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NIH-Funded Study Claims Trans Hormones Improve Mental Health – Despite Patient Suicides, by Laurel Duggan. “A National Institutes of Health-funded study published Jan. 19 in the New England Journal of Medicine claimed to find that cross-sex hormones caused improvements in psychosocial functioning for transgender and nonbinary adolescents. However, two participants committed suicide while another 11 developed suicidal ideation, according to the study.” Read more here.


Christian Cake Artist Gets Persecuted Again, by Quin Hillyer. “Not content to let him get away with refusal to serve same-sex weddings, a leftist lawyer demanded that Phillips make a cake to celebrate a gender transition and another one depicting Satan. These were clearly not good-faith requests but mere harassment… Of course, Phillips refused, which kick-started another Colorado attempt to nail up Phillips as a sacrifice to their gender gods. Naturally, Colorado’s courts … again held Phillips responsible for illegal discrimination based on gender, his religious objections notwithstanding.” Read more here.


Oregon’s Unhinged ‘LGBTQ2SIA+’ Guidance Spells the Death of Education, by Emily Mangiaracina. “The Oregon Department of Education’s new ‘transgender’ guidance, now written for ‘LGBTQ2SIA+’ students …, may not have made more than a quiet splash upon its release – perhaps in part due to the numbing ‘boiling frog’ syndrome. However, it signals something monumental: that the state education department and the culture that shaped it have, perhaps unwittingly, completely subverted the very purpose of education.” Read more here.


The Pro-Life Movement Still Deserves a National Strategy, by Alexandra DeSanctis. “Up until now, thanks to Roe, calling oneself a pro-life politician hasn’t required much at all. This is the moment for pro-lifers to prove those tepid leaders wrong and insist that any candidate who calls himself pro-life must do more than gesture vaguely to state lawmakers. As the March for Life demonstrated, pro-life Americans still have momentum. They would be wise not to give it up.” Read more here.


The Trans War on Tomboys, by Nina Power. “Today, the boyish girl is in danger of being told she was ‘born in the wrong body’ and whisked off to a gender clinic to begin the journey from puberty blockers to breast removal to reproductive surgery and, ultimately, infertility. Setting children on this path – one that many regret – is an obvious, grotesque harm. We have taken a terribly wrong turn in allowing pharmaceutical companies to construct lifelong patients out of healthy children.” Read more here.


A Predator’s Paradise, by Abigail Shrier. “[I]f some of Wiener’s bills seek to protect LGBTQ youth, they also represent a golden opportunity for a different group: adults who would take advantage of them… Consider the Wiener-authored SB 145, a 2020 measure that amended the sex-offender registration laws in California, so that an adult having anal or oral sex with a minor could avoid getting placed on the sex-offender registry, as long as the child was at least 14 and the adult was no more than a decade older.” Read more here.


Transgender Ideology Is Putting Male Rapists Into Women’s Prisons, With Predictable Results, by Zachary Faria. “Men are not women. Men do not belong in women’s spaces, especially if that space is a confined one, such as a prison. Men who are convicted rapists belong nowhere near any women, even if they claim to think they are women… The insanity of transgenderism is having real consequences when it is adopted by the government, and the harm will continue unless people reject this nonsense.” Read more here.


A Public School District Took Middle Schoolers to a Drag Show Without Telling Their Parents, by Patrick Miller and Keith Simon. “When school officials in a diverse community treat their solemn responsibility to seek parental consent as a light matter … they not only jeopardize the welfare of children, they tear at the fabric of our pluralistic social order… When school leaders minimize the problem, they make concerned parents out to be reactionaries. When they betray the trust of parents, they rupture a vital relationship.” Read more here.


The Cultural Abomination of Drag Queen Story Hour Came to Baltimore, by Christopher Tremoglie. “Make no mistake, drag queen story hour has no business in front of children. Much like people would reject exotic dancers reading stories to children because of the mature content of their hypersexualized nature, so, too, should drag queen story hour. They shouldn’t receive special privileges or exemptions (mainly) because they’re part of the LGBT community. Inappropriate is inappropriate regardless of the sexual orientation of most actors involved.” Read more here.


How Not to Regulate Pediatric Gender Medicine, by Leor Sapir and Colin Wright. “State efforts to restrict the use of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgeries to address (apparent) gender-related distress in youth make for good public policy. Yet even lawmakers on the morally and scientifically correct side of an issue risk overstepping by unintentionally proposing harmful or strategically counterproductive regulations. We write to warn of three such mistaken efforts.” Read more here.


Dobbs Dealt a Blow to the Supply Side of Abortion; Now Pro-Lifers Should Focus on the Demand Side, by Marvin Olasky. “Going forward, pro-lifers need to emphasize compassionate approaches that can reduce demand for abortions. Prime among them: pregnancy resource centers that offer free material, psychological, and spiritual help to women (and men) in need. They provide 3D or 4D ultrasounds so pregnant women and the fathers of their unborn children can make an informed choice, and they provide a new support community for women when their old one has rejected them. They don’t abandon women who choose abortion, and instead offer post-abortion counseling.” Read more here.


The Weird New Era of Abortion Debate, by Kathryn Lopez. “In this new moment after Roe, there needs to be an examination of our national conscience. Why is abortion so commonplace? Why is it considered freedom and health care when it’s often posited as the only solution, with no consideration of other options for women? There are very hard cases and painful sufferings. Most abortions in America do not involve horrific stories that necessitate babies being born alive in the latest stages of pregnancy – most abortions are birth control.” Read more here.


Minnesota Poised to Legalize Infanticide, Nuke Protections for Women and Babies in Radical Abortion Bill, by Jordan Boyd. “’Viable’ as defined in Minnesota law means ‘able to live outside the womb even though artificial aid may be required,’ which could be as early as ‘the second half of [the] gestation period.’ The [Protect Reproductive Options Act] doesn’t just rid the state of that definition in an attempt to expand abortion for all through birth. It also quashes provisions that abortions performed beyond the first trimester must be done in hospitals and only executed if a mother’s life is at risk.” Read more here.


Virginia Teen Sex-Trafficked Twice After School Hides Gender Identity From Her Parents, by Laura Bryant Hanford. “When the FBI found Sage … in Maryland, where she was victimized by a sexual predator, a judge refused to return her to her parents on the grounds they were abusing her in not affirming her as male. Housed in the boys’ quarters of a children’s home away from her parents, she told her mother, she was assaulted again. The girl soon fled, then was brutally sex-trafficked again until her rescue in Texas by law enforcement.” Read more here.


New Abortion Numbers Don’t Show the Whole Picture, by Melanie Israel. “…[T]he growing use of abortion pills at home makes it harder to count actual abortions. Guttmacher counts chemical (abortion pill) abortions that ‘occurred in clinical settings’ but points out that during their census, roughly 55,000 people requested abortion pills online without going to a facility, according to one study. How many of these women got pills and went through with an abortion? And how many more women got abortion pills from unscrupulous foreign and domestic sources? We don’t know.” Read more here.


The Orwellian World of the Pro-Abortion Movement, by Christopher Tremoglie and Michael Tremoglie. “The issue of ‘reproductive rights’ is not semantical. It makes the issue sound like one of government interfering in the lives of individuals. But this clashes with the fact that abortion advocates most certainly do want laws that interfere with private lives. The most arrant interference is the elimination of parental notification. This means that a minor can legally be taken by some other adult – often an adult sexual abuser, covering up his crime – to have an abortion without her parent’s knowledge.” Read more here.


Washington Laws Now Allow Teen Gender Reassignment Surgery Without Parental Consent, by Jason Rantz. “Unfortunately, unless a parent immediately and unquestionably accepts their kid’s feelings at the time, the Left deems them to be unfit parents. And they believe that if a child even suspects their parents might say no to a life-altering surgery, the child should have the right to move forward on their own. It’s an easy position for politicians or activists to take when they don’t have to deal with the consequences the way a child and his or her family would.” Read more here.


Study Claims Abortion Restrictions Are Linked to Suicide but Ignores Crucial Data Showing Otherwise, by Thomas Kelly. “The authors are claiming that there is an expected 5 percent increase in suicide rates in states that have restrictive abortion laws. But the upward bias in their recorded suicide rates for some states is multiple times the estimated effect of abortion restrictions on suicide rates. This data cannot demonstrate that abortion restrictions are associated with suicide increases because the bias in their data is so extreme.” Read more here.


Team Biden Joins School Library Wars, Launching Federal Investigation, by Suzanne Bowdey. “Glenn … convey[ed] through district spokesman Jeff Meador that all the titles they’d pulled from shelves are ‘sexually explicit and not age-appropriate.’ That said, the libraries ‘continue to house a socially and culturally diverse collection of books for students to read, including,’ he pointed out, ‘books that analyze and explore LGBTQ+ issues.’ Naturally, that didn’t satisfy the ACLU, whose lawyers decided to involve the federal government in a local dispute that could have a chilling effect nationwide.” Read more here.


Medical Experts, Not Activists, Must Lead Discussion of Puberty Blockers, by Kate Anderson. “…[M]any school districts have adopted the activist line that the only way to support children with gender dysphoria is to adopt an ‘affirmative’ response that immediately puts a child onto a treatment pathway that ends with medical intervention… Schools that have enacted these radical policies should take a hard look at the very serious harms that children are exposed to in pursuit of an ‘affirmative’ approach.” Read more here.


An LGBTQ+ Conversion Therapy Ban Is Bound to Backfire, by Lottie Moore. “Of course, we would hope and expect that all MPs would be against persecution. But this amendment will have consequences that go far beyond that noble aim – with serious and dangerous results. If this amendment is passed, professionals simply trying to do their jobs could be accused of practising conversion therapy – because the amendment fails to define what it entails.” Read more here.


A ‘Botched Abortion’ Is the Birth of a Child, by Larry O’Connor. “The unanimous voice of Hakeem Jeffries’ Democrat caucus was that mothers and doctors should not be obliged to provide medical attention to an [sic] ‘survivor’ after a so-called ‘botched abortion…’ Think about that term for a moment. What happens when you ‘botch’ an abortion? …What happens when an abortion goes ‘wrong?’ A baby is born. A baby is born, alive. A ‘botched abortion’ is also known as ‘child birth.’” Read more here.


Oops! Democratic ‘Oversights’ Would Legalize Polygamy, Infanticide, by Ben Johnson. “Voters can glean the inner disposition of our lawmakers, learning which issues they consider vital and which never enter their minds, through … the ‘errors,’ omissions, and oversights politicians make when drafting legislation. Allegedly inadvertent ‘oversights’ and ‘drafting errors’ by Democratic lawmakers over the last year alone would have decriminalized infanticide, legalized polygamy, and suppressed sacred religious liberty rights enshrined in the First Amendment.” Read more here.


The Dutch Studies and the Myth of Reliable Research in Pediatric Gender Medicine, by Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine. “The authors assert that had the Dutch studies been published today for the first time, the ‘innovative practice’ of using hormones and surgery to gender transition children and young adults would never have been permitted to enter general medical settings due to the very low quality of the research and problematic outcomes experienced by several of the young people.” Read more here.


Democrats Can’t Help but Make the Case for Life, by Kaylee McGhee White. “Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) made a similar argument, saying, ‘The problem with this bill is that it endangers some infants by stating that that infant must immediately be brought to the hospital.’ Again, I fail to see how a bill that mandates immediate, life-saving care for born-alive infants puts them at any more risk. A hospital is surely a much safer place for them than an abortion clinic, considering the former exists to heal people and the latter exists to make sure they’re never born.” Read more here.


How a Public Library Used Third-Party Allies and ‘Listening Sessions’ to Dismiss Flak Over Pornographic Kids’ Books, by Casey Chalk. “A member of the Library Foundation … dismissed Horne’s complaints, challenging her to go out into the stacks and find something that was inappropriate. That same staffer also argued that young adult books with sexual content were ‘not pornographic’ and that different people had different standards of what material was too sexually explicit for adolescents (that’s not exactly true, given current U.S. federal law on obscenity).” Read more here.


West Virginia Wins Day on Fairness in Women’s Sports but Plot Thickens on Title IX, by Sarah Parshall Perry. “Recognizing that the administration’s attempts to redefine sex are suffering some notable legal defeats, the U.S. Department of Education recently issued a notice of proposed rulemaking in the Federal Register, indicating that it intends to make a new rule on Title IX. That rule, however, in contrast to the Title IX rule announced last summer … will deal only with transgender participation in school sports.” Read more here.


Minnesota Will Soon Make Teachers Endorse Child Mutilation to Get a License, by Ryan MacPherson. “The state’s insistence that every teacher positively affirm homosexual behaviors and transgendered identities understandably aggravates consciences among moral traditionalists, but the issues run deeper than the ‘culture war.’ What is at stake is the nature of knowledge, the future of liberty, and the prospects for a sustainable social order. In a word: civilization.” Read more here.


Gender Ideology Is Losing in the Courts, by Kaylee McGhee White. “Goodwin’s ruling is significant for several reasons, the first being that Goodwin has previously sided with gender ideologues. Just 18 months ago, he held that the male middle school student in question had to be allowed to try out for the girl’s cross-country and track teams while the case was pending. But even he admitted in his final ruling that sex is an immutable characteristic, and that changing its definition would have devastating consequences for everyone.” Read more here.


State Department’s LGBT Virtue Signaling Is Unhelpful, by Michael Rubin. “While LGBT evangelicals demand the State Department fly their flag, such virtue signaling often does more harm than good. Flying the rainbow flag at the Vatican to troll the Catholic faith is bad enough, but to do so in Muslim-majority countries such as Kosovo and the United Arab Emirates simply stirs the hornet’s nest for little result… The State Department’s gay pride activism is setting back both LGBT rights and kneecapping our diplomats’ effectiveness.” Read more here.


‘Dead Name’ Documentary Shows Kids Aren’t the Only Victims of Trans Radicals – Their Parents Are, Too, by Nathanael Blake. “Parents who oppose so-called transitioning their children are not the bad guys. The bad guys are the transgender activists who have promulgated a false narrative labeling these parents as suicide-inducing bigots when these parents try to protect their kids from a destructive ideology pushing dangerous medical experiments.” Read more here.


Abortion Industry Seeks to End All FDA Abortion Pill Safety Regulations, by Carole Novielli. “Abortion pill safety regulations created by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), known as REMS, are the next target of the profitable abortion industry, which has historically bemoaned all regulations to protect women. The ultimate goal of these abortion advocates – many associated with Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health (ANSIRH) – is to allow over-the-counter dispensing of the abortion pill.” Read more here.


Transgenderism Is Experiencing a Crisis of Scientific Legitimacy, by David Gortler. “Today, almost every academic medical school, most prominent U.S. professional medical organizations, and the Biden administration are fully advocating both drugs and major surgeries, including the removal of healthy tissue and organs, in children, adolescents, and adults… The problem is that they all ignore the fundamentals of biology and make unsubstantiated claims without the conclusive, long-term clinical safety findings otherwise required for all other types of medical or pharmacological interventions.” Read more here.


Biden Justice Department Dishonestly Rewrites Law Against Sending Abortion Drugs by Mail, by Thomas Jipping. “The Biden administration keeps coming up with new tactics to keep abortions happening. The latest is Justice Department advice to the U.S. Postal Service that a federal law prohibiting using the mail to send abortion drugs doesn’t mean what it says… Far from offering a reasonable interpretation of §1461, the Office of Legal Counsel attempts to construct a fictional statute that would not interfere with the Biden administration’s pro-abortion agenda.” Read more here.


New Evidence From Finland That Partnership Instability Reduces Fertility, by Laurie DeRose. “The transition to below replacement fertility has happened at the same time as (and likely because of) the global ‘retreat from marriage,’ a phrase that captures the many ways that people spend fewer of their adult years married. Fewer enter marriage at all, and those who do marry typically do so later in life, often divorce, and either do not remarry or do not remarry quickly. The retreat from marriage takes many adult years away from the normative context for childbearing…” Read more here.


New York Is Violating Photographer’s Free Speech, by Alliance Defending Freedom. “The First Amendment guarantees to all Americans – including artists – the freedom to choose which messages to express. If the government can compel Emilee to convey a view of marriage that cuts against her beliefs, it can compel the speech of others… But a victory for Emilee and Lorie wouldn’t be just a win for them. The same protections that ensure they can promote messages consistent with their beliefs ensure that a lesbian cake artist can decline to create a custom cake criticizing same-sex marriage…” Read more here.


FDA Aids Biden’s Abortion-for-All Agenda by Letting Pharmacies Sell Dangerous Abortion Pill, by Jordan Boyd. “Already, pill-induced abortions account for more than half of them in the United States. Now that the FDA quietly scaled back its regulation of the abortion pill even further to match the Biden administration’s post-Roe activism, that number is only expected to rise as chains such as CVS and Walgreens agree to legally dispense the fatal drug in any state where chemical abortions are legal.” Read more here.


If States Followed the Science, They’d Emulate Europe to Protect Kids With Gender Dysphoria, by Sharon Supp. “After thoroughly reviewing the reliable evidence, these countries concluded that the risks of ‘gender-affirming care’ far outweigh any potential benefits. Instead, they are returning to psychological and psychiatric care as the starting point for addressing gender confusion in children – a model known as ‘watchful waiting’ – noting that gender dysphoria in teens could be just a ‘transient phase’ which should not be mishandled with radical, life-altering drugs and surgeries.” Read more here.


Hospital Surgery Dept ‘Proud’ to Announce App Targeting Children for Gender Transitions, by Joshua Arnold. “Under the guise of ‘offering counseling’ to a youth questioning his or her gender identity, gender activists often pressure them towards transitioning (in some jurisdictions, it’s illegal to counsel a child against transitioning). This counseling is often done privately, without the supervision or possibly even knowledge of the child’s parent. This strategy can manipulate children into agreeing to … procedures to which the child is totally incapable of giving mature, informed consent.” Read more here.


Biden’s FDA and Justice Department Are All-in on Abortion, by Ian Haworth. “…[I]n a society where every other product and service is available at the touch of a button – including meals, transportation, and narcotics – it’s apparently unconscionable that murdering your own unborn child should be any different. When medical abortions account for more than half of abortions in the United States, and with abortion becoming more difficult across the country, the only area of the economy booming under Biden’s leadership will apparently be abortion by mail.” Read more here.


Everything That’s Wrong With Scotland’s New Gender Recognition Law, by David Robertson. “The Bill allows you to change your birth certificate so that it lies about your sex. If you are born male and later decide you want to be a woman then you can change your birth certificate to say that you were born a woman. This is biological nonsense and a straightforward lie. But it is a lie that the government promotes – to such an extent that you can be prosecuted for speaking the truth!” Read more here.


Why Did Congress Remove Language From the Defense Bill Protecting Military Kids From Trans Insanity? by Amy Haywood. “In November, a concerned mom posted on social media her shock at seeing ‘artwork’ in the entrance of an elementary school that caused her 7-year-old to ask her what ‘polysexual’ meant. The response was swift, but not in the way you might expect: An Army officer … called state and local law enforcement and used base security forces to monitor the supposedly unsafe situation she had created in the school district where more than half of the students are children of active-duty military personnel.” Read more here.


The Biden Administration Wants to Censor People Who Oppose Gender Transitions for Children, by Zachary Faria. “The next step in ‘misinformation’ censorship is going to come with government officials attempting to silence any debate about mutilating children in the name of transgenderism. This is the biggest takeaway from the recently leaked video of Health and Human Services Assistant Secretary Rachel Levine… In her comments, Levine said that ‘the positive value of gender-affirming care for youth and adults is not in scientific or medical dispute’ and that anyone questioning it is ‘dangerous to the public health.’” Read more here.


Protect Our Children: Stop the Sexualization of America’s Kids, by Kimberly Fletcher. “It is no accident that children are in the audience of these heavily sexualized ‘shows.’ That is the point. If children see lewd and indecent behavior at a young age, they lose their innocence and accept as normal what was once rightly recognized as a threat to the family and our civic order. Increasingly, we have seen graphic sexual content making its way into our schools; that, too, is on purpose.” Read more here.


Why Detransitioners Are Crucial to the Science of Gender Care, by Chad Terhune, Robin Respaut, and Michelle Conlin. “In his continuing search for detransitioners, MacKinnon spent hours scrolling through TikTok and sifting through online forums where people shared their experiences and found comfort from each other. These forays opened his eyes to the online abuse detransitioners receive – not just the usual anti-transgender attacks, but members of the transgender community telling them to ‘shut up’ and even sending death threats.” Read more here.


In States That Limited Abortion After Dobbs, Biden’s Federal Agencies Are Pushing It Anyway, by Sophia Corso. “…[T]he order’s pledge to ‘protect access to medication abortion’ is a misleading euphemism for a chemical abortion that starves, kills, and expels the dead child from a mother’s womb. This is clearly the antithesis of ‘medication’ and has also sparked lawsuits against the Food and Drug Administration and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The order is just another way for the Biden administration to push abortion into states that have legally placed restrictions on it.” Read more here.


Here Are the States Most Likely to Pass Abortion Restrictions in 2023, by Abigail Adcox. “Several state legislatures appear poised to consider new abortion restrictions next year, potentially adding to the dozen-plus states that have already adopted new restrictions since the Supreme Court said … there is no constitutional right to abortion. State lawmakers in Nebraska, Ohio, South Carolina, and Florida have signaled they might hear proposals to limit access to the procedure in the next legislative session.” Read more here.


Fringe Gender Ideology Defeats Three Judges’ Impartiality, by Washington Examiner. “The judges use such ideologically charged words that most real people don’t use, such as ‘cisgender.’ This is evidence that the judges took sides before the issue was litigated. In other words, they exercised their prejudices, not their judgment… Gender ideology and its Orwellian language about sex are contaminating the machinery of government and corrupting our culture.” Read more here.


Colorado Christians Have Felt the First Winds From the Coming Harassment Storm, by Jeff Hunt. “The real problem is that Christian values are increasingly finding themselves in conflict with the values pushed by the state. A biblical worldview on human identity and sexuality, for instance, runs head-on into the state’s embrace of LGBT identity politics. Indeed, the framing of LGBT rights as its own civil rights issue has made it difficult for people of all religious backgrounds to live according to their beliefs without fear of retaliation.” Read more here.


Teens Need Tech Limits and Real-Life Relationships to Thrive, by Tessa Carman. “Most disturbingly, suicide is the second-largest cause of death for 10-to-18-year-olds in particular. It’s an eerie statistic in a time when teens are far less likely to get in trouble in the tangible world – through car crashes, teenage pregnancy, daredevil stunts. Instead of clubbing and dancing all night, too many teens are safely home, logged into their online communities. Physically safe, maybe – but incredibly lonely and vulnerable to deadly spells of depression.” Read more here.


The Transgender Trajectory, by Terry Jeffrey. “The court’s opinion meticulously refers to two types of ‘girls.’ One it calls ‘transgender girls’ or ‘girls who are transgender.’ The other it calls ‘cisgender girls’ or ‘girls who are cisgender.’ In other words, in this court’s arithmetic, two distinct sexes equal one… The trajectory of the transgender movement is driving America away from a society based on objective truth – where a boy is a boy, for example – toward a society where what we pretend is true depends on what those in authority demand.” Read more here.


University of Washington’s Questionable Fetal Tissue Program Loses Legal Battle, by Matt Lamb. “If treating preborn babies like commodities sounds callous and immoral, it is. The monetary payments create conflicts of interest for medical providers who should not be pressuring women into having abortions… Society and our laws should not tolerate the buying and selling of fetal tissue. Abortion should be outlawed, but at a minimum, even pro-choice states should require the dignified burial of aborted babies.” Read more here.


Leftists Call Free Speech ‘Violence’ to Mute Critics of Barbaric Transgender Surgeries for Kids, by Chad Felix Greene. “What these organizations are attempting to do is stigmatize anyone who participates in such criticism by accusing them of contributing to any potential violence that may occur. More to the point, they want to intimidate conservative commentators to prevent them from discussing or sharing provocative LGBT activism, often in their own words, in a way that will result in criticism or outrage.” Read more here.


The LGBT Alphabet Lobby Has Come for Its Own Women, by Victoria Marshall. “Women – especially lesbians – cannot expect the LGBT activist crowd (or so-called ‘allies’) ever to come to their defense. The LGBT movement, much like the sexual revolution, was never really for the liberation or sexual freedom of women. Its logical end has always been about giving power to perversion, rejecting basic biological reality, and trampling the rights of women.” Read more here.


Under the Radar, the Detranisitioner Movement Is Surging, by Dan Hart. “With the explosive phenomenon of gender dysphoria continuing to ripple across America’s youth, a related but much less highlighted trend is simultaneously occurring – a movement almost completely ignored by the mainstream media. New studies are now emerging showing that the ‘detransitioner’ movement is far larger than what is commonly acknowledged, with detransition rates nearing 30 percent in some instances.” Read more here.


Stop Playing the Left’s Language Games, by Kaylee McGhee White. “…[S]top using the nice-sounding euphemisms crafted by leftist activists to normalize an ideology that is anything but. Don’t acknowledge or use preferred pronouns; stop using phrases like ‘transgender,’ ‘cisgender’ and ‘gender identity.’ Ceding to these terms grants them legitimacy and makes one an unwitting participant in a destructive lie.” Read more here.


Actually, Hollywood Isn’t Woke Enough, LGBT Group Complains, by Madeline Fry Schultz. “When will there be enough gay people in movies? According to GLAAD, the answer is: Probably never… No one was good enough for GLAAD this year, with Warner Bros. receiving a grade of ‘poor’ despite 12 percent of its films being ‘LGBT inclusive’ and Sony, United Artists, Universal, and Disney all receiving ‘insufficient’ ratings because their inclusion ranged 13 percent to 44 percent.” Read more here.


The FDA Was Wrong to Approve Chemical Abortion Drugs, by Julie Blake. “The FDA and abortionists are lying when they say that chemical abortion drugs are safe… Abortionists mail these drugs to women to take at home, alone, with no indication of the potential horrors that await. Sometimes abortionists even recommend that women pass the fetus into a toilet and not look at it; women who do look are often horrified to find that the baby, which they were told was just a clump of cells, has hands, feet, and even little fingers and toes.” Read more here.


Biden’s Transgender Crusade, by Kimberly Ross. “Minors should not be encouraged to give in to every whim or pressure from friends or culture. Disrupting or altering the natural processes of a male or female body during puberty has long-lasting physical and mental effects. It is unethical not to bring up concerns. But Biden believes those who do so are not only the bad guys but are, by extension, racists, antisemites, homophobes, and transphobes.” Read more here.


The Great UN Pushback Against Gender Ideology, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “During the soon to conclude General Assembly, Western delegates met a wall of resistance to any new mentions of controversial social policies, whether express or implied. Traditional countries blocked references to sexual orientation and gender identity, diversity, and comprehensive sexuality education. Additionally, these governments delivered dozens of statements against the left’s sexual agenda. All told, more than 60 countries objected to what they see as dangerous and even radical language.” Read more here.


San Francisco Demands Teachers Confuse Children About Their Gender, by Zachary Faria. “A ‘teaching guide for elementary grades’ issued by the San Francisco Unified School District demands that teachers begin confusing children about their gender as early as kindergarten, urging teachers to tell 5-year-olds that it is ‘normal to explore and be curious about gender’ and that ‘gender identity is determined by the way we feel inside or right for us.’ Of course, letting 5-year-olds define their entire existence could not possibly go wrong.” Read more here.


Whether or Not Abortions Are Going Up or Down, Chemical Abortions Have Become an Increasing Problem, by Rebecca Downs. “…[T]he Food and Drug Administration … did away with safety regulations … so that women no longer needed an in-person visit with a doctor to acquire the abortion-inducing pills of mifepristone and misoprostol… This move from the FDA is despite dangers associated with the method, which the FDA has approved for up to 10-weeks. Such a method carries with it four times the complications of surgical abortions.” Read more here.


Sex Not Limited to Biological Sex, Scottish Court Rules, by Joan Smith. “This latest decision shows how close we are to the word ‘woman’ becoming a mixed category in Scotland. It’s the logical end point of bad legislation, pushed way beyond its original intention by gender extremists. The UK government urgently needs to amend the Equality Act to add the word ‘biological’ to its definition of woman – and a campaign to repeal the Gender Recognition Act is surely long overdue.” Read more here.


Women’s Health Care After Dobbs, by Br. Columba Thomas, OP. “…[E]ven when a clear definition of abortion is established, amid the heat of the debate and the fear over the future of women’s health, what’s often overlooked are alternatives to abortion that are both ethical and safe for the mother. And if Dobbs helps medicine move away from viewing abortion as standard care, clinicians and researchers will have new opportunities to develop treatments aimed at both the mother’s and baby’s well-being.” Read more here.


NHL-Backed Team Trans Illustrates the Problem With Men in Women’s Sports, by Tom Joyce. “The hockey games at this event were mixed-sex because part of the criteria to compete at Team Trans events is that participants be transgender. So, if those identifying as a gender they are not can compete in Team Trans events regardless of their biological sex. But men are, on average, bigger and stronger than women. That means that they not only have an advantage in terms of athletic ability but also in their ability to hurt smaller, weaker players.” Read more here.


Trans Ideology Exploits the Left’s Fallacy That We Can Be Liberated From Our Sex, by Nathanael Blake. “…[T]he ideal of liberation from gender deprives children of guidance on what it means to be men and women. Children’s desires are not enough to bring them to flourishing adulthood. It is not liberating to abandon all rules and role models in favor of the oft-repeated pablum of ‘you can be whatever you want to be.’ Instead of liberating their children, parents who follow this model condemn them to be ruled by a mix of their own immature impulses, often-toxic cultural influences, and the agendas of other adults.” Read more here.


The U.S. Cares About Religious Freedom Abroad, but at Home? Not so Much, by Grace Melton and Simon Hankinson. “It’s been clear from the start that the Biden administration doesn’t prioritize religious freedom. Religious freedom is a fundamental right that upholds others. But Secretary of State Antony Blinken argued that it is just one ‘co-equal’ and ‘interdependent’ right. That’s because it’s a stumbling block for the Left’s pursuit of an ideological agenda that is even less popular in the developing world than it is here. As it turns out, devaluing religious freedom is a critical step in promoting rights based on sexual orientation or gender identity.” Read more here.


Business Owners Have Rights, Too, by Adam J. MacLeod. “In 303 Creative, Colorado officials assert that all proprietors who open their services to the public have a duty to serve any potential customer on demand… This assertion raises the stakes of conflicts over civil rights in places of public accommodation. If the Colorado officials are right, the impact will be significant: it will mean that many business owners and charities do not have the right to decide their terms of service.” Read more here.


Bait and Switch, by Christopher F. Rufo. “…[T]he elite Francis W. Parker School in Chicago hosted an ‘LGBTQ health’ event in which adults provided ‘dildos’ and ‘butt plugs’ to students as young as 14 years old. The Dean of Students, Joseph Bruno, explained that he did not inform parents or the board of trustees, because he believed that none would oppose teaching ‘queer sex’ in school. In other words, he believed that by labeling the program as ‘LGBTQ,’ it would become immune from criticism. In my latest video, I explain how schools are able to smuggle in radical gender theory under the guise of ‘diversity and inclusion’ – and how it can be stopped.” Watch video here.


Employment Tribunal Rulings on Gender-Critical Beliefs in the Workplace, by Patrick Brione. “A series of employment tribunal rulings since 2021 have considered whether and to what extent gender-critical beliefs count as ‘philosophical beliefs.’ Philosophical beliefs are protected from discrimination under the Equality Act 2010. Gender-critical beliefs include the belief that sex is biological and immutable, people cannot change their sex and sex is distinct from gender identity… This insight looks at three significant recent cases and what they mean for employment law in this area.” Read more here.


1 in 4: Projecting Childlessness Among Today’s Young Women, by Lyman Stone. “By now, it’s not news to anyone that America’s fertility rate is falling. But there are different ways fertility can fall. One way is that the average family size can shrink as people shift from having four kids to three, two kids to one, etc. But the other way is by people not forming families at all. Most of the drop in fertility in America in the last two decades is driven by this second factor: more Americans are staying single and never having children at all…” Read more here.


‘Pregnant Workers Fairness Act’ Treats Abortion Like Maternity Leave, by Joy Stockbauer and Mary Szoch. “In part, the protection of reasonable accommodations for pregnant workers is what the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act H.R. 1065 (PWFA) would ensure… Unfortunately, that’s not all it would do. The PWFA also advances a malicious pro-abortion agenda that would force employers to make accommodations surrounding abortions in the same way as they would for a woman giving birth.” Read more here.


Stop Holding International Women’s Health Hostage to Ideology, by Valerie Huber and Elyssa Koren. “Big donors such as the Gates Foundation and the U.S. government should take heed of the Geneva Consensus. Governments at the receiving end of their ‘help’ can speak for themselves, and together, they are speaking loud and clear – every person is born with inherent dignity and the right to life, and real women’s health gains should never be held hostage by the abortion agenda.” Read more here.


The Future of the First Amendment Hinges on the 303 Creative Case Before the Supreme Court, by David Harsanyi. “If we want a diverse and open society … one side of the cultural divide can’t be empowered to crush the economic lives of anyone who dissents. There are thousands of businesses that will bake the cake or create the website. Public accommodation laws were meant to stop discrimination against minorities, not compel minorities to promote the political and theological positions of the majority.” Read more here.


French Pro-Choice Politicians Try to Bypass the People to Amend the Constitution, by Chiara Bertoglio. “…[I]n some Western countries the aftermath of the overturning of Roe v. Wade has spurred debate on the possibility of affirming such a right and of protecting it from potential threats by enshrining it in Constitutions. This is currently happening in France, where several political parties are attempting to amend the Constitution to safeguard the ‘right’ to abortion.” Read more here.


The Transgender Lobby Is a Massive and Well-Funded Leviathan, by Pedro Gonzalez. “The advocates of transgenderism like to present themselves as scrappy underdogs, outgunned and fighting for the marginalized, but they are actually immensely well-funded with far-reaching political connections and influence. The pharmaceutical companies fund the foundations that support the Democrats who promote the transgender movement, which, in turn, creates demand for the drugs used in the transitioning sequence. It’s a vicious wheel that turns round and round; everybody gets rich and powerful, and nobody cares about the victims.” Read more here.


The Biden Administration Wants Taxpayers to Fund Gender Transitions for Children, by Zachary Faria. “In a move that would surprise absolutely no one, the Biden administration is preparing to argue that gender transitions for children should be taxpayer funded… The damage being done to children in the name of acceptance is despicable, and there will be a national reckoning for it in the future once the consequences are made more clear. But the damage to children suffering from gender dysphoria, and to children who have been pushed down this path by social media, will have already been done.” Read more here.


Shrinking American Motherhood: 1-in-6 Women in Their 40s Have Never Given Birth, by Wendy Wang. “More U.S. women are skipping motherhood today. In 2020, 1-in-6 women reaching the end of their childbearing years had never given birth, according to a new Institute for Family Studies analysis of Census data. This share was lower in 2016, when 14 percent of women ages 40 to 44 had never given birth. At the same time, the share of women who have had two or more children declined from 32 percent in 2016 to 30 percent in 2020.” Read more here.


Amid Rise in Number of Gender-Confused Children in Maryland Schools, Parents Need a New Bill of Rights, by Madison Marino and Andrzej Wieciorkowski. “In the past two years, Maryland’s largest public school district … saw a purported 582 percent increase in students self-reporting as identifying as ‘gender nonconforming’ or as a gender different from their biological sex… Guidance counselors are building ‘gender support plans’ for students. According to district guidelines, they aren’t required to disclose a child’s preferred sexual identity to the parent and are instructed to strictly enforce transgender pronoun usage.” Read more here.


For Artists Like Colorado’s Lorie Smith, the First Amendment Protects the Right Not to Speak, by Erin Hawley. “…[I]n 303 Creative, Colorado claims the authority to compel Smith to confess by word her faith in Colorado’s mandated orthodoxy instead of her own. Colorado requires Smith to create custom same-sex wedding websites – speech – even though doing so violates her deeply held beliefs. Regardless of your beliefs about marriage (or any other topic), 303 Creative raises deeply significant questions about whether the government may force people to speak and promote messages with which they disagree.” Read more here.


Making Body Dysmorphia Great Again, by Kaylee McGhee White. “Are girls really more likely than boys to be ‘born into the wrong body,’ as activists put it? Not at all. However, girls are more likely to feel uncomfortable in their bodies, struggle with body dysmorphia, and battle anxiety and depression at a young age. Many girls already believe their bodies are the problem. That’s why, when I was growing up, eating disorders were so common. The underlying anxieties have always been the same, but the way in which they’re expressing themselves has changed.” Read more here.


Where Is the Outrage Over Balenciaga’s Embrace of Child Pornography? by Madeline Fry Schultz. “In photos for Balenciaga’s gift collection campaign, young children pose with teddy bears in what appears to be BDSM gear. And, lest you think this is all just a horribly stupid accident, hidden among a stack of papers in photos for the spring campaign is the Supreme Court’s United States v. Williams opinion, which upheld a federal law prohibiting child pornography in advertising even if the content doesn’t specifically constitute ‘child pornography.’ Wow, I wonder if there’s a connection here.” Read more here.


Win for Website Designer at Supreme Court Would Be Win for Free Speech for All, by Lathan Watts. “…Colorado officials audaciously claim the authority to force Smith and any other artist or creative entrepreneur to forfeit their right to free speech as a cost of doing business. As specious as that claim is, its tenuous link to credulity is further weakened by the fact that the state only imposes this Faustian bargain on those who disagree with the state’s current preferred message on marriage. Its position is clear: Speak the state’s message or don’t speak at all.” Read more here.


Fairfax County Schools Used to Assign Homework. Now They Fixate on What Sex Their Students Were ‘Assigned at Birth,’ by Sophia Corso. “According to a local report, the school board is considering a number of radical proposals regarding its sex education curriculum. In addition to the proposal to label boys and girls as ‘assigned’ males and females ‘at birth’ – implying that sex is something arbitrarily ‘assigned’ by doctors rather than an immutable characteristic – the board has also proposed to teach co-ed classrooms lessons on ‘sexual orientation and gender identity’ that includes watching a pro-transgender PBS video telling kids that they can have ‘intermediate’ private parts.” Read more here.


Thai Conference Shows Abortion and Family Planning Intimately Connected, by Craig-Austin Rose. “Despite Ipas’s claims that pro-life laws are colonialist, it remains clear that progressive western governments and organizations place global pressures on all other nations to adopt pro-abortion and gender laws. Many U.S. politicians and countries in the UN continue to oppose this agenda, but as long as funds remain for these groups, abortion will continue to be imposed on the developing world under the guise of family planning.” Read more here.


NYT Finally Admits ‘Gender-Affirming Care’ Is Dangerous, by Sarah Arnold. “The New York Times published a lengthy story admitting that ‘gender-affirming’ care could be harmful to kids… ‘The questions are fueling government reviews in Europe, prompting a push for more research and leading some prominent specialists to reconsider at what age to prescribe them and for how long. A small number of doctors won’t recommend them at all,’ the NYT article reads.” Read more here.


Society-Altering Respect for Marriage Act Likely to Create Firestorm Akin to Roe v. Wade, by Christopher Bedford. “The problem is, while the act acknowledges the First Amendment and includes language to protect ‘the liberty [and] conscience’ of individuals and organizations, the protections are both narrow and meaningless… The jaws behind the law are twofold. First, state attorneys general may bring civil suits against those they believe are in violation of the laws. Second, any person who is harmed by a violation of [the law] may bring a civil action … against their neighbor. The result? Every man a Jack Phillips – the Colorado baker who’s spent a decade embroiled in frivolous-yet-life-altering legal harassment from both private activists and the state itself.” Read more here.


Twelve GOP Senators Help Democrats Erode Americans’ Right to Act on Religious Convictions About Marriage, by Jordan Boyd. “The [Respect for Marriage Act] as it stands doesn’t just repeal the Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage as between male and female, by codifying the Supreme Court’s approval of same-sex marriage in Obergefell v. Hodges. It goes further by enabling LGBT activists, who have already made a habit of exploiting the legal system to target religious Americans, and the politically motivated Department of Justice to bring civil action against anyone they say violates the terms of the legislation.” Read more here.


Biden Uses Your Tax Dollars to Deal Abortions to Pro-Life Countries That Don’t Want Them, by Elyssa Koren. “Given the state of play in the United States, it is both profoundly incongruous and inappropriate for the U.S. to lead the charge on global abortion promotion. Not to mention it is also illegal for the U.S. government to assume this role, considering the plain fact that abortion is against the law in the vast majority of countries where the Biden administration engages in the dirty work of bankrolling the practice.” Read more here.


Lawsuit Could Force the FDA to Rescind Approval of Abortion Pills That Endanger Mom and Baby Alike, by Sophia Corso. “While pro-abortion circles push the narrative that the pill designed to end the life of an unborn child is ‘safe and effective,’ multiple reports point to the opposite conclusion. In a study meant to analyze abortion pill reversal, researchers actually had to halt the study due to ‘safety concerns’ for those who did not take the reversal medication, progesterone, after taking mifepristone. Forty percent of the women who took the abortion pill ‘and did not take progesterone, required emergency surgery, and one required a transfusion.’” Read more here.


Slippery Slope: Washington Post Gives Rave Review for Play About Pedophiles, Treating Them Kinder, by Tim Meads. “All of this is an attempt to destigmatize pedophilia. Norris’ play wants the viewer to believe that we need to change our views on the subject. You would only give out lighter sentences to these creeps if what you think they did is acceptable or at the very least not as bad of a crime as it’s treated now. Of course, it isn’t. It’s heinously evil, but some want to convince you otherwise.” Read more here.


Respect for Marriage Act: Why Religious Liberty Deserves Protection and My Amendment Will Provide It, by Senator Mike Lee. “My simple, commonsense amendment would prohibit the federal government from retaliating against any person or group for adhering to sincerely held religious beliefs and moral convictions about marriage. In no way would my amendment impair the RFMA’s ability to perform its simple, stated purpose: to protect same-sex marriage against an extremely unlikely scenario in which the Supreme Court one day decides to overturn Obergefell.” Read more here.


Trans Ideologues Who Cheer Cutting Off Healthy Genitals Shouldn’t Set Federal Medical Standards, by Douglas Wilson. “On the list of WPATH ‘treatments’ are mutilating surgeries (mastectomies, vaginectomies, penectomies), ‘chest binding,’ ‘genital tucking,’ ‘aesthetic procedures’ like ‘body contouring’ and ‘voice surgery,’ and puberty-blocking drugs for children. There’s no minimum age requirement for these procedures… This isn’t medicine. It is the destruction of healthy bodies, the indoctrination of children, and the dissolution of parental rights. It is radical sexual ideology under the guise of science.” Read more here.


SCOTUS Should Hold States Can’t Compel Politically Correct Wedding Messages, by Ilya Shapiro. “A freelance writer cannot be punished for refusing to write press releases for the Church of Scientology, even if he is willing to work for other religious groups. A musician cannot be punished for refusing to play at Republican Party rallies, even if he will play at other political events – and even if the jurisdiction statutorily bans discrimination based on political affiliation. Likewise, a photographer or a wedding singer should not be punished for refusing to take photographs celebrating a same-sex wedding, or for refusing to sing at such a wedding, regardless of what any statute says.” Read more here.


San Francisco’s Perverse Incentive to Identify as Transgender, by Jay Richards and Jamie Hall. “Imagine that a progressive American city creates a financial incentive for residents to ‘transition’ from man to woman or from woman to man. That’s exactly what San Francisco has just done with a program called Guaranteed Income for Transgender People, or GIFT. This is like using a fire hose to spray a burning skyscraper with gasoline. Talk about perverse incentives. Anyone want to bet that, if this program expands, the number of San Francisco’s poor who say they identify as transgender also will expand?” Read more here.


Defending Marriage: Will Senate Republicans Display Courage and Uphold Truth? by Rep. Chip Roy and Ryan T. Anderson. “The Senate bill pays lip service to religious liberty and conscience rights, but it does not offer any meaningful protections for those rights. Had the Senate sponsors wanted to, they could have explicitly stated that no individual or organization could be penalized by the government for operating according to the conviction that marriage unites husband and wife… But the bill offers no such protections. It is not a compromise, not even a bad compromise. It enshrines a false definition of marriage in our law and then tells people they can have their day in court if and when they get sued.” Read more here.


Colorado’s Anti-Discrimination Law: Justifying Harms to Religious Minorities With Ideological Science, by Amy Hamilton. “…[I]f [Colorado’s Anti-Discrimination Act] exists to protect minorities, the protection should also be extended to people like Smith who, because of their religious beliefs, are in a minority today. Smith now faces enormous stress and social stigma of her own from hate mail, death threats, online vitriol, and numerous attempts to hack her website and harm her business. Yet Colorado state officials ignore the harms she is suffering. Rather, they are aggressively threatening her with fines and penalties if she dares to conduct her business according to her conscience.” Read more here.


