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TRUDEAU’S GOVERNMENT IS SINKING MILLIONS INTO PRO-LGBT GROUPS AS YOU GET POORER, by Jonathon Van Maren. “The Trudeau years, a toxic fusion of runaway fiscal incompetence and woke progressive activism, have not been kind to ordinary Canadians. That is relevant context when considering the fact that the Trudeau government has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to promote LGBT ideology over the past several years. …Canada spent a staggering $108,594,964 on LGBT ideology in 2022. The LGBT movement is an activist movement pushing a contested ideology that millions of Canadians profoundly disagree with.” Read more here.


MINNESOTA PRO-LIFE ADVOCATES STOP DEMOCRAT MEASURE FOR ABORTIONS UP TO BIRTH, by Cathy Blaeser. “Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL) just did the impossible. Despite a determined democratic trifecta, we defeated an attempt to put an abortion-up-to-birth constitutional amendment onto our ballot. We did it through an all-out grassroots and media campaign to reach ‘not us’ with the truth about our extreme abortion policy.” Read more here.


NO PRISONERS, by Sandra Pertot. “Dr Jack Drescher is an American psychiatrist and psychoanalyst known for his work on sexual orientation and gender identity. …He described how transgender activists adopted the strategies of the gay community when they made the case for removal from the list of psychiatric disorders. It’s fair to say that he has been a strong supporter of trans rights. …By the early 2000s, trans activists had adopted a ‘take no prisoners’ approach to anyone who disagreed with the Queer theory underpinning of gender ideology. Any arguments based on science are to be ignored, and dialogue can be abusive rather than calm and rational.” Read more here.


WHAT GALLUP GETS WRONG ABOUT MARRIAGE, by Conn Carroll. “Gallup published a welcome contribution to the growing realization that the decline of marriage is harming the nation last week, noting that while the institution has suffered among Democrats and Republicans, it is the Democratic Party that is leading the institution’s decline. ‘After decades of little partisan difference,’ Gallup notes, ‘a gap in the marriage rates of Republicans and Democrats cracked open in the 1980s and has widened in the past quarter century.’” Read more here.


BIDEN’S LEGALLY DUBIOUS SCHOOL BATHROOM POLICY MISREADS SUPREME COURT’S BOSTOCK DECISION, by Donald A. Daugherty. “Americans know the Biden administration habitually plays fast and loose with the law. This habit has been especially egregious in education, where the administration hopes to parlay the 2020 Supreme Court case on employment discrimination, Bostock v. Clayton County, into authority for new federal regulations under Title IX, a law that prohibits sex discrimination in education. Not only are the new regulations legally dubious, but they also defy common sense as they would force girls to share school bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms with boys.” Read more here.


NEW CONVERSION BAN WILL HARM THE CHILDREN IT IS SUPPOSED TO PROTECT, by Maya Forstater. “Such ‘conversion therapy’ is thankfully a thing of the past: recognised to be cruel and ineffective. If anyone tried anything similar today, it would be assault and they could go to jail. So why is Labour planning to ban “conversion therapy”, when it no longer happens? The answer is that the trans lobby, which has convinced doctors, teachers and many politicians to ‘affirm’ trans-identifying children and adults as the opposite sex on demand, is finally facing serious opposition.” Read more here.


WES STREETING IS RIGHT TO BAN PUBERTY BLOCKERS, by Lauren Smith. “It looks like the UK Labour government is actually going to do something sensible. Last week, health secretary Wes Streeting announced plans to extend the UK’s existing ban on puberty blockers, which was put in place by the Conservatives. Earlier this year, in the aftermath of Dr Hilary Cass’s report into NHS gender-identity services, NHS England banned the prescribing of puberty blockers outside of clinical trials. Evidence from the Cass Review, among other sources, had undeniably shown that ‘pausing’ a child’s puberty was potentially harmful. NHS Scotland soon followed suit.” Read more here.


NEW BRIT GOVERNMENT TO PERMANENTLY BAN PUBERTY BLOCKERS, by Jazz Shaw. “When the liberal Labour Party swept into power in the UK elections recently, conservatives were gritting their teeth and waiting for what was anticipated to be a dramatic lurch to the left in the country’s policies. But one of the first initiatives they announced is diametrically opposite of that approach. The Tories had previously imposed a ban on administering puberty-blocking drugs like Lupron to children as part of gender-transitioning treatment, but that initial ban is set to expire in September. Rather than reversing it, the Labour Party is currently holding hearings with a goal of extending the ban or even making it permanent.” Read more here.


DEFEAT OF POLAND’S PRO-ABORTION BILL SHOWS THE NATION STILL STANDS FOR THE SANCTITY OF LIFE, by Jonathon Van Maren. “The Parliament of the Republic of Poland has rejected by a majority vote a bill decriminalizing the killing of unborn children through abortion. Thanks to the attitude of MPs above political divisions, the unequivocal voice of the Church, and the extraordinary mobilization of society, the statutory attack on the constitutionally guaranteed protection of life (Article 38 of the Polish Constitution), reinforced by the established jurisprudence of Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal and derived from the inherent, inalienable and inviolable dignity of man (Article 30 of the Polish Constitution), has failed.” Read more here.


BIG ABORTION DOESN’T CARE ABOUT WOMEN OR CHOICE, THEY JUST WANT TO SELL MORE ABORTIONS, by Carol Tobias. “For 50 years, the abortion industry has told us that women should have a ‘choice’ when it comes to abortion; that women had the ‘right to choose’ whether or not to end a pregnancy. It has been clear, over the years, and is becoming even more clear now, that women shouldn’t be allowed to choose life. The abortion industry wants dead babies. Many states enacted informed consent laws to make sure that women seeking an abortion are fully informed about the abortion procedure, its potential risks, and available alternatives — something required for every other surgical procedure performed in the United States.” Read more here.


IT’S ABOUT TIME THE US JOINS OTHER COUNTRIES AND MOVE AWAY FROM ‘GENDER TRANSITIONS’ FOR CHILDREN, by Jonathon Van Maren. “As I have been consistently documenting in this space, hairline cracks have been slowly widening in the mainstream media’s once rock-sold commitment to transgender ideology for several years now. The New York Times, despite furious backlash from LGBT groups, has published a string of investigations on the impact of puberty blockers, the stories of detransitioners, and the controversy surrounding child sex changes. The latest salvo, published on July 12 and running to nearly 3,000 words, signals the end of the transgender movement’s iron grip on the Gray Lady.” Read more here.


WHAT WOULD AN ETHICAL CLINICAL TRIAL INTO PUBERTY BLOCKERS LOOK LIKE?, by Andy Lewis. “In light of the Cass Review, the new use of puberty blockers for children is now pretty much restricted to those enrolled in clinical trials in the UK. The Cass Review underscored the lack of consensus and the significant gaps in knowledge surrounding the use of puberty blockers, prompting a more cautious and scientifically robust approach to their application, if they were ever to be used in the future. There are currently no trials, just plans to design and start them. Before any clinical trials for puberty blockers proceed post-Cass Review, there are essential clinical questions that must be addressed. These questions are critical to ensuring that any trial is ethical and can help inform future clinical decisions. Read more here.


BIDEN IMPOSES HOMOSEXUAL/TRANSGENDER MANDATE ON ENTIRE WORLD, by Stefano Gennarini. “The U.S. State Department will ‘update’ its interpretation of a binding international treaty on civil rights to include homosexual/transgender issues even though the treaty text does not mention them. ‘Today, I’m announcing that the United States is updating our own interpretation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. This is one of the key treaties committing nations to upholding universal rights. That means that, starting from now, the United States considers sexual orientation and gender identity as covered by this treaty,’ U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said during an LGBT pride event at Foggy Bottom.” Read more here.


THE GOVERNMENT SHOULD NOT HINDER WOMEN FROM CHOOSING ABORTION PILL REVERSAL, by Bernadette Tasy. “For years, abortion advocates have claimed they are trying to protect ‘a woman’s right to choose.’ But in practice, many of these abortion advocates have shown that they only support a woman’s right to make some medical decisions. When it comes to abortion pill reversal, they suddenly stop being so ‘pro-choice.’ … Unfortunately, some abortion advocates have spread falsehoods about abortion pill reversal. For example, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) incorrectly states on its website that APR is ‘unproven and unethical.’” Read more here.


TRANSGENDER IDEOLOGY IS SUPERSTITION, NOT SCIENCE, by Nathanael Blake. “In a recent piece for The New York Times, Jack Turban — a California psychiatrist who has made his career by promoting and practicing the medical ‘transition’ of children — wrote, ‘The most basic part of gender identity is what I call our transcendent sense of gender. …As is the case with many emotions, it’s hard to describe this transcendent feeling in words. But it is the foundation of our gender identity, the scaffolding we’re born with.’ …This belief in an insubstantial gender identity is mystical, not medical, which is emphasized by Turban’s efforts to argue that research ‘suggests these transcendent gender feelings have a strong innate biological basis.’” Read more here.


THINK HARD, by Bernard Lane. “British paediatrician Hilary Cass has a warning for distressed girls considering testosterone: taking this powerful hormone will make it hard—in some ways harder than mastectomy—to pass as a woman if they end up regretting medicalised gender change. ‘I hate to say this, because I’ll get all sorts of kick back, but testosterone is a more effective hormone than oestrogen in this context [as a cross-sex hormone],’ Dr Cass said during a July 2 webinar on the implications of her landmark report for Australia. ‘It is much easier to masculinise a woman than to feminise a man—and [testosterone] really acts very quickly,’ she said.” Read more here.


WPATH INFLUENCE UNDERMINES WHO’S TRANSGENDER GUIDELINES, by the Society For Evidence Based Gender Medicine. “The World Health Organization (WHO) has reaffirmed its plans to issue a transgender and gender diverse (TGD) clinical practice guideline. Its prior announcements generated significant public concern from various stakeholders: clinician groups, LGBT groups, and parent groups. These groups raised three key issues (all of which remain unresolved).” Read more here.


UK NURSES SUING NHS OVER TRANSGENDER LOCKER POLICY: ‘WE’VE BEEN IGNORED,’ by Jonathon Van Maren. “On June 24, we reported the story of a group of nurses from the UK’s National Health Service filing a lawsuit against the NHS hospital trust over its policy of permitting trans-identifying males to use the female-only facilities. Many of the nurses upset with the policy declined to be publicly identified for fear of backlash … Now, a group of them are going public to detail their experiences.” Read more here.


MASSACHUSETTS STATE GOVERNMENT ROLLS OUT MISLEADING ANTI-PREGNANCY CENTER CAMPAIGN, by Monroe Harless. “The Massachusetts state government has erected taxpayer-funded billboards attacking pregnancy centers and encouraging women to ‘avoid’ pro-life organizations. …Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey, a Democrat, billed the advertisements as a ‘public education campaign’ paid for by $1 million in taxpayer dollars approved in the state legislature’s FY2023 supplemental budget. The initiative marks the first time a state government has used public funds to campaign against pro-life organizations.” Read more here.


HOSPITAL WORKER: CALIFORNIA IS PUSHING RADICAL ‘LGBTQ+’ TRAINING ON STATE EMPLOYEES, by Elizabeth Jones. “’It’s time to expose Tractor Supply,’ began the post on the X social media platform last month, highlighting the Fortune 500 company’s DEI policies. The rural lifestyle retailer soon ditched its woke agenda affecting 50,000 employees in 49 states. ‘LGBTQIA+ training for employees’ topped the list of Tractor Supply’s progressive misdeeds. The corporate about-face was hailed as an example of the power of citizen activism, while government programs for diversity, equity, and inclusion are now being gutted in several red states.” Read more here.


THE TRANS NARRATIVE IS GETTING MORE INSANE: MEDIA NOW TOUTS ‘NONBINARY TRANSGENDER’ OLYMPIAN, by Jonathon Van Maren. “There have been a lot of truly delusional headlines over the past decade as the press herded itself into line with the transgender movement’s ever-changing language diktats. From solemnly using phrases such as ‘her penis’ to obediently using Orwellian terms such as ‘gender-affirming surgery,’ the propagandists did their part for the revolution – and only recently did the mainstream media allow any factchecking of the transgender movement’s claims. Reading anything in the press about the transgender movement requires a translator at this point (is that a he? A she? What’s a ‘transwoman’? etc.).” Read more here.


PAY ATTENTION, by Bernard Lane. “The rapid-onset hypothesis in gender dysphoria—which provoked a ‘hissy fit’ by the transgender health lobby WPATH—should be of keen interest to anyone specialising in the field. So said clinician and researcher Dr Ken Zucker, a leading international authority on youth gender dysphoria, at a Paris conference of the watchdog groups The Little Mermaid and the Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine (SEGM) on June 29.” Read more here.


7 WAYS PLANNED PARENTHOOD MISLEADS WOMEN THROUGH DECEPTIVE MARKETING, by Carole Novielli. “Pro-abortion state Attorneys General (AGs) are suing pro-life pregnancy centers for ‘false and deceptive’ marketing in places like New Jersey, New York, and California. City council ordinances have targeted pregnancy help centers as well, parroting the claims mouthed by a slew of pro-abortion organizations. They claim that these centers (which offer most, if not all, services for free, including baby items, parenting classes, and more) are lying to women, tricking them into keeping their babies, and deceiving them by connecting them with doctors who offer progesterone in an effort to counteract the effects of mifepristone (the first drug in the abortion pill regimen) — a treatment often referred to as ‘abortion pill reversal.’” Read more here.


‘BILLBOARD CHRIS:’ A CANADIAN DAD CALMLY CONFRONTING GENDER IDEOLOGY, by Rebecca Oas. “He has faced screaming mobs, been violently assaulted, had his posts censored on social media, was described as a ‘far right activist’ by the Southern Poverty Law Center’s ‘Hatewatch’ newsletter for his advocacy to protect children from harmful gender ideology. Despite all this, ‘Billboard Chris’ remains a calm, soft-spoken presence at rallies and protests, ready to have a conversation with friends and enemies alike. Chris Elston has traveled well beyond his home in British Columbia, wearing his signature sandwich boards with messages like ‘Children cannot consent to puberty blockers’ and using a camera to document his interactions.” Read more here.


TAXPAYER-FUNDED PLANNED PARENTHOOD BOASTS ABOUT BEING LEADER IN TRANSGENDER MEDICAL PROCEDURES, by Hannah Grossman, Maria Lencki, Alba Cuebas-Fantauzzi. “Abortion provider Planned Parenthood now describes itself as one of the leading national providers of transgender medical interventions, but has been criticized by a top Republican for being ‘opaque’ in how it discloses it in its annual reports. In 2023, a Pennsylvania chapter of the nonprofit said, ‘Providing gender-affirming care services aligns with our mission of enabling all people to make empowered, informed decisions about their bodies and lives. Nationally, Planned Parenthood is the second-largest provider of hormone therapy.’” Read more here.


THE WHITE HOUSE’S TRANSGENDER TANGLE, by Leor Sapir. “New evidence suggests that the White House is taking its marching orders on so-called gender-affirming care for kids from transgender interest groups. A messaging blunder last week revealed that the Biden administration likely knows that gender hormones and surgeries for kids are unpopular but fears that saying so will alienate the powerful organizations that support these controversial procedures.” Read more here.


3 WAYS FEMINISM LAID THE GROUNDWORK FOR TRANSGENDERISM, by Carrie Gress. “The trans movement is in full bloom. Many are scratching their heads as to how we got here. A survey of the last two centuries reveals that it was long in the making, with deep roots found in feminist ideology, as discussed at length in my book, The End of Woman. Feminism ushered in significant shifts in thinking about women, fundamentally changing the way Western civilization considers biology, language, and law. Each of these shifts on its own would have been damaging enough, but like the poisonous tentacles of a jellyfish, when taken together, they were fatal and brought about the triumph of the LGBT movement.” Read more here.


THE TEXAS CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL SCANDAL ABOUT TRANSGENDER KIDS THAT JUST WON’T DIE, by Kurt Mahlburg. “As the Texas Children’s Hospital (TCH) scandal continues to unfold, the panic on display from the powers that be is yet more evidence that we are living in a post-trans the kids world. Biden’s Department of Justice hauled former TCH surgeon Dr Eithan Haim before the courts earlier this month. His crime? Exposing the hospital’s secret continuation of child ‘gender medicine’ despite its own public denials — and despite a statewide ban on the practice.” Read more here.


MONEY TALKS, by Bernard Lane. “British paediatrician Hilary Cass has highlighted the financial conflict of interest among American gender clinicians critical of her landmark report, which urges a less medicalised treatment approach to gender-distressed minors. ‘I do worry that some of the people, certainly in the US, who’ve been most critical of my review are the ones who have private practices and are therefore financially conflicted in some of their comments on not following a cautious approach,’ Dr Cass said. She advised England’s National Health Service to end routine treatment with puberty blockers—they are restricted to a possible future clinical trial—and to exercise ‘extreme caution’ with any prescription of cross-sex hormones for minors.” Read more here.


DELL SHAREHOLDERS REJECT FREE MARKET PROPOSAL TO STOP DONATING TO LGBTQ AGENDA, by Kevin Mooney. “Shareholders who recoil at the specter of self-described human rights activists partnering with corporations to promote ‘gender transition’ surgeries had the opportunity to make their voices heard Thursday at Dell Technologies Inc.’s annual shareholder meeting. But their efforts against the radical LGBTQ agenda fell short. A shareholder proposal asking Dell’s board of directors to list ‘any recipient of material donations from the company’—not including employee matching gifts—was voted down.” Read more here.


‘WE ARE MEN AND WOMEN’: TEXAS SUPREME COURT UPHOLDS STATE PROTECTIONS AGAINST CHILD TRANSING, by Jordan Boyd. “The Texas Supreme Court ruled on Friday to uphold a Lone Star State law that effectively bans gender experimentation on children. In an 8-1 decision published on Friday, the highest court in the state confirmed the legislature’s May 2023 law prohibiting health care professionals from castrating and mutilating minors does not violate the state constitution, as a trial court had previously concluded.” Read more here.


HEAL THYSELF, by Bernard Lane. “Australia’s medical authorities are blocking a review of the country’s gender clinics by refusing to acknowledge the significance of England’s Cass report or by repeating the fiction that it has no local relevance, according to psychiatrist Andrew Amos. ‘Cass specifically evaluated the clinical guidelines used by all of Australia’s public gender services for minors, and they show they’re not fit for purpose,’ Dr Amos said last week at a forum with US detransitioner Chloe Cole in Parliament House, Sydney.” Read more here.


PEDIATRIC GENDER MEDICINE IS LED BY ACTIVISM, NOT SCIENCE, NEW DOCUMENTS SHOW, by Christina Buttons. “Newly released court documents reveal that the leading global authority on medical transitions for minors prioritized political goals over children’s well-being in developing their guidelines. The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) is a nonprofit organization of self-identified experts in transgender healthcare, known for its influential “Standards of Care” guidelines. …This week, a trove of subpoenaed internal communications from WPATH, unsealed in a federal lawsuit regarding Alabama’s age restrictions on “gender-affirming care” for minors, reveal that their guidance is driven more by activism than by scientific evidence. Read more here.


MISS MARYLAND CONTESTANTS PUSH BACK AFTER MALE WINNER STEALS THEIR CROWN, by Mary Margaret Olohan. “Miss Maryland USA professes to celebrate both the beauty and confidence of young women, promising a ‘fair environment in which young women have the opportunity to develop skills that will help them win in life by being their personal best in everything they do.’ But on June 1, when the beauty pageant crowned a man the winner of Miss Maryland USA, a number of the contestants felt that they had not been granted that fair and supportive environment they were promised. Read more here.


SUPREME COURT PUNTS BIDEN’S EMTALA ABORTION EXPANSION TO LEFTIST LOWER COURT, by Jordan Boyd. “The U.S. Supreme Court decided in a 6-3 ruling in Moyle v. United States on Thursday to toss the Biden administration’s attempt to force its abortion activism on pro-life states such as Idaho back to lower courts. The majority of justices agreed that, despite issuing a previous stay that favored Idaho, the case was ‘improvidently granted’ and will not receive a merit judgment at this time.” Read more here.


EXPERTS EXPOSED, by Bernard Lane. “The people who drew up the best-known international guideline for gender medicine abruptly abandoned minimum ages for irreversible medical interventions after pressure from the Biden Administration, which is litigating in defence of the besieged ‘gender-affirming’ treatment model. The draft guideline’s thresholds—age 15 for mastectomy, for example, and 17 for hysterectomy—would ‘result in devastating legislation for trans care’, according to the office of Assistant Secretary for Health, Rachel Levine, who identifies as a woman. ‘[Dr Levine] wonders if the specific ages can be taken out.’” Read more here.


IS LGBT PERSONS’ MENTAL HEALTH IMPROVING?, by Jennifer Roback Morse. “The social acceptance of homosexual behavior has greatly increased over the past 30 years. In that time, the United States has changed the definition of marriage, the structures of the military, the curriculum of our public schools and the objectives of our foreign policy. Many people supported these changes because they thought this greater social acceptance would make self-identified gays and lesbians feel better. I propose that we stop and ask: Have these changes actually improved the mental health of the people who were supposed to be helped?” Read more here.


HUMAN RIGHTS EXPERT ADVOCATES ABOLISHING PROSTITUTION/ABORTION GROUPS UPSET, by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “Quite surprisingly, a UN human rights expert has issued a report advocating the abolition of prostitution. In addition, she calls for countries to abolish pornography and criminalize its possession and production. Reem Alsalem, the special rapporteur on the causes and consequences of violence against women and girls, said that prostitution is a system of exploitation and abuse that ‘reduces women and girls to mere commodities’ and ‘hinders their ability to achieve true equality.’” Read more here.


WOMEN DESERVE TO KNOW THEY CAN REVERSE IN-PROGRESS CHEMICAL ABORTIONS, by Alexandra DeSanctis. “Though abortion supporters would have you believe otherwise, many women regret choosing abortion and experience negative mental-health consequences long afterward. In recent years, doctors have developed a safe and effective method to allow women undergoing a chemical abortion to halt and reverse the procedure if they change their mind before the abortion is complete—and abortion providers are doing everything they can to stop women from finding out about it.” Read more here.


MARRIAGE IS NOT AN ARBITRARY INSTITUTION, by Ben Rothove. “In the latest left-wing attack on the nuclear family, NPR suggested last week that ‘marriage could look very different in the future.’ The story noted that ‘over the past few decades, cohabitation rates have nearly doubled’ and ‘more children are being born outside of marriage.’ The taxpayer-subsidized organization then gleefully proclaimed that ‘there’s been buzz around polyamory and open relationships’ because ‘younger generations [are] less set on following tradition.’ … Marriage, in the future, will look the exact same as it always has: one man and one woman.” Read more here.


HOME RUN: TEXAS RANGERS EARN PLAUDITS AFTER ‘PRIDE NIGHT’ STANCE PROMPTS FRESH ROUND OF WOKE FRETTING, by Sister Toldjah. “Of the 30 teams in Major League Baseball, 29 of them have a Pride Night during the course of their season. But not the Texas Rangers. Outside of an event they held in 2003 that was similar to Pride Night but much more low-key, they have steadfastly refused to give in to the outrage machine mouthpieces in the media and beyond on the issue, insisting that what they’re doing by not having a dedicated Pride Night is what true inclusivity is all about.” Read more here.


DOJ LAWSUIT OVER BANNING SEX CHANGES FOR KIDS DOESN’T ‘HOLD WATER,’ LEGAL EXPERT SAYS, by Hudson Crozier. “The highest court in the U.S. agreed Monday to hear a Justice Department lawsuit against a Tennessee law, passed last year, that bans gender surgeries and cross-sex hormones for those under 18. The Biden administration alleges that the state violated the Constitution’s equal protection clause by excluding children who say they are transgender from ‘essential medical care.’ The administration’s claims ‘don’t hold water’ because a variety of laws reserve significant decisions for adults.” Read more here.


GENDER BEAT, by Bernard Lane. “The Amsterdam gender clinic famous for the ‘Dutch protocol’ is being taken to court by two detransitioners who say they were misdiagnosed. The story of ‘Sam’, a young man who identified as a woman and had hormonal and surgical interventions at the VU University Medical Centre, has been broadcast by the high-profile TV current affairs program Een andaag. At age 16, Sam said, he was introduced to trans identity by a TV program about a trans boy. ‘I was already feeling very unhappy,’ he said. ‘I also found out I was attracted to men… I really didn’t want that.’ At 22, ‘very obsessive’ about his body and contemplating the next surgery, he decided this would never end with him happy. He detransitioned.” Read more here.


PRIDE MONTH GOES OUT WITH A WHIMPER, by Suzanne Bowdey. “It’s been a long time since Americans could sit back and actually enjoy the month of June. It was always an insufferable four weeks, breathing in the rainbow-saturated air that fell heaviest across our favorite sports, stores, shows, and social media. But the most remarkable thing about this year’s Pride Month may be just how unremarkable it was. Sure, there were still parades, over-the-top political pronouncements, and colorful flags billowing from too many government buildings, but the characteristic dread and fatigue from Pride is gone — replaced by a quiet confidence that maybe, just maybe, we’ve been heard.” Read more here.


THE LGBT LOBBY’S ULTIMATE GOAL IS TO REDEFINE THE FAMILY. THIS LAWSUIT IS JUST MORE PROOF, by Jonathon Van Maren. “First you redefine marriage; then you redefine parenthood. In fact, the LGBT movement sees the commodification of children as one of the key battlegrounds in their ongoing revolution. California moved to give homosexual men the ‘right’ to intentionally motherless children last year, redefining ‘infertility’ from a medical condition to a status: ‘a person’s inability to reproduce either as an individual or with their partner without medical intervention.’ Under this definition, homosexual men would be classified as ‘infertile.’” Read more here.


HERE’S WHERE THE PRO-LIFE MOVEMENT STANDS 2 YEARS AFTER ROE OVERTURNED, by Mairead Elordi. “On Monday, the country marks two years since the Supreme Court overturned half a century of legalized abortion nationwide, a tumultuous two years that has held both wins and losses for the pro-life movement. Since the landmark Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision reversed Roe vs. Wade in June 2022, a total of 24 states have passed bans on abortion at 15 weeks or earlier. The Dobbs case dealt with a 2018 Mississippi law banning most abortions after 15 weeks. Bans or restrictions on abortion are currently in effect in 21 states … .” Read more here.


WHAT THE SUPREME COURT’S LATEST ABORTION RULING MEANS FOR RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, by Kelsey Dallas. “The Supreme Court’s recent ruling against a group of doctors who oppose abortion for religious reasons may, in the long run, come to be seen as a big win for doctors who oppose abortion for religious reasons. Confused? Let me explain. The June 13 ruling protecting access to an abortion pill called mifepristone included a long reflection on conscience rights. Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who was writing for a unanimous court, said that doctors with moral objections to a procedure do not need to perform it, even when other doctors aren’t readily available.” Read more here.


ABORTION IS A ‘BIG PLAYER’ IN BRITAIN’S BIRTH CRISIS, by the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children. “Babies in Britain are becoming a scarcity. A report out today shows that the birth rate has fallen to a record low. …Abortion is a ‘big player’ in population decline according to pro-life researcher Dr Gregory Pike in a paper commissioned by SPUC ‘How does abortion affect birth rates and demography?’ Births are plummeting in other Western countries, as well as in China, Russia and a number of Asian countries, triggering alarm from governments that are facing the economic and social problems associated with too few workers supporting an aging population.” Read more here.


COMPANIES BACK OFF ‘PRIDE’ IN WAKE OF 2023 CONTROVERSY, by James M. Sequeira. “Americans are used to virtually every corporation filling its social media with posts in support of Pride month every June, but this year many have been silent on the matter. It seems that last year’s boycotts made enough waves that companies are finally realizing that a large portion of their customer base is not supportive of the massive social experiments on the structure of the family and the human body represented by Pride month.” Read more here.


BLUE STATES ARE BARRING AMERICANS WITH TRADITIONAL VIEWS ON GENDER FROM ADOPTING. THIS CHRISTIAN COUPLE IS FIGHTING BACK, by Ryan Mills. “It was in early September when Vermont’s child-welfare agents reached out to Bryan and Rebecca Gantt: A baby boy was about to be born to a homeless drug addict. The state needed a foster family to care for the child, who would likely be placed up for adoption. …Because the Gantts hold traditional and unremitting Christian views about sex and gender, the state revoked their foster-care license; they’d never be allowed to foster or adopt in Vermont again.” Read more here.


GLORIFYING SELF HARM: ALPHABET ACTIVIST GROUP CELEBRATES TEENS ‘CUTTING’ THEMSELVES, by David Strom. “Mermaids is a very prominent and very evil alphabet ideology promotion group that has had, up until very recently, outsized power in determining UK healthcare policies regarding transgender ‘healthcare.’ It has guided the National Health Service’s policies, advocated for laws to promote alphabet ideology, and helped drive the conversation in the UK, all for the worse. …Now … Mermaids is making a pitch with its own ‘Manifesto’ (the parties put out manifestos to outline their agendas), and it’s all about normalizing mental illness, self-harm, and the promotion of transgender ‘healthcare’ once again in an environment that has turned hostile.” Read more here.


UN AGENCY FOR WOMEN TARGETS ‘ANTI-RIGHTS’ GROUPS, by Stefano Gennarini. “In an anonymous article on its website, the UN agency for women, UN Women, has called upon feminists to defend the homosexual/transgender cause against what they call ‘anti-rights’ groups. The article warns of the rise of ‘anti-rights’ movements and their recent successes at separating homosexual/transgender issues from mainstream feminism. The article urges feminists to ‘push forward and act collectively to protect and promote LGBTIQ+ people’s equality and rights.’ It is the success of such groups at blocking the transgender/homosexual agenda that is the principal concern of the UN Women ‘explainer.’” Read more here.


‘PRIDE’ PARADES ARE NOTHING BUT MASSIVE HUMILIATION RITUALS, by Hayden Daniel. “It’s that time of year again. The time when, for 30 seemingly never-ending days, rainbow flags (or whichever new convoluted color-coded version they’ve conjured up this year) take over entertainment, corporate logos, and the streets of cities across the country. Not even ruby-red states can escape the influence of ‘Pride Month.’ The centerpiece of this debauched revelry is the ‘pride’ parade. …With the growth of these processions as a nationwide phenomenon, the frequency of grown men showing up to them in full BDSM gear, stripper attire, or even just a diaper has also increased.” Read more here.


THE LEFT CAN’T DEFEND GENDER IDEOLOGY SO IT CENSORS THE TRUTH ABOUT IT, by Anna Broussard. “The company XX-XY athletics has been permanently banned on TikTok because of a supposedly offensive advertisement, reminding us that the Left is using censorship to hide their lies. The former USA champion gymnast and founder of XX-XY athletics, Jennifer Sey, announced this week that her company had been removed from TikTok due to an ad the social media platform deemed offensive. The advertisement showed clips of trans-identifying boys injuring girls during sporting events due to the biological advantages that boys have over girls in athletics. And according to Tiktok, this reality is offensive and cannot be promoted on the website.” Read more here.


A FAMILY-FRIENDLY PRONATALISM, by Lyman Stone. “Earlier this month, IFS announced a new project: the Pronatalism Initiative. This initiative is based in a simple idea: we believe that falling birth rates are a big social problem. Low fertility threatens to create a society of widespread family disappointment, feed into a culture of despair, make already polarized politics even more divisive, jeopardize America’s international strategic position, slow down economic growth, render intergenerational transfers infeasible, and curtail the pace of innovation and entrepreneurship. Perhaps worst of all, falling fertility is not a product of falling family desires, but of a yawning abyss of dreams-not-realized lingering between actual birth rates and the family sizes people want. Read more here.


IGNORE THE FEMINISTS; WE STILL NEED FATHERS, by Adam B. Coleman. “It is human nature to prioritize what matters most, and this is never truer than when one looks at what a society prioritizes. By that standard, our approach to family is alarming. Unchecked family separation and disintegration reveals a potentially ugly truth: that we’re now participants in a selfish economy where people are only as valuable as what they can provide us. This Father’s Day, many of us can’t avoid the perception of how the fathers of America are considered optional ornaments to the family tree. Read more here.


PRO-LIFE PHYSICIANS PREPARE TO COUNTER MISLEADING MEDICALIZATION OF INDUCED ABORTIONS, by Dr. Christina Francis. “After seven statewide wins in the past two years and not a single loss, pro-abortion activists are advancing constitutional amendments in another 13 states this year to block elected representatives from regulating abortion in any way. The pro-abortion activists are deploying the same winning strategy as last cycle: highlighting medical professionals who cast abortion as essential health care. But for thousands of doctors like me, the facts say something different.” Read more here.


‘PROFOUNDLY WRONG’: ITALIAN PM STOPS G7 FROM PROMOTING ABORTION, LGBT AGENDA, by Ben Johnson. “A conservative leader prevented the world’s largest economies from using their clout to promote abortion, and perhaps also the LGBTQIA+ agenda, saying it is ‘profoundly wrong’ to promote anti-family ideologies for political reasons. At last week’s Group of Seven (G7) summit, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni successfully overcame pressure from President Joe Biden to include a promise for the nations to promote abortion-on-demand as part of ‘sexual and reproductive health.’” Read more here.


BLOCKING BIDEN’S TRANSGENDER MANDATE ON SCHOOLS, by John and Andy Schlafly. “In the last week, four different federal courts independently arrived at the same conclusion: Biden’s policy to impose his transgender ideology on public schools is unlawful. Biden insists, beginning with the upcoming school year, that every public school in America open its girls’ restrooms and locker rooms to boys who think they are girls. More than half our country – 27 states – have sued to block this policy. Read more here.


CAPTURED: THE BRITISH ASSOCIATION FOR COUNSELLING AND PSYCHOTHERAPY, by James Esses. “Last week, I was sent a copy of [the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy] BACP’s quarterly magazine, entitled ‘Children, Young People, & Families’. It is aimed specifically at those practitioners who work with children. It carries a lot of weight and demonstrates the organisational position on the issues of the day. As I read through the magazine, it became apparent that this was nothing more than a manual in trans ideological indoctrination. The clearest proof of this was that, although there are a great multitude of issues impacting our children at present, most articles in the magazine, including the feature articles, were on the subject of ‘LGBTQ+’.” Read more here.


OUR ROLE IN ENCOURAGING FATHERHOOD, by Ben Carson. “Father’s Day gives us the opportunity to reflect on the important role fathers play in the lives of their children. And reflection is needed now more than ever. One such reflection came last month when Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker delivered the commencement address at Benedictine College. As he put it, ‘To the gentlemen here today: Part of what plagues our society is this lie that has been told to you that men are not necessary in the home or in our communities. As men, we set the tone of the culture, and when that is absent, disorder, dysfunction, and chaos set in.’” Read more here.


CANADA’S 2ND ANNUAL LGBT ‘PRIDE’ FLAG WALKOUT DAY WAS A ROARING SUCCESS, by Jack Fonseca. “There was a widespread media blackout on coverage of our second annual National ‘Pride’ Flag Walk-Out Day, but the truth must be told, hence this update. The Walk-Out Days were held in protest of the insidious LGBT indoctrination taking place in classrooms across Canada, and we planned them to coincide with all the days on which schools were likely to raise the LGBT Pride Flag in honor of transgender and homosexual Pride Month.” Read more here.


WHY DO DRAG QUEENS NEVER WANT TO READ STORIES TO THE ELDERLY?, by Frank Wright. “Whenever some grifter brings up the issue of female impersonators reading to children, you might consider asking, ‘Why do they never read stories to the elderly?’ These men in makeup as freakish parodies of women insist on reading to children. Very young children at that. Nurseries and junior schools are the usual venues. They don’t do this in care homes for our lonely, isolated grandparents. … The reason they want to read to your children – often without your knowledge, presence, or permission – is because they are recruiting them.” Read more here.


INQUIRING MIND, by Bernard Lane. “Tasmania’s Liberal government has become the first Australian administration to recommend a national review of public gender services for minors. The island state’s Health Minister, Guy Barnett, who is also Attorney-General, said he had written to his federal counterpart—Australia’s Labor Party Health Minister, Mark Butler—to ask him to consider the idea. …In the state of Western Australia, Liberal opposition leader Libby Mettam has announced a policy to ban puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and transgender surgery for children under age 16, and to hold a review, should she be elected to govern.” Read more here.


WHY SOUTH DAKOTA’S ABORTION REFERENDUM COULD FINALLY PRODUCE A PRO-LIFE WIN, by Matthew Malec. “After losing all seven state abortion referendums since Roe v. Wade was overturned, pro-lifers have received another dose of bad news. In ruby-red South Dakota, a recent poll found that 53 percent of voters, including 46 percent of Republicans, support a ballot measure that would set up a trimester system for legalizing abortion (similar to Roe), while just 35 percent oppose it, a notable shift from the 46-44 advantage the pro-abortion side had in November. But pro-lifers cannot give up on this race just yet.” Read more here.


THE CANADIAN CANCER SOCIETY ‘CERVIX’ DEBACLE IS PROOF THE LGBT MOVEMENT IS FAILING, by Jonathon Van Maren. “When the transgender industry finally collapses, I suspect that the autopsy will show that a significant role was played by the asinine strategic decision of trans activists to tone-police charities dedicated to helping sick people. The latest example of this manages to be both crude and incredibly insulting at the same time: the Canadian Cancer Society, run by philanthropist Andrea Seale, has formally apologized for using the term “cervix” instead of the designation demanded by the transgender movement: ‘front hole.’” Read more here.


SUPREME COURT DECISION MEANS WOMEN WILL BE HARMED BY DANGEROUS ABORTION PILLS, by Steven Ertelt. “The Supreme Court’s decision today to not allow pro-life doctors to challenge the lack of FDA safety regulations on the mifepristone abortion pill means women and girls will be killed by the abortion pill and continue being injured. The Supreme Court, by focusing on the legal procedures of standing, today upheld in FDA v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine that the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) actions in 2016 and 2021 dropped virtually all safety precautions for obtaining and using chemical abortion drugs.” Read more here.


UNFPA LEADS EFFORTS TO SUPPRESS ‘ANTI-RIGHTS’ SOCIAL CONSERVATIVES, by Iulia-Elena Cazan. The UN population agency told governments it is committed to fight the ‘pushback’ to the sexual rights agenda from ‘anti-rights’ groups. Western governments pledged their support for the cause. …The labels ‘anti-rights’ and ‘pushback’ are often used to refer to pro-life and pro-traditional family groups at the UN and on the ground around the world. The concepts were first developed at the UN in the context of opposing the pro-life policies of the Trump administration. ADF International, the Heritage Foundation, Family Watch International, and C-Fam, publisher of the Friday Fax, are some of the organizations that have been called anti-rights in Western-funded initiatives.” Read more here.


THE LEFT’S CRUSADE AGAINST RELIGIOUS SCHOOLS HEATS UP, by Timothy P. Carney. “A theme of the next few years will be the persecution of Catholic schools, Jewish schools, and all other religious schools that blend even a trace of traditional morality with their faith. Democratic legislators, the legacy media, left-wing non-profits, and liberal prosecutors will attack, sue, defund, and ultimately try to quash all conservative religious schools that do not adopt their version of morality. …New York lawmakers recently proposed an ‘anti-discrimination’ bill, the Nonpublic Dignity for All Students Act. The bill would force private schools to embrace gender ideology — the new belief system positing that a boy becomes a girl by identifying as one and vice-versa.” Read more here.


LGBT ‘PRIDE MONTH’ IS NOT ABOUT CELEBRATING, IT’S ABOUT ASSERTING DOMINANCE OVER THE CULTURE, by Jonathon Van Maren. “It is June, which means that the LGBT heresy hunters are in full swing. Their favorite game is to plaster some public space with symbols of their hotly contested ideology and then scream ‘Victim!’ and demand a comprehensive crackdown when anyone dares to protest. It is not a ‘celebration of Pride’ – it is an assertion of ownership, a declaration of dominance over our public spaces. The most ludicrous stories are the breathless press reports of the enormous rainbow sidewalks marring our towns and cities getting… wait for it… tire marks on them.” Read more here.


EUROPE’S EXAMPLE ON GENDER TREATMENT, by The Deseret News Editorial Board. “When it comes to transgender medical treatments for children, parts of Europe have taken an enviable approach that relies on science rather than politics, advocacy or emotion. The results have been telling. In recent years, several European countries, including the more progressive nations of Scandinavia, have pulled back on allowing gender-related treatments for minors because some doctors have serious concerns about the risks. As U.S. News reported last year, these changes are being driven by healthcare policymakers and medical professionals, not by lawmakers. This has led to calmer and more rational discussions than what often takes place in the hyper-partisan United States.” Read more here.


‘DETRANS’ HELPS TRANSGENDER CULT SURVIVORS TELL HORRIFYING TRUTHS ALL MEDIA WORK TO HIDE, by Joy Pullmann. “If the Americans Mary Margaret Olohan writes about in Detrans weren’t victims of Democrats, their plight would be all over Hollywood, ‘60 Minutes,’ PBS, and all the rest. There’s more than enough in the stories of young Americans reverting transgender body modifications and personas to attract entire teams of investigative reporters and creatives for years. It’s at least as big as the Big Tobacco lawsuits, the abortion industry, the Oxycontin scandals, and child sex trafficking. This lack of curiosity in a deep and dramatic story says a lot about our culture, our institutions, our media, and our rulers.” Read more here.


THE CONSENSUS ON GENDER MEDICINE FOR KIDS IS CRUMBLING, by Michael Cook. “The hottest issue in bioethics at the moment is paediatric gender medicine. Is it ethical for doctors to help children affirm their chosen gender identity? Is it ethical for doctors to suppress puberty in gender dysphoric children? Is it ethical for doctors to sterilize young males with estrogen and females with testosterone so that they can physically mimic the opposite sex? Is it ethical for doctors to surgically remove the breasts of girls under 18? Gender-affirming doctors answer Yes, Yes, Yes, and Yes to these questions.” Read more here.


THE LEFT’S DARK MONEY NETWORK BOOSTED ABORTION INTO OHIO’S CONSTITUTION. NOW IT’S TAKING A BIG HIT, by Tyler O’Neil. “Last year, a radical abortion ballot initiative passed in the solid red state of Ohio, shocking pro-lifers across the country. The results weren’t even close: 56.78% of Ohio voters backed a ballot initiative to write ‘reproductive rights’ into the state constitution, while only 43.22% opposed it. How did it happen? The Left’s dark money network provides a key part of the explanation, and the Buckeye State just approved a law to prevent the kind of foreign funding that helped boost abortion across the finish line last year.” Read more here.


PRIDE MONTH FOR CRIMINALS, by Mary-Grace Byers. “In the midst of the infamous ‘Pride Month,’ with rainbow flags seemingly in every store window and on every company logo, we got an inside look at how two federal agencies celebrate Pride Month—especially their inclusion of the criminals they supervise by providing them resource guides for LGBTQ-friendly housing, employment, mental health groups, and more.” Read more here.


DISTURBING MANIFESTO OF NASHVILLE ‘TRANS’ SCHOOL SHOOTER SHOWS THE DARKNESS OF LGBT IDEOLOGY, by Jonathon Van Maren. “On March 27, 2023, 28-year-old Audrey Hale, a young woman who identified as transgender, entered Covenant Christian School in Nashville, Tennessee, with two AR-style weapons and a handgun, shooting open a locked side door to gain access. She began her shooting spree at around 10:13 a.m. …She (was) killed 14 minutes later by police. LGBT groups immediately called for the suppression of the shooter’s manifesto, obviously fearing that it would reveal another act of transgender terrorism. Law enforcement announced their decision to keep the manifesto secret, and the mainstream media agreed, despite the obvious public interest in the contents of the manifesto.” Read more here.


IF ONLY OUR MILITARY PRIORITIZED WINNING WARS AS MUCH AS IT DID CELEBRATING LGBT RADICALISM, by Shawn Fleetwood. “At a time when war is raging in Ukraine and the Middle East, the U.S. military is busy flaunting its support for LGBT insanity. The most recent example came earlier this week when Stars and Stripes, a left-wing outlet, revealed that airmen stationed at Osan Air Base in South Korea are authorized to wear a ‘pride morale patch’ on their uniforms this month to celebrate leftists’ made-up ‘pride month.’ …Capt. Michelle Chang told Stars and Stripes the patch ‘represents the advancement of the Air Force’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, dignity, and respect within the mission.’” Read more here.


PUSH TO PROMOTE TRANSGENDER IDEOLOGY IS BACKFIRING, by Byron York. “President Joe Biden has done more to promote transgender ideology than any president, ever. A scroll through the White House archives shows statement after statement, proclamation after proclamation, speech after speech, in which the president praises what he calls the ‘extraordinary courage and contributions’ of transgender Americans. Last year, the White House, as part of its observation of Transgender Day of Visibility — an event that included the White House Roundtable on Affirming Transgender Kids — the Biden administration released a list of 42 actions and policy initiative [sic] it has undertaken to support transgender Americans.” Read more here.


GENDERBUSY, by Bernard Lane. “Medical societies in Germany and Switzerland have advised caution on the gender medicalisation of minors and called for revision of German-language draft treatment guidelines that would liberalise access to paediatric transition. Taking up a contrary position, the board of the German Society for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, Psychosomatics and Neurology (DGPPM) said hormonal and surgical interventions should be kept to ‘a small number of cases,’ involve mandatory multidisciplinary assessment and be restricted to clinical studies.” Read more here.


ARE WE SEEING A RETURN TO SANITY ON THE TRANSGENDER ISSUE?, by Matt Vespa. “Believe it or not, there has been a transgender backlash in Europe. Sorry, I meant to say return to sanity on this issue that’s driven the Left over the edge to the point where they’re willing to erase womanhood to accommodate the super minority of people who are suffering from what could be described as mental illness. Before political correctness infested the medical community, the professionals had it right—this is gender dysphoria.” Read more here.


SCHOLASTIC’S KID-FOCUSED ‘READ WITH PRIDE’ GUIDE DEMONIZES ANYONE WITHOUT A RAINBOW IDENTITY, by Chad Felix Greene. “The Scholastic Bookfair used to be an exciting time for kids and a place where parents could feel safe knowing their kids would have a world of interesting, educational, and enlightening reading experiences. Unfortunately, like so many innocent joys of childhood, LGBT activists have taken that safety away. Scholastic has fully embraced not only gay and transgender education and fiction for kids at preschool age and above but the full spectrum of extreme transgender and sexual ideology of the left. Read more here.


DEFENDING THE HUMAN EMBRYO, by One of us. “Recently, the Council of Ministers voted on the SoHO regulation, prompting significant concerns from the One of Us European Federation. The new regulation dangerously undermines the value of the human embryonic cells by categorising the embryo as a ‘human-origin substance’ alongside blood, tissues, and gametes. This trivialises the unique nature of embryos and paves the way for an EU market in embryos. By promoting the cross-border exchange of gametes, embryonic cells, and embryos, the EU is effectively creating a market for embryos, which raises serious ethical concerns.” Read more here.


THE OLYMPICS, LONG TAINTED BY POOR JUDGMENTS, IS MAKING QUESTIONABLE DECISIONS ON TRANS ATHLETES, by Brad Slager. “Well, now the International Olympic Committee appears to be working on rulings that are more than just embarrassing PR; they are placing the entire legitimacy of the Olympics in jeopardy. The IOC has just issued a set of media guidelines on how the press should refer to trans athletes and/or those from other marginalized categories. For a governing body that has always had strident, almost militaristic standards for athletes, this growing acceptance of trans competitors threatens the integrity of a competition that has been on the slide already with the general public.” Read more here.


TED CRUZ IS RIGHT—MEN MUST BE KEPT OUT OF WOMEN’S PRISONS, by Nicole Russell. “To the left, codifying gender identity into laws like Title IX seems progressive and even altruistic. What about when it clashes with real-world scenarios that harm women? Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) pointed out this real-world question during a recent confirmation. The Biden administration nominated Judge Sarah Netburn to the Southern District of New York. Cruz questioned Netburn about why she chose to approve the transfer of a 6’2″ male to a women’s prison after the criminal identified as transgender. The prisoner had been convicted of molesting a nine-year-old boy, raping a 17-year-old girl and possessing child pornography. ‘The other women in that prison, do they have any rights?’” Read more here.


OUR SCHOOL DISTRICT FIRED US FOR SHARING GENDER IDENTITY POLICY IDEAS ON PERSONAL TIME, by Rachel Sager and Katie Medart. “We didn’t expect everyone to agree with our ideas. We simply wanted to start a conversation … to engage in dialogue on a topic of profound public interest and concern … to put forth possible solutions on how our community – and nation – could best help vulnerable children. It would’ve been one thing to ignore our suggestions or even vehemently disagree with us; it’s quite another to say we’re not allowed to speak at all and to fire us for what we said. But that’s exactly what happened to us, two public school educators in Grants Pass, Oregon. …School officials suspended and then terminated both of us for sharing our personal views off campus and off duty.” Read more here.


THE PRIDE MOVEMENT HAS NOTHING TO BE PROUD OF, by Dennis Kavanagh. “This year’s Pride Month has rarely seemed so pointless. After all, only the truly shameless in the LGBT activist set could feel any pride in 2024 – a year in which the rainbow-flag fliers’ betrayal of gay youngsters in the name of gender ideology was laid bare. The publication of the Cass Review in April exposed the scandal of the NHS’s treatment of ‘gender confused’ kids. It showed how the NHS’s Gender Identity Development Services (GIDS) subjected troubled, often gay youngsters to life-altering hormones, drugs and treatments. Yet when these same-sex-attracted young people needed a gay movement, it failed them.” Read more here.


SHUT DOWN, by Bernard Lane. “Chile’s Health Minister Ximena Aguilera has reportedly ordered the public health system not to give puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones to any new patients. The minister had acknowledged the weakness of the scientific evidence for paediatric gender medicine and the need to analyse England’s Cass report, according to Tele13 Radio journalist Paula Comandari. During her June 6 broadcast, Ms Comandari said Minister Aguilera had decided ‘very discreetly, late on Tuesday,’ to instruct the under-secretary for public health that no new patients be treated with blockers or hormones. Treatment of existing young patients would continue on a case-by-case [basis].” Read more here.


WHY MARRIAGE IS GOOD FOR MEN, by Brad Wilcox. “Is marriage a bad deal for men? Some loud voices on both the political Left and Right suggest it is. Reactionary online influencers like Andrew Tate tell us: ‘The problem is, there is zero advantage to marriage in the Western world for a man,’ adding, ‘there is zero statistical advantage.’ He warns young men today, ‘If you use your mind, if you use your head instead of your heart, and you look at the advantages of getting married, there are absolutely none.’ Tate’s anti-nuptial view is based in part on his belief that most marriages end in divorce for men—for which men pay a big price financially and emotionally. Based on my conversations with teenage boys and young men across America, I can report that his views on this issue have found a receptive audience.” Read more here.


LET’S CALL IT THE PAYOUTS FOR PLANNED PARENTHOOD ACT, by Karen Townsend. “Senator Ed Markey (D-MA) introduced the ‘Right to Contraception Act’ and it was voted on Wednesday. The move was meant to get Republicans on the record as voting against codifying the right to contraception in the Senate. The unnecessary bill was mostly a sop to Planned Parenthood. Shocker, I know. The true purpose of the bill was to increase funding for Planned Parenthood, the biggest abortion provider in the United States.” Read more here.


‘THE ECONOMIST’ SHAMES ITSELF BY EXTOLLING AMERICAN DOOR KNOCKERS FOR ABORTION, by Michael Cook. “This week’s issue of The Economist, the world’s most respected news magazine, features the iconic Rosie-the-Riveter under the headline ‘Meet America’s Most Dynamic Political Movement.’ Intriguing. What’s old Rosie up to now, 80 years after D-Day? It turns out that The Economist is touting abortion activism – not just as the most dynamic, but as the noblest, bravest, most altruistic, most democratic movement in the US in 2024. Its leader (editorial) describes it as: ‘a revolt of millions of Americans who think government has little business inserting itself into private decisions … [a] movement [that] will restore or fortify the freedom to choose.’” Read more here.


KEEPING PORNOGRAPHY OUT OF SCHOOLS ISN’T BANNING BOOKS, by Ben Rothove. “My old middle and elementary schools hosted Scholastic Book Fairs every year. I would usually have a difficult time choosing between the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid or something about dinosaurs, but students today can choose from titles about changing their gender or going to a drag show. This is as ridiculous as it sounds, and while conservatives have started to push back against sexual material in public schools, the fight needs to continue. Scholastic recently released its ‘Read with Pride’ resource guide for 2024 to help teachers navigate the ‘undeniable, joyous boom of queer literature for children’ and promote gender ideology in ways beyond reading.” Read more here.


COMPANIES SCRAP PRIDE PLANS TO ESCAPE JUNE’S BACKLASH, by Suzanne Bowdey. “It wasn’t that long ago that the mainstream media mocked conservatives for trying to flex their consumer muscle. Not anymore. A year removed from the Bud Light fiasco that sparked a thousand boycotts, even USA Today is admitting — the grassroots strategy worked. LGBT Pride, at least as a wholesale business concept, is dead. For companies brave (or foolish) enough to test Americans’ outrage in 2024, one thing is for certain: there’s no pot of gold at the end of this June’s rainbow.” Read more here.


DR. JORDAN PETERSON AIRS PRIDE MONTH GRIEVANCES, SAYS ‘CELEBRATION OF SEXUALITY’ IS NAMED AFTER CARDINAL SIN, by Brian Flood and Gabriel Hays. “Author and psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson is already ‘done with’ Pride Month. Pride Month, which occurs each June, honors lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people, along with anyone else who falls under the LGBTQ umbrella. Peterson, an outspoken critic of gender-affirming surgery, is sick of the annual ‘celebration of sexuality’ he feels is foisted on people across the globe. ‘You should be very careful what you name things, and ‘pride’ is not a virtue. …Pretty much all of it’s a lie, and it’s a dangerous lie, and it’s a lie with real monsters hovering on the edges.’” Read more here.


MEXICO’S WOKE NEW PRESIDENT CLAUDIA SHEINBAUM IS STRONGLY PRO-ABORTION AND PRO-LGBT, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Claudia Sheinbaum, who pitched herself as a successor to Mexico’s outgoing leftist president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, is the new president after a landslide victory on June 2 that saw her securing 58.8% of the votes with 82% of the ballots counted. A former mayor of Mexico City, Sheinbaum has vaunted her credentials as a ‘climate scientist’ and is being celebrated by progressive leaders such as President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as the first female president of Mexico – and as a kindred spirit.” Read more here.


NEW POLL RESULTS REAFFIRM THAT MANY ‘PRO-CHOICE’ AMERICANS WANT SIGNIFICANT LIMITS ON ABORTION, by Nancy Flanders. “A new Reuters/Ipsos poll conducted from May 7-14 asked 3,934 Americans numerous questions, including questions regarding their views about abortion. In its findings, Reuters reported that most respondents believe abortion should be legal in ‘all or most cases’ (57%). But what, exactly, does the open and broad ‘all or most cases’ phrase mean? It seems perhaps even poll respondents don’t know, because follow-up questions stunningly revealed that even when people state that they support abortion in most cases, they actually support limited access to abortion.” Read more here.


THE SIZE OF PLANNED PARENTHOOD’S GLOBAL MURDER CAMPAIGN WILL SHOCK YOU, by Bradley Haley. “Planned Parenthood’s recent expansion to supply mail-order drugs for on-demand abortions allows women to request the pills via app and have them shipped to their homes. With no appointment necessary, women in Illinois, Washington, Maryland, and Hawaii can submit a request for mifepristone and misoprostol, the two components of a chemical abortion, and within 24 hours the abortion facility mails out the drugs. The disturbing reality is that abortions carried out by Planned Parenthood are the fourth-leading cause of death in the United States, and the group is a vast organization intent on bringing abortion to every corner of the globe.” Read more here.


THE ENDOCRINE SOCIETY’S LAST CHANCE TO PROTECT CHILDREN, by Roy Eappen. “It’s not too late to turn back. That’s what the Endocrine Society, one of North America’s most powerful medical institutions, must remember as its annual meeting occurs in Boston this week. The society is one of the foremost advocates of aggressive, invasive, and irreversible ‘gender-affirming’ treatments for children. For years, it has played a major role in lawsuits that have struck down state laws protecting children, and judges, politicians, physicians, and patients look to it for guidance. Yet recent developments should cause the Endocrine Society to reconsider its stance for the sake of children.” Read more here.


SHOCK NEWS: MARRIAGE IS GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH, by David Strom. “In the least shocking news of the day, a new study has demonstrated that being married is protective against cancer. Admittedly, I didn’t know this specific fact about cancer, but both experience and lots of data has shown (contrary to yesterday’s New York Post) that social connections, and specifically marriage, are good for your health and well-being. But a new study out of Harvard and other prestigious institutions demonstrates that there is a significant protective effect against both getting cancer and survival rates if you do contract it.” Read more here.


DISNEY+ QUEERING 4-YEAR-OLDS DURING PRIDE MONTH, by John Nolte. “I’ll do my best to resist sharing my opinion here, as tempting as it is to rage at the Woke Mouse. I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but it’s pride month, so over the weekend, I logged into a family member’s Disney+ account to see what type of gay and trans content The Walt Disney Company is suggesting children consume. Immediately, the rotating banner at the top of the home screen featured a massive ‘Pride’ logo, obviously including the trans colors in addition to the traditional rainbow.” Read more here.


TRADITIONAL COUNTRIES CALL OUT WHO CHIEF FOR PROMOTING ABORTION-ON-DEMAND, by Stefano Gennarini, J.D. Delegates clashed with the head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, on whether to give official status within the international health agency to the radical abortion and sexual rights lobby group, Center for Reproductive Rights. Tedros implored thirty-four countries in the Executive Board of the World Health Organization to approve the application for official status of the Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR). He made an unusual intervention that mixed personal stories with claims that abortion is necessary to reduce maternal deaths, one of the principal claims of CRR. When it became clear that over one dozen countries would vote against CRR’s application, Tedros begged them to approve the application conditionally for only a year.” Read more here.


DOCTORS PRESSURED US TO ABORT AT EVERY VISIT, UNTIL ONE SPOKE WORDS OF HOPE WE’D NEVER FORGET, by Tricia Borg. “Congratulations! How far along are you? Are you having a boy or a girl? Is that what you were hoping for? It doesn’t matter as long as you have a healthy baby. healthy baby. Little did they know, I wasn’t carrying the healthy baby of which they spoke. This well-meaning statement got me thinking: have we reached a point where we glorify health more than we honor life itself? I might not have been carrying a healthy baby in my womb, but I was carrying a life. At our 20-week anatomy ultrasound, my husband and I learned that our youngest son, Michael Patrick, had a lower urinary tract obstruction … We were encouraged to consider aborting Michael at almost every appointment from that moment on.” Read more here.


CALIFORNIA CONSIDERS LEGISLATION CONCEALING STUDENTS’ GENDER TRANSITIONS FROM PARENTS, by Sarah Holliday. “In November, a poll found 68% of Americans across party lines thought parents should be notified ‘if their child changes their gender identification or preferred pronouns at school.’ And while some are shocked this is a controversial topic to begin with, many are not-so shocked to learn the state of California has proved to be an epicenter of these debates. When the Chino Valley Unified School District board … met in July to discuss a potential policy that would require parental notification if their children attempted gender transitions at school, they were confronted by … California Attorney General Rob Bonta, a Democrat, [who] [sued the school district after it established a policy ‘requiring faculty and staff to notify parents of students’ attempted gender transitions,’” Read more here.


THE RIGHT WAY TO DEAL WITH AI-GENERATED CHILD PORNOGRAPHY, by Valerie Hudson. “Child sexual abuse is a major problem worldwide. But the direct abuse of children is not as lucrative as the digital dissemination of such material, and the online market for child sexual abuse material, more commonly known as child pornography, is immense and growing. The effects on the children abused are profound — physically, mentally and emotionally. In addition, the images are often impossible to completely erase from the internet, ensuring continued trauma. And the market is truly transnational; a 2022 sting by New Zealand found a network of child-pornography sharers across 12 countries.” Read more here.


FLYING THE TRANSGENDER FLAG IN THE FEDERAL COURTS, by Dan McLaughlin. “You might think it would be obvious that a federal court should not take sides on a divisive social issue that is likely to come before that court. But in the name of ‘inclusivity’ during pride month, the federal courts are doing just that. National Review has obtained a memorandum sent to federal judges and other employees of the federal-court system recognizing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ+) Pride Month and promoting a training session for federal employees that will ‘explore the common misnomers associated with gender, why gender inclusivity is essential, and how to professionally navigate gender identity in the workplace.’” Read more here.


PETS WILL BE BETTER PROTECTED THAN CHILDREN IN THE UK, by Ann Farmer. “Britain is in a political frenzy after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced that a snap general election will take place on July 4. This means that some of his government’s bills will lapse before becoming law, including a controversial Criminal Justice Bill which would have included two extreme abortion-up-to-birth amendments. This would have been the biggest change in the regulation of abortion in the UK since 1967. It is not unlikely that this would have paved the way for the legalisation of infanticide later on.” Read more here.


ARE THE WALLS CLOSING IN ON THE TRANS-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX?, by Jason Mattera. “Are the walls closing in on the trans-industrial complex? To answer that right off the bat: It sure looks like the walls are closing in, though it’s way too early to be spiking the football. But there is good news on protecting children from ideologues who want to harm young bodies with toxic drugs and other irreversible procedures. And that news is coming from an unlikely source — The New York Times, a reliable left-wing news outlet that is bucking progressive orthodoxy on so-called ‘gender-affirming care.’ As you likely know, ‘gender-affirming care’ is the left’s euphemism to mask its radical tactics in treating individuals with gender dysphoria.” Read more here.


CRUEL AND UNUSUAL: FEMALE PRISONERS ON LIVING WITH TRANS PRISONERS, by Jazz Shaw. “We’ve been covering the transgender social contagion that’s been sweeping the nation for quite a while now, with a particular emphasis on the effects it can have on children and public school systems. But there’s another aspect of this topic that doesn’t receive quite as much attention. That would be the issue with women’s prisons, particularly in the United States. Several states, including California, have approved the practice of transferring male prisoners posing as women to women’s prisons. This frequently ends badly for the actual women who are locked up there…” Read more here.


THE NIH ONLY INVITED RADICAL GENDER ACTIVISTS TO THEIR SEX AND GENDER GENOMICS SYMPOSIUM, by Colin Wright. “Registration for the symposium, titled ‘Exploring the many dimensions of sex and gender in the genomics era,’ opened on May 19, and the ‘tentative agenda’ was revealed. However, despite the event’s stated purpose of bringing ‘experts from the biological and social sciences to clarify and contextualize – but not resolve – the complexities around sex, gender, and genomics by considering them in their scientific, ethical, and historical contexts,’ the list of presenters is ideologically homogeneous, consisting entirely of activist scientists and radical gender ideologues.” Read more here.


CHILDBEARING PEOPLE: THE IDEOLOGICAL CAPTURE OF THE NHS, by Janes Esses. “The NHS is ideologically captured. Despite the Cass Review. Despite government guidance. Despite the mass of evidence accumulating, which demonstrates the destructive impact of gender ideology on the health and wellbeing of vulnerable people. The scariest thing of all – it is happening behind closed doors. Read more here.


FINALLY, A ‘VISIBILITY DAY’ FOR THE PEOPLE THE LGBTQ MOVEMENT FINDS INCONVENIENT, by Tyler O’Neil. “Next month, companies will add rainbow flags to their icons and logos, the White House will hold events celebrating LGBTQ individuals, and Target and other stores will likely promote rainbow-themed merchandise. Amid all this ‘Pride,’ the men and women who rejected a homosexual lifestyle will be forgotten. Why should ‘Pride’ have the entire month of June? That’s a question Jennifer Roback Morse, president of The Ruth Institute, asked herself. She came to the conclusion that if so much of America’s culture is going to celebrate people who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, she might as well highlight the Americans who rejected those identities.” Read more here.


BIOLOGICAL BOY BEAT GIRLS IN TRACK EVENTS OVER 700 TIMES, LEGAL FILING SAYS, by Brittany M. Hughes. “According to a new court filing from the Alliance Defending Freedom, one biological boy in West Virginia defeated his female competitors in girls’ track events more than 700 times, robbing young ladies of their accomplishments and setting a new, unattainable standard for female athletes. While the motion does not name the student, it’s likely the firm is referring to 13-year-old Becky Pepper-Jackson, a boy who identifies as a girl who sued the state of West Virginia over a new law that would have mandated students use facilities and participate on sports teams according to their biological gender.” Read more here.


IT’S TIME TO DITCH LGBT MONTH FOR A HOLIDAY WE CAN ALL TAKE PRIDE IN, by Mike Coté. “So-called Pride Month, which begins this week, is perhaps the most egregious and in-your-face example of this ideological project of reshaping the American calendar. Once June 1 rolls around, the rainbow icons magically appear across the land, gracing the storefronts of every major retailer and corporate social media account — except, naturally, in the Arab world. Media companies promote content, from reality shows to nature documentaries, that center so-called ‘queer’ narratives, pushing it to everyone including adults watching sports and kids watching cartoons.” Read more here.


LOUISIANA BLAZES TRAIL TO CLASSIFY ABORTION PILL AS ‘CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE,’ by Sarah Holliday. “The abortion drug regimen of mifepristone and misoprostol is advertised by abortion giants such as Planned Parenthood as ‘safe’ and ‘effective.’ But researchers have unveiled evidence that proves these pills, which work together to end the life of an unborn baby, are not safe. And yet, the use of chemical abortion is spreading. As reported in March, it took just six months for three of California’s colleges to carry out over 420 abortions with the abortion drug. In an effort to combat this increased usage of these harmful substances, states such as Louisiana have put forth legislation to criminalize obtaining mifepristone and misoprostol without a legitimate prescription.” Read more here.


CASS DOWN UNDER, by Bernard Lane. “Members of the centre-right Liberal Party in Australia’s most populous state have endorsed a motion urging a ban on medicalised gender change for minors. The motion, passed at Saturday’s state council meeting of the party’s New South Wales (NSW) division, calls on ‘the federal and state governments to ban chemical (drug) and surgical gender dysphoria treatment for minors due to the inability of a child to provide informed consent to these types of procedures.’” Read more here.


AS ASIA FACES POPULATION DECLINE CRISIS, SOME COUNTRIES EXPAND ABORTION ACCESS, by Bridget Sielicki. “Recent reports have revealed that a number of East Asian countries face a startling population decline that may drastically impact the future of those countries, while having worldwide economic consequences. Though these reports reflect the dire situation, there is little recognition that lax abortion laws coupled with an increased worldview that children are a burden have had a direct impact on the population crisis experienced in much of the world.” Read more here.


IT’S TIME TO PUT PARENTS IN CHARGE OF THEIR CHILDREN’S ONLINE SAFETY, by Mike Schultz and Corinne Johnson. “Childhood today is vastly different from the past, dominated by limitless online access via social media on handheld devices, which parents struggle to monitor. Such excessive exposure is causing significant harm to our youth. In response, the Utah State Legislature, Utah Parents United and other groups are working to protect the crucial parent-child relationship, which is essential for shielding children from the potential hazards of social media.” Read more here.


DISSING CASS, by Bernard Lane. “A senior official of an Australian human rights body has likened England’s landmark Cass report to disinformation from a ‘village idiot’. In a public webinar earlier this week, Kenton Miller of the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission also falsely claimed that the Cass review’s survey of the evidence for youth gender medicine was ‘based on a very limited number of studies only within the UK.’ He told the webinar audience that the Cass review was ‘not legitimate at all’ and he put it in the context of a surge in ‘dangerous messaging’ that it was ‘unnatural’ to be transgender.” Read more here.


TRANSGENDER ISSUE PROMPTS INTERNATIONAL PUSHBACK, by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “While the UN was observing its annual day against ‘homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia,’ protesters in Peru were protesting that country’s recent classification of transgenderism as a mental illness in health insurance. Meanwhile, several European countries including Italy refused to sign an EU declaration related to the annual observance. The Italian family minister called the declaration ‘unbalanced’ and criticized the celebration for denying ‘not only biology but also the body, which is based on the gender difference between men and women.’” Read more here.


NEW RESEARCH CONFIRMS HAVING MARRIED PARENTS HELPS KIDS GET AHEAD, by Isabel Sawhill and Kai Smith. “The impact of family structure, particularly marriage, on children’s well-being has always been a somewhat controversial topic, but that doesn’t make it any less salient. … Some researchers4 have made the case that marriage doesn’t matter much, while others have argued that marriage does matter. This raises the question—who is right? How much difference does marriage make in determining children’s later-in life success? The short answer is that marriage still matters. And depending on what metric you examine, marriage can matter a lot.” Read more here.


ABORTION BANS ARE NOT DENYING PREGNANT WOMEN HEALTH CARE, by Randall O’Bannon, Ph.D. “Wherever there are states offering some real legal protections for unborn children, you’ve heard alarms sounded. A rash of stories have suddenly appeared about desperate women and anxious doctors fearful that, because of the law, they will be unable to treat their patients for miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies, or other medical conditions that may pose a serious threat to life and health. It is vitally important to know that, for the most part, this is a manufactured crisis.” Read more here.


WANT TO PROTECT CHILDREN ONLINE? TARGET THE PORN DISTRIBUTORS, by Mary Miller and Jon Schweppe. “…[W]e stand at a pivotal moment in confronting a pressing issue — the widespread exposure of our youth to online pornography, often bypassing parental oversight. In the digital age, shielding our children from the pervasive threat of explicit online content has become an urgent concern demanding innovative and effective solutions. Over the past 20 years, studies have revealed a startling reality: 80 percent of teenagers have been exposed to online pornography.” Read more here.


WHY THE MADNESS OF PREFERRED PRONOUNS DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE TOLERATED, by Bob Bird. “You’re offended? Me too. And we can both live with it. It’s not so bad, especially if we are expected to be ‘diverse.’ You can spare me the sign-off of your signature that might go ‘he/him’ or ‘she/her’ or ‘they/them.’ I am not familiar with all the jargon, and I don’t want to be. I can think for myself. Open-mindedness is good, but at some time, the jury must weigh the evidence and close their minds, and thus deliver a verdict. And, beyond a reasonable doubt, ‘tolerance’ has become intolerable.” Read more here.


