO ADDRESS STUDENTS BY PREFERRED NAME WOULD BE DISCRIMINATION UNDER NEW COLORADO BILL PUSHED BY YOUTH. School staff would be required to address Colorado students by their preferred name under a new bill advanced by a state youth council, and refusal to comply would constitute discrimination. Read more here.


IRELAND: MALE TRANSGENDER BDSM FETISHIST WINS AWARD FOR PLAYING FOOTBALL AGAINST YOUNG WOMEN AND GIRLS. A trans-identified male athlete who has been criticized for playing Gaelic football against young women and teen girls has now been granted a sports award and was positively profiled by an Irish LGBT publication. Read more here.


‘WHY ARE THE ADULTS GOING ALONG WITH THIS?’: SEATTLE TEEN BLASTS CROSS COUNTRY ORG FOR ALLOWING TRANS RUNNERS TO COMPETE. A member of a high school girls’ cross-country team in Seattle and her parents are feeling “unsettled” and “cheated” by a boy who was allowed to compete against female athletes. Read more here.


OHIO STUDENTS PROTEST SCHOOL’S NEW TRANSGENDER BATHROOM POLICY: ‘SCHOOL BOARD HASN’T BEEN LISTENING.’ Dozens of Elida, Ohio High School students walked out of classes to protest the school’s policy allowing transgender students to choose restrooms by preference rather than biology. Read more here.


TRANSGENDER ‘NUDIST’ REPORTED TO CHILD PROTECTIVE AUTHORITIES AFTER DISTURBING VIDEO SPARKS OUTRAGE. A trans-identified male who promotes nudism has been reported to child protective authorities following a disturbing video beginning to circulate on social media showing him exposing himself in the presence of a small child. Read more here.


JEWISH ‘DETRANSITIONER’ SUES HER SURGEON, MOURNS SHE’LL NEVER CONCEIVE NATURALLY AFTER HYSTERECTOMY. A 23-year-old Chicago woman who filed a lawsuit anonymously is suing the surgeons whom she says cut off her healthy breasts and removed her uterus, making it impossible for her to ever carry and birth her biological children. Read more here.


FEMALE POWERLIFTER ANGRY ABOUT TRANSGENDER ATHLETES FACES SUSPENSION. April Hutchinson is facing a two-year ban by the Canadian Powerlifting Union for speaking publicly about the unfairness of biological males being allowed to taunt female competitors and loot their winnings. Read more here.


WOMEN’S MAGAZINE NAMES TRANSGENDER MODEL AS ‘WOMAN OF THE YEAR.’ Glamour magazine named biological male transgender model Geena Rocero one of its “Women of the Year,” describing him as “a force to be reckoned with.” Read more here.


‘TRANS’ CYCLIST CONTINUES TO ROB WOMEN OF AWARDS. The man named Tessa Johnson placed first in the women’s Single Speed and women’s Cat Half cycling races at the Campton Cross Competition, and he has won 10 gold medals in Chicago women’s races this year. Read more here.


UK: TRANSGENDER ACADEMIC WHO DOWNPLAYED VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN REVISING ETHICS FOR THERAPISTS. A trans-identified male academic who was previously criticized for stating that it “would not matter” if women were killed as a result of gender identity policies has been appointed to devise ethical guidelines for therapists at Open University UK. Read more here.


UK JUDGES WARN CROWN PROTECTION SERVICE HAS BEEN ‘CAPTURED’ BY PRO-TRANS LOBBY. The think tank Policy Exchange has accused the prosecuting authority for England and Wales of having been “unduly influenced” by the LGBT charity Stonewall when drawing up guidance about domestic abuse. Read more here.


UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN GAVE GENDER ‘TRANSITION’ SURGERIES WITHOUT PROPER CONSENT: LAWSUIT. A woman who allegedly self-diagnosed herself as having gender dysphoria as a teenager is suing two Wisconsin surgeons who removed her uterus and breasts, saying they did the procedures without her proper consent. Read more here.


OKLAHOMA BILL WOULD BAN FUNDS FOR GENDER RESEARCHERS WHO ‘PREY ON KIDS.’ Oklahoma State Rep. Josh Brecheen is introducing legislation that would ban gender researchers from receiving taxpayer funding if they lead studies facilitating transgender “sex-change” attempts for minors. Read more here.


MALE ON WOMEN’S FIELD HOCKEY TEAM PUTS OPPONENT IN HOSPITAL. A female Massachusetts high school field hockey player was sent to the hospital with “significant facial and dental injuries” during a state tournament game after a male on the opposing team hit her in the face with a field hockey ball. Read more here.


STUDENTS DISRUPT, CANCEL UNIVERSITY OF UTAH YAF SCREENING OF TRANS-CRITICAL DOCUMENTARY. Activists at the University of Utah disrupted and canceled a screening of the documentary on child transgender procedures, “Damaged: The Transing of America’s Kids,” sponsored by the university’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter. Read more here.


LOUDOUN COUNTY STUDENTS STAGE WALKOUT TO PROTEST TRANSGENDER BATHROOM POLICY. Dozens of students held a walkout over gender bathroom policies in Loudoun County, the progressive Virginia district that became a hotbed of protest on the issue after a pupil was sexually assaulted in the girls’ bathroom by a boy in a skirt. Read more here.


PITTSBURGH LGBT ACTIVISTS DEMAND THREE NEW CENTERS, ‘TRANS-INCLUSIVE’ HOUSING. Activists at the University of Pittsburgh protested outside a Turning Point USA event to demand “trans-inclusive healthcare and housing” among other requests. Read more here.


UNIVERSITY OF WYOMING SETTLES WITH EVANGELIST WHO CALLED OUT TRANS SORORITY MEMBER. The University of Wyoming has settled with Laramie evangelist Todd Schmidt, who sued it for censoring his speech about a transgender student’s biological sex. Read more here.


‘PEOPLE WITH CERVICES’: INDIANA UNIVERSITY MED SCHOOL DOUBLES DOWN ON GENDER IDEOLOGY. Insisting on pushing gender ideology, Indiana University School of Medicine is teaching that sex and gender are both “non-binary.” Read more here.


ACLU AND FAMILIES OF TRANS TEENS ASK SUPREME COURT TO BLOCK TENNESSEE BAN ON ‘GENDER AFFIRMING’ CARE. Attorneys representing Tennessee transgender teens and their families asked the U.S. Supreme Court to block a ban on “gender-affirming care” for minors that a lower court allowed to go into effect. Read more here.


SCOTTISH FEMINISTS LOSE APPEAL ON DEFINITION OF ‘WOMAN.’ The Inner House of the Court of Session delivered judgment on the appeal of For Women Scotland v the Scottish Ministers on the meaning of “sex” in the Equality Act, recognizing that gender is determined by birth unless a person obtains a Gender Recognition Certificate. Read more here.


EFFECTS OF EXPERIMENTAL GENDER SURGERY ON KIDS ‘DESTRUCTIVE,’ NEW HOUSE SPEAKER SAYS. New U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson sharply criticized experimental surgeries on children as he discussed the “destructive” effects that such experimentation, dubbed “gender-affirming care” by gender ideologists, has upon young people. Read more here.


PRAGERU LAUNCHES ‘DETRANS’ DOCUMENTARY TO EXPLAIN THE TERRIBLE COST OF THE TRANSGENDER MOVEMENT. A new PragerU video features young Americans who were manipulated by the transgender movement and pushed by medical professionals to take hormones and undergo surgery and are now warning others of the dangers involved. Read more here.


COURT SETS DEADLINE FOR INTERVENERS IN LAWSUIT CHALLENGING NEW BRUNSWICK GENDER IDENTITY POLICY. A lawsuit filed by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association alleges New Brunswick’s school gender identity policy violates the children’s charter and human rights and asks for a judge to quash them. Read more here.


NINE GOVERNORS SIGN PETITION FOR NCAA TO PROTECT WOMEN’S SPORTS. Led by South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, the governors want the college sports governing body to rewrite its Transgender Student Athlete Policy in the interests of ensuring fairness in athletics. Read more here.


PRO JIU-JITSU LEAGUE BANS TRANS ATHLETES FROM COMPETING AGAINST WOMEN AFTER COMPLAINTS FROM FEMALE FIGHTERS. Following complaints from biological female competitors having to face men who identify as women in competition, a prominent jiu-jitsu league banned “male-to-female” gender transitioners from competing against women in all its matches going forward. Read more here.


‘SOMETHING HAS GONE VERY WRONG’: FINNISH PSYCHIATRIST SPEAKS OUT AGAINST TRANS MUTILATION OF KIDS. A leading adolescent psychiatrist in Finland spoke out about the popular craze of transgenderism, warning from her own professional experience that young people are being influenced by social contagion to identify as another gender, that surgical and chemical interventions are leaving kids more distressed than ever and that pro-transgender organizations are refusing to acknowledge the facts. Read more here.


OHIO ISSUE 1 WOULD ALLOW TRANSGENDER SURGERIES ON KIDS WITHOUT PARENTAL CONSENT. A constitutional amendment that would guarantee abortion until birth is being supported by a coalition of abortionists, transgender activists and left-wing radicals who believe in transgender surgeries for minors, legalizing prostitution and “destigmatizing and uplifting sex work.” Read more here.


BOSTON CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL RECEIVED TAXPAYER DOLLARS FOR ‘GENDER TRANSITION’ SERVICES. Boston Children’s Hospital was handsomely reimbursed by the state of Massachusetts for its “gender transition services” from 2015 to 2023, according to documents obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation through a public records request. Read more here.


REPUBLICANS URGE NCAA TO CHANGE POLICY ON TRANS ATHLETES TO ENSURE ‘FAIR ENVIRONMENT FOR WOMEN’S SPORTS.’ Nine Republican governors sent a letter to the NCAA urging the organization to change its policy regarding transgender student-athletes and “guarantee a fair environment for women’s sports.” Read more here.


WEST VIRGINIA TRANSGENDER BOY SUES TO JOIN GIRLS’ TRACK TEAM. A 13-year-old boy who identifies as a “girl” is in court suing his middle school for the ability to compete on the girls’ track and field team. Read more here.


MAINE SCHOOL DISTRICT GAVE BREAST-BINDER TO 13-YEAR-OLD GIRL, TOLD HER NOT TO TELL HER MOTHER: GOLDWATER LAWSUIT. The Goldwater Institute is pursuing litigation on behalf of a mother in Maine who alleges that a social worker at the Great Salt Bay School District supplied her daughter with a breast-binder and began socially “transitioning” her by using male pronouns, without her mother’s knowledge. Read more here.


GUERNSEY: TRANS-IDENTIFIED RAPIST GIVEN ‘UNDULY LENIENT’ PRISON SENTENCE FOLLOWING TRIAL WHERE VICTIM WAS LABELED ‘TRANSPHOBIC.’ Several months after a Guernsey Royal Court jury unanimously found a 19-year-old trans-identified male guilty of rape, the court has announced that Freddie Christian Trenchard has been sentenced to three years at a youth detention center. Read more here.


IRELAND HSE SAYS STAFF MUST USE PREFERRED GENDER PRONOUNS AT WORK. A health service executive document which forms part of a mandatory online training program for staff in Ireland about workplace relations says that failure to use preferred pronouns is a form of discrimination. Read more here.


‘NOT GOING TO DO THE TRANSGENDER GAME’: OKLAHOMA EDUCATION BOARD DENIES DISTRICTS’ REQUEST TO LET STUDENTS CHANGE GENDER ON RECORDS. Oklahoma’s state education board voted down requests from the Moore and Cushing public school districts to allow students to change their gender on school records. Read more here.


MORE THAN 150,000 PEOPLE MARCH FOR SEXUAL, GENDER DIVERSITY IN TAIPEI. Taiwan is considered one of the most progressive regions in Asia in terms of LGBT+ rights, after legalizing same-sex marriage in 2019. Read more here.


MALE DROPPED REQUEST TO COMPETE AS ‘FEMALE’ SWIMMER, EVEN AS ROANOKE COLLEGE RUSHED TO ACCOMMODATE. Roanoke College recently joined the list of schools allowing men to compete with the women after a transgender student requested to join the women’s swim team, but that student changed his mind before the rule was passed. Read more here.


WOMEN ABANDON BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU TOURNAMENT AFTER BEING FORCED TO FIGHT MALES. Female martial artists have come forward to reveal that male athletes claiming to be “transgender women” have completely overtaken the women’s categories of a major grappling association, leaving them fearing for their safety in many instances. Read more here.


RICH COUNTRIES TO USE FOOD AS A WEAPON ON GENDER. The Committee on World Food Security adopted a set of gender guidelines that makes sexual and reproductive health and intersectional policies a component of national and international food security. Read more here.


CANADA: WOMAN ASSAULTED BY TRANS ACTIVIST AT PROTEST AGAINST GENDER IDEOLOGY BEING TAUGHT IN SCHOOLS. A trans activist punched 52-year-old Tara Smith in the face during a recent protest against gender ideology being taught in British Columbia. Read more here.


FLORIDA ASKS SUPREME COURT TO INTERVENE IN LEGAL BATTLE OVER BAN ON DRAG SHOWS FOR KIDS. Florida filed an emergency request to the Supreme Court asking it to allow the state to partially enforce its restrictions on drag performances. Read more here.


DON’T CALL TRANSGENDER RAPISTS WOMEN, UK HOME SECRETARY BRAVERMAN TELLS POLICE. British Home Secretary Suella Braverman has told women’s campaigners that UK police should not call transgender rapists women because it is “offensive and factually incorrect.” Read more here.


NOTRE DAME ADMIN DEFENDS UNIVERSITY-SPONSORED DRAG SHOW UNDER THE GUISE OF ‘ACADEMIC FREEDOM.’ The Film, Television, and Theater Department at Notre Dame University plans to host a drag show, heightening its ongoing controversy over maintaining its Catholic identity within the bounds of academic freedom. Read more here.


GUESS WHO WAS NAMED GRAND MARSHALL OF AN ORLANDO LGBTQ+ PRIDE EVENT. Dempsey Jara, whose parents claim they knew their son was “transgender” since he was 18 months old, will be the youngest grand marshal at Orlando’s “Come Out With Pride” festival. Read more here.


SPAIN: PREDATOR WHO IMPGREGNATED MINOR GIRL IS TRANSFERRED TO A ‘MIXED-SEX’ PRISON WITH WOMEN. The man who is serving a four-year sentence for the repeat sexual abuse of an underage girl has been classified as a “female” convict and transferred to a mixed-sex penitentiary to serve his time with women. Read more here.


TRANS-IDENTIFYING MALE WINS GIRLS’ CROSS COUNTRY REGIONAL. Soren Stark-Chessa, a male who identifies as female, won the Class C South girls’ cross-county title at Twin Brook Recreation Area just north of Portland, Maine. Read more here.


AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS NAMED IN BOMBSHELL ‘DETRANSITIONER’ LAWSUIT. A woman who was pumped with testosterone and underwent hormone therapy when she was a young teenager is suing her doctors and the American Academy of Pediatrics, which her lawyers say has knowingly lied about the impact of the radical “sex-change” treatments it recommends. Read more here.


IRISH GENDER SERVICE: ‘OVER 50%’ SEEKING GENDER ASSESSMENT HAVE AUTISM. The Irish State’s National Gender Service has admitted that current data indicate “over 50 percent” of those seeking gender assessment in Ireland have autism, and that “this number is increasing.” Read more here.


CANADA’S SASKATCHEWAN PASSES SCHOOL GENDER IDENTITY BILL. A bill requiring young students to get parental consent to change their pronouns in school was challenged by an LGBT group, put on hold by an injunction and now has been restored by a provincial override. Read more here.


DRAFT LAW IN AUSTRALIA WOULD END CAREER OF HEALTH PRACTITIONERS WHO MEDICALLY ‘TRANSITION’ MINORS. The Childhood Gender Transition Prohibition Bill targets under-18 medical “transition” and would ban the use of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and transgender surgeries such as mastectomy or the creation of artificial genitals. Read more here.


BIDEN NIH NOMINEE GRILLED OVER ‘TRANS’ STUDY INVOLVING 2 YOUTH SUICIDES. U.S. Republican senators grilled President Joe Biden’s nominee for director of the National Institute of Health, Monica Bertagnolli, over a “transgender study” on the suicide deaths of two youths called a “success” by the institute. Read more here.


UK MOTHER WINS LANDMARK COURT RULING TO STOP CHILD HAVING PRIVATE ‘TRANS TREATMENT.’ A court order prevents the woman’s ex-husband from allowing the 15-year-old child to receive private “transgender treatment” and sets a precedent for cases where divorced parents disagree about what treatment should be given to a child who believes they are the opposite sex. Read more here.


NPR MEMBER STATION SYMPATHETICALLY PROFILES TRANS-IDENTIFIED MALE ACCUSED OF RAPE AT CALIFORNIA WOMEN’S PRISON. An NPR-affiliated public broadcaster in California has released a sympathetic profile on a trans-identified male inmate accused of sexual assault and threatening female inmates while serving his sentence in a women’s prison. Read more here.


NAVAL ACADEMY SEEKS ‘GENDER AND SEXUALITY’ STUDIES PROFESSOR. All of the U.S. military academies have come under fire for their diversity policies, and now the U.S. Naval Academy is reviewing applications for a scholar in “Gender and Sexuality Studies” to teach in its English department. Read more here.


J.K. ROWLING SAYS SHE’LL DO HARD TIME BEFORE SHE CALLS A TRANSGENDER MAN A ‘WOMAN.’ “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling isn’t letting the criticism of transgender ideology activists stop her from speaking her mind, and now she says she would “happily” do prison time if forced into compliance with preferred gender pronouns and identities. Read more here.


‘TRANSGENDER’ FENCER WINS WOMEN’S WORLD TITLE OVER BIOLOGICAL FEMALES. The biological male who goes by Liz Kocab defeated a female rival to win his eighth world championship in women’s fencing. Read more here.


U.S.: TRANS-IDENTIFIED MALE MUSICIAN CALLS FOR MURDER OF WOMEN CRITICAL OF GENDER IDEOLOGY AT SAN FRANCISCO PERFORMANCE. The trans-identifying male musician in California known as Precious Child is currently touring and performing songs while calling for the murder of women critical of gender identity ideology. Read more here.


‘DETRANSITIONER’ CHLOE COLE TAKES PART IN INCREDIBLE PHOTO SHOOT THAT HAS THE ANGRY LEFT MAKING THREATS. Chloe Cole is one of the most famous voices for those who were misled by society to become “transgender” and “detransitioned,” and she gave an impassioned speech to Congress about the subject that moved many to tears and offered hope for some. Read more here.


FATHER WHOSE SON HAD TRANSGENDER SURGERY DESPITE COURT ORDER ISSUES DIRE WARNING ABOUT PARENTAL RIGHTS. A California father has urged a court to find his ex-wife, her lawyer, his son’s lawyer and a hospital in contempt of court after they went around a court order stipulating that his son would not receive transgender-related surgery unless the father approved it. Read more here.


ARKANSAS GOV. SARAH HUCKABEE SANDERS TO SIGN EXECUTIVE ORDER ELIMINATING ‘WOKE, ANTI-WOMEN WORDS’ FROM STATE GOVERNMENT USE. The governor is setting the record straight on femininity in Arkansas, introducing an executive order to mandate the use of gender-specific terms when describing women and “prohibit the use of woke, anti-women words for official state government business.” Read more here.


EXPERTS EXPRESS ‘SIGNIFICANT CONCERNS’ OVER TRANSGENDER ‘MEDICAL SCANDAL.’ A group of experts, including Irish psychotherapist Stella O’Malley, have penned an editorial for Science Direct in which they expressed “significant concerns” over the “uncritical adoption” of gender ideology in health and social care education. Read more here.


COLLEGE PROTESTERS STAGE UNSUCCESSFUL SIT-IN AGAINST TRANS-CRITICAL BOOK LAUNCH. Academic writers critical of transgender ideology and their supporters overcame a sit-in and shouts of “shame” by rowdy protesters to launch their book recently at a Scottish university. Read more here.


‘DETRANSITIONER BILL OF RIGHTS’ GIVES STATES BLUEPRINT TO PUSH BACK ON RADICAL GENDER IDEOLOGY. An organization that works to oppose the injection of radical gender ideology into medicine is releasing model legislation that would provide legal remedies for so-called “detransitioners” who are seeking a way to reverse the effects of “gender transition” surgeries. Read more here.


FATHER WHOSE SON HAD TRANSGENDER SURGERY DESPITE COURT ORDER ISSUES DIRE WARNING ABOUT PARENTAL RIGHTS. A California father has urged a court to find his ex-wife, her lawyer, his son’s lawyer and a hospital in contempt of court after they went around a court order stipulating that his son would not receive transgender-related surgery unless the father approved it. Read more here.


VIRGINIA FAMILY SPEAKS OUT ABOUT BOY BEING ALLOWED INTO LOCKER ROOMS WITH HIGH SCHOOL GIRLS. A family in a school district at the heart of the nation’s transgender debate is speaking out about an area school allowing a male student into female locker rooms and the school’s failure to take seriously the ensuing trauma for female students. Read more here.


LESBIAN ACTION GROUP ORDERED NOT TO EXCLUDE TRANS ‘WOMEN’ FROM EVENTS. Sky News host Andrew Bolt has slammed the Australian Human Rights Commission’s “bizarre” ruling that “men can be women,” with the commission ordering the Lesbian Action Group not to ban men or “transgender women” from its events. Read more here.


DOCTOR ASKED FOR GRANT TO STUDY TRANS HORMONES ON RATS, ADMITS ‘SEVERE LACK’ OF RESEARCH, EMAILS SHOW. Dr. Walid Farhat, a professor of Urology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, has applied for a grant to study the impact of cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers on prepubescent rats, acknowledging the research on the potential side effects is “severely lacking.” Read more here.


UK LABOR PARTY TO MAKE ‘MISGENDERING’ A CRIME WITH UP TO TWO YEARS IN PRISON: REPORT. In a move that would introduce compelled speech laws, Sir Keir Starmer’s Labor Party is preparing to create new hate speech legislation that would punish people for referring to someone with the “wrong” gender pronoun. Read more here.


80K EMPLOYEES OF BIDEN’S HHS ARE NOW FORCED TO USE TRANSGENDER PRONOUNS. Timed to coincide with “National Coming Out Day,” the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has imposed a transgender pronoun mandate on its 80,000 employees, requiring each to affirm transgender and non-binary coworkers’ self-proclaimed “identity.” Read more here.


CLEMSON STUDENTS PROTEST AGAINST TAMPONS BEING DISTRIBUTED IN MEN’S BATHROOMS. A massive group of Clemson students protested against the university’s decision to remove feminine hygiene products from men’s restrooms after a conservative student group complained. Read more here.


WISCONSIN REP. DAVE CONSIDINE SAYS GIRLS WHO LOSE TO TRANS ATHLETES JUST NEED TO ‘WORK HARDER.’ State Rep. Dave Considine (Dem.) told his colleagues on the state house floor he thinks girls who lose to male-born transgender athletes just need to “work harder” if they don’t like losing in sports. Read more here.


UK: NHS GUIDANCE ENCOURAGES TRANS-IDENTIFIED ‘FEMALES’ TO CONTINUE TO USE TESTOSTERONE WHILE ‘CHESTFEEDING’ DESPITE UNKNOWN RISK TO BABY. The National Health Service of the United Kingdom is advising “transgender” females who take testosterone to continue doing so even while breastfeeding a baby despite acknowledging the unknown risks the hormone may have to the child. Read more here.


SCOTLAND: TRANS-IDENTIFIED MALE BDSM FETISHIST ON WOMEN’S SHORTLIST FOR GOVERNMENT PARTY COMMITTEE. A male who goes by the name Amber Roberts has been selected to be on an all-women shortlist for a position with the Scottish National Party’s National Executive Committee Lothian, drawing criticism from women’s rights campaigners. Read more here.


MEN WHO IDENTIFY AS WOMEN ARE NOW ELIGIBLE FOR MEMBERSHIP IN DAUGHTERS OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION. The National Society Daughters of the American Revolution will allow men who identify as women to join the organization following a recent amendment to their bylaws. Read more here.


JAPAN COURT SAYS REQUIRING SURGERY FOR ‘GENDER SWITCH’ UNCONSTITIONAL. The Hamamatsu branch of the Shizuoka Family Court delivered the country’s first judgment on a challenge to the rule after the man, Gen Suzuki, filed a request in 2021 seeking to “change his gender” without sex reassignment surgery. Read more here.


LECTURER OBJECTS TO UNIVERSITY’S GENDER IDENTITY POLICY WHICH DESCRIBES REFUSAL TO USE PRONOUNS AS UNLAWFUL. A lecturer at South East Technical University has told the school she will refuse to comply with its new gender identity policy on the basis that it describes refusal to use students’ or staff members’ preferred pronouns as an example of “unlawful discrimination or harassment.” Read more here.


AWARD-WINNING POLISH MUSICIAN REMOVED FROM PERFORMANCES, TEACHING CONTRACT AFTER CRITICIZING GENDER IDEOLOGY. Polish electronic and noise musician Ewa Justka has found herself canceled and targeted for harassment after speaking out against gender ideology. Read more here.


LEAKED ONTARIO SCHOOL BOARD MEMO TELLS TEACHERS TO HIDE CHILDREN’S GENDER IDENTITY FROM PARENTS. An Ontario public school board has directed teachers to keep ‘gender transitions’ of students secret from their parents. Read more here.


LOUDON COUNTY FAMILY SUES SCHOOL DISTRICT OVER RAPE OF DAUGHTER IN SCHOOL BATHROOM. The family of a young girl who was raped in the girls’ bathroom at school by a boy in a skirt in 2021 filed a lawsuit against Loudon County Public Schools in northern Virginia for allegedly attempting to cover it up. Read more here.


UN WOMEN PROMPTS OUTRAGE AFTER FOCUSING ON ‘UPLIFTING’ TRANS LESBIANS WHILE VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN IN ISRAEL RAGES ON. United Nations Women is under fire after a social media posting in celebration of “trans lesbians” despite having released no formal statement condemning the violence against women in war-torn Israel. The posts, of which two were made on October 8, were intended to celebrate “International Lesbian Day.” Read more here.


MALE CYCLISTS TAKE HOME FIRST, SECOND PLACES AT WOMEN’S CYCLOCROSS CUP IN CHICAGO. Two trans-identified males dominated women’s competitions at the Chicago CycloCross Cup, leading many women’s rights advocates to condemn the event for allowing men to self-identify into the women’s categories. Read more here.


TWO MEN SLATED TO COMPETE IN MISS UNIVERSE PAGEANT. Marina Machete, a biological male who identifies as a female, was crowned Miss Portugal and now advances to represent Portugal in the Miss Universe competition. A second male who will compete in the Miss Universe pageant was chosen as Miss Netherlands. Read more here.


PENNSYLVANIA SCHOOL BOARD REVERSES DECISION, BANS BOYS FROM GIRLS’ RESTROOM. The Perkiomen Valley School Board reversed a prior decision that allowed students to use restrooms and locker rooms according to their gender identity. Read more here.


FEDERAL JUDGE ALLOWS OKLAHOMA’S BAN ON TRANSGENDER MUTILATION OF CHILDREN TO TAKE EFFECT. U.S. District Judge John Heil issued a preliminary ruling allowing Oklahoma to enforce its ban on gender “transitioning” drugs and surgeries for minors, on the assessment that the law’s challengers were not likely to succeed on the merits. Read more here.


LGBT ACTIVISTS FAIL TO CANCEL SASKATCHEWAN EVENTS OPPOSING MUTILATION OF CHILDREN. Despite successfully getting police to open an investigation into the matter, LGBT activist groups failed to cancel a series of two pro-family events in Saskatchewan opposing the gender mutilation of children. Read more here.


EVIDENCE ON HIGHER RATES OF DIABETES UNCLEAR IN TRANS PEOPLE, BUT DATA ON HIGHER RATES OF HEART DISEASE ARE CLEAR. Evidence that transgenders face higher rates of cardiovascular disease continues to mount. Increased risk of any cardiovascular disease is significantly higher in both transgender men and transgender women as compared with control men or women. Read more here.


CHIEF PRISON INSPECTOR ‘DISAPPOINTS’ AFTER DENYING THERE HAS EVER ‘BEEN AN ISSUE WITH TRANS PEOPLE IN SCOTTISH PRISONS.’ Scotland’s leading prison inspector, Wendy Sinclair-Gieben, has come under fire for denying long-standing controversy around gender in female prisons, stating, “I fail to understand what the interest is, because there’s never been an issue with trans people in Scottish prisons.” Read more here.


BIDEN ADMINISTRATION FORCES TRANSGENDER ORTHODOXY IN WORKPLACES. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission aims to weaponize a federal law prohibiting harassment on the basis of sex in the workplace by forbidding employers to believe that biological sex cannot be altered by one’s self-identification. Read more here.


MEN CLAIMING TO BE ‘NON-BINARY’ INVADE WOMEN’S TECH CONFERENCE. A recent technology career conference hosted by a mentorship organization for “women and non-binary technologists” was overwhelmed by men, some of whom claimed to be non-men. Read more here.


BRITISH PRIME MINISTER SAYS TRADITIONAL UNDERSTANDING OF GENDER IS ‘COMMON SENSE.’ British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said the fact that “a man is a man and a woman is a woman” is “common sense,” and “[W]e shouldn’t get bullied into believing that people can be any sex they want to be.” Read more here.