The Childhood Transition Narrative Is Crumbling, by Debra Soh. “A few years ago, the concept of transition regret and detransitioning remained relatively rare. Now, as the number of detransitioners continues to grow, I hope that more policymakers will take heed and listen to their voices. The fact that mainstream news outlets are gradually pulling the reins on the early transitioning movement is an indication that the cultural tide is turning. But concern and support for detransitioners must remain, even after the battle against childhood transition has been won.” Read more here.


The Case Against Sex Education, by Sonnie Ekwowusi. “It beats the imagination that the UNFPA and others are corrupting Nigerian children with immoral CSE under the watch of the government. The American College of Pediatricians has said that CSE is one of the greatest assaults on the health and innocence of children because, unlike traditional sexuality education, CSE highly and explicitly promotes sexual promiscuity and high-risk sexual behaviors among children and teenagers… It is high time Nigerian parents woke up to their parental responsibilities. Parents are the primary educators of their children. They cannot shirk this responsibility under the excuse that they are working hard to eke out a living.” Read more here.


The Abortion Lobby Wants You to Think Adoption Isn’t a ‘Replacement’ for Abortion. Don’t Believe Them, by Herbie Newell. “The reason more mothers don’t choose adoption is because of a lack of education and support – not because they prefer aborting. Connecting vulnerable women with networks of support and material resources is an essential next step after the fall of Roe. Facing an unplanned pregnancy is hard, and so is every step forward. But ‘hard’ doesn’t mean ‘impossible.’ It also doesn’t mean that women have to face parenting or adoption alone.” Read more here.


The Social Contagion of Transgenderism Is Harming the Most Vulnerable Children, by Zachary Faria. “This social contagion is spreading among vulnerable children and young adults through social media, and our liberal culture makers are promoting it with cheer and demanding anyone who objects be silenced. This is not compassion, and this will not help children suffering from gender dysphoria. It will only cause them more harm as they age and realize what was done to them, and that society did not protect them from permanently altering their lives for the worse.” Read more here.


‘Not Permitted in the Public Square:’ How One Australian Christian Was Forced to Resign, by Arielle Del Turco. “A reaction like that might lead you to think that the church was caught up in inappropriate behavior or teachings… Thorburn’s church didn’t express anything that is at all out of the ordinary for the Christian. The source of public controversy was that the church had articulated a biblical understanding of sexuality and a proper Christian response to the tragedy of abortion. For Thorburn, the takeaway was obvious. He said, ‘My personal Christian faith is not tolerated or permitted in the public square.’” Read more here.


More Tech, Less Teen Happiness, by Jenet Erickson and W. Bradford Wilcox. “Our teens are in crisis. The share of American high school students reporting ‘persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness’ has increased to nearly half of youth, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention… A host of factors are driving our kids to despair, from decreased social connection to increased worries about the future of the planet. But there is no doubt that technology figures heavily in the problems besetting our teens.” Read more here.


Therapist: Yes, Post-Abortive Women Suffer From ‘Trauma’ and ‘Complicated Grief,’ by Sophia Corso. “While abortion proponents do their best to suppress any narrative that questions the morality, ethics, and safety of snuffing out human life in the womb, an account from North Carolina clinical therapist Adam Fadel further solidifies the reality of what many women actually experience after choosing abortion: grief and trauma… In both anecdotes and data analysis, it’s clear abortion doesn’t liberate women – it traumatizes them.” Read more here.


Planned Parenthood’s Egregious Record Should Result in Federal Defunding. Here’s Why, by Carole Novielli. “Despite years of complaints from staffers about discrimination, retaliation, abuse, and racism, the organization has committed nearly 6.4 million abortions since 2000 and has received a whopping $9.3 billion in taxpayer dollars. Over the years, accusations of abuses, scandals, fraud, racism, pregnancy discrimination, privacy breaches, and Medicaid fraud have piled up against Planned Parenthood – yet the U.S. government under the Biden Administration continues to funnel millions in taxpayer dollars to the organization.” Read more here.


Don’t Be Fooled: The Senate’s Gay Marriage Bill Does Not Protect Religious Objectors, by Kaylee McGhee White. “Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) gave the Senate an opportunity … to protect religious individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations from government discrimination. But … his colleagues refused even to consider it. This is a shame. It is bad enough that the government wants to redefine the institution of marriage to be something it is not, but it is even worse that it would do so at the expense of religious Americans, whose only crime is holding a belief that, until very recently, had governed every civil society for tens of thousands of years.” Read more here.


In Declaring ‘Heartbeat Act’ Unconstitutional, Georgia Judge Gets Law Flatly Wrong, by Sarah Parshall Perry. “This time, they got the outcome they wanted, with McBurney ruling that there was ‘no legal basis’ for Georgia to bar abortions after six weeks, and neither the state government nor local governments could enforce a ban on abortions after a heartbeat is detected. How did McBurney reach such a head-scratching conclusion? By suspending the realities of time and space and pretending that Dobbs didn’t exist.” Read more here.


Senate Gay Marriage Bill Wouldn’t Protect Jack Phillips, by John McCormack. “As you can see, that language only applies to the ‘solemnization or celebration of a marriage’ and ‘nonprofit religious organizations’ – not to the likes of Jack Phillips, the Christian baker in Colorado who was sued for conscientiously objecting to decorating a cake for a same-sex wedding. True, the Senate bill does not gut the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. And Phillips has been able to defend himself in court under the First Amendment. But as advocates of religious liberty have argued, the process is the punishment.” Read more here.


Why Can’t We Let Children Be Children? by Kaylee McGhee White. “Back when I was growing up, girls who enjoyed playing sports and roughhousing and disliked feminine activities, including dolls and dress-up, were allowed to go through their tomboy phase without being pressured to fit in. They were girls who might not have gotten along well with other girls, but they were girls – that much was certain. Nowadays, those girls are lucky to make it to puberty without having their breasts cut off.” Read more here.


My High School Punished Me for Saying a Male Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Watch Me Undress, by Blake Allen. “Shouldn’t every girl be taught to speak out to protect herself from situations where she hasn’t given consent – and be listened to by those in a position to help? If something feels off, trust your gut? Not at my high school. If you don’t comply with the school’s preferred gender identity policy, you’re the bad guy. For expressing true, commonsense, biological facts – boys and girls are different and must respect each other’s bodily privacy – I was punished.” Read more here.


Amended Respect for Marriage Act Still Threatens People of Faith, by Greg Baylor. “The Respect for Marriage Act goes well beyond the scope of Obergefell, empowering the government and activist organizations to violate the constitutional freedoms of millions of Americans to speak and live according to their faith. If today’s existing conscience protections are not adequately protecting religious Americans now, it’s nonsensical to believe they would afford protection under a more expansive enforcement regime as designed in the bill. The truth is that the Baldwin-Collins amendment does nothing to meaningfully address the serious religious liberty issues with the bill.” Read more here.


Courts Deliver the First Blow Against Biden’s Egregious Embrace of Gender Ideology, by Kaylee McGhee White. “Dr. Susan Neese, one of the plaintiffs, said it would violate her beliefs to provide sex-change treatments, such as puberty blockers, to a minor patient or refer that minor for a surgical sex-change procedure. Neese … argued medical ethics require doctors to consider each patient and situation carefully and deny care in cases ‘where a patient’s denial of biological realities will endanger their life or safety.’ Biden’s mandate would prevent her from using her medical judgment to help each patient individually and would harm a great number of patients as a result, she explained.” Read more here.


The So-Called ‘Respect for Marriage Act’ Disrespects Marriage, Reality, and the Citizens Who Embrace It, by Ryan T. Anderson, Ph.D. “Marriage is the union of husband and wife. It’s bad enough that five members of the Supreme Court wrongly claimed that the U.S. Constitution requires a new definition of marriage. But if the Senate votes to codify this redefinition of marriage, all it will do is add fuel to the fire of those harassing and penalizing citizens and organizations that hold to the truth about marriage. The Senate bill pays lip service to religious liberty and conscience rights, but it does not offer any meaningful protections for those rights.” Read more here.


Same-Sex Marriage Bill Opens Door to American Persecution, by Tony Perkins. “As a former commissioner and chairman of the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, I’ve seen the warning signs of this gathering like clouds across the Atlantic. As the mainstream culture moves further and further away from a Christian worldview, I’ve witnessed the hostility to moral truth creep closer to our shores. The West, once the safe haven of free speech and religion, is turning cold to the foundations that made our countries thrive.” Read more here.


Democrats’ ‘Respect for Marriage Act’ Would Hurt Children, by Katy Faust. “A child who is the product of a married man and woman receives the complementary developmental benefits of a male and female parent, the two adults who are (statistically) the safest, most connected to, and most invested in them, and are granted 100% of their biological identity. A child raised by married men is deprived of the emotional and developmental benefit conferred exclusively by mothers…” Read more here.


Detransitioners Shed Light on Medical Malpractice, by Madeleine Kearns. “When she mentions that she took the drugs because of a transgender identity she says the doctors ‘get really weird and say, “we don’t know what the side effects are,” or “it’s safe,” or get really defensive.’ Yet when she gives the impression that she was taking testosterone for some other reason, as in bodybuilding, the doctors have no problem stating ‘what the consequences are… They will tell you the things that will do to your body, how that will damage your body, unabashedly, unashamedly. They’ll name it.’” Read more here.


Liberal Individualism Is Undermining Itself, by Nathanael Blake. “Our culture will spend money to protect children, but it is reluctant to limit adult autonomy, especially sexual autonomy, for that purpose… Predictably, this hurts children, especially poor children. But the importance of intact natural families cuts against the grain of liberal individualism. Policies from divorce laws to blue laws that promote and protect families by limiting adult options are routinely denounced as paternalistic by ideologues on both the Right and the Left, with the former especially concerned over any interference in the market, and the latter over any restrictions on sex.” Read more here.


On Survey, 1,168 Parents Report Their Kids Encountered Sexually Explicit Content in School, by Audra Facinelli. “Ultimately, 1,195 people took this survey, a pretty good sample size. Of that total, 1,168 reported their children had encountered sexually explicit materials in school… The most concerning results? I would say the reports of ‘sex toys,’ ‘abortion resources,’ ‘Burlesque/strippers/go-go dancers’ in schools and the one at which my heart stopped cold: ‘Putting together a “Gender plan” for your child without your knowledge.’ In the survey’s overall nationwide results, 14 percent of parents, or 165 of them, reported this had happened to their child at school.” Read more here.


Disturbing: Women Can Now Get an Abortion at Nine Months in California, by Sarah Arnold. “…Americans need to worry about what the passing of Proposition 1 means for unborn babies’ lives in California. Nearly two-thirds of California voters approved a measure on the ballot to preserve the ‘right’ to abortion and contraception in the state constitution. Prop. 1 would allow women to receive an abortion up until the time of birth, or when the baby is viable, meaning there are no limitations for when an unborn baby’s life could be cut off.” Read more here.


Anti-Conversion Therapy Laws: An Ideological Weapon to Challenge Religious Beliefs in Australia, by John Steenhof. “The rationale for banning so-called conversion therapy has shifted suddenly and radically… Until recently many believed that banning conversion therapy was justified because it involved coercion… It has become clear from Victoria’s legislation, and more recent proposals for Tasmania, that the cardinal purpose now is to eradicate the allegedly stigmatising assumptions that underlie conversion therapy. In other words, they seek to eliminate the promotion of any practical sexual moral code, particularly Christianity.” Read more here.


Make It as Easy as Possible to Sue Doctors Who Perform Transgender Surgeries, by David Freddoso. “The doctors who perform these procedures are doing it because it is so lucrative, and they all need to be sued into oblivion, forever… They will come around when they are forced to pay through the nose for their malpractice insurance. That is the only way to get justice for children who, like Cole, were encouraged to have both breasts chopped off because they were going through a phase as teenagers.” Read more here.


Exposed: Gender Workshop for Parents Supporting Trans/Non-Binary Youth, by Colin Wright. “…I attended a private online workshop titled ‘Supporting Your Trans/Non-Binary Youth: A Starter Guide for Parents and Caregivers’ which, as the title indicates, is geared toward parents are [sic] caregivers of children who have adopted trans and/or nonbinary identities… Because these ‘experts’ believe they are speaking to a sympathetic audience, exposing this private workshops [sic] provides a rare and useful glimpse into how gender ideology is discussed behind the scenes to likeminded ‘allies.’” Read more here.


What You Should Know About the Respect for Marriage Act, by Gregory S. Baylor. “The so-called Respect for Marriage Act is a misnamed bill that expands not only what marriage means, but also who can be sued for disagreeing with the new meaning of marriage. While proponents of the bill claim that it simply codifies the 2015 Obergefell decision, in reality it is an intentional attack on the religious freedom of millions of Americans with sincerely held beliefs about marriage.” Read more here.


Nevada Poised to Pass a ‘Trojan Horse for Gender Ideology,’ Critics Warn, by Tyler O’Neil. “Nevadans … have voted in favor of a new version of the Equal Rights Amendment to the state constitution, and for the first time, the amendment includes explicit language on sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression. Critics warn that the new amendment will prove to be a ‘Trojan horse for gender ideology’ that threatens ‘harm to women and children’ and mandates ‘discrimination against faith-based organizations and religious medical professionals.’” Read more here.


Circling the Wagons, by Christopher Rufo. “Last year, Old Dominion University professor Allyn Walker was forced to resign after an uproar about his campaign to destigmatize pedophilia, which included the suggestion to rebrand the word ‘pedophile’ as ‘minor-attracted person…’ Many considered the case open and shut. But this month, the American Society of Criminology, a professional association housed at Ohio State University, published an unequivocal defense of the embattled professor.” Read more here.


There’s Nothing Pro-Woman About Shoddy Standards for Abortion Pills That Can Kill Them, by Chuck Donovan. “Imagine being a parent and discovering that your 15-year-old daughter has somehow obtained mifepristone and misoprostol via her school, a friend, or the internet. Imagine she is one of the women who endure up to 16 days of hemorrhaging from the drug, or that she is further along than the 10 weeks of pregnancy for which the drug is authorized. Imagine she delivers an extremely premature baby … in the family bathroom, alone, frightened, and weighted with an unerasable memory.” Read more here.


How Preferred Pronouns Threaten Free Speech, by Neal Hardin. “Conceiving of pronouns as something to be specified by the individual (with a potentially infinite array of choices), rather than as words that are proper or improper to use depending on who or what is being referenced, is the first step in the activists’ attempt to redefine the relationship between sex and human identity… All of this illustrates the message that viewing pronouns as ‘preferred’ instead of proper is designed to communicate that every reality about human identity is rooted in will rather than nature.” Read more here.


Bombshell Audio Reveals How Tony Evers Normalized Gender-Bending Insanity in Wisconsin Schools, by Evita Duffy. “While Evers was superintendent, the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) … began allowing school districts to integrate so-called ‘human growth and development’ instruction, which includes radical gender-bending ideology, into all school subjects, including social studies, math, reading, and science… Stahl also instructed teachers to use DPI as a scapegoat if parents start asking questions about the integration of objectionable topics into everyday lesson plans.” Read more here.


Michigan’s Prop 3 Follows the Abortion-on-Demand Playbook: Be Intentionally Vague in Defining ‘Health,’ by Elizabeth Troutman. “Abortion advocates started working on a ballot proposal to enshrine the right to abortion in Michigan’s Constitution in anticipation of the Dobbs decision. Prop. 3 would flip Michigan from one of the most pro-life states in the country to the most radically pro-choice. It would invalidate all of Michigan’s pro-life legislation, eliminating laws requiring parental consent for minors to get abortions, rules that only a licensed physician can perform an abortion, and the state’s ban against partial-birth and late-term abortion.” Read more here.


One State Seeks to Prevent Its Own Roe Among Midterm Choices on Abortion, by Sarah Parshall Perry. “Voters’ approval of the constitutional amendment would ensure that Kentucky’s existing laws on abortion – namely the Human Life Protection Act, the Heartbeat Law, and other pro-life measures – are largely insulated from legal challenges under state law. Approval of Kentucky’s amendment also would prevent citizens’ tax dollars from being used to fund abortions. It simultaneously would tie the hands of activist judges who otherwise might have used the existing terms of the Kentucky Constitution to ‘creatively’ confer a right to abortion…” Read more here.


Planned Parenthood’s Support for California’s Abortion Amendment Is About Cash Flows, Not Health Care, by Forrest Smith. “I was puzzled for some time over the deletion of the fetal viability limit from Proposition 1 and the first reasonable explanation I came up with to explain PPFA’s large financial commitment was if abortion were legal up to birth, the abortion giant would be able to attract late-pregnant women from ‘red states’ to have their third-trimester abortions in California facilities that would allow it to recover some of the profits it lost after the Dobbs decision reversed Roe v. Wade.” Read more here.


UN Powers Once More Threaten Critics of LGBT, by Austin Ruse. “In previous UN statements Madrigal-Borloz called on social media companies and governments to address ‘hate speech,’ a term that has never been defined in UN policy but is widely viewed by progressive governments are [sic] referring to moral objections to homosexuality or transgender behavior. Madrigal-Borloz has even called for criminal sanctions against anyone who criticizes the homosexual and transgender agenda, including the Catholic Church.” Read more here.


NPR Airs Sickening Audio of a Woman Getting an Abortion, by Sarah Arnold. “During the disturbing audio, listeners can hear the sound of a vacuum turning on, along with the sound of the woman crying and moaning. After a few moments, the doctor can be heard telling the patient that the abortion was complete. However, the sick and disgusting part didn’t end there. After the procedure was done, people in the room celebrated and shouted words of encouragement telling the woman ‘you did it!’ and ‘you did great!’” Read more here.


Arkansas’ Save Adolescents From Experimentation Act Is About Protecting Minors, Experts Say, by Gillian Richards. “Hutchison … said a number of children called her saying they would kill themselves if the SAFE Act became law. ‘I guarantee … if this bill passes, children will die,’ she argued… Cretella, countering these claims, told The Daily Signal: ‘Standard of care for suicidal thoughts includes counseling and, where indicated, antidepressant medications – not puberty blockers or hormones.’” Read more here.


As $57 Million Is Spent on Michigan’s Abortion Referendum, Experts Warn of Hidden Agenda, by Dan Hart. “Legal experts are also warning that Proposition 3 goes well beyond enshrining abortion into state law. According to the Great Lakes Justice Center, the ballot proposal’s ‘expansive, vague, and broad terms’ would: Allow a minor to undergo an abortion without the consent or knowledge of the child’s parents; Override parental rights to direct their child’s education, especially regarding sex education; Could potentially override parental consent laws for minors to obtain puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and gender reassignment surgeries…” Read more here.


Bioethicist Proposes ‘Right’ to Gender-Affirming Care, by Wesley J. Smith. “An article published in the Journal of Medical Ethics shows that an idea is brewing that would conjure an absolute right to access medical-transitioning interventions. On what basis? A supposed right to ‘live with integrity.’ How does that work? Because people have freedom of religion, the author argues, transgender people have the right to receive surgery and medical interventions to live as ‘who’ they really are.” Read more here.


Drop in U.S. Abortions Shows Banning Abortion Works, by Tom Joyce. “For years, liberals have said that outlawing abortion fails to prevent abortions from happening. The data now show this is false. Banning elective abortion alone will not stop all abortions from happening, especially when it, unfortunately, remains legal in most states. However, along with preventing unintended pregnancies and increasing support for women and families with children, outlawing abortion plays a role in reducing the number of abortions that occur in the country. And when a country legalizes abortion, the opposite happens.” Read more here.


Trans Activists Offer Gender-Confused Minors Cash and Uber Rides to Get Them Away From Home, by Stephanie Lundquist-Arora. “At best, [Pride Liberation Project] is helping children run away from home. But it seems there is a sinister drive behind this network. Children are among our society’s most vulnerable, and those confused and separated from their parents are ripe prey. It is suspicious that identity disagreements within families, notably during this era of the social contagion of gender dysphoria and confusion … would ever justify removing children from their families and placing them with strangers.” Read more here.


Why a Connected Life Via Marriage, Family Is a Happier Life, by Timothy Goeglein. “…[T]he overall findings become abundantly clear: The key to a happy life is a connected life – and marriage and families are a common denominator in making those connections. Family cohesion or disintegration is now the definitive barometer of the health or illness of the social fabric of our country. That barometer is pointing to stormy weather ahead unless we turn back as a society to affirming and creating families, rather than dismissing them.” Read more here.


Parents Lose Appeal for Custody of Teen Identifying as Transgender, Told They Can’t Discuss Gender Identity With Child Outside of Therapy, by Joshua Arnold. “…[T]he court steamrolled the constitutional right to free exercise of religion. The parents refused to use their child’s preferred pronouns ‘based on their sincerely held religious beliefs,’ and the court never objects to those on the surface. Rather, the child was taken from the home ‘based on Child’s medical and psychological needs and not on the Parents’ disagreement with Child’s transgender identity.’ Yet the court found a ‘nexus between this discord about the lifestyle and the medical issues,’ so the parents’ religious beliefs were ultimately the reason.” Read more here.


Study: Outside of School, America’s Teens Average 70 Hours Per Week Glued to Screens, by Joy Pullmann. “If your child did anything for 10 hours a day, you’d be worried about him and work strenuously to bring some balance to his life, for his own good. Parents need to man up and do the hard work of tightly restricting the addictive side of the internet from their kids, for not only their own good but for the sake of our country. Even 30 hours of screen time a week is obviously excessive for kids. Seventy hours of screen time a week is completely out of control, the willful destruction of our future.” Read more here.


U.S. Medical Groups Get the Science Wrong on Pediatric ‘Gender-Affirming’ Care, by Christina Buttons. “None of these U.S.-based organizations have done systematic reviews of the evidence, while arguably more progressive European countries like Sweden, Finland, and England have. After reviewing the evidence for the use of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones in treating pediatric gender dysphoria, health authorities in all three countries have decided to abandon the ‘gender-affirming’ model, finding the costs outweigh the benefits.” Read more here.


Tucking and Binding Are Trendy With Gender Dysphoric Kids. Pediatricians Warn They’re Not Harmless, by Mairead Elordi. “A growing number of children and teens are turning to ‘tucking’ their male genitals or ‘binding’ their female breasts as a way to get relief from gender dysphoria or just experiment with their gender. Tucking and binding have been promoted by some in the medical community as harmless ways for children to explore their gender, but they come with medical and psychological risks. Now, some pediatricians are sounding the alarm.” Read more here.


European Union Should Let Africa Be, by Sonnie Ekwowusi. “…[A]ny African country that signs the [European Union and Africa-Caribbean and Pacific Countries] Agreement has signed its death warrant. Why? Because the country has consented to legalization of lesbianism, homosexualism, transgenderism, queer behaviorism, LGTBQ1+ [sic] socialization, gay marriage, and population and human capital reduction on its soil. Sadly enough, the EU-ACP Agreement specifically targets African children for corruption and destruction… The EU should let Africa be Africa again. Down with cultural imperialism!” Read more here.


Reject Michigan’s Radical Abortion Amendment, by the Editors of National Review. “On Election Day, Michigan voters will decide whether to make their state the most pro-abortion in the country. The ballot measure, called Proposal 3 or the ‘Right to Reproductive Freedom’ proposal, would amend Michigan’s constitution to declare that ‘every individual has a fundamental right to reproductive freedom.’ If approved, the amendment will have devastating consequences that extend far beyond cementing unlimited abortion in the state constitution.” Read more here.


Biden Would Harm Transgender Youth in the Name of ‘Fundamental Rights,’ by Kimberly Ross. “Unfortunately, Biden isn’t … concerned with properly helping minors who may be struggling with mental issues. Instead, he is encouraging the use of gender transitioning as a Band-Aid for a range of internal problems and branding those who want to restrict it as ‘immoral.’ Rather than responsibly use his platform, he caters to extreme activists, disregarding what is best for children.” Read more here.


Why Are Virginia Students Studying Sexuality, Body Size, and Privilege in Spanish Class? by Asra Q. Nomani. “For these teens as young as 14, they faced the task … of identifying their ‘Social Identity Groups,’ including their ‘Sexual Orientation,’ with this wide array of confusing choices: ‘Lesbian,’ ‘Gay,’ ‘Bisexual,’ ‘Heterosexual,’ ‘Pan-Attractional,’ ‘Attractionality’ and, in case those didn’t cover it, ‘Questioning.’ For their ‘sex,’ these young students had ‘intersex’ among their choices, along with female and male. For gender, they had ‘Woman, Man, Transgender, Post-Gender.’” Read more here.


DOJ’s Kristen Clarke: A Pro-Abortion Activist Enforcing the Law Against Pro-Lifers, by Mary Margaret Olohan. “Kristen Clarke, assistant attorney general for civil rights at the Department of Justice, is a vocal abortion proponent who has repeatedly expressed her support for preserving Roe v. Wade. She also oversees investigations into violations of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act – which she has used to charge 26 pro-life individuals this year.” Read more here.


Even Water Can Advance a Leftwing Agenda, by Craig-Austin Rose. “Included in the water strategy is the USAID Menstrual Health and Hygiene technical brief, which details approaches to care for ‘menstruators,’ with the term appearing twice as many times as ‘women.’ The brief also details plans for comprehensive sexuality education, lessons teaching youth about trans/homosexual categories and sexual ideology, directing USAID to collaborate with ‘local organizations led by and for people who identify as LGBTQI+.’” Read more here.


Biden Goes Big Trans, by Dominic Green. “Americans now lead the world when it comes to ‘transitioning’ children. ‘Transitioning’ is a euphemism for filling children with hormones, castrating the boys and cutting off the girls’ breasts, replacing their genitalia with manmade parodies such as a ‘neo-vagina’ and a ‘neo-penis,’ and then putting them on a lifelong diet of hormones in order to sustain this absurd medical fiction. Welcome to the United States of Mutilation.” Read more here.


Biden Wants Your Kids to Be Gender-Transitioned Whether You Like It or Not, by Jarrett Stepman. “The truth is, many Americans are quite informed about the transgender issue and increasingly reject the Left’s ideas about it. In addition, they reject the outlook of the politically compromised science and medical institutions that have wrapped this political decision in the cloak of credentialism and pseudo-credibility. If Biden has his way, it will be the ‘right’ of children to make life-altering changes to their anatomy and there will be nothing voters can do to stop it.” Read more here.


DOD Is Forging a Woke K-12 Army With Race and Sex Indoctrination in Military Schools, by Amy Haywood. “Aside from the relentless instruction on anti-racism and white privilege, a clear effort was underway to normalize transgender identities and the notion of a gender spectrum. Genevieve Chavez and Lindsey Bagnaschi, presenters of ‘Ally 101 – Creating an Inclusive Classroom for LGBTQ+ Students,’ talked about gender transitions they have facilitated for students at their schools in Spain and Germany, respectively – sometimes without parental knowledge or consent.” Read more here.


Ignoring the Health Risks of Abortion Pills Is Not Caring for Women, by Denise Harle. “A new start-up called Choix (pronounced ‘Choice’) has begun offering abortion pills to women… who aren’t even pregnant. The idea is to expand abortion pill access so that women can attempt to give themselves at-home abortions on demand. If that sounds like unethical medicine – and a disaster waiting to happen – that’s because it is.” Read more here.


It Is Time to End This Horrific Medical Scandal, by Colin Wright. “Most people don’t realize how much our major scientific and medical institutions have been captured by this pseudoscience… But the American Psychological Association, the Endocrine Society, the American Psychiatric Association, and even the CDC, to name only a few, all literally define ‘transgender’ as ‘persons whose expression or behavior does not conform to that which is typically associated with their sex.’ That’s their definition. Go look it up for yourself if you don’t believe me.” Read more here.


The Real Story Behind Drag Queen Story Hour, by Christopher Rufo. “The philosophical and political project of queer theory has always been to dethrone traditional heterosexual culture and elevate what Rubin called the ‘sexual caste’ at the bottom of the hierarchy: the transsexual, the transvestite, the fetishist, the sadomasochist, the prostitute, the porn star, and the pedophile. Drag Queen Story Hour can attempt to sanitize the routines and run criminal background checks on its performers, but the subculture of queer theory will always attract men who want to follow the ideology to its conclusions.” Read more here.


Mapping Abortion Laws by State, by Alliance Defending Freedom. “Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, the abortion question returns to the legislatures of the fifty states. Laws governing abortion will vary by state. While some states have already passed laws increasing protections for mothers and their unborn children, other states are sadly attempting to head in the opposite direction. Because of this, we can map out what abortion laws will look like around the country.” Read more here.


Overwhelming Amount of People Oppose Left’s Radical Transgender Policies, by Sarah Arnold. “According to a new … poll, 78.7 percent of Americans oppose sex changes, puberty blockers, and transgender-related medical procedures for kids… ‘This polling confirms the obvious – the vast majority of Americans are not on board with the far-Left’s sexual agenda, which is seeking to permanently mutilate the young and vulnerable…’” Read more here.


Americans Are Burned Out Because They Traded Faith and Family for Work, by Timothy P. Carney. “Millennials and Gen Z are far less likely to belong to an organized religion. Millennials and Gen Z are far less likely to be married or have children. Faith and family are where most people in world history have found meaning, purpose, and belonging. So where do millennials and Gen Z find it? Increasingly, at work… The problem with workism is that it drives you to keep working until you get ultimate meaning from work – which you never will.” Read more here.


Virginia Teacher Reveals the Left’s Next Public School Quest: Convincing Autistic Kids They’re Trans, by Victoria Marshall. “Back in 2018, a whistleblowing teacher in the UK alleged that autistic students at her school were being persuaded they were trans… The teacher said few of the 17 ‘trans’ students were actually suffering from gender dysphoria. Rather they were ‘tricked’ into believing they were the wrong sex as a way of coping with problems associated with their autism. Even older students at her school who had transitioned ‘groomed’ younger autistic students to do the same.” Read more here.


New Trial Seeks FDA Approval for Extending Abortion Pill Use Later in Gestation, by Carole Novielli. “The abortion pill regimen … is currently only FDA-approved through 70 days (10 weeks) gestation. But, … the industry is already committing abortions well past this timeframe, flouting FDA’s guidelines. Now, Gynuity is testing the abortion pill for Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval up to 84 days or 12 weeks – a point at which the preborn child’s bones are beginning to calcify (harden), and when studies indicate that the child has the capacity to feel pain.” Read more here.


Should Schools Notify Parents If Their Child Claims to Be Transgender? by Ryan Womack. “…[W]hen Wendell and his wife Maria arrived at the school, they found out that school officials had been having confidential meetings with their daughter and discussing her discomfort with her gender. Wendell and Maria found out that teachers and staff at school had begun treating their daughter as a boy at school without their consent or knowledge. Wendell was told by staff that they didn’t share information about his daughter’s ‘transition’ with him or his wife because of ‘confidentiality issues.’” Read more here.


As the Media’s Pro-Abortion Propaganda Heats Up, Catholic Hospitals Are in the Crosshairs, by Madeline Osburn. “The false equivalency of abortion to treatment for miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies is not just a talking point that has been used far and wide since the Dobbs ruling – it’s a flat-out lie. Abortion is the intentional taking of a human life, while the Catholic Church and Catholic hospitals have been very clear about the permissibility of procedures that save a mother’s life, even in complicated pregnancies and or miscarriages.” Read more here.


Scotland’s ‘Conversion Therapy’ Canard, by Madeleine Kearns. “…LGBT activists are deliberately confusing three unrelated things: First, best clinical practice for treating gender dysphoric youth. Second, voluntary talk therapies for people with unwanted sexual desires. Third, expressing orthodox religious beliefs about the purpose of sex and sexuality, especially as it pertains to Christian parenting or religious counselors. All these are being cynically conflated with the medical malpractice and abuse homosexuals were subjected to in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.” Read more here.


New Study Shows Physical Differences in Transgender Female Athletes, by Debra Soh. “This is the first study to show associated differences in the cardiopulmonary capacity of transgender women. The authors acknowledged that it would be useful to conduct a larger study in the future… But it appears the activist narrative that a year or two of hormonal therapy overrides the physical advantages bestowed by male puberty is not true. Surely, we did not require a scientific study to convince most rational people of this, but here we are, dealing with the consequences of unrelenting activism in 2022.” Read more here.


Puberty Isn’t Optional: How Gender Ideology Harms Children, by Steven A. Richards. “Puberty blockers, the experts tell us, are perfectly safe. The St. Louis Children’s Hospital informs children and parents that taking puberty blockers, which have not been FDA-approved for use in gender dysphoric patients, is ‘like hitting a pause button’ on puberty. Likewise, the Boston Children’s Hospital calls puberty blockers ‘temporary’ and ‘completely reversible.’ As someone who was put on Lupron, the most commonly used puberty-blocking drug, as a 15-year-old, I can say with confidence that these are lies.” Read more here.


Democrats Are Finally Being Forced to Own Their Abortion Extremism, by Kaylee McGhee White. “Take, for example, Arizona Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs, who refused to say whether she would support limits on abortion if elected this November… Who can blame her? The alternative would be to admit the truth: She believes abortion should be available at every stage of pregnancy, for any reason at all, with no restrictions whatsoever. And to admit that would be to admit that she has more in common with the totalitarians of North Korea and China than with the American public.” Read more here.


Puberty Blockers ‘Stop’ Fertility, Admits Hospital Gender Clinic Director, by Joshua Arnold. “In private training sessions, the program director for Boston Children’s gender clinic expresses more caution about the risks of gender transition procedures than her hospital’s public website. This seems, at best, like an overpromising sales pitch. At worst, it is deliberate deception designed to deny parents (these are minors, remember) the right of informed consent, with an aim towards steering children into a life of medical dependency and expensive procedures.” Read more here.


What Kind of Doctor Amputates the Breasts of a 12-Year-Old Girl? by Michael Cook. “An estimated 1,130 ‘top jobs’ were performed during those four years on girls as young as 12. What kind of doctor amputates the healthy breasts of a 12-year-old girl? …Furthermore, more than a third of the girls had been diagnosed with anxiety or depression. (The study fails to mention autism, which is often implicated in gender dysphoria.) What kind of surgeon amputates the breasts of a mentally ill teenager?” Read more here.


How Much Porn Do Libraries and Schools Have to Sponsor to Get Defunded? by Joy Pullmann. “There are few opportunities for compromise here. The two groups want exactly opposite things: more books about gay sex for kids versus no books about gay sex for kids… Essentially, both sides believe the other’s position enables child abuse. If you are the logical kind … you realize that both sides cannot be correct. Either one side is right that the other’s position equals child abuse, or they both are wrong.” Read more here.


When Doctors Can’t Tell Children Their Sex, by May Mailman. “A wave of cities and states have banned what they call ‘conversion therapy’ for LGBT people over the past several years… Far from banning conversion therapy as we used to understand that term, these laws are conversion mandates. Under these so-called conversion therapy bans, therapists may not tell their patients the scientific truth. Instead, they are required to participate in the psychological conversion of boys into girls and girls into boys.” Read more here.


How to Make a ‘Trans Kid,’ by Colin Wright. “Since adults typically make difficult converts…, gender activists are increasingly turning their focus to children, and one of the most common ways they go about indoctrinating youngsters into gender ideology is through normalizing the ‘inclusive’ practice of sharing pronouns. Being asked ‘what are your pronouns?’ is often the first encounter a child will have with gender ideology, and it is therefore a common first step in creating so-called ‘trans kids.’” Read more here.


YouTube Slaps Dehumanizing Pro-Abortion ‘Context’ Onto Pro-Life Videos, by Sophia Corso. “Now, tacked onto the posts of pro-lifers, YouTube is directing users to pro-abortion information. This means that life-affirming videos … will now have links slapped onto their videos that direct viewers to the pro-abortion talking points they’re advocating against. YouTube is following its predictable partisan pattern, using the cover of ‘misinformation’ and ‘context’ to dehumanize unborn human lives.” Read more here.


Social Contagion, Not Biology, Is Causing Transgender Surge, by Zachary Faria. “Most notably from this data, 45 percent of the students who returned these survey forms identified as ‘nonbinary,’ meaning they choose to be neither gender. It is a meaningless term, but it allows students to claim to be part of a community that is now swamped in ‘affirmation’ and praises of bravery by teachers and administrators. Is it a coincidence that such a surge happened at the same time students were being shut out of schools and thrown into social isolation?” Read more here.


The DOJ Created a Pro-Abortion Task Force to Crack Down on Pro-Lifers, by Timothy P. Carney. “The DOJ’s Reproductive Rights Task Force was announced on July 12 with the stated goal of ‘protect[ing] access to reproductive health care,’ which means abortion… Along with lobbying Congress to create a federal right to abortion, the task force’s work included centralizing ‘information about the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act,’ the federal law used to prosecute at least a dozen pro-life activists in recent weeks.” Read more here.


High School Girls Explain Why They’re Uncomfortable Having a Biological Male in Their Locker Room, by Mary Margaret Olohan. “These girls tell us they bear no ill will toward the trans-identifying student – they just don’t believe a biological male should be in their locker room and they can’t understand why school officials seemingly don’t care about their feelings and their discomfort… ‘And after I asked him to leave, he didn’t, and later looked over at girls with their shirts off. And it made many people uncomfortable and feel violated. And I left as soon as I could in a panic.’” Read more here.


Michigan’s Radical Proposition 3 Ballot Measure Would Go Far Beyond Just Codifying Roe v. Wade, by Jay Richards and Emma Waters. “Proposition 3 would enshrine abortion as an absolute right in state law. That’s bad enough, but since it’s written so vaguely … it would do a lot more than that… The first concern – the rights of parents – comes from Proposition 3’s use of the term ‘individual.’ It means that anyone, including a minor, could have a right to abortion, birth control, or other reproductive surgeries like the removal of healthy breasts. All without the knowledge or consent of parents.” Read more here.


This Is Precisely How an Abortion Is Performed: I Dare You to Read It, Then Tell Me You’re ‘Pro-Choice,’ by Abby Johnson. “I realize this will not a [sic] pleasant thing to read, but I feel it is necessary if we are to fight this battle with facts. I find that most people on both sides of this debate don’t actually know how abortion procedures are performed. Showing someone a picture is one thing, but actually describing, in detail, what takes place to the woman and her baby during these hours seems to really have an impact on even those who claim to support abortion.” Read more here.


Planned Parenthood’s Foray Into Child Gender Transitions, Featuring Your Tax Dollars, by Mairead Elordi. “Planned Parenthood has gone all in on child gender transition services, which means you are paying for them. The nation’s largest abortion provider offers gender transition services at hundreds of clinics across the country, and because Planned Parenthood and its affiliates get more than half a billion dollars in government funding every year, that’s Americans’ tax dollars at work.” Read more here.


The American Medical Association Asks the Federal Government to Prosecute Critics of Radical Gender Medicine, by Christopher F. Rufo. “…[T]he AMA, CHA, and AAP provide no evidence, or even a working definition, of ‘disinformation.’ The ‘high-profile users on social media’ would undoubtedly include those of us who have published investigative reporting on radical gender medicine at children’s hospitals, often using original source materials published by the hospitals themselves. Rather than grapple with the facts, however, left-wing activists and medical providers have dismissed them with accusations of ‘disinformation’ – even when journalists have directly quoted their own words.” Read more here.


‘Extensive Closures’ of Abortion Clinics Undermine One of Planned Parenthood’s Favorite Talking Points, by Laurel Duggan. “Planned Parenthood has long claimed that abortion makes up only 3-4 percent of the services offered at its clinics, an argument echoed by others in the industry who euphemistically refer to abortions as ‘reproductive services’ and clinics as ‘women’s health clinics.’ But many clinics are closing their doors in states that don’t allow elective abortions, according to the Guttmacher Institute.” Read more here.


The Biden Administration Acknowledges Biological Reality, by Tom Joyce. “While Biden may be a part of the political party that thinks gender is limitless and people are whatever they say they are at any given moment, the administration doesn’t allow woke gender ideology to interfere with one thing: the military draft… Whether or not the United States should have Selective Service and whether or not individuals suffering from gender dysphoria should serve in the military are subjects worthy of debate. However, this one policy, at least, is consistent.” Read more here.


It’s Never Been About Transgender People – It’s About Respecting Reality, by Dan Hannan. “Until this week, the debate over gender fluidity left me completely cold. It was possible, I felt, to treat transgender people with respect while at the same time holding the view that only women could have babies… Then it suddenly struck me that the row is not really about transgender people at all… No, what we are seeing is an attempt to deny biological sex completely: to assert, in other words, that boys and girls are born identical and that any differences in their interests, abilities, and choices are the just result of social conditioning.” Read more here.


Jack Turban’s Research Is Incapable of Answering the Questions It Attempts to Address, by Abigail Reed. “This study drew sharp criticism not only from the usual critics of gender affirmation, but also from die-hard proponents of gender affirmation concerned that Turban’s flawed methods would only provide fuel for the other side. While much has already been said about Turban’s Pediatrics paper, I will add to the chorus of criticism by addressing whether the study’s design, data, or methods stood any chance of ever supporting the hypotheses it set out to evaluate.” Read more here.


The Left’s Abortion War on Science, by Ben Carson and Marjorie Dannenfelser. “After years of accusing pro-life advocates of being ‘anti-science,’ the pro-abortion movement turned aggressively on well-established scientific consensus and began rewriting the truth regarding fetal development… The Left’s heartbeat denialism is just one of many episodes that demonstrates the depths pro-abortion zealots will stoop to at the expense of innocent lives. However, while the pro-abortion movement spreads harmful misinformation, more than a dozen states have laws in or coming into effect soon that protect unborn children, saving potentially 200,000 lives annually.” Read more here.


Planned Parenthood Sends Women ‘Care Packages’ to Celebrate Their Abortions, by Maria Gallagher. “Sometimes, even veteran pro-life activists are stunned by developments in Abortion World. That certainly was the case when I read through a recent publication by Planned Parenthood Keystone… The publication listed different activities in which volunteers could take part. One of them was ‘Abortion Care Basket assembly parties.’ At these events, abortion backers are encouraged to put together baskets which include ‘heating pads, under pads, fuzzy socks, coloring pages, tea, and more!’” Read more here.


Why Marriage Is the Cornerstone of Society, by Belinda Brown. “What he discovered was that monogamous one man, one woman marriage affects society in fundamental ways. He found that there was a strict relationship between those societies which practiced absolute monogamy and cultural flourishing in those societies. It turned out that sexual restraint was associated with hugely productive cultural energy. The key factor appeared to be pre-nuptial chastity. A society which practices pre-nuptial chastity is much more likely to maintain the monogamy essential to cultural flourishing.” Read more here.


It Sure Looks Like the FBI Is Just Fishing for Pro-Lifers to Prosecute, by Timothy P. Carney. “The FBI is on a rampage against pro-life activists and protesters, having charged a dozen men and women with federal felonies in the last three weeks for offenses that allegedly occurred last year… The picture is clear: Anyone who has ever been charged with a crime, even if the charges were dropped or were for a misdemeanor, should expect a visit from the Biden FBI if the old charges involved pro-life activism or advocacy.” Read more here.


Your 4-Year-Old Child Is Not Transgender, by Zachary Faria. “Families in most of these cases are victims, misled by doctors who have committed themselves to transgender dogma without considering their ethical obligations. But it cannot be stressed enough that your 4-year-old child is not transgender. It is reckless and irresponsible for families to push children down this path, starting at ages where the children barely even understand what sex or gender is. Years from now, we will be mourning the damage that was done and reading about the lawsuits these children bring against the providers who behaved so irresponsibly.” Read more here.


Trudeau Is Gaslighting Canadians About Abortion, by Hendrik van der Breggen. “According to Trudeau, ‘Abortion is covered under our universal health care system.’ This is true. But in the context of Trudeau’s statement, the suggestion or implication is that it also should remain true… Because abortion is not essential health care, Canadian taxpayers can correctly judge abortion to be a non-essential medical procedure, and thus taxpayers have reasonable grounds for thinking their tax dollars need not fund abortions.” Read more here.


Allowing Biological Males in Women’s Sports Is Scientifically Unsound, by David Gortler. “A recent review of two dozen medical studies published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine explains the athletic advantages of XY chromosomes at a cellular level. It shows that biological males have advantages in muscle mass, lean body mass, muscle strength, and two measurements of endurance… While synthetic estrogen and anti-testosterone pharmaceuticals have been shown to slightly decrease these parameters – and even if normal male testosterone levels are absent at the time of competition – inborn advantages from the latent effects of a lifetime of testosterone persist.” Read more here.


Hospitals, Clinics Are Promoting Services to Gender-Nonconforming Kids. Here Are 47 of Them, by Christina Buttons. “…[R]ather than let these feelings fade, gender clinics and hospitals across the U.S. have adopted the ‘gender-affirming’ approach. In practice, this approach amounts to putting children in charge of dictating the terms of their own sex change. The gender-affirmation model prevents medical professionals from questioning a child’s self-reported transgender identity and from exploring possible underlying factors causing their dysphoria. The standard protocol for gender affirmation is administering puberty blockers, followed by cross-sex hormones and then surgery, if desired.” Read more here.