GLOBAL PUSHBACK, by Bernard Lane. “A 29-member technical panel set up by Italy’s government to examine the use of puberty blockers is expected to meet for the first time on May 23… Italy’s multi-agency rethink follows a health ministry inspection of Florence’s Careggi hospital gender clinic, reportedly the main centre for puberty blockers in the country. The clinic was found to be giving puberty blockers to children as young as age 9-10 in breach of Aifa’s rules requiring psychological interventions and multidisciplinary assessment involving a neuropsychiatrist to determine any non-gender causes of distress.” Read more here.


THE CENTER FOR REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS: A LIABILITY TO THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION, by C-Fam Staff. “The World Health Organization (WHO) is considering entering a formal relationship with the Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR), a global law firm that promotes abortion and sexual rights, including comprehensive sexuality education, homosexual/transgender policies, and other sexual rights issues. While there is no international human right to abortion or sexual rights, CRR has been working for decades to establish such rights, eroding trust in global human rights institutions in the process. Giving special status to the Center for Reproductive Rights will further fuel the culture wars within international organizations, undermining the WHO’s mission to tackle health issues. It will undermine trust in global health and erode political support for the WHO.” Read more here.


WPATH GETS CAUGHT, by Lisa Selin Davis. “The World Professional Association for Transgender Health is an advocacy group comprised of both activists and clinicians, who appointed themselves world experts and created documents to outline what they consider proper medical and mental health treatment for people who transition. They call these Standards of Care. Many in the gender medicine biz consider these the North Star of guidance. Famously, or infamously, their most recent version, SOC8, included a chapter on eunuch gender identity, but cut out a chapter on ethics, and removed almost all age restrictions for surgeries.” Read more here.


THE AMERICAN HEART IS CLOSING TO MARRIAGE AND FAMILY. CAN RED STATES CHANGE THAT?, by Brad Wilcox. “The American heart is closing. The signs, including dramatic drops in dating, marriage, and childbearing, are all around us. The falling fortunes of marriage and family across the nation can be traced back to cultural shifts (e.g., elite messaging celebrating ‘me-first’ over ‘family-first’ thinking), economic changes (e.g., young men’s eroding position in today’s workforce), and technological shifts (e.g., the ways in which social media discourages us from socializing in person and poison the relations between the sexes).” Read more here.


THE AMERICAN COLLEGE OF OBSTETRICIANS AND GYNECOLOGISTS PROMOTES AND PARTNERS WITH BIG ABORTION, by Carole Novielli. “The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) claims to be the ‘premier professional membership organization for obstetrician–gynecologists,’ but ACOG is far from unbiased where abortion is concerned. The organization has referred for, advocated for, and promoted abortion for decades. ACOG has a history of ties to population control advocates, and the group’s move toward decriminalizing abortion began in the 1960s; this eventually culminated in the organization’s official support for unrestricted abortion on demand.” Read more here.


I WAS THROWN OUT OF CALIFORNIA PUBLIC LIBRARY FOR DISCUSSING IF IT’S FAIR FOR MEN TO COMPETE IN WOMEN’S SPORTS, by Sophia Lorey. “It took less than two minutes and the mention of the word ‘men,’ and I was shouted down. I had barely introduced myself and a heckler accused me of committing the alleged crime of ‘misgendering’ by using the phrase, ‘men in women’s sports.’ In August 2023, I was invited to the Yolo County library in California to speak at an event called ‘Forum on Fair and Safe Sport for Girls.’ As a former college soccer player, I’m passionate about protecting women’s sports from being invaded by male athletes and welcomed the opportunity to join Moms for Liberty and other women advocates in openly discussing a relevant cultural issue. … Library officials shut down the forum after only a few minutes, claiming that referring to male athletes in women’s sports as ‘men’ violated library policy.” Read more here.


UK: WILL THE CONSERVATIVES FINALLY TAKE A STAND ON SEX EDUCATION?, by Michael Curzon. “If the Conservative Party’s name meant anything, its representatives would have spent years working to preserve the innocence of children. Instead, they have been the most significant pushers of sex education in schools, which is understood to have been designed by a Hungarian revolutionary in the early 20th century who hoped to bring about the ‘annihilation of the old values,’ and which has provenly failed to prevent the spread of sexual diseases (which, in Britain, it is supposedly intended to have done).” Read more here.


TRY READING THIS DAD’S GENDER IDEOLOGY LEGAL LIMBO AND NOT FEEL EXHAUSTED, by Brandon Showalter. “Ask any mom or dad who has had the misfortune of navigating family court proceedings where child custody is an issue, they’ll tell you that it’s an emotionally draining experience. Yet when gender ideology rules the day and presiding judges are heavily influenced (if not completely beholden) by its nonsensical yet ruthlessly dogmatic claims, it’s a protracted nightmare. … The challenges faced by parents who dare to question medical decisions that pertain to their gender-confused children are monumental.” Read more here.


THE RELIGIOUS ORIENTATION OF TRANS IDEOLOGY, by Isaac Riley. “In this secular age of ours, we like to presume that the religious spirit which has historically motivated civilizations and empires the world over has been snubbed out and replaced by the doctrine of science and rationalism. That our age is indeed a secular one and that the debates which concern our time have transcended primitive superstition are not conclusions that can justifiably be reached when one gives due attention to the true nature of the political and social quandaries vexing our society. … Transgenderism, as a political and ideological movement, is profoundly religious in its orientation, particularly in its contrast with Christianity.” Read more here.


MARRYING FOR THE ‘RIGHT’ REASONS, by Marcia A. Zug. “Viewers of dating shows like ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette’ will be familiar with the oft repeated concern that contestants might be there ‘for the wrong reasons.’ The wrong reasons in the context of these show [sic] are reasons other than love. This concern is odd given that such programs are premised on the idea of one man or one woman dating multiple people (often literally) while broadcasting and dissecting these relationships on national TV. In fact, under the dating circumstances of these shows, the idea that love would be the primary, let alone sole, reason a ‘contestant’ would participate is absurd.” Read more here.


DISNEY DROPS FAMOUS CHARACTER FROM PARKS DUE TO ‘PROBLEMATIC’ BODY IMAGE, KEEPS MEN IN DRESSES, by Brandon Morse. “Last year, Disney began putting men in dresses and makeup in their parks in order to achieve that vaunted ‘inclusivity’ the formerly great House of Mouse loves to promote. Disturbingly, one of the places they put these men is in front of the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique where little girls are ushered inside and dressed as their favorite Disney princesses. A viral TikTok video showed how these men are cast as ‘Fairy Godmother’s Apprentices’ and lead little girls around the shop, helping them pick out clothing and makeup.” Read more here.


IN MINNESOTA, PUSH FOR ERA THREATENS FREEDOMS, EQUALITY, by Rebecca Delahunt and Renee K. Carlson. “On Monday, May 13, progressive members of the Minnesota house of representatives brought all their radical social policies to the floor in one fell swoop with a vote on the so-called ‘Equal Rights Amendment’ (ERA). If they are passed by both the Minnesota house and senate, there is no requirement that ballot proposals be signed by the governor. The proposed amendment would be put before voters as a ballot question in an upcoming election, likely in November 2026, and a majority vote is needed to adopt the amendment to the state constitution.” Read more here.


OUR MOTHERS DON’T NEED MORE ABORTIONS. THEY NEED GOOD MARRIAGES, by Benjamin Watson. “The pro-life movement and its allies are doing a lot of indispensable policy work now in the wake of Dobbs. Each state is a battleground. Hundreds of thousands of vulnerable mothers and their babies are counting on the outcome of their work. Pro-life legislation is necessary, but it is not enough. Encouraging marriage should be an essential component of any pro-life conversation. The typical abortion client is an unmarried woman with a low income who already has a child. She needs something that no policy can provide: a loving husband.” Read more here.


ANALYSIS: ARE DAYS NUMBERED FOR THE UN POPULATION ESTABLISHMENT?, by Stefano Gennarini. “The thirtieth anniversary of the 1994 Cairo agreement on population was supposed to be an occasion of celebration for abortion and homosexual/trans groups, but it was not. More than anything else, it raised more questions about the continued relevance of the Cairo agenda. Abortion and LGBT activists could not bring themselves to celebrate the anniversary of the Cairo agreement because their funding is being scrutinized. As countries are reaping the horrific consequences of sixty years of anti-natalist programs and propaganda, countries are calling into question the importance of future investment.” Read more here.


REALITY, ADJUSTED, by Sandra Pertot. “The thing that has played on my mind ever since I became embroiled in the gender wars is, how did we get here? How is it possible that large sections of Western society—including health professionals who should know better—have come to accept ideas such as sex isn’t binary, a person can change sex, it is right to tell children they might have been born in the wrong body, and it is good medicine to give these children powerful drugs to ‘pause’ puberty?” Read more here.


ABORTION IS KILLING CANADA’S FUTURE. NOW THERE’S AN APP FOR IT, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Canada desperately needs babies. It is less controversial to say that than it was just a few years ago, but progressive politicians still campaign on abortion and birth control (the NDP’s Jagmeet Singh is currently attempting to present himself as a feminist hero for insisting that the Canadian government pay for voluntary sterility) rather than championing pro-natal policies. It is simply true to say that based on their public statements – and antics – our leaders are simply more passionate about abortion than they are about boosting the birthrate.” Read more here.


COUPLE WAS ASKED TO CONSIDER ABORTING THEIR SECOND BABY AFTER OLDER SON WAS DIAGNOSED, by Nancy Flanders. “There’s often a hidden eugenic expectation placed on the parents of a child who has been diagnosed with a genetic health condition. After Elizabeth Brown’s son, Beckett, was diagnosed with tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC), she and her husband, Nicholas, experienced that discrimination first hand. Shortly after being admitted to a hospital in Texas for Beckett’s health concerns, the couple discovered they were expecting their second baby. They were thrilled but blissfully unaware that they would soon be meeting with doctors who would suggest they abort their baby.” Read more here.


I SURVIVED AN ABORTION: HOW MY STORY HAS SHAPED ME THIS MOTHER’S DAY, by Melissa Ohden. “I grew up in a loving home in Iowa, knowing I was adopted, (along with my older sister) to parents who loved me. I would say I had a great childhood. But, at the age of fourteen, I accidentally found out that I survived an abortion, which crumbled the world I thought I knew. I wrestled with not only the typical angst of figuring out who I was, independent from my family, but with the layers of being adopted and as an abortion survivor, it was confusing. Subconsciously, I felt unloved and unwanted because of the culture surrounding me – the culture that often communicates that abortion is not only a choice, but a right.” Read more here.


QUESTIONS FOR MOMS AND DADS ON MOTHER’S DAY, by Derrick Morgan. “Many Americans could affirm what Abraham Lincoln is supposed to have said: ‘All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.’ Unfortunately, moms and dads increasingly deemphasize marriage and parenting, instead choosing to focus on paid work. This Mother’s Day, we should reject the culture and affirm the importance of motherhood itself.” Read more here.


MATERNAL MORTALITY AND THE FAILURE TO VALUE MOTHERHOOD, by Ryan Bomberger. “Motherhood is everything yet is being reduced to a semantic nothing in our culture today. In an effort to degender language and erase what is feminine, a woman is referred to as ‘a pregnant person,’ ‘a person with a uterus,’ ‘a uterus owner,’ ‘a birthing person,’ “a person with a period’ or simply a dude. Sorry fellas, only She is She! Whether linguistically, culturally or medically, motherhood is being attacked.” Read more here.


STORIES OF YOUNG PEOPLE WHOSE BODIES WERE SACRIFICED ON ALTAR OF ‘GENDER IDEOLOGY CULT,’ by Virginia Allen. “The cross-sex hormones, puberty blockers, and surgeries being prescribed to young people struggling with their gender identity are ‘experimental,’ according to Mary Margaret Olohan. ‘We don’t actually know what kind of effects that the puberty blockers and hormones are having on these young people,’ Olohan says of women and men who attempt to change their bodies to appear as the opposite sex. In her new book ‘Detrans: True Stories of Escaping the Gender Ideology Cult,’ Olohan shares the stories of detransitioners, such as Prisha Mosley.” Read more here.


WEST POINT TEACHES ARMY RECRUITS ABOUT CROSS DRESSING & GENDER NORMS, by Tierin-Rose Mandelburg. “Nope, this isn’t satire. Former Congressman Scott Taylor was recently sent an image of classes given to Army recruits at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. One of the classes was titled ‘Uniformed Perspectives: The Evolution of Cross-Dressing in the Military and Gender Norms.’ The United States Military Academy … [is] a four-year college that ‘builds, educates, trains, and inspires the Corps of Cadets to be commissioned leaders of character committed to the Army Values and ready for a lifetime of service to the Army and Nation,’ its website states.” Read more here.


COLORADO PASSES LAW REQUIRING TEACHERS TO USE STUDENT’S PREFERRED PRONOUNS, CUTS PARENTS OUT OF THE LOOP, by Ward Clark. “Colorado was once a great place to raise a family. I should know; I raised mine there. But while the rot started as long ago as the late ’80s, it accelerated after the turn of the millennium and has now kicked into high gear. The Denver-Boulder Axis runs the state now, and the Centennial State has become East California. In the latest example of how far Colorado has fallen, the state legislature has passed, and Governor Polis has signed, a law that compels speech on the part of schoolteachers by requiring them to use whatever pronouns a student chooses, regardless of any ethical or religious objections the teacher may have.” Read more here.


ON MOTHER’S DAY, LET’S CELEBRATE THE TRUE STRENGTH AND EMPOWERMENT MOTHERHOOD BRINGS, by Elizabeth Morton. “At just 11 years old, I watched as a midwife cared for my mother and delivered my baby sister. A spark burst into a flame inside of me, and I knew from that moment on that I wanted to be a part of the beauty and wonder of birth and be a mother myself one day. One of the most rewarding aspects of my now almost 40-year career as a nurse and a midwife has been seeing women tap into their truest potential as they become mothers.” Read more here.


THE DEADLY COST OF LESBIANISM AND FEMINISM, by Michael Brown. “According to a major study by the Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Institute, ‘bisexual women die, on average, nearly 40% younger than heterosexual women, while lesbian women die 20% sooner.’ These are tragic numbers, numbers that should concern all of us, regardless of our attitudes towards lesbianism and bisexuality. If you care about people, this is sad to hear. As reported in the Daily Mail, ‘The researchers used data from the Nurses’ Health Study II, a cohort of over 100,000 female nurses born between 1945 and 1964 and surveyed since 1989.’” Read more here.


FROM BANANA SLUGS TO HUMAN BEINGS, THERE ARE JUST TWO SEXES, by Emma Hilton and Jonathan Kay. Pity the poor clownfish—a brightly coloured creature, once made famous by the 2003 animated film Finding Nemo, which has now been reduced to a prop in the ongoing debate about sex and gender identity. That’s because, unlike mammals (including humans), clownfish are what scientists call “sequential hermaphrodites” of the protandrous variety. What this means is that while every clownfish starts out as male, some switch sexes if a female is needed by the school. Anyone who’s followed the debate about transgender rights will immediately understand why this type of fish now has a starring role in advocacy materials designed to convince the broad public that sex-switching is a common feature in the natural kingdom, including among humans. Read more here.


FATAL FLAWS IN THE IOC SPONSORED RESEARCH STUDY ON TRANSGENDER ATHLETES, by Gregory Brown and Mary O’Connor. “On April 10, 2024, the British Journal of Sports Medicine published a research report entitled ‘Strength, power and aerobic capacity of transgender athletes: a cross-sectional study’ that purports to compare the muscle strength, muscle power, and aerobic capacity of transgender athletes to non-transgender athletes. Although the authors and numerous media outlets are portraying this study as evidence that transwomen (males who identify as women) can fairly compete against women, this is simply not the case.” Read more here.


THE CASE AGAINST SAYING ‘PREGNANT PEOPLE’ AND OTHER GENDER-NEUTRAL PHRASES, by Kayla Bartsch. “Compelling work was published yesterday by the country’s leading news outlet, CNN. In a piece titled, ‘The case for saying “pregnant people” and other gender-inclusive phrases,’ staff writer Kristen Rogers managed to make such a poor case for ‘gender-inclusive’ language, that even Leftists on X are beginning to question the legitimacy of such Newspeak.” Read more here.


WOMANHOOD IS ERASED, EVEN AS BIG PHARMA PROFITS FROM WOMEN’S BODIES, by Suzanne Vierling. “In our rapidly evolving fourth, soon-to-be fifth industrial revolution, we somehow have to ask the question ‘What is a woman?’ The answer to this question, you would think, would be incontrovertible, and yet all around us we see evidence that the very idea of womanhood as an identity, a legal status, a source of rights, or even as a full human being, is being dismantled.” Read more here.


THEY WANT TO OVERTURN EVERY PRO-LIFE LAW IN AMERICA AND INSTITUTE ABORTIONS UP TO BIRTH, by Mat Staver. “When the Dobbs ruling overturned Roe v. Wade, we knew the abortion industry would not go away quietly without a fight. As you know, after our amicus brief was cited by the U.S. Supreme Court in overturning Roe, Liberty Counsel has been fighting the abortion industry’s attempts to make killing an unborn child a ‘right’ in state constitutions across the country. Beyond barbaric … Now, the abortion industry is going for a bigger prize — federal legislation to force every state to wipe away all abortion restrictions.” Read more here.


HOW LGBT ACTIVISM IS HARMING THE MENTAL HEALTH OF LGBT YOUTH, by Chad Felix Greene. ‘“LGBTQ+ youth are in crisis,’ LGBTQ Nation reports. ‘Anti-LGBTQ+ laws lead to “public health crisis” with higher suicide rates among queer youth,’ declares The Advocate. Time announces, ‘Anti-LGBTQ+ policies have an alarming effect on youth mental health, survey finds.’ Every year, queer media report a crisis in LGBT mental health, sourced to The Trevor Project. But what these alarming numbers really show is a media-driven manufactured story that far too many young people believe.” Read more here.


‘YOU’RE GOING TO BE REMEMBERED AS THE EDUCATION SECRETARY THAT ERASED GIRLS’ SPORTS FOR AN ENTIRE GENERATION,’ by Suzanne Bowdey. “Miguel Cardona likes to brag about his two and half decades of experience, but on Tuesday, it was the Education secretary who got schooled. Barely two minutes into the House hearing, Chairwoman Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.), had already called for the Biden official’s resignation and declared, ‘If I were to grade your time as secretary, I would give you an F.’ And that was probably kind, considering the reviews that followed on everything from the student loan bailouts to the anti-Semitic riots on college campuses.” Read more here.


TRANSMANIA: HOW ‘WOMAN’ BECAME A TRANSGRESSIVE WORD, by Hélène de Lauzun. “The publication of this pink-and-blue book was like a bombshell in France: two women, Dora Moutot and Marguerite Stern, who come from militant leftist feminism, chose to cross the Rubicon and tackle the evils of transgender ideology in all its forms. It was a daring and more than courageous gamble. Courageous, because today, the ideology of transgenderism—for it is indeed one, as the authors set out to demonstrate with conviction—exerts a terror on the mind worthy of Stalinism in its heyday, minus the physical killings.” Read more here.


HOW CHILDREN BECAME GUINEA PIGS, by Madeleine Kearns. “We know from detransitioners — those who once identified as trans but now accept their sex — that the internet presents many dangers to unhappy, lonely children. This theme appears multiple times in the Cass report, the recent independent review commissioned by NHS England to investigate what went wrong with its main gender youth clinic. Hilary Cass, the senior pediatrician commissioned to write the report, noted that there is considerable evidence suggesting that social-media use contributes to mental-health problems in young people. She also noted that girls spend more time on social media than boys do.” Read more here.


RELIGIOUS LIBERTY AND THE HUMAN GOOD, by Robert George. “The Supreme Court is taking religion seriously again. The past decade has yielded victory after victory for defenders of America’s historic tradition of embracing religion in public life and safeguarding religious freedom for citizens of all faiths and shades of belief. The Court has finally consigned to the dustbin of history the infamous ‘Lemon test’ (named for the 1971 case of Lemon v. Kurtzman), by which earlier justices sought to marginalize religion or at least minimize its public role.” Read more here.


PLAY TELLS OF EXPERIMENTS ON PUERTO RICAN WOMEN, TIED TO PLANNED PARENTHOOD FOUNDER, by Cassy Fiano-Chesser. “A new play delves into how women in Puerto Rico were affected by unethical birth control trials during the 1950s. Las Borinqueñas, which means ‘The Puerto Rican Women,’ shines a light on the women involved, who have largely been ignored by history. … While panel discussions hosted at the theatre about the play appear to promote ‘reproductive justice’ (abortion), the true history behind the play exposes the eugenic mindset of the founder of the largest abortion business in the United States.” Read more here.


AUSTIN TEX. VOTES TO BECOME ‘SANCTUARY CITY’ FOR TRANSGENDER MINORS, by Tierin-Rose Mandelburg. “The Austin City Council voted in favor of becoming a sanctuary city for transgender minors seeking ‘gender-affirming care’ on Thursday. The city has plans to break Texas state law, which aims to protect kids against things like chemical castration, in order to mutilate innocent children to feed a delusion and push an agenda. In a vote of 10-1, the council passed a measure that will help it undermine state law by directing police to push any enforcement of the state’s transgender child restrictions to their ‘lowest priority.’” Read more here.


PROLIFERS SUE INDIANA FOR RECORDS THAT REVEAL ABORTIONIST ATROCITIES, by Amy Drake. “Indiana passed the first and one of the strongest abortion bans in the country after the Supreme Court reversal of Roe v. Wade, only to be thwarted by the state’s bureaucrats. … At the same time abortion numbers began to drop in Indiana, the state’s department of health, which tracks each abortion that takes place in Indiana, stopped issuing what are called terminated pregnancy reports. The reports, which dated back to the 1970s, provided watchdog groups with a window into the abortion industry, allowing them to do oversight and submit complaints regarding doctors not following the law.” Read more here.


IS IT ‘CREEPY’ OR ‘EUGENICS’ TO ADMIT THAT BABIES ARE GOOD?, by Timothy P. Carney. “It’s not every day I get called creepy and am lumped in with eugenicists by a journalism professor. But also, it’s weirdly common for liberals in the media to level such charges at those of us who care about family formation. Having children is good, both for people who have children and for the people who don’t have children. Birth rates are dropping, as are marriage rates. People say their ideal family size includes closer to three children than two, but we are having, on average, way less than two. Because babies are good, a deficit of babies is bad. … More importantly, a deficit of babies makes the world sadder.” Read more here.


TRADITIONAL COUNTRIES SQUASH SEXUAL REVOLUTION 30 YEARS AFTER CAIRO CONFERENCE, by Stefano Gennarini. “Traditional countries blocked any mention of abortion and homosexual/transgender issues in a political declaration adopted by the UN Commission on Population and Development this week. In a major setback to Western countries, the declaration to mark the thirtieth anniversary of the landmark UN Conference on Population and Development held at Cairo in 1994 does not even contain euphemisms for abortion and homosexual/trans policies like the term ‘sexual and reproductive health’ and language about ‘intersectionality.’” Read more here.


THE BULLIES OF THE GENDER CULT ARE FINALLY GETTING THEIR COMEUPPANCE, by Jo Bartosch. “There are few things more satisfying than watching the trans-activist bullies who have taken over the UK’s workplaces finally getting their comeuppance in the courts. Thanks to the grit of so many employees prepared to take on their bosses in tribunals, this is becoming a regular form of entertainment for those of us following the slow collapse of trans ideology in our institutions. Earlier this week, we had another treat, when Social Work England (SWE) and Westminster City Council (WCC) were ordered to pay social worker Rachel Meade [thousands] in damages. The employment tribunal determined that she had been harassed and discriminated against for her gender-critical views.” Read more here.


YES, YOUR CHILD IS BEING TARGETED BY ONLINE PREDATORS, by Kimberly Ells. “For many parents, the day they find out their child is being approached, targeted, educated, and manipulated by strangers on his or her digital devices is the day they finally take seriously all the warnings and admonitions about phone and digital device use they have heard for years. By that time, often great damage has been done. It is never too late to take action to protect your child, but the sooner you do so, the less damage will be done. If you think that digital abuse, moral deprogramming, transgender grooming, addiction, or even trafficking can’t happen to your child (because your child comes from a good family, or your child is smarter than that, or you’ve already warned them about digital dangers), you’re wrong.” Read more here.


THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION HAS REDEFINED ‘SEX.’ WHAT DOES THAT MEAN FOR [U.S.] SCHOOLS?, by Jonathan Butcher and Lindsey Burke. The Biden administration now says that “sex” means “gender identity.” So, what does this mean for K-12 teachers? … K-12 educators around the country are wondering what to do next, because this rule would have major implications for school facilities and athletic teams. Washington wants schools to change their harassment policies, too, because the new rule says individuals could face charges of harassment if they address someone according to his or her sex instead of “gender” choice. Our advice to educators: Wait. Read more here.


DUTCH DOUBT, by Bernard Lane. “England’s Cass report shows the need for close scrutiny of the puberty blocker-driven Dutch protocol for pediatric gender change, according to an opinion article in the Netherlands newspaper NRC by journalist Jan Kuitenbrouwer and media sociologist Peter Vasterman. They write: ‘[After publication of the Cass report], all eyes were on the Amsterdam UMC gender clinic, the birthplace of this treatment. The research that cannot stand the test of criticism was conducted here. The only response issued by the clinic is baffling. AUMC simply disagrees with the fundamental scientific criticism and points to the several studies that have shown beneficial effects. Yes, these are precisely the studies that Cass notes are of insufficient quality.’” Read more here.


QUEBEC’S BAN ON GENDER-NEUTRAL BATHROOMS IN SCHOOLS IS GOOD NEWS, by Jonathon Van Maren. “It is still sometimes surreal to consider what constitutes a news story in 2024. Imagine telling your grandparents, or even your parents 20 years ago, that it would be breaking news across the board — Global News, the Globe and Mail, the national broadcaster — that a provincial government had issued a directive … that bathrooms and locker rooms in schools be specifically designated for either boys or girls. But yet here we are. On May 1, Quebec’s new rules banning the implementation of shared, “gender-neutral” or “all-gender” bathrooms came into effect, the result of a 2023 petition to protest the plan to make all bathrooms gender neutral at D’Iberville high school in Rouyn-Noranda.” Read more here.


WHAT HAPPENS WHEN CHILDREN ARE EXPOSED TO PORNOGRAPHY?, by Gabriela Coca and Jocelyn Wikle. “Most of us probably have people in our lives who struggle with an addiction of some kind, whether it be to smoking, using drugs, gambling, or other vices. An addiction develops when changes in the brain and body cause a person to ‘feel compelled to continue using a substance or partaking in an activity, even when doing so may cause harm.’ … One addiction that is becoming more normalized is viewing pornography, defined as ‘sexually explicit videos, images, or writing with the intent to cause sexual arousal in its viewers.’ … This is troubling because pornography is increasingly impacting children and youth in negative ways.” Read more here.


‘SELF-MANAGED’ ABORTION ISN’T THE RESULT OF PRO-LIFE LAWS. IT WAS ALWAYS THE ABORTION INDUSTRY’S PLAN, by Carole Novielli. “Some recent pro-abortion media propaganda has attempted to gaslight the public by painting ‘self-managed abortion,’ sometimes known as ‘DIY’ or ‘at-home abortion,’ as if it is the fault of the pro-life movement and the result of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. But the abortion industry’s plan to move toward self-managed abortion was set in motion long, long before the Supreme Court’s June 2022 decision — in fact, over a decade before. It seems that now, the abortion industry and media’s plan is to blame pro-life laws when anything goes wrong with the self-managed abortions they endorsed and promoted.” Read more here.


SPEED OFFENSE, by Bernard Lane. “Australia’s health ministers and gender clinicians have sought to deny the local relevance of the Cass report by making vague claims about different pathways to treatment in the two countries. However, Australia’s gender clinics loom large in research commissioned by Dr. Cass, especially in a survey of 15 international clinics and an independent evaluation of 21 treatment guidelines around the world. In the newly published guideline research, not one of the three reviewers recommended use of the 2018 ‘Australian standards of care’ treatment guideline issued by the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) Melbourne.” Read more here.


‘PRONOUN ENFORCEMENT’ IS UNJUST AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL, by Alex McFarland. “Today’s LGBTQ+ activists have moved far beyond seeking tolerance. We live in an age of pronoun enforcement, a view a step beyond past progressive activism that is at odds with the sacred triumvirate of the Declaration, Constitution, and Bill of Rights. Former Republican President Ronald Reagan said during his 1967 inauguration speech after becoming California’s governor that freedom is not genetic. It is not just automatically passed on. Our Constitution is based on natural law consistent with the Judeo-Christian worldview — including when it comes to issues of gender identity and preferred pronouns.” Read more here.


POLITICO: BEING PRO-CHILD IS RIGHT WING EXTREMISM, by David Strom. “I have pointed out the anti-natalism of the Left many times, and it isn’t especially difficult to do so. Abortion, free love with birth control, sterilizing children, alphabet ideology, ‘climate anxiety,’ Malthusianism, and euthanasia are all core components of the Left-wing ideology. This story in POLITICO perfectly encapsulates the Left-wing attitude toward children: wanting more of them is extreme Right-wing Nazism or something. Yes, the Left really believes that.” Read more here.


DEBATE OVER SELF-ID LAWS REFLECTS HOW DIVIDED EUROPE HAS BECOME ON TRANSGENDER ISSUES, by Jonathon Van Maren. “The battle over transgender identity claims is raging in legislatures across Europe – with mixed results. On April 24, the Telegraph reported that a ‘self-ID’ law in the Netherlands, which would have allowed minors under age 16 to change their gender on legal documents such as passports and even birth certificates, is dead for the time being. … Many MPs seemed relieved to be able to avoid the discussion for the time being, as a recent poll showed that only a quarter of Dutch respondents to a recent national survey agreed with the statement: ‘People should be able to change their passport from the age of 16 without a statement from an expert.’” Read more here.


GERMANY’S RADICAL LAW ALLOWS PARENTS TO TRANS THEIR INFANTS FROM BIRTH, by Sarah Holliday. “When it comes to gender politics, many in opposition acknowledge that adults have the ability to choose for themselves whether they pursue hormone therapy or body-mutilating operations, because adults can better weigh the risks of their decisions. Children, on the other hand, are quite different from adults. Opponents of gender ideology are steadfast in the fight to keep these ideological procedures away from children because they understand how vulnerable children are to the manipulative nature of so-called gender-affirming care. Far too many kids have already become victims of medical experiments as it is. This is what makes a law recently passed in Germany even more infuriating.” Read more here.


CAN WE FIX A CULTURE HOSTILE TO RAISING CHILDREN?, by Casey Chalk. “Back in December, a viral video series on TikTok celebrated the DINK (dual-income, no kids) lifestyle, glorying in their ability to take European vacations, go crazy with bulk purchases at Costco, and splurge on their pets. At first, I thought it was a joke, though as Federalist Executive Editor Joy Pullmann helped me understand, these unabashedly materialist young American couples were quite serious. They really believed the freedoms they enjoyed sans children were a superior form of life to the supposed drudgery that defines the lives of us hapless parents.” Read more here.


DOD PROMPTS GENDER DYSPHORIA IN MILITARY KIDS AND HIDES HEALTH RECORDS FROM PARENTS, by Amy Haywood. “Parents across the United States are being restricted from accessing their adolescent children’s online electronic health records. Not only are military parents barred from accessing all but basic information on their 13- to 17-year-olds in the military’s online health care portal, but the adolescent minor also is not allowed to have a user logon until 18. Though elected officials are tackling this issue on the state level, military parents will need to be their own advocates as they appeal to Congress to restore their parental rights.” Read more here.


OPINION: BEWARE OF A FALLING POPULATION, by Jay Evensen. “I don’t like stories such as the one LendingTree published this week, estimating how much it costs to raise a child. Those with young kids told surveyors it cost an average of $11,505 per child. Any enterprising parent will tell you this depends on resourcefulness and a bunch of other factors. Plus, money isn’t the point. Nor do I like stories such as the one in Time this week that focuses on parents who regret having had children. It came with a graphic showing a frazzled mother driving a car with a crying child visible in the rearview mirror.” Read more here.


THE PERFECT STORM, by Joseph Burgo, Ph.D. “The increasing number of gender distressed boys is more challenging to explain and involves a perfect storm of psychological vulnerability colliding with cultural zeitgeist and new technologies. In brief, I believe that a generation of sensitive, awkward, and often highly intelligent boys is coming of age at a time when gender identity ideology suffuses the education system, social media, and online discussion forums, and when the cultural conversation around toxic masculinity and the patriarchy has made growing up to be an ‘oppressor’ seem repellent. Read more here.


EUROPE’S MISSING CHILDREN, by Daniel Frampton. “Nearly 90% of unborn babies prenatally diagnosed with Down’s syndrome in England and Wales (and Crown Dependencies) were aborted in 2021, according to official data released last month. These statistics were published on the day preceding the UK’s four-day Easter weekend, deliberately, it appears, to bury 973 victims whose deaths were assented to by the state—the PR equivalent of scattering twigs and leaves over a shallow grave. …The proliferation of abortion and non-invasive prenatal testing has wiped out much of the Down’s syndrome population in recent years.” Read more here.


PLANNED PARENTHOOD DISSEMINATES LIES ABOUT ER CARE AND ABORTION ON INSTAGRAM, by Nancy Flanders. “On Tuesday, Planned Parenthood shared a post on Instagram further spreading misinformation on abortion as ‘life-saving ER care.’ The post, shared in partnership with Impact, ‘the digital destination for young people shaping the future,’ falsely claimed that a case currently at the Supreme Court could end up ‘forcing’ emergency rooms to ‘deny pregnant people life-saving ER care.’” Read more here.


NEW ATHLETIC CLOTHING BRAND GETS IT: XX AND XY—VIVE LA DIFFERENCE!, by Virginia Allen. “Athletic clothing brands hold Women’s History Month promotional campaigns every March and claim to support women’s and girls sports, but haven’t spoken out against men competing as women—until now. ‘None of them is weighing in and taking a stand to protect female athletes and female sports and spaces from males entering into those spaces,’ says Jennifer Sey, the founder of XX-XY Athletics. As a former elite gymnast and the 1986 USA Gymnastics national champion, Sey knows the value athletics can play in the lives of women—and the danger posed by men being allowed to enter female competitions.” Read more here.


BLACKBALLED COACH CHEERS ON BRAVE GIRLS WHO SAT OUT AGAINST TRANS PLAYER, by Suzanne Bowdey. “When she thinks back on that day, she feels the knot in her stomach. There was a ‘dark energy,’ Kim Russell remembers, as her bosses sat in a circle around her — one in a long line of disciplinary hearings the Oberlin (College) lacrosse coach had endured. ‘I hope you feel remorse for it,’ her athletic director said. Kim didn’t. Voicing her support of girls’ sports — her life’s passion — was what she believed. If that’s the case, Kim was told, ‘you fall into a category of people that are kind of filled with hate in the world.’ Life, as she knew it, had changed forever.” Read more here.


BIDEN’S ATTACK ON WOMEN’S SPORTS, by National Review Editors. “In a sweeping new Title IX rule, the Biden administration has usurped Congress to undermine free speech, dissolve due process, and redefine sex to include ‘gender identity.’ The rule, effective August 1, will force all educational entities in receipt of federal funds to allow males access to female spaces, sports, and scholarships whenever they claim transgender status. In 1972, Title IX, an education amendment to the Civil Rights Act, made it unlawful to discriminate ‘on the basis of sex.’ Of course, there have always been contexts in which it is necessary to acknowledge sex differences to ensure the safety, privacy, and equal opportunity of females — a fact that the law’s drafters explicitly acknowledged.” Read more here.


STOPPING THE TRANSGENDER CONVEYOR BELT, by Luke Goodrich. “Almost everyone agrees that rates of transgender identification are skyrocketing, especially among young girls. But nobody seems to agree on the cause. Is it social contagion, fueled by social media and peer pressure? Is it social acceptance, as a more tolerant society finally lets transgender kids embrace their true selves? Or is it just good business, as gender clinics profit by shuffling children through an expensive series of drugs and surgeries? Maybe the answer is all of the above—at least to some degree. But one important contributor is often overlooked: the law.” Read more here.


PEOPLE ARE IN DENIAL FOLLOWING THE CASS REPORT – IT’S LIKE DEPROGRAMMING CULT MEMBERS, by Suzanne Moore. “I suppose if had been cheering on a vast medical experiment on children that was now shown to be extremely harmful, I might be keeping my head down. If I had been interning as a witch hunter, I might say, ‘I only helped with the pyres, I didn’t actually light the fire.’ … Indeed, the reaction to the Cass Review has been notable in that many who have previously intoned trans rights slogans have just changed the subject. Their silence is deafening. … These people, quite frankly, disgust me. One of them, Patrick Harvie, the co-leader of the Scottish Greens, was asked five times on the Today program whether he accepted Cass’s findings and he would not answer.” Read more here.


ACTIVIST-BLOGGER ERIN REED CAN’T STOP TELLING FALSEHOODS ABOUT GENDER MEDICINE, by Benjamin Ryan. “The prominent American transgender activist Erin Reed has repeatedly and insistently made demonstrably false claims about pediatric gender medicine. During the two weeks since the publication of the Cass Review, England’s mammoth report about this controversial and politicized medical field, Reed has emitted a fusillade of false claims about the review, its findings and the systematic literature reviews on which it was partially based. Reed has only doubled down when fact-checked, even when the corrections have come from lead author of the report, pediatrician Dr. Hilary Cass, herself.” Read more here.


TRANSGENDER MOVEMENT IS LOSING ITS INFLUENCE ON SOCIAL MEDIA TO SHUT DOWN DEBATE, by Jonathon Van Maren. “The transgender movement still has not recovered from Elon Musk’s purchase of X (formerly Twitter). While the platform still has obvious flaws — from Musk’s difficulty in policing the posting of pornography to the clearly prevalent practice of shadow-banning primarily conservative-leaning figures — it is possible to tell the truth about gender ideology on one of the world’s largest social media platforms. In a world where the public square has become (unfortunately, in my view) digital, that matters. It is also significant that the transgender movement’s attacks on Elon Musk — like their targeting of J.K. Rowling — appear to have backfired completely.” Read more here.


ILLINOIS SURGICAL ABORTION FACILITY TURNED DOWN AFTER ASKING FOR EXEMPTION FROM HEALTH STANDARDS, by Cassy Fiano-Chesser. “One of the most notorious abortion facilities in Illinois recently petitioned the state to be exempted from health standards regarding ambulatory surgical centers — and was denied. Operation Rescue reported that Erin King, medical director for the Hope Clinic for Women in Granite City (which is apparently classified in the state as an ambulatory surgical treatment center, or ASTC), asked the Illinois Department of Public Health to exempt them from several health and safety standards, including the requirements that its providers have admitting privileges at a local hospital, that a licensed physician commit the surgical procedures, and that a pathologist carry out post-mortem tissue examinations and document them in the patient’s medical record. All three requests were rejected.” Read more here.


THE WASHINGTON POST’S 2,600-WORD LOVE LETTER TO A DRAG QUEEN, by Peter Parisi. “Anyone who reads The Washington Post regularly knows that, in its view, the LGBTQ community can do no wrong, that there’s no wretched excess that the fringe elements of that special-interest group can engage in that the Post won’t defend—no matter how flamboyant, distasteful, or outrageous. To the contrary, the Post is more likely than not to showcase, glamorize, and even glorify it. But it surely outdid itself Sunday by devoting four full pages in the print edition of its ‘Arts & Style’ section to a gushing—even sycophantic—biographical profile of a drag queen who goes by the stage name of ‘Sasha Velour.’” Read more here.


‘JUST A DISASTER’: BIDEN’S TITLE IX RULE EMPOWERS LGBTQ MOVEMENT, ERASES WOMEN AND JUSTICE, by Ben Johnson. “The Biden administration’s revision of a civil rights statute designed to protect women’s rights in education erases women’s protections, rewrites landmark civil rights legislation to advance the LGBT agenda by federal fiat, and waters down legal standards for those falsely accused of sexual harassment. The Biden administration obliterates the unique rights intended for women and girls by claiming Title IX’s prohibitions of discrimination against females in education apply to men who identify as women — regardless of their outward appearance — as well as those who identify as homosexual.” Read more here.


THE HOAX OF ‘HOLISTIC’ GENDER MEDICINE, by Bernard Lane. “Urgent concerns raised by the UK Cass report have been roundly dismissed by Australian gender clinicians. After almost four years of work, Dr. Cass’s report reflects a meticulous analysis of all relevant international research including systematic reviews of the weak evidence base for treatment of gender-distressed young people. Yet the best response that gender clinicians in Australia can muster is an eerily identical chorus that ‘Australia is not the UK’ and a hollow refrain that gender dysphoria management is ‘complex and evolving.’ The acknowledgment of this uncertainty does not appear to cause restraint or circumspection as gender clinicians continue to initiate radical hormonal regimes in children; regimes which are, by design, required for the remainder of the child’s life.” Read more here.


MEDICAL ASSOCIATIONS SILENT AFTER REVIEW FINDS WEAK EVIDENCE FOR RECOMMENDING PUBERTY BLOCKERS TO KIDS, by Katelynn Richardson. “Major medical associations have remained silent after the results of a four-year review commissioned by the National Health Service (NHS) England undermined their recommendations for giving puberty blockers to children with gender dysphoria. The Cass report, conducted by former Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health Dr. Hilary Cass and released April 10, found that there is ‘weak evidence’ for offering puberty blockers to children. It concluded that its findings ‘raise questions about the quality of currently available guidelines’ offered by associations like the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) and the Endocrine Society, yet neither organization has committed to reviewing their guidelines.” Read more here.


THE PROBLEM OF DETRANSITIONERS, by Charlie Bentley-Astor. “There are two accusations leveled at those of us who identify and live as trans but later return to living in accordance with our natal sex: either we suffer from ‘internalized transphobia’ and are trying to escape our ‘queer destiny’ or we were ‘never really trans in the first place.’ The first accusation supposes that one is born trans, and no amount of talking oneself out of it will change that fundamental reality. The second accusation supposes that one can be (falsely) convinced into believing that one is trans when one is not. To suppose that one is ‘born trans’ and that said trans-ness is immutable throws a bucket of water on the idea that gender is fluid—and to say that gender is fluid in some and not in others is to push a bit too hard at the boundaries of plausibility.” Read more here.


MORE MADNESS IN SCOTLAND, by Madeleine Kearns. “The Telegraph reports that Scottish elementary schools are being asked to appoint children as ‘LGBT champions’ and ask children as young as four if they are gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender. The organization behind this, LGBT Youth Scotland, received … taxpayer money last year. I trained as a teacher in Scotland in 2015 and was required to sit through a presentation by a member of this organization. As I wrote previously: ‘Our LGBT Youth Scotland trainer also told us that we should avoid “outing” transgender children to their parents and, if the child so wished, exclude parents from the process entirely. This approach has the full backing of the Scottish government.’” Read more here.


EVEN NOTORIOUS LEFTIST BILL MAHER IS CALLING OUT THE LGBT GROOMING OF CHILDREN, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Real Time host Bill Maher may be one of the strangest anomalies on late night TV. He is an environmentalist who is staunchly pro-abortion – chillingly, he openly admits that pro-lifers are right, that feticide is murder, but says he supports it anyway because he’s concerned about overpopulation. He is an atheist who has made an enormous amount of money sneering about religion, most famously in his documentary Religulous. He was a good friend of Hugh Hefner, the porn king recently exposed as a sexual predator. But he is also beginning to openly question the LGBT agenda.” Read more here.


PLANNED PARENTHOOD PUTS 86% OF ITS ABORTION CENTERS IN BLACK COMMUNITIES TO ABORT BLACK BABIES, by Catherine Davis. “392,715. It’s just a number until you realize it is the number of abortions completed by Planned Parenthood according to their 2023 annual report. When that realization sinks in one can’t help but wonder if 70-75% of those abortions were on Black women. Why? Because in 2012, Protecting Black Life published information revealing that 78% of Planned Parenthood’s surgical facilities were within a two-mile radius of black and Latino neighborhoods.” Read more here.


THE PRO-LIFE MOVEMENT HAS A STORYTELLING PROBLEM, by Carrie Gress. “In the pro-life movement, messaging can often be like my friend’s simple mistake where we think we are doing one thing, but with unintended results. For decades, pro-lifers have tried to communicate rich and important truths about babies, motherhood, and the family, yet the polls and the culture continually show these efforts are falling upon deaf ears. We make impassioned and intellectually rigorous arguments, and then they dissolve in the red robes and bonnets of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ activists. That one image instantly conveys more than words can say. What, then, do the red-robed, bonneted handmaids communicate?” Read more here.


BUTLER DID IT, by Bernard Lane. “Australia’s Health Minister Mark Butler has a track record of dismissing calls for an inquiry into gender clinics by relying on the opinion of a medical association which suppressed expert concerns about hormonal treatment of minors. Endocrinologists, the key experts for the life-altering hormonal interventions used by gender clinics, had cited a lack of evidence for the claim that puberty blockers are reversible, but this warning never reached the federal government. The release this month of England’s 388-page Cass report—which says ‘there is no evidence that puberty blockers buy time to think, and some concern that they may change the trajectory of psychosexual and gender identity development’—has led to renewed calls for an inquiry in Australia.” Read more here.


DOES THE GAY RIGHTS MOVEMENT HOLD LESSONS FOR PRO-LIFERS?, by Shawn Carney. “Same-sex marriage advocates lost 32 times in a row before November 2012, when several states then voted in their favor. Yet at no point during that extensive losing streak did they settle for a “compromise,” like civil unions or domestic unions, as their ultimate goal. Neither should we, pro-life Americans, settle for a compromise—in this case, a 15-week abortion ban that (in the words of a prominent presidential candidate) ‘everybody can live with.’” Read more here.


EXPERT PUSHES BACK ON NEW UN ‘INTERSEX’ RESOLUTION, bRebecca Oas. “Dr. Jay Richards says the new UN Human Rights Council resolution on people born with disorders of sexual development is an attempt to obscure the reality of biological sex. Richards, who directs the DeVos Center for Life, Religion, and Family at the Heritage Foundation, is a leading figure in countering the gender agenda nationally and internationally. His work is focused largely on protecting minors from attempts to change their sex through drugs and surgery. He says the resolution is a ‘classic operation of gender ideologues, using a noble cause — in this case, the universality of human rights’ to advance their own agenda.” Read more here.


PRO-ABORTION JUDGE DISAPPOINTED TO FIND PRO-LIFE JOURNALIST HAS FREE SPEECH RIGHTS, by Cassy Fiano-Chesser. “A pro-abortion judge with ties to Planned Parenthood has ‘reluctantly’ admitted that a pro-life journalist might not actually have violated an injunction against him when he shared video footage from a congressional hearing. Earlier this month, the National Abortion Federation (NAF) asked Judge William Orrick to issue an injunction against pro-life journalist David Daleiden for reposting a subpoenaed video on X (formerly known as Twitter) from a congressional hearing. Orrick agreed, and ordered Daleiden to remove the video; Daleiden, project lead for the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) immediately hit back after NAF filed a motion asking for him to be held in contempt of court, pointing out that airing footage from a congressional hearing is allowed.” Read more here.


TRANS ACTIVISTS PRIORITIZE PREDATORS OVER WOMEN’S SAFETY, by Chad Felix Greene. “On April 15, a woman noticed strange behavior from a male customer walking around Target, seemingly following women. He held his phone at odd angles near women and seemed to be sneaking around. With her suspicions raised, she turned on her camera and followed him where she caught him stalking a woman who was squatting to look at children’s books. The video she took shows him carefully watch the woman, position himself behind her, and then slide his phone under her skirt while her back was turned to him. …For many women, this isn’t an isolated incident. It represents a growing concern surrounding predator men targeting them in public, especially in restrooms and other vulnerable spaces, and their voices being dismissed. Read more here.


FEDERAL APPEALS COURT RULES IN FAVOR OF ALLOWING BOYS IN GIRLS SPORTS, by Sarah Parshall Perry. “What does it take for a federal court to reach the outcome it wants—instead of the outcome that the law demands? Apparently, just some creative judicial gymnastics. That’s what happened Tuesday with a panel of judges on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit when it overturned a lower court decision and struck down West Virginia’s Save Women’s Sports Act, a law that keeps scholastic sports in the state separated by biological sex. The appeals court’s rationale? Biological girls and transgender ‘girls’ (biological males) are exactly the same.” Read more here.


INSTAGRAM’S SELECTIVE BLURRING OF NUDITY FALLS WOEFULLY SHORT OF PROTECTING KIDS, by Sarah Wilder. “Instagram is finally taking action against sexual exploitation on its platform, just one day after being called out in the National Center on Sexual Exploitation’s (NCOSE) Dirty Dozen List. Instagram, which is owned by Meta, will use artificial intelligence to automatically blur images of nudity in the direct messages (DMs) of users under 18 years old. While the new policy may seem like a welcome step in the right direction, it’s far from enough. Minors may still click ‘view image anyway’ and easily surpass the blurring on an explicit direct message.” Read more here.


BIDEN’S OUTRAGEOUS TITLE IX REWRITE, by Madeleine Kearns. “On Friday, the Department of Education announced its final Title IX regulations, broadening the definition of sex-based discrimination to include “gender identity.” This effectively prohibits all educational entities in receipt of federal funds from acknowledging biological reality when individuals dispute it. As well as undermining free speech and due-process rights, the new rule will have sweeping and disastrous consequences for women and girls, the very people Title IX was supposed to protect.” Read more here.


THE KIDS AREN’T ALRIGHT, by Harry Readhead. “Here is a paradox: a generation whose members get more psychological therapy than any generation before them is more stressed, more anxious, and more depressed than any age group since records began. How can this be? Abigail Shrier, an author and Wall Street Journal columnist,has a suggestion: perhaps there is no paradox. Perhaps it is all this therapy that is the problem. Such a claim will ruffle a few feathers, not least among the therapists, parents, and teachers who take it as read that therapy can only help a child’s emotional growth. But Shrier is used to swimming against the tide. In her 2020 book, Irreversible Damage, she proposed that the rise in trans-identifying teenagers was due not to the march of progress but to social contagion.” Read more here.


A DAMNING INDICTMENT OF GENDER ‘AFFIRMATION,’ by National Review Editors. “Over the past 15 years, the number of patients seen annually at NHS England’s gender youth clinic has increased from 50 to 5,000 young people. At the same time, childhood gender dysphoria, once a condition primarily affecting small boys, began appearing in a new population in unprecedented numbers: adolescent females with no prior history of gender distress. The shift in patient population coincided with the British gender clinic’s embrace of the activist-driven ‘gender affirmation’ model of treatment. …Sometimes it is the most obvious statements of truth that are the most powerful. As victims of ‘gender affirmation’ continue to come forward, it is becoming ever clearer that we are living through one of the most shameful chapters in the history of Western medicine.” Read more here.


PRO-ABORTION BIDEN AD PROMOTES THREE BIG LIES, USING WOMAN WHO DIDN’T NEED OR HAVE AN ABORTION, by Nancy Flanders. “Amanda Zurawski, the woman at the center of a heated debate over the false idea of ‘medically necessary’ abortions, did not need or have an induced abortion. Though most Americans have likely heard Zurawski’s story at this point, they most likely haven’t heard the truth. Zurawski’s widely known story is tragic — but not for the reasons that she and abortion advocates claim. It’s tragic because, due to cervical insufficiency … and preterm premature rupture of membranes (PPROM), she lost her daughter … and now she and the Biden campaign are using her daughter’s unpreventable death to promote the elective, active, and intentional killing of other babies. Read more here.


FUMBLING IN THE DARK, by Bernard Lane. “Nine of the 15 gender clinics in a landmark international survey for the Cass review have admitted they do not routinely collect outcome data on their young patients. This survey, together with a new evaluation of treatment guidelines for gender dysphoria, gives unprecedented insights into the workings of gender clinics around the world offering puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to minors. In the 2022-23 survey, six clinics said they ‘routinely collected some outcome data’: one of these clinics gave no further detail; one noted the number of patients discontinuing treatment; another used measures of quality of life; two were taking part in cohort studies; and the sixth clinic repeated some baseline assessments. Nine clinics acknowledged ‘not routinely collecting outcome data.’” Read more here.


WHY THE TRANS LOBBY IS SO ALLERGIC TO DEBATE, by Brendan O’Neill. “Has there ever been a movement as allergic to scrutiny as the trans lobby? Analysis is to the trans activist as sunlight is to the vampire. Even the mildest questioning of their claims is likely to induce a fit of the vapors. Wonder out loud if it’s wise to pump confused kids with drugs that might render them infertile, or to allow a bloke to parade around a women’s changing room with his tumescent knob hanging out, and you’ll instantly be added to their blacklist of transphobes. These are epic levels of touchiness, irascibility turned up to 11. Why are they like this?” Read more here.


TYLENOL VS. TRANSGENDERISM: SCHOOLS NEED PARENTS’ PERMISSION FOR ONE, BUT NOT FOR OTHER?, by Thomas Jipping. “Schools across the country routinely inform parents—and often must obtain their written permission—about all sorts of things, from a trip to the zoo to taking a Tylenol. A field trip might make Johnny’s day, and a Tylenol might make his headache go away, but they won’t profoundly change the way he understands the world or the entire trajectory of his life. If gender activists have their way, however, parents will be shut out of efforts to turn Johnny into Janie.” Read more here.


WHY WAS GENDER IDEOLOGY ALLOWED TO RUN AMOK FOR SO LONG?, by Tom Slater. “Just like that, a trickle becomes a flood. After years of gender-critical voices being dismissed or ignored by mainstream media, they can be dismissed and ignored no longer. The landmark Cass Review into gender-identity services in England, published today, has laid bare the scandal of the NHS’s treatment of ‘gender confused’ kids. There was never any evidence for subjecting troubled, often gay, often autistic, youngsters to life-altering hormones, drugs and treatments. But clinicians did it anyway, in thrall as they were to gender ideology.” Read more here.


IDAHO GOVERNOR SIGNS BILLS DEFINING ‘MAN’ AND ‘WOMAN’ AND BARRING PRONOUN REQUIREMENTS, by Sarah Holliday. “The state of Idaho is on a roll when it comes to pushing against LGBT ideology. … House Bill 538 was signed on Monday, which stipulates that schools cannot require staff or students to use preferred pronouns or names. The second, signed on Tuesday, was House Bill 421. It states, ‘In human beings, there are two, and only two, sexes: male and female. In no case is an individual’s sex determined by stipulation or self-identification.’ Most notably, in addition to ruling that sex and gender were synonymous, this bill ‘codifies in state law biological definitions for “woman,” “man,” and other sex-based terms, making [Idaho] the fifth to exclude men who identify as women from being legally recognized as female.’” Read more here.


SOME GOOD NEWS ABOUT MARRIED FERTILITY IN THE U.S., by Patrick T. Brown. “How hard do we have to look for a silver lining to the birth dearth? For those who care about the share of children growing up with the ‘privilege’ of a two-parent household, maybe not that far at all. New 2022 data confirm a trend that has been slowly evolving since 2007; namely, that the great decoupling of marriage and parenthood that exploded in the second half of the 20th century is starting to be rolled back. That’s because while America is having fewer babies, the babies that are being born are more likely to be born to married parents.” Read more here.


UNDER SCOTLAND’S HATE CRIME AND PUBLIC ORDER ACT, CITIZENS MAY BE PROSECUTED FOR SPEECH IN THE PRIVACY OF THEIR OWN HOME, by David Thunder. “Scotland’s Hate Crime and Public Order Act 2021 came into effect on April 1st 2024. Given how egregiously it violates the principles of free expression and limited government, it seems especially apt that it came into effect on April Fool’s Day, like a cruel joke. …Two features of the 2021 Act stand out as cutting against the ideal of individual freedom and limited government. First, it creates an offence of ‘stirring up hatred’ against individuals or groups based on protected characteristics, namely age, disability, race, religion, sexual orientation, transgender identity, and ‘variations in sex characteristics,’ punishable by up to 7 years in prison. Second, it invites the State to police speech within the privacy of the home, by removing a clause of earlier hate crime legislation exempting communications within a ‘dwelling’ or private residence from the scope of incitement to hatred. Read more here.


THE CASS REPORT SHOULD BE THE END OF GENDER-AFFIRMING CARE, by John Sexton. “In 2020 the British National Health Service commissioned a report on pediatric gender care. The job of sifting the evidence was given to Dr Hilary Cass. … The gist appears to be that the case for hormones and other gender-affirming care is very weak. … ‘There are few other areas of healthcare where professionals are so afraid to openly discuss their views, where people are vilified on social media, and where name-calling echoes the worst bullying behavior.’ … In general, Dr. Cass’s conclusions are that treatment should slow down so permanent decisions are made by adults rather than kids: ‘Under-25s should not be rushed into changing gender, but should receive ‘unhurried, holistic, therapeutic support,’ Dr. Cass concluded.” Read more here.


THE DANGEROUS DR WEBBERLEY, by James Esses. “When it comes to the world of gender ideology, Dr Helen Webberley is infamous. She is the Founder of GenderGP, an online private gender clinic, which has prescribed puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to thousands of children (charging hundreds of pounds a pop), since it was first established. It has been plagued with safeguarding concerns and controversies. In 2018, Webberley was convicted of running an independent medical agency without being registered. GenderGP is currently registered in Singapore, in order to avoid UK regulation. Webberley was also suspended from medical practice on the grounds of misconduct after safeguarding concerns were raised regarding a number of her former patients.” Read more here.


POLAND MUST REFUSE TO FOLLOW FRANCE IN COMPROMISING ON THE SANCTITY OF LIFE, by Tomasz Rowiński. “The anti-life projects proposed by Poland’s ruling coalition are only the beginning of a political process leading to the normalization of the mass killing of unborn children. … There have been ongoing attempts in France to introduce abortion on demand up to the very birth of the child. This relaxation of the legal protection of life has had the effect of demoralizing both the political elite and society in France. … One of the greatest illusions that a segment of Polish public opinion is succumbing to nowadays is the conviction that the adoption by Parliament of any of the ruling coalition’s statutory proposals, de facto destroying the legal protection of life in our country, will establish a new, permanent, and compromise foundation regarding this topic in Poland.” Read more here.


CRIME SCENE, by Bernard Lane. “An audit of the gender clinic of Italy’s Careggi hospital in Florence has found breaches of rules on the administration of puberty blocker drugs to minors, according to the newspaper La Repubblica. A criminal investigation has been opened and work has started on a new guideline for gender dysphoria treatment. The Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) requires dysphoric patients to be given psychiatric support before hormone suppression begins, including specialist child neuropsychiatry. It appears this was not properly done.” Read more here.


AT THIS WA SCHOOL, YOU CAN HAVE A PRIDE CLUB, A GREEN TEAM—JUST NOT A FAITH GROUP, by Bob Hoge. “An 11-year-old Creekside Elementary student in Sammamish, Washington—20 miles east of Seattle—had her request to start a prayer group denied, despite the fact that the school allows a Pride group, a ‘Green’ team, and many more ‘non-religious clubs’ to meet. The student’s hope was to ‘start an interfaith prayer club so that students like her could have a place after school where they feel safe and welcome, and where they can bring students together to serve their community.’ … First Liberty Institute, a group that describes itself as ‘a non-profit public interest law firm and the largest legal organization in the nation dedicated exclusively to defending religious freedom for all Americans,’ took notice and is threatening legal action against the Issaquah School District, which Creekside is a part of.” Read more here.


THE ’CHILD PENALTY,’ by David Strom. “Did you know that the National Bureau of Economic Research keeps a database called the ‘Child Penalty Atlas?’ In principle, what it tracks is a phenomenon worth measuring: what impact does having a child make on work habits, income, and other variables? OK. I am all for doing social science and all that. We should gather and keep all sorts of data. But child PENALTY? Last I checked having a child is one of God’s greatest blessings, and the idea that somehow it is a punishment for not using a rubber is a pretty awful way of looking at things. Here’s how NBER describes the database:… ‘Most countries display clear and sizable child penalties: men and women follow parallel trends before parenthood, but diverge sharply and persistently after parenthood.’” Read more here.


WHAT THE NCAA’S BLOCKBUSTER ADMISSION SAYS ABOUT THE FUTURE OF WOMEN’S SPORTS, by Doreen Denny. “Two years after University of Pennsylvania trans athlete Lia Thomas won a national title in women’s swimming, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) continues to brazenly throw females athletes to the curb to make way for trans-identifying males to take their place on the podium, not to mention their scholarships and their opportunities. Champion swimmers like Riley Gaines who had to step aside for Thomas to appear on the winners podium or Kylee Alons who had to dress in a storage closet to protect her privacy and dignity from a biological male in the locker room have never received a hearing by NCAA executives about what they went through or what other female athletes face going forward.” Read more here.


INSIDE THE HORRIFYING WORLD OF TRANSGENDER SURGERY, by Faith Kuzma. “WPATH, or the World Professional Association for Transgender Health, is respected as the peak body for transgender medicine. Its ‘standards of care’ (SOC) were once regarded as a benchmark for ethical and effective treatment for minors and adults. …Its prestige, however, has been tarnished by the leak of hundreds of posts from an internal messaging forum. These are evidence of doctors basing their surgery, even on young people, on trial and error, not on medical research. The internet went wild over the leak. The Times of London called WPATH quack medicine, and Diplomate of the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology Lauren Schwartz, MD, stated: ‘WPATH has evolved into one of the most egregious disfigurements of medical practice our profession has ever encountered.’” Read more here.


A VICTORY FOR RELIGIOUS FREEDOM IN VIRGINIA, by John Stonestreet and G. Shane Morris. “At the heart of many culture war issues is the question of whether religious organizations and individuals have the right to order their lives around their deeply held beliefs. While most Americans grant that we all have a right to believe what we do, the First Amendment guarantees the ‘free exercise’ of religion. It’s essential to understand what exactly that entails. Over the last 15 years, the constitutional guarantee of free exercise has been tested again and again, mostly by a new set of so-called ‘rights’ associated with abortion, homosexuality and transgenderism that have been written into state and federal law.” Read more here.


SEX-ED IN SCHOOLS IS ALWAYS A TROJAN HORSE FOR LGBT INDOCTRINATION, by Jonathon Van Maren. “It has happened again, and it will continue to happen until parents realize that ‘sex education’ in schools is actually an attempt to eliminate moral boundaries and normalize any sexual preferences. The latest incident has triggered an investigation by the South Australian Department for Education after a third-party presenter delivered a presentation on sexuality to 13- and 14-year-old girls and allegedly asserted that bestiality was ‘accepted by the LGBTQIA+ community.’” Read more here.


‘INCLUSIVE’ SEX EDUCATION PUTS KIDS AT RISK, by Tony Kinnett. “As suicide rates, sexual assaults, mass depression, and anxiety grip America’s youth, the Biden administration, state legislatures, and public school districts have begun usurping science education with ‘transgender and gender-nonconforming’ curriculum. Students in over a dozen states no longer have access to biologically based sex education; that’s been replaced by liberal laws and policies requiring classrooms to exchange biologically proven facts with pseudo-scientific advocacy of gender fluidity.” Read more here.


WILL THE ‘INVISIBLE HAND’ FINALLY STOP DOCTORS FROM PUTTING KIDS ON EXPERIMENTAL GENDER DRUGS?, by Tyler O’Neil. “Doctors across the country have seemingly thrown caution to the wind, prescribing experimental drugs to block puberty and to chemically alter young people’s bodies in the name of a nebulous gender identity. Rising rates for medical malpractice insurance may cause them to think twice, however. ‘Clinics that are getting into this kind of work … were surprised at the rates they were being quoted for malpractice insurance,’ Latham Watts, vice president of public affairs at the nonprofit law firm Alliance Defending Freedom, told ‘The Daily Signal Podcast.’” Read more here.


SCIENTIFIC STUDY SOUNDS ALARM OVER PUBERTY BLOCKERS FOR BOYS, by S.A. McCarthy. “A major medical center is warning that puberty blockers may actually be harmful and irreversible, with possible links to cancer, especially in boys. The Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory published a preprint study late last month based on samples from the Mayo Clinic’s Pediatric Testicular Biobank for Fertility Preservation, examining the effects of puberty blockers on testicular specimens from boys under the age of 18. According to the study’s findings, boys who have been prescribed puberty blockers evince ‘mild-to-severe sex gland atrophy …’” Read more here.


MIT, HARVARD PROFESSORS SLAM PRO-LGBT PHRASE ‘SEX ASSIGNED AT BIRTH’ IN NEW YORK TIMES COLUMN, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Instead of asking for a person’s sex, some medical and camp forms these days ask for ‘sex assigned at birth’ or ‘assigned sex’ (often in addition to gender identity). The American Medical Association and the American Psychological Association endorse this terminology; its use has also exploded in academic articles. The Cleveland Clinic’s online glossary of diseases and conditions tells us that the ‘inability to achieve or maintain an erection’ is a symptom of sexual dysfunction, not in ‘males,’ but in ‘people assigned male at birth.’ In short, this shift in language has been real, discernable, and imposed from the top down.” Read more here.


SIDE EFFECTS OF TRANSGENDER ‘MEDICINE’ SHOW IT ISN’T JUST JUNK SCIENCE, IT’S MALPRACTICE, by Nathanael Blake. “Science has confirmed that men squashing their junk is, in fact, painful and unhealthy. A new study found that a supermajority of gender-confused men who ‘tuck’ their genitalia in an effort to avoid a telltale bulge ‘experienced at least 1 side effect,’ with ‘gonad pain reported most frequently.’ The more a man tucked, the more he risked ill effects, some of which (infection, testicular torsion, infertility) are severe. …You don’t say. This study demonstrates the reality of so-called gender-affirming medicine, which is that it is not actually medicine. As the study and follow-up reporting demonstrate, tucking is painful and risky while providing no physical benefits whatsoever. …Instead of healers, doctors are expected to be facilitators of each patient’s whims, no matter how illusory and unhealthy they are. Read more here.


WHEN LEARNING ABOUT PRENATAL DEVELOPMENT BECOMES ‘RESTRICTING REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS,’ by Kelli. “It seems the recent uproar from the abortion industry and its friends in the media over legislation requiring the viewing of a computer-generated fetal development video in some public schools wasn’t enough. Now, an article in The 19th has taken the hyperbolic hand-wringing to a whole new level. The article begins with an ominous tone: “Aftyn Behn hoped that this would be the year the Tennessee legislature was free of bills related to the anti-abortion movement. Since it is now illegal to terminate pregnancies in the state, the Democrat figured her Republican counterparts in the Tennessee House would concentrate their efforts on causes other than restricting reproductive rights. But she was mistaken.” Read more here.


WE WILL NEVER STOP CHILD ABUSE IF WE DON’T STOP ABORTION, by Susan Ciancio. “Picture this: A man yanks so hard on a child’s arm or leg that it detaches. But he doesn’t stop there. He grabs another limb and pulls it off. And another. And another, until he has detached all four limbs. Yet he’s still not done. To finish this violence, he crushes the baby’s head, assuring her death. What kind of monster abuses a child in this manner? He’s called an abortionist. And men and women just like him do this thousands of times a day all over the world.” Read more here.


NOW CLAIMS KEEPING BIOLOGICAL MEN OUT OF WOMEN’S SPORTS IS ‘WEAPONIZING WOMANHOOD,’ by John Simmons. “The National Organization for Women (NOW) was founded in 1966 with the intent of ending discrimination against women in America. Nearly 60 years later, they’ve given up on that mission entirely. NOW has taken issue with a lawsuit funded by the Independent Council on Women’s Sports (ICONS) that will demand the NCAA make a change on its policies allowing transgendered females (biological males) to compete in women’s sports. Marshi Smith … believes her organization’s lawsuit is critical to protecting women’s sports for future generations. ‘This lawsuit against the NCAA isn’t just about competition; it’s a fight for the very essence of women’s sports,’ ICONS co-founder and former national Smith said.” Read more here.


GOOD PARENTING?: TEX. COURT PERMITS UN-CHECKED TRANS ‘CARE’ FOR KIDS, by Tierin-Rose Mandelburg. “This is the absolute furthest thing from what’s in the best interest of kids. On Friday, just two days before the left obnoxiously celebrated Transgender Day of Visibility instead of Easter, a Texas appeals court upheld a lower court’s injunction blocking the state from investigating parents who help their kids transition with ‘gender-affirming care.’ The decision is contrary to Governor Greg Abbot’s plea to stop these procedures and hold parents accountable for abusing their kids.” Read more here.


ABORTION PILLS ENABLE PREDATORS AND VICTIMIZE WOMEN. HERE’S 24 YEARS OF PROOF, by Ben Johnson. “The Biden administration’s efforts to increase abortion pill ‘access’ primarily benefit the abortion industry, but they will also prove invaluable to one of that industry’s key demographics: abusive husbands and boyfriends. Too little of the feminist movement’s commentary has ‘centered’ their victims: the women and girls deceived or forced to abort their babies against their will.” Read more here.


SPANISH HETEROSEXUALS BECOME SECOND CLASS CITIZENS, by Carlos Perona Calvete. “It is ironic, perhaps, that it is Spain’s progressive government, and not some authoritarian Right-wing boogeyman, that is trying to get its ‘LGBTQI’ citizens to officially register their sexual preferences. The Spanish government has activated a voluntary registry, set up by the Labor Ministry, allowing persons with gender dysphoria and non-heteronormative orientations to notify the authorities of their gender and sexual identity. …This would allow it to prioritize the assignment of public funds to help citizens who identify as transgender or homosexual to find employment. Consequently, the ‘cis-gender’ heterosexual—despite being more likely to start a family and, therefore, to need the income—will be treated as a second-order employment-seeker.” Read more here.