TOP COURT TOLD SCOTTISH NATIONAL PARTY GOVERNMENT’S DEFINITION OF WOMAN IS ‘UTTERLY UNWORKABLE.’ The second major court case in as many weeks heard how the SNP Government’s attempt to include some biological men in the legal definition of woman is “unworkable.” Read more here.


GROUNDBREAKING LEGAL VICTORY: WISCONSIN COURT RULES SCHOOLS CANNOT TRANS KIDS WITHOUT PARENTAL CONSENT. A Waukesha County Circuit Court ruled in favor of Wisconsin parents, deciding that a school district “abrogated” the parents’ rights when it decided to socially “affirm” their daughter as a transgender boy against their wishes. Read more here.


UK: TRANS PATIENTS WILL NO LONGER BE ALLOWED ON FEMALE HOSPITAL WARDS. Biological male transgender patients will no longer be allowed on female hospital wards in the NHS under new plans to tackle “wokery” and “ideological dogma” in the UK’s national health service. Read more here.


HUNDREDS OF CANADIAN TRANS TEENS UNDER 18 HAVE HAD BREASTS REMOVED, NEW DATA SHOW. As tensions rise over the medical care of trans children, a new analysis shows hundreds of adolescents in Canada have undergone female-to-male “top surgery” — double mastectomies — over the past five years. Read more here.


FEDERAL COURT RULES AGAINST IOWA SCHOOL DISTRICT FORCING STUDENTS, STAFF TO USE PREFERRED GENDER PRONOUNS. A federal court handed staff and students in an Iowa school district a major victory, issuing a temporary injunction blocking district schools from enforcing a policy requiring students and employees to “respect a student’s gender identity” even if that “identity” does not correspond with biological reality. Read more here.


NEBRASKA IS IMPOSING A 7-DAY WAIT FOR TRANS YOUTH TO START ‘GENDER-AFFIRMING’ MEDICATIONS. Nebraska is requiring transgender youth seeking ‘’gender-affirming’’ care to wait seven days to start puberty blocking medications or hormone treatments under emergency regulations announced by the state health department. Read more here.


APPEALS COURT UPHOLDS TENNESSEE, KENTUCKY BANS ON TRANSGENDER CARE FOR MINORS. By a 2-1 vote, the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the Sixth District allowed Tennessee and Kentucky to enforce laws banning “gender-affirming” medical care for minors, such as puberty blockers, hormones and surgery. Read more here.


CHIEF PSYCHIATRIST IN QUEENSLAND BACKS INDEPENDENT VIEW OF GENDER MEDICINE. An independent review of treatment for children diagnosed with gender dysphoria in the Australian state of Queensland is in the planning stages, and Dr. Jillian Spencer urged Children’s Health Queensland to “prevent further harm to children” by suspending puberty blocker prescriptions for new patients during the term of the independent review. Read more here.


TRANSGENDER ‘JEOPARDY’ CHAMPION AMY SCHNEIDER DEFENDS CHILD ‘SEX CHANGE’ PROCEDURES AS ‘LITERALLY LIFESAVING.’ Transgender Jeopardy! champion Amy Schneider — a man who identifies as a woman — is defending “sex-change” procedures for children, calling them “literally lifesaving” in a new memoir set to be released. Read more here.


BIOLOGIST CRITICIZES ANTHROPOLOGISTS’ CANCELLATION OF PANEL ON BIOLOGICAL SEX. Colin Wright criticized the American Anthropological Association’s decision to cancel a panel of female scholars on the importance of sex as a category during the American Anthropological Association’s and Canadian Anthropology Society’s joint annual conference in November. Read more here.


WOKE WARS: BRITAIN’S ROYAL NAVY TELLS SAILORS TO INTRODUCE THEMSELVES WITH GENDER PRONOUNS. A “Trans and Non-Binary Awareness” guide reportedly published on the Royal Navy’s internal intranet has told staff: “Introducing yourself with your pronouns at the start of meetings and interactions is a good way to be inclusive.” Read more here.


CHARGES PENDING AGAINST TRANSGENDER STUDENT SEEN ASSAULTING GIRL ON VIRAL VIDEO. A trans-identified male was caught on video tape violently assaulting a female without provocation at Hazelbrook Middle School in Tualatin, Oregon. Read more here.


MICHIGAN SUPREME COURT ORDERS JUDGES TO USE PREFERRED PRONOUNS OF ATTORNEYS, LITIGANTS. Under the new rule adopted by the Michigan Supreme Court, attorneys and litigants can list their “preferred salutations and personal pronouns” on court records that judges must abide by beginning January 1, 2024. Read more here.


‘PHIL IS DEAD NOW, I’M JEAN.’ A VICTIM REVEALS WHAT HAPPENED WHEN HER ABUSER ‘TRANSITIONED.’ A British woman is alleging her former partner Phil Bush, now going by the female name “Jean,” seriously abused her and her daughter, and the mother is now being ordered to recognize his pronouns in the court case. Read more here.


PAKISTAN AUTHORITIES RESUME ISSUING ‘X’ ID CARDS TO TRANSGENDER PEOPLE AFTER FOUR-MONTH HALT. Officials have been instructed to resume printing X-category Computerized National Identity Cards for transgender individuals, as a constitutional obligation. Read more here.


NI: TUV LEADER JIM ALLISTER DISCOVERS UK-WIDE IT SYSTEM WHICH ALLOWS TEACHERS TO ‘CHANGE’ CHILDREN’S GENDER IDENTITIES WITHOUT PARENTAL KNOWLEDGE. The Education Authority says that changes to the IT system, revealing dropdown checkboxes for students’ gender identity to be “changed,” had been kept secret from parents. Read more here.


POLL: MOST CANADIANS DISAGREE WITH NEW TRANSGENDER POLICIES. The Angus Reid survey found that a clear majority of Canadians are opposed to adopting “gender neutral” terminology. Read more here.


COLLEGE ADMISSIONS OFFICERS USE PRONOUNS TO GIVE PREFERENCES TO LIBERALS, STUDY FINDS. The study, “Gender Identity and Access to Higher Education,” found that college admissions counselors give preferential treatment to emails from people with pronouns in their signature lines. Read more here.


GENDER CLINIC PERFORMS ‘SEX CHANGES’ ON MINORS DESPITE BEING ‘FULLY AWARE’ OF PERMANENT SIDE EFFECTS. A Utah gender clinic is performing irreversible “sex changes” on minors despite being fully aware that the procedures can cause permanent side effects with lasting physical changes including sterility. Read more here.


AUSTRALIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION DECISION PROHIBITS FEMALE-ONLY EVENTS FOR LESBIANS. Australia’s Human Rights Commission has released a preliminary decision prohibiting lesbians from holding events for females that exclude men who identify as women. Read more here.


TEACHERS WHO REFUSED TO LIE TO PARENTS ABOUT KIDS’ GENDER IDENTITIES WIN MAJOR VICTORY. Lori Ann West and Elizabeth Mirabelli, teachers in the Escondido, California, Union School District, who were trained to withhold information from parents about students’ gender identities, sued the district and gained a preliminary injunction. Read more here.


TRANSGENDER MAN WHO RAPED DAUGHTER FORCED ON FEMALE INMATES. Mark Campbell, a biological male who identifies as female, is serving time in a Wisconsin women’s prison after raping his 10-year-old daughter. Read more here.


SPECIALIST TRANSGENDER FERTILITY CLINIC TO OPEN IN PHILADELPHIA. A clinic specializing in IVF for transgender men (i.e., natal women) will open in in Pittsburgh next spring. The clinic will offer a wide array of services, ranging from sperm and egg donation to surrogacy services, IVF, to hormone therapy. Read more here.


NEWSOM PLAYS ‘MODERATE’: VETOES TRANSGENDER CUSTODY BILL. California Gov. Gavin Newsom vetoed a bill that would have allowed judges to consider a parent’s support — or lack thereof — for a child’s “gender transition” in custody battles between divorcing parents. Read more here.


CALIFORNIA GOV. GAVIN NEWSOM SIGNS BILLS TO ENHANCE THE STATE’S PROTECTIONS FOR LGBTQ+ PEOPLE. A day after issuing a controversial veto that was criticized by advocates, Newsom signed several bills aimed at bolstering the state’s protections for LGBTQ+ people, including legislation that creates an advisory task force to determine the needs of LGBTQ+ students and help advance supportive initiatives. Read more here.


TEACHERS ‘MISGENDERING’ TRANS PUPILS NOT DISCRIMINATORY, EQUALITY WATCHDOG SAYS. Teachers who misgender transgender pupils are not guilty of discrimination, new guidance from the British equality watchdog Equality and Human Rights Commission says. Read more here.


WEST VIRGINIA AG ARGUES AGAINST MEDICAID COVERAGE OF ‘SEX REASSIGNMENT’ SURGERIES. A federal district court previously ruled that West Virginia could not eliminate coverage of sex-reassignment surgeries, but now the state plans to appeal the ruling in hopes of reversing it. Read more here.


TRANS ACTIVISTS BEHIND CAMPAIGN OF VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN, RISHI SUNAK WARNED. Women’s rights campaigners who say they are being threatened by “social ostracism” for arguing they have a right to single-sex spaces have written to UK’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak asking him to take action against an “escalating campaign of violence and intimidation” by trans rights activists. Read more here.


PARENTS SUE AFTER SCHOOL BOARD NIXES VIRGINIA’S MODEL TRANGENDER POLICY. Two parents filed a lawsuit against the Virginia Beach School Board for voting down proposed policies that pertain to keeping parents informed about their child’s identity. Read more here.


BIDEN ADMIN. TITLE IX CHANGES COULD LEAD TO THE ‘ULTIMATE ERASURE OF WOMEN,’ ACTIVISTS WARN. Conservative activists gathered to speak out against the U.S. Department of Education’s proposed changes to Title IX civil rights policy at an event organized by Stop Abusive and Violent Environments (SAVE), which advocates for constitutional protections for students and faculty, such as due process.” Read more here.


HUGE PROTESTS IN CANADA OVER TRANSGENDER IDEOLOGY IN SCHOOLS. Chanting “Enough is enough” and “Leave our kids alone,” thousands of Canadians gathered in several cities for the 1MillionMarch4Children to demonstrate against the teaching of transgender ideology in schools. Read more here.


AUTHOR OF INFAMOUS ‘GENDER QUEER’ BOOK: ‘I DON’T RECOMMEND THIS BOOK FOR KIDS.’ “Gender Queer” author Maia Kobabe, who identifies as non-binary and uses the pronouns “e, em and eir,” explained that while her book might be appropriate for “older teens,” she does not recommend it for children. Read more here.


NO MIXED-GENDER BATHROOMS IN QUEBEC SCHOOLS, EDUCATION MINISTER SAYS. Quebec’s education minister, Bernard Drainville, says it’s out of the question to have mixed-gender bathrooms in the province’s schools. Read more here.


FACULTY UNION: UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA NURSING STUDENTS SHOULD ASK 3-YEAR-OLDS ABOUT ‘GENDER IDENTITY.’ A faculty labor union put pressure on the University of Arizona to teach nursing students to ask 3-year-old patients about their “gender identity.” Read more here.


TRANS-IDENTIFIED MALE ACCUSED OF VOYEURISM IN WOMEN’S RESTROOM SET TO APPEAR IN COURT. A trans-identified male is facing charges of voyeurism and tampering with evidence after being caught photographing a woman in the female restroom at a corporate office in Northwest Arkansas. Read more here.


MOM LOOKS TO START ‘HEALING RETREAT’ FOR ‘DETRANSITIONERS.’ The mother of a young woman who identifies as transgender and has undergone multiple surgeries to look like a man shared her plans to create healing retreats for “detransitioners” as she maintains hope that her daughter will one day realize the harm that has been done to her. Read more here.


ONE-THIRD OF CHILDREN PUT ON PUBERTY BLOCKERS SAW MENTAL HEALTH ‘RELIABLY DETERIORATE.’ A new look at a 2011 study conducted by the University College London Hospitals and the Tavistock Centre’s Gender Identity Development Service — the UK’s only child gender “transition” clinic that is set to be shut down over safeguarding failures — has found that the mental health of 34 percent of children placed on puberty-blocking drugs “reliably deteriorated.” Read more here.


GEORGIA MAN ARRESTED AFTER EXPOSING HIMSELF TO 15-YEAR-OLD GIRL IN PLANET FITNESS LOCKER ROOM. Despite being aware that the man had a history of indecent exposure, Planet Fitness employees reportedly stated the man had a “right” to use the women’s facilities as per the gym’s gender self-identification policy. Read more here.


SWEDISH CHRISTIAN DEMOCRATS BLOCK TRANS BILL. A bill to make “gender change” easier and lower the age limit from 18 to 16 years is not on the Swedish government’s list of planned bills for this fall. Read more here.


MAJORITY OF U.S. ADULTS OPPOSE ‘GENDER TRANSITION’ FOR MINORS – EVEN MORE SAY POLITICIANS ARE TOO UNINFORMED TO MAKE POLICIES. Majorities of American adults don’t want teachers secretly affirming a student’s gender identity, and they think it should be illegal for minors to receive “gender-transition” medical treatment, a new national survey reveals. Read more here.


PENNSYLVANIA HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS ORGANIZE WALKOUT TO PROTEST TRANS BATHROOM RULE: ‘COMPROMISED’ OUR RIGHTS. Hundreds of students from Pennsylvania’s Perkiomen Valley School District walked out of class after the local school board failed to enact a policy requiring transgender students to use the restroom corresponding with their biological sex. Read more here.


JUDGE BLOCKS SCHOOL DISTRICT FROM HIDING CHILDRENS’ GENDER IDENTITY FROM PARENTS. U.S. District Court Judge Roger Benitez has temporarily blocked the Escondido, California Union School District from enforcing a policy that conceals students’ gender identity or “transition” from their parents. Read more here.


BBC SCRAPS SINGER RÓISOÍN MURPHY AFTER SHE CALLED OUT PUBERTY BLOCKERS. Irish singer Róisín Murphy was removed from a BBC broadcast because of her Facebook post criticizing the radical practice of prescribing hormone-altering drugs to children. Read more here.


GERMAN STUDY ON ‘FEMALE’ PEDOPHILES INCLUDED TRANS-IDENTIFIED MALE PARTICIPANTS. A study by University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf aiming to analyze women who report pedophilic tendencies has raised concerns after including those who “identified with the female gender” among the participants. Read more here.


KANSAS WILL NO LONGER CHANGE TRANS PEOPLE’S BIRTH CERTIFICATES TO REFLECT THEIR GENDER IDENTITIES. Kansas will no longer change transgender people’s birth certificates to reflect their gender identities, the state health department said Friday, citing a new law that prevents the state from legally recognizing those identities. Read more here.


SPAIN: MAN CONVICTED OF ABUSING TWO WOMEN REQUESTS PARDON AFTER DECLARING TRANSGENDER IDENTITY. A man in Spain convicted of violent crimes against two women has changed his name to Milan and also “changed his sex marker” in an apparent bid to seek clemency from the government on the basis of his newfound gender identity. Read more here.