The American Medical Association Wants You to Stop Questioning Gender Ideology – or Else, by Kaylee McGhee White. “In a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland, the organization claimed threats are being made against hospitals that provide ‘evidence-based health care’ – a euphemism for irreversible and experimental surgeries that permanently alter the bodies of gender-confused but otherwise healthy people. The solution, the letter claimed, is to ‘prevent’ the spread of ‘misinformation’ about these procedures ‘on digital platforms.’” Read more here.


Canada’s ‘Lower’ Abortion Rate Is Deceptive, by Chuck Donovan and Tessa Longbons. “From 2017 to early 2020, the OHIP data reflects approximately 21,000 more abortions than were reported to CIHI. When the Ontario numbers are extrapolated across Canada, it’s clear that the abortion rate is just as high as ever. The study also suggests that the abortion complication rate is higher than ever, too, despite the careful efforts of the authors to downplay this fact. Studies from countries with better data consistently show higher rates of complications from chemical abortion.” Read more here.


NY Judge: The ‘Time Has Arrived’ to Legalize Polygamy, by Tony Perkins. “The decision by trial court judge Karen May Bacdayan should have been frontpage news. After all, she essentially gave New York’s blessing to polyamorous unions in her September decision, declaring that ‘… the problem with [previous same-sex marriage rulings] is that they recognize only two-person relationships.’” Read more here.


Father of 11-Year-Old Speaks Out as New York Hospital, Courts Attempt to Medically Transition His Child, by Libby Emmons. “A law guardian in the state of New York meets privately with the child and is meant to look out for the best interests of the child. It is standard, in a circumstance like this, for a law guardian to also meet privately with a child’s medical provider to ascertain the best course forward for a child. In this case, both provider and law guardian appear to be on the side of medical affirmation, which leaves the father struggling to see just who among them is looking out for the best interests of his child, not just as that child stands today, but as that child grows up.” Read more here.


‘Codify Roe’ Is Biden’s Euphemism for Democrats’ Atrocious Aim: Unregulated Abortion Anywhere, Anytime, by Margot Cleveland. “While some Democrats may want to codify the RoeCasey law of abortion, … the current political scene tells a vastly different story — one in which Democrats demand an unfettered state constitutional right to abortion… Abortion on demand, at any time, for any reason, without informed consent or parental notification, without the safety and medical licensing regulations currently governing in most states and paid for by taxpayers…” Read more here.


Parents Don’t Want Sexually Explicit Material in Schools, by Tom Joyce. “It’s not bigoted not to want children exposed to sexual depictions. It’s creepy and disgusting that some school officials and politicians think this is a good idea. And it’s a waste of money to prop up these kinds of titles with taxpayer funding. The taxpayers don’t want their money paying for these books. If some families want to buy them, there are no laws against that. However, schools should not push this kind of material on children, including via suggested reading lists.” Read more here.


California Becomes First Sanctuary State for Child Exploitation, by Kaylee McGhee White. “The law also effectively strips parents of custody by empowering California courts to take over ‘temporary emergency jurisdiction’ of children who travel to the state seeking sex-change treatments. Parents can do absolutely nothing to stop this. In fact, if they do try to protest the state’s kidnapping of their child, California officials will almost certainly work to make sure that the loss of custody becomes permanent.” Read more here.


Biden USAID’s Radical Gender Policy Is Exporting Cultural Colonialism, by Grace Melton. “This new gender policy at USAID is the latest manifestation of President Joe Biden’s plan to make gender ideology a central theme of government policy… Gender ideology offends many of our needy foreign aid recipients. Putting such ideological shackles on our aid undermines the goodwill that our assistance would otherwise garner. It perpetuates the notion that Americans see other cultures as morally inferior, and that we use our aid to ‘improve’ their cultures.” Read more here.


Court That First Legalized Same-Sex Marriage Now Legalizing Polygamy, Too, by Conn Carroll. “The same New York state court that first recognized same-sex marriage over 30 years ago has now recognized polygamous relationships… In his Obergefell v. Hodges dissent, Chief Justice John Roberts warned that recognition of same-sex marriage would inevitably lead to the recognition of plural marriages. Judge Bacdayan notes this warning in her opinion and proves him right.” Read more here.


Abortion Is Not Safer Than Childbirth – Here’s the Data the Left Wants to Hide, by Grazie Pozo Christie. “This misuse of statistics serves many political purposes: to gin up opposition to health and safety regulations on abortion, to increase funding for abortion businesses such as Planned Parenthood, and even to discredit pregnancy resource centers that support women who choose birth for their children. But these fake claims also have real-life negative consequences for the very women about whom pro-abortion activists claim to care. They scare women away from the delight of motherhood. At the same time, their disingenuous talking point minimizes the serious medical risks that women experience in having an abortion.” Read more here.


Why Are We Normalizing Double Mastectomies in Girls? by Debra Soh. “Methodologically speaking, any study assessing outcomes related to transition would benefit from having a control group consisting of individuals with gender dysphoria who are not in the process of transitioning or who are perhaps attempting to resolve their bodily discomfort through other avenues, like therapy. It’s possible that girls who did not transition would show mental health outcomes similar to, or better than, those who did. In today’s climate, however, such a control group could not exist because withholding transition would be deemed harmful.” Read more here.


California Attacks Parents’ Rights Under the Guise of Medical Care, by Jay Richards and Emilie Kao. “Imagine the parental nightmares this California bill would unleash. A mother in Texas who has sole custody of her daughter could find her custody stripped by a California court who sides with an estranged father who takes the daughter to California to get puberty blockers. No family is off limits, and no court decision is safe, because California has decided that its courts – not those of the family’s home state – should be the final deciders of whether parents are fit to raise their child.” Read more here.


Pronouns Unbound, by Christopher Rufo. “San Francisco Unified’s policy subverts basic parental rights. The district is playing a dangerous game, facilitating child gender and sexual transitions without notifying or gaining the consent of their families. This is intentional. The district explicitly encourages teachers to prioritize ideology over parental interests and … recommends that teachers identify parents as ‘caregiver 1 and caregiver 2 instead of mother and father’ – a practice that assumes that parents are interchangeable and incidental.” Read more here.


Newsom Signs Bill to Let California Strip Gender-Confused Teens From Parents – Even When They Live in Other States, by Tristan Justice. “…[T]he bill undermines parental choice by empowering the state to strip custody from those who refuse to support their children’s demand for ‘gender-affirming care…’ Such procedures could range from puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to surgeries leaving a child’s genitals permanently altered. The bill extends California’s reach beyond its borders, enabling minors in other states to pursue treatment on the West Coast away from parental oversight.” Read more here.


Spain Considers Radical Trans Bill, by Debbie Hayton. “Emotions are running high, but the question we must keep asking is why these bills are so important to so many politicians. At a time when there is real war in Europe, why are they fighting to impose an ideology that replaces fact with feeling, using emotion rather than reason? La Ley Trans is particularly worrying because it opens the door to children to change their legal sex. Those under 16 would need parental consent, but they could take the matter to court if there was disagreement.” Read more here.


Self-Determination Law Drives Wedge Between Parents and Children, by CNE News. “Several countries, such as the Netherlands and Germany, are currently attempting to pass a new a [sic] so-called self-identification law… More and more, gender dysphoria is no longer seen as a disorder but instead as a standard variant of sexual development. That leads to dilemmas in psychological health care. ‘Trans identity must be acknowledged as fact by the therapist,’ Albert states. Questioning whether someone is transgender can now be seen as a punishable offence.” Read more here.


Supreme Court Could Echo Photographer’s Free Speech Victory Over Mandated LGBT Wedding Support, by Jonathan Scruggs. “This fall, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear 303 Creative v. Elenis, a … case that involves a graphic artist named Lorie Smith. Lorie wants … to create art and websites consistent with the core of who she is. But, much like Louisville, Colorado officials are forcing Lorie to create websites promoting ideas about marriage that violate her faith. Once again, the issue is whether free speech protects each of us or whether government officials get to dictate what people can say and create.” Read more here.


New York Times Admits That Hundreds of ‘Top Surgeries’ Are Being Performed on Children, by Jarrett Stepman. “In an extensive piece written by Azeen Ghorayshi and published Monday, The New York Times reported on how transgender ‘top surgeries’ for minors have become a growing phenomenon. When reporters say top surgeries, they often mean mastectomy – the total removal of female breast tissue – though the Times’ article never uses this word… For boys who want to transition to girls, top surgery means breast implants.” Read more here.


Spanish Equal Opportunities Minister Calls Paedophilia ‘a Right,’ by Andrea Ambrano. “A child cannot nurture any kind of sexual taste unless this is forcibly inculcated in them, nor can they experience the concept of consent since their will is extremely malleable and conditionable. Simply, consent and sexual preferences are non-existent concepts in a child’s head because they lack maturity. Any psychologist knows this, but it’s strange that the only psychologist who ignores them is precisely the one who is also a minister of a European democracy like Spain, and moreover the mother of three children.” Read more here.


The ‘Dutch Protocol’ and Childhood Gender Transitioning, by Debra Soh. “When we consider global trends, the United Kingdom and Europe have been moving in a different direction, exercising greater caution and skepticism in their approach to treating children with gender dysphoria. North America, on the other hand, continues bulldozing the other way. Parents need to know they are justified in their concerns despite the browbeating and bullying they may encounter from professionals in the field, the media, and wider society.” Read more here.


Grade School Used to Be About Math, Science, and Growing Up. Now It’s About Sex, Drag, and Obesity, by Tristan Justice. “Earlier this month, teachers in a western suburb of Columbus, Ohio welcomed back students to the classroom with lessons on ‘anal sex’ and ‘fisting…’ In Michigan, the state deployed training material to coach teachers to conceal information about students from their parents, including what pronouns the kids go by in the classroom… Further south in Chicago, schools went one step further. Several districts partnered with the city’s largest children’s hospital to promote sex toys to kids.” Read more here.


These Detransitioners Have a Message for Distressed Girls: Mangling Your Body Is a Sickness, Not a Cure, by Jordan Boyd. “The film from the Center for Bioethics and Culture documents the testimonies of three women – Helena, Cat, and Grace – who went through various forms of so-called ‘gender-affirming’ prescriptions and procedures only to discover that the wrongly named ‘treatments’ marketed to make them feel better about their bodies did more harm than good. The featured women do not shy away from mentioning the irreversible procedures and damage this mutilative movement had on their bodies and souls…” Read more here.


Stop Subsidizing the Transgender-Industrial Complex, by Washington Examiner. “Not liking your body is completely normal for an adolescent, but most people eventually become comfortable in their own natural skin. It is morally wrong to let children completely alter their bodies before their judgment is even fully mature. It is doubly wrong that hospitals are making money off of these mutilations. It is triply wrong that the government is subsidizing this form of child abuse by mandating insurance coverage for it.” Read more here.


The Biden Administration Has Launched Its War on Pro-Lifers, by Timothy P. Carney. “Even if you take only the FBI’s version of the tale, the Biden administration assembled a grand jury, secured an indictment, and charged a man with a federal crime possibly carrying an 11-year sentence because he shoved another man who received ‘injuries … that required medical attention.’ Because there is an extraordinary federal law protecting abortionists from protesters, sidewalk counselors, and rosary prayers, Houck is now charged with a federal felony.” Read more here.


Let the Shout Arise Across the Nation: Stop Sexualizing Our Children! by Michael Brown. “From the heterosexual side, the attack has come through sex ed curricula in schools, presenting inappropriate subjects in inappropriate ways, beginning with the youngest school children. It has been going on for a long time… As for the LGTBQ+ sexualizing of our children, much of it comes in the form of indoctrination. Gay is good. Queer is cool. Being trans is something to celebrate. And your kids need to know this starting in pre-school, if not earlier. In fact, let’s normalize drag queens for toddlers!” Read more here.


‘Women Deserve a Better Solution Than Abortion,’ by Christopher Tremoglie. “Leftists who typically argue in favor of abortion say women should have the right to choose abortion. What they fail to acknowledge is that all abortions could be avoided by simply avoiding risky and careless sexual behavior. Only since Dobbs has it become clear from the Left’s rhetoric the extent to which abortion was relied on by irresponsible people as a form of birth control. For these, abortion is not a ‘choice’ but a means of avoiding consequences, even at the expense of a baby’s life.” Read more here.


New Census Data: Key Takeaways on Divorce, Marriage, and Fertility in the U.S., by Wendy Wang, et al. “Besides marriage and divorce, another important indicator that reflects the health of American families is the birth rate. During the pandemic, the U.S. birth rate experienced its largest single-year decease in nearly 50 years… The total fertility rate, which is the estimated number of children a woman has in her lifetime, also dropped to 1.6 in 2020. The fertility rate did rebound slightly in 2021 to 1.7 children per woman, but it is still well below the population replacement level (2.1 children per woman).” Read more here.


Castrating Your Child’s Future, by Melissa Mackenzie. “Medical doctors, sworn to do no harm, carve up children and give them untested drugs based on specious evidence and radical ideology… But the biggest betrayal is by the parents acceding to this savagery. They know how important having children is … they’ve had them. Yet they steal that choice from their children, knowing what they’re taking. It cannot be reversed. The harm is complete, total, and reaches decades into the future.” Read more here.


Gender Ideology Promises Young Adults Relief But Leaves Them With Mental Anguish, by Kaylee McGhee White. “Gender ideology’s rapid spread among adolescents and young adults makes much more sense when you realize that it’s a form of escapism. It gives awkward and impressionable teenagers an explanation for the social and physical discomfort they naturally feel. It promises them a solution. This promise, however, is based on a lie. It is no more possible for a girl to become a boy than it is for a white person to become black.” Read more here.


Sexual Disturbance, by Christopher Rufo. “The national teachers union’s ‘LGBTQ+ Caucus’ has created a website and badge for public school employees that promote non-binary identities, a how-to guide for ‘queer sex,’ and the idea that ‘transgender men can get pregnant…’ One of these linked resources … includes a how-to guide for performing ‘anal sex,’ ‘bondage,’ ‘rimming,’ ‘domination,’ ‘sadomasochism,’ ‘muffing,’ and ‘fisting.’ The materials are extremely graphic, explaining how to, for example, ‘[put] a fist or whole hand into a person’s vagina or bum.’” Read more here.


The States Must Stand Up to Biden’s Egregious Title IX Overreach, by Kaylee McGhee White. “Biden’s Title IX guidance would be disastrous for the education system. It would force school administrations to incorporate gender ideology into their policies and affirm students’ chosen ‘gender identity’ regardless of the consequences – the most obvious being the invasion of girls’ sex-exclusive spaces, such as restrooms and sports teams. It would also undermine students’ right to free speech and due process and deputize school officials to override parental prerogatives.” Read more here.


Biden Administration’s Proposed Gender Policy Would Define Women Out of Existence, by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “According to a draft USAID gender policy, sex is a ‘designation’ that is ‘assigned’ at birth and there are about 40 variations of sex characteristics that ‘cannot be categorized as male or female…’ The policy makes numerous references to women and girls ‘in all their diversity,’ which is further defined as including the ‘full range of gender identity and/or gender expression, sex characteristics, [and] sexual orientation.’” Read more here.


Lawmakers, Experts Alarmed by Trend to Remove Age Guidelines for Trans Procedures, by Dan Hart. “It would appear that the viewpoint that children of any age should receive cross-sex hormones if they express any inkling of questioning their biological sex is becoming increasingly prevalent. On Monday, news broke that the Medical University of South Carolina’s Pediatric Endocrinology Clinic had seen transgender patients between the ages of four and 18, with 62 percent of them receiving ‘either puberty blockers or hormone affirming therapy.’” Read more here.


Just Say ‘No’ to Using Children as Lab Rats, by Stephanie Lundquist-Arora. “Gender and sexual identity … have become ubiquitous topics for consideration and affirmation in school curricula and surveys… In the 2021 Fairfax County (Virginia) Youth Survey, public school students as young as 12 were asked questions about sexual experiences, including: ‘Have you ever had sexual intercourse? How old were you when you had sexual intercourse for the first time? During your life, with how many people have you had sexual intercourse?’” Read more here.


Father Recalls School’s Secret Attempt to Transition Daughter, by Marjorie Jackson. “…Perez’s case is one of many instances of schools breaching parental rights and transgender ideology being forced upon children. Many parents across the country have found themselves as plaintiffs fighting school administrations that have helped their children begin quietly transitioning, such as a mother in California and a couple in Tallahassee, Florida with similar situations. Other instances across the country have included the emergence of ‘gender transition closets’ in communities and schools.” Read more here.


UN Education Summit Wants to Stamp Out Traditional Values, by Craig-Austin Rose. “One of the conference documents proposed expanding the role of the teacher from ‘knowledge providers to knowledge producers and sense-makers of complex realities,’ in order to teach modern values and to eliminate any influence of parents and traditional cultures on the formation of children.” Read more here.


Our Politics Needs a Pro-Family Policy Agenda, by Ryan T. Anderson, et al. “Parents bear the primary and ultimate responsibility to nurture, shape, and educate their children. As such, they should be afforded space, shielded from inappropriate state intrusion or undue market pressures, to fulfill their responsibilities and live out their irreplaceable function. As scholars, writers, and legal experts, we offer the following eleven principles to advance an authentically pro-family approach to public policy.” Read more here.


Follow the Money: Medical Experts Are Mutilating Gender-Confused People Because It’s Profitable, by Kaylee McGhee White. “We need to be upfront about what this is: medical malpractice. These procedures are experimental and irreversible and often have severe long-term effects on the patient’s physical and mental health. These treatments aren’t ‘caring,’ as transgender activists like to claim – they’re inhumane and exploitative, and the only reason the medical community has decided to go along with this is because they know … that ‘gender-affirming care’ is a ‘moneymaker.’” Read more here.


California ‘Transgender Refuge’ Bill Usurps Parental Rights and Endangers Children, by Melissa Moschella. “If Governor Newsom signs California’s transgender youth ‘refuge’ bill into law, it will be one of the most explicit and radical assaults on parental rights that our nation has ever seen. While debates about how best to care for children with gender dysphoria are ongoing, one thing is clear: encouraging troubled children to run away from home and dividing them from their parents is certain to inflict great harm.” Read more here.


Pro-Life Advocates Should Pay Attention to Planned Parenthood’s Annual Report, by Caroline Reeves. “Planned Parenthood boasts increased numbers of aborted babies and quietly includes that it provided 239,000 fewer health services like well-woman exams and prenatal care than it did the previous year. Yet Planned Parenthood’s revenue managed to increase from $1.6 billion to $1.7 billion. The abortion organization’s incessant talk of ‘health care’ is nothing more than a marketing ploy.” Read more here.


The Real Reason for the Rise in Book Bans, by Madeline Fry Schultz. “Today, PEN is a left-wing advocacy group, for which censorship apparently means blocking over-the-top, sexually explicit materials from children in classrooms. The report, which looked at July 2021 to June 2022, found ‘2,532 instances of individual books being banned, affecting 1,648 unique book titles.’ The five most popular of these titles are ‘Gender Queer: A Memoir,’ ‘All Boys Aren’t Blue,’ ‘Lawn Boy,’ ‘Out of Darkness,’ ‘The Bluest Eye,’ and ‘Beyond Magenta: Transgender Teens Speak Out,’ all of which contain sexually explicit language.” Read more here.


Exposing Transgenderism for What It Is: A Lie, by Kara Dansky. “Democrats on the whole support ‘rights for “transgender people,”’ and Republicans on the whole oppose allowing sex-confused people to hijack sex-specific spaces. But regardless of whether or not a person supports or opposes ‘rights for “transgender people,”’ that person probably believes that there is such a category of people. But there isn’t. ‘Trans’ is a lie. It is a lie as big as the lie that the emperor is wearing clothes. He isn’t wearing clothes. He’s naked. He’s just too arrogant to acknowledge it, and everyone around him is too cowed to say so.” Read more here.


Detransitioner Chloe Cole Gives Powerful Testimony Against ‘Gender-Affirming Care’ at White House, by Christina Buttons. “Cole opened her speech with a chilling statistic, ‘Over the past decade, there has been as high as a 4000 percent increase in children being referred to so-called “gender clinics” across the United States…’ A recent UCLA survey found that the number of trans-identified teens has doubled in the last five years to about 300,000 in the United States, while the rates of adults identifying as transgender have remained the same.” Read more here.


Top Trans Medical Group Quietly Removes Age Recommendations for Minors Seeking Transgender Surgeries, Hormones, Puberty Blockers, by Mary Margaret Olohan. “The organization widely considered to be the gold standard on transgender health care has removed its age recommendations for minors to receive hotly debated transgender medical interventions from its guidelines – and it won’t explain why. The World Professional Association for Transgender Health published a correction to its Standards of Care 8th Edition this week, removing those sections on ‘suggested minimal ages for gender-affirming medical and surgical treatment for adolescents.’” Read more here.


That ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Law Is Very Popular When You Accurately Describe It, by Zachary Faria. “The poll asked registered voters, ‘Do you support or oppose allowing public school teachers to provide classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity to children in elementary school (grades 1 to 5)?’ Just 27 percent said they support the stance pushed by the liberal activists. A whopping 70 percent opposed it. That means 70 percent of registered voters support, in principle, a law that goes much further than Florida’s new law, which only outlawed such instruction through third grade.” Read more here.


Pregnancy Centers Targeted by Massachusetts Attorney General Deserve Help, by Andrew Beckwith and Jeremy Dys. “Who are these faith-based organizations on the receiving end of Healey’s politically charged ire? They are men and women motivated by their faith to provide medical and professional counseling services, and to give away diapers, baby wipes, and hand-knitted baby booties to those in need… Rather than protect these faith-based organizations providing much-needed professional reproductive health services to Bay State mothers, as is the duty of her office, Healey placed them in harm’s way.” Read more here.


12 Facts Everyone Should Know About Babies at 15 Weeks of Gestation, by Jordan Boyd. “This isn’t quite the all-out ban on killing unborn life, which science agrees begins at conception, that America’s pro-life voters want, but it’s a start designed to at least get the nation on the same level as most civilized European countries and some U.S. states. It’s important for all to know the facts about babies at this stage of development to weigh the proposal. Here are 12 facts that Congress, and all Americans, should know about babies and their development at 15 weeks of gestation.” Read more here.


Planned Parenthood Can’t Hide Its Problem With Adoption, by Joy Stockbauer. “Every woman facing an unexpected pregnancy must wrestle with difficult questions surrounding the pathway forward – but it is unethical and misleading to misrepresent these questions in a way that makes abortion seem like the only viable option. It is also interesting to note that, when dissuading a woman from choosing adoption, Planned Parenthood is comfortable humanizing the child – but in every other instance, they deliberately dehumanize the child as a mere product of pregnancy.” Read more here.


Biden’s Title IX Change Hamstrings Doctors’ Ability to Care for Patients, by Christiana Kiefer. “The Biden administration is pushing to redefine ‘sex’ in the civil rights law known as Title IX to include ‘gender identity…’ This change would weaponize the federal civil rights law and force health care professionals – against their religious and ethical convictions – to perform life-altering surgeries or procedures such as a mastectomy or testosterone suppression. That’s because Title IX governs on-campus health centers, medical schools, and health systems that are part of university systems.” Read more here.


Department of Education Takes a Title IX Hammer to Freedom, by Maya Noronha. “Bureaucrats at President Joe Biden’s Department of Education are the new schoolyard bullies… For a start, bullies like to call other children disparaging names. Likewise, the Education Department’s bureaucrats want to label anyone who respectfully disagrees with gender ideology as a bigot. Instead of defending the civil rights of all people, they are targeting some who have sincerely held beliefs about males and females, what marriage means, and the role of parents in teaching their children about faith.” Read more here.


The Boston Marathon Doesn’t Need a Nonbinary Category, by Tom Joyce. “The problem with this move, besides denying biological reality, is that it could take spots away from hardworking women who want to run a marathon… The nonbinary category uses the women’s standards of qualifying for the race, which permit registrants to run it up to 30 minutes slower. Therefore, biological men who identify as nonbinary can qualify for the race using those times.” Read more here.


I’m an NCAA Champion Female Swimmer and We Have to Protect Girls, Women From Biden’s Destruction of Title IX, by Riley Gaines. “Under Title IX, women are entitled to their own locker rooms so that we can be vulnerable and change in private. Yet at the NCAA Championships, I saw a 6’4” biological male exposing male parts in our women’s locker room… I asked the officials where I should change as I had no intention of undressing in front of a man. They informed me that there were no protections in place for me to change in a space that Thomas did not have access to.” Read more here.


UN LGBT Czar Attacks America on Transgender Issues, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “The report also denounces a ‘veritable plague of anti-LGBT bills sweeping across the nation…’ Madrigal-Borloz referred specifically to pro-family policies in Florida, Texas, and Alabama. These include laws and policies to shield children from homosexual and transgender propaganda in schools, laws banning transgender hormone protocols and sex change operations for children, and policies that ban boys from competing as girls in girls’ sports.” Read more here.


UN Committee Says America Is Racist, by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “The committee concerned with race has been one of the few that has largely left the issue of abortion alone, although that may be about to change.  In August, the committee held a meeting about issuing a general comment on the intersection of racial discrimination and health, which was attended by representatives of many pro-abortion groups… The UN’s official summary of the meeting summarized their position: ‘Abortion access was an integral component of public health care, and legal barriers to abortion should be removed.’” Read more here.


Does Your Kid’s School Librarian Need Parental Supervision? ‘Banned Books Week’ May Tell You, by Amy Haywood. “…[A] father at a recent school board meeting had his microphone silenced for attempting to read from some of the objectionable books found in his child’s school because the school board was aware that allowing the words to air was illegal. But, magically, once a child enters a school library, a librarian can provide ‘Gender Queer’ and other challenged books to him or her without fear of prosecution.” Read more here.


On the Pro-Life Senate Bill and ‘Late Term’ Abortion, by Alexandra Desanctis. “…[A]bortions after 15 weeks could only be characterized as something other than ‘late term’ by people who support legal elective abortion until the moment of birth… What matters, in the end, is what happens in an abortion procedure, and whether we believe that act should be legally permissible. Hayes and his fellow supporters of legal abortion would prefer not to have that debate, because their perspective on the matter makes normal Americans shudder.” Read more here.


Protecting Freedom of Religion, by Betsy McCaughey. “The American Civil Liberties Union sides with LGBTQ advocates, claiming they’re battling intolerant people who use religion as an excuse to discriminate. The ACLU is wrong. The battle isn’t about one right but two: the right of LGBTQ individuals to be protected from bias, and the longstanding right of all Americans to practice their religion – a right guaranteed by the First Amendment.” Read more here.


Jill Biden Dismisses Parental Control of Books in School Libraries, by Gillian Richards. “Before Jones finished the question, Jill Biden jumped in: ‘All books should be in the library. All books. This is America. We don’t ban books.’ Biden’s comment dismisses the ongoing controversy over whether public school libraries should exclude books that parents consider pedophilic and obscene… According to Jill Biden’s logic, the parents who protested Loudoun and Fairfax County public schools were out of line – and un-American – for wanting to remove pornographic and ideological material out of their kid’s libraries.” Read more here.


Lindsey Graham’s 15-Week Abortion Ban Would Bring Us in Line With the Rest of the Civilized World, by Kaylee McGhee White. “Just about every other country in the civilized world restricts abortion far more than the U.S. does. We are one of only seven countries to allow elective abortions … at 20 weeks, which is the halfway mark in a pregnancy. Most countries, including liberal European nations such as France, Norway, and Denmark, don’t even allow abortions after 12 weeks. And only three of 42 European countries allow abortions past 15 weeks.” Read more here.


Congress Should Work to End Infanticide in America, by the Editors of National Review. “…[E]ven after the end of Roe, barbaric late-term abortions are still legal in most of the country. In several states and the District of Columbia, there is no legal limit on abortion through all nine months of pregnancy. Down the street from the White House, one abortion clinic advertises elective abortions up to 27 weeks. NPR recently reported that a new ‘all-trimester’ clinic will soon open in Maryland that will perform abortions up to the middle of the eighth month of pregnancy.” Read more here.


What Schools Are Teaching Your Kids About ‘Gender,’ by Laura López. “Altogether, there are eighteen gender options, only one of which will correspond to the child’s actual biological sex… Neither the wheel nor the book explain the potential long-term implications of adopting an alternative gender identity, or even what these identities mean. It’s safe to say that the average three-year-old has no idea that ‘affirming’ a neutrois identity involves surgically removing your genitalia.” Read more here.


Since When Does Freedom From Discrimination Require Destroying Religious Freedom? by Thomas Jipping. “The right to freely exercise religion has been a central theme in America’s story for more than 350 years. It was recognized as a natural right of mankind long before the Constitution was drafted, before America was America. Laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity exist against that backdrop, not the other way around.” Read more here.


Dr. Richard Pan’s Claims in Support of California’s SB 107 Are False and Medically Irresponsible, by Leor Sapir. “It is one thing for Dr. Pan to express an opinion as an elected representative and lawmaker on SB 107. It is quite another for him to invoke his scientific and medical credentials and spread false or highly misleading information about the state of the evidence for ‘gender affirming care.’ Dr. Pan warned against using Dr. Google instead of medical expertise, but it seems that his own views on pediatric gender medicine are heavily informed by Google and avoid any careful analysis of existing research.” Read more here.


Why Religious Freedom Can’t Protect Abortion, by Andrew Kubick. “Because direct abortion intentionally kills an unborn human being, no right – religious or otherwise – can be invoked to protect it… No religion, or any adherent thereof, has the lawful or moral claim to kill an innocent human being in the name of that faith. To deny the tragedy of abortion and make a rights claim to defend abortion is not religious freedom; rather, doing this uses religion as a license for unconscionable acts. And a just political community and the whole of society ought to categorically reject that license.” Read more here.


The Transgender Umbrella Casts Its Shadow Over Gender Nonconformity, by Colin Wright. “Because girls are more likely to exhibit gender nonconformity than boys (i.e., girls are more likely to exhibit stereotypically masculine traits than boys are to exhibit feminine traits), and because the definition of transgenderism is now synonymous with common gender nonconformity, it should come as absolutely no surprise that the rates of children claiming to be transgender is [sic] exploding, and that the majority of these children are girls.” Read more here.


Supreme Court Could Echo Photographer’s Free Speech Victory Over Mandated LGBT Support, by Jonathan Scruggs. “The court got it right. The government shouldn’t be in the business of imposing its orthodoxy on its citizens and silencing those who disagree. You don’t leave your right to free speech behind when you choose to make a living for your family, and Chelsey – like all Americans – should be free to express her beliefs – even if the government disagrees with them. But Chelsey is not the only wife and mom who needs to teach a class in constitutional law to certain government bureaucrats.” Read more here.


UN’s Gender Czar Ends Examination of U.S. With Bleak Report, by Grace Melton. “Madrigal-Borloz is the ‘SOGI czar’ at the United Nations… And [he] just concluded an official visit to the United States intended to ‘assess’ the ‘human rights of LGBT persons’ here. In a press conference…, Madrigal-Borloz shared his initial reactions… He bemoaned the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade and its ‘devastating’ impact on lesbians and ‘people with gestational faculties.’ And he derided efforts in various American states to limit ‘gender-affirming care.’” Read more here.


New Title IX Rule Creates Federal Dictatorship Over America’s Public Schools, by Meg Kilgannon. “The Department of Education’s newly proposed Title IX rule uses the federal rulemaking process to destabilize students with gender ideology, roll back rights for women and girls, and undermine parental rights, just to name a few – all in order to force the LGBTQ+ political agenda on every public school student in America… Equal opportunity for women in academics and sport will be erased if this rule is enforced.” Read more here.


Can Children Actually Consent to Gender Surgeries? by Debra Soh. “Expected changes in the forthcoming edition include the lowering of recommended ages for hormones and surgeries in minors… This would mean children are able to undergo cross-sex hormones at age 14, double mastectomies at age 15, and genital surgeries, including hysterectomies and removal of the ovaries or testes, at age 17… Does anyone truly believe that children understand the long-term implications of these decisions on their bodies and fertility, especially if they have yet to experience romantic relationships with their peers?” Read more here.


The Transgender Movement Isn’t Just Targeting Kids, It’s Targeting Families, by John Daniel Davidson. “Evidence continues to mount that a concerted effort is underway between major hospitals and public school systems to indoctrinate children with transgender ideology and push harmful, sometimes irreversible, medical procedures on minors – sometimes without the knowledge or consent of parents. The point of the indoctrination, though, isn’t only to create more ‘gender-nonconforming’ students. It’s to break down family structures and parental authority.” Read more here.


African Nations Should Spurn UN’s Radical Sex Ed Seduction, by Bettina Roska. “The UN’s International Technical Guidance on Sexuality Education calls for a hypersexualized view of even very young children, explicitly rejecting family values and cutting off the rights of parents to educate their children in conformity with their moral and religious convictions. Instead of focusing on risk avoidance, it pushes minors into high-risk situations with proven catastrophic consequences for their health and well-being.” Read more here.


End Infanticide, by the Editors of National Review. “Each human being is endowed with the unalienable right to life at her creation, not her birth. But at this time, the majority of the American public is not willing to support a law protecting life from conception. There is, however, national support for setting limits on abortion later in pregnancy when it becomes even more indefensible for anyone to deny the humanity of a developing child.” Read more here.


Planned Parenthood Isn’t on the Way Out, It’s Transitioning to Gender-Bending, by Kristan Hawkins. “Planned Parenthood has found something besides abortion to sell. Few people realize that, nationally, ‘Planned Parenthood is the second largest provider of hormone therapy’ for ‘transgender and gender non-conforming patients,’ it reports. Even in states that have banned all or most abortions, Planned Parenthood affiliates are fighting to stay open under the banner of ‘gender-affirming care.’” Read more here.


Abortion Is Not Health Care, Anywhere, by Valerie Huber. “Abortion activist politicians want Americans to accept abortion as health care – not just here at home but in every country around the world, irrespective of the country’s own values and beliefs on the topic… But abortion isn’t health care, anywhere. Intentionally ending innocent lives is not – and has never been – an acceptable outcome for ‘health’ care.” Read more here.


Trust the Science … Except Biology, by Rachel Csutoros. “From kindergarten classrooms to human resources offices to elite academic institutions, pressure is growing for Americans to ignore what’s in front of them in favor of a new version of reality that is more ‘inclusive’ and ‘updated.’ Public discourse now centers on debates about whether men can become pregnant and how to define a woman. The trend is to deny scientific reality in favor of the new wave of gender ideology.” Read more here.


Alarming Questions About Self-Determination Bill in Germany, by Evert van Vlastuin. “The state opens up a huge potential for abuse to these instinct-driven people through this self-determination act. For example, they could take advantage of the fact that they could no longer commit exhibitionism by simply declaring it. According to Section 183 of the Criminal Code, exhibitionist acts are only punishable for men. The law also gives men with exhibitionist tendencies legal access to women’s shelters. If they were legally considered women by self-determination, they should not be turned away at the entrance or thrown out of the shelters.” Read more here.


NJ Second Graders Will Learn About Gender Identity as New Sex Ed Standards Begin, by Sarah Arnold. “Progressive New Jersey school districts are teaching kids as young as six years old that it is normal to feel like you were born the ‘wrong’ gender from what God originally created you to be… The graphic material the woke, radical Left leaders are pushing on to children is shocking. They are attempting to sexualize kids at such a young age, at a time where sex and gender means nothing to them.” Read more here.


‘Gender-Affirming Care’ Sacrifices Safety for Ideology, by Aida Cerundolo. “Gender-affirming therapy for adolescents often employs ‘puberty blockers,’ synthetic hormones that inhibit the release of natural hormones that usher in sexual maturation. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration for rare instances of precocious puberty, these medicines are prescribed off-label as a pause button for physically healthy children… Puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones carry risks. Artificially pausing puberty impedes other vital functions, such as brain and bone development.” Read more here.


UK Children’s Commissioner Fails British Children, by Ann Farmer. “It was refreshing to hear the UK Children’s Commissioner calling for strong families… But, like most modern policymakers, Dame Rachel refuses to endorse any particular form of family… Whatever Dame Rachel’s review may say, the family is not just any old collection of individuals living in the same space but springs from the committed relationship of a man and a woman who bring children into the world as part of that relationship.” Read more here.


Four ‘Social and Emotional Learning’ Programs That Won’t Corrupt Your Child, by Kimberly Ells. “Are the top priorities of most parents in your local school district to undermine patriarchy, expand abortion, expand LGBT advocacy, and increase racial tension in their children’s schools? If not, then perhaps globally funded SEL programs might not a [sic] good fit for your school district. Is there a solution to the global infiltration of local schools through SEL? Yes. Decline to utilize programs that are linked to global education initiatives.” Read more here.


California Becomes Sanctuary for Trans as Children Taking Puberty Blockers Increased Nearly 270 Percent, by Sarah Arnold. “The woke state of California advanced a bill to make it a sanctuary for transgender kids and their parents… The bill aims to allow children to undergo life-alternating sex-change surgery and take medication that will disrupt their natural puberty growth. Meanwhile according to Florida Medicaid data, the rate of the children taking puberty blockers has increased by 270 percent.” Read more here.


Michigan’s ‘Anything Goes’ Abortion Initiative, by Conn Carroll. “Michigan Democrats have succeeded in getting an initiative placed on this fall’s ballot that would effectively legalize all abortions. But that isn’t how Democrats are describing the initiative. They want you to believe that their proposed amendment to Michigan’s constitution would merely ‘codify Roe v. Wade.’ That is, the amendment would reinstate for Michigan the constitutional right struck down by the federal Supreme Court. But in reality, the proposal goes much further than that.” Read more here.


Federal Court Ruling on Gender Identity Upends Civil Rights Law, by Sarah Parshall Perry. “In sum: If you’re ‘distressed’ about being transgender, then you’re entitled to all the accommodations you’d like in public life, whether in bathrooms, locker rooms, prisons, or same-sex housing. The illogical conclusion, of course, is that transgender individuals who might be perfectly at ease with their underlying biological sex are not entitled to accommodations at all. As to how this will play out in modern America, one thing is for sure: It will be messy.” Read more here.


Emails Show Local Librarians Recruiting Drag Performers for Kids, by Joy Pullmann. “The emails show multiple librarians expressing enthusiasm and anticipation for Wright’s drag performance… The like-minded librarians eagerly plotted their 2022 LGBT programming and especially the drag storytime together, according to the emails. Librarians from different towns eagerly offered to help promote each others’ LGBT events and offered emotional as well as strategic support for the community backlash they all expected.” Read more here.


Title IX Comes for Christian Schools, by Christiana Kiefer. “Because HUD announced that it would enforce its order through the Fair Housing Act, College of the Ozarks and other colleges across the country – regardless of their beliefs – will be required to house male students in female dorms and vice versa. Colleges will be required to allow students to choose which restrooms, dorms, showers, and locker rooms they want to use – or be shut down.” Read more here.


‘Removing Pregnancies’: The Abortion Industry’s Misuse of Language, by Rob Schwarzwalder. “…[T]he eagerness of abortion advocates to dehumanize the unborn speaks of something sad and desperate. Unable to deny the personhood of the little one in the womb, they speak in a sort of muted code. By using terms that attempt to sanitize something evil, we assuage our consciences and gradually create a thick callous over the tender flesh of our basic moral impulses.” Read more here.


Legal, Scientific Defeats for ‘Gender-Affirming’ Procedures, by Joshua Arnold. “The Biden administration is arguing – and losing – on these grounds, because what they are endeavoring to force into law (by executive fiat) is indefensible on any other grounds. The Biden administration didn’t even bother arguing that the First Amendment allowed them to force physicians to perform gender-transition surgeries and abortions against their consciences, because they can’t. All they could do was pretend that they hadn’t decided to enforce on religious health care providers a rule they created for precisely this purpose.” Read more here.


How to Prepare Your Child for the Gender Debate, by Laura Linmar. “Parents need to understand that it’s not a matter of whether their young children will encounter radical gender ideology, but rather when. With this understanding comes the parental responsibility, if not duty, of having these conversations with their children sooner than most would like, while still approaching it from an age-appropriate stance.” Read more here.


Gender Identity Movement Targets Middle America for Indoctrination, by Greg Piper. “The vast majority of the training is devoted to LGBTQ issues, … warning employees they can harm ‘sexual minority youth’ if they aren’t careful with their words… The training explains ‘biological sex assigned at birth’ and gender identity and expression, using the popular but controversial ‘Gender Unicorn’ graphic that has appeared in curricula nationwide… The training features a Human Rights Campaign (HRC) video on student experiences and another with students explaining why ‘pronouns are important.’” Read more here.


Class Action Suits Against Gender Doctors Cloud the Future of Transgender Medicine, by Michael Cook. “The lawyers will not address the numerous sociological, psychological, ethical and philosophical questions swirling around the transgender movement. But if doctors fear that they might be sued for malpractice if they cooperate with an autistic teenager’s desire to transition, far fewer people will be harmed. And detransitioners will get the justice they deserve.” Read more here.


Federal Judge Strikes Blow to Biden’s Abortion Coercion Efforts in Texas, by Sarah Parshall Perry. “That interpretation means that under the HHS mandate, the federal government’s own definition of ‘emergency medical condition’ would preempt any state definition that is more narrowly tailored. It also means that elective abortions would qualify as ‘emergency medical conditions.’ Is this a proper reading of the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act? Far from it. It’s a poorly disguised attempt to use federal law to transform every emergency room in the country into a walk-in abortion clinic.” Read more here.


How the Transgender Social Contagion Took Over This Alaska Town, by Kelsey Bolar. “…[E]very institution surrounding them, from health professionals to the public school, and a local LGBT support group, rushed to validate their daughter’s gender confusion, treating it as real. Worse, they intentionally deceived Susie and her husband, using their daughter’s birth name and female pronouns in official communications while using her made-up name and male pronouns behind closed doors.” Read more here.


Democrats Accuse Crisis Pregnancy Centers of Manipulating Women – But That’s Planned Parenthood, by Kate Roberson. “If the counseling services at pregnancy resource centers are ‘deceptive,’ then Planned Parenthood’s services ought to raise even more questions. Planned Parenthood regularly tells women that their babies are ‘clumps of cells’ or ‘not babies yet’ and then refuses to let them see their ultrasounds, so they can’t evaluate those claims for themselves.” Read more here.


Did American Academy of Pediatrics Just Blink on ‘Gender-Affirming Care’ or Bluff? by Jay Richards. “For years, the academy has been a booster for the school-to-sterilization pipeline for kids struggling with their sexed bodies – to the dismay of at least some of its 67,000 members… But in a telling letter to The Wall Street Journal this week, the group seemed to signal a shift in its position. Over the last few weeks, the group has suffered some bad press and may have decided that its preferred term of art needs an update.” Read more here.


UN Program Teaching Kids ‘Social and Emotional Learning’ Actually Seeks to Kill Their Individualism, by Kimberly Ells. “UNESCO’s materials make it clear that SEL is intended to foster not only kindness between students, but cooperation with a global agenda rooted in the doctrine of collectivism… They want children to be taught to value the ‘collective good’ over individual liberties, rights, and property despite the fact that the freest, most prosperous nations in the world are founded on individual liberties, rights, and property.” Read more here.


Toddlers Aren’t Transgender, by Debra Soh. “If you think it sounds insane to take seriously a 3-year-old’s whimsical and quite possibly arbitrary declarations, that’s because it is. Three-year-olds can barely dress themselves, much less articulate a complete thought, yet gender cultists wholeheartedly believe these children know their ‘authentic selves.’ At best, parents may be concerned about their son’s or daughter’s cross-sex preferences in toys, hairstyle, or clothing.” Read more here.


Unsafe, Illegal, and Far From Rare: Chemical Abortion’s Online Black Market, by Joy Stockbauer. “Another website that the WSJ cites is Medside24.com – a chemical abortion dealer based in Kazakhstan. The front page of the dealer’s website claims that abortion drugs are ‘painless’ and ‘not accompanied by complications.’ Further digging, however, reveals their disclaimers about the pain and complications that chemical abortion does, in fact, cause. How many women does the dealer warn experience ‘severe’ or ‘intolerable’ pain from their chemical abortion? At least half.” Read more here.


OB-GYN Dispels the Most Common Lies About Abortion, Miscarriage, and Saving the ‘Life of a Mother,’ by Alison Centofante and Christina Francis. “In 14 years of clinical practice, I have never needed to intentionally end the life of a preborn child in order to save the life of his or her mother. There are rare situations in which we need to prematurely deliver a baby due to life-threatening complications of pregnancy. If this occurs after the point at which the baby can survive apart from the mother (viability), we simply deliver the child and take care of both mom and baby.” Read more here.