SCIENTISTS REFUTE OLYMPIC COMMITTEE’S MISGUIDED POLICIES ON ‘FAIRNESS’ AND TESTOSTERONE LEVELS, by George Perry. “The IOC’s sophistic gymnastics to deny sex-based categories in sport prompted 26 researchers from around the world to rebut the IOC’s framework. Their paper, published last week in the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports, is the latest peer-reviewed study providing evidence of the obvious about sex in sports. The researchers reviewed studies from ‘evolutionary and developmental biology, zoology, physiology, endocrinology, medicine, sport and exercise science, [and] athletic performance results within male and female sport’ to refute the IOC’s position that male athletes warrant ‘no presumption of advantage’ over female athletes based on ‘biological or physiological characteristics.’ Read more here.


THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION BENCHES FEMALE ATHLETES, by Robert S. Eitel. “The Biden administration is poised to complete its radical rewrite of the U.S. Department of Education’s regulations on Title IX, the 1972 law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in education. To label the administration’s proposed changes as highly controversial would be an understatement. One seismic change would expand Title IX’s prohibition on sex discrimination in education to include ‘gender identity’—a fundamental reworking of Title IX that would be catastrophic for female athletes.” Read more here.


WE MUST BE FREE TO BLASPHEME AGAINST THE GENDER CULT, by Brendan O’Neill. “So we can now add Britain to the list of countries where you can be sacked for refusing to bow down to the state religion. Only where in Iran it’s Muhammad you must venerate if you wish to dodge officialdom’s long finger of judgment, in the UK it’s the gender ideology. How else to explain the sacking of a schoolteacher for refusing to use a student’s ‘preferred pronouns.’ This is a clear case of someone being punished for failing to profess a doctrine, for refusing to embrace a faith. Agnosticism, it seems, is a sackable offense under the gender cult.” Read more here.


BIDEN’S BIG BET ON MILITARY ABORTIONS FALLS FLAT, by Connor Semelsberger. “Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June 2022, President Joe Biden has made it a top priority to use any and all administrative actions to promote and pay for abortions with taxpayer money. No single related action garnered more attention than Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin‘s announcement that the Defense Department would use taxpayer funds to pay for abortion travel. Now, a new Pentagon report finds that the Biden administration’s abortion travel policy for service members and dependents was used only 12 times from June through December.” Read more here.


CAPITOL COMMENTS: COULD YOUR VOICE BE SILENCED?, by Peggy Bennett. “Until last year, the Minnesota Human Rights Act included protections for religious institutions related to liability claims for gender identity issues. Last session, Democrats in both the House and Senate made adjustments to certain human rights definitions. In doing so, this long-held religious protection was lost. As a result, religious groups of many faiths are now at risk of facing legal consequences for operating within their sincerely held religious beliefs. The changes were pushed through so quickly that these repercussions were not realized until after the bill was signed into law.” Read more here.


UN COMMISSION ADOPTS FINANCING FOR GENDER IDEOLOGY, BARELY, by Stefano Gennarini. “The UN Commission on the Status of Women concluded in dramatic fashion last week as Nigeria came close to blocking the adoption of the commission’s annual agreement. With eight minutes left before the scheduled end of the conference, Nigeria protested covert language related to abortion and homosexual/transgender issues. At this point, everyone thought the agreement was doomed. Feminist activists at UN headquarters held their breath. …Feminists were already disappointed because of the lack of progress on their sexual agenda. For the most part, this year’s agreement preserved the longstanding UN stalemate on social issues.” Read more here.


THE DOOMERS ARE WRONG. MARRIAGE IS GETTING MUCH BETTER, by Jim Dalrymple. “There are certainly bad marriages out there. But this wave of anti-marriage discourse does the public a grave disservice. In the same way that climate doomism exaggerates the threat of apocalypse, marriage doomism completely misses the long arc of history; in fact, the institution of marriage has over the last century become vastly more equitable, inclusive, and aligned with the centrist values of today’s modern Americans. That doesn’t mean the institution is perfect or not facing challenges, but thanks to tireless work across multiple generations, marriage has become decidedly less prison-like. The trajectory is not downward. The edifice is doing the opposite of crumbling.” Read more here.


DEMOCRATS CLAIM MEN ‘DON’T COMPETE IN WOMEN’S SPORTS’ AS STOLEN ATHLETIC TITLES NEAR 300, by Suzanne Bowdey. “Does Rep. Jerry Nadler, D-N.Y., really live in New York or an alternate universe? People certainly wondered after a House Judiciary Committee hearing where the 76-year-old declared, ‘Men do not compete in women’s sports.’ Is the president’s senility contagious or is Nadler living in complete denial of a global phenomenon that’s plunged communities into chaos? Not only are men competing in women’s sports, they’re winning women’s titles—a fact Riley Gaines was more than happy to point out.” Read more here.


OBGYN: I KNOW ABORTION HURTS WOMEN BECAUSE I’VE TREATED WOMEN INJURED BY ABORTIONS, by Dr. Christina Francis. “‘I’m very sorry, but you have an ectopic pregnancy.’ As an OB/GYN hospitalist I find myself delivering these painful words to patients increasingly often. An ectopic pregnancy—when an embryo implants outside the uterus—is fatal for the baby and can threaten the mother’s life if it isn’t swiftly treated. It is the leading cause of maternal death in the first trimester. Rising ectopic pregnancy rates are more dangerous in light of the widespread use of the abortion drugs mifepristone and misoprostol, whose side effects include pelvic pain and bleeding—also the symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy.” Read more here.


‘GENDERBREAD PERSON’ CAUSES CONTROVERSY IN HIGH SCHOOL PSYCHOLOGY CLASS, by Marya Dunning. “Asking minors about their sexual orientations is wrong. Even when the ‘Genderbread Person’ does it. Some teachers at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas don’t seem to understand this, however. One student, 17-year-old Shay Cundiff, is taking a dual enrollment psychology class. She said that the teacher gave her an assignment depicting a gingerbread man, known as the ‘Genderbread Person, asking students about their sexual and romantic orientations, among other things. …The Genderbread Person lesson plan instructs teachers to ask students questions such as, ‘How much woman-ness do you identify with? How much man-ness? Maybe neither?’” Read more here.


LONG-TERM STUDY LOOKS AT HOW URBAN-BORN BABIES ARE DOING AT AGE 22, by Lois M. Collins. “Sociologists and other family experts often ponder a link between unmarried parenthood and poverty. They debate how family structure strengthens or weakens the chance that families will flourish or falter. And they discuss and write about the ‘success sequence,’ which says poverty is less likely if parents earn a high school diploma, work, get married and only then have children, to ensure the soundest footing for family stability.” Read more here.


‘GENDER IDENTITY’ LAW SPELLS THE END OF RELIGIOUS LIBERTY IN MINNESOTA, by Allen Quist. “In 2023, the Minnesota Legislature and governor added a new category of so-called human rights, ‘gender identity,’ to the Minnesota Human Rights Act. They included no corresponding religious exemption, however, demonstrating their intent to deny religious freedom to Minnesota citizens, churches, and schools and to engage in persecuting Christians and some other religious bodies. If the state can tell churches and schools what they cannot say or do on ‘gender identity,’ then it can tell churches and schools what they cannot say or do on other subjects too.” Read more here.


YOUR LOCAL LIBRARY QUEERS CHILDREN, by Stephen Scaer. “Publisher’s Weekly praises Grandad’s Pride, a children’s book for ages 4-8, available at local libraries, for how its ‘Bustling, bright-hued images with a rainbow motif’ portrays various ‘gender expressions,’ including men in bondage costumes with codpieces and a bearded woman with mastectomy scars. Even more troubling is an illustration featuring pink heart-shaped Lolita sunglasses, an allusion to the 1962 film about a man’s sexual relationship with his 14-year-old stepdaughter. Prominently displayed near the Lolita sunglasses is a MAP, spelled out in capitals, which happens to stand for ‘Minor Attracted Person,’ a euphemism for ‘pedophile.’” Read more here.


SAFETY OF WOMEN HANGS IN BALANCE AFTER ORAL ARGUMENTS ON ABORTION PILL REGULATION, by Thomas Jipping and Sarah Parshall Perry. “The Supreme Court on Tuesday heard oral arguments in two combined cases regarding the Food and Drug Administration’s regulation of abortion drugs. …Discussions on standing—the legal doctrine enacting Article III of the Constitution and giving federal courts the power to adjudicate only live ‘cases or controversies’—occupied most of the oral arguments. To establish standing, a plaintiff must demonstrate three things: a concrete legal injury, one that was caused by the defendant, and that a court can remedy.” Read more here.


TRANS ZEALOTS ARE A THREAT TO KIDS’ WELFARE, by Jo Bartosch. “People attending medical conferences don’t usually need police protection to get through the door. But on Saturday, when delegates met at the headquarters of the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) in London, they had to push past a jeering, seething mob who let off smoke bombs and tried to force their way into the building. Lines of uniformed officers struggled to keep the entrances clear and to keep attendees safe. The supposedly controversial event? It was called ‘First Do No Harm,’ and was held to discuss how to provide evidence-based treatment for patients with gender dysphoria. By now, it hardly needs spelling out that the protesters were trans-rights activists.” Read more here.


ELITE WOMEN IN BRITISH SPORTS ARE UNCOMFORTABLE COMPETING WITH TRANS WOMEN BUT FEAR SAYING SO, by John Sexton. “The BBC conducted a survey of 615 elite women athletes in Britain to ask them how they felt about competing against trans women. Of the 143 who responded, more than 100 said they were uncomfortable with the idea. …One woman who did respond told the BBC that trans women create and ‘unfair playing field.’ Another expressed frustration that just as women’s sports seemed to be gaining in visibility, the trans issue was leaving women athletes ‘marginalized again.’ A third woman said allowing trans women to compete with women would ‘be the end’ and compared it to ‘going back in time.’” Read more here.


BACK TO BEST, by Bernard Lane. “British clinical psychologist Anna Hutchinson, a former senior clinician at the Tavistock gender clinic, has called for a return to ‘ordinary best practice’ to help minors who present with gender distress, the BMJ has reported. At the First Do No Harm conference in London on March 23, Dr. Hutchinson recommended non-invasive methods such as counselling, saying the practices at the Tavistock had been ‘extraordinary.’” Read more here.


THE EMOTIONAL BLACKMAIL OF ‘GENDER-AFFIRMING CARE,’ by Pamela Garfield-Jaeger. “One of the most common lies told by therapists and clinicians to colleagues, the general public, the media, and ultimately hurting families is that if parents don’t affirm their child’s new identity, their child will die by suicide. These emotional statistics are found on the Trevor Project Website: Top-Line Statistics (note that most statistics group Trans with the entire LGB+ population): Suicide is the second leading cause of death among young people aged 10 to 24 (Hedegaard, Curtin, & Warner, 2018)—and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth are at significantly increased risk. …But is this true?” Read more here.


WILL NEW YORK STAND UP FOR GIRLS?, by Maud Maron. “Resolution #248, passed by District 2’s CEC, calls upon NYCPS to ‘convene a committee’ that would include ‘female athletes, parents, coaches, relevant medical professionals’ to review the district’s policies. This benign proposal prompted several overwrought condemnations from New York City’s progressive ruling elite. The city council’s LGBTQIA+ caucus, for example, said that it was ‘enraged and appalled’ by the CEC’s ‘disgraceful resolution.’ …All this because the CEC dared ask that female athletes have a seat at the policy table.” Read more here.


ABORTION GROUP TARGETS AFRICA, by Rebecca Oas. “An organization with a singular focus on abortion is targeting the African continent. Two events at the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) in New York this week illustrate how they are insinuating themselves into health ministries by using disability rights. They also hope to ensure that increased budgets for ‘reproductive health’ will ensure a steady stream of government funding for abortion. Among the feminist groups present at CSW, Ipas stands out because it exists for only one purpose: to promote and provide abortion internationally.” Read more here.


THE TRANSGENDER MOVEMENT IS MORPHING INTO THE TRANSHUMANIST MOVEMENT AND THE RESULTS ARE HORRIFIC, by Matt Walsh. “It’s been more than two weeks since the WPATH files demonstrated very clearly that so-called ‘transgender medicine’ is the single most unethical and barbaric practice that the medical industry has ever endorsed. It’s a coordinated effort to permanently destroy the bodies of thousands of young children. The doctors who are involved in this butchery understand very well that children cannot consent to permanent sterilization and amputation. They’ve said it on tape, as the WPATH files prove, and yet, despite these revelations, no major hospital has announced that they’re cutting ties with WPATH. In fact, they haven’t responded to the WPATH files at all.” Read more here.


ARE RELIGIOUS PEOPLE HAPPIER? THE SCIENCE IS PRETTY CLEAR, by Stephen Cranney. “Debates about the impact of religion in the world have been going on for a long time. There is one facet of that debate, however, which, scientifically speaking, is largely settled. From the standpoint of statistics and empirical evidence, how much do we know about whether religious or nonreligious people are happier? A lot, it turns out. The literature on health in general and religion is vast. An Oxford University Press book summarizing the research on the subject, for example, comes in at almost 900 pages. In the analysis in this ‘Handbook of Religion and Health,’ … 79% of those studies reported that religious people were happier, while only 1% reported that they were less happy (the rest found no or mixed findings). Read more here.


MADNESS, by Bernard Lane. “The dominant ‘gender-affirming’ treatment approach—which promotes puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and mastectomy for minors—is ‘fundamentally incompatible with competent, ethical medical practice.’ That is the conclusion of a new paper by academic psychiatrist Andrew Amos in the journal Australasian Psychiatry. Dr. Amos says treatment guidelines from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) and the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne (RCH) ‘assert without evidence that pathology plays no part in the development of gender diversity,’ which is said to be part of nature.” Read more here.


PUBERTY BLOCKERS CANNED: IS THE DOWNFALL OF THE TRANS INDUSTRY IMMINENT?, by Kurt Mahlburg. ‘“Quack Medicine.’ That’s how The Times has labeled puberty blockers, one of the cornerstones of the treatment popularly known as ‘gender-affirming care,’ as the sun sets on a scandal-ridden month for transgender ideology. Earlier in March, NHS England made the bombshell announcement that puberty blockers — controversial drugs that are also used to chemically castrate criminals — will mercifully no longer be prescribed to children at gender identity clinics across the country. Read more here.


HOW A HANDFUL OF BILLIONAIRES CREATED THE TRANSGENDER ‘MOVEMENT,’ by Jonathon Van Maren. “I first came across investigative journalist Jennifer Bilek’s work in 2020, when her essay ‘The Billionaires Behind the LGBT Movement’ was published in First Things. It was a stunning piece—there are several journalists committed to exposing the transgender ‘movement’ (or industry, as Bilek calls it), but nobody has peeled away the façade of civil rights, pink-and-blue flags, and ‘trans kids’ like Bilek. If we had a mainstream press truly committed to uncovering and reporting the truth about the forces driving our culture today, her work would be cited by them across the board.” Read more here.


THE NIHILISM OF NONBINARY, by Malcolm Clark. “Some things make less sense the more you study them. The idea of ‘nonbinary’ is a bit like that. Nonbinary is an umbrella term used to describe those people who believe they are outside the gender binary. They believe that they are neither male nor female. When you ask nonbinaries what they mean by this, the response usually boils down to men saying they feel kinda feminine sometimes, and women saying they kinda don’t. When you point out that some men and women have felt this way since time immemorial, without feeling the need to turn it into a political cause, they become aggressive or sulky. All of which suggests that this nonbinary LARP may require some more thought.” Read more here.


TRANS IDEOLOGY IS FAR FROM DEFEATED, by Joanna Williams. “It is great news that England’s gender-confused children will no longer be pushed on to puberty blockers. As Jo Bartosch wrote on Spiked, last week’s declaration from NHS England that there is ‘not enough evidence to support the safety or clinical effectiveness’ of these drugs was long overdue. Sadly, the same guidance does not apply to children growing up in other parts of the UK. In Scotland and Wales, children struggling with their gender identity are still being encouraged down an irreversible path towards drugs and surgery.” Read more here.


WORLD DOWN SYNDROME DAY IS AN OCCASION TO REMEMBER THE VALUE OF EVERY LIFE, by Jeanne Mancini. “While in the womb, every baby develops the unique characteristics that make each one different from every other human. For some, this comes in the form of an extra chromosome in their DNA and a condition known as Down syndrome. A Down syndrome diagnosis is misunderstood by many as a tragic disability, but those who know someone with the condition can attest to the joy and value these individuals bring to the world. And people living with Down syndrome themselves say life is one big celebration! Research confirms that those with Down syndrome experience life to the fullest.” Read more here.


NOT SO FAST, by Bernard Lane. “France’s center-right Republican Party is proposing a law to stop the momentum towards easier and faster medicalized gender transition of minors, which it fears may prove to be an ‘ethical scandal.’ The Republicans (LR) plan to introduce a draft law before the northern summer to impose a national ban on puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and surgery for under-18s following a historic report to the Senate. The leader of a working group involving 18 LR senators, Jacqueline Eustache-Brinio, warns in the report that ‘the sexual transition of young people will be considered one of the greatest ethical scandals in the history of medicine’ if it turns out that advocates for early medicalization have underestimated the role of social influence and associated risks.” Read more here.


WHY DID IT TAKE SO LONG TO BAN PUBERTY BLOCKERS?, by Patrick West. “NHS England’s decision to ban the routine prescription of puberty blockers to children came as welcome news to many last week. Welcome, that is, for those who have campaigned for years against this awful practice. For too long, these drugs were handed out to mentally troubled youths, to confused young gay people caught up in vortices of social contagion and to children pressured into potentially life-ruining decisions by ideologically driven adults.” Read more here.


[MARYLAND] DEMOCRATS PUSH ‘DECENCY AGENDA’ FOCUSED ON PORN FOR KIDS, by Jeffrey Trimbath. A few weeks ago, the speaker of the House of Delegates, Adrienne Jones, D-Baltimore County, announced what she calls her ‘decency agenda.’ What could be wrong with that? After all, American politics could certainly use more decency. …In reality, Jones’ ‘decency’ agenda is merely clever marketing. … The ‘decency agenda’ includes several ‘nondiscrimination’ bills. One is the Freedom to Read Act, which would take away the ability of local libraries that receive state funds to regulate or restrict access to pornographic materials. I’m not exaggerating. Anyone paying attention to debates about the content of public school libraries over the past several years—including all the allegations of “book banning”—is familiar with the caliber of smut that the radical progressives are trying to foist upon our kids. … After all, if exposing school-age children to sexually explicit materials is now the “decent” thing to do in Maryland, then words have no meaning anymore.” Read more here.


MEMORY HOLES AND INSIDER RULES, by Bernard Lane. “The human rights commission in Australia’s state of Victoria has quietly disappeared its public claim that a parent refusing to support a child’s request for puberty blocker drugs is breaking the law. Until recently, the website of the Victorian Equal Opportunity & Human Rights Commission stated that such a refusal would be illegal under the state’s draconian Change or Suppression (Conversion) Practices Prohibition Act 2021.” Read more here.


PORNOGRAPHY PREVALENCE MERITS PUBLIC DISCUSSION, by Jason Osborne. “A study into pornography use among Ireland’s young adults has returned very interesting results that merit public discussion, not least among them the fact that 64% of young men report using it. Other stand-out findings included the fact that male users were found to have poorer well-being than non-users, being less satisfied with their lives, and reported having a poorer self-image and more depressive symptoms.” Read more here.


CONSERVATIVE LAWS AGAINST GENDER IDEOLOGY DON’T LEAD TO MORE LGBT ‘HATE CRIMES,’ by Matt Lamb. “Conservatives are to blame for a rise in reported LGBT hate crimes at K-12 schools, so says the Washington Post. Here’s the headline media outlets have begun to spread: ‘In states with laws targeting LGBTQ issues, school hate crimes quadrupled.’ …But those claims tell an incomplete picture, according to Dr. Michael New, a social scientist at the Catholic University of America. He said one possible reason for the increase is there are more students identifying as LGBT. Dr. New notes the analysis looked at ‘reported hate crimes’ not ‘actual hate crimes.’” Read more here.


RADIO-CANADA JOURNALIST DEFENDS REPORT EXPOSING ‘GENDER CLINICS’ FOR ‘TRANSITIONING’ CHILDREN, by Clare Marie Merkowsky. “A Radio-Canada journalist is defending her investigative report that exposed a ‘gender’ clinic in Quebec for prescribing potentially sterilizing hormones to an actress posing as a young teen in less than ten minutes. In a March 3 interview on Tout le Monde en Parle, Radio-Canada journalist Pasquale Turbide revealed that concerns from parents were what originally sparked her investigative report on the gender ‘transitioning’ of children, and that she stands by her work despite backlash.” Read more here.


POPPING ABORTION PILLS IS WAY MORE DANGEROUS THAN BIG PHARMA WANTS WOMEN TO KNOW, by Dr. Lloyd Holm. “As I have previously reported, ingesting mifepristone and misoprostol unsupervised carries definable risks. The risk of hemorrhage and possible death from an ectopic pregnancy is not just theoretical. In a 2019 mifepristone post-marketing report released by the FDA, there were 97 ectopic pregnancies and 24 deaths reported in the 18-year period following the release of mifepristone in 2000. In addition, 4,195 adverse events were reported from 2000-2018. During that same time frame, 599 women required blood transfusions after ingesting mifepristone to induce an abortion.” Read more here.


GENDER IDEOLOGY LEAVES COACHES WITH NOTHING TO SAY, by George MJ Perry. “’Did anyone say anything?’ ‘What can you say?’ A few days earlier, the issue of males competing in women’s sports stopped being an over-the-horizon concern for me. This shift occurred after 13 years of coaching and seven years since I first became involved with the issue. For the first time, I witnessed a man compete in a women’s sporting event—a semi-pro women’s soccer game. I was not merely a spectator … My role with the team, though relatively brief and in an adjunct capacity, allowed me to form deep relationships with and responsibilities toward our athletes that extended beyond the CV bullets of athletic performance and injury prevention. The opposing team’s trans-identifying male player wasn’t accelerating towards other players, he wasn’t racing for loose balls against other players, he wasn’t using his male advantages to jostle, tackle, out-jump or shoulder other players off the ball. He was doing those things to our players. To my players.” Read more here.


UNPACKING THE GEN Z LGBTQ NUMBERS, by Katrina Trinko. “Almost 30% of Generation Z women identify as LGBTQ, according to a new Gallup survey. Could that possibly be true? Well, the Gallup survey, which also found that 22% of Gen Z overall identifies as LGBTQ, is no outlier. …What is driving this huge surge? One possibility is societal acceptance. Same-sex marriage was legalized nationwide by the Supreme Court in 2015, the same year former Olympian and reality TV star Bruce Jenner announced that he now identified as a woman and wanted to be known as Caitlyn.” Read more here.


‘I FEEL LIKE I KILLED A CHILD, AND IT WAS ME.’ I WAS VICTIMIZED BY GENDER TRANSITION, by Prisha Mosley. “I was born female and grew up in North Carolina. I discovered the transgender community online as a teenager and was persuaded to socially transition. I was only 17 when doctors started injecting me with testosterone. In retrospect, I was the perfect victim. I was young, impressionable, isolated and suffering from severe mental health issues, including anorexia, self-harm and attempts to end my life. Doctors told me transitioning was the cure for my emotional pain.” Read more here.


NEW POLL CLAIMING AMERICANS ARE PRO-ABORTION IS VERY BIASED, by Steven Ertelt. “Last week, the Kaiser Family Foundation released the results of a new survey on sanctity-of-life issues. They polled over 1,300 adults in late February through both phone surveys and online surveys. The results purportedly show strong support for legal abortion in certain circumstances. The results show that those voters who are prioritizing abortion in 2024 are disproportionately supportive of legal abortion. …That is because the wording of some questions is skewed to elicit responses in favor of legal abortion.” Read more here.


THE TRANS AGENDA IS CRUMBLING UNDER THE WEIGHT OF ITS OWN LIES, by Libby Emmons. “The UK banned puberty blocking drugs for minors seeking sex changes. The World Professional Association for Transgender Health has been exposed as fetishistic frauds and liars. Detransitioners are suing their doctors, hospitals and mental health providers for peddling the lie that they can change sex. States are banning sex change drugs and surgeries for minors. Trans celebs like Dylan Mulvaney and diversity hires like Rachel Levine who make their living off of perpetrating trans are being exposed for the grifters that they are. The lies are being laid bare.” Read more here.


UNICEF IGNORES PARENTAL CONSENT IN MUTILATING SURGERY FOR KIDS, by Stefano Gennarini. “UNICEF has ‘no position’ on whether or not parents should consent or even know if their children are provided ‘gender-affirming’ care and powerful hormonal drugs like puberty blockers and contraception. Lauren Rumble, Associate Director of the UNICEF Gender Equality Programme Group, said this speaking to the Friday Fax after an event co-hosted by UNICEF with the United Kingdom titled ‘What Adolescent Girls Want.’” Read more here.


FDA LIED TO WOMEN. NOW ABORTION PILLS ARE KILLING AND INJURING THEM, by Erin Hawley. “It’s always interesting when something that shouldn’t be all that interesting suddenly becomes extremely interesting to people who are not easily interested. Recently, the academic publisher Sage retracted three studies from one of its journals. Ordinarily, retractions like these would not be newsworthy outside of the scholastic community, but in this case, some media outlets jumped at the chance to cover them. Why? Because the studies were about abortion drugs — in fact, the exact drugs the U.S. Supreme Court will be hearing a case about on March 26. The media will be happy to tell you all about the retractions, but they may not tell you one crucial fact: None of these studies will be at issue as the Supreme Court considers the case.” Read more here.


SILENCED PRO-LIFERS HOLD COUNTER EVENT AT UN, by Iulia-Elena Cazan. “The feminists at the UN who run the Commission on the Status of Women have largely shut out pro-life groups from running events during the commission. CSW is a progressive feminist conference that promotes abortion services as essential for women’s wellbeing and prime solutions to unplanned pregnancies. This year’s official CSW event roster featured dozens of talks normalizing and encouraging widespread access to abortion. Yet, the conference was virtually silent on the topic of supporting women to overcome the challenges that stand in the way of carrying their pregnancies to term.” Read more here.


US MUST FOLLOW THE UK’S LEAD AND ABANDON THE GENDER EXPERIMENT, by Kaylee McGhee White, “The United Kingdom’s National Health Services announced this week it will no longer routinely prescribe gender-confused children puberty blockers, admitting the hormonal treatments are experimental in nature and can have lasting physical and mental consequences. … This should be a wake-up call for the U.S. healthcare system, which hands out puberty blockers to children like they’re candy.” Read more here.


EXPOSING SEX PSEUDOSCIENCE IN AMERICAN SCIENTIST, by Alex Byrne. “’Computing is not binary’ would be a silly slogan—binary computer code underpins almost every aspect of modern life. But other kinds of binaries are decidedly out of fashion, particularly where sex is concerned. ‘Biology is not binary’ declares the title of an essay in the March/April issue of American Scientist, a magazine published by Sigma Xi, the science and engineering honor society. Sigma Xi has a storied history, with numerous Nobel-prize-winning members, including the DNA-unravellers Francis Crick and James Watson, and more recently Jennifer Doudna, for her work on CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing. The essay is well-worth critical examination, not least because it efficiently packs so much confusion into such a short space.” Read more here.


SCHOOL’S OUT, by Sandra Pertot. “For many young gender-questioning people, gender-affirming care began long before they arrived at a gender clinic. The first public expression of the belief they are transgender is often at their school, and in countries that have embraced modern gender ideology, schools have adopted gender-affirming policies allowing immediate social transition.” Read more here.


THE ‘DETRANSITION’ TIME BOMB, by Wilfred Reilly. “We need to talk about ‘trans kids.’ In all likelihood, we are currently witnessing one of the biggest medical scandals in modern history, and a tidal wave of regrets and lawsuits will soon follow in its wake. Over the past few years, several moss-backed and socially disagreeable conservatives and normie libs — including this very writer — have bemusedly noted that very high percentages of high-school and college students have begun to describe themselves as ‘transgender’ or otherwise ‘queer.’” Read more here.


A NEW STUDY SHOWS THAT THE U.S. MATERNAL-MORTALITY RATE IS OVERESTIMATED, by Michael New. “On Wednesday, a study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology found that high and rising rates of maternal mortality in the United States are due to flawed data. Starting in 2003, a pregnancy checkbox was included in the national death certificates. Researchers found that this box was checked for many deaths unrelated to either pregnancy or childbirth. While previous data found that the U.S. maternal-mortality rate increased by a whopping 143 percent since 1999, these new data found that there was only a 2 percent increase since that time.” Read more here.


THE RISE OF TRANSGENDERISM, by Armstrong Williams. “Over the past decade, the United States has seen a rise in the power of the transgender movement. Once a fringe, left-wing movement premised on the idea that gender is a social construct and that it can be changed at a whim, it has now become mainstream. Today, the question ‘Can you provide a definition for the word “woman”?’ is now political. … Today, despite the small numbers of transgender people in the United States, the movement has permeated nearly all facets of life.” Read more here.


TRANSGENDER ACTIVISTS SAY YOUR KIDS HAVE A ‘RIGHT’ TO CARVE UP THEIR BODIES, by John Daniel Davidson. “If you pay attention to the transgender debate, it’s been obvious for a while now that the trans movement is interested in children. The specter of state lawmakers or even parents hindering or discouraging children from ‘transitioning’ seems to haunt trans activists, who view recent political efforts to ban so-called ‘gender-affirming care’ in some states as the worst sort of tyranny. Children, in their view, have a right to transition, and any obstacle placed in their way, even by parents, is a gross injustice crying out for redress. Read more here.


BEWARE THE NEW TREND OF DECRIMINALIZING PROSTITUTION, by Valerie Hudson. “The research team I work with is currently knee-deep into categorizing the legal approach that each nation takes with regard to prostitution. …In some countries, buying sex is perfectly legal but providing that sex for money is strictly illegal. …There’s a lot of complexity here, and the legal approach taken depends on how you view prostitution. You can tackle this from the philosophical level, of course — is prostitution merely another form of work? Is prostitution inevitable, ineradicable? Is this a ‘my body, my choice’ situation? Or is prostitution one of the only socially sanctioned gross human rights violations remaining?” Read more here.


TRUDEAU’S ‘ONLINE HARMS’ BILL COULD CRIMINALIZE THE PRO-LIFE, PRO-FAMILY MOVEMENT, by David Cooke. “With the introduction of the ‘Online Harms Act’ (Bill C-63) on February 26, the Trudeau Liberals, with the support of the New Democratic Party (NDP), have unveiled the next step in their devious plan to create a powerful online censorship regime. This ideologically-driven regime undoubtedly targets people like you and me – people who hold to traditional values on human life, marriage, gender, faith, and family.” Read more here.


AUTISTIC PEOPLE NEED COMPASSION — NOT GENDER IDEOLOGY, by Brian Birmingham. “According to a recent study published by the journal Pediatrics, ‘Youth with autism are three times as likely to have a co-occurring diagnosis of gender dysphoria than peers who do not have autism.’ The researchers studied over 900,000 autistic youth over a period of more than ten years and this is the conclusion that was arrived at. Simply put, it was found that people who are on the autism spectrum are statistically more likely to deal with gender dysphoria and are therefore more vulnerable to the manipulations of activists who pose themselves as being in a position to ‘help’ such youth.” Read more here.


THE NEXT STEP IS HERE: ANYBODY AT ANY AGE HAS RIGHT TO CHANGE SEX, by David Strom. “Should a child be allowed to medically alter their body if she decides one day that she wants to be a boy? According to the author of a new piece in New York Magazine, the answer is ‘Yes, absolutely.’ And if she wants to do it several times or ruin her body, the answer is still ‘Yes.’ The piece, written by Andrea Long Chu, a transgender author, explains to us that anybody at any age should be given the freedom (and the resources at public expense) to change their sex at any age.” Read more here.


RADICAL ABORTION ACTIVISTS CELEBRATED NATIONAL HUG YOUR ABORTIONIST DAY, by Janet Morana. “In 2003, abortionist Charles Rossman gave a handful of abortion pills to a 23-year-old who was beyond 30 weeks pregnant. He then locked the door of his Valdosta, Georgia, abortion mill – trapping the woman inside – and disappeared, leading authorities on an 11-year chase spanning two continents. The woman, frantic and in labor, called 911 and police arrived in time to see her deliver a son. As for Rossman, Interpol finally found him in Germany and extradited him to the U.S. He pleaded guilty to criminal abortion and served five years in prison. It’s my hope that people will keep this bizarre story in mind as the abortion cartel reminds Americans that March 10 was the National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers.” Read more here.


GENDER DYSPHORIA AND ANOREXIA IN ADOLESCENT FEMALES, by The Society for Evidence Based Gender Medicine. “A new publication in Sexuologie (the journal of the German Society for Sexual Medicine, Sexual Therapy and Sexual Science/DGSMTW) takes on the issue of the sharp rise in transgender identification in adolescent females, which remains poorly understood. The authors, Korte and Gille, present an intriguing hypothesis for this novel phenomenon, comparing and contrasting gender dysphoria to anorexia nervosa, and finding a number of important similarities.” Read more here.


ASSIGNED AT BIRTH?, by Terence Sweeny. “There is a troubling unreality to the discourse around ‘assigning’ that corrodes our ability to publicly deliberate about sexual difference, feminism, and issues related to trans identity. When we say that we “assign” sex, we employ language to describe a biological reality that simply does not exist. Philosophers since Socrates have worked hard to pay attention to how we speak. For Aristotle, paying attention to endoxa—what is commonly said—is a necessary step toward accessing and understanding reality. In what follows, I want to call out the deep untruth of the ‘assigning’ discourse, then explain the merits, and wisdom, of ‘finding out.’” Read more here.


SCOTLAND’S WOKE SCHOOLS ARE ROBBING KIDS OF THEIR FUTURES, by Stuart Waiton. “Just over a year ago, a group of parents, teachers and academics founded the Scottish Union for Education. Committed to ‘education, not indoctrination,’ we were concerned over the impact of identity politics on Scottish schools. But few of us at the time realized just how bad the situation had become. My own concerns over the state of Scottish education were piqued in 2022, when hundreds of parents and teachers in Glasgow protested against the increasingly ‘pornographic’ nature of sex education lessons. Kids were being given graphic illustrations of sex acts and questionnaires asking about their own sexual activity.” Read more here.


STIS CONTINUE TO SKYROCKET AFTER DECADES OF SO-CALLED ‘SEX EDUCATION,’ by Jonathon Van Maren. “Some of you may be old enough to remember a time when governments were demanding that people ‘socially distance’ from one another in order to ‘stop the spread’ of infection. Unsurprisingly, there are no such calls as Western countries see massive surges of sexually transmitted diseases – now referred to as ‘STIs,’ or ‘sexually transmitted infections,’ since that sounds far less serious. From the New York Post on March 7: Sexually transmitted infections skyrocketed across Europe in 2022 – with reported gonorrhea cases alone nearly doubling.” Read more here.


PARENTS COULD DRAW LESSONS FROM UPHEAVAL ABOUT SEXUAL EDUCATION, by Joe-Lize Kruijsse-Brugge. “Several countries draw attention to sexual education by organizing a national week in which schools are encouraged to pay attention to the topic. However, wherever that happens, there is upheaval to some extent. We have seen that in Norway in January, and last year, there was much upheaval in the Netherlands. Parents worry that their children are shown pornographic images or learn at school about masturbation and gender identity – the idea that there are many different genders and that you can change your gender.” Read more here.


CONSTITUTIONALIZING ABORTION: A TRAGIC DAY FOR FRANCE, by Hélène de Lauzun. “On Monday, March 4th, French deputies and senators gathered in Versailles voted by an overwhelming majority to enshrine ‘guaranteed freedom of access to abortion’ in the Constitution of the Fifth Republic. Progressives are delighted by what they see as a victory in a universal and titanic battle against the forces of obscurantism and are already preparing their next offensive.” Read more here.


THE ABORTION DRUG IS NOT SAFER THAN TYLENOL, by Dave Andrusko. “One of the largest studies to date, which analyzed high-quality registry data obtained from nearly 50,000 women in Finland, found that the overall incidence of immediate adverse events is four-fold higher for medical abortions than for surgical abortions. The same study showed that nearly 7% of women will need surgical intervention — a significant number when you consider there are nearly 900,000 abortions per year in the U.S., 40% of which are medication abortions.” Read more here.


BATTLE LINES AT UN COMMISSION: POVERTY REDUCTION V. SEXUAL RIGHTS, by Stefano Gennarini. “The Biden administration faces an uphill battle to promote ‘sexual rights’ at this year’s UN Commission on the Status of Women. Many delegations anticipate a change in U.S. administration in November and may be more willing to defy what they perceive to be a lame duck administration as a result. Biden and the European Union will push the UN system to the brink in long and difficult negotiations that are expected over the next two weeks to impose ‘sexual rights’ on African, Asian, and Middle Eastern countries in the commission’s annual agreement.” Read more here.


AS THE FAMILY GOES, SO GOES THE STATE. UTAH GETS THIS, by Rick Larsen and Brad Wilcox. “When it comes to realizing the nation’s most important ideals — from the American dream to the ‘pursuit of happiness’ — Utah has a well-deserved reputation for leading out. The state has a pioneering record when it comes to maximizing the odds that poor kids make it in America and that its citizenry is happy. And the research tells us that the fact that no state in America has stronger families than Utah is a big reason why this state does so well on so many national rankings.” Read more here.


NEW BOOK REVEALS SORDID HISTORY OF UN POPULATION CONTROL, by Rebecca Oas. “A project of several UN agencies has not only developed contraceptive drugs and devices as well as chemical abortion but also leverages its findings to influence global policy and the laws within UN member nations. This sordid history is explored in a new book authored by Louis-Marie Bonneau and Grégor Puppinck of the well-respected European Centre for Law and Justice (ECLJ).” Read more here.


MARRIAGE AND FAMILY, NOT CAREER, ARE THE KEY TO A FULFILLING LIFE, by Tim Goeglein. “The late James Q. Wilson, professor of government at Harvard University, wrote in his book, The Marriage Problem, back in 2002, ‘It is not money, but the family that is the foundation of public life. As it has become weaker, every structure built upon that foundation has become weaker.’ Over the past 50-plus years, we have heard a constant stream of rhetoric from secular elites that ‘you can have it all’ — career, money, marriage, and family. The result has been sadly the opposite. You cannot ‘have it all,’ and two of these eventually trump the other two in taking up our time and energy. Increasingly, for many Americans, it has been money and career, and our society, and we as individuals, are suffering the consequences.” Read more here.


LGBTQ+ INQUISITORS PURSUE DOCTOR IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA, by James Parker. “In the city of Albany, Western Australia, Dr Thomas Brough works in emergency medicine. Outside of saving lives – irrespective of his patients’ creeds, sexual attractions, criminal records, or cultural backgrounds – he also serves as a local councillor. This brave and decent man is the latest victim of LGBTQ+ inquisitors. The lobby group Just.Equal has submitted a formal complaint against him… An unfavourable outcome could wreck Dr Brough’s career. But his ‘crime’ had nothing to do with his medical acumen. Instead, he claimed at a council meeting that people ought to be aware that the ‘+’ in LGBTQIA+ could include paedophiles, or, to use the less inflammatory term, ‘minor-attracted persons.’” Read more here.


‘LET THE RECKONING BEGIN’: DETRANSITIONERS VINDICATED BY EXPOSÉ OF WPATH EXPERIMENTATION ON MINORS, by Mary Margaret Olohan. “Detransitioners have been trying to warn the public that so-called gender-affirming care—transgender surgeries, hormones, and puberty blockers—is both experimental and dangerous, especially for minors. Now, thanks to the efforts of journalist Michael Shellenberger, we know that World Professional Association for Transgender Health doctors and medical experts pushing these practices were well aware of the experimental and lasting nature of the procedures they were recommending. Yet these so-called health professionals pushed forward, despite alarming awareness of tumors developing from hormones, reduced sexual function, lack of proper informed consent for minors, and more.” Read more here.


UNDER PRESSURE, by Bernard Lane. “The puberty blocker-driven ‘Dutch protocol’ of medicalized gender change—administered to ever more teenagers around the world—appears more likely to come under serious scrutiny in its home country. The parliament of the Netherlands has now passed two motions this year calling for a closer look. On February 27, with a majority of 101 out of 150 votes, the parliament approved a motion asking the government to commission research.” Read more here.


SEX PSEUDOSCIENCE AND THE WPATH FILES, by Colin Wright. “The field of ‘gender medicine’ has been under intense scrutiny in recent years. This attention arises from the sharp increase in the number of children and adolescents—predominantly girls—seeking treatment, with some estimates indicating more than a 40-fold rise since 2010 in many Western countries. Critics are particularly concerned with this previously overlooked branch of medicine because it treats what is fundamentally a psychological condition with extreme and irreversible body modification procedures that often result in infertility. This practice would be alarming enough if it were limited to adults, but its widespread application to children has prompted widespread alarm.” Read more here.


CANADIANS FINALLY FIGHT BACK AGAINST THE TRANS AGENDA, by Jonathon Van Maren. “For the better part of a decade, Canada remained one of the only Western countries where gender ideology remained entirely unquestioned, promoted as state dogma by the Trudeau government, and passively accepted by conservative politicians skittish about social issues. Protests against radical sex education in public schools had occasionally flared but promptly fizzled. Opposition to any aspect of the LGBT agenda was condemned by progressives as fundamentally ‘unCanadian’; the silent majority of Canadians who opposed many of these changes were voiceless. Last June, that began to change.” Read more here.


THANKS TO ONE WOMAN’S VISION, THE WORLD’S BIGGEST PORN SITE IS A SHELL OF ITS FORMER SELF, by Kurt Mahlburg. “Laila Mickelwait is a woman on a mission. For over a decade she has been involved in anti-sex trafficking advocacy. But it was the ‘Traffickinghub’ campaign she launched in February 2020 that has really made a mark on the world. …Mickelwait describes her crusade as ‘a decentralized global movement of millions of individuals and hundreds of survivors, organizations and advocates from across a broad spectrum of political, faith and non-faith, economic, and ideological backgrounds, all uniting together for the single purpose of shutting down Pornhub and holding its executives accountable for enabling, distributing and profiting from rape, child sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and criminal image-based sexual abuse.’ Three years later, over 2.3 million people have signed the petition to shut down Pornhub.” Read more here.


ABORTION IN THE FRENCH CONSTITUTION: MORE THAN A SYMBOL, A DANGEROUS TEXT, by Jérôme Lejeune Foundation. “Today, there is no threat to the freedom to resort to abortion in France; therefore, there is no justification for its inclusion in the constitution. However, the consequences on the freedom of conscience of physicians can be disastrous. With its constitutionalizing, abortion becomes de facto enforceable, and the conscience clause no longer has its place. …Indeed, why sanctify a right that is not threatened, if not to forbid the existence of a debate? The recent example of attacks against the French channel CNews, following the televised debate ‘En quête d’esprit’ on February 25, serves as a striking illustration. Therefore, the Foundation congratulates the senators and deputies who courageously dared to oppose this bill.” Read more here.


BIAS AT THE BBC, by Sex Matters. The BBC’s director of complaints has ruled that the presenter Justin Webb broke the BBC’s rules on impartiality when he commented, in a discussion about a women’s chess tournament on Radio 4’s Today programme, that “trans women” are male. This is shocking behaviour from the BBC: the national broadcaster, funded by public money and obliged by its charter to be accurate and without bias. The BBC ruling said that Webb “gave the impression of endorsing one viewpoint in a highly controversial area.” This is extraordinary. Some people think the earth is flat, but to say that it is round is not an endorsement of one viewpoint – it’s a statement of fact. “Trans women” by definition are people born male who now identify as women. Since sex cannot change, they remain male. Read more here.


SUICIDE MORTALITY AMONG GENDER-DYSPHORIC ADOLESCENTS AND YOUNG ADULTS IN FINLAND, by the Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine. A recent study published in BMJ Mental Health … found that suicide among young people [under the age of] 23 (“youth”) seeking gender services in Finland is an unusual event …Further, in comparing gender-referred youth to a cohort of matched controls (n=16,643), the study found no convincing evidence that gender-referred youth have statistically significantly higher suicide rates as compared to the general population, after controlling for psychiatric needs. The study also did not detect a statistically significant association between gender reassignment and the risk of suicide.” Read more here. Read morhere.


TIGHTEN UP, by Bernard Lane. “The medical directors of Norway’s four health regions have determined that puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for gender-distressed minors are experimental treatments and should be restricted to clinical trials. The Directorate of Health will be asked to revisit its 2020 ‘gender-affirming’ treatment guidelines and ‘clearly state’ the experimental nature of these hormonal and surgical treatments, according to a February 29 news report in the Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang (VG). If these proposals are implemented, Norway would join Sweden, Finland and England in formally adopting new, cautious treatment policies for gender distress based on confirmation that the evidence for medicalized gender change in minors is very weak and uncertain.” Read more here.


IN THRALL TO ABORTION, RICH COUNTRIES SIDETRACK UN RESOLUTION ON WOMEN AND POVERTY, by Iulia-Elena Cazan. “Western countries are trying to shift the focus of an upcoming UN resolution away from lifting women out of poverty to promoting abortion and gender ideology agendas. Developing countries have pushed back. Every year, the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) hosts a conference-type gathering at the UN where it invites diplomats, UN personnel, and civil society for interactive dialogues and round tables on themes related to women’s equality. The session culminates with a resolution adopted by UN member states. This year progressive countries proposed a text that prioritizes abortion access and gender ideology as key determinants of women’s empowerment.” Read more here.


CHRISTIAN PARENTS ARE LOSING THEIR GENDER-CONFUSED CHILDREN TO THE STATE. HOW SHOULD WE RESPOND?, by Denise Schick. “To illustrate the dangerous direction our country is taking, a bill has been introduced in the Illinois House that would amend the Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act by changing the definition of abused child to include a minor who has been denied ‘gender-affirming’ services. The bill would also amend the Consent by Minors to Health Care Services Act to allow a minor to consent to their own ‘gender-affirming services’ while protecting health care professionals from punishment for providing them.” Read more here.


WHY ARE HISTORIANS SUDDENLY DISCOVERING SO MANY TRANSGENDERS?, by Jonathon Van Maren. “When new ideological movements seize power in institutions, it is always necessary to rewrite history. As an old Soviet joke mocking the communist overhaul of Russian history put it, ‘The future is certain—it’s only the past that’s unpredictable.’ We saw this when the gay rights movement began to gain dominance. Suddenly, it was claimed that plenty of married men were, in fact, homosexual, including Abraham Lincoln and William Shakespeare. The historical closet turned out to be packed with fictional gays.” Read more here.


THE ‘CAT KILLER’ CASE REVEALS THE DEPRAVITY OF TRANS IDEOLOGY, by Lauren Smith. “The gruesome case of Scarlet Blake really should have been the last straw. We have become all too numb to the way the police, the courts and the media have adopted the preferred pronouns of dangerous and predatory men. How male perverts, pedophiles and rapists are now routinely treated as women, based on their self-declared identities. You might have hoped that the sheer depravity of Blake’s crimes, and the depths of his mental delusions, would jolt our elites into sanity. But you’d be wrong. In the wall-to-wall coverage of Blake’s crimes, he is consistently referred to as a ‘woman.’” Read more here.


WHO DECIDES IF UNBORN LIVES MATTER?, by Mehmet Ciftçi. “Recent news stories reveal a contradictory attitude to how we treat unborn lives in our society. It was reported in the news last week that parents in England who have experienced the devastation of losing a baby before 24 weeks of pregnancy can apply for a ‘baby loss certificate.’ …The very next day, however, the Health Secretary revealed she would support an amendment to decriminalize women who procure an abortion beyond 24 weeks, on which MPs will get a free vote next month along with another amendment to lower the ‘upper’ legal abortion limit from 24 to 22 weeks. Is an unborn baby to be cherished and mourned if it is lost, or it is something that can be terminated up to birth? We cannot have it both ways.” Read more here.


IS NO PUBLIC SPACE SAFE FOR OUR CHILDREN?, by James Parker. “Orange City Council in rural New South Wales is planning to spend nearly $126,000 on a three-day Rainbow Festival where every event involves drag queens engaging with children as young as three, and the use of books which encourage children to question their identity. Many citizens of Orange are rightly concerned for their children.” Read more here.


WOMEN INJURED BY THE ABORTION PILL ARE FLOODING ERS, FDA CONCEALED THE RISKS, by Erin Hawley. “When the federal agency responsible for ensuring the safety of the food we eat, medication we take, and products we use decided to remove critical safeguards that it originally deemed necessary for abortion drugs, it knew there’d be a problem. By the FDA’s own admission, its actions sent more women and girls to the emergency room. Yet the Food and Drug Administration recklessly plowed ahead anyway and disregarded the harms it would cause when it eliminated the few, crucial safety measures that had been in place for years.” Read more here.


A LANDMARK FINNISH STUDY IS CHANGING HOW WE APPROACH TRANSGENDER KIDS, by Benjamin Ryan. “The movement backing gender-transition treatment for children is built on the claim that pediatric medical interventions are not only ‘medically necessary’ – but truly ‘life saving.’ However, no researchers have ever tried to figure out whether this claim is true. Until now. A major new study out of Finland found that providing cross-sex hormones and gender-transition surgeries to adolescents and young adults didn’t appear to have any significant effect on suicide deaths. What’s more, gender distress severe enough to send young people to a gender clinic wasn’t independently linked to a higher suicide death rate either. Read more here.


YES, TRANS IDEOLOGY EVEN SANCTIONS THE ABUSE OF INFANTS TOO, by Brandon Showalter. “Every time you think that the gender ideology rabbit hole cannot grow any darker, somehow something else emerges and proves, yet again, that there is no bottom to this particular moral filth. This time it’s an utterly revolting form of abuse of infants through male ‘chestfeeding’ which, according to the UK’s NHS Trust, is just as good as a mother’s breast milk. …According to British health officials, a recently leaked letter from the University of Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust maintains that the substance produced by trans-identifying males who claim to be women after taking a combination of drugs and hormones is “comparable to that produced [by a mother] following the birth of a baby.” Read more here.


TASMANIA SHOULD SCRAP ITS GAY CONVERSION BILL, by James Parker. “Tasmania could follow Queensland, the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and Victoria in banning conversion therapy – which includes therapeutic or spiritual interventions linked to sexuality and identity. I have a deep interest in this issue as I have struggled with same-sex attraction. The observer who makes the most sense on this incendiary issue is Patrick Parkinson, a nationally respected law professor. In a submission commenting on the consultation draft of Tasmania’s Justice Miscellaneous (Conversion Practices) Bill 2024, he writes: … ‘I would rather this Bill not be enacted. I see no reason for it, given that reprehensible forms of so-called “conversion therapy” died out more than 30 years ago. In my view, the Bill is being introduced for political reasons.’” Read more here.


REPUBLICAN SENATORS AUTHOR BILL AIMED AT PROTECTING PARENTAL RIGHTS: PRO-FREEDOM GROUPS JOIN FORCES, by Megan Benton. “Under the Biden administration, it’s clear that the government doesn’t respect the rights of parents. Whether it’s the Biden administration’s Title IX rewrite, which takes rights away from parents by allowing children to change their gender without parental knowledge, or it’s Attorney General Merrick Garland and his attacks on concerned parents who show up at school board meetings. Their attitudes are apparent. Story upon story pile up of parents who have had their rights infringed on by the government for holding traditional beliefs on gender and sexuality.” Read more here.


SCHOOL BOARDS ARE SILENCING PARENTS WHO OBJECT TO PORNOGRAPHIC MATERIALS IN THEIR CHILD’S EDUCATION, by Jonathon Van Maren. “As battles over LGBT curriculums rage not only in the United States but in Canada and Europe as well, a perverse irony has emerged: books too pornographic to be read in public meetings or even quoted in full in media reports are, somehow, appropriate for children in schools. Indeed, LGBT activists and progressive politicians consistently insist that it is a far-right conspiracy theory merely to claim that children are being indoctrinated or ‘groomed’ by sexually explicit material – and when gaslit parents desperately try to prove their case by bringing the offending books to school board meetings to read aloud, they are silenced.” Read more here.


FEMININITY BREATHING LAST GASPS IN SCHOOL SPORTS, by Michael Reagan and Michael Shannon. “We recently had a serious case of assault during a basketball game between two Massachusetts high schools. Fox News reports, ‘Some have expressed concern after the girl for Collegiate Charter was injured on the play after hitting the court, grabbing her back in pain.’ Concern is warranted since the girl was knocked to the floor by a six-foot male with a beard. …Unfortunately, for the injured girl, this assault has the approval of both schools, the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association and the state of Massachusetts. How can this be sane readers ask? It’s simple. The male bully is a member of a protected class in blue states. He’s a ‘hemale’ — a boy pretending to be a girl.” Read more here.


CANADIAN INTELLIGENCE SERVICE TARGETS ANTI-TRANS ACTIVISTS, by Jonathon Van Maren. “In 2019, Shelly Bruce, then-chief of the Communications Security Establishment (CSE), and David Vigneault, current director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), led a contingent of Canadian security and intelligence officials in the Ottawa Pride Parade, hoisting an LGBT rainbow banner. For those unaware, CSIS is Canada’s rough equivalent to the CIA; the contingent was made up of those tasked with keeping Canada safe from threats, both foreign and domestic. Thus, the recent revelation that CSIS and Canada’s Integrated Terrorism Assessment Centre (ITAC) believe that the growing parental rights movement is a ‘violent threat’ to Canada and that the supporters of ‘parental rights’ and the ‘anti-gender movement’ are likely connected to neo-Nazi and white nationalist groups is unsurprising.” Read more here.


IRISH REFERENDA TO REMOVE WOMEN AND REDEFINE THE FAMILY, by Dualta Roughneen. “In a decade where successive Irish governments have successfully navigated significant changes to the Irish constitution—becoming the first country to introduce same-sex marriage by popular vote in 2015 and removing the constitutional prohibition on abortion in 2018—the progressive movement may be about to meet its first defeat. This time the issue at stake is how Ireland’s constitution recognizes the contribution women make to society and the very definition of the family. Read more here.


CRIMINALIZE ‘GENDER APARTHEID’ SAYS AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATIONby Rebecca Oas. “UN human rights experts recently called for ‘gender apartheid’ to be considered a crime against humanity. The American Bar Association adopted a similar resolution, pledging to support international and national efforts to criminalize and oppose ‘gender apartheid.’ The term ‘gender apartheid’ has been used by activists to criticize the Catholic Church and other religious institutions that have all-male clergy. To date the term has been used with regard to the situation of women in Afghanistan and Iran, which are governed by Islamic law. It is clear where the term is headed and that is to attack all faiths deemed ‘conservative’ by the feminist international.” Read more here.


NCAA WILLFULLY ENABLES THE NEXT LIA THOMAS, by Doreen Denny. “Most Americans continue to react in disgust to another photo of a smiling male standing proudly with a women’s medal, and the first ‘out trans’ to stand on an NCAA podium since University of Pennsylvania’s Lia Thomas in 2022. It’s only evidence of the insanity that continues to infect the wide world of women’s sports. This year, New Jersey’s Ramapo College, an NCAA Division III institution, moved Cortez-Fields to the women’s roster after he swam three years on its men’s team. From the opening of the season, Cortez-Fields brought glory to the fledgling program, clocking new school record times in the 100-yard butterfly, 50-yard freestyle, and 200-yard individual medley. Cortez-Fields was quick to credit Thomas with inspiration.” Read more here.


RADICAL DEMOCRATS AND COURTS ARE KIDNAPPING GENDER-CONFUSED KIDS FOR IDEOLOGICAL RANSOM, by B.L. Hahn. “Two parents in Indiana continue to fight for custody after a court yanked their child from their home because they refused to accept his ‘gender identity.’ …When ideological zealots steal children from their parents based on these imaginary offenses, it is de facto kidnapping. ‘They are coming for your children’ in the most literal sense — this was always the endgame of gender ideology.” Read more here.


I PRETENDED TO BE ‘NON-BINARY’ TO EXPOSE A MEDICAL SCANDAL AT KAISER PERMANENTE, by Beth Bourne. “On September 6, 2022, I received mail from my Kaiser Permanente Davis Ob-Gyn reminding me of a routine cervical screening. The language of the reminder stood out to me: ‘Recommended for people with a cervix ages 21 to 65.’ When I asked my Ob-Gyn about this strange wording, she told me the wording was chosen to be ‘inclusive’ of their ‘transgender’ and ‘gender fluid’ patients. Based on this response, several thoughts occurred to me. Could I expose the medical scandal of ‘gender-affirming care’ by saying and doing everything my daughter and other trans-identifying kids are taught to do? …I was prepared for failure. I wasn’t prepared for how easy success would be.” Read more here.


UNHINGED HEALTH ‘EXPERTS’ CLAIM MEN CAN BREASTFEED TOO, by Madison Ayers. “Breastfeeding isn’t just for women anymore, says a British National Health Services (NHS) trust in a leaked letter reported by The Telegraph. Men who identify as women can now take off-label drugs to produce breast secretions that are ‘comparable to that produced [by a woman] following the birth of a baby,’ according to the trust. This statement comes just months before the ninth edition of breastfeeding nonprofit La Leche League’s landmark book, The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding, is set to release. Except this time, it’s only titled The Art of Breastfeeding. Just forget the word ‘womanly’ was ever included.” Read more here.


BIDEN STATE DEPARTMENT LAUNCHES GLOBAL CAMPAIGN AGAINST PRO-LIFE/FAMILY GROUPS, by Stefano Gennarini. “The Biden administration plans to investigate, intimidate, and silence opponents of abortion and the homosexual/trans agenda. The State Department published an ‘Equity Action’ report last week with plans to combat what it dubbed ‘regressive anti-rights movements.’ The open-ended catchall is a technical term of art for pro-life and pro-family organizations. Organizations that have been dubbed anti-rights include Family Watch International, ADF International, the Heritage Foundation, and C-Fam, publisher of the Friday Fax. …The Equity Action report commits the U.S. government to go beyond mere threats.” Read more here.


‘TRANSWOMEN’: MILKING IT FOR ALL IT’S WORTH, by Frank Haviland. “It’s funny how times change. I can remember when Michael Jackson was black, Des O’Connor was white, and a man pretending to be a woman was the subject of comedy rather than a test of one’s bona fides. Cast-iron certainties have become somewhat corroded in the age of wokeness, and few remnants now survive from the past 200,000 years of collective human wisdom. Nonetheless, one thing I definitely didn’t have on my 2024 Bingo card was the denial that mothers might be slightly better equipped to breastfeed than fathers.” Read more here.


CHILDREN WHO SURVIVED ABORTION TELL THEIR STORIES, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Perhaps no issue divides Westerners like abortion; we cannot even agree on who the main characters in this great moral drama are. For abortion supporters, it is about female bodily autonomy, without which sexual liberation is impossible. For pro-lifers, it is about the fundamental right to life of children in the womb, without which a society rooted in coherent human rights is impossible. For one side, the child is incidental or, delusionally, non-existent. For the other, abortion is violence perpetrated against the youngest and weakest members of our society. The stories of abortion survivors are a powerful testament to the fact that abortion is not about a what, but about a who.” Read more here.


BANNING ‘CONVERSION THERAPY’ IS A THREAT TO RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, by Jacob Williams. “Religious freedom is central to the liberal tradition. You don’t even have to be religious to benefit from it. Everyone has the right to believe or disbelieve what they like about life’s meaning, the universe and our place in it. Crucially, everyone also has the right to change their mind about those beliefs. The campaign to ban LGBT ‘conversion therapy’ in the UK threatens this vital freedom.” Read more here.


GENDER IDEOLOGUES STACK DECK ON WHO PANEL ON TRANS ‘HEALTH,’ by Grace Melton. “A who’s who of transgender activists was scheduled this week to meet in Geneva at the World Health Organization to develop new guidelines on ‘the health of trans and gender-diverse people.’ We can presume the meeting took place, even though public notice of it didn’t appear on the U.N. website listing meetings and conferences. Until recently, the international classification system of diseases treated gender confusion as a mental or behavioral disorder. But in 2019, the new edition of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (ICD-11) replaced ‘transsexualism’ with the concept of ‘gender incongruence.’” Read more here.


TRANSGENDERISM IN PRISONS ISN’T DISCUSSED ENOUGH. SOME GROUPS ARE TRYING TO CHANGE THAT, by Sarah Holliday. “There are criminals, such as Andrew Franklin, who were sentenced to 270 years in prison for sexually abusing children. Or Donald A. Moyer, who was sentenced to 132 years on the same charges. Historically speaking, the judicial system was designed to deliver justice to those wronged by evildoers in our society. Or that’s what it’s supposed to do, that is. In recent times, transgenderism has become the exception, bypassing any sense of justice.” Read more here.


ALARMING BUT FALSE, by Bernard Lane. “‘Gender-affirming’ hormonal and surgical interventions do not reduce the risk of suicide for transgender-identifying adolescents, according to an unusually comprehensive and rigorous study. The landmark research from Finland, an international leader in the shift away from medicalized gender change, found that suicide risk in a large group of adolescents was predicted by the psychiatric problems that often accompany gender distress, not by the gender distress itself.” Read more here.


CBC CAN’T STOP DEFENDING CHILD ‘TRANSITIONS’ EVEN AS LEFTISTS AROUND THE WORLD BACK AWAY, by Jonathon Van Maren. “On February 14, the CBC published an article – notably, with no byline – titled ‘How hormone blockers put puberty on pause.’ The subtitle: ‘For adolescents with gender dysphoria, puberty blockers can buy them more time to explore their identity.’ Among other false claims, the article claims that the changes wrought by puberty blockers are entirely reversible.” Read more here.


‘SELF-ID HAS BEEN A COMPLETE DISASTER,’ by Spiked. “The trans-rights movement is often presented as the civil-rights cause of our times. We are told that policies like gender self-identification will liberate trans people, letting them live as their ‘true selves,’ free from judgement and oppression. But not all trans people agree. Debbie Hayton – a transsexual writer and author of Transsexual Apostate: My Journey Back to Reality – has long campaigned against self-ID and has sharply criticized the direction of the trans lobby. This is a movement, Hayton says, that not only harms women and children – it is also hurting trans people.” Read more here.


WOMEN’S HEALTH SHOULDN’T MEAN ABORTION, IT SHOULD BE ABOUT PROVIDING WOMEN LEGITIMATE HEALTH CARE, by Valerie Huber. “Few realms of public policy are as politically charged as that of women’s health. That’s a problem. In fact, I’d go much further: It’s a tragedy. We’ve abandoned the wealth of evidence offered to us by science. We’ve abandoned women. We’ve become parochial and combative, altering the definition of ‘women’s health’ until it is nearly unrecognizable. But scientific inquiry has shown us what optimal women’s health looks like, and what is necessary for its establishment.” Read more here.


ORWELLIAN: TRANSGENDER EFFORTS TO SILENCE BIOLOGICAL TRUTH REACH THE STATE DEPARTMENT, by Tyler O’Neil. “Someone needs to tell the Biden administration that George Orwell’s novel ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ isn’t an instruction manual. The administration, and the Left more broadly, has adopted a form of totalitarian ‘newspeak’ that aims to make criticism of transgender orthodoxy unthinkable by eliminating gendered words from the English language. This echoes the totalitarian government of ‘Nineteen-Eighty-Four,’ which systematically seeks to destroy words in order to render criticism of the government unthinkable.” Read more here.


RECENT STUDY ON ABORTION DRUG PANNED FOR ‘POOR QUALITY RESEARCH’ BY EXPERT, by Sarah Holliday. “Planned Parenthood, the leading proponent of abortion in America, has written on their website, ‘Medication abortion is really safe and effective. It’s a super common way to have an abortion, and millions of people have used it safely.’ Planned Parenthood broadcasts that abortion is a ‘right,’ that any method of terminating a baby in the womb is safe, and that complications are ‘extremely rare.’ However, several experts have pointed out that Planned Parenthood — along with other businesses that carry out abortions — are especially prone to dressing up poor or false data, research, and arguments to serve their agenda.” Read more here.


LETTING TRANS PLAYERS PARTICIPATE IN GIRLS’ AND WOMEN’S SPORTS IS A TICKING TIME BOMB, by Kirsten Fleming. Another day, another example of how our illiberal ‘inclusivity’ mandates are taking a jackhammer to the integrity and fairness of female athletics. We’ve seen it in golf, swimming, skateboarding, cycling, surfing and volleyball. The latest entry for the women’s sports hall of shame happened on the hardwood. During a girls’ hoops game earlier this month in Massachusetts, Collegiate Charter School in Lowell forfeited a game against KIPP Academy at halftime because they had three players go down with injuries. …An official statement from the school read, ‘In an effort to maintain safety for his team, [the coach] decided to forfeit.’ There was no mention that KIPP’s squad … has a biological male player standing ‘more than 6 feet tall with facial hair’ who identifies as female.” Read more here.


LGBT ACTIVISTS TOUT SURVEY ON ‘SATISFACTION’ AFTER GENDER TRANSITIONS. THERE’S JUST ONE PROBLEM, by Kate Anderson. “A recent survey promoted by trans activists found that over 90% of transgender Americans reported higher ‘life satisfaction’ after transitioning genders. …However, medical experts who spoke to the [Daily Caller News Foundation] criticized the survey’s methods, arguing that it appeared to exclude individuals who no longer identified as transgender, a demographic that would presumably be most likely to be dissatisfied with their gender transition” Read more here.


NATIONAL MS SOCIETY FIRES 90-YEAR-OLD VOLUNTEER OVER ‘PRONOUN’ CONTROVERSY, by Todd Starnes. “Fran Itkoff volunteered at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society for 60 years. She got involved because her late husband had MS. But the other day the 90-year-old volunteer was forced to step down because she ran afoul of the Alphabet Activists. Fran was confused when she saw that people were listing their preferred pronouns at the bottom of emails. So, she asked why – and that was a fatal mistake. …The manager of community engagement at MS told Fran that she was not inclusive enough. ‘At the end of the day, end of the week, I got an email from her saying “they were sorry, but they had to ask me to step down as a volunteer for the MS society,” Itkoff claimed.” Read more here.


NOT TRANS, BUT JUST GAY OR LESBIAN?, by John Stonestreet and Jared Hayden. Recently, The New York Times published an opinion column describing stories of people who, we’ve long been told, don’t exist. According to transgender activists and their allies in media, those who ‘detransition’ are either legends or are so rare that they’re viewed as right-wing pawns and talking points. They have also been described as people with ‘a lot of internalized transphobia.’ At best, they are viewed with suspicion because they complicate the narrative that ‘gender-affirming care’ — a phrase that actually refers to social, chemical, and surgical rejections of biology — will bring peace and contentment with one’s true identity.” Read more here.


DEMAND FOR TRANS TREATMENTS OVERWHELMING MINNESOTA CLINICS, by David Strom. “During the last legislative session, Minnesota declared itself a ‘trans refuge’ state, inviting children from around the country to travel to the state to get ‘gender-affirming care’ here if they were no longer able to get treatment to medically transition in their home state. The law was specifically targeted to get children to come to Minnesota for treatments including hormones and surgery.” Read more here.


NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC’S ‘TRAVELER OF THE YEAR’ IS A DRAG QUEEN, by Karen Townsend. “National Geographic magazine has named nine people as its Travelers of the Year. One of those travelers is Wyn Wylie of Bend, Oregon. Wylie is a drag queen who goes by the name Pattie Gonia. He is a photographer and outdoor enthusiast. … Pattie Gonia is a self-described ‘intersectional environmentalist, drag queen, and advocate for inclusivity in the outdoors’ who works to ‘uplift LGBTQIA+ people and other underrepresented groups in the outdoors.’” Read more here.


THESE WOMEN’S DEATHS DEMONSTRATE THAT LEGAL ABORTION DOESN’T MEAN ‘SAFE’ ABORTION, by Carole Novielli. “Legal abortion doesn’t mean ‘safe’ abortion, despite scare tactics from abortion advocates suggesting that injuries take place only when abortion is illegal or ‘banned.’ The public has been fed lies for decades, which cited fabricated numbers suggesting that the number of women who died from illegal abortions prior to Roe v. Wade ranged between 5,000 and 10,000 annually. But Live Action News previously debunked these false claims, including debunking Planned Parenthood on this subject multiple times.” Read more here.


C-FAM EVENT CONNECTS THE FAMILY WITH POVERTY REDUCTION, by Rebecca Oas, Ph.D. “On the sidelines of the Commission on Social Development at the United Nations, an event highlighted the traditional family’s role in reducing poverty and contributing to healthy societies. ‘The family is the most powerful predictor of upward economic mobility and the most important social safety net,’ said moderator Lisa Correnti, Executive Vice President of C-Fam, publisher of the Friday Fax. The event, co-sponsored by C-Fam, the Mission of Belarus to the United Nations, a coalition of countries known as the Group of Friends of the Family, Family Watch International, and Campaign Life Coalition, commemorated the 30th anniversary of the International Year of the Family in 1994. Read more here.


RESIST WHO’S TRANSGENDER TROJAN HORSE, by Louis-Marie Bonneau. “The World Health Organization (WHO) is poised to promote extreme transgender ideology the same way it once endorsed abortion-on-demand. Starting on February 19, a college of 21 experts will gather at WHO’s headquarters to develop global guidelines governing how doctors respond to people who identify as transgender. This project aims to create international standards for the issue by relying on a two-pronged strategy of ‘science’ and ‘human rights.’ The process is biased, as numerous national and international media outlets have pointed out. However, this strategy might work, because it already has in the past.” Read more here.


LOST BOYS: TRANSGENDER ‘CARE’ IS CASTRATION BY ANOTHER NAME, by Jonathon Van Maren. “In a recent interview with Brandon Showalter of The Christian Post, Forrest Smith told his story. After a struggle with mental illness and complicated family circumstances, Smith began hormone therapy at age 20 and lived for five years identifying as a woman in Portland, Oregon, relying largely on subsidized housing to survive. At that point, he went the rest of the way. He got breast implants ‘which permanently damaged my chest’ and a double orchiectomy (the surgical removal of both testicles) ‘which permanently sterilized me—it is surgical castration.’ He regretted the decision immediately and began to ‘detransition’ months later.” Read more here.