SASKATCHEWAN PREMIER READY TO USE NOTWITHSTANDING CLAUSE TO PROTECT NEW SCHOOL PRONOUN AND NAME RULE. Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe is ready to use the notwithstanding clause (which allows federal or provincial authorities to override rules they disagree with for a five-year period) to protect a new rule requiring parental permission for transgender and non-binary students under 16 to use different names or pronouns at school. Read more here.


PARENTS CHALLENGE MASSACHUSETTS’ SCHOOL DISTRICT’S GENDER IDENTITY POLICY. A federal appeals court is considering whether or not to revive a lawsuit by two parents challenging a Massachusetts’ school district policy to not disclose students’ gender identities expressed at school to their families without their consent. Read more here.


U.S. DOD BACKPEDALS ON GENDER-NEUTRAL PRONOUNS. GEN. MILLEY’S CITATION WON’T USE ‘THEMSELF.’ A Department of Defense policy incorporating “gender-neutral” language into award citations will be amended to clarify that it does not ban using “himself” or “herself.” Read more here.


CALIFORNIA LEGAL DUEL: ‘UNSUPPORTIVE PARENT’ CUSTODY BILL OK’D AS SCHOOLS WORK TO INFORM PARENTS. As California passes a law to require that judges consider whether parents support the gender “transitioning” of their children in custody cases, public school districts are instituting policies to notify parents of students who are “transitioning.” Read more here.


JUDGE REFUSES TO BLOCK FLORIDA LAW RESTRICTING TRANSGENDER CARE. Federal Judge Robert Hinkle denied transgender advocates’ request to block a law that restricts a type of so-called “gender affirming” care for adults. Read more here.


WOMAN WHO ‘TRANSITIONED TO MALE’ AT 16 DURING ‘CHAOTIC TIME’ SUES DOCTORS WHO GAVE HER DOUBLE’ MASTECTOMY. A 21-year-old Minnesota woman, Luka Hein, said she was groomed online at the age of 16 and is now suing the doctors who performed a double mastectomy on her. Read more here.


NEARLY 70% OF AMERICANS OPPOSE ALLOWING MALES TO COMPETE IN FEMALE SPORTS. The latest Gallup Poll show transgenderism losing support, as opposition has grown since 2021 when 62 percent said they opposed transgender women (biological males) playing alongside and against female athletes. Read more here.


IRELAND: ‘VIOLENT MEN IN WOMEN’S PRISONS,’ PROTEST AT MOUNTJOY OVER HOUSING OF TRANSGENDER INMATE. Activists from The Silenced Protest and Women’s Space Ireland were present outside an Irish prison to protest a violent transgender inmate being held there. Read more here.


HUGE WIN: WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY IN ST. LOUIS TO CEASE ALL HORMONE TREATMENTS TO MINORS. Washington University in St. Louis has ceased all prescriptions of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to children after Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey successfully defended a ban on hormone treatments for minors. Read more here.


CANADA’S CONSERVATIVE PARTY DELEGATES EMBRACE A BAN ON MEDICAL ‘TRANSITION’ OF CHILDREN. With a 69-percent majority, Canada’s opposition Conservative Party has adopted a resolution to prohibit medicalized “gender change’’ for minors. Read more here.


‘DETRANSITIONED’ TEEN CHLOE COLE CENSORED BY INSTAGRAM. A 19-year-old woman named Chloe Cole, who was medically “transitioned” as a minor and has since “detransitioned,” has been censored by Instagram. Read more here.


IRELAND’S PAUL MURPHY TD ACCUSED OF DOXING CHILD AFTER TRANS TEACHER STORY. Irish politician Paul Murphy is facing sustained criticism after he was accused of doxing a primary school child online when he asked a journalist who wrote about pupils being told to use “they” pronouns to a teacher if she had a child in the class. Read more here.


NORWEGIAN SEXOLOGIST LINKED TO LEADING TRANSGENDER HEALTH AUTHORITY, PREVIOUSLY WORKED WITH PRO-PEDOPHILIA LOBBY GROUP. Thore Langfeldt previously wrote about “child sexuality” and positively conveyed case studies of pedophilic relationships, while attempting to portray adult-child sexual contact as normal and non-pathological. Read more here.


IRISH SENATOR SLAMS DECISION TO ASK CHILDREN TO CALL TEACHER ‘THEY.’ Senator Gerard Craughwell slammed a decision to tell primary schoolchildren to refer to their “gender-neutral teacher” as “they” in the classroom, describing the move as “madness.” Read more here.


ORANGE, CA SCHOOL DISTRICT VOTES TO NOTIFY PARENTS IF A CHILD IDENTIFIES AS ANOTHER GENDER. The policy requires a certificated staff member or principal to inform parents if their child — who is under age 12 — is requesting to use different names or pronouns or requests to change sex-segregated programs such as athletic teams or changing facilities that differ from the student’s biological sex. Read more here.


VIRGINIA MOM SUES PRO-TRANSGENDER TEACHERS FOR PUSHING HER CHILD INTO PROSTITUTION. Michelle Blair, the mother of then-14-year-old Sage Blair, alleges the Appomattox County School Board, district employees and Baltimore-area public defender Aneesa Khan secretly “transitioned” her daughter, who was later placed in an all-male juvenile facility, where she was sexually assaulted and sex-trafficked. Read more here.


CA SENATE PASSES CONTROVERSIAL LAW REQUIRING PARENTS TO ‘AFFIRM’ CHILD’S GENDER IDENTITY OR FACE PUNISHMENT. California’s controversial Assembly Bill 957, which basically mandates that parents affirm their child’s gender identity or be punished, passed the state Senate. Read more here.


TRANS-IDENTIFIED MALE IN SWITZERLAND FACING CHARGES OF SEXUALLY ABUSING STEPDAUGHTERS. [Reader discretion advised.] The man is facing charges of child sexual abuse and sexual exploitation after persistently molesting his two stepchildren over the course of nine years. Read more here.


IRELAND: COURSE DESIGNED TO TURN TEACHERS INTO ACTIVISTS ON TRANSGENDER ISSUES. Teachers were told they need to “task” themselves with “disrupting gender stereotypes,” and that “cisnormativity and heteronormativity are damaging to the LGBT+ community, as well as to all other members of society.” Read more here.


‘NON-BINARY’ QUEBEC TEACHER DEMANDS CHILDREN USE GENDER NEUTRAL LANGUAGE. A “non-binary” public elementary school teacher’s demand to be referred to as “Mx. Martine” rather than “Mr.” or “Ms.” has become a cultural flashpoint in Quebec. Read more here.


CALIFORNIA STATE ASSEMBLY DECLARES AUGUST ‘TRANSGENDER HISTORY MONTH.’ Beginning in August 2024, California will become the first U.S. state to officially recognize the history and contributions of transgender people. Read more here.


ANOTHER CALIFORNIA DISTRICT APPROVES POLICY REQUIRING SCHOOLS TO INFORM PARENTS OF ‘GENDER-TRANSITION’ REQUESTS. By a 4-1 vote of the school board, the Rocklin Unified School District became the fourth California district requiring schools to notify parents when students ask to identify as a different gender. Read more here.


UK TRANSGENDER GROUP HOSTING NUDE CAMPS, BDSM WORKSHOPS, LED BY CONSULTANT AT CHARITY THAT TEACHES GENDER IDENTITY TO CHILDREN. A government-funded project which involves nude camp retreats and BDSM workshops is led by a consultant for an organization that provides presentations to school children on “gender identity.” Read more here.


CALIFORNIA JUDGE HALTS SCHOOL DISTRICT’S TRANSGENDER PARENTAL NOTIFICATION POLICY. A California judge granted the state government’s request for a temporary restraining order against the Chino Valley Unified School District’s new policy requiring parents to be notified if a child wishes to become transgender. Read more here.


TEACHERS UNION INSTRUCTS EDUCATORS TO DESTROY DOCUMENTS OF STUDENTS’ GENDER IDENTITIES: REPORT. Parents in Colorado expressed outrage after a report revealed that the Jefferson County Education Association teachers union issued an email to its members instructing them to get rid of evidence of students’ transgender information. Read more here.


GEORGIA CAN RESUME BAN ON HORMONE TREATMENT FOR TRANSGENDER YOUTH, JUDGE SAYS. A U.S. judge is allowing the state of Georgia to resume enforcing a new ban on hormone replacement therapy for transgender people under age 18 after a federal appeals court allowed a similar law in Alabama to go back into effect. Read more here.


ALASKA THE LATEST STATE TAKING ACTION AGAINST ‘TRANSGENDER’ MALES IN WOMEN’S SPORTS. Alaska will protect women’s and girls’ sports from the encroachment of so-called “transgender” male athletes by banning males from competing on girls’ high school athletic teams. Read more here.


UK TRANS MATERNITY REPORT BACKED BY NHS ‘COULD HAVE HARMED WOMEN.’ A transgender maternity report commissioned by public health chiefs made “misleading” claims and spurious recommendations that could have harmed women, experts have warned. Read more here.


TEXAS HIGH COURT ALLOWS LAW BANNING ‘GENDER-AFFIRMING’ CARE FOR TRANSGENDER MINORS TO TAKE EFFECT. The Texas Supreme Court allowed a new state law banning “gender-affirming care” for minors to take effect, setting up Texas to be the most populous state with such restrictions on gender-confused children. Read more here.


INDEED OFFERS TRANSGENDER EMPLOYEES THOUSANDS TO RELOCATE. Indeed, the online job search company, is offering transgender employees who want to relocate for care or support, thousands to cover expenses. Read more here.


WASHINGTON STATE OFFICIAL OFFERED LAWYER HELP GETTING HIS 13-YEAR-OLD CLIENT SEX SURGERY. John Cummings, a senior policy adviser in Washington state, offered to help an attorney get his 13-year-old client get “sex-change” surgery. Read more here.


OKLAHOMA CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT HIRES DRAG QUEEN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PRINCIPAL ONCE ARRESTED FOR POSSESSING CHILD PORN. Dr. Shane Brent Murnan, the new elementary school principal at John Glenn Elementary, was once arrested on suspicion of possession of child pornography. His drag queen persona is “Shantel Mandalay,” and he has entered crossdressing pageants such as Miss Gay Oklahoma. Read more here.


NEBRASKA GOVERNOR’S EXECUTIVE ORDER DEFINES MEN, WOMEN. Gov. Jim Pillen signed an executive order defining the terms man and woman, stating that sex is defined at birth and that women and girls refer to human females and men and boys refer to human males. Read more here.


CALIFORNIA GENDER IDENTITY BALLOT MEASURES WOULD UNDERCUT STATE SUIT AGAINST SCHOOL DISTRICT. Protect Kids California submitted three ballot initiatives to Attorney General Rob Bonta, requesting a title and summary so the self-identified nonpartisan group can start collecting signatures to get them on the ballot. Read more here.


UK TRANSGENDER PEDOPHILE SPARED JAIL AFTER BEING FOUND IN POSESSION OF CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE MATERIALS. Dominic Mark Carter, who now goes by the name Sophie Louise Carter, appeared in court for a sentencing hearing this week. Read more here.


CALIFORNIA AG WAGES LEGAL WAR TO HIDE KIDS TRANSGENDER PURSUITS FROM PARENTS. Attorney General Rob Bonta is launching an all-out assault on parents and families with a new lawsuit asserting that a Southern California school should not be forced to notify parents when children begin so-called “gender transition.” Read more here.


MICHIGAN PARENTS SUE SCHOOL DISTRICT FOR ALLOWING BOYS TO USE GIRLS BATHROOMS. Michigan parents are suing Vicksburg Community Schools over a policy that allows boys to use girls’ restrooms, after four female students discovered an exposed male in their bathroom. Read more here.


BOSTON DROPS SEX, GENDER ID ON MARRIAGE LICENSES TO ‘ALLEVIATE GENDER DYSPHORIA.’ Couples applying for marriage licenses in Boston will no longer be required to designate their sex or gender identity as part of a new “gender-aware” policy. Read more here.


VERMONT SCHOOL DISTRICT FIRED COACH FOR CRITICIZING TRANS POLICY. Snowboarding coach David Bloch was fired by Woodstock, Vermont Union High School for insisting males do not belong in female sports, and he has filed a lawsuit against local school officials. Read more here.


MOM, DAUGHTER SPEAK OUT AFTER LANDMARK SETTLEMENT OVER SCHOOL SOCIALLY ‘TRANSITIONING’ GENDER WITHOUT CONSENT. California single mother Jessica Konen won a landmark settlement over a school socially “transitioning” her child from a girl to a boy without her consent. Read more here.


OBAMA-APPOINTED JUDGE RULES STATE OFFICIALS DON’T HAVE TO CHANGE BIRTH CERTIFICATES TO MATCH PEOPLE’S GENDER IDENTITY. District Judge Daniel Crabtree ruled that the constitution does not obligate state officials to change a person’s listed gender on their birth certificate, according to the ruling. Read more here.


86% OF PEOPLE IN SASKATCHEWAN SUPPORT NEW PARENTAL RIGHTS POLICY ON GENDER IN SCHOOLS: POLL. According to an August 28 survey by the Angus Reid Institute, 86 percent of Saskatchewan participants advocated for parental rights, supporting the province’s recent mandate that parents must be informed if their child wants to go by a different gender identity. Read more here.


JUDGE DROPS BAD NEWS ON PARENTS WHO OPPOSE THEIR KIDS’ GENDER ‘TRANSITION.’ A judge in New Jersey ruled that three school districts in the state are not obligated to inform parents if their child is ‘’transitioning’’ genders. Read more here.


MISSOURI ATTORNEY GENERAL BREAKS DOWN BATTLE AGAINST ‘CHILD MUTILATION.’ Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey is battling for the state’s law protecting children from irreversible transgender interventions, both surgical and hormonal. Read more here.


CONTROVERSIAL CANADIAN TRANS TEACHER LEMIEUX RETURNING TO A CLASSROOM IN HAMILTON. Kayla Lemieux, whose attire caused controversy at a previous Canadian school, has been hired to teach at Nora Frances Henderson Secondary School in Ontario, prompting the school to enact additional security measures because of anticipated protests. Read more here.


ACLU SUES OVER INDIANA LAW BLOCKING ‘GENDER-AFFIRMING’ SURGERY FOR INMATES. The American Civil Liberties Union filed the lawsuit against Indiana’s Department of Corrections over the state’s law prohibiting “gender-affirming” surgery for inmates, alleging that the law enacted in April violates the prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment and the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause. Read more here.


CZECH COURT REFUSES LEGAL GENDER CHANGE WITHOUT SURGERY. The court ruled that a transgender in Czechia cannot be registered as a male because he was born as a woman and did not undergo surgical “sex reassignment.” Read more here.


COURT RULES BIOLOGICAL MAN ALLOWED IN SORORITY. A federal district court ruled that a national sorority organization did not violate its own bylaws by allowing a biological man to live in a sorority house and dismissed the complaint from sorority sisters. Read more here.