Court Rules Man Who Identifies as Woman Must Be Allowed in Women’s Jail, by Joshua Arnold. “Indeed, transferring males who identify as females to female-only prison units is not a victimless policy decision. Female inmates at prisons in California, New York, and Washington have suffered sexual assault and rape from men pretending to be women. The policy question at issue is, should we upend the order of our penal system and subject women to violence to coddle the fantasies of a slim minority?” Read more here.


Poll: Nearly 2 in 3 Americans Support Public Funding for Pregnancy Clinics Democrats Want to ‘Shut Down,’ by Sophia Corso. “A majority of Americans across the political spectrum support public funding for pro-life pregnancy resource centers, according to a new poll from CRC Research – showing how out of touch Democrats’ rabid push to stifle pro-life clinics is from the average, compassionate American voter. The online survey of 1,600 participants conducted earlier this month shows overall 64 percent of Americans support public funding of these centers for mothers…” Read more here.


The Future of Pediatric Medicine: Chemical Castration and Surgical Mutilation, by Kaylee McGhee White. “We need to be explicit about what’s happening right now. Trans activists, medical professionals, and ideologues who promote and defend ‘gender-affirming care’ are advocating the chemical castration and physical mutilation of vulnerable persons. They can try to tie it up with a ribbon and make it sound as pretty as they’d like, but that’s what it is.” Read more here.


Government Shouldn’t Subsidize Intentional Motherlessness and Fatherlessness, by Katy Faust. “The fact that children are the byproduct of heterosexual relationships isn’t an accident. They are designed specifically for the care of their own mother and father, which is why they reap gender-specific benefits from each parent and crave both male and female love. Insisting that single and same-sex adults have ‘equal access’ to ‘reproductive care’ requires children to sacrifice their right to that love for the sake of adult desire.” Read more here.


Opposing Biological Males in Women’s Sports Cost Me My Job as Austin’s Fire Chaplain, Now I’m Suing, by Dr. Andrew Fox. “Unfortunately, I’m writing in the past tense because I’m no longer a chaplain for the Austin Fire Department. I was fired from my volunteer role because I shared my religious views on my personal blog – views which city officials could not tolerate. The controversial viewpoint that extinguished my career? Writing about my religious and commonsense view that men and women are biologically different, and men should not compete on women’s sports teams.” Read more here.


The Tide Is Turning Against Transgender Activism, by Michael Brown. “Just as we should have compassion on those who truly struggle with their gender identity, we should stand firmly against transgender activism. Thankfully, there are more and more signs that the tide is turning against this latest example of sociological contagion… The bad news is that many young lives have already been irreparably destroyed, at least physically. Let us, then, do our best to hasten the societal turn by continuing to get the truth out.” Read more here.


It’s OK to Say ‘Woman’ Again, by Kaylee McGhee White. “The Associated Press Stylebook … updated its guidance this week to say it is ‘acceptable’ to use the phrases ‘pregnant women’ or ‘women seeking abortions.’ Considering women are the only people in the world capable of conceiving and bearing children and are thus the only people in the world who would be seeking abortions for themselves, it’s a wonder this language was considered unacceptable in the first place.” Read more here.


Planned Parenthood Is Playing Defense, by Kimberly Ross. “The Dobbs decision has thrown Planned Parenthood into a tailspin… Unfettered access to abortion is essential to Planned Parenthood’s business model. In each election cycle, Planned Parenthood spends millions upon millions to protect the targeted destruction of the unborn. What they call a constitutional right is anything but.” Read more here.


Strong Families, Better Student Performance: The More Things Change, the More They Remain the Same, by Nicholas Zill and W. Bradford Wilcox. “…[C]hildren from stable, married families have a better chance of receiving the guidance and support they need to succeed academically and adapt confidently to the classroom environment than children from disrupted or reconstituted families. This does not mean that children from non-traditional families cannot do well in school. Many do, despite the conflict, turmoil, or curtailed parenting they may experience at home.” Read more here.


Understanding the Teenage Brain, by Justin Coulson. “Today it is common knowledge that teenage brains are neurologically immature. Essentially everyone recognizes and accepts that the teen brain is ‘under construction.’ But the idea that the adolescent brain is under development is a relatively new concept. It’s only been in the last three decades that we’ve understood the degree to which the brain continues to develop beyond childhood.” Read more here.


The Transgender Movement Is Not Just Intolerant. It’s Barbaric and Violent, and It’s Coming for Your Children, by John Daniel Davidson. “…[T]he people and institutions behind this movement are not fringe, they are not the pink-haired youths and black-clad Antifa thugs screaming at old ladies in the streets. They occupy the elite heights of American society. They have real power and influence. And they are not just angling to get between parents and their children, they are angling to get healthy girls and boys onto the operating table. They are angling to get grown men into women’s locker rooms, bathrooms, shelters, and dormitories. They are angling to get Child Protective Services to remove children from parents who refuse to go along with transgenderism.” Read more here.


Pro-LGBT Left Said Kids Needed Sex Ed for ‘Health’ And ‘Safety,’ but They Aren’t Any Healthier or Safer, by Scott Yenor. “Sexual revolutionaries care about the revolution — not safety or prevention, so all data to the contrary will be ignored or turned to the advantage of the revolution. We see this in the current monkeypox debate, where the transmission of the disease is obscured so as not to stigmatize the gay community by calling attention to certain extreme sexual practices that many gays consider essential to their identity. Whereas masking and social isolation were widely accepted as the indicated means to prevent the spread of C0vid, asking gay men to limit their sexual activity to stop the spread of monkeypox is called unrealistic and hateful.” Read more here.


The Left Loves Abortion So Much, It Endangers Women With Lies About Emergency Care, by Mary Harned and Ingrid Skop. “…[A]bortion activists know every state that is enforcing or seeking to enforce these laws permits abortion when it is necessary to save a pregnant woman’s life. Further, none of the states restrict treatment of ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage management, neither of which are abortions. Yet abortion activists’ animus toward pro-life policy is so great that they are willing to espouse disinformation that will lead to poor outcomes for women and their unborn children.” Read more here.


Biden’s Change to Title IX Shuts Parents Out of Kids’ Mental, Emotional Health, by Christiana Kiefer. “The Biden administration’s push to redefine ‘sex’ in the civil rights law known as Title IX to include ‘gender identity’ … threatens one of the basic principles of American society: the idea that parents, not the state, are the primary caretakers for children. With the proposed change, the Biden administration is poised to compel school districts to treat students as the opposite sex – without their parents’ knowledge or consent – and even to lie to parents about their children’s psychological and emotional health.” Read more here.


The Compromised Research of Child Gender-Transition Doctor Jack Turban, by Caroline Downey. “In many of Turban’s published papers, the sources of the funding for his research reveal conflicts of interest. Particularly, his past work was made possible by a grant from the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry… Most notably, AACAP is financially supported by pharmaceutical companies Arbor and Pfizer. Both produce off-label puberty blockers that inhibit the onset of physical changes aligning with a person’s sex.” Read more here.


Florida Is Right: Taxpayers Shouldn’t Fund Transgender Surgery, by Tom Joyce. “Unfortunately, some people suffer from gender dysphoria. These people deserve our compassion and should receive professional help for depression, anxiety, and substance abuse associated with this mental disorder. However, that doesn’t mean that society should treat such men like women. Men don’t belong in women’s-only spaces such as bathrooms, beauty salons, locker rooms, showers, and sports teams.” Read more here.


At Boston Children’s Hospital, Illogical and Destructive Gender Ideology Reigns, by Zachary Faria. “Two of the videos claim that children can know that they are transgender from birth or even while still in utero. The hospital boasts that it regularly sees transgender children as young as 2 or 3 years old, when they meet with a psychologist who pushes them down the road of social gender transitioning. Concerned parents are told that beginning an irreversible process based on the word of a 2-year-old is just being ‘supportive.’” Read more here.


Tavistock Clinic Fallout: What UK Courts Would Consider in Litigation by Former Transgender Patients, by Charles Foster. “…[O]verwhelmingly, there is again the issue of under-researched puberty blockers. In a ‘letter to children and young people’ at the beginning of her report, Cass wrote: ‘Whenever doctors prescribe a treatment, they want to be as certain as possible that the benefits will outweigh any adverse effects so that when you are older you don’t end up saying “Why did no one tell me that that might happen?” This includes understanding both the risks and benefits of having treatment and not having treatment.’ That’s an accurate statement of the law and the ethics.” Read more here.


I Lost a Child to Miscarriage. New York Times Essay Likening Miscarriage to Abortion Is Despicable, by Sarah Parshall Perry. “These faulty premises assume we cannot tell the difference between an intentional ending of an unborn life, and the spontaneous loss of an unborn child. They also assume we do not know we are being lied to when we are told abortion was a common and respected birth control method in early America… This kind of moral equivalence is despicable – and denigrates those who have lost an unborn child to miscarriage.” Read more here.


The UK Turns Its Back on Transgender Ideology, by the Editors of National Review. “Skeptics of this wicked experiment rightly feel vindicated by the clinic’s demise. But this is hardly consolation to its victims. No lawsuit, however successful, will ever restore what has been taken from them: their peace of mind, fertility, sexual functioning, and even healthy body parts. But rather than heed this warning, the United States continues to move full speed ahead with so-called gender-affirming care.” Read more here.


Voters Need to Be Educated on the Importance of the Family, by Don Feder. “In a sense, every issue is a family issue… Thus, the major threat to the American way of life isn’t inflation or the war on fossil fuels or Russian President Vladimir Putin’s adventurism or Chinese expansionism, the surge in a crime [sic] or even open borders – as important as they all are – but the decline of marriage, the family and respect for life.” Read more here.


Biden’s Title IX Takeover Will Give America an Extreme Makeover, by Ryan Bomberger. “Biden wants to allegedly create a world ‘free of discrimination’ which, of course, requires a world that intensely discriminates in order to fulfill his LGBTQ+++ vision for America. We have to mangle our language, deny basic biology, promote bodily mutilation, and cheer on blatant inequality in the name of ‘progress…’ We can no longer say what we know. We must repeat what we’re told.” Read more here.


Shoehorning Tax-Exempt Status Into Title IX Threatens Nonprofits That Won’t Pretend Boys Are Girls, by Gregory Baylor. “Schools and other nonprofits newly subject to these statutes would face comprehensive regulation of their activities – including both student and employee relations. They will incur large compliance costs. And they could encounter aggressive enforcement efforts by both federal bureaucrats and agenda-driven activist organizations.” Read more here.


Biden Executive Order on Abortion Access Is Misleading and Full of Misinformation, by Nina Owcharenko Schaefer. “When the Biden administration refers to ‘reproductive health care,’ it means abortion. Period. The public should not be confused that it means anything else. It hopes the executive order will miraculously present a new pathway to fund abortions. Yet, under any of the scenarios, such action would be incredible. For policymakers, this only further underscores the importance of protecting – and strengthening – the Hyde Amendment.” Read more here.


The Shocking Criminality of an Underground Transgender Drug ‘Network’ for Children, by Mairead Elordi. “A prominent transgender activist recently boasted online about plans to organize an international drug ring to illegally mail transgender hormones to children. The criminality of Eli Erlick’s proposal is shocking, but so far, it’s unclear whether Erlick, a biological male who identifies as a woman, will face any legal consequences despite admitting to the scheme on social media.” Read more here.


Government Should Stop Feeding the Nonbinary Delusion, by Tom Joyce. “President Joe Biden’s administration is also guilty of feeding into this woke gender ideology. Earlier this year, the State Department started issuing gender X passports for American citizens. One has to wonder what kinds of problems this may present for people traveling abroad to countries that find woke gender ideology absurd. Thankfully, however, the next administration could abandon this practice.” Read more here.


Is the Tide Turning on the Transgender Debate? by Isaac Schorr. “Across the UK, … politicians, doctors, and activists are all beginning to recognize that the unquestioningly affirmative model of care for children is scientifically unsound, morally dangerous, and the result of, more than anything else, social and political dogma. And the UK is not the first European country to begin to recognize its past mistakes… It’s not a total victory – far from it – but it’s representative of genuine progress from a ghastly status quo.” Read more here.


Justice Department Attacks Pro-Life States With Bogus ‘Preemption’ Argument, by Thomas Jipping. “The Biden administration is using a spurious legal argument to crack down on states limiting abortion. On Aug. 2, the U.S. Department of Justice filed suit against the state of Idaho, hoping to undermine its new law prohibiting most abortions by claiming that it conflicts with a federal law regarding medical treatment in hospital emergency rooms… Not only is this evidence that the Justice Department is now just a part of President Joe Biden’s political apparatus, but DOJ’s argument here is bogus.” Read more here.


War on Parents: Male Teacher Asked This Mom’s 11-Year-Old ‘Transgender’ Daughter to Sleep in Boys’ Cabin, by Kelsey Bolar. “…Jennifer also obtained notes from the school therapist, which confirmed her suspicion that the therapist was encouraging her daughter’s transition behind her back. ‘I was so upset because [the school therapist] was using male pronouns for my daughter from the first moment, from the first notes,’ Jennifer said. ‘He, him. And it seemed like all that she was doing with my daughter was helping her advocate for herself whenever somebody “misgendered” her.’” Read more here.


4 Compelling Reasons for the Senate to Oppose Redefining Marriage, by David Closson. “Societies have rightly believed (and social science proves) that a married man and woman are best suited to care for and raise their children. This reality has prompted the state … to concern itself with marriage. Regrettably, the link between a strong marriage culture and a stable society has been downplayed in the United States in recent years as gratifying adult sexual desires has superseded the welfare of children as a societal goal.” Read more here.


Litigation in State Courts Puts Pro-Life Laws on Hold, by Thomas Jipping and Sarah Parshall Perry. “…[O]n June 24, the [U.S. Supreme Court] acknowledged that its decision in Roe had been ‘egregiously wrong from the start’ and overruled it. Although that decision eliminated the U.S. Constitution as an obstacle to protecting the unborn, abortion advocates now are changing venues and arguing in state courts that pro-life laws violate state constitutions.” Read more here.


A New Low, by Leor Sapir. “That a study like this can pass the peer-review process unscathed, especially at a time when European countries are shutting down or putting severe restrictions on pediatric transition, is a sorry statement about the quality of knowledge gatekeeping in the medical research community … The U.S. has a long way to go to bring medical practice in line with scientific knowledge and common sense.” Read more here.


The New Study on Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria Published In “Pediatrics” is Genuinely Worthless, by Jesse Singal. Did you hear? The theory of rapid-onset gender dysphoria (ROGD) has been seriously challenged by research published in a top-flight medical journal. Just happened, thanks to a new study in Pediatrics. As NBC News summed it up, “‘Social contagion’ isn’t causing more youths to be transgender, study finds.” Isn’t causing, full stop. Did the study really find convincing evidence calling this idea into question? No, it did not. The study is a disaster — such a disaster it’s been torn apart by researchers who are very sympathetic to its overall argument. Read more here.


Turban: Even Worse Than We Thought, by Malcolm Richard Clark. Michael Biggs has written a zinger of a letter to Paediatrics, the journal that published Jack Turban’s most recent paper. Unfortunately, Paediatrics has refused to publish it. I’m honoured Michael let me publish it here…” Read more here.


Tavistock Closure Highlights Harms Caused by Radical Gender Theorists, by Barbara Kay. “This English scandal is important for Canada because the Tavistock’s penchant for rushed medicalization is echoed by gender clinics throughout our country. The Children’s Hospital in London, Ont., for example, will now dispense puberty blockers to wait-listed patients ‘prior to their initial appointment.’” Read more here.


HHS Proposal Replaces Medical Ethics With Transgender Ideology, Critics Say, by Tom Tracy. Proposed federal regulatory changes to the Affordable Care Act will mean ‘woke’ political correctness will trump medical and ethical considerations, likely exacerbating a nursing and physician shortage in the U.S. That’s one assessment on the proposed revisions released July 25 by the civil rights office of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that could force health care workers to perform gender transition procedures; require health insurance plans to cover those costs; and likely remove federal conscience protection for those in health care who object to performing abortions. Read more here.


Shuttering the Tavistock, by Bernard Lane. “In plain terms, the verdict against the Tavistock is that its staff allowed gender ideology and experimental drugs to crowd out prudent medicine and exploratory psychotherapy that ought to be open to the full range of possible reasons for a troubled child’s distress. An American-style ‘gender affirming’ treatment model zeroed in on a dysphoric child’s supposedly immutable trans soul, and gave too little weight to a patient’s more earthly issues such as psychiatric disorders, struggles with same-sex attraction, autism, or family trauma.” Read more here.


Daniel’s Story: Why the Battle for Children and Against Radical Gender Ideology is Just Beginning, by Kaylee McGhee White. “It sometimes seems like we’ve reached a turning point in the cultural battle against gender ideology. For example, public opinion is strongly against ‘inclusive’ policies allowing men to compete in women’s sports, which has forced a number of major sports organizations, such as FINA and World Athletics, to reconsider their nonbiological standards. Stories such as one released last week about a male inmate who impregnated two female inmates after being placed in a women’s prison further hit the point home: Gender ideology is asinine, and everyone knows it. Read more here.


Case Study: Mom Begins Socially Transitioning Her 4-Month-Old ‘Theyby,’ by Christina Buttons and Colin Wright. “Every day, countless parents arrive in these private Facebook Groups seeking guidance from strangers … [T]hese groups act as indoctrination centers for scared and confused parents—mostly mothers—looking for help and advice for their equally confused children who have succumbed to gender ideology. But instead of help, Group members guilt trip and shame parents into fast-tracking their children to hormones and surgeries.” Read more here.


Associated Press Injects Woke Ideology Into Its Stylebook, by Jarrett Stepman. “Since 1953, the AP Stylebook has been a go-to manual for journalistic grammar and style at most media outlets. It lays out basic rules about grammar, punctuation, phrasing, and the like, intended to have universal applicability. In the past, it was aimed at reducing bias and creating a framework for evenhanded reporting. Those days are gone. Now, the AP is outright suggesting that reporters inject bias into stories on behalf of the more important goal of diversity, equity, and inclusion. All now must serve the new god, DEI.” Read more here.


The UK Cracks Down While the U.S. Doubles Down on ‘Gender Affirming’ Care, by Jay P. Greene. “American lawmakers need to follow the lead of another country and put the brakes on ‘gender affirming’ procedures for children. Health officials in the United Kingdom are acknowledging the damage being done by pushing puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones onto children at exactly the same time as the Biden administration is demanding that education and health professionals endorse these ‘affirmative’ treatments or face penalties.” Read more here.


When Sperm and Eggs are Monetized, Human Existence Becomes Transactional, by Jordan Boyd. “A viral video of a gay couple discussing how they chose an egg supplier to create a child shows how the process of commissioning life using reproductive technologies can be easily reduced to a transaction that takes physical features and behaviors into account with little regard for the well-being of the supplier.” Read more here.


Telling Kids to Hate Their Biology Might Be What’s Actually Killing Them, by Casey Chalk. “‘Affirming trans children’s genders reduces their risk of attempting suicide’ asserted a March article in Vox, and compared ‘anti-trans legislation’ to genocide (yes, really). A political cartoon in The Washington Post earlier this year even accused Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis of being personally responsible for the suicide of trans children. Yet what if the opposite is true, that promotion of alternative sexual identities among America’s children is aggravating our national mental health crisis, and increasing the likelihood of self-harm among vulnerable young populations?” Read more here.


China’s Government Openly Admits There Is a Population Crisis, by Louis T. March. “The People’s Republic is the world’s elephant in the room. For demographers, it is the canary in the coal mine. The country is headed into a demographic winter. The West and all the rest should take heed … The government is now saying, publicly and unequivocally, that low fertility is ‘the most important risk factor’ facing China. No doubt about that.” Read more here.


Will the Fog of War Smuggle Same-Sex Marriage Into Ukraine? by Mark Regnerus. “While same-sex marriage may seem to be the holy grail of LGBTQ rights, it is no longer the end game for many in the movement. Instead, ‘marriage equality’ often serves as a beachhead from which efforts to further subvert the dimorphic understanding of male and female can be launched. Not only is marriage considered a social construction by many progressives, but so are the very ‘men’ and ‘women’ who compose marriages.” Read more here.


‘Transgender’ Ideology Consistently Harms Women the Most, But No One Seems to Care, by Jonathon Van Maren. “So on one side, we have women—swimmers, cheerleaders, and even female prisoners locked up with inmates calling themselves transgender. On the other hand, we have biological males with the strength, physical characteristics, and genitals of men. The women are saying that they do not want to compete against the men, or bunk with the men, or change next to the men — and they are being told to shut up. Their experiences don’t matter. Their comfort levels don’t matter. Their safety is meaningless.” Read more here.


Killing Babies Isn’t ‘Stabilizing Treatment,’ But the Lying Biden Administration AlreadyKnows That, by Margot Cleveland. “Treating pregnant women’s ’emergency medical conditions’ never requires ER doctors to perform illegal abortions. The Biden administration’s claims to the contrary represent a dishonest attempt to reinject federal courts into state abortion policy following the Supreme Court’s reversal of Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey.” Read more here.


No, NYT, The Difference Between Abortion and a Miscarriage Is Not The Mother’s Feelings, by Kylee Griswold. “Abortion’s fiercest advocates are grasping at straws — and unrelated tragedies such as miscarriage — to cling to a barbaric practice. It shouldn’t need to be said, but the reason ‘we talk about miscarriage differently from abortion’ has nothing to do with ‘attachment.’ It’s because it’s perfectly normal to talk about things that are completely different completely differently.” Read more here.


Pro-Lifers Need Not Despair Over Kansas Abortion Setback and Here’s Why, by Michael J. New. “Since abortion is a multibillion-dollar industry subsidized with millions of state and federal taxpayer dollars, supporters of legal abortion can almost always outspend pro-lifers. Indeed, that was the case in this election … Pro-lifers need not despair. Indeed, post-Dobbs pro-lifers have some great opportunities. We should redouble our educational, service, and legislative efforts to protect both women and preborn children. Read more here.


Chemical Abortion Looms as Next Pro-Life Battlefield, by Thomas Jipping. “Abortion chemicals, however, do not simply kill a child in the womb. Women die, and hundreds experience serious adverse drug experiences, every year. For that reason, the FDA instituted in 2007 a Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy, which involves more restrictions than otherwise required for FDA-approved drugs. This is the point where the politics of abortion make casualties of children and women.” Read more here.


Sydney to host ‘WorldPride 2023’ in the Middle of a Monkeypox Emergency. And Our Fearless Media are MIA, by Kurt Mahlburg. “Yes, we know. Anyone can get and spread monkeypox. Also: 98% of cases globally are currently men who have sex with men. Yes, we know. Gay promiscuity shouldn’t be blamed for the outbreak. Also: casual sex and group sex is a beloved feature of many in the gay community. But what if promiscuity—heterosexual or homosexual—is wrong? Is there room in the monkeypox discussion for that inconvenient possibility?” Read more here.


Mainstream Media’s Slavish Devotion to the LGBT Agenda Undermines What’s Left of Its Credibility, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Writers are asked to refer to sex change surgeries as ‘gender-confirmation procedures’ or ‘gender-affirming care’ because these procedures ‘can improve psychological well-being and reduce suicidal behavior.’ Abandoning even the pretense of journalistic neutrality, the authors of the guide then specifically condemn legislative efforts to restrict women’s sports to females as well as introduce stricter guidelines around transgender ‘treatments’ for minors. Now, ask yourself this: Can a critic of gender ideology expect to be given a fair hearing by mainstream media organizations guided by these rules?” Read more here.


Don’t Expect Health Officials to Recommend Abstinence to Slow the Spread of Monkeypox, by Jonathon Van Maren. “But casual sex, of course, is an untouchable right post-sexual revolution — and telling LGBT people to curtail their sexual activity is possibly the greatest heresy. And thus the very health officials who shuttered schools, kept people from the bedsides of dying relatives, closed or limited church services, ordered people to stay in their homes, and demanded that everyone stay six feet apart and masked, would not even consider shutting down mass Pride events that became vectors of infection.” Read more here.


ALA Guide to Grooming Young Readers, by Rod Dreher. “It’s really something to think about what a violation of the public trust all this is. These are public employees, meant to staff and administer public institutions. Yet they openly want to subvert the values of that same public, when it comes to sexuality. Do they not fear alienating the people who pay their salaries? I guess not. Nobody has ever made them pay a price for their lying for the sake of colonizing the minds of children. Why should anybody trust these people anymore? If this were a secret plan to put Christian content into the kids’ stacks at the public library, people would be angry. But when it’s the religion of the ruling class, crickets.” Read more here.


Talk to Your Kids About ‘Gender’ Before They Do, by Pamela Buffone. “There are many ways to teach children to be kind and respectful of one another. There are many age-appropriate ways to make all children feel safe and valued for who they are. But facilitating the transition of gender nonconforming children by ‘affirming’ their cross-sex identity rooted in sex stereotypes is not one of them. In fact, it is hard to imagine a form of bullying more severe than convincing children they may need to remove body parts to be their true selves.” Read more here.


Parents, If You Don’t Get a Grip on Your Kids’ Social Media, Trans Activists Will, by  Clare Morell. “Social media and smartphones are harmful to kids … And parents already seem to realize that screens are addictive for kids, so they limit screen time and put boundaries in place around when and how often they can use devices. However, many parents aren’t aware of just how full of harmful content and dangerous voices many of today’s popular apps are. Time limits won’t cut it since even a small amount of time on the wrong apps can be extremely damaging.” Read more here.


Fact-Checking 6 Claims About Life After Roe v. Wade, by Virginia Allen. “When the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade on June 24, Americans went to their computers to find out what life was going to be like in a post-Roe America. From June 23 to 24, Google trends show a 98% increase in searches for the phrase ‘abortion rights.’ And June 23 to 25 saw a 99% jump in those searching for an answer to the question, ‘Is abortion illegal?’ As Americans asked questions, pro-abortion advocates began to warn society of the consequences of the Supreme Court’s decision to overrule Roe in its decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.” Read more here.


Top 5 Sinister Ideas Pushed by Pro-Abortion Advocates Post-Roe, by Andrea M. Picciotti-Bayer. “While pro-lifers prepare for a post-Roe era by continuing to promote the dignity of each and every life and the range of supports available for pregnant women, pro-abortion zealots and their allies are pushing a different narrative. Here are five sinister ideas being pushed since Roe v. Wade was overturned.” Read more here.


Medical Care for the Teeniest Patients Keeps Getting Better Despite The Left’s Abortion Obsession, by Chuck Donovan. “A recent front page of The Hartford Courant had an interesting juxtaposition. The headline under the masthead read, ‘Abortion Joins Top Election Issues,’ a reference to developments after the Supreme Court Dobbs ruling on June 24 reversing Roe v. Wade. Immediately below this headline appeared another article, ‘Cutting-edge care for the tiniest patients,’ an account of the new fetal surgery center opening at Connecticut Children’s Hospital in Hartford.” Read more here.


Monkeypox Primarily Affects Gay Men. Why Are We Scared to Say It? by Douglas Blair. “A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine reported that 98% of those infected around the world were gay or bisexual men who were having sex with other men. That seems to indicate definitively that a specific demographic is more at risk for contracting monkeypox than others. Yet the messaging strategy surrounding monkeypox seemingly has sought to obfuscate this fact.” Read more here.


Parents, if You Don’t Get a Grip on Your Kids’ Social Media, Trans Activists Will, by Clare Morell. “The truth is that social media apps today are full of pornography, sexual images, and radical LGBT content directly opposed to conservative values and Christian beliefs. Kids are following and listening to complete strangers, many of them grown adults, whose voices bombard them on social media. And some of the loudest voices recently are those of transgender influencers.” Read more here.


The UK’s Transgender Castle Comes Tumbling Down, by Michael Cook. “Halfway through her investigation into transgender medicine for children in the UK, Dr Hilary Cass has shut down the only gender clinic in the country, radically reorganized the provision of transgender medicine and cast a shadow over its safety. Transgender medicine in the UK is in disarray, following similar turmoil in Sweden, Finland and France.” Read more here.


American Abortion Laws Do Not Require Delaying Treatment for a Mother’s Life-Threatening Condition, by John McCormack. “The fact that some hospitals are unnecessarily delaying care in these life-threatening circumstances is disturbing and dangerous. But the fact that some hospitals are providing substandard care is not proof that their behavior is required by law or even based on a reasonable fear of the law. In Texas, for example, treatment for removing a dead child after a miscarriage is explicitly excluded from the definition of abortion. Yet there are reports of hospitals delaying or denying care even in these cases where the law is as explicit as it gets.” Read more here.


31 States Where Voters Defined Marriage as Union of 1 Man, 1 Woman, by Gillian Richards. “The Supreme Court’s decision legalizing same-sex marriage across the nation is in the news again with the House’s passage last week of legislation codifying that 2015 ruling as part of U.S. law. In the years before the high court ruled in the case known as Obergefell v. Hodges, 38 states defined marriage by law as an exclusive union between one man and one woman. In 31 of these states, voters approved ballot initiatives to amend their state constitutions to define marriage that way.” Read more here.


The Beginning of the End of ‘Gender-Affirming Care’? by Lisa Selin Davis. “The American stance is at odds with a growing consensus in the West to exercise extreme caution when it comes to transitioning young people. Uber-progressive countries like Sweden and Finland have pushed back—firmly and unapologetically—against the affirmative approach of encouraging youth transition advocated by some transgender activists and gender clinicians.” Read more here.


The Times View on the Discredited Gender Identity Service for Young People: Clinical Damage, by The Times. “The once pioneering north London centre focusing on the psychiatric care of children has become an institute captured by a pernicious clique of ‘queer theory’ trans activists, unwilling to question the reliance on puberty blockers, analyse the long-term effects of this untested treatment, or tolerate any dissenting opinion among staff. The Tavistock failed to collect data on puberty blockers for those under 16, refused to follow up the effects of its treatments and paid virtually no attention to other common factors such as autism, eating disorders or histories of trauma and abuse.” Read more here.


Gender Clinics Face Scrutiny of Science at Last, by Janice Turner. “Writing on this topic, I’ve often encountered facts so dangerous and beliefs so bizarre, so beyond science or reason, it’s been hard to convey their existence. Listen, you say, British doctors are prescribing a drug used to chemically castrate rapists to halt puberty in children as young as 11. The drug isn’t even approved for child gender dysphoria. It reduces growth and bone density, sterilises and kills future libido. And, get this, we don’t know what it does to teenagers’ developing brains, or even if it works and they become happy, fulfilled trans adults. Because there’s no data, no long-term research.” Read more here.


Neglect of Fathers is Neglect of America, by Emma Fuentes and Michael Toscano. “A father’s presence improves a child’s life in many respects, including socio-economically, as described in a recent report from the Institute for Family Studies. A young man who has a father in his life is more likely to graduate college, avoid prison, and be less idle … This isn’t surprising, and it shouldn’t be. It’s sensible that a father who is present provides ongoing structural support for his child. Even his mere presence affects a child’s outlook. But children need involved fathers more than just present ones.” Read more here.


Is U.S. Dobbs Decision Affecting the Global Abortion Debate? By Rebecca Oas. “The UK government quietly removed abortion friendly language from a statement on religious freedom. It has drawn a strong rebuke from the sexual left that worries the recent Dobbs decision overturning the federal abortion regime in the United States may be causing negative reverberations around the world.” Read more here.


Indiana’s Legal Fight Highlights the Absurdity of the Transgender Movement, by Zachary Faria. “Children suffering from gender dysphoria deserve sympathy. They do not deserve this kind of abuse — to be pushed along this path by parents and liberal activists starting as young as 4 (or even 3). Instead, groups like the ACLU will say that our entire legal system, and our entire understanding of basic biology, must be bent to the whims of transgender activists and the children they use as props. It is a terrible movement with despicable tactics, and it must be opposed every time it picks a fight against normalcy and sanity.” Read more here.


The Dangerous Overreach of California’s SB107, by Wesley Yang and Lisa Selin Davis. “How could it be better for a child to undergo surgeries or intensive hormonal treatments without parental consent or knowledge or even without parents? How is it better for kids to be separated from one or both parents if those parents disagree with this medical path, especially when the only half-way decent prospective research we have is on kids who transition after serious and long-term mental health evaluation and who have parental support?” Read more here.


The NCAA Finally Decided to Support Women in Women’s Sports Again. by Christopher Tremoglie. “After months of promoting a man as a heroine in women’s sports, common sense, at least for the moment, appears to be back at the NCAA. The organization chose a woman to represent the Ivy League for its annual Woman of the Year honors. While this statement would have been unthinkable just a year ago, the nomination of the male Lia Thomas by the University of Pennsylvania as its representative for Female Athlete of the Year shows how wacky and ridiculous things have become.” Read more here.


The Stakes Are Far Too High to Stay Silent, by James Esses. “One afternoon in May of last year, as I was sitting at my desk, an email notification from my university course appeared on my screen. ‘Termination of Contract’ was the subject line. I crumbled into pieces on the floor … I had devoted four years of my life towards training to become a psychotherapist and spent tens of thousands of pounds in the process. But all it took was a single email for my hard work and future aspirations to come crashing down. The question going round and round inside my head was ‘Why?’” Read more here.


What Happened in Finland and Sweden?, by Lisa Selin Davis. “Earlier this year, as the U.S. culture war over trans kids was reaching full tilt, Sweden’s National Board of Health and Welfare (NBHW) released new guidelines for treating young people with gender dysphoria, or what is increasingly called ‘gender incongruence.’ … They read: ‘The NBHW deems that the risks of puberty suppressing treatment with GnRH-analogues and gender-affirming hormonal treatment currently outweigh the possible benefits, and that the treatments should be offered only in exceptional cases.’ … Why, I wondered, were Sweden and Finland proceeding so differently, and without the political turmoil that has enveloped what is arguably America’s most virulent culture war? What could they teach us?” Read more here.


‘Small’ Concessions to Transgenderism Are Slowly Reshaping Our Entire Culture, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Individually, these things may seem small. But collectively, they are reshaping the culture around us, brick by brick. The relentless drip-drip-drip of gender ideology on police posters; on TV; in the dictionaries—wears down cultural resistance. The consistent violence being done to objective reality begins to acclimatize us to the bizarre, the false, and the Lie. Eventually, we lose our ability to be shocked. Slowly, the new language no longer jars us. And then, eventually, it all begins to seem normal. Bearded women. Men in skirts. Children undergoing surgery and beginning lifelong regimens of drugs. That is why these seemingly small incidents are, when you zoom, out, important to call out and important to reject—because of where they are taking us.” Read more here.


As Reproductive Technology Advances, Remember: Just Because We Can Doesn’t Mean We Should, by Jordan Boyd. “While young men and women in America are committing to sterilization in protest of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson decision, others are selling their bodies and gametes to an industry with little regulation, oversight, regard for children’s rights, or understanding of the benefits of traditional marriage and family. Reproductive technologies have been around for decades, but as their effects play out in society, ethical issues have already surfaced and will continue to do so. Just because science and technology mean we can do something doesn’t mean we should.” Read more here.


Next Up in Female Employees Exploited By Profit-Driven Abortion Payouts: Lawyers, by John Soriano. “In the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs that will send abortion policy decisions back to the states, many big corporations with offices in abortion-restricting states immediately promised to pay all expenses incurred by employees who travel to different states to receive abortions. This may seem like the typical woke virtue-signaling by Big Business, but something much more sinister underlies this move. This is, in reality, a coldly calculated effort to bolster productivity and profits. Paying for abortions is much cheaper than paying for pregnancy, childbirth, and maternity leave. Abortion is good for the bottom line.” Read more here.


How Pregnancy Resource Shelter Helped Me Follow My Dreams—Without Sacrificing My Children, by Rachael Y. “So many women think an unplanned (or even planned) pregnancy will make their life fall apart—especially single moms. I understand their fear because I was once in their shoes. But abortion is not the only option. I found it empowering to choose life for my children, and to work through the difficulties that accompany that.” Read more here.


Gender Ideology Comes to Germany, by Uwe Steinhoff. “Whenever one imagines that “progressive” postures on transgender rights couldn’t become any more bizarre, some new controversy emerges to prove you wrong. This has been the pattern in English-speaking countries for years now. But the trend has now made its way to Germany where, if you can believe it, “gender-critical” scholars who dispute the excesses of gender ideology have been compared to Holocaust deniers.” Read more here.


I Would Have Been a ‘Trans Kid’—Stop Medicalizing Gender Non-Conformity, by Eva Kurilova. “Some of my earliest memories are of the adults in my life telling me I would one day grow out of being so boyish. In some ways I did, and in some ways I didn’t, but the important thing is that I was allowed to grow up without skeptical glances from adults viewing my sex-atypical behavior as evidence I may have been born in the wrong body. But this is increasingly not the case for young girls today who exhibit behaviors and interests similar to mine growing up. Instead, many are now sent down the path of transition.” Read more here.


Republicans Should Reject the Gay-Marriage Bill, by National Review Editors. “We do not deny that committed same-sex relationships can and often do have much of great value: affection, mutual caregiving, love. Some same-sex relationships clearly exceed some opposite-sex ones in these important measures. But marriage as an institution, including its governmental dimension, does not exist to award certificates of worthiness on loving relationships. Love needs no license from the state. The stipulation that marriage unites two people, and only two people, does not rest on any official determination that three or more people cannot have the same feelings for one another, provide the same care, and so on — as ‘throuples’ have increasingly insisted that they can since Obergefell.” Read more here.


A New Climate Study Embraces Gender Unrealities, by Debra Soh. “Activists have so thoroughly enmeshed themselves in academia that they have managed to brainwash and intimidate researchers who purportedly care about women’s well-being into embracing an agenda that undermines it. For example, proposed solutions, such as ‘shelters and relief services (including toilets and bath areas) designed to be exclusively accessed by women, girls, and sexual and gender minorities,’ don’t acknowledge the risk of sexual predation in gender self-identified spaces.” Read more here.


Planned Parenthood Tried to Open a Facility in a High School. Then Parents Showed Up, by Tori Shaw. “The Norwalk-LaMirada Unified School District in Southern California planned to vote on a program that would allow Planned Parenthood to open a facility at John Glenn High School in Norwalk. But they didn’t anticipate the overwhelmingly negative response from parents. Originally, the school district planned to have a vote on the issue during a school board meeting on July 18th. But in a short press release, they announced the vote would be postponed, with no rescheduled date given. It is believed that the widespread anger from parents over the plan may have led to the proposal being abandoned.” Read more here.


Rules Preventing Men From Competing in Women’s Sports Aren’t a ‘Moral Panic,’ by Zachary Faria. “The ‘moral panic’ over transgenderism has come from transgender activists and those who support them. They insist that biology is meaningless and that men must be able to compete against women and enter women’s spaces, no matter how unfair (or even dangerous) that is for women. FINA, World Athletics, and other governing bodies are reacting to the anti-science, anti-woman movement that would destroy the integrity of women’s sports.” Read more here.


The Left’s Trans Agenda Is All About Erasing the Past to Control The Future, by Jordan Boyd. “The left’s war on the past shows their ferocious desire to control the future. By normalizing sexual chaos in the now and using that to contextualize the past, transgenderism activists are chipping away at the foundations of humanity. To participate in their charade, you must reject biology on all counts and accept what false narrative is force-fed to you as tolerance and acceptance.” Read more here.


House-Passed ‘Respect for Marriage Act’ Isn’t About Marriage. It’s About Complying With Woke Ideology, by Jared Eckert. “Despite its name, the bill isn’t about marriage or respect at all. It’s about imposing the radical left’s sexual ideology as state orthodoxy. Final passage would mean states no longer are allowed to define and recognize marriage as a legal union between a man and a woman. Instead, they would be forced to recognize any union between two individuals, regardless of sex, as marriage. Even more radical, the bill would require federal recognition of polygamy if just one state requires it.” Read more here.


FDA Approval of Over-the-Counter Birth Control Puts Women’s Health at Risk, by Dr. David Gortler. “Making contraceptives over the counter could lead to increases in morbidity and mortality in the forms of stroke, heart disease, blood clots, and cancer. Additionally, birth control interactions with existing over-the-counter and prescription drugs could lead to an increased incidence of unexpected pregnancies.” Read more here.


The New Battleground: Medication Abortion, by Michael Cook. “Like everything else in the abortion debate, the facts about medication abortion are disputed. It’s clearly not risk-free. According to the FDA, 26 American women have died after using Mifepristone for their abortions. The Charlotte Lozier Institute, a pro-life think tank, claims that ‘Chemical abortion has a complication rate four times that of surgical abortion, and as many as one out of five women will suffer a complication.’ It also points out that medication abortions have unpredictable social effects. ‘With no medical oversight, abortion pills can fall into the hands of traffickers and abusive partners. Already, there are accounts of women being given abortion pills without their knowledge and against their will.’” Read more here.


Will the Fog of War Smuggle Same-Sex Marriage Into Ukraine?, by Mark Regnerus. “While same-sex marriage may seem to be the holy grail of LGBTQ rights, it is no longer the end game for many in the movement. Instead, ‘marriage equality’ often serves as a beachhead from which efforts to further subvert the dimorphic understanding of male and female can be launched. Not only is marriage considered a social construction by many progressives, but so are the very ‘men’ and ‘women’ who compose marriages.’” Read more here.

Even Feminists Are Facing Prison Time for Questioning Transgender Ideology, by Jonathon Van Maren. “If trans activists get their way, pointing out that the emperor has no clothes — and specifically, that his lack of clothes makes it clear that she’s a he — will be illegal and prosecutable … Thus, it is no exaggeration to state that even as the backlash against transgender ideology grows, people are being fined and even jailed for refusing to bow the knee.” Read more here 


Sexual Liberation in Public Schools, by Christopher F. Rufo. “Los Angeles Unified School District has adopted a radical gender-theory curriculum encouraging teachers to work toward the ‘breakdown of the gender binary,’ to experiment with gender pronouns such as ‘they,’ ‘ze,’ and ‘tree,’ and to adopt ‘trans-affirming’ programming to make their classrooms ‘queer all school year.’” Read more here.


When a Quarter of the Class Identifies as Trans, by Anonymous. “My daughter’s trans identity started when the school taught a module on ‘identity’ during which they told a group of 11-year-olds that, if you feel uncomfortable in your body, it means you are transgender. My daughter had just had her first period two months prior to this class. Of course she was feeling uncomfortable in her body. She went home, looked up ‘transgender’ on Tiktok, and that was it. She was now trans.” Read more here.


Pediatric Gender Medicine and the Moral Panic Over Suicide, by Leor Sapir. “The affirm-or-suicide mantra has become the central strategy of contemporary transgender activism, and at times it would seem that activists have little else in their rhetorical arsenal … Despite the unwaveringly confident manner in which these claims are often asserted, there is no good evidence that failing to ‘affirm’ minors in their ‘gender identity’ will increase the likelihood of them committing suicide.” Read more here.


Setting Fathers Against Sons, by John Hirschauer. “Consider the Biden administration’s reaction to Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act, which is a completely benign piece of legislation that, if anything, does not go far enough … When the bill was first advanced, Biden called it ‘hateful’ and told ‘every member of the LGBTQI+ community,’ including ‘the kids,’ that his ‘Administration will continue to fight for the protections and safety you deserve.’ But whom, exactly, does the Biden administration intend to ‘protect’ the children from? Certainly not the school counselors who would circumvent parental authority and tell a confused boy that he is, in fact, a girl, and certainly not the teachers who use their positions of power to push queer theory in the classroom.” Read more here.


Why America Needs Churches, by Ben Carson. “Religious institutions and faith-based organizations are central to the resiliency and strength of communities. From providing comfort in times of turmoil, to support in times of need, to guidance in times of uncertainty, such establishments have long been a pillar of life and society.” Read more here.


10 Ways the Pro-Abortion Left Proves It Isn’t Pro-Choice or Pro-Women, by Beth Whitehead. “The left is feeding a false narrative to women: While they boast of championing a right to choose, what they really do to women is hide facts, promote dangerous procedures, and divorce them from the best resources — all in the name of abortion. The left crucifies pro-life pregnancy centers for hoodwinking women into keeping their babies and tells them they are making an informed choice if they abort their children. But is consent really informed if the information is based on lies?” Read more here.


Defenders of Traditional Marriage Should Follow the Pro-Life Playbook, by Katy Faust And Stacy Manning. “Proponents of both abortion and gay marriage often appeal to ‘edge cases,’ outliers like rape and incest or, ‘so you’d rather have a child languish in an orphanage than adopted by a gay couple?’ A solid pro-life and pro-marriage response requires readiness to respond to the rare exception argument. Just as the one percent of rape cases do not negate a child’s right to life, the slim instances of a same-sex couple being the only option for an adoption do not justify rewriting parenthood law.” Read more here.