NCAA OFFICIAL RESIGNS OVER TRANSGENDER TAKEOVER OF WOMEN’S SPORTS: THIS IS ‘MASSIVE … AUTHORIZED CHEATING,’ by Suzanne Bowdey. “Whatever hopes people had for a new day at the NCAA have officially died out. A year into Charlie Baker’s reign and the wildfire threatening to burn down women’s sports still rages—no thanks to the unsympathetic man at the helm. If anything, Mark Emmert’s successor has proven to be coldly indifferent to the plight of collegiate women, refusing to even meet with victims of his transgender policy until Rep. Debbie Lesko, R-Ariz., demanded it.” Read more here.


READERS RESPOND: RAPE CULTURE, TRANSGENDERISM, AND GROWING UP IN PORN WORLD, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Last week, I posed a question in this space: ‘Is Violent Porn Making Girls Identify as Transgender?’ Quoting parents, experts, and my own research, I observed one of the reasons that many girls are rejecting femininity is because of the rape culture created by predominantly violent digital pornography. If our culture is answering the question ‘What is a woman?’ with the front page of Pornhub, it is not surprising that some girls will want no part of it. Porn culture teaches girls that to be a woman is to be a target.” Read more here.


SAVING MARRIAGE AT SCALE, by Seth Kaplan. “Areas with more one-parent families tend to have lower rates of upward mobility. ‘Even if your own parents are married,’ economist Raj Chetty notes, ‘if you grow up in an area where a lot of kids are being raised by single parents, you are less likely to climb the income ladder.’ While there are exceptions, extensive data show that children raised in two-parent households, even when their parents are not legally married, do better emotionally physically, academically and economically over their lifetimes.” Read more here.


SHIFT IN MARITAL TRENDS IS REFLECTED IN VALENTINE’S DAY CELEBRATIONS, by Rachel Sheffield. “Fewer Americans are planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day in 2024 than in years past. America isn’t totally losing its love for the saccharine holiday, though. In fact, spending Valentine’s Day gifts—for everyone from a significant other to one’s cat—has increased. Russell Stover and Hallmark may not need to worry then. Declining celebration of the day may be because fewer Americans are married or in committed relationships, though—particularly younger adults. And that’s something we should be concerned about, given marriage’s connection with happiness and human thriving.” Read more here.


SPANISH PARADE FEATURES CHILDREN DRESSED IN LINGERIE & PASTIES, by Brittany M. Hughes. “A local parade in Spain featured very young children dressed in lingerie with gay ‘pride’ flags strapped to their backs. … Children sported rainbow ‘pride’ flags on their backs as they gyrated in pantyhose, garters, wigs and full makeup in front of an audience full of adults, children and even infants. This is the sick, degenerate, perverted foulness that is the LGBTQ agenda. This is the war that is on your doorstep, hellbent on devouring your kids.” Read more here.


DATING CRISES FUELS MARRIAGE CRISIS, by Katrina Trinko. “If you’re not looking to date this Valentine’s Day, be grateful. It’s a disaster out there. Pair the lingering effects of the sexual revolution, of a world where too often sexual pleasure is prioritized over relationships founded on love and giving, with Big Tech’s noxious dating apps, where algorithms seem far better at perpetuating singledom than finding people soulmates, and you’ve got a hellscape.” Read more here.


WHY MOTHERS LEAVE THEIR CHILD BEHIND IN A ‘BABY BOX,’ by Joe-Lize Kruijsse-Brugge. “A child should grow up with his mother. That’s the theory. But in the real world, some new mothers are in panic and try to hide their baby. That is where the baby hatch seems to be an outcome. The number of them is growing in Europe. The baby hatches provide a space where women can abandon their child anonymously and safely. For example, women who are desperate after rape, or because of honor crimes or homelessness, sometimes do not know what to do with their child.” Read more here.


‘GENETIC SEX’ IS A MISNOMER, by Colin Wright. “Biology is under siege from activists trying to undermine our long-established, universal understanding of what constitutes male and female organisms. These are not merely cloistered academic debates; this ideologically motivated pseudoscience is having a profound impact on society. It affects the existence of female-only spaces such as bathrooms, dressing rooms, rape shelters, and jails/prisons, as well as the safety and fairness of female-only sports leagues and events. It also shapes the debate over ‘gender-affirming care,’ which seeks to alter the bodies of sex-nonconforming children so that their physical features align with their self-proclaimed ‘gender identity.’ Read more here.


NOT ONE SINGLE PRO-LIFE LAW IN AMERICA PUTS WOMEN IN PRISON FOR HAVING ABORTIONS, by Amanda Stirone Mansfield. “A legal analysis of states’ current laws, statutes, and opinions demonstrates that women will not be prosecuted in their state for seeking or obtaining abortion. Most state laws regulating or prohibiting abortion contain explicit carve outs exempting women from criminal or civil liability, others exempt women implicitly by specifically targeting physicians or others who perform abortions rather than the women who undergo them.” Read more here.


THE TRANS MOVEMENT CONQUERS IRISH DANCING, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Is there any phrase that sums up liquid modernity’s destruction of tradition better than ‘transgender Irish dancing?’ Somehow, I doubt it—yet here we are. A recent headline in the Irish Independent announced the latest heritage-flattening victory for trans activists: ‘Transgender Irish dancers allowed to compete in categories matching their gender identity.’ To translate that from gender ideology into non-Orwellian English: ‘Boys are now allowed to compete against girls in Irish dancing competitions.’” Read more here.


WOMEN SHARE THEIR ABORTION STORIES: ‘THE LIFE WAS JUST SUCKED OUT OF ME, TOO,’ by Samantha Kamman. “Three women have opened up about their past abortions and how they eventually forgave themselves after struggling with indescribable emotions and, in some cases, addictions. For those who have had an abortion, many women have described feeling as if abortion was their only option at that moment. Women who spoke with The Christian Post discussed how they found healing after their abortions and have been inspired to help other women facing similar situations they experienced.” Read more here.


WANT TO LEAD A HAPPY LIFE? GET MARRIED, by John Sexton. “Adults who are married report being far happier than those in any other relationship status, according to a Gallup Poll published Friday. ‘Any way you analyze those data, we see a fairly large and notable advantage to being married in terms of how people evaluate their life,’ said poll author Jonathan Rothwell, principal economist at Gallup.” Read more here.


RIP CURL’S WIPEOUT SHOWS THAT FED-UP AMERICANS ARE WINNING, by Suzanne Bowdey. “It’s been a week to forget for surf company Rip Curl, the latest brand to risk consumers’ wrath with a pro-transgender marketing campaign. Their January post urging people to meet ‘waterwoman’ Sasha Lowerson, a biological man in a bikini, lit a literal fire under fans, who took to the internet to burn everything from surf booties to boards. Days after deleting the reel, with international outrage at a peak, headquarters decided to do something that Bud Light still hasn’t: apologize.” Read more here.


THIS ONE ABORTION STORY CHANGED MEDICINE FOREVER, BUT PRO-LIFERS HARDLY TALK ABOUT IT, by Dr. Alan Moy and Jay Kamath. “At the March For Life rallies and events, the pro-life community and representatives from various churches gather to protest the practice and legality of abortion. While the pro-life movement and the Catholic Church proclaim the dignity of every human life by confronting the practice of abortions, there has been a lack of similar zeal from those organizations to address the exploitation and continued and growing use of aborted fetal cell lines and tissue in biomedical research.” Read more here.


SCIENCE DENIAL: LIA THOMAS’ BIOLOGICAL EDGE ‘IS NOT THE PROBLEM,’ by Sarah Parshall Perry. “A favorite tactic of the anti-biology crowd is to force a convolution of the sexes and paint immutable differences as artificial, ensuring that women’s equality can be decimated sport by sport, bathroom by bathroom, program by program. Shaw strains to argue that we ‘can’t even define biological sex all that well.’ Of course we can.” Read more here.


GRISWOLD: LETTING MEN PLAY WOMEN’S SPORTS STARTED ‘TRANSGENDER ARMS RACE,’ by The Federalist Staff. The effect of letting men play women’s sports has been a ‘transgender arms race,’ said Federalist Editorial Director Kylee Griswold on Newsmax after a women’s college volleyball game in Canada featured five male players. ‘If a team wants to win, they basically have to get as many men as possible onto their women’s team.’” Read more here.


ON DEMAND, by Andrew Amos. “The most important thing to realize about ‘gender-affirming care’ is that it is not a medical model of care at all. …It doesn’t require a diagnosis to justify treatment, as it relies upon patients’ subjective reports, which healthcare workers are advised not to challenge. It isn’t based on high-quality evidence, a fact which the RCH-AusPATH guidelines explicitly acknowledge, as they state that their recommendations are based on clinician consensus because of the absence of evidence. Not only do the guidelines acknowledge the lack of evidence, they consider it unethical to look for high-quality evidence at all, which of course prevents the discovery of harms.” Read more here.


MARRIED PEOPLE ARE LIVING THEIR BEST LIVES, by Jonathan Rothwell. “At least since humans could read and write and likely earlier still, people have debated the merits of marriage. Anthropologists have shown that marriage is a cultural universal, found in every society from hunter-gatherers to ancient empires. Lectures from the Roman stoic philosopher Musonius Rufus contain much on the subject of marriage, including its benefits to individuals (saying no union is more necessary or agreeable), its proper aim (procreation as well as companionship and love), and its effects on society, saying: ‘Anyone who deprives people of marriage destroys family, city, and indeed, the whole human race.’” Read more here.


IS VIOLENT PORN MAKING GIRLS IDENTIFY AS TRANSGENDER?, by Jonathon Van Maren. “For millions of young people, masculinity and femininity are being defined by online pornography—with profound and ugly consequences. Porn addiction is now ubiquitous among young people, and a generation has grown up with their view of sexuality shaped by the extreme and violent content found on major porn sites such as Pornhub. An increasingly toxic sexual environment in which sexual violence has been normalized has been the result. … A new UK report indicates that ‘nearly half of all girls aged 16 to 21 say they’ve had a partner expect sex to involve physical aggression such as slapping and choking.’” Read more here.


‘THE LOST BOYS’ ON GRISLY HELLSCAPE OF TRANS SURGERY, by Brandon Showalter. “Not long after the contemporary transgender revolution besieged the Western world, the alarm that subsequently arose mostly centered around dysphoric teen girls and young women, often to the exclusion of boys and hurting young men. While there is reason for greater concern for the girls given the dizzying statistics — over 4400% increase in referrals of females to gender identity services in the UK from 2009-2018, for example — males are suffering too. A new documentary film highlights several of these boys and young men and examines why and how they wound up traveling down the road of gender medicalization.” Read more here.


WOMAN DESCRIBES ‘NIGHTMARISH’ ABORTION PILL EXPEREINCE: ‘NO ONE HAD WARNED ME,’ by Bridget Sielicki. “Author Elizabeth Gillette says she went to Planned Parenthood and was given the abortion pill, even though the doctor never looked at her medical history or told her about potential complications or risk factors (of which there are many). A ‘no test’ protocol in dispensing the abortion pill has become common. ‘Nothing was said about any side effects,’ Gillette writes. ‘Or of needing to see me for a follow-up appointment with the doctor. Or about what to do in an emergency. We talked more about billing than the impact of these drugs on my body, or my physical and emotional health.’” Read more here.


AUSTRALIAN CITY COUNCILWOMAN SUSPENDED FOR SAYING ‘TRANSWOMEN ARE BIOLOGICAL MEN,’ by David Strom. “Across the Anglo-American world, cities are standing up and speaking out about Israel’s conflict with Hamas. It’s a controversial topic, but when rapists, murderers, hostage-takers, and psychopaths need support, Leftists are there to stand with them. Standing up for women, though? That is a bridge too far. It’s Nazi-adjacent or something, and any politician who takes the side of women who insist on biological reality need to be driven out of office. That, at least, is the reality for one city councilor in Australia, who was suspended from her seat for uttering the hateful words that ‘transwomen are transwomen and remain biological men.’” Read more here.


GUTTMACHER CLAIMS ABORTIONS ARE INCREASING NATIONALLY, BUT IT CHANGED HOW IT GETS ABORTION DATA, by Randall O’Bannon. “Just days after National Right to Life issued a report saying available data appeared to show abortions going down in the U.S. since Dobbs, the Guttmacher Institute, the former special research affiliate of abortion giant Planned Parenthood, sent out a press [release] claiming new data shows abortions on the increase. …The abortion industry is clearly anxious to try to make the case that pro-life policies have not ultimately proven effective. They also want people to believe that it has, by clever legal and logistical maneuvering, been able to beat or blunt the impact of pro-life laws and keep the abortion industry humming.” Read more here.


TRANSGENDER SERIES PART 2: ‘TRUTHFUL THERAPIST’ EXPLAINS WHY PARENTS CAN’T TRUST MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONALS, by Tyler O’Neil. “Unfortunately, parents can’t trust mental health professionals on the issue of a transgender identity, a veteran social worker warns. Pamela Garfield-Jaeger, a therapist and social worker with decades of experience dealing with mental health professionals and vulnerable people, warns that the over-psychologizing of childhood is contributing to the rise of rapid-onset gender dysphoria and the trauma of kids mutilating their own bodies to pursue a transgender identity, rather than dealing with underlying psychological issues.” Read more here.


BIOETHICS JOURNAL ARTICLE: PREGNANCY EQUIVALENT TO CATCHING THE MEASLES, by Wesley J. Smith. “The Journal of Medical Ethics is one of the preeminent bioethics journals in the world. So, when an article appears in the publication that is subversive to human decency and basic morality, notice needs to be taken. ‘Is pregnancy a disease?’ the article’s title asks. Why yes, yes, it is, the authors answer. First, they depict pregnancy as if the gestating baby were a tumor: ‘Imagine a patient who visits the doctor having an abdominal mass that is increasing in size, causing pain, vomiting and displacement of other internal organs. Tests are booked, and investigations are planned. But when the patient mentions that she has missed her period, these alarming symptoms suddenly become trivial. She is pregnant!’” Read more here.


TAKE IT FROM AN EX-ABORTIONIST: MANY PRO-ABORTION ARGUMENTS ARE CYNICAL LIES, by Jonathon Van Maren. “‘Political language,’ George Orwell once wrote, ‘is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.’ There is perhaps no situation in which those words are more applicable than the rise of the ‘pro-choice’ worldview in North America. It is one based on ignorance, ideology, the repudiation of scientific evidence, and outright deceit. As a new wave of pro-abortion propaganda comes at us in a post-Roe America, it is worth remembering that their pre-Roe arguments were lies as well.” Read more here.


THE 3 PERILS OF PORNOGRAPHY, by Josh Buice. “The numbers regarding the pornographic industry are staggering. The industry generates billions of dollars annually and provides push-button access to images and videos that are consumed by millions of men and women, who are typing in words such as ‘adult’ and ‘sex’ into their smartphones, by the minute. Many monsters of society such as Bundy, Dahmer, Richard Ramirez and John Wayne Gacy all professed to an ongoing porn addiction. That should not be something we read over too quickly. While pornography doesn’t always lead to serial murder, it rarely if ever remains self-contained within the realm of personal lust and sexual immorality.” Read more here.


IT’S TIME TO PASS THE KIDS ONLINE SAFETY ACT, by Michael Toscano. “At one pivotal point in the Senate Judiciary Committee’s January 31 hearing on the sexual exploitation of children online, GOP Sen. Josh Hawley challenged Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, to stand up, turn around and apologize to all the parents packing the audience. Zuckerberg did—and as he turned, he was met with more than a dozen large photos held up by grieving parents of kids who had committed suicide in a bitter attempt to escape their bullying and victimization on social media.” Read more here.


PROBE THE PROTOCOL, by Bernard Lane. “The parliament of the Netherlands—the country whose experiments with ‘juvenile transsexuals’ inspired the global adoption of puberty blockers—has called for independent scrutiny of the ‘gender-affirming’ treatment approach. On January 25, the Dutch House of Representatives passed a motion asking the government to seek advice from the independent Health Council on the medico-legal implications of medicalized gender change for minors. ‘I hope this will cause a breakthrough in the gender debate [in the Netherlands] and that we will change course regarding gender treatments in children,’ said Diederik van Dijk, of the conservative Calvinist Reformed Political Party (SGP), who sponsored the motion.” Read more here.


AMERICA’S SEISMIC SHIFT IN MEDICAL ETHICS THREATENS RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, by Eric Patterson and Nathan Berkeley. “Until only a few years ago, medical ethics was preoccupied with what treatments were appropriate to preserve life. Today, the focus is on finding justifications to disfigure the body or even to destroy life altogether. While we need to reverse this harmful trend, we also need to ensure protection now for those who refuse to go along with it. We must recognize that safeguarding medical conscience rights is essential to defending America’s First Freedom in our present moment.” Read more here.


WHY BOYS ARE PULLING TAMPON DISPENSERS OFF THE WALLS IN MEN’S BATHROOMS, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Our culture has gone completely insane, and a perfect example of that is the fact that high school boys have more common sense than their teachers. There is something deeply insidious about what we are collectively doing to young people by forcing LGBT ideology on them from a young age … At Brookfield High School in Connecticut, for example, Principal Marc Balanda was enraged at an act of ‘vandalism’ that occurred in the boys’ bathrooms. At 9:30 a.m. on January 24, a tampon dispenser had been installed in the boys’ bathroom. By 9:52 a.m., it had been torn off the wall and chucked onto the floor, leaving tampons lying all over the place. The dispenser had been installed due to a Connecticut state law mandating that free menstrual products be provided in at least one male bathroom in each high school to accommodate students who identify as ‘transgender’ or intersex.” Read more here.


NEW YORK TIMES FINALLY ACKNOWLEDGES RISKS OF GENITALLY MUTILATING CHILDREN, by Ben Kew. “The New York Times has published a piece outlining some of the dangers of young, impressionable children or teenagers undergoing genital mutilations as part of their sex change surgery. In a piece clearly marked as ‘Opinion,’ the Times published a piece by columnist Pamela Paul with the headline: ‘As Kids, They Thought They Were Trans. They No Longer Do.’ Over the course of her article, Paul outlines the case of 23-year-old Grace Powell, who experienced feelings of gender dysphoria when she was a teenager.” Read more here.


‘PURE EVIL’: 11-YEAR-OLD CRIES IN PAIN WHILE GETTING PUBERTY BLOCKERS, by Tierin-Rose Mandelburg. “A sad video that shows a little boy getting puberty blockers is gaining lots of traction online. It’s a heartbreaking clip, and viewers are calling out the transgender ideology for what it really is: ‘pure evil.’ The video was in response to another video that Libs of TikTok shared in which a doctor explained that transgender ‘care’ for kids is ‘lifesaving.’ The video about the little ‘girl’ now has close to 2 million views. In it, a mother and her 11-year-old son Joseph, who they refer to as ‘Josie,’ visit a transgender specialist named Dr. Olsen, who insists that ‘Josie’ is at a ‘perfect place’ to begin puberty blockers to stop the young boy’s body from going through male puberty. … During the video, Josie gets the blockers implanted in his arm and cries out in pain from the injection.” Read more here.


‘SAFE, LEGAL, AND RARE’ IS GONE. NOW IT’S ‘MORE ABORTION, ALL THE TIME,’ by Cassy Fiano-Chesser. “Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer has positioned herself as a pro-abortion politician and is cementing that legacy with a plea for the Biden administration to be doing more to push and promote the intentional killing of preborn human beings to the American public. Whitmer recently appeared on CBS’s ‘Face the Nation,’ where she said President Biden needed to not only speak about abortion more, but also needed to use more ‘blunt language.’” Read more here.


THERE WERE NO TRANS ANGLO-SAXONS, by Lauren Smith. “Trans ideologues are rewriting history. Activist historians are continually ‘discovering’ new examples of long-dead people who supposedly identified as trans. The aim of this exercise is to pretend that trans identities are as old as the hills – and that modern, batty ideas about gender have, somehow, withstood the test of time. The Anglo-Saxons are the latest target. Last week, new research made the bizarre claim that some ancient Saxon warriors might actually have been ‘transgender men’ – that is, women who identified as men. This is according to James Davison, a Ph.D. candidate and tutor at the University of Liverpool.” Read more here.


I WAS CONCEIVED IN RAPE. SOME PEOPLE SAY ABORTION’S OKAY IN CASES OF RAPE. BUT I’M GLAD I’M ALIVE, by Ryan Bomberger. “Years ago, a nationwide report determined 1% of abortions are due to rape-related pregnancies. Abortion advocates today use those tragedies to advocate for another travesty: ending the unborn child’s life because of the biological father’s evil act. I am the 1% used to justify 100% of abortions. I was conceived in rape but adopted in love. Because of a courageous birth mom and loving adoptive parents (yes, my real parents), I am proof that triumph can rise from tragedy. But I wasn’t a life worth saving. At least that’s what I’ve been told as a guest lecturer on college campuses, such as Harvard.” Read more here.


IT’S TIME FOR WOMEN ATHLETES, AND THE FANS WHO LOVE THEM, TO BOYCOTT ANY COMPETITIVE SPORT THAT ALLOWS MEN INTO FEMALE CONTESTS, by Libby Emmons. “Sasha Jane Lowerson was tapped by surf brand Rip Curl to boost the brand after they got rid of Bethany Hamilton, who had spoken out against men competing in women’s sports. Trans golfer Hailey Davidson is poised to gain a spot on the Ladies Professional Golf Association tour after two rounds of in the LPGA and Epson Tour Qualifying School in Palm Springs, California. …Nearly every women’s sport is facing infiltration by men who not only claim to be women, but who believe this claim gives them the right to take the place of women in competition.” Read more here.


RIKERS RAPE CASE SHOWS FEMALE PRISONERS ARE VOICELESS VICTIMS OF GENDER IDEOLOGY, by Jay Richards. “The first flashpoints to erupt in the gender wars have involved activists awakening a sleeping giant—millions of parents across the political spectrum. Mostly thanks to outraged parents, the resistance against gender ideology scored its first major victories in 2023. States passed dozens of laws prohibiting secret ‘gender-support plans,’ protecting women’s sports, or restricting gender drugs and surgery on kids. There are, as yet, no such victories for another class of victims who lack a natural political constituency to protect them: female prisoners.” Read more here.


THIS EPIDEMIC IS AMERICA’S MODERN CIVIL RIGHTS CHALLENGE, by Jack Brewer. “Distracted by controversial political debates and foreign affairs, most Americans are unaware of the fatherlessness epidemic permeating our nation – a serious problem we have neglected at our doorstep. It’s now six decades since the Civil Rights Movement, where icons fought for a better America and marched to ensure that families could leave their children with a better country than the one they inherited. Just as millions joined the fight for equality then, today we must recognize and address the civil rights epidemic of fatherlessness plaguing our nation.” Read more here.


RILEY GAINES TEAMS WITH ‘SOUL SURFER’ BETHANY HAMILTON IN BUILDING AN ARMY OF TRUTH, by Jennifer Oliver O’Connell. “’Brave Books’ latest wave of library Story Hours is taking on new life in 2024. On Friday, at the Library Center in Springfield, Missouri, professional swimmer and activist Riley Gaines and Bethany Hamilton—the champion surfer who survived a shark attack and continued to compete and win, partnered together to read from their Brave Books. … Both of these women are vocal opponents of transgender men participating in women’s sports, but they were also there to encourage and support families in building an Army of Truth in a culture that appears to want to traffic in lies and mistruths.” Read more here.


AS KIDS, THEY THOUGHT THEY WERE TRANS. THEY NO LONGER DO, by Pamela Paul. “Many transgender adults are happy with their transitions and, whether they began to transition as adults or adolescents, feel it was life changing, even lifesaving. The small but rapidly growing number of children who express gender dysphoria and who transition at an early age, according to clinicians, is a recent and more controversial phenomenon.” Read more here.


THE WHO CLARIFIES ITS PLANS TO ISSUE GUIDELINES ON ‘TRANS AND GENDER DIVERSE PEOPLE’ —SIGNIFICANT CONCERNS REMAIN, by The Society for Evidence-based Gender Medicine. “On January 15, 2024, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued an updated announcement regarding its plan to develop healthcare guidelines for ‘trans and gender diverse [TGD] people.’ … Various stakeholders—clinician groups, LGBT groups, parent groups and women’s rights champions—expressed alarm that the WHO seemed to be proceeding on the basis of an unproven assumption that expanded access to gender-affirming hormones is universally beneficial. In addition, these groups also objected to the WHO’s assumption that legal recognition of self-declared gender is a key human right and must be adopted by legal systems worldwide.” Read more here.


PRO-LIFERS TEMPORARILY BLOCK ALLIANCE BETWEEN WHO AND ABORTION EXTREMISTS, by Rebecca Oas. The World Health Organization (WHO) has put off a decision to admit a radical pro-abortion organization into official relations and launch a three-year collaboration. The proposed partnership with the Center for Reproductive Rights (CRR) drew sharp criticism from a coalition of pro-life groups led by C-Fam (publisher of the Friday Fax) that called upon the WHO Director-General to reconsider the alliance.” Read more here.


POLITICIAN’S PROMISE, by Bernard Lane. “Queensland’s Health Minister Shannon Fentiman has belatedly acknowledged that her state’s gender clinic is under review—a review she claims will examine treatment approaches and the latest scientific evidence. In recent comments reported by The Sunday Mail newspaper, Ms. Fentiman said that ‘on reflection’ a review was timely; in June last year the government had dismissed calls for an inquiry from whistleblower psychiatrist Dr. Jillian Spencer and pediatrician Dr. Dylan Wilson. On December 19, GCN (Gender Clinic News) reported that the gender clinic review had begun, although the government had not announced it and refused to answer any questions about it.” Read more here.


SEX OUTSIDE MARRIAGE HAS TRIGGERED AN INTERNATIONAL BLOODBATH, by Kimberly Ells. “One of the first headlines that greeted me at the turn of the new year was this: ‘Abortion Was the Leading Cause of Death Worldwide in 2023.’ This statistic grabbed my attention as if I had tripped over a landmine. The leading cause of death last year was the intentional killing of babies. And the total estimated number of babies killed last year alone was 73 million. This may be the biggest epidemic of death occurring from a single cause in one year ever recorded, except the flood documented in the book of Genesis, which left less than a dozen people on the face of the earth.” Read more here.


THE RED STATE V. BLUE STATE WAR OVER ‘TRANS-ING’ KIDS AND WHY CALIFORNIA IS PIVOTAL, by Brandon Showalter. “A brewing movement of California parents is underway that blue-state politicians would do well to watch. Growing concern about what is happening to children may be the issue that bridges the divide between liberals and conservatives because most people want their children to grow up to live long and healthy lives. The ideological push to transition them to another ‘gender identity’ by way of experimental medicalization is not landing well among the general public.” Read more here.


ABORTION PILL REVERSAL GAVE MY DAUGHTER AND ME A SECOND CHANCE AT LIFE, by Vanessa Taylor. “When I first heard that abortion pill reversal (APR) was controversial, I was shocked. I couldn’t believe that states like Colorado are fighting to prevent mothers and fathers from learning about, much less using, something that could save their unborn children. I know better than anyone because APR saved my daughter’s life.” Read more here.


SEX IS NOT A SPECTRUM, by Colin Wright. “As more and more people refer to themselves as trans, nonbinary, and gender-non-conforming, activists have been adamantly pushing the narrative that our common understanding of males and females existing as real biological entities is obsolete. Instead of male and female, some argue there are only varying degrees of ‘male-ness’ and ‘female-ness.’ Because of this, they assert that segregating any space or sports using binary sex categories is illegitimate, since if no definitive line can be drawn who’s to say a purported ‘male’ isn’t really female? Many even go so far as to claim that we should let people decide for themselves what sex they are, as though this were a matter of personal choice.” Read more here.


WHY IS A FULL-GROWN MAN COMPETING AGAINST TEENAGE GIRLS IN SWIMMING?, by Lauren Smith. “First they let men compete in women’s sports. Now they’re letting adult men compete against teenage girls – and wander into their changing rooms. As hard as it might be to believe, in Canada a 50-year-old man really is being allowed to compete in swimming competitions alongside 13- and 14-year-old girls. Melody Wiseheart, formerly Nicholas Cepeda, is a professor of psychology and behavioral science at York University in Toronto, specializing in children and young people. Concerned parents tipped off Rebel News, a right-wing website, about Wiseheart in October last year.” Read more here.


SEXUAL FIDELITY IS AT THE HEART OF A THRIVING CULTURE, by Jim Daly. “When it comes to culture’s slide concerning where it stands on the spectrum regarding respect and preservation of the institution of marriage and romance, consider the story of Marcus Porcius Cato, the ancient Roman soldier, senator and historian also known as ‘Cato the Elder.’ It was sometime in the 2nd century B.C. when Cato expelled from the Roman Senate a politician who kissed his wife in public within the gaze of their grown daughter. Plutarch, a Greek philosopher, condemned the display of affection as being ‘disgraceful.’ One need not wonder what Cato the Elder would think of today’s openly sexual and increasingly pornographic society, not to mention the rise in polyamory — the practice of having multiple sexual partners, all in full view.” Read more here.


PUBERTY BLOCKERS ARE DANGEROUS, by Dr. Pamela Williams. “We are currently witnessing what may be the greatest medical scandal in history: the use of Puberty Blockers (PBs) in providing what is termed ‘Gender Affirming Care’ (GAC). Unlike other medical scandals, such as the Opiate crisis, this scandal uniquely targets children. Astonishingly, practitioners and regulatory bodies who should be serving as gatekeepers and raising alarms, are fully complicit in this global, generational scandal. The stated purpose of PBs in GAC, which it is being used off-label for, is to act as a ‘pause button’ on puberty, supposedly giving children time to consider their gender identity while the development of secondary sexual characteristics is suspended by synthetic hormones such as Lupron, Zoladex, Trelstar, Supprelin, and Tiptodur.” Read more here.


LGBT ACTIVISTS ARE SCARED NEW BRUNSWICK’S PREMIER WILL WIN ON A PARENTAL RIGHTS PLATFORM, by Jonathon Van Maren. ‘On Thursday, January 25, New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs gave a ‘state of the province’ speech to a crowd in Fredericton, detailing his government’s accomplishments and laying out his administration’s plan. At several points, Higgs mentioned his government’s staunch support for parental rights, which has made him the target of LGBT activists and progressive politicians since his changes to Policy 713. The changes mandated that parental consent be obtained by school staff before the names or pronouns of their children are changed to the opposite gender at school, a practice that had been quietly brought in some years before.” Read more here.


NEW GROOMER BOOK TEACHES CHILDREN ABOUT SEX AND ‘WET DREAMS’  WITH PICTURES, by Brittany M. Hughes. “A new groomer book just dropped, and it’s a doozy. Author Rachel Greener’s new children’s book ‘Growing Up’ teaches kids ages 6 to 8 all about masturbation, ‘wet dreams,’ vaginal intercourse and even sperm and egg donations  along, of course, with plenty of graphic imagery to go with it. The book also teaches kids that doctors may ‘assign’ a gender to a baby when he or she is born based on whether they have a penis or a vulva, but that gender designation might be wrong and not match the child’s ‘identity’ later in life (this identity realization can happen at any point, she claims, including when a person is a child, a teen or even an adult).” Read more here.


TRANSGENDER IDEOLOGY HAS MADE CHILDREN LESS SAFE FROM SEX PREDATORS, by Jonathon Van Maren. “A recent story from the Daily Mail provides yet another example of what seems to be a consistent trend: a trans-identifying male engaging in pedophilic public perversion. From report: A charity shop worker who is transitioning to become a woman has been cleared of flashing ‘her penis’ at two children but has been told she faces prison for child pornography offenses. Samantha Norris was alleged to have deliberately exposed herself in front of two 11-year-old girls and ‘glorying’ in her nakedness as they walked past her house in Ringwood, Hampshire, in July 2023. Again, stories like this have become common.” Read more here.


EU ASKS WHO TO GIVE RADICAL ABORTION GROUP SPECIAL INSIDER STATUS, PRO-LIFE GROUPS OPPOSE, by Stefano Gennarini. “The European Union is pushing the World Health Organization to enter into ‘official relations’ with the global abortion law firm Center for Reproductive Rights. Africans and other traditional delegations oppose the move. A decision to give the legal arm of the global abortion industry a special role within the international health body was expected Tuesday this week. It was postponed after pro-life groups alerted delegations of the group’s controversial advocacy for abortion and homosexual/trans issues.” Read more here.


DID THIS MOM IN A BIDEN CAMPAIGN AD ‘NEED’ TO DELIBERATELY ABORT HER PREBORN BABY? DOES ANY MOM?, by Cassy Fiano-Chesser. “A new campaign ad for the Biden administration features a Texas obstetrician-gynecologist (OB/GYN) making the now-familiar claim that she was denied a medically necessary abortion because her pregnancy with a child with a ‘fatal condition’ put her own ‘life at risk.’ But is this true? But did she actually need to have her preborn child with a disability intentionally killed? In the ad, Dr. Austin Dennard is featured. … Dennard argued in her Biden campaign ad that her life was at risk; however, carrying a child with a disability (like anencephaly, which was the diagnosis in this case) does not put the mother at risk any more than carrying an able-bodied child does.” Read more here.


THE TRANSGENDER ADMINISTRATIVE STATE, by Mike Howell. “Woodrow Wilson, the father of the American administrative state, once wrote: ‘Government does now whatever experience permits or the times demand.’ Well, the times now ‘demand’ the construction of a massive transgender architecture across the labyrinth of the federal government. Perhaps if Wilson were able to gaze a century into the future and see the absurd result, the 28th American president would have hesitated before unleashing this unconstitutional form of government. We weren’t so lucky, and now here we are.” Read more here.


‘WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL ABOUT LOSING IT?’ – PLANNED PARENTHOOD RELEASES VIDEO ABOUT VIRGINITY FOR KIDS, by Tierin-Rose Mandelburg. “Planned Parenthood has gone FULL groomer now. Last week Planned Parenthood tweeted out a video about virginity. The minute-long infomercial talked about the different types of sex and promoted the idea that ‘sex’ is basically whatever you want it to be. The video featured one groomer from the group who stood in what looked like a set of a sex ed classroom. ‘Sex Ed 101’ was in colorful letters across the top of the classroom scene. There was also a female and male reproductive system diagram, a poster that talked about consent, and a skeleton with a t-shirt that read, ‘sex ed is power.’” Read more here.


IAN COPELAND IS CONFUSED ABOUT THE BIOLOGY OF SEX, by Colin Wright. “Biology is under siege by activists attempting to undermine basic, long-standing and universal principles of what constitutes a male and female. These are not merely academic debates; the view that emerges victorious from these debates will have pervasive and profound impacts on society. This includes issues such as the rights of women and girls to access female-only spaces like bathrooms, dressing rooms, rape shelters and jails/prisons, and the integrity of female sports. It also affects the debate over so-called ‘gender-affirming care,’ which seeks to alter the bodies of sex-nonconforming children so that their physical features align with their self-proclaimed ‘gender identity.’” Read more here.


THE LIES BEHIND ‘CONVERSION THERAPY’ PANIC, by Malcolm Clark. “The Scottish government is refusing to learn from its mistakes. Its first flagship bill of the year will be a ban on conversion therapy – a proposal that is steeped in the same rhetorical obsession with trans rights that gave us the political disaster of the gender-recognition bill. Even more inexplicably, the government’s latest policy suffers from the same fatal flaw as that bill: it betrays a cavalier attitude towards facts and evidence.” Read more here.


HOLLYWOOD STAR WILL FERRELL HAS BECOME THE LATEST MOUTHPIECE FOR TRANSGENDER AGENDA, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Last year, I wrote an analysis of Hollywood’s campaign to make transgenderism mainstream, for The American Conservative, noting that big-name actors were starring in and producing dramas, romantic comedies, children’s entertainment and documentaries focused on transgender storylines. Much of this storytelling, I noted, was clever, potent propaganda – likely to be effective. Now, famed comedy actor Will Ferrell is leveraging his star power on behalf of the transgender movement in a documentary titled Will & Harper, which recently premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.” Read more here.


ALPHABET IDEOLOGY PROPAGANDA BEGINS AT THE ULTRASOUND NOW, by David Strom. “Alphabet ideologists want to begin educating parents to dismiss sexual differentiation at the first ultrasound so they don’t start thinking that their son or daughter is a boy or a girl. That is the message from Michelle Forcier, who famously asked Matt Walsh whether a chicken could cry. No, I am not kidding. Her explanation for why human beings are not sexually differentiated is that we can cry and chickens cannot. As a Planned Parenthood abortionist and gender specialist, I have to applaud her for not going straight to advocating for the murder of the preborn baby. Yet, she retains her anti-natal inclination by suggesting the possibility of sterilizing the child. She is happy as long as she can prevent the birth of children in some manner or another.” Read more here.


AMERICAN YOUTH ARE IN DESPERATE NEED OF PRO-LIFE EDUCATION, NEW POLL SUGGESTS, by Susan Ciancio. “A recent poll conducted by Students for Life of America and the Demetree Institute for Pro-Life Advancement examined abortion beliefs held by registered voters between the ages of 18 and 42. They found that people in these age ranges aren’t as liberal about abortion ‘rights’ as the mainstream media would have us all believe. According to the article, ‘only 9% supported the Democratic Party’s radical agenda of abortion through all 9 months without limits, up to and including allowing infanticide.’” Read more here.


IS YOUR BABY WEARING DIAPERS MADE BY PRO-ABORTION COMPANIES?, by Nancy Flanders. “It should be evident that without babies, the companies that produce and sell infant diapers wouldn’t have a customer base. Yet the nation’s largest and most widely used diaper brands are made by companies that have spoken out against the overturning of Roe v. Wade or have donated to abortion businesses, displaying their pro-abortion stance. Coterie prides itself on providing ‘modern diapering essentials’ including its products ‘The Diaper’ and ‘The Pant.’ It markets its products as an ‘upgrade to your diapering routine’ and says its ‘high-performing products are dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, free of 200+ chemicals, cruelty-free and made with sustainably sourced plant-based materials’ (emphasis added). All good things.” Read more here.


DRAG QUEEN STORY HOUR: ITS SUBVERSIVE ORIGINS AND HIDEOUS AGENDA, by Kurt Mahlburg. “When Western nations legalized same-sex marriage in the mid-2010s, few people were expecting a deluge of drag queens to follow — but somehow, that is what we got. Now drag queens are everywhere: in city libraries, at K-12 schools, in parades and just in case you can’t escape them elsewhere, on airlines. If you criticize this bizarre modern ritual, watch out — you might be fired, as happened to one unsuspecting UK university lecturer. Apparently, like the smart phone, microplastics or the nanny state, drag queens are just part of what it means to live in the modern world, and you will enjoy them.” Read more here.


NCAA MOCKS FEMALE ATHLETES WITH TRANS POLICIES, by Macy Petty. “As a senior in college where I just completed my final season as an NCAA athlete, my unique experiences culminated last week in a face-to-face interaction with the chair of the NCAA Board of Governors, Linda Livingstone. With this encounter, the brutal reality hit me: the biggest, most powerful collegiate sports organization in the world has no time or place for the female athletes they govern.” Read more here.


BREAKING: MAINE BILL THAT WOULD PROTECT KIDNAPPERS WHO TAKE ‘TRANSGENDER KIDS’ FOR ‘GENDER-AFFIRMING CARE’ FAILS IN COMMITTEE, by Tyler O’Neil. “The Maine House of Representatives’ Judiciary Committee voted that the transgender custody bill LD 1735 ‘ought not to pass’ Thursday. According to footage of the committee posted online, the motion that the bill ‘ought not to pass’ passed 12-0. Rep. Katrina Smith, a Republican on the committee, also confirmed to The Daily Signal that the bill had died in committee. ‘Today we won a victory for our children who have been fooled into thinking they are not perfect the way God made them,’ Smith told The Daily Signal. ‘With the death of LD 1735 we have proven that when evil is brought out of the darkness and exposed in the light, it can be vanquished. The people spoke loudly and it mattered.’” Read more here.


JO PHOENIX HAS STRUCK A BLOW FOR BIOLOGICAL REALITY, by Jo Bartosch. “A ruling handed down this week by an employment tribunal served as a 155-page-long slap across the chops of trans-activist bullies. The tribunal found that Jo Phoenix, a criminology professor, was unfairly dismissed from her position at the Open University (OU) because of her gender-critical beliefs. The judgment was clear that the OU’s discrimination against Phoenix was motivated by a ‘fear of the pro-gender-identity section’ of the university. This latest win for biological reality follows a number of victories in the UK for poorly treated gender-critical employees.” Read more here.


SHOULD DOCTORS AND NURSES BE DISCIPLINED FOR REPORTING ILLEGAL ABORTIONS?, by Michael Cook. “Between 1861 and November 2022, only three British women had ever been convicted of having an illegal abortion. But, writes Zoe Williams in The Guardian, since December 2022, one has been convicted; six are awaiting trial; and dozens have been investigated for late-term abortions. What is going on? Abortion, while readily available in the UK, has not been decriminalized. It is still possible to have an illegal abortion. Should doctors report women who have had an illegal abortion? This appears to be purely a hypothetical question, but the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has stepped in to clarify that it should never happen.” Read more here.


‘MRBEAST’ NORMALIZES TRANSGENDERISM, by Jonathon Van Maren. “When Bruce Jenner announced to ABC’s Diane Sawyer that he identified as a woman in April 2015, it was a global tipping point for the transgender movement. Nearly 17 million people watched, and headlines, newscasts and the internet exploded in its wake. Jenner, after all, is a member of the Kardashian clan, one of the wealthiest and most famous reality show families in the world. As one commentator observed, after Jenner’s interview, everyone knew a transgender person. The follow-up reality show I Am Cait, an LGBT activist noted, ‘put trans on the lips of everyone in the world.’” Read more here.


REMEMBERING ROE: WHAT 50 YEARS OF ABORTION PROPAGANDA DID TO AMERICAN CULTURE, by Nancy Flanders. “Fifty-one years ago, the Supreme Court of the United States forced every state to legalize abortion through at least the arbitrary age of ‘viability’ for any reason, and up until birth for so-called ‘health’ reasons. Abortion was supposed to be ‘legal but rare.’ But through decades of propaganda, Americans were slowly convinced that what was originally marketed as a necessary evil had become a right to be celebrated. Preborn children have been so dehumanized by euphemisms that women now joke about killing their babies.” Read more here.


3 RESOLUTIONS PRO-LIFERS SHOULD MAKE THIS YEAR, by Charlotte Pence Bond. “To change the narrative surrounding abortion and encourage mothers to give their children life, it is essential that we understand the challenges mothers face and come alongside them in their journeys. Take a moment to consider these three pro-life resolutions you should make in the new year. Pro-life people make comments about abortion that sometimes give me pause. Oftentimes, because pro-life advocates are especially aware of the moral and scientific tragedy of abortion, it is easy for them to make assumptions about their own lives.” Read more here.


THE ABORTION PILL IS NOT SAFER THAN VlAGRA, PENICILLIN, OR TYLENOL. HERE’S THE FACTS, by Randall O’Bannon, Ph.D. “Every time abortion pills are back in the news, you can count on some hot shot reporter taking the bait offered by the abortion industry and repeating carefully crafted but factually suspect claims that ‘mifepristone is safer than…’ What it is allegedly safer than will include whatever popular, common drug that millions of Americans use every year without any significant concern for safety. A while ago, it was Tylenol. We will review that claim momentarily, but we and others have answered that here.” Read more here.


IT IS TIME GOLF CRUSHED NOISY TRANS IDEOLOGY WITH SOME COMMON SENSE, by Oliver Brown. “There are times, in sport’s endless contortions, to prioritize inclusion over fairness, where the past can seem a more enlightened place than the present. Until 2010, the Ladies Professional Golf Association explicitly restricted membership to players who were ‘female at birth.’ So far, so uncontroversial, you might think. Except Lana Lawless, a long-drive competitor who, at 57, had undergone gender reassignment five years earlier, successfully argued in court that the body’s policy was discriminatory. Fast-forward 14 years and we now confront the absurd scenario of Hailey Davidson, who was born male, closing in on an LPGA tour card.” Read more here.


THE 2024 OLYMPIC GAMES MUST EXCLUDE MALES FROM FEMALE CATEGORIES, by Daniela Constantino Llaven. “The countdown has begun—only six months until the 2024 Olympic Games. And already we can anticipate the serious challenges that female athletes will face in their quest for success—most critically, including male athletes who identify as women in women’s competitions. Women competed for the first time in the Olympics at the 1900 Olympic Games in Paris. Now, 124 years later, with the Summer Games being held in Paris again, it would be a disastrous backslide if male athletes who identify as women are allowed to compete in female-only categories. Yet recent international pushes for so-called inclusion make this an all too real scenario for the upcoming Olympics.” Read more here.


THE SNP’S TRANS CRUSADE WILL TEAR FAMILIES APART, by Alex Cameron. “In Scotland today, conversion therapy is a bit like the Loch Ness monster. Some are obsessed with it, despite there being no evidence for its existence. There are no news stories of electric-shock therapy. No reports of people being sent away to camps to be ‘converted’ out of their sexual orientation. No priests caught keenly ‘praying the gay away.’ Conversion therapy simply isn’t a problem in 21st-century Scotland. Yet still the SNP-led Scottish government is seeking to prohibit what it calls ‘conversion practices.’” Read more here.


CAN OPPOSITION TO HOMOSEXUAL/TRANSGENDER ISSUES AND ABORTION BE CONSIDERED A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY?, by Stefano Gennarini. “The concept of ‘gender-based persecution’ in the draft articles of a new treaty on crimes against humanity presents a unique and unprecedented threat to the ability of traditional people and persons of faith to communicate freely what they believe about the nature of the human person, men, women, marriage and family, and to adopt laws consistent with such beliefs. The draft treaty discards the definition of gender as ‘male and female’ which was part of the definition of the crime of ‘gender-based persecution’ in the 1998 Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. Without that definition, the draft articles open the door to the criminal prosecution of anyone who objects to homosexual and transgender ideas, behavior or practices.” Read more here.


WHO ADMITS EVIDENCE SUPPORTING ‘GENDER-AFFIRMING CARE’ IN CHILDREN IS ‘LIMITED AND VARIABLE,’ by Wesley J. Smith. “’The science’ is moving away from considering ‘gender-affirming care’ as the ‘settled’ and best way to treat children and adolescents experiencing gender confusion. In fact, even the World Health Organization (WHO) just admitted this truth. Here’s the background. WHO was preparing to push gender-affirming care as the standard of care for treating dysphoric children. But after getting intense pushback, it backed down — and made a cogent, and in my view crucial, admission that should materially impact this debate going forward.” Read more here.


CHINA IS FAILING TO PERSUADE WOMEN TO HAVE MORE CHILDREN. OR ANY CHILDREN, by Michael Cook. “China’s population has declined for the second year in a row, despite desperate government incentives to persuade women to have children. In 2023, the number of people fell by 2.08 million to 1.410 billion. The number of births fell by 500,000. This year, 2024, could see a temporary recovery. A demographer noted in the official newspaper, the Global Times, that this is the Year of the Dragon, a year in which couples traditionally try to conceive a child. But demographers agree that the trend downwards is unstoppable.” Read more here.


WHY IS BIG TECH CLAIMING THAT IT HAS A FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT TO VIOLATE YOUR KIDS’ PRIVACY?, by Mike Wacker. “Whenever they oppose age verification laws, Big Tech pretends that they genuinely care about your privacy. When they sue states that pass these age verification laws, however, they then claim that the First Amendment gives them the right to collect your kids’ personal information. Last year, Utah passed its own social media law. Utah’s law requires minors to obtain parental consent before they can create an account on social media—which in turn requires all users to verify their age. In addition to that, Utah’s law also includes commonsense requirements that bans social media companies from collecting and using kids’ personal information, and also bans advertisements for kids.” Read more here.


BRITISH CHILDREN UNDER 10 ‘SELF-GENERATING’ MORE SEXUAL ABUSE IMAGERY THAN EVER, by Michael Curzon. “Online watchdogs are having to remove more child sexual abuse imagery from the internet than ever before as pedophiles are able to gain easy access to minors who are in the supposed safety of their own homes. The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) said on Wednesday that it found 275,655 web pages containing child sex abuse imagery last year alone—an 8% rise on the 2022 figure. It added that each of these ‘can contain hundreds, or even thousands, of images or videos of child sexual abuse.’” Read more here.


DEFENDING SEX IN MISSOURI, by Colin Wright. “The biology of sex has been under siege by activists in recent years. These scientific distortions, which gradually moved from activist Tumblr blogs to ‘scholarly’ humanities journals, have now infiltrated biology journals, medicine and law. The consequences have been catastrophic, as one might expect when fundamental aspects of our biology are disregarded and inverted. The rights of women and girls to single-sex spaces and fair sports competition, along with children’s rights to bodily health and integrity, have all been sacrificed on the altar of a person’s self-declared ‘gender identity.’” Read more here.


I’VE BEEN AN OBGYN FOR 30 YEARS AND DELIVERED OVER 5,000 BABIES. I KNOW WOMEN DON’T NEED ABORTIONS, by Dr. Ingrid Skop. “The abortion industry … preys on women facing unintended pregnancies, promoting abortion as the only solution and promising it will reset the clock and erase the difficult circumstances. I have seen far too many women make the rushed decision of ending the lives of their unborn children, only to experience regret later, often accompanied by mental health complications such as anxiety, depression, substance and alcohol abuse, and even self-harm.” Read more here.


YOUTHANASIA? CANADA PROVINCE SUPPLIES FENTANYL TO MINORS WITHOUT PARENTAL CONSENT, by Ed Morrissey. “Canada appears to lead the world in finding new ways to kill off patients through its health-care system, but this may be its most cynical ‘innovation’ yet. A few days ago, the National Post reported that British Columbia’s provincial government had quietly approved a plan to supply minors with fentanyl without parental consent. Supposedly, the provision of ‘safe’ fentanyl tablets would allow children to get addicted in a slightly less-lethal manner, or something.” Read more here.


‘TRANSGENDERISM HAS BECOME A YOUTH SUBCULTURE,’ by Jo Bartosch. “Psychiatrist Dr. Az Hakeem, a fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and honorary associate clinical professor at the University College London Medical School, cuts quite a dash. As we sit down to discuss his new book, his fingers are weighted with hefty silver skull rings and his tie is adorned with crossbones. But the reason he stands out isn’t simply his gothic sartorial elegance – it’s because, unlike most therapists who work in the field of gender dysphoria, Hakeem follows the evidence and refuses to go along with so-called affirming care.” Read more here.


THE SHIFTING PRO-LIFE LANDSCAPE IN A POST-ROE AMERICA, by Mat Staver. “Abortion is the leading cause of death in America and around the world, with more than 44.6 million abortion deaths worldwide in 2023. The most tragic part about this staggering statistic is that each of these deaths was unnecessary and entirely preventable. January is Sanctity of Human Life month, as well as the anniversary of January 22, 1973, the day the United States Supreme Court handed down the infamous Roe v. Wade opinion that led to the death of around 64 million unborn babies in America. This legal precedent that lasted nearly half a century was sanctioned by a nation founded on the promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. How can a country founded on these principles deem infanticide a constitutionally protected ‘right’?” Read more here.


‘NON-BINARY’ ACADEMIC WHO RESIGNED FROM OLD DOMINION UNIVERSITY AFTER WRITING PRO-PEDOPHILE BOOK PUBLISHES PAPER ACCUSING GENDER IDEOLOGY CRITICS OF ‘MORAL PANIC,’ by Genevieve Gluck. “An academic who was forced to resign from a criminal justice assistant professorship after defending the ‘dignity’ of ‘minor attracted people’ has now published a paper accusing critics of gender ideology of engaging in a ‘moral panic.’ Allyn Walker, a female-to-male transgender who identifies as non-binary, had once entertained theories about giving pedophiles ‘high quality child pornography’ to stop offending. Walker’s new paper, titled ‘Transphobic discourse and moral panic convergence: a content analysis of by hate mail,’ was published by the journal Criminology in autumn of 2023 and incorporated outraged e-mails Walker had received as content.” Read more here.


SUPREME COURT DENIES REVIEW OF CRITICAL TRANS BATHROOM CASE THAT COULD HAVE CLARIFIED TITLE IX, by Sarah Parshall Perry. “The Supreme Court unceremoniously denied review Tuesday in a case that would have clarified once and for all whether separating bathrooms based on biological sex violates either Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 or the equal protection clause of the Constitution. Now, the nation must wait with bated breath for publication of the Department of Education’s final Title IX rule. That Biden administration rule promises to upend decades of sex equality in education by allowing students in a federally funded school to use the bathroom that corresponds to their gender identity, rather than their biological sex.” Read more here.


EVIDENTLY CORRECT, by Bernard Lane. “A leading Swedish clinician and researcher has welcomed neuropsychologist Sallie Baxendale’s new review paper as ‘a strong case’ for urgent studies of the effects of puberty blockers on the brain. ‘This is a much-needed review of the potential impact on cognitive function, given the surge of puberty-suppressing treatment for children with gender dysphoria,’ said Professor Mikael Landén, of Sweden’s Karolinska Institute and the University of Gothenburg, who was involved in Sweden’s 2021 systematic review of the evidence base for hormonal treatment of minors with gender dysphoria.” Read more here.


THE RESURGENCE OF THE TWO-PARENT FAMILY, by Nicholas Zill. “The latest readings from the U.S. Census Bureau show that in 2023, the proportion of children in two-parent families increased to 71 percent. The fraction in single-parent families decreased to 25%, while the proportion with neither birth parent declined slightly to under 4 percent. … The trends reviewed here show us that those who predicted a relentless increase in family instability or single parenthood were simply wrong. There seem to be growing numbers of young adults in all racial and ethnic groups who realize the economic, educational, and emotional benefits of marriage for themselves and their future children. As parenthood becomes more selective, the marriage-minded may have an advantage in childbearing.” Read more here.


THE GROWING IGNORANCE OF THE BENEFITS OF MARRIAGE—AND WHY IT’S DANGEROUS, by Rachel Sheffield. “A large percentage of Americans don’t know or outright disagree that marriage builds stronger families and is linked to better well-being for children, according to the annual American Family Survey. This is despite the fact that such benefits have been proven time and again. These attitudes may be due in part to nearly half of all U.S. children today spending at least part of their childhood in a non-intact family. Overall, the majority of U.S. adults have a positive view of marriage, agreeing it has benefits for individuals and society. Still, a significant portion of respondents seem unclear about the value of marriage.” Read more here.


FEAR, NOT CHOICE, DRIVES WOMEN TO ABORT ‘WANTED’ BABIES, by Nancy Flanders. “One of the common adjectives abortion advocates use in front of the word ‘child’ is ‘wanted.’ Since the American Birth Control League (now Planned Parenthood) first created its ‘Every Child, a Wanted Child’ motto in an attempt to control population, the idea that children shouldn’t exist unless they are ‘wanted’ by their parents has become widely accepted. Yet, research shows that women aren’t necessarily aborting because they don’t want their babies, but because they’ve been led to believe abortion is the only option they have.” Read more here.


BIDEN WANTS TO FORCE DOCTORS AND NURSES TO DO ABORTIONS, BUT WE MUST RESPECT THEIR PRO-LIFE BELIEFS, by Kevin Burke and Theresa Burke. “A new directive announced Jan. 9 by Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services will largely undo a rule set in place by the Trump administration. The Trump policy affirmed the rights of medical workers to refuse to participate in medical services that violated their ethical and religious beliefs, such as dispensing abortion pills and performing abortions, sterilizations, and gender mutilation surgeries on minors. Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) Senior Counsel Matt Bowman told LifeNews, ‘In its rule, HHS suggests it will continue its misguided use of the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act to require doctors to perform abortions even though that federal law has no abortion requirement, and conscience laws provide no exception allowing forced performance of abortion.’” Read more here.


WOMEN STOCKPILING ABORTION PILLS ARE ALSO STORING UP HEALTH RISKS, by Dr. Lloyd Holm. “As The Dallas Morning News recently reported, women in the United States are ‘stocking up’ on abortion pills out of fear these drugs (mainly misoprostol and mifepristone) will become hard to source due to looming restrictions. Indeed, the Supreme Court will be ruling later this year on an appeal by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals limiting access by mail to mifepristone. The appellate court overturned a portion of the lower court ruling rescinding the Federal Drug Administration’s long-standing approval of mifepristone. It left intact the ability for women to acquire the drug by mail until a SCOTUS ruling. Also left intact, however, were some restrictions, including the provision that mifepristone only be administered in the presence of a physician and only through the seventh week of pregnancy rather than the 10th.” Read more here.


CHURCH LADIES WERE RIGHT ABOUT SEX EDUCATION, by Michael Reagan and Michael Shannon. “A federal judge recommended by Iowa Senators Charles Grassley and Joni Ernst has decided that a law banning pornography from Iowa government school libraries and also banning homosexual grooming from elementary schools should be blocked. …This is the fruit from the introduction of ‘sex education’ in schools during the ’60s. And the Church Ladies that were so roundly reviled by the sophisticated people — and their wannabes — were exactly right in their prediction of how the nation was taking the first step down the slippery slope.” Read more here.


HOW A BALLOT INITIATIVE TO SAVE KIDS FROM TRANS MADNESS IN CALIFORNIA COULD SAVE THEM ELSEWHERE TOO, by Nathanael Blake. “The Democrats who run California love ‘transitioning’ kids, including chemically and surgically sterilizing them. But a courageous group of residents is betting California voters are less radical than their politicians and that the tide can turn against gender ideology even on the West Coast. A proposed ballot initiative by Protect Kids California would put the Golden State’s radical ‘trans kids’ agenda — which has previously been checked only by Gov. Gavin Newsom’s presidential ambition — before the people. Read more here.


CHILDREN AS YOUNG AS 3 HAVE BEEN REFERRED TO UK GENDER CLINIC, by Michael Cook. “What is an appropriate age to start on the transgender path? It has emerged that 3 or 4 is not considered too young by some healthcare workers. Reports from the United Kingdom about the now-defunct Tavistock Gender Identity Clinic show that 12 three-year olds, 61 four-year-olds, 140 five-year-olds and 169 six-year-olds were referred to Tavistock for consultations over the past decade, from 2010-11 to 2021-22.” Read more here.


WHY IS THE PUNDIT CLASS SUDDENLY SO MARRIAGE-OBSESSED?, by Joanna Weiss. “Marriage, at least in the U.S., isn’t what it used to be. Over the past 50 years, marriage rates nationwide declined by 60 percent. Forty percent of U.S. children are now born to unmarried mothers, twice as many as in 1980. One widely covered poll last year found that 2 out of 5 GenZ-ers and millennials consider marriage an outdated concept. Such stats have inspired a volley of columns, blog posts, think pieces and books, arguing why we should (or shouldn’t) care. The decline of marriage, after all, joins other social changes such as falling birth rates and a ‘loneliness epidemic’ — the new crusade of Surgeon General Vivek Murthy — that arguably could be solved by more marriage.” Read more here.


COGNITIVE CHALLENGE, by Bernard Lane. “The failure of gender clinic researchers to properly investigate obvious questions about the potentially damaging effect of puberty blockers on the brain means that minors cannot be supplied with the answers they need in order to give informed consent to this treatment, according to a new paper by British neuropsychologist Sallie Baxendale. ‘Vague hints from poor quality studies are insufficient to allow people considering these [hormone suppression] treatments to make an informed decision regarding the possible impact on their neuropsychological function,’ says her review paper published last week on the Authorea preprint website.” Read more here.


THE HARD TRUTH ABOUT PREGNANCY AND ILLNESS, by Carmel Richardson. “Yeniifer Alvarez-Estrada Glick and her child in utero died two weeks after Roe v. Wade was overturned. The mother’s death, according to pro-choice activists, was the result of anti-science abortion bans. Had she only been permitted to kill her unborn child, as the writer Stephania Taladrid argued in the New Yorker magazine this week, she may have survived. Glick’s history tells a different story. Glick had a three-thousand page long health history. It included diabetes, high blood pressure, and at least one prior hospitalization for pulmonary edema. Read more here.


MARKING THEIR OWN HOMEWORK: AN IDEOLOGICALLY CAPTURED WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION?, by James Esses. “When the WHO announced the development of guidelines on the health of trans and gender diverse people on the 18th December 2023, we at Thoughtful Therapists were taken aback by the pro-affirmation tone of the announcement and by the short time period (3 weeks) allowed for members of the public and interested organizations to access the biographies of the Guideline Development Group (GDG) and to inform WHO of our views about the members. The list comprises 21 members. When we began to carry out research on the members of the GDG, we discovered that the biographies published by WHO were selective and did not give a full picture.” Read more here.


HOW DEMOCRATS SET THE STAGE IN 2023 FOR AN LGBT ONSLAUGHT IN 2024, by Rachel N. Morrison. “In 2023, the Biden administration doubled down on its commitment to radical gender ideology. Federal agencies proposed a slew of regulations pushing the Biden administration’s extreme pro-LGBT agenda in education, employment, and health care at the expense of children’s interests and women’s rights. If you can’t even define what a woman is, how can you protect women’s rights? Below are the top — or should I say bottom? — five agency proposals.” Read more here.


‘GENDER-AFFIRMING CARE’ IS INCREASINGLY BEING RECOGNIZED AS UNSCIENTIFIC, by Ian Kingsbury. “American medical associations are doubling down on their support of so-called ‘gender-affirming’ care for children even as lawsuits mount and European countries reverse course. America’s public reckoning with the harms inflicted on kids by pediatric gender medicine ticks closer by the day, and indeed several studies published in recent weeks bring the tragic and profound risks into sharper focus.” Read more here.


GIVING A GREEN LIGHT TO MALE VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN, by Brendan O’Neill. “I’m old enough to remember when being progressive meant opposing male violence against women. When the decent liberal thing to do was to side with battered women against the gross blokes who beat them up. Not anymore. Now the right-on are giving a green light to male brutishness. They’re actively cheering men who fancy punching women in the face. As long as they do it in the boxing ring, that is. Courtesy of USA Boxing’s new trans rules, it is now permissible for boxers who were born male and who went through male puberty – that is, men – to compete against women.” Read more here.


I DON’T GET THIS SCOTTISH SOCIALIST PUSH TO PUT DANGEROUS MALE PRISONERS IN FEMALE PRISONS, by Beege Welborn. “Last year, there was a ‘gender bill’ – Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill – before the Scottish parliament that would have allowed men in women’s spaces, including prison, if they self-identified as such. The uproar from women and their defenders was deafening, as was the shrieking from alphabet soup sex activists and the Sturgeon administration, along with most of the SNP members, all of whom were using all the gaslighting and TERF hate in their repertoire.” Read more here.


IS THE MENTAL HEALTH COMMUNITY USING TRANS IDEOLOGY TO SWEEP REAL MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS UNDER THE RUG?, by Sara Higdon. “On Thursday, there was a school shooting in Perry, Iowa, where a 17-year-old male shot four people, killing one 6th grader. In the search to find out more about the shooter, it was discovered that he appears to belong to the queer community. The shooter’s social media post indicates that he likely identified as ‘gender fluid’ and used ‘he/they’ pronouns. According to trans activists, this would make him ‘transgender,’ or someone who identifies as a gender different from their sex at birth. Not to be confused with a transsexual who is diagnosed with gender dysphoria and ‘transitions’ to be perceived by society as the opposite sex.” Read more here.


UN HUMAN RIGHTS RAPPORTEUR ON VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN BLASTS WHO GENDER COMMITTEE, by David Strom. “[Reem Alsalem, United Nations Special Rapporteur on violence against women and girls] is turning her ire at Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the current head of the World Health Organization and transnational tyrant. At issue is the formation of a committee to develop WHO guidelines on transgender “care,” the formation of which has followed an unusual (and unusually opaque) process that not coincidentally created a group in which all the members are hard-core alphabet ideologists.” Read more here.


EXPOSING 6 LIES ABORTION ACTIVISTS SAY ABOUT PRO-LIFE PEOPLE, by Tierin-Rose Mandelburg. “MsMagazine, which has a history of fabricating truths, straight-up lying, and being just about as pro-left as an outlet can be, released a piece last week titled ‘Punish, Torture, Kill: The Reality of Pregnancy in “Pro-Life” America.’ The piece aims to insist that the pro-life movement only exists to ‘force women to carry pregnancies against their will.’ The piece is penned by Jill Filipovic, one of the staunchest abortion supporters in existence. Filipovic, when not writing dramatized pieces for Ms. Magazine, writes for Cosmopolitan and CNN, two notoriously left-leaning, abortion-supporting outlets. It’s no wonder she went ham with all the lies on this piece.” Read more here.


FREE SEX CHANGES FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, by David Strom. “By now, you have probably heard that California has extended its version of Medicaid to include free health care for illegal immigrants. It’s a bold move, given that the state’s budget is nearly $70 billion in deficit. Nothing says ‘fiscal responsibility’ more than inviting the entire world into your state for free medical care. What most people don’t know is that Medi-Cal offers ‘gender-affirming care’ as part of its benefits package, meaning that any random person from anywhere in the world can cross our porous border and get a free sex change operation and ‘gender-affirming care’ at taxpayer expense.” Read more here.


THE DECLINE OF MARRIAGE: A GLIMPSE INTO AN UNSETTLING TREND, by Virgil Walker. “Finding a life partner has diminished in importance as couples increasingly delay or forgo marriage altogether. The decline in marriage rates can be attributed to the evolving societal roles of women, the perceived concerns that men associate with marriage, and the myriad of new options provided by social media that enable both genders to bypass the once obligatory rite of passage.” Read more here.


I’VE HAD 4 ABORTIONS. THE ABORTION PILL WAS THE WORST, BUT WOMEN AREN’T GETTING THE FULL STORY, by Kelly Lester. “I had four abortions in my life. My first was at 15-years-old and was a surgical abortion. I used the abortion pill for my second abortion at 19-years-old because my first abortion was traumatic. I thought the pill would be easier, less traumatic on my body, and well, it was cheaper than going the surgical route. The baby’s father was against the idea and didn’t put money towards it so overall, it seemed like the better option. But it wasn’t. It was one of the most horrific experiences of my life.” Read more here.


PLANNED PARENTHOOD OPPOSES CHILD SOCIAL MEDIA SAFETY BILL, by Cassy Fiano-Chesser. “A New Jersey bill requiring parental approval before a minor can join social media has garnered opposition… from Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion business. Last November, Democrat Herb Conaway introduced a bill that would require children in New Jersey to have parental approval to use social media, including required verification of the adult’s age. …Numerous organizations, like the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), oppose the bill, and the Planned Parenthood Action Fund of New Jersey likewise issued a press release condemning the bill. They argue that numerous at-risk children need access to social media.” Read more here.


WHY THE MEDICAL DEFINITION OF ‘GENDER DYSPHORIA’ IS A GET-RICH SCAM, NOT A REAL DIAGNOSIS, by Jennifer Bauwens, PhD, and Walt Heyer. “Last week, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, a Republican, vetoed a measure that would have barred minors from receiving harmful transgender interventions such as puberty blockers and wrong-sex hormones. Amid intense backlash, he’s since tried to run damage control, signing an executive order on Friday that bans only trans surgeries for minors. We hope Ohio Republicans still override DeWine’s veto. There’s more going on behind the scenes of the medical establishment, however, especially as it relates to the ‘gender dysphoria’ diagnosis.” Read more here.


ARE MOST CHILDREN WITH GENDER DYSPHORIA GAY, AND NOT TRANSGENDER CANDIDATES?, by Jeff Davidson. “The issue of whether or not someone ought to change their sex is monumental. No longitudinal studies exist that reveal the satisfaction levels of those who have undergone radical surgeries and radical changes. Injecting children with hormones, hormone blockers, and other substances that the body did not generate poses great risks. The issue should not be left to anyone aged six to 16 years old. Evidence is now emerging that our medical establishment is influencing children to undergo drastic procedures that might not be justified. The notion of gender-affirming care ignores a critical issue. Are children who are confused about whether they should be boys or girls actually homosexuals? It’s a vital question that few within medicine or politics are willing to confront.” Read more here.


ANALYSIS: UN RIGHTS EXPERTS TAKE SIDE WITH PIMPS AGAINST PROSTITUTED WOMEN, by Stefano Gennarini. “The UN human rights office is aggressively moving forward with the full decriminalization of prostitution, including sidestepping UN protocols and procedures, the laws of the overwhelming majority of countries, and the UN General Assembly. Those who stand to benefit from such advocacy are traffickers and pimps, not sexually exploited women. As previously reported in the Friday Fax, the UN human rights office reacted quickly to undermine a groundbreaking resolution of the EU Parliament last summer. The resolution called on all EU countries to criminalize sex buyers and pimps. It was a heavy blow to those who want prostitution to be fully decriminalized worldwide.” Read more here.


THE WHY OF THE WHO, by Bernard Lane. “The World Health Organization’s new guideline project for transgender health has ignored the intense international debate about youth gender medicine and overlooked key reformist experts, according to the prominent American gender clinician Dr. Erica Anderson. ‘[The WHO] seem to be oblivious to the issues with transgender healthcare, particularly as they are playing out in the developed world,’ she told Gender Clinic News, adding that the agency had failed to draw on the expertise of leading clinicians who come informed by systematic reviews of the evidence base.” Read more here.


MORE PEOPLE ARE STANDING UP TO THE RADICAL LGBT MOVEMENT, AND IT’S WORKING, by Jonathon Van Maren. “On November 1, 2023, the Inner House of the Court of Session in Scotland informed the feminists that a man can, in fact, become a woman. In the case of For Women Scotland v. the Scottish Ministers on the meaning of ‘sex’ in the Equality Act, the court ruled that men cannot simply identify as women—but that if they obtain a Gender Recognition Certificate (GRC) that declares them to be a woman, then they can access to women’s facilities. The decision, ironically, was touted as a compromise—men don’t get to simply ‘self-identify’ as ‘transwomen’ and then gain access to women’s spaces; women must accept ‘transwomen’ who undergo the government process of having their sex ‘changed’ (which is not possible, but which the court clearly accepts as valid).” Read more here.


A COMMON ARGUMENT FOR LEGALIZING ABORTION IS WRONG, by Dr. Calum Miller. “Perhaps the most powerful argument for legal abortion throughout history has been the threat of what happens when it is banned: Countless women will die from backstreet abortions, we are told, because that is what used to happen before it was legalized. Legalization, so the received wisdom goes, put an end to all that. … Reality is, as usual, far more complex. Legalizing abortion might empower credible, skilled doctors — but it also often empowers quacks and reduces the perceived risk among women. Many women continue to seek less reputable sources of abortion for reasons of privacy, finance, or simply because they are unaware of any legal change. This leads to far more abortions in general, many of which remain unsafe. Read more here.