67% OF AMERICANS OPPOSE MEN COMPETING IN WOMEN’S SPORTS, POLL FINDS. Two-thirds of American registered voters oppose forcing female athletes to compete against biological males, according to poll results released by The Center Square. Read more here.


COURT LETS STATE PROTECT KIDS FROM TRANSGENDER ‘CARE,’ MAKING KEY POINT ABOUT EVIDENCE. Missouri trial court declined to block a law preventing transgender interventions for minors, citing “conflicting and unclear” medical evidence on the effectiveness of so-called puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones. Read more here.


JUDGE TEMPORARILY BLOCKS TEXAS BAN ON ‘GENDER-AFFIRMING CARE’ FOR MOST MINORS. District Judge Maria Cantú Hexsel wrote in the temporary injunction that the law would result in “the loss of access to safe, effective, and medically necessary treatment for transgender adolescents experiencing gender dysphoria.” Read more here.


MOTHER OF SEX-TRAFFICKED TEEN FILES LAWSUIT AFTER GIRL WAS HELD IN BOYS GROUP HOME TO ‘AFFIRM’ HER TRANS IDENTITY. The mother of a teenage girl who at the age of 14 fell into the hands of sex traffickers is suing the Virginia school district she blames for her daughter’s trauma and the government lawyer who interfered with her efforts to return the girl home. Read more here.


WOMEN SPEAK OUT AGAINST YMCA ‘TRANSGENDER’ BATHROOM POLICIES. Small-town YMCAs in suburban Ohio have launched themselves headfirst into the transgender debate by allowing men who “identify” as women to access women’s locker rooms. Read more here.


POLL: MORE THAN 8 IN 10 NEW JERSEY PARENTS WANT TO BE NOTIFIED IF CHILD IDENTIFES AS LGBT. The new poll comes on the heels of the state attorney general’s lawsuit against three school districts for passing policies requiring schools to do just that. Read more here.


TRANSGENDER NEW YORKER AWARDED THOUSANDS FOR BEING ‘MISGENDERED’ IN JAIL. A man living as a woman won a huge settlement after being “misgendered” by workers at a jail in Broome County, New York. Read more here.


BBC EDITS ARTICLE ON CONVICTED PEDOPHILE TO REMOVE DRAG QUEEN REFERENCE. The BBC is facing accusations of engaging in “Orwellian manipulation” of the news after it edited an article on a convicted pedophile to remove references to his role in organizing a pride event and that he also performed as a drag queen. Read more here.


DISTRICT INCENTIVIZED TEACHERS TO ATTEND WEBINAR WITH DOCTOR WHO PROMOTES SEX SURGERIES FOR KIDS. The Los Angeles Unified School District invited teachers to attend a webinar titled “The Wellbeing of Sexual and Gender Diverse Girls” in exchange for three Continuing Education credits and hours to use towards salary points. Read more here.


GENDER-AFFIRMING SURGERIES TRIPLED IN THE U.S. BETWEEN 2016-2019, STUDY FINDS. According to a study published in JAMA Network Open, over 48,000 people got some type of gender-affirming surgery including breast and chest surgeries, genital surgeries, and other facial or cosmetic procedures. Read more here.


TRANSGENDER PSYCHOLOGIST WARNS OF ‘EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL’ USED BY COLLEAGUES IN THEIR TREATMENT OF MINORS. Clinical psychologist Erica Anderson, a male who identifies as a female, is sounding the alarm on the approach many of her colleagues have taken in recent years regarding medical and social treatment for gender dysphoria among children and teens in the United States. Read more here.


GERMAN GOVERNMENT APPROVES CONTROVERSIAL GENDER LAW. Germany’s left-liberal government has approved a controversial law allowing anyone to legally ‘’change’’ their name and gender with a simple application, including minors whose parents do not give their consent. Read more here.


UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER OFFERS LOCAL SCHOOL STAFF TRAINING IN TRANSGENDER IDEOLOGY. Staff members from East Irondequoit Central School District in New York state were offered “gender-affirming” training from the University of Rochester Medical Center Transgender Health Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes program. Read more here.


AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION PUBLISHES ARTICLE EXPLORING SUBSIDIZED UTERUS TRANSPLANTS FOR BIOLOGICAL MEN. The AMA published an article that explores taxpayer-funded uterus transplants as a solution for transgender women — biological males who believe they are female — to help “consolidate” their chosen gender. Read more here.


JUST HOW MANY IMPRISONED MEN WHO IDENTIFY AS TRANSGENDER ARE GUILTY OF SEXUAL ASSAULT? MORE THAN HALF, NEW DATA SHOW. A little more than half of the men housed in Wisconsin Department of Corrections facilities who identify as transgender “women” have been convicted of at least one count of sexual assault or sexual abuse. Read more here.


PA SCHOOL DISTRICT BATTLES WITH REHIRING OF TRANSGENDER TENNIS COACH. A school district in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is grappling with rehiring a transgender tennis coach who reportedly changed his clothes in the women’s locker room among high school-aged girls. Read more here.


HARSH PENALTIES APPROVED FOR FLORIDA STATE COLLEGE EMPLOYEES WHO USE RESTROOMS THAT DON’T CORRESPOND WITH BIOLOGICAL SEX. Employees may face a verbal and written warning and suspension without pay as penalty for a first offense, and colleges will be forced to fire employees after a second offense. Read more here.


GEORGIA SENATOR RENEWS PROPOSAL BANNING TEACHERS FROM DISCUSSING GENDER IDENTITY WITH STUDENTS. State Sen. Carden Summers has proposed a new version of a previously failed bill that would regulate how public and private schools teach gender, and if passed, teachers would not be able to discuss gender identity with students under 16 years old unless they receive parental permission. Read more here.


NORWAY: BIOLOGICAL MALE TRANSGENDER DOCTOR WHOSE LICENSE WAS SUSPENDED AFTER PRIVATELY ‘TRANSITIONING’ MINORS GIVEN FEMINIST ACHIEVEMENT AWARD. A gender clinician and sexologist who recently had his medical license suspended following an investigation by the Norwegian Health Authority has been granted an award named after a prominent Norwegian feminist. Read more here.


1,000 SCHOOL DISTRICTS HIDE KIDS’ TRANS IDENTITIES FROM PARENTS. Some 1,040 school districts in the U.S. have adopted policies that permit or advise personnel to withhold information from parents about their child’s desire to identify as trans or nonbinary. Read more here.


FLORIDA FINES MEDICAID PROVIDERS FOR USING TAX DOLLARS TO COVER TRANS TREATMENTS FOR MINORS. Five Medicaid healthcare insurers have violated Florida’s rule against using taxpayer funds to provide transgender treatments, and the state has become the first in the U.S. to issue such fines. Read more here.


SPAIN’S FIRST TRANS SENATOR VOWS TO DEFEND GENDER SELF-ID LAW. Carla Antonelli, one of Spain’s best-known trans figures due to her acting role in a popular TV series was a leading advocate for the self-ID law passed by the country’s former progressive coalition. Read more here.


NORTH DAKOTA SCHOOLS IMPLEMENT TRANSGENDER RESTRICTIONS FOR NEW ACADEMIC YEAR. Schools across North Dakota are starting the new school year with several new laws restricting different facets of gender ideology, including the prohibition of preferred pronouns. Read more here.


MUSLIM GROUP, PRINCIPALS UNION SAY SCHOOL SYSTEM LIED TO STOP PARENTS FROM OPTING THEIR CHILDREN OUT OF TRANSGENDER LESSONS. The Council on American-Islamic Relations said a Maryland school system misled a federal court about its efforts to block parents from opting out their children from lessons pushing homosexuality and transgenderism. Read more here.


COURT RULES ALABAMA CAN BAN TRANS SURGERIES, PUBERTY BLOCKERS FOR KIDS. The United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit unanimously upheld the right of Alabama to enforce the state’s Vulnerable Child Compassion and Protection Act, which bans body-mutilating “sex change” surgeries and experimental drugs for youth confused about their sex. Read more here.


AMERICA FIRST LEGAL DEMANDS ANSWERS ON DOJ TRANSGENDER INTERVENTION. The U.S. Department of Justice intervened in a Virginia school district’s adoption of Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s policies that center parental rights in transgender issues. America First Legal senior adviser Ian Prior said the Department of Justice is “unmoored from its core functions.” Read more here.


ST. LOUIS UNIVERSITY PUSHES TRANSGENDER ‘TOOLKIT’ ON MED STUDENTS. St. Louis University’s Transgender Health Collaborative is pushing a toolkit on “transgender health” intended to influence students of medicine to embrace ideological understandings of gender and sexuality. Read more here.


LIBRARY SILENCES SPEAKER FOR OPPOSING MEN IN WOMEN’S SPORTS. While Sophia Lorey of the California Family Council was advocating for fairness in women’s sports and for parental rights at the Mary L. Stephens Library in Davis, California, she was ordered to leave the building for “misgendering” biological men who identify as females. Read more here.


NEW JERSEY JOINS OTHER BLUE STATES IN FORCING SCHOOLS TO TRANS CHILDREN WITHOUT PARENTS’ KNOWLEDGE. State officials in New Jersey are pressuring school districts to help students “transition” to the opposite sex without the knowledge and consent of their parents as part of an overall push to implement a progressive agenda in K-12 schools. Read more here.


ARIZONA SUPERINTENDENT SAYS SCHOOLS SHOULDN’T ALLOW TRANSGENDER STUDENTS TO USE GIRLS’ BATHROOMS. Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Horne strongly advises schools not to allow transgender females to use the girls’ bathrooms. Read more here.


UNIVERSITY ACADEMICS: TAXPAYERS SHOULD FUND TRANSGENDER ‘TWEAK’ SURGERIES LIKE HAIR REMOVAL. A pair of medical academics at Canada’s Dalhousie University recently opined that taxpayers should fit the bill for “minimally invasive” gender-affirming surgeries such as “voice feminization” and hair removal. Read more here.


TUCSON TEACHER HANDED KIDS ‘GETTING TO KNOW YOU’ FORM OFFERING TO HIDE PREFERRED PRONOUNS FROM PARENTS. Catalina Foothills High School handed students a “getting to know you” form asking them to list their preferred pronouns and asked whether or not their pronouns could be used in front of their parents. Read more here.


‘CENSORSHIP’: PRO-FAMILY ADVOCATE CONVICTED OF ‘POLITICAL VIOLENCE’ FOR ‘MISGENDERING’ LAWMAKER. Former Mexican congressman Rodrigo Iván Cortés has been convicted in a court of “gender-based political violence” for social media posts he made in 2022 referring to a transgender-identifying Mexican lawmaker as a “man who self-ascribes as a woman.” Read more here.


ONE-THIRD OF UK POPULATION DOESN’T KNOW ‘TRANSGENDER WOMEN’ ARE BIOLOGICAL MALES. Murray Blackburn Mackenzie’s survey revealed that 35 percent of Britons either mistakenly think a “transgender woman” is biologically female at birth, or are uncertain of the meaning of the term, and 40 percent are puzzled by the term “transwoman.” Read more here.


NC LAWMAKERS OVERRIDE VETO, BAN ‘SEX-CHANGE’ SURGERIES FOR KIDS. The North Carolina General Assembly has overridden Democrat Gov. Roy Cooper’s vetoes of bills that ban biological males who identify as female from competing in female sports and ban “sex-change” surgeries and hormone intervention drugs for trans-identified youth. Read more here.


TARGET SALES SLUMP IN TRANS BACKLASH—BUT SHARES JUMP HIGHER ON PROFIT BEAT. Target said its sales declined in the second quarter, the first quarterly decline in six years, after customers pulled back from purchases in reaction to the company promoting transgender ideology for children as part of its “pride” month merchandising push. Read more here.


CHESS BODY BANS TRANSGENDER ‘WOMEN’ FROM WOMEN’S EVENTS. The International Chess Federation has ruled that transgender “women” cannot compete in official events for females until an assessment of ‘’gender change’’ is made by its officials. Read more here.


WA GOVERNOR SUED OVER NEW LAW ALLOWING STATE TO HIDE CHILD ‘SEX-CHANGE’ SURGERIES FROM PARENTS. American First Legal has sued Washington Governor Jay Inslee in an attempt to stop the enforcement of a law allowing the state to keep parents in the dark about their child’s “sex change” procedure. Read more here.


LARGEST SCHOOL DISTRICT IN VIRGINIA DEFIES GOVERNOR’S GUIDANCE ON BATHROOMS, PRONOUNS. Fairfax County Public Schools said it will not follow Virginia Department of Education requirements for teachers to use a student’s biological name and pronouns unless given written permission by a parent to use something else. Read more here.


TOP U.S. DOCTOR GROUP WANTS TAXPAYERS TO FUND UTERUS TRANSPLANTS FOR MEN. The American Medical Association floated a trial balloon for taxpayer-funded uterus transplants for biological men who identify as transgender so that men could “gestate their own children” or “consolidate their identities but not gestate children.” Read more here.


TIK TOK FEARS USING ‘RIDICULOUS’ NEOPRONOUNS LIKE ‘LEAF’ WILL HARM LGBT COMMUNITY. LGBT TikTok creator Link Lauren said the trend of “neopronouns” such as xe/xyr, ze/zir and even “leaf” in everyday speech will harm LGBT people. Read more here.


PEDIATRIC PSYCHOLOGIST SAYS KIDS CAN ‘IDENTIFY’ AS ‘GENDER MINOTAURS.’ Diane Ehrensaft, the director of mental health and chief psychologist at the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital gender development center, believes children can change their “gender identity” at any given time, and that can include identities such as “gender hybrids.” Read more here.


TRANSGENDER POWERLIFTER SETS WOMEN’S RECORD. Canadian powerlifter Anne Andres, an athlete born a man now identifying as a woman, set a national and unofficial world record at the 2023 Western Canadian Championship, dominating the competition in the process. Read more here.


DUTCH COMPANIES OFFER 24 WEEKS OF PAID LEAVE FOR GENDER TRANSITIONERS. Several large companies in the Netherlands are offering up to six months paid leave for workers who identify as transgender and begin a medical transition. In comparison, Dutch workers receive 16 weeks for maternal leave and five days for fathers. Read more here.


THIRD GENDER CONTINUES TO DIVIDE OPINIONS IN NORWAY. The new Minister of Culture and Equality, Lubna Jaffery, is in favor of introducing a third legal gender category in addition to male and female. Read more here.


RILEY GAINES: MEN IN WOMEN’S SPORTS IS ‘HUMILIATING.’ Gaines said, “These people – they’re doing it in the name of being kind, being inclusive,” but added, “it’s sexual harassment.” Read more here.


PARENTS CANNOT CHALLENGE SCHOOL GENDER IDENTITY POLICY, U.S. COURT RULES. A U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit panel ruled 2-1 that three parents in Montgomery County Maryland lacked standing to challenge the policy because they had not alleged their children were transgender in the first place. Read more here.