An Open Letter to the American Academy of Pediatrics, by Genspect. “We are very concerned that the AAP is currently representing only one set of views on how best to help our children thrive—namely both social (names, pronouns, etc.) and medical transition (puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, surgeries), which the AAP refers to as ‘affirmative care.’ Many of our children have received this care and are anything but thriving.” Read more here.


The Brazen Transgender Policy Agenda, by Madeleine Kearns. “It’s incredible how brazen the transgender policy agenda has become. Rachel Levine, Biden’s assistant secretary for health, in the Department of Health and Human Services, says he’d like to ‘empower’ children to seek out ‘gender-affirmation treatment’ in their state. Stripped of its euphemisms, what Levine would like to see is more gender-confused children going on experimental puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones and undergoing surgeries.” Read more here.


Acknowledging “Trans” As A Coherent Concept Is a Fatal Own Goal for Feminists, by Kara Dansky. “Many feminists rightly take issue with self-ID. It is patently absurd for society and the law to accept that men can be women simply on the basis of their say-so or because they don a dress and lipstick. Accepting self-ID represents a complete redefinition of the words ‘women’ and ‘woman,’ and many people, especially feminists and our allies, find that concept to be deeply troubling. On what basis, after all, have we been fighting for our rights all this time if sex does not exist?” Read more here.


Woke ‘Rights’ Are All Based on Coercion, by, Georgi Boorman. “A baby’s right to life obviously doesn’t supersede a mother’s right to life. That may be a reason to deliver a baby early, even too early to survive, but not a reason for deliberate destruction. What opponents of abortion are referring to, and what is being debated, is not situations in which carrying a preborn baby endangers the mother. The practice we condemn is the premeditated killing of a baby in the womb because that baby is not wanted, whether because of his paternity, apparent defect, or general inconvenience to the parents.” Read more here.


No, Dr. Hurwitz, Signs Don’t Kill Children and Transing Doesn’t Save Them, by Stephen Scaer. “Yes, gender dysphoric children have a higher rate of suicide; so do children with eating disorders, but therapists don’t tell anorexic girls, ‘Yes, you’re fat. Here’s a referral for a gastric bypass surgery.’ Suicide is complicated, and rarely has just one cause. Moreover, two-thirds of those with gender dysphoria have other mental health disorders. Also concerning is that a disproportionate number of children with autism are identifying as trans.” Read more here.


Library Group Recommends ‘Pronoun Book’ for Infants, by Joshua Arnold. ‘Children’s entertainment’ is no longer guaranteed to be appropriate for children. With Disney vowing to promote sexual perversion, and a drag queen story hour targeting children in every city, this conclusion has become increasingly obvious. Yet, somehow, the Association for Library Service to Children has managed (or is it womanaged?) to up the ante yet again, aiming woke propaganda not at kindergartners, but at infants.” Read more here.


Paying for Workers’ Abortions is a Minefield, by Bill Donohue. “The ruling class, which has lined up in jackboot fashion behind the left-wing agenda, is very proud of its virtue signaling. They will soon change their tune once they are faced with the realities of their decision. Make no mistake, they have created an ethical and legal minefield for themselves. On the ethical front, how do these companies explain their total lack of interest in paying women to access adoption services? If they are truly pro-choice, why is this option not being funded?” Read more here.


Lia Thomas’ ‘Woman of the Year’ Award Is More of the Left’s War on Women, by Pamela Geller. “The award is supposed to recognize female student athletes who have done great things. The NCAA nomination page says: ‘Established in 1991, the award recognizes female student-athletes who have exhausted their eligibility and distinguished themselves in their community, in athletics and in academics throughout their college careers.’ In announcing the award, UPenn said that NCAA member schools ‘are encouraged to celebrate their top graduating female student-athletes by nominating them for the NCAA Woman of the Year Award.’ Amid all this self-congratulation, one important fact has been overlooked: Lia Thomas is not a woman. Lia Thomas is a man.” Read more here.


No One Seems to Know What a Woman Is, by Debra Soh. “The desire to remove discriminatory barriers to healthcare is admirable, but importing an extreme-left framework isn’t the way to do it. How can anyone advocate the well-being of women and girls without an accurate understanding of who among us are female? Regarding the claim that gender and sex are nonbinary, gender fluidity is a political designation, not a scientific one. As well, the existence of intersex people does not represent a third sex but variation within binary sex categories.” Read more here.


HHS Promotes Lie That Abortion Bans Endanger Women’s Health, by Katelynn Richardson. “With no state prohibiting treatment for ectopic pregnancy, the HHS declaration is entirely unnecessary and functions only to muddy the waters further with the lie that abortion bans endanger women’s lives. The confusion is intentional. It’s not hard to see the act potentially being used as cover for abortions that do not legitimately qualify as emergencies.” Read more here.


‘What Planet Am I On?’: Stumbling Across The ‘Protect Trans Youth’ Booth In My Small Town, by Matt Keener. “As a society, we do not let these children drive, vote, get married, drink alcohol, or buy a gun, but they are ready to make permanent alterations to their development or mutilate their genitals? In so many instances, it seems these children need love, care, and a mom and dad. Instead, we are indoctrinating them on the trans movement and offering a sex change as the solution.” Read more here.


The UK is Running Out of Children. Would Tax Incentives Help? by Louis T. March. “Dr Morland floated ‘taxing the childless’ along with several other ideas. Why? Because ‘we are approaching a population emergency, and if well-informed people cannot discuss these matters, the field is left to cranks and fanatics.’ While politicians focus on the next election rather than the next generation, Dr Morland realises an unfolding crisis is afoot, has the courage to publicly raise the issue and offers comprehensive solutions.” Read more here.


UK: The Tide Turns in Favour of Women, by Rachael Wong, “Brits are starting to wake up to the harms of gender ideology and to the fact that women’s rights are inextricably linked to biological reality. It is because of women like Forstater that this is even an issue in the UK leadership bid, and that individuals and organisations are now becoming more comfortable to speak out. Her case was pivotal. As one commentator has noted, in ‘[ensuring] gender-critical beliefs are protected by law, [her case] has played a role in creating the space for these discussions to happen.’” Read more here.


Local Prosecutors Can’t Protect Abortion Rights, by David A. Graham. “The federal government, in the form of the Court, has ruled that abortion should be a matter for states … Meanwhile, at the local level, a few prosecutors in states with abortion bans have announced that they will not bring charges under those laws … Prosecutors don’t often publicly pledge not to enforce state laws. Can they do it? And will it actually work to protect abortion rights? The answers are yes and probably not, respectively.” Read more here.


Biden Admin’s Plan to Export Abortion Defies Our Laws and an International Treaty, by Valerie Huber. “In response to Roe being overturned, Secretary of State Antony Blinken doubled down on the Biden administration’s commitment to exporting and promoting abortion. The fact of the matter is that there are standing laws — as well as longstanding international agreements — prohibiting this sort of practice … Exporting abortion isn’t just wrong from a diplomatic and moral perspective; it is illegal. Read more here.


Case Study: A Mother Rushes To Get Her 15-Year Old Daughter’s Breasts Removed, by Christina Buttons and Colin Wright. “Every day, countless parents arrive in these private Facebook Groups seeking guidance from strangers. As we have reported elsewhere, these groups act as indoctrination centers for scared and confused parents—mostly mothers—looking for help and advice for their equally confused children who have succumbed to gender ideology. But instead of help, Group members guilt trip and shame parents into fast-tracking their children to hormones and surgeries.” Read more here.


The Left’s Alarming Push to Sever the Parent-Child Relationship Has Hit the Medical Industry, by Libs of TikTok. “The Left’s agenda to groom your children has taken another turn. Various states across America have begun implementing laws and policies to allow children to make healthcare decisions without a parent or guardian’s consent — and the medical industry is promoting it. Many of these states are using these new laws to allow for drastic medical decisions to be made without parental consent including hormone therapy, gender reassignment surgery, and medicated mental health treatment. In Washington, children as young as 13 are now allowed to undergo gender reassignment surgery and other questionable medical treatments without parental consent.” Read more here.


‘We Love Killing Babies’: What I Saw at Women’s March Protest, by Douglas Blair. “Protests around the nation continue in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade and return the issue of abortion to the American people … The protesters made their way through the streets of Washington D.C., chanting and yelling all the while … As the pro-abortion group turned to head towards the White House, one of the protesters blocked a pro-life sign and screamed ‘We love killing babies!’” Read more here.


Abortion Regret Is Real, Despite Media’s Attempts to Dismiss Those Who Experience It, by Bettina di Fiore. “The fact is, there are thousands of women in online support groups — like the aptly named site, I regret my abortion — and thousands more signing up for programs like Rachel’s Vineyard, which aims to help women process grief and trauma following pregnancy loss of all kinds, including and especially abortion. The website Silent No More Awareness has over 3,000 personal testimonies of abortion regret – and it’s just one of many sites that have compiled similar narratives. The Washington Post implies that these thousands upon thousands of women don’t exist – or maybe just that they don’t matter.” Read more here.


The Church of England Doesn’t Know What a Woman Is, by Katelynn Richardson. “Descending further into liberal madness, the Church of England just announced it has “no official definition” of a woman. It’s not much of a surprise, since the church has continually made headlines for its gender activism in recent years. In 2018, it produced guidance on how clergy could use the rite of Affirmation of Baptismal Faith to celebrate a person’s new transgender identity and publicly use the individual’s new name.” Read more here.


Why Are So Many Children Claiming to Be ‘Trans’? By Jonathon Van Maren. “It has been four years since Dr. Lisa Littman of Brown University was viciously attacked for publishing a paper titled “Parent reports of adolescents and young adults perceived to show signs of a rapid onset of gender dysphoria.” Littman revealed that a key reason for the exponential growth of children and teens identifying as transgender is that gender ideology has become a peer contagion. Nearly every week since Littman’s much-maligned research was published, new evidence has emerged that she was correct. “ Read more here.


Supreme Court Abortion Ruling Does Not Ban Treatment for Ectopic Pregnancies; Pro-Choice Claim is Dangerous, by Jonathan Turley. “…[T]he ectopic pregnancy talking point is not just false, it is dangerous. These pregnancies can be life-threatening and must be addressed as soon as possible. These interventions are not abortions and even restrictive states expressly state so. …[E]ven if the law were silent on ectopic pregnancies, it is doubtful that the courts would ignore the medical and factual classifications to treat such emergency procedures as abortions or ignore that the mother’s life is in danger from such pregnancies.” Read more here.


Vanderbilt Health Is Gender-Bending Tennessee Minors Without Parental Consent, by Landon Starbuck. “…[P]arents report that their kids can make their own medical decisions, hide their health records, and schedule private one-on-one appointments with doctors who can begin the process of gender transition treatment without parental consent once they turn 13. So-called ‘mature minor’ doctrines around the country have led to dangerous drugs being prescribed without parents knowing about it and even procedures being performed without their knowledge.” Read more here.


Biden’s New Executive Order on Abortion Is Full of Fearmongering and Half-Truths, by Nicole Russell. “…[P]er the administration’s policies, the order will create a new task force on reproductive healthcare. Perhaps Biden’s team has difficulty reading opinions, but the Supreme Court just stripped the federal government of its standing power to hold abortion in its hand. The abortion issue must be handled by each state individually or by Congress at a federal level. A reproductive healthcare task [sic] is not only meaningless but likely without jurisdiction or authority to institute change.” Read more here.


Look How Even Democrat Opinion Shifts on Abortion Laws When Polls Stop Using Leftist Framing, by Beth Whitehead. “Fifty-three percent said they support, versus 31 percent who opposed, Roe v. Wade when it was presented to them as the keystone to recognizing abortion as a so-called ‘constitutional right,’ which is the left’s framing of the issue. But when participants learned Roe allowed for late-term abortions, when unborn babies can feel pain, those numbers reversed and then some: 56 percent said they opposed Roe v. Wade, and only 28 percent supported it.” Read more here.


Children Should Not Be Politicized, Especially When It Comes to Transgenderism, by Zachary Faria. “Roughly 80% of children who claim to be transgender grow out of it by the time they become adults. The procedures being pushed on these children, ranging from puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to surgical transitions, have permanent effects that cannot simply be reversed if someone changes their mind. Children are pushed down this irreversible path based on decisions that they make when they are as young as 4, as Shappley was. A 13-year-old is not fit to make those kinds of decisions, let alone a preschooler, yet that’s what media outlets are promoting through Shappley.” Read more here.


Biden’s Abortion Order Undermines SCOTUS and Democracy by Seizing Power From Voters and Giving It to Feds, by Jordan Boyd. “In response to the U.S. Supreme Court’s Dobbs v. Jackson ruling, … President Joe Biden signed an executive order on Friday that pushes his taxpayer-funded, abortion-on-demand agenda to the top of his administration’s priority list. The order will funnel federal time, resources, and funds … to shield existing abortion clinics, promote unlimited abortion, and circumvent Republican state laws to help send women to abortion appointments in other states.” Read more here.


Senator Elizabeth Warren Introduces Bill Attacking Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers, by Nancy Flanders. “Might Warren and her colleagues instead be attacking pregnancy centers because without Roe, abortion businesses may face closure or a decline in patients and income, and they view pregnancy centers as their competition? Shutting down or tying the hands of the centers that provide abortion alternatives will only accomplish one thing: more women will walk through the doors of abortion facilities.” Read more here.


Homosexual and Transgender Issues Backfire on Western States at UN, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “While he rejected violence against any person on any grounds, he said ‘we cannot support efforts to invent new rights on the basis of personal sexual preferences.’ He also accused Western countries of undermining ‘respect for diversity and pluralism’ when they promote divisive policies that ‘run counter to the social, cultural and religious particularity’ of different countries, and urged respect for the family as the ‘natural and fundamental unit of society.’” Read more here.


Planned Parenthood CEO Outlines Next Steps Following Roe v. Wade Overturn, by Madeline Leesman. “McGill Johnson shared the abortion organization’s three major goals with The Guardian. First, she wants to help women seeking an abortion cross state lines in order to do so… Next, McGill Johnson wants to win lawsuits in state courts where abortion access is restricted… And, McGill Johnson wants to ‘win at the ballot box’ where constituents vote for pro-abortion politicians.” Read more here.


Why the Arguments About ‘Bodily Autonomy’ and ‘Forced Birth’ Fail to Justify Abortion, by Ryan T. Anderson and Alexandra Desanctis. “For many abortion supporters, that is the aim: allowing mothers and fathers to choose abortion … as a means of eliminating their unwanted child from the world. The bodily autonomy arguments for abortion fail to acknowledge that all our liberties have limits. One standard limit on our liberty is that we aren’t allowed to intentionally kill innocent people. Whether those other people are in utero or ex utero, the same basic principle applies.” Read more here.


Young Democrats of America Advertises ‘Training’ Event on ‘Self-Managed Abortion,’ by Rebecca Downs. “An upcoming event hosted by Young Democrats of America (YDA) is being met with horror as the group advertises a ‘training’ event on ‘What Is Self-Managed Abortion?’ A tweet from YDA … noted that they were ‘thrilled’ to educate people on how women can have a ‘self-managed abortion.’ This tweet garnered a particular amount of attention, with many outright calling the group ‘demonic.’” Read more here.


Undercover Footage: Women Drugged With Xanax Before Speaking to Abortionist, by Rebecca Downs. “The undercover footage, filmed in January of this year with a pregnant investigative activist presenting herself as a patient, reveals that patients have to take Xanax and have their pants off when speaking to the abortionist. A nurse also reveals that they perform ‘a lot’ of abortions at or past 28 weeks – the start of the third trimester – that are not for medical emergencies.” Read more here.


The Numbers Behind Pennsylvania’s Turmoil Over Transgender Women in Prison, by Fred Lucas. “Almost 200 biological males behind bars in Pennsylvania’s state prisons say they identify as women. A small number of them are seeking a transfer to a women’s prison… However, in response to the question of how many male inmates who self-identify as women have at least one conviction for either sexual abuse or sexual assault, the Department of Corrections said: ‘This information does not exist.’” Read more here.


It’s Past Time for America to Have Stronger Pro-Life Laws Than Europe, by Shawn Fleetwood. “While any pro-life legislation to protect the unborn is welcome, the striking down of Roe offers legislators nationwide the unique opportunity to show Europe — and the rest of the world — what it means to defend and promote liberty and justice for all. For many, America has stood as a beacon of freedom and liberty in the world for decades, where the natural rights endowed by God are to be guaranteed to every individual. It’s past time we live up to such ideals and extend them to every human being in our nation, no matter how young.” Read more here.


Millions of Women Will Be Free From Abortion’s Hidden Costs, by Elayne Allen. “When a baby enters the scene unexpectedly, it’s understandable that parents sometimes blanch initially. New life means significant adjustments: pregnancy is hard on women’s bodies, and children require vast effort, time, and resources… But it’s hard to see how presenting women with a devastating choice is the best solution to the dilemma of undesired pregnancy. No woman … should face the horror of considering whether to end her baby’s life.” Read more here.


Harvard Poll Demolishes Major Media Narrative on Roe, by Jordan Boyd. “As a matter of fact, the majority of Americans, 72 percent, support bans on abortions at least as restrictive as a ban after 15 weeks of gestation. Even 60 percent of Democrats say their states should allow abortions no later than 15 weeks. That’s a drastically different position than Democrat politicians’ calls for unlimited abortion and the media’s amplification of that radical position.” Read more here.


The Ethics of Abortion: Clarifying Misconceptions, by Melissa Moschella. “Now that authority to determine abortion policy has finally been returned to the people through their elected representatives, persuading our fellow citizens that the lives of the unborn deserve legal protection is more important than ever. Unfortunately, however, public debates about abortion are distorted by numerous misconceptions and misleading slogans. Identifying and correcting these misconceptions is crucial if we are to have a reasonable public dialogue about this important and sensitive issue.” Read more here.


It’s Time to Retire Pride Month, by Christopher Tremoglie. “Pride Month was originally built around the commemoration of the 1969 Stonewall riots… But what was once a month to promote gay equality has turned into a cesspool of hedonistic debauchery. Pride celebrations throughout the country feature grotesque displays of fetishes and sexual perversions in public… This isn’t even about homosexuality – it is about parades that feature drag queens mimicking sexual acts in public, half-naked people wearing BDSM masks while interacting with children, and many other performances that can only be called deviant.” Read more here.


UN Bureaucrats Lash Out Angrily at U.S. Abortion Ruling, by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “UN bureaucrats and human rights experts lost no time in denouncing the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the almost-fifty-year-old ruling that made abortion on demand the law of the U.S… While the Dobbs decision does not directly affect U.S. foreign policy, for an influential, sovereign nation to explicitly strike down abortion as a right sends a powerful message to other countries who have been repeatedly told that they are obliged to liberalize their own abortion laws.” Read more here.


People Are Waking Up to the Reality of Gender, by Tom Joyce. “Transgenderism is an issue on which conservatives are enjoying success in the battle of public opinion for a few reasons. The biggest one is that they have biology on their side. If someone is a man, he is a man… Parents also don’t like seeing this woke gender ideology seep into their children’s schools, especially in the lower grade levels. Parents want a safe place for their children to learn – not a place for some stranger to inject them with a liberal worldview.” Read more here.


Americans’ Complex Views on Gender Identity and Transgender Issues, by Kim Parker, Juliana Menasce Horowitz and Anna Brown. “Roughly six-in-ten adults (58%) favor proposals that would require transgender athletes to compete on teams that match the sex they were assigned at birth (17% oppose this, 24% neither favor nor oppose). And 46% favor making it illegal for health care professionals to provide someone younger than 18 with medical care for a gender transition (31% oppose). The public is more evenly split when it comes to making it illegal for public school districts to teach about gender identity in elementary schools…” Read more here.


Why Did My Daughter Become Trans? by Jo Brown. “It seems that a trans identity is offered to kids these days as a way out of their confusion and misery. All of us, or at least everyone that I have been close to, can remember our adolescence as difficult years. Feeling unacceptable, substandard, not cool enough. We struggled, were unhappy, but eventually found our way through… What we did not have were people whispering to us in our bedrooms that our gender identity was the problem and changing it the solution.” Read more here.


The Dark Side of Gender Transition Is Only Beginning to Reveal Itself, and It’s Tragic, by Elizabeth Stauffer. “Gender ideology, the idea that gender is a fluid construct rather than an undeniable biological fact, has made its way into just about every part of our culture, from Hollywood films to public school curricula. And it is now making its way into our medical system, with potentially grievous consequences for young children and adults.” Read more here.


Listening to People Who Detransition, by John Stonestreet and Kasey Leander. “…[W]e must not buy into any ‘inevitability thesis’ when it comes to trans ideology. We aren’t on the wrong side of history, or of our religious beliefs, or of love. The number of detransition stories coming out of the UK are a good example that, if anything, America is out of step with much of the rest of the world, who are currently applying the brakes to ‘gender transitioning’ therapies for minors.” Read more here.


Post-Roe America Begins Now, by Kathryn Lopez. “Why choose death when we are meant for life? Why snuff out the innocent when they deserve our protection? Why pretend that abortion doesn’t harm, when it in fact kills a child and often inflicts psychic damage on parents? The end of Roe v. Wade isn’t the end of the world. It’s a new day where motherhood can get the attention it deserves. Celebrate life. Embrace it. Surround it with love and resources.” Read more here.


Post-Dobbs, the Abortion Battle Hits Activist State Courts, by Margot Cleveland. “…[T]he U.S. Supreme Court declared it was returning the authority to regulate or prohibit abortion ‘to the people and their elected representatives.’ The abortion lobby, however, has no intention of leaving the legality of abortions to the American public. Instead, it will seek to create an abortion-on-demand regime via activist state judges. Countering this strategy must take priority, or Dobbs will be for naught.” Read more here.


Parents Face Even More Than the Destruction of Their Daughters’ Sports as Title IX Turns 50, by Sharon Supp. “Under the influence of Washington, D.C., more schools are likely to put into practice an extreme and destructive gender ideology without parental knowledge or consent. And the White House has further undermined parental rights by issuing an executive order aimed at censoring talk therapy for kids who are struggling with gender dysphoria. Parents have the right to make decisions for both their children’s education and healthcare without government interference.” Read more here.


What We Saw During ‘Night of Rage’ Pro-Abortion Protest, by Douglas Blair and Virginia Allen. “As the sun set over Washington, D.C., hundreds of pro-abortion demonstrators stood chanting and holding signs outside the Supreme Court. Rally speakers called for protesters to ‘take to the streets’ in response to the Supreme Court’s ruling Friday that overturned Roe v. Wade… Below are videos and pictures from the ‘Night of Rage,’ as it was dubbed by the pro-abortion demonstrators. Warning: Rude language ahead.” Read more here.


Make Transgender Ideology Expensive, by Washington Examiner. “Female privacy represents progress… This privacy is meant to exclude men, even those males who adopt stereotypically effeminate affectations and say they are women. But this progress is currently being undone… Women deprived of their rightful privacy and subjected to such treatment should relentlessly sue the institutions involved until such policies are discontinued. This is one way to make wokeness a prohibitively expensive luxury.” Read more here.


U.S. Supreme Court Overturns One of the World’s Most Extreme Abortion Regimes, Returns Decision to State-Level Democratic Process, by ADF International. “American abortion laws, which vary by state, have been out of step with the vast majority of countries, positioning the U.S. among the most extreme in the world… ‘The U.S. is correcting course after decades of abortion extremism, showing the world that it’s never too late to restore human rights. This judgment realigns the U.S. with Europe and the majority of other countries that protect unborn children from abortion on demand…’” Read more here.


California School District Uses JEDI Techniques to Confuse 3-Year-Olds About Their Gender, by Christopher Tremoglie. “The notes revealed that a person identified as a ‘PTSA member and DEI chair’ wanted to target these young children because ‘ages 3-5 is often when children begin to recognize their gender and we’ve seen a rapid rise in trans/non-binary identification’ in recent years. Additionally, they called for more gay and transgender education resources in schools because there’s been a ‘boom in literature on gender which can help both kids and adults to learn.’” Read more here.


What to Expect in a Post-Roe World, by Jonathan Turley. “Indeed, it is relatively rare to see the court go to this extent to proactively close off the use of a new case in future cases. The court said that ‘intimate sexual relations, contraception, and marriage’ are not impacted by its holding because ‘abortion is fundamentally different, as both Roe and Casey acknowledged.’ It noted that abortion is unique in dealing with ‘what those decisions called “fetal life” and what the law now before us describes as an “unborn human being.”’” Read more here.


Dobbs Isn’t the End. It’s the Beginning of a Ballot Measure Battle to Save Preborn Lives in Every State, by Jordan Boyd. “A Dobbs victory is worth celebrating… But beware because it also opens the door for radically pro-baby-killing states to double down on their abortion agendas… Dobbs is not the end-all solution because there’s still plenty of pro-life work left to be done in states … where leftists are dreaming up new ways to hurt children. Conservatives and pro-lifers need to act now while the wind from possibly the largest Supreme Court decision in history is behind their backs.” Read more here.


What Effect Will Dobbs Have on the International Abortion Debate? by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “Abortion advocates frequently argue that abortion is an international human right, despite the fact that this has never been agreed in any global negotiation, much less a binding document. For a national government – especially one as influential as the U.S. – to amend its laws to allow further restrictions illustrates the falseness of this claim. The reversal of Roe would also undercut the narrative favored that the liberalization of abortion laws … represents an inexorable wave of ‘progress’ that cannot be stopped or turned back.” Read more here.


Overturning Roe Definitively Proved the Culture War Is Worth Fighting, by Elle Reynolds. “The culture war is not lost yet, and the triumphant reversal of Roe should remind us all that it’s still very much worth fighting. If the right (and our pro-life allies from the left) can successfully push the cultural needle in such a way that not only the Supreme Court, but also many in the American public, want to see at least some protections for preborn life, then it’s not time to give up on pushing back against the cultural shifts that have besieged us for decades.” Read more here.


By Inserting Gender Identity, Team Biden Muddies Title IX’s Protections for Girls, Women at School, by Jarrett Stepman. “Perhaps most significantly, the changes would extend the prohibition of discrimination based on sex to include sexual orientation and gender identity. It’s amazing how at this stage in the history of our republic, sweeping national social and political changes increasingly are made by bureaucratic decree. The result of the Title IX changes effectively would force all schools that receive federal funding … to conform to a radical version of gender ideology, or else.” Read more here.


50 Years Later, Title IX Is Under Attack, by Tom Joyce. “If there were no differences between boys and girls, there wouldn’t be separate teams for the two genders. Schools wouldn’t have separate soccer, basketball, ice hockey, and lacrosse teams for boys and girls if sex didn’t make a difference; that would be a redundant waste of money. That’s not to say boys who identify as girls should not have the chance to participate in athletics. However, they should have the same opportunities as the rest of their male peers: to compete on boys’ teams.” Read more here.


Biden Launches Global Campaign Against ‘Conversion Therapy,’ by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “The Biden White House announced a global campaign to eradicate any kind of therapy and counseling to help persons who struggle with unwanted same-sex attraction or gender dysphoria… The executive order directs the Secretary of State to develop an action plan to combat conversion therapy and ‘promote an end to its use around the world,’ including by leveraging U.S. foreign assistance and promoting initiatives against ‘conversion therapy’ at the United Nations.” Read more here.


Biden Administration to Force Schools to Adopt Radical Gender Policies. Here’s What You Need to Know, by Jonathan Butcher. “Individuals – including minor-age children – who are struggling with their sexual identity deserve empathy and compassion. Parents and family are necessary parts of such responses… Despite the talk of ‘parent councils’ and ‘protecting families,’ the Biden White House wants to force a radical gender agenda on young minds and limit parents’ power to stop it.” Read more here.


Supreme Court Upholds School Choice, Free Exercise in Maine Case, by Sarah Parshall Perry and Jonathan Butcher. “When private individuals use taxpayer funding to choose a religious K-12 school for their children, those individuals are not using public money to establish a religion. The Supreme Court noted that the state’s interest in not establishing religion and maintaining government neutrality on religion doesn’t justify cutting out parents who want to exercise their religious beliefs by sending their children to schools that provide religious instruction.” Read more here.


Transgender Activists Manipulate Parents With Suicide Threats, by Ginny Gentles. “At its horribly rotten core, the culture created by the question ‘Do you want a dead daughter or a live son?’ intentionally drives a painful wedge between parents and children unless parents consent without question to immediate social and medical transition. Parents who would do anything to keep their children safe are shoved aside by arrogant and callous school staff, doctors, and therapists. Rather than assuring children that no one is born in the ‘wrong’ body, schools and many doctors and therapists choose to parrot activist slogans instead.” Read more here.


‘Misgendering’ Now a Punishable Offense in Schools, by Zachary Faria. “School boards and administrators are pumping gender ideology into schools across the country. In many cases, teachers and administrators have encouraged children to begin socially transitioning to the opposite gender without their parents’ knowledge… Now, students who do not humor these things and commit the grave offense of saying ‘she’ instead of ‘they’ are being targeted… This is the next step for a movement that demands total compliance, and it will continue to bleed into other school districts until parents put their foot down.” Read more here.


The Fall of the Wall Around Religious Education, by the Editors of National Review. “The Supreme Court, which has been dismantling this framework in a series of decisions in 2002, 2017, and 2020, has now properly and finally interred all of this as extra-constitutional nonsense. A seven-year-old attending the school of her parents’ choosing, in a faith different from her neighbor’s school, is not an establishment of any particular faith; it is the freedom to exercise every faith or none – the state of religious liberty the Constitution contemplates.” Read more here.


Easing Minors’ Access to Gender Transitioning Won’t Decrease Suicide, by Debra Soh. “…[S]tates with provisions allowing minors to access healthcare without parental or guardian consent had higher rates of suicide among young people than other states. By contrast, a similar increase in suicides was not found among individuals over the age of 18 during this time period, who would have been unaffected by these policies… Repeatedly telling gender-variant children and their families that without transitioning, a child is at a high risk of suicide runs the risk of creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.” Read more here.


If the Supreme Court Overturns Roe, the United States Will Still Have Looser Abortion Laws Than Europe, by Michael O’Shea. “Upon further research, I felt comfortable asserting what I had suspected, and what so many Europeans seem not to realize: no matter how the justices rule in this case, the United States will continue to have looser abortion laws than virtually all of Europe. Thus, even if the worst fears of the pro-abortion lobby are realized, American abortion laws will remain radical within the Western world.” Read more here.


It’s Not Pro-Choice to Attack Pregnancy Centers That Offer Choices, by Patty Knap. “If the abortion movement’s mantra of being ‘pro-choice’ really means genuine choice, how can they reconcile the hypocrisy of attacking the very places offering choices in unplanned pregnancies? They know very well that Planned Parenthood and other abortionists overwhelmingly promote abortion – the only ‘choice’ they profit from – leaving all the documented, researched negatives out of the discussion while exaggerating the challenges of keeping and raising a child.” Read more here.


The Science on Brain Development Rebukes Those Pushing Gender Transition on Kids, by Jane Anderson. “Given this research on the immature processing that occurs in the adolescent brain, it is crucial that adults assist with decision-making, especially those decisions that involve lifelong consequences. Practically, this means that adolescents who are struggling with gender dysphoria should not be allowed to make decisions that contribute to permanent, unnecessary surgical procedures, mutilation, and infertility.” Read more here.


International Swimming Federation’s New Trans Policy Rewarding Preteen Castration Is Nothing to Celebrate, by Jordan Boyd. “There’s already a cultural push to brainwash and mutilate children. Even without sports organizations encouraging the castration of preteens, the ‘recommendations’ for irreversible sex experiments on children get younger and younger each year. The last thing this world needs is elite, global sports associations rewarding parents of children still too young to join the JV team at school for carving up their little boys.” Read more here.


The Billionaire Family Pushing Synthetic Sex Identities, by Jennifer Bilek. “With the introduction of [synthetic sex identities], the current incarnation of the LGBTQ+ network … is working closely … to solidify the idea that humans are not a sexually dimorphic species – which contradicts reality and the fundamental premises not only of ‘traditional’ religions but of the gay and lesbian civil rights movements and much of the feminist movement, for which sexual dimorphism and resulting gender differences are foundational premises.” Read more here.


Pride Month Jumps the Shark, by Jay Richards. “‘Pride’ events started a few decades ago as an activist effort to push back against the stigma attached to homosexuality. Now extended across the whole month of June, it looks more like an effort designed to do the opposite… Pride now seems less about gay and lesbian inclusion and more about abolishing the difference between males and females, and between adults and children.” Read more here.


Gender Ideology’s Fatal Consequences, by Kaylee McGhee White. “…[W]hy is it that almost every one of our major institutions, from … the American Academy of Pediatrics to the Department of Health and Human Services, has endorsed ‘gender-affirming care’ and all of its consequences without question? Perhaps because, despite what they claim, they don’t care at all about the long-term health and happiness of the young adults being swept away by transgenderism. They have an ideology to uphold – and that’s all that matters.” Read more here.


Time Magazine Champions ‘Gender-Expansive’ Teens, by Tim Graham. “The two sides of this fight are labeled the ‘conservatives’ and the ‘LGBTQ advocates.’ Carlisle cannot mention ‘anti-trans laws’ from Republicans without suggesting they’ll make kids suicidal. The Trevor Project activists roll out their poll that ‘85% of trans and nonbinary youth said recent debates about anti-trans bills had negatively affected their mental health.’ Surrender to the left, or children die. That’s called ‘winning through intimidation.’” Read more here.


NYC Mayor Promotes Drag Shows for Kids, by Sarah Arnold. “The highly inappropriate group sends drag queens into schools, without parental consent, and reads kids books in their full drag costume. This year alone, the group has organized 49 drag programs in 34 elementary, middle and high schools. According to their website, they claim their events are ‘powerful,’ ‘glorious,’ and ‘crucial,’ to expose children that [sic] type of sexualization. Democrat mayor Eric Adams (D-NY) defended the recent slew of ‘drag queen’ shows hosted for kids, even openly supporting them.” Read more here.


Transgender Health Organization Updates Guidance, Recommends Children Transition Younger, by Maddy Welsh. “Chemical castration with the above listed drugs is commonly used on male sex offenders… Yet advocates for children transitioning would have minors, who cannot possibly understand the long-term consequences of chemical castration, take these same drugs… Perhaps most shockingly, the WPATH has also lowered their recommended ages … for sex reassignment surgeries, now saying life-altering, irreversible surgeries such as breast removals can be performed on children as young as 15.” Read more here.


Abortion Is Not a Religious Ritual Protected by the First Amendment, by Katelynn Richardson. “Increasingly, abortion advocates point out that religions hold different stances on abortion, arguing abortion bans trample these other religious perspectives and default to Christianity. It allows two favorite issues of social conservatives, religious liberty and pro-life laws, to be framed as in conflict with each other. But seeking religious liberty protections is not the silver bullet some activists seem to think it is.” Read more here.


EU Parliament Attacks U.S. Supreme Court, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “The resolution claims that abortion is a ‘fundamental right’ and ‘essential element’ of healthcare, citing the non-binding opinions of UN human rights bodies and experts of the World Health Organization, and it condemns Federal and State laws that allow doctors and nurses to refuse to perform abortions ‘on grounds of religion or conscience…’ Abortion is not within the purview of the European Union, but the EU Commission and the Parliament consistently violate this norm.” Read more here.


Europe Dialing Back Shocking Policies on Transgender Kids and Medical Intervention, by Mairead Elordi. “As the U.S. barrels toward allowing more children with gender dysphoria to get medical intervention to affirm their new gender identities, several European countries that have been ahead of the U.S. on this issue are pumping the brakes. Some countries initially embraced puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for children several years ago but are now taking a step back.” Read more here.


Online Porn Should Be Banned, and It’s Long Overdue, by David Marcus. “In 1994, when then-mayor Rudy Giuliani began the transformation of crime and poverty ridden New York City, one of his first actions was to kick the porn theaters out of Times Square. It was not a minor policy, what he understood was that those coursing avenues are the public square, and porn was choking the life out of it. Today the public square is in the palm of our hands, and it is time to tear down the virtual porn theaters.” Read more here.


Transgenderism’s Lies Have a Cost, by Kaylee McGhee White. “…[N]o matter how many procedures one undergoes, no matter how many rounds of hormonal therapy are prescribed, the fact remains that a woman will always be a woman, and a man will always be a man. No wonder, then, that gender-confused persons who undergo experimental interventions in the hopes that this reality will have changed are struck by despair and hopelessness when they realize it has not. The effort to deny biological reality is doing irreversible harm to people’s bodies and minds. It is not compassionate – it’s cruel.” Read more here.


‘Detransitioner’ Tells All in Horrifying Account of What ‘Gender Affirmation’ Really Means, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Thousands of children are embarking on this path without knowing any of this. Thousands of children are opting for physical destruction while being promised happiness. Thousands of children are choosing a future entirely devoid of both sexual pleasure and the possibility of having their own children before they have any conceptualization of what they are giving up. Meanwhile, as another detransitioner told Matt Walsh in his recent documentary, each child who takes this path makes up to $1.3 million for the pharmaceutical industry.” Read more here.


Medication Abortion Set to Become Next Culture War Battleground, by Cassidy Morrison. “The culture and legal wars over abortion are shifting to a new battleground: the use of pills that end pregnancies. Abortion-inducing medication, which has become the most commonly used method for ending pregnancy, is the latest front in the battle over the legality of the procedure. A looming Supreme Court decision … could rescind the federal guarantee of abortion rights and effectively erase access to the pills in at least a dozen states.” Read more here.


Executive Action on Abortion Would Circumvent Constitutional Order, by Katelynn Richardson. “…[P]lacing the decision in the hands of state governments closer to the people is unacceptable to the proponents of child sacrifice. They want it protected and guaranteed by federal law. Despite the continued insistence of Democrats, there is no constitutional right to an abortion… Instead of letting the court course-correct and states restore justice denied to millions of unborn children killed since 1973, Democrats want to step in with government regulations that violate the established constitutional order.” Read more here.


Welcome to the Party, Pal, by Abigail Shrier. “Here, then, is the question: If our ultimate goal is return to a normalcy in which government agencies and corporations treat all Americans fairly regardless of viewpoint, how are we to achieve this? First, acknowledge that they are already weaponized and the artillery points only in one direction: against the opponents of the Left. Acknowledge that an ever-increasing tyranny is ratcheted upon those who dare criticize the indefatigable encroachment of gender ideology.” Read more here.


5 Things We Saw at DC’s Gay Pride Parade, by Bernadette Hassan. “The fact that this year’s pride parade was more family-friendly and less graphic is what made it most concerning to some onlookers, who see the left seeking to normalize the LGBTQ agenda by marketing it to younger and younger children. By presenting less visceral, objectionable material, the left appeared to encourage everyday Americans, subtly but effectively, to accept this agenda as a fact of life that is appropriate for children of all ages.” Read more here.


The Science Behind Gender Ideology Is Bunk, by Kaylee McGhee White. “Like so many toxic movements, gender ideology relies on fear to control people. Its activists have convinced our institutions that anything but full-blown acceptance of transgenderism will lead to a number of adverse effects, including increased suicide rates among children and young adults who weren’t ‘affirmed…’ A closer look at these studies, however, reveals that they don’t even come close to supporting the medical interventions that everyone … has endorsed.” Read more here.


Study Connects Jump in Youth Suicide With Transgender Treatments, Lack of Parental Consent, by Jarrett Stepman. “With so much debate among Americans over transgenderism, the conversation has been contained and controlled by much of the media, Big Tech, and countless other big institutions. They’ve suppressed any opinion or evidence that contradicts the narrative that gender transitioning is an unalloyed good that is opposed only by bigots… It appears that this social contagion not only is spreading rapidly but, as the Heritage report finds, causing direct and permanent harm to children at an accelerated rate.” Read more here.


Puberty Blockers, Cross-Sex Hormones, and Youth Suicide, by Jay Greene, Ph.D. “Using a superior research design, the new analysis finds that increasing minors’ access to cross-sex interventions is associated with a significant increase in the adolescent suicide rate. Rather than facilitating access by minors to these medical interventions without parental consent, states should be pursuing policies that strengthen parental involvement in these important decisions with life-long implications for their children.” Read more here.


Seattle Public High School Program Requires Students to Sign Pro-Abortion Agreement, by Bettina di Fiore. “…[T]he fourth category on the list included a politically motivated checklist, which students were expected to initial as a sign of their agreement. The following statements were included on the list: ‘Black Lives Matter, Love is Love, No human is illegal, Women’s rights are human rights.’ Taken at face value, these statements may seem inoffensive. But these are slogans used by people pushing a leftist agenda. ‘Women’s rights are human rights,’ in particular, has been co-opted by the pro-abortion movement.” Read more here.


Majority of Transgender Americans Are Teenagers, and the Numbers Are Rising, by Sarah Arnold. “According to a new report conducted by UCLA’s Williams Institute, 1.4 percent of U.S. teenagers over the age of 13 identify as transgender, that number has nearly doubled in the last few years. The study’s lead author Jody Herman said the numbers suggests [sic] that the current climate of the world has been the driving factor in why so many young adults are identifying as something they biologically are not.” Read more here.


Biden Administration Holds School Lunches Hostage to Radical Transgender Agenda, by Sarah Parshall Perry. “Approximately 100,000 public and private schools … receive federal funding to provide subsidized free or reduced-price meals for qualifying children. But now, a school’s failure to adhere to ‘gender identity’ anti-discrimination policies and open restrooms, locker rooms, or sports teams to those professing to be the opposite sex will put their federal nutrition assistance funding at risk. That means that needy kids – no matter their sexual orientation or gender identity – might have to go without meals at school.” Read more here.


The Nonbinary Cult Keeps Expanding, by Debra Soh. “The best part about ‘nonbinary’ or ‘genderfluid’ identities is they are easily adopted, and no one is allowed to question their validity. For those who are looking to score sympathy points or gain social capital, third-gender identities are a relatively easy way to opt in. The fact that a larger percentage of 18- to 29-year-olds say they are ‘nonbinary’ than transgender speaks to this.” Read more here.


What the Polls Actually Say: Only 1 in 3 Americans Support Roe v. Wade, by Lathan Watts and Greg Scott. “Following the leak of the U.S. Supreme Court’s draft opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization … a blizzard of news stories declared that support for Roe … is overwhelming and unshakable. What these reports and the polling they cite conveniently omit is one decisive fact: Most Americans have no idea what Roe v. Wade is or what it did.” Read more here.


The Benefits of Marriage Shouldn’t Only Be for Elites, by W. Bradford Wilcox and Chris Bullivant. “Four out of five children born into the bottom income quintile, but raised by married parents, had managed to escape the bottom 20% by adulthood. In contrast, those raised by a never-married single mother had only a 1 in 2 chance of doing the same. All this suggests that marriage – our most fundamental institution – is a key engine for economic mobility and public safety in communities across America.” Read more here.


Yes, Children Are Too Young for Drag Shows, by Kimberly Ross. “Rejecting drag queen events aimed at children is considered by some to be homophobic. The truth is, there are many events children should never attend and plenty of entertainment they should not consume. Standing between children and mature, violent, and/or sexually explicit things is what adults should be doing. Instead, the issue has become another culture war topic in which the Left is said to be about diversity and the Right is all about hatred. It’s dishonest, lopsided nonsense.” Read more here.


New Lawsuit Alleges a Virginia School District Is Promoting Gender Fluidity and Hiding It From Parents, by Nicole Russell. “Schools are required to be open with parents about everything that happens on their grounds, whether that’s a broken finger on the playground or a child sent to the principal’s office for disciplinary action. That these school districts … would work around federal law and normal school policies demonstrates how little they value parental rights. In fact, these school officials are acting as if their institutions are superior to parents.” Read more here.


‘Pro-Choice’ Has Always Been a Fraud, by Ryan Bomberger. “It’s not pro-choice. It’s faux-choice. And it kills those with no choice over 2,300 times a day in our nation. As an adoptee conceived in rape but adopted in love, as an adoptive father, as a husband to an incredible woman who rejected the violence of abortion when she was a single mom, I’ll keep exposing the fraud that targets the vulnerable and exploits fear for profit.” Read more here.


Disney Doubles Down on LGBTQ Programming With ‘Lightyear’ and More, by Josh Shepherd. “Disney is going all-out in joining leftists’ June celebration of Pride Month, making same-sex themes central to a new ‘Toy Story’ feature film spin-off and adding more than 100 hours of LGBTQ titles to family-targeted streamer Disney Plus… Following backlash over Disney creative executives discussing their ongoing efforts at ‘queering’ children’s entertainment, it seems Disney has decided to dismiss the concerns of many conservative parents.” Read more here.


Americans Overwhelmingly Reject Progressive’s Gender Ideology Agenda, by Jeff Charles. “…[A] new survey conducted by YouGov for SAVE, an education advocacy group, revealed that a majority of Americans are not in favor of the administration’s plan. According to the organization’s press release, about 63 percent of Americans wish to keep the ‘traditional biological definition’ in place while only 37 percent welcomed the Biden administration’s plan to change it.” Read more here.