TRANS MURDERER SENT TO WOMEN’S PRISON, by Jazz Shaw. “In 2012 and 2013, a man named Steven Buchanan murdered two handymen he had hired to do some labor around his farm in Oregon. After killing them, he fed their corpses to his pigs. He was eventually discovered and arrested for the crimes. In 2015 he was convicted, with the judge telling him that he was ‘a cold-blooded killer’ who ‘valued pigs more than you value human life.’ Buchanan was sentenced to fifty years in prison. But then things reportedly took a turn for the strange. The killer was no longer Steven Buchanan. Instead, he was ‘Susan Monica,’ claiming to be a transgender woman. …Monica nee Buchanan is now being housed at Coffee Creek Correctional Facility, a women’s prison located in Wilsonville, Oregon.” Read more here.


VERMONT GETS $4K IN GRANTS FOR MORE DRAG STORY HOURS IN RURAL AREAS, by Tierin-Rose Mandelburg. “New year, same grooming goals. The Vermont Community Fund just gathered four thousand dollars in funds to help expand Drag Story Hour events to rural libraries in the state. According to local Vermont News Channel 3, two drag queens are helping extend the opportunity to groom kids through books and storytelling at local libraries. Justin Marsh, whose drag name is Emoji Nightmare, said he wished for more drag shows when he was a child. ‘I was a queer kid in rural Vermont and this wasn’t available to me,’ he said according to the outlet, adding, ‘I think that’s what’s really important about not only story hour, but organizations like Outright Vermont. They’re really allowing space for youth to arm themselves with the knowledge of gender and sexuality.’” Read more here.


2024: THE YEAR REALITY WAS SAVED?, by James Esses. “Reality is under attack. This is not, however, a violent attack. It is an ideological one. The ideology responsible is ‘gender ideology’ – with its roots in postmodernism, suggesting that every human being has their own innate ‘gender identity’, which may or may not correspond with their sex. According to this ideology, sex is merely ‘assigned’ at birth and it is, therefore, possible for human beings to be ‘trapped’ in the wrong body. By this measure, it is possible for human beings to ‘transition’ to the other sex or (if your gender identity is ‘non-binary’) to no sex at all.” Read more here.


MAYBE THIS IS WHY GOV. MIKE DEWINE VETOED A BILL BANNING ‘GENDER-AFFIRMING CARE’ FOR CHILDREN, by Jeff Charles. “A new report might shed some light on what motivated Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine to veto a bill that would ban ‘gender-affirming care’ for minor children. According to a Daily Caller investigation, the governor has received a considerable sum of money from medical organizations that provide puberty blockers, hormone treatments and even surgeries to kids. …OCHA (the Ohio Children’s Hospital Association) donated $10,000 to the Mike DeWine and Jon Husted Transition Fund on Dec. 28, 2018, and another $10,000 on Dec. 7, 2022, according to the report. A transition fund allows candidates to spend donations for ‘transition activities and inaugural celebrations,’ according to Ohio’s campaign finance handbook.” Read more here.


’GENERATION INDOCTRINATION’ SEASON 3: GROWING RESISTANCE TO TRANSGENDERISM AND WHAT’S AHEAD FOR 2024, by Brandon Showalter. “A critical mass of Americans finally seemed to wake up to the dire threat of gender ideology in 2023, and not a moment too soon. I’ve tracked and reported on these issues at CP for nearly seven years and I can say with confidence that in terms of public awareness, last year was like none other. It seems that, at long last, the atrocious medical scandal, so-called ‘gender-affirming care’ for minors and young adults, is being seen for what it is: horrific, unmitigated child abuse and a grossly unethical experiment on the vulnerable.” Read more here.


THE WHO’S STEALTH CAMPAIGN TO AVOID PUBLIC SCRUTINY ON NEW GENDER GUIDELINES, by Justdad7. “The development process of the World Health Organization’s guideline on the health of trans and gender diverse individuals represents a significant missed opportunity. There’s a clear need for a reliable international guideline, especially considering the increasing global scrutiny of the affirming care model endorsed by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH). In several countries, notably the United States, this debate has become entangled in partisan politics. Ideally, an international organization like the WHO would help steer this debate towards evidence-based medicine. However, WHO’s approach to developing this guideline reveals a concerning disregard for the principles of evidence-based guideline development, a problem that is particularly acute in gender medicine.” Read more here.


‘WE’RE HEADED FOR CONFLICT’: FIGHT TO PROTECT WOMEN’S SPORTS EXPECTED TO HEAT UP IN 2024, by Caroline Downey. “Since former University of Pennsylvania male swimmer Lia Thomas stole a title and trophy from then-University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines at the 2022 NCAA Women’s Championships, the fairness-in-women’s-sports issue has roiled American politics. It’s been two years of lobbying by advocacy groups and activists such as Gaines to protect women’s sports from male intrusion. More than 20 Republican states have passed laws prohibiting males from competing on K–12 and collegiate female teams. But overshadowing these strides is a convoluted mess of court rulings, federal statutes and regulations, and policies adopted by the various athletics governing bodies.” Read more here.


TRANS WOMAN (IN OTHER WORDS, A DUDE) SCHOOLED ON BIOLOGY AFTER CLAIMING MEN CAN GET PERIODS TOO, by Sam J. “In case you weren’t convinced that everything around us is getting dumber and dumber, we present to you this tweet/post from user @CaptAmazo claiming that men can get periods too because the entire process of having a period is only a symptom of the period. No, really. Forget that the entire point of the period is the ONE THING men cannot do as they do not have a uterus (and spare us the nonsense that women who think they’re men count because they’re still WOMEN), since trans women get abdominal cramps and act like unhinged hyenas on meth THAT somehow proves they get a period as well.” Read more here.


THE STORY OF LGBT ACTIVISTS AND A PLAYGROUND PROJECT IN SEATTLE WILL BLOW YOUR MIND, by Bonchie. “There is no doubt that the far left has produced a lot of insanity in 2023, but if you thought we had reached the peak as midnight approaches to ring in a new year, think again. A late entry has emerged, and it’s simply mind-blowing. I’m not being hyperbolic when I say the level of depravity I’m about to share is hard to believe. Let’s just begin with the headline of the story in question. LGBTQ Nation, a publication that promotes exactly what you’d expect, published an article in which it lauded activists for saving a so-called ‘queer beach’ from the building of a playground nearby. Your eyes are probably already darting nervously after reading that, but buckle up because things are going to get more nuts.” Read more here.


FORMER PLANNED PARENTHOOD DIRECTOR ABBY JOHNSON WON’T FORGET THE ‘BARBARITY’ OF BABIES BEING DISMEMBERED, by The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children. “Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood abortion facility director, has explained that if people could see babies being ‘dismembered’ in the womb, they’d oppose the ‘barbarity’ of abortion. ‘I think that if people really saw abortion for what it is, I think that more people would be against it. I think one of the reasons that abortion continues to escalate in this country, I think one of the reasons that so many people are protesting against the overturning of Roe v. Wade, is because you don’t see the victim of abortion’, said Johnson, the noted American pro-life campaigner.” Read more here.


KENTUCKY GOV. ANDY BESEAR: KILLING BABIES IN ABORTIONS DEMONSTRATES ‘BASIC HUMAN EMPATHY,’ by Steven Ertelt. “In one of the most bizarre claims in recent memory, Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear says he supports abortion because killing babies shows ‘basic human empathy.’ In a new interview about abortion, the Democrat governor ‘said it’s important to approach these topics from a place of “basic human empathy” where people can find common ground.’ But basic human empathy would support the lives of people who are killed, and abortion kills babies before they even get a chance. Not only does Beshear support abortion, he supports abortions up to birth — which kill viable babies who are capable of living outside the womb.” Read more here.


CANADA WOMAN CLAIMS TO BE ‘ECOSEXUAL,’ FALLS IN LOVE WITH TREE, by Ward Clark. “Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the woods… Today we learn that, in British Columbia, a 45-year-old ‘ecosexual’ woman has fallen head-over-heels in love with a tree. It’s unknown as to whether the tree reciprocates her feelings. A self-proclaimed ‘ecosexual’ took nature loving to the extreme after becoming infatuated with an oak tree — which she says fills her with ‘erotic energy.’ ‘There was an eroticism with something so big and so old holding my back,’ Sonja Semyonova, 45, told SWNS of her forest fetish.” Read more here.


UN PUSHES SEXUAL RIGHTS AND GENDER IDEOLOGY TO ATTACK PARENTS AND CHILDREN, by Grace Melton and Emilie Kao. “As the United Nations celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights this month, the global body’s bureaucrats are reinterpreting the document and U.N. treaties in a manner that undermines the backbone of all societies—strong families. Progressive activists have captured the U.N. bureaucracy. And they are using it to advance a view of children’s rights that elevates government actors and experts over the rights and duties of parents.” Read more here.


U.S. ANGRY THAT TRADITIONAL COUNTRIES BLOCKED CONSENSUS ON LGBT ISSUES, by Stefano Gennarini. “In the open plenary debate at the UN General Assembly this week, an obviously frustrated U.S. delegate to the General Assembly repeatedly scolded delegates from traditional countries for objecting to the U.S. and EU homosexual/transgender agenda. …Traditional countries insisted that there are no international human rights obligations based on the concepts of ‘sexual orientation and gender identity.’ This upset the U.S. delegate who has been working for years to make homosexual/trans issues human rights.” Read more here.


SUPREME COURT JUSTICES QUICKLY AGREED WITH ALITO THAT THERE’S NO RIGHT TO ABORTION, by Steve Ertelt. “A new report in The New York Times confirms that the four other conservative justices on the Supreme Court quickly affirmed the decision Justice Samuel Alito wrote confirming there is no right to abortion in the Constitution. …The new report from the Times tries to cast suspicion and doubt on the ruling by making it appear that other members of the court didn’t even bother to read the opinion or had their minds made up on the decision without appropriate thought and deliberation.” Read more here.


GENDER DYSPHORIA IS ABOUT CONFUSION. SO IS ITS LATEST CLAIM FOR DISABILITY STATUS, by Walt Heyer. “Many individuals who underwent ‘gender transition’ procedures are now warning others against using puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and surgery. Despite these warnings and the solid empirical evidence demonstrating the harms of ‘gender-affirming care,’ there are those who insist upon mislabeling the psychological issue of gender dysphoria as a physiological disability that requires physiological intervention. One of the latest twists in this unfolding story occurred in Missouri, one of 22 states whose legislators have enacted laws to protect children from irreversible medical interventions.” Read more here.


IN OREGON, POLITICAL IDEOLOGY IS COSTING CHILDREN DEARLY, by Johannes Widmalm-Delphonse. “The cost of love is rising in America. Good faith, a compassionate heart, a kind willingness to sacrifice for the sake of others … these are no longer essential qualities for being a parent in some states. Instead, what’s required is ideological correctness. Exhibit A: Oregon, where Jessica Bates — a widow and mother of five — has been refused the opportunity to adopt children. Not because she’s not a good mom. Not because her family doesn’t have a great deal to offer a lonely boy or girl. Not because there isn’t an incredible need in her state for foster and adoptive families who will take in and care for hurting youngsters. No, Jessica’s problem is … she’s a devout Christian who holds to biblical views of human sexuality.” Read more here.


POLITICALLY CONNECTED TRANS-ACTIVIST ARRESTED FOR CHILD RAPE, by David Strom. “We are told that it is bigoted to worry that alphabet activists who are focused on sexualizing kids are grooming children. It isn’t. While it is certainly not the case that every drag queen or transgender person is a pedophile, a surprisingly large number of them are. Or maybe not surprisingly. When people tell you that they want to discuss sex with your children, it is rational to believe that they want to have sex with your children. Kendall Stephens, who is a prominent trans activist in Pennsylvania and friends with many in the Democrat establishment, was just arrested for having sex with children.” Read more here.


CDC’S LATEST ABORTION NUMBERS A SOBERING REMINDER OF MONUMENTAL TASK AHEAD, by Melanie Israel. “The most recent report on abortion from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is out and, as usual, it’s grim. The number of abortions rose from 620,327 in 2020 to 625,978 in 2021. The key drivers in this depressing increase are a greater use of dangerous chemical abortion pills and weakened safety protocols governing the use of such pills. We can expect to see some big changes next year, when the CDC releases numbers for 2022 (as some states already have done).” Read more here.


DOCTORS SAVE PREGNANT WOMAN’S LIFE WITHOUT DELIBERATELY KILLING HER PREBORN BABY, by Cassy Fiano-Chesser. “A case study has shown how a woman suffering from preterm premature rupture of membranes (PPROM) and umbilical cord prolapse was saved through legitimate medical care — as was her preborn child. It’s a stark contrast to how similar conditions are being portrayed in the pro-abortion media as reasons induced abortion is ‘needed’ and ‘health care.’ A group of doctors in India saved the life of a 30-year-old woman after she experienced the dangerous complications.” Read more here.


TOP TEN DEVELOPMENTS IN THE FIGHT FOR LIFE, by Danielle G. Pimentel. “In the year after the momentous decision of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the pro-life movement has accomplished tremendous victories, as well as tackled new challenges. It has been an eventful year as the battle for life continues in the state legislatures, at the ballot, and in the courts.” Read more here.


THE MEDIA ARE LYING, POPE FRANCIS DID NOT APPROVE PRIESTS BLESSING ‘SAME-SEX RELATIONSHIPS,’ by Evita Duffy-Alfonso. “Corporate media outlets are running salacious headlines that Pope Francis is now allowing ‘priests to bless same-sex relationships.’ The implication from the media is that the Catholic Church has made a ‘radical’ reversal on its stance that marriage is between one man and one woman. This is factually untrue. …In the [‘Declaration ‘Fiducia Supplicans’ On the Pastoral Meaning of Blessings,’] the Vatican first reaffirms that marriage is the ‘exclusive, stable, and indissoluble union between a man and a woman, naturally open to the generation of children.’ The document also establishes that contrary to media reports, liturgical blessings related to formal Church sacraments can never endorse same-sex unions, which the Catholic Church does not recognize.’’ Read more here.


BRAVE NEW IRELAND, by Colette Colfer. “I’ll be voting ‘no’ in both constitutional referendums taking place in Ireland on International Women’s Day 2024. The referendums, if passed, will see the removal of the words ‘woman’, ‘mother’ and ‘home’ from Article 41.2 of the constitution, and will result in a more expansive definition of ‘family’ in Article 41 to include families founded on ‘durable relationships’. I was busy being cancelled by the Irish radio station Dublin City FM on International Women’s Day 2023. They pulled a lengthy pre-recorded interview with me just one hour before broadcast. Women who publicly acknowledge the relevance of sex differences are the heretics of our times, committing the blasphemy of biology. We are often censored from the public sphere, but at least we do still have a vote.” Read morhere.


DATA: 26 STATES THAT BANNED THERAPY FOR LGBT PEOPLE UPPED SUICIDE RISKS, by Joy Pullmann. “Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear a challenge to 26 state laws at least partly based on studies claiming ‘conversion therapy’ increases LGBT Americans’ suicide risks. Yet every existing study that makes this claim is seriously scientifically unsound, several research reviews recently found. Not only do all these studies depend on unscientific methods, but the data from one highly cited such study actually shows the opposite of what its authors claim, says a sociologist who reran the study’s data with standard scientific controls the authors omitted. ‘The evidence shows that SOCE [sexual orientation change efforts] is fairly effective at preventing suicide attempts,’ said Paul Sullins. …These majorly flawed studies have boosted efforts to ban therapists from helping distressed people across the United States and the world.” Read more here.


PRO-LIFERS MUST REJECT ROE V. WADE’S LIE THAT UNBORN BABIES ARE JUST ‘POTENTIAL LIFE,’ by Michael Nedderman. “Pro-life organizations have done excellent work in their respective areas of operation. However, the following polling data shows that the uncoordinated pro-life community is badly losing to the reality-deniers: Us = 13 percent: who believe elective abortion-homicide ‘should be illegal in all circumstances.’ Versus Them = 85 percent: 34 percent who believe elective abortion-homicide should be legal ‘under any circumstances,’ plus 51 percent who say elective abortion-homicide should be legal ‘only under certain circumstances.’ (While persuadable, the 51 percent are not with us).” Read more here.


THE TRANS COLONISATION OF WOMEN’S SPORTS, by Fiona McAnena. “Twenty years ago, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) declared that fairness in women’s sport did not matter – just not in so many words. In 2003, even before the IOC permitted women to play rugby, to box or ski-jump at the Olympics, it was apparently determined to find a place in the games for what it then called male-born transsexuals – that is, men who identify as women and have undergone genital surgery. The fact that male athletes enjoy considerable physiological advantages over females was considered, but duly ignored. An adviser to the IOC, Louis Gooren, had studied the effects of female-hormone treatment on ‘transitioning’ males. He reported that although hormone therapy did decrease male athletes’ total muscle mass, it still remained considerably larger than it would be for the average female athlete.” Read more here.


DYSTOPIA SETS IN AS SEATTLE 10TH GRADER REPORTEDLY FAILS QUIZ FOR DENYING WOMEN CAN HAVE MALE GENITALS, by Jonathon Van Maren. “We are swiftly approaching a moment where to participate in public education does not merely require Christians to decide whether they are going to speak out about abortion or LGBT issues, or other controversial matters. It is now the nature of reality itself that is at issue. Consider this recent story, reported by The Christian Post: A 10th-grader at a public school in Seattle reportedly failed a quiz for saying only men have penises and only women can get pregnant. …Students taking an Ethnic Studies World History course at Chief Sealth International High School were told such assertions were incorrect on the true-false ‘Understanding Gender vs. Sex’ quiz, according to screenshots obtained by Fox News Digital. The quiz also asked questions regarding trans pronouns and the sexual orientation of trans-identifying individuals.” Read more here.


EDITORIAL: COUNTRIES MUST PUSH BACK TUESDAY ON LGBT IN UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY, by Stefano Gennarini. “Powerful Western countries do not want developing countries to speak out against homosexual/trans ideology and abortion when the General Assembly adopts several resolutions next week. The resolutions … were negotiated and debated by committees of the General Assembly in recent weeks, mostly in the third committee that deals with social policy. Over sixty countries expressed their objections to controversial terms like ‘sexual orientation and gender identity or ‘sexual and reproductive health’ when they were tentatively adopted in the committees. The problem is that debates in these committees are not recorded verbatim, so these objections remain hidden or lost once the resolutions are finally adopted by the General Assembly in plenary session. This gives the impression that all countries agree to the contents of the resolutions.” Read more here.


MY VICTORY OVER THE GENDER IDEOLOGUES, by James Esses. “More than two years ago, in May 2021, I was expelled from a course and excommunicated from a profession that I had spent many years and tens of thousands of pounds training towards. I was coming to the end of my third year of a master’s degree in psychotherapy at the Metanoia Institute in west London. I was a member of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP), the main regulatory body for therapists and counsellors, and I was on the cusp of setting up my own private practice. However, over the preceding months … there was increasing pressure from our institutions to ‘affirm’ clients, including young children, who were struggling with gender dysphoria and believed themselves to be trapped in the ‘wrong body.’” Read more here.


WHY DID SCHOOLS AND OFFICIALS COLLUDE IN THIS DESTRUCTION OF A CHILD’S LIFE?, by Anonymous. “I am the grandmother of a 15-year-old girl, Sage Lily. I adopted Sage when she was just shy of two years old. Sage and I live in Virginia with my husband. Sage started going through gender confusion in 8th grade. …At her small school, as Sage informed me, all the girls were either bi, trans or lesbian. At some point social influence overcame her. She advised her friends and teachers that she wanted to be trans and that Sage would no longer be her name—she requested to be called ‘Draco’ and referred to as a boy. The school obliged since Virginia, by law, requires that students be affirmed by the school staff. Unfortunately, the school did not tell me, her legal mother, about any of this—I was left in the dark. I wish I had known. If I had known, this would have been a much different story.” Read more here.


WHY MARRIAGE MIGHT NO LONGER BE THE ONLY BASIS OF ‘FAMILY’ [IN IRELAND], by Dr. Brian Tobin. “The Government has published the wording for the proposed referenda to amend Article 41 of the Constitution, with voting scheduled for March 8, 2024. Among the proposals is the 39th Amendment, to extend the definition of ‘the family’ in Article 41.1.1 by inserting the words, ‘whether founded on marriage or on other durable relationships.’ Since 1937, the Constitution has recognized and protected only those families that are founded on marriage, albeit that, since the success of the Marriage Referendum in 2015 and the insertion of Article 41.4, a marital family can be comprised of opposite-sex or same-sex spouses. All other types of family in Ireland are without any constitutional recognition or protection, so the 39th Amendment would certainly make the Constitution more inclusive.” Read more here.


TAKE CARE, by Bernard Lane. “Psychiatrists in Australia and New Zealand have been put on notice that detransitioners may feel harmed by ‘gender-affirming’ medicine, that some have launched lawsuits and that the true rate of treatment regret is unknown. This new warning appears in an updated position statement on the hot button topic of gender dysphoria issued this week by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP), without any publicity. The document, which blends gender ideological jargon with a defense of traditional comprehensive assessment and formulation, also recognizes that some former patients conclude their dysphoria was due to other, non-gender issues such as trauma, internalized homophobia and mental health problems.” Read more here.


NATIONAL SEX ED CONFERENCE WEBINAR: CHILDREN ARE ‘IN DANGER’ WHEN PARENTS HAVE A SAY IN SEX ED, by Bettina di Fiore. “December 7, Lisa Andersen, PhD and Lauren Bialystok, PhD presented a webinar at the National Sex Ed Conference called ‘Should Parents Have Rights in Sex Education?’ It insinuated that the very concept of parental rights was questionable at best, and that parents must share authority over their children with other so-called ‘stakeholders,’ including teachers and the government. …Lisa Andersen has recommended the controversial, frequently banned, and sexually explicit (some have even called it pornographic) book, ‘It’s Perfectly Normal’ – which was written by a former Planned Parenthood National Board of Advocates member – for ages 10-14. She has also recommended the pro-abortion, quasi-pornographic, animated sex-ed website AMAZE for ages 14 and up, noting that the site is ‘great for younger kids, too.’” Read more here.


CALIFORNIA INSTITUTES ANOTHER CANDYLAND LAW, by David C. Geary. “To ring in the upcoming new year, the State of California will once again legally enshrine a Candyland belief. In this case Assembly Bill 1084 requires retail stores that employ more than 500 people across the state to maintain gender neutral childcare and toy sections. Failure to do so will result in a $250 fine for the first violation and $500 fines for each subsequent one. In an interview with the Associated Press, the bill’s author Assemblyman Evan Low stated, ‘Thankfully, my colleagues recognized the pure intentions of this bill and the need to let kids be kids.’ …It seems that the intent of this bill is to make children who do not engage in sex-typical play feel included, but mandating potentially costly and likely ineffective laws and policies is not the way to achieve this. Read more here.


THE TEXAS SUPREME COURT GOT IT RIGHT ON ABORTION, by National Review editors. “Hard cases make for bad legal journalism, especially in a politically charged atmosphere. So it is proving in the case of Kate Cox. Her unborn child was diagnosed with trisomy 18, which … usually leads to death in the womb or in the first year after birth. …Texas law allows abortions when the mother ‘has a life-threatening physical condition aggravated by, caused by, or arising from a pregnancy.’ It does not allow abortions based on major fetal abnormalities. …The court is obviously correct in its reading of Texas law. The law, in our judgment, is also right in thinking that even human lives with limited prospects should not be deliberately taken … Disagreement with the Texas law is, however, no excuse for misrepresenting it. Texas allows abortion when a doctor reasonably judges it necessary to address a mother’s life-threatening physical condition. That’s what the law says, and what the state’s supreme court just affirmed.” Read more here.


TRANS IDEOLOGY IS NOW PANDERING TO PAEDOPHILES, by Jo Bartosch. “To Greater Manchester Police (GMP), the feelings of pedophiles are seemingly more important than telling the truth. Last week, the force reported on the sentencing of two inmates – Naomi O’Brien and Jonathan Walker – for crimes against a child. GMP posted on X: ‘A man and a woman have been sentenced to a combined 16 years and nine months in prison for their roles in the sexual abuse of a child.’ Only this wasn’t quite true. The text was accompanied by a mugshot of the very obviously male O’Brien. …Detective inspector Zoe Marsden, of GMP’s Online Child Abuse Investigation Team, inaccurately described O’Brien as a ‘predatory female’. This blatant lie was shared in reports by numerous outlets from the BBC to local newspapers, where no mention was made of the fact that O’Brien is a biological male.” Read more here.


HOW HUMOR AND SATIRE CAN BE POWERFUL TOOLS FOR GOOD IN THE PRO-LIFE MOVEMENT, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Humor and satire have long been an underused tool in the pro-life movement’s toolbox, and it isn’t difficult to see why. Abortion, after all, is a deadly serious matter, and dead babies are nothing to joke about. Despite the fact that abortion activists have tried to make feticide a punchline, it is no laughing matter. I’m not the sort of right-winger who thinks anything can be funny. Some things just aren’t. Over the years, however, a handful of pro-life groups have successfully used satire to skewer the abortion industry.” Read more here.


YOU WON’T BELIEVE THE LEFTIST NONSENSE PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHERS INJECT INTO YOUR KID’S BRAIN, by Stephanie Lundquist-Arora. “The reason students on college campuses have lunged toward the proverbial leftist cliff is readily found in America’s K-12 public school classrooms, where teachers are politically grooming students, usually with the consent of school and district administrators. Earlier this year, a middle school social studies teacher in Seattle Public Schools, Ann Christianson, encouraged her students to write hate messages to Moms for Liberty. In an envelope with the return address listed as Seattle Public Schools headquarters, Christianson mailed her students’ letters with a message of her own: ‘Dear Moms for Liberty,’ she wrote, ‘Please read the enclosed cards from concerned middle school students in Seattle.’ These young children’s messages included, ‘Gay is slay. Stop being a rat,’ and ‘LGBTQ+ rights are human rights.’” Read more here.


SEVERELY DISABLED BABIES CAN DEFY THE ODDS IF DOCTORS GIVE THEM THE CARE THEY NEED, by Jean Mondoro. “The debate surrounding selectively aborting disabled babies has gained prevalence in the year and a half after the historic overturning of Roe v. Wade. As many states have enacted restrictions or near-total bans on abortion, more headlines pop up to publicize a woman’s desire to kill her unborn child who has been diagnosed with a fatal disability – and her inability to do so legally. …The life-threatening disabilities associated with Trisomy 18 are understandably devastating. But while medical professionals consistently recommend abortion as a path forward after this diagnosis, the potential for life-saving medical treatment is not advertised to parents.” Read more here.


WE MUST BE FREE TO CALL THIS MAN A MAN, by Lauren Smith. “Even if someone looks like a man, talks like a man and actually is a man, you can now get yourself in trouble if you refer to him as a man. That’s the take-home message of last week’s social-media bust-up over Melissa Poulton, previously known as Matthew Viner. Poulton is a transwoman who has been selected as the Green Party’s candidate for Bromsgrove in the next UK General Election. He describes himself as a ‘proud lesbian.’ Last week, Rachel Maclean, the MP for Redditch and deputy chair of the Conservative Party, shared a post on X that referred to Poulton as a ‘man who wears a wig.’ ‘While the Greens don’t know what a woman is, my Worcestershire neighbors, the people of Bromsgrove, certainly do,’ Maclean added.” Read more here.


WHY DOES GOFUNDME AND JUST ABOUT EVERYONE ELSE NORMALIZE DOUBLE MASTECTOMIES?, by Taylor Reece. “How is it possible that a 19-year-old woman posts a fundraiser to pay a portion of her $60,000 health care costs to remove healthy breasts, and this is considered normal — even heroic? Why does GoFundMe allow someone to put up a plea like this? Why do ‘friends and family’ salute this — rooting for this young person, who is not fully an adult, to make such a life-altering decision? Why do therapists, doctors, surgeons and insurance companies think this is justifiable? There is not enough medical evidence to support the path this nation is on with so-called ‘gender dysphoria’ diagnoses. Still, girls across the nation are having double mastectomies, which the movement euphemistically refers to as ‘top surgery.’” Read more here.


IL TEACHER SUGGESTS DITCHING ‘BOY’ AND ‘GIRL’ TO INCLUDE KIDS WHO DON’T ‘IDENTIFY’ AS EITHER, by Brittany M. Hughes. “When teaching small children in a classroom setting, it’s important to always refer to little boys as little girls if that is, in fact, their preference. Likewise, one should always refer to little girls as little boys, if that better aligns with the child’s ‘gender identity.’ Actually, scratch all that — perhaps you just shouldn’t use the terms ‘boys’ or ‘girls’ at all, in deference to those children who might not identify as either, or who think they’re somewhere in between. At least that’s according to one Illinois public school teacher, who goes by ‘Nathan Lyon He/Him’ and posts ‘advice’ to other educators over on social media on how to avoid stepping on little kids’ preferred pronouns and self-expression.” Read more here.


TEXAS WOMAN SEEKING ABORTION EXEMPTION EXPOSES NEEDED PROTECTIONS FOR DISABLED CHILDREN, by Rachel Roth Aldhizer. “Kate Cox, the woman at the center of the Texas firestorm surrounding medical exemptions to abortion bans, plans to travel out of state to procure an abortion linked to a fetal anomaly. Her child has Trisomy 18, a genetic disorder, and the court documents linked to Cox’s case do not demonstrate compelling evidence of maternal health risk that would allow her a medical exemption to receive an abortion. Cox was granted an exemption to Texas state law, one of the most restrictive in the country, last Thursday, but the exemption was halted by the Texas Supreme Court late Friday evening. …Cox is believed to be the first currently pregnant woman to litigate her right to abortion since the passage of Roe v. Wade in 1973, but she will not be the last.” Read more here.


DOCTORS DISAGREE, by Bernard Lane. “An Australian health minister, Shannon Fentiman, who is responsible for the busy gender clinic of the Queensland Children’s Hospital, has acknowledged the lack of consensus on how to treat gender dysphoria. Four words stood out in Ms. Fentiman’s otherwise cagey, scripted response to a question in state parliament about the source of the evidence justifying the puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones given to minors by the Brisbane-based clinic. ‘Whilst acknowledging that best practices rely on some aspects of transgender health care and there is no consensus [Emphasis added], the work continues.’” Read more here.


DOCTOR CONFIRMS: ‘AN UNBORN BABY’S HEART BEGINS TO BEAT APPROXIMATELY 22-23 DAYS’ AFTER CONCEPTION, by Dr. Ingrid Skop. “In 2022, [the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) stated] that, ‘Until the chambers of the heart have been developed and can be detected via ultrasound (roughly 17-20 weeks of gestation), it is not accurate to characterize the embryo’s or fetus’s cardiac development as a heartbeat.’ This blatantly false statement was parroted in many amicus briefs in court cases opposing ‘heartbeat laws.’ … Planned Parenthood even relied upon ACOG’s incorrect statement in a South Carolina case, and was subsequently embarrassingly forced to backtrack. ‘After consulting with experts,’ its follow-up brief states, ‘Petitioners understand that a heart forms earlier than that.’ In response, ACOG quietly revised its language guide, deleting the reference to 17-20 weeks gestation, although the organization continues to deny that a heartbeat exists ‘until the [four] chambers of the heart have been developed.’” Read more here.


UNMONITORED MINORS ON DANGEROUS DEVICES, by Elizabeth Self and Michael Toscano. “Device manufacturers and app developers pretend that existing age-ratings of apps are effective; they turn a blind eye to the inappropriate ads that have pestered children for over a decade; they tell us that devices, in themselves, are child-safe. The engaged parent recognizes the deceitfulness of these assurances. …Concerns regarding children’s online experiences drove 42 states to sue Meta over its addictive and harmful designs in October 2023. These lawsuits pose powerful challenges to unnecessarily dangerous and addictive features of Meta apps, and consistent litigation will continue to be essential for this issue.” Read more here.


BETTER, AFTER, by Bernard Lane. “A study of young people who on average spent almost five years identifying as transgender has found they experienced better wellbeing and less gender dysphoria after they detransitioned from medical treatment or desisted in their opposite-sex identity. ‘Detransition and desistance [giving up a trans identity before any medical treatment] were associated with marked improvements in psychological functioning,’ says a new article published by the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior and authored by public health researcher Dr. Lisa Littman, psychotherapist Stella O’Malley, detransitioner Helena Kerschner and sexologist Professor J. Michael Bailey.” Read more here.


MOM WHO REJECTED ABORTION AND SAVED HER DAUGHTER SAYS ‘ADOPTION’S ALWAYS A BETTER ALTERNATIVE,’ by Lisa Bourne. “Caroline Carver likes to talk about adoption. She does so every chance she gets, in part because her own adoption experience has been, as she says, ‘amazing,’ but also because she believes that people – most especially women facing unexpected pregnancy – need to know about adoption and the utter joy it can bring. …Carver was 30 years old when she learned she was pregnant with her second child. Already a single mother with a seven-year-old son, she had broken up with her unborn child’s father and found herself experiencing what countless women do when they have an unplanned pregnancy; she was shocked and scared.” Read more here.


IS POVERTY A CAUSE OF THE RISE OF TRANS IDENTITY IN UK?, By Michael Cook. “UK rates of transgender identity have risen at least 5-fold since 2000, with the highest rise observed among 16 to 29-year-olds, although the overall numbers are still small, suggests an analysis of nearly 20 years of anonymized general practice records in BMJ Medicine. Rates of people identifying as transgender were more than twice as high in the most socially and economically deprived areas as they were in less deprived areas, the analysis of data from 2000 to 2018 shows. This puzzled the researchers. ‘Transgender individuals in wealthier areas may be more able to afford specialist gender care privately, which can be accessed entirely independently of NHS primary care. This trend may be increasing with longer NHS waiting lists. Therefore, individuals from a wealthier background might bypass NHS services entirely,’ they suggest.” Read more here.


LOONY DEMOCRAT SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER GETS SWORN INTO OFFICE ON STACK OF SEXUALLY EXPLICIT ‘BANNED’ BOOKS, by Teri Christoph. “If you’ve ever wondered how far the Democrat party has strayed from the Judeo-Christian values on which our country was built, look no further than Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and its new school board president, the aptly-named Karen Smith. Of course her name is Karen. Smith, in a kooky display of leftist nonsense, recently opted to take the oath of office on a stack of ‘banned’ books, most of which contained graphic sexual content that is grossly inappropriate for the schoolchildren she was swearing to serve. And her husband stood there goofily holding the pile of smut, while a crowd of onlookers smiled approvingly.” Read more here.


TRANSGENDER ACTIVIST THREATENED TO TARGET CHRISTIAN GIRLS IN BATHROOMS AND RAPE THEM TO DEATH, by Tyler O’Neil. “’Transgender’ people pose no threat to girls in girls’ restrooms, they say. Gender ideology is not a threat to Christianity, they say. The rhetoric of ‘trans genocide’ does not inspire hatred or violence, they say. One grand jury indictment debunks that entire narrative, however, and news about it appears to have gone under the radar. Jason Lee Willie, a male who says he ‘identifies’ as a female and goes by the name ‘Alexia Willie,’ faces 14 counts of threatening to injure people across state lines. Willie, a resident of Nashville, Illinois, allegedly threatened to rape girls in girls’ restrooms, carry out a mass shooting at schools, and bomb churches.” Read more here.


A WAY TO PROTECT KIDS ONLINE THAT PASSES CONSTITUTIONAL MUSTER, by Kara Frederick and Joel Thayer. “A bipartisan group of senators is about to take Big Tech CEOs to task on Jan. 31, 2024, by having them publicly address their failures to protect kids online. And the CEOs need to! The harms social media poses to children are well documented and, at this point, indisputable—even by the companies themselves. YouTube admits that it hosts harmful content for children and even calls for legislation to address the problems it helps create. YouTube’s CEO indicated as much when he published his ‘principled approach for children and teenagers.’” Read more here.


KEMI IS RIGHT: TRANS IDEOLOGY IS A THREAT TO GAY KIDS, by Dennis Kavanagh. “Speaking in the House of Commons yesterday, the UK secretary of state for women and equalities, Kemi Badenoch, warned of the risks of ‘Transing away the gay.’ ‘We are seeing … almost an epidemic of young gay children being told they are trans and being put on a medical pathway,’ she said. It is difficult to overstate what a seismic shift in public discourse her statement represents. These words would certainly have led to her being cancelled from the Labour Party, or even banned from Twitter / X in the pre-Elon Musk era. Here was Badenoch saying what was, until recently, utterly unsayable – and in parliament, no less.” Read more here.


CORNERED BY FACTS, RABID TRANS IDEOLOGUES LASH OUT WITH MORE LIES, by Nathanael Blake. “The purveyors of child sexual mutilation are worried. Those fighting against medically ‘transitioning’ children have won a lot in the last year, and the transgender lobby is responding by lying even more. For example, a recent piece by Meredithe McNamara of the Yale School of Medicine purports to debunk ‘an inescapable swirl of disinformation that targets trans youth.’ McNamara offers ‘five things you need to know to combat the vast majority of anti-trans talking points.’ But it is her claims that are false, often obviously so.” Read more here.


FLYING BLIND, by Bernard Lane. “There is confusion over whether Australia’s largest medical defense organization, Avant, will underwrite the gender clinicians’ campaign to expand and fast-track irreversible cross-sex hormone drugs for 16- and 17-year-olds who identify as transgender or non-binary. This uncertainty raises the prospect of personal liability for doctors confronted with future lawsuits brought by regretful detransitioners.” Read more here.


I’M WORRIED ABOUT THE BOYS, TOO, by Jonathan Haidt. “Boys are in trouble. Many have withdrawn from the real world, where they could develop the skills needed to become competent, successful, and loving men. Instead, many have been lured into an ever more appealing virtual world in which desires for adventure and for sex can be satisfied, at least superficially, without doing anything that would prepare them for later success in work, love, and marriage.” Read more here.


WHY DO-IT-YOURSELF ABORTION PILLS ARE SO DANGEROUS, by Melanie Israel. “The Biden administration continues removing safety measures for the distribution of do-it-yourself abortion pills, turning local pharmacies into abortion clinics. …After the Supreme Court decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization struck down Roe v. Wade, many states have passed protective pro-life laws. But unless state and federal policymakers take action, mail-order abortion pills will continue freely flowing across state lines. These drugs undermine pro-life progress and kill unborn children and hurt women and girls in the process.” Read more here.


ANOTHER STUDY EXPOSES THE TRANSGENDER MEDICAL COMPLEX FOR THE HORROR SHOW IT IS, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Last November, the Trudeau government announced its plan to spend tens of millions of taxpayer dollars on transgender ‘care,’ with the medical director of funding recipient Trans Care BC stating – and I’m not making this up – that: ‘In keeping with Trans Care BC’s strong commitment to inclusion, our team is weaving decolonizing and intersectional approaches into these new resources, providing access to culturally safer information while improving health literacy. The funding allows our team to further support care providers so that they offer culturally safer gender-affirming care.’” Read more here.


50-YEAR-OLD MAN ‘IDENTIFYING’ AS TEENAGE GIRL COMPETES IN SWIM COMPETITION, USES GIRLS’ CHANGEROOM, by David Menzies. “There was perversity in the pool at the East Bayfield Community Centre in Barrie, Ont., last weekend. This was the venue for the Trojan Cup swimming competition. And guess who dropped by for a dip in the pool? That would be none other than Nicholas Cepeda, a.k.a., ‘Melody Wiseheart.’ We first got wind of Cepeda back in October when he competed at a swim meet in Markham, Ont. We were tipped off by concerned parents that this 50-year-old biological man prefers to compete with teenage girls, some as young as 13!” Read more here.


SURPRISE: PEOPLE WITH GENDER DYSPHORIA ARE MENTALLY ILL, AND REMAIN SO AFTER ‘TRANSITION,’ by David Strom. “A study out of Finland tells us what every sane person already knows: gender dysphoria is not only a symptom of mental illness, but medical treatment for gender dysphoria doesn’t cure that mental illness or provide relief from its symptoms. …One of the slanders aimed at critics of gender ideology is that we are indifferent to the pain of gender-confused children. Nothing could be further from the truth: our argument is actually that the medical transition of these kids compounds the harm that already exists. The proper treatment for mental illness is not to break out the hormones and scalpels but rather to treat the underlying cause of gender dysphoria, which has its origins in psychiatric dysfunction.” Read more here.


THE STATE’S DUTY TO PROTECT HUMAN LIFE, by Robert Clarke. “Hungary safeguards human life with a legal prohibition on assisted suicide, criminalizing the facilitation of the practice both within and outside of the country. Diagnosed with ALS, a progressive neurodegenerative condition, Hungarian national Dániel Karsai has challenged this prohibition—taking his case to Europe’s top human rights court in an effort to force the government to allow someone to help end his life, thereby dismantling the country’s life-saving legal framework. While we must have utmost compassion for Mr. Karsai and indeed anyone with a serious medical diagnosis, it is imperative that we not abandon our essential human rights protections.” Read more here.


‘GENDER TRANSITION’ REGRET: THE TRAGIC AFTERMATH ACTIVISTS DON’T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT, by Jonathon Van Maren. “There’s a quote from Abigail Shrier in Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters that I think of often. Shrier is detailing the ways in which struggling teen girls often grasp at gender ideology as an answer to problems – an answer that seems both easily available and socially popular. ‘Perhaps the greatest risk of all for the adolescent girl who grasps at this identity out of the blue, like it is the inflatable ring she hopes will save her, is also in some ways the most devastating,’ Shrier wrote, ‘that she’ll wake up one morning with no breasts and no uterus and think, I was only 16 at the time. A kid. Why didn’t anyone stop me?’” Read more here.


LAWMAKERS ARE CHECKING ON SCHOOL LIBRARIES. HERE’S WHAT PARENTS NEED TO KNOW, by Jonathan Butcher. “Educators have a responsibility to present students with accurate, age-appropriate material, and teachers should discuss the teaching of personal topics, such as sex, with parents before talking with students about them. On sex education, some states such as Arizona have opt-in and opt-out policies, where educators must get express permission from parents before students take sex-education classes, but most states only have opt-out rules that allow parents to remove their child from a sex-education class after parents discover what their child is learning.” Read more here.


HOW MILLENNIALS LEARNED TO DREAD MOTHERHOOD, by Rachel M. Cohen. “I’m not alone in struggling with the prospect of motherhood. Birthrates in America have declined across racial and ethnic groups over the past 15 years, decreases driven not only by people having fewer children but also by those waiting to have any children at all, many deeply torn about the idea. …One of the most viral TikTok videos last year, with millions of views and some 800,000 likes, is known simply as ‘The list,’ featuring hundreds of reasons to not have children. (Reasons included: urinary tract infections during and after pregnancy, back pain, nosebleeds, and #89, ‘could be the most miserable experience of your life.)’” Read more here.


BOB IGER FINALLY ADMITS THE MESSAGING AT DISNEY GOT WAY OUT OF HAND AND HE’S TAKING ACTION, by Brandon Morse. “The question is will he? Between the absence of audience dollars, many a popular YouTube critic and entertainment analyst, and yours truly here at RedState, the amount of screaming at the top of our respective lungs made it pretty obvious what the problem at Disney was. Disney had gone woke and that’s why it was going broke. It was an irrefutable fact, and while Disney acknowledged it with very sterile, corporatized language that danced around the issue in an SEC filing, Disney CEO Bob Iger went straight to the point and admitted to what’s been killing Disney; message-first storytelling.” Read more here.


THE ACCEPTANCE OF POLYGAMY AND THE SLIPPERY SLOPE, by Michael Brown. “For decades, conservative Christians have been warning about our nation’s slide down the proverbial slippery slope, only to be rebuffed for crying wolf. ‘There is no slippery slope!’ we have been told repeatedly. That’s why, for quite a few years now, I have documented just how real (and slippery!) that slope is. …The good news is that, as many of us also predicted, the radical left has overplayed its hand and a moral, cultural pushback is at hand. The bad news is that it’s a lot harder to climb up a mountain than to slide down it.” Read more here.


IT’S TIME FOR AN ALTERNATIVE TO SCHOLASTIC, THE NATION’S LEADING PURVEYOR OF WOKE CHILDREN’S BOOKS, by Kirk Cameron. “Parents across the country are sick and tired of inappropriate books being widely distributed in our schools. They have appealed to school boards, principals, leaders and elected officials, but their pleas fall on deaf ears while books that border on pornographic are heralded as ‘brave’ worthwhile reads for young children. And what’s worse, school and civil authorities have been punishing good, responsible parents who speak up at school board meetings, pushing back against the filth. It’s akin to punishing the people who were given drugs instead of the drug dealer that supplies them.” Read more here.


ARE YOU READY FOR THE ‘TRANS DAY OF REVENGE?,’ by David Strom. “Revenge for what? That was my first reaction to the notice that the University of Iowa will suffer through a ‘Trans Day of Revenge’ on December 8th. At the moment, there is no group with more social clout than transgender people. That’s not to say that there aren’t plenty of people like me (and most sane people) who are fighting the worst excesses of the ‘trans’ movement. Still, as a practical matter, all the ‘best’ people are bending over backward to celebrate people for dressing badly, mutilating their bodies, and screaming obscenities at whomever they like. Still, anger and claims of eternal victimhood are the social currency of the day, and nothing says virtue like declaring you need revenge against your fellow human beings.” Read more here.


THREE THINGS THE [IRELAND] ABORTION REVIEW DID NOT LOOK AT, BUT SHOULD HAVE, by Jim Stack. “The Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly was impressed with the 2023 Abortion Review. He should not have been. Here are three obvious things (and there are many others) that could and should have been researched as part of the Review, but were instead largely or completely ignored. 1. How many women change their minds about abortion after the initial consultation? 2. Are some abortion providers pushing the abortion option harder than others? 3. Why is there such variation in abortion rates between neighboring counties? All submissions to the Review from pro-life sources, that might have answered these questions, or might have indicated how to go about answering them, appear to have been unceremoniously dumped.” Read more here.


IGNORE THE RADICAL ENVIRONMENTALISTS: HAVING CHILDREN IS A GOOD THING, by Joshua Arnold. “’Is it okay to have a child?’ That question lay at the center of a book review titled, ‘The Morality of Having Kids in a Burning, Drowning World,’ which ran in Monday’s print edition of The New Yorker magazine. By the title’s framing, you might well guess that the question received remarkably serious treatment from the author, New Yorker editor Jessica Winter. The 3,000-word article pitted climate alarmism against the ‘private and primal’ desire to bear offspring, with self-conscious philosophical ignorance framing the contest. Conspicuously absent was the Source of all truth and Standard of all morality, who has plenty to say on the ethics of childbearing.” Read more here.


THIS STATE IS CELEBRATING STRONG FAMILIES. HERE’S WHY, by Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt. “’Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times,’ writes G. Michael Hopf in his 2016 dystopian novel, ‘Those Who Remain.’ Times are tough for families. Many parents are working two jobs to keep up with inflation, they’re witnessing seemingly endless overseas conflict with fresh horrors arising daily. We are navigating deep political divisions here at home, and 78 percent of Americans believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. We live in uncertain and turbulent times, and the role of fathers has never been more important or more neglected. We exist in a vicious cycle where weakened families are creating a weakened nation – and as a result, institutions we have long relied on are crumbling.” Read more here.


UNIVERSITY HOLDS ‘HEALING CIRCLE’ FOR STUDENTS TRIGGERED BY EX-TRANS KID CHLOE COLE, by Brittany M. Hughes. “Chloe Cole, a former trans kid-turned-vocal advocate against … mutilating the bodies of underage kids, is scheduled to give a talk at the University of Utah detailing her experience with doctors and medical ‘experts’ who encouraged her to ‘transition’ to a boy as a child — even to the point of performing a medically unnecessary mastectomy on her at only 15 years old. But apparently, hearing a biological woman tell her own story of how leftist advocates preyed upon her vulnerabilities was enough to send snowflake students into a spiral.” Read more here.


PLANNED PARENTHOOD ACCEPTS REALITY OF FETAL HEARTBEATS, by Christopher Mills. “One of Planned Parenthood’s favored legal arguments against the heartbeat laws passed in many states is that fetal heartbeats aren’t ‘real.’ Planned Parenthood has relied on the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), whose ‘Guide to Language and Abortion’ and many amicus briefs said that ‘a fetal heartbeat exists only after the chambers of the heart have developed and can be detected via ultrasound, which typically occurs around 17 to 20 weeks’ gestation.’ Thus, said ACOG, ‘there is no recognizable ‘heartbeat’ from a clinical perspective,’ and ‘[w]hat pregnant [women] may hear is the ultrasound machine translating electronic impulses that signify fetal cardiac activity.’ ACOG said this to courts over and over and over and over and over and over. In a noteworthy reversal, Planned Parenthood just admitted that ACOG was wrong. Planned Parenthood’s argument was always dubious on the merits.” Read more here.


DETRANSITION’ AND DESISTANCE AMONG PREVIOUSLY TRANS-IDENTIFIED YOUNG ADULTS, by Lisa Littman, Stella O’Malley, Helena Kerschner and J. Michael Bailey. “Participants reported that their psychological health had improved dramatically since detransition/desistance, with marked decreases in self-harm and gender dysphoria … The most common reason given for initial trans-identification was confusing mental health issues or reactions to trauma for gender dysphoria. Reasons for detransition were more likely to relfect internal changes (e.g., the participants’ own thought processes) than external pressures (e.g., pressure from family). Results suggest that, for some transgender individuals, detransition is both possible and benefcial. …Detransitioned participants reported that they had become much less gender dysphoric, and much happier, than they were during their period of trans-identification.” Read morhere.


PARENTING IS THE KEY TO ADOLESCENT MENTAL HEALTH, by Jonathan Rockwell. “After a decade of surging adolescent mental health problems and suicide, the nation’s leading public health authorities have declared an emergency. Unfortunately, the solutions proposed by organizations like the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics—such as increased funding for diagnostic and psychiatric services—do not meet the challenge and ignore what are likely to be the most important causes. Adolescent biology hasn’t changed.” Read more here.


NO, BABIES DO NOT HAVE ‘GENDER IDENTITIES,’ by Lauren Smith. “Doctors at some NHS hospitals are now being asked to fill in forms to indicate whether patients have a penis, vagina, uterus, cervix, breasts, prostate, testes and ovaries. It’s probably useful for doctors to know that a patient’s organs are all present and correct. But this bizarre ‘organ inventory’, as it’s been called, isn’t really about checking whether a patient is missing a bit or two – it’s yet another confusing and ham-fisted attempt on the part of the NHS to appease the trans lobby. So fearful is management of using old-fashioned biology-based terms like ‘male’ or ‘female’ that it is having to resort to lists of body parts instead.” Read more here.


SCHOLARS EXPLORING GENDER DISPARITIES FORGET ABOUT BIOLOGY, FREE WILL, by Micaiah Bilger. “Two recent studies set out to discover why huge gender disparities exist among students who play chess and choose to study philosophy. Although they were separate studies by different researchers, both concluded that misconceptions about ‘brilliance’ are what keep women from participating. But there is another factor that neither set of researchers considered: human biology. Men and women are different and have different proclivities and preferences, but that simple fact rarely gets mentioned in higher education these days. Worse, some people have been fired for saying it.” Read more here.


GENDER ON STEROIDS, by Bernard Lane. “New data shows that more than 1,400 girls and young women in Australia started taking taxpayer-subsidized testosterone last year supposedly to treat the male disorder of androgen deficiency, which is typically caused by the testicles not doing their job. This surprising trend follows a little-known rule change in 2015 removing the requirement that patients ‘must be male’, thereby enabling females who identify as the opposite sex or non-binary to get a public subsidy to masculinize their bodies with synthetic testosterone. The change was requested by an LGBTIQ+ lobby group, which complained of discrimination. … This use of testosterone is off label, meaning the drug is not approved as a gender treatment by the Therapeutic Goods Administration, which would need to be presented with studies showing the efficacy and safety of testosterone for gender dysphoria.” Read more here.


SOME EUROPEAN COUNTRIES STERILIZE DISABLED PEOPLE WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT, by Jonathon Van Maren. “According to a report by The New York Times on November 25, many people with disabilities are being sterilized without their consent. According to Sarah Hurtes, who reports from across Europe and spent over a month in Iceland working on the investigation: ‘Forced sterilization, with its history of racism and eugenics, is banned under multiple international treaties. Thirty-seven European nations and the European Union have ratified the Istanbul Convention, which declares, without exception, that nonconsensual sterilization is a human rights violation. But a New York Times investigation found over a third of those countries have made exceptions, often for people that the government deems too disabled to consent.’” Read more here.


EXCLUSIVE: HERE’S A LOOK AT HOW REPORTERS PUSH TRANSGENDER IDEOLOGY, by Mary Margaret Olohan. “Local media outlets have come under fire in recent years for buying into activists’ framing and talking points on so-called gender-affirming care — attempted transgender sex-change operations, hormonal interventions, and social affirmations, even for minors. [A reporter] did not mention that UW Health is removing the healthy breasts of five to 10 young women every year. She did, however, emphasize that UW Health does not perform “bottom surgeries” on minors.” Read morhere.


I OWE MY FAMILY TO BRAVE WOMEN WHO CHOSE ADOPTION OVER ABORTION, by Rose Carlson. “As I reflect upon our two adoptions this National Adoption Month, I am left teary-eyed remembering the beauty of the journeys for me and my husband, as well as the strength and generosity of their biological mothers — women who went above themselves in choosing life and hope for their children. Twenty-four years ago, doctors diagnosed me with endometriosis and told me I would likely never be able to have children. My husband and I were devastated. As I coped with my grief, I had no idea that a 19-year-old girl named Elizabeth was grieving nearby for the opposite reason: She was pregnant out of wedlock with a baby she was terrified to raise on her own.” Read more here.


WASHINGTON POST SPREADS PRO-ABORTION PROPAGANDA ABOUT LATER ABORTIONS, by Carole Novielli. “Propaganda is a strong weapon which banks upon the ignorance of the public. As the saying goes, ‘he who controls the language controls the masses’ — and nothing exemplifies this more than the collaboration which exists between Big Abortion and Big Media when they join ranks to mask the torturous act of abortion perpetrated against a living human baby in the womb. The most recent example of abortion propaganda comes from the Washington Post, which downplayed the heinous way abortion targets viable preborn children by claiming in their opening line: ‘Abortions after 21 weeks are rare and usually the result of tragedy.’” Read more here.


DO GENDER-QUESTIONING KIDS NEED PSYCHOTHERAPY RATHER THAN HORMONES?, by Michael Cook. “If you consult the ‘Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy’ page of the Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts (PPLM), you will discover that you can get a prescription for testosterone or estrogen after your first visit or online consultation. Of course, 16 and 17-year-olds need parental consent. If you are under 16, PPLM will be happy to refer you to another provider. American gender specialists are processing their clients on an assembly line. But a brief consultation – or even two or three – is not enough to determine whether a person is ready for life-changing ‘gender affirmation’, says Australian psychiatrist Robert D’Angelo in the Journal of Medical Ethics. He proposes psychoanalysis as an appropriate way for doctors to explore issues with gender-questioning patients. It is slower but it respects their autonomy and informed consent, and it yields more accurate diagnoses.” Read more here.


SHOULD WE BE FEARFUL OF THE ACP-EU AGREEMENT?, Letter to the editor of the Jamaica Observer by Dr. Daniel Thomas. “To put it frankly, this partnership agreement is a global poison pill for truth and family aimed at forcing destructive European ideas around sex, abortion and gender identity into the schools and legal structures of 79 African, Caribbean and Pacific countries under threat of economic sanctions. Legally binding for 20 years, this agreement would hold Jamaica to poorly defined human rights principles, placing us culturally and ideologically under the rule of the EU. It is, therefore, most appropriate for a sovereign nation like ours, which holds its culture and values in high esteem, to delay the signing of this dangerous partnership agreement indefinitely.” Read more here.


THERE IS NO ‘TRANS GENOCIDE,’ by Wilfred Reilly. “Why do respected institutions continue to propound verifiably wrong conspiracy theories about how dangerous America is? It is around 35 times more dangerous to be black than to be transgender in America – and at least an order of magnitude more dangerous to be a young and work-class white guy, a southerner, or a Yank of Hispanic origin. This seems relevant given that a national event titled ‘Transgender Day of Remembrance’ took place just a few days ago. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre took the occasion to the mount the podium for a formal press briefing attended by many national media outlets – during which she declares that the United States ‘grieves’ for the all of 26 transgender Americans killed in 2023.” Read more here.


WHAT EVERY PARENT SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THE TRANSGENDER INDUSTRY’S THREAT TO KIDS, by Doug Mainwaring. “Gender Transformation: The Untold Realities is an excellent video resource for parents who want to understand the forces pushing the transgender movement and the unimaginable harm awaiting teens and their families who fall prey to the movement’s deceits. Produced by Epoch TV, the film explores the roles that our nation’s education system, pharmaceutical and medical industries, major banks, government and others with powerful financial interests play in promoting the impossible notion of physically transitioning to the opposite sex.” Read more here.


FOR KIDS, MARRIAGE STILL MATTERS, by W. Bradford Wilcox. “The science could not be clearer: On average, the children of married parents are more likely to experience happier, healthier and more successful lives. Brookings Institution scholar Melissa Kearney powerfully underscores this truth in her new book ‘The Two-Parent Privilege,’ writing, ‘The decline in the share of U.S. children living in a two-parent family over the past 40 years has not been good — for children, for families or for the United States.’” Read more here.


4 THINGS YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO FORGET ABOUT ‘TRANS DAY OF REMEMBRANCE,’ by Ben Terangi. “For a third year in a row, the Biden Administration has laid it on thick in marking November 20 as ‘Transgender Day of Remembrance’ (TDoR). …In a press statement on the same day, Secretary of State Antony Blinken described the event as ‘a day to commemorate the transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming persons who are targeted and killed for living authentically and courageously.’ …In recent times, Mercator has taken considerable interest in TDoR, in particular noting the exaggerated claims regularly made about a supposed transgender murder epidemic.” Read more here.


25% OF MOMS WHO WOULD HAVE HAD ABORTIONS CHOSE LIFE THANKS TO ABORTION BANS, by Dave Andrusko. “When even the endlessly pro-abortion New York Times admits that ‘The first estimate of births since Dobbs found that almost a quarter of women who would have gotten abortions carried their pregnancies to term,’ you know the evidence for the pro-life impact of the decision that overturned Roe v. Wade must be solid. Coming from the other end of the political spectrum Michael New, writing for the pro-life National Review Online, confirms Margot Sanger-Katz’s and Claire Cain Miller’s conclusion: A new analysis of birth data published by the Institute of Labor Economics in Germany [‘The Effects of the Dobbs Decision on Fertility’] provides powerful statistical evidence that post-Dobbs pro-life laws have saved tens of thousands of lives.’” Read more here.


SURGERY WITHOUT A SCALPEL: HOW META’S PHOTO FILTERS FUEL TRANSGENDER DELUSIONS, by Faith Kuzma. “Even as social media addiction accelerated under Covid lockdowns, Meta jettisoned internal alarms about mental health dangers. Following Frances Haugen’s 2021 whistleblower testimony, attorneys general from 42 states filed consumer protection lawsuits against Meta. The ‘Facebook Files,’ a Wall Street Journal investigation based on Meta’s internal documents, showed that the social media company ‘ignored their own studies revealing Instagram’s photo-sharing and editing app harms girls.’ Capitalizing on the need to connect during lockdown, Meta helped propel young women into gender facilities.” Read more here.


THE PSYCHOLOGY OF MARRIAGE: WHAT MAKES COUPLES STICK TOGETHER? by Harry Benson. “If you want to stick at doing something, you need two things. You need to want to do it. In a relationship, that means you want to be a couple with a future. You have chosen one another. You have rejected all the other choices. You have become an ‘us with a future.’ And that’s crucial because clarity about the future allows forgiveness and sacrifice to prosper, vital characteristics of successful relationships. This is the inner bond of commitment that researchers call interpersonal commitment or dedication. We want to be together. But there’s another aspect of commitment that goes with the grain of human nature and helps us stick at things when we don’t feel like it. It’s called constraints.” Read more here.


THE 2023 DUTCH DEBATE OVER YOUTH TRANSITIONS, by The Society for Evidence Based Gender Medicine. “The Netherlands, like the rest of the Western world, has experienced an unprecedented increase in the number of youth seeking to undergo gender transition. Like the rest of the West, this sharp increase has been driven largely by adolescent females. Unlike the rest of the Western world, where this dramatic epidemiological shift has led to scientific debate about the practice of youth transition, the Netherlands practice has been insulated from scrutiny—until now.” Read more here.


THE HARMS OF ‘CONVERSION THERAPY’ ARE FAKE NEWS, by Michael Cook. “First, there is no agreed definition of conversion therapy. Even the name changes. A more precise term used by academics is “sexual orientation change efforts” (SOCE). Nowadays ‘conversion therapy’ is a catch-all term used in the media. A generation ago some counselling centres did use aversive techniques, electric shock, or ‘boot camp’ punishments to ‘cure’ homosexuality – but also juvenile delinquency and drug abuse. Those methods proved counterproductive and were rejected long ago. Perhaps they are still being used in Saudi Arabia or Ghana – but not in the US or the UK.” Read more here.


WHY ARE SO MANY CELEBRITIES SUDDENLY REVEALING THEY ABORTED THEIR CHILDREN?, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Celebrities are telling their abortion stories to normalize a ‘procedure’ that is the focal point of fierce political fights across post-Roe America. But their stories are actually revealing in a different way. In almost every instance, money was not an issue. The parents were financially secure – some even wealthy. Each of these children died because the parents insisted that they were ‘not ready’ in some way despite being financially well-off adults. Each engaged in the baby-making act while not wanting babies; each had succumbed so thoroughly to the contraceptive mindset that the children which naturally arrived after acts of reproduction were treated as an unwelcome shock, as if it were somehow unnatural that sex frequently results in babies.” Read more here.


LEGALIZING ABORTION MAKES AFRICAN WOMEN LESS SAFE. MATERNAL MORTALITY STATS PROVE IT, by Everhart LSN Africa. “A common argument for legalizing abortion is that women will get abortions either way, and if abortion is illegal it is unsafe, and women will die as a result. Therefore, it is better to legalize abortion even if you oppose it morally. This argument is supposed to be powerful because it doesn’t rely on any controversial position regarding the rights of the child or the moral permissibility of abortion. … Legalizing abortion is neither sufficient nor necessary to reduce the burden of unsafe abortion or maternal mortality.” Read more here.


ABORTION CONCERNS ONCE DELAYED A MAJOR RELIGIOUS FREEDOM LAW. NOW THEY’RE BACK IN THE SPOTLIGHT, by Kelsey Dallas. “On Sept. 18, 1992, the Senate Judiciary Committee and dozens of invited guests gathered to consider, among other things, the link between religious freedom and abortion. The focus of the hearing was the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, a bill designed to restore religious exercise protections that recently had been severely limited by the Supreme Court. The act enjoyed broad support from faith groups, politicians and civil rights organizations like the ACLU. … There was just one problem: A few very powerful groups thought the Religious Freedom Restoration Act might one day be used to defend abortion rights, and they had successfully halted the bill’s forward momentum.” Read more here.


LACK OF ‘AFFIRMATION’ IS CHILD ABUSE: NEW BIDEN RULE APPLIES TRANSGENDER STANDARD TO FOSTER CARE, by Tyler O’Neil. “Transgender orthodoxy may soon become a litmus test for parenthood, according to the logic of a new policy working its way through the Department of Health and Human Services under President Joe Biden. A new rule in HHS’ Administration for Children and Families would apply the idea that any lack of ‘affirmation’ constitutes a form of child abuse to foster care placements. Once that idea takes root in foster care, child protective services agencies might start applying it more broadly.” Read more here.


THIS MINNESOTA GROUP IS DISMEMBERING 62% MORE BABIES … AND BLAMES PRO-LIFE LAWS, by Nancy Flanders. “Whole Women’s Health Alliance, a chain of abortion businesses, tweeted that it has been killing more babies by dismemberment abortion (D&E) — and used that horrific information to call for more abortion. On November 14, 2023, Whole Woman’s Health Alliance tweeted, ‘We have seen a 62% increase in second trimester abortions in our Minnesota clinic.’ …Likewise, on November 1, 2023, Whole Woman’s Health Alliance tweeted, ‘We have seen a 56% increase in second trimester abortions in our Virginia clinic. More abortion seekers are facing delays to care due to managing costs and having farther to travel for their appointments. Abortion bans have been and will continue to cause them.’ To blame pro-life laws for an increase in second-trimester D&E dismemberment abortions is disingenuous.” Read more here.


HERE WE GO AGAIN: AMERICANS PREPARE TO TEACH TARGET ANOTHER LESSON OVER LGBTQ CHRISTMAS, by Tony Kinnett. “Target Corp., the popular American department store chain, may be in for another round of lessons in the consequences of annoying its consumers with “Pride” merchandising. With the Christmas season approaching quickly, Target has a special gift for Americans: a woke Christmas. Shoppers can expect to see ‘gay Santas and LGBTQ-themed nutcrackers’ on Target’s shelves of this season.” Read more here.


HOW UN UNDERMINES PARENTAL RIGHTS BY PUSHING GENDER IDEOLOGY, by Grace Melton and Emily Kao. “The texts of these foundational U.N. documents point to the family. Under the influence of far-left activists, however, the U.N. bureaucracy for decades pointed to the state. This view of the child diminishes the role of parents, puts children at greater risk of harm, and threatens the integrity of families. There are many examples, but this threat is no more obvious than with the recent incursions of gender ideology in various U.N. bureaucracies—where it now enjoys almost credal status.” Read more here.


25 YEARS OF HEALTHY MARRIAGE IN UTAH: STATE COMMISSION STRENGTHENS INSTITUTION, by Rachel Sheffield. “Utah just celebrated the 25th anniversary of its healthy marriages initiative, a statewide effort to help people build and maintain strong marriages. There’s a great need to strengthen marriage in the U.S., given its decades-long decline and the many consequences of family breakdown, particularly among lower-income communities. Utah’s initiative is an example other states’ leaders can follow to foster a culture of healthy marriage. Since the inception of Utah’s healthy marriage initiative back in 1998 under then-Gov. Mike Leavitt, state leaders have worked with private organizations and community leaders to provide educational resources to bolster marriage.” Read more here.


TRANSGENDER FAUX FEMALES HAVE NO PLACE IN MISS UNIVERSE PAGEANT, by Peter Parisi. “How humiliating and disheartening must it be for a Miss Universe pageant contestant to lose to a ‘woman’ with [male anatomy]? That, regrettably, is not a hypothetical question. That’s exactly what happened to real young women earlier this year in preliminary pageants in two European nations, Portugal and the Netherlands. On Saturday night, those countries [were] represented by a pair of transgender faux females at the 72nd annual Miss Universe pageant. To borrow a vintage 55-year-old advertising line from Virginia Slims cigarettes, ‘You’ve come a long way, Baby.’ Just not in the way Phillip Morris envisioned it in 1968.” Read more here.


LIVED EPERTISE: GENDER SOLOPSISM IN CONFERENCEVILLE, by Anonymous. “The quality of research presented at the AusPATH conference was surprisingly poor. There was a small number of professionals who demonstrated sound methodology, objectivity, critical thinking and deep knowledge of their fields. These papers focused on service provision models and data analysis, and tended not to concentrate on the feelings or identities of their subjects, or of the authors themselves. … Most papers, panels and workshops, however, focused on personal, emotional and subjective accounts of lived experience and/or superficial accounts of studies with poor research bases, methods and analysis.” Read more here.


THE MYTH BEHIND ‘TRANSGENDER DAY OF REMEMBRANCE,’ by Jo Bartosch. “As the season of goodwill approaches, spare a thought for the group that considers itself the most vulnerable in the UK. No, I’m not talking about the poor, sick or homeless. I’m talking about the trans people who, occasionally, might have to deal with funny looks, [or] being misgendered. … Although trans people claim to be a marginalized minority, their events are supported by a marketing machine and infrastructure of powerful international agencies. Bodies like the International Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA) and even the United Nations have come out in support of Transgender Awareness Week.” Read more here.


MALE MALAISE IS NOT JUST ABOUT THE CULTURE, by Brad Wilcox and Elizabeth Self. “You are familiar with the litany of ills blighting our society: declining rates of work and marriage; rising rates of obesity and loneliness; soaring deaths of despair. All of these trends reflect the falling fortunes of the American male, a malaise magnified when we look at boys and men in poor and working-class communities. When the male malaise is raised among conservatives, too often the blame is assigned to ‘culture,’ that most nebulous of forces.” Read more here.


WHY THERE CAN BE NO ‘MIDDLE GROUND’ ON INTENTIONALLY KILLING INNOCENT HUMAN BEINGS, by Bettina di Fiore. “On November 12, Dr. Tim Johnson, a Protestant minister and the former medical editor at ABC News, published an opinion piece for CBS News in which he promotes what he describes as a ‘compromise’ and a ‘middle-ground’ position on the issue of abortion. It is riddled with logical inconsistencies and factual inaccuracies. Johnson claims: ‘Most of us are instinctively anti-abortion. I personally have never met anyone who thinks it is a trivial procedure.’ He apparently has blinders on, because abortion advocates frequently trivialize and even celebrate the homicide of preborn children, likening it to wisdom tooth extraction, or having a cavity repaired.” Read more here.


‘STOP THE SCANDAL,’ by Anonymous. “I’d like to share with you my experience with the [Women’s and Children’s Hospital] gender clinic here in Adelaide. Between 2019 and 2021, my once very happy and girly daughter had started to become withdrawn and very conscious of her changing body, wearing baggy clothes. Nothing her older sister hadn’t done; seemingly normal pre-pubescent behavior. Around March 2021, then 10-years-old, she came out as trans—identifying as a boy, wanting to use a boy’s name and pronouns. When I asked why she felt this way, she said it was because she didn’t like the way women are treated. My concern was this wasn’t about gender identity, it was a response to learning what it can mean to be a woman.” Read more here.