TN HOSPITAL THAT OFFERS TRANS SURGERIES FOR KIDS FACING BIDEN ADMIN INVESTIGATION. A Nashville hospital that was at the center of controversy for offering irreversible “gender-affirming” surgeries for children is facing a civil rights investigation by the Biden administration for turning over transgender patients’ records to the state attorney general. Read more here.


DOUBT IN DENMARK OVER TRANSGENDER MEDICINE. Denmark has taken a step towards caution in “gender care” by offering a form of counselling rather than medical treatments to the main patient group of teenagers with no childhood history of distress in their birth sex. Read more here.


LEGAL BATTLES OVER PRONOUN USE COULD SOON LAND AT SUPREME COURT. Tyson Langhofer, a senior counsel at the Alliance Defending Freedom, says that cases centered on pronoun use are becoming especially prevalent in K-12 public schools, as several teachers have lost their jobs after invoking religious beliefs that prohibit them from using pronouns and names that do not correspond to a transgender student’s claimed gender identity. Read more here.


ALASKA SCHOOL DISTRICT ALLOWS STUDENTS TO HIDE GENDER CONFUSION FROM PARENTS, WATCHDOG GROUP WARNS. An Alaskan parental advocacy group charged that the “Working with Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students and Employees’’ policy is being used by schools to instruct staff members on how to help students conceal their gender confusion from parents. Read more here.


COURT BLOCKS IDAHO LAW RESTRICTING TRANS STUDENTS’ RESTROOM USE. Federal court judge David Nye temporarily blocked an Idaho law requiring public school students to use the restroom corresponding to their “assigned sex at birth,” after the family of a student sued. Read more here.


WISCONSIN PARENTS RAISE CONCERNS AFTER TRANS ATHLETE ALLEGEDLY DEALS GIRLS WELTS, BRUISES DURING PRACTICE. Parents in the Green Bay Area Public School District said their daughters are suffering injuries from exposure to boys playing on their teams. Read more here.


GEORGIA TEACHER TRYING TO REVERSE FIRING FOR READING CONTROVERSIAL BOOK ON GENDER IDENTITY TO 5TH GRADERS. Due West Elementary teacher Katie Rinderle is trying to avoid termination for reading the book “My Shadow Is Purple,” banned by state law, to her students. Read more here.


CNN PUBLISHES A ‘GUIDE TO NEOPRONOUNS,’ EMBRACES GENDERLESS PRONOUNS LIKE ‘LEAFSELF, SUN, STAR.’ In a story titled “A guide to neopronouns, from ae to ze,” CNN outlined the use of alternative grammar that eliminates “gender markers,” quoting one of “the foremost experts on neopronouns,” who encouraged readers to “use and respect” neopronouns like any other common pronoun. Read more here.


B.C. FATHER WHO BROKE BAN ON PUBLICATION OF HIS TRANSGENDER SON’S IDENTITY HAS SENTENCE REDUCED. The father who received a six-month jail sentence for breaking a publication ban that forbade him from publicly identifying his transgender son has had his sentence shortened. Read more here.


DUTCH COMPANIES ARE GENEROUS IN PROVIDING ‘TRANSITION’ LEAVE. More and more companies are giving employees paid leave if they want to “change their gender.” At major employers including the government, this is already enshrined in the collective agreement, according to Dutch employers’ organization AWVN. Read more here.


DISNEY PARTNERS WITH GENDER-FLUID BIOLOGICAL MALE TO PROMOTE DRESSES TO GIRLSThe Walt Disney Company partnered with a gender-fluid social media influencer Seann Altman, a biological male, for a clothing ad showing followers how to dress like Minnie Mouse, prompting conservatives to call for a boycott. Read more here.


FEDERAL JUDGE REJECTS PARENTS’ LAWSUIT SEEKING TO END OHIO SCHOOL DISTRICT’S GENDER-IDENTITY BATHROOM POLICE. In a blow to Christian and Muslim parents and their children, a federal judge has upheld a policy in an Ohio school district that allows students to use bathrooms based on their self-identified gender, rather than biological sex. Read more here.


KENTUCKY CLINIC ADMITS CHILD ‘SEX CHANGE’ SURGERIES DESPITE GOV’S INSISTENCE PROCEDURES ‘DON’T HAPPEN.’ The university health system’s Transform Clinic, which specializes in care for the LGBTQ+ community, said that although it “does not perform genital gender reassignment surgery on minors,” it had “performed a small number non-genital gender reassignment surgeries on minors, such as mastectomies for older adolescents.” Read more here.


LIBERAL MEDIA’S NEW FAVORITE PRO-TRANS STUDY HAS GLARING ISSUES. The journal JAMA Surgery published a study claiming to show overwhelming satisfaction among transgender individuals who underwent breast removal for “gender-affirmation” purposes, but the study has serious flaws. Read more here.


MUSEUM SCRUBS JK ROWLING FROM ‘HARRY POTTER’ DISPLAY OVER ‘TRANSPHOBIC’ VIEWS: REDUCING HER IMPACT. “Harry Potter” novelist J.K. Rowling is taking yet another hit from critics blasting her as “transphobic,” and, this time, all references to her or items regarding her have been scrubbed from a franchise display at Seattle’s Museum of Pop Culture. Read more here.


RILEY GAINES AND WOMEN’S RIGHTS ACTIVISTS ASSAULTED, SPAT ON BY ‘RABID’ LEFTIST PROTESTERS. The women who helped lobby for the “Save Women’s Sports Act” in Texas will have another memory of their bill signing day—how they were assailed by radical protesters as they tried to get into and out of the Texas Women’s Hall of Fame for the bill signing. Read more here.


BOYS SCHOOL COALITION TO HOST TRAINING WITH TRANSGENDER ACTIVIST GROUP. The International Boys School Coalition will host training on “gender inclusive schools” for faculty from its nearly 300 member schools in September. Read more here.


LGBT ACTIVISTS AWARD MONEY TO U.S. SCHOOLS TO PROMOTE GENDER IDEOLOGY. An LGBT activist organization provided grants to more than 70 public and charter schools in the U.S. and Canada to support “Gender Sexuality Alliance” clubs, resulting in some schools placing LGBT books in their libraries and creating “gender-transition” closets. Read more here.


WYOMING TENNIS ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT RESIGNS OVER MEN BEING ALLOWED TO COMPETE AGAINST WOMEN. Jackie Fulkrod has resigned over the Cheyenne Tennis Association’s decision to allow a biological male to compete in the women’s division of competition. Read more here.


ANOTHER SPORT JUST BANNED TRANSGENDER ATHLETES IN WOMEN’S COMPETITIONS. British Rowing banned biological male transgender athletes from competing in women’s races but created other categories that would still allow them to compete fairly. Read more here.


CALIFORNIA INVESTIGATES SCHOOL DISTRICT OVER TRANSGENDER PARENTAL NOTIFICATION POLICY. The State of California launched a civil rights investigation into the Chino Valley School District for adopting a policy requiring schools to notify parents if children want to “change” their gender. Read more here.


REPORT: SCHOOL TEACHERS TOLD ‘GENDERQUEERS,’ ‘PAGANS’ ARE OPPRESSED IN AMERICA. Teachers from Clarksville-Montgomery County, Tennessee reported they were sent to a conference where they were taught that in the U.S. “nonbinary,” “genderqueer,” “polyamorous” and “pagan” people are oppressed, and now they are expected to teach the same things to their students. Read more here.


MARTINA NAVRATILOVA RIPS USTA’S TRANSGENDER INCLUSION POLICY: ‘THIS IS NOT RIGHT AND IT IS NOT FAIR.’ Tennis legend Martina Navratilova called out the United States Tennis Association’s transgender inclusion policy on social media, writing, “This is not right and it is not fair. Would this be allowed at the US Open this month? Just with self ID? I don’t think so.” Read more here.


POTENTIAL ‘GAME-CHANGER’: AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS REVIEWING SUPPORT OF YOUTH GENDER TREATMENTS. The American Academy of Pediatrics quietly reaffirmed its 2018 policy supporting gender treatments on minors this week. However, the leading pediatric group also called for a systematic review of the medical research supporting these treatments, a move that the organization has long resisted and was called a potential “game-changer” by one critic of the controversial health care. Read more here.


WORLD SWIMMING BANS TRANSGENDER ATHLETES FROM WOMEN’S EVENTS. World swimming’s governing body has effectively banned transgender women from competing in women’s events. FINA members widely adopted a new “gender inclusion policy” that only permits swimmers who transitioned before age 12 to compete in women’s events. Read more here.


PROSECUTION OF LAWMAKERS FOR ‘MISGENDERING’ POLITICIAN RAISES CONCERNS ABOUT FREE SPEECH IN MEXICO. Two Mexican leaders accused of “gender-based political violence” after referring to a trans-identifying lawmaker as a man warned about the suppression of speech and religious rights in their country. Read more here.


FLORIDA RESTRICTS AP PSYCHOLOGY OVER GENDER-IDENTITY, SEXUAL-ORIENTATION LESSONS. The Florida Department of Education restricted the Advanced Placement Psychology course over its gender identity and sexual orientation lessons, arguing that their inclusion violates state law. Read more here.


IOWA SCHOOL DISTRICT WILL REVIEW NEARLY 400 BOOKS FLAGGED FOR SEX ACTS, GENDER IDENTITY. The Urbandale Community School District will review 374 books that were flagged for depictions of sex acts and references to gender identity to determine if they violate a new state law. Read more here.


WOMAN DENIED CANCER TREATMENT IN PORTLAND AFTER CRITICIZING TRANSGENDERISM. A woman identified as “Marlene,” who has gone on social media to criticize the display of transgender flags, has been prevented from receiving cancer treatment. Read more here.


SCHOOL DISTRICT BANS TRANS STUDENTS FROM DRESSING THEIR GENDER IDENTITY. Mississippi’s Harrison County School Board has adopted a new dress code that specifically mandates transgender students must dress in a manner that is consistent with their sex at birth. Read more here.


OKLAHOMA GOV. SIGNS ‘WOMEN’S BILL OF RIGHTS’ INTO LAW TO PROTECT GIRLS FROM ‘OUT OF CONTROL GENDER IDEOLOGY.’ Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt signed the “Women’s Bill of Rights” into law, stating the executive order will solidify distinctions between men and women based on sex and identify spaces in which they are to be kept separate, including locker rooms, restrooms, rape crisis centers, domestic violence shelters and prisons, among others. Read more here.


NORWEGIAN BOYS ‘CHANGE GENDER’ TO GET INTO STUDY PROGRAM. In order to increase the number of women in the study program of Industrial Economics and Technology Management, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology lowered the requirements for female students, enticing some boys to ‘’change genders” so they can enroll. Read more here.


‘DETRANSITIONER’ EXPOSES ‘SEX CHANGE’ APPROVAL PROCESS, FILES SUIT AGAINST HEALTH PRACTITIONERS. Soren Adalco is suing the health practitioners who green-lighted and provided her transgender interventions, including a botched double mastectomy. Read more here.


WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE ‘METAGENDER’ OR ‘DEMIROMANTIC?’ THIS DISTRICT IS TEACHING KIDS ALL ABOUT IT. The Hillsboro, Oregon school district is teaching sex education curriculum for 10th-graders that includes the so-called “romantic orientations” of “panromantic” and “demiromantic.” Read more here.


U.S. MILITARY QUIETLY USING THIS LITTLE-KNOWN PROGRAM TO ENABLE CHILD ‘SEX CHANGES.’ Through the Exceptional Family Member Program, the military has allowed special assignments for servicemembers so their dependents can access “gender transition” services and can take additional steps to facilitate “transition.” Read more here.


VIRGINIA SCHOOL BOARD MEETING ERUPTS IN CHAOS OVER TRANSGENDER POLICIES. The Roanoke County School Board held a meeting on the state’s new model policies requiring sports teams, bathrooms and locker rooms in schools to be separated by biological sex instead of gender identity, resulting in angry transgender proponents being escorted out. Read more here.


DOC MARTENS SPOTLIGHTS ‘ALARMING’ DIY SHOES PROMOTING ‘GENDER TRANSITION’ ‘TOP SURGERY.’ Independent artists are redesigning classic shoe brands that promote LGBT causes such as “focuses on inclusivity, empowerment, and creating conversations surrounding feminism and the queer community.” Read more here.


GOP WARNS NEW HATE CRIME LAW WILL ‘POLICE’ SPEECH AND PROSECUTE ‘MISGENDERING.’ Republicans in Michigan say a new state hate crime law aims to imprison people for “misgendering,” and the state’s woke LGBTQ agenda will result in prosecution for anyone who hurts someone’s feelings. Read more here.


SCHOOL DISTRICT REFUSES TO TELL PARENTS BIG ‘SECRET’ IT TOLD STUDENTS. Parents in Wisconsin are suing the Eau Claire school district for telling students about a “transitioning” music teacher and trying to keep it secret from parents. Read more here.


TRANSSEXUAL REQUESTS EUTHANASIA IN CANADA OVER PAIN FROM CROSS-SEX SURGERY. The biological male has expressed immense regret over a 2009 surgery to create imitation female genitalia saying that euthanasia would be preferable to the constant pain from the operation. Read more here.


FEDERAL JUDGE BLOCKS MONTANA’S ANTI-DRAG BAN. U.S. District Judge Brian Morris issued a temporary restraining order against a ban on drag performers, saying the law will “disproportionately harm any person who falls outside traditional gender and identity norms,” including transgender and Two-Spirit people. Read more here.


BOYS’ SCHOOL WILL ALLOW TRANSGENDER CHILDREN AND PUT AN END TO LABELING GENDERS AS ‘OTHER.’ The Browning School in New York City announced it will allow the admission of transgender boys who will be referred to broadly as “boys and young men.” Read more here.


‘DETRANSITIONER’ TELLS CONGRESS HER ‘CHILDHOOD WAS RUINED’ BY GENDER ‘REASSIGNMENT.’ Chloe Cole, age 19, called on Congress to halt “gender-reassignment” therapies and surgeries for minors, saying that her “childhood was ruined” by the medical interventions. Read more here.


ETSY EQUATES ‘DETRANSITIONER AWARENESS’ DESIGNS WITH HATRED. A “detransitioned” woman’s designs aimed at bringing awareness to the experience of “detransitioners” on the e-commerce platform, Etsy, were removed by content moderators for “glorifying hatred or violence.” Read more here.


CONGRESSMAN MIKE JOHNSON PUSHES FEDERAL BAN ON CHILD TRANSGENDER SURGERIES TO STOP ‘UNSPEAKABLE HARMS.’ During a House Judiciary subcommittee hearing, the Louisiana Republican called for a nationwide ban on “gender transition” surgeries for minors, saying the federal government needed to stop the “barbaric … mutilation of children.” Read more here.