Woman Writing for Fatherly Says ‘Absolutely’ Take Kids to Pride Parades, Despite ‘Public Nudity and Kink,’ by Rebecca Downs. “I read the actual piece so you don’t have to, and it’s not only as bad as you’d think it would be, it’s worse. The only reason for hesitation expressed in the piece is because they’re ‘new things.’ It’s certainly not that children should not be exposed to ‘public nudity and kink,’ or that such behavior is unseemly in a public setting, or that to be so vocal about this promotion is to be vocally in support of grooming.” Read more here.


Report: School Districts Receiving Training on How to Conceal Gender Identity From Parents of Special Needs Children, by Jeff Charles. “…[T]his law firm has given multiple presentations of its webinar, which is titled ‘My Name Is… A Legal and Practical Framework for Affirming Students’ Identities in their Records and in the School Setting.’ Fagen Friedman, & Fulfrost LLP (F3), the law firm in question, was making sure teachers were ‘trained to implement gender ideology interventions – behavioral transition, social transition, ideology indoctrination – without notifying parents,’ according to the report.” Read more here.


MSNBC Devoted Air Time to Hail Women Who Perform Abortions as ‘Heroes,’ by Sarah Arnold. “Host Andrea Mitchell paraded these women as ‘deeply moral women who wanted to save lives…’ Meanwhile, another MSNBC host Ali Velshi called the movie ‘remarkable’ and hailed the women as ‘smart, deeply moral human beings’ that ‘put all of their smarts to test here.’ Both hosts deem the act of performing a procedure in which it kills a human life as ‘moral.’ It seems though they don’t fully understand what being moral truly means.” Read more here.


Biden’s Trans Policies Are Putting Men in Women’s Prisons and Kicking Christians Out of Law Enforcement, by Nathanael Blake. “…[T]he just-issued executive order is a cornucopia of bad ideas, including policies that are meant to drive Biden’s ideological enemies, especially conservative Christians, out of law enforcement. Thus, Biden has ordered the government to create and implement plans for hiring and retaining federal law enforcement officers that include ‘vetting mechanisms … that … help avoid the hiring and retention of law enforcement officers who promote … bias against persons based on … sexual orientation and gender identity.’” Read more here.


Gender Differences Are Necessary and Good, by Katelynn Richardson. “Conservatives are great at railing against the woke agenda infiltrating corporations, government, schools, and cultural institutions. But they often fail to explain why the concept of gender that, until now, has been undisputed for millenniums is attractive. The culture so suddenly spiraled out of control that it sent many into defense mode. Others are afraid to admit that women and men are not the same. They shouldn’t be.” Read more here.


LGBTQI+ Pride Month Caught in Its Own Contradictions, by Ben Shapiro. “June marks LGBTQI+ Pride Month – a month honoring those who are ‘lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and intersex.’ This ever-expanding rubric revolves around a particular value system entirely embraced by the modern left: the notion that a person’s core identity ought to lie not in the relationship between individual desires and societal duties, but instead ought to revolve around a subjective sense of self, unverifiable by the world at large and justified against all societal roles and rules.” Read more here.


CBS Mini-Doc Shows Tik Tok Is a Ground Zero for Kids Learning About Transgenderism, by Eddie Scarry. “For the uninitiated, Tik Tok is most commonly known as a place where pre-teens and even some nerdy adults share videos of themselves doing dance routines. But … there’s a very large network on the app made up of transgender and ‘queer’ users who delight in sharing details about their sexual identities and the ways in which they’ve exposed children to those concepts as well.” Read more here.


Forcing Pronoun Usage Is Compelled Speech, by Katelynn Richardson. “Forcing students or teachers to use pronouns that do not correspond with an individual’s biological sex is a clear violation of not only Virginia state law but also the First Amendment. The government cannot compel speech and require any citizen to affirm a belief they do not hold… By accepting that someone can choose their pronouns, you affirm that gender has no meaningful ties to biology. It’s a significant concession to an entire worldview that sees gender and identity as fluid.” Read more here.


Five Key Transgender Fights Conservatives Can Win Right Now, by Scott Morefield. “We are sadly at a point in history where people who blindly accept every absurd component of so-called ‘gender theory’ control the culture, the institutions, and the psyche of this country and much of the rest of the Western world. And the rest of us – the sane ones – marvel at their seemingly overnight success and wonder how in the world we can possibly push back. But push back we must, or Western civilization will be lost.” Read more here.


How I Was Trapped by Gender Ideology, by Stephen A. Richards. “Mutilating myself hadn’t made me whole – it had only made me mutilated. Two years after my orchiectomy, I found myself in the same situation I’d been in before: Either I could admit that transitioning was never going to fix me, or I could go in for another surgery and hope that this time, it would be enough. I couldn’t make myself believe the lie again.” Read more here.


Scientists Bow to Transgender Activists Once Again, by Debra Soh. “I agree that it is important to take sex into account when conducting research, as using men as a scientific baseline … means that many biomedical findings won’t be relevant to women. But because biological sex is verboten among transgender activists, an emphasis on gender identity must be even further prioritized… Being receptive to the concerns of minority communities is, of course, a worthwhile endeavor, but rewriting science to acknowledge 0.8% of the population frankly doesn’t make sense.” Read more here.


We Have a Duty to Protect the Unborn, by Kevin Roberts. “Our work must also extend beyond the womb. We will embrace the mothers and fathers who find themselves considering abortion and are struggling with what to do. Revitalizing the culture of life means we have a duty not just to protect the unborn, but to strengthen families, provide help to those in need, and show grace to all… There’s no time to waste. We must fight tirelessly until we become a fully pro-life nation.” Read more here.


Biden Admin: K-12 Schools Must Put Boys in Girls’ Bathrooms to Get Federal Lunch Money, by Joy Pullmann. “Even if this regulation is ultimately overturned by one means or another, millions of American children will be forced to eat their school lunches with a side of sexual politics… Parents have told The Federalist that their daughters no longer use the bathrooms or locker rooms at their public schools because they don’t feel safe there. Many parents are finding after the fact that school districts are helping their children live as the opposite sex and hide that from their families.” Read more here.


Wisconsin Court Can Stop Schools From Lying to Parents About Transgender Children, by Quin Hillyer. “The school policy guide says that teachers who think they perceive gender uncertainty in young students should not just play along but actually work to ‘disrupt … the gender binary…’ Children are impressionable. If school staff are deliberately tipping the scale in favor of gender transitions while keeping parents in the dark, a child may be led along a path that does lasting damage while giving the parents no recourse to help.” Read more here.


Radical Transgender Conference for Teachers Exposes the Left’s ‘Disinformation’ Lies, by Laura Zorc. “The content of the videos shown to teachers at this conference should horrify everyone who wants what’s best for our nation’s kids. Sessions at this conference included discussions about preparing students for ‘gender-affirming care,’ in addition to many sexually explicit topics. A doctor who performed thousands of transgender surgeries on adolescent girls told teachers that there is ‘no minimum age’ for students to begin their ‘gender journey.’” Read more here.


‘Pools of Blood’: Authorities Shut Down Abortion Clinic for Endangering Patients, by Laurel Duggan. “The agency’s emergency order revealed further complaints about the clinic: women with cervical lacerations and excessive blood loss; clinic workers failing to meet requirements about monitoring patients’ vital signs such as blood pressure, including during medical emergencies; and a doctor who admitted to not knowing what emergency protocols were in place.” Read more here.


Biden Administration Refuses to Recognize Long-Term Effects of Puberty Blockers, by Dan Hart. “As it turns out, despite the NIH’s sham ignorance, studies have in fact already been done on the long-term health effects of puberty-blocking drugs on minors, and the results aren’t pretty: sterilization, reduced bone density, cognitive problems, increased body fat percentage and body mass index, decreased lean body mass, and arterial hypertension.” Read more here.


Biased Washington Law Is a Gross Violation of Therapists’ Freedom of Speech, by Nicole Russell. “Washington’s law violates the First Amendment rights of therapists with traditional views. The state has no business dictating private conversations between clients and therapists. Furthermore, it is advantageous for therapists to have the freedom to encourage their clients to consider all avenues of healing – especially when it comes to sexual orientation and gender identity issues. Pushing clients to pursue only one lifestyle could be devastating later.” Read more here.


Stating Biological Facts Is Now Sexual Harassment, by Kaylee McGhee White. “…[T]he Biden administration has turned Title IX into yet another tool for radical gender ideologues to force compliance with their ideology throughout the public education system – which is exactly what’s happening in Wisconsin… If stating a biological fact and referring to boys as boys and girls as girls now counts as a form of bullying, then it is clear our society has lost its grip on reality completely.” Read more here.


The Adolescent Mental Health Crisis Is Our Responsibility, by Erica Komisar. “Newly-released statistics on suicide rates reveal a rise in adolescent suicide from 2020 to 2022… The increase in the despair and anger of teens – as reflected in rising suicide rates – are an example of the collective trauma we have all experienced. And yet this mental health crises [sic], which existed before COVID, is also a communication to us as parents, teachers, and other authority figures that we are failing our children by not preparing them for adversity in their lives…” Read more here.


A Brand New Phase of the Pro-Life Movement, by Marjorie Dannenfelser. “Those who are pro-life have steadily built the pro-life safety net over decades. Thousands of pregnancy centers and maternity homes nationwide provide essential medical, educational, and support services to millions of women and families each year. This is all the more impressive considering their mostly volunteer workforce and historically private funding. And as one expert on these centers points out, their clients are overwhelmingly pleased, reporting satisfaction rates of more than 97%.” Read more here.


The Left Has Effectively Banned Christian Kids From Public Pools, Libraries, and Summer Camps, by Joy Pullmann. “Given how socially contagious LGBT identification is, it’s not just about transgender issue [sic] but also exposing children to sexual information and pressures far earlier than they are ready. Hand in hand with grouping children by gender identity is forcing conversations about what that means, which pushes children earlier and earlier to declare and investigate sexual behaviors. This is destabilizing to their identity, not ‘affirming’ it.” Read more here.


Under Biden’s Title IX Changes, Wisconsin’s ‘Sexual Harassment’ Circus Over Trans Pronouns Would Ensnare Students in Every State, by Kylee Zempel. “This story is a preview of exactly the kind of routine hostility we can expect for students all over the country, First Amendment be damned, if Biden and his bureaucrats successfully write ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity’ into the meaning of ‘sex’ in education. If they prevail, you could be the next one getting a phone call to let you know your child is a sexual harasser for discerning between the sexes and between singular and plural words.” Read more here.


In Battle Between Religious Liberty vs. LGBTQ Rights, One Case Declares Clear Winner, by Sarah Parshall Perry. “In his ruling, O’Connor determined not only that religious nonprofits can escape Title VII liability for firing, refusing to hire, or taking other adverse job actions against LGBTQ employees, he went further, saying both sets of employers could implement sex-specific dress and grooming codes for men and women, and could require employees to use restroom [sic] designated for their biological sex.” Read more here.


The U.S. Military’s K-12 Schools and Hospitals Are Pushing Transgender Ideology on Kids, by Amy Haywood. “The excuse for keeping gender transitions hidden from parents is that it would render a child unsafe at home. However, this is sophistry parading as concern: if the teacher in Rota believed the mom was dangerous, why didn’t she follow policy that requires her to report suspected abuse, and why was the ‘unsafe’ mom still employed? Further, given that military children are at higher risk for childhood trauma, why is DoDEA pushing surreptitiously transitioning a child as an implied ‘best practice?’” Read more here.


With New Book, Pediatricians Try to Ensnare Kids in Gender Ideology, by Douglas Blair. “Other nightmarish terms the book uses to confuse children include ‘sperm-making bodies’ to refer to boys and ‘baby-growing bodies’ to refer to girls. ‘You-ology’ revels in these sex nonspecific phrases… Later chapters recommend that kids who are uncomfortable with their bodies should wear binders or ‘tuck’ their genitals. The book claims in some cases, medical intervention, including puberty blockers, is necessary.” Read more here.


Using ‘Wrong’ Pronouns Could Lead to Suspensions in Virginia Public Schools, by Joshua Arnold. “…[T]he school board conducted an annual review of its Regulation 2601, proposing edits to a 70-page-long document on ‘Student Rights and Responsibilities,’ and parents noticed something shocking. According to a short provision buried deep in the document, students could face suspension for up to five days, and possibly further punishment, for referring to a fellow student according to their biological, God-given sex.” Read more here.


Parents Against Stupid Stuff, by Betsy McCaughey. “Adults deciding where to settle and raise their families once considered tax rates, job opportunities and housing prices. Now they also have to ask themselves whether they want their children in schools that push gender fluidity, teach masturbation and provide tampons in the boys’ room for females transitioning to become males… Parents are outraged by the indoctrination and sexualization of their children.” Read more here.


The Left’s War on Children, by Mike Stenhouse. “The next major issue will be claims of the declining mental health of our nation’s youth – and it might be true to some extent. And, of course, the agenda-driven left will be ready to rush in with its latest prescriptions and school curricula, including destructive policies that will further advance its agenda and, ultimately, only make matters worse… These are purposefully inflicted wounds that will leave lifelong scars on our nation’s most precious assets.” Read more here.


Target Normalizes Transgender Lifestyle, by Nicole Russell. “Showcasing these items as if teenagers everywhere have been looking for a chest binder or unisex article of clothing grossly overestimates the number of LGBT youth, normalizing these items for kids who are not their target audience. This goes beyond a need to represent a population that claims to be marginalized. This is a blatant attempt to normalize something about which most teenagers cannot relate.” Read more here.


Cakegender? Genderfaun? Orbgender? by Jeff Johnston. “Libs of TikTok recently posted a video of a young person explaining … what ‘xenogender’ is… Well, typically, I would laugh or roll my eyes and move on with my life after seeing something like this. But this seems like a good teachable moment. Here’s a key point: Gender activists are making all this up as they go along, so don’t expect it to make sense. Here’s a second key point to understand – and act on: Gender activists and their allies want to sexualize and confuse children by inculcating them into this irrational belief system.” Read more here.


The Shifting Language of Abortion, by Kathryn Lopez. “…[T]he Pro-Choice Caucus also wants to move away from the word ‘unwanted’ pregnancy in regard to a woman seeking an abortion. Instead, it suggests the word ‘unexpected.’ No doubt, that is to make sure the girl or woman is seen with sympathy. But I see that word and want a woman faced with an ‘unexpected’ pregnancy to know that she has options, that there is support out there for her and her child. Instead, too often, all signs in her life point to an abortion clinic.” Read more here.


Marvel Has Fallen to the Woke Mob, Introduces Transgender Superheroes, by Sarah Arnold. “Escapade co-creator, Charlie Jane Sanders, said he created her to be a ‘cool weirdo,’ adding, ‘Morgan was there for Shela when she was first transitioning … supporting each other through their transitions when they were kids.’ So Marvel is making it seem normal for kids to go through transitions. Sanders said she wanted transgenderism to be a ‘key part of the story.’” Read more here.


Biden Administration Wants More Powers for International Health Experts, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “The Biden administration proposes to establish an international monitoring committee of the World Health Organization to review efforts at pandemic readiness… The World Health Organization routinely describes abortion as a human right and used the COVID-19 emergency to promote abortion. The new committee would give the international agency a monitoring role similar to human rights mechanisms that routinely pressure countries to liberalize their abortion laws and regulations.” Read more here.


Planned Parenthood Profits Big From Getting Kids Hooked on Transgender Hormones Through the School-to-Clinic Pipeline, by Jared Eckert and Emma Sofia Mull. “Planned Parenthood has quietly been in the gender transition business since at least 2017… While those seeking puberty blockers or surgical procedures are referred elsewhere, Planned Parenthood is offering access to cross-sex hormones, promoting gender ideology in sex ed programs, and establishing ‘well-being centers’ in local high schools. The organization is looking to cash in on gender transition for years to come.” Read more here.


Court Gives Another Win for Religious Freedom – and for Parents, by Quin Hillyer. “The school system has a policy requiring teachers to call students by personally ‘preferred’ names and pronouns matching the gender each student ‘identifies’ as but then requires that when teachers communicate with parents, they use the given name and original gender pronoun. In sum, the policy requires the teacher to kowtow to a child’s wishes but keep the parents in the dark about the child’s decision to identify as a different gender.” Read more here.


Microsoft Pledges Support for Abortion, ‘Gender Affirming Care’ Travel Costs for Employees and Their Dependents, by Tim Meads. “Does your videogame company support a woman’s right to annihilate her child in the womb? Does it pay for costs related to a medically-induced gender transition for employees’ dependents?  Microsoft certainly appears to be in favor of having access to such services… Additionally, it will be extending company benefits to include covering travel expenses for employees who have to go out of state in order to legally receive both procedures for themselves or their dependents.” Read more here.


7 Reasons Roe v. Wade Should Be Overturned, by Bruce Ashford. “Because of Roe, the gains of the civil rights movement were undone in an instant. A few Ivy League lawyers decided that an entire class of human beings – unborn beings – would be denied justice and equality. Those unborn beings now have far fewer rights than many species of birds, and the body count of Roe-enabled deaths far surpasses the total deaths caused by World War II. How has Roe harmed American society? Here are seven ways.” Read more here.


Transgender Lobby Has Corrupted Daily Journalistic Ethics, by Quin Hillyer. “Beneath a picture of what looks like a boy and his father, it says (with my emphasis added), ‘Granbury (Texas) High School junior Lou Whiting, 17, rests their hands on “This Book Is Gay” by James Dawson during a public inspection of books designated for removal at the Granbury school district administration building. Above, she looks over books with their father, David Whiting.’ Huh? How can an individual boy be both a ‘she’ and a ‘they’ in the same sentence?” Read more here.


Schools Across America Promote Planned Parenthood Services and Curriculum, by Spencer Lindquist. “Schools across America are partnering with the nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, turning to them for sex education curriculum starting in elementary school, listing them as ‘community health partners,’ and promoting their services to students.” Read more here.


Dangerous Abortion Bill in Congress Risks Health of Baby and Mother, by Teresa Stanton Collett. “Proponents of the act claim that it simply codifies Roe v. Wade. That is not true. Rather, it establishes a regimen of abortion absolutism that goes far beyond Roe… In addition to the elimination of almost all protections states afford women and the unborn, any attempt by states to craft new protections will be subject to federal intervention anytime local abortion providers claim a proposed law impairs their ability to perform abortions freely. In short, the act will impose the most aggressive pro-abortion policy in the world outside of China.” Read more here.


Why Today’s Left Is Willing to Admit Abortion Kills a Child and Still Support It, by Elle Reynolds. “If self-gratification is our highest good, then any act (up to and including the murder of a child) becomes good if done in its pursuit. If we are our own arbiters of truth, then moral reality ceases to become an inhibition, and life itself ceases to become an inherent good. If limiting the licentious indulgence of our own desires is ‘oppression’ and therefore the greatest sin, then the anti-abortion crowd becomes the bad guys.” Read more here.


New Study on Transgender Children Reinforces Social Transitions, by Nicole Russell. “Its findings suggest that young children who socially transition to a new gender, by changing their name, pronouns, and clothes, tend to continue to identify with that ‘new’ gender five years later. The New York Times gleefully inferred that this means the right thing for parents to do when their child is questioning their identity is to begin socially transitioning them. There are a few issues with the study.” Read more here.


The Current Gender-Affirming Care Model in B.C. Is Unvalidated and Outdated, by Joanne Sinai, MD. “Canadian physicians should not ignore the potential risks of the affirmation model when there is international evidence of harm to vulnerable youth… We are in a unique position to rethink the treatment model for gender dysphoria. I hope we can begin a dialogue, so that our youth can get the treatment they need and deserve. Gender affirmation is not a one-size-fits-all model. To allow ideology to prevail over sound medicine is negligent at best.” Read more here.


The Supreme Court’s Decision on Overturning Roe Will Be an Inflection Point for the Nation, by Joy Pullmann. “The potential overturn of Roe v. Wade is a massive opportunity to overturn a horrifying evil, and therefore to do great good. The opportunity to do great good is a strong and previously unavailable motivator. It would be a huge energizer for those who have resisted the usurping regime’s massive efforts to get us to stop seeing and talking about what we have seen that regime do to our nation. It would be the fall of a great spiritual Berlin Wall inside our nation.” Read more here.


Trans Narrative Under Fire in Sweden, by Michael Cook. “The troubling revelations from the SVT’s investigative reporters were one factor in new guidelines for gender-affirming care issued in February by the National Board of Health and Welfare. It stated that, based on current knowledge: ‘the risks of puberty suppressing treatment … currently outweigh the possible benefits, and that the treatments should be offered only in exceptional cases.’” Read more here.


UN Exploits Climate Change Concerns to Push Contraception, Population Control, by Grace Melton and Jay Richards. “…[I]f you look closely, you’ll find that, at the U.N., protecting the Earth often provides cover for unseemly causes like abortion and population control. These hide in phrases like ‘meeting the unmet need for family planning.’ In the global arena, ‘comprehensive sexuality education,’ contraception, ‘safe abortion care,’ and maternal health all fall under the umbrella of sexual and reproductive health rights.” Read more here.


‘Social and Emotional Learning’ Programs Are No Substitute for Mothers, by Kimberly Ells. “Is school-based social and emotional instruction the best way to nurture social and emotional wellness in children? Some programs have reported helpful outcomes. But is there an even better, more effective way to foster social and emotional wellness in children, and therefore in society at large? Yes. It is this: Let children be raised and taught principally by their mothers and fathers while they are very young.” Read more here.


Gender Dysphoria: When Politics Influences Science, by Sarah Arnold. “The definition that was removed from a bestselling medical textbook by Merck Manual … mentioned that ‘Gender dysphoria is characterized by a strong, persistent cross-gender identification associated with anxiety, depression, irritability, and often a wish to live as a gender different from the one associated with the sex assigned at birth.’ It was removed after the Florida Department of Health cited it in a recent guidance advising against gender transitions for children and adults.” Read more here.


Polling Reveals That American People Are Not on the Side of Democratic Position of Abortions Without Limits, by Rebecca Downs. “Democrats point to how a majority of respondents do not want to see Roe overturned. A major reason for that, though, is because many don’t know overturning Roe will not automatically ban abortion nationwide, as they have been led to fear. Rather, it will allow the states to decide their own abortion laws through their elected officials.” Read more here.


Protecting Imprisoned Women From Men Who Say They’re Women, by Nicole Russell. “Women serving time in prison or jail still deserve to be treated humanely and with respect. They still have a right to privacy and safety. But, intimidated by a vocal minority, local politicians and officials have buckled under new definitions of sex and gender, showing they are more worried about being sued for discrimination by criminals trying to take advantage of women, than being sued for an assault such as rape.” Read more here.


The Problems of Putting Off Children, by Nathanael Blake. “…[G]etting married and having children helps us build and establish more substantial identities than those sought through professional advancement and personal pleasures, or relationships that always come with an exit option. In particular, the permanence of marriage and children indicates that these gifts express the deeper aspects of our identities, while also reflecting the truth that we are ordered toward giving and receiving love.” Read more here.


Biden’s Gender Transition Agenda Is Harming Children, by Washington Examiner. “The day is coming when thousands of de-transitioners, having been rushed into this idiocy as children too young to consent to it, will suffer lifelong regrets because of irresponsible people such as Levine and President Joe Biden. They will file lawsuits against their former medical providers and public school districts. And even the multimillion-dollar judgments they win will not restore their bodies or the potential their lives will have lost.” Read more here.


Democrats Don’t Just Want to Keep Roe, They Want the Unlimited Ability to Kill Preborn Babies, by Jordan Boyd. “Democrats are outraged that, according to a leaked version of the Dobbs v. Jackson opinion, the United States Supreme Court is poised to strike down Roe v. Wade – but their hypocritical insistence that abortion is the ‘law of the land’ is fueled by the party’s determination to codify abortion without any restrictions.” Read more here.


GLSEN: An Instrumental Organization Responsible for Infiltrating Schools With LGBT Ideology, by Chrissy Clark. “One organization is highly influential in infiltrating private and public schools with LGBT ideology in the form of teacher programming, resources, and research, according to an analysis conducted by a concerned parents organization. GLSEN … is the touchpoint between political activism and activism in K-12 public and private schools. The organization is responsible for teacher training, school policy guides, curriculum, and Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) clubs in schools nationwide…” Read more here.


New Biden Title IX Order Will Help Schools Push Transgenderism on Your Kids Behind Your Back, by Sharon Supp. “All children need protection, and redefining ‘sex’ under Title IX … will endanger them. In most cases, children need the protection of their parents, not protection from their parents. Erroneously redefining ‘sex’ to include gender identity will hasten the spread of secretive ‘gender support plans,’ which, at their core, undermine parental rights. Parents should, therefore, proceed with caution, as this signals that a monumental parental rights battle looms ahead.” Read more here.


UN Actors Angry About Supreme Court Abortion Decision, by Austin Ruse. “The U.S. Supreme Court is on the verge of overturning the 50-year-old abortion regime in the United States, and some at the UN are not happy including the Secretary General… The spokesman for Secretary General Antonio Guterres said, ‘The Secretary General has long believed that sexual and reproductive health and rights are the foundation for lives of choice, empowerment and equality for the world’s women and girls.’” Read more here.


I Had an Abortion. Here’s Why I Want Roe Reversed, by Cathy Harris. “My pro-life stance is more than an opinion; it is a faith-filled, moral, and spiritual resolve. After experiencing my own abortion and sitting eye-to-eye with hundreds of hurting post-abortive women over the years, I have no other choice but to believe abortion has to end one day. It has to end for the sake of the innocent children being killed and for the scared, coerced, or misled women who feel they have no other choice.” Read more here.


Christian Employers Push Back on Government’s Transgender Procedures Mandates, by Nicole Russell. “Providing coverage for ‘sex change’ surgeries, cross-sex hormones, or other related things – especially via federal mandate – is particularly egregious to conservatives and especially to people of faith… The fact that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is mandating any business, faith-based or not, to provide coverage of these surgeries and treatments is a willful misinterpretation of the definition of sex discrimination outlined in Title VII.” Read more here.


Georgia Leads the Way in Protecting Parents’ Rights, by William Estrada. “Georgia shows us that elected officials are starting to listen to parents. It shows that parents are winning. And it should remind us, yet again, that parental rights are bipartisan. Elected officials across the political spectrum should sit up, take notice, and support the right of parents in the education of their precious children.” Read more here.


Alito’s Draft Abortion Decision Is Brilliantly Persuasive, by Quin Hillyer. “As Alito demonstrates at great length, Roe was so poorly reasoned that subsequent ‘pro-choice’ Supreme Court decisions have jettisoned all of it — both its reasoning and its practical applications. All that remains is a shell around the idea that abortion is a right… In sum, not even those who say abortion is a constitutional right can settle among themselves why it is such a right or what provisions of the Constitution actually protect it. That’s because, as written, it manifestly does not.” Read more here.


The United States Is Radical on Abortion When Compared to Other Countries, by Charlotte Pence Bond. “A more recent report by the Family Research Council … backs up the claim that the United States is far outside the norm of international standards on abortion. It showed that the United States is one of just six countries that permits abortion throughout the entirety of a woman’s pregnancy. The countries included in its report were Canada, China, Vietnam, North Korea, and South Korea.” Read more here.


Biden’s Transgender Decree, by Byron York. “Levine has declared the argument among medical professionals over. The new consensus, amazingly enough, agrees with Levine. And now, the administration will move to the next step. Since the debate is over, since there is a scientific consensus in favor of ‘gender-affirming’ treatment, those who are still criticizing are not debating the facts. They are attacking their fellow human beings.” Read more here.


The Left Is Finally Admitting That Abortion Means Killing Children, by Jordan Boyd. “The difference between the pro-life community and the left is no longer about whether babies in the womb are indeed children. It’s that, even though Biden, Goldberg, and the ACLU seem to understand that abortion ends a baby’s life in utero, they and the rest of the abortion lobby are still advocating for the destruction of preborn lives.” Read more here.


Fact-Checking 6 Outrageous Claims About Leaked Supreme Court Draft Overturning Roe v. Wade, by Fred Lucas. “Amid news reports about the leaked draft of a Supreme Court opinion that would end abortion on demand, critics wailed in the media, in speeches, and on Twitter about the proposed ruling… If the Supreme Court overturns Roe, it would not ban abortion but rather allow state legislatures to determine to what extent abortion is allowed in their states. Here are fact checks of six assertions made about the leaked draft opinion.” Read more here.


Unanimous Supreme Court Flies Flag for Free Speech in Case Against City of Boston, by Sarah Parshall Perry. “In a rare unanimous ruling…, the Supreme Court secured a major victory for free speech. In the opinion in Shurtleff v. Boston, authored by retiring Justice Stephen Breyer, the court ruled that the city of Boston violated the Constitution when it prohibited a group from flying a Christian flag on a flagpole it had held open to other groups and their flags.” Read more here.


Democrats Admit It’s Women Who Get Abortions After All, by Laurel Duggan. “Democrats made an admission about what type of people can actually get abortions in the wake of a leaked Supreme Court draft opinion… After many liberals pushed for gender-neutral terms surrounding pregnancy and abortion such as ‘birthing people’ instead of ‘women,’ prominent Democrats made statements appearing to suggest only women can get pregnant and have abortions.” Read more here.


Why Does YouTube Host This Channel That Teaches Kids About Porn and Abortion? by Bailey Duran. “One particular video discusses abortion with a purple monster as the friendly guide to all things abortion. The monster says abortion is always okay if that is what the ‘pregnant person’ wants. He also lists some reasons people may choose to get an abortion, such as they don’t want a baby, they have too many kids already, or something is wrong with the baby.” Read more here.


California Lawyers Train Teachers to Deceive Parents While Grooming Children, by Jeff Charles. “Progressives tend to complain when conservatives use the term ‘grooming’ when describing these practices. But what else are we supposed to call it, when teachers, counselors, and other school faculty are blatantly working to help kids transition without their parents’ knowledge? What else should we say when these schools are actively developing ways to avoid notifying adults when they are teaching progressive ideas about sexuality and gender to children?” Read more here.


Four Reasons to Distrust UCSF’s Study Alleging Safety of ‘No-Test’ Abortion Pill Protocol, by Bettina di Fiore. “We mandate independent trials for drug efficacy and food safety, yet we presume that abortion profiteers will produce more reliable science about the very product they sell than truly independent researchers. In no other industry would we accept the fox-guarding-the-henhouse status quo we afford the abortion industry. This study is yet one more example of the sloppy, biased ‘science’ we should expect such a situation to produce.” Read more here.


Ongoing Bathroom Wars Challenge Concepts of Equality and Discrimination, by Nicole Russell. “Many schools have attempted a kind of balancing act by allowing students identifying as transgender to use a facility designed just for them because a full transgender bathroom ban may result in an expensive lawsuit. However, many transgender students will buck at the compromise of transgender bathrooms and insist it is not equal enough. Of course, it is.” Read more here.


New Jersey Schools to Install Radical Youth Sex Curriculum, by Penny Starr. “A New Jersey media outlet reported on the new sex education curriculum set to be installed in K-12 schools in the state but did not investigate the group that designed it. Advocates for Youth is a far-left organization that pushes gender fluidity, abortion on demand, transgenderism, and promiscuous relationships to young people.” Read more here.


Sarah Has Been on Both Sides of the Abortionist’s Table. Here’s What She Wants You to Know, by Alasdaire Fleitas. “If the Supreme Court strikes down Mississippi’s ban on abortion and others like it, millions of unborn children will be sacrificed to the lie that it’s empowering for women to abort their children. In reality, killing an unborn child brings nothing but trauma, guilt, and heartbreak. Not only can the Supreme Court save the lives of millions of unborn children, but the lives of so many women may be salvaged too.” Read more here.


Gender Dysphoria and Adverse Childhood Experiences, by Walt Heyer. “Given the role of [Adverse Childhood Events] and mental illness in the development of beliefs about transgender identity, it is folly to suggest that the first and only step in treating deep hurt and trauma done to a person’s identity in childhood is to alter the body with cross-sex hormones and surgery. But that’s exactly what is happening today. I hear from people who wake up from the transgender surgery nightmare, distraught and sometimes suicidal for allowing something so destructive and ineffective.” Read more here.


How Safe Haven Laws Help Make Abortion Unnecessary, by Leanna Baumer. “Many women see abortion as an imperfect resolution to unwanted parenthood. It’s time we listen to their voices and emphasize a broadened framework for choice that includes parenting with community support services (like those freely offered by the nearly 3,000 nonprofit pregnancy help centers similar to the one I lead), open adoption, and also safe surrender options beyond birth.” Read more here.


Underwear Flattening Children’s Genitals? Just Another Example of Gender Ideology Insanity, by Debra Soh. “Medical professionals have warned that using temporary measures to modify one’s body can result in serious side effects. For example, chest binders, especially popular among teenage girls looking to flatten their breasts to present a masculine-looking form, can fracture ribs and lead to back pain and difficulties in breathing. In the case of boys, flattening the testes and maintaining them too close to the body can harm sperm production and lead to infertility.” Read more here.


Growing Up Lonely: Generation Z, by Daniel Cox. “New findings from the American National Family Life Survey show that Americans raised in single-parent homes are more likely to report having felt lonely growing up than those raised in two-parent households. They’re also more likely to miss out on formative experiences, such as daily family meals, an activity that has been associated with lower rates of depression.” Read more here.


Sexual Left Loses Ground at UN Population Commission, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “Western diplomats took a rain check on an all-out battle to push homosexuality and transgenderism and other controversial social policies at the UN Commission on Population and Development. They gave up on adding new language to promote abortion, homosexuality, transgender issues, and sexual autonomy for children in the commission’s agreement early this week. They vowed to fight harder next year instead…” Read more here.


Oral Arguments at Supreme Court Offer Glimmer of Hope for Praying Coach in First Amendment Case Against School District, by Sarah Parshall Perry. “The questions facing the justices are these: When a public school employee says a brief, quiet prayer by himself while at school and visible to students, is he engaged in government speech that lacks any First Amendment protection? And if not, assuming that kind of religious expression is private and protected by the First Amendment, does the Constitution’s establishment clause require the public school to prohibit it anyway?” Read more here.


What Will It Take for Prosecutors and Politicians to Take Abortion Crimes Seriously? by Susan Wills. “There seems to be a lack of political will to mandate and fund reasonably frequent, unannounced inspections of abortion facilities for the health and safety of women and to deter illegal activities. The District of Columbia joins 19 states in exempting abortion facilities from even annual inspections. Abortion is not health care, but it has definite health impacts. If Washington’s government will not change its laws and policies, Congress should. Our common humanity requires it.” Read more here.


Protecting Kids From Bathroom Bullies, by Jameson Taylor. “…[F]eeling bullied is not the same as actually being bullied. Being asked to respect the privacy rights of other students by using a single occupancy bathroom, instead of a shared restroom or locker facility, is not bullying. Indeed, many people prefer the privacy that single occupancy bathrooms afford. In any event, making demands that violate the privacy and safety rights of other students is a form of actual bullying that will cause suffering and anxiety for many other students.” Read more here.


School District Secretly Pushes Sexual Orientation to Eight-Year-Olds Behind Parents’ Backs, by Jeff Charles. “The far left, instead of defending the teaching of this material, has chosen to lie about it. They ridicule anyone suggesting these topics are being taught to small children. It is a pathetic attempt to gaslight parents who are concerned about what teachers are teaching to their kids behind their backs. But as more of these stories surface, it is becoming more and more difficult for progressives to continue lying about it.” Read more here.


Biden Will Try to Break UN Stalemate on LGBT Issues and Abortion, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “…[T]he UN bureaucracy has increasingly become a channel for the leftist sexual policies of wealthy Western countries, including sexual autonomy for children, abortion without parental consent for girls as young as ten, and explicit comprehensive sexuality education for children younger than five. Western countries want to legitimize these developments by having UN agreements, like the resolution of the commission expected to be adopted next week, to endorse these policies.” Read more here.


New York Times Admits: Experimenting on Trans Kids Has Horrifying, Irreversible Consequences, by Eddie Scarry. “You’re supposed to be comfortable with this. You’re supposed to feel a sense of compassion for parents who go through the process of artificially, irreversibly altering their child’s biological chemistry. You’re supposed to be accepting of parents who let their kids make life changing medical choices to remove and mutilate their genitals… That this stuff is happening should upset everyone. If it’s not, there’s nothing left to say about it. The monsters have won.” Read more here.


Judge Puts Temporary Hold on Kentucky Abortion Law, but the Real Fight Is Still to Come, by Rebecca Downs. “The law also has provisions requiring abortion providers to maintain local hospital privileges in case a complication arises… There are new reporting requirements, as well as annual audits to ensure compliance. The abortion facility must also cremate or bury the aborted fetal remains, rather than treat them as medical waste. The abortion facilities, Planned Parenthood and EMW Women’s Surgical Center, claimed that they could not comply with certain provisions of the law immediately, or even potentially at all.” Read more here.


Sexualizing Schoolchildren: Comprehensive Sex Ed, by Jeff Johnston. “Years ago, if schools even taught basic sex education, educators usually promoted abstinence, emphasizing delaying sexual activity until marriage. This sex ed focused on biology, puberty, reproductive systems and preventing sexually transmitted infections. But in many schools, this has been replaced with CSE – a radical ‘rights-based’ and ‘pleasure-based’ sexuality curriculum.” Read more here.


Biden Admin Doubles Down on Pro-Abortion, Pro-Transgender Policies as It Looks to Get Rid of Conscience Rule, by Rebecca Downs. “The 2019 rule would have given teeth to HHS’ ability to enforce these protections for providers, by penalizing hospitals and practices that retaliated against those who claimed conscience protections… Conscience protections are popular with Americans. According to a poll …, 75 percent of respondents said such professionals with religious objections ‘should not be legally required to perform abortions.’ This includes 65 percent of Democrats and 67 percent of pro-choicers.” Read more here.


Pregnancy Centers Are the Answer to America’s Abortion Problem, by Thomas Glessner. “The left’s proclamations that women will be victimized if Roe is overturned ignore the magnanimous work of nearly 3,000 pro-life pregnancy centers and medical clinics. The charitable work of these centers provides – free of charge – medical and non-medical services, hope and life-affirming options to mothers who feel alone and powerless.” Read more here.


Finnish Prosecutor’s Decision Paints Picture of Hostile Path Towards Free Speech and Christianity, by Rep. Chip Roy and Sean Nelson. “The prosecutor’s decision to appeal the case is not only absurd. It paints a clear picture of what is to come for people of faith if the West continues barreling down a path that is increasingly hostile to free speech and, especially evident in this case, Christian belief. Opponents of freedom of speech and religion never shy away from an opportunity to silence debate and snuff out open discussion, which are the foundations of a free society.” Read more here.


Two Biden Rules on Trans Care Raise Religious Liberty Fears, by Cassidy Morrison. “The rule could apply in ways that would not be likely to raise religious liberty concerns. For example, it would require that an insurer that agrees to mammograms for biological women must also cover that service for transgender women, who are also susceptible to breast cancer. But legal experts who specialize in religious freedom argue that the updated rule could amount to a mandate on insurers to cover transition procedures to which religious providers might object.” Read more here.


Amid Public Concern About Grooming Kids, American Library Association Picks ‘Marxist Lesbian’ as President, by Joy Pullmann. “In the rest of the presentation, Drabinski went on to teach librarians how to change how visitors find books about sex, contradicting her claims to the Boise reporter that librarians don’t work to get sexual material into patrons’ hands. This very effort has been a part of Drabinski’s public professional work for decades, by her own public attestation.” Read more here.


Florida Follows the Science With New Guidelines on Transgender Treatment for Kids, by Katrina Trinko. “Finally, someone actually cares about the children. The Florida Department of Health released new guidelines … about treating gender dysphoria in children. Unlike the recent guidance from the Biden administration, Florida’s guidance doesn’t promote aggressive medical interventions for minors who are struggling with gender dysphoria.” Read more here.


Biological Sex Isn’t Up for Debate, by Armstrong Williams. “Regardless of what the mainstream media and Democrats might want you to think, no one can change their biological sex, regardless of the hormones or surgical procedures that they might undertake to attempt to do so. We are at a moment in time where up is down and down is up, and it’s a dangerous precedent if we allow it to foment itself as a cultural norm and standard.” Read more here.


Even the Left Is Beginning to Admit It Has Pushed Transgenderism Too Far, by Kaylee McGhee White. “Transgender orthodoxy has moved so far past the bounds of sanity that any attempt to question its effects is quickly discouraged and punished. We are expected to shut up and accept that public schools are passing policies to keep students’ gender identity transitions from parents, that medical professionals can file to remove children from their parents’ custody if parents oppose physical and chemical transition efforts… None of this is normal or even remotely defensible, and everyone, including many on the Left, know it.” Read more here.


The D.C. 5: Callousness, Cruelty of Post-Viability Abortion, by Steven Aden. “Why are we constantly warned in online reports of the D.C. 5 incident that photographs of the babies are ‘graphic’ and to view them advisedly? The pictures are hard to look at, but that’s the point… The Charlotte Lozier scholars who examined the bodies harkened back to the words of William Wilberforce, … who was instrumental in ending the slave trade. ‘You can choose to look away, but you can never again say that you did not know,’ Wilberforce said.” Read more here.


California Democrats Ban Adjectives During Public Comment Session on Abortion Bill, by Kira Davis. “California Democrats have introduced an abortion bill so shocking that it drew over a thousand pro-life supporters out to the capital of Sacramento on Tuesday night to register their protest during public comments… The Democrat response to the protesters was less than impressive and right on brand. With an estimated 1,500 people waiting to make comments, they limited the public comment session to one hour.” Read more here.


A Bipartisan Win for Religious Freedom, by Sean Nelson. “In a remarkable show of bipartisan cooperation, last week, the Senate unanimously reauthorized the Global Magnitsky Human Rights Accountability Act. The reauthorization, included within a bill to suspend normal trade relations with Russia and Belarus, makes permanent a landmark piece of legislation used to target gross violators of internationally recognized human rights. The act has been a vital tool in advancing religious freedom worldwide.” Read more here.


Kentucky Abortion Facilities Ceasing to Do Business Have Themselves to Blame, by Rebecca Downs. “Providers said there is no way for them to comply with the law given its immediate effective date. But if you think they’ll be willing or able to comply with the law even if they were to have more time, think again. ‘They said it would be difficult to comply with the law even long term because some of the information they are required to provide on the forms would violate patient privacy and they don’t think they could find funeral homes who would work with them to dispose of remains,’ the WSJ noted.” Read more here.


China’s Complex Abortion Problem, by Yi Fuxian. “…[R]educing the incidence of abortion in China is easier said than done. In the past, the authorities regarded the country’s large population as a burden, and the one-child policy not only encouraged women to have abortions but also involved the government forcing them to do so. From television screens to giant outdoor billboards to roadside electricity poles, abortion advertisements are everywhere in China. Abortion is regarded as casually as dining out is and is widely available in hospitals and clinics.” Read more here.


Powerful Arguments to Keep ‘Trans Ed’ Out of Schools, by Betsy McCaughey. “Trans advocates want greater acceptance. But instructing young kids that it’s normal for boys to become girls and vice versa is going too far. Parents rightly fear their kids are being ‘groomed.’ In the last two decades, the proportion of minors saying they’re transgender has soared to 1.8%… Children need to be protected from gender hysteria and moving headlong into transitioning.” Read more here.


In Preparation for Dobbs, Florida Is Latest State to Defend the Sanctity of Life With Abortion Ban, by Shawn Fleetwood. “The pro-life actions taken by Republican-led states come as the U.S. Supreme Court is set to decide on a major abortion-related case this summer. As noted by … correspondent Tristan Justice, ‘a decision in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization contesting a Mississippi abortion ban after 15 weeks of pregnancy is expected in June, with the potential to reverse the court’s landmark 1973 decision in Roe.’” Read more here.


Children’s Storybook Glorifying the Killing of Unborn Babies Disgusts Even Some Abortion Supporters, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Scores of … people pointed out that a family cannot be ‘created’ by abortion, because abortion kills a child. A family can only be damaged by these acts of violence against its weakest and most vulnerable members, not ‘created.’ Pro-choice [social media] accounts also expressed their disgust, noting that abortion bedtime stories for children is simply a bridge too far, even for those who support permitting feticide.” Read more here.


D.C. Abortion Scandal Shows the Overwhelming Systemic Bias Facing Preborn Children, by Sam Dorman. “The prevailing and callous indifference to preborn life … can only last so long. Pro-choice leftists may argue that it’s inappropriate to even consider preborn babies as the type of humans who could experience social injustice. But science has ‘literally unveiled’ humanity in the womb – and in doing so, indicated preborn babies are humans who feel the weight of social burdens even more acutely than victim groups routinely cited by the left.” Read more here.