MISGUIDED: A GENDER TREATMENT GUIDELINE IN NEW ZEALAND APPEARS TO HAVE ACHIEVED INFLUENCE BEYOND ITS MERITS, by Bernard Lane. “New Zealand’s 2018 ‘gender-affirming’ treatment guideline cannot justify the extreme medicalization it recommends and would never have been promoted by the country’s Ministry of Health had there been a proper assessment of its robustness. This is the opinion of retired public servant Jan Rivers, who reviewed the document drawing on her career concerned with management of accurate information and knowledge.” Read more here.


DON’T TRANS THE TOMBOYS, by Anonymous. “These days, when she gets ready for school, the hair will be done. Perhaps it will be a braid of some sort, perhaps it will be curled. Earrings will be selected. A light and subtle application of age-appropriate makeup usually follows. The only constant is that she will always put on a skirt. It didn’t used to be this way. When younger, she was quite the tomboy. There were the fights over getting her hair cut short, fights she lost not because we’re that controlling, but because short hair has to be cut more frequently and we didn’t want to add monthly visits to the stylist to the calendar. …She never suffered from dysphoria. She always knew she was a girl.” Read more here.


WHAT IS A DIAMORIC SEXUAL ORIENTATION? ASK MARYLAND’S LARGEST SCHOOL DISTRICT, by Haley Strack. “An established LGBTQ student group is no surprise in Montgomery County (Maryland) — where students as young as kindergarten can join Rainbow Clubs or Gender and Sexuality Alliances, and where the district requires students to read and discuss lewd LGBTQ books — but MoCo pride is of particular interest. First are its comprehensive pronoun and orientation guides that chronicle innovative terms. ‘Achillean’ describes a ‘man or enby who is attracted to other men and enbies, but who may or may not be attracted to other genders,’ MoCo pride says. Read more here.


WASTE NOT, WANT NOT: SERBIAN SURGEON WANTS TO PERFORM GENITALIA SWAPS IN NEW YORK HOSPITAL, by Michael Cook. “Urologist Miroslav Djordjevic, one of the world’s leading ‘sex-reassignment’ surgeons, has a nightmare and a dream when he thinks about the estimated 1.5 million transgender people in Western Europe. The nightmare is throwing into the garbage the penises and testicles of 700,000 men and the uteruses and ovaries of 700,000 women. The dream is a tissue bank which will allow doctors to access compatible body parts and swap these precious organs. ‘Now we are in a final step,’ Dr Djordjevic said in the latest episode of Doctor Podcasts, on YouTube. ‘The final approach will be to transplant the penis. This is my main goal of my career. And I hope that this future started yesterday.’” Read more here.


RAMPANT TRANSGENDER PROPAGANDA IS ERODING SOCIAL BOUNDARIES, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Reduxx, a feminist outlet consistently reporting on the takeover of women’s spaces by trans-identifying men, noted on October 27 that ‘Multiple female athletes dropped out of a women’s martial arts tournament last week after being matched up to fight trans-identified males. In one of the women’s divisions, the only participants left competing were men.’ That’s right – in a division of women’s sports, the only remaining competitors were men.” Read more here.


POLISH RESEARCH AND THE FIGHT OVER THE ABORTION PILL, by Katarzyna Gęsiak. “The U.S. government’s National Library of Medicine website lists a number of possible serious side effects of mifepristone: foetal death, anaphylactic reactions, toxic epidermal necrolysis, angioedema, and teratogenesis, as well as numerous moderate and mild side effects. Although this is quite an extensive list, it should not be forgotten that the other active ingredient in abortion pills, misoprostol, also has its own health consequences. Given the severity of the risks, there can be no justification for the claim that these products can be safely taken by women without medical supervision, even if that claim is made by the World Health Organisation, FDA, or other such organisations.” Read more here.


AFTER 30 YEARS OF THE RELIGIOUS FREEDOM RESTORATION ACT, THE LAW—AND OUR LIBERTY—ARE UNDER ATTACK, by Thomas Jipping. “Thirty years ago today, President Bill Clinton signed into law the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, or RFRA, to protect what he called ‘the most precious of all American liberties.’ Presidents of both parties have declared religious freedom to be one of our most fundamental freedoms, a ‘critical foundation of our nation’s liberty,’ and ‘a fundamental human right.’ Congress has unanimously recognized that religious freedom ‘undergirds the very origin and existence of the United States.’ Yet only three decades after RFRA passed Congress with a total of only three votes against it and grassroots support from across the ideological spectrum, religious freedom is once again in danger.” Read more here.


EVEN THE CENSUS BUREAU IS TRYING TO PROMOTE RADICAL GENDER IDEOLOGY, by Mike Gonzalez. “The Census Bureau is asking Congress for $10 million to figure out how best to promote the fiction that sex is assigned at birth, rather than the scientific fact that it is present at conception. It is part of a new set of questions on sexual orientation and gender identity that the bureau wants to ask residents even as young as 15. This expansion beyond race and ethnicity represents a new foray into sexual identity — one more step in the bureau’s decades long degeneration into an agency completely captured by the identity-mongering industry, and which produces the supposedly ‘victim’ categories that the industry requires.” Read more here.


PRO-LIFERS MUST FIGHT FOR THE CULTURE, NOT JUST THE LAW, by Tim Busch. “Is the pro-life movement doomed to failure? That’s the inevitable question since last Tuesday’s disastrous elections in Ohio and Virginia have dashed hopes for meaningful protections of mothers and unborn children in each state. Since Roe v. Wade was overturned last year, seven states have put abortion to the voters, and in all seven, life lost — including in deep-red Ohio, Kentucky and Kansas. People who’ve devoted decades to the cause are wondering how, or even whether, to carry on. Yet there’s still hope. Pro-life laws in many states have already saved tens of thousands of innocent lives. We can save even more, but only if we realize a critical truth. We need to win over the culture if we hope to start winning at the ballot box.” Read more here.


CRUELTY CLOAKED IN COMPASSION, by Jonathon Van Maren. “A November 3 post on X (formerly Twitter) from J.K. Rowling caught my eye recently. It was her comment on the decision of an Australian court to mandate that the ‘preferred pronouns’ of people identifying as transgender be used as a ‘matter of respect’ to ensure ‘public confidence in the proper administration of justice.’ As Rowling noted: ‘Asking a woman to refer to her male rapist or violent assaulter as ‘she’ in court is a form of state-sanctioned abuse. Female victims of male violence are further traumatized by being forced to speak a lie.’ Indeed, forcing a woman to refer to the man who abused and raped her as ‘she’ seems a particularly grotesque form of gaslighting. Rowling’s comment gets to the heart of something that is not commented on often enough: the manifest cruelty of the transgender movement.” Read more here.


IT’S TIME FOR PRO-LIFERS TO SCRAP THEIR ELECTORAL STRATEGY AND ADOPT THE LINCOLN METHOD, by Jeffrey H. Anderson. “With Tuesday’s relatively easy passage of an Ohio constitutional amendment that effectively bars that state’s legislature from regulating abortion in the state, abortion advocates are now convinced that they not only have the public on their side but have found political gold. They now view abortion as such a winning issue that they think it can pave the way to enacting a wide range of other leftist goals. They are largely mistaken, as abortion mercifully remains a highly contentious issue in America. Still, abortion advocates will continue to prevail until pro-life leaders and politicians learn the political lessons that have arisen in the aftermath of their puzzling failure to prepare for a post-Roe world.” Read more here.


THE POLICE ARE STILL WITCH-HUNTING GENDER-CRITICAL WOMEN, by Lauren Smith. “What century is it again? In the UK, in 2023, the police are apparently still harassing feminists for standing up for women’s rights. Even just accurately describing what a woman is can now land you in trouble with the Old Bill. On Friday, officers from Northumbria Police turned up at the doorstep of a 34-year-old gender-critical lesbian. They asked the woman (who is currently remaining anonymous) to attend a voluntary interview at Forth Banks Police Station in Newcastle. According to campaign group Fair Cop, the woman was told by officers that if she refused to be questioned they would have no choice but to arrest her.” Read more here.


MIKE JOHNSON IS RIGHT: NO-FAULT DIVORCE DESTROYS KIDS, SEX, AND SOCIETY, by Paige Hauser. “The left-wing media think the new speaker of the House is ‘a sinister little creep’ with ‘strong incel energy.’ Why? He is happily married and intends to remain so. Speaker of the House Mike Johnson and his wife, Kelly, have a covenant marriage, not unlike millions of Christians all over the world, the only difference perhaps being that theirs is recognized in law. Louisiana is one of the few states (Arizona and Arkansas are the other two) where couples can enter a legally binding marriage that is not subject to the typical no-fault divorce laws.” Read more here.


TRANS-ADVOCATE PROFESSOR DOESN’T UNDERSTAND ‘EVIDENCE-BASED MEDICINE,’ SCHOLAR SAYS, by Maggie Kelly. “A medical professor and paid expert witness for a transgender advocacy seems to lack knowledge of principles of evidence-based medicine, according to one researcher and scholar. Child and adolescent psychiatry professor Dr. Jack Turban miscategorized the fundamental scientific concept of ‘systemic review’ in his Oct. 16 deposition on behalf of the ACLU, challenging an Idaho law passed this year prohibiting child access to transgender drugs and surgeries, political theorist and Manhattan Institute fellow Leor Sapir wrote Monday in City Journal.” Read more here.


CLAUDIA GOLDIN’S WORK IS FOUNDATIONAL FOR UNDERSTANDING 21ST CENTURY FAMILIES, by Anna Claire Flowers. “The functions and activities of families continue to fascinate many social scientists. Families are a unique grouping of individuals, governed by different rules and expectations than other social attachments. In the past, discussions of family life were implicit rather than explicit among classical economists. … Enter Claudia Goldin, investigative labor and gender economist. … Goldin’s work in economic history began on the topic of reconstruction-era economic development, which led her to recognize huge economic changes that were being driven by women and the work they did.” Read more here.


CALIFORNIA JEOPARDIZES PHARMACISTS’ LIVELIHOODS TO EXPORT ABORTIONS OUT OF STATE, by Mary Curtis. “Dishonest abortion activists sidestepped the will of the Ohio Legislature last week, overriding the red state’s laws with Issue 1’s radical protections for abortion. But California Gov. Gavin Newsom has a different tactic for forcing unwanted abortions on red states. Recently, Newsom signed into law what are supposedly protections for California-based doctors and pharmacists who break other states’ laws by distributing chemical abortion pills.” Read more here.


10,000 AFRICAN SEMINARIANS HAVE BEEN TRAINED TO COUNTER WESTERN-BACKED ABORTION CAMPAIGNS, by Human Life International. The future looks bright for pro-life Catholics in Africa, thanks to the dedicated training of seminarians conducted by Human Life International, a U.S.-based Catholic pro-life organization. Africa is a shining beacon of hope to those pursuing a culture of life. As Human Life International continues its counteroffensive against the abortion promotion campaigns of the West, one of many fertile fields bearing fruit in Africa is the organization’s training programs, which have reached more than 10,000 African seminarians in the last 20 years.” Read more here.


UN HUMAN RIGHTS TREATY BODIES CONTINUE TO VIOLATE THEIR MANDATES, by Dr. Rebecca Oas. “UN human rights experts do not have the authority to press governments to change laws. But they do. And they are getting even more aggressive in doing so. Recent sessions of several UN human rights treaty monitoring bodies demonstrate this, especially on controversial issues like abortion and sexual orientation and gender identity. The Human Rights Committee, which monitors adherence to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, ordered the United States to ‘provide legal, effective, safe and confidential access to abortion’ and harmonize its laws and policies with the abortion guidance of the World Health Organization (WHO).” Read more here.


CHINA REVERSES COURSE ON ITS DISASTROUS POPULATION PLANNING POLICY, by Peter Jacobsen. “The 20th century was full of attempts to centrally plan population. Scientists like Paul Ehrlich and businessmen like Hugh Moore spent their lives putting direct pressure on politicians and citizens into addressing the looming specter of ‘overpopulation.’ Population doomer language was often dramatic and often included predictions of mass death within just decades. The predictions never got anywhere close to happening. Humanity never ran out of food—or any other resources for that matter—before the turn of the century.” Read more here.


THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION MUST RETURN TO FIGHTING ABORTION ‘IN ALL ITS HIDEOUS DEFORMITY,’ by Dr. Fritz Baumgartner. “In the immediate years prior to the Dobbs decision’s overturning of Roe v. Wade, the official policy of the American Medical Association (AMA) with regard to abortion was generally, though not overwhelmingly, positive. The organization stated that, ‘The Principles of Medical Ethics of the AMA permit physicians to perform abortions in keeping with good medical practice.’ However, following the Dobbs decision overturning Roe v. Wade, the official response of the AMA was one of complete disapproval of the decision and overwhelming anger that the supposed ‘right’ to abortion would be threatened.” Read more here.


YET ANOTHER STORY SHOWS MEDICAL ‘INCOMPETENCE’  NOT PRO-LIFE LAWS – HURTS WOMEN, by Nancy Flanders. “Tragic stories of pregnancy complications have been making headlines in the last year, blaming pro-life laws in pro-life states for situations in which pregnant women were denied the care they needed. But a case out of New York — one of the most pro-abortion states in the nation — is further evidence that the problem isn’t pro-life laws, but negligent doctors. Kathleen Szekely sent an email to the pro-life organization Secular Pro-Life detailing her story. Szekely is a registered nurse and wrote that what happened to her ‘illustrates the absurdity of stringing together assumed political relevance with real emergency practice.’” Read more here.


TRANS ANOMALY: NASHVILLE SHOOTER’S MANIFESTO SUGGESTS AN INCONVENIENT ASPECT OF ‘GENDER-AFFIRMING CARE,’ by Tyler O’Neil. “The vast majority of mass shooters are male, and male biochemistry helps to explain why. Yet the person who opened fire at Nashville’s Covenant School (on March 27) was biologically female. …Police discovered a manifesto at the scene of the shooting, but unlike in so many other mass shootings where authorities publish a shooter’s white nationalist screeds almost immediately, authorities sought to keep Hale’s manifesto secret. …This anger, resolve, and hatred hint at something the coroner would not confirm—it seems likely that Audrey Hale had taken cross-sex hormones, probably testosterone, before the shooting.” Read more here.


WOMEN ARE BEING FORCED OUT OF THEIR OWN SPORTS, by Lauren Smith. “Trans ideology is destroying women’s sport in more ways than one. Not only are men taking women’s places in sporting competitions – women are also being forced out of their sports if they dare to speak out against this. In August this year, Canadian powerlifter April Hutchinson took to social media to criticize a decision to allow biological males to compete in women’s competitions. She was talking specifically about the case of Anne Andres, a trans-identifying male who had broken the Canadian women’s national powerlifting record by 200 kilograms a few days earlier. …A few weeks after Hutchinson stated the bleeding obvious about Andres’s participation, she received a stern letter from the CPU. It told her that she could not refer to Andres as a biological male and criticized her for campaigning to keep women’s sport, er, women-only. The CPU is now said to be considering hitting Hutchinson with a two-year suspension.” Read more here.


‘OFF-THE-WALL ABORTION POLICIES’ ARE ACTUALLY COMMON SENSE WIDELY SUPPORTED, by Connor Semelsberger. “Pro-choice Republicans in Congress are back. What had become a dying breed in the past couple of years, Republicans who consistently vote against basic pro-life protections have taken the House appropriations process hostage. This group of about eight to 10 Republicans have now helped to sink two appropriations bills over policies that are commonsense solutions to the government’s increasingly pro-abortion priorities.” Read more here.


MISS UNIVERSE OWNER FILES FOR BANKRUPTCY AFTER ACCEPTING TRANSGENDER CONTESTANTS, by Tierin-Rose Mandelburg. “For your weekly dose of comical news, the Thai-based owner of Miss Universe, JKN Global Group, has filed for bankruptcy. This comes after accepting multiple transgender contestants for the 2023 pageant set for November 18. True comedy if you ask me. Transgender activist Anne Jakrajutatip, who’s transgender as well, runs the pageant and is part of JKN Global Group who bought the organization for $20,000,000 in 2022. JKN Global Group insisted it is trying to resolve a ‘liquidity problem’ and filed for bankruptcy with the Thai Bankruptcy Court.” Read more here.


ALARM AT GENDER DYSPHORIA TREATMENT, by Joanna Panagopoulos and Natasha Robinson. “A growing number of doctors have expressed ‘serious professional concerns’ about a NSW government framework for the treatment of gender dysphoria in children, and say it ignores the ‘cautious’ models adopted by the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Finland and France. In an open letter to NSW MPs, more than 35 psychiatrists, psychologists and doctors also criticized the government’s decision to appoint the Sax Institute to undertake a review which formed the basis of the NSW framework, questioning the ‘validity and reliability’ of the evidence they used to support the use of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for children and young people. Read more here.


OHIO IS A POLITICAL SETBACK, BUT PRO-LIFERS MUST CONTINUE TO DEFEND LIFE, by Michael J. New. “On Tuesday, pro-lifers encountered a setback when Issue 1 passed in Ohio by a margin of 56.6 to 43.4 percent. This places legal abortion in Ohio’s state constitution and jeopardizes many commonsense pro-life laws in the Buckeye State. Pro-lifers had some reasons for optimism going into this election. Ohio has a more conservative electorate than Michigan and some other states where pro-abortion ballot propositions prevailed. Ohio pro-lifers got off to an earlier start and had the public support of popular Governor Mike DeWine. Unfortunately, the [money] spent by supporters of legal abortion was too much for pro-lifers to overcome.” Read more here.


STANDARD VARIATION: WPATH’S TREATMENT GUIDELINE CANNOT JUSTIFY THE DOGMATIC PRACTICE OF ‘GENDER-AFFIRMING CARE,’ by Sandra Pertot. “Scott Leibowitz, the co-lead author of the adolescents chapter for the latest standards of care (SOC-8) from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), has described SOC-8 as ‘consensus- and evidence-informed clinical guidelines to help distinguish those who would benefit from treatment versus those who would not.’ This claim is starkly at odds with reality. Disagreement about the assessment and management of gender-questioning people has led to the most toxic and divisive conflict in health services that I have experienced in 50 years as a clinical psychologist.” Read more here.


VIRGINIA, OHIO AND ABORTION, by Cal Thomas. “Instead of being put on the defensive for pregnancies due to rape, incest or the life of the mother, Republicans and pro-lifers need to go on the offensive. USA Today has reported that according to the Guttmacher Institute, ‘Just one percent of women obtain an abortion because they became pregnant through rape, and less than 0.5 percent do so because of incest.’” Read more here.


HOW DO WE RIGHTLY HONOR MARRIAGE IN A CULTURE THAT DOESN’T CARE?, by Auguste Meyrat. “Few institutions are more misunderstood in the 21st century than marriage. Even among devout Christians, it has come to have a multitude of different meanings. Setting aside the usual controversy of the last two decades of whether marriage must be between a man and a woman or simply any combination of people who claim to ‘love’ one another, there are many other ongoing debates on the topic. Is marriage a contract or a sacrament? What are the rules on chastity? What role do children play in the marriage?” Read more here.


WHEN I DO BECOMES MAYBE: THE CHANGING LANDSCAPE OF MARRIAGE IN SPAIN, by Cecilia Serrano. “For years, Spain has quietly held significant rankings in areas such as its high gross divorce rates and a notably late average age for first marriages, age 36 for men and 34 for women. These facets of Spanish society often remain underemphasized in both academic research and public discourse. Along with the decline in fertility rates and the rise in alternative relationship models, these trends may imply a departure from Spain’s traditionally ‘familistic’ social framework. These trends call for a deeper exploration into the changing social norms and beliefs about marriage, and how these shifts are reshaping behaviors and life choices in Spain.” Read more here.


POPE FRANCIS SAYS ‘TRANS’ PEOPLE CAN BE GODPARENTS, HOMOSEXUAL ‘PARENTS’ CAN HAVE CHILDREN BAPTIZED, by Michael Haynes. “Pope Francis has approved a text drawn up by Cardinal Victor Manuel Fernández attesting that ‘transgender’ individuals can be godparents for the sacrament of Baptism, as well as allowing homosexual ‘parents’ to have their children baptized. Pope Francis’ latest document comes despite the fact that the Catholic Church teaches that deliberate bodily mutilation and homosexual acts are gravely sinful, and that those requesting Baptism for children must intend to raise the children in the Catholic faith.” Read more here.


PORNOGRAPHY IS FUELING A DEVASTATING RAPE CULTURE AMONG CHILDREN, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Holly Bourne is a best-selling British author who has several critically acclaimed novels to her name – all of them in the category of youth fiction. She is also a whistleblower, and in a recent column for the Daily Mail, Bourne details how ubiquitous porn use among young people is creating a toxic rape culture that makes life unbearable for teenage girls. The connection between pornography and sexual violence is a subject I have been reporting on in this space for nearly ten years, but the full reality of what it means to see a generation raised on a diet of sexual violence is still sickening to watch.” Read more here.


BEST WAY TO CHANGE TRANS POLICIES IN SPORTS? WOMEN REFUSE TO PLAY, by Nicole Russell. “As more youth experience gender confusion and join athletics in the name of political correctness, sports associations often allow males who ‘identify’ as females to compete alongside females. These male athletes then beat the female athletes because of their physiological advantages. If sports associations won’t change their policies to make the playing field level again, the best course of action for now is for females to refuse to play.” Read more here.


CALIFORNIA TAXPAYERS BANKROLLING TRANS SURGERIES FOR DEATH ROW INMATES, by Jazz Shaw. “As everyone already knows, everything costs more in California thanks to state government policies that seek to pay for endless social programs. …It turns out that Californians are footing the bills for prisoners who request transgender surgical procedures behind bars. Over the past seven years, the cost of these procedures has added up to millions of dollars while the prisoners themselves are charged nothing. Four million dollars may seem like a drop in the bucket compared to California’s roughly $310 billion annual budget, and it is. But just as a matter of principle, you’d think that people would want to draw a line in the sand on this nonsense.” Read more here.


WHY ARE LIBRARIES HIDING GENDER-CRITICAL BOOKS?, by Carrie Clark. “Does being a gender-critical writer put you on par with Hitler? According to Calderdale Council in West Yorkshire, the answer is yes. Earlier this year, Helen Joyce’s bestselling book, Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality, was deemed so offensive by a member of Calderdale Council that human resources insisted it be removed from public-library shelves and hidden in storage. Joyce wasn’t the only gender-critical author to be treated in this way – Kathleen Stock, Abigail Shrier and Heather Brunskell-Evans also had their books removed from public view, while still being available for order.” Read more here.


POLYAMOROUS ‘FAMILY’ JUSTIFIES SEXUAL CHOICES BY CLAIMING IT BENEFITS THEIR CHILDREN. IT DOESN’T, by Nancy Flanders. “A polyamorous quad of two married couples has gained a large following on social media as they promote their lifestyle and the erroneous idea that DNA is not important in a family structure. Decades of research show it is. And despite their choice to broadcast their lives on social media, they slam viewers who ask questions about their group dynamic. But questions — and concerns — abound.” Read more here.


WHY THE EU’S LGBT TREATY SPELLS DOOM FOR AFRICAN, CARIBBEAN, AND PACIFIC COUNTRIES, by Everhart LSN Africa. “November 15, 2023, might be a tragic day for Africa and the entire Caribbean and Pacific region. It is the day set aside by the European Union (EU) to pressure or coax African, Caribbean, and Pacific (ACP) countries into signing the deceptively and euphemistically crafted LGBT agreement between the EU and ACP countries.The pertinent questions are: Have ACP heads of government compromised their earlier stance on this matter and now agreed to sign the controversial ACP-EU agreement? If so, why? Did African leaders consult their respective parliaments and their people before agreeing to sign the agreement? Why has the African media not reported the negotiations between the EU and the ACP countries since 2021?” Read more here.


MASSACHUSETTS PROVES AGAIN WHY BOYS CAN’T PLAY GIRLS’ SPORTS, by Jazz Shaw. “The day may come when we stop seeing headlines about the undermining of girls and women’s sports, but that day is not today. Out in Massachusetts … two high school field hockey teams met on Thursday, pitting Swampscott and Dighton-Rehoboth against each other. Swampscott had at least one boy on its team, and he fired off a shot that struck one of the Dighton-Rehoboth girls in the face. The shot resulted in ‘significant facial and dental injuries’, including the girl having two of her teeth knocked out. She was taken from the field and hospitalized. … The boys are, on average, bigger and stronger than the girls. They can drive that ball far faster and harder. The girls aren’t used to dealing with that sort of speed. How does anyone see this situation as being fair to the girls?” Read more here.


DRAG IS NEVER APPROPRIATE FOR KIDS, by Chad Felix Greene. The art of drag relies on exaggerated sexuality and female stereotypes. Drag queens, through dazzling performances, over-the-top humor, and a cultural dedication to irreverent commentary, have long acted as a release valve for the LGBTQ community. They could say and do things that others would never dare to express … This, however, has always remained within the private walls of adult entertainment and for good reason. Although many have argued this charisma can be redirected into child-appropriate entertainment, education and advocacy, the reality demonstrates otherwise … Far too many have chosen to disregard the concept of appropriateness altogether, performing dance routines, wearing costumes and portraying the same bombastic, and overtly sexual characters in front of kids as they would in front of adults. Read more here.


TRANS IDEOLOGY IS MESSING WITH CHILDREN’S MINDS, by Pam Spurr. “The rise of gender ideology in British schools has me fearing for my three young granddaughters. You might think that is excessive, but the trans takeover of British schools is no small matter. An unscientific belief system is now being pushed as fact, and our children are being bombarded with two ludicrous ideas – namely, that a person can ‘change sex’ and that there are countless made-up genders to choose from.” Read more here.


HAVING BABIES IS PROFOUNDLY IMMORAL. WE SHOULD MOVE TOWARDS EXTINCTION, SAY BIOETHICISTS, by Michael Cook. “Joona Räsänen and Matti Häyry believe that it is arguably ‘morally wrong to have children.’ If there were no children, suffering would disappear in a few generations. Severe problems such as climate change would find a resolution if humans ceased to exist, thus eliminating environmental destruction. It appears clear that numerous problems plaguing humanity—such as wars, famine, crime, discrimination and cruel treatment of animals, to name a few—would vanish if humans would not exist. The adoption of antinatalism would, therefore, truly solve ‘everything.’” Read more here.


COLLEGES RESISTING THE TRANS HEGEMONY, by James M. Sequeira. “It is a difficult time to be a parent in America if you do not want your child to consider chemical sterilization and so-called ‘gender reassignment surgery.’ All the institutions of learning seem to be against you. Kindergartners in Seattle are taught about transgenderism by a man with a high-pitched voice wearing a purple hat and earrings. ‘Drag Queen Story Hours’ are ubiquitous across American libraries. And I can tell you from personal experience that local children’s events in my own (politically conservative) town have explicitly encouraged my toddler to check out the bouncy house at our local Pride Day celebration.” Read more here.


WHY ARE ABORTIONS RISING POST-DOBBS?, by Kayla Bartsch. “The New York Times has been gathering data that should make every fan of the Dobbs decision take a moment of silence. After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last year, abortion restrictions have been passed in dozens of (conservative) states, ranging from total bans to gestational limits. And yet, the number of abortions across the U.S. in the first six months of 2023 has increased by nearly 50,000 when compared with the first six months of 2020. Despite the decreased number of abortions in states with firm restrictions, the surge in states with lax policies has contributed to an overall increase in abortions across the country.” Read more here.


GENDER COUP, by Bernard Lane. “A successful citizens’ referendum to outlaw medicalized gender change for minors in the progressive heartland of California would reverberate nationally and internationally, according to parents’ activist Erin Friday. ‘It’s so important that we kill gender ideology in California,’ Ms. Friday told Genspect’s sold-out Bigger Picture conference in Denver, Colorado, on Sunday. ‘And we can, oddly, even though California is so crazy liberal. The people can do it. We’ve got a [referendum] ballot initiative that will stop boys in girls’ sports. It’ll stop the secret transition of children at school, and it will stop gender [medicine] interventions on children. This is a ballot initiative that is polling between 64 and 75 per cent in California.’” Read more here.


ONE OF FINLAND’S LEADING GENDER MEDICINE DOCTORS ON ‘GENDER AFFIRMING CARE,’ by John Sexton. “I’ve written about Dr. Riittakerttu Kaltiala before. She was one of the leading doctors who dealt with pediatric gender identity patients in Finland and recently she’s become a critic of the model known as gender-affirming care. Monday, the Free Press published a lengthy essay by Dr. Kaltiala in which she outlines her personal involvement in this issue and what she believes about it now.” Read more here.


EVERY STATE WITH AN ABORTION BAN ALLOWS TREATMENT FOR MISCARRIAGE AND ECTOPIC PREGNANCIES, by Mary E. Harned and Dr. Ingrid Skop. “Twenty-five states have one or more strong gestational limits on abortion that are either in effect or are enjoined while in litigation. Each of these states permits abortion in those rare and heartbreaking circumstances when it is necessary to save the life of a pregnant woman. Physicians can make this determination based on their ‘reasonable medical judgment,’ a standard very common in the medical profession and used for any case involving medical malpractice litigation … Meanwhile, abortion advocates are spreading the dangerous lie that life-saving care is not or may not be permitted in these states, leading to provider confusion and poor outcomes for women.” Read more here.


REVIVING THE EUROPEAN FAMILY, by Balázs Hidvéghi. “Europe, including Central Europe, is faced with a tendency toward an aging society and a demographic decline: fewer children are being born while an increasing proportion of society is entering old age. This tendency does not only threaten our welfare system, but puts the future of our entire civilization at risk.” Read more here.


FOR WESTERN COUNTRIES FREEDOM OF RELIGION ENDS WHERE LGBT RIGHTS BEGIN, by Iulia Cazan and Stefano Gennarini. “Western governments expressed support for religious freedom in the General Assembly last week even as they attacked traditional religious beliefs about marriage and family around the world. In the social policy committee of the General Assembly last week, the European Union promised ‘strong support’ for religious freedom and said, ‘everybody has a right to believe and not to believe.’ The United States agreed and encouraged governments to work with people of faith as ‘partners.’ These statements cannot be taken at face value because for years, Western governments have supported only one kind of religious freedom, and it is the kind that celebrates and promotes homosexual/trans issues.” Read more here.


HEALTHY FAMILIES SHOULD BE AT THE CENTER OF ECONOMIC POLICY, by Erika Bachiochi. “But if human beings really are to flourish, then we can’t imagine that they simply ‘emerge from the earth like mushrooms’ in Thomas Hobbes’ telling, and then go on to voluntarily join associations. No, the health of our families where infants are nurtured—and both children and their parents are formed—must be at the very center of our politics and economics. Of course, ‘focusing on the family’ is not a new idea for social conservatives. The religious right, in particular, has long bemoaned the deleterious impact of the sexual revolution on the family. Now, some rather articulate thinkers from the left are coming around to the idea. As well they should.” Read more here.


BANNING ABORTION WOULD HELP CANADA REVERSE ITS ALARMING POPULATION CRISIS, by Pete Baklinski. “Over the past 50 years, Canada has been spiraling out of control to a catastrophic demographic demise. Put simply, Canadian women are not having enough children to replace themselves and their partners. What this inevitably spells is disaster on so many levels, especially socially and economically, as the population ages and a younger population is simply not there to fill empty workspaces, pay taxes and keep the nation’s social and economic systems alive and healthy. Ancient civilizations rose and fell. Extinction can happen to our modern civilizations too.” Read more here.


CONSTITUTIONAL JUSTICE UNDER THREAT IN OHIO DUE TO ABORTION BALLOT INITIATIVE, by Danielle G. Pimentel. “The pro-life movement has accomplished many victories in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, while also facing new challenges. Now that the Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade and returned the abortion issue to the democratic process, abortion activists have sought to enshrine a ‘right’ to abortion in state constitutions across the country. These efforts pose a serious threat to pro-life laws and the protection of preborn human beings, women and young girls.” Read more here.


PRO-FAMILY GROUPS TAKE A STAND AGAINST EU PARENTHOOD CERTIFICATE, by Bridget Ryder. “Europe’s pro-family groups are organizing against the EU Commission’s push for a certificate of parenthood. Last year, the Commission proposed an EU-wide certificate recognizing a parent-child relationship. This would help to ease the administrative burden for families caught in cross-border situations where legal documents certifying the relationship of a minor to a parent may not be easily recognized between member states. However, family law is not a competency of the EU, and opponents warn that it could also facilitate surrogacy arrangements made by European families in other countries, force member states to recognize same-sex marriages and diminish protections for children.” Read more here.


DYSTOPIA BEGINS HERE: PARENTS WOULD NEED A LICENSE TO RAISE CHILDREN TO SCREEN OUT HOMOPHOBES, TRANSPHOBES AND RACISTS, by Kimberly Ells. “A handful of philosophers through the years have trotted out the idea that parents should be required to get a license to raise their own children. After all, doctors and plumbers get licenses. Why not license the most important job of all: Parents. But Connor Kianpour, a doctoral candidate at the University of Colorado, Boulder, has just taken the idea a bold step further. …He writes: ‘Individuals have no right to rear their biological children, nor do they have any interests weighty enough to justify a right to rear children generally. Since these rights do not exist, regulated parenting policies cannot be said to jeopardize them.’” Read more here.


LEGISLATOR CONDEMNS ABORTION: MARGARET SANGER WANTED TO ‘EXTERMINATE’ BLACK PEOPLE, HER WISH IS COMING TRUE, by Sen. Michele Reynolds. “Abortion is killing the black community. The abortion industry has nefarious roots in hatred and racism. Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, was a eugenicist who systematically targeted ‘inferior races’ for decades. She opened her first clinic in a black neighborhood in Brooklyn. This horrific moment was just the beginning. Abortion is still a lucrative business scheme in America. Since 1973, this predatory industry has claimed the lives of 20 million black children in the nation. Ohio’s black women and babies have felt this evil year after year. And it continues today.” Read more here.


MILLENNIAL CULTURE LOVES ABORTION BECAUSE IT’S OBSESSED WITH SEX AND SHUNS MARRIAGE, by David Closson. “Over the summer, the Thriving Center of Psychology published an explosive study that found a shift in marriage expectations among Gen Z and millennials. According to the study, two in five young adults (41 percent of men and 52 percent of women) think marriage is an outdated tradition. The study also found that 61 percent of unmarried couples live with their partners. Although these statistics are not altogether surprising for a post-Christian culture, the survey’s findings demonstrate how modern sexual mores represent a significant challenge to the pro-life movement. Simply put, the values of a post-Christian culture, particularly sexual licentiousness, undermine pro-life efforts to foster a culture that honors life.” Read more here.


A CASE OF ANTI-LIFE LIBERALISM, by Sven Larson. “In the brave new world of liberalism, women have been reduced to ‘uterus carriers.’ Life is created in factories. Babies can be bought and sold like merchandise. No, this is not science fiction. It is not some dystopian image of an extreme future. This ‘vision’ of our future is found in a legislative bill introduced in the Swedish national parliament, the Riksdag. The sponsor is Mr. Joar Forssell, a member of parliament for the liberal party. He proposes that taxpayers’ money be spent ‘on research about artificial uteri’ for the purposes of extending ‘reproductive freedom’ to ‘uterus carriers.’ In other words, Mr. Forssell wants the Swedish government to sponsor the development of machines that can grow a baby from conception to birth, so that no woman will ever have to be pregnant again.” Read more here.


THE MYTH OF LGBT CONVERSION THERAPY, by Malcolm Clark. “The myth of conversion therapy may just be the biggest yarn yet spun by the UK’s LGBT lobby. Since 2018, the Conservative Party has been flip-flopping back and forth on whether or not it wants to outlaw conversion therapy for gay and trans people. As of last week, Rishi Sunak appears to be having second thoughts about a ban. Meanwhile, Labour is committed to one. All this has pitched a poorly understood subject back into the headlines. The issue will likely be fiercely argued about right up to the next General Election.” Read more here.


BRITISH CROSS-DRESSSING ACTOR EDDIE IZZARD DENIES ENGAGING IN ‘CULTURE WARS’ WHILE PUSHING TRANSGENDERISM, by Jonathon Van Maren. “By now, we are all used to classics of the Western canon getting cancelled, from Cambridge compiling literary blacklists, book-burnings in Quebec and Canadian libraries eliminating all books not published recently. Those classics that are not discarded completely are being reinterpreted. LGBT characters are magically being discovered as if the books exist entirely independently of their creators. An LGBT activist rewrote Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women with Jo March as a lesbian. The BBC’s recent screen adaption of Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations included foul language and, more disturbingly, BDSM-themed sex scenes. (It was widely condemned even by critics with the stomach for that sort of thing.)” Read more here.


SCIENCE CONFIRMS HUMAN LIFE BEGINS AT CONCEPTION DESPITE WHAT THE MEDIA THINKS, by Dave Andrusko. “The more pro-lifers are victorious—see the Dobbs decision overturning Roe—the more pro-abortionists are intent on revisiting topics that are already long since settled. So we get stories from the reliable pro-abortion National Public Radio with the headline ‘When does life begin? As state laws define it, science, politics and religion clash.’ Sarah Varney uses a familiar tactic. Argue that since the definition of death is now (‘more or less’) settled, then we ask ‘when exactly does human life begin? At conception, the hint of a heartbeat, a first breath, the ability to survive outside the womb with the help of the latest technology?’” Read more here.


THESE BC CONSERVATIVES ARE COURAGEOUSLY OPPOSING LGBT INDOCTRINATION IN SCHOOLS, by Jack Fonseca. “I have some encouraging pro-family news to share with you from one of the unlikeliest places in Canada. British Columbia (aka, the ‘Left Coast’) is a hot bed of progressive, socialist policies, led by a radical NDP government. …It all started the week before Thanksgiving as MLAs returned to work for the start of the Fall Session in the legislature. The first courageous politician I want to tell you about is B.C. Conservative Party Leader, MLA John Rustad. During his first-ever Question Period opportunity since taking over as Conservative leader, and with all eyes on him to see what he might ask the NDP Premier, MLA John Rustad, stunned the government and media, by using the moment to speak out against the evils of gender ideology being taught in the province’s classrooms.” Read more here.


WARNING BELLS: JAPAN’S DEMOGRAPHIC DECLINE, by Louis T. March. “Visitors to Japan usually don’t see the dying towns with abandoned homes, shuttered schools and absence of children. While being feted in the big city, you would have no idea of the severe demographic crisis enveloping the country. But the Japanese government saw fit to brief the 63-member (New Jersey East Asia Economic Mission) delegation about it. Interesting.” Read more here.


IN THE DARK: A MAJOR DOCUMENTARY IN THE NETHERLANDS SHAKES THE FOUNDATIONS OF GENDER MEDICINE, by Bernard Lane. “Experts in research methodology in the Netherlands, the country that gave the world puberty blockers, have identified fundamental flaws in pioneering Dutch studies crucial to the evidence base for youth gender clinics internationally. ‘There is no comparison group [in these 2011 and 2014 studies from the famous Amsterdam gender clinic], and all patients who received puberty blockers also received psychological counselling at the same time, so two treatments were running side by side,’ Maastricht University research methodologist Gerard van Breukelen said in a new documentary, ‘The Transgender Protocol,’ broadcast by the Dutch investigative journalism program Zembla.” Read more here.


THOUSANDS OF YOUNG PEOPLE REGRET THEIR ‘GENDER TRANSITIONS’ AND THEIR STORIES ARE GUT-WRENCHING, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Over the past several years, the mainstream press has been working overtime to debunk the testimonies of ‘de-transitioners’ – the men and women, most of them very young, who underwent various ‘transgender interventions,’ such as puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and ‘sex change’ surgeries. Those of you who read this blog regularly will have read many of their stories; there are now so many ‘de-transitioners’ speaking out that an entire genre of dissident documentaries has sprung up featuring their stories (I reviewed one of them at length here).” Read more here.


ABORTION FACILITIES, NOT CRISIS PREGNANCY CENTERS, DEAL IN MISINFORMATION, by Theresa Bonopartis. “On Oct. 23, Attorney General of California Rob Bonta along with 15 other attorneys general, including Letitia James of New York and Matthew Platkin of New Jersey, made public an open letter calling crisis pregnancy centers (CPC) sources of ‘misinformation and harm.’ As crime runs rampant in our cities, these 16 elected officials are spending taxpayer-funded resources harassing life-saving crisis pregnancy centers for not being what they never claimed to be: full-service ‘reproductive health clinics.’” Read more here.


3 THINGS TO CONSIDER ABOUT #WECOUNT’S LATEST REPORT SHOWING ABORTION INCREASE, by Bettina di Fiore. “#WeCount –- a project of the pro-abortion Society of Family Planning (SFP) … recently released updated data which purports to compare the number of U.S. abortions before and after the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which overturned Roe v. Wade. Although the organization’s previous report showed an overall decline in the number of abortions committed post-Dobbs, its current report shows the opposite, claiming a cumulative increase of 2,200 abortions per month. This has been spun by various media outlets as evidence that pro-life laws are not effective. But is this conclusion supported by the evidence?” Read more here.


DOCTORS PERFORMED A SEX CHANGE OPERATION ON ME AT TWO-DAYS-OLD. I FOUND OUT DECADES LATER, by Sophie Ottaway. “At age 22, during a routine trip to the doctor’s office, my entire reality changed in the blink of an eye. I learned I was born wholly male — an XY chromosome — and doctors made the decision at my birth to remove my split penis and testes and directed my parents to raise me as a female. Under the guise of psychological protection, the doctors told my parents I must never be told of my birth sex. Now, at 37, I want to share the learnings from my search for answers and the journey I undertook to make peace with myself and my body.” Read more here.


SCHOLASTIC BOOKS PUTS KIDS LAST, BENDS KNEE TO WOKE RAGE MOB, by Teri Christoph. “It seemed for a moment that an act of sanity was actually going to prevail. Scholastic Books, purveyors of every kid’s favorite book fair, announced they were going to give greater control over book fair book selections to parents, schools, teachers and librarians. Let me make an important note here: This decision was to affect elementary school book fairs. We’re talking about kindergarten through fifth or sixth grade. Babies, really. … In a world where kids are regularly used as political pawns, and the left’s radical agenda is constantly being shoved down their throats, it seemed like Scholastic Books was trying to protect kids in an unexpected moment of clarity. Silly me.” Read more here.


FEMALE DETRANSITIONER SUES PEDIATRIC ACADEMY, by Jazz Shaw. “Another detransitioner who was abused by the medical industry as a child has come forward. And Isabelle Ayala isn’t just telling her story in an effort to help others. She is taking her doctors and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) to court for endorsing an ‘affirmative model’ for diagnosing and treating pediatric gender dysphoria and subjecting her to medical procedures that they knew or should have known would lead to long-term harm. This is just one of multiple lawsuits currently being brought by detransitioners against a multi-billion-dollar industry that pushes dangerous and unscientific practices on patients leading to irreversible damage.” Read more here.


THE LEMON TEST IS DEAD. RELIGIOUS FREEDOM IS ALIVE, by Mat Staver. “It’s a new day for religious freedom in America. You won’t hear about this on the news. In recent years, the Supreme Court of the United States has become the catalyst for a positive sea change in just a 14-month period, which reversed decades of detrimental legal precedent and cleared the way for positive, multigenerational impact. After a string of losses through Supreme Court decisions in the 1970s that sought to sanitize the public square of our Judeo-Christian heritage, the decades-long fight swiftly shifted.” Read more here.


NOT ROBUST: ANOTHER GENDER CLINICIAN ADMITS THE SCARCITY OF GOOD EVIDENCE, by Bernard Lane. “An Australian psychiatrist featured in a TV program showcasing puberty blockers for non-binary teenagers has acknowledged to colleagues that the evidence for ‘gender-affirming’ treatment is not robust. At a psychiatry conference on October 14 Dr. Georgie Swift, who was involved in setting up the gender clinic at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital (WCH) in Adelaide, South Australia, gave a talk titled, ‘We’re here, we’re queer and we’d like to say hello: the mental health and wellbeing of gender-diverse and same-sex attracted people.’ ‘I’m reasonably confident to say that no matter where you stand on ‘gender-affirming’ health care for children and adolescents, that you agree that we need more evidence—our evidence isn’t robust, it isn’t good enough,’ Dr Swift told the conference.” Read more here.


TRANSGENDER ACTIVISTS ARE USING THIS CLASSIC STRATEGY TO NUMB THE PUBLIC TO THEIR RADICAL AGENDA, by Jonathon Van Maren. “If you want the public to believe something, simply hammer their senses with the same stories, over and over again. This leads to what is known as ‘the illusory truth effect,’ which ‘refers to the human tendency to believe a claim or a piece of information to be true after being exposed to it multiple times.’ The more we hear or read something, the more likely we are to believe it. This is one of the tactics currently being utilized by the transgender movement. Even in countries with aggressively pro-transgender laws – such as Canada, the UK, and the United States – most people do not accept most of the premises of the transgender movement.” Read more here.


DETRANSITIONER WHO STRUGGELD WITH MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES SUES DOCTORS WHO RUINED HER LIFE, by Tierin-Rose Mandelburg. “According to an exclusive report from DailyMail, Layton Ulery just sued a number of medical professionals who facilitated her ‘gender transition’ as a young woman. Ulery, who described herself as a ‘fractured and unstable’ adolescent at the time, is suing her former doctors for malpractice after saying they treated her mental health with scarring, life-altering drugs. According to the report, Ulery said she was part of a cult since she was six years old. As a result of the abuse at the hands of said cult, Ulery said she began experiencing symptoms of multiple personality disorder, claiming that ‘her mind and body’ were inhabited by eight separate identities,’ DailyMail reported.” Read more here.


AMERICAN DADS ARE MORE INVOLVED THAN EVER – ESPECIALLY COLLEGE-EDUCATED OR MARRIED DADS, by Wendy Wang. “American fathers are more involved in their children’s lives than ever. Fathers in America now spend an average of 7.8 hours per week taking care of their children at home, up by 1 hour per week in just about two decades. (Mothers’ child care time remains stable during this period.) However, this rise in fathers’ parenting time does not apply to all dads. New time diary data from the federal government show that fathers’ time with their children has increased the most in the past two decades among college-educated, partnered, white, or Asian dads.” Read more here.


KILLING A BABY AFTER BIRTH IS WRONG, SO IS KILLING A BABY BEFORE BIRTH, by Samuel Sey. “Is it ever okay to kill a baby? I know the question is absurd. Basically, everyone has the same answer: No, it’s never okay to kill a baby. But what if I added more context? What if the baby sleeps in his mother’s womb, instead of a crib? What if the baby is still a few days or hours away from being born? What if I changed my wording? What if instead of asking ‘Is it ever okay to kill a baby?’, I said: ‘Is it ever okay to abort a fetus?’ Keep in mind that the meaning of the words hasn’t changed. The word ‘abortion’ means terminating or killing a fetus. And the word ‘fetus’ means a pre-born baby. So, though the meaning of the words hasn’t changed — have your answers changed? Do you still believe it’s never okay to kill a baby? Ignore the euphemisms, pro-abortion people believe it’s okay to kill babies. It’s as simple as that.” Read more here.


SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE SHOWS UNBORN BABIES FEEL PAIN, POSSIBLY AS EARLY AS 12 WEEKS, by Dr. David Prentice. “Even still in the womb, a few weeks old, our hearts are beating rhythmically and blood courses throughout our tiny, still-developing bodies. Prick us then, and we will bleed. But what if the question is phrased, ‘If you prick us, do we not feel pain?’ Again, for those of us already born, barring some pathological neural syndrome, the answer is certainly ‘yes.’ But what about those still-developing humans in the womb?” Read more here.


WHY CHILDREN OF MARRIED PARENTS DO BETTER, BUT AMERICA IS MOVING THE OTHER WAY, by Pallavi Gogoi. “The economist Melissa Kearney has been both vilified and praised for her new book, The Two-Parent Privilege: How Americans Stopped Getting Married and Started Falling Behind. In the book, released last month, Kearney points out a rather obvious fact: Children raised by two parents have a much higher chance of success than those raised by one. Yet she goes even further to argue that whether parents are married or not impacts their children’s success. Her argument goes against the trend in the U.S.; American children are increasingly being born and raised by single mothers.” Read more here.


INCLUSION: SCHOOL DISTRICT DITCHES HALLOWEEN, VALENTINE’S DAY BUT NOT LGBT+ PRIDE, by Dave Huber. “A Wisconsin school district sent out a letter to families informing them that any celebrations for the upcoming Halloween and February’s Valentine’s Day are a no-no — due to diversity and inclusion concerns. … Back in June, however, the Monona Grove School Board formally recognized June as ‘LGBT+ Pride Month,’ noting in a statement the district is ‘committed to supporting visibility, dignity, and equality for LGBTQ+ people in our diverse community.’” Read more here.


MOST WOMEN ARE PRESSURED TO HAVE ABORTIONS, THAT’S WHY SO MANY REGRET THEM, by Andrea Trudden. “Britney Spears, an iconic pop sensation, recently unveiled a deeply personal chapter of her life in her upcoming memoir, ‘The Woman in Me.’ In this memoir, she candidly shares her experience of being pressured into having an abortion during her relationship with Justin Timberlake. Britney’s revelation has sparked a conversation about the emotional and psychological consequences of abortion, which often go unnoticed and unaddressed. In her memoir, Britney Spears opens up about the anguish she felt, saying, ‘To this day, [abortion] is one of the most agonizing things I have ever experienced in my life.’ Her statement shines a light on the profound emotional impact that abortion can have on women.” Read more here.


THE WOKE CANADIAN MEDIA IS LOSING ITS WAR AGAINST PARENTAL RIGHTS IN EDUCATION, by Jonathon Van Maren. “This time, it appears that the Canadian parental rights movement may be more than a flash in the pan. There have been sporadic protests over aspects of public school sex education for years across the country – with more sustained protests organized by groups such as Campaign Life Coalition in Ontario during the 2010s – but this level of organization, interfaith cooperation and political backing has been lacking. If momentum continues to build, there will be a collision course between a growing movement and consolidated opposition from progressive politicians, the press, the powerful LGBT lobby and teachers’ unions (which have more or less merged in recent years).” Read more here.


LIKE BRITNEY SPEARS, MANY WOMEN FEEL PRESSURED INTO ABORTIONS THEY DO NOT WANT, by Maureen Collins Comer. “… (W)ith the upcoming publication of Spears’ memoir, The Woman in Me, what could be another disturbing reason for the singer’s decline has come to light. According to People Magazine, which broke the story, Spears felt pressure to have an abortion during her relationship with Justin Timberlake in the late 1990s and early 2000s. From an excerpt of her memoir obtained by People, it sounds like it was not Spears’ idea to undergo an abortion.” Read more here.


OBGYN CONFIRMS ‘ABORTION IS THE DIRECT AND INTENTIONAL KILLING OF AN UNBORN CHILD,’ by Dr. Michael Parker. “In Ohio this election cycle, voters are being asked to enshrine two falsehoods into the laws of their state: that abortion is health care and that Ohioans’ elected representatives have no role in abortion-related decisions. Abortion was illegal in most states until the 1970s, and the medical field understood why. The American Medical Association opposed abortion in most circumstances. The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecologists viewed pregnancy as having two patients … The sexual revolution, the feminist movement and the introduction of birth control pills changed the public’s view on pregnancy termination.” Read more here.


RELIGIOUS FREEDOM AGAIN IN LEGAL PERIL IN FINLAND, by Sam Brownback. “’It is not for the district court to interpret biblical concepts.’ Such was the judgment of the Finnish court tasked with ruling on the case of Päivi Räsänen, a 28-year member of the Finnish Parliament, former minister of the interior, medical doctor, grandmother and Christian prosecuted for ‘hate speech.’ Her ‘crime?’ Publicly sharing her faith-based views of human sexuality.” Read more here.


ABORTIONIST DEFENDS ABORTING BABIES: THEY’RE SMALL, SO WHO CARES, by Dave Andrusko. “In a fascinating essay, written a while back for the New York Times, Dr. Alison Block tells her readers why she proudly performs second trimester abortion and how abortionists should be congratulated for overcoming their ‘ambivalence.’ But first she tells us that previously ‘the vast majority of abortions that I perform in my California practice are at six, seven or eight weeks of pregnancy — a period during which the gestational sac, a tiny piece of tissue that resembles a cotton ball, is about the size of a coin.” Read more here.


PLANNED PARENTHOOD IS AN ABORTION BUSINESS AND TAXPAYERS SHOULD NOT BE FORCED TO FUND IT, by Lisa Bourne. “While out for a local community festival this summer I encountered this unpleasant advertisement affixed to the sidewalk in the downtown metro area near where I live. Pictured strewn about in the ad were an IUD, a condom, two PrEP HIV pills, and a urine sample cup. Above these items was the claim: EXPERT SEXUAL HEALTH CARE. IT’S WHAT WE DO. Below the items the entity behind the all-caps claim and accompanying distasteful images was named, Planned Parenthood. If there is one thing Planned Parenthood is an expert at, it is marketing sexual activity precisely so that when the tools it pushes to do so fail, it is positioned to provide the supposed remedy, whether that is STD testing, or importantly, abortion.” Read more here.


DOJ’S TARGETING OF SO-CALLED ‘VIOLENT’ PRO-LIFERS IS MISLEADING AND DANGEROUS, by Bridget Sielicki. “In the aftermath of the overturn of Roe v. Wade, attacks against pro-life facilities and pregnancy resource centers have been at an all-time high. Despite this reality, a recent Washington Post article highlights the greater push by the Biden administration’s Department of Justice (DOJ) to target pro-lifers, with the misleading claim that such prosecutions are ‘urgent’ due to the pro-life movement’s ‘extremely dangerous behavior.’” Read more here.


PLANNED PARENTHOOD USES AFTERMATH OF HAMAS ATTACK TO FUNDRAISE FOR ITS OWN KILLING OPERATIONS, by Evita Duffy-Alfonso. “The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) reported last week that its Palestinian Family Planning and Protection Association (PFPPA) building in Gaza was demolished by an Israeli airstrike. In response, IPPF came out with a fundraising request. That’s right, baby-killing Planned Parenthood is shamelessly using unspeakable human suffering and death occurring in Gaza and Israel to unironically raise money.” Read more here.


FACT CHECK: BIDEN’S SPEECH TO LGBTQ GROUP WAS FRAUGHT WITH FALSEHOODS, FABLES, by Joshua Arnold. “President Joe Biden spoke Saturday at the Human Rights Campaign’s annual national dinner. Biden said it was his fourth appearance at the annual event, which is billed as ‘a national gathering for champions of LGBTQ equality.’ … From downright false testimony to invented stories, from ideological falsehoods to absurd non-sequiturs, the president’s speech had it all. Perhaps it would even have been comedic if the stakes weren’t so deadly serious. Biden was introduced by his wife, Jill, and the false testimony began with her. But the president added his own false claims.” Read more here.


GOSNELL PHOTO EXHIBIT ASKS OHIOANS TO RECKON WITH THE HORRORS OF ABORTION RIGHT BEFORE THEY VOTE ON IT, by Jordan Boyd. Issue One in Ohio says that ‘every individual has a right’ to ending life in the womb and other ‘reproductive decisions’ regardless of age or trimester. ACLU, Planned Parenthood and LGBT groups are counting on Ohioan’s confusion and ignorance about the language of the ballot measure to enact their radical abortion and anti-parent agenda in the state without pushback from Ohio’s Republican legislature, governor and attorney general.” Read more here.


PENNSYLVANIA MARCH FOR LIFE SEES THOUSANDS OF PRO-LIFE PEOPLE STAND AGAINST ABORTION, by Frank Pavone. “Pennsylvania has been suffering the pro-abortion policies of its recently-elected Governor, Josh Shapiro. One of his acts has been to unilaterally slash the funding of ‘Real Alternatives,’ a statewide program that has been in place for decades and helps fund pregnancy centers. The theme of the pregnancy centers, which have recently organized a statewide advocacy group, was front and center in the speeches. I spoke with some pregnancy center staff who said that as of the end of this year, they will no longer receive the [money] that the statewide program was providing them each year.” Read more here.


TRANS ACCESS TO GIRLS’ RESTROOMS AND RELATED LEGAL CLAIMS FAIL IN FEDERAL COURT, by Sarah Parshall Perry. “A federal district court in Idaho just declined to halt the operation of a state law mandating that public schools separate their bathrooms and housing accommodations by biological sex. The commonsense decision Thursday comes as more and more federal courts across the country conclude that state laws preventing the expansion of ‘gender identity’ rights are constitutional.” Read more here.


POLAND’S PRO-LIFE AND FAMILY PARTY HAS LOST THE GOVERNMENT, BUT THERE’S NO REASON TO DESPAIR, by Filip Mazurczak. “Poland’s pro-family party has lost its majority government, but this does not mean the country will suffer a nightmarish social revolution. For the past eight years, Poland has had the most genuinely socially conservative government in Europe, led by the Law and Justice party. On Sunday, parliamentary elections were held in the east-central European nation, and the results were officially proclaimed this morning. Despite receiving more votes than any other party, Law and Justice lacks the required number of mandates to form a parliamentary majority.” Read more here.


BABIES IN THE WOMB DESERVE MEDICAL CARE, NOT ABORTION, by Chuck Donovan and Tara Sander Lee. “In today’s America, political controversy rages over when—or whether—legal protections should begin for children in the womb. The arguments are intense, and tend to focus on milestone events in fetal development, like the onset of the child’s brainwaves, heartbeat or capacity to feel pain. At the same time, however, developments in fetology and prenatal medicine are pressing strongly for recognition of the baby as a patient in his or her own right ever earlier in pregnancy.” Read more here.


RETURN OF THE GROWNUPS, by Lisa Selin Davis. “If there’s one sentence I hope every attendee of the Society for Evidence Based Gender Medicine’s conference last week took to heart, it’s this: No treatment with such low-quality evidence can be described as evidence-based, life-saving, and/or medically necessaryAn international group of clinicians and academics presented at a series of panels over four days in New York City at SEGM’s conference. The location, I believe, is important: it signaled to critics that those concerned about the treatment of youth with gender dysphoria are feeling more emboldened to speak up and less apt to hide. The presenters included gay, lesbian and one trans participant and plenty of liberals.” Read more here.


DC LIBRARY DIDN’T DO BACKGROUND CHECKS FOR DRAG QUEEN STORY HOUR, by Mike Howell. “The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library in the nation’s capital hosted a ‘Drag Story Hour’ last month as part of so-called Family Pride Day activities without conducting background checks on the male performers, who dressed and wore makeup like women. King Library, the central location of the D.C. Public Library system, described the event as a ‘fun-filled afternoon’ of drag queen performances, crafts, and ‘a variety of family-friendly books all about Pride.’ The D.C. library listed “birth to 5” as the age range for the event.” Read more here.


YOUR MIDDLE SCHOOL CHILD IS NOT TRANSGENDER, by Zachary Faria. The exploitation of children by left-wing activists is always grotesque, but the worst of it is how children are being convinced they should pursue sex changes and be used as political vessels to force the government to allow it. Such is the case in North Carolina, where a 9-year-old child is being used as the crux of a lawsuit against the state for correctly banning sex change surgeries and procedures for children. According to the lawsuit, which is being pushed by the child’s parents and transgender activists, the child ‘knew from a very young age that his gender identity did not match his sex assigned at birth, and he generally lives as the boy he is in every aspect of life. However, with his puberty approaching, Victor will soon need medical care that is prohibited by the Health Care Ban.’” Victor, of course, is a girl. Read more here.


THE PROBLEMS WITH ‘GENDER IDENTITY,’ by Lisa Selin Davis. “The fact that gender identity is now vague, unmeasurable, completely subjective, and becomes true by declaration—not by objective evaluation—makes it easier for kids to claim a newfangled gender identity, and perhaps to feel special and seen by doing so. They may find community, solidarity, and social capital—especially those who feel intense pressure not to be part of privileged ‘oppressor’ groups. They can climb the social ladder by claiming to be stranded at the bottom of it. It’s the only identity one can opt into, manifest from magical thinking to reality by way of speaking aloud. Because only the child can know his/her/their/xir gender identity, and all the parent or doctor can do is wait for it to emerge, it’s the ultimate in child-led parenting, in patient-centered care.” Read more here.


A DRIVER OF INEQUALITY THAT NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE ARE TALKING ABOUT, by Melissa Kearney. “Earlier this year, I was at a conference on fighting poverty, and a member of the audience asked a question that made the experts visibly uncomfortable. ’What about family structure?’ he asked. ‘Single-parent families are more likely to be poor than two-parent ones. Does family structure play a role in poverty?’ The scholar to whom the question was directed looked annoyed and struggled to formulate an answer. The panelists shifted in their seats. The moderator stepped in, quickly pointing out that poverty makes it harder for people to form stable marriages. She promptly called on someone else.” Read more here.


CNN DISCOVERS A HORMONE IT DOESN’T WANT TEACHERS GIVING KIDS, by Rich Cromwell. “A special education teacher in Humble, Texas, gave melatonin gummies to a few of her students, and CNN is mad. Not only were the students’ parents not informed, the outlet tells us, but the teacher didn’t even alert the school nurse or administrators either. It’s shocking, really, a teacher giving kids a hormone supplement without parental consent. We should really demand better of our educational system … Are there any similar risks to transgender interventions — that is, years of wrong-sex hormones and genital mutilations? Read more here.


A REAL WOMAN REACTS TO DYLAN MULVANEY’S ‘WOMAN OF YEAR’ SPEECH, by Sarah Parshall Perry. “Dylan Mulvaney said, ‘No matter how hard I try, or what I wear, or what I say, or what surgeries I get, I will never reach an acceptable version of womanhood by those hateful people’s standards.’ Dylan, we don’t hate you. Far from it. But what we want is an apology. In fact, you yourself even admitted that there are not enough surgeries and not enough clothing options in the world for us to believe that you have an acceptable version of womanhood. You’re right, and that’s never going to change. That’s because the only version of womanhood is the biological version.” Read more here.


WILL OHIO ENSHRINE A RIGHT TO ABORTION?, by Jack Butler. “One record looms large for Ohio pro-life activists: oh-and-six. That figure represents the fate of their cause in voter-decided state ballot initiatives since the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade in June 2022. It includes both failed pro-life initiatives and, as in neighboring Michigan, successful pro-abortion ones. As Ohio prepares to vote this November on Issue 1, a pro-abortion constitutional-amendment initiative, that oh-for-six record underscores the challenge pro-lifers face. They are up against a well-resourced pro-amendment campaign. But they believe Ohio can defy the national trend if they make clear the radical implications of a yes vote.” Read more here.


THERE IS NO ROOM FOR PORNOGRAPHY IN A SOCIETY THAT CARES ABOUT ITS CHILDREN, by Jonathon Van Maren. “I want to begin by noting that I realize some people will begin reading this column and think: ‘Here we go again. Another article beating the drum about how porn fuels sexual violence – again.’ And on one hand, I get it. I’ve been writing about this subject for over 10 years and have published many columns in this space on the rape culture that has been metastasizing all around us as entire generations get addicted to digital sexual violence that has normalized deviant, degrading, and destructive sexual practices – normalized them.” Read more here.


WITH THE ADVENT OF TRANSGENDERISM, FEMINISM HAS KILLED ITSELF, by Eva Kneifel. “With the advent of transgenderism, feminism has effectively killed itself. Its advocates are now surprised that their theory was radically enforced and they are now falling under the wheels. After all, does anyone remember this? ‘You are not born a woman, you become one.’” Read more here.


PRO-ABORTION RESEARCHER BEHIND MISLEADING STUDY AWARDED FAMOUS ‘GENIUS’ GRANT, by Cassy Fiano-Chesser. “Diana Greene Foster, the pro-abortion researcher behind the much-touted (yet heavily debunked) Turnaway Study, has been chosen for a 2023 MacArthur Fellowship, along with a no-strings-attached $800,000 ‘Genius Grant, which is awarded to people who have ‘shown extraordinary creativity and dedication in their fields.’ Foster is a University of California San Francisco (UCSF) professor of obstetrics, gynecology and reproductive sciences, as well as a professor and researcher at the Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health (ANSIRH) program. Currently, she is studying the ‘health and economic consequences’ of the end of Roe v. Wade — but judging by her past work, as well as the organizations she works for — her research is bound to be biased in favor of abortion. And with an $800,000 grant, she will surely be even more capable of creating and spreading pro-abortion propaganda.” Read more here.


PLATO DIDN’T THINK THAT PARENTS MATTERED. THESE ACADEMICS DON’T EITHER, by Michael Cook. “In the Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy, Connor Kianpour, of the University of Colorado at Boulder, argues from a libertarian perspective that parents have no natural right to raise their children. Parents should prove their fitness for parenting by obtaining a license. His article is headlined: ‘The Kids Aren’t Alright: Expanding the Role of the State in Parenting.’ … One of the main requirements for obtaining this license would be to prove that mum or dad is not homophobic, racist or sexist. ‘Parental licensing, unlike public parenting support and parental monitoring, can insulate children from being raised by those who are objectionably intolerant, such as racists, sexists, and homophobes.’” Read more here.


PARENTAL RIGHTS IS ON THE BALLOT; GAVIN NEWSOM’S VETO OF SB 596 PROVES IT, by Jennifer Oliver O’Connell. “California Governor Gavin Newsom is not stupid. He’d be a horrible choice as a presidential candidate, but he knows how to play the margins politically, which is what he has been doing in his veto of particular bills that, six months to a year ago, assuredly would have been part of his platform. Take Senate Bill 596. Another under-the-radar bill written by Democrat state Senator Anthony Portantino. Alarms were raised by a parental rights blogger in Portantino’s district concerning this ‘parent silencing’ measure.” Read more here.


COURT BLOCKS SCHOOL DISTRICT POLICY FORCING PRONOUN ‘RESPECT,’ by Tierin-Rose Mandelburg. “A St. Louis federal appeals court halted Iowa’s Linn-Mar Community School District policy that would force students to comply with others’ transgender delusions. With the help of concerned parents in the district, as it stands now and according to everyone’s First Amendment rights, students will no longer have to ‘respect’ others’ gender delusions. A group of concerned parents represented by the Parents Defending Education (PDE) insisted that kids who are forced to say and acknowledge pronouns and genders that don’t exist, are having their First Amendment rights violated.” Read more here.


SAN FRANCISCO’S ‘GUARANTEED INCOME FOR TRANS PEOPLE’ PROGRAM DISCRIMINATES ON BEHALF OF RACIAL MINORITY APPLICANTS, by Evan Poellinger. “Judicial Watch disclosed on Thursday that it has acquired almost two thousand pages of records from the City of San Francisco related to its taxpayer-funded Guaranteed Income for Trans People (GIFT) program, which reveal that the city has given priority to program applicants from racial minority backgrounds. The program, which was announced by the city on November 16, 2022, was intended to ‘provide low-income transgender San Franciscans with $1,200 each month, up to 18 months to help address financial insecurity within trans communities.’” Read more here.


THE WAR ON MEN IS A WAR ON CIVILIZATION, by Owen Strachan. “At basically every level, men are disappearing. One minute, they’re here; the next minute, they’re gone. You can track this trend in one metric after another. As I write in my brand new book, ‘The War on Men’, for every one woman who drops out of college, seven men drop out. Men have left the workforce in almost unprecedented numbers; the current employment rate of men in prime working years mirrors that of the Great Depression. Men are also dropping out of church. For decades, women have filled roughly 60 percent of the pews.” Read more here.


WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY 2023 AND GENDER DYSPHORIA, by James Esses. “In aid of World Mental Health Day, here are some crucial facts (with references) about gender dysphoria, a globally recognized mental health condition, and the unethical medicalization of children who suffer from it. There is no other mental health condition in which you can tell a doctor you have something wrong with you, with no objective test, and receive irreversible medication or surgery on your say-so. This goes squarely against the Hippocratic Oath. Gender dysphoria is the only mental health condition in which treatment affirms the highly distressing thoughts inside someone’s head or encourages them to physically change their body. The treatment for anorexia or body dysmorphia is not liposuction.” Read more here.


SAFER SEX MEANS LESS PROMISCUITY, NOT MORE, by Debra Soh. “STIs have been steadily rising in the United States, something the CDC referred to as an ‘epidemic’ … and it seeks to improve the health of gay and bisexual men and transgender women who are at an increased risk of these STIs. Public health interventions can be both powerful and effective, but let’s not forget the amount of relevance and sway that cultural messaging also holds. The proposal mentions the importance of discussing risk reduction strategies, but I question, in today’s day and age, how many healthcare practitioners would feel comfortable advising their patients to have sex with fewer people.” Read more here.


WHY MEN ARE TURNING TO PORN AS A MENTAL HEALTH COPING STRATEGY, by Tom Ward. “While male loneliness is nothing new – published in 2017, the Jo Cox Commission found that eight million men feel lonely every week. With the coronavirus lockdowns of 2020 heightening the problem and leading to a rise in suicidal thoughts, the government even launched a £750 million campaign titled #Let’sTalkLoneliness to get people to open up. But, for many men, opening up remains a difficult task, especially so when we’re cut off from our friends and colleagues. It’s no surprise, then, that instead of dealing with our emotions, we search out distractions. Distractions like pornography.” Read more here.


THE FEDS AND THESE 37 STATES HIT PARENTS WITH MARRIAGE PENALTIES, by Preston Brashers. “There are many factors that have contributed to the decline in marriage, but federal and state tax systems that often penalize marriage—especially for lower-income Americans with children—exacerbate matters. The federal income tax, plus the state income taxes of at least 37 states and the District of Columbia, impose marriage penalties in some situations.” Read more here.


NO, PRO-LIFE LAWS ARE NOT TO BLAME FOR ‘MATERNITY CARE DESERTS,’ by Susan B. Anthony List. “Leave it to corporate media to make the simple complicated and the complicated simplistic. Once again, NBC is pushing a debunked claim that pro-life protections are responsible for maternity wards closing (specifically, Bonner General in Sandpoint, Idaho, which discontinued services back in March). ‘Maternity care deserts’ are defined as ‘counties where there’s a lack of maternity care resources, where there are no hospitals or birth centers offering obstetric care and no obstetric providers.’ This topic is worthy of deeper analysis. Unfortunately, NBC’s latest pro-abortion jeremiad doesn’t provide it.” Read more here.