STUDY REVEALS CONCERNING OUTCOMES OF TRANSGENDER GENITAL SURGERIES. Researchers from the University of Florida and Brooks Rehabilitation found that 81 percent of individuals who underwent genital surgeries within the past five years reported experiencing pain in various areas, including the lower back, groin, pelvis, chest, or shoulders, even long after the procedures. Read more here.


PROFESSOR SAYS HE WAS DISCRIMINATELY FIRED FOR TEACHING SEX WAS DETERMINED BY CHROMOSOMES X AND Y. St. Philip’s College in San Antonio, Texas allegedly fired biology professor Dr. Johnson Varkey for religious teaching, though his lectures came from school-approved and science-based curriculums. Read more here.


EX-UPENN SWIMMER TESTIFIES BEFORE CONGRESS ON LIA THOMAS EXPERIENCE, OPENS UP ABOUT 2016 SEXUAL ASSAULT. The former college swimmer, who was sexually assaulted at age 16, told congressmen about having to undress 18 times per week in front of the male teammate Lia Thomas, and the university said his presence on the women’s team was “non-negotiable.” Read more here.


3 FEMALE ‘DETRANSITIONERS’ SUING DOCTORS OVER EXPERIMENTAL ‘SEX CHANGE’ PROCEDURES THAT LEFT THEM DISFIGURED. Formerly trans-identifying individuals have accused medical professionals of subjecting them to body-disfiguring drugs and surgeries during a time in their lives when they struggled with gender dysphoria and various mental health issues. Read more here.


MISSOURI SUED OVER LAW BANNING ‘SEX CHANGE’ PROCEDURES ON CHILDREN. The ACLU of Missouri and Lambda Legal, along with the Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner LLP law firm, claim that Missouri’s law prohibiting double mastectomies on girls, cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers is discriminatory. Read more here.


100+ TRANS MEN SIGNED UP FOR MISS ITALY PAGEANT AFTER TRANS WOMAN BAN. Miss Italy’s organizer, Patrizia Mirigliani, announced a ban on men entering its contest after the Miss Netherlands competition recently crowned a man, and more than 100 men responded by registering for the event. Read more here.


DEMOCRAT REP. NADLER: ‘FACTS DO NOT JUSTIFY THE FEARS’ OF TRANSGENDER YOUTHS IN GIRLS’ SPORTS. During a congressional hearing, Rep. Nadler disputed the physical advantages males have over female athletes despite witnesses who refuted his claims. Read more here.


PRO-LGBT THUG THREATENS TO KILL SCHOOL BOARD CHIEF OVER PARENTAL RIGHTS. A school board president in California has been inundated with threats that left-wing activists will dismember her, kill her children, and slaughter her pets, for saying teachers should not keep parents in the dark if their children begin to “identify” as transgender. Read more here.


TOUGHER TRANSGENDER GUIDELINES FOR UK SCHOOLS RULED ‘UNLAWFUL.’ The attorney general said the government must change the law if it wants to hand parents greater power regarding transgender issues. Read more here.


CALIFORNIA SCHOOL BOARD THROWS OUT STATE OFFICIAL AS HE PROTESTS FOR SECRET TRANSGENDER POLICIES. California State Superintendent Tony Thurmond was kicked out of the Chino Valley Unified School District board meeting and escorted by police while protesting a policy to inform parents about a child’s desire to “change genders.” Read more here.


MISS ITALY PAGEANT BANS TRANSGENDER COMPETITORS. In a move coming on the heels of a biological male winning the Miss Netherlands title, all entrants in the Miss Italy pageant must be “a woman from birth.” Read more here.


SEN. HAWLEY: GENDER IDEOLOGY FOR CHILDREN ‘LATEST FRONTIER’ OF ATTACKS ON FAMILY. The Republican senator from Missouri said those on the Left are seeking power in order to indoctrinate children and attack the nuclear family. Read more here.


SPORTS COACH GETS FIRED FOR SAYING MALES ARE DIFFERENT FROM FEMALES. David Bloch, the snowboarding coach at Woodstock Union High School in Vermont, lost his job for saying males are biologically different from females, and that gives males an advantage in sports. Read more here.


AIR FORCE ACADEMY HEAD SAYS HE SUPPORTS FELLOWSHIP FOR ‘DEMIGENDER.’ Under questioning from Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Superintendent Lt. Gen. Richard Clark said he could not define gender ideology terms used on the academy campus. Read more here.


EVENTBRITE REMOVES NOTICE OF RALLY DEMANDING PROTECTION OF FEMALE SPACES. Eventbrite, a website that allows users to promote events, unpublished the Let Women Speak Austin rally, claiming its efforts to promote safe bathrooms and locker rooms for women are “hateful, dangerous, or violent content.” Read more here.


FEDERAL JUDGE BLOCKS LAW PROTECTING WOMEN’S SPORTS FROM TRANS ATHLETES. A judge in Tucson granted a preliminary injunction to allow processing of a lawsuit filed by two boys, whom the judge called “transgender girls,” challenging the state’s act protecting the fairness and integrity in women’s sports. Read more here.


COLORADO HOSPITAL STOPS PERFORMING ‘GENDER-AFFIRMING’ SURGERY. Children’s Hospital Colorado said “gender-affirming” care has led to threats at other children’s hospitals nationwide, and it is no longer providing the surgery for people over 18. Read more here.


NEW HAMPSHIRE’S FIRST ELECTED TRANSGENDER REPRESENTATIVE CHARGED WITH SEXUAL EXPLOITATION OF MINORS. Stacie Marie Laughton, a biological man who identifies as a woman, was charged with aiding and abetting, in addition to one count of child exploitation, in relation to former intimate partner Lindsay Groves, according to a DOJ press release. Read more here.


YOUTUBE CENSORED ‘DETRANSITIONER’ WHILE ‘GLAMORIZING’ PRO-TRANS CONTENT. Prisha Mosley underwent a double mastectomy and took testosterone injections before ‘‘detransitioning,’’ and YouTube spiked the video of her story. Read more here.


TRANSGENDER CYCLIST AUSTIN KILLIPS SPARKS CONTROVERSY AS CYCLING OFFICIALS ALTER POLICY. A firestorm has erupted over transgender cyclist Austin Killips, a biological male, hailed as the first openly transgender female to win an official Union Cycliste Internationale stage race, expressing frustration with the governing body’s new restrictions regarding transgender participation in women’s events. Read more here.


WOMAN POSING AS GIRL BUSTS NEW YORK ‘HEALTHCARE’ GROUP GIVING TRANSGENDER DRUGS TO KIDS. A woman posing as a 14-year-old girl caught a New York City “healthcare provider” on tape offering her, a presumed minor, cross-sex hormones without parental consent. Read more here.


U.S. NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR THE ARTS AWARDS GRANT FOR TRANSGENDER DANCE TOUR. Fresh Meat Productions notes that the dance is “performed by a powerhouse ensemble of five trans, queer and gender-non-conforming dancers” featuring “intimate storytelling, intricate costuming and exquisite queer partnering.” Read more here.


EVEN CANADIANS OPPOSE JUSTIN TRUDEAU’S K-12 TRANSGENDERISM DRIVE. A poll asked 1,523 Canadians if “schools have to let parents know about the child’s desire to change gender or have new gender pronouns.” Fifty-seven percent of the respondents said, “schools should have to let the child’s parents know.” Read more here.


VIRGINIA FINALIZES GUIDANCE ON TRANSGENDER STUDENTS, INCLUDING ROLLING BACK SOME ACCOMMODATIONS. Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s administration finalized new policies on the treatment of transgender students, directing school districts to roll back some current accommodations and to increase parental notification requirements about certain discussions involving gender identity. Read more here.


RACHEL LEVINE RIPPED AFTER ARGUING HORMONES HELP CHILDREN AVOID ‘WRONG PUBERTY.’ The transgender U.S. Department of Health and Human Services assistant secretary came under fire during a response to a media question about why children should not have to wait until they’re 18 years old before making life-altering decisions. Read more here.


LOUISIANA HOUSE FAILS TO OVERRIDE GOVERNOR’S VETO OF GENDER IDENTITY PARENTAL PERMISSION BILL. The Louisiana State House failed by three votes in its effort to override Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards’ veto of a bill that would have banned teachers from using a new pronoun for students unless they get permission from parents. Read more here.


SCHOOLS IN SAXONY, GERMANY ARE FORBIDDEN TO USE GENDER LANGUAGE. The Ministry of Education directed schools to follow the nation’s official spelling rules, disallowing the use of gender language. Read more here.


UK WILL BEGIN REQUIRING TEACHERS TO INFORM PARENTS OF ANY ‘GENDER TRANSITION’ BY THEIR CHILDREN. Teachers will be required to tell parents that their child is questioning his or her gender even if the young person objects, under new guidance for schools, equalities minister Kemi Badenoch indicated. Read more here.


RUSSIA PASSES BILL BANNING TRANSGENDER SURGERIES, ADOPTIONS. The lower house of parliament passed a bill banning any “medical interventions aimed at ‘changing the sex’ of a person” as part of a batch of laws aimed at combating LGBTQ propaganda. Read more here.


FEMALE RECRUIT CONSIDERED RESIGNING AFTER BEING FORCED TO SHOWER WITH TRANS MAN. An 18-year-old military recruit forced to shower with biological males as part of the Biden administration’s transgender policies complained about being placed in an “extremely uncomfortable position.” Read more here.


KENTUCKY BAN ON TRANSGENDER SURGERIES OF CHILDREN TAKES EFFECT AFTER JUDGE LIFTS INJUNCTION. U.S. District Judge David Hale lifted a temporary injunction against a Kentucky law prohibiting the gender “transitioning” of minors, in what Attorney General Daniel Cameron called a “win for parents and children.” Read more here.


NEARLY HALF OF MILLENNIALS BELIEVE ‘MISGENDERING’ SHOULD BE CRIMINAL OFFENSE. Forty-four percent of people in the age range of 25-34 believe “misgendering” a person should be a criminal offense, while 31 percent disagreed, according to a Newsweek survey. Read more here.


CDC ‘CHESTFEEDING’ GUIDANCE DRAWS PUSHBACK FROM GOP DOCTORS IN SENATE. Sens. Roger Marshall (R-KS) and Bill Cassidy (R-LA) sent a letter to the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director criticizing the agency for not acknowledging the limited research on the subject and leaving out information on the possible safety risks posed to the transgender individual or the infant. Read more here.


INTERNATIONAL ENDOCRINOLOGISTS SPEAK OUT AGAINST U.S. GENDER ‘TRANSITION’ MEDICINE. Nearly two dozen clinicians and researchers from nine countries co-signed a letter to the Wall Street Journal stating the Endocrine Society’s claims about the state of evidence for gender-affirming care for youth are not supported by evidence. Read more here.


WORLD CYCLING BODY REVERSES COURSE, BANS TRANS ATHLETES FROM COMPETING AGAINST WOMEN. “From now on, female transgender athletes who have ‘transitioned’ after (male) puberty will be prohibited from participating in women’s events on the UCI International Calendar – in all categories – in the various disciplines,” the Union Cycliste Internationale ruled. Read more here.


SEATTLE PUBLIC SCHOOLS GIVE FREE TRANSGENDER HORMONES, SURGERY REFERRALS TO STUDENTS. Seattle public schools are giving cross-sex hormones and referrals for mutilating surgeries to teenagers, according to an investigative report by the conservative parents’ group Parents Defending Education. Read more here.


VIRGINIA SCHOOL DISTRICT SAYS ‘DISCOMFORT IS NOT A REASON’ TO KEEP BOYS OUT OF GIRLS’ BATHROOMS. The unease of girls having to share intimate facilities with members of the opposite sex is allegedly not a sufficient reason to reject the gender identity policy of Albemarle County Public Schools. Read more here.


JUDGE ALLOWS SCHOOLS TO WITHHOLD GENDER IDENTITY OF STUDENTS FROM THEIR PARENTS. U.S. District Judge John Mendez said he was observing judicial restraint by dismissing Aurora Regino’s lawsuit alleging that Chico Unified School District hid her fifth-grade daughter’s stated identification as a “boy.” Read more here.


MUSLIM CITY COUNCIL IN MICHIGAN FIRES EMPLOYEES FOR PRIDE FLAG ON PUBLIC PROPERTY. The all-Muslim city council in Hamtramck, Michigan fired two human relations commissioners after they flew the LGBTQ pride flag on public property in violation of a recent law banning such flags. Read more here.


FORMER LGBT ACTIVIST REGRETS INDOCTRINATING CHILDREN WITH GENDER IDEOLOGY: ‘OH MY GOD. WHAT HAVE I DONE?’ Kay Yang, who formerly worked in LGBT outreach, is now an outspoken critic of gender ideology being taught to young children in K-12 education and has been the victim of physical attacks. Read more here.


CALIFORNIA STUDENTS WHO ‘MISGENDERED’ TEACHER SUSPENDED, PARENTS GROUP SAYS. The two suspended students were subjected to restorative justice training by Herbert Hoover High School in Glendale. Read more here.


THE NEXT LIA THOMAS? MALE DOMINATES GIRLS’ SPORTS AFTER APPEALS COURT BLOCKS WEST VIRGINIA LAW. Transgender male Becky Pepper-Jackson has beaten over 100 female track and field rivals, prompting West Virginia’s attorney general and Alliance Defending Freedom to seek a legal remedy to this unfairness. Read more here.


WISCONSIN REPUBLICANS REINTRODUCE SAVE WOMEN’S SPORTS ACT. Wisconsin legislators reintroduced the Act in an effort to force athletes to participate in male, female or co-ed teams, though Gov. Tony Evers would likely veto such a bill. Read more here.


PARENTS OF TRANS STUDENTS SEEK TO BLOCK STATE’S BAN ON TRANSGENDER PROCEDURES FOR MINORS. Transgender advocates are seeking to block Texas law banning puberty blockers, cross-sex hormone replacement and “transition” surgeries for children. Read more here.


STUNNING VIDEO EXPOSES HOW TRANS ACTIVISTS ‘CONQUERED AMERICAN LIFE.’ A powerful new video by investigative journalist Christopher Rufo and the Manhatton Institute exposes the activist intellectuals and influential doctors behind the aggressive “trans” revolution in America. Read more here.


TRANS ADVOCATES IN RUSSIA BRACE FOR PROPOSED GENDER SURGERY BAN. New legislation supported by the lower house of Parliament is the latest phase in a widespread crackdown on LGBTQ indoctrination, which President Vladimir Putin seeks to portray as evidence of moral decay in Western countries. Read more here.


CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL PAID EMPLOYEE TO GIVE ‘DRAG PERFORMANCE’ TO SCHOOL KIDS. Chicago’s Lurie Children’s Hospital paid Chicago Public Schools hundreds for a drag performance by one of its health educators at a school resource fair, according to documents obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation. Read more here.


Dutch court: child does not need a mother after birth. Two men who were “unable to realize their desire for children on their own” were allowed by a court to register themselves as legal parents, and the surrogate mother who gave birth to the child was discarded at the expense of Dutch family law stating the mother is always certain. Read more here.