The Left, Children and Sex, by Laura Hollis. “Why should 5- and 6-year-olds be subjected to books or other materials with sexual content? And yet, the uproar on the Left has been nothing short of astonishing. Social media is now filled with TikTok videos in which teachers are demanding the right to discuss their sexual preferences and gender identity with the students they teach, as well as the right to encourage their students’ sexual experimentation and gender confusion – all without knowledge of the children’s parents.” Read more here.


The Hidden Threat to Freedom of Conscience in the [UK] Conversion Therapy Bill, by Stuart Waiton. “Using coercion to force someone to change their beliefs is criminal. The bill, however, talks about not only coercion but ‘manipulation.’ Based on this definition, if it can be called a definition, there is the potential that anyone who attempts to persuade someone from desisting from involvement in a gay relationship could be criminalized… Either we live in a free society where people can express their beliefs freely or we do not. If the UK bill is passed, there is a serious danger that this freedom will be lost.” Read more here.


Transgender Activists Use Unreliable Surveys to Emotionally Blackmail America, by Chad Felix Greene. “The truth is, we simply cannot say what does and does not ‘cause’ suicide in youth, and we can only speculate based on the self-reports of anonymous survey takers, assuming their reports are accurate. What we can determine, however, is that there is no objective evidence to suggest increasing parental involvement in schools and restricting advanced adult education on sexuality causes distress or suicidality, certainly not in children under the age of 10.” Read more here.


Why Parental Rights Activists Use Term ‘Grooming’ in Support of Laws to Protect Kids, by Nicole Russell. “One of the strangest reactions to all this is for the left to ridicule the use of the word ‘groomer’ – specifically, the semantics of the issue – rather than condemn the conversations teachers have admitted to having all over the internet… Rather than obsess over whether or not conservatives should use this word or that word, it’d be far more productive to ascertain what adults are teaching our kids in schools and whether that’s beneficial for them or not.” Read more here.


Alabama School District Caves to Atheists, Bans Prayers at Football Games, by Todd Starnes. “The school board consulted with their attorneys and decided it would be best to stop the prayers. ‘The superintendent met with school principals, and the administration will not allow prayer at school-sponsored events, including football games,’ read a letter from the district’s attorney to the out-of-town atheists. Cowards, all.” Read more here.


How Much Is Social Media to Blame for Teens’ Declining Mental Health? by Jean Twenge. “I noticed the early increases in teen depression when I was writing my book about the generation born after 1995… At first, I had no idea why teen depression was increasing so much in such a short period of time. But then I noticed some big trends in teens’ social lives: They were spending less time with their friends in-person and more time online. That tends not to be a good formula for mental health, especially for girls, and especially when that online time is spent on social media.” Read more here.


Democrat Leadership Killed a Virginia Bill That Would Have Banned Post-Abortion Infanticide, by Ashley Bateman. “Democrats were so afraid of life-affirming legislation, leadership even pocketed a bill that would protect a baby who survived an abortion. It has gotten so radical in Virginia that Democrats won’t even acknowledge that babies who are born after an abortion procedure should not be killed. …[T]he Born Alive bill may have passed if Senate leadership had brought it to a fair hearing.” Read more here.


Biden’s Title IX Changes Are a Threat to Due Process and Women’s Rights, by Kaylee McGhee White. “…President Joe Biden is trying to use Title IX as a tool to erase women – to force schools and universities that take federal funds to embrace the cultural radicalism of the Left, if they have not already. This poses a serious threat to the rights of students, especially female students, who will be expected to sacrifice their right to privacy and equal opportunity on the altar of gender ideology.” Read more here.


Sex Educators Say ‘Early Grades May Be the Best Time’ to Introduce Children to LGBT Issues, by Jeff Johnston. “In an online meeting with sex educators, two researchers said that sex education is ‘most important’ for children, and, they stated, ‘It can be strongest when it starts in elementary school…’ That’s right. Teach young children – even preschoolers – about gender ideology and homosexuality. And do so before basic truths – such as the reality that humans almost always form opposite-sex relationships or that people come in two forms, male or female – get ‘more deeply ingrained’ and less easy to change.” Read more here.


I Asked What My Daughter Would Learn in Kindergarten. Then the Teachers Union Sued Me, by Nicole Solas. “The principal said they don’t call children ‘boys’ and ‘girls,’ and teachers embed values of gender theory into classroom lessons… The principal told me these were ‘common practices’ but could not define a ‘common practice’ or tell me when these ‘practices’ originated. Now I wanted to know these ‘common practices’ and the educational pedagogy supporting them, but the school refused to answer my questions.” Read more here.


Lia Thomas Was Just the Beginning. Biden Administration Wants to Eliminate Women’s Sports, by Sarah Parshall Perry and Abby Kassal. “…[T]his new Title IX rule will unilaterally expand the prohibition against discrimination based on ‘sex’ to include: ‘sex stereotypes, sex-related characteristics (including intersex traits), pregnancy or related conditions, sexual orientation, and gender identity.’ For anyone who’s been half awake since January 2021, it’s clear that this administration’s pet mission is to advance the transgender agenda.” Read more here.


Not a ‘Kitchen Table Issue,’ Jen Psaki? Actually, Our Kids Are All We’re Thinking About, by Abigail Shrier. “That the Biden administration would peddle an activist talking point with no solid factual basis signals how desperate they are to please the radical flank of its supporters. That is too bad. Leaders who mollycoddle the activists quietly corrupting nearly every institution of American life fool themselves that they are merely paying a tax. They don’t realize it’s a ransom, and that those who demand it will never be satisfied until they have despoiled every American institution. And much worse in this case: they encourage irreversible harm to children.” Read more here.


Biden Significantly Boosts Funding to UN Agency Complicit in Human Rights Abuses, by Lisa Correnti. “The newly released White House budget for 2023 requests $56 million for the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) and calls for removing stipulations preventing the powerful UN agency from funding programs in China. This despite a recent Congressional report confirming China’s ongoing ‘genocide’ of Uyghurs in Xinjiang, including through brutal population control programs… Language prohibiting funds for abortion and funds to China have been eliminated.” Read more here.


The Most Radical Abortion Law in the Nation, by David Harsanyi. “Colorado’s new law doesn’t merely allow abortion of viable babies, for any reason, until crowning; it makes eugenic arguments about the ‘social, moral, and economic benefits’ of not having children, as if any law or regulation compels anyone to do so. The debate, lest it be repeated, is over when life is worth protecting. According to Colorado, which has no fetal-protection laws either, an unborn baby is never considered a life – so you can stop playing them that Baby Mozart.” Read more here.


The [Irish] Government Is Keeping Us in the Dark on Abortion Data, by Maria Steen. “To date, the Minister has refused to publish any meaningful figures about the operation of the law… This approach runs contrary to the spirit of the ‘information age’ in which we live. Other countries which have made abortion legally available publish detailed statistics, which give a fuller picture of the operation of their law and the circumstances of women seeking abortions. Questions of racism, the oppression of poor and marginalised women and ‘gendercide’ arise – but we can challenge abuses only if we have the data.” Read more here.


Protecting Children From Sextortion, by Sarah Harding. “Today, children are rarely abducted by strangers in public places. Child sex abusers have new highly effective tools to find their victims. Technology allows the abuser to gain virtual access to a child and obtain sexually explicit images that are then distributed online in a matter of seconds, a crime called sextortion, which the FBI says is on the rise… Gaining an understanding of how online predators operate can help parents more effectively prepare their children for the dangers they will encounter online, including how to detect sextortion.” Read more here.


A Universal Basic Income for Transgender People? by Nicole Russell. “On March 24, the Palm Springs City Council unanimously approved [a] request … for $200,000 in funding. The purpose of that funding? To determine the best way to operate a guaranteed income pilot program primarily for transgender and nonbinary individuals. This seems discriminatory and like a waste of taxpayer dollars… No one should be homeless, transgender or not. That said, it’s wholly discriminatory for Palm Springs to spend $200,000 to figure out whether only transgender or nonbinary people need universal basic income stipends.” Read more here.


Red and Blue States Chart Opposite Courses as Dobbs v. Jackson Looms, by Sarah Westwood. “A number of red states are pursuing bans on abortion that would face potentially successful court challenges in the event the Supreme Court upholds the abortion protections established by the 1973 Roe decision. Some blue states, meanwhile, are looking to codify abortion protections in anticipation of a potential erosion of the legal precedents that prevent most abortion restrictions from getting enacted.” Read more here.


UNFPA Report Frames ‘Unintended Pregnancy’ as Global Crisis, by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “How does UNFPA account for the enormous disconnection between intention and pregnancy? ‘The biggest issue, by far, is the unmet need for contraception,’ according to the new report. UNFPA has often used ‘unmet need’ interchangeably with a lack of access, but this is inaccurate. Based on surveys of women themselves, only a small percentage – about 5% – of ‘unmet need’ is caused by a lack of access to family planning.” Read more here.


Biden Administration to Demand Colleges Erase Women’s Sports, Due Process, Free Speech, and Men and Women, by Madeline Osburn. “President Joe Biden’s Department of Education is expected to finalize changes to Title IX rules in the coming weeks to expand the definition of discrimination beyond sex to also include sexual orientation and gender identity. The rule changes will have seismic implications, setting off not just state versus federal showdowns over state laws barring biological males from competing in women’s sports, but also how college campuses handle sexual harassment charges and due process.” Read more here.


Abortion Pills Take Center Stage as Supreme Court Considers Landmark Case, by Charlotte Pence Bond. “One of the main concerns with the pills is ectopic pregnancy… Such pregnancies are only visible via ultrasound, meaning pregnant women receiving abortion pills without seeing a physician wouldn’t be aware of the condition… Another concern about these drugs being sent through the mail is that this could be used to provide cover for perpetrators of sexual abuse. For example, if a young girl becomes pregnant, it’s important for her to be seen in person so a medical provider can screen for abuse.” Read more here.


Biden’s Order on Gender Transitioning Kids Shows Left Is All in on the Culture War, by Jarrett Stepman. “The left is all in on the idea that being a man or a woman is a social construct, that men can and should compete in women’s sports if they identify as women, and that children should take life-altering drugs if at any moment they feel like they are not the sex assigned at birth. The left now demands that the law, from the top down, enforces this evolution of ideas… With its new HHS order, the Biden administration is signaling that it is for the cultural revolution, and that you will accept its faith, or else.” Read more here.


Biden Doubles Down on Radical ‘Gender-Affirming Care’ for Kids, by Jay Richards. “[Arkansas’ SAFE Act] prevents doctors from prescribing puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones or performing surgeries on minors to ‘affirm gender identity…’ Biden opposes this. You read that right. The White House thinks that minors can consent to their own sterilization. And Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services claims that this is the proper standard of care for treating minors who struggle with their sexed bodies.” Read more here.


In Finland, a Win for Free Speech Everywhere, by Elyssa Koren. “In no way isolated to Finland, this case is a stark example of the dangers of pervasive ‘hate speech’ laws sweeping the globe. We must not let this win obscure the reality that the day has arrived in which expressing an opinion on social media could conceivably land someone in jail. As this dystopian day dawns in Europe, Americans should take note. The U.S. is far from immune to the insidious trend of silencing – cancel culture is closing in around us everywhere, and the looming threat of jail time has already arrived on our shores.” Read more here.


The Four States Planning to Become ‘Abortion Sanctuaries’ as Others Pass Bans, by Cassidy Morrison. “The court is slated to rule in June on the most consequential abortion rights case in decades, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health. The case pertains to a 2018 Mississippi law effectively banning abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy, which flouted the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision to allow abortions up to the point of viability, between 22 to 24 weeks. The majority-conservative court has signaled its willingness to consider overturning Roe, a prospect that has sent blue states scrambling to preserve the right to abortions within their borders.” Read more here.


Is TikTok Dangerous for Teens? by Leonard Sax. “One parent told me: ‘…I already use the TikTok Family Pairing option so that I can see what my daughter is doing in the app.’ I remind parents that I see many teens who have created two TikTok accounts. One is the ‘clean’ account which they show to their parents and which their parents follow on the Family Pairing option. The other is the real account, where the daughter is watching, or posting, the videos she doesn’t want her parents to see.” Read more here.


Florida’s New Law Is Only Bad for People Who Believe Parents Have No Rights Over Their Children, by Eddie Scarry. “On CNN, Moricz fretted that the law would prohibit ‘queer’ children from coming out as non-heterosexual to their teachers. That impression – to the extent that it’s an honest one – appears to come from some notion that requiring schools to provide parents with total access to their own children’s health records could potentially mean ‘outing’ students to family members before they’re ready to do so. But to the contrary, the law explicitly protects students from that very scenario.” Read more here.


On Transgenderism, the Biden Administration Is Disguising Cruelty as Compassion, by Kaylee McGhee White. “[The Department of Health and Human Services] went on to claim that ‘evidence-based interventions such as puberty blockers and gender-affirming hormones’ are actually essential for ‘transgender and nonbinary children and adolescents’ and should be followed up with ‘”top” surgery – to create male-typical chest shape or enhance breasts’ or ‘”bottom” surgery – surgery on genitals or reproductive organs, facial feminization, or other procedures.’” Read more here.


Lawsuits Targeting Florida’s Parental Rights Law Get Puff Piece Coverage, by Rebecca Downs. “’After they wed in 2016 when same-sex marriage became legal in Florida, they thought they would be guaranteed all the “rights and privileges” that come with it, Casares says, including having their child be protected and treated equally under the law,’ Carlisle’s piece dramatically begins in part. There’s no indication, though, that Casares and Feinberg, as well as their child, will not have those ‘rights and privileges,’ including when it comes to ‘having their child be protected and treated equally under the law.’” Read more here.


A Teachable Moment – Let’s Tell Teens the Truth About Sex and Its Consequences, by Janet Morana. “Organizations like Planned Parenthood have been telling teens for decades that sex is a normal and natural part of adolescent life. Of course, the nation’s number one abortion seller would say that, but the reality is that sex is hazardous to teenagers’ health. Sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise and teens are among the groups most impacted… Teens have a lot to lose when they become sexually active, so instead of encouraging this behavior, or looking the other way, let’s face it head on.” Read more here.


Yes, Schools Are Secretly Trying to ‘Gender Transition’ Kids, and It Must Be Stopped, by Emilie Kao. “More mothers and fathers across the country are waking up to the shock that schools and government officials are promoting transgender ideology in the classroom and then ‘socially transitioning’ confused children, sometimes even behind a wall of secrecy. ‘Gender support plans’ put out by school administrators require school employees to use names and pronouns that align with a student’s gender identity instead of their biological sex.” Read more here.


UN Experts Exceed Their Mandates on Same-Sex Relations, by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “The text of CEDAW contains no direct references to lesbians, homosexuality, or sexual minorities, and its use to create new categories of human rights protections in these areas is controversial and not supported by states parties to the treaty.  Nevertheless, the CEDAW Committee has used its communications to advance such a standard on numerous occasions, particularly in the last two decades.” Read more here.


Gay Lobby Disappointed at Just-Concluded UN Commission, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “The 54 Member States of the UN Commission on the Status of Women have refused to bow to U.S. and EU pressure on homosexual/trans issues. The just-concluded commission adopted an agreement largely along the lines of past years, with marginal bureaucratic gains for homosexual/trans issues and abortion groups through ambiguous terms like ‘sexual and reproductive health’ and ‘women in diverse situations and conditions.’” Read more here.


Disney Executives Admit: Of Course We’re Grooming Your Children, by Elle Reynolds. “Disney isn’t just grooming children with radical sexual propaganda – now they’re bragging about it. On the heels of Florida’s new Parental Rights in Education law, which bars educators from instructing kindergarten through third-grade students about sexual ideology, multiple executives and employees from the Walt Disney Company admitted their own personal missions to deluge 5- to 9-year-olds with as much of their own sexual ideology as possible.” Read more here.


Leaked Documents Show How Teachers Recruit Students, Form Gay and Transgender Clubs in Schools, by Christopher Tremoglie. “For example, one of the recommended activities is for teachers to ask students their Kinsey Scale rating. …[T]he Kinsey Scale … emphasizes that ‘sexuality is fluid’ and that human sexuality does not fit into ‘two strict categories.’ Moreover, it asks participants to describe their emotions behind having sexual intercourse with people of the same sex and other sexual fantasies. It’s a completely inappropriate activity for teachers to do with students, regardless of age.” Read more here.


Finnish Court Rebukes State Prosecution of Christians for Saying God Made Men and Women Different, by Joy Pullmann. “Rasanen and Lutheran Bishop Juhana Pohjola were acquitted of all four ‘hate crimes’ charges against them for speaking the Bible’s teachings that sex is rightly reserved for lifelong marriage between one man and one woman. The three-judge court not only cleared the two Christians but ordered the prosecution to pay their legal costs, ruling that in a free country courts have no place deciding permissible religious views.” Read more here.


At UN Commission on Status of Women, Far Left Ties Gender Ideology, Abortion to Climate Change, by Grace Melton. “Whatever its stated theme, radical feminists and their allies in Western governments and the UN bureaucracy use the annual event as cover for radical policies and abortion on demand. This year, they folded their abortion promotion into left-wing gender ideology and yoked it with the well-funded climate agenda… It’s hard to believe that the United Nations is serious about improving women’s lives when it seems to promote abortion at every turn. Furthermore, its embrace of gender ideology threatens to erase women by denying the realities of biological sex.” Read more here.


Now, a California Bill to Permit Infant Death by Neglect, by Wesley J. Smith. “As in the Maryland law, if a state actor seeks to bring an action against people who give birth or those who help them ‘based on their actions or omissions’ with regard to ‘perinatal death,’ that person or entity can be sued… One blue-state bill that would allow a born baby to be neglected to death might be an anomaly. A second that does that – and perhaps could be interpreted to allow infanticide, also – is a pattern. The cultural Left is blazing new grounds of depravity.” Read more here.


This School District Might Be the Worst Violator of Parental Rights, by Ian Prior. “By both pushing students to conceal their sexual and/or gender identity from their own parents and dismissing objections of parents, there is little doubt that the Eau Claire Area trainings comprise unwarranted usurpation, disregard, and disrespect for parental choice when it comes to biological sex, whether that choice is based on faith or a basic understanding of human biology.” Read more here.


Supreme Court Declines Religious Liberty Case, but One Justice Hints at Potential Outcome in Future Cases Like It, by Sarah Parshall Perry. “…[T]he Supreme Court declined to hear the case of a religious organization claiming it had the right to refuse to hire individuals who did not share its religious beliefs. In denying the case on technical grounds, Justice Samuel Alito indicated that if it or a similar case came before the court in the future, the justices could likely find in favor of such a right for religious employers.” Read more here.


High-Quality Study Finds Preschool Enrollment Makes Children Learn Less and Misbehave More, by Joy Pullmann. “This trend of increasingly negative disparities over time among preschool attendees also affected student behavior records, the study says… These negative behavioral findings included decreased rates of school attendance, violations of school policies such as cheating and disobeying the dress code, being held back a grade, and being diagnosed with a learning disability or emotional disturbance.” Read more here.


USA Today and Gender Studies Experts Confirm: Women Don’t Exist, by Zachary Faria. “Between establishment media and their chosen ‘experts,’ we’re clearly in good hands… The reason Jackson’s response is such a big deal is precisely that it exposes the ideologues such as Dastagir, who are imposing their anti-science zealotry on media, schools, and sports. They use genetic abnormalities to justify their view that men and women don’t biologically exist and are entirely interchangeable social labels. It doesn’t make any sense, but if you can’t trust gender studies professors, who can you trust?” Read more here.


What Sen. Mike Lee’s Discussion of Abortion Procedures and the Media Censorship Says About the Issue, by Rebecca Downs. “It wasn’t just that Sen. Lee brought up the issue, specifically in the form of the particularly gruesome partial-birth abortion procedure, that is worthy of attention, but how pro-abortion journalist Aaron Rupar, of Vox, covered it, or, more accurately, didn’t… Many who called Rupar out offered that if abortion is no big deal to someone who is pro-abortion as he is, then it shouldn’t be a big deal to discuss the method.” Read more here.


Will Finland Side With Religious Freedom? by Frank Wolf and Arielle Del Turco. “We must not allow the secular equivalent of blasphemy laws to take root in law or culture. What’s unfolding in Finland should be a wake-up call to stand for our freedoms, rather than take them for granted. We may not think that such a case could happen in the United States, but Räsänen thought the same thing about Finland until it happened to her.” Read more here.


Jackson’s Failure to Define ‘Woman’ Indicates She Won’t Protect Females on Supreme Court, by Nicole Russell. “By refusing to answer the definition of ‘woman,’ Jackson leaves the door open to what she thinks about sex, gender, and controversial cases like Bostock v. Clayton County… If Jackson is unable or unwilling to define what a woman is in a legal sense, this can pose real problems for future cases she may hear as a sitting Supreme Court justice. How can she know what the law says on sex and gender identity if she cannot define sex? How can she rule in cases on women’s issues or rights when she isn’t sure how to define a woman?” Read more here.


Parent Bill of Rights Would Let Wisconsin Parents Sue Schools for Exploiting Our Kids, by Alyssa Pollow and Emily Donohue. “Wisconsin’s parent bill of rights establishes a statutory legal right for parents to direct their child’s education and a legal framework to hold schools accountable to this law. Among the rights enumerated in the bill are the right to review and receive access to educational materials, the right to be notified about and opt out of certain educational topics, the right to choose the name and pronouns one’s child goes by at school, … and the rights to be notified about school safety concerns and student surveys.” Read more here.


No, School Boards Are Not ‘Banning Books,’ by David Harsanyi. “If parents want, they can, in only a few minutes, order ‘This Book Is Gay,’ ‘Out of Darkness,’ or ‘We Are the Ants’ at a reasonable price. But Granbury Independent School District has no constitutional obligation to stock its shelves with novels touching on rape, abortion or transgenderism; there is no tenet of free expression that demands libraries make books on racial identitarianism available to kids; there’s no rule that state [sic] schools must keep books on a shelf in perpetuity simply because a librarian ordered it.” Read more here.


Mother of Trans Teenager: Los Angeles County Killed My Daughter, by Tori Richards. “’The more you pull on this thread, you will be shocked,’ said a Brooklyn parent named Emmaline… ‘We have been lied to, brainwashed and manipulated – all to turn my child’s nonconformity and anxiety into a pharmaceutical product.’ Emmaline took a crash course in child dysphoria three years ago when her 12-year-old daughter suddenly announced she was gay, then later decided she was transgender.” Read more here.


‘We Are Just Guinea Pigs:’ Women Describe Trauma of Transitioning as Teenagers, by Tori Richards. “Social media is filled with a neverending stream of detransitioners who are trying to undo the effects of hormone therapy and invasive surgeries such as hysterectomies and mastectomies… The average age to detransition is 23, approximately five years after undergoing transition, a clinical survey of 237 participants showed. Seventy percent realized that their gender dysphoria was related to other issues, such as existing depression.” Read more here.


Top Pediatrician: Teenage Transgender Medicine a Deadly Path, by Tori Richards. “Transgender health care is a big business, so it’s not clear if the runaway train can be slowed any time soon. Van Meter said he has seen a 500% increase in treatments on minors over the past decade. Online sites such as Plume offer a one-stop shopping experience complete with virtual doctors who can sign off on prescriptions and refer patients for surgery for a monthly $99 subscription. Sites such as Reddit are filled with posts of teenagers asking for doctor referrals and giving surgery advice.” Read more here.


WHO Guidelines on Abortion Imply Conscience Objections Are ‘Indefensible,’ by Kevin J. Jones. “The document’s twenty-second recommendation addresses conscientious objection, contending that there is a ‘human rights obligation to ensure that conscientious objection does not hinder access to quality abortion care…’ The WHO document suggests ‘prohibiting conscientious objection in urgent or emergency situations’ and also regulating conscientious objection in a way that includes ‘identifying, addressing and sanctioning non-compliance.’” Read more here.


Religious Freedom Is Under Threat in Victoria, by Andy Mullins. “In reality this means that a religious school may no longer prioritise the employment of teaching staff who support the religious ethos of the school… The law only recognises the right of specific teachers in religious schools to teach religious knowledge, but not the right of the school as a whole to build a culture informed by faith. Faith and life are decoupled under this law. It is a direct attack on religion and on the rights of parents.” Read more here.


Gender Ideology Is on Life Support. My Day Watching Lia Thomas Swim, by Colin Wright. “At some point, and I suspect it will be soon, the force of cultural pushback in response to the excesses of gender ideology will begin to prevail… Stark absurdities, like what occurred at the NCAA Women’s Championships last week, will only fast-track gender ideology’s demise. Reality can only be warped so much before it eventually snaps back to reclaim its original form, and more and more people are everyday becoming privy to the destructive nature of the current gender madness.” Read more here.


Kansas Weighs Protecting Rights of Children, Families in Education, by Jonathan Butcher. “The proposal includes key provisions being considered in many other states. For example, the Kansas proposal allows parents to ‘be informed of and inspect’ the materials that educators use in the classroom. That way, parents can talk with their children about controversial topics before, during, and after they complete an assignment. Families can also object to material that is not age-appropriate for children.” Read more here.


Colorado Legislature Creating New Way for People to Become Parents While Denying Best Interests of Children, by The Daily Citizen. “This bill does nothing less than facilitates the legally streamlined creation of intentionally motherless or fatherless parentage of children so that same-sex couples can merely ‘assign’ a child’s other ‘parent’ based on the desires of the adults involved, rather than the fundamental needs of the child. Be sure, this is a very radical step in family law that should be resisted. If two women or two men propose they are the parents of a child, this bill would establish them as legal parents without question from anyone. All that is needed is the declaration of the two adults.” Read more here.


Distorting Florida’s Parental Rights Bill, by Jerry Newcombe. “…[G]ender dysphoria is a form of depression. And while puberty blockers and sex reassignment surgeries may provide temporary relief, they don’t address the root issue: ‘When you don’t like who you are at the core of who you are, you’re depressed about who you are.’ Why should parents, who are responsible for their children’s education and well-being, have to pick up the pieces as our society recklessly destroys these little children and their futures?” Read more here.


Including Rachel Levine Among the Women of the Year Is an Affront to Women and Girls, by Nicole Russell. “USA Today is suggesting that the achievements of Levine, who spent over 50 years living as a biological male, are the same as biological women and their unique attributes. It is wholly unfair to biological women… Women did not work tirelessly to achieve the right to vote, and then the right to work on equal terms, and then the right to get a credit card without a cosigner just so transgender females could best them in track, on the swim team, and in high-ranking government positions.” Read more here.


Why the Act of Marriage (Still) Makes a Difference, by Harry Benson. “So do we need marriage? Are the poor leading the way by abandoning it? Are the rich hanging on to marriage as some kind of status symbol? Is marriage permanently dented, or is it just going through a bad patch? What I want to do is restore your confidence in marriage. I want to reassure you that the statistics continue to show that families who marry tend to have better outcomes, both adults and children, both rich and poor alike.” Read more here.


Canada’s Crackdown on Religious Freedom Is a Wake-Up Call for Americans, by Jorge Gomez. “Americans must confront a difficult question: Is a wave of religious hostility, tyranny and intolerance headed to the Land of the Free? The shocking truth is that similar and equally brazen violations are already happening in our nation. It’s no longer a dystopian fantasy to think of religious citizens being muzzled and kept from living out their faith. It’s an undeniable reality…” Read more here.


WHO Advises Telemedicine Abortions/Eliminate Conscience Protections for Doctors, by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “With regard to conscientious objection by health care providers, the guidance recommends that it be restricted so as not to impose any barrier to accessing abortion… As the WHO continues to expand its pool of potential abortion providers from doctors to all levels of medical practitioners, the number of people seeking conscientious exceptions from involvement with abortion also increases. This guidance also ‘suggests’ that pharmacists and pharmacy workers should be included among abortion providers.” Read more here.


Marie Stopes International and Abortion, Inc., by Hayden Ludwig. “That report also found that Marie Stopes doctors were pressuring female patients to undergo abortions, often ignoring or bulk-signing the pre-consent forms required by British law… A year later, government inspectors discovered that Marie Stopes staff were ‘encouraged’ to suggest patients undergo abortions because it was ‘linked to their performance bonuses,’ a feature the inspectors called the group’s ‘cattle market culture.’” Read more here.


Students Are Being Groomed by Teachers to Embrace LGBT ‘Glitter Families’ in Place of Parents, by Jonathon Van Maren. “LGBT activists will claim that … kids identifying as LGBT face genuine danger from their own families. Government employees, in other words, care more about these children than their parents do, and as such those employees must be both instructed and enabled to protect children from their families. Combine this with omnipresent LGBT sex education beginning in the earliest grades and increasingly presenting children the option of changing genders, and the results are inevitable.” Read more here.


Florida Law Is Pro-Freedom, Not Anti-LGBTQ, by Star Parker. “Anyone who wants to publicize this as, ‘Don’t say gay’ should also publicize it as saying, ‘Don’t say straight.’ Because that’s what it’s about. Removing discussion about sexual orientation from classrooms of toddlers. But for LGBTQ activists, anything not actively promoting their agenda is taken as opposition. Therefore, for them, freedom, and the tolerance and neutrality that it requires, is by definition anti-LGBTQ.” Read more here.


Americans Across the Political Spectrum Need to Say No to Men in Women’s Sports and No to Corporate Identity, by Kara Dansky. “Most legacy media outlets also misleadingly use language designed to confuse us all. Media usages of phrases such as ‘transgender athlete,’ ‘transgender children,’ and ‘transgender prisoner’ and of wrong-sex pronouns are deliberately designed to manipulate readers into questioning their own sense of what is true. Don’t let them get away with it. Every time anyone uses language that obscures the truth, we contribute to the lie. Let’s all commit to using language that is grounded in material reality instead.” Read more here.


New Media Outlet Examines the Evidence for ‘Gender Medicine,’ by Bernard Lane. “Maybe the gender clinics could start a program for new referrals, matching them up with young adult ‘detransitioners’ who have stopped taking hormones and reclaimed their birth sex. Those detransitioners might tell the would-be transitioners that high hopes for medical treatment, especially for gender medicine with its weak evidence base, can be disappointed in practice, leaving a patient with side effects and regret.” Read more here.


When It Comes to Minor Transition, Gender Activists Leave Lawmakers Little Choice, by Debra Soh. “As someone who supports transitioning in adults and is in favor of personal autonomy, in an ideal world, banning something would not be my preferred line of defense. But I have seen the extent to which trans ideology’s unscientific tentacles have woven their way into medical, educational, and scientific organizations. I am highly skeptical that activist groups responsible for these changes will ever consider quitting while they are ahead.” Read more here.


Progressive Group Slammed for Creepy Attack on Florida’s Parental Rights Bill, by Tim Meads. “The progressive group ‘Together Rising’ is being slammed for its creepy attack on Florida’s ‘Parental Rights in Education’ bill and for its point-blank admission that they view other people’s kids as something society should control. While it may seem like a new development, observers have been warning for several years the Left’s assault on the traditional family unit is explicitly linked to indoctrinating children with their progressive political agenda.” Read more here.


By Any Other Name, by Helena. “It’s understandable that any young person exposed to this kind of belief system would grow to deeply resent being white, ‘cis,’ straight, or (biologically) male. The beauty of gender ideology is it provides a way to game this system, so that you can get some of those targets off your back and enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded youths. …[I]t’s as easy as putting a ‘she/they’ in your bio. Instantly you are transformed from an oppressing, entitled, evil, bigoted, selfish, disgusting cishet white scum into a valid trans person who deserves celebration and special coddling to make up for the marginalization and oppression you supposedly now face.” Read more here.


Maryland Legislature Considers Sick Bill That Could Legalize Infanticide Up to 28 Days After Birth, by Olivia Summers. “…[T]he bill also proposes a revision of the fetal murder/ manslaughter statute that would serve to handcuff the investigation of infant deaths unrelated to abortion. In other words – this bill will effectively legalize infanticide… And it gets worse. Because the language that is used is without clear definition, the bill could prevent any investigations into the death of infants at least seven days AFTER their birth and may extend to infants as old as four weeks!” Read more here.


Here’s Why Florida’s Anti-Grooming Bill Is Necessary, by Kaylee McGhee White. “The legislation is really an anti-grooming bill meant to protect young children from coercive leftist theories on gender and sex. …[L]aws like the one being proposed in Florida are not overreactive or irrelevant but necessary. There are people out there, like Robertson and Turner, whose primary goal is to indoctrinate and sexualize young children, and they view the classroom as the perfect place to do both. Florida’s bill would make sure they’re allowed nowhere near it.” Read more here.


Trans Activists Funded by Big Pharma Push Biased Research Promoting Medical Transitions for Children, by Laurel Duggan. “A … comprehensive review of nine studies failed to find evidence that hormonal therapy and puberty blockers were helpful. The review pointed out common flaws in transgender treatment research, such as confounding variables and bias resulting from observational studies that lack control groups. Yet the media has widely publicized studies funded by pharmaceutical corporations and activist groups which claim to find that ‘gender-affirming’ medical care … is good for kids’ mental health.” Read more here.


Activists Hosting ‘Sex-Ed Summer Camp’ for Children as Young as 7-Years-Old, by Rebecca Downs. “Another answer confirms that children will see condom demonstrations. ‘At this age, kids are primed for level-headed learning. They are information-gatherers. There is no shame or ickiness associated with using bandaids and that same philosophy is applied to condoms and other barriers in this body-positive curriculum,’ the explanation reads.” Read more here.


Colorado Leftists Want to Legalize Abortion Up to Birth, by Zachary Faria. “Colorado has no limits on abortion, but that apparently is not good enough. Colorado Democrats are advancing a bill to codify its lack of abortion restrictions and to prevent unborn children from having independent rights under state law. According to Axios, the bill is ‘a first step toward asking Colorado voters to approve a constitutional protection on the 2024 ballot.’” Read more here.


Actually, Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Is Common Sense, by Tom Joyce. “Woke gender ideology denies reality. People are male and female… Meanwhile, concepts such as nonbinary, genderqueer, and other fringe genders don’t belong in the classroom at that age. Telling children young enough to believe in Santa Claus that they might not be a boy or a girl and that they can pick their gender is a great way to confuse young children.” Read more here.


Florida and Texas Are Right to Fight Back in the Transgender Debate, by the Editors of National Review. “Beyond grade three, the bill allows for gender ideology to be taught so long as it is ‘age-appropriate.’ But ‘age-appropriate’ according to whom? Is there ever an appropriate age to tell a child that puberty may be optional? Discussing varieties in human sexuality and identity with older children is one thing, but some ideological creeds – gender ideology and critical race theory among them – are so dubious and divisive that they ought to be kept out of the classroom.” Read more here.


The FDA Should Follow England – and the Science – on Mail Order Abortion, by Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith and Tessa Longbons. “Without direct, in-person consultation between a pregnant woman and a medical professional prior to chemical abortion, not only is it difficult to diagnose serious risk factors such as an ectopic pregnancy, but the door is left wide open for vulnerable women and girls to be bullied or physically forced into an unwanted abortion. Unfettered and unfiltered access to abortion pills dramatically reduces the possibility of detection and deterrence.” Read more here.


Biden Uses International Women’s Day to Promote Abortion, by Alexandra Desanctis. “In his official statement marking yesterday’s celebration of International Women’s Day, President Biden lauded his administration’s efforts to assist women, including ‘a whole-of-government effort to protect reproductive rights.’ It’s difficult for progressives to imagine celebrating women without, in the same breath, calling for more abortion.” Read more here.


Fighting Abortion Now Requires Fighting Americans’ Increasing Hatred of Children, by Brenna Lewis. “Along with the rise of the term ‘childfree’ (reducing the idea of children to burdens), Pew is finding that an unprecedented number of Americans don’t plan to have children for no reason other than that they don’t want them. The study, released in November 2021, found that a whopping 44 percent of childless 18- to 49-year-olds said they’re not too or not at all likely to have children.” Read more here.


Utah Governor Caves to the Left’s Radical Gender Ideology, by Kaylee McGhee White. “The contents of pro-women’s sports legislation and how to best preserve equal access to competition are certainly up for debate. But the fundamental principle of these bills, the belief that women’s sports and female athletes deserve protection, must never be compromised. By refusing even to consider Utah’s bill, Cox betrayed this principle and proved he cannot be trusted to defend women’s rights against the radical gender ideology that would undermine them.” Read more here.


The New York Times Misleads on Texas Abortion Trends, by Michael J. New. “…[A] closer look at the Times article indicates there is much less to their claims than they suggest. First, even taking the data at face value, the increases in mail-order abortions and out-of-state abortions fail to totally offset the overall decline in the abortion rate. Even the Times admits that the heartbeat law is preventing hundreds of abortions every month and has saved thousands of lives since it took effect.” Read more here.


On International Women’s Day, Oppose the Violence of Abortion, by Sarah Michalak. “Worldwide, abortion is used aggressively against precious preborn baby girls. A five-year study reported in 2019 found ‘(n)early 23.1 million females are missing due to sex-selective abortions in 12 Asian and European countries.’ This is a failure on the part of our global society and something that this year’s International Women’s Day theme of ‘gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow,’ could highlight, given America’s track record.” Read more here.


Wisconsin School District: Parents ‘Not Entitled’ to Know Kids’ Gender Identity, by Matt Margolis. “The latest outrage comes out of the Eau Claire School District in Wisconsin, where a slide shared during a staff development training session instructed teachers that parents are ‘not entitled’ to know their kids’ gender identity. The slide … says the following: ‘…Remember, parents are not entitled to know their kids’ identities. That knowledge must be earned. Teachers are often straddling this complex situation. In ECASD, our priority is supporting the student.’” Read more here.


Abortion Industry Promotes ‘Missed Period Pills’ so Women Won’t Know If They Were Pregnant, by Carole Novielli. “In an attempt to normalize abortion by using deceptive euphemisms, the abortion industry is now referring to the use of mifepristone and/or misoprostol (the same drugs as are used in the abortion pill regimen) as ‘missed period pills’ or ‘later period pills.’ The drugs are being sold to women without a confirmation of pregnancy, … allowing them to escape the knowledge of whether or not they killed their own preborn children.” Read more here.


Senate Democrats Fail to Codify Roe v. Wade, by Lisa Correnti. “Prior to the vote, Schumer justified his actions saying that ‘abortion has never been more at risk’ and that every American deserves to know where his or her Senator stands on the issue. Schumer’s statement confirmed suspicions that the vote was called with the November mid-term elections looming and the abortion lobby demanding to know where Senators stand before they direct election funding.” Read more here.


The Latest Body Mutilation Fad Pushed by Trans Activists Is Not ‘Life Saving,’ It’s Dangerous to Human Health, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Breast binders are essentially wraps that flatten the breasts of girls who wish to identify as boys so that they can ‘present’ as male. Binders can cause back pain, shoulder pain, chest pain, shortness of breath, and fractured ribs – especially if used long-term… If girls use breast binders as they enter puberty, the results are often irreversible. But breast binders are all the rage right now, promoted by trans vloggers and YouTube stars as well as activists.” Read more here.


In Wisconsin, a Fight Over Whether Children Belong to the State or the Parents, by Andrea Widburg. “In the massive battle shaping up across America, public school districts are metaphorically carrying a banner saying ‘All your children are belong to us’ [sic] in their battle against parents over children’s gender (not to mention racial issues). What’s happening in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, exemplifies this battle and can be summed up in a sentence from a staff training session: ‘[P]arents are not entitled to know their kids’ [gender] identities. That knowledge must be earned.’” Read more here.


Don’t Buy Media’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Distortions About Florida’s Parental Rights Bill, by Jarrett Stepman. “This provision is a response to what’s happened in some schools, where a student is pushed by school officials to undergo a gender transition without the permission or knowledge of parents. There may have been a time and place where such restrictions on sexually explicit content for young children didn’t have to be addressed, but the reality is that more of such content is getting injected into children’s books and other materials.” Read more here.


What We Learn From Democrats’ Failure to Pass an Extreme Abortion Bill, by Nicole Russell. “The legislation would have repealed all existing state laws that specify abortion restrictions or protect the unborn in some way, endangering laws that ban late-term abortions… The bill also would have prohibited future laws regulating abortions and the abortion industry. This is especially gut-wrenching, because as technology has improved and our understanding of the human body has grown, abortion laws have reflected such progress.” Read more here.


The Moral Atrocity of ‘Top Surgery,’ by Miriam Grossman. “Increasingly, confused girls with mental health issues are lining up to have their breasts removed, erroneously believing my colleagues who tell them the operation will alleviate their emotional pain and allow them to emerge as their authentic selves. Girls as young as 13 are having ‘top surgery,’ a euphemism for a bilateral mastectomy – the removal of both breasts – in order to create, as gender surgeons put it, a ‘masculinized’ chest.” Read more here.


Joe Biden Shamelessly Promotes Abortion as ‘Advancing Liberty and Justice’ and ‘Access to Health Care’ in SOTU, by Rebecca Downs. “During his State of the Union address, President Joe Biden delved into the abortion issue, though he didn’t mention it by name. Instead, he framed it as ‘rights of women’ and ‘health care…’ Referring to the abortion procedure, which ends the life of an unborn child as being about ‘advancing liberty and justice’ as well as ‘protect[ing] access to health care’ and ‘continu[ing] to advance maternal health care for all Americans,’ drew outrage.” Read more here.


Performing ‘Sex-Change Procedures’ on Kids Is Child Abuse, Texas’ Attorney General Says. He’s Right, and I Should Know, by Walt Heyer. “Adults should not subject children to surgery that removes healthy organs and causes sterilization, nor endanger them with drugs to block normal onset of puberty or to induce cross-sex appearance. Adults should protect children’s long-term health and well-being, not experiment with it… The first step in helping anyone, especially children, is to see their troubles through an appropriate lens, free from political ideology.” Read more here.


Supreme Court Takes Another Important Religious Freedom Case, by Nicole Russell. “…[S]he does not agree with gay marriage due to her orthodox religious beliefs. So, she would have to decline to design websites in celebration of such a marriage… Thankfully, the First Amendment was designed to protect just such beliefs. Anti-discrimination laws were formed to prevent discrimination, to keep malicious bigots in check. But Colorado’s language is such that it turns the First Amendment on its head. It now makes the people who embrace the most traditional beliefs the ‘bigots.’” Read more here.


Doubling of LGBT-Identifying Americans Is Due to Trendiness, by Debra Soh. “According to the report, the LGBT percentage of the total population has doubled from 3.5% to 7.1% in approximately 10 years. As one could reasonably expect, LGBT self-identification was more common among young people. For example, about 11% of millennials and 21% of Gen Z identified this way. That’s right, roughly 1 in 5 Zoomers says they are gay or transgender. This is in contrast with only 4% of Gen Xers and 3% of baby boomers.” Read more here.


Secret Teacher Portals Reveal ‘Pronoun Surveys,’ ‘Black Lives Matter Curriculum.’ Here’s What I Found in the Leaked Content, by Kenny Xu. “Preschool-aged children are highly impressionable, and using books like ‘Sparkle Boy’ and ‘When Aidan Became a Brother’ are bound to create an unhealthy focus on one’s own sexuality at an extremely vulnerable age. It is quite conceivable that a normal 5-year-old girl, upon reading one of these books, suddenly decides she is trans based upon a classroom experience.” Read more here.


U.S. Senate Considers Abortion-on-Demand Bill, by Lisa Correnti. “The bill passed the House of Representatives in September by a vote of 218-211. The abortion lobby has pressed Senate Democrats to take up a bill in response to a Supreme Court decision that may restrict abortion rights. The bill would roll back nearly all state laws that restrict abortion enacted over the past 40 years, including laws on parental notification, informed consent, late term abortion, dismemberment abortion, telemedicine abortion and conscience protection.” Read more here.


Colombian High Court Says Aborting Disabled Children Can Never Be a Crime, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “The high court said it is through abortion that women, children, and ‘gestating persons’ exercise their sexual and reproductive freedom and put into practice their own individual system of beliefs and values. The reasoning in the Court’s decision follows the lead of the legislature of Argentina and the Supreme Court of Mexico, both of which over the last two years recognized abortion as a right for all ‘gestating persons.’ It remains unclear if this refers only to women who identify as men or also men who identify as women.” Read more here.


Schools Using ‘Transition Closets’ to Hide Children’s Transgender Identity From Parents, by Jeff Charles. “…[E]ducators are using ‘Transition Closets’ as a means of helping students dealing with gender dysphoria to conceal the issue from their parents. The practice allows them to socially transition to the opposite sex without their parents’ knowledge… Transition Closets appear to be present mostly on university campuses at the moment. However, they could be far more ubiquitous in K-12 schools than it seems. The secretive nature of the project could mean it is flying under the radar at other schools.” Read more here.


The War on Parents Continues, by Ben Shapiro. “Florida is now considering a bill, the Parental Rights in Education bill, that would restrict primary schools from indoctrinating children on matters of sexual orientation or gender identity and would require schools to inform parents about minors who begin identifying as LGBTQ in school. None of this should be controversial… It is parents who care most about their children, not school administrators; it is parents who shape the values and choices of their children.” Read more here.