MORE EVIDENCE OF PORN POISONING CHILDREN IS A DISTURBING WAVE OF SEX CRIMES AMONG MINORS, by Jonathon Van Maren. “For decades, porn industry executives and their lobbyists have been claiming that ‘adult content’ is a human right and that it is not only harmless but beneficial. One of their key claims has been that violent porn does not groom people for violence but provides a harm-free outlet for those who might otherwise act out physically on their disordered lusts. That claim has always been false due to the fact that the women being assaulted and degraded in porn videos are, in fact, being harmed — but as I’ve written many times in this space, a growing mountain of data is leading to a new consensus among experts that violent porn does not provide a ‘harm-free outlet’ but rather encourages and cultivates these desires.” Read more here.


HOUSE REAUTHORIZES AFRICA AIDS RELIEF PROGRAM WITH SAFEGUARDS AGAINST PROMOTING ABORTION, by Amanda Vicinanzo. “The U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) program, established during the Bush era, has been instrumental in saving countless lives in the fight against AIDS … Last week, in a 216-212 vote, the House of Representatives passed the State Foreign Operations Appropriations bill (HR 4665) reauthorizing PEPFAR, with robust provisions aimed at protecting preborn children and their mothers. ‘Regrettably, PEPFAR has been reimagined—hijacked—by the Biden Administration to empower pro-abortion international non-governmental organizations, deviating from its life-affirming work,’ said Rep. Chris Smith, Chair of the House Global Health Subcommittee.” Read more here.


THE LEFT’S CULTURE OF DEATH: ABORT BABIES UP TO BIRTH, EUTHANIZE PATIENTS AND MUTILATE CHILDREN, by Robert Henneke. “A culture of death is stalking our nation. Yet as some states work to expand assisted suicide, make abortion limitless (and free), and to ensure that children are able to be sterilized with surgeries and hormone treatments, Texas is creating—and celebrating—a culture of life. In some states, activists are working to expand physician-assisted suicide laws to cover more and more potential suicides. New Jersey, for example, has an assisted suicide law, but it’s restricted to residents of the state. That law led a Pennsylvania woman to file a lawsuit demanding access to the ‘service.’ One New Jersey doctor supports her fight against the residency law. … A couple of points here; this argument flips the script completely, by making assisted suicide a right, and any denial of access to a quick death is considered discrimination; this turns the Declaration’s self-evident truth and unalienable right—the right to life—upside down.” Read more here.


TRANSGENDER LAWYER WHO WANTED TO ‘CORRECT THE ERRORS’ OF JACK PHILLIPS’ THINKING MAY HAVE HIS OWN CASE ‘CORRECTED,’ by Tyler O’Neil. “The First Amendment prohibits the government from acting with hostility against sincere religious beliefs, yet Colorado twice prosecuted Christian baker Jack Phillips with such hostility. This week, Phillips got another chance to defend himself against another kind of hostility—the anger of a male lawyer named Autumn Scardina, who identifies as female and said he wanted to ‘correct the errors of [Phillips’] thinking.’” Read more here.


SEXUALIZING CHILDREN, by Janet Levy. “Do you believe that human beings are sexually aware right from birth? That children should know about masturbation at 0-4 years, and about hugging, kissing, and sexual behavior at 5-9 years? Or that children aged 9-12 years should know about sexual attraction, stimulation, and using pornography because by then they are ready for their first sexual experience? If your answer on all counts is a shocked and emphatic No, you have reason to be very much worried. For the globalist agenda to upend western civilization strikes at our most vulnerable members. Is there a plan to sexualize children, promote pornography, and normalize pedophilia involving the World Economic Forum (WEF), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the U.N. as part of Agenda 2030? The possibility exists.” Read more here.


PROBE THE CLINICIANS, by Bernard Lane. “An inquiry into gender medicine in Australia would scrutinize the clinicians who promote these life-altering medical interventions, not the children who are their patients, pediatrician Dr. Dylan Wilson has pointed out. ‘There is nothing to be lost by an inquiry,’ Dr. Wilson told a historic forum on the implications of medicalizing children with gender dysphoria held this week in the Australian state of Victoria. ‘The scrutiny only needs to be placed on the medical professionals advocating for this treatment, there is no need to scrutinize children,’ he said.” Read more here.


MS. MAGAZINE’S ABORTION STORIES PROVE WOMEN NEED SUPPORT, NOT ABORTION, by Nancy Flanders. “Ms. Magazine has collected a series of abortion stories in order to prove that abortion is ‘critical’ to women and girls. ‘Our Abortion Stories’ shares the abortion experiences of Ms. readers and appears to be an ongoing project of the magazine. Many of the stories show that women and girls don’t need abortion – they need support. That support exists, but the pro-abortion media and politicians are attempting to conceal it and disparage it.” Read more here.


FLORIDA SUPREME COURT SHOULD RULE THERE’S NO RIGHT TO KILL BABIES IN ABORTION, by Thomas Jipping. “For 50 years, the Supreme Court’s 1973 decision in Roe vWade, which invented a fictional ‘right to abortion,’ prevented most efforts to protect human lives before birth. Last year’s decision in Dobbs vJackson Women’s Health Organization corrected that egregious error, lifting that impediment to pro-life efforts in state legislatures and Congress. Pro-abortion forces, however, are relentless and are trying to use state constitutions to create a state-level ‘right’ to abortion and shut down pro-life legislation. The latest conflict is in Florida.” Read more here.


4 BILLBOARDS IN OHIO AND PENNSYLVANIA: WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET AMERICANS TALKING ABOUT ‘TRANSING’ CHILDREN, by Taylor Reece. “In the 2017 movie ‘Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri,’ the character Mildred Hayes, played by the always-gripping Frances McDormand, is a driven mother seeking justice for her slain daughter. Feeling ignored, and with no arrests after seven months, Mildred puts up three roadside signs to prod Ebbing’s police chief to find her daughter’s killer. As the makers of ‘Dead Name’, a new documentary film about the gender ideology targeting our children, we’ve taken a page from Mildred by using four two-sided digital billboards in Pennsylvania and Ohio to promote our movie through year’s end.” Read more here.


DEADLY ‘SEXTORTION’ SCAMS THREATEN TO RUIN A GENERATION OF YOUNG BOYS, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Almost every day, a scam email lands in my spam folder that is some derivative of the following: ‘I have hacked your computer’s camera and recorded you while you were watching porn. If you do not send me X amount of dollars, I will send the video to all of the email addresses on your contact list.’ Because I know it’s a scam and I don’t watch porn, it’s easy for me to simply delete the emails. But because I know how many people do struggle with porn – a majority of teen boys, even in Christian communities – I’ve often wondered how many people panic when they receive these emails, and how many end up sending money.” Read more here.


EUTHANASIA IS REJECTION OF A FUNDAMENTALLY IMPORTANT ETHICAL NORM AGAINST INTENTIONAL TAKING OF A LIFE, by Dr. Thomas Finegan. “The main points I wish to make involve the moral logic underpinning the legalization of assisted suicide and, or voluntary euthanasia. I use the term ‘euthanasia’ to refer to both, and by that term I mean the deliberate medical co-operation in a competent person’s autonomous choice to end his or her own life. My remarks here are explained and defended in greater detail in my written submission. The unique, distinguishing feature of euthanasia is the consensual, intentional [ending of] the patient[‘s life.] Introducing death as a legitimate healthcare intention would not be a mere expansion of healthcare. Rather, it could only be introduced by disavowing a primary healthcare norm, that of no intentional [taking of a life].” Read more here.


A NEW BOOK ARGUES TWO-PARENT HOMES ARE BEST FOR CHILDREN. IS IT RIGHT?, by Melissa Fletcher Stoeltje. “In the realm of uncomfortable truths, there’s one that many people — especially, it would seem, liberals — don’t want to talk about, even though statistics inarguably prove its substance: children do best when raised in two-parent homes. Specifically, two-parent homes where the adults are married. This taboo topic is the focus of a freshly published book presently causing all manner of punditry, pontificating and cultural handwringing.” Read more here.


AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION HELPED CREATE LEGISLATION TO KEEP SEXUAL MATERIAL IN SCHOOL LIBRARIES, by Jeff Charles. “The American Library Association (ALA), a once-respected entity, has been at the forefront of progressive efforts to use the education system to indoctrinate young children into far-leftist ideas on race, sexual orientation and gender identity. Its leadership has openly stated that its objective is to influence young minds into embracing progressive ideology. A recent report revealed that the ALA helped draft legislation that would stop school libraries from removing sexually inappropriate material from its shelves.” Read more here.


STUDY SHOWS AMERICANS ARE CONFUSED ABOUT WHAT ‘ABORTION’ IS. HERE’S WHY THAT MATTERS, by Cassy Fiano-Chesser. “How Americans feel about abortion continues to be a complicated issue. While polling has long found that Americans grapple with the morality of abortion, regardless of whether they feel it should be legal, the abortion industry continues to push for abortion to be legal across the country, for any reason, at any time, with no restrictions or safeguards. This has long been an unpopular position, which is perhaps why abortion activists have so frequently misrepresented the reality of what abortion is. Now, a new poll shows that there is widespread confusion about what constitutes an ‘abortion.’” Read more here.


NO, PUBERTY BLOCKERS ARE NOT THE SAME AS THE PILL, by James Esses. “Last Thursday, the Metro published an article by Ugla Stefanía Kristjönudóttir Jónsdóttir, an Icelandic ‘transwoman.’ The article was entitled: ‘We accept teenagers taking the pill – why don’t we feel the same about puberty blockers?’ This title, in and of itself, was disingenuous, dangerous and disgraceful. I immediately wrote to one of the lead editors at the Metro, expressing my concern with the piece, and requesting that they allow me to write a response piece, in the interests of balance. After a few days, I finally heard back, being told: ‘it wouldn’t be one for us on this occasion.’ This was disappointing but not surprising, given the Metro’s increasing tendency to push partisan gender ideology on its readers.” Read more here.


WASHINGTON STATE POLICY BOARD CONSIDERING ROLLING BACK SEX OFFENDER PUNISHMENTS, by David Strom. “What is it about the Pacific Northwest? Is it the proximity to Vancouver? Is there something in the water? Did we empty our insane asylums and install the former residents as government officials in charge of social policies? Whatever the reason, Oregon and Washington policies regarding anything alphabet-related are becoming more insane by the day. I have detailed before, Washington and Oregon have been on a rampage when it comes to overturning any policy that protects civilization. Rampant drug use, homelessness, gender-related policies and a host of other civilization-destroying decisions have been imposed on the residents of those states, resulting in the rapid decline of Seattle and Portland.” Read more here.


SILENCER: GENDER IDENTITY ACTIVISTS ARE QUICK TO FIRE OFF COMPLAINTS TO A REGULATOR WITH QUESTIONABLE IMPARTIALITY, by Bernard Lane. “Australia’s health profession regulator has been warned not to allow activists to misuse the complaints process to silence legitimate concerns about the dominant ‘gender-affirming’ treatment approach. ‘Many health professionals have told me about their disturbing experiences of being accused by [‘gender-affirming’] colleagues of trying to deny clients ‘lifesaving’ interventions, of being transphobic, or being incompetent because [‘gender-affirming’] care is ‘best practice,” clinical psychologist Dr Sandra Pertot said in a letter to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (Ahpra) earlier this year. ‘When all dissent is shut down, it is easy to make the case that ‘the science is settled.’” Read more here.


PLANNED PARENTHOOD IS HELPING TEENAGERS TRANSITION AFTER A 30 MINUTE CONSULT. PARENTS AND DOCTORS ARE SOUNDING THE ALARM, by Aaron Sibarium. “Fred arrived at his local clinic, on North Fullerton Ave. in Montclair, New Jersey, at around 11:00 a.m., according to phone tracking data his parents used to monitor his whereabouts. By 11:39, they received a text message from CVS: Fred’s estrogen prescription was on its way. Instead of a months-long evaluation by expert psychiatrists, a nurse practitioner had, in little over 30 minutes, prescribed their special-needs son a powerful drug without their knowledge or consent. ‘It’s criminal what Planned Parenthoods all over the country are doing,’ Fred’s mother, a New Jersey pediatrician, said. ‘And most people have no idea this is happening.’” Read more here.


ABORTION IS NOT HEALTHCARE IN AFRICA, by Mathew Otieno. “In any case, the fact that African countries lose so many women to pregnancy-related complications is one of the biggest scandals of modern medicine. The major causes of, and solutions to, maternal mortality have been figured out for a century, and many countries in the developed world now have maternal mortality rates within the single digits. Still a tragedy, yes, but not nearly as scandalous. Unfortunately, most of the attention paid to African mothers has been focused a lot more on reducing the number of children they bear, rather than on stemming the loss of our women, hence the frenzy of activity and funding for the promotion of abortion and contraception.” Read more here.


TRANSGENDER INQUISITION: NEWSOM WEAPONIZES SCHOOLS AGAINST NON-‘AFFIRMING’ PARENTS, by Tyler O’Neil. “It’s official: California Gov. Gavin Newsom has launched the transgender inquisition against non-‘affirming’ parents that I warned about earlier this month. Yet the Democrat found a cunning way to hide it: He made news by vetoing a horrible bill he was expected to sign. When conservatives brand Newsom a radical opponent of parental rights, he will point to his veto of AB 957—a bill that would require family courts to consider parental stances on ‘gender affirmation’ in custody disputes—as evidence that he’s no radical. Yet the Democratic governor’s full record on the issue remains extreme—if not downright horrifying.” Read more here.


RECLAIMING BIOLOGICAL FACT: THE IMPORTANCE OF SCIENTIFIC GENDER DEFINITIONS, by Matt Staver. “Some stark moments have marked the gender confusion debate that’s been raging in the U.S. Few were as stunning as the response of Ketanji Brown Jackson, a mother of two daughters and a sitting judge, after Sen. Marsha Blackburn asked her for the definition of the word ‘woman’ during her confirmation hearing. The now-sitting justice of the United States Supreme Court stated she didn’t know because she’s ‘not a biologist.’ How did something that is an objective reality, confirmed by science, and just plain common sense become controversial or indefinable?” Read more here.


OUR SCHOOL HAS A PRIVATE TRANSGENDER TRANSITION PLAN … BUT THERE’S A PROBLEM, by Kira Davis. “My California school district — Capistrano Unified School District (CUSD) — is in an unusually conservative voting area. Even so, our board is owned by progressive union-supported representatives. Our proximity to wealth in Orange County has largely insulated us from the controversies that have traditionally plagued public school systems, not because they didn’t exist, but because as long as education standards were holding steady not many parents felt the need to bother with keeping tabs on our school board. That all changed when the pandemic hit… At the moment we are struggling mightily to press our board into adopting a parental notification measure similar to the (currently) seven other school boards across the state that have already done so. You may have heard our attorney general has chosen to threaten tax-paying parents and is suing at least one district for violating state policy. It’s a mess, to say the least, and the more digging we do the worse it gets. Read more here.


GROWING UP IN INTACT FAMILIES MATTERS MORE THAN EVER, by W. Bradford Wilcox and David Bass. “Stable, two-parent families have always mattered for kids. But today, we have new evidence that they may matter more than ever. A new study from the Institute for Family Studies (IFS) indicates that an intact family is increasingly tied to the educational, financial and social welfare of children. Meanwhile, family instability appears to harm kids more than it used to. Growing up with two parents made a bigger difference for Millennials than for Boomers. This new report co-authored by one of us (Wilcox) comes on the heels of an important new book by Brookings Institution economist Melissa Kearney, The Two-Parent Privilege, showing that American kids do better when raised in a two-parent family.” Read more here.


REPORTER KICKED OUT OF TRANS EVENT AFTER ASKING ‘WHAT IS A WOMAN’?, by Tierin-Rose Mandelburg. “Timcast news reporter Elaad Eliahu was escorted out after asking the panel to define the word ‘woman’ during an event at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. The event, entitled ‘Trans Rights in America,’ was set up by Georgetown College Democrats in protest of The Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles’ speech that was taking place the same night, and featured trans activists from across the country. Panelists included Montana State Representative Zooey Zephyr (a biological man who pretends to be a woman), former Hillary Clinton Press Secretary Charlotte Clymer (another biological man who pretends to be a woman), Oklahoma State Representative Mauree Turner (a girl who wants to be referred to as more than one person), and journalist and activist Erin Reed (a biological man who pretends to be a woman who is in a ‘lesbian’ relationship with Zephyr.) Let’s just say the bunch was as wild as a zoo.” Read more here.


ANTHROPOLOGY CONFERENCE CANCELED PANEL SUGGESTING SEX IS BINARY, by John Sexton. “The panel was going to be called ‘Let’s Talk About Sex Baby: Why Biological Sex Remains a Necessary Analytic Category in Anthropology’ and it was set to be held at an annual conference in Toronto this November. The panel got a preliminary approval this summer, but this week it was abruptly canceled. The American Anthropological Association (AAA) put out a statement titled ‘No Place For Transphobia in Anthropology: Session pulled from Annual Meeting program.’” Read more here.


AMERICAN COLLEGE OF SPORTS MEDICINE PUTS OUT THE ‘NO DUH’ STATEMENT OF THE CENTURY, by Amber Harding. “The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) has published an expert consensus statement regarding the difference in athletic ability between males and females. And you’re never going to guess what they came up with. Just kidding. It’s exactly what we’ve been saying all along. ‘Biological sex is a primary determinant of athletic performance because of fundamental sex differences in anatomy and physiology dictated by sex chromosomes and sex hormones,’ the statement reads. And to this we all say: DUH.” Read more here.


LAWSUIT OF PHYSICIAN’S ASSISTANT FIRED FOR REFUSING TRANSGENDER DIRECTIVES GETS JUDGE’S GO-AHEAD, by Nicole Russell. “In Kloosterman v. Metropolitan Hospital, et al., Judge Jane Beckering ruled in favor of allowing the lawsuit of Valerie Kloosterman, a physician’s assistant formerly employed at University of Michigan Health-West, to proceed after the medical organization sought to dismiss the nine claims Kloosterman made in her complaint. (According to the complaint, Metropolitan Hospital does business as the University of Michigan Health-West.) Kloosterman was fired in August 2021 after she sought to receive a religious accommodation not to have to use pronouns that match a person’s gender identity different from his or her biological gender and to have to refer patients for gender-’transition’ surgeries, among other things.” Read more here.


NI’S ABORTION CENSORSHIP ZONES WILL FURTHER FOSTER CULTURE OF SILENCE AND SECRECY, by Maria Maynes. “Northern Ireland’s Department of Health on Monday confirmed that ‘Safe Access Zones’ will be enforced at hospitals and centers offering abortion across the North, starting September 29. … The Abortion Services Safe Access Zones Bill, a private members Bill, had been introduced by Clare Bailey of the Greens, a former abortion center escort, who dramatically lost her seat in the last election. … Her choice of words and the caricature of pro-life people at abortion centers is interesting, and it’s one which is repeated tirelessly, and without questioning, by the media. Those who simply pray or try to provide information on the development of the baby in the womb are accused of having a ‘vicious vendetta’ against women, and stirring up ‘fear’. It’s a narrative which has become prevalent.” Read more here.


HOW TRUSTWORTHY ARE MEDICAL ORGANIZATIONS THAT RABIDLY SUPPORT UNTIL-BIRTH ABORTION?, by Nathanael Blake. “The American medical establishment is going all-in on abortion on demand until birth. A recent column in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine is a perfect example of how activists are capturing the institutions of American medicine and corrupting its soul. The article was written by Duke-affiliated Beverly Gray, M.D., and Jonas J. Swartz, M.D., who agitate for unrestricted abortion on demand. These two doctors try to strike a righteous pose over having refused to assist North Carolina legislators in drafting medical exceptions to restrictions on abortion after the first trimester, a refusal based on their opposition to any restrictions on abortion, at any point in pregnancy.” Read more here.


GOOD RIDDANCE TO THE ‘CONVERSION THERAPY’ BILL, by Freddie Attenborough. “There was speculation last week that the UK government’s bill to ban ‘conversion therapy’ has been quietly killed off, given that time had all but run out to publish draft legislation before the King’s Speech in November. When Lib Dem MP Wera Hobhouse asked on September 14th if the bill would be ready in time for the King’s Speech, Leader of the House Penny Mordaunt deftly sidestepped the question. Now, however, ‘sources’ have told the Sunday Times that the government is expected to formally announce the legislation will no longer be brought forward, five years after Theresa May’s government first vowed to make conversation therapy a criminal offence, with ministers concluding it has proved problematic or ineffective in other countries (most notably Australia and Canada).” Read more here.


OUR PUBLIC SCHOOL PUT MAN WITH FAKE BREASTS IN OUR 10-YEAR-OLD’S CLASSROOM, by Stacy Manning. “Last Tuesday morning, a male substitute teacher, wearing what were likely prosthetic breasts under his dress, walked into my son’s 5th-grade classroom. My son immediately walked out. My son located the principal … explained that his parents wouldn’t want him to stay in class because the substitute ‘was a man, dressed as a woman with fake boobs and everything.’ He was right. I immediately collected him and, the very next evening, dressed down the school board at their conveniently timed meeting.” Read more here.


OBGYN WHO HAS DELIVERED 5,000 BABIES: ABORTION BANS DON’T STOP DOCTORS FROM TREATING PREGNANT WOMEN, by Dr. Ingrid Skop. “From the first time I experienced the miracle of birth, I knew I had found my calling as an obstetrician and gynecologist. Thirty years and more than 5,000 deliveries later, it has been an honor and privilege to help bring new life into the world, while caring for mothers as they navigate pregnancy, delivery and the postpartum period. I know most of my peers share a similar story. We take pride in the quality of care we provide in each case for both of our patients, and we strive to ensure that both mother and baby thrive. Like approximately 90 percent of obstetricians, I do not perform elective abortions, yet I have always been willing to provide the care necessary to protect a mother’s life in an obstetric emergency. This is why I’m saddened to read stories of obstetricians left confused about how to help pregnant mothers in states with laws limiting elective abortions.” Read more here.


ABORTION INDUSTRY’S POST-ROE STATE STRATEGY: ESTABLISHING ABORTION AS A CONSTITUTIONAL ‘RIGHT,’ by Bridget Sielicki. “The reversal of Roe v. Wade in June 2022 gave each state more freedom in legislating abortion laws and protections for preborn children. In the 15 months that have followed, the abortion industry has gone on the attack and revealed its top strategy for promoting abortion and protecting its bottom line: changing state constitutions. These state constitutional amendment campaigns are designed to look as though they are part of grassroots efforts; at first glance, groups with names like ‘Ohioans for Reproductive Rights,’ ‘Floridians Protecting Freedom,’ and ‘New Yorkers for Equal Rights’ appear to be campaigns spearheaded by local citizens. But behind this façade, the campaigns are part of a larger, targeted effort driven by abortion industry stalwarts like Planned Parenthood, NARAL (which is now changing its name again, this time to ‘Reproductive Freedom for All’), and the ACLU.” Read more here.


GOOD NEWS: CHILE ON THE WAY TO ADOPTING A PRO-LIFE CONSTITUTION, by Carlos Polo and Carlos Beltramo. “On September 20, the group in charge of drafting a new constitution for Chile, the Constitutional Council, approved language protecting ‘the right to life of those who are about to be born.’ The approval of ‘Article 16,’ as it is called, is a great victory for the cause of life. The final text of the new Constitution still has to be approved by the voters in an upcoming referendum, to be held this December. But make no mistake: The vote to include strong pro-life language in the Constitution constitutes an important milestone in the ongoing cultural and political battle taking place in that country.” Read more here.


ONTARIO CITY COUNCILORS COULD BAN PARENTAL RIGHTS PROTESTS AGAINST LGBT INDOCTRINATION, by Jeff Gunnarson. “Last Wednesday, about 2,000 parents, grandparents and concerned citizens from the Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge area gathered at Kitchener City Hall to peacefully protest classroom indoctrination in LGBT ideology and gender identity theory during the #1MillionMarch4Children. People carried signs against gender ideology, sexual grooming of children and the unwelcome incursion of LGBT activists into the private lives of parents and their kids. Well, on Wednesday, September 27th, Waterloo Regional Councilors will vote on a proposed bylaw that would prohibit any communication, word, sign or gesture on publicly owned property that makes persons who identify as LGBT ‘feel harassed,’ ‘offended’ or ‘troubled.’” Read more here.


NO, PEOPLE WHO OPPOSE BABIES IN ABORTIONS ARE NOT EXTREMISTS, by Ryan Bomberger. “The Chicago Tribune lied its way through a sloppily written op-ed that unapologetically defends the violence of abortion. In ‘Abortion Pill Extremists Are Disingenuous Absolutists,’ the editorial board sounded like abortion industry spokespeople instead of objective journalists. According to the male-dominated Board, abortion ensures the ‘smooth functioning of American society.’ Things go soooo smoothly when we kill our children. Ok. Got it.” Read more here.


UK PROMOTES PARENTAL RIGHTS IN SCHOOLS AS CANADA’S LEFT-WING LEADERS ATTACK THEM, by Jonathon Van Maren. “For several months, we’ve seen Canada’s progressive leaders demonize Canadian parents concerned about schools ‘transitioning’ their children behind their backs with the worst sort of rhetoric, enabled by the vast majority of this country’s press corps. In that context, this headline in the Guardian – a very left-wing publication – seems significant: ‘Involve parents before pupils ‘socially transition’ at school’, says NHS England. …Here’s what they had to say: ‘Schools should not allow gender-questioning children to “socially transition” without their parents’ involvement, according to NHS training and guidance on how staff should respond to pupils exploring their gender identity. The new online module published by NHS England represents the first national guidance on how to support children with gender-related questions or distress in education settings.’” Read more here.


WORLD UNDERPOPULATION CRISIS IS SO BAD, NATIONS DESPERATELY URGE WOMEN TO HAVE MORE BABIES, by Louis March. “If current demographic trends continue, homo sapiens is on the path to extinction. Many cannot fathom the notion of human extinction, dismissing it as the disjointed imaginings of a ‘conspiracy theorist’ mindset. How could something like that happen to the most intelligent critters ever? Ask Mother Nature. Extinction is an equal opportunity employer. No species is exempt, not even Man almighty. Per fertility, things will get worse before they get better – if they get better. A few countries, notably Hungary, China and Russia, are implementing measures to entice people to do what comes naturally, to reproduce.” Read more here.


THE PUBLIC’S IDEAL FAMILY SIZE IS A FULL BABY GREATER THAN THE ACTUAL FAMILY SIZE, by Timothy P. Carney. “While the American family shrinks in size, the ideal family size is growing. If you ask people the ideal number of children for a family to have, the answers will vary mostly from two to four. Gallup has been asking this question annually, and to the surprise of some, the average answer has been going up, hitting 2.7 this year, up 50 percent from the early 1980s and the highest number on record since the birth control pill took up wide usage in the early 1970s. About half the population says two or fewer is the ideal number of children, while the other half says three or more is best. Almost nobody thinks one or no children is best for a family.” Read more here.


LYFT’S GIFT TO GENDER IDEOLOGY’S CRITICS, by Douglas Blair. “Thank you, Lyft. You just made debunking transgenderism that much easier. The rideshare operator recently announced a new policy in certain cities called Women+ Connect, where female and so-called nonbinary drivers can prioritize bookings with female and nonbinary riders. Nonbinary is a made-up term for people who think they’re neither male nor female. The move comes on the heels of multiple complaints surrounding female safety in recent years. Between 2017 and 2019, the company reported 4,158 cases of sexual assault. Lyft said it hoped this new program would help women feel safer using the app.” Read more here.


‘PRO-CHOICE’ IS OUT AS ABORTION INDUSTRY REBRANDS, MARKETING ABORTION AS ‘FREEDOM,’ by Nancy Flanders. “There’s a new pro-abortion message circulating through both the media and social media. For abortion advocates, abortion is no longer about ‘choice’ — it’s about ‘freedom.’ This new marketing tactic — propaganda if you will — has even taken over the name of one of the most vocal pro-abortion groups in the nation. NARAL Pro-Choice America has rebranded itself (for the fourth time) and will now be known as ‘Reproductive Freedom for All.’ NARAL’s name change isn’t about true freedom or honesty, it’s about manipulation.” Read more here.


MOST YOUNG MEN ARE SINGLE. MOST YOUNG WOMEN ARE NOT, by Daniel De Visé. “More than 60 percent of young men are single, nearly twice the rate of unattached young women, signaling a larger breakdown in the social, romantic and sexual life of the American male. Men in their 20s are more likely than women in their 20s to be romantically uninvolved, sexually dormant, friendless and lonely. They stand at the vanguard of an epidemic of declining marriage, sexuality and relationships that afflicts all of young America. ‘We’re in a crisis of connection,’ said Niobe Way, a psychology professor and founder of the Project for the Advancement of Our Common Humanity at New York University. ‘Disconnection from ourselves and disconnection from each other. And it’s getting worse.’” Read more here.


CLINTON CONFERENCE GAVE A GLIMPSE INTO THE RADICAL MINDSET OF AMERICA’S TRANSGENDER ACTIVISTS, by Jonathon Van Maren. “This past week, celebrities, politicians, and global leaders met in New York for the 2023 Clinton Global Initiative. Unsurprisingly, LGBT issues were at the top of the agenda. One panel discussion … included writer and comedian Alok Vaid-Menon, who identifies as ‘gender non-conforming,’ ‘transfeminine,’ and (in case you’re not confused yet) uses ‘singular they third person pronouns.’ … The panel was an illuminating and disturbing glimpse into the mindset of America’s trans activists. According to Alok, ‘trans and gender non-conforming people’ are ‘being attacked and scapegoated so heavily right now’ specifically because the rest of society is jealous.” Read more here.


CANADIAN PARENTS (FINALLY) PUSH BACK AGAINST GENDER CULTISM, by Jonathan Kay. “I sometimes get asked why I devote so much bandwidth to challenging the movement that I’ve described as gender cultism—a faddish ideology whose adherents (1) claim that all humans are infused with a soul-like ether known as gender identity; and (2) insist that the self-reported nature of this spirit trumps the objective reality of biological sex. The most obvious answer is that this movement does real, observable harm, by forcing women to share prisons, rape-crisis centres, athletic leagues, locker rooms, and other vulnerable spaces with men. It also encourages children, many of them gay, autistic, or psychologically fragile due to bullying and underlying mental-health challenges, to indulge the gothic horror-movie delusion that they were ‘born in the wrong body,’ and to embark on a lifetime regime of (dangerous and untested) drug treatments and body-disfiguring surgeries.” Read more here.


NO, BIG TECH DOESN’T HAVE A RIGHT TO SPEAK TO KIDS WITHOUT THEIR PARENT’S CONSENT, by Adam Candeub, Clare Morell and Michael Toscano. “Future generations will wonder why, when parents and legislators tried to use the democratic process to end Big Tech’s massive experiments on America’s children, the judicial system said ‘no.’ The experiment results are in — they are not good. In a recent advisory, the Surgeon General has declared a ‘national youth mental health crisis,’ as both sexes report unprecedented levels of depression, loneliness and anxiety — not to mention large spikes in the rates of self-harm and suicide among teens.” Read more here.


ONLY WOMEN CAN GET PREGNANT, by Jo Bartosch. “The idea that men can also get pregnant, or have periods and go through the menopause, is the sort of bonkers thing you might expect to hear from a students’ union, not from respected medical professionals. The fact that the body that effectively sets the standard for healthcare in Britain has jettisoned basic biological facts shows how far the trans virus has eaten into the brains of those at the top of British institutions.” Read more here.


HOW TRANS IDEOLOGY IS UNDERMINING THE FAMILY, by Stella O’Malley. “The number of children who identify as trans has exploded in recent years. When a child announces they are struggling with their gender, parents are often at a loss as to where to turn. They know that most doctors and specialists will look to ‘affirm’ a child’s chosen identity, placing them on a pathway towards medical ‘transitioning’. And when kids have been bombarded with gender ideology from a young age – in schools, online and in the media – this can often drive a wedge between them and their families.” Read more here.


‘QUEER MR. ROGERS’ WRITES ‘PAW PATROL’ SPIN-OFF FEATURING NON-BINARY CHARACTER, by Tierin-Rose Mandelburg. “In today’s episode of the left’s latest attempt to come for your kids: Word just broke that creators of a ‘Paw Patrol’ children’s show spinoff, ‘Rubble & Crew,’ will feature non-binary characters. To make matters worse, the writer of the spinoff, Lindz Amer, is an extreme LGBTQ activist and hosts a Youtube channel called ‘Queer Kid Stuff.’ Normally when there are predators like this, we try to keep them away from kids. Nickelodeon pays them to indoctrinate children.” Read more here.


DODGING A BULLET: HOW A REPORT RECOMMENDING ‘CHESTFEEDING’ AND INCLUSIVE PRONOUNS ALMOST BECAME THE NORM IN BRITISH MATERNITY WARDS, by Michael Cook. “A transgender maternity report commissioned by public health authorities in the UK last year made headlines by recommending the use of more inclusive language such as ‘chestfeeding’ and of ‘visible markers of inclusion such as posters, badges, including name badges with pronouns, and lanyards’. It was based on research by the LGBT Foundation which found that trans and non-binary users of NHS maternity services were being mistreated and ignored. … Now a searing article in the British Journal of Midwifery has demolished the report.” Read more here.


ROE’S REPEAL HAS ENERGIZED AFRICA’S ANTI-ABORTION MOVEMENT, by Erica Hellerstein. “Anti-abortion groups, meanwhile, see Dobbs as a signal that it may not be so difficult to roll back the gains made by abortion advocates. ‘The opposition has tasted blood in the water,’ Lori Adelman, the acting executive director of Planned Parenthood Global, told me. In India, anti-abortion activists took to the streets of Delhi in the months after Dobbs, calling on the Indian government to repeal its 1971 law legalizing abortion. In Italy, pro-choice gynecologists are facing a fresh wave of harassment by an emboldened anti-abortion movement riding a post-Roe high. But nowhere has the anti-abortion movement been more energized by Roe’s overturning than on the African continent.” Read more here.


PUBLIC MUST PAY FOR GENDER-AFFIRMATION SURGERIES ABROAD, SAYS ONTARIO REVIEW BOARD, by Jamie Sarkonak. “When a public health authority is asked to subsidize a novel, understudied medical procedure, it can say ‘no.’ If it says ‘yes,’ it better have good reasons, because the rest of us have to pay for it. Those being made to pay for unproven treatments have the right to question why exactly they’re being forced to pony up the cash. Those questions are now justifiably being asked by Ontarians about publicly funded sex-change operations.” Read more here.


‘TRIFECTA OF HARM,’ by Bernard Lane. “A school policy in California that forces teachers to conceal from parents a student’s gender change threatens ‘a trifecta of harm’ for the child, parents and teachers. So said a US District Court judge when granting the preliminary injunction request of two public school teachers, Elizabeth Mirabelli and Lori Ann West, who potentially faced disciplinary action because of their belief that parents had ‘a God-ordained right to know’ if their children were socially transitioning at school.” Read more here.


DUKE UNIVERSITY PRO-ABORTION MDS REFUSED TO HELP CRAFT INFORMED HEALTH EXCEPTIONS TO LATER-TERM BAN, by Wesley J. Smith. “It is no secret that the medical establishment is chock full of abortion absolutists who loathe the idea of any meaningful limitations on abortion. But when North Carolina legislators reached out to Duke University OBGYN experts to target potential health exceptions to a post-twelve-weeks prohibition — in other words, to be nuanced — the self-righteous professors refused to help. And now they are bragging about it in the New England Journal of Medicine.” Read more here.


WE NEED BOTH FEDERAL AND STATE LAWS TO PROTECT BABIES FROM ABORTIONS, by Jeanne Mancini. “Dobbs was an essential step forward, but our country is still far from recognizing the inherent dignity of every life. In some states, such as Michigan and Minnesota, there are now fewer protections for the unborn than there were under Roe. And tragically, there are even some with no protections at all. Six states plus the District of Columbia offer no protections for the unborn — no limits on abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, including up until the moment of birth.” Read more here.


CHILDREN FOR SALE ONLINE, by Emmanuele da Ponte. “Lori Cohen of PACT (Protect All Children from Trafficking) testified before the Subcommittee on Crime and Federal Government Surveillance. The hearing, ‘Children are Not for Sale: Examining the Threat of Exploitation of Children in the U.S. and Abroad,’ noted the rise of child pornography within the United States, child sex trafficking, and how social media companies are a big part of the problem.” Read more here.


‘ACCEPTABLE’ VIOLENCE AGAINST PEACEFUL PRO-LIFERS IS UNACCEPTABLE, by Lauren Muzyka. “In a tumultuous culture where the emotional temperature seems to be ever-rising after the 2022 Dobbs v. Jackson Supreme Court decision on abortion, it’s perhaps not surprising that violence is being reported more frequently outside facilities that perform abortions — which, ironically, is a violence of its own. These are situations in which people engaged in sidewalk counseling, or people who are simply praying quietly, are being attacked.” Read more here.


PENTAGON’S ‘CLARIFICATION’ ON GENDER PRONOUNS? WHEN YOU’RE IN A HOLE, QUIT DIGGINGby Cully Stimson and Dakota Wood. “Earlier this week, after we exposed the Pentagon’s woke gender-pronoun policy for the top joint military awards and the ensuing political firestorm it caused, the Pentagon issued a ‘clarification.’ But here’s the problem: The clarification only confirms our worst fears and raises other related questions.” Read more here.


ENOUGH WITH OUR HORRIBLE MEDIA BOOSTING WOMEN WHO PUBLICLY REGRET THEIR CHILDREN’S EXISTENCE, by Elle Purnell. “There’s a disgusting genre in our rabidly pro-abortion media that’s intensified since the Supreme Court struck down federal prohibitions on laws protecting an unborn baby’s right to live. It involves finding some sad, stressed mother whose child escaped the abortionist’s pincers, and getting her to tell the internet she wishes that inconvenient, needy, Play-Doh-chucking toddler didn’t exist — or at least that her life would be a whole lot easier without it.” Read more here.


SEX ON TRIAL, by Colin Wright. “On August 25, Texas judge Maria Cantú Hexsel temporarily blocked Senate Bill 14, which limits sex-trait modification procedures—euphemistically called ‘gender-affirming care’—to adults only. In her decision, Hexsel stated that the law ‘interferes with Texas families’ private decisions and strips Texas parents … of the right to seek, direct, and provide medical care for their children.’ In response, the Texas attorney general’s office swiftly filed an appeal with the state’s Supreme Court to halt Hexsel’s injunction, highlighting the ‘unproven’ nature of pediatric sex-trait modification procedures being ‘pushed by some activists in the medical and psychiatric professions.’” Read more here.


PRO-ABORTION ACTIVISTS ARE LYING: MEXICO’S SUPREME COURT DID NOT DECRIMINALIZE ABORTION, by Carlos Beltramo. “The September 6 headlines in the international press seemed to leave no doubt: the Supreme Court of Mexico had issued a ruling decriminalizing abortion throughout the country. The stories that followed went even further, insisting that the ruling compelled all hospitals to provide abortions and that no doctor who performed an abortion could be punished for doing so. Who could doubt that the abortion movement had won a great victory in Mexico? …Don’t fall for the lie.” Read more here.


OUR MEDIA COMMIT THE SIN OF OMISSION REGARDING YOUTH TRANSGENDER ISSUES – REALITY EMERGES IN BRITAIN, by Brad Slager. “This summer in Great Britain, some significant changes to that country’s medical approach to transgender surgeries and treatments took place. Based on medical studies, new data arrived that basically shook the foundations of ‘transgender care’, and it led to deeply serious alterations of the practice in that country. This should be an area of extreme focus, but instead, we have been met largely with radio silence as the Biden administration pushes forward with an accelerated transgender agenda.” Read more here.


JOE BIDEN’S JUSTICE DEPARTMENT IS UNJUSTLY PERSECUTING PRO-LIFE ACTIVISTS, by Lila Rose. “In the picturesque neighborhood of Foggy Bottom in northwest Washington, D.C., a feeling of history and purpose follows you. The State Department and the Federal Reserve buildings line the streets. George Washington University occupies over 40 acres in the center of the community. But on F street, on the same block as GW dormitories, sits the Washington Surgi-Clinic, an abortion facility run by Cesare Santangelo, who performs gruesome late-term abortions on nearly full-term children. At this facility an investigator from my organization, Live Action, recorded Santangelo describing—in his own words—his willingness to withhold medical care from infants born alive after a botched abortion, a violation of federal law.” Read more here.


THE BATTLE OVER NOTIFYING PARENTS ABOUT THEIR CHILD’S GENDER IDENTITY IS HAPPENING IN NEW JERSEY TOO, by John Sexton. “Last week I wrote about the school district in Orange, California which voted to notify parents any time a child under the age of 12 signals a ‘change of gender’ identity. Orange is actually the 6th district in California which has instituted such a rule. The first district to do so was sued by the state’s attorney general. Opponents of these rules call it ‘forced outing’ and don’t believe parents have a right to know even when their very young children announce they are trans.” Read more here.


OKAY, GROOMERS: PROJECT VERITAS EXPOSES NON-PROFIT AIMING TO ELIMINATE PARENTS OPT-OUT FOR LGBTQ CURRICULUM, by Nick Kangadis. “It seems that the number of sick people teaching — I mean grooming — young students in school is increasing. And much like politicians, they also look for loopholes to circumvent the law and institute their agendas into the lexicon, or in this case, the curriculum. A non-profit group called HiTOPS has been infiltrating schools in New Jersey — and virtually in states across the country — to inform children as young as second-graders about the LGTBQ lifestyle and influence them to make decisions that they might not otherwise have made. Oh, and their aim is to do this without the consent of parents.” Read more here.


BOOKS THAT ARE INAPPROPRIATE FOR THE SENATE DON’T BELONG IN SCHOOLS, by Kimberly Ross. “During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday, Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) read from two sexually explicit books titled Gender Queer and All Boys Aren’t Blue. The passages, which discuss anal and oral sex, were shocking to hear as they were read aloud by a 71-year-old congressman. But Kennedy made his point. The books in question rank No. 1 and No. 2 respectively on the American Library Association’s list of ‘Top 13 Most Challenged Books of 2022.’ Social media users recoiled at Kennedy, but many concluded: If it’s inappropriate for a senator to read to an audience, it shouldn’t be available to children in school libraries.” Read more here.


ABORTIONIST PUFF PIECE SAYS PREBORN ‘NEARLY IDENTICAL TO SURGICAL WASTE,’ LIES ABOUT ABORTION PILL, by Nancy Flanders. “In a pro-abortion puff piece … STAT News interviewed long-time abortionist Dr. Wesley Adams, who last year opened a new abortion facility in Bristol, Virginia, on the Tennessee border after Tennessee passed laws protecting preborn children from abortion. The article holds Adams up as ‘a conservative, gun-toting doctor’ who ‘defends’ ‘abortion access in Appalachia.’ The tone of the article is reminiscent of that of Vice President Kamala Harris when she tries to convince pro-life Christians that they can be pro-abortion without ‘abandoning their faith.’” Read more here.


WHAT HAPPENS IF THE RADICAL OHIO ABORTION AMENDMENT PASSES? JUST LOOK AT MICHIGAN, by Spencer Brown. “Pro-abortion and anti-parent groups have been working to pass a measure amending Ohio’s constitution this November to roll back important protections for women and children in the name of ‘women’s rights.’ These groups have made no secret of their desire to abolish parental rights in general, meaning minors having an abortion or undergoing irreversible treatments and surgeries in attempts to ‘change their sex’ would no longer need to inform their parents or obtain consent.” Read more here.


DEFENDING REALITY: MY EXPERT TESTIMONY ON THE BIOLOGY OF SEX, by Colin Wright. “My journey to Austin to present elementary biological truths in full suit before a judge and courtroom was nothing short of surreal. To my understanding, this is the first time a biologist had been summoned to defend reality of male and female as distinct, natural biological groups in a legal setting. Defending the binary nature of sex in court will become increasingly important as more states consider implementing age restrictions on hormonal and surgical sex-trait modification. This is because the depiction of sex as a haphazard collection of sex-related traits—instead of being tied to reproductive function—forms a central tenet of gender ideology. Read more here.


ACCURATE GENDER TRANSITION REGRET AND DETRANSITION RATES ARE UNKNOWN, by the Society for Evidence Based Gender Medicine. “Detransition and regret have varied presentations. Sometimes individuals embrace their ultimately regretted transition as part of the ‘gender journey’ they felt was inevitable for them. Other times, individuals openly express devastating regret. As one detransitioner stated, ‘Some of us will now never be able to have children and many of us live with great distress and regret every day.’ Nearly two-thirds of detransitioners in a recent convenience sample survey said they would not have had medical intervention had they known what they know now. For such individuals, medical and surgical ‘gender-affirming’ interventions constituted iatrogenic harm.” Read more here.


HERE’S WHY BIOLOGICAL MEN DON’T BELONG IN WOMEN’S SPORTS: OBERLIN COACH, by Kim Russell. “A male — no matter how they self-identify — should not be allowed to compete in a women’s sporting event. This is my opinion, based on biological truth that I’m well aware of as a former D1 two-sport athlete turned college lacrosse coach with over 27 years of coaching experience. I have been inducted into three halls of fame for coaching and contributing to the growth of lacrosse. But I was ‘burned at the stake’ by Oberlin College for expressing that belief. I have always considered myself pro-woman. Over the course of my coaching career, I have been a mentor to many women and girls, sharing advice both on and off the field. My office has always been a gathering place. My athletes, including several who have identified as transgender, have always known that they can come to me—to laugh, to cry, or anything in between.” Read more here.


LAWS PROTECTING MINORS IN GENDER DEBATE LIKELY HEADED FOR SUPREME COURT: ‘I FEEL LIKE A MONSTER,’ by Charlene Aaron. “The battle over transgender medical procedures on children is becoming a top issue nationwide. Trans activists are challenging state bans on gender-altering efforts in federal courts across the country. If these courts reach different conclusions, the U.S. Supreme Court may ultimately have to weigh in. Kristie Sisson recalled the emotional pain she felt when her college daughter decided she wanted to become a man. ‘She started taking testosterone and within six months her voice dropped,’ Sisson told CBN News. ‘She started growing facial hair.’ Eventually, her daughter chose to undergo a double mastectomy. A new report in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) shows transgender surgeries nearly tripled in the U.S. between 2016 and 2019, rising from about 4,500 to an astounding 13,000, although researchers estimate those numbers may be even higher. And almost eight percent of those patients were children between the ages of 8 and 12 years old.” Read more here.


CANADA MUST OPEN THE LONG OVERDUE DEBATE ON GENDER DYSPHORIA IN CHILDREN, by John Sikkema. “Last week, delegates at the Conservative Party’s National Convention voted in favor of a Policy Declaration supporting a ban on ‘treating’ gender dysphoria in children with pharmaceutical and surgical interventions. Sadly, many children today experience distress about their bodies – about being male or female and about sexually maturing into a man or woman. They may say they feel stuck in the ‘wrong’ body. A technical term for this is ‘gender dysphoria.’ It has risen exponentially in children in the past decade, especially among teen and pre-teen girls. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that this rise is a largely a social phenomenon or ‘social contagion.’” Read more here.


X (TWITTER) PUNISHES AAF FOR EXPOSING SEXUAL MATERIALS IN SCHOOLS & LIBRARIES, by American Accountability Foundation. “As we battle the radically woke American Library Association, we are working to expose the full truth. But after we posted images of the LGBTQ books they are pushing on our children, X (Twitter) hit our account with a ‘sensitive content’ warning on ALL OUR MEDIA POSTS, and shadow banned our account so that you won’t find us in a search on X. It is the height of absurdity! If these images are too inappropriate for social media, why on earth are they being shown to children???” Read more here.


21 WOKE MANDATES REVEAL CALIFORNIA’S RADICAL EDUCATION BENDER, by Anna Miller and Scott Yenor. “In less than 12 years, California has passed more than 20 education mandates with the goal of sowing radical gender theory and critical race theory into the state’s education practices. It is easy to get numb to California’s single-minded pursuit of wokeness in K-12 education. When all of California’s actions are collected in one place (as we show in a recent report from the Claremont Institute’s Center for the American Way of Life and the Idaho Freedom Foundation), the ambitions are truly breathtaking. Since 2011, California has gone on a social justice bender.” Read more here.


CANADIAN MEDIA DISTORTS CONSERVATIVES’ RESOLUTIONS TO PROTECT KIDS, WOMEN FROM TRANS AGENDA, by Jonathon Van Maren. “The idea that children should be given sex changes or cross-sex hormones before they are legally permitted to vote, drink, smoke, or drive is delusional and dangerous, especially considering the fact that these treatments render most recipients incapable of both conceiving children and experiencing sexual pleasure long before minors can understand the lifelong implications of these decisions. And most people understand that to allow trans-identifying males into female sports (not to mention changing rooms) is unfair and risky.” Read morhere.


WHO IS HAPPIEST? MARRIED MOTHERS AND FATHERS, PER THE LATEST GENERAL SOCIAL SURVEY, by W. Bradford Wilcox and Wendy Wang. “The 2022 edition of the General Social Survey (GSS)—the nation’s preeminent social barometer—reveals that marriage and family are strongly associated with happiness. The GSS shows that a combination of marriage and parenthood is linked to the biggest happiness dividends for women. Among married women with children between the ages of 18 and 55, 40% reported they are “very happy,” compared to 25% of married childless women, and just 22% of unmarried childless women. Nevertheless, it is important to note that unmarried mothers are the least likely to be very happy: with just 17% of them indicating they are very happy.” Read morhere.


MEDIA FAWNS OVER MEXICAN SUPREME COURT’S ABORTION DECISION – BUT DID IT DO WHAT THEY CLAIM?, by Nancy Flanders. “The media has been heaping praise upon Mexico’s Supreme Court this week, claiming that its recent court ruling decriminalized abortion across the nation. A CNN correspondent even went so far as to claim that Mexico might now qualify as more of a ‘beacon of human rights and women’s rights’ than America because some U.S. states have laws protecting the lives of preborn human beings.” Read more here.


BIG TECH KNOWS THAT AGE VERIFICATION IS NECESSARY, by Adam Candeub, Clare Morell and Michael Toscano. “State legislatures are leading a revolution to transform the experience of the internet, and with it, American childhood. In the past year, starting with Utah’s Social Media Regulation Act, S.B. 152, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas and Virginia have all passed laws requiring parental consent and age verification for minors to open social media accounts or access pornography. By giving parents greater control over their kids’ exposure to social media and pornography, with their documented ill effects, these laws will improve kids’ lives.” Read more here.


CA ASSEMBLY PASSES AB957, THE ‘AFFIRM YOUR CHILD’S GENDER CHOICES OR ELSE’ LAW, by Beege Welborn. “Welp. This abomination is headed to Newsom’s desk for his signature. Just so we’re clear on this, once Hair Gel signs it, your ‘duty to affirm your child’s gender, whatever that is’ will be THE LAW in California. ‘…What’s mentioned in the law is the child’s gender identity and expression. And the parents’ affirmation of that. whatever it is. Because that is our duty as parents, to affirm our children…’ Those are State Rep Lori Wilson’s words, the representative who authored this monstrosity. Custody disputes are no longer going to be ‘disputes’ – the legislature has taken parental rights out of parents’ hands.” Read more here.


MIAMI SCHOOL DISTRICT DECIDES TO NOT DECLARE OCTOBER ‘LGBTQ+ HISTORY MONTH,’ by Tierin-Rose Mandelburg. “After a 12-hour-long marathon meeting, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, the third largest school district in the country, decided that it will not be recognizing the month of October as LGBTQ+ history month…School board member Lucia Baez-Geller said … ‘I cannot believe I have to say this out loud, but this item does not indoctrinate our students into any sort of lifestyle.’ I don’t know Geller, but I beg to differ. Dedicating a whole month of school to rainbow-washed classrooms, teaching about queer history and learning about all the left’s different delusions seems pretty indoctrinating to me.” Read more here.


THE SEX TRAFFICKING, TORTURE OF THIS TEENAGE GIRL IS A DAMNING INDICTMENT OF SCHOOL TRANSGENDER POLICIES, by Jonathon Van Maren. “In Canada, progressive politicians and the LGBT movement are currently claiming that it should be against the law for parents to be informed when their child decides to ‘transition,’ and that school staff and kids should keep secrets from mothers and fathers. A fear campaign has been launched to emphasize the alleged danger of including parents in serious, life-altering decisions about their children.” Read more here.


SUNAK PRIORITIZES IMAGE OVER PARENTAL RIGHTS, by Michael Curzon. “British parents are increasingly concerned by the prospect of being kept in the dark while their children ‘change gender identity’ at school. Yet Rishi Sunak appears more preoccupied by his image. There has been some talk in recent months of the prime minister barring schoolchildren from ‘changing gender’ without consent from home; for example, by preventing the unapproved use of new names at school. This inevitably hit a stumbling block when the government’s most senior lawyer said it was currently unlawful to hamper the ability of children to act as though they are the opposite sex with their peers and would require a change to the law.” Read more here.


THE LEFT’S COLONIAL MISSION, by Jonathon Van Maren. “On August 29, a CNN headline went viral: ‘Two men in Uganda are facing separate charges of “aggravated homosexuality,” an offense punishable by death under the country’s controversial new anti-gay laws.’ The clarifying community note attached to the tweet provided important context: ‘One man is accused of having a sexual relation with a disabled man, the other of a sexual act with a 12-year-old child. Both are charged with “aggravated homosexuality,” defined as same-sex relations with someone who is HIV-positive, a child, an elderly person, or disabled.’ Consider the difference between the narrative provided by CNN and the reality behind the headline. Now consider the fact that the mainstream press has been doing this for years—and the impact that has had on the public perception of many issues. They’re doing this to us on purpose.” Read more here.


LA LECHE LEAGUE ELIMINATES MOTHERS?, by Fawn Brickel. “La Leche League was established in 1956 as a support group for mothers who chose to breastfeed their babies in a world where it was often not supported, and even actively discouraged. Today, the La Leche League U.S. website does not even mention the word ‘mother’ in their mission statement, or just about anywhere on their website. In 2014, the LLL USA internet site proclaimed that LLL ‘believes that mothering through breastfeeding deepens a mother’s understanding and acceptance of the responsibilities and rewards of her special role in the family.’ …Today, LLL USA ‘helps parents, families, and communities to breastfeed, chestfeed, and human milk feed their babies through parent-to-parent support.’” Read more here.


‘HATE SPEECH’ LAWS THREATEN FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS, by Ladislav Ilčić. “Europe is facing a free speech crisis. Although it is codified in the EU’s charter of fundamental rights, member states are undermining freedom of speech through the unchecked proliferation of ‘hate speech’ laws. …Censorship is a dangerous path that leads to repression and fear. Sadly, this is a lesson we thought we had already learned in Europe’s previous century. Democracy requires the freedom to share and discuss ideas. It also entails being exposed to some views we might disagree with. Although it is Räsänen who stands in the Helsinki court, freedom of speech is on trial. Time will tell how much Europe still values this fundamental right.” Read more here.


GOVERNOR KAY IVEY DIVES INTO THE ALABAMA LIBRARY LGTQ-GENDER BOOKS DRAMA, by Jennifer Oliver O’Connell. “The assumption by Conservative Inc. and certain people who live in a liberal bubble that red states are safe bastions from the woke nonsense of CRT, gender ideology and LGBTQ madness is dead wrong. The Left is intent on their agenda being everywhere, and they will do whatever it takes to see it done. Often, it is the red states that are easiest to infiltrate and overtake because people feel as though they do not have to be concerned about such things and, therefore, let their guard down.” Read more here.


UTAH’S ECONOMIC PROSPERITY ILLUSTRATES THE IMPORTANCE OF MARRIAGE, FAMILY AND RELIGION, by Arthur Goldberg. “A recently released report says that Utah’s economy ranks No. 1 among all 50 states and attributes this top ranking to the influence of the state’s dominant culture of heterosexual marriage and the strength and stability of its families. Authors Brad Wilcox, Jenet Erickson, and Patrick T. Brown conclude in the Sutherland Institute report that marriage and families have proven to function as effective anti-poverty programs. Higher levels of marriage—and in particular, higher levels of married-parent families—are strongly associated with greater economic growth, more economic mobility, less child poverty and higher median family income.” Read more here.


MASSACHUSETTS’ RELIGIOUS BIGOTRY LEAVES FOSTER KIDS WITHOUT HOMESby Thomas Jipping. “Religious freedom, Congress said unanimously in 1998, ‘undergirds the very origin and existence of the United States.’ Today, however, an obsession with gender ideology is driving governments to ignore the First Amendment, defy clear Supreme Court precedent, and even violate their own laws and regulations to root out those with the ‘wrong’ religious views about sexuality. This bigotry not only violates fundamental rights, but it also puts vulnerable children at risk.” Read more here.


WHY AMERICA’S BIRTHRATE IS IN DECLINE, by Virginia Allen. “In 1960, the birthrate in America was 3.65, meaning most women had between three and four kids. Fast forward to 2000, and the birthrate had fallen to 2.06. As of 2020, the birthrate was 1.6, meaning women now have between one and two children. Factors such as the economy, changes in cultural priorities and political agendas can all be cited as reasons for the decline in childbirths, but practically speaking, a source of the decline is not that women are having fewer children, but that more women are having no children.” Read more here.


DIVORCE ISN’T FASHIONABLE, by Haley Strack. “Cat-eye sunglasses are chic. Pointed-toe pumps are chic. The dissolution of what should be a permanent bond is not. Branding divorce as a fashionable event trivializes the institution of marriage—a husband or wife isn’t something to replace once they go out of style.” Read more here.


PRO-ABORTS OFFER A LITANY OF MISINFORMATION AS JUSTIFICATION FOR THEIR ATTACKS ON PREGNANCY HELP CENTERS, by Dave Andrusko. “It’s not hard—in facts [sic] it’s self-evident—why the Abortion Industry should loathe Pregnancy Help Centers. Every woman or girl who turns right—toward a PHC—instead of left, into the tender arms of an industry that makes a living off the blood of unborn children and the desperation of their clientele—is money out of the pockets of Planned Parenthood.” Read more here.


MARYLAND PUBLIC SCHOOLS’ RELIGIOUS SHOWDOWN HIGHLIGHTS NEED FOR MORE CHOICE, by Neal McCluskey. “Like most states, Maryland is seeing clashes in public schools between people with differing worldviews. Things are especially hot in Montgomery County, where parents from various religious backgrounds are fighting children’s forced exposure to readings they believe advance pro-LGBT ideology. Unlike many states, Maryland has not done the right thing for a free, diverse society: expanding educational freedom. Indeed, it has gone backward.” Read more here.


TAXPAYER-FUNDED HANDOUTS TO PLANNED PARENTHOOD ARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL, by Reilly Stephens. “Last year, after the Supreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade was leaked, the Albuquerque City Council rushed to donate [hundreds of thousands] in taxpayer money to Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, New Mexico’s regional affiliate of the nation’s largest abortion provider. Councilwoman Tammy Fiebelkorn explained that she sponsored the donation ‘to provide vital support for Planned Parenthood.’ There was just one problem: the donation was illegal.” Read more here.


LANGUAGE LEARNING APP DUOLINGO IS INDOCTRINATING YOUR CHILDREN WITH LGBT PROPAGANDA, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Duolingo is an American educational tech company that has exploded in popularity over the past several years. …Due to its user-friendly apps, Duolingo has also become very popular in the homeschooling community. A concerned parent emailed recently and noted that while her son was using Duolingo, an LGBT storyline was featured, so I dug into the app a bit more. As regular readers of this blog will know, virtually every entertainment platform and large corporation has worked to include LGBT content under pressure from groups like the Human Rights Campaign, and so parents have to use both oversight and discernment in order to ensure that their children are not being exposed to propaganda without their knowledge.” Read more here.


CRACKDOWN, by Bernard Lane. “America’s drug regulator, the FDA, has been asked to take urgent action on the unapproved use of hormone suppression drugs to block the natural but unwanted puberty of transgender-identifying children. ‘Although this use has not been approved by the [Food and Drug Administration], the FDA must not turn its back on the potential harm to children,’ says a citizen petition filed with the agency. ‘Despite the widespread—and rapidly growing—use of these drugs in this population [of children with the distress of gender dysphoria], and despite serious known and potential risks from these drugs, this use has never been evaluated for safety and effectiveness by the FDA.’” Read more here.


YES LATE-TERM ABORTIONS ARE REAL AND THEY KILL 10,000 BABIES EVERY YEAR, by Jeanne Mancini. “There is a concerted effort from the abortion lobby and its allies in media to convince Americans that there is no such thing as late term abortion. It isn’t true. Just recently, Planned Parenthood President Alexis McGill claimed that: ‘Like Nessie and Bigfoot, the term “late-term abortion” is completely made up. It’s anti-abortion propaganda with no basis in medicine, intended to confuse people.’ Likewise, former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki echoed that ‘no one supports abortion up until birth,’ and then later defended this claim on her MSNBC show: ‘This claim that Democrats support abortion up until the moment of birth is entirely misleading,’ she said. But the truth is that 10,000 babies’ lives are lost every year to late-term abortions, the majority of which take place for elective reasons.” Read more here.


THE LGBT MOVEMENT IS WAGING A FEAR CAMPAIGN IN RESPONSE TO GROWING SUPPORT FOR PARENTAL RIGHTS, by Jonathon Van Maren. “With New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba backing parental rights policies; Ontario’s education minister indicating his support; and federal Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre, who is currently riding high in the polls, also stating that he backs parental rights, LGBT activists are ramping up a fear campaign designed to a) demonize those who wish to include parents in essential discussions about their children and b) insist that these policies will literally result in dead Canadian kids. This campaign is enabled by Canada’s press, which is fully supportive of every aspect of the LGBT agenda. Activist fears have been exacerbated by the fact that as it turns out, many Canadian parents are pretty happy with policies that do not treat them as if they are a danger to their own children. Read more here.


THE MYTH OF GENDER AS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT, by John Mac Ghlionn. “There is a concerted effort underway to dismantle the idea of sex, the idea that actual differences between males and females exist. Take the idea that gender is a social construct, for example, something Irish children are most definitely being told — for those who haven’t been told, they should expect to receive the memo very soon. The National Council For Curriculum and Assessment (NCAA), the statutory body of the Department of Education, recently announced that lessons under relationship and sexuality education (RSE) will be taught in a way that fully supports the LGBTQ+ agenda. I don’t use the word ‘agenda’ lightly.” Read more here.


CALIFORNIA TRIES TO PUT THE STATE ABOVE PARENTS, by The National Review editors. “Adults who keep secrets with other people’s children violate commonsense safeguards of minors and must be stopped. Shamefully, this is exactly the kind of behavior California’s attorney general, Rob Bonta, seeks to enable. Last Monday, Bonta sued a Southern California school district over its new policy that sensibly requires schools to notify parents within three days when their child requests to be treated as the opposite (or neither) sex.” Read more here.


HOW TRANS IDEOLOGY IS HELPING PEDOPHILES WALK FREE, by Lauren Smith. “Is being transgender now a get-out-of-jail-free card? In the past few years, there has been a worrying trend of sex offenders receiving lesser or suspended sentences, seemingly on account of their trans identity. Dominic Carter (now ‘Sophie’) is the latest example. Last month, Carter pleaded guilty to three counts of making indecent images of children back in 2021. He appeared in court wearing a pink t-shirt, pink headband and pink nail polish. Apparently, Carter had discovered his trans identity in the time between getting arrested and standing before the judge. Carter’s lawyer requested a suspended jail sentence, on account of his defendant’s childhood traumas, long-standing alcohol abuse and mental-health issues. Despite Carter’s five previous convictions, this was granted.” Read more here.


ALLOWING ‘TRANSWOMEN’ TO COMPETE IN WOMEN’S CHESS WOULD BE JUST AS PROBLEMATIC AS ANY OTHER SPORT, by Barbara Kay. “Two years ago, with regard to male athletes identifying as female, the competitive sport world presented a smoothly unified commitment to the principle of inclusion over fairness. Today we see fractures everywhere. Female athletes who had felt ‘gaslit into silence’ are no longer afraid to speak out. World Aquatics (formerly FINA) launched an open category to welcome swimmers of both sexes, while restricting the women’s category to females. World Athletics now prohibits post-puberty males from participating in female world rankings competition. Likewise, World Cycling. These changes represent erosion in acceptance of the promoted fiction that post-puberty males have no significant advantage over females.” Read more here.


REAL HARM, by Bernard Lane. “A misguided law purporting to ban attempts to convert someone’s ‘gender identity’ will in reality push more children into risky medicalized ‘gender change,’ increase treatment regret in the future and expose government to litigation for negligence. This is the warning strongly expressed in a letter to Ryan Park, the health minister of Australia’s most populous state, New South Wales (NSW), where the government has just finished secretive consultation on a proposal to ‘criminalize conversion therapy’ intended to ‘change’ sexual orientation or the novel concept of gender identity.” Read more here.


HOW THE GENDER LOBBY HIJACKED THE EU’S POLICY AGENDA, by Ashley Frawley. “Should transgender ‘women’ be allowed to compete in women’s sports? Should a male rapist who identifies as a woman be sent to a female prison? What is a woman, anyway? It is astonishing how quickly this issue has become public and policy orthodoxy in the EU and elsewhere. When it comes to the trans debate, there is no room for different opinions. Any dissent is deemed an ‘offensive statement,’ for which people are shamed and canceled. The tactic of silencing and shaming is an effective response to disagreement. This is because discourse is not an option for gender hardliners.” Read more here.


IF YOU WANT TO BE HAPPY, GET MARRIED, by John Sexton. “The Atlantic published a story yesterday about happiness and marriage and how there is pretty strong evidence that the two are, dare I say it, intimately related. The story is built around a chart which shows American happiness began to decline around the year 2000. …After slicing the demographic data every which way—income, education level, race, location, age and genderUniversity of Chicago Professor Sam Peltzman found that this happiness dip is mainly attributable to one thing: Married people are happier, and Americans aren’t getting married as much.” Read more here.


WE CANNOT SAY WE WEREN’T WARNED, by Rod Dreher. “Believe it or not, the Trial of the Century just happened in a courtroom in Helsinki. The Finnish parliamentarian and physician Päivi Räsänen this week returned to the dock to face hate crimes charges for having quoted the Bible in defense of Scripture’s teaching on homosexuality. While it is not altogether surprising that yet another Christian has been brought up on charges of blaspheming against LGBTs—who have been elevated from ordinary people, as equal as anybody else, into liberalism’s divinities—a statement the Finnish prosecution made in the trial’s opening raised the proceedings from an ordinary example of post-Christian liberalism’s contempt for the faith and free speech, into something epochal. Attention must be paid. In her opening statement on Thursday, the Finnish prosecutor said, of a 2004 pamphlet authored by Dr. Räsänen, ‘The point isn’t whether it is true or not, but that this is insulting.’ Think about that: The point is not whether these words true or not, but that someone’s feelings were hurt by them.” Read more here.


NBC SAYS CANADA WARNS 2SLGBTQI+ PEOPLE ABOUT TRAVELING THE U.S.; IT’S PROPAGANDA, by David Strom. “There is amateur-level virtue signaling, and then there is Justin Trudeau-level virtue signaling. In a move that should surprise nobody … the government of Canada has issued a travel advisory to its LGBTQ citizens to be cautious while visiting the United States. Why, exactly? It takes a second to realize it given how gobsmackingly stupid this is, but the Canadian government doesn’t give any specific reasons other than the fact that some US states have passed some laws or something.“ Read more here.


CANADIAN POLITICIANS STANDING UP FOR PARENTAL RIGHTS FACE SERIOUS BACKLASH FROM TRANS ACTIVISTS, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Canada finally appears to be having something of a cultural breakthrough moment. New Brunswick Premier Blaine Higgs decided to stake his career on support for parental rights — specifically, that parents must be informed before school staff can refer to their children by new names and pronouns. Two attempts to oust him as premier have failed, and the widespread support for his position has not gone unnoticed. Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Ontario have followed suit, with federal Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre also announcing that he supports parental rights.” Read more here.


NEW CDC DIRECTOR MANDY COHEN THINKS PREGNANCY IS A DISEASE AND ABORTION IS THE CURE, by Gavin Oxley. “The director for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Dr. Mandy Cohen was recently given a platform to preach ‘reproductive health access’ in an interview with TIME Magazine — and her choice to comment on the matter is almost as strange as her actual comments. Why is any member of the CDC, let alone the director, making statements about abortion access? Pregnancy isn’t a disease, and abortion is definitely not a cure. Perhaps the CDC’s newly minted director is confused because the Food and Drug Administration has been working for years to change the narrative of pregnancy to a disease, an essential requirement for the Chemical Abortion Pill, mifepristone, to be pushed through the accelerated new drug approval process for ‘life-threatening’ conditions in late 2000.” Read more here.


WHAT IS A WOMAN? A QUESTION EVEN THE COURTS ARE AFRAID TO ANSWER, by Kaylee McGhee White. “The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh published a viral documentary last year that summed up the absurdity of the gender ideology debate with one simple question: What is a woman? This week, that question made its way into a court case, further exposing just how logically bereft this ideology and its adherents have become. The case in question involves a Wyoming sorority, which was sued by six of its members after admitting a biological male who claims to identify as a girl. The girls alleged in their suit that Kappa Kappa Gamma betrayed its own bylaws, which state that ‘a new member shall be a woman,’ and put at risk their safety by allowing 6-foot, 2-inch, 260-pound Artemis Langford inside their home and intimate spaces.” Read more here.


APPEALS COURT HANDS FATHER LEGAL WIN AFTER HE WAS JAILED FOR ‘MISGENDERING’ HIS CHILD, by Kevin Haggerty. “A Canadian father’s personal fight against authoritarian transgenderism marked a minor victory in an appeals court: ‘My conscience is clean on that.’ For some, the Orwellian mania of alphabet activists could be contained within a passive boycott of Bud Light, an end to shopping at Target or cancelation of a Disney+ subscription. For Robert Hoogland, the issue literally hit home and had landed him behind bars for ‘misgendering’ his own daughter. Featured anonymously in their documentary ‘What is a Woman?’ the father recently spoke with The Daily Wire to report his early release from jail following a win in the British Columbia Court of Appeal.” Read more here.


JAPAN’S ‘MIRACLE TOWN’ WHERE THE BIRTH RATE IS TWICE THE NATIONAL AVERAGE, by Louis T. March. “Nagi is an out-of-the-way town of 5700 folks in Okayama Prefecture (southwestern Japan). Known for wagyu beef, satoimo, and as the birthplace of the creator of the popular Naruto anime series, it has a salubrious subtropical climate and hosts a small military base. The town is a perfectly normal little place, with one glaring exception: children abound. That’s highly unusual in Japan, where the spectre of demographic collapse looms large.” Read more here.


RELIGIOUS DISCRIMINATION HURTS KIDS WAITING TO BE ADOPTED, by Johannes Widmalm-Delphonse. “In the United States, approximately 391,000 children are in foster care. Of those, over 113,000 children are waiting to be adopted. With such a great need, you would think that all 50 states would be eager to place children with loving and qualified parents. But this isn’t so. The problem? Some state officials are imposing an ideological litmus test to determine who is ‘qualified’ to parent a child. In some states, if you don’t agree to adopt the government’s views on gender and sexuality, your application to adopt a child will be denied. This is exactly what happened to Jessica Bates.” Read more here.


OUR SPIRALLING ABORTION RATE IS A NATIONAL TRAGEDY THE MEDIA WANT YOU TO IGNORE, by Niamh Ui Bhriain. “It’s an inconvertible fact that the number of abortions in Ireland has shot up dramatically since it was first made legal in the final days of 2018, despite assurances … that it would be ‘rare.’ Those assurances helped to repeal the 8th amendment, leading to the nauseating cheering and triumphalist conga lines celebrating the victory over helpless babies in Dublin Castle.” Read more here.


NEW EDUCATION STANDARDS FORCE GAY HISTORY, CLIMATE ALARMISM AND ‘MATH IDENTITY RAINBOWS’ ON STUDENTS, by Angela Morabito. “While most schools were closed for summer break, several state education departments were hard at work crafting new curricular frameworks that will shape what students learn in K-12 schools for years to come. What should be a straightforward exercise in setting high academic standards has devolved, in several states, into a free-for-all of cramming woke nonsense into every corner of curriculum.” Read more here.


WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CHILD IN VIDEO OPENLY QUESTIONING HIS ‘TRANSITION’ AND CRYING DURING THE SURGERY?, by Jennifer Van Laar. “Over the weekend we covered the heartbreaking story of a child whose medical ‘transition’ was captured on video. One clip that was posted to X/Twitter, which is from a 2012 NBC News story, shows an 11-year-old child who was a biological boy preparing to have hormone blockers implanted. In one clip the child, whose name had been legally changed from Joseph to Josie, asks his mother, ‘Sometimes I think I’m a boy kinda. Will you love me if I’m a boy?’ In another, filmed at the doctor’s office, shows Josie crying and clearly uncomfortable as the hormone blockers are implanted.” Read more here.


TRAGIC KINGDOM: MEN IN DRAG ARE NOW GREETING KIDS AT DISNEY’S PRINCESS BOUTIQUES, by Brittany Hughes. “Cinderfella, indeed… It seems Disney’s found itself hard-pressed to find enough pretty women to dress as princesses and fairy godmothers at their children’s theme parks. Either that, or the company has lost what little is left of its mind. If you’re betting on the latter, the line for this House of Funhouse Mirrors and Abject Horror starts behind me.” Read more here.


THE TRANS THREAT TO FREEDOM, by Mark Glendening. “The UK was historically a bastion of free speech. Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin were once rightly given safe haven in London. Here, they were totally free to publicly articulate their desire to see capitalism violently overthrown – including within the very nation that had taken them in. Compare and contrast that with today. Now in the UK, it is near impossible to challenge the idea that a man cannot be a woman, and vice versa. Anyone who objects to gender ideology can be cancelled, have their bank account closed, be subject to police harassment or even potentially prosecuted.” Read more here.


[IRISH] GOVERNMENT ADMITS: WE DON’T WANT A ‘DIVISIVE DEBATE’ ON GENDER, by John McGuirk. “If one was to ask Leo Varadkar what his greatest achievement in politics have been, what do we think he might say? I would hazard a guess, personally, that the marriage equality and abortion referenda would make it into any top five. The government never tires of reminding people how brave it was to take those fights on, and about how the results were not a foregone conclusion, and how divisive topics require brave leadership, and so on.” Read more here.


GENDER IDEOLOGY IS A THREAT TO THE MOST VULNERABLE, by Lauren Smith. “The case of this young woman, known only as ‘AI,’ is unbearably tragic. Now 22 years old, she was born female and began identifying as transgender as a teenager. AI has a total of 14 medical diagnoses, including ‘mild mental retardation,’ ADHD, autism, PTSD, dyslexia and severe anxiety. She had a troubled childhood, born to a recovering drug addict. She eventually ended up in the care system. Medical professionals do not believe that AI is able to live independently without 24-hour support. She cannot read or write. Yet despite all this, AI has been approved for gender-reassignment surgery.” Read more here.


THOUSANDS OF MINORS HAVE RECEIVED ‘GENDER-AFFIRMING SURGERIES,’ by Wesley J. Smith. “A new study has been published by the Journal of the American Medical Association about the number of people who have had ‘gender-affirming’ surgeries — including minors — between 2016-2019. The numbers are startling: A total of 48,019 patients who underwent GAS were identified, including 25,099 (52.3%) who were aged 19 to 30 years. The most common procedures were breast and chest procedures, which occurred in 27,187 patients (56.6%), followed by genital reconstruction (16,872 [35.1%]) and other facial and cosmetic procedures (6,669 [13.9%]).” Read more here.


‘TRANS WIDOW’ DESCRIBES HARROWING MARRIAGE WITH EX-HUSBAND WHO BECAME ‘FAKE WOMAN’, by Peter LaBarbera. “The hour-and-a-half long interview with Tracy Shannon by Daily Wire radio and podcast host Michael Knowles offers one of the most in-depth media looks to date into two core groups victimized by ‘male-to-female’ trans-activists: the woman and wife whose marriage is turned into a nightmare as her husband pursues his ‘trans’ fetish; and their children, who did nothing to deserve their father’s narcissistic descent into a lifestyle celebrating sexual and gender deviance. She was married to the man for 15 years, and they had three children together.” Read more here.


CHERISHING THE SANCTITY OF LIFE CAN HELP OVERCOME OUR CULTURE’S CRISIS OF MEANING, by J. B. Shurk. I will not pretend to know what form of wickedness so contorted that British nurse’s heart that she could maliciously betray her most sacred professional duties, but it is difficult not to wonder whether a Western culture that celebrates abortion and euthanasia as exemplars of ‘freedom’ might have had something to do with the blight on her soul. When ordinary people are force-fed a media diet in which ‘shouting your abortion’ is glorified as female empowerment and suicide is condoned as a moral choice, they lose sight of the precious sanctity of every life.” Read more here.


LIBRARY ASSOCIATION’S PRESIDENT WANTS TO STOCK KIDS’ SHELVES WITH LGBT PROPAGANDA AND PORN, by Rebeka Zeljko. “The American Accountability Foundation, a conservative nonprofit, published a video and memo this month compiling radical quotes from Emily Drabinski, the president of the powerful American Library Association (ALA), a nonprofit that receives some of its money from member libraries, many of which are taxpayer-funded. The ALA, the oldest and biggest library association boasting nearly 50,000 members, coordinates programs at local libraries across America. The report documents Drabinski, a self-described lesbian Marxist, attacking conservatives and parents as ‘far right, white supremacist, fascist,’ an ‘angry white mob,’ and the ‘Christo-fascist right.’” Read more here.


BLOWBACK, by Bernard Lane. “The World Professional Association for Transgender Health and American medical societies have sacrificed child safety and standards of scientific evidence in pursuit of fashionable causes and financial self-interest. This is the charge levelled in a blistering court brief filed last week by Alabama’s Attorney General Steve Marshall and 15 other Republican states in defense of Missouri’s law restricting medicalized ‘gender change’ for minors. A county court judge is to decide whether the law—under challenge from transgender-identifying plaintiffs—is put on hold or goes into effect as scheduled on August 28.” Read more here.


ABORTION IS NECESSARY TO AVOID STRAIN ON HEALTH CARE, ARGUES MEDICAL JOURNAL, by Wesley J. Smith. “The legalization of euthanasia and abortion means that some members of the medical profession have become more than willing to take human lives as opposed to saving them. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecology supports radical access to abortion, including later in pregnancy. Its journal, Obstetrics and Gynecology, just published a study, [supported] by a Stanford Medical School institute, arguing that abortion limits post-Dobbs will stress health-care-system resources because more babies with a particular heart defect will be born.” Read more here.


HUFFPOST PROMOTES ABORTION PILL WITH BIASED REPORTING THAT IGNORES RISKS, by Sam Dorman. “HuffPost published a glowing article about the abortion pill while sidestepping its dangers and downplaying the potential for hospitalization. Published earlier this month … it repeatedly used language framing the pill as an act of ‘resistance’ or way of taking back control since the reversal of Roe v. Wade. It also drew heavily from the pro-abortion group Advancing New Standards in Reproductive Health (ANSIRH) and its director, Dr. Daniel Grossman, who dismisses safety concerns while refocusing on the potential for legal action against women who undergo the pill regimen.” Read more here.


SOUTH DAKOTA CONTINUES MARCH TOWARD ZERO, by Bradley N. Kehr. “South Dakota … is continuing to push toward zero abortions. In the state’s most recent report on abortion statistics, the number of abortions decreased to 137 for 2022. That is down from 414 abortions in 2019, a 67-percent decrease. The state’s policy approach is proving to be highly effective in welcoming and protecting its residents from the moment of conception. In fact, the number of abortions in South Dakota following the Dobbs decision fell from 28 in June to 0 in July and the following months. It is expected that the number in 2024 will be zero.” Read more here.


EXCLUSIVE: BIDEN ADMIN HONORS ‘CHESTFEEDING MONTH,’ NO HALF-STAFF FLAG ORDER FOR MAUI FIRE VICTIMS, by Randy Clark. “U.S. Customs and Border Protection employees received an agency email honoring ‘National Breast/Chestfeeding Month.’ However, employees say they have yet to receive any significant message regarding the department’s relief/recovery efforts in the deadly Maui wildfire.” Read more here.


NEW YORK TIMES CONFIRMS ST. LOUIS GENDER CLINIC CLAIM THAT ADOLESCENTS WERE RUSHED INTO ‘AFFIRING’ CARE, by Ari Blaff. “Seven months after former pediatric gender clinician Jamie Reed blew the whistle on unquestioning ‘affirming’ care at Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital, The New York Times has confirmed core elements of her story. Speaking with patients, employees, local health-care providers and parents, the Times investigation corroborated many of Reed’s central allegations, most notably that a substantial number of adolescent patients were prescribed testosterone treatments before their underlying mental health issues were addressed.” Read more here.


THERE, I FIXED IT!, by Lisa Selin Davis. “Although The New York Times is slowly getting better at nuance, this article needed some correcting. Had I read it before publication, these are the notes I would have given. The small Midwestern gender clinic was buckling under an unrelenting surge in demand. Opened in 2017 inside a children’s hospital affiliated with Washington University in St. Louis, the prestigious [what made it prestigious?] clinic was welcomed by many families as a godsend. It was the only place for hundreds of miles where distressed adolescents could see a team of experts to help them transition to a different gender. [What’s a different “gender”? What does gender mean here? Why does someone need help transitioning to a different one? Do you mean getting medicine to alter their secondary sex characteristics?]” Read more here.


DENMARK JOINS THE LIST OF COUNTRIES WHO HAVE SHARPLY RESTRICTED YOUTH GENDER ‘TRANSITIONS,’ by The Society for Evidence-Based Gender Medicine. “A major medical journal Ugeskrift for Læger, the Journal of the Danish Medical Association, confirmed that there has been a marked shift in the country’s approach to caring for youth with gender dysphoria. Most youth referred to the centralized gender clinic no longer get a prescription for puberty blockers, hormones or surgery—instead they receive therapeutic counseling and support.” Read more here.


‘PARENTS NEED TO ASSUME THEY WILL BE DECEIVED BY THEIR SCHOOL,’ by Bob Unruh. “In a report in the Washington Stand, Meg Kilgannon, senior fellow for Education Studies at Family Research Council, explained, ‘I am grateful to Parents Defending Education for their attempt to quantify this problem. It is important to support with evidence what many parents know by instinct or experience: our educational system that is supposed to work with parents will often work around parents instead. At this point, parents need to assume they will be deceived by their school if their child makes a gender identity declaration to a teacher or counselor at school.’” Read more here.


COLUMBIA JOURNALISM REVIEW SMEARS COWBOY STATE DAILY AS ‘DEHUMANIZING’ FOR ACCURATE PRONOUN USE, by Tristan Justice. “Refusal to follow the corporate media’s bow to transgenderism has earned the Cowboy State Daily a 2,600-word reprimand by the Columbia Journalism Review. Last week, the bi-annual publication sponsored by Columbia University published an article that vilified one of Wyoming’s largest publications, the Cowboy State Daily, as an engine of right-wing propaganda. The State Daily’s crime? The website’s use of biological pronouns contradictory to the far-left’s orthodoxy on transgender coverage, which, according to the university paper, is an exercise in ‘dehumanizing’ discrimination.” Read more here.


‘GENDER IDENTITY’ CLAIMS FOR FINANCIAL GAIN EXPOSE THE IDIOCY OF TRANSGENDERISM, by Jonathon Van Maren. “LGBT activists are running into a bit of a problem: when you tell people that they have the human right to identify however they like and that society has to accept and affirm that self-identification, many are going to take you seriously. In some cases, the consequences are horrifying – such as male rapists and murderers getting locked up in women’s prisons because prison officials are legally obligated to accept their fresh new claims of womanhood.” Read more here.


CRITICAL APPRAISAL OF ‘LONG-TERM REGRET AND SATISFACTION WITH DECISION FOLLOWING GENDER-AFFIRMING MASTECTOMY,’ by The Society for Evidence Based Gender Medicine. “Recent research published in JAMA Surgery evaluated satisfaction and regret among individuals who had undergone chest masculinizing mastectomy at the University of Michigan hospital. … The participants reported high levels of satisfaction and low levels of regret at an average of 3.6 years following mastectomy. The study authors lauded the ‘overwhelmingly low levels of regret following gender-affirming surgery’ … The study suffers from serious methodological limitations, which render the findings of high levels of long-term satisfaction with mastectomy among adults at a ‘critical risk of bias’—the lowest rating according to the Risk of Bias (ROBINS-I) analysis. … The ‘critical risk of bias’ rating signals that the results reported by the study may substantially deviate from the truth. Read more here.


AS STUDENT SCORES PLUMMET, TEACHERS UNIONS PLAY POLITICS AND MAKE THEM WORSE, by Washington Examiner editors. “Teachers unions keep pushing contentious racial and gender agendas, try to conceal what they are really doing, seek to block parental involvement in education, and push disciplinary laxity at the cost of classroom safety. … This all comes at the expense of a focus on improving teaching, which should be the top priority after recent calamitous drops in national education scores. Consider a resolution on transgender issues that the AFT passed; it advocates ‘inclusive policies relating to … bathrooms and locker rooms.’ It also commits the union and its teachers to work with activist groups that, among other things, demand that staff should avoid telling parents when calling students by ‘pronouns’ that do not fit their biological sex.” Read more here.


DETRANSITIONERS SEEK JUSTICE IN COURT, by Jordan Campbell, Ron Miller, Josh Payne and Daniel Sepulveda. “‘Gender-affirming care’ is a big business. ‘Gender-affirming’ centers servicing children have proliferated: There are now more than 400 pediatric gender clinics in North America, according to the Gender Mapping Project. … Against this backdrop, there now appears to be the first wave of young women, and some men, who have undergone ‘gender-affirming’ treatments and now realize that they were misled and deeply harmed. They recognize that they could never have become the opposite sex and that they were rushed into life-altering procedures when their underlying mental-health issues should have been addressed instead.” Read more here.


TRUDEAU LIBERALS CONTINUE TO LIE ABOUT ABORTION BECAUSE THE CONSERVATIVES ALLOW THEM TO, by Jonathon Van Maren. “For pro-lifers in Canada, one of the most frustrating aspects of our political debate is that on the issue of abortion, there is none. Trudeau’s Liberal Party and the other leftist parties are 100 percent pro-abortion and support the status quo, which is no restrictions on feticide throughout all nine months of pregnancy, with even gruesome late-term abortions supported by the government and funded by the taxpayer. The Conservative Party of Canada formally supports this status quo as well, with some notable dissenting MPs who are willing to consistently and courageously speak out. Thus, despite the fact that there is almost no formal opposition to Canada’s radical abortion regime – the most permissive of any democracy – Trudeau’s Liberals must consistently lie to the Canadian public in an attempt to divide the Conservative base.” Read more here.


THE TEEN MENTAL HEALTH CRISIS IS SHOWING UP IN DROVES IN HOSPITAL ERS, by John Sexton. “There was a pretty dramatic story published by NBC News about a surging mental health crisis among teens. Teens are said to be overwhelming local ERs which aren’t really equipped to provide the level of support that seems to be needed. ‘The scope of this problem is really great,’ said Dr. Mohsen Saidinejad, a professor of emergency medicine and pediatrics at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles. ‘But our ability to solve it is not there.’” Read more here.


THE AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS IS BROKEN, by Zachary Faria. “The transgender craze and the irreversible damage being done to children as a result have one grim silver lining: They expose the people and institutions that destroyed their credibility and must not be allowed to influence society anymore. That list starts with the American Academy of Pediatrics. Fresh off of its failures during the pandemic to advocate children properly in the face of anti-science restrictions, the AAP has thrown its lot in with transgender activists. The organization is fully in favor of permanent ‘sex changes’ for children, who cannot reasonably consent to such a life-changing decision that is brought on by gender confusion or mental anguish and will have debilitating effects on those children for the rest of their lives.” Read more here.


DENMARK CONFIRMS THAT THEY ARE RESTRICTING ‘GENDER-AFFIRMING’ MEDICAL CARE, by David Strom. “Denmark has already signaled growing skepticism about the medicalization of gender confusion, and the picture is becoming clearer by the day. As you likely know England, Finland, Sweden and Norway have all pulled back from their ‘full speed ahead’ approach to medicalized gender treatments due to systematic reviews that show that there is no good evidence that the treatments have benefits and substantial evidence that they may be harming children. So it is no surprise that Denmark is following the trend that has been well-established in Europe.” Read more here.


THE TRAGEDY OF JAZZ JENNINGS, by Malcolm Clark. “Jazz Jennings was sold to us by the LGBTQ+ lobby as a shining example of the success of early gender reassignment for children. In truth, he’s been left sexless, sterilised and physically mutilated. Jazz is not an example to follow. His tragic life is an indictment of the trans movement.” Read more here.


STATES SHOULD WELCOME RELIGIOUSLY MOTIVATED FOSTER PARENTS, by William C. Duncan. “Massachusetts’s recent decision to deny a Catholic couple the ability to foster children due to their religious beliefs stands at odds with Supreme Court precedent, lower federal court decisions, and the needs of children. Leaders in Massachusetts and other states should swiftly enact legislative protections for religiously motivated foster and adoptive parents. The need for more homes for foster children is striking. The latest available data show close to 400,000 children across the United States are living in foster care.” Read more here.


WATCH OUT!, by Dr. Jillian Spencer. “As a community, we’ve been increasingly worried about health and safety. Bike helmets became compulsory, cigarettes became expensive and put behind the counter. We’re used to hearing safety announcements at the airport to hold on to the handrail or not to let your kids stand up in the supermarket trolley. So, it’s understandable that many parents have been blindsided by the realization that there are dangerous ideas about gender identity being pushed at their children. If parents seek help, they may be unable to prevent their children from suffering harm from treatments claimed to be ‘lifesaving.’” Read more here.


BACK TO (WHAT KIND OF) SCHOOL: EDUCATION OR INDOCTRINATION?, by Cal Thomas. “As millions of children return to public school, it’s a good idea to again examine what they are being taught and what is being left out. It also offers an annual opportunity for parents to ask if their kids are being educated or indoctrinated. At the recent convention of the National Education Association in Orlando, Florida, reports told of delegates waving rainbow signs proclaiming: ‘freedom to teach’ and ‘freedom to learn.’ The demonstrators oppose parental concerns over what they regard as pornography in certain books, an opposition that has tarred them as ‘book banners.’ Peculiar how it’s ‘academic freedom’ to introduce books that promote behavior and ideas many parents oppose, but ‘censorship’ to object to them.” Read more here.


PERSPECTIVE: HOW TO STRENGTHEN THE ‘SUCCESS SEQUENCE’ IN UTAH, by W. Bradford Wilcox, Derek Monson and David Bass. “Growing numbers of young adults across America … are moving into adulthood without a durable connection to two benchmarks strongly connected to human well-being: work and marriage. Taking the second benchmark first, a record-high 25 percent of 40-year-olds in the United States were never married as of 2021, according to new data from Pew Research Center. That compares to 5 percent of never-married 40-year-olds in 1980. And in Utah, the marriage rate has fallen more than 15 percent since 2012 alone. Put simply, the necessary (though not sufficient) precursor to family stability is losing ground.” Read more here.


CALIFORNIA LEGISLATURE WON’T EVEN PASS A LAW MAKING CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING A FELONY, by Bob Hoge. “You’d think that child sex trafficking would be a pretty serious crime, and that anybody caught doing it would be in big-time trouble. You might even think such an act would be a felony, and that it would count as a ‘strike’ if your state had a three-strikes law. Not so in the Golden State. Their overwhelmingly Democrat legislature can’t even be troubled to pass a no-brainer law that would make child sex trafficking a felony. First, Democrats in the Assembly’s Public Safety committee voted it down in July, then after outcry and pressure from Governor Gavin Newsom (who only weighed in because he’s interested in running for president), legislators reconsidered and passed it out of committee. Has common sense returned to Sacramento?” Read more here.


WHAT YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT THE DRAG QUEEN AT CHILDREN’S LIBRARY, by Michael Brown. “The scene is as heartbreaking as it is infuriating, as a drag queen swishes his hips for the toddlers and little children who fill the library room, asking them, ‘Who wants to be a drag queen when they grow up?’ It is heartbreaking to think that some of these impressionable little ones will want to emulate this gay man’s perverse outfit and presentation.” Read more here.


MOTHERS OR ‘EGG PRODUCERS’? TOP HHS OFFICIAL RACHEL LEVINE PRAISES CLINIC FOR ‘GENDER-AFFIRMING’ LANGUAGE, by Haley Strack. “Rachel Levine, a transgender woman and Joe Biden’s assistant secretary of health, visited what Levine called an ‘inspiring’ Alaska gender clinic that refers to mothers as ‘egg producers’ this month. Identity Alaska is an Anchorage nonprofit and healthcare clinic that aims to ‘advance Alaska’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, asexual, two-spirited + community through advocacy, education, healthcare and connectivity.’ Levine thanked the clinic for providing ‘lifesaving medical care.’” Read more here.


HOW PORNOGRAPHY FORGED THE TRANS MOVEMENT, by Genevieve Gluck. “It is impossible to separate the influence of pornography from the gender-identity movement, as both are aspects of the sex industry. The gender-identity industry sells ‘sex’ as a noun – supposedly allowing a male to ‘become’ a female (and vice versa) through surgeries and hormones. Whereas the pornography industry sells ‘sex’ as a verb. Gender identity conceptually reduces women to sexist stereotypes, or a fantasy in a man’s head. It is also an ideology that uniquely redefines womanhood – and to a lesser degree, manhood – as the living embodiment of pornography.” Read more here.


HOW GENDER ACTIVISTS DEFACED PEDIATRIC MEDICINE: AN INTERVIEW WITH MIRIAM GROSSMAN, MD, by Devorah Goldman and Dr. Miriam Grossman. “I was alarmed as a child psychiatrist. We want people, especially young people, to have a stable sense of identity. When you don’t have a stable identity, it’s a handicap. Part of the role of the psychiatrist is to help people develop and sustain that stability, which can be challenged in so many ways. … Yet here we are, my own profession of psychiatry and psychology, endorsing a bizarre belief system that punctures something at the core of our humanity. Are we male or female—what could be more core to identity? Yet we are telling young people it is normal to question that established fact, over and over again.” Read more here.


PEDIATRICIANS’ STATEMENT ON TRANSGENDER KIDS IGNORES THREE WORDS THAT HAVE GUIDED DOCTORS FOR MILLENNIA, by Marion Mass and Nikki Johnson. “The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recently reaffirmed its 2018 position on youth who suffer from gender dysphoria while simultaneously calling on a systematic review of the evidence of how to treat such children. Looking back on the AAP’s 2018 statement, as pediatricians, we both agree with the 2018 report that we ‘must protect youth who identify as transgender and gender diverse from discrimination and violence.’ It’s our job to protect children. However, we do not think the 2018 report is following the millennia-old tenet of ‘do no harm.’” Read more here.


WITH THE ‘SUICIDE CARD,’ TRANSGENDER ACTIVISTS WEAPONIZE KINDNESS, by Stephanie Lundquist-Arora. “When public school counselors meet with parents to discuss cases of gender identity confusion, they often warn that a transgender child is better than a dead child. This is not just a weaponization of kindness and sympathy. It is extortion. When Kobe as 13, for example, adults online reportedly told him to ‘play the suicide card’ to get chemical trans interventions. Read more here.


GEN Z SHOULDN’T DISMISS MARRIAGE SO LIGHTLY, by W. Bradford Wilcox and Wendy Wang. “A viral TikTok video doesn’t pull any punches in depicting the so-called negatives of marriage and motherhood for young women. The video, that has been racking up millions of views, shows a Generation Z woman seeming to accept a marriage proposal before switching to a series of shorts showing the same woman toiling away in domestic drudgery — washing dishes, caring for a newborn baby and cleaning the house. The clip ends with the woman rejecting the proposal, daunted by the future life of domestic servitude that just flashed before her eyes.” Read more here.


TRANSGENDER MOVEMENT’S LAST DEFENDERS: PARENTS WHO ‘TRANSITIONED’ THEIR CHILDREN, by Jonathon Van Maren. “Across Europe, the so-called ‘affirmative model’ approach to gender dysphoria, with its brutal regimens of puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and sex change surgeries, is being abandoned. Study after study reveal that medical authorities have, at the behest of the transgender movement, been perpetrating one of the ugliest medical scandals since eugenics. Young people—children, some of them—are being castrated, mutilated by the amputation of healthy breasts, and deformed by dangerous drugs prescribed to them by medical ideologues.” Read more here.


ONLY ‘LGBTQ-AFFIRMING’ FOSTER PARENTS NEED APPLY, by Ryan Bomberger. “Funny how ‘tolerance’ turns to totalitarianism. America has undergone a massive moral ‘transitioning’ thanks to an incredibly well-funded LGBTQIA+++ movement. They enjoy a privilege that no other ‘marginalized’ group has: a virtual total immunity from criticism. Mainstream media, public education, academia, professional sports, the entertainment industry, the Democratic Party, judges, legislators, the medical field, biblically illiterate churches, RINOs and child welfare workers all demand we bow to LGBTQ dogma. We must butcher language, deny basic science and worship a co-opted rainbow worldview or face the consequences.” Read more here.


A CHILD NEEDS BOTH A MOTHER AND A FATHER, by Hunter Baker. “I have a special connection to my daughter. We joke that we are clones and have a whole catalogue of inside jokes. I have enough love for her for two parents. But it is more than clear to me that she still needs her mother. My wife brings things to the table that I absolutely can’t. There’s a reason every child has a biological mother and father. You need the male and the female contribution. In the teen years, it is so clear to me that my daughter benefits from having a safe, protective and supportive man in her life while also being able to turn to her mother for guidance in becoming a woman. There are so many things my wife knows and intuits that I do not. As mother and father, we fulfill different roles.” Read more here.


‘GENDER-NEUTRAL’ LAVATORIES ARE AN INVASION OF WOMEN’S PRIVACY, by Kemi Badenoch. “I would never have guessed when I first became an MP how much time I would spend looking at toilet policy. But, increasingly, my job is spent legislating for common sense and stopping people determined to do destructive things. A decade ago, there was no need to clarify who could use which toilet. However, in today’s world, some are trying to redefine biological sex to mean however one chooses to identify. This has led to multiple instances of organizations, from schools to music venues, removing single-sex (male only or female only) toilets and replacing them with ‘gender-neutral’ versions.” Read more here.


WORLD SPORTS ORGANIZATIONS WAKE UP TO THE ABSURDITY OF TRANS-ATHLETE POLICIES, by Madeleine Kearns. “Fairness for women athletes doesn’t consist in simply suppressing testosterone levels in male athletes. Male advantages over females persist, to say nothing of the insulting suggestion that male mediocrity is equivalent to female excellence. This ought to be obvious, but it has taken several high-profile cases of male athletes disrupting female competitions for sports-governing bodies to confront the absurdity of their policies.” Read more here.


WANT HELP FOR SUICIDAL THOUGHTS? WE’LL KILL YOU FOR FREE, by David Strom. “Dystopia with a smiley face. That is what Canada has turned into. Every day you read a story about the government or the health care system (one and the same) offering death as a public service. Vancouver is the suicide capital of the world these days, which is ironic because it is also an idyllic locale. It is just the sort of place I like to visit, except that now I am likely to be faced with advertisements from funeral homes that offer suicide services with a smile.” Read more here.


NEW BIDEN POLICY TIES FOREIGN POOR TO GENDER IDEOLOGY, by Emmanuele Da Ponte. “The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has released its first LGBTQI+ Inclusive Development Policy, the purpose of which is to spread controversial gender ideology through foreign assistance. The policy also refers to ‘comprehensive sexuality education’ and ‘reproductive rights,’ which are widely understood to include abortion in addition to issues of sexual orientation and gender identity. Critics expressed concern about tying this controversial agenda to crucial foreign assistance to poor countries.” Read more here.


GALLUP: NEARLY 70 PERCENT POLLED DON’T THINK BIOLOGICAL MALES SHOULD COMPETE ON GIRLS’ TEAMS, by Brett T. “This Gallup poll is being reported on by NBC News, which as we like to point out, has special categories like NBC BLK and NBC OUT. This story is filed under NBC OUT, which is dedicated to pumping out pro-LGBTQ news stories. We’re pretty certain NBC OUT has reported on ‘experts’ saying that biological males have no physical advantages in sports at some point.” Read more here.


CHILD PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION REFUSES TO HEAR SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE CRITICAL OF ‘GENDER AFFIRMING CARE,’ by Wesley Smith. “Slowly, it is becoming clear that the scientific data behind what is called ‘gender-affirming care’ is sorely lacking. Consequently several countries in Europe have hit the brakes on immediate social affirmation, puberty blocking and surgeries in children. Yet much of the American medical establishment (and the Biden administration) continues to resist changing treatment guidelines. Why? Because medical science in this sensitive field has been polluted by a fervent gender ideology that it not only resists considering contrary data but even the expression of differing opinions.” Read more here.


EUROPEAN PSYCHIATRISTS ARE BEING SHUNNED OVER CHILD PROTECTIONS, by David Strom. “The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry no longer wants to hear from their European counterparts. Why? Europe is beginning to set guardrails to protect children from dangerous and questionable gender ‘transition’ practices, and American psychiatrists don’t want to hear any evidence against their preconceived notion that sterilizing and mutilating children is an unalloyed good.” Read more here.


ABRAHAM LINCOLN’S PAINFUL MESSAGE FOR THE PRO-LIFE MOVEMENT, by Josh Hammer. “Pro-lifers waited 49 grueling years to see the judicial barbarism of Roe v. Wade finally overturned in last year’s blockbuster Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. That ruling, delivered by Justice Samuel Alito, merely re-politicized a hotly contested issue that had been erroneously accorded the status of ‘constitutional right’ in Roe. Unfortunately, it seems perhaps likely, based on rapidly accumulating data points, that pro-lifers’ patience could be similarly tested as we push onward toward the only logical endpoint in this defining struggle for substantive justice and human dignity: abortion abolition in America.” Read more here.


DON’T DEFEND PLANNED PARENTHOOD’S ‘GENDER-AFFIRMING CARE.’ DEFUND IT, by Melanie Israel, Macy Petty, and Trey Boyd. “In post-Roe America, Planned Parenthood is shifting gears. To make up for its lost abortion revenue, it’s expanding its reach into what it calls ‘transgender hormone therapy.’ The recent spike in these services is telling. According to their most recent annual reports, most of the nearly 600 Planned Parenthood centers now dispense cross-sex hormones. In 2016, only 32 Planned Parenthood clinics provided similar services.” Read more here.


THE ABORTION LOBBY SHOULDN’T CELEBRATE TOO QUICKLY IN OHIO, by Hudson Crozier. “President Joe Biden and abortion advocates are cheering after Ohioans rejected a ballot proposal that would make it harder for voters to pass amendments to the state constitution. The proposal threatened a pro-abortion amendment that will be on a November ballot, and many have declared Tuesday’s vote a ‘win for abortion rights.’ By itself, the vote is not a win for or against abortion. It is a step in a broader plan by the abortion lobby that, as a whole, faces difficult political odds.” Read more here.


CANADA’S SUICIDAL SLIDE, by John Stonestreet and G. Shane Morris. “If it is true, as Richard Weaver famously put it, that ‘ideas have consequences,’ it is also true that bad ideas have victims. On no other contemporary issue today is the connection between a bad idea and its victims clearer than assisted suicide. In no other nation today are the bad ideas and their victims more aggressively embraced than in Canada.” Read more here.


SCHOOLS ARE DONE HIDING RADICAL AGENDAS, by Haley Strack. “Parents vehemently oppose the [Montgomery County Public Schools’] English Language Arts curriculum that instructs teachers to read aloud and discuss LGBTQ books in class. Families request only that the district reinstate an opt-out policy for these lessons; they aren’t asking MCPS to remove books from classrooms or dismantle the curriculum. Parents can already opt their children out of similar sexual themes being taught in MCPS health lessons. A resolution seems simple — give parents the right to opt their child out of all sensitive lessons and leave the rest as is.” Read more here.


NOW YOU HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL YOU’RE 7 TO GET TRANS TREATMENT IN THE UK, by Jazz Shaw. “For more than a year now, we’ve been praising the health services in Great Britain over their decision to pull back from ‘gender transition care’ for children, starting with the closing of the Tavistock gender clinic last summer. (And there were many very good reasons to shut that clinic down.) The Brits were following a pattern that’s been showing up in other European nations, including Sweden and Denmark, where nearly all transgender ‘care’ for children has been put on hold while clinical studies are conducted. That’s why I was rather surprised to see a headline yesterday suggesting that the British National Health Service would be funding ‘transgender treatments’ for children provided they are at least seven years old.” Read more here.


HOUSE PANEL HEARS FROM GENDER MEDICINE’S ‘DR. FRANKENSTEIN’ ON HIS INSANE SURGICAL OPTION FOR MINORS, by Sarah Parshall Perry. “Light may be breaking through the darkness of gender ideology, as revealed by a recent hearing before the House Judiciary Committee on ‘due process violations and gender-affirming care.’ During the hearing, Rep. Mike Johnson, R-La., showed part of a video interview with Dr. Blair Peters … That interview proved just how experimental and unstudied ‘gender-affirming’ medical care is. … The interview with Peters exposes much more than the barbarism of ‘gender-affirming’ surgery. It also proves that the house that gender ideology built is constructed on sinking sand.” Read more here.


THE CALLOUS AUTHORITARIANISM OF THE TRANS IDEOLOGY, by Jenny Holland. “The gender ideologues have found yet another arena in which to bully, frighten and punish women who speak out about their rights. Now they are coming for our medical care. Two recent reports – one from Portland, Oregon and the other from London – describe how two women, one with breast cancer and the other requiring an operation, were dropped by the medical facilities tasked with treating them, as punishment for expressing their gender-critical beliefs.” Read more here.


MOST WOMEN WHO HAVE ABORTIONS SAY THEY WISH THEY HADN’T, by Maureen Ferguson. “In the post-Roe era, the messy democratic process has begun to sort out abortion policy and politics across the country. But another important task also lies ahead. Support for women experiencing unplanned pregnancies has always been at the heart of the pro-life movement. … Legislation that focuses on supporting mothers, connecting them to the vast network of pregnancy resource centers and other aid, will empower vulnerable women to choose life for their babies and avoid the tragedy of abortion.” Read more here.


LIBERALS’ ASSAULT ON CRISIS PREGNANCY CENTERS FACES A MAJOR SETBACK: THE LAW, by Tom Joyce. “After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, many blue state politicians and special interest groups decided to go after crisis pregnancy centers. These pro-abortion activists wanted to penalize pregnancy resource centers for supposedly disseminating misleading information, which is to say, information about fetal development or the negative effects of abortion that liberals in government find inconvenient. Yet, efforts to crack down on crisis pregnancy centers have stalled. These politicians and special interest groups are facing a setback: the law.” Read more here.


TRANS-ING KIDS: THESE CONGRESS MEMBERS NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE, by Brandon Showalter. “A national reckoning is underway over the chemical and surgical trans-ing of children and teens. And while many players are culpable, ignorance is no excuse because they cannot say they were not warned. If the July 27 Congressional hearing before the House Judiciary Committee on ‘gender-affirming care’ was any indication, some politicians are digging in their heels in denial because for them to admit the awful truth likely means facing paralyzing shame. In order to avoid that profound regret, they must continue refusing to acknowledge that gruesome medical atrocities are presently occurring nationwide and instead defend them as ‘care,’ even when living breathing evidence in the form of a teen victim of such atrocities is right there under their noses.” Read more here.


BORIS, WE REALLY DO NEED MORE BABIES, by Lois McLatchie. “In the summer of Barbenheimer, everybody is now a professional movie critic. Even Boris Johnson wrote his own film review of Barbie in the Daily Mail last week. As delightfully bemusing as it is to imagine Britain’s former PM scratching his head over the feminist challenges of Miss Plastic Fantastic, I was nevertheless pleased to see him pick out one of the major challenges to modernity nestled amongst the bubblegum pink hues: ‘[Barbieland] has children, but no babies. It is a parable about the destiny of humanity.’ He’s right. Aside from the fact that plastic dolls have no genitals, the film depicts the war of the sexes which has ultimately contributed to a baby drought.” Read more here.


PORNHUB CHOOSES TO BLOCK STATES RATHER THAN PROTECT KIDS, by John Nolte. “Rather than comply with a state’s age verification laws, Pornhub chose to block everyone from those states from accessing its site. Why? Several states, including Utah, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas and Virginia have passed age verification laws. According to various reports, Pornhub won’t allow anyone from those states to access its site. Why? Well, the company claims its opposition to age verification laws is based on lofty principles about protecting children.” Read more here.


A GREAT WAY TO FIGHT BACK AGAINST PORNOGRAPHY IN SCHOOLS, by David Strom. “Parents and activists fighting the invasion of pornography into schools face a big problem: they run up against the usually good American impulse to reject attempts to censor books. Americans rightly have a kneejerk reaction against suppressing ideas (although, ironically, the same people pushing pornography in the schools are also pushing for censorship of ideas they don’t like!), and without direct evidence that something truly unacceptable is being provided to children, they are inclined to side with those who are more permissive when it comes to speech.” Read more here.


LILA ROSE: WE NEED TO ‘COMPLETELY END ABORTION’ AND ‘MAKE IT UNTHINKABLE AND ILLEGAL,’ by Steven Ertelt. “Leading pro-life advocate Lila Rose has been on the front lines of the pro-life movement for many years. Like millions of pro-life Americans, she’s delighted that the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in the Dobbs case and is now allowing states to legally protect babies from abortions. So what’s next for the pro-life movement? Rose says pro-life Americans still have a lot of work to do, especially since most states still have legalized abortions.” Read more here.


NBC NEWS ACCIDENTALLY DEBUNKS TRANSGENDER IDEOLOGY, By Kurt Mahlburg. “Even broken clocks are right twice a day. This trusty proverb has proven right again thanks to NBC News, which last week published an in-depth, 2,000-word article that completely obliterates transgender ideology. You read that correctly. Sanity has prevailed. One of the wokest news outlets on the planet has just offered a comprehensive rebuttal of the idea that a person can ‘change their gender’ simply by wishing it be so.” Read more here.


THE AAP NEEDS TO LISTEN TO PARENTS, by Lisa Selin Davis. “When Melissa’s 17-year-old son was hospitalized for anorexia at a well-respected residential facility for kids with eating disorders, she was sure they would help make him well. The next day, Melissa (not her real name) received a call from the therapist making the rounds on the ward—not about her son, but about her daughter. ‘Your child is transgender,’ the therapist said. ‘She needs to start hormones right away.’ Melissa was flabbergasted. Her son had not only never come out to her, but he’d shown no signs of gender nonconformity throughout his childhood, other than recently having long hair.” Read more here.


CULTURAL GLOBALISM: USAID ENGAGES IN IDEOLOGICAL IMPERIALISM WITH LGBTI INCLUSIVE DEVELOPMENT POLICY, by Robert Semonsen. “As a part of an unrelenting effort to export the cultural globalists’ left-liberal, LGBT-gender ideology to the rest of the world, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), which funds media outlets across the globe that promote the same ideological worldview, last week unveiled its first-ever LGBTQI+ Inclusive Development Policy. … USAID—a federal agency which in 2023 received [billions] in taxpayer funding for its worldwide endeavors—listed the goals and outcomes being pursued by the policy, including ‘comprehensive sexuality education’ and ‘reproductive rights’—another way to say LGBT and gender ideological indoctrination and access to abortion.” Read more here.


THE SHAMELESS JOYS OF FATHERHOOD, by Frank Haviland. “There is, I believe, something utterly sacred about fatherhood, which cannot be understood by any other soul but a father’s. This is not of course to demean the labors of single mothers, who courageously and thanklessly perform the function of both parents (nor to suggest that maternity is not similarly exclusive). I merely suggest that the role of father is so primordial, that it can transform even the most effete pansy into a hero; and it is here that I speak from experience.” Read more here.


ON ABORTION WE SHOULD GUARD AGAINST ‘TYRANNY OF THE MAJORITY,’ by Frank Pavone. “In November of 2023 voters will decide whether to amend the Ohio Constitution to explicitly include a right to abortion. This, of course, would put into the Ohio Constitution a ‘right’ which the Supreme Court, in its decision, in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, just pointed out was never asserted in American constitutional history, in any of the 50 states, until Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113 (1973). Now it’s possible, through the slick ads and soundbites that can make citizens believe they are voting for their very survival, that the abortion lobby could get more than 50% of the citizens to vote ‘Yes’ on such an amendment.” Read more here.


TRANSGENDER INSANITY HAS INCREASINGLY HORRIFYING REAL-WORLD CONSEQUENCES, by Jonathan Van Maren. “The decadence of our elites has become so pronounced it is hard not to see the moment we are living through as the end of a civilization. Dylan Mulvaney, the famous gay man cosplaying as a female social media influencer who recently tanked Bud Light, is now launching a college speaking tour where he will speak about ‘female empowerment.’ … The scale of the grift is epic – a man playing a woman in public is not only accepted as a woman by the elites and those too cowed to point out the obvious, but is actually fleecing his credulous public to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars to tell people how women can be empowered. You couldn’t make this stuff up. You wouldn’t want to.” Read more here.


ANALYSIS: WASHINGTON POST GETS PEPFAR STORY WRONG, by Rebecca Oas. “A recent article in the Washington Post discussed how abortion has roiled the U.S. government’s international HIV/AIDS program. Missing from the story is any reckoning with the way that abortion has infiltrated an ever-growing list of international policy areas, including the fight against HIV, and why Republicans say new protections are needed.” Read more here.


THE PRO-TRANS MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT DOES THE VERY THING IT FALSELY ACCUSES CONSERVATIVES OF DOING, by Tyler O’Neil. “Transgender activists often claim that when their opponents want to outlaw medical experiments on children, they are not opposing a grotesque alteration of the body, but forbidding doctors to provide any kind of medical care for a class of people—namely, those who identify as transgender. Yet we conservatives and our gender-critical allies wholeheartedly support requiring hospitals to serve all patients who suffer from physical maladies—people who claim to identify as transgender very much included. We merely oppose the unproven and frankly insane medical alterations that go by the euphemism ‘gender-affirming care.’” Read more here.


HOW THE LIA THOMAS SCANDAL COULD SAVE WOMEN’S SPORTS, by Jo Bartosch. “Sane people across the world owe a debt of gratitude to American swimmer Lia Thomas. This is the six-foot-one man who was first allowed to compete on the University of Pennsylvania women’s team in March last year. The sight of this hulking male, standing in first place on the winning podium at a top-level college competition, forced pundits and politicians to face the consequences of the lie that ‘transwomen are women.’” Read more here.


SECOND OPINION, by Bernard Lane. “The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) should include sceptics of the gender-affirming treatment approach as it updates treatment advice for gender dysphoria, according to pediatrician Dr. Julia Mason. On August 3, The New York Times reported that the AAP had re-endorsed its 2018 affirmative-only position statement on dysphoria, but also decided to commission a systematic review, which is the gold standard for weighing the evidence for medical interventions. The 2018 policy was not preceded by a systematic review.” Read more here.


THE MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT HAS SUCCUMBED TO GENDER MADNESS, by Miriam Grossman. “David [is] a [gender-confused] patient in Colorado with whom I worked directly. The medical establishment, the DSM-5, and the state of Colorado say the only permissible response is to act as if he was a girl. David must be in the driver’s seat—forget about ‘do no harm.’ … I am to instruct parents to tell everyone—family members, school staff, his piano teacher and dentist—to do the same. His mom, dad, and I are all supposed to celebrate what doctors at Johns Hopkins call David’s ‘evolving sense of self.’ Celebrating an evolving sense of self sounds fine and dandy … He could end up disfigured and infertile and still not be satisfied with his body.” Read more here.


YES, OUR EVIDENCE IS WEAK, by Bernard Lane. “Dr. Stephen Stathis appears to be one of the first ‘gender-affirming’ clinicians to publicly accept the findings of systematic reviews in Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom since 2019 that the evidence base for ‘medical transition’ of minors is of low quality and very uncertain. These reviews challenging the mantra that ‘the science is settled in favor of ‘gender-affirming care’ have been ignored by ‘gender-affirming’ clinicians, who rely instead on low-quality treatment guidelines and position statements by medical societies open to activist capture.” Read more here.


THE REAL MESSAGE OF TRANS IDEOLOGY: HATE YOURSELF, by David Strom. “The most powerful rhetorical argument for embracing transgenderism is that it is cruel to make people feel bad simply for being different from everybody else. People are who they are, and it is cruel to punish them for being who they are. It’s a good point, although ironically it also is exactly the explanation for why the current promotion of transgender ideology is so evil and cruel. Transgender ideology, after all, is all about reinforcing people’s hatred for who they were born to be. If your prescription for happiness is the radical alteration of your body because you are unhappy with how it is, then you are not affirming somebody as they are; you are insisting the opposite.” Read more here.


PRO-LIFERS SEEK INJUNCTION FROM ILLINOIS’ ANTI-PREGANCY CENTER LAW MEANT TO SHUT DOWN PREGNANCY CENTERSby Sam Entile. “SB 1909’s title, ‘Deceptive Practices of Limited Services Pregnancy Centers Act,’ shows how state abortion proponents aim to put pregnancy centers under suspicion. But the evidence tells a different story. Pregnancy centers have a record of providing critical medical help to thousands of women experiencing unexpected pregnancies. Detractors have failed to demonstrate why these centers require special fraud laws beyond what already exists.” Read more here.


THE BUTCHER OF LOUTH, by James Esses. (***READER DISCRETION ADVISED: THIS ARTICLE INCLUDES GRAPHIC PHOTOS) “Meet Dr. Sidhbh Gallagher, dubbed the Butcher of Louth (and with good reason). Gallagher is a surgeon who has made a name for herself in performing what she calls ‘gender confirmation surgery’ out of her private practice in Miami, Florida. Her website states, without a hint of irony, that she ‘always seeks to combine her artistic flair with the latest cutting-edge techniques.’ … Gallagher is clearly extremely experienced. This is precisely what makes her dangerous.” Read more here.


THE BEST PREDICTOR OF HAPPINESS IN AMERICA? MARRIAGE, by W. Bradford Wilcox and David Bass. “Americans who are married with children are now leading happier and more prosperous lives, on average, than men and women who are single and childless. Is that statement surprising? In an age that prizes individualism, workism, and a host of other self-centric ‘isms’ above marriage and family, it may well be. But the reality is that nothing currently predicts happiness in life is better than a good marriage. This truth is borne out yet again in new research from the University of Chicago, which found that marriage is the ‘the most important differentiator’ of who is happy in America, and that falling marriage rates are a chief reason why happiness has declined nationally.” Read more here.


AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS TAKES A HALF-STEP BACK FROM ‘GENDER-AFFIRMING CARE,’ by Wesley Smith. “The problem for practitioners of transgender ideological medicine is that there is now significant pushback from doctors who practice in relevant specialties and from socially progressive countries such as the UK, Sweden, Norway, Finland and France that can’t be accused credibly of pushing social conservatism as policy. That makes the adamant assistance insistence that ‘gender-affirming care’ is the only and best approach far more difficult to maintain. So the American Academy of Pediatrics has taken a half-step back – validating its previous support but also willing to engage in deeper studies.” Read more here.


THE SELF-DEFEATING LEGACY OF BLINKEN’S LGBT DIPLOMACY, by Michael Rubin. “Secretary of State Antony Blinken has put LGBT issues at the forefront of United States diplomacy. Embassies fly pride flags alongside the American flag. Diplomats lecture their foreign counterparts not only to ensure basic human rights, but also to advocate that they embrace a gender ideology the Democrats’ progressive base embraces (and for which there is no consensus in American society). … [M]ost Africans see [this] as tone-deaf, if not cultural imperialism. Rather than further American influence, it makes the United States a subject of ridicule.” Read more here.


I THOUGHT I WAS NONBINARY. NOW I HELP DETRANSITIONERS, by Camille Kiefel. “It wasn’t until I got into college that I heard about the idea of being nonbinary. It really appealed to me because although I didn’t want to be a man, I was having issues with being a woman. It was this in-between state that allowed me to be who I thought I was. It felt safer to me, but I still felt like a bit of a failure when it came to my femininity. … I’m currently the president of Detrans Help. We connect people to find the resources and legal help they need. We are currently working on a self-advocacy program for detransitioners with doctors because I believe that a lot more people are going to ‘detransition’ in the next few years.” Read more here.


DEI IS FAILING BECAUSE IT ‘PROMOTES DIVISION INSTEAD OF UNITY,’ by Rikki Schlott. “Corporate America’s rush to hire diversity, equity, and inclusion executives is slowing to a standstill — with Chief Diversity Officers exiting at Disney … Warner Bros., Discovery and other corporations. ‘They’re starting to see the emperor has no clothes,’ Tabia Lee, herself a former DEI professional, told The Post.” Read more here.


GENDER SURGERY AND MAID IN ONE SAD STORY, by David Strom. “I fear that we will be hearing a lot of stories similar to this one in the coming years. I was saddened but not shocked to hear about the tragic story of Lois Cardinal, an indigenous man who was led astray into gender ideology and now is seeking Medical Assistance in Dying. He sought out ‘gender-affirming surgery’ as a cure for his unhappiness, and now is seeking MAiD as a cure for the pain and anxiety caused by that very ‘treatment.’” Read more here.


NEW TRANSGENDER STUDY SHOWS PAINFUL, LONG-LASTING SIDE EFFECTS OF ‘SEX-CHANGE’ SURGERIES, by Jonathan Van Maren. “A new study on the side effects of transgender ‘sex change’ surgeries has revealed, once again, that we are currently in the midst of the greatest medical scandal of the past several centuries. Conducted by researchers at the University of Florida and the health nonprofit Brooks Rehabilitation, the study found that 81 percent of those who had undergone ‘sex change’ surgeries in the past five years reported experiencing pain simply from normal movement in the weeks and months that followed — and that many other side effects are manifesting themselves as well.” Read more here.


THE WORLD MEDICAL ASSOCIATION SUBTLY EVISCERATES CONSCIENCE RIGHTS, by Wesley Smith. “The World Medical Association has published a revised ‘International Code of Medical Ethics’ that is intended as ‘a canon of ethical principles for the members of the medical profession worldwide.’ Most of it is fine. For example, the code states that ‘the physician must provide care with the utmost respect for human life and dignity, and for the autonomy and rights of the patient,’ and that doctors are not to have sexual relations with their current patients. But problematically, the WMA has eviscerated medical conscience rights in a way that would compel doctors to engage in interventions and actions to which they are morally or religiously opposed.” Read more here.


HUMAN TRAFFICKING: AN AMERICAN TRADITION OF SILENCE, by Armstrong Williams. “In the hushed corners of our society, a sinister industry flourishes, largely hidden and unspoken of. It’s an issue so shocking and perplexing that people tend to ignore it when brought to light. This is the pandemic of sex trafficking and child sex trafficking.” Read more here.


FEMINIST AUTHOR CLAIMS ‘FEMALE’ WASN’T INVENTED ‘TIL THE 1800S, by Alex Parker. “We’re living in a time of clarified history — or, as the woke seem to prefer, ‘histories.’ Example: a recent assertion about the origin of ‘female.’ … In a July 26th piece penned for The New Statesman, Jacqueline Rose tackles a tall topic of our time: What, exactly, is a woman? The question, she says, implies there isn’t an answer.” Read more here.


UBC PROFESSOR ADVOCATES EXPOSING ‘LITTLE CHILDREN’ TO ADULT GENITALIA TO PREPARE THEM FOR ‘TRANSEXUALS’ IN THEIR LOCKER ROOMS, by Jonathan Van Maren. “A young man with a fully functioning penis identifies as a woman, joins the girls’ swim team, and starts cleaning house in competitions while changing with the girls. Some girls—those who dare speak out at all—object. And the response of this journalism professor is to condemn the girls as ‘transphobes’ and insist that the girls are vile for noticing that there is a man with a penis changing with them.” Read more here.


WISCONSIN OFFICIALS TRY TO FORCE CATHOLIC HEALTHCARE SYSTEM TO PERFORM ‘GENDER-AFFIRMING’ SURGERIES, by Jeff Charles. “Apparently, it is not enough for progressives to use social pressure to browbeat us into accepting their twisted ideas on gender. These people also seek to wield the power of the government to force people and religious organizations into helping to advance their agenda. SSM Health, a Catholic healthcare system in Wisconsin, recently discontinued providing ‘gender-affirming’ surgeries because of the system’s Catholic affiliation, according to local news reports. Now, county officials are trying to look at other ways to compel the organization to begin offering these procedures again.” Read more here.


PLANNED PARENTHOOD’S DEPRAVED MARKETING GIMMICKS, by Elise McCue. “Planned Parenthood’s history of depravity extends long before its representatives brought cards describing sexually explicit terms to a high school event in June, effectively getting the organization banned from Canadian high schools. For Planned Parenthood, nothing is off limits, from promoting abortion gift cards at Christmas to offering free abortions after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.” Read more here.


SOUND OF FREEDOM: GLOBAL OBSTACLES TO FIGHT SEX TRAFFICKING OF CHILDREN, by Stefano Gennarini. “The greatest obstacle to protecting women and children from sex-traffickers may be the governments that protect pornography and prostitution. The unexpected blockbuster movie ‘Sound of Freedom’ has … [put] a spotlight on sex trafficking of children. But what is the international community doing to fight sex trafficking and what are some of the obstacles to ending child sex trafficking?” Read more here.


THE HIDDEN RADICALISM OF OHIO’S ABORTION AMENDMENT, by the National Review editors. “Direct democracy is a bad way to write a constitution. Consider the deceptive ballot measure to change Ohio’s constitution that will be put to voters this November. Special-interest groups like the ACLU and Planned Parenthood have officially succeeded in gathering enough signatures for a vote on an amendment creating a right to abortion in Ohio’s constitution, but the proposed amendment is extreme in ways the average voter would not know simply from reading the text.” Read more here.


PARENTS SUING SCHOOL DISTRICT FOR REFUSING TO PROVIDE TEACHER’S SPEECH ANNOUNCING ‘GENDER’ TRANSITION TO KIDS, by Jeff Charles. “As supporters and opponents of parental rights clash all over the country, a Wisconsin school district’s conduct related to a transgender teacher has caused a stir in the community. This district is no stranger to controversy, having staked out a distinct position against the notion that parents should be intimately involved in how their children are educated.” Read more here.


THERE IS NO CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO ‘GENDER-AFFIRMING’ CARE, by Sarah Marshall Perry. “The U.S. House Judiciary Committee held a hearing Thursday on ‘The Dangers and Due Process Violations of “Gender-Affirming Care” for Children’ and exposed how children are being coerced by adults in positions of authority into life-altering and medically questionable ‘gender transition’ drugs and procedures without anyone having a full understanding of their impact, including the doctors who prescribe and perform them.” Read more here.


LEFTISTS PANIC NOW THAT UK TEACHERS CAN’T HIDE KIDS’ GENDER CONFUSION FROM PARENTS, by Jonathan Van Maren. “I wonder when parents will wake up to the absolute contempt the mainstream media has for their role in the lives of their children. In the U.K., as I’ve consistently documented in this space, a correction seems to be underway. Here is how the Guardian described the latest (very positive) news: ‘Teachers will be forced to tell parents that their child is questioning their gender even if the young person objects under new guidance for schools in England, the equalities minister has indicated. Kemi Badenoch said that the guidance, which is expected to be published this week, will ensure that parents know what is ‘going on with their children’ at school.’” Read more here.


SIX STATE BALLOT MEASURES WOULD LEGALIZE ABORTIONS UP TO BIRTH, WE MUST STOP THEM, by Micaiah Bilger. “The pro-abortion movement is trying to create a so-called ‘right’ to abort unborn babies through state constitutions all across the country. They recently launched petition drives and misleading ad campaigns in six states to convince voters to support their radical pro-abortion amendments. Through campaigns and positive press, the proposed changes are being portrayed to voters as reasonable ‘reproductive health’ protections. But pro-life leaders warn that the measures would allow unborn babies to be aborted up to birth, eliminate parental involvement laws and prevent lawmakers from passing even modest, common-sense limits on abortion.” Read more here.


HOW FAR DOES RELIGIOUS FREEDOM STRETCH AND WHERE DO LGBT RIGHTS GET THE UPPER HAND?, by Tineke van der Waal. “For four and a half years, Victor Madrigal-Borloz has been writing reports, attending digital meetings and travelling the world to stand up for LGBT rights. The ideas of the independent UN expert on protection against violence and discrimination based on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) are clear. Chief among them: gender matters more than sex. Gender is a spectrum. A child of three can know his gender identity.” Read more here.


I WAS PRESCRIBED A PUBERTY BLOCKER FOR CANCER TREATMENT. I CAN’T FATHOM GIVING IT TO HEALTHY KIDS, by Erica Moshtahedian. “Today, Lupron is prescribed as a ‘puberty blocker’ for children with ‘gender dysphoria.” As someone who has taken it, I am appalled. I cannot fathom how using Lupron on otherwise healthy bodies, knowing its long-term side effects, isn’t criminal. More appalling is that this strong pharmaceutical is used in children with a psychiatric condition that will resolve in up to 90 percent of children if left unmedicalized. This is akin to prescribing hysterectomies for ‘hysteria’ in the 20th century.” Read more here.


THE FACADE OF GENDER IDENTITY IS FAILING OUR STUDENTS, by Elizabeth Grace Matthew. “According to the National Education Association, each American school child has ‘a multitude of identities that shape how they feel entering school each day.’ The organization goes on to ask, ‘How can we, as educators, ensure our schools support each of those identities so that each of our students can learn and flourish?’ This focus on students’ ‘identities’ is both misplaced and misleading — misplaced because the only relevant identity of any school-age child as far as a public educational institution is concerned should be ‘young person learning to read, write, reason, and do arithmetic,’ and misleading because it’s really the multitudinous identities of adults, not those of children, that are the driving force behind today’s troubling educational trends.” Read more here.


OUTSIDE OF THE GAY MARRIAGE DEBATE, EVERYONE IS AGAINST COMPELLED EXPRESSION, by Timothy P. Carney. “It violates a person’s dignity to compel someone to express a sentiment or belief one may not hold. Even more fundamental than the freedom to speak your mind is the freedom to not violate your own conscience. Almost everyone seems to understand this. … But in the gay marriage debate, somehow, this freedom of conscience gets tossed out the window. Nearly all of the largest media outlets, which otherwise believe in freedom of conscience, hated the Supreme Court’s ruling in 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis. Read more here.


THE GREAT FLIGHT FROM HETEROSEXUALITY, by Brendan O’Neill. “For centuries people were ashamed to be gay. Now they’re ashamed to be straight. To the switched-on Gen Z’er there is no curse more twisted than heterosexuality. No blight more undesired than that most vanilla and normative of sexual identities. Straight – even the word is drab, literally meaning ‘to move uniformly in one direction only.’ And so they hide their straightness. They’re getting into the straight closet. ‘I’m queer, I swear!,’ they protest, convincing no one except their fellow blue-haired pansexual pretenders. Welcome to the great flight from heterosexuality.” Read more here.


THE NEA IS NOW OFFICIALLY A CULT, by David Strom. “For decades it has been clear that the teachers’ unions have been a disaster for America’s public schools. Despite being at the very top of the charts in spending per student in the world (#2 after tiny Lichtenstein), the United States does rather badly on educational performance compared to our peer countries. There are a lot of explanations and excuses, but the simple fact is that the educational bureaucracy–including government officials in addition to the teachers’ unions–seems utterly indifferent to the fact that they are failing students.” Read more here.


US IS A TOP DESTINATION FOR CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING, AND IT’S HAPPENING IN YOUR COMMUNITY, by Emma Waters. “On average, a child enters the U.S. sex trade at 12 to 14 years old. Many are runaway girls who were sexually abused as children. Most of the time, victims are trafficked by someone they know, such as a friend, family member, or romantic partner. Predators can rent a child for a single sex act for an average of $90. Often, that child is forced to have sex 20 times per day, six days a week. Trafficking usually occurs in hotels, motels, online websites, and at truck stops in the U.S. About 50,000 people, primarily from Mexico and the Philippines, are trafficked into the U.S. annually. According to the Federal Human Trafficking Report, ‘In 2018, over half (51.6%) of the criminal human trafficking cases active in the U.S. were sex trafficking cases involving only children.’” Read more here.


IT’S TIME TO IMPLEMENT THE EU GUIDELINES ON THE PROMOTION OF FREEDOM OF RELIGION OR BELIEF, by Bert-Jan Ruissen. “Freedom of religion, despite being enshrined in all major human right treaties including the EU’s own fundamental rights charter, appears to have been anything but a priority in recent years. It is telling that the guidelines themselves call for their implementation to be evaluated three years after their adoption. Ten years on, no report on the matter has been issued by the competent EU institutions. It took the Commission up to three years to effectively renew the position of the EU special envoy for the promotion of freedom of religion or belief. No reason has been provided for why it took so long or why no staff or resources have been made available to support this position.” Read more here.


A DEPARTMENT OF FRIENDSHIP CAN’T FIX THE SEXUAL REVOLUTION’S LONELY FALLOUT, by Nathanael Blake. “The sexual revolution places self-indulgence at the center of relationships between men and women, rather than commitment and self-sacrifice. This emphasis on adult autonomy denigrates the dependence of children. It sacrifices their interests and even their lives (nowhere are children more dependent than in the womb) on the altar of adult individualism and indulgence.” Read more here.


CAN WE ALL AGREE THAT CHILD TRAFFICKING IS WRONG AND EVIL?, by Jeff Davidson. “You would think that amidst countless disagreements between the Left and the Right, one vital area might see agreement: the welfare of children. You also would think that both sides would concur that luring children, grabbing them off the street, or snatching them at the border by those who sell them into sexual slavery, is truly abominable. Alas, you’d be wrong.” Read more here.


FOLLOWING AFFIRMATIVE ACTION’S DEMISE, SLAY THE DEI LEVIATHAN, by Josh Hammer. “On Thursday, Stanford Law School Dean Jenny Martinez announced that the embattled associate dean for ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion,’ or DEI, Tirien Steinbach, has resigned. Steinbach’s all but assuredly forced ‘resignation’ followed an outpouring of disgust from Americans revolted by her disgraceful antics during the Stanford Federalist Society student chapter’s attempted hosting in March of a speech by U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit Judge Kyle Duncan, which was constantly disrupted by outlandish student behavior and ultimately canceled.” Read more here.


THE LIVES SAVED FROM ABORTION SHOULD BE CELEBRATED, by Jeanne Mancini. “A recent study conducted by the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found that Texas ’s heartbeat bill, which became law in 2021, has saved approximately 10,000 lives from abortion in the state. Senate Bill 8 protects unborn children after 6 weeks gestation, once their beating hearts can be detected. At the time of S.B. 8’s passing two years ago, it was the most protective law in the nation.” Read more here.


GENDER IDEOLOGY HAS CAPTURED THE STATE, by Joanna Williams. “Rishi Sunak is late with his homework. This week, the UK prime minister was supposed to present schools with updated guidance on how to deal with the growing number of pupils questioning their gender identity. But, once again, its publication has been delayed. And Sunak already has his excuse prepared: government lawyers have warned that his plans could be illegal.” Read more here.


THE GLOBAL FERTILITY INDUSTRY SEEKS TO ERASE WOMEN FROM PROCREATION ONE MANUFACTURED EGG AT A TIME, by Jordan Boyd. “The campaign to erase women has officially escalated to leaving them out of the sacred act of reproduction. For years, researchers, celebrities, and OB-GYNs have touted making babies outside of the bedroom as a novelty attraction available for anyone willing to pay. Millions of test tube babies and a million more frozen embryos later, the global fertility industry has found a new way to create life without a key natural component: women.” Read more here.


FACT CHECK: IS PBS RIGHT TO CLAIM THAT ABORTION REDUCES DOMESTIC VIOLENCE?, by Bettina de Fiori. “PBS NewsHour recently claimed that ‘researchers have noticed a link between abortion access and a reduced risk for being the target of violence from men.’ No valid research demonstrating such a link was cited by the author, nor were these alleged ‘researchers’ identified. The author further implied that states with post-Roe protections for preborn children will see a spike in domestic violence. But is there a connection between abortion laws and domestic violence? According to the most recent domestic violence statistics, the answer appears to be no.” Read more here.


CASTRATED TEEN BEGS PEERS: DO NOT ‘TRANSITION,’ by Tiffany Layne. “At least one teenager realizes that body dysmorphia is a mental illness that requires treatment, not ‘transitioning.’ Too bad he realized it too late. Kobe, the young man facing facts, actually said, ‘I was expecting it to help me help my mental health, and it didn’t do anything. I just wasted so much time and all I did really was become a medical patient for life.’ Sadly, Kobe was actually CASTRATED as part of his ‘gender-affirming care’ when he identified as a trans woman. Now, he wants to be a voice of reason in the cloud of leftist-haze.” Read more here.


SHINE A LIGHT ON YOUTH GENDER MEDICINE, by Bernard Lane. “A rising star of Australia’s center-right Liberal Party, Claire Chandler, has called for an independent expert inquiry into medicalized ‘gender change’ for minors. Senator Chandler suggests a national inquiry into the evidence for treatment of young patients diagnosed with gender dysphoria could be modelled on England’s independent review led by pediatrician Dr. Hilary Cass following controversy over the London-based Tavistock gender clinic.” Read more here.


I BEGAN ‘GENDER TRANSITION’ AT 16. I WAS LIED TO IN A TERRIBLE WAY, by Prisha Mosley. “My name is Prisha Mosley and I’m a 25-year-old woman and ‘detransitioner.’ Since childhood, I have struggled with my mental health. As is the case for many girls, my teen years were particularly difficult. Tragically, at age 14, I suffered from a sexual assault. At age 15, I was hospitalized for depression. By age 16, I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and an eating disorder. I engaged in self-harm by cutting myself, which became so serious that I was taken to the emergency room.” Read more here.


THE LGBT MOB IS SLIDING TOWARDS ACCEPTING PEDOPHILIA, BUT POINTING IT OUT HAS CONSEQUENCES, by Jack Fonseca. “Mike Del Grande, a Toronto Catholic District School Board Trustee, is being persecuted by the LGBT lobby and the anti-Catholic trustees on his own board. What did he do to draw the rainbow mob’s ire? Motivated by his Catholic faith, Trustee Del Grande dared to oppose the addition of ‘Gender Identity’ and ‘Gender Expression’ to the school board’s Code of Conduct as ‘protected grounds from discrimination.’” Read more here.


SEXUAL PREDATORS WHO IDENTIFY AS ‘TRANSGENDER’ ARE GETTING NO JAIL TIME, EVEN FOR HORRIFIC ABUSE, by Jonathan Van Maren. “Some of you may recall the debate in Scotland over ‘self-identification,’ a policy championed by Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon that likely ended her career. Critics of ‘self-ID,’ which would permit people to change their gender simply by declaring that they were something other than their sex, pointed out that this policy had many horrific but predictable consequences, such as male criminals deciding to identify as female in order to get locked up with ladies. Sturgeon refused to budge and ended up resigning in large part due to the transgender issue.” Read more here.


WHAT THE SURGE IN LGBTQ SELF-IDENTITY MEANS, by Mark Regnerus. “We are now a year removed from the Dobbs decision that overturned Roe v. Wade. In the flurry of protests that followed the late June 2022 decision, LGBTQ-identified persons and organizations paid a surprising amount of attention to the Court’s decision. The rainbow flag was a mainstay at Dobbs protests. Even a shallow dive into written backlash against the Court’s decision revealed that LGBT people were concerned about Dobbs at least as much as women in heterosexual relationships were, despite the latter’s lopsided contribution to actual abortion numbers. The most obvious reason for the former’s concern was Justice Clarence Thomas’s reference, in his concurring opinion, to reconsidering other ‘substantive due process precedents,’ like those in the Obergefell and Lawrence