Transgender model wins Miss Netherlands, will compete at Miss Universe. Rikkie Kolle, a biologically male transgender model, will go on to compete for the title of Miss Universe later this year in El Salvador. Read more here.


Largest teachers union votes to endorse pediatric “sex changes.” The National Education Association approved a new measure calling for the group and its members to promote “sex-change” procedures for LGBTQ youth. Read more here.


UK teachers union urges scrapping of boy and girl uniforms, segregated sports. Britain’s largest teachers union has advised schools to stop segregated sports and use gender-neutral uniforms to become more “trans inclusive” and to end “boy-girl” classroom seating as it could “distress” trans or non-binary students. Read more here.


Ruling allows Tennessee “gender-affirming” care for minors ban to become law. Tennessee’s law blocking health care providers from performing gender-affirming surgeries on minors or administering hormones or puberty blockers to minors is allowed to become law after the Sixth District U.S. Court of Appeals overruled a lower court injunction. Read more here.


French party wants transgender men to have access to fertility treatment for women. The left-wing La France party proposed that transgender men gain access to the fertility treatment so they could increase their chances of getting pregnant. Read more here.


University repeals reprimand against professor who failed student for saying “biological women.” The University of Cincinnati has repealed its reprimand against a gender studies professor who gave a student a zero on her project proposal about transgender athletes competing in women’s sports because it included the phrase “biological women.” Read more here.


Kentucky AG appeals ruling that blocked ban on “gender-transition” treatments for minors. Kentucky attorney general Daniel Cameron challenged a federal judge’s ruling that temporarily blocked parts of the state’s ban on “gender-transition” treatments for minors. Read more here.


Left is challenging state bans on “transgender procedures” for minors. A federal judge is allowing Georgia’s ban on “gender-transition” drugs and surgeries for minors to go into effect, despite protests from the left-wing organizations, the ACLU and Southern Poverty Law Center. Read more here.


Transgender woman challenges societal norms by applying to compete in Miss Venezuela pageant. In a nation where there is almost no acceptance of the LGBT agenda, a male who goes by the name of Sofia Salomón is challenging long-held traditional norms. Read more here.


Policy 713: LGBT school policy change causes political turmoil in Canada. A controversial policy change that bars teachers from using a student’s preferred pronouns without parental permission will soon go into effect in New Brunswick despite pushback. Read more here.


U. of Cincinnati orders professor who gave student an F for using “biological women” to attend free speech training. University of Cincinnati adjunct professor Melanie Rose Nipper, who failed a student for using the term “biological women” on an essay, has been formally reprimanded by her department and ordered to attend a free speech training. Read more here.


Transgender rapist complains of “transphobic” abuse in men’s prison. A male prisoner in the United Kingdom who identifies as “transgender” and was convicted of raping two women sent a letter to reporters claiming that he’s been the target of “transphobic abuse” and a “hate crime” in a men’s prison. Read more here.


Louisiana governor vetoes bill banning “gender-transition” treatment for minors. Governor John Bel Edwards, a Democrat, vetoed three bills that would have banned “gender-transition” treatment for minors and pushed back against the rise of gender ideology in the state’s public schools. Read more here.


Dutch study finds transgenders have higher rates of suicide. In a nationwide study of 6.6 million Danish-born people, transgender individuals had significantly higher rates of suicide attempts, suicide mortality, suicide-unrelated mortality and all-cause mortality than non-transgender individuals. Read more here.


Georgia school district intends to fire teacher after she read book about gender identity to fifth grade class, document shows. Cobb County School District informed Katherine Rinderle that it “intends to terminate” her employment at Due West Elementary School after she read the book “My Shadow is Purple” to her students. Read more here.


Transgender Biden official claims government does not “belong” in gender treatments. During an interview with the Washington Post on health equity “to eliminate barriers to health care,” assistant secretary for health Rachel Levine attacked several Republican-led bills aimed at protecting children from cross-sex medical procedures and gender ideology. Read more here.


Michigan House passes bill that could make using wrong pronouns a felony. Michigan’s state House of Representatives has passed bill HB 4474, a piece of legislation that criminalizes causing someone to feel threatened by words. Read more here.


Study finds gender dysphoria growing among younger adults amid “increasing acceptance.” According to a new study published in General Psychiatry, individuals are receiving diagnoses of gender dysphoria at younger ages. Read more here.


Thousands in North Macedonia join Church protest against proposed laws on gender identity. The protest, organized by the country’s Orthodox Church and supported by leading Islamic officials, the Catholic Church and other religious communities, was against proposed legislation on gender equality and identity which it says threatens family values. Read more here.


Georgia ban on “gender transition” treatment for minors starting. Georgia Senate Bill 140, regarding “gender transition” treatments for minors, goes into effect July 1 and will prohibit “gender transitioning” treatments for youth. Read more here.


American Medical Association strengthens commitment to “gender-affirming care” & affirmative action. The American Medical Association passed sweeping resolutions that strengthen its commitment to advancing DEI training in medical school, its activism against legislation restricting “gender-affirming care,” and its opposition to the mandatory reporting of gender dysphoria in minors. Read more here.


Arizona to cover “gender-transition” surgery for state employees under governor’s new executive order. Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs issued executive orders to guarantee transgender state employees access to “gender-transition” surgery and to prohibit the use of state funding to support or promote so-called “conversion therapy.” Read more here.


This Walgreens has a trans clinic inside. A Walgreens in Dallas, Texas is housing a transgender clinic where patients can get referrals for transgender “transition” hormones like testosterone. Read more here.


Biology professor says college fired him for teaching sex determined by chromosomes. Johnson Varkey said the school terminated him for “religious preaching” after he educated students about the human reproductive system. Read more here.


Sexual criminality is deeply tied to gender ideology. Although transgender women are reportedly at an inordinately high risk of being sexually victimized, many are themselves perpetrators of child predation and sexual abuse. Read more here.


Pro-family advocate convicted of “political violence” for “misgendering” lawmaker. A former Mexican congressman has been convicted in a court of “gender-based political violence” for social media posts he made referring to a transgender-identifying Mexican lawmaker as a “man who self-ascribes as a woman.” Read more here.


New York State adopts NEA’s radical gender agenda for public schools. The New York State Education Department rubber stamped the National Education Association’s 42-page document outlining how educators should address trans-identifying students. Read more here.


Teens in England “too frightened” to say there are only two genders. Two young teens in England published an anonymous letter to their education secretary indicating that they were fearful of telling their classmates that there are only two genders. Read more here.


Percent of New Jersey students identifying as “non-binary” skyrockets. According to state enrollment data from the New Jersey Department of Education, in the 2019-2020 school year, just 16 students identified as such. In the 2022-2023 school year, however, that number ballooned to 675, about a 4,118 percent increase. Read more here.


Supreme Court declines to review Biden attempts to force Christian schools to house boys with girls. The U.S. Supreme Court declined to take up the Missouri-based College of the Ozarks’ case against the Biden administration imposing a slate of new requirements on the Christian school to recognize and accommodate the “gender identity” of gender-dysphoric students. Read more here.


Georgia Teacher ousted after reading book on gender. A Cobb County teacher is fighting for her job after reading a book to her class that the district says violates Georgia’s Divisive Concepts Law. Read more here.


Elon Musk declares “cis” and “cisgender” will be considered slurs on Twitter. “Cis” and “cisgender” are terms frequently used by members of the LGBT community as a marker for anyone who identifies with their biological sex and gender. Read more here.


Former Democrat transgender state rep arrested on child pornography charges. Stacie-Marie Laughton, a biological male who identifies as female, was initially elected to the New Hampshire legislature in 2012, but was unable to serve due to a 2008 felony conviction of credit card fraud. Laughton was arrested for allegedly distributing “sexually explicit images of children.” Read more here.


AMC Theaters cancels detransitioner film following trans group’s de-platforming campaign. “No Way Back: The Reality of Gender-Affirming Care” was set for initial release in dozens of theaters across the country. Producers of the film say AMC caved to the pressure of a de-platforming campaign by a transgender group called the Queer Trans Project. Read more here.


U.S. court strikes down Florida transgender health rule. U.S. District Judge Robert Hinkle struck down a Florida rule and a statute that banned state Medicaid payments for transgender healthcare. Read more here.


Former Tavistock staff in UK go private to keep transitioning children. Former specialists of the controversial British Tavistock gender clinic have launched a new private service to continue offering hormone therapy and sex-reassignment surgery to children and teenagers despite the public outrage about the questionable practices that forced their previous workplace to shut down. Read more here.


Hospital turns over transgender patient records to Tennessee attorney general in investigation. Vanderbilt University Medical Center has turned over medical records for transgender patients to the Tennessee attorney general’s team in what his office confirmed is an investigation into potential medical billing fraud. Read more here.

Sorority doubles down on admission of male student, urges court to dismiss “frivolous” lawsuit. The Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority is asking a court to dismiss a lawsuit brought several of its members for admitting a male student into its sisterhood. Read more here.


Patients who regret “sex-change” ops, sue doctors posing legal challenges for health care industry. Two Californians – Kayla Lovdahl and Chloe Cole – are now suing Kaiser Permanente for “gender affirming” procedures performed on them as minors, alleging “medical negligence” and ignorance of a large body of research on the risks of medicalized “transitions.” Read more here.


Midwest teachers hold conference on how to “subversively and quietly” teach explicit sex ed, gender transition students without parental knowledge. Dozens of Midwestern teachers met online this week and traded tips on helping trans students change gender at school without their parents’ knowledge, while criticizing a raft of new Republican laws on sex and identity. Read more here.


Texas Christian University students will create own drag personas, perform in ‘’Queer Art of Drag’’ course. According to the course syllabus obtained by Campus Reform, the course requires students to create a drag persona, which is done through a “drag vision board,” a “bibliography,” a “worksheet,” an “in-class lip-sync performance,” a “storyboard,” and a final performance. Read more here.


Judge rules Arkansas ban on gender-affirming care for transgender minors violates U.S. Constitution. A federal judge struck down Arkansas’ first-in-the-nation ban on gender-affirming care for children as unconstitutional, the first ruling to overturn such a prohibition as a growing number of Republican-led states adopt similar restrictions. Read more here.


Majority of Canadians support requiring teachers to inform parents about child’s “gender identity’’: poll. According to a national poll conducted by Leger in May, nearly three in five Canadians hold that schools must inform parents if their child considers “changing” their gender pronouns or “transitioning” at school. Read more here.


New Zealanders can now identify as non-binary on their birth certificate. The country’s new self-identification process replaces the previous requirement to apply to the Family Court, and applicants will no longer require proof of medical treatment. Read more here.


Australia recommends testosterone limits for transgender athletes in elite female sport. The non-compulsory guidelines issued by the Australian Sports Commission allow for national federations to determine that testosterone suppression is required for eligibility to compete in female categories. Read more here.


Teen accuses doctors of madly rushing her into child gender transition. In a lawsuit filed in California’s San Joaquin County Superior Court, Kayla Lovdahl and her attorneys with the Center for American Liberty are accusing medical professionals of fast-tracking her through her “gender transition, one that she now deeply regrets. Read more here.


Vanderbilt halts transgender mutilation of children ahead of new Tennessee law taking effect. Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) has ceased gender “transitioning” of underage patients ahead of a new Tennessee law banning the practice taking effect on July 1. Read more here.


U.S. “outlier” among Western nations in transgender “care” for children. “Gender-affirming care” for “trans kids,” including puberty-blocking drugs and “sex reassignment” surgeries at a young age may not reduce psychological distress and may have long-term and irreversible consequences that children cannot factor into their decision-making at a young age. Read more here.


UK, Sweden and Switzerland retract support for gender fluidity. The UK now realizes the seriousness of the facts concerning the administration of puberty blockers to minors, and the National Health Service has made the decision to limit these drugs to those with “exceptional circumstances.” Read more here.


Johns Hopkins University blasted by J.K. Rowling, others over Its definition of “lesbian.” Since updating its definition of the word “lesbian” in an online glossary for LGBTQ+ terms, to “a non-man attracted to a non-man,” Johns Hopkins University has come under fire for allegedly “erasing women.” Read more here.


Kids cartoon “We Baby Bears” to introduce “they/them” pronouns in new episode. The Cartoon network’s “We Baby Bears” kids cartoon plans to introduce gender ideology to children ages six and up in the program titled “Polly’s New Crew” during “Pride Month.” Read more here.


Students start coming out: Rainbow Library program pushes LGBT content to kids as young as 5. GLSEN’s “Rainbow Library” program, which provides “LGBTQ+ affirming K-12 text sets,” is in 5,800 American schools and libraries across 31 states, offering books and resources on transgenderism and sexual orientation available to young children. Read more here.


Teachers union unveils LGBTQ+ toolkit for indoctrination. According to the National Education Association’s “LGBTQ+ Support & Protection” webpage, the toolkit, titled “Defending the Freedom of our LGBTQ+ Students to be Themselves,” gives teachers guides to addressing students by their preferred pronouns, offers LGBTQ+ classroom library book recommendations, and provides art that teachers can display in their classrooms to use as a “tool for change.” Read more here.


Trans-identified male places first in women’s category at Belgian Waffle Ride North Carolina. A trans- identified male has once again taken first place in the women’s category of a sports event, the North Carolina cycling tour, adding to his expansive list of victories against female cyclists. Read more here.


President Biden embraced transgender children at a White House “Pride Month” celebration. He singled out the children and told them they are “loved.” He erroneously stated “a person can be married in the morning and thrown out of a restaurant for being gay in the afternoon.” Read more here.


Study finds gender identity is losing ground in the American court of public opinion. A new study of more than 5,000 Americans’ views on gender identity and what is appropriate to teach in public schools with respect to sexual orientation and gender identity revealed that a 65-percent majority believe there are only two genders. Read more here.


Children were exposed to adult nudity and explicit sexual content during a drag show at Oregon State University. Titled the “Illegal Drag Show,” the disturbing event was hosted by the university’s student-funded LGBT group Rainbow Continuum and included sexually provocative performances by men and women in drag and costumes. Read more here.


Proposed California legislation would charge any parent who doesn’t affirm transgenderism with child abuse. The bill would also add “affirming” the sexual transition of a child to the state’s standard for parental responsibility and child welfare—making any parent who doesn’t affirm transgenderism for their child guilty of abuse under California state law. Read more here.


Poll finds most Americans believe transgender athletes should compete against those with same biological gender. According to the Gallup poll, 69 percent of Americans believe transgender athletes should be able to play on sports teams that match their biological gender while 26 percent of Americans believe transgender athletes should play on teams that correspond with their gender identity. Read more here.


Wisconsin county considers sanctuary status for transgender kids. Board supervisors in Dane County, which includes the state capital of Madison, will vote on a resolution “declaring Dane County a sanctuary for trans and nonbinary individuals.” The resolution states the county’s position that it’s a “fundamental right” for children to access sex-reassignment drugs and procedures. Read more here.