Biden’s Stealth Expansion of Abortion Policy Is a Losing Battle, by Jeanne Mancini. “What this means in plain English is that HHS will attack all existing federal constraints on abortion and generally make life more difficult for pro-life people. Biden’s Food and Drug Administration has already eliminated restrictions on mail-order abortion pills that too often have serious side effects. If Becerra and Biden get their way, many more safeguards will fall. Conscience protections will also be weakened or eliminated altogether.” Read more here.


The Violence Against ‘Individuals’ Act, by Alexandra Desanctis. “Under the House bill, legislation that was originally intended to protect women from domestic violence now includes ‘transgender’ and ‘gender non-conforming’ individuals in addition to biological women… The bill would allow biological men who identify as women not only to be placed in women’s prisons but also to seek shelter in the same housing as vulnerable women fleeing abuse, and it doesn’t grapple with the obvious complications this poses in the context of domestic violence.” Read more here.


Pro-Life Measures Sweep the Nation as Three More States Move to Protect Life in the Womb at 15-Weeks Gestation, by Nicole Hunt. “If Roe v. Wade is overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court this term, Arizona law would automatically outlaw abortion in the state. However, if the Supreme Court stops short of overturning Roe and instead only upholds Mississippi’s 15-week restriction on abortion, pro-life lawmakers in Arizona want to have this law in place to protect pre-born babies at 15-weeks gestation.” Read more here.


The Gender Cult Marches On, by Abigail Shrier. “The Gender Ideologues and Critical Race Theorists care little for the building blocks of traditional education – math, reading, writing, history. Traditional subjects are viewed primarily as vehicles for advancing their agenda, time slots into which propaganda must be inserted. The activists are in the process of commandeering every part of the school day and numberless impressionable American minds. They wreak identity confusion in our young and teach kids to hate their bodies and their country.” Read more here.


The Realities of Life and the Lies of Abortion, by Kathryn Lopez. “The Times wants you to believe that because the heart of a 6-week-old fetus isn’t fully developed, it’s beat doesn’t count. It’s ‘only a primitive tube of cardiac cells that emit electric pulses and pump blood.’ The piece contends: ‘The consensus among most medical experts is that the electrical activity picked up on an ultrasound at six weeks is not the sound of a heart…’ You don’t have to be a doctor to find this absurd.” Read more here.


NYT Science Reporter Flunks on the Science of Transgender Athletes, by Zachary Faria. “Ghorayshi’s piece goes on to cover the typical ‘straight news’ structure of a piece on transgender athletes, claiming that ‘some people’ think it is unfair that men compete against women while other people are worried about ‘inclusivity.’ At one point, the piece cites the director of the ‘Adult Gender Identity Clinic’ in London as saying that biological men may even have a disadvantage in some women’s sports – which sports that would be, exactly, isn’t immediately clear.” Read more here.


How a Trial in Finland Could Have Worldwide Effects on Government Persecution of Religion, by Joy Pullmann. “It’s not clear Finland’s hate crimes law even bans controversial speech, but Finland’s top prosecutor is arguing that it does. If the prosecutor wins the case, it would mark an unprecedented expansion of identity laws that exist in most European countries, many U.S. cities and states, and that U.S. Democrats are trying to make a nationwide law in The Equality Act… The charges against the two Christians include an attempt to criminalize statements they made years before the law being used to prosecute them passed.” Read more here.


Meet the Sex Shop Founder Who Is Grooming Children Through Books in School Libraries, by Spencer Lindquist. “It isn’t a fluke that a leftwing sex shop founder has been propped up as an authority on sexuality, with direct access to children. Media and education institutions, alongside several leftwing activists, have helped mainstream such fringe beliefs. The author is praised because of, not in spite of, the extremism of his sexual worldview. …[T]he author pointed out that some of his critics believe that he is ‘warping people’s ideas of gender.’ He flatly responded, ‘Maybe I am.’” Read more here.


EU Increases Abortion Funding, Demands Abortion Loyalty, by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “…European leaders have made it clear that opposition to abortion will not be tolerated among their own members. When Maltese politician Roberta Metsola was elected president of the European Parliament, she had to give assurances that she would promote the parliament’s position which she characterized as ‘unambiguous’ in favor of abortion. Prior to that Metsola had been an outspoken pro-lifer.” Read more here.


Planned Parenthood Celebrates ‘National Condom Week’ With Lies, by Ruth Institute. “Even Planned Parenthood itself states on its website: ‘If you use condoms perfectly every single time you have sex, they’re 98% effective at preventing pregnancy. But people aren’t perfect, so in real life condoms are about 85% effective – that means about 15 out of 100 people who use condoms as their only birth control method will get pregnant each year…’ But that’s good business for Planned Parenthood. Most of its income comes from the 345,000 abortions it performs each year.” Read more here.


Cut the ‘Women’s Empowerment’ Line, Corporate Abortion. Real Help Doesn’t Hurt the Preborn, by Kristan Hawkins. “The abortion lobby sells women short, and then sells them an abortion. Claims that ‘women need abortion to succeed’ imply that women are too stupid and weak to succeed while parenting – they’re just silly damsels in distress who can’t be trusted to handle career AND family. In any other setting but an abortion vendor’s office, that kind of misogyny could get you canceled… Abortion hurts women. It can never deliver the one thing it promises – an end to problems. All that’s ended is a child’s life.” Read more here.


Abortion Activists’ $3.7 Billion Blowout, by Hayden Ludwig. “For evidence that the abortion industry is perhaps the single most powerful player on the left, look no further than its mountains of cash. In 2020 alone, pro-abortion activists raked in a stunning $3.4 billion and spent nearly $3.8 billion. That is quite a leap from the $1.9 billion the industry spent in 2019 – undoubtedly a consequence of the huge amount of money it spent on the 2020 election. It is a stunning display of wealth and illustrates the abortion industry’s enormous impact on our politics.” Read more here.


Kids as Young as 13 Are Crowdfunding ‘Sex Change’ Surgeries to Chop Off Their Body Parts, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Over the last few years, an entire industry aimed at providing transgender accessories to children has sprung up to meet – and drive – the demand for gender-bending supplies. Children hooked on the idea of changing genders through peer contagion or Internet trans celebrities can order ‘breast-binders,’ which flatten the chest, or ‘packers,’ which girls use to ‘present’ as having a penis, online without their parents’ knowledge… Now, a Daily Mail report indicates that children are crowdfunding their sex change surgeries online.” Read more here.


Finnish Christian on Trial for Quoting the Bible on Twitter: ‘God Is Working,’ by Joy Pullmann. “Rasanen and Pohjola are being prosecuted for stating basic Christian beliefs about sex and marriage. One of the three charges against Rasanen is for tweeting a picture of a Bible verse at Finland’s state church to criticize its co-sponsorship of a homosexual parade. ‘This is a very serious issue, because for Christians the Bible is the word of God, and there is no Christianity if you are not allowed to agree with the Bible,’ Rasanen said.” Read more here.


Does a Teacher Have a Right to Refuse to Call a Girl a Boy? Virginia’s Supreme Court May Decide, by Virginia Allen. “Vlaming said he tried to avoid using female pronouns with the student, but in the fall of 2018, he accidentally called the student ‘she’ in front of the class. The same day, Vlaming was called to his principal’s office and put on administrative leave. Superintendent Laura Abel said Vlaming could return to teach at West Point High if he would use male pronouns proactively to refer to the female student. Vlaming again explained that he could not in good conscience refer to a female as a male.” Read more here.


States Must Follow Florida’s Lead on Combating Fatherhood Crisis to Rebuild Strong American Families, by Chris Sprowls. “The fact is, one in four children live without a father figure in their home, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, and nearly every negative outcome plaguing so many of today’s youth has been linked to their lack of a present and intentional father. Studies conducted by the National Fatherhood Initiative have shown that when children are raised in father-absent homes, they have a four-times greater risk of living in poverty and are twice as likely to drop out of high school. Six in 10 youth suicides come from fatherless homes.” Read more here.


California Schools Can Change Students’ Gender Categories Without Parent Consent, by Dov Fischer. “The California Teachers Association adopted a policy in January 2020 stating students should be able to access hormone therapy without parent consent, for the sake of ‘equity.’ …[M]inors can bill their parents’ insurance without their parents’ consent for gender-affirming care, which includes hormone therapy or ‘sex-change’ operations. Today’s accommodations could consign a child to lifelong ramifications – powerful hormone treatments, a lifetime of meds, inability to bear offspring, horrific and grotesque surgeries that irreversibly remove core body parts.” Read more here.


Arizona Legislators Propose Communist-Style ‘Community Schools,’ by Kimberly Ells. “The CDC’s ‘Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child’ model focuses on 10 components… Note that family falls dead last on the list. This is not a trivial accident. While ‘parental and family involvement’ are given robust lip-service in such initiatives, the main thing the community school model does is reduce the influence of parents and exponentially expand the role of the state-run school.” Read more hereEditor’s note: Though this specific bill in Arizona has reportedly been pulled, the article still contains valuable information about the promotion of “community schools.”


Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Bill Hits Target: Gender Ideology Harms Kids, by Jay Richards and Jared Eckert. “Lawmakers in the Sunshine State have introduced a new bill, Parental Rights in Education. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, that may be because big media have mislabeled it as the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill. The bill would not ban the word ‘gay.’ Rather, it would protect children from teachers and other school officials who seek to sexualize and bombard them with gender ideology. In particular, it would require schools to be transparent with and get permission from parents for any health services students receive.” Read more here.


Transgender School Policies Are a Safeguarding Nightmare, by Stassja Frei. “Many parents will be shocked to learn that schools around Australia already have policies that allow male students to use the toilets, change rooms, and even overnight accommodation meant for girls. There is no requirement to gain consent from other students or to inform parents. What could possibly go wrong?” Read more here.


Could Biden Bypass State Laws by Placing Abortion Clinics on Federal Land? by Katie Yoder. “As the Supreme Court considers a case that directly challenges Roe v. Wade’s 1973 ruling that legalized abortion nationwide, legal experts are exploring strategies to protect abortion access. One such option proposes placing abortion clinics on federal land within states that restrict or ban abortion. The idea is that these clinics would fall under federal governance, rather than state law.” Read more here.


New York Times Falsely Claims Unborn Babies’ Hearts Aren’t Really Beating, by Steven Ertelt and Micaiah Bilger. “For decades, the scientific world has known that unborn children are living human beings whose lives begin at conception. Their hearts begin beating before any mother knows she’s pregnant, and their body begins to develop very quickly – well before abortions are routinely done to end their little lives. But, in its latest bit of scientific revisionism, the New York Times falsely claims unborn babies don’t have beating hearts. This new terminology is not based on facts or scientific evidence. It’s based on an agenda that supports abortion on demand.” Read more here.


Inside LGBTQ Picture Books for Young Children, by Ellie Gardey. “LGBTQ activists are brazen with the ideology they put into their children’s books. They intend to make the children reading their books become part of the LGBTQ movement, base their understanding of family, love, and relationships around the brainless rallying cry ‘Love is love,’ and see themselves as gendered, multi-gendered, or non-gendered spirits who happen to inhabit a body that may or may not match that spirit’s gender(s) — if it has a gender at all.” Read more here.


Christians Across Australia Furious Over Religious Bill Drama, by Matt Young. “…[T]he Australian Christian Lobby said the bills were ‘intended to help faith-based schools,’ but they now ‘do more harm than good.’ Five Liberal MPs joined with Labor and the crossbench on Thursday to extend the protections to gay students to those of diverse gender identity. The ACL said in doing so, ‘the loss of this protection would outweigh any benefits that could be obtained by the Religious Discrimination Bill.’” Read more here.


C-Fam Investigation Reveals Lack of Agreement and Nefarious Connections in UN Human Rights Mechanism, by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “A C-Fam investigation reveals that the influence of these wealthy countries has also infiltrated the [Universal Periodic Review] at the level of regular citizens. Non-government stakeholders are invited to submit their own reports on countries’ human rights records. C-Fam has found local organizations submitting abortion and SOGI friendly reports are actually funded by the European Union, Canada and other powerful governments. These organizations present themselves as part of the grassroots.” Read more here.


Signs for Hope in Protecting Women’s Sports, by Debra Soh. “The issue of transgender athletes has been tucked under the guise of promoting human rights when many transgender people are in fact furious at this activism. For example, activists will claim that transgender women are biologically female, or that transition bestows upon them a cervix… The more damage these activists do, the sooner change will be forthcoming. As organizations and individuals increasingly find the courage to challenge this ideology, many more will be emboldened to do the same.” Read more here.


Religious Discrimination Bill Passes Lower House Along With SDA Amendment, by Neil Foster. “The ‘presenting problem’ was seen to be the possibility that a faith-based school would expel a student on the grounds of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Leave aside the fact that as far as I am aware no religious school in Australia has ever done this. What s 38(3) provides is a statement that a religious school can operate in teaching and caring for students in accordance with its faith commitments, which is the very reason for its existence! To simply repeal it is, in my view, a bad move.” Read more here.


How Many LGBT Kids Commit Suicide? Not as Many as You Think, by Michael Cook. “So it is true that transgender youths commit suicide at a higher rate, although it is orders of magnitude less than the alarming reports in the media – and in Parliament. But is this to be attributed to the fact that they identify as trans? …[T]he Society for Gender-Based Medicine (SEGM) pointed out that trans kids often have other mental health conditions as well. ‘Adolescents referred to the GIDS differ in many other ways from their peers of the same age: they are more likely to suffer from depression and to be on the autism spectrum, for example. These conditions increase the risk of suicide,’ it says.” Read more here.


Parents, Do You Know What Your Kids Are Learning at College? Disturbing ‘Sex Week’ Events Underway Nationwide, by CBN News. “New Orleans’ Tulane University is hosting numerous Sex Week events, including discussions of fornication and polyamory. Students can even drop by the Department of Sociology’s table and play the ‘Wheel of Fornication.’ Another event is called ‘Sexy Bingo’ where students can ‘engage in conversations about sexuality and learn about safer sex practices, sexual anatomy, sexual behavior and preference, and pleasure.’ Billed as ‘not your grandparents’ bingo,’ winners will receive prizes that include sex toys.” Read more here.


Major British Newspaper Admits What Pro-Lifers Already Know: Back-Alley Abortions Are a Myth, by Jonathon Van Maren. “The Western media works to paint these countries not as family-oriented nations that love and value children, but as bitter hellscapes where untold millions of women die in back alleys. They never claim that they are seeking to legalize abortion for their own profit, … they always claim it is for the good of the people they are demanding accept it. No lie is too large not to find its way into print. This makes a recent correction by the British publication The Telegraph rather shocking — not because it got abortion numbers wrong, but because it bothered to admit it.” Read more here.


Trans Health Association Recommends Mental Health Assessment Before Teens Transition. The New York Times Isn’t Convinced, by Nicole Russell. “It’s still refreshing to see a paper like The New York Times acknowledge the myriad of problems with teens transitioning and publish the cautionary guidelines, but it didn’t exactly leave it at that. It worked pretty hard to go to bat for the transgender ideology that suggests the only way to handle gender dysphoria is to transition through surgery and hormones. This is unfortunate. Conservatives must continue to battle the media and reframe the topic.” Read more here.


Child Custody’s Gender Gauntlet, by Abigail Shrier. “Courts are … seeing a child who has a feeling of gender dysphoria as no different from one born with a cleft palate. From this perspective, the only relevant question in a custody dispute involving a transgender-identified minor is: When will you allow him to get the necessary surgery to fix his body? Once a court swallows gender ideology, in other words, judges will believe that the only thing left for a loving parent to do, after an adolescent announces a trans identity, is shuttle him to the doctors who will alter his body and contribute clapping-hands emojis to the photos he posts on Instagram.” Read more here.


Biden’s Latest Proposal Would Force Insurers to Pay for Gender ‘Transition,’ by Jay Richards and Jared Eckert. “Behind ‘gender-affirming care’ is the hope of aligning the recipient’s body with his or her gender identity. Such ‘care’ … cannot achieve the impossible: to change someone’s sex with chemicals or scalpels. The Department of Health and Human Services rule … would displace biological sex as a criterion for medical care with a fluid and illusory notion of gender identity. This, in turn, would also serve as precedent for further policy changes elsewhere in the administrative state.” Read more here.


Vermont Plans to Enshrine Legal Abortions Right Up to Birth, by John Klar. “Vermont has long embraced this barbaric extremism with regard to the unborn. Its leftist legislature has steadfastly avoided acknowledging fetal personhood at any age, which leaves pregnant women gravely unprotected from domestic abusers who murder their unborn children — there is no Vermont recognition of these as homicides, even if the child is viable.” Read more here.


Do Critics of ‘Conversion Therapy’ Live in a Fact-Free Zone? by Michael Cook. “First, in 2022, what is ‘conversion therapy?’ Abusive violence no longer happens – at least not in the countries which are banning it. Second – and even more important – where is the peer-reviewed expert proof that ‘talking conversion therapy’ is harmful? … An article published this week in a leading peer-reviewed journal, Frontiers in Psychology, claims that there is none. American sociologist Paul Sullins states bluntly that ‘even for persons for whom SOCE has had no efficacy, there is no discernible psychosocial risk.’” Read more here.


Religious School Tells Parents It Will Apply Its Religious Beliefs, by Neil Foster. “Under Queensland law, the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 (Qld) says that detrimental treatment of people on various grounds is unlawful, including the grounds of ‘sexuality’ and ‘gender identity’ (see s 7). One area in which such discrimination is forbidden is ‘education’… However, there is an important question as to whether setting out moral principles which a school believes, while saying that enrolment decisions will not be made on the basis of the specific questions of sexuality or gender identity, amounts to a breach of the Act.” Read more here.


Transgender Ideology and the Rise of the Thought Police, by David Robertson. “Nicola Sturgeon denies, despite all the evidence, that there is any conflict between transgender rights and sex-based rights. Anyone who dares to question that is automatically labelled ‘transphobic…’ The irony and folly of the policy is seen when they argue that having everyone believing the same state doctrine is ‘crucial to promote diversity.’ It appears that we can believe and practise only what the government decrees.” Read more here.


Sex Offenders Are Laughing at Us When They Identify as Female, by Debra Soh. “Male violent offenders and rapists have been given special accommodations because they identify as women, and presumably, those in charge of these provisions are afraid of transgender activists. Has anyone stopped to ask how everyday transgender people feel about this? And what message does this send to victims and women? Really, I’m surprised that every single male offender hasn’t taken it upon himself to do the same.” Read more here.


Another Unhinged Professor Has Been Exposed as a Pedophilia Apologist, by Spencer Lindquist. “Let’s be abundantly clear: this is not a complicated issue. In fact, there can be no simpler issue. Pedophilia is evil. That’s it. We shouldn’t accept the notion that pro-pedophilia sentiments are valid ideas to be contended with in the marketplace of ideas by the use of rhetorical flourish or superior philosophizing. Illiberalism is no crime when your opponent uses bad-faith arguments to justify moral atrocities that target the most vulnerable among us, victimizing them in ways they can’t even comprehend.” Read more here.


The Truth About My Parental Bill of Rights, by Greg Abbott. “Texas parents have every right to know what is being taught to their children, and under my plan, we will expand parents’ access to the course curriculum and all material available in their child’s school… We must protect them from obscene content while they are in the classroom. My plan would ensure that any educational personnel convicted of providing minors with pornographic materials will lose their educational public credentials and state licensing, forfeit their retirement benefits, and be placed on the ‘Do Not Hire’ list.” Read more here.


College Professors Who Promote Pedophilia, by Michael Brown. “This begs the question, were other professors totally unaware of his views? Did no administrators know about it? Did no students ever complain? Was the university totally in the dark? What Kershnar and Russell advocate is monstrously evil. The fact that they could do it for decades as paid professors shaping the views of our children is mind-boggling and sickening.” Read more here.


There Is No Such Thing as a Pregnant Man, by Christopher Tremoglie. “Such propaganda occurred late last week when it was revealed that Apple’s latest software update, iOS 15.4, included a ‘pregnant man’ emoji. Obviously, the powers that be at Apple are trying to normalize such lunacy in the hope that there are enough stupid people willing to be bullied into accepting it… I empathize with the internal anguish of someone who longs to belong to the opposite sex. But I will not accept fiction as fact. Men cannot have babies. They cannot be pregnant. No one who respects the truth or science can ever accept such lies.” Read more here.


Schools Conspire With Outside Groups Behind Parents’ Backs to Counsel Kids on Myriad Gender Choices, by Brenda Lebsack. “In the elementary school where I teach, we have new mental health workers being hired right out of college… I asked, ‘If a kindergartner tells you he believes he’s both genders, how are you trained to deal with that?’ She responded, ‘To affirm whatever he says he is, including his pronouns.’ I said, ‘If the kindergartner says, “Please don’t tell my parents, because they won’t like this,” what are you trained to do?’ She said, ‘We must keep it confidential until children feel comfortable to “come out” publicly about their gender identity, and that includes parents, because we need our school to be a safe place.’” Read more here.


New Poll Shows Strong Opposition to Mail-Order Abortions, by Michael J. New. “…[T]his year’s Marist poll was unique because it was the first to ask about mail-order chemical abortion drugs. The survey found that 63 percent of respondents oppose new Biden administration FDA rules eliminating the requirement that women obtain chemical abortion drugs in person from a medical professional, allowing them instead to obtain them through the mail without an in-person appointment. That opposition to the new FDA rules was consistent across a wide range of demographic groups.” Read more here.


Does a Seattle-Area Coach Have a Prayer in His Supreme Court Case? by Salena Zito. “The protection of religious freedoms does not benefit just people of faith; it also protects the nonbeliever. The secular elite … don’t understand that notion, which is why they often will dismiss it, look down on it or mock it. That’s why watching the Supreme Court arguing Coach Kennedy’s case will be so compelling: It will open a window into how much regard people hold for their freedoms, as well as how the press covers it and how politics is affected by it.” Read more here.


Trans Athletes, the New York Times, and the Ivy League, by Dennis Prager. “Like virtually every other university in America, and every other Ivy League college, the University of Pennsylvania threw its women swimmers under the bus. Not only did it not side with the women swimmers, nearly all of whom, according to reports, felt cheated when Thomas beat them in every race they competed, but it had no reaction to Thomas displaying male genitals in the women’s locker room… Of course, neither Cornell nor Harvard defended their women either.” Read more here.


University of Pittsburgh Report Tries to Explain Away Barbaric Experiments With Aborted Babies, by Madeline Osburn. “Pitt and the lawyers they hired at HPM clearly have no intention of addressing the initial allegations or answering questions such as: Did Pitt facilities perform illegal partial-birth abortions or infanticide in operating a fetal kidney harvesting program? Instead, the report backfired, raising even more questions that lawmakers and taxpayers must demand answers to.” Read more here.


No One Benefits From Highly Inaccurate Prenatal Tests More Than Planned Parenthood, by Mary Szoch and Joy Zavalick. “Planned Parenthood’s website inconspicuously recommends that mothers discuss prenatal testing with their doctors in order ‘to make sure you’re healthy and that your fetus is developing normally.’ Of course, the abortion giant stands to gain from convincing mothers to receive prenatal testing that will incorrectly tell many that their child will be born with painful or life-threatening conditions.” Read more here.


Planned Parenthood Opposes Bill to Stop Coercing Women to Have Abortions, by Mike Fichter. “…Planned Parenthood and other abortion advocates have attempted to downplay the significance of coerced abortions as a form of reproductive coercion. Who gets hurt in this strategy? Not only the innocent baby, who dies at the hands of an abortionist, but the mother, whose victimization may extend from the home front of domestic abuse, right into the local and global arenas of human trafficking. In other words, women and girls who are already victims of abusers, predators, and traffickers.” Read more here.


What Pro-Life Really Means, by Kathryn Lopez. “All life is ‘sacred and fragile,’ Cardinal Dolan said… And he challenged everyone present and listening to step up to the plate and support Walking With Moms in Need, an initiative of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. To combat the evil of abortion, we need more and more people showing what pro-life means: love for women and children, not violence. We need a culture where the alternatives to abortion are ubiquitous. This can be done. It must be. And we might just find some common ground along the way.” Read more here.


ACLU Opposes Transparency Law on Educational Materials, by Jonathan Turley. “Greater transparency on public education (like other government programs) would seem a good thing… School boards are elected by the voters who have a right and a need for such information… Parents have a say in how their public schools are run, which is why these boards [sic] positions are subject to elections. Yet, the ACLU is opposing greater transparency, declaring ‘Curriculum transparency bills are just thinly veiled attempts at chilling teachers and students from learning and talking about race and gender in schools.’” Read more here.


Why Accepting Child Transgenderism Will Pave the Way for Accepting Pedophilia, by Spencer Lindquist. “The push for childhood transgenderism is predicated on a perverse and extreme individualistic sentiment, specifically that children’s rights as individuals imply an autonomous ability to make irreversible decisions regarding their health… The dangerous claim that children can meaningfully consent to puberty blockers, hormone replacement therapy, or genital mutilation is … also leading our society down a sinister path towards accepting pedophilia. Here’s how.” Read more here.


NCAA, Leaders Are Deliberately Turning a Blind Eye to Injustices in Women’s Sports, by Chelsea Mitchell. “They used to call me ‘the fastest girl in Connecticut.’ But I couldn’t outrun an injustice… At the end of the race, it’s about biology, not gender identity. And no amount of testosterone suppression can change a male’s innate physical advantages, like bone structure and muscle mass. And fast as I am, I can’t outrun those advantages. Or the injustice that protects them. For saying that out loud, I’ve been branded by some as a sore loser and a hater.” Read more here.


Inter-American Court of Human Rights Decriminalizes Infanticide, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. “The court’s sentence described the strict abortion laws of El Salvador as part of a pattern of systemic gender discrimination rooted in El Salvador’s pro-life laws and law enforcement protocols. The Inter-American Court ultimately told El Salvador to revise its infanticide laws, which currently allow the imposition of the full 30- to 50-year prison sentence foreseen in cases of homicide. Manuela had been sentenced to the minimum 30 years when she was found guilty of infanticide in 2008. But the court didn’t stop there.” Read more here.


Forcing Abortion on the World, by Katelyn Walls Shelton. “Officials at the UN and the WHO … are attempting to export abortion around the world. Conservative countries are being threatened: You either legalize and expand abortion access or forfeit your healthcare funding. Negotiations around women’s health at the UN often stall on the abortion issue. Ideological negotiators undermine advances in women’s health if unlimited abortion rights language is not included. And the women who would serve to benefit from these resolutions are collateral damage in the fight for total abortion rights.” Read more here.


As I Found Out With My Daughter, Not Even Catholic Schools Are Safe Havens From Gender Ideology, by Charlie Jacobs. “I asked if they were aware of the information being presented at Pride Student Union events, specifically the formal meetings on gender, or whether they had queried the faculty monitor, the club president, or any members. Neither Principal K nor Father B would answer that question, waving it off as if I had no right to be concerned. Yet, Father B told me that my daughter needed the club. He warned me that she might commit suicide without it, and said she needed a place to make friends.” Read more here.


No, California Should NOT Abolish Parenthood in the Name of Equity, by William Estrada. “Parental rights are a good thing. It is good for children to know their parents, to be raised by their parents, to be loved by their parents. It is good for children to grow up around their grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and siblings. It is good for society. Parental rights are the bedrock upon which civilization stands.” Read more here.


Truth About Abortion: Everyone Knows It’s a Baby, by Katherine Beck Johnson. “The justices inside the Beltway need to take a step back from their wonky legal arguments and take a minute to remember just what Mississippi is fighting for: the legal protection of life inside the womb. This isn’t some arcane property dispute where nothing more is at stake than esoteric legal doctrines spelled out in Latin. This is a case over the fundamental right to life and the ability to prevent the greatest civil rights abuse of our time: the legalization of killing our most vulnerable brothers and sisters.” Read more here.


NCAA’s Transgender Policy Change Proves It’s Losing the Debate, by Kaylee McGhee White. “These girls want what they are owed: a level playing field and a chance to compete and win. Whether the NCAA will admit it or not, the organization knows it has denied female athletes that chance by forcing them to compete against transgender opponents. Hence the policy change. NCAA officials would rather let the blame fall on individual sports organizations than own up to allowing the destruction of women’s sports by male competitors.” Read more here.


The Biden Administration Must Protect the Unborn From Bogus Prenatal Tests, by Ken Blackwell. “Have you ever listened to the news, and come across a story that really makes you angry? Some stories just touch a nerve. This recently happened to me, when I learned that expecting parents are being given bad information about the health and wellbeing of their unborn child. Worse, because of misleading test results, it seems some families may be terminating healthy pregnancies.” Read more here.


Canada’s War on Children, by Mia Ashton. “…[A]llowing teens to sacrifice their fertility and healthy body parts in the name of gender identity will soon be seen for what it really is: the worst medical scandal the world has ever seen. We’re in the eye of the storm right now, and we won’t be able to see the true scale of the catastrophe until it has passed. But once it has, and the masses of young adults facing a lifetime of regret are visible for all to see, everyone involved in Canada’s education system will have to accept their part of the blame for the damage done.” Read more here.


These Trans TikTok Videos Are Pushing Kids Over the Edge, by Anonymous Author. “I caution anyone who chooses to watch this documentary to use their discretion. It is truly shocking – but it is what our kids are freely able to access online. Every parent should watch it if they feel able. However, there should be no discretion for any politician, journalist, health professional or teacher who is pushing this harmful, abusive ideology to our children. Any who wish to utter one more word about ‘acceptance and inclusion,’ and about how ‘affirming’ medical transition is, should be forced to watch this documentary and imagine their own daughters walking around their homes, topless, sporting flat, scarred chests.” Read more here.


Conscientious Objection to Abortion Is at Risk in Europe, by Michael Cook. “Even if M. Macron took a holiday from logic, the law never does. And the logic of enforcing a right to abortion upon Europe leads inevitably to denying the right to conscientious objection. This issue seems to have escaped scrutiny by journalists. When the EP voted to support abortion, it also voted to force doctors to provide it… In short, if abortion is ordinary medical care, doctors must provide it. There’s nothing new about this deeply flawed and totalitarian argument, but it is chilling to think that it could be enforced across Europe.” Read more here.


Standing on Shoulders of Science to Turn Page on Roe v. Wade, by Bernadette Tasy. “The students on the campus were shocked when they learned that America allows abortion through all nine months of pregnancy. When presented with simple facts about the unborn at 15 weeks gestation and images of ultrasounds from both the 1970s and now, they, too, agreed that our country’s abortion laws – or lack thereof – are extreme. My generation and the generations that follow are standing on the shoulders of science and, ultimately, standing for the lives of the unborn.” Read more here.


The March for Life Just Took Place on Friday to Mark the Anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Could It Be the Last One? by Rebecca Downs. “For many pro-lifers, the March for Life is something of a tradition. However, this year could be different. The Court last month heard oral arguments in Dobbs v. Jackson, a case examining the constitutionality of Mississippi’s Gestational Age Act, which bans most abortions at 15 weeks. The decision is expected in June. Both sides of the issue have acknowledged that this could be the case where the Court overturns Roe. If so, 2022 could be the last March for Life, at least the one held in January.” Read more here.


The NCAA Drops the Ball on Protecting Women’s Sports, by Zachary Faria. “The NCAA has altered its policy for transgender athletes, but the change does little and still does not address the central problem — the clear, demonstrable, and unfair advantage that men have over female athletes. Much like the International Olympic Committee, the NCAA punted on its policy change. In fact, the NCAA simply copied the IOC’s homework, adopting the same sport-by-sport, case-by-case framework that dodges the central matter at hand.” Read more here.


False Positives for Genetic Disorders in Prenatal Testing Unacceptably High, by Tara Sander Lee. “The high false positive rate of prenatal genetic screening has profound implications for public health and clinical decision-making. Not only is this a life-or-death scenario for an unborn child based on the mother’s decision to continue the pregnancy or abort, but it also has larger implications for the population, diversity, and values of our society.” Read more here.


The Left’s Love for Abortion Blinds It to Abortion Alternatives, by Thomas Glessner. “The left’s criticism of Justice Barrett shows that they will uphold the abortion industry’s death-on-demand ideology over every other consideration. These apostles of abortion see it as a sacred rite. However, safe haven laws – if utilized by a mother considering abortion – are a win-win for all involved. The birth mother and the adoptive parents benefit from these laws. Additionally, the unborn child’s life is spared and given an opportunity to achieve his or her ordained purpose.” Read more here.


Protecting Unborn Children in a Post-Roe World, by Dr. Ben Carson, Marjorie Dannenfelser, Jim DeMint, Tony Perkins, and Kevin Roberts. “If the court relies on Roe to strike down the Mississippi law, it would be an unmitigated failure … to faithfully interpret the Constitution… Yet all of us in the pro-life movement would continue working hand-in-hand to do all we can to change the hearts and minds of the American people about abortion, because real change cannot happen until we have a culture that recognizes abortion for what it truly is: intentionally and violently ending the life of an innocent human being.” Read more here.


The Time to Overturn Roe v. Wade Is Now, by Todd Rokita. “Long gone are the days when promoters of “choice” touted the motto of “safe, legal, and rare.” Pro-abortion extremists now lobby for abortion on demand at any cost to women’s health and safety. Obviously, the abortion industry itself also pushes for the wholesale acceptance of the procedure – acting, perhaps, on the basis of a profit motive. Abortion is no longer promoted simply as a means of protecting vulnerable women but as a beneficial end in itself.” Read more here.


President Biden’s One Major Success in His First Year: Turning America Into an Abortion Haven, by Connor Semelsberger. “Although states and courts provide a check to Biden’s abortion extremism, the president still faces pressure from his base and his own vice president to go further. This administration has implemented abortion policies and installed pro-abortion personnel at a record pace. With three years left in this term, Biden is on track to quickly surpass the abortion records that took the Clinton and Obama administrations eight years to achieve.” Read more here.


End of the Roe v. Wade Era? by Star Parker. “Looking back over the last half century that abortion has been part of our national culture, it is difficult to imagine how anyone can see anything but damage that this decision has done to our nation and to our national soul… Surveying our national culture since 1973, I cannot identify a single cultural institution that is better. On the contrary, regarding our core social institutions, everything is uniformly worse. The American family is in far worse shape today than in 1973.” Read more here.


Why I’m Not Afraid to Bring More Children Into a Broken World, by Alexandra Davis. “Should we wait until the world is less ‘confused’ before having children? To say yes would mean basing a life-altering decision on a false premise: that utopia is achievable on earth. It is not… We are, and will always be, confused. The world is, and will always be, uncertain. Even though evidence on issues like climate change points to inevitable crises, calamity and chaos have always lurked in the shadows. Yet no global crisis of any magnitude justifies the life-altering decision to remain childless.” Read more here.


Against Transgender Opponents, Women Are Vying for Silver, by Mary Szoch. “When a biological man plays a woman’s sport, at least one woman loses every single time. The girl who comes in second to the biological male matters, and so does the girl who would have sat on the bench but instead watches from the stands. I lived the fairy tale of my team dancing our way to the national championship game. A man should not be able to take that fairy tale away – even from the girl at the end of the bench.” Read more here.


Preparing for Post-Roe America, by Kathryn Lopez. “We don’t want to put women in jail. We don’t want them to suffer or be alone. All too often, the pressures are too great for a woman to consider anything but abortion. But women are capable of amazing things when they find people who want to support them and help them make the right choice both for themselves and their child. We march for life not only to oppose abortion, but to celebrate the women who have made courageous choices to give life – to mother in challenging circumstances or choose adoption.” Read more here.


We Are Mothers. Here Are Our Reactions to ‘Woke’ Children’s Books, by Marguerite Bowling. “I’m excited to be in a new video that’s out today from The Heritage Foundation, featuring real-time mom reactions to ‘woke’ children’s books that have been read in public schools… We read ‘I Am Jazz,’ ‘Who Are You?: The Kid’s Guide to Gender Identity,’ and ‘My Princess Boy’ while offering our feedback, which was blunt at times.” Read more here.


A New Year’s Resolution for Maryland: Eliminate Human Trafficking, by Andrea Bottner. “…[T]he Hogan administration has allocated $58 million to support comprehensive anti-trafficking efforts across Maryland… Recently, The Governor’s Office of Crime Prevention, Youth, and Victim Services expanded the Child Sex Trafficking Screening and Services Act Regional Navigator Program. This program puts child trafficking victims in touch with services that will help them get to safety and learn how to be self-sufficient in the future. The program operates in 10 jurisdictions across Maryland.” Read more here.


EU Court’s Power Grab Is Subverting Democracy and National Sovereignty, According to Legal Expert, by Daniel Deme. “In Koudelka’s view, supra-national institutions should not decide about cultural and ethnic questions that belong to individual states… These decisions belong to elected parliaments in each individual country. However, as supporters of child adoptions by LGBT couples are often unable to find sufficient support for their cause in stances in democratic elections, they are bypassing the democratic process via court cases.” Read more here.


When Talking About Birthrates and Babies, Why Are We Omitting Marriage? by Timothy P. Carney. “We should turn around our birthrate decline in this country. We should listen to every objection from the liberal feminists, the sociologists, and the childless millennials. But when we ask why people don’t have children today, we need to start by asking why young people get married less and later. The delay in marriage and retreat from marriage is perhaps the leading cause of falling birthrates.” Read more here.


Biden Nominates Pro-Abortion Lawyer to State Department Legal Post, by Alexis I. Fragosa, Esq. “Cleveland also complained that many individual members of the Commission … were known for their focus on religious freedom and ‘extreme positions’ on abortion and the homosexual/transgender agenda. Because the Department of State implements foreign assistance worldwide, … critics have also expressed concern over Cleveland’s pro-abortion bias coupled with Biden Administration’s recent signal that it intends to reinterpret the Helms Amendment.” Read more here.


WA Laws Now Allow Teen ‘Gender Reassignment’ Surgery Without Parental Consent, by Jason Rantz. “Many Democrats who support this kind of legislation try to silence critics by labeling them transphobic and intolerant… No, 13-year-olds aren’t mature enough at that age to determine they can handle a gender reassignment surgery. Unfortunately, unless a parent immediately and unquestionably accepts their kid’s feelings at the time, the Left deems them to be unfit parents. And they believe that if a child even suspects their parents might say no to a life-altering surgery, the child should have the right to move forward on their own.” Read more here.


False Positives for Genetic Disorders in Prenatal Testing Unacceptably High, by Tara Sander Lee. “The New York Times’ analysis reported that positive results on prenatal genetic screenings can be wrong up to 85% of the time… That isn’t a trivial matter. Mothers presented with the far too common false positive DNA results face emotional trauma and agonizing decisions. As reported by the Times, some mothers receive a false positive, have an abortion, and then learn too late that their babies carried no risk of disease at all.” Read more here.


Injury, Infertility, and Death From Chemical Abortions Are A-OK With the FDA, by Kristi Stone Hamrick. “Corporate Abortion is refusing to screen for the two, well-known risks of death with a widely available technology. Women have died when taking chemical abortion pills later in pregnancy or when they are experiencing an ectopic pregnancy (one that implants in a mother’s body, outside the womb). A simple ultrasound test can check for both, but why bother when the FDA lets you off the hook?” Read more here.


All Adrian Wanted Was a Family. Transgender Doctors Left Him Despairing and Sterile, by Walt Heyer. “For Adrian, the future it offered was a fraud. Nothing was said about his impending, permanent sterility, or the true burdens and impacts of having to take cross-sex hormones for the rest of his life. No effort was made to deal with the mental health issues detected and diagnosed by the provider’s own staff before clearing him for surgery. If this sounds like malpractice to you, it sounds like it to me, too.” Read more here.


Bereavement and Parental Leave After Abortion, by Alexandra Desanctis. “While it is certainly true that many women experience negative physical and mental consequences following an abortion procedure, this policy is discordant coming from those who support abortion. If we are to acknowledge that a mother and father are bereaved after an abortion, presumably something – indeed, someone – has been lost. And if we acknowledge that in every abortion someone is lost – intentionally done away with – then it makes little sense to ‘destigmatize’ the procedure and extend bereavement leave to those who have intentionally chosen to do away with their child.” Read more here.


The Sweet Taste of Freedom, by Lizzie Troughton. “We should be emboldened to assert that conscience still matters. Society around us may be changing at such a fast pace and those of us with conservative or religious perspectives can feel overwhelmed at times… Thankfully, this case tells us that we haven’t yet crossed the line where judges are compelling us to say things we disagree with; be that about sexuality, gender, or other matters that go against what we hold to be true. A right to expression includes a right not to hold certain opinions.” Read more here.


The Legalized Sexualization of America’s Young Children, by Marilyn Quigley. “Down the hall from Mr. Smith, the 10- and 11-year-olds review their lessons using [National Sexuality Education Standards] core expectations for elementary grades including the joys of masturbation and how hormone blockers help transgender children. Their vocabulary test includes gender identity, gender nonbinary and expansive, and lesbian, to name a few. The test covers differing behaviors of sexual intimacy and how same-sex couples can acquire children, such as in-vitro fertilization and surrogacy.” Read more here.


Despite San Francisco Chronicle Sermon, Parents Oppose Teachers Hiding LGBTQ Evangelism, by Julia Duin. “She heard from parents at the school where these women taught; parents who knew what the teachers were up to and had been complaining about it for some time. Someone else leaked to her a similar presentation – again via the CTA – about how to broach the subject of gender fluidity in classes for elementary school students. (Note: I just finished five years of part-time subbing – mainly for elementary school students – and the thought of introducing some of this stuff to anyone under fifth grade is crazy.)” Read more here.


International Abortion Groups Weigh Gains and Losses From 2021, by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “Both MSI and IPPF characterized the past year as a patchwork of gains and losses at the national level. This indirectly points to the ongoing achievement of the global pro-life movement in blocking attempts to create an internationally recognized human right to abortion. While abortion groups insist that such a right exists, it remains a hollow assertion: longstanding global consensus holds that abortion laws are to be determined by national governments, and the legal changes held up by abortion groups as their greatest wins were all done at the national or subnational level.” Read more here.


As FDA Loosened Regulations on Chemical Abortion, Reports Indicate Women in India Are Suffering From Method, by Rebecca Downs. “Thanks to the FDA loosening regulations, women can acquire these pills online through the mail without a doctor confirming that they are even pregnant, are pregnant within the approved of timeframe, or are experiencing an ectopic pregnancy. Such a nonviable pregnancy develops outside of the uterus and is not treated through this method. If left untreated, it can kill a woman.” Read more here.


Leaked Biden Plan Would House Violent Men in Women’s Prison Cells, by Nathanael Blake. “In short, under this executive order, the federal government will house criminals based on subjective, self-declared ‘gender identity’ rather than biological sex. Male rapists, child molesters, and other sexual criminals will be allowed to live in women’s prisons… This move toward co-ed prisons will result in male sexual predators exploiting the system in order to abuse and rape female prisoners. We know this because it has already happened in places these proposals have been enacted.” Read more here.


Wake Up, America: Cultural Marxism Is ‘Identifying’ as Transgenderism, by Walt Heyer. “Hundreds of parents have written me about their school-aged and college-aged children suddenly announcing trans identities… Urging children along this path is child abuse. The transgender indoctrination starts young. Trans-affirming curriculum and storybooks plant seeds of gender confusion in children (aka ‘grooming’) as early as kindergarten by pushing the bogus idea that children can choose their gender. Many school policies require aiding and abetting children who think they may be the opposite sex.” Read more here.


Clarifying ‘Transgender Hate Speech,’ by Neil Foster. “Is it unlawful to say that ‘a trans woman is a man?’ Not according to the Appeal Tribunal in the Rep decision… While none of the relevant parties seem to have referred to religious reasons for their comments, the question of what can be lawfully said in public contexts about issues raised by the ‘gender identity’ debates has some importance for religious groups which take the view that religious texts teach that sex is determined at birth, not fluid, and not able to be changed.” Read more here.


Parents Push Indiana Legislature for Hearing on Toughest School Racism and Pornography Bill, by Joy Pullmann. “Parents around the state, like those around the nation, have found public schools and libraries introducing minors to explicit materials, such as books describing rape, masturbation, underage sex, and other obscene acts. Current Indiana law exempts public schools and libraries from penalties for exposing minors to obscene materials. Both HB 1040 and SB 167 would end that exception.” Read more here.


Biological Sex Is Being Redefined to Subvert Society, by Debra Soh. “…[I]f anyone has the potential to be female, this justifies the obsolescence of sex-based spaces and sports divisions and biomedical research that is actually relevant to women. To be clear, this ideology has less to do with the beliefs and priorities of everyday transgender people and everything to do with redefining words and reality to subvert society and promote wider activist goals. It is an indication of what is coming down the road. When the scientific process has been compromised, we are deeply in trouble.” Read more